Saturday, September 24, 2011

Florida Trogs Prefer Pizza

Herman, 9 pizza with 9 toppings for $9, Cain won the Florida Straw Poll.  Cain received 37% of the $175 a pop votes.  It's a Trog fundraiser.  Here are the results:

Old Liberty Guy--10%
Crazy Lady--2%
Jon Boy--2%

Wouldn't it be a hoot to have Cain bake all primary pizzas and become the nominee?  Obama/Biden vs. Cain/Fathead in 2012?  If Cain gets the chance to run the nation's pizzeria, who do you think he should pick as his night manager?

Beyond Loons

In 2008, the NRA hyped Obama as a gun control freak.  This vastly increased sales of guns and ammo.  So how much control has Obama and his Justice Dept. done?  Oh, make it  zippo, nada, none, and zilch on gun control.  So is the NRA happy?  Nah, the only reason there's been no gun control is that Obama et. al. have been coy, they've been deceiving gun toters across the land.  The bad stuff will happen in the second term.  That's when Obama, personally, will take away all the guns everywhere.

That's down right sneaky.  So, gun nuts y'all better obey old Wayne, and buy more guns now.  After Obama's victory in 2012, Wayne is sure that gun owners will be rounded up, their weapons confiscated and they will be made into servants of the invading United Nations army.

I have to hand it to the NRA, they know their clientele well and can always instill a gun buying fervor.  Of course it's also nice to know that from the gun nut's perspective, Obama will have a second term otherwise they would not be buying all those guns.

  NRA claims ‘massive Obama conspiracy’ not to ban guns

Trogging Google Blues

Pity poor Rick Santorum.  He has a Google problem.  Every time one goggles Santorum the user learns of  Mr. Rick's stuff.  He's frothy lad.  His problem is not google, it's himself.  He is after all, santorum.

Rick Santorum wants his Google problem fixed. Can Google shrug him off?

Supremes have chance to shaft the nation

Roberts and the Robes begin their Originalism Rocks tour and will sing a song of ministerial exclusion  extending to anyone employed by a religious organization.  I bet they will decide with the jesus jockeys.  Damn, here's a way for GM and Ford to get rid of the UAW, they just sell themselves to a church and then they can screw everybody, give testimony, and be praised for being saved.  Born again profits?

Actually it's an interesting case and does have some serious implications for our future.  If the court does decide for the Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School it wil be a disservice to the Constitution akin to Plessy v. Ferguson or even the Dred Scott decision. Given that Scalia remains on the Court, I am pessimistic.

In Brief: The Supreme Court Takes Up Church Employment Disputes and the “Ministerial Exception”
Interesting, so go read the rest on the Press--Views of the News Media: 1985-2011

In case you missed it

Will Einstein become a footnote in physics?  Maybe.  If neutrinos do speed along at Warp-11, assuming Warp-10 is the speed of light, then someone is going to have write a whole new OPERA.  Funny if true, the discovery was an accident, they were looking for something else and out flopped a c+ speed.

Particles faster than light: Revolution or mistake?

Start your long term office pool, it will take time to determine if Einstein reigns or is deposed.

Let's split it in half

Partisanship flares again, thwarts passage of stopgap funding bill 

I'm fed up with our politics.  Maybe we need to split the nation.  I'd have to move, I would not live in a non-U.S. Virginia.  The red states can go do their thing, the blues states can to.  I'd move to a blue state.  We'd probably be better off if we split it in two.

Funny, to me it all comes down to religion and education.  The red states value jesus but disparage education.  The blue states value science and chuckle at the jesus jockeys.  The red states cheer capital punishment, the blues states ban it.  The red states prefer those without health insurance to just die while the blue states wonder whatever happened to a real national health care system.  The red states boo and disparage soldiers if they are gay and gays in general.  The blue states just boo war.  It's not quite that simple, but you get my drift.  Yep, increasingly so, it's two worlds.  Republican and Democrat.  It's science vs. religion, you really cannot have both together in one worldview, it just won't work.  Splitsville?  Let me ask you this, if it was totally paid for, what school would you want your child to attend?  Is it in a red state?  

