Saturday, August 20, 2011

Would this trump all the hackers?

I don't know, but it's a very interesting idea.

Could A Crypto-Computer In Your Pocket Replace All Passwords?


Rick Perry does not seem to apply the same scientific standards he uses on evolution and climate change when it comes to stem cells and his back.  If he did, then he'd be hawking Darwin and demanding government action to curb greenhouse gases or would not have had the experimental surgery.

Rick Perry's stem cell surgery worries some doctors

Rick Perry is a Pornographer

I make the above claim using the same logic that Mr. Perry so frequently employs as he has done recently to disparage Mr. Obama and Mr. Bernanke.  Voters, it's one thing to vote for an asshole from El Paso, but to even consider voting for one who is also a pornographer!  Shame.  Republicans have always shown very poor taste, but of late they have also revealed an incredible lack of judgement.

Perry once invested in firm that profited from porn

Strategic Victory Watch--War #2

Will we ever put Bush's legacy behind us?  The Iraqi government appears to want to move on.  However our government seems to have a need to remain in that shithole forever.  I hope the Iraqis prevail and we finally end the war by leaving on 12/31/11.

Panetta: Iraqis want some U.S. troops to stay

Our planet

I do not understand people who obtain their knowledge of climatology from politicians.  That's makes about as much sense as hiring Bernie Madoff to be your financial advisor.  The consensus on man's adverse affects has been clear for a long time.  The science is very, very strong.   We have been shitting in our own nest and it's going to really stink for a long time.

What pols are more concerned with is how much and who will have to pay for the cleanup.   Pols like Perry are flattering courtiers seeking patronage from those who feel their fortunes might be threatened by environmental cleanup.  If payments were not made then Perry and those of his ilk would seek out other more lucrative issues to address.

Climate-change science makes for hot politics

I'd suggest more folks take the time to read science publications.  Give "Science News" a read.  If you are comfortable with science, then don't forget to read "Science" or "Nature."  Read more, learn more, then evaluate what pols say based on your own knowledge.  

This makes no sense at all

The GOP has increased the number of whites who identify themselves as GOOPERS.  A two point edge in 2008 is now a 13 point difference in 2011.  I'm not exactly tickled with what the Democrats have failed to do since 2008, but I could never declare myself as aligned with the GOP.  Without this report, I'd have guessed whites and other had become Independents.  It makes no sense.  How can any sane person become a GOOPER?  There has to be an epidemic of debilitating neurotic self-loathing breaking out across the country.  When the going gets tough, the weak-kneed schmucks become Republicans?  That's weird and it's guaranteed to make their lives worse.  Maybe it's good riddance?

GOP Makes Big Gains Among White Voters

Do You Have a Cell Phone?

Of course you do, 83% of Americans have them.  We use them.  We abuse them.  We get pissed at them.  Want to know more about the cell phone and us?

Americans and Their Cell Phones

I wonder are cell phones--makes/models/etc--today's cultural commonplace as the automobile once was?  Back in the 50s and 60s everybody followed cars.  Remember tail fins?  Okay, what's the cell phone tail fin?

One more thing to bet on

England's riots have ended.  As the cleanup begins, the government has decided to also clean up the gangs.   Will the gang eradication program succeed or will it, after a reasonable passage of time, be declared a success?  I have a feeling on some future clear day we'll hear a fine speech about gangless London.

After London riots, a UK war on gangs

Since I jus use a phone to make calls,

The AT&T rate changes do not make all that much sense to me.  I can follow the math, but not ever having sent a text message I do not quite follow all aspects of the argument.  At any rate text fans, read on--

AT&T kills cheaper texting plan for $20 unlimited package

I am curious. If you have a smartphone and use it for more than phone calls, what proportion of your phone usage is for calls, text, Twitter, etc.?  What is vital?  What could be trashed and you would not notice?   What do you not have that you want?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Chained CPI? From a Dem?

Okay it the first talker opts for the chained CPI (he'll please the GOP), then there will be no vote for him from this guy in 2012.  Try ending all the war shit first.  Increase taxes on the rich.  Shut down all the foreign bases and cut the military in half.  The guy is not a Democrat.

Obama Lets Slip Plans for Chained CPI

Hey Kids!

Man if you  go to school in Texas, Gov. Perry says you get to decide which answer is right.  You are in charge of truth.  Wow, if Pi is equal to 3.0 it a lot easier.   It is in Texas.

Rick Perry’s Innovative Educational Model: Students Get to Decide the Right Answer

To the extent that Mr. Perry and people of his ilk actually affect the pubic school curriculum, would you as an employer hire anyone who graduates from HS in Texas?  Are there any post secondary schools in Texas?  Texas and Kansas can hire each other's products.

Can't pass on this

Whenever someone adds another attribute of America's Asshole From El Paso, I have to share--

Former Reagan aide: ‘Rick Perry is an idiot'

Gee, it he were elected he'd be the First Asshole.

How About Flash Police?

'Flash mobs' pose challenge to police tactics

The King is Dead, Long Live Mom!

