Saturday, September 10, 2011

Where in the world is Al Qaida

Al is in Pakistan.  How'd he get there?  Oh, the Shrub's army chased him out of Afghanistan.  Al hid behind some rocks.  The Shrub, with the agreement of his commodes in the field, decided that if we cannot see the enemy, he does not exist. And with that masterful decision, the Shrub led his Army of the kind of willing and sort of able off to battle the evil WMD owning Saddam in Iraq.  Oh, Al found a really nice cave in Pakistani mountains.  Al  regrouped, re-equipped, and started to attack the invaders in Afghanistan.  The Shrub didn't quite figure it out until he was heading home to Dallas.  Hell, he didn't care, after all there was a new kid was in charge.

Despite war-on-terror gains, Pakistan still a haven for al Qaida


The revolting Arabs in Libya really are revolting.  I wonder when the Klan will open an out-reach program in Tripoli?  Its nice to see racism and bigotry remain alive and well in Libya.  I wonder when the revolting Libyans will join their Egyptian peers in a hearty round of Jew bashing.  Jew bashing? Yeah it's an Arabic sport.  As I posted earlier, once again, let's all sing a round of National Brotherhood Week

In Libya, the peril of being black

Remember this

Texas is burning.  It cannot be due to man made global warming.  Texas Gov. Rick Perry told us that's just not true.  In that case, it's gotta be god's fault.  Yep, god set the fire.  Oh, please note god is just burning his trash.

 Texans wary as drought, heat, and La Nina create perfect recipe for more fast-moving wildfires

It's Gotta Be National Brotherhood week

I posted the lyrics to Tom Lehrer's song, National Brotherhood Week,  a while back.  Go ahead, revisit them and then read about the Cherokees today.

Cherokees expel slaves’ descendants from tribe, cutting medical care, housing, other services

I love the logic-- exclusion is an expression of "...the fundamental right of every government to determine its citizens... Before you even think of agreeing with that zinger, remember we had a civil war, we needed a 19th amendment, etc. Now think about how the Klan would determine citizenship, or Rick Perry, or those whackjobs in Arizona.  There's nothing to prevent you from agreeing with the Cherokee's, but be very careful with what you agree, you might be excluded instead of being the excluder.

As we move to 9/11/11

It's ten years later.  We're still in two wars.  And what do we have to show for a decade's worth of freedom fighting?  We have reduced our liberties.  We have curtailed our freedoms.  We have turned  patriotism into a form of entertainment.  Most of all, we still fear just about everything on the planet.

N.Y., Washington tighten security amid probe of bomb threat

True Colors

Maybe you've held out on Egypt.  Maybe you still think Egypt will blossom and show the world that an Arabic, Islamic people can govern themselves as democracy, freedom and liberty flourish.  Welcome to one more dashed hope, but that's only dashed if you expected more.  Islam does not allow democracy, freedom and liberty.  Israel better get ready for another Sinai war.  Can we boycott Egypt?

Israel requests U.S. aid after protesters attack embassy in Cairo

Asshole Help

Do you know an asshole?  If you know someone who keeps telling you that there's no man-made in global warming, then you do know an asshole.  He or she may or may not be from El Paso.   Oh, do you actually know Rick Perry?  One of the problems with assholes is that they cling to little bits of the dreck they pass on to others.  Misinformation is very sticky stuff.  Do you have the information you need to debunk the assholes on climate change?  Here are some references--

Climate Science References for the Campaign Trail

From Bob Park

WHAT'S NEW   Robert L Park   Friday, 2 Sep 11   Washington, DC

Here's a little of what happened while I was away.

Rick Perry led a prayer meeting of 30,000 evangelical Christians in a 
Houston football stadium last month, calling on Jesus to guide us out of 
our national travail.  It was billed as non-political.  I suppose that's 
possible; under the First Amendment God is not excluded from politics, but 
if Perry wants to be President he's got to be able to negotiate at every 
level.  The big question then is, how did God respond?  It didn't take long 
to get an answer.  The crowd had scarcely left the stadium when God set 
Texas on fire.  It’s still burning.  In fact, when God sent Tropical Storm 
Lee ashore he had it it dump record rains on the other Gulf states, while 
leaving Texas parched.  This is not a good sign.
At the urging of a 5.8-magnitude earthquake centered in Northern Virginia, 
thousands of books in the University of Maryland Library sought a lower 
energy configuration, moving from the bookshelves to the floor.   
Meanwhile, according to the Washington Post, ABC, and NBC, high-strung 
inmates at the National Zoo like orangutans began to screech and scramble 
to higher perches "minutes before" seismographs sensed anything.  Like 
maybe they had some special sense that humans don't?  Or so the media 
reported. Were reporters already at the zoo waiting for a quake?  Zoos are 
always in turmoil.  Inmates chase each other, fornicate and have food 
fights, except the laid-back types like pandas that just sit on their ass 
through it all munching bamboo.

It was a famous victory.  Shaken by the 1957 Soviet launch of Sputnik, the 
US created NASA to wrest the lead in space from the Soviets.  And so, 42 
years ago, NASA did.  The moon landing was political theater at its best. 
The Soviet Union is long gone; we are now at war with ourselves -- and 
losing.  The real victories were the exploration of the solar system, and 
the creation of an amazing array of space technologies, ranging from 
communications satellites and global positioning systems, to the Hubble 
space telescope, which inspired a generation of the world's youth to study 

In July a House panel voted to stop building NASA's James Webb Space 
Telescope, the far more powerful replacement for the Hubble.  Webb fell 
victim to budget overruns. Yesterday a report commissioned by NASA says 
that with 59 on board the agency faces a dire shortage of astronauts.  What 
do astronauts do these days?  Well, they train on the Russian Soyuz 
spacecraft to deliver supplies to the International Space Station, which we 
don't own.   And what do we get from the ISS?  The garbage and human waste 
accumulated since the last delivery.     

