Saturday, August 6, 2011

DIY Drones

What's the latest in DIY on the drone front?  Is your neighbor going to use his homegrown drone to bomb your barbecue because you didn't invite him?  Maybe, but that would be a waste of money.  Hehe might be better off by attacking your business via CYBERDRONE.  That would be more satisfying and profitable to boot.

Homemade drone can launch cyber attacks

Need a fact resource?

Why not do some factual reading?  Quit trusting those pols you see on TV.   Find facts about the social, political, and economic organization of the United States all by yourself.

The 2011 Statistical Abstract
The National Data Book

Thinking back to the idiot years

Go back in time.  You are once again in your teens.  You have friends.  You may have a special friend of the opposite sex (this was the pre-benefit era).  And there was the telephone!  You called them.  They called you.  Remember the long pauses?  What was your record for time tied up in saying goodbye and hanging up?

Now think about the content of all those calls.  Ouch, it's painful.  We spent a lot of time actively doing nothing, but were sure of its earth shattering import, especially when Mom and Dad tried to use the phone.  Most of us outgrew that nonsense, it was probably a hormone thing anyway.  The next generation went through the same, only they had cellphones and minutes.  They kind of outgrew it too.

What of the next, next generations and on?  Well, now we have the web.  And now we have smart phones and social networking.  We are regressing. Yep, the adult members of our nation are reverting to their teenage years via Facebook.  Look at the usage.  Now go look at the content.  Are you ready for the return of the zit?

52% - Use Facebook Daily

What's makes cheap shit cheap?

There's no way around it, stuff is cheap because the labor costs are nil.  The word we used to use is slavery.  Now we call it human trafficking, but it's slavery.  Look around your home.  How much of what you own was produced by the use of slaves?  It the prices were good and it came from Asia or South America, it's a pretty good bet you, via your wallet, have abetted slavery.  We all have.  We just like cheap shit.  Would any of us give up cheap shit if we had some way to tell which products and companies are made by and use slaves?  My guess is only about 1 in 10 would buy the more expensive T-shirt.  Or am I being overly optimistic?

In Congress, a bid to make US firms take steps against modern-day slavery



Stock market crash: Think 1938, not 2008

Does this mean WWIII is on the way?


Would Jesus throw Rick Perry and those of his ilk out of the temple?  I think he would.  Of course if my use of the word "Jesus" caused you to start drooling, then Rick Perry may be for you.  Of course y'all will have to restrict your salivation to the parking lot, the church belongs to god, not Caesar.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry to host major prayer event in Houston

Toles from the Post

Bush was all hat and no cattle

Obama is all talk and no walk.  Look at his latest "victory" in the debt ceiling.  If Lincoln had secured this kind of victory in 1865, well, let's put it this way, the nation's Capitol would be in Richmond.  Maybe voters need to listen a tad less to soaring rhetoric, and ask for a few more details of about candidates have actually done and how they will do whatever if elected.  Facts are real helpful, too bad we didn't ask "now, exactly what is on the next page?"  No one needs to hope for change, it's here, it's just not quite what we anticipated, but then we didn't ask did we?

Here's one account of Obama in action during the debt ceiling mess.  The guy has to be a closet GOOPER.

Obama’s role in debt talks scrutinized

Strategic Victory Watch--War #1

Regardless of who gets credit for the helicopter going down, there are 31 more U.S. soldiers and 7 additional Afghan troops who, courtesy of the commanderators in the ground and in Washington, who will not experience anything more in this world.  They are dead.

Dozens of U.S. troops feared killed as NATO helicopter crashes in Afghan offensive

Now that's some kind of experience

Take lots of experience, we do tend to reelect them.  Let them use their experience for us and what do we get?  Why, we get a first.  Yep, S&P downgrades U.S. credit rating for first time.  Maybe we should have asked them to elaborate on their experience just a bit, obviously it's not in governing a nation.   All of our elective officials and their appointees of both parties, at least since Reagan took office, have achieved their goal.  The U.S. is now a banana republic.  Thanks, I think it's time for all of them to bugger off and voters to begin showing better taste.

Of course, whomever is in the White House gets credit or blame for everything.  So Obama, thanks for nothing.  Now roll the credits.  Let's see the rest of the cast beginning with Bonzo....