Burger king is changing its image and how it advertises itslef. As the King is deposed and Mom's take center stage, you can count on one thing. They will still sell the same shitty fast food.

Burger King freshens fast-food image, kicks King to the curb

Once Again the Problem is Parents

Some parents of school children prove themselves to be the true descendents of Savonrola

Keeping the fires of censorship alive--burn those books!

Oh, little know fact, "savonrola" is an Italian word that means tea party. True, it's a fact, trust me.  It's a coincidence. Amazing!

Place your bets!

Will HP be a strong viable competitor with IBM two years from now.  Or will it dribble away into a second or third tier tech company?  Would you buy HP stock now?

HP to ‘Reinvent’ Company With Return to Roots

Post Obama Road Show Wrapup

The Prez went on tour.  Was it the "Tough Negotiator" Tour?  We'll have to wait and see.  You know, now it vacation time,  then he has to put a plan together, write a speech, etc.  I have a feeling we'll just see more White House bobbing for turds in September.  Hope I'm wrong.  Oh, how'd the guy do on the road?  Did he lie his butt off or did he merely shade a few facts, tell selective truths, and gift us with omissions and exaggerations, but no outright lies.

Well I'll be damned he only gets one Pinocchio.

Asshole from El Paso Front

How do you know if you're dealing with an asshole from El Paso?  Well, to be sure you have do a couple of things.  First,  you have to watch him put on his cowboy boots in the morning.  If he wanders out into his backyard, finds some fresh steaming cow plops and shovels some into each boot before he inserts his sock-less feet you're close to proof.  They love to feel cowshit gushing between their toes.  Second, for the  real proof,  you have to wait for them to say anything.  They are a true asshole from El Paso if the manure  migrates from foot to mouth and as they speak out pops 100% USDA prime Texas bullshit.  Speaking of Perry....

Texas created lots of jobs; does Gov. Perry deserve the credit?

Rick Perry’s made-up ‘facts’ about climate change

Rick Perry’s radical, EU-style federalism

It's time for Texas to secede. Gee, no Perry and we'd be rid of the Bushes.

It does not end

Turkey and the U.S. share a problem.  How do you deal with pesky guerrillas?  We chase ours, the Taliban,  across east Afghanistan until they cross the border and hide in Pakistan's western mountains.   Turkey chases theirs, the Kurds, through eastern Turkey until they cross the border and hide in Iraq's western mountains.  We, our military, quit, and give the CIA a call.  The spooks then drone the crap out of Pakistan.  Turkey pursues and bombs Iraq.  Will Baghdad suggest to Turkey that it should quit messing with its sovereignty?  Probably, but who really gives a shit.  War on, it's good for world trade.  How about having Islamic state declare war on every other Islamic state.  We'd clean up on munitions sales (might cover the cost of Bush's wars, the oil didn't).

Turkey hits Kurdish targets in Iraq

Strategic Victory Watch--War #1

Our varied and assorted commanderator aces have excelled at whatever they have done and are doing in  greater and lesser Rubblesistan.  After 10 years and more of rather warrish behavior the good folks in Kabul could finally gather at the local British cultural center and celebrate their Independence from Britain in 1919.  Of course the celebrants happened to be Taliban.  They sang and danced as people died and were mangled.  It's an odd country.  Now what  is our mission?  It's time to shut 'er down.

Insurgents storm British compound in Kabul


Strategic Victory Watch--War #3

Pakistan, our non-ally, ally we are in a non-war, war with has its own internal problems.  Folks just don't get along.   They like to kill each other.   Is it just me or do Islamic nations seem more inclined to blow the crap out of each other by blowing the crap out of themselves.  Religion remains mystifying.

Suicide bomber hits Pakistan mosque; scores killed

So how's that old War on Terror going these days anyway?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I like this observation

I ran across this in a comment on Ron Paul posting somewhere.  I got a solid chuckle out of it, I hope you to too--

"There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old's life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world. The other, of course, involves orcs.

H/T to the unknown author. Thanks.

How about submitting? If you’re into the Bible as Ms. Bachmann contends she is and you tend to think the book is dead bang accurate in all things, then ladies, it’s clear, do as you are told--

Ephesians, Ch. 5,

21 Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God.

22 Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.

23 For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.

24 Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so [let] the wives [be] to their own husbands in every thing.

Somehow or another “respect” or any of its variations do not work as substitutes for submit and submitting. Especially so given that the idea of submitting is first from us to god, then in emulation of that relationship, from the wife to the husband. Submit means to yield oneself [we, wife] to the power or authority of another [god/husband]. To evade submission disses god, his book, and totally upsets the natural order of all things, right?  Then again one does not have to adhere to any this nonsense does one?

DOMA Obama

Prepare to be shafted a bit more

Okay, bend over.  You're fired.  Now bend over again, your house is foreclosed.  Hey stay bent over, your unemployment has run out.  What are you looking at?  Yeah you, you bend over too--gas is up.  Okay, now one more time,  everybody who makes less than $100, 000 household income, bend over--it's inflation time!

