Saturday, July 30, 2011

$25 Computer?

Yep, it's on the way.  It's Raspberry Pi.  Will the fun return to computers?  Will programming return?  Read a bit more--

Raspberry Pi: Rise of the $25 computer

Get to know a Dipwad (and the Dipwadette)

It's one stop dipping.  There's more info than any reasonable person would ever want or need on all those batshit eating crazy folks running to be the GOP's nominee.

Election 101

Eric Cantor Sums Up The Debate

The Real GOP

Upside Downside

We know that tech bites back.  What about social networks?  They allow a slug of communication and let people stay in touch with each other.  There's a whole lot of talking going on alright, but some of that increased chatter is amongst the nutjobs and crazies.  They're having an easier time finding each other.

Extremists flocking to Facebook for recruits

True Blood Fan?

Can you keep track of all the supernatural species in Bon Temps?  It can be a challenge.  Now we're into season four and there are even more.   Fortunately, Erica Futterman does the accounting for us in "Rolling Stone"--

Season Four so far

'True Blood' Recap: Let's Do the Time Warp (6/27/11)

'True Blood' Recap: Time for a Shift (7/3/11)

'True Blood' Recap: Eric Has Amnesia (7/10/11)

'True Blood' Recap: Eric Samples Daylight, Jason Escapes Hot Shot and Bill is Conflicted (7/18/11)

'True Blood' Recap: Sookie and Eric Get Closer, the Witches Get More Powerful and It's Time for a Vampire History Lesson (7/24/11)

Why Flashmobs?

It must be an age thing, I do not understand flashmobs.  Why would folks gather in one place, just to gather in one place?  Of course when large numbers of people do gather in one place it can become a bit dangerous for the rest of us.  Look at all the people who gathered at Bush and Obama rallies, the rest is history.

Social media mayhem: when flash mobs go from benign to malign

In case you've forgotten the genesis of the legacy called Iraq

Here's a book review that will bring back the good old days when the Shrub was in the White House, Cheney was torturing people in his man safes, and Rumsfeld was overseeing death.

Bush's Wars, by Terry Anderson

Cutting our way to the next recession

If the GOP dominated debt ceiling debacle yields large spending cuts, you might want to get ready for what's to come by reading about The Great Depression. The cuts will tank us at home and abroad. Are there that many stupid people in this country? Somebody voted them into office. Perhaps the GOP's presence in Washington is tangible evidence of decades of school system failure (do take note of which states are dominated by the GOP).

Economists: Now is wrong time for Congress to cut spending

Worth a read

Could a U.S. debt downgrade trigger a financial crisis?

Strategic Victory Watch--War #2

I think we have to leave Iraq, now.  It's been fucked up from the get go.  Come on, have you forgotten WMDs, chocolates, short war, and paid for by oil?  The guys who took us in, then used the same brains to plan the exit strategy.  That's been a total cluster fuck.    It's now 2011 and we're still there.  Even with a new commanderator in charge, our team still displays their original level of skill and ability.  If we stay on after 12/31/11 it will get worse.  We have to admit to our actions and give the country back to the Iraqis.  We came, we shocked, we awed, we fucked it up.  No matter the level of violence now, if we stay to assist that young democracy, we'll just fuck that up too.

U.S. review finds Iraq more dangerous than a year ago

CSPAN Weekend in the Senate--BYOW*

The U.S. Senate, the world's greatest debilitative body, is living up to its reputation over the debt ceiling.  This weekend will feature a 1 a.m. vote.  The Senate is useless. No, hold it, the Senate has a use.  When I think of the Senate, I then usually have to take a shit.  The U.S. Senate, it's a damn good laxative.  Try it, but be careful, it you imagine Mitch McConnell, you'll get instant diarrhea.

Senate headed for critical debt vote Sunday

*Bring Your Own Wipes

Congress, as usual, just plain sucks

Folks on both sides of the aisle, continue to pursue what each thinks is best for the nation--their reelection and defeat to those in the opposing party.  The financial future of the nation is at stake and these bozos are only working on 2012 election.  We need to get rid of the current crop of clowns--no GOP, no Teabags, and no Dems.   Let's make sure we get a new aisle too.

The debt ceiling jabbering continues.  The score remains The Nation--0, Vote for Me-1.  Unless they are hearing a message from voters, the nation will lose.  Yeah we're a city on a hill alright, a hill in banana republic.

