Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sounds of nonsense

So many Americans, upon gathering together for any reason, will mindlessly chant "USA, Number One" over and over again.  These dolts must think that their words cause actions in our world, becuse we certainly are not number one anymore in so many areas.  All they do is make noise.  Our nation lacking action, in sector after sector, slides into indecent shabbiness.   Chants do not build a nation.  Collectively, through government, we can build and maintain roads, damns, and our power grid.  Of course we have to tax ourselves to pay for what we build.  Funny how the party of no taxes also chants the loudest and lives the biggest lie.  By the time the GOP decides to fix the shabbiness, it will be too late as we will have become a land of rot and decay.

Blackout Highlights Nation’s Rickety Power Grid

Quiz time

How well do you know the GOOPERS?

Take the quiz

College Sports

Do you watch college sports on TV?  Do you go to games?  Do  you realize you are part of a very corrupt system?  Think not?  Then give this piece by Taylor Branch a read--

The Shame of College Sports

Gun Nuts, Get Frothy

California may ban the open carry of unloaded firearms.  I have no problem with folks who openly carry firearms.  They display part of their nature by publicly packing heat.   I am able to then avoid them.  Now if only I could figure out who's packing hidden heat, I'd be so much more comfortable.  In both cases, some nuts have been a more than a tad over-torqued.  One safe prediction, gun sales will increase all across the nation.

Gun control bill in Gov. Brown's hands

Chicken Little Believers Take Note

I know,  Chicken Little has been dissed for decades.  The sky is falling?  Right.  Well, CL supporters vindication is at hand.  Yes, the sky will be falling, on or about September 23.  Might be a good day to stay indoors.
NASA: Satellite pieces to hit Earth in a week

He has not ever been any different

Pat Robertson has been an ass his whole life.  The crap he spews is pure dreck.  Evangefundies have made him a multi-millionaire.  They are an odd lot, they donate money to buy their way into heaven, I guess that explains the tendency to be Republicans.  Instead of living a Christian life they testify and donate.

Pat's latest bit of bullshit crossed the line, even for the bozos of beliefiness.  Per Pat, a guy can set his wife aside if she has Alzheimer's and find a new babe to wax his floors.  Of course, Pat didn't make it clear if the gal can trash her mindless hubby for a newer model.

The evandgefundies think Pat is dissing marriage.  Of course he is, he, today, as always makes it up as he goes.  Maybe they just noticed.  If the faithful fools are concerned today, where have they been for the past several decades of his nonsense?

Pat Robertson forgets: Marriage is about sacrifice, too

Travel Alert

Hi there travelers.  Been out and about seeing the world?  As you travel do you keep a scrapbook of the diseases you contract?  Have you had dengue fever yet?  For a limited time only, the Bahamas has a special just for you.  They have the mosquitos.  The mosquitos are loaded and ready to bite.  All they need are folks looking for one more pestilencial adventure.

Dengue outbreak hits Bahamas, CDC says

One More Time

Do you still have money riding on Egypt becoming a bit of free, liberty loving democratic folk?  Talk about a long shot!  The military won't quite cede power, especially when they take note of whom the power would be given to.  Revolting Arabs, yeah, revolting.  Now, bets on the peace treaty with Israel?

Egypt’s military rulers assert wider powers in wake of attack on Israeli Embassy


Friday, September 16, 2011

Some things make little sense

But then does one expect sense to be made by Trogs.  Trogs are pro-life.  Trogs will kill people who perform abortions.  When a fetus makes it into this world, well, Trogs will tell the newborn "kid you are on your own."  If the kid commits a serious crime they will kill him.  If the kid does not have health insurance they'll have a celebration of liberty while they cheer on his death.  Trogs only value unborn life.  For the living, Trogs prefer death.  Oh, don't forget 9,999,999 out of 10,000,000 Trogs advocate permanent war (providing it's an all volunteer military).