The Kennedy Book

If you have or are planning to buy the book of Jackie Kennedy waxing on an on about her late husband, then please give this a read.  YOu might then think about this one aspect of her memory if you read the rest.

Jackie Kennedy’s flawed memory

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #3

Pakistan warns US against sending in troops to fight Afghan militants on its soil 

Our non-ally, ally, in the non-war, war that is not being waged, but is being waged on their turf, is miffed with the U.S.  If you've missed the latest bit of idiocy in the Af-Pak war, here's a re-cap

The row began when Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, on Thursday accused the ISI agency of supporting Haqqani insurgents in planning and executing last week’s 22-hour assault on the U.S. Embassy and a truck bombing that wounded 77 American soldiers days earlier.

If Mullen is correct, then Pakistan may be 60% non-ally and only 40% ally, but they are a nukified ally.  The proportions might be worse or might be better.  I'd ask the intell community, but their track record is less than stellar.  The question is, do Obama and his defense dorks attack Pakistan with the U.S. Army instead of just the U.S. CIA Drone Force?  Do we pound the ground?

Given the presidential love of war, the GOP love of death, and the Dems timidity over peace, I'd say we will war on in Pakistan.  Why not, with Iraq down and almost out, we need to keep on wrecking the our overall economy by insuring that the military industrial complex thrives.  In other words this mess is just more bullshit and has nothing to do with defending ourselves from aggressors foreign and domestic.  It has nothing to do with making us safe.  It has nothing to do with our freedom, our liberty or our happiness.

So far the only 2012 contender that has it right on our wars, is Ron Paul.  End 'em all.  Close all our foreign bases.  Then cut DOD cost and personnel by at least 60%, if not more.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Go Larry!

All that values voter bullshit is fair game.  Larry Flynt is back with a $1 million offer for dirt.   This time he wants smut about the Asshole from El Paso.  I do hope someone is able to collect.

Porn magnate Flynt funding $1 million dollar quest to embarrass Perry

Good News From the Trog Watchers

Pundits who prefer trogs to people have decided the Asshole from El Paso, may be just that, an asshole.  Will they suggest the party dump the dumbbell?  They might, they know what happened when they last  embraced an inarticulate boob from Texas in 2000.  This asshole is even dumber.

Runnin’ From Rick - Conservative Pundits Turn On Perry After Debate

Cyber Bad Guys

Did you ever read The Cuckoo's Egg by Clifford Stoll?  It's about  computer hackers, back before we knew what to call them.  It's a good read and should make you wonder about how cyber secure you are at work and at home.

Now let's get a bit more current.  Do you remember the Stuxnet worm?  It's a military grade cyberweapon that was used on Iran's nuclear program.  The worm set them back a bit.  The code and logic of Stuxnet are out there.  Do you think anyone has bothered to harden critical systems from Stuxnet type attacks?  If you do, then give this piece a read, you might change your mind.

From the man who discovered Stuxnet, dire warnings one year later

Trog Debate

Note the candidates are trogs, but we cannot forget the audience.  In a prior debate the audience  cheered for capitol punishment like it's some kind of sport.  They also cheered for the idea of allowing someone without health insurance to die.  Last night they booed a serving gay soldier.  I'm not sure which group of people are the worst, the Republican voters or the candidates.  Oh, in all three instances, none of the candidates provided a correction to the audience behavior so I guess it's a draw, both groups are repugnant.   I'm still trying to figure out how anyone who is gay or who is female could be a trog.  Today's GOP gives fear and loathing on the campaign trail a new meaning doesn't it?

Gutting NCLB one waiver at a time

One of the few things I agree with the Trogs on, is the Dept. of Education.  Get rid of it.  Everything that was added to the federal government in the name of education from the inception of the Dept. to date needs to be totally bagged.   Education is a state and local issue.  I take issue with states acting like the Feds to their localities too.