Friday, August 5, 2011

Phone Hacking Case Has Not Ended

Here are a couple of pieces you might find of ingerest--

FBI widens News Corp inquiry after alleged computer hacking by subsidiary

Phone-hacking scandal: NoW exec Stuart Kuttner bailed after arrest

Want more?  Then here's the Guardian Phone hacking page for complete coverage.

CBS Poll

Only 14% of us think well of Congress, that has to be an overstatement.   Basically, the poll shows that if it deals with an elected person, they blow chunks.  I wonder who are the few who approve of these assholes and assholettes (are assholes gendered)?  At least 75% of us don't even think our own Reps. should be reelected.  Give the poll a browse and begin thinking about how to throw your bums out.

The Aftermath of the Debt Ceiling Debate

They are all so much santorum

Willard, Michelle, and Frothy have a new pledge to sign.  Of course by signing the pledge they reject the 10th Amendment and advocate more government interference in everyday life.  They demand that the courts intrude on legislative and executive branch domains.  If the subject wasn't gay marriage, they'd be acting like a bunch of those always evil Democrats.  So much for consistency.  There's some really warped shit in the GOP these days.

Romney, Bachmann, Santorum sign marriage pledge

Still using default passwords on your IT equipment?

Funny how often the user "Admin," still has a password of "Admin" on servers of all types.  Hackers don't have to hack that hard.   Here are a couple more items to add to your security concerns--

Office equipment open to hacker attacks

Bless my time and eternity

It looks like Warren Jeffs will spend the rest of his mortal time in the slammer.  As to eternity, come on, if there is one, it ain't worth spit if this turd makes it there.  Uh, does he get a planet?

Polygamist leader's records helped get convictions

Yeah, but can you print a new one...

Paper-thin computers can be rolled up, stuffed in a pocket

Will Mattel Drop Lawyer Barbie?

The Bratz are back and  Barbie is footing the bill.

Mattel must pay MGA $310 million in Bratz case

I doubt that this is sufficient to curb the downturn...

Employers added 117K jobs and unemployment rate dropped to 9.1 percent in July

Strategic Victory Watch--War #1

I just wanted to let y'all know our leaders are still strategerating their asses off.  They are looking or victory.  In other worlds, the war remains in its normal fucked up state. More death, more destruction, more borrowed revenue to pay for more war.  Can the unborn taxpayer afford much more war?  If not for yourself, then think of the unborn and demand an end to all of our wars.  

2 NATO soldiers killed as Afghan violence flares

If you thought your elected officials gave a shit...

Have you missed the FAA mess?  Go ahead google the news on the FAA and Congress.  The Senate opted for vacation over jobs and incomes of workers.  The Senate opted for vacation over federal revenue.  The Senate opted for a vacation over air safety.  The Senate debilitated.  The Senate put their petty egos before the nation's interests.  Oops, their lack of action made the news.  The Senate got embarrassed.   Now it appears the Senate and their House counterparts will restore FAA funding.

Congress agrees on stopgap funding for FAA workers

Oh, don't expect the furloughed workers to receive any back pay, after all the Senate is the world's most debilitative body.

Have you ever voted for an incumbent?  Other than the "lesser of two evils" rationale, why?  Is there a single member of the U.S. Senate you'd allow to enter your home?  I can't think of one, except maybe Jim Webb and only for the time it would take to thank him for not running for reelection.

In case you haven't noticed yet...

Markets plummet on global economic fears

Vis a vis, the economy, think of a handbasket.  Okay now think of taking a trip.  Make that a trip to hell.  We're heading to hell via the septic tank and this time it looks like the public won't be able to save the private profiteers profits.  The world is starting to slowly financially implode.   Welcome to 1929?  What can be done?

We could do a lot but won't.  We've seen our leaders in action over the debt ceiling, so has the world.  For the past few months all we did in public was politicize our debt, deficits, and spending in a fit of inaction and ineptitude.  We showed a preference for paralysis.   It was bitter and ugly.   We showed the world we will not put our financial house in order.  To do so would might skew the 2012 election one way or the other.  We threatened the world economy with abandon as we moved toward default for Republican political gain.  There is no longer any pretense of  debate.  We have hardened positions that will not yield.  The world now knows that what was once the greatest power on earth has committed suicide by over politicization.  The permanent campaign is real.  The permanent campaign means we've abandoned forming a more perfect Union.