House passes GOP debt bill over objections of Obama, Democrats; Senate votes to table

Friday, July 29, 2011

Glass Houses and Stone, Deficit and Debt Version

If you can't run your personal finances without debt why do you expect the U.S. government to be much different?  Why should anyone listen to fiscal failures pontificate on our nation's finances?

Hardliners in debt talks have debt problems of their own

Let he is without personal debt seek a balanced budget amendment, the rest can just shut the fuck up.  Congrats to Utah to having elected a bigger idiot than Orrin.   It's no wonder Utah is the fraud capitol of the nation, they'll believe just about anything and then vote for it.

Oh, I am without debt, so I can speak to the mess.  Raise the damn debt ceiling, raise taxes, and end the assorted wars.

Is does matter

Just because she's running for prez, she thinks it's not fair to ask her questions that show how she thinks, her knowledge, what she  believes to be true, what she accepts as true, what she finds to be factual, and the influences on her life in the recent past and today. Fairness is something else, but the answers to questions really do show she is dumber than Bush. We've had dumb already, does anyone really want dumber in the White House?

Bachmann: Questions about gay therapy are out of bounds

When you think of the 112th Congress,

What single word come to mind? How do you describe the 112th? I'll start with Debacle. Your turn.

Bob Park

WHAT'S NEW Robert L Park Friday, 22 July 11 Washington, DC

Called "Screws of the World" for its focus on celebrity sex scandals, the
British tabloid was the top selling English-language newspaper in the world
when owner Rupert Murdoch permanently closed the paper two weeks ago,
citing its role in the British phone-hacking scandals. Why do I not
believe the world’s best selling newspaper was closed because it used
improper methods to get a story? It was a tabloid for God's sake!
Something much bigger had to be going on here. On 20 Nov 09, just two
weeks before the Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change, a server was breached
at the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia in the UK.
Hackers posted thousands of private e-mails and computer files on the web
for the world to see. Climate skeptics claimed the hacked emails showed
climate scientists manipulating data. They showed nothing of the sort.
Nevertheless, the Copenhagen Summit was held in the shadow of an ongoing
investigation into groundless charges. The media focused on the victim:
the Climate Unit at the U. of East Anglia. "Who did the hacking," WN
asked? . The only crime
was breaking into private files, but the media made scant effort to find
out who did it. For the next eight months neither the media nor Scotland
Yard made any attempt to identify the hackers. WN never let up asking. Now
we find it was Rupert Murdoch who was behind the climate gate hacking,
having added Scotland Yard to his empire.

One bright note in the midst of all the gloomy news is that an advisory
committee of the Institute of Medicine, third branch of the National
Academies, is calling on the government to provide free contraceptive
coverage. For those not bound by the shackles of religious superstition,
it is evident that there are already more people on our planet than it can
support. We desperately need to reduce the world fertility rate below 2.

The first question came from a female who described herself as an atheist.
She had been turned down for job because she had no religion. The
president carefully reviewed the recent history of First Amendment court
decisions. I went through a mental checklist of declared presidential
hopefuls, asking myself how they would have responded. Sigh!

The Friday votes of the board were a victory for science and the students
of Texas, defeating the far-right’s two-year campaign to dumb down
instruction on evolution in Texas schools. Because of the size of the
Texas market, the decision has implications nationwide.

If you thought they fixed the 9/11 responders health care, think again

If you thought they fixed the finances, think again

Unfortunately, It's True

Who elected the kids?  Oops we did.

Strategic Victory Watch--War #1

I think this means the Taliban is war smart and the net effect is actually an increase in overall warrish activity.  Direct head on attacks are down, but everything else is up.  If this is the first time in five years that the direct complex attacks have gone down, what the hell have we been doing for the last half of the war anyway?  End the damn thing, turn it back to the Taliban.  Come on, isn't time to think of the unborn taxpayer!

Coalition holds line on Taliban attacks, data show

Want a good reason to end one of our wars?

If we ended one of our wars, then we could afford to replace the Hubble.  Right now it's looking bleak.  I much prefer my taxes pay for telescopes than killing folks.

Hubble telescope's successor could face budget ax

Post Offices Closings

Is your PO on the list of possible closures?  Take a look and find out.