Like Rick Perry, most ‘pro-life’ Americans OK with death penalty

Two new books

One is on the boys club known as the Obama Admin: “Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington, and the Education of a President,”

The other is the one Doonsebyury has been having so much fun with: ‘The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin,’ by Joe McGinniss

My guess is neither of them is worth reading. How many of these kinds of books amount to even a bucket of warm spit? With respect to both book's subject matter, you either like or loathe Obama, ditto with Palin. You love her or despise her. How many folks are neutral about either of these bozos and have been just awaiting a book to tell them how to think about the narcissists of our times?

End of Netflix?

Their stock is down about 20%.  Will the company bounce back or will some other firm buy them out?  Netflix shot itself in both feet--increased prices and lost Starz.  Will it recover?

Netflix (NFLX) stock nosedives 19 percent after company ticks off customers

What Race Enters into Court Decisions?

The Supremes stopped Rick Perry from carving another notch in his coyote killing pistol handle.  The Supremes halted the execution,  They need to see if it was true that during the trial "...a psychologist testified that black people were more likely to commit violence."  then they need to figure out if the statement had an effect on the trial and sentencing.  Given that the majority of the Court eats GOOPER batshit, I'm surprized that the Supremes stopped the state of Texas from killing the guy.  I have no doubt they will wind up killing him after a review shows that, sure enough, race was not a big factor in Texas.  Funny how we've  been lying to ourselves about race ever since Slavery was introduced back in the Jamestown Colony days.

US Supreme Court halts execution of Texas man whose lawyers say race was factor in sentence

New Issue for 2012?

Most of us think the 2012 eleciton will focus on jobs and the economy.  Everything else, such as Obamacare, may matter to some, but not to the bulk of voters who will decide the election.  Will it really be a jobs election?  Could foreign policy wind up becoming the main issue?  Think not, then give this piece a read--

U.N. showdown over Palestinian statehood tests limits of U.S. influence

The Meat Market is Thriving

Check out the coming TV season.  Hell, just look around you, TV is more a mirror than much else.

Bunnies, babies and broads: What is TV trying to tell us about women?

Good Advice, Just a Tad Late

How's Obama fared in your estimation?  Do you really think he's "working" all the time for you?  Or do you think he's been working for his own reelection from day one?  Maybe part of his problem lies with  his advisers.  We know they are good at campaigns, they managed to get Obama into office.  Okay, now review the past two years.  Those same advisers may not be worth a damn at administering the executive branch of government.  If it's all Obama's fault, then maybe he will lose.  If a significant part of the blame lies with those he listens to, then he needs to consider a suggestion from James Carville---

Fire your staff

I bet he won't listen and Michelle Bachmann will be congratulated, not for being elected President, but for  for attaining one of her goals.

HPV Controversy

The Daily Show Covers the HPV Controversy---

Oops, there goes the 1/2 billion

ObamaCo decided to goose green tech.  One company they goosed was Solyndra.  Unfortunately, Solydra did not lay a golden egg, it laid squat and died.  Granted it's one of several companies ObamaCo "helped."  All it takes if one failure to provide the GOP with lots of ads as we go into the 2012 election cycle.  Here's a good summary with lots of links from ProPublica--

What’s Happening With That Solar Company Scandal? Here’s Our Guide on Solyndra

I wonder how the Bain Capital Willard would evaluate the government investments?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Even the Brits Can Figure Out About Perry

Perry is the fact-free asshole from El Paso.  He piles it deep and never quite tells the truth.  It's not his fault, he's just doing what god tells him to.

Texas poverty figures challenge Rick Perry jobs record

Do We Really Want a Repeat

Showing my age?

What is so attractive about Missoni?  I caught that Target's servers were swamped because of user response to some designer's stuff becoming available.  I happened to catch this on the tube.  My reaction was, "people pay good money for this?"  Zig zags?  Come on.  I guess if folks want to walk around looking like they've transformed their Great Aunt Matilda's afghan into clothing that's their business.  As a fashion, it just a tad humorous.

Missoni for Target sparks lines, empty racks, website crash

Hydration Station?