The damn thing is the  business and investing class which is suffering one time,  has brought this upon themselves.  Who else do you think has financed the permanent campaign and purchased politicians and governments all around the globe?  It sure hasn't been the working stiff who "donates" all that cash to Democrats and Republicans.  Maybe there's some odd justice in this, except these fuckers always seem to find a way back.  It's time to get rid of them all.  


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Under Obama's Leadership

Mitch McConnell on the debt ceiling--

"I think some of our members may have thought the default issue was a hostage you might take a chance at shooting. Most of us didn't think that. What we did learn is this -- it's a hostage that's worth ransoming. And it focuses the Congress on something that must be done."

Mitch won.  He took hostages.  Obama trusted.  Obama caved.  Obama paid the ransom and made McConnell President.

As Obama and his cronies concentrate more and more on getting reelected, what should we expect in the coming months?  I predict no fights, just concession after concession to President McConnell and the GOP.

Legislating By Crisis: A Chronicle Of The Coming Hostage Dramas On Capitol Hill

Class War: Let them eat cake edition

Study: Healthy eating is privilege of the rich

It's a Grand Old Party alright,

Now we just have to figure out what the Grand Old Party is all about.  Oh, that's easy,  They tell us--

What were two Republicans thinking, calling Obama 'tar baby' and 'boy'?

The GOP is a bunch of rich old racist white guys.  The GOP does not hate Obama because he's a Democrat or that he's pursued policies they don't like.  They hate him because he's not white.  It's just good old fashioned racism.  

Been Following This One?

Massive global cyberattack hits US hard: Who could have done it?

Cybersecurity firm McAfee says it infiltrated a 'command and control' server with detailed logs of five years of cyberattacks against targets ranging from the US government to the World Anti-Doping Agency. McAfee suggests a country was behind it. Experts suspect China.

We're number one,

Unfortunately it may be that we're number one in retailing food that kills--

Cargill recalls more than 36 million pounds of ground turkey

Salads recalled over tomatoes possibly tainted with salmonella

FDA: Salmonella outbreak linked to papayas from Mexico

Once Again, Did the Shrub Really Leave the White House?

WikiLeaks: Bush, Obama passed on sanctioning Syrian insiders

Annals of Replace Them All

In the FAA mess, we see the normal behavoir of our elected officials.  It's disgusting.  However, to the pols it's just them focusing on job number 1--themselves and their reelection.  It's time.  Replace them all, no exceptions.  And then make sure the new ones will always be one term wonders.  Term limit everyone at the ballot box.  We have all the evidence we need of what we get with experience.

Democrats, Republicans blame each other for FAA shutdown; no end in sight

Wow, another Texas Cheerleader running for Prez!

We did so well with the the last cheerleader, George W. Shrub, imagine how we'd fare with another one.  Yeah, Rick Perry, Texas cheerleader.  What is it with Texas?  He wants to make Texas schools efficient and cost effective.  I wish him well.  As Texas gains efficiency, the rest of the nation will acquire it's best faculty before they are fired for lack of cost effectiveness.   I hope all red states follow Mr. Perry's example.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry wages an assault on state’s university establishment

On the road to Argentina

Get ready for our national mess to get worse, much worse.  If 535 Congresstypes plus one president can take us back into a recession (that's where we're going) via the debt ceiling debacle, imagine what the Super Congress will do.  Buy gold and get ready for disaster, it's back to business as usual--

Debt-limit deal triggers lobbying campaign from health-care and defense industries

Is that the first chorus of "Fear Finances Our Fun?" It's a rousing DOD jig--

Pentagon sounds alarm over budget cuts

Gee, can Michelle sing  "Cry for me, America?"

One year from now--bonds will be Single A, inflation will be 15% and unemployment will be over 25%.  Okay that's an overly pessimistic prediction, but it will not be better, our elected officials have already assured us of that.  Argentina, well we're on the road unless we throw out every elected Rep, Senator, and President.  We have to start over.  If we don't, well, we know where we will wind up.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Something to Think About

Nuclear safety in Iran, post-Fukushima

Article Highlights:

Despite the Fukushima disaster, Iran plans to connect its first nuclear power plant to the electrical grid in August.