Expanded Access Study List

Attention Voters

If you voted for a Republican or Teabagger in Nov. 2010 because you thought they would do something about jobs and the economy, how have they done?   About the only "work" they've done is make attempts  to insure that  Obama will be a one term president--is that what you actually voted for?  Why else do you think jobs, jobs, jobs morphed into debt, deficits and spending?  If you pay attention to the wrong stuff, nothing gets done, the nation declines, but 10%+ of us will  be unemployed in Nov. 2012 and Obama will then lose.  Republican voters, I do not understand you.  Look at what you elected in 2010 and what they are doing.  Are you just a bunch of closet racists?  That's about all I'm left with to explain the way you  talk and walk.

No rosy outlook for Friday’s GDP report

Let's get cooking

All you need is a driveway, a pan, and an egg.  Mom Nature will provide the heat. The high heat and high humidity will be back again today.  It may stay around awhile.

Forecast: Mother Nature cooks up more heat

So much for the possibility of tolerance

Do you remember Maj. Hasan?  He's the Army shrink who killed and wounded his fellow soldiers at Ft. Hood becuase we are at war with folks who are largely Islamic.   His actions and his relgious nonsense rather fanned the fires of intolerance and hate of all things Muslim.  If you thought it was calming down a bit, prepare yourself.

It's Ft. Hood again.  It's an active duty military person.  It was only a plan to kill fellow troops with a bomb.   He's Muslim.  He says it's for Allah.  Bye-bye tolerance.  Gays will now be more welcome in the Army than Muslims.

Oh, forget to mention the turd is also a kiddie porn kind of believer.

Soldier suspected of planning Ft. Hood attack

Just Say NO, Round Two

Virginia Republicans are telling each other "NO?"  Not on debt ceiling (see earlier post for that one), but on the Chesapeake Bay.  Let's see, it's the Dems who want to clean up the Bay.  If the Dems want it, then the GOP has to say no.  However, some Va. Republicans, whose Districts are on the waterfront, are telling their troggish compadres the Dems are right. That makes no sense.  Well, it's a no brainer move to get reelected,  If they voted against a clean Bay they'd lose their reelection bids in the primaries.  Now if they'd only buck their party on other matters we might discover that a thinking Republican is possible.

Chesapeake Bay debate splits Virginia Republicans

And in one of the causes of our debt

Debt?  Cause?  Yep, it's #2, after #1 which is the "Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001."    #1 is the first Bush tax cut.   #2 is our 10+ year fiasco in Afghanistan. So how's life in the unborn taxpayers money pit?

Afghan police say 19 civilians killed as minibus, tractor hit roadside bombs

It's normal and will continue this way until some has the balls to say "enough, we have to think of the unborns."  Ten years and going strong.

Just Say NO!

Republicans have become so accustomed to saying "no" they're now saying it amongst themselves.  Even Speaker Tangerineman couldn't round up sufficient "yeas" to pass his party's debt ceiling bill.  Rather than become a larger laughing stock, he heard the "nays" and cancelled the vote on his bill.  You'd think he'd become a Democrat.  What should Americans do now?  Well, bend over...

Debt-limit vote is canceled in House as Boehner, GOP leaders struggle to gain votes

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Good Question!

Whatever Happened to the War Powers Act Controversy?

Revolting Arab Watch

We must note that the score in Libya reamains ObamaNato zip, Qadaffi one, he is still in power.  It remains a humanitarian war.  I wonder why our first warrior did not jump at the chance to declare a humanitarian war on Syria?  The current dictator is the son of a dictator who regulalry killed thousands of Syrians.  The apple did not fall far from the tree--

Report: 3,000 people missing in Syrian uprising

Willard really is the GOP highlight

One of the morons, a GOP Candidate, apoloigizes for his advocating a trashing of the Constitution--Cain and Muslims

Strategic Victory Watch--War #1

Yep we've got 'em on the run.  I'm not sure where they run to, but they seem to come back and eventually blow themselves up.  I guess our strategy for victory must be to transform the bad guys into suicide bombers and let them blow up their entire insurgency over time.   Of course the time frame may run for a couple centuries.  Hell of plan, no?

Attack on Afghan government compound kills 17

Bring on the clowns!

Congressional clowns?  Loons?  Idiots?  You bet!  How do you feeling about the assholes we elected?  Remember we elected them.  They did not appoint themselves.  The 112th Congress provides sufficient evidence to show that we have low standards and are incredibly poor judges of character.  Come on, we've known most of them for years, we reelect them and then there are the new ones (they give me the willies).  Congresstypes reflect voters who can no longer distinguish riff from raff.  For a change let's take out the trash.  It's time for a change.  How about new pols and a whole new kind of party?  Can we make 2012 the first time no more then 10% of incumbents are reelected?