Oh, that's a water tap you can use to refill your water bottle.  When did we begin using hydration to refer to water and drinking said water?  Do you use your kitchen hydration station (sink) to hydrate empty bottles so that they may be used to hydrate yourself or do you just buy another case of water?

Hydration stations sweep colleges to promote tap water

Thinking about cosmetic surgery?

If you are, then you might give this piece a read.

Cosmetic surgery gets cheaper, faster, scarier

Why do people do this to themselves?  It makes no sense at all, but then again I don't think much of tattoos, piercing and branding.  Butts, boobs, and tummies aren't that much different now are they?


Have you visited AttackWactch.Com?  It's Obama's website to deal with all those evil things people are saying about him.  Poor guy.  I just opened the site.  For me, a big black screen that features a way to get my e-mail address just plain sucks.  I know it's the first step to grab my cash.  Once in, without my e-mail address, it's massively unimpressive.  To me it's the kind of site a twelve year old would put together.  The site is visually grating.  The site sucks.  The Obama crowd should have consulted with the folks at Politifact.   Come to think of it, it's the kind of site I'd expect Republicans to design and use.   Oops, they don't like it much either.

Go visit the site.  What do you think?  Are you motivated to return to the site?

Attack Watch, new Obama campaign site to ‘fight smears,’ becomes laughing stock of conservatives

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #3

As we wind down war #2 in Iraq, it's time to ramp up war #3 in Pakistan.  Our non-ally, ally, in the non-war, war with them needs to get hotter.  How will we ever beat the terrorists and the Taliban unless we blow the crap out of Pakistan?  We must destroy Pakistan to save it.  Besides, if we actually get out of the war biz, think of all the unemployment we will cause in the military industrial complex companies.  To save the economy and create jobs we must wage more war!  It gets confusing and makes no sense at all.

Panetta expresses frustration with Pakistan, says U.S. will do all it can to root out militants

Divine Right of Presidents?

I have had my fill of the all the frothy faithiness we see every few years when folks go on a pilgramage to nomination.  Rick Perry has testified to suck in the evangefundie voters.  BFD.  I'd much rather know a damn lot less about someone's fantasies and a whole lot more about what they have actually learned and done over the the course of their life.

When pols begin to intimate that god is working through them we'd better all worry.  For example, god, working through the Shrub, gave us two unfunded wars, two huge unfunded tax cuts, and enough de-regulation to tank the economy.  Gee, it's makes sense now, give god his stuff, but when it come to government, let Cesar run the show.  Keep god in his/her/its place.

Perry talks about his faith, forsaking talk of jobs for a day


I guess Microsoft still matters.  I've been using a Mac for a couple years now and really wonder why I did not switch sooner.  Microsoft has announced it's latest--Windows 8.

Windows 8: Microsoft's vision of a post-PC future?

The wind is blowing

When blowhards blow hard, it can be hard to remain standing.  Speaking of blowhards, how about those GOOPER Governors who have regaled us with their job making skills and abilities.   Okay, can a Gov or a Prez actually create jobs?   Well, the short answer is no.  The long answer is also, no. They can of course, like Perry,  take credit for job increases, but that's just smoke a blowing in our faces, eyes and ears.  And we listen to this bullshit, it's no wonder we had eight years of the Shrub.

Governors don't create many jobs. Can presidents?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Quiz Time

Are you ready for the presidential primaries? Take our quiz.

Taken Aback? Bullshit!

Being a member of the GOP is voluntary.  If you lie down with turds you get shit all over you.  I note that neither Perry nor Huntsman said a word about Paul or their base cheering death.  Absent any words during the debate it is safe to then say they accept and endorse the audience's expressions.   The GOP lacks science.  The GOP lacks compassion and always has.  The concerned staffer can always find a new job.  It is the party of Trogs.

Huntsman Staffer “Sick And Sad” For The GOP After Debate Behavior

Jon Boy, it's time to bag it

Here's the latest Gallup poll.  Everybody is positive except Jon Boy.  He has attained a negative rating, -1!  It's time to close shop and try again later.

Perry Leads but Romney Gaining in GOP Favorability


The tweets gave me a titter.  It's a war of twits!