Consumer Prices in U.S. Rise More Than Forecast

Does everyone feel good?  Now who decided to use this little gem, the "core inflation" rate?

The Murdoch Mess Continues

Another reporter has been busted in the phone hacking scandel--

News of the World Hollywood reporter is arrested

Crazy Watch

Rick Perry Stirs Ire for Fed Threat, "Economic Miracle" Claim & Calling Entitlements "Ponzi Scheme"

Ex-Evangelical Denounces Michele Bachmann & Calls Christian Reconstructionist Politics "Anti-American"

College Football

Gee boosters hire prostitutes for players and coaches.  What's new?  It's normal college football.  The NCAA will fix it?  When did the NCAA ever fix anything in college football?  Look, it's gotten to big with too much money for the NCAA to keep on faking rules and regulations.  The real damage is done to the schools who support the teams.

Why not lease the teams to the pros?  Lease everything--employees, players, and plant.   States would not have to spend one dime on college ball.  The pros get an instant college based farm team system.   The leases could actually contribute a bit to school general funds.   The only thing a school might consider is giving each college player a chit redeemable for four years of college after he quits playing ball.  States might consider legalizing college sports betting on all of their campuses too.

After Miami, NCAA considers 'fundamental change'

Ready for more self cooking shrimp?

BP gave us the self cooking shrimp.  The little crustaceans sop up so much oil all you need is a match--shrimp flambe!  The tasty treat is waning a bit.  The oil is dissipating.  Myself, I wouldn't touch Gulf Seafood for a decade though.  Fans of the self cooking food take note, the oil companies may be helping you out again.

Oil sheen in Gulf, source unknown

Red State Commerce Trumped by Religion

Utah is an odd place.  They talk a lot about capitalism.  They vote solid Republican.  They are Mormon.  Therefore, all that their talk depends--does the Prophet, Seer, and Revelator go thumbs up or down?  The chubby?  Well, down went the thumb.  Got theocracy?

Utah bans mini-kegs of beer


Bob and weave

When I hear "wives must submit," I don't think that means "wives must respect."  As Michelle Bachmann has discovered, when your religious craziness is exposed you either follow through on your faithiness or fall on your face.  She fell on her face.  Most of her ilk behave the same.  When the religion becomes inconvenient, bend it, duck it, alter it, modify it, anything except, say "yes, that is exactly what my faith requires, I submit, I obey my husband, my Lord."  They are long on talk, but short on walk especially when they decide they want to hand out in Caesar's palace.  Caesar has this way of trumping god, no?

As 'submissive' wife, Bachmann delicately treads Bible, modernity

I guess it's okay to see the Bible as a living document and update it for today's time, but it's not for the Constitution?  Come on, where are the biblical originalists.  Wusses all.  I think they have to wind up saying the word of man is eternal, but he word of god is not.


If you've googled "Santorum" you can see the effect of SEO.  Search engine optimization techniques gave Santorum his prominence and keeps him there.  If you think he's an ass, it's funny and a bit justified.  Of course, other people and organizations want that same kind of prominance (but of the positive kind).  For example, the Mormons--

Mormons using the Web to control their own image

Did not expect this

As Amazon sells more and more e-books, Borders went belly up.  Bookstores have become one more "used to be" as tech continues to bite us in the ass.   Needless to say, I like bookstores, small ones. I never liked the  mega-mart approach.  Then I saw this headline--

Independent bookstores add a new chapter

Maybe the collapse has ended and we'll see the return of small bookstores. It happened in beer. Do you remember when the end of the small brewer was predicted? The big brewers were buying up everybody. Then a few people tried local brewing and tied it to a restaurant. Did the small brewer die or thrive?

Obama Leaking On Himself

The word is out, big speech in September.  Can you feel feel anticipatory excitement?  You can, really?  For the rest of us, we'll  hear bits and pieces over the coming weeks of the big deal he'll propose.  I guess he hasn't figured it all out yet.  Maybe he'll do that while he's on vacation in Martha's Vineyard.   Obama's crew will drop a hint, check the polls, revise and drop another hint.  We'll be treated to a great speech that results in squat.  I think it's a bit too late for him to rally the 2008 voters with cool speeches.  The major tool in his reelection kit is the GOP--all of the possible nominees are crazy.  If Obama proposes and cannot deliver it won't help him.  At this point he cannot blame Congress if they don't play nice.

Maybe he should begin by showing it's not job killing taxes but rather job killing spending cuts that hurt much, much  more.  Then get rational and deal with the tax code, Defense spending, and Medicare.

Obama to issue new proposals on job creation, debt reduction

"Adios Mofo..."

Uh, that heading is a quote from Rick Perry and the title of an upcoming biography.  Needless to say it will not please the idiots who think Perry is just what the country needs.  If the schmuck is still in the race, watch for it in 2012.

Another Rick Perry book?

Seen Ron Paul on the Boob Tube?