Neighboring countries fear a nuclear accident at the Bushehr plant because of its troubled construction history and Iran's high level of seismic activity.

In public, Iran has vouched for the plant's safety, but internal reports tell a different story, and the IAEA says Iran needs to sign and ratify the Convention on Nuclear Safety and improve its safety processes.

Will we go from bad to worse?

Why the Debt Crisis Is Even Worse Than You Think

It's So Senatish

The world's greatest debilitating body has left the building, it's time for another vacation.  What did they do about the FAA funding fiasco?  Well, as usual, the did their best to do nothing.  Their actions or lack of actions, rather well encapsulates the behavior of the U.S Senate on all matters, large, small, historical or mundane.  Who votes for these marginal people?  More than once?

Senate fails to fund FAA, leaving 4,000 on unpaid furlough

It Really is Time for National Health Care

Medicare and Medicaid will cost our government over $1 trillion this year.  Between them, they pay about 58% of our health care costs.  Let's bag private insurance, fold Medicaid into Medicare and begin migrating Medicare from a single payor for all into a single provider and have one health care system.

Medicare, Medicaid tab keeps growing

It' time to think for yourself

Quit listening to politicians, their interest is not your interest.  A pol has one interest.  A pol does whatever it takes to get elected and reelected, period.  Hell, look at Willard, he's made a virtue out of being all things to all people on demand.  He's flipped his flop so often he's become a fact free zone.  He's nothing.  Do you think a Willard like object will provide you with facts, use reason and display logic other than by accident?

All of the above is to direct your attention to this piece on our stagnating economy.  It's not pleasant reading.  It's new party time, we need a Reasonable Party with a whole new way politicking.

Our Sputtering Economy, by the Numbers

Obama and Humanitarian War

I guess a pre-condition for starting a humanitarian war requires a dictator to publicly state his intent to kill lots of his subjects.  With that statement, the humanitarians start their engines and fly off to war.  Qaddafi shot his mouth off and has received a variety of  humane "No _____ Zones (you fill in the blank)."

Over in Syria, Assad kept hit mouth shut and just proceeded to kill lots of his subjects.  I guess it boils down to manners.  It's just not polite to talk about killing subjects.  If you are ill mannered you will be corrected.  If you merely act you may proceed.

Syrian activists report blasts from besieged Hama


We could have avoided this

It's a sad commentary when damaged vets have to sue their former employer to receive benefits that the employer is obligated to provide.  It does conform to history, our government does not really give a shit about damaged cannon fodder.   Money spent on the damaged fodder is money that cannot be spent to send able bodied cannon fodder off to war.

We could have avoided this entirely by not going off to war in the first place.  Barring that, we did not have to stay at war for a decade without drafting soldiers and taxing ourselves to pay for  the wars.  In either case, the lawsuit would not have occurred since the vets would not be PTSD damaged and the wars would have ended years ago.

Iraq, Afghanistan war veterans win PTSD settlement

Strategic Victory Watch--War #2

I've been hoping we'd finally end one war.  The timetable (SOFA) made it appear to be a done deal.  I forgot about the mutual greed of Iraqi "leaders," our generals, our pols, and our military industrial complex.  If the war end, the war money stops.   The people in power have okayed the Iraqi government to cut a deal with the U.S. and keep the troops present and keep the cash a-coming.  I hope they encounter an impasse that stops them cold and prevents any extension of this idiotic war.  The Shrub gave us this waste.  He's gone.  Let's return his legacy,  end the damn thing, and then send him the $1.5 trillion in bonds for him to repay.   How many unborn taxpayers has Bush assigned to perpetual poverty?

Iraqi leaders agree to seek talks with U.S. about military trainers

It Can Get Worse

Our elected class created a fiscal mess over the past decade.  The mess went public.  The reaction took us close to depression.  We avoided the worst but have not recovered.   However, we recovered just enough for the out party to worry about the reelection success of the in party.  The out party created a new crisis, the debt ceiling.  The out party added in debt, deficits and spending to mix.  The out party kept the nation and the world focused on our fragile economy.  As we came close to defaulting on our bonds, the out party, feeling a bit of fear, cut a deal.  All, in a moment of vast self praise,  called it historic.  Unfortunately, the investor class was paying attention too.  It's not the debt ceiling that bothers them, it's the state of the economy that matters.  When the elected class only worries about reelection when it should have been focused on jobs, jobs, jobs, then the financial side deteriorates.  It has, it's been noticed, and Wall St. has reacted to the "historic" event--

Stocks plunge; S&P turns negative for 2011

True Blood Fan?