Friday, September 9, 2011


Fact-checking the Reagan Library debate

Asshole from El Paso Logic

If you are an asshole from El Paso, then you will call Social Security a Ponzi scheme.  Rick Perry, the nation's premier asshole from El Paso does so.  He is showing his stupidity.   Social Security is not and has never been a Ponzi scheme.  No matter how many times he or anyone else call's it a Ponzi scheme, that  does not change the facts, it's not a Ponzi scheme.  His claim is not even inflammatory rhetoric.  Perry's statements are merely stupid, fact-less and ill-informed ramblings.  Please read this piece from TPM--

For The Last Time: Social Security Is Not A Ponzi Scheme

TPM has this link, but I'll highlight it anyway.  Lean about Ponzi and Ponzi schemes--

The Real Ponzi

Do you go to church

If you attend a church now and again, how big is it?  It is a mega church?  We seem to have developed a number of very large churches these days.  Why?  If I were in a church going mood, I think I'd try and find my version of a smaller, < 100 folks, Quaker meeting.  I have no idea if they still meet as I have read about in history books.  Sit with others, preferably in silence, for an hour or two, ponder life, the universe and all that stuff,  then get up leave in silence.  The mega church seems to be more like an arena sporting event than not.  Is it?  I bet there's not a lot of silence going on in the mega church.

For churches today, the word is 'big'

Gee, do they have cheerleaders?

Another Okra Recipe

I hope you liked the Tex-Mex Gumbo recipe I posted the other day.  It's a great way to use the large Okra you'd otherwise cook into slime sheets and not eat.  I did not enjoy okra when I was younger.  It was always boiled, slimy, and did not taste good at all.  I've learned how to deal with okra.  Here's another simple one--

Heat a 10" frying pan with oil so that the oil is about 1/4"or more deep (I use peanut).  Heat it to medium high (350-375 degrees).  If your pan is teflon, add oil when you turn on burner.  If your pan is stainless, bring to temperature and then add the oil.

As frying pan heats--

For two people cut about 9-12,  3" okra pods into about1/2" slices.

Put okra slices in a bowl of milk for  a few minutes. Use enough milk to cover all the slices

While okra soaks mix equal parts flour and coarse corn meal (corn starch too if you like).  For your first effort, try about 1/2 cup of each and 1/4 cup corn starch.  Add some salt and pepper.  Mix well.  You can add a seasoning blend it you like.  I like coarse corm meal, Mrs Jake prefers a less coarse grind.  YOur teeth will tell you which you prefer.

Remove the okra from the milk with a slotted spoon, drain a bit,  and dump the okra into the flour.  Toss the okra around to get it completely coated.  Remove okra from flour, getting rid of the excess flour, I use the slotted scoop I use in deep frying, your hands will work well too.  Place on something, I use a pie pan or paper plate to hold and transport to the stove.

If the oil is hot enough, dump in the the okra and arrange it so it's in a single layer.

Let the first side cook until brown, about 3+ minutes (check one as it cooks, you may have to moderate your temperature). Then flip them all over and fry the other side for a few more minutes.  When nice and brown all over cooking is done.

When cooked, remove from oil with a slotted spoon/scoop/spatula/spider  and drain on a five or six layers of paper towels, salt or season as you like.  They will be hot so be cautious.

They are very tasty little okra balls.  I doubt you will have any left over.  


I've wondered what are all those job killing, business stifling regulations that folks like Speaker Boehner keep yammering about.   I think I've made a discovery.  Those pesky devils are any regulation that require products to actually live up to the manufacturer's claims.   An example of a pesky rule is one that says, if you sell a container labeled "milk" then it actually has to contain 100% milk.  It cannot be water with lime added to make it look white.  Speaker Boner thinks it's unreasonable to require a home genetics kit to be accurate.  I guess accuracy stifles jobs.  What's wrong if the product test results show, at random, a person is  below-average, average or above-average risk for a disease.  I guess you can keep testing until you get the desired result.  Should government have picky requirements that require accuracy?  The Repbulican mind is very strange.

Reports show Boehner-backed firm marketed flawed tests

It's A Matter of Perspective

Are you a war fan?  Do you give yourself patriotic goose pimples when you think about our troops in Afghanistan?  Do you swell with pride over all that safety and freedom protection we've gained from blowing the crap out of the Poland of Asia?  Okay, furl your "Don't Piss On Me" flag for a minute.
Doff your tri cornered hat of national hubris for a second.  Good, I know it's hard.  Now try to think about this war from the perspective of the average Afghan.

What Afghans think of the war: 'Why are you Americans here?' 

Finished reading the piece? Okay, you can unfurl your flag, wave it around, put your hat back on and mindlessly chant "USA, USA" a couple of times.  I hope you'll give an occasional thought to who is doing what to whom with what effect over there.

Fact Checking the Speech

Did you listen to Obama last night?  I did, it was a good Obama speech.  It sounded good.  Of course ten minutes later I couldn't remember, much less quote,  a line from the speech.  I think he spoke about jobs or the economy.  It was a bunch of nice sounding, emotive, sentences I can't remember even though it seemed like I'd heard many of them before.  The speech was a re-tread, deja vu all over again.


Extreme Weather

According to the Asshole from El Paso, Rick Perry, there ain't none of that man made shit in this climate change stuff.  Nah, it's all god's fault.  God is sticking it to us real good.  God must be really pissed at Texas, it's a burning hell there.  God must think little of the Old Dominion too.  Funny, both states have Republican governors.  Is god a liberal?  Oh, everyone else, man made global warming is giving us some godlessly extreme weather.

Here's a recap for VA.  The Great Dismal Swamp Fire, The Earthquake, and Irene.  That was August.  Now on to September--

Torrential rains inundate D.C. region: 3 killed, roads and schools closed

Don't forget, the Hurricane Season has a couple more months to go!