If parents want their urchin spawn to be educated let them see to it.  If they do not care, then we insure an abundant supply of low wage ditch diggers.   In other words, it's up to communities and families.  They need to apply the same kind of logic they'd use to find, say a surgeon.  If you want the least risk of death, hire a really good (and expensive) surgeon.  Likewise with teachers.  Raise the qualification bar, pay them very well, and let them prove they are that good, year after year.  Oh, don't forget to permanently fire about 90% of the administrators, that will cover some of the cost of the improved teaching staff.

Obama is mucking with a crappy law, NCLB.  Why not waiver the entire damn law out of existence?

Obama to issue No Child Left Behind waivers to states

A Pox on all of them

This gets so old.  Once again the elected are acting like the children they represent (uh, make that the 51% of 50% who voted, which means they do not represent about 74%).  It's no wonder Congress turns to crap given that they appeal only to a minority of the population.  As long as the voting population does not change much and the minority likes the way their elected dorks do their job, they will persist.

Is it time to change Congress?  Is it time to sweep them all out?  Is it time to make sure we never reelect anyone?  I doubt it, we all like the party favors our guys and gals send to our Districts.  Voters are so cheap.  Oh, well, it's been a good run, Greece here we come.

Senate likely to reject House-passed spending bill; shutdown still possible

Solving Government Waste

By all that doesn't add up, our government sends checks to dead people.  They go to people who were at one time federal employees.  They retired.  They collected retirement pay.  They died, but the checks kept coming and no one said a word.  $120 million or more went into accounts of the deceased.  There's a bit of cheating amongst survivors.  We need to fix this problem.

Dead federal retirees paid $120 million yearly, report says 

We need to use a new technology and create a new agency that monitors the run-time life status of people receiving government funds.  We can use tattoos.   These are electronc circuits printed on skin that can transmit vital data, like are you alive!  Data can be requested by the payment database.  As a transfer is ready to be cut, the system queries the tattoo.  If the tat responds, "still alive" the payment is made.  If the tat is mum, then the system assumes death and the money stays in the Treasury.

I wonder if tats could be hacked?

Trog Off

Fox and Google ran a GOP yak off last night.  The trogs gathered.  They yakked off.  Each was determined to show the trog fans that "I'm the troggiest of all".  There was a new trog.  He's another Governor type.  I forget his name.  He did give us the highlight of the "debate." He indicated that his neighbor's dogs have created more shovel ready jobs than has Obama.  Other than that, it was same shit, different debate.  If you missed it, how was Grey's Anatomy, anyway?

Rick Perry, Mitt Romney spar in Troglican presidental debate

I don't understand trog culture and behavior well.  I'm not a trogspert.   However, the top trog appears to be the one on speed, I think his name is Willard.  The next most popular trog is the hesitant Asshole from El Paso.  He seems to have a bit of a problem with his articulation (he exposed it).  After that they're all about the same.    They love jesus.  They love guns.  They fear facts.  They fear Mexicans.  The fear Obama.  They fear gays more than Mexicans.  They love flags.  They are bitter.  They are patriots*.  They fear taxes.  They fear spending.  They do love death.  They fear government but are all running for a government job.   One fears that fences will be built to keep us in.  They especially fear healthcare.  With all the fear, it's fair to say they finally shown us they are all fools from fantasyland.

Oh, the fathead with white hair used the word "profound" at least 437 gaziilion times.  I think it was the night's magic word?  Did he get a prize?  Yeah, he gets nine pizzas.

*after all, it is a refuge for scalliwags, trolls and trogs.  

E=mc...hold it, back to the board

Yep, light may not necessarily be the fastest thing in the universe.  How about neurtrinos?  It may or may not be true. We'll have to see the testing methods confirmed and then see a tad of replication.  This may be the biggest story of the year.

Particles Found to Travel Faster than Speed of Light

If confirmed, who will come up with whatever extends Einstein as he did Newton.  The universe is a very weird place.  If c is the universal constant, the speed of light, what if it's not really a constant?  What if there is no constant?  What if the universe if far more variable than we imagined.  Gee, has god decided to play with dice?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

He's hit the batshit one time too many

Willard thinks he's part of the middle class, now that's a hoot.  If he'd like to live in the middle class, I'll swap him home and incomes and let him live like the 85%+ of us who don't quite have $200 million or so in the bank.   The guy has to pander.  He's desperate for everyone to love him.  What a schmuck.  It's no wonder the Trogs prefer the Asshole from El Paso.  At least Perry knows he's an asshole and is proud of it.

