Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene is closer

Rain and wind.  Lots of rain, some wind.  The wind, however, has been intensifying.  The power has blipped once, satellite TV is gone, so it's not much longer before a tree falls somewhere and darkens all of the Neck.  The rain is being driven a bit differently than most storms that come through here.  As a consequence, I'm seeing leaks I didn't realize that were there under my carport.  This is going from bad to worse, and the worst part is yet to come this evening when Irene hits this area.

Bush asked "Is our children learning?" Well, is they?

Should we keep kids in school even longer than we do now?  Should we make them take standardized tests every week?   If we put some real muscle behind testing--cut off funds to those pesky failures--we'd see success, right?   So far the only success seems to have been for educational consultants, testing companies, and school administrators.   For teachers and students, not much has changed.  Maybe we really don't have a clue about what to do?  Does anyone?  Well, there is Finland---

Why Are Finland's Schools Successful?

As the fierce urgency of now has been transformed into the banal timidity of meh, Obama hopes we haven't forgotten him.  He hopes we have had many memory farts about his accomplishments and lack thereof.  I don't know about you, but I turned the page a while back and I saw a Republican in the White House, yep, Obama.  Have we forgotten about him?

How could we.  After all, his competitors make him look better than he did in 2008.  It's amazing low little time it takes for our politics to go where no man has gone before, but we're there and it's dismal.  Obama can bag his inspirational speeches, they have proven to be forgettable bullshit.  He can request votes.   He will get the votes because there is no alternative.  Come on, can you name one Republican who would do better than Barry?

Come on he sucks, but he sucks less than all of the Republicans seeking his job combined.

Obama offers 2012 election supporters change they can believe in — next term

Mini-mind warp

Imagine you own a bank.  You like money.  You like lots of money making more money for you.  You remind me of Scrooge McDuck.  Now imagine that I have an account at your bank.  I walk into your Establishment.  I fill out a deposit slip for a few hundred billion dollars.  I expect you to have a coronary of joy, instead you pull a Rumpelstiltskin and ask me go help you competition instead.  It's confusing.  Oh, I forgot, banks are regulated founts of greed.  And that is why--

Banks seeking relief from regulators as deposits swell

Irene is coming

The leading edge of Hurricane Irene is here.  actually it's everywhere from NC on up through NJ.  Rain and mild wind for now, but in about 12 hours Irene proper will be here.  Then in another 12 she will belong to New England and slowly disappear from here.   The rain will be gone, but the wind will last awhile.

One of the little problems with these kinds of storms are our dogs.  The little dog's room is the great outdoors, which is a great convenience for our indoors all of the time.  However when it's raining and blowing for a day or two, it sucks.  No matter the weather, dogs will be dogs.  Storms and wind bring in smells the dogs have to experience, they do instead of doing their business.  The smell of wet dog on a hurricane Sunday morning takes me back.  I know it's Saturday, Sunday sounded better.

Oh, with the wind, a small dog can become a wind borne companion if you don't tether them.  Look, up in sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, no it's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel--it's super Beauregard.

After booting Beau and putting on his raincoat. We went out.  Beau usually eats grass in the morning--rain or shine--he did.  I  picked the last potential missiles from the yard .  Then we came in, dried off, and had biscuits.

This morning I filled bath tubs and buckets for water.  When the power goes out, the water goes out--it's a community well.  Ooops, I still have one window to deal with, then I can await the power going out.  

One of the oddities of the weather this time will be caused by the track of the storm.  Irene is cruising up the coast offshore.  The eye is maybe 50 miles out.  Hurricanes rotate counterclockwise--it's a mega suck to be under the northeast quadrant--that's where the shoreline will be  eaten for breakfast.  What will vary here will be the direction of the wind as Irene comes in, runs abreast and moves on north.  The wind will go from south, to the east and then be from the north.  I wonder will the west side of tree stay dry?   I hope the storm edges out to sea a bit more and slows down even more.  I can't quite get my head around the streets of New York becoming canals.  

Oh, well, power is still on--local TV stations via satellite are gone due to cloud cover.  Now it's a waiting game.