I see and hear more about him on The Daily Show than cable news.  It seems a bit odd.  Mr.Paul thinks the  major media outlets are afraid oh him.  Is that the case or do we all sort of shy away from libertarians?

Are the media scared of Ron Paul?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

TV Viewers Health

All that TV will kill you.  It's been called the vast wasteland for good reason.  Hold it, another study says a bit of exercise every day will add years to your life.  Okay, combine the two, get on that treadmill and watch TV.  They combined activities will offset each other and you will die as otherwise fated.

Watching Too Much TV as Harmful as Smoking, Study Says

Politics of Relgion

Grover Norquist wants to drown government in a bathtub.  The teabags want god running government. That raises a question--

Can god create a government so small that even god could not fit inside of it?

Got a kid going off to college?

Take note--As high school students and their parents consider college options, they might want to take a careful look at catalogs and course descriptions. In higher education these days, it's buyer beware.

If your kid is thinking about Liberal Arts...

Jersey Shore Fans

Please note, it's Abercrombie and Fitch not Abercrombie and Guido.

Abercrombie asks 'The Situation' to shop elsewhere

Okay, who should provide the wardrobe for the Jersey Shore crowd?

Strategic Victory Watch--War #1

Here's the lead paragraph in a piece on the Afghan War.

After nearly a decade of war in Afghanistan, the US military has taken steps to restructure its transport and supply contract so American money is no longer indirectly diverted to the insurgency.

Gee, after 10 years the aces in charge have finally figured it out, if you don't pay the enemy to be the enemy...

Shrewd, very shred. It's time to end this idiotic war.

Oh come on,

If you still think the commanders give a shit about the able bodied cannon fodder they send off to battle, consider this--

Army improperly tested body armor plates

Even when we pay for a better equipped Army, we still wind up going to war with a Rumsfeld special that we always seem to have on hand.  

There's no draft or war tax for a reason, who cares about what happens to <1% of the population.

Buffet and coddling

Warren Buffet thinks the super rich are coddled by Congress.  He thinks taxes on the rich should go up.  He's just one rich guy.  Until his peers get on board and they all tell their wholly owned subsidiary, the GOP, to raise taxes, the GOP will flip off the rich old geezer.  Campaigns donations matter to these bums.

Republicans reject Buffett's tax argument

Perhaps Mr. Buffet should take the GOP's response personally and begin spending his cash on pols who support significant his tax reforms.  He can afford it.  He can purchase tax rates in a tax code that make sense.  He can end coddling of the super rich.  He can end the concentration of wealth over generations.   If he has peers who share his views, they could break Grover's GOP back.  I doubt they will, they are all talk but only work for fatter bank accounts.

Strategic Victory Watch--War #4

There has not been a change in the score for months, ObamaNato--0, Qadaffi--1.  Is that about to change?  Are the revolting Arabs of Libya moving towards strategic victory?  Maybe,

Libya rebels cut all fuel pipelines to Tripoli: reports

Uh, oh, Qadaffi may feel stalemate slipping away--

Libya conflict: Gaddafi forces 'launched Scud missile'

Mark Your Calendars

Get ready, the president will make a speech this September.  It ought to be a really good speech, he'll have lots of time to practice.  Assuming it really is a fantastic speech that addresses our economic cares and woes, will he then really follow through and walk the walk of his talk?   Based on his track record, the next page he turns will be blank and his plan will feature the hope of change.  

AP source: Obama to give major speech in early Sept. to unveil ideas for jobs, growth

After all this time, the guy is just getting around to a plan? He needs to wait until September? Oh, come on, why does clueless come to mind?

I wish him well.  I hope action does follow on from his oration.  My expectations are about zeroed out.  However, when I think of 2012 and the GOP field, as the lesser of two evils, Obama will get my vote.  Bachmann?  Perry?  Paul?  Santorum?  

The future

Norman Thomas was an American socialist who ran for prez six times.  Needless to say, he never even came close.  However, a lot of his ideas, his politics, are part of our lives today.  We're a tad more socialist than most folks realize ( or are willing to admit).

If Thomas did "win" over time, here's something to think about.  Is Ron Paul this century's Norman Thomas?  In 50 or 60 years will folks be living Paul's vision in their everyday lives?  Norman Thomas?  Ron Paul? Will the average person ever have heard of Ron Paul in 2062?  Do you really want a libertarian future?

If our current world view is libertarianized, it does so from the point of who, where and what we are today.  We don't turn back the cultural clock 50 or 100 years and begin--we cannot even if want to.  What would a libertarianized socialized USA look like 50 years from now?

Education and test scores

After 12 years of public school, it all comes down to SATs or ACTs?  Given the latest scores, we're not exactly excelling in the educational arena are we?   Of course, we can dismiss the tests, but what if they are as fair an indicator of our nation's educational systems as the DOW is of our economy?  If the ACT is the DOW, then we're in a bear market.  After all the attention and money, nada.  Why are the kids still left behind?