A Bit Disturbing

Back when the Shrub was in charge of wrecking the nation, he'd pull a terrorist threat out of his ass when he needed a PR diversion.  At least that was the perception of a lot of Dems and their compatriots.  It didn't matter if the threat was real.  Dems assumed they were all bullshit.  It's funny,  when Obama gives a major speech that really was designed to stick it to the GOP, we have a terrorist thing plop out on the floor.  Will it get coverage as the 9/11 anniversary gets closer.  Will terrorism consume time that otherwise would have gone to heads talking about  Obama's Jobs for American thing.  I doubt it, I just like to muse on recent history every now and then.  Oh, we are still at war all over the damn place, where are the demonstrators?

The possibility of car bombs in NYC or DC on 9/11 scares the shit out of me.  I fear less the destruction done by the bombs and much, much more the reaction that they could unleash.  Glass lakes anyone?

Possible al-Qaeda plot against D.C., N.Y. investigated

The Lead (as of when I looked at the papers)

WaPo--Obama announces $447 billion plan to boost economy

NYT--Obama Challenges Congress on Job Plan

LA Times--Obama jobs plan spurs cautious hope among small businesses

CSM--Obama jobs speech: 'Time to stop the political circus'

USA Today--Analysis: Among the jobs Obama hopes to save is his own

Place your bets, will jobs be the issue in the 2012 race?

Will the GOP do a damn thing about jobs before then. Do we need to replace every last incumbent, bag both parties and start over with a few new parties?

Define Safety

Get ready to think about nuke plants and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), but first consider this--

By an NRC-style definition, the nation's airport security system was "safe" until September 11, 2001. The levees in New Orleans were safe until Hurricane Katrina struck. The US food inspection system was safe until people fell ill after eating ground turkey contaminated with salmonella. Even the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactors were safe.

Now start thinking about not only who defines "safe" but how and what that definition means to all of our lives.

  \ˈsāf\: America's nuclear power plants?

This is surprizing

Approval numbers are too high considering that state of the nation.

Leadership Ratings

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Obama and Jobs

Did you watch Obama's speech before Congress?   It seemed reasonable.  will the GOP go along with him and pass the Jobs Bill?  I doubt it.  I do expect the GOP will do all it can to keep the economy in shambles and thus increase the odds that Obama will lose in 2012.  I do not expect the GOP to do a damn thing for this nation.  They are proud of the wrecking the nation for personal political gain.  What do you expect?

Good Cartoon, Very Accurate

Debt and Deficits

The Shrub borrowed money to wage war.  He did not pay as we went off to kill enemies.  Since 2001, we've paid $200 billion in interest on the war borrowings.  By 2020, we'll pay another $800 billion.  That's $1 trillion in interest for two wars only a moron would have approved of.  Bush approved.  For the future, if we go to war--Congress has to declare it, we have to reinstitute the draft, and we have to raise taxes to pay for it.  If not, then lets not make war.

Oh, there are some additional costs--The costs of war


The seven teens did not become violent racists in isolation.  They had families.  They lived in a community. They live in Mississippi and that may be all it takes.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Mississippi Teens in Killing of Black Man

This makes me gag a bit

Military branches have entered the retail market

I guess this brings the Bush show your war support by shopping full circle. Shop your patriotism by buying Army, or Navy, Or Air Force, or Marine merchandise. Don't forget, war is hell, war is a racket, war is death and destruction.  If you really want to be a patriot, go read the Constitution, then begin reading a series of books on U.S. History written by actual scholars. "Albion's Seed" is a good beginning.  I have a feeling most of the purchasers never quite got around to serving in the first place. We do not need this kind of vicarious thrill.  Like I said it makes me gag a bit, not a full hurl, but just enough to leave a foul taste in my mouth.

News Flash for Fundies

We all know the earth and all creation is only about 6,000 years old.  So when there's an article about  evolution and a 2,000,000 year old human relative's skeletal remains we can go "pish posh and poppycock."  Before you do so, please hold your pish, and check your posh.  This just came in from the current Archbhisop of Armagh, James Ussher XXII.

The current Bishop Ussher, rechecked his great, great, a lot more greats, granddaddy's calculations.  He has determined that a biblical year, that's one god year, is actually equal to 2,500,000 terrestrial years.  Granddad missed a citation and a clause or two.  Creation did occur on the night preceding Sunday, 23 October, but not in 4004  BC.  No, when you multiply god years by earth years, he found the year of creation was 14,500,000,004 BC.  Now even evangefunides can read about evolution and enjoy a bit of cosmology. Praise the Lord!

Everyone else, enjoy and remember it's not apes we're all descended from, it's brown slime mold.

Possible human relative, 2 million years old, a ‘snapshot of evolution in action’

The Incredible Shrinking President

Obama, by pitching jobs plan before Congress, again turns to the Big Speech 

If approval was measured in inches he'd be about 3' 6" tall today--

Bets on his speech?  Will he add inches or lose a few more?
Don't forget, his record is all talk and no walk.

Trog Off -- IV

Okay, now I'll direct y'all to the professional communicators (they get paid for it and try to be much more non-partisan than I) assessment of last night's GOP Yak off--

WaPo--Rick Perry, Mitt Romney square off in Republican presidential debate 

NYT--Romney and Perry Clash, Drawing Lines in G.O.P. Sand

Christian Science Monitor--Republican presidential debate: Who won?

USA Today--News analysis: Perry, GOP frontrunner, under fire at debate

LA Times--Perry, Romney square off in Reagan Library debate

WSJ--Perry, Romney Clash at Debate

I think the message from last night is, top tier now has two slots--Romney and Perry.   However, the Teabaggers will have a debate on CNN on the 12th.  Will Bachmann bounce back?  Will the rest fold?  Will we go into Iowa with these eight dolts?  Or more?  Fewer?  It's hard to fathom the Republican mind.