Taliban and Nato-led forces engage in war of words on Twitter

Trog follow up

If you tuned in to the Teabagger Trog off the other night, science became an issue once again.  This time it wasn't the science of man made global warming, no it centered on a vaccination program in Texas.  Perry, by executive order, had girls about age 11 or so, vaccinated against HPV.  The program had an opt out provision.  Bachmann dumped on Perry for all the poor girls forced to be vaccinated, since she appeared to think that the vaccine might do more harm than good.  It was a bit of a brouhaha.  
By Perry standards of science, as he manifested them in his rejection of man-made climate change,  he never should have put the HPV program in place, after all if one scientist says it might suck, then for Perry it must suck.  Repubs do have trouble with science.
Regardless of the program and the internal GOOPER bickering, what do you know about the HPV vaccine?  Here's a pretty good piece from the L.A. Times.  It has lots of links for more info than you'll probably need.

GOP debates HPV vaccine, but medical community gives it OK [Update]

In your heart you know that the GOP is the party of Jenny McCarthy.


Did you watch the Teabaggers debate the other night?  Did you pay attention to the audience?  Did you notice how they asked questions and how they reacted to the candidate's answers?  If you paid attention to the audience, then given your observations, I wonder how a decent, sane, person could voluntarily associate with any Teabaggers, anywhere, ever?  They are a nasty folk.

About Sums It Up

Oh come on

Does anyone really think that Perry will voluntarily desist from putting another notch in his gun handle?  He and the GOP worship death (after birth of course-no abortion).  Perry is leader of the hang em high and let 'em die party of war and gore.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is asked to halt execution

So much for democracy, liberty and freedom (DLF)

We've seen Egyptians fail to separate themselves from the oppression of religion.  Get ready for Libya.  Let's face it, one route to power is religion.  When religion dominates a state, you can kiss off DLF.  Until religion is put in a box and the box is put on a shelf in a closet, the Arabs will just remain revolting, but quite devout.

Islamists emerge in force in new Libya

I wonder how folks will react if the net result of the Arab Spring is the development of strong Islamic states who will proceed to destroy Israel?  Will the GOP then claim the Iraq war led to the Arab Spring?

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #2

Life is either back to normal for real in Iraq or ObamaCo is covertly blowing things up so we'll be begged to hang around after 12/31/11.  I have a feeling life is just back to normal, but I cannot help thinking  about the spooky conspiracy stuff.   Come on, how about those WMDs?

13 killed in Iraq restaurant bombing

The Junk Shot Fallout

The dick gave his party dick after sharing his dick with the world.   Who's the dick?  Oh, Anthony Weiner.  Remember the junk shots?  The resignation?  His Disrtrict has been a Democratic seat for over 80 years.  See what happens when you dick around with the voters.

Republican wins Democratic New York House seat

 Of course it hasn't helped the Dems that Obama has been dicking around on jobs and the economy.  Of course if the voters think they will get something better by electing a Republican, I have news for them, all they'll get is dick.

Consider the Mormons

That's as in Jon Boy and Willard.  Both are Mormons (one for certain, the other, who really knows).  Both have strong ties to Utah.  Both accept donations from the good folks at Nu Skin.  Oh, did you know that Utah is the fraud capitol of the nation?  Perhaps we should ask each candidate to explain in a bit more detail what they mean by their strong business background.

Bad Business Under Jon Huntsman

Donation helps Romney get some skin in the presidential game

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Let Them Die

The GOP and Teabaggers showed their true colors last night.  They cheered for death.  Not like last time when they cheered executions.  No this time they cheered letting someone who had no insurance, hence no access to health care, die.  Yep.  It was rather startling unless you've been following these savages for some time.  Myself, I'd use their position in the future.  It really does capture the essence of conservatism quite well.

Don’t Expect Democrats To Make A Big Deal Out Of

Once Again

Listen, if it's a Republican it cannot be trusted at all.  It's amazing that Obama and the Dems have not understood this yet.  GOOPERS cannot tell the truth.  Of course they think they do, but when you never deal in facts, everything can be true all the time.  Get ready for a government shutdown--CR battles on the way!