Romney says he’s part of the middle class

At A Restaurant Near You Soon

You will use your Google wallet (see earlier post) to pay for the meal you ordered via a table-side iPad.  Who needs all those pesky waiters and cashiers anyway?  Do you have to tip an iPad?

Some restaurants serve up iPads for customers to place orders

Gee, how many low end burger joint jobs will high tech clobber? What will be the new low end jobs? None? Well, that does not bode well for the future.    How many people have to be unemployed before the junk food emporiums have too few customers and their stocks tank?  Is that the number that will indicate a bit of urban violence is imminent?


As Georgia killed Troy Davis, I thought of Texas, Rick Perry and the killing of the innocent--


Fools and their money

The Asshole from El Paso, formerly on his Fed Up tour, is now, in some circles, just a Sphincter from Somewhere on his I'm Upset Too tour.  Oh, the tour is a detour through the halls of moneybags, Yep, Perry is toning it down a bit to raise up donations to his campaign.  If donors give to Perry, they need to realize,  he's still the Asshole and he's still fed up.  If donors give to him, then they too are assholes who are fed up in the same odd ways.  As usual large donors are fools.

In fundraising, Perry moves to reassure donors on electability

It's Time

The House is full of snollygosters.  We elected them all.  What's wrong with us?  All this Congress will accomplish is getting themselves reelected to the 113 Congress.  I guess that means the current state of the nation is exactly what we want.  We must really love snollygosters.

GOP House leaders rebuked on spending

Regulation and Jobs

Are you one of those folks convinced that regulation kills jobs?  If so, then you really need to read this piece--Do Regulations Really Kill Jobs Overall? Not So Much 

Jobs are created and destroyed by business owners, small and large, depending on how much business comes their way.  If folks don't shop, then jobs drop.  Taxes and regulation are just costs of business.  Business is a demand driven event.  Right now, there is no demand.  In that sense, if spending increases demand, demand increases jobs.  Okay that makes sense so why aren't we demanding that government increase spending?   Instead our pols are competing to see who can pile up that largest job killing spending cuts.  With the leadership we've seen in Congress and the White House, get ready to slide down the razor blade of life.

FOX--Comedy Tonight

It's time for another installment of  "It's Never Sunny Around Santorum," or as most would call it, a GOP Presidential Debate.  Yep, one more round of assholes each trying to prove they are the biggest asshole of them all.  It's great comedy.  Of course there are folks who think this is serious business.   They are demented.  I hope you do not have any of them in your family.

This debate may not get as good ratings as the previous comedy sketches.  The new TV season is underway.  Come on, "Grey's Anatomy" or Assholes on Parade?  See.  Don't bother trying to record it,  DVRs and TIVO will not accept recording of GOP debates.  The machines protect themselves from the dangers of  santorum covered electrons.  The devices protects themselves, why can't people?

Your Vote, Your Questions: You Decide What to Ask at the Fox News/Google Debate

Good Post

Give this a read, then get noisy about the issues that really matter.  Oh, there's not a damn thing being said by any of the GOP candidates that's even worth a poop of gooseshit.   Even so, the Dems will use the GOP's framing to keep the race "safe."  That safe, as in for saving the status quo of donations and reelections for all in both parties.  Does anyone really think there's a Dem running for office who gives a shit about progressive politics or is really a liberal?  Come on, it's one coin with two faces.

What you won't hear about during the 2012 election

Google Wallet

That's right, Google will replace your wallet with theirs.  Your cellphone, plus a convenient app, will be used to say "charge it."  That is a bit more understandable saying "NFC" it.  Oh, that's the underlying tech, near field communication chips, which is just the latest development out of RFID.

If you love swipe fees, you'll adore the Google wallet, like I say it's their wallet.  Enjoy.