Trog Off --- III

When we have more than one of something, we have rules to indicate, oops, there's more than one of whatever we're concerned with.  For example, if one idiot is on a stage in California, we can say "look at the idiot."  However, if seven peers join the one, then we have to say, "look at the idiots."  We added a little "s."  In this case we put an "s" on the back end of one  idiot and we have idiots.  Sometimes we have  another word we can use that describes the collection of, in this case, idiots.  These words are referred to as collective nouns.

We all know that fish come in schools, crows come in murders, and lions come in prides.  Do we have any collective nouns for Politicians?  Republicans?  Democrats?  And given the stageful of idiots on display last night, Trogs?  

We did have an Odium of Orators.  The inflation of Democrats was absent since this was only for the Deficit of Republicans who fielded a Bedlam of Candidates who are all idiots.  

Oh, Trogs come in devolutions, or perhaps it's a Drool of Trogs.   Idiots, well look at that Twit of Idiots or was it a Clod of Idiots on stage last night? 

Do you have more collective nouns we can use to describe  the assorted nouns we enjoyed during last nights festivities?

Look, over there, it's a Pomposity of Politicians.

If Carter, Bush I, Bush II, Clinton and Obama were on stage, we'd have a _______  of presidents.  

Trog Off -- II

As a whining, professional liberal type, I listened to the group yak off last night to see if anyone would be acceptable to Democratic noses.  Of course, none passed the smell test.   Yes I do have an odorvision set.  The closest to being stink free was Jon boy Huntsman, he's almost a 50s wingnut.  The rest reeked of batshit.  Of course the stinkiest was frothy Rick Santorum, but that figures given what his name means (Google Santorum).  The rest, well, if you want to live in an 1850s cesspool they are for you.  They are all equal batshit consuming loons.  They do not like people.  They do not like modern society.  They do not like anyone but themselves and their donors.  But they do like aristocracy, provided they are members of they ruling class.    

Perry is a demented faux cowboy but does keep real cowshit in his boots.  Romney is schizophrenic.  Bachmann is lost in Jesusland and needs Obamacare.  Gingrich is still trying to figure out why he's still in the race.  Cain will deliver nine pizzas with nine toppings for nine dollars.  Ron Paul persists in his preference for an 18th century that never existed.  Santorum is just so much froth.  And Huntsman plays with sanity, but always loses since he has to play in GOP slime pit.  

Who won?  I haven't a clue.  I'd send them all to Happy Hollow for a lot of bed rest and oodles of therapy.  I was surprized (not really, but it's polite to put it this way) at the audience approval, no, love, of   state murder.  That's sad and distressing, but it is a GOP characteristic. They prefer death over life (once you are born).    

Trog Off--I

Did you watch the GOP yammerfest last night?  As usual, it was not a debate.  Eight people stood at little podiums.  They smiled.  They praised Ronald Reagan.  They were asked questions by three guys.  If a trog was asked a question, then the trog could speak for a minute or so.  As they spoke, each tried to show that they were the troggiest of the bunch.  The speaking part is what causes problems for the trogs, not amongst fellow trogs, but with everyone else.  The message is loud and clear, the trogs are nucking futs.  Trogs and truth are like oil and water, they do not mix together at all.

Fact checking the GOP debate at the Reagan library

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Reaching out

I'll believe it when I see it.  Maybe the recess did some good.  Did the GOP Congresstypes get an earful from voters back home?  Did they finally get the message, that the 2010 vote was against Dems, not for the GOP.  It was not about the bullshit the GOP's been pushing--debt/deficit/spending--it's been jobs and the economy all along.  If so, then maybe they'll wait at least 5 seconds before they scream "you lie", say "NO, " and flip off the prez.  Will the GOP really ever rid itself of the teabagger trash? Nah, it's too late.

Republicans reaching out to Obama before jobs speech


Make sure you've got a six pack or two, you'll need it.  No, make that a liter of PGA instead.   Okay, it's 8:00pm EDT, channel graze over to MSNBC and prepare to watch "Everybody Hates  Barry!"   It's a Trog debate at Trog central--Reagan Library.  Funny, Reagan would be rejected by the GOP today, he'd be seen as too liberal.  Weird party.  

Tonight's Republican debate may really be between 2 Texans, Rick Perry and Ron Paul

Next up, the Tea Party Debate on the 12th.

No Shit!

Notes on the Class War

The rich continue to win.  If you have not caught on yet, it's not the lefties who started the war.  Progressives do not want you to live on a subsistence wage.  Liberal government is not the bad guy.  The upper class and their thralls (pretty much all of the GOP and the DLC types in the Democratic Party), do want there to be two classes--the rich and everyone  else.  They will do whatever it takes to make it real in this country, they want us all to live in 1850 or earlier.  Do you?

Many in U.S. slip from middle class, study finds

Hoffa vs. Teabags

Perspective is nice.  Of course, to find it, we have to watch the Daily Show!

Obama Whopper

I do think the reason Obama has not gotten any traction on his tax cutting claims is that they really were not tax cuts as we usually think about tax cuts.  Kessler is probably more on target than not on this one.  In other words, Obama is political bullshit artist who is very adept at using weasel words.  Did you receive a tax cut from the Prez?

Obama’s whopper of a claim on tax cuts

To USPS or not to USPS

That is a question we all should be asking.  Can the Post Office be abandoned, sold to the private sector?  Of course it can, providing the Constitution allows it to be eliminated from our government.  The Post Office is more than a mail delivery system.  It's part of our government.   Are we really ready to give a fundamental part of government to the private sector?  Oh, if we do, I'll bet the USPS will cost us more in 5 years than it does today. We'll be bailing it out, but be doing so by re-negotiating the contract so the vendor makes more.  Keep it.  Return it as a 100% federal department.  Tax dollars will fund it just as they do for every other part of government.  It is a necessary part of our government.

US Postal Service cut: Do we really want another bailout?