Friday, August 26, 2011


Irene is getting closer.  I'm about finished with my disaster prep.   I just received a recorded phone call.  It advised me of some mandatory evacuations in some nearby low lying areas.  I'm not in one of them, I'm at least 20 feet above sea level.  That's quite high ground.  In addition to the info on evacuations, the call mentioned shelters.  The voice told me where and when about the shelter.  As to what I need to bring, the call directed me to Lancova.  Lancova is what I find so interesting.  It's a website,  There was no mention other than "Lancova."  The web has penetrated our lives beyond our wildest imaginings.   Go to the web site, Lancaster is small,it even lost population over the last ten years, but even here we can assume everybody has access to the Tubes!  Amazing.  

Keeping Fear Alive

How can you keep fear on the front burner?  Well if you have or control money you can give it to groups to spread fear and hate for you.  How do you think we're keeping Islamaphobia alive?

Fear, Inc.

Dems for Huntsman?

If Dems voted for Huntsman, would that cause Republicans to vote against Huntsman even though they might like him?  A Dems has aired a Huntsman ad in SC.

TV ad for Huntsman

What's New?

Gee, the GOP candidates listen to employers and the rich.  They are sure more tax cuts are all that their owners need to create jobs.  Horseshit.  The Dems, at least the Obama wing of the party, aren't much different.  Look, the unemployed don't have any money and won't be making contributions to reelection committees.  Also, they probably won't vote.  So why should anyone be surprized at both parties pandering to employers?  Come on, it's all about reelection, majorities, and the White House and not a damn thing more.    If you do win, then  all you do is then try to win again and that takes money, so you go where you find the money.  We need to change our politics.

GOP presidential candidates listen more to employers than employees

Strategic Victory Watch--War #4

Let's make it ObamaNato--2, Qadaffi--1 today.  If appears most of Libya is now full of revolting Arabs.  Qadaffi's fans are on the run along with their boss.

Libyan rebels fight pockets of resistance, continue hunt for Gaddafi


This is a bit bothersome, but does it require federal intervention?  Do we need a Dept. of Fat?  Where do we  draw the line on personal responsibility?  How much of the problem lies with the obese person and how much with the purveyor of manufactured food?

Half of U.S. adults will be obese by 2030, report says

Deja BP again?

Gee, what's a Summer in the Gulf without BP and oil?

Coast Guard, BP return to scene of Gulf of Mexico spill after reports of oil blobs

Dork has a book out about himself

What do former pols do when they leave the national stage?  They write books about themselves.  I guess they want to try and score future points with historians and make some money.  The previews of this book indicate Dork is pleased with himself and his actions.  He'd do it all over again--no regrets.  In other words there's no reason to buy this book.

In memoir, Cheney defends decisions, Bush as president

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blog Note

At some point this weekend I expect to lose power and my wi-fi internet connection.   Irene may really do some damage.  When Ernesto came thorough five years ago, the power was out for a few days.  Y'all will know when it goes since the won't be any new posts.

I think we'll see the storm come in early Sat morning and blast on by in a few hours.  I hope it tracks more to the east than west.  However, the hurricane pros now have it going more east.  That sucks.  I hate hurricanes.


The numbers are not good for Obama.  If he persists in using the management style and techniques he's used from 2009 to date, then the GOP could nominate a box of rocks and win in 2012.  Oh, they have several boxes of rocks seeking the nomination.  Will Obama win in 2012?  Flip a coin.

AP-GfK poll: Views on economy, Obama role sour

All that free speech costs a lot of money

In case you haven't noticed, Super Pacs are really the in thing this election cycle.  Every candidate has one.  The real money will accumulate and be spent by these suckers.  Why? Oh, it's unlimited speech without any controls except one and that is being overlooked fast.

The Influence Industry: ‘Candidate super PACs’ surge ahead in the 2012 money race

Super PACs are technically independent of candidates and parties, and are supposed to abide by Federal Election Commission rules prohibiting coordination with campaigns.