Obama-GOP standoff in debt ceiling talks triggers public disgust

What words do you use to describe those fine ladies and gents in Congress?

Strategic Victory Watch--War #2

The SOFA says we have to leave Iraq by 12/21/11.  This is the timetable set up by Mr., if we set a timetable, the Terrorists will follow us home, Bush.  So far, no terrorists have trailed along behind anyone.   Even Mr. Bush remains un-followed.  Now we have a new problem.  Should we persist in Mr. Bush's massive nation wrecking fuck up or end it per the SOFA.   I think it's time to completely withdraw and let them have their country back.   What do you think?

Iraqi army calls U.S forces 'brothers,' but some politicians want them out

What does it mean when the GOP lowers our bond rating?

Here's what happens if ratings agencies downgrade U.S. debt: It's really bad

From Goldwater on, the GOP has been hell bent on turning the U.S. into its own banana republic. They may succeed.

Ducking the issue, Congress at its Best

Have you noticed how a trivial matter, the nation's debt ceiling, has become the only political issue for months.  Back in Nov. 2010, after listening to GOP candidates, I assumed in victory, they would deal with jobs, jobs, jobs.  They did not and will not.

If they took actions that did yield jobs, the economy might rebound and that might assure an Obama reelection.  Heavens!  To prevent Obama's reelection they created the debt ceiling mess by associating it with annual deficits and government spending.  As they have mastered the art of saying "no," they have now managed to derail our economic recovery and insure our national decline.

Reports confirm decelerating economy

GOP LIves Up To Its Standards!

Yep, the nation's premier fuck ups are still fucking it up.   Unfortunately, the "it" is the nation's fiscal foundation that the rest of us assumed would always be sound and secure.  The GOP, saw an opportunity in the debt ceiling, they seized it,  and will fuck up the credit rating of the United States.   Grand Old Party my ass, it's just a greedy bunch of old white guys who tend toward the sociopathic.

Boehner, other GOP leaders ramp up pressure on Republicans to pass debt plan

Strategic Victory Watch--War #2

Lest you fear life in Leagacyland has not remained normal--

Officials say 10 killed in suicide bombing outside Iraqi bank in Saddam Hussein’s hometown

Willard is dumb, but the voters are dumber

Willard rails against Obama and government at a factory that exists, along with its jobs, because of government.  That is moronic.  Of course the voters in Ohio will not see this.  They will cheer him on rather than look a bit dumbfounded at him as he condemns that which has assured they would have an income.  Our politics is becoming overly disconnected from reality.

Romney, visiting Ohio factory, says Obama’s policies are bad for business

Willard will has become so used to, he must feel compelled, to say anything to anyone that he no longer can tell fact from fiction much less articulate one set of beliefs he calls his own.  If he's the highlight of the GOP, it's a bit sad.   Has anyone asked him how many jobs Bain Capital destroyed over the years?  

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What is a politician?

Give this a read. Is it that off the mark? Then read the afternote.

The prototypical politician has deficits or deviance in several areas: interpersonal relationships, emotion, and behavior. Politicians gain satisfaction through antisocial behavior, and do not experience shame, guilt, or remorse for their actions. Politicians lack a sense of guilt or remorse for any harm they may have caused others, instead rationalizing the behavior, blaming someone else, or denying it outright.

Politicians also lack empathy towards others in general, resulting in tactlessness, insensitivity, and contemptuousness. Politician can have a superficial charm about them, enabled by a willingness to say anything to anyone without concern for accuracy or truth. Shallow affect also describes the politician's tendency for genuine emotion to be short-lived, glib and egocentric, with an overall cold demeanor. Their behavior is impulsive and irresponsible, often failing to keep a job or defaulting on debts.

Politicians can be described as "intraspecies predators." The word predator can describe a politician. Politicians "use charisma, manipulation, intimidation, sexual intercourse and violence" to control others and to satisfy their own needs. Lacking in conscience and empathy, they take what they want and do as they please, violating social norms and expectations without guilt or remorse. What is missing, in other words, are the very qualities that allow a human being to live in social harmony.