If we abandon the USPS maybe we should consider the abandonment of  Congress too.

Maybe it doesn't matter

Some days I think Obama, Perry, Obama, Bachmann, who cares.  They are all the same.  They are all Georrge Bush--he lowered the bar.  It cannot get any lower.  He put it on the ground.  Here's one example of why it may not matter at all--

Under Obama Administration, Renditions—and Secrecy Around Them—Continue

Until voters throw them all out and opt for a whole new breed of political animal, the 21st Century will be 100 years of Bush.  How much has really changed since 2008?


Did you tune into De Mint's Trog show Monday?  It's the one Rick Perry missed--big fire in Texas he had to attend to.  Each Trog answered questions from three other Trogs.  Each had twenty minutes to prove they ate batshit for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Based on the questions and answers all of these folks are allergic to life.  In their world, the best is not yet to come, but was somewhere back prior to 1850.  Ditto for the audience.  Is their a self-loathing index? If so, then it was at the max.  Funny, the only one who had moments of lucidity was Willard.  He eats batshit, but knows its not good for any living thing.

I didn't expect to see Newt.  I thought he'd have had the decency to dropout by now.  Obviously he's still in the race.  Newt's been a wingnut so long, he can almost sound lucid.  Do you know Newt?  He's a sneaky drooler.  Here's a profile--

Our Guide to the Best Coverage of Newt Gingrich and His Record

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Words or Deeds

Back in my Christian days, yeah I had them.  When I was a child I thought as a child, then I grew up and became an adult, I'll let you figure out when I had the Christian thing in my life.   At any rate, back then, it  was simple, if you  believed something you kept it to yourself.  What you believed was your business.  In fact if someone asked you about your religion I think you were entitled to kick them in the balls.  Really, it was alwasy some guy who asked about the religion shit.  They'd ask, I'd kick.  I liked to wear cowboy boots back then.  The women were all at home, wearing heels, waxing the kitchen floor, waiting for her sore nutted man to come home.   Hey, if it wasn't okay for me to kick 'em, I'll pretend I was sorry, okay.

Back to the past.  Religion was your business.  If you did believe, it didn't matter what you said since it was your deeds that counted.  If you saw yourself as a Christian, you had to act like one.  Again this was a private matter--between you and your god.  You had to try and live your beliefs, privately.  Today we seem to have reversed it.  Deeds don't matter, but bullshit does.  You know it's so much easier to say, I think some call it testifying, you are a Christian than it is to actually, silently live like one.  Like I said, I grew up, became and adult,  However old habits are hard to break.  I still try to live according to what I believe to be true.  Actions, as always, speak louder than words.  Of course words are more convenient and a hell of a lot easier.  Speaking of easy--

Evangelicals vet Gov. Rick Perry at Texas retreat

Oops, it might be a case of perjury

The lying Murdoch, junior at least, will be back before a parliamentary committee.  It seems there is a bit of testimony, since his last appearance, which indicates that he was lying his ass off then.  Can he do time for lying?

Phone hacking: James Murdoch faces second grilling by MPs

Pay for Elected Officials

Congress types make about $174,000 a year.  That does not include the value of any perks.  Is it excessive?  Given their current level of ineptitude, it does seem very excessive.  Elective office was never intended to be a career field.  The founding fathers cast a dim eye on professional pols.

If we cannot, as voters, term limit the jerks, maybe we need to price them away.  Congressional pay should be based on the nation's median personal income.  In 2008 it was about $33,000.  Let's assume it's $35,000 in 2011.

Pay should be pegged as a multiple of the median.  House and Senate members pay should be no less than the median and no more that twice the median.  Likewise with the president's pay, six time the median is a reasonable number.

If the pay won't keep the careerists in other jobs, then we need to also end Congressional pensions.  No pensions, since no one should hang around public office that long in the first place.  As far as the president, he can keep a pension, twice what the average Social Security recipient receives.

Oh, I forgot about the Supremes.  Lifetime appointment is probably a good idea, but lifetime service may not be quite what the founders envisioned.  Give them 3 times the median and a pension that reflects the nation's typical pension practices.

Oh, note the elective and appointive pay will go up and down as the median personal income goes up and down.  There will be no COLAs for Congress.  They will earn according to their ability to govern and manage USA, Inc.

Here's the piece that prompted the above bullshit

Is Congress ready to take a pay cut?


I do not understand the current level of bullies in public schools.  I'll grant you my memories are a bit vague when I head back to my public school days, but I do have some recollection of how bullies were treated.  They were expelled.  Of course back then parents trusted teachers, I'm not sure about trust today.

If you find a child that is a bully, all you have to do to find an adult bully is find his or her parents.

Here's a piece on bullies in VA.  Hm, authoritative may be similar to expulsion--

Bullying linked to lower school achievement

Bless My Colonial Hat

My, my.  The teabaggers do not like it when others speak of them as they have spoken of others.  Spineless little turds aren't they?  Come on, can you have any respect for adults who dress up in costumes on any day other than Halloween.  They are childified adults.  They are addled.  Workers, I'd suggest you listen to Mr. Hoffa.  If you work for a living, the only advocates you have left are unions, so get organizing and

"...Let’s take these son of a b----- out and give America back to an America where we belong.”

I do not understand how anyone who is paid by the hour can be a Republican.  I do not understand how any female can be a Republican.  Teabaggers are just Republicans in drag, which should make you wonder about the Republican mind.

2012 Musing

If you were team Obama, whom would you like to see the GOP nominate.  Remember Obama's numbers are at record lows.  In short, more people think he sucks than not.  It's not quite a shoe in for any GOOPER.  Look at the GOP field, there are a number of them more than one precinct shy of a full district.

Given that Obama has transformed audacity into expediency, whom do you think he would pick?  Perry?  Bachmann? Romney?  

Which of the three could beat Obama?  Assuming you voted for Obama, does the GOP have a candidate you'd rather see in office than Mr. Cool?