Here's the week's summary of supernatural and human events in and around Bon Temps.

'True Blood' Recap: Vampires, Witches, Werewolves - And Skinwalkers


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's Time

It's time to bag the Dems and found a new party that excludes boobs like Obama, Reid, Pelosi and folks of their ilk.  The GOP walked all over them.  Obama is on record saying he trusted Bohener et al.  Come on, trust a Republican!  Where was he when Bush was in the White House?  Here's an account of Dems being Dems and basically joining the GOP.

The New Default: A Sad History Of The Debt Limit Fight

The Senate Serves Up A Pile Too!

Hold the Twinkies Gomer, our aces in the Senate voted to fix what they broke.  It is, as is the House's version, of course, historic.  Yes, we have one more historic pile of shit courtesy of the mighty midgets of the world's greatest debilitative body.  This time they came damn close to wrecking the nation in their quest to increase their reelection chances.  Why do we elect these cretins?

Senate passes debt-limit bill

How do folks feel about the debt ceiling performance by our intrepid aces in Washington?

Now that's some kind of leadership, just not sure what kind.

Food That Kills

Fans of getting government off your backs, take note, now it's ground turkey that will kill you.  Gee, if we didn't have any evil government types on your back, you might just die. While that would be a small loss,   I want government on my food safety back, so you can get a benefit while you stay alive and complain.  In the business world no one has really learned a lesson, ever.  If child labor laws were repealed how long do you think it would take the sweat shops to return?  I bet about less than one hour.

CDC: 1 death, 76 illnesses linked to ground turkey

Ready to go boom?

We can always count on investors to find new ways to make a buck.  Then, we can count on them to make another buck by sharing their investment secrets with their friends.  Before long someone points out that the object of investor mania really has little value compared to the amount of investment money in pursuit.  We all know what happens then.  It all goes boom.  The bubble bursts.  The the public pays for the risk and assumes the losses.  The private sector keeps it profits and finds new investment areas.  It's coming again.
So much for regulation by Demicans and Republicrats.

Is another dot-com bubble in danger of bursting?

Say What?

The U.S. is no longer a net importer of petroleum products.  This is the first since 1973!  Damn, North Dakota will soon provide more oil to the nation than Saudi Arabia does every day.   What happened?

U.S. dependence on foreign oil has dropped

Revolting Arab Front--Egypt

They camped out in Tahrir Square.  They tweeted Mubarak out, so they thought.  The military stepped in to assist.  The went home.  Oops, not much changed so they cam back to camp out again.  They tweeted, but this time there was no military to make the military stand down.  The campers were sent home.  So much for commingling revolting Arabs and democracy, freedom and liberty.

Egypt’s military police forcibly break up Tahrir Square sit-in

Back to business as usual right?

Yes, if you think that the business is doing nothing about jobs and the economy.  The GOP has managed to set the agenda and has kept the nation focused on anything but jobs.  After all, if unemployment remains high, Obama will be a one term president.

The GOP, after the 2010 election shifted from what they ran on,  jobs, to funding this year's budget--remember all the CR bullshit?  That ate up months.  Then when it appeared as though they might have to take on unemployment, they drove us onto the debt ceiling highway and added debt, deficits and spending  to their convoy of destruction.  Now that they driven us to the brink, they agreed to pull over at the last rest stop.  Okay, do they backup to jobs?

Nah, Oct. 1 is coming up, that's the start of the federal fiscal year.  Surprize surprize, the appropriations work remains undone.  So, the GOP will leave the rest stop and drive us onto the highway to CR hell.  They will race along for a month or two and then turn around and cruise back to the debt/deficit/spending freeway of misdirection .  The first mandated bit of debt ceiling deal fixes comes due around Thanksgiving.  The deal will be driven for miles and miles to keep unemployment high and the economy in the tank for as long as possible.

If this bit of strategy does give the government back to the GOP, jobs and the economy won't matter politically to them.  They will have "inherited" the mess.  It will all be Obama's fault, naturally it takes time and hard work to fix what he broke.  Get ready for the third presidency of George Bush.   We so need a new party.  I'd like to see a Reasonable Party come into play.  How about you?