But many campaign-finance experts complain that the line is fast blurring into a distinction without a difference, in part because the FEC itself has loosened its regulations to allow much closer ties between campaigns and outside groups.

The trend has accelerated since the Supreme Court ruled in 2010 that corporations could spend unlimited amounts of money on elections, experts said.

Welcome to shilling of the Presidential product, 2012!

The GOP sideshow

Rick Perry has gaffed his way to the top of the polls.  How much coverage does each zinger garner the Asshole from El Paso?  He's created enough buzz to topple Willard.  Of course it's just August 2011.  Oh,  do you remember 60% Fred Thompson?  At about the same time in the political calendar he appeared, he surged, and then he gurgled off into the political wings of oblivion (he's now a TV shill for reverse mortgages).  Will Rick pull a Fred?  Let's hope so.

Rick Perry and the demons of Fred Thompson and Wesley Clark

Google Maps

Have you used Google maps in the last week?  Did you notice the new feature?  Weather is now part of maps.

Who's got the bomb?

If Iran built a nuke would anyone notice?  I bet you started to think about Israel.  Sure, but what about Saudi Arabia?   The Saudis are Sunni and Arab.  Iran is Shia and Persian.  There is no love lost between them.  As of yet there is no unified Islamic bomb.  Of course, if the West invaded Iran, then we might create a  more unified Islam which would get the bomb.  It's sticky.  Now what about Pakistan?

What next: A Sunni bomb?

Who is this Michelle Bachmann?

You've heard her name.  You know she's truly an American batshit crazy lady.  Want to know a bit more?  If so Pro Publica is here to help--

Our Guide to the Best Coverage on Rep. Michele Bachmann and Her Record

Strategic Victory Watch--War #2

Normalcy persists throughout Iraq.  Bullets are flying here,  IEDs are  exploding there, and suicide bombers just keep popping up everywhere.   I guess you can take the Hussein out of the country, but never remove him from Iraqi hearts and minds.  Strange place Iraq, made even stranger by the Bush makeover that began in 2003.

Suicide bomber kills 7 policemen near Iraqi city



Tax expenditures are those little gems that permit tax payers to keep an extra chunk of cash.  Tax expenditures are earmarks.  Have you ever itemized, you know used schedule A?  If so, you've benefited from tax breaks, a.k.a., expenditures.  As we look at the tax code, spending, revenues and the future, it's obvious, shut down the tax code earmarks and trillions will make their way into the U.S. Treasury, right?    At first glance most folks would agree, so maybe we need to take a second glance via--

Warning to budget mavens: ‘Tax expenditures’ may yield less than expected

Conventional wisdom usually bites us in the butt.

Strategic Victory Watch--War #4

Make the score ObamaNato--1.75, Qadaffi-1 as Libya's revolting Arabs continue to revolt.   The end game appears near as the humanitarian non-war, war enters it's closing phase.  Yep, the revolters are now playing "Where in the world is Moammar!"  They have a very sharp sword and a pike is ready.

In Libya, focus turns to finding Gaddafi; journalists freed in Tripoli

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

McAsshole is, well, an asshole

Leaked cable: Sen. McCain promised to help Gaddafi obtain U.S. military hardware

Class Warfare Stats

The rich are doing well but they are pissed off.  There is money that government is not spending on them.  They want it all.  Now do you understand the GOP?  Tax the rich?  You bet.

90 Quakes a Day?

A weird day for earthquakes in the U.S., but that's, um, normal

Oops at Yale

Google dorking?  Well, read on--

Yale Gets Hacked

Talk about your energizer bunny...

Spirit went silent last year, but Opportunity, after seven years, is still sending snapshots of Mars.

Postcards From Mars: NASA Rover Snaps New Photos of Huge Crater

Now about the class of 2015

Here's a piece on the Benoit College Mindset list--a compilation intended to remind teachers that college freshmen born mostly in 1993 see the world in a much different way.

College freshmen never knew a world without the Net

Here's the complete list--List: Web older than incoming college freshmen

...until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream."

Give it a read--

The dream lives on

Did you buy a $99 Touchpad?