Google Wallet: Shop with a swipe of your phone

Troy Davis

Last night Troy Davis was killed by the people of the State of Georgia.  The Supremes did not stay his execution.  The state executioner did his job and murdered Troy Davis.   We call it execution, but let's face it, it is collective pre-meditated first degree murder.  Obviously by that statement you get the idea that I think capital punishment is just flat-assed wrong.  It is wrong.  Even the asshole in Texas who was also murdered yesterday should have been incarcerated for life, not killed.

Your Mama probably taught you two wrongs don't make a right.   Well, killing a killer just makes you a killer too.  In this case, everyone who resides in Georgia became a killer. If that elicits cheers from you, then you need to think about whether or not you have a conscience or a shred of humanity.  I figure this is a losing argument as long as the Bible thumpers keep thumping away.  Yeah, I figure the blood lust comes straight from god.  Please do remember that we create and sustain god in our image.  So if you live in a godly community loaded with folks who cheer executions, then you might want to think about moving unless you share the same self image.

Oh, if a state is going to murder, then the highest elected official in the state should do the killing.  I'd like to know if Mr. Perry would lose no sleep after killing the 242 or so cons in Texas?  The Governors should do the killing and the killings should be done in public.  Of course the method should be humane.  The only humane killing device I know of is the Guillotine.

Guilty or innocent, Mr. Davis should not have been murdered by the millions of people who live in Georgia.  How say you?

Ga. executes Davis, who drew legions of supporters but found no court to throw out conviction

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Peta Porn

To spread their word, PETA, the animal ethics crowd, will set up a porn in November.  I have a feeling the guys who go to look at the babes will bypass PETA's message images.  Come on, did anyone really read those articles in Playboy?


Peta is going to lure people (guys) to their site by using graphic images one kind of animal cruelty to then confront them with graphic images of another kind of animal cruelty. Porn is a bit unethical, even cruel,  isn't it? Peta seems to have a bit of a means/end problem.

Okay, Just for Fun

10 Sexist Ads Made by Total Pigs

Fact Free Zone

In addition to the GOP in general, freedom from facts is an especial trait of every trog's fav, the Asshole from El Paso, Rick Perry.  He just calls 'em as he sees 'em, which is very easy to do, you just open your mouth and say whatever comes to mind.  Facts, schmacks, they're for socialists and scientists.  This certainly is not your father's GOP.

Another Rick Perry Whopper

Security Paranoids, This One's For Y'all

Report: 4.2 million hold security clearances

For everyone else, ponder the meaning of that number of security clearances and begin reading about our government and security. I suggest we begin with an older book, if you haven't read it, go to the library or buy a copy of "The Politics of Lying" by David Wise. Enjoy!

Health Stuff

Not having rug rats or urchin spawn hanging round my house, I don't think much about small hands, small mouths, and small objects.  However, you may little ones.  If you do, it's not just the size of the foreign object that matters, it's also what it's made of.  For example, keep the button batteries well away from the tots.  Lithium is not a good thing to eat.  Of course, if you can find a way to feed them to adult teabaggers that's probably okay, it might even be a public service.

I wonder how many other little things like tiny batteries there are in our high tech world today?  If I think back to my childhood and think of today, I think it's a lot more dangerous just hanging around any room in the house these days.  It was a very different world 60+ years ago, wasn't it?

Energizer to raise awareness of button batteries

Kids and objects don't always go well together.  Guess what else does not go well with you, if you are female and you are pregnant?  I didn't expect this one, but it does make a kind of sense.  If you have a bun in the oven, don't eat Low Fat Yogurt!

Yogurt: Not As Healthy As You Think

This is not another health paragraph, it's a language question.  If you went to the first link on batteries you read the following,

"...incidents of children swallowing so-called button batteries are on the rise..."

Here's my language question, what is the difference between  a "so-called button battery" and a "button battery?"  Why do so many people use "so-called" when it's not needed.  If something has a name, it's not so called unless one uses the phrase if a disparaging way or there is some ambiguity about classification.  For example, I could refer to the "so-called" Senator from Utah, Orrin Hatch, by doing so I'm politley indicating I think he's an ass or I'm not sure if he really is a Senator.  Why is the phrase being used the way it is and so damned frequently these days?