How Congress Could End Up In A Government Shutdown Fight After All

Regulations and People

The Trogs love to rail agianst regs.   It's funny how the regs they go after usually affect folks like the Koch brothers.  Repubs really are thralls of the rich.  I don't hear much from them when it's regs vs. the average slob.  Here's a case of  a reg that probably went too far--excessive enforcement zeal.

Kill a protected bear and you will be fined unless the beast had your head in its mouth, that seems to be the standard.  Give the piece a read.  Who do you think is right on this one?  Myself, I think the treehugger types are wrong on this one.  I do love that pig that sold 15 times.  That's creative.  How about it,  bears or people in this case?

Grizzly shooting pits Idahoans against Uncle Sam

News From the Class War

In case you haven't noticed the rich are getting richer by making more poor people.  And you thought it was the poor warring on the rich.  The rich have been winning for decades, hell they bought the GOP outright and own a 68% share of the Democrats.  How bad will it have to get before most of us realize the rich foment the class war?  Will we have to see 30% below poverty before we even attempt to redistribute power.  Until then, if you are in the disappearing middle class, good luck, that's about all we have left.  It's not going to get any better until we quit kowtowing to money and power.  One of these days, we might hear once again "workers of the world, unite you have nothing left to lose...."

Record 46.2 million Americans live in poverty, Census Bureau says

Liar Alert

Murdoch Jr. has been recalled.  Granted he is defective, just like his Dad, but that's not why he'd being recalled.  Members of Parliament think he may have lied to them, so they've issued a recall for Junior.  Who told the truth?  We'll have to wait for the MPs to meet.

James Murdoch to face more phone-hacking questions

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #2

Every now and again, I have to remind all, we're still in Iraq and the Iraqis are doing well.  The Iraqis are living up the Shrub's legacy.   They're not killing us anymore.  Maybe that's because we only have about 46,000 soldiers left in country and they are mostly out in the boonies.  However, they have re-established the national pastime, exacerbating sectarian tensions.  There's a whole lot of exacerbating going on---

Gunmen kill 22 Shiite pilgrims in Anbar

Then again ObamaCo might have hired some contractors like Blackwater to do a bit of covert exacerbation to suggest that Iraq will be lost if we totally leave and thus influence the government to beg us to remain in Iraq.  

Snollygoster alert

It's not breaking news, it's just one more round of stating the obvious--

Revolving door of employment between Congress, lobbying firms, study shows

In addition to not reelecting anyone, we need a law--the door cannot revolve for at least 10 years.  If we could keep former elected officials off TV that would be nice too.

Here's what was missing last night

When Trogs assemble they don't have to check their guns and bibles at the door.  No, all they have to banish from their person are facts, reason and logic.  Facts were especially absent last night.  After all this Yak Off was sponsored by the Teabaggers.

Fact checking the CNN and Tea Party Express debate in Tampa

Trog Follies--Teabagging

The Trogs had another yak off last night.  Did you watch?  This one was the funniest one yet.  Eight trogs came on stage determined to be noticed.  Each tried to tighten their own wingnut tighter than the others.   Damn it was a torque off!  Who won?  To me Willard seemed the most tightly wound.  The crazy lady did bounce back, but she did not quite make it back to the upper shelf.  Perry showed off his Kerry hair well.  Santorum proved, once again, he is frothy.  Cain talked about nine pizzas with nine toppings for nine dollars (his message never changes).  The Newtster said something but I'm always distracted by his big fat head.  Crazy Uncle Ron reminded us that liberty is kind of important to him.   And Jon Boy, well,  I'm not sure if he really knows why he was on stage.  This race is still between Willard and the Asshole from El Paso.