I have a feeling the results won't change that much until most parents demand that their children go beyond Mom and Dad's knowledge.  Parents have to want their kids to know more than they do or ever will.  Right now, replication trumps evolution in our schools.  Want better schools?  Improve the parents.

2011 ACT scores show problems with college readiness

Perry, he wants us all to enjoy his Texas

Texas, it gives me the willies just thinking about that place.  Oh, this Perry fellow, he's the latest "I hate government so much I'm willing to live in the White House, be catered too like royalty, fly around in Air Force One, and have y'all kiss my ass for eight years."  What a schmuck.  Texas, what's Perry's Texas like?  Harold Meyerson has a nice piece on Perry's place--

The sad facts behind Rick Perry’s Texas miracle

Let's be fair, Texas is for Texans, they don't have to share.  Perhaps it might be proper for the rest of us to assist the good people of Texas and let them keep Mr. Perry all to themselves.

She really is batshit crazy

Here's another profile of Bachmann.  I still don't get who listens to her crap and then would actually vote for her to become president.  Anyone have a decent profile of the voter who buys into Bachmann's bullshit?

Michele Bachmann: Crazy Like a Fox

And in case you missed Matt Taibbi's piece--Michele Bachmann's Holy War

Also, did you read Ryan Lizz's article on the crazy lady--LEAP OF FAITH

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Remember the GOP only wants good times if they are in office

Since a Democrat is in the White House, pols in the GOP will do all they can to deep six jobs and the economy.  The GOP uses this as a political tool to improve the odds they will be elected in the next election.  Filter all the crap you  hear from GOP pols.  Here's Rick Perry--

Rick Perry Thinks ‘Printing More Money’ Is ‘Almost Treason’ Because It Would Help The Economy And Thus Obama

More Murdoch

Will the other shoe drop soon?  It might and it might expose lies, lies, and more lies.  Couldn't happen to better family.

Phone hacking: News of the World reporter's letter reveals cover-up

If you had to choose...

Assume you get to pick the next President of the United States.  Assume it cannot be Obama.  Assume it has to be one of the current GOP candidates.  Who would you make President?

Myself, I have to go with Huntsman.  Your pick?

The Problem

The problem is not Washington.  The problem is not govenment.  The problem lies in the people we elect to go to Washington and administer our government for us.  Remember we are a democratic republic with inalienable rights.

Who’s Really Responsible For U.S. Debt Downgrade

Having Nothing Better To Do,

Protest closes 4 BART stations, leaving commuter crowd stranded

The [BART]stations were closed for about two hours during a demonstration against alleged BART police brutality and a decision by agency officials last week to cut underground cellphone service in an effort to quell an earlier protest.

Is this the best use of resources? Would all that energy be better spent on other issues?

Can we give Kansas back?

Here's the GOP version of good government

No, thanks: $31.5 million for implementing the new federal health care law.

Please remit: $6.6 million to promote marriage.

So, all that war is patriotic?

If it is, then why haven't we ponied and waved our wallets along with Old Glory?  How much have these wars cost us?  What could we have done with the war money if we'd decided we value education, health, parks, highways, and just about anything else more than we value purposeless death and destruction?  Hell we didn't even pay for it, we've charged war for over 10 years?

Consider this war fans--

When congressional cost-cutters meet later this year to decide on trimming the federal budget, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq could represent juicy targets. But how much do the wars actually cost the U.S. taxpayer?

True cost of Afghan, Iraq wars is anyone's guess

What was that line about patriotism being the refuge of scoundrels?

Ron Paul for President?

Mr. Paul came in second in the Ames Straw Poll.  He almost won.  However, based on the coverage he's received on TV (and in print), you'd think he finished far lower than Frothy, down around Huntsman's 69 votes.  Hell, Pawlenty came in a distant third, quit the race as a result,  and still gets more coverage than Mr. Paul.  That's not quite fair is it?

If you are a disaffected Democrat, I've got a suggestion you may like.  Look, you already know you will vote for Obama.  You also know that all of his potential opponents are certifiable lunatics.  Obama is,  decidedly,  the lesser of two evils just based on sanity.  However, if you are like me, you are sufficiently pissed off with Obama, so that you  cannot bring yourself to give him any money or free labor for the 2012 race.  Okay, here's a suggestion, give some money and time to Mr. Paul, but give your vote to Obama.  

Yes, work for Paul, but vote for Obama.  Against Paul, the Dems would definitely keep the White House and we'd fuck up the GOP for a couple generations.  Sounds like a winner to me.  Ron Paul in 2012?

Once again, it's all hat and no cattle time

Once again, the American voter may be offered someone dumber than they are as a presidential candidate.  And once more the dolt comes from Texas.  If you've heard his self praise about Texas, before you even think he'd be  good for the nation, think about what the Shrub gave us for eight years.  I don't want anyone this duplicitous--

Rick Perry’s budget sleight-of-hand

Strategic Victory Watch--War #2

In case you didn't notice, bombs are doing off in and around Baghdad.   Of course all our GI Joes and Janes are scheduled to leave Iraq by 12/31/11.   If the bombs get real bad, then out of compassion for the young democracy we'll be willing to hang around for another decade or five.  Okay, who is behind this wave of bombs?  You want to blame al Qaeda, insurgents, sectarians?  Fine, how about contractors too?   When I think about the bombing, it would not surprize me to discover that some people in our government and military were employers of the bombers.  My trust level is just about zero.