Many politicians are superficially charming, and can excellently mimic normal human emotion; some politicians can blend in, undetected, in a variety of surroundings, including corporate environments as well as government.

I lifted this from Wikipedia. I pretty much just changed just one word. I changed "psychopath" to "politician."   Hmm, I thought pols were mostly narcissistic turds, now I may have to revise my assessment.  They are psychopathic narcissistic turds.

Bull From Jake

People who make public promises or pledges think they behave admirably. They see themselves as principled. Their lives are of conviction. With promises they commit themselves to a life bounded by the ethos, morays, and creeds of their days. This seems so reasonable. This seems quite human. This is the stuff of aspiration and inspiration. This demands emulation. We are awash in promises. Our publicly shared promises certainly assure us a better tomorrow. Of course this is all balderdash.

When is the last time you heard a woman at the altar promise to “love, honor and obey?” Yeah. Funny how “obey” has been dropped. Why? Look at love. I promise to love? How can that be measured? It cannot. It’s a safe promise. Likewise with Honor (western culture). How can our acts or behaviors be mutually and exhaustively partitioned into categories of love or honor or a lack thereof?. They cannot. The promise to honor and love, always belong only to the promiser not the promisee. Love? Honor? Of course I do, trust me.

A promise to obey is of a different nature. Obedience can be operationalized. Obedience can be measured. Consider the blanket promise of the woman to obey the man. The promisee says to the promiser, “wife, peel me a grape.” Assume the promiser fails to yield a grape or any skinned fruit. The promiser does breaks the publicly made promise. The promiser does not obey. The promiser failed. The promiser may now pay a price. Funny how “obey” has very reasonably been dropped.

Then again, it was a one sided promise from the outset. The weaker party made a quantifiable promise to the stronger party. Today, vague promises may be made, but let’s face it they do not mean much, they are momentary emotive utterances which assure us, that what we are about to do, is right, good and will endure. As long as no real metrics apply, we can promise in safety. We can pledge without fear. We’ve learned a few lessons over time. Promise and pledge that which you alone own.

It seems reasonable to think a bit before making or accepting a public promise. Before one offers or one accepts, both parties need to engage in a modicum of analysis and thought. The promissory field consists of more than a sentence spoken and heard which contains the words “I promise.” The field has dimensions for consideration.

Consider the public promise. Promises may have dates and times. Promises may involve locations. Promises may have metrics. Promises are social products which encompass facets of power and control. Promises are abstractions of worldly events. Promises may may imply or entail penalties. A promise’s meaning depends on who promises what to whom how, when, why, and with what effect. Promise ownership has to be determined.

Now let’s consider politicians and one of today’s popular public promises, “I promise to never vote to raise taxes.” This little gem is quite popular. It’s a political promise. It’s short, sweet, to the point and is jointly owned by the promiser and promisee. It is blanket for all time. There are no conditions. While it may be attractive to make such a promise, it is irresponsible to do so.

A tax promise is made by a candidate who thinks the majority of voters oppose taxes. That seems to make this a safe promise. However this promise is jointly owned and it is measurable. The metric is easy. At some future point voters may ask about the latest law. Did it raise my taxes? It does. If the pol I voted for, voted for this law, then he has broken his promise to me. Therefore I am bound to do all that I can to assure the promise breaking pol a long life as a former government employee. If I do not hound the promise breaker, then I negate and render trivial all political promises. I then am a fool for having listened and accepted a promise to begin with. I may see baby and bathwater fly by my eyes soon. Voters love this kind of nonsense. It does give them something to talk about that they can understand. It’s simple and is accepted without thought

However, buried in this political promise lies a graver concern. The promise ignored the context, it’s field. The tax promise was uttered and accepted unconditionally without analysis. The tax promise makes foreswearing tax increases superior to the very foundation of our government and its governance. If voters accept the promise they may be forced to also accept via the promiser’s promise, that government may exist only to the extent that is does not raise taxes and by implication that is should not tax at all. This kind of promise makes the Preamble to the Constitution a fiction and ultimately advances anarchy. That may sound absurd, but think about it.

Consider the notion of liberty. We value liberty. We live for it. We die for it. We argue about it. Liberty is our nation’s secular sacred core. We have organized a government to defend and preserve our liberty and our freedom. As a people we do not value acts which limit, constrain or diminish our freedom and liberty. No matter how one defines liberty, it is our most defining social value.