Here's a more in depth and less biased analysis--

Rick Perry goes on defensive in Republican presidential debate

Strategic Victory Watch--War #1

After ten years, the 800 pound gorilla cannot figure out what to do with all those pesky marmosets.  It's time to get out of Kabul.   The war was stalemated when the Shrub decided to build a legacy in Iraq without finishing war #1 first.  This war is on autopilot and will remain so until we replace all the commanders in the ground in Afghanistan and in the Pentagon.  Oh, everyone who ever voted for this war in any way needs to be replaced too.  Our problems are not with "government," it's with the elected and appointed officials who ran the ship of state onto a sandbar in 1980 and have kept it stuck there ever since.

Suicide bombers, gunmen attack U.S. embassy, NATO headquarters in Kabul

Monday, September 12, 2011

Kids and Learning

Better not let the little ones watch Spongebob if you want their little brains to develop into big brains.  The  tykes do not do well on cognitive tasks after watching the cartoon.  Of course, if adults watched nine minutes of Spongebob they'd be addled too.  Come to think of it, anything that is fantastical and fast paced seems to affect listeners of any age.  Have you ever tried to do anything that requires thought after listening to a Republican explain in detail how tax cuts today will grow jobs, expand the economy and enhance revenues by next Tuesday?  Better not let the little ones watch Spongebob or FOX News.

Is 'SpongeBob' Too Much for Young Minds?

The Trogs Really Are Nuts!

Look the trogs are into their one particular version of JesusCo.  If you adhere to a different version then, for them, it's simple, they know you are not a Christian.  However, they also know it does not play well to call you an heretic that ought to be burned at the stake.  The trogs would like to, especially the burning part, but they are almost smart enough to know the heresies of the primary do not go over well in the general election.

I hope that makes sense because the trogs have found a new way to slice and dice those they know to be false Christians who run amongst them, yeah you guessed it, it's a Mormon issue.  Way down South in heart of Inbred Dixie, they want to call Romney a heathen, heretic, infidel, cultist but they can't.  They have gotten creative in their religious bigotry.  So, instead of calling him a godless pagan, they call him a Mormon! Yep, they reject him because he's a failed Mormon, an errant Mormon, a not good enough Mormon.

Trog Endorsements in Florida

The mind of the trog is, hold it, that would make a great series of horror movies--The Trog Mind, Part I!

Is this the next major change?

It's a process of disintermediation.  Yep.  Whazzat?  Okay read on--

Amazon e-book subscription? Publishers should join

How many area of the internet can be transformed by general subscription services?  I have a feeling there's a goldmine lurking there to the ones who create the control/accounting software.  Imagine if all your browsing included a background subscription service, an omni-service if you will.  The internet is made for a Woolworth's approach, make a mil and cent approach.  

There's money in web curation

Huh?  I didn't even know we had web curators.  Now I find out corporations may be providing an assist, product placement is optional, but who's going to pass on that?

Welcome to your curated Web, courtesy of corporate America

Another Ooops with a Nuke

1 dead in blast at French nuclear plant, but no leak reported

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #1

Lest we forget, this wasted war persists.  The legacy keeps on taking---

Truck bomb injures scores at U.S. base in Afghanistan


I'll be straight forward about this.  Egypt is an Islamic, Arabic nation.  It has high unemployemnt.  It does not have oil,  so it's economy sucks.  Egypt will never be a democracy by U.S. standards.  It will never be a bastion of freedom for all of its people.  Liberty will always be a rarity.  Why?  Simple, religion.  Until they bag the primacy of religion and separate it from the state, the Egyptian people will just remain as thralls to whatever Pharaoh happens to rule the day.

Mubarak is gone, right?  Is he really?

Egyptian authorities have detained a further 92 people and vowed to use live ammunition to protect key buildings from demonstrators, following the storming of the Israeli embassy last week, which left three protesters dead and provoked the worst crisis in Israel-Egypt relations for a generation.

If they could institutionalize a separation of church and state they'd have a chance, otherwise it will just be more SSDD*. 

*Same shit, different day.

Drone those Kurds

It's odd, these days our aviation aces could be in the Infantry, except they are probably in the CIA.  Oh, I'm talking about the Drone Force that's part of enduring freedom.  We, that is, whichever part of the U.S. government, directly or indirectly, currently "fly" some of them out of someplace in Iraq.  I'm never sure if  it's CIA, military, or contractors when it comes to Iraq.   Wars used to be a bit more straight forward in the past.  Two armies came together and blew the crap out of each other.  Oh well, back to drones.