Attacks across Iraq kill more than 80

Here's a Good Idea

Bush screwed the public.  Well, actaully the public screwed itself.  The public elected the bastard twice.  One of his legacies is credit card war.  He took us, willingly, into two wars.  We even allowed him to charge the damn wars.  We listened when he told us to go shopping and not fret ourselves over war, death and destruction.  We've racked up a trillion or two in war debt since 2001.  Oh, we're still fighting the damn things.  The credit card is still being used.  One of these days the card will wear out and I'm not sure  we'll be issued a replacement.

Okay patriots, it's time to open our wallets and pay for the error of our ways.  We need to tax ourselves today to pay for the mistakes we made in 2000 and 2004.  We need a war tax, let's call it the Bush League Levy.  While we're at it, let's chuck the legacies and end both wars.

A war tax? It’s still not a bad idea

Why does anyone listen to her bullshit

Apparently some folks do listen and worse, they believe her.  A crazy speaker attracts crazy listeners.   Here's another loon tune from the nation's crazy lady, Michelle Bachmann.

Michele Bachmann’s too-good-to-be-true stat on federal workers

Monday, August 15, 2011

Wiener War!

Sara Lee says the Ball Park is 100% alright, 100% bullshit.   The Ball Park thinks Sara has claimed some unearned prizes.  Yep, the companies are in court suing each other.

Oscar Mayer Opens Wiener War With Ball Park

Temporary Cyborgs?

'Electronic Skin' Grafts Gadgets to Body

He may have had a laser in his watch and a radio in his lighter, but even James Bond didn't sport gadgets tattooed to his skin. Now he could, thanks to the development of ultrathin electronics that can be placed on the skin as easily as a temporary tattoo. The researchers hope the new devices will pave the way for sensors that monitor heart and brain activity without bulky equipment, or perhaps computers that operate via the subtlest voice commands or body movement.

Bagley: Hooligans at the Gate, the Real Thieves

Mormonin the White House?

I remember a lot of anti-Catholic crap in the South when I was a kid.  It was hard to find a Catholic Church in West Tennessee.  Horn, tails, sure and more.  The crackers were sure Catholics kept grenades and lots of weapons hidden in the basement.  The Pope had his hidden Army.  Sound familiar?

Catholics were the Untied Nations before the UN came along and re-directed the hate a bit.  Kennedy was elected, but he was not all that popular in the South.   Catholics are pretty well considered to be Christians these days, even in the rural South.  Mormons, well, I fear the Southern Grit is sure they are really agents of the Pope and the UN.  The true redneck knows that a pesky hidden army will rise up,  take over and establish the new world order of socialism or FEMA or something like that.  They're bitter because they are sure the evil side will win.  So much for their god and guns.  The South can be very strange.

Could Willard win outside of Utah?  Yes, the 23% who say they cannot vote for a Mormon  will diminish over the course of the campaign as the focus becomes jobs, the economy, jobs, tax reform, jobs, spending, and jobs.

Could a Mormon win White House? Yes, say Utahns, but

Mr. Buffet is correct!

Congress, read and heed.  If not, maybe voters need to quit coddling incumbents in both parties!

Stop Coddling the Super-Rich

Strategic Victory Watch--War #4

War fans, take note, the score remains Obamanato--0,  Qaddafi--1 in Libya.  I wonder if the grand strategery is to have both sides kill each other off so we can then step in and take all of the oil?  Gee, would it pay for the Iraq war?

Gadhafi forces try to block Libyan rebel advance

The cornholes are plugged until January

For poli-junkies Iowa provided an interesting national diversion this weekend.  A hoard (Iowa has a smaller population) converged on the the State Fair.  They ate Lipitor powdered battered and fried pork chops on a stick followed by a desert of deep fried butter.  They paid $30 each to vote in the Iowa Straw Poll.  17,000 cornholes showed up.  29% passed gas for Bachmann.  28% tooted for Ron Paul.  The rest, well they're now little just bits of froth on arena floor.

The GOP race, per conventional wisdom of the dominant group (COWDUNG) is now a three way ass wipe.  Willard vs. Bachmann vs Perry.  Which butt will clean up the most in the primaries?   Hold it, Paul received 28%.  Could he be the kernel of corn lurking in the GOP's big old lunker of a crazy cow plop?  Oh, my how about a Paul/Cain in 2012 ticket?  Does that make your sphincter tighten a touch?