Will the 2012 race be explosive and intense (imagine Obama vs. Perry) or  sedate and vague (Obama vs. Romney)?  If it was Obama vs Bachmann how would you describe that race?    

This May Get Ugly

If Rhode Island slashes retirement payments to currently retired state employees, I hope everybody will finally open their eyes.  Retirement fund needs are relatively easy accounting exercises.  Basically you have x people, the retired pool, over y years, receiving, on average, z dollars,  and so on factoring in inflation, life expectancy changes and a few other things.  You can know how much you will need over a very long time  frame.  Legislatures have always had this info.  They failed to use it.  They ignored it.

Now that their folly may come home to haunt them, voters and legislators will attack those least able to strike back.  Voters?  Of course, who elected the lying bumblers in the first place?  If Rhode Island finds a way to legally shaft their retirees, should anyone ever again trust anyone in the Rhode Island legislature or government?

Will this type of action kill what little trust in government that still remains.  Do you trust your legislature to do the right thing?  How high is your trust of government?  Among other factors, trust results from years of demonstrated prudent management.  One stupid act can shaft trust for a very long time.   I wonder if the current "anger" at government is how people are saying "I do not trust my government?"

Rhode Island considers radical moves as pensions put state on brink

Post Labor Day Blues

I'm not thinking about the currently unemployed; their plight is very distressing and depressing.  No, I'm thinking about Obama.  The WSJ poll out this morning has to be bleak reading for him.  While 44% approve of his administration, 51% think he's an ass.  Those numbers do not bode well for 2012.  If he keeps it up, will 2012 be a repeat of 2008?

Come on, even a re-nominated John Kerry could have won in 2008.  Hell, a grilled cheese sandwich could have beaten any Republican, McAncient just made victory that much easier.  Has Obama boxed himself into a Bush corner?  Since he's been so Bushie on so many issues, maybe he has.  He appears to have worked overtime alienating large sectors of those who voted for him in 2008.

While most folks still find him affable the majority think he's dishonest, a weak leader, not much of a commanderator, not worth a damn in a crisis, won't tell us what he really thinks, and couldn't find a goal post even if he ran into it.  In other words, as chief administrator of the executive branch of the Federal Government he is a boob.  Would you hire him for a senior management job?  Where would he do well?

Voter Discontent Deepens Ahead of Obama Jobs Plan

Oh, to rub a little salt in his narcisscistic wounds, the Washinton Post/ABC poll, also out this morning, finds the same thing. Most of the nation thinks Obama sucks.

Obama ratings sink to new lows as hope fades

Maybe he should write a book to goose his popularity and rake in cash for 2012.  What title comes to mind?

Monday, September 5, 2011


I have a problem with government.  Oh, not the kind of problem Ms. Palin or Ms. Bachmann appear to have.  They both rail against government.  They castigate government.  They blame government for any number of problems they perceive in life.  My problem is not with them per se, but it is with how they use the word government.
They speak about government as though it was a concrete noun similar to an apple.  When I use a concrete noun there is something out there I can point to and say that is, for example, an  apple.  However, when I’m dealing with an abstract noun such as government, I can look under every rock on the planet and never find a government, i can find lots of rocks but never find a government.  Government is an abstract noun.  
As an abstract noun, we use it and assume others use it in the same way.  Unfortunately, we usually do not take the time to specify what actions, taken by some specific people, that we will include, ignore or omit as we use our abstract noun, government.  What shall we include, ignore, exclude when we use this word?  Abstract nouns can be very deceptive. 
Government is a social organization.  The word refers to all the actions, words, and deeds made by specific people within a political unit to exert control and authority over people in some geographical domain.  Government is a short hand way of referring to a set of actions some people have taken to exert power over others.  Of course it would be nice to know exactly what a politician refers to when they promote or demean government.  Absent specifics, with respect to the usage of government, I am at liberty to consider them gibbering idiots. Speaking of Ms. Palin and Ms. Bachmann...    

Whacky Tobaccy in the Nation's Capitol

In 1998 68% of DC residents voted for medical marijuana.  In 2010 the DC Council approved medical marijuana.  So far Congress, the body that still runs DC, has not put the kibosh on it.  Now, the 15 licenses to grow and distribute the product will be distributed.  If they are, then I assume the District will become a home to some legitimate marijuana usage.  Will Congress give itself a wedgie over this?  Will the DEA feel threatened and Narc them all?  Will Obama bust the District (there's probably more campaign cash in keeping it all illegal)?

Gee, if Obama says "no," then the GOP has to say "yes."  Right?  That would be kind of neat to see.

 Stay tuned.

D.C. approves more than 50 to apply for medical marijuana licenses

Screw Up

Is this a mistake by Perry?  The Texas fire has been burning for awhile now already.  If it was that bad why did he even show up in SC in the AM today?  Will this help or hurt him with the ever drooling, batshit eating, trogs who vote in GOP primaries?  It might, but Perry has three things going for him.  First, he's a guy.  Second, he's not Mormon. Third, he's white.  Okay help or hurt?

Texas Governor Perry To Skip DeMint Presidential Candidate Forum
When people employ a fox to guard the chickens, they should not be surprized at the result.

Tenn. lawyer's family, firm collect millions from charities

Jobs and the Economy

The theory is, Obama will make a speech on Thursday.  He will give Congress a plan to fix the mess and lead us to the promised land.  Moses had it easier, he didn't have to deal with Republicans.   With all the hype, at a minimum,  it better be a really ear pleasing speech.  The content, well, I'm not expecting too much.  I doubt that Obama will take any kind of risk that might affect 2012.  Look, jobs and the economy really are secondary for all incumbents.

What would you propose if you were Obama?  Myself, I'd do two things.  First,  I'd have a serious, written attempt at revamping the tax code and give it to Congress and demand they get cracking.  It would be made available to the world via the web as I spoke.  Make the GOP look like idiots is the game and call for complete transparency in the official re-write.