Since "we" will be exiting Iraq soon, per the SOFA, we will then be without a Drone Port.  Turkey has kindly offered to solve our problem by leasing us a Drone-A-Dome if we will allow them to take a peek at some candid pics of Kurds, on a daily basis.  The Turks view Kurds in Turkey as terrorists.  "We" do too, sorta, kinda.  Does this make sense--

U.S. considering Ankara’s request to base Predators in Turkey to fight a Kurdish group in northern Iraq

I remember the first time I ever heard of the Kurds. It was back during the Vietnam war. The Kurds came to the aid of the N. Vietnamese during Tet of '68. They sent fighters to help the NVA in the battle for Vietnam's ancient capitol. Yep, we then had a mess of Kurds in Hue.  Sorry about that, could not pass it up.

Trog Alert

Guess what the trogs will do tonight?  They will "debate" each other to see who is the troggiest of the trogs, the wingiest of the wingnuts and who is truly the batshitiest of the batshit crazies seeking the GOP nomination and hence, if elected,  resume the Shrub's eight year reign of national wreckage.  It's the Teabaggers debate!  It's serious biz for the demented, for the rest of us, it's a primo reality show!

GOP candidates' debate Monday will have tea party flavor

Capital Gains

Do have income taxed at 15%?  If so you have capital gains and file Schedule D.  Whom does this rate benefit?  Some say, even though the rate is too high, the 15% preference helps the economy by encouraging investment.  Of course the folks who developed that line of reasoning also have lots of income derived from selling assets that yield a capital gain.  The gain, absent the preference, would otherwise be taxed as regular income.  Funny how the rich are able to warp the tax code in their favor. I guess that's why they remain rich.  It's not hard work, it's investment in political campaigns that let them keep more of their  earnings than the average Joe.

How much do you know about capital gains?  If you really thought a capital gain was some kind of dive in the Summer Olympics, then here's a piece for you--

Capital gains tax rates benefiting wealthy feed growing gap between rich and poor

Keeping it all in perspective

If you've never listened to it, go ahead and hum along--

First hymnal for Atheists

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I'll be damned

Just when you think Obama has lost all hope of change in the polls, he turns a page and asks "how do y'all think I'm doing with those international, fundamentalist, Islamic, jihadi, terrorist bad guys?"  Damn, folks like what he's been doing.  Dems love him, Indies love him, even the GOOPERs kind of like him.  Of course on everything else they tend to agree, #44 blows chunks.

National security emerges as Obama strong point

ATF Follies

Have you been following ATF's "Fast and Furious" foolishness?  I still have to wonder about the sanity of anyone who names operations in the first place, but naming one after the movie "Fast and Furious?"  That alone should be grounds for termination of employment or at least a severe caning.

It's disturbing that ATF lost the guns in Mexico which means they effectively were arming the bad guys better than before the botched operation began.  Now, some of the guns have turned up in the U.S.  The guns have been linked to other violent crimes.   Why do we have an ATF?  Were they responsible for Waco or was that the FBI?

Second violent crime linked to ATF gunwalking

Shooting the Moon

In case you missed it yesterday, I did--NASA launched two probes on one rocket headed for the moon.

The $496 million Grail mission (short for Gravity Recovery And Interior Laboratory) will closely study the interior of the moon, from crust to core, and will map the moon's gravitational field in unprecedented detail. The three-month mission is expected to help scientists better understand the composition of Earth's natural satellite and its evolutionary history since it was formed 4.6 billion years ago.


The NYC ceremony has ended.  All the names have been read.  It's draining, but cathartic to listen to them all.  The ending was appropriate.  A lead trumpet player played Taps.  His lead was followed by, I think three other trumpets.  I've never heard Taps quite played this way before, it reverberated, it lingered at the end.  It is a closing I will remember for a a long time.