Yo, Ho, Ho and a bottle of drones

Bless my permanent war, we're building secret hunter killer drone bases all over the place.  I wonder if anyone has told the pirates, their days are numbered.  After a long day finding and killing terrorists and assorted others, drones will zap pirates on the return leg. Hey you have to use up all the ordinance before landing.

This is the beginning of the permanent war.  We will have some success.  We will think we're doing the right thing, for the right reasons, in the right way.  Then, at some point, those we drone may decide to returen the favor and send hunter killers our way.  It's dumb.

U.S. assembling secret drone bases in Africa, Arabian Peninsula, officials say

Look if we want to rule the world, bag the military and do it economically.  Can you imagine what would happen if we used the DOD budget for capitalistic purposes and world dominion?  

Today's Delight

I don't know about you, but over the years one of the Senate's debilitators I've really come to despise is Lindsey Graham. He kind of combimes the worst of McCain, DeMint, Sessions, Hatch, and Lieberman all in one little sanctimonious zit on the public ass.   When I read this,

A major donor to Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) is accused of stealing more than $3.6 million in federal grant money and illegally funneling foreign cash to Graham’s campaign, according to federal charges announced this week.

I have to admit I was tickled.  I had fantasies of him being drummed out the Senate.  I hope this will stick to him like gooseshit.  I'd love to see him leave the Senate for any reason, corruption just makes it sweeter to think about.

The Tax Buffet

Obama wants to tax millionaires and billionaires a bit more.  I have no problem with that at all.  I have no problem with class warfare.  Class war is how the bulk of humanity has made any gains at all.  The majority of folks, the bottom of the pile, merely waged war to reestablish what the rich wrongfully took from them in the first place, I think we call them inalienable rights.

God, can you imagine what it would be like today if serfs had responded like modern Republicans whenever a King or Queen had protested "peasants that's class warfare, I'm aghast!" Actually the GOP might think about it a bit too, since most of them would be on the bottom of pile along with the rest of us.  Kings did not take well to upwardly mobile peasants, they had enough trouble with usurping Earls.

Why not tax the rich a bit more?  It's not the rates so much as it is how much of everything they own and the subsequent concentration of wealth they pass on to heirs.  Who pays what taxes?  Here's a piece by Glenn Kessler you might find of interest.  I think he's a closet suck up to the rich, but his piece has some interesting links and data.  Do note if you'd like to receive info on taxes, the Treasury Dept. has list servers.

Obama, taxes and the ‘Buffett Rule’

At the current rate of taxation, wealth concentration, cost of campaigning, and high unemployment how long do you think we can remain a Democratic Republic?  If you expect your grand kids to have it worse than you did, why? Do you think income distribution might be at play in your thoughts of the future?  

The Shrub Lives On ObamaCo

When the Shrub was the decider, his appointees in the Department of Justice spent those hard earned tax dollars on $8.24 cups of coffee.  The coffee washed down beef Wellington hors d’oeuvres at $7.32 per serving. Needless to say DOJ conferences have been very popular with the let's pretend we're in the private sector crowd. Even in the face of the worst economy since the Great Depression, DOJ has continued to be a "jobs" engine as they spent $121 million on conferences in two years. I'm sure every meeting was critical to the nation's wellbeing. The $16 muffins must have been very tasty. Once again, ObamaCo proudly lives in the Shrubbery.

A $16 muffin? Justice Dept. audit finds ‘wasteful’ and extravagant spending

Catalogs and Us

Even with the Tubes, there are still a lot of catalogs that come in the mail.  There aren't quite as many as 10 years ago.  I don't know what the tactics of the mail order crowd are these days.  I assume a 3% return on a mailing still makes them a very tidy profit.  How much business does a mail order firm get by sending a catalog to pique a customer's interest in a way that the customer then uses the firms website to place the "catalog" order.