Pawlenty exits GOP race; leaves Romney, Perry, Bachmann to duke it out

Make Your Case

London has had a bit of rioting?  Why?  David Cameron thinks they are due to slow motion moral collapse.  Here goes, is Cameron blaming the victim while he praises the victimizer?  Or, is he correct?   Give it a read, tell me who's on first in England?  If these riots occurred here who would say what with effect today?  It's not 1968, but is it that much different?

Cameron Addresses the Riots

Strategic Victory Watch--War #3

Our non-ally, ally in the non-war, war in Pakistan is one where the friendly enemy government  non-compliantly, complies with our government's request that they protect our secrets.  It's not confirmed yet, but would you bet for or against the Chinese having had access to helicopter that crashed in bin Ladens's Pakistani courtyard?   Hell of a war, no?

Pakistan gave China access to secret U.S. aircraft involved in bin Laden raid, paper says

Food That Kills Update

If your ground beef is produced by the good folks at the National Beef Packaging Co. of Dodge City, Kan., just remember in their hearts they'd just as soon see you dead as anything else. Their product has been recalled. It can kill you. Winn-Dixie Stores Inc., Publix Super Markets Inc., Kroger Co., and Wal-Mart shoppers you are warned.  This cheap shit did not come from China, it's American made without hardly any government on anyone's back at all.

3 big grocery chains recall ground beef from Kansas meat packing company

What will the next tour be called?

The "Wise Latina" tour was a success.  It was followed by the "Unleashing the Kagan" road show.  It too, an absolute smash.  Roberts and the Robes are on vacation, but are prepping for their Fall road trip.  We may not know the name yet, but we can bet it will include some of that raucous "Gun n Roses" sound.   Yep, will this Fall become the "Got Guns?" tour?  The 2nd Amendment has a lot of fans and an election is coming up in 2012.

Cases lining up to ask Supreme Court to clarify Second Amendment rights

Dead Revolting Arabs

If one is a revolting Arab and one decides to revolt against your friendly neighborhood dictator, it might be a good idea to be sure the dictator is not more revolting that oneself.  It also helps to have some guns and allies with guns.  Otherwise, one will become the late revolting Arab.  Now in Syria--

Syrian gunboats join fresh attack against protesters


Strategic Victory Watch--War #2

The SOFA says we have to be out of Iraq by 12/31/11.  Our military wants to stay on.  Our MIC wants to stay on.  Contractors all agree, Iraq is money maker, so stay on.  The State Dept. wants to stay on and really use that huge embassy to full capacity.  Most Iraqis want us gone, except for those profiting through our presence.  What might induce Iraqis to request a renewal on the war lease?  How about some explosions that make everyone scream wolf, wolf, wolf, excuse me, make that al Qaeda..

It would not surprize me to ultimately find out a faction of the Iraqi government, our government, the CIA, or our military hired contractors to blow shit up and thus "prove" the situation is just desperate enough to mandate our continued military presence.  Once again, we have to remember Iraq is a young democracy and all that kind of rot.   What's Blackwater called these days?

I don't know about you, but my trust of all parts of our government on Iraq is pretty damn close zero.  Can percent of trust be negative?   Leave per the Shrub's Legacy Timetable and let Iraqis build their own damn nation.

Nearly 70 killed in attacks across Iraq

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wow, he's taking a bus trip.

That's so exciting I could just shit.  Obama is going on the road.  So what?  He'll pretend to listen.  He'll roll up his shirt sleeves.  He'll mix and mingle.  He'll make good speeches.  Hell, he might make one of his hallmark speeches--they sound fantastic, make you feel good, and ten minutes later you cannot remember what he said.

Three whole days of busing here and there.  Then it will be back the Oval office where we can expect more of what he's been doing for two and a half years--sitting on his butt.  The guy is all talk and no walk.  Will this bus tour lead to anything new?  I doubt it, he knows the 2012 alternatives are pretty much all batshit crazy.  No risk, no loss.

Obama to begin bus trip across an unsettled nation


When you go to a library or search the internet, do you seek good sources of information? Of course you do. However I have to ask, what do you mean by “good.” Do you seek sources that, regardless of your beliefs, consistently delivers facts? Or, do you prefer sites that support things you have a stake in, that validate what you assume to be true, that buttress your beliefs?

People seem to have a preference for knowledge that conforms to what they’re already sure is true. If they encounter something that questions their truth, then they’ll shelve the book, change sites, or condemn the the speaker. All to often we chose comfort to facts--look at evolution, climate change, 9/11, our history, and fundamental economics.

I guess that’s why science is not all that popular and exciting to so many people. Science delivers facts, but accepts and even assumes that the facts, much less the understanding of the facts, are not quite eternal. What we know changes and grows.  We make mistakes. We learn.  Science makes for a more uncertain world, sure. However, science is the closet we can come, in both knowledge and a way to gain knowledge, to a very temporal truth.

Want a better world? Then we need to find our comfort in science.

From Bob Park

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WHAT'S NEW Robert L Park Friday, 12 Aug 11 Washington, DC

August is usually a slow month in Washington, but much is happening – and
it's not good news. We’ll try to catch up.