What are we to make of a politician who promises away his liberty, and by association our own? We should begin to think of things like rails, tar and feathers, but we do not. We have accepted a politicians promise on taxes without analysis or thought. It sounded good, so we embraced and joined the promiser, but we joined a limitation on our liberty. We ceded a bit of our freedom to save a buck! Huh?

The taxation promise is easily made and is easily measurable. It conditions the pols and our own future actions. We limit our liberty to live, act and decide as needed or desired in our social state today and tomorrow. We, the promiser and the promisee systematically deceive ourselves. We will be most irresponsible in an area of our lives which goes beyond whether we tax or not. We have abetted and infringed on our liberty via political promises. It’s no wonder we keep losing our liberties, we promise them away. Anyone who organizes, promotes, and abets such a political promise such as “I promise to not vote to raise taxes” is no friend of liberty. We cannot allow a promise today to constrain and condition our actions tomorrow.

The sins of the father will not be inherited by the son. Isn’t that a core idea represented by “Don’t Tread on Me?”

Good News!

The GOP is splitting apart over their debt/spending/taxes bullshit.  I wish them well and hope they fragment into nano sized segments.

CIVIL WAR: GOP Coalition Splinters Into Open Conflict Over Debt Ceiling

So far no little black holes

The LHC is cranking away, not to make little black holes, but to detect the Higgs Boson, a.k.a, the god particle.  They appear to be closing in--

Cern scientists suspect glimpse of Higgs boson

We're all on the pad

If we have a population of 310,000,000 or so, maybe we should try and find the folks who are not on the federal pad, one way or another, before we get too excited about shrinking government and slashing spending.  Does anyone know one person's name who is not financially touched by the feds?

Obama’s ‘70 million checks’ per month: Actually, it’s even more than that.

strategic Victory Watch--War #1

Oh my, we've got the Taliban on the run, we're close to strategic victory in the War on Terror. The bad guys can't do much at all, except blow up government officials. Damn cowards, they're supposed to fight a fair fight so we can use our massive overkill of firepower on them. Has anyone figured out what the hell's  a strategic victory?

Taliban claims responsibility for fatal attack on Kandahar’s mayor

I think I've lost all trust

Some dudes in our goverment believe al-Qaeda on brink of collapse.  So what?  They will say whatever is politically expedient for the next election.  Al Qaeda is up, it's down, it's gone, it's back.  "Believe" is probably the right word to use, belief does not require facts, corroboration, or tolerate disagreement or questioning.  I am so glad our pols are men and women who believe, however I do prefer that they think instead and bag their trust me bullhsit.

Did anyone expect less?

She rants about cost of government.  She bemoans its size.   She rails about Fannie and Freddie, but she's been first in line to suck on the Federal financial money teat.  Who?  Why, everyone's favorite hypocrite, Michelle Bachmann, of course.

Bachmann benefitted from federal home loan program

Spoiled Brats Remain Spoiled and Brats

Yep, push is coming to shove and the GOP keeps trying to sink Obama and the Dems instead of doing their job of being part of governing.  If the disaster occurs, I will hold the GOP mostly responsible, then the Dems in Congress and finally ObamaCo.  Its about 70% GOOPER, 15% Dems and 15% ObamaCo.  Do you ever get the feeling that the assholes we elect only remember folks live outside the beltway when there is an election looming?  I wish we could replace every damn one of them in the next election.

Boehner, Reid scramble to build support for rival debt-limit plans

Extreme Weather Hits Home

We had a bit of intense thunder, lightening and rain Sunday evening.  The thunder bothered the dog, he had to take a puppy valium.  The rain, a couple of inches, was needed by thirsty plants.  Unfortunately, I can hear the grass growing.  The lightning was neither needed nor welcome.  One of the many bolts took out the WISP tower I use to access the Internet.  Hence no Tubes for a day and a half.  I did try to use a landline, but discovered I had forgotten more than I ever learned.   The storms seem more intense and violent than I recollect.  

Monday, July 25, 2011

I think there's only one thing left to say

As we see this morning's "Washington Post" headline, Strategies diverge as talks hit another wall, there's but one thing any reasonable thinking person has left to say, "fuck 'em all!'  It's time to bag the GOP.  It's time to trash the Democrats.  It's time to elect reasonable people to govern our nation.  All of the incumbents are proven they are not reasonable.  They are too worried about themselves and their party's power.  We need to end this nonsense and begin to run a nation for all of the people all of the time.  Gee, can we be a nation that puts the least amongst us first?