Second, in the same vein, I 'd have a detailed, written,  infrastructure jobs program plan.  It would be so detailed I'd be able to spend most of my time talking about the number of and types of jobs it would create in Knoxville, Lansing, Peoria, Kansas City, Ogden, and a bunch of other places.  If I could, I'd want to be able to tell Joe Doe,  in Akron, he'd have a job for at least two years that paid about $40,000 a year.  All Mr. Doe has to do, if he likes what I say, is give his Congressman a call.  Again the plan would be shot out to the web as I spoke.  Assuming my written programs made sense, were straight forward, and short the GOP would be on the spot.  I'd love to force them to opt for a tax increase.  

If you were Obama  what would you do this coming Thursday?

News Quiz

Did you pay attention this week?

The Monitor's weekly news quiz for Aug. 29-Sept. 2, 2011

Hey, it's our new normal

What's that? Oh, war.  Think about it. We haven't waged peace for over a decade.  Was this what we envisioned when the Russkies fell apart?

After the Soviet collapse and America’s swift Gulf War victory, the military bet that it would be able to use big weapons and vastly better technology to bludgeon enemies into a speedy surrender. It envisioned a future of quick, decisive and overwhelming victories. 

A decade after the 9/11 attacks, Americans live in an era of endless war 

That didn't work out too well, now did it. Are we still listning to the aces in the Pentagon? Oh, we are and we're waging war all over the globe, it's damned profitable.  Imagine what our current 10 and 11 year olds will be like when they reach adulthood 10 years from now. The wars aren't going to end all of a sudden. We'll have a generation of new voters who have "been at war" their whole lives.  They will head off to college too.  Of course most of them won't have had any direct involvement--why do you think it's all volunteer anyway. If you found the 1960s an interesting period, watch out for the 2020s.  What school will become Berkley, 2021?   I have a feeling it won't be about love, peace, flowers and free speech.  What will it be about?

Where is labor these days?

Today is Labor Day, it is a United States federal holiday observed on the first Monday in September that celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers to our society and culture.

Here are the lead stories, on-line, from our major newspapers and two regional ones.

Washington Post: An era of endless war for Americans after 9/11
New York Times: Hopes Rising, Republican Voters Seek a Winner
USA Today: Texas fire kills woman, child
L.A. Times: Obama leads GOP candidates in Calif. poll

So far no labor leads.  Not much celebration.  How about the regional papers?

Salt Lake Tribune: English-only thwarts Utah refugees seeking driver licenses
Richmond Times Dispatch: Dominion still working to turn back on all the power

Again No Labor. I guess labor didn't contribute squat to our nation.  Hold it. There is one lead story, from McClatchy--

This Labor Day, America's losing patience with jobless

McClatchy has the story for this Labor Day.  Unfortunately there's not any celebration on this Labor Day.  It's sad and should make at least 90% of us very angry, but it doesn't.  There are too many people who want to labor but cannot find a job.  Millions of us are unemployed--millions of workers out of jobs and now the unemployment benefits are going south.

Companies are doing well.  They do not need U.S. labor any more.   Since business finances political campaigns, the status quo is just dandy with both parties.  Instead of anger at management, people are angry with government?  It's not government, it's the idiots we elect, keep reelecting and their funding masters.  People are mystifying.  Do you still think management gives a rats ass about labor?  Come on, management has one rule--maximize profits, period.   If you want a piece of the action you have to compete and that means organizing.  Labor is a legitimate cost.  Whose bank account do you wish to fatten?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Next Big Thing?

What if your smartphone or a iPod Nano could process the quantity of data that reqiures a super computer and get the job done in a nanosecond or less?  Do you think this might shake the tech world up a bit?  What would that kind of computing power do to the world? Is it possible?  Well consider the quantum computer--

First Quantum Computer Simulator Operates at the Speed of Light

Will the next big thing be a breakout in computing power?  Storage?  Networking?  What will it be?

Better Call Re-Write

If you are using a black hole in your sci-fi novel, you might want to read this and re-write all those references to black holes and singularities.  Gee, wormholes  based on fuzzballs?  Sounds a bit odd, but that's the way the nomenclature crumbles.

Black holes turn into fuzzballs and destroy a thousand sci-fi plots


Mr. Pearlstein has an interesting column today--

A Jobs program for a floundering president

2012 will be underway this coming week

Both parties will have their candidates on parade this coming week.  There's De Mint's thing on Monday, a debate on Wed. and the Prez will wow us all on Thurs. and not interfere with the NFL season kickoff.  Will Sarah opt in?  Will Perry shine?  Will Obama actually impress progressives with his plan?  Who knows. It will be good week for political junkies.

2012 presidential race begins in earnest this month for Obama and Republican slate

Will anyone even notice Jon Boy Huntsman or Willard?

I hate hurricanes

I'll believe it's not a threat after it's gone.

Katia rapidly strengthens to Category 2 hurricane far off in Atlantic; still no threat to land

Even though there was minimal damage I'm still a bit bothered by Irene.  It was a close call.

Tex Mex Gumbo

I cannot remember if I posted this one or not, it's a great way to use the huge okra you forgot to pick and would otherwise add to the compost pile--

The amounts are more or less, so have fun.