Once again, the best assessment of the big deal comes from The Daily Show.

Given Obama's leadership, does it really matter if he's reelected or not? What would it matter if the GOP took over?  Would we notice the difference at all?

The self serving have served up a pile of it

After creating a crisis, the crisis creators sought a solution to their self made crisis.  They have short attention spans, so they forgot that they made up the crisis.  Thus, it's taken weeks and weeks to find a fix.   Unfortunately, when the crisis crowd is the U.S. Congress and the White House it becomes our crisis too.  At the last minute the crisis chorus sang a song, accompanied by hosannas of great compromise and bipartisanship, it's the nation's song,  "Let's Make a Deal!"

The House of Idiots passed their crisis abatement bill of the month last night.  Today the world's best debilitators will have a one last shot at fucking it up.  They may, after all we are talking about the United States Senate, Inc.

Oh, along the way in this deal, there's the little matter of an unconstitutional super congress.  We all might take a bit of a closer look at that turd.  Remember the majority of voting Americans elected these assholes.  I assume they have lived up to expectations.  We'll know in Nov. 2012, when 95% of them are reelected.

Oh, I think it's time we acknowledge, in the spirit of the new super congress, that Mitch McConnell is really the President of the United States.  He's the first turtle to hold the office.  Obama is just a constitutional technicality.  And Biden, well he's just an after thought who guards the national bucket of cold spit.

Oh, yeah don't forget this shit is historic. Despite its historicity, it still stinks like shit. It looks like shit. It's a steaming pile. Yeah, it's so historic.

House passes historic debt deal on eve of deadline

Monday, August 1, 2011

Strategic Victory Watch--War #2

Legacyland has declared a heat holiday.  It's too hot, 122 degrees.  Of course it's also the start of their version of Lent, Ramadan.  It's like Lent but without choices.  They give up eating all day, whereas we'd pick an item or two to forego.  I usually gave up liver,  it sucks so I was always successful in meeting my Lenten obligation.

Instead of a heat holiday, maybe the good folks of Legacyland could give up sectarian violence instead.

Iraq declares first-ever heat holiday, closes government offices

Debt and Deficits

Let's play with some numbers.  I know they are not accurate, but they will illustrate some smoke and mirrors coming from our ace elected officials.  
The current budget is $4 trillions dollars.  40% of that money is borrowed.  That means we will add about $1.6 trillion to the current $14.3 trillion national debt this year.  If we assumed, over the next 10 years, that we would not spend any more or less per year and taxes that stayed the same, then we'd add another $16 trillion to our debt by 2022.  Don't even bring up inflation.  However, to borrow money, we have to stay under the nation's debt ceiling.  That’s why, on average, we raise the damn thing about every nine months.  Oops,  that brings us to current debt/deficit/spending debacle and what our elected dicks and dickettes have finally proposed to solve the crisis they made for us.  
After weeks of bullshit, our aces have come up with a plan that cuts spending by $2.7 trillion over ten years. That means our national debt, in 10 years will only increase by only $13 (16-2.7) trillion instead of $16 trillion.  I hope you did not think we were not going to be borrowing more money every year for 10 years.  
I'll let you find out the real numbers and projections, but I think you will find that the outline above will hold true.  Perhaps the addition to the debt will only be 7 trillion instead of 10 or so trillion.  We will still borrow like mad.  We will still be massively in hock unless we increase taxes.  If we take in more in taxes,  we can reduce the amount we have to borrow every year.  We can spend as much as we like without any problems provided that we are not borrowing 40 cents of every dollar spent. 
I don't know what a reasonable proportion of borrowing is, but 40% is too damn high.  I would never even think of not borrowing.   T-Bills are the  backbone of the worlds financial system and secures the U.S. place in all markets. 
Besides,  I don’t know if we have ever really had a surplus.  It did not occur under Clinton.  There was a bit of legerdemain with the Social Security money there wasn’t really a surplus.   Maybe the proportion of Clinton’s surplus that came from SSA can give us the optimum level to borrow.  

Obama's Leadership

Here's an opinion piece you might want to consider if you think cyber-security matters.  With leadership such as Obama's, when will the nation be hacked?