May the next reading of the names be when we and the world is more at peace.  No more war.  No more death.  I've had enough haven't you too?


Look, teabaggers are pretty much the right wing of the right wing of the GOP.  For the most part they are older, white, less educated and higher income crackers pretty much from the Southern states.  It didn't surprize me to see them emerge when Obama ran for Prez.  Yeah, I can spell teabag r-a-c-i-s-t.  Then again, I can be a bit overly opinionated about these ascientific trogs.  So as a minor bit of balance here's a Dan Balz piece on these devolved dorks and dorkettes.

What the tea party is — and isn’t

How we change and grow apart

Since this is the anniversary of 9/11 I'd like you to think back to a time before the terrorists attacked the U.S.  Think back to any time in 2001, but before September.  I'd like you to think about gay rights and in particular, gay marriage.  What did you think about gays and gay marriage in say June 2001?  How do you feel today?  If you opposed gay rights then, but have changed, I bet you are Democrat.  If you opposed and still opposed, then I bet you are a Republican.  Of course, a Dem in 2001 might have been for civil unions and now are on board with gay marriage.

Gay rights, people's rights, are one facet of an increasing divide in this country.  It's becoming harder and harder to think we are one people with two major political parties, but united under one Constitution.  I fear we are now two peoples and each has its own party and its own Constitution.  If so, we're in deeper shit than I care to think about.

Here's a piece on the Dems and gay marriage--

The Democrats learned to love same-sex marriage


As the names continue to be read, I have C-Span running in a window on my Mac, I have to mention the guards who stand behind the name reader's podiums.  They appear to be NYPD and NYFD members.  They stand at attention as survivors read the names of the dead and as each reader commemorates one of  their own loved ones lost on that terrible day.  The emotion on display can  be powerful and grip you.  I don't think I could be one of those guards.  I would have lost it and started sobbing in sympathy.    Could you stand there, listening, feeling, but stand as a stoic guard of those we all lost on 9/11?  


I posted about names living up to their names last week.  The WaPo had a number of profiles that looked at icons and asked are/were the icons actually as iconic in their own lives.   Here's a bit of followup and a link to the original piece.

What’s in a name: What we missed


Repeal the 20th Century.  Pearlstein takes a look at the GOP and their "economics."

The magical world of voodoo ‘economists’

Worth the money

If you don't subscribe to "The New Yorker" find someone who does, go to the libarary, or a newstand and get hold of the Sept. 12. 2011 edition.  It's worth a read, especially George Packer's pieced--

COMING APART  (it's an abstract, for the whole piece, find a copy or subscribe.)


It seems the only TV station that has carried the ceremony in NYC is C-Span (I'm in the Richmond, Va, TV coverage area).  Names are still being read.  Of course, it's on-line.  I was surprized at the network stations breaking in on the reading of names by news readers and professional chatterers.  I was even more amazed at the Richmond stations leaving the 9/11 ceremony to air local Jesus jockeys instead.

As names are read I see America.  All ages.  Men and women.  All races and ethnicities.  The world is represented in the names of the dead and in those reading the names.  Even 10 years on, the emotion of loss remains intense.  When you lose someone unexpectedly, for mystifying reasons, that  death, that loss never leaves.  You learn to cope in public.  You learn to live again.  In private, mourning becomes your enduring normal until...

All you want to know is "why?"    

9/11 Ten Years On

It's been ten years.  Ground Zero has been re-built.   There is a remembrance ceremony going on as I type.  The memorial is striking.  As I watched and listened to family members read the names of those killed on 9/11, it all comes back.  The whole damn day comes back in one gut catching internal sob.  As names are read, the TV cameras pan the memorial.  Horizontal granite surfaces are engraved with the names of our dead.  They are our dead.  Family members find and touch the names of the their lost loves now carved in stone.  They make rubbings.  They caress the names.  They kiss the names.  Some bend over, with face to stone, as their tears of sadness begin to fill letters of a name.  The names belong to the survivors.  The names belong to us all.  It's damned hard to keep listening to the names, but we must.