As HP leaves the market what will happen to the remaining playsers?  Will Apple just own it all or will others jump in?  What is Amazon up to?

What HP's TouchPad fire sale tells iPad rivals

It's global warming, not climate change

We shit in our nest.  It heats up.  Heat is energy.  Energy will be consumed to keep the system in balance.  Our actions have created our new normal. Enjoy.

Nation's weather extremes may be the new normal

What a record of hits!

Remembering Nick Ashford and Jerry Leiber

Songwriting Legends Ashford, Leiber Pass Away

If Huntsman is the sane Republian,

Then what about Ron Paul?  He also seems to be high on the truthiness index, but he's also up there on the crazy old uncle scale.  His political and social ideas appeal to a segment of our society.  Why, I'm not sure. If you are not all that famiilar with Mr. Paul, here's a piece from ProPublica for you--

Our Guide to the Best Coverage of Ron Paul and His Record

What an odd record to be proud of

Rick Perry, GOP prez contender, holds the state murder record--234 on his watch.  He's a very strong advocate of state murder.  Once again, I am amazed at the number of people who find his position on murder to be postive and commendable.  We are an odd lot.  We appear to be a nation of two people.  Using Perry as an example we are pro- or anti- Perry.  Why?

Rick Perry holds the record on executions

Give that man only one Pinocchio

At least Jon Boy is not a liar, so far.  However he has plenty of time.   Today he's a respectable shader of the truth.  Will his desire for power get the better of him, lead him to eat batshit, and become one more fact challenged wingnut in the GOP?  Until then he remains an anomaly, a wingnut with truthiness.

Huntsman’s proposal for a ‘strategic dialogue’ with China

Strategic Victory Watch--War #4

The score has changed. It's now ObamaNato--1.5, Qadaffi--1.  NATO, with some ace assistance by revolting Arabs on the ground have taken the dictator's city and compound.  Of course Qadaffi still has some guys with guns left and has indicated he will not quit the fight.  The war continues and probably will until Qadaffi's head is on a pike somewhere in Libya, until then NATO will continue it's humanitarian war.

Libyan rebels storm Gaddafi compound in Tripoli

Quake in preparation for Irene

Yesterday we celebrated this weekend's kick off of the hurricane season by having an earthquake.  The quake rattled the East Coast, did a little bit of damage, and probably weakened some buildings just enough so they will fall when Irene comes ashore in NC and then wanders up the East Coast.  What will be next? Gee, how about a tsunami charging up Chesapeake Bay!

5.8 Virginia earthquake shakes East Coast, rattles residents

Evacuations begin on isolated NC island ahead of Hurricane Irene’s approach to East Coast

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Science in the USA

Look around you.  Count off ten people.  Four of them think the earth's about 10,000 years old and god made us in our present form.  If you know any Republicans, then flip a coin, there's a 50/50 chance they will be in the 10,000 year bunch.  That is scary.  Luddites did not like machines.  Do we have a word for folks who don't like science?  How about fundiecan or republimentalist?

Four in 10 Americans Believe in Strict Creationism

Bachmannia is over?

The GOP likes crazy, but not too crazy.  Michelle Bachmann may be but an interesting memory soon.  Will it really come down to Perry and Romney?  If it does, isn't Perry a bit too nutzoid for the GOP?  Hmm, will it really be Willard after all?  Interesting.

Peaked? Polling Shows Bachmann Support Withering After Perry’s Debut

Tea Party Attributes

Tea Party Members Cultural Dispositions ‘Authoritarianism, Fear Of Change, Libertarianism And Nativism’

What's one more GOOPER

Ryan says no.  Ditto with Christie.  Okay, anyone else? Oh, some guy named Pataki.

George Pataki in the 2012 presidential race? His assets and drawbacks.


How do we clue the clueless?

The GOP is in the process of a suicidal demise.  As more and more of them promise to be Grover Norquist's thrall and never  raise taxes, the rest of the world sees taxes are needed.  When the business econ guys say it's time to tax, then it's really time to tax.  If business believes it's economists, then they need to buy some new Congressmen.  Give the money to the GOP but only if they've told Grover to take his promise and shove it.