This is leadership? US cybersecurity is a revolving door of exiting officials

If he does as well on the cyber side as he's done on the debt ceiling...

Replace 'Em All!

Here's an overview of failure--Congress, the White House, and both parties.  They created the mess, sustained it, and failed to govern.  They did finally get a deal-that has yet to be voted upon.  So what?  Who really made the mess?

Actually we did.  We, being the American voter who has reelected the very assholes who made the mess for us.  If we don't like what we see in Washington, then we have to change it.  They will not.  Term limits, not by law, but by votes is a good place to start.  One term and out.

Don't pop any champagne corks: Debt deal shows broken system

Men What?

Menhaden.  They are a small fish vital to the continued life of a variety of other fish.  Oh, we harvest them for fish oil and livestock food.  We are shitting in our own nest again.  Yep, we're hellbent on fishing out the menhaden just to keep the profits going, until they collapse when the last menhaden is killed.

As an essential Atlantic fish declines, experts debate course

No help for the revolting Arabs in Syria

As Arabs revolt in Syria, Obama and his buddies send then verbal assistance.  Their other resources are all tied up in Libya (they can't quite produce a No Qadaffi Zone).  Besides Syria's Qadaffi, is much better equipped.   His military even know how to use their munitions as they have demonstrated on mobs of Syrian revolting Arabs.

Syrian tanks storm protest epicenter of Hama

Strategic Victory Watch--War #1

This gets old.  We have to kill the inhabitants to save them!   Ungrateful Afghans, if we didn't break a few eggs there would be no omelets and then the  ones who survived our freedom work would starve.

Afghan governor condemns airstrike he says killed 4 police in northeast Nuristan

Strategic Victory Watch--War #1

As Obama prepares to bring some of his surgers home, we should expect to see more and more U.S. trained Afghan security stand up as we stand down.  Oops, they're lying down.

Suicide bomber kills 10 Afghan officers, 1 child outside police headquarters

After 10 years, its just one more mission highlight.  Now that's a real legacy.  I'm still working on the strategic victory concept, but I'm sure we're making progress.

Top Morons Say, "Enough Already"

Congress has spent years and years making a mess.  Congress then used their mess to create a  bigger debacle that could have sent the world into depression.  Congress tried to blame it on the American people, especially the old, the poor, and the sick.  Congress tried to unmake their mess.   Congress took weeks and weeks to figure out how to quit sticking it to the nation.  Congress, at least the leadership, has figured it out.   They will raise the debt ceiling and cut spending.  Wow, that's going to be called historic, courageous, bipartisan, and patriotic too.  Bullshit.

When the House and Senate vote, expect the "deal" to pass.  All members must have finally read their e-mail, listened to voice mail and read their letters.  Gee, voters are sick of all of them.  Expect Teabags and Progressives to get in line and vote for the deal, they too want to keep their jobs and their perks.  Obama got what he wanted most--no debt ceiling fights that would interfere with his reelection effort.  The bill will pass, Obama will sign it, and all can get back to work on job #1, raising cash for reelection.

White House, congressional leaders reach debt-limit deal

They all need to be ousted from office.  We need to form a Reasonable Party.  It begins with one man or one woman, for one term without any promises, just a terms worth of governance.  What else?

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Asshole from El Paso Front

The Gov. of Texas, don't cotton to homooooosexuals one bit (if the position will assist him in primary polls when he runs for prez).  Yep,  the state's rights asshole now thinks we should have a federal law that affect all of us on marriage.  So much for consistency, what a plop.  I has still hoped he'd lead Texas out of the nation.  He truly is the Asshole from El Paso.    

Rick Perry backs constitutional limit on marriage

Debilitators at work!

The mighty U.S. Senate did not give Reid the votes he needed for cloture and advancing his bill that would have been tucked under the House bill title page or some shit like that.  Now, our  premier debilitators are off deciding how to next shaft the nation in new and creative ways.

They could have just raised the debt ceiling.  That's a one sentence bill.  Instead they have mucked up the national mind.  Gee with all the debt, deficit and spending bullshit, we don't attend to the economy and jobs.  This is a GOP diversion to keep the shitty economy alive.  It is the GOP's strategy to insure that Obama loses in 2012.  See, it's all about the next election.   And to think we've elected and reelected most of the turds currently in office.  Man we are so damn dumb.  Time for a new party and new people in elective office.  Anyone got a broom?