0.  pre heat a 5 qt or so pot--medium heat,  add 2 T. olive oil.
1.  Coarse chop a medium onion and a medium bell pepper (ripe not green) at least 1c. ea.
2.  Saute onion and pepper in 2 T. hot olive oil you’ve added seasoning to for 3-5 minutes
3.  While onions cook, cut about 15-20+  grape tomatoes in half  (~ 1 1/2c. +)  If you have regular tomatoes, make sure to de pulp and seed first, then coarse chop.  Use as much tomato you have or want.  No fresh tomatoes?  Then use a can of Muir Glen diced tomatoes, 15 oz..
4.  Add the tomatoes to pot with onions.
5.  Add one small can of tomato juice (5-6 oz)
6.  While the pot cooks, cut 8-12 okra pods into half into 1/2 inch slices (1c. +)
7.  add okra. let pot come to a simmer and simmer for a few minutes.
8.  Add one 15oz can black beans including the liquid.
9.  Add one can Del Monte Summer Crisp corn niblets and or whatever brand you find most flavorful--fresh sweet corn would probably work fine too.
If you have fresh corn, roasting it or browning kernels in a pan might add another layer of flavor.  Note there is very little liquid in the Del Monte brand of corn.  
10. Bring it all to a boil and reduce to a simmer.  Simmer for 15-30 minutes.  The beans and okra will thicken it all up.  The tomatoes will cook down a bit.  If you like, keep some grape tomatoes uncooked and throw in just to heat through before serving.
Eat as a vegetarian chili, drained as a taco with cheese, or try on rice, even on pasta it should be good.  it freezes well too.
I added Penzy's Southwest Seasoning blend that contains-ancho, cumin, cayenne, garlic, oregano, onion, black pepper, chipotle and cilantro.  Adobo works well too.  If you like other types of peppers add them in too.   

They're back

Back in the 60s and 70s, when you were in college, did you ever spend an evening sitting and drinking  in a bar near campus?  Did a rather odd person approach you and try to sell you a flower or candy bar?  Did they hit you up for cash? I remember them.  Usually they were shilling for Jesus.  The bar crowd wasn't as burnt out from drugs as the Hare Krishnas I'd run into at airports and on the streets.

The shillers lived in odd little communities, communes if you will.  The Jesus freaks were all over the place,  I remember one night of bar hopping in particular.  At each of several bars I was approached by the same guy selling the same flowers.  I guess he was bar shilling.  I usually tolerated these folks.  I figured life had dealt them a bad hand and they were coping as best they could, but I drew the line at buying anything from them.  There were so many groups, I couldn't keep track of them.

I left college, got a job and promptly forget about the Jesus freaks and their hippie counter parts.  It was an odd time wasn't' it?  Now, what about today?  Did the communes and communities dissipate and go away forever?  Come on, no way.  The old ones fade but new ones pop up.  Every generation has a bit of this kind of behavior.  Here's the 2011 flavor--

PAPA Festival highlights Christianity, anarchism and community spirit

Would mountain men be an individualist variation on this?  Oh, as far as collectivities in the past, don't forget the Shakers or Mormons.  What are other groups or individual types that have come and gone or come and stuck around for a longer time.  Did any of the 60s and 70s groups become mainstreamed and become part of our current world?  Did they all fade away?

College Rankings

Do you have a child getting close to college age?  If not soon, then maybe in the near future.  Where do you want your child to go to college?  If you've given it any thought, you might have run into U.S. New's College ranking guide.  The "Best Colleges" has been around for a long time.  Despite many taking issue with how they put the thing together ( methodology), many will read it and have a few dreams for their kids.  Hell the kids may dream too.

U.S. New's approach has problems

Okay, are there other guides? You bet your ivy growing up the walls there are, what did you think I was going to post on? I reccommend you give the Washington Monthly's college guide a read. They take a different approach. I think their approach deserves a cheer*.  Enjoy--

College Guide--2011 Table of Contents

*Roly poly,
 Bug ass holy!
 Rrah! Rah!
 Weasel shit.

It's the only cheer I know.
Any new cheers you can send me?

What does give back mean?

I hear people say they decided to engage in X or begin Y in order to give back.  I'm not  quite sure what the phrase "give back" means.  It's always seemed a bit odd to me.  This morning I heard a man talk about  his enlistment in the military after 9/11.  He talked about how the world changed that day.  He had a great family, a good public education, graduated from a fine college and was heading off to a good starting job. Then came 9/11.  He said he decided to enlist and give back to his family, community and country. I can partially understand this.

However "give back" seems a most odd phrasing.  To me it smacks of barter or trade.  It seems to assume that one has received some things of value and are completing an almost commercial transaction.  It almost implies that absent being a recipient of value,  one does not have to do anything at all.  I am not demeaning the persons action at all.  I admire his actions, he did the right thing.  I'm just quibbling with language.

I had  a similar life.  I had a lot to be thankful for.  I enlisted, however I, along with so may others. went off to a Southeast Asian paradise, not a hot, sandy, oasis.  I never thought I was giving back. I never saw myself has having received anything that motivated me to enlist.  No, I summed my action up in one word.  I had a duty.  Which is it "duty" or "give back?"   Or do they mean the same and it's more a generational language usage thing?  

Boomer Vanity?

The Baby Boom is getting old.  I'm on the leading edge, I'm 65.  As I look at myself in the mirror, I see a  first stage old fart looking back.  Where did he come from?  I wonder who he is?  Damn, it's me.  Cells don't reproduce as well as they used to.  Gravity makes more and more parts of my body want to become one with my feet.  Since injuries don't heal as fast and as well as they used to, I have had to learn new ways of living.  It's kind of like defensive driving, but for the body.

I know that one of these years I won't be looking in the mirror anymore, may that occur about 45 years or more off, given sound mind and body.  I think I've always accepted my appearance, but so many Boomers seem to have trouble with shedding the appearance of their youth.  Actually it's everybody over 30 in this most odd culture of ours, there's just a lot of Boomers out there to talk about.   If I were a con artist, I know the area I'd make scam my way to millions--

Forever Young 

I'm not sure when the second stage of old fartness begins, I'll let you know.

What's in a name?

Here are  eight snippets of biographical info on people you know.  You may even use their names as adjectives to describe another person or event.  Is it  an insult or praise to call someone Clintonian or Victorian?  Hmm, was Victoria Victorian?  Was Clinton  Clintonian?   Take your time.  Enjoy!

What's in a name?