US should raise taxes to help fix deficits, say business economists

Whatever works

I was not quite ready for this one--Philosophical counselors rely on eternal wisdom of great thinkers.  Gee, think a bit about your cares and woes before you drug up!  Good idea.  We haven't changed all that much since we knocked off the Neanderthals.  Oh, our stuff has gotten better, but we're still pretty much bunch of cave dwellers who now wander the world via jets.  Over the years some of us have written down their thoughts on life the universe and everything else.  Some of those thoughts area pretty interesting.  I wonder if philosophy therapy will goose sales of Will Durant's "The Story of Philosophy?"

Philosophical counselors rely on eternal wisdom of great thinkers

Broadband for all

I am delighted to see this--USDA awards more than $103M funding to expand high-speed, broadband Internet in rural America.  The nation needs to be one giant high speed network if we want to get out of the the current economic mess and stay competitive in the future.

However, why is the Ag Dept. providing the money?  If it's rural, Ag gets the job?  That's strange but normal.  Given the politics of normalcy, how much improvement do you expect to see in broadband access in the rurals?  I'm not overly confident, are you?

Jon Boy Continues to be Jon Boy

Huntsman was on CNN's Piers Morgan show last night.  I think the interview was re-editied on the fly to fit in with the news on Libya.  It seemed a bit choppy.  All in all the interview was so much meh.  Morgan's style makes me want to watch a test pattern.  Huntsman was Huntsman.  He didn't do any damage to his run the lease on Air Force One, but I don't think he won any converts to his cause.  He's still  Jon Boy.  What's most odd, he's calling himself a moderate, but that is relative to rest of the extreme crazies in the GOP.  How moderate is he really?

Huntsman highlights moderate views

Strategic Victory Watch--War #4

The score is ObamaNato--1 to Qadaffi--1 in the Libya's revolting Arab Summer of incivility.  It appeared that the dictator's days were about over, then his fans struck back.  Who owns Tripoli?  The score remains tied.   Will Arabs have to revolt into the Fall?  Were the hopes of victory dashed on the rocks of premature PR?  Stay tuned.

Battle for Tripoli not yet over as Gaddafi loyalists strike back

Monday, August 22, 2011

I hope he's not counting on the "professional liberals"

Obama is now pretty much a loser.  He loses to Romney, ties with Perry, takes Paul by 2 and Bachmann by 4 with a 4% margin of error.  I wonder how many in the Democratic base he's alienated?  Will liberals and progressive he trashed over the past two years find reasons to not vote or declare Obama the lesser of two evils and vote against the greater evil?  Okay, if Huntsman were in would he win?

Obama in Close Race Against Romney, Perry, Bachmann, Paul

Submitting Watch

Michelle Bachman does as she is told.  Her hubby must have told her to make a promise about $2 gas.    Okay, $2 gas?  Real or more Bachmann BS?

Keeping Michele Bachmann Honest on Gas Prices

Idiot Watch

Who? Rick Perry of course.

Perry Camp Claims Fed Up Call For Privatizing Social Security ‘Not A Campaign Blueprint’

Does Rick Perry still favor repeal of 16th Amendment?

A sane GOOPER?

Huntsman  appears to be sane.  He claims he is a Republican.  Those two terms contradict each other.  Maybe the times are changing.  Okay, Jon Boy, here comes the gotcha question to see if you are actually sane--let's talk religion, Mormon religion.

THIS WEEK Web Extra: Huntsman on a Mormon Controversy

Damn, Jon Boy might be sane after all. I wonder how he'll fare in Utah?

How will this one bite back?

Advertisers start using facial recognition to tailor pitches

Nutjob for President Watch

I'm not sure what actually the "better" part....

Bachmann’s lawyerly background is better and worse than she claims

This is not for Perry, Palin and Bachman

If you are one of the above's ilk, then do not read any further since the piece is grounded in science.

Life on Mars? Fossil find shows it's possible

More Revolting Arabs in the Offing?