We contract out our security

Oops, as usual, when the government hires contractors the only sure thing is the transfer of money from the  public to the private.

Hackers strike government cybersecurity contractor

I wonder how many former or current civil servants, appointees, or elective office holders now work for ManTech? Receive compensation? Serve on a board? Own shares?  Want to fix the budget?  Then bag the 99% of the contracting. If full time government employees can't to the job, then the job probably doesn't need to be done in the first place.

Mad As Hell and I Won't Take It Any More Moment

The Senate is in session right now.  They will do something on the debt ceiling.  No one knows quite what to expect.  McConnell was bobbling his head on the morning shows indicating some deal had been cut.  If so, I have no doubt it will do more harm than good to the 85% of us who make under $100,000 a year, receive Social Security income, or are enrolled in Medicare.  The 15% will make a tidy profit.  Both sides and the White House have all been dicks on this.  All of them have acted as they have to insure their own victory in the 2012 general election.  That election means more than anything else to the lot of them.  I have had it.  Have you?

I join Jeff Jarvis (on Twitter) in a hearty, well meant, fully intended be to taken with all sincerity, a simple  statement--"Fuck You Washington!"  That said, it's time to get rid of them all from Obama on down the line.  How can we form a new party and elect new people?  If we don't, the clowns will continue to shit on us.  Ideas?

White House, McConnell ‘very close’ to debt deal

The shame is there are only two parties

Damn, the economy still sucks, unemployment is high, and the only thing the clowns in Washington are talking about is the debt ceiling.  It's no wonder folks are falling away from the Dems.  But, how can they go to the GOP?  They should become independent, shouldn't they? Oh, the Teabags are just the GOP as they have really wanted to be ever since Goldwater, so that's not an alternative.  It's too bad we don't have a party for people who want to deal in facts, use reason to reach positions, and elect people to serve for only one term.  Can we form a Reasonable Party?

GOP Makes Big Gains Among White Voters

Bob Park

WHAT'S NEW Robert L Park Friday, 29 July 11 Washington, DC

I have only one thing in common with these gentlemen: They are both 80
years old. Aside from a talent for making money, age may also be about the
only thing they have in common with each other. The Center for American
Progress, heavily financed by Hungarian-American George Soros, demands to
know whether Australia Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. violated U.S. law in
obtaining phone records in the U.S. The Center, headed by John Podesta,
co-chairman of Obama's presidential transition team, has called attention
to the fact that News Corp. is a U.S.-based corporation, subject to the
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which prosecutes for bribery of foreign
officials. Sens. Rockefeller and Boxer sent a letter to Attorney General
Eric Holder calling for an investigation into whether News Corp. may have
hacked the phones of 9/11 victims.

Detroit executives staged a march on Washington a few years ago to protest
higher fuel efficiency standards. Tougher standards, they claimed, would
cause the collapse of the United States auto industry. Well, under the
George W. Bush administration the auto industry did collapse -- not because
fuel economy standards were too tough, but because they were too soft.
Today, as Bill Vlasic wrote in this morning's NY Times, the President is
scheduled to announce an unheard-of doubling of the standard, from 27 miles
per gallon to 54.5 by the year 2025. This time, the Detroit executives
support the change, but it's easy to argue that the new standards are still
too soft. The Toyota Prius topped 54 mpg in

Peak energy of 7 TeV is scheduled for 2014, but they’ve had their first
good look now at 3.5 TeV. It reminds me of NASA's initial look with the
Viking 2 Lander on Mars, 32 years ago. The Lander had just arrived; not
gently, but intact. We were about to see the first pictures of Mars, close-
up. Carl Sagan was there, looking very nervous. The camera would rotate
360° giving a panoramic view. No one knew exactly what to expect; perhaps
some unexpected this life form? Everything, including the sky, was in
shades of pink. Any hope of seeing something totally unexpected was
dashed. The desolate, boulder-strewn landscape, littered with sharp-edged
boulders, was utterly desolate. I can never forget the devastated look on
Carl's face. Looking at LHC spectra this summer must have been like that
for high-energy physicists. Everything you knew you should expect to find
from the standard model was there, and nothing else.