"Take some more tea," the March Hare said. "I’ve had nothing yet," Alice
replied, "so I can't take more." Last month a House panel voted to stop
building NASA's James Webb Space Telescope, and to flat-fund the National
Science Foundation. I didn’t write about it at the time, because it seemed
unthinkable. The debt agreement, however, is about setting spending
ceilings, not floors. Floors are for taxes. The Tea Party and the
Republican freshman class favor regressive taxation, under which those who
benefit most from our economic system contribute least to its support.
This may be inevitable when the major determinant of success in election
campaigns is fund-raising.

The real problem is that there are too many of us. The need to limit
population on a finite planet was explained in 1798 by the Rev. Robert
Thomas Malthus in "An Essay on the Principle of Population." Paul
Ehrlich’s 1968 best seller, "the Population Bomb," helped motivate
the "Green Revolution" and "the Pill." With the famine in Somalia on front
pages, the world population reached 7 billion, double that in 1968 when
Ehrlich issued his warning. Last week, Science magazine devoted a special
section to population. Unfortunately, it treated it as a problem of the
developing world. It's a mistake to think of overpopulation just in terms
of starving masses. It’s much more: It’s the Hubbert peak, global
warming, disappearance of the great ocean fisheries, floating garbage
patches in ocean gyres, shortages of fresh water and phosphate rock,
perpetual warfare and a faltering green revolution. Every problem the
world faces is driven by excess population. Yesterday, The Local Living
section of the Washington Post featured a positive article about a married
couple and their 11 beautiful, healthy kids. Tax exemptions for dependents
subsidize profligate fertility, and should be abolished.

I can't resist mentioning Paul Ginsparp's reflections in yesterday's issue
of Nature. Twenty years ago at Los Alamos National Laboratory he launched
an electronic bulletin board to rapidly share results in a narrow field of
physics online. Could one person, even one with the energy of Paul
Ginsparg, change the future of scholarly communication? It happened.
Next month the site will be taken over by the Cornell University Library.
Paul will remain on the advisory board.

Dismal Swamp Makes It Dismal Outside

The Dismal Swamp is burning.  Over 5,000 acres have already burned up.  In 2008 it burned for four months.  This year it seems more intense at least in smoke production.  The smell has spread to Washington and Baltimore.  Where I live, on the Rappahannock River, it's particularly bad today.  I can hardly imagine what it must be like closer to the fire.  The weather patterns blow the smoke north.  I wonder how it is out in the middle of Bay on Tangier Island--that has to be most odd, smelling a forest fire on an island in the middle of the Bay.  I hope it rains on the swamp soon.

Smoke eases, if not clears, in Richmond area

D.C. Slutwalk

It really is simple.  Consent is sexy.  No consent, no matter the appearance, it's just rape.

SlutWalk DC marchers protest sexual assault and a culture of victim-blaming

Meat for sale II

Perry knows how to sell himself, regardless of buyer or consequences.

Perry welcomed Chinese firm despite security concern

While Perry focused on Huawei’s ability to create jobs in a sluggish economy, national security experts in both the George W. Bush and Obama administrations had concluded that the global telecom giant poses a potential cybersecurity risk to U.S. military and businesses.

If the American voter once again lopts to elect someone dumber than a dead armadillo, I wonder how many wars Perry would start?

Selling the meat

It's election season.  Meat is for sale.  The latest offering is a Texas rump roast.

Perry offers perks to donors who raise generous funds

Strategic Victory Watch--War #1

Gee, it reminds me of Iraq in so many ways, but we've already surged.  Get ready for a 100 year war.

Suicide bombers attack Afghan governor’s compound, killing 19

I bet the wars will not be a campaign issue at all.

Ames is history, what's the Net say?

Which 2012’er is winning the Internet?

The Iowa Comedy Show is Over

Michelle Bachmann won.  Ron Paul came in a close second.  Pawlenty finished a distant third and quit the race this morning--he announced it on ABC's bobblehead show.  Frothy came in fourth.  Oh, Perry, not on the ballot, was a write in, beat Gingrich who came in last.  Perry, of course, announced his candidacy or announced his intent to announce his candidacy (it's hard to keep track of presidential intent announcements) in the GOP's funny farm, South Carolina.

The candidates, other than Romney and Huntsman, will now try to out right each other.  In the end it will be Romney vs. Perry.  The race will run the full gamut of primaries, it won't be decided early.  The base will prefer Perry over Bachmann, but the party bosses knows he's not electable--it's the Texas cowshit that comes out of his Bushhole (and his record when you look at it factually--he has a hat/cattle problem too).  The nation is not ready for another Texas shrub, much less an asshole from El Paso.

Oh, Bachmann will provide interest,but I expect she, like Huckabee in 2008, will fade when the evangefundies are not the dominant primary block.  The one odd note is Ron Paul.  He can upset it all.

It will be interesting to see how the money and the party regulars react to Paul.  If serious money shows up, watch out.  Here's a what if.  What if Paul wins the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary? Can he? I doubt it but the GOP is falling apart.