If Qadaffi falls will this inspire more Arabs to become revolting?  It might.  Here's my question, so what?  In five years, will the only real change be the names of the dictators?   Does anyone seriously expect a rash of democracy/freedom/liberty to breakout and flourish in Middle Eastern Islamic lands?

Analysis: Gaddafi collapse will embolden Arab rebels

No shit Sherlock Moment

He's such a keen observor--

Obama says will be judged in 2012 over economy

Strategic Victory Watch--War #4

The score now appears to have changed.  It's  ObamaNato-1 and Qadaffi-1.  The revolting Arabs have made it into Tripoli.  Qadaffi has made himself scarce.  This may be the end gave.  However, what if tribal/religious crap intrudes and instead of democracy breaking out all over, we watch them pursue a long term 1-1 tie?  We normally call that civil war.  How long did it take Lebanon to end its civil war?  Oh, the never really have, have they.  Will ObamaNato continue to support revolting Arabs if this deteriorates into civil war?  Of course, it's good for munitions sales which encourages the oil to keep flowing.

Rebels hold most of Tripoli, Gaddafi out of sight

Making Sense of Economic News

The GOP spews bad news.  The GOP assures us that Obama and the Dems failed, even made the recession worse.  Why?  The GOP is sure it's due to high taxes.  The GOP is, has usual, eaten one too many of those hallucination inducing road apple.

Economic Myths: We Separate Fact From Fiction

Rick Perry is an idiot

A former Reagan official called Perry such, I agree with him. In case you haven't arrived at the same conclusion, here's a Rick Perry guide. Read the links, browse away. When you're finished, maybe you can tell me, how did the GOP ever get to the point where Rick Perry is their kind of guy?

Our Handy Guide to the Best Coverage on Gov. Rick Perry and His Record

From Bob Park

WHAT'S NEW Robert L Park Friday, 19 Aug 11 Washington, DC

Based in France, Boiron, a huge multinational maker of homeopathic-
remedies, is suing an Italian blogger, Samuele Riva, for saying
oscillococcinum, the company’s featured flu medication, has no active
ingredient. Congratulations Sam, I gave up trying to get Boiron to sue me,
years ago but the Center for Inquiry, of which I'm a member, is pleading
with Boiron to sue us. "Anas barbariae hepatis et cordis extractum," is
listed as the active ingredient by the company. It’s prepared at a
concentration of 200CK HPUS from the liver of the Barbary duck. The 200CK
means the solution has been diluted 1 part in 100, shaken, and repeated
sequentially 200 times. HPUS means the medication is listed in the
Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States, and prepared according to
1938 federal guidelines. It’s a national disgrace that the antiquated law
sanctioning homeopathy, introduced by Sen. Royal Copeland, himself a
homeopathist, is still be on the books. The dilution claim is totally
meaningless. Somewhere around the 30th of the 200 sequential dilutions,
the dilution limit of Earth would be reached, with the entire Earth
becoming the solute. That is, the possibility of even one molecule of the
duck-liver extract remaining in the solution beyond that point would be
negligible. Long before the 200th dilution, the dilution limit of the
entire visible universe would have been reached. This is all quite
meaningless. Astronomers put the number of atoms in the visible universe
at about 10 to the 80th power. It would take many universes to get to a
dilution of 200 C.

According to Dennis Overbye in Thursday's NY Times, the Defense Advanced
Research Projects Agency is planning to award $500,000 for a study of what
it would take to travel to another star. Actually, my class of freshman
physics-majors did that study last year, and decided they can't really go
there for any price. A reality-based study of interstellar travel would
devastate the science-fiction industry. The good news is that the Alpha
Centaurians can't, come here. So why is DARPA doing this? What we should
be talking about is not visiting extra-solar planets, but what can be
learned about them without going there. Although we can't travel at the
speed of light, information does all the time. We can’t travel to other
stars, but we see what's there. We can conceive of telescopes many orders
of magnitude more powerful than the JWST will be, if we ever build the
JWST. Telescopes don't make money, so why would we bother? Maybe it could
be sold to reality television.