We shit in our nests

What a species.  For a profit and that which money then buys, we allow and even encourage all to live in filth and decay.  With each expansion of degradation we are told it's all god given and normal.  Think that's not the case?  Then take a peek at the Chesapeake Bay.

Alarming ‘dead zone’ grows in the Chesapeake

If we kill off the Bay and the Atlantic, it's really suicide isn't it or is it murder?

Strategic Victory Watch--War #1

In case you haven't noticed the reason we send our military off to war is too make money.  No, I'm not referring about indirect money that comes from protecting all the jobs and businesses across the land from freedom haters.  No, we go to war for the military industrial complex members, they need to make a profit so we go about the business of war.  Hell, to keep those profits coming we even finance the enemy so that they can stay in the war.

U.S. trucking funds reach Taliban, military-led investigation concludes

We need to replace both parties, all the elected officials, all their appointees, and purge the military of anyone who owns stock in or has a relationship with firms in the MIC.

Congress, The White House, Yep, They're All Dicks

As our elected dicks an dickettes continue to pursue personal advancement over simple governance.  As they do so, people are beginning to flip them all off.  I wonder if the dicks have noticed?  I doubt it.  People are starting to form new parties.  As they do, I hope they will not allow themselves to dickified  by Dems or the GOP from the outset as the Teabaggers were and are.  Come on Dick Army?

Voters’ renewed anger at Washington spurs formation of third-party advocate groups

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Glass Lake Time?

Come on, let's nuke the whole damn place.  Short of that, let's just leave and let them do as they are wont.

Afghan insurgents hang 8-year-old boy

Higher Education?

Here's a question.  If the feds were not in the financial aid business, how many private for profit post secondary operations would even exist?  I'm sure the bozos in Congress did not intend to transfer education tax dollars to private for profit pockets, but they did.  We don't always elect the best and the brightest, most of them are okay and sorta dull, but friendly as they fuck it up, over an over again.  Damn, what's wrong with us?

Sen. Harkin investigates for-profit colleges

How'd you bet on Egypt?

Did you place your bet on revolting Arabs breaking away from sectarian militarism and adopting a skosh of that liberty, freedom and democracy stuff?  I didn't, they will remain just a melange of revolting Arabs until they let go of their sectarian and secular past and I'm afraid they cannot.   Well, give this a read and think about whether you need to hedge your bet--

Egypt erupts into new violence as dozens injured during Cairo protest

The next big thing in money?

We used to barter stuff.  Then we decided seashells would work, but quickly found gold and diamonds were better.  Just as we got used to hiding our gold someone invented paper money.  It was lighter and we got fatter.   As the big denomination bills were made illegal to thwart drug lords, up popped credit cards.  Now we're even fatter, we don't think about what we charge at McDonald's.  The history is a bit loose, but it points to the changes we've  gone through over time.  Another change is on the way.  Are you ready to chuck the plastic and your wallet as you swipe your near field communication enabled smart phone to buy a quad patty, three layers of bacon, and six fat slabs of cheese McCloggingIt?

Pay as You Go with Smartphones

Stream or Own?

Do you listen to Pandora?   If so, would $5 a month be too much to be able to specify what songs and albums you want to listen to?  Get ready for Spotify!

Daniel Ek’s Spotify: Music’s Last Best Hope

The Swedish streaming service, about to make its U.S. debut, may be the industry’s best shot at remaining profitable and relevant

Spotify's business logic is clear.  What will be next?

Now why can't our folks see what this guy sees

Cable attacks 'right wing nutters'

Fuck Ups Remain At Play in the Fields of Power

The elected Bozos have been at this long enough. Regardless of outcome, it's long past time to clear the field and replace them all and their wretched parties.

Boehner tells GOP he will unveil new debt strategy

Norway has nutjobs too.

The bombing and killings were the work of one guy.  I do note that if  pundits used the logic of other events they would leap to defame Islam, but no one is defaming Christians because he's a fundamentalist.  He is lost in a distorted past as he is forced to live in a present.  Someone did a number on this guys head.  The result is the tragedy in Oslo.  I hope Norwegians can preserve themselves and not develop a culture of fear as we have in the U.S.

Norway attacks: Shaken nation sees hint of Oklahoma City