The US has finally launched its ambitious project to systematically monitor
the environment. The result will be an enormous database that scientists
can search to answer big questions, such as how global warming, pollution,
and land use affect ecosystems across the country. It may not make good
reality television.

Skepticism about climate change seems to have has joined opposition to
regulation, as the tenets of Republican orthodoxy. But because of the
faltering economy, they are embraced with extraordinary intensity this
year. High fuel prices, the Tea Party passion for smaller government and
an activist Republican base that insists on strict adherence to the party’s
central agenda seem to be behind it.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Yep, we're screwed

The Problem with American Politics, in Two Parts summarize, the current leader of the “left” is a Blue Dog who thinks partisan politics are a quaint relic of a bygone era, while the entire right has been brewing up a noxious new 130-proof conservatism, and is about to nominate the wingnuttiest presidential candidate, ever.

AntiSec Strikes Again

I don't think they've done a dump a week have they?  At any rate one FBI related dumb has occurred.

AntiSec hackers target Vanguard Defense exec

Are you a sports fan?

Okay, why?  Here's where our national obsession with childhood games leads.

Candlestick Park violence echoes Bryan Stow beating

Notes on the class war

Workers of the world, you've lost, you're not untied, and have hocked your chains.

Measuring executive pay — and responsibility

I think I'm a bit tied of this

Back in a prior lifetime, I enlisted in the Army.  I knew my decision would give me a one year all expenses paid vacation in a Southeast Asian tropical paradise.  I did my tour.  I moved on.  Along the way, I did not expect to thanked for being a citizen, doing my duty for my country in an honorable manner.

It was normal for me and most of the folks I knew who did likewise.  I did not expect anyone to blabber at me about defending freedom, hero crap,  or any other bullshit of that kind.  I made use of the GI Bill for education.  It seemed equitable deal.  Hell, I even made an extra $64 a month for a year, they called it combat pay.

Today, the Army has gone a bit overboard with the multiple tour business, but it is all volunteer all the time and that has been a gigantic mistake.  When you enlist, you sign up, live up to your contract, and move on.  I am tired so tired of all the patriotic bullshit centered on war and military service, but then that's just me.  For another perspective, here's a piece in today's Post--

On the home front, reminders of the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq come in small doses

End these idiotic wars and make 'em no more forever, at least the shooting kind.  About the only thing that pisses me off more that the patriotic war bullshit, is our government's failure to take care of the guys and gals who did not return whole.  Don't tell me about serving your  country, tell your Reps and Senators to do right by those who already have.  Duty, honor, country, absolutely, y'all have a nice day.

Let's see how do you make a Texas miracle

First you need an asshole from El Paso, like Rick Perry.  Then you need to add lots of government jobs.  Voila, a miracle.  Oh the miracle is not the jobs, it's the asshole's bullshit about Texas, the private sector and jobs.  It would be nice for Texas to either secede or keep Mr. Perry home on the range.

Perry criticizes government while Texas job growth benefits from it

Jon Boy Was on ABC Bobblehead Show

Wow, I have long thought,  compared to the rest of the GOP field, that Huntsman appears sane.  And that was before he showed up today on ABC's chattering class chitterfest.  Now, I'm inclined to believe he is in fact sane, but reasonable is another matter.  He is a Republican after all.  He spoke in forthright manner.  He dismissed folks like Perry, Bachmann and Palin as unelectable extreme rightwingers with loose screws.  It's quite rare to hear a Republican make a positive reference to science.   Huntsman reminds me of the old GOP, back in its pre-batshit for breakfast days.

2012 would be a most interesting race if it turned out to be Obama vs. Huntsman.  Independents would have a substantive choice.  Centrists in both parties could easily cross both ways.   At this point, if Jon boy can stay sane, I think Obama might well lose.  Can Huntsman be nominated?  Well, McAncient did it in 2008 and that was a bit improbable.  Oh, Jon Boy will be on "Press the Meat" next Sunday.

Here's ABC on Huntsman's interview--Jon Huntsman Comes Out Swinging Against GOP Rivals