At any rate, do you receive the "Brylane Home" catalog?  I really haven't paid attention to ours.  It shows up. I put it in a stack of catalogs.  When the stack gets two feet tall, I remove the bottom 18" of paper and send it on to the dump.  I still call it the dump, but its official name is the waste disposal and recycling center.  The catalogs are recycled.

Back to Brylane Home.  I received one the other day.  I decided to take a look inside.  I was a bit taken aback by what the catalog now features, plus+sizeliving.  That's stuff for fat people.  The catalog added the plus size some time ago, I just didn't pay any attention.  Do you  know when?  God, it could be years for all the attention I pay to catalogs.

Plus size living?  Go ahead and browse the catalog for a bit.  Then ask yourself, is the nation obese or not?  We may not want to admit we have become #1 in lard, but simple little things like catalogs do say we have become obese.  Do you have other examples such as the catalog that show the state of us?


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Here comes 2012

What if the race is between Obama and Perry?  Well both candidates might be more evenly matched than we think.  On the Obama side, what's his greatest strength?  That's easy, he's not a Gooper, he's not Perry.  Basically, no matter how upset various Dem factions may be, they will vote for Obama because he's not Rick Perry.  Okay now over to the Perry voter.  What's Perry's biggest strength?  Again, a no brainer.  It's simple, he's not Obama.  It will be a race of the lesser of two evils.   The greater of the evils will be determined by the number of voters voting for someone  because he's not someone else.  Yep, politics as usual.  It does get a might old.

Poll: Texas Doesn’t Like Rick Perry — But They’ll Still Vote For Him

Asshole's Gay Treatment Plan

Goopers, especially the Asshole from El Paso,  seem to think being gay is an option.  They love to talk about choice and responsibility.  If you are gay, then it is your own fault.  Of course you could follow Michelle Bachman's advice and pray the gay away.  Just pray yourself pure?  Of course, if countless hours of prayer aren't quite to your liking, then the Asshole from El Paso has another approach.  Being gay is the same as being a drunk.  So, suck it up and find a 12 step the gay away program.   I'm still trying to understand how anyone who is gay could be a Republican.  You know, it also makes no sense to be female and Republican.  Now about those lesbian Republicans...

Rick Perry Compared Gays To Alcoholics In Book

Asshole from El Paso and Jesus

The Asshole supports Israel because he's a Jesus jockey.  Yep, he has a clear directive from god.  Of course, it just might be that he's in the Hagee camp.  Hagee is an Israel booster for one reason.  If there is no Israel there will be no end of days.  If there is not an end of days there ain't no rapture.  Without a rapture, if you are among the chosen, you won't be able to flip the bird to the theological losers left to a 1,000 years of pain and other bullshit on earth.  Oh, don't forget, when it's rapture time, god kills all Jews then sucks the faithful to heaven.  All in all, it's just one more Jew bashing dodge.  Now exactly why does the Asshole favor the Israelis?  Directive?  What kind?

‘Clear Directive’: Perry Cites His Christian Faith As Reason For Support Of Israel

Tonight on TV

"Glee" returns tonight.  Other than that, not much else on the tube worth bothering with.  If you have not watched Glee before, give it a try.  If you find it a bit captivating--the singing is worth all the high school drama, then rent/stream the first two season.  Gleek on, even it the cast all look to be in their mid 20s!

What would the Shrub Do?

The easiest way to figure out what Obama will propose on just about anything is ask "What Would the Shrub Do?"  The answer to that question is what Obama will do.  I guess Obama is just an articulate Dubya.  Okay how about the Post Office?  Dubya would come out with a bold plan--end Saturday delivery.  Other ideas are too complex (that means they alienate possible voters in the next election).  All Obama will do is pass the USPS buck on to the next President.  If he's reelected, he'll pass it on just as the Shrub passed all the decisions he made from 2001-2008 on to Obama.  Actually it's easy to be a decider.

Obama backs ending Saturday mail as part of deficit proposals

Life in the Religious lane

As folks set their car's cruise control, it's not too bad.  The car moves at a constant speed.  Assuming the speed was set at or below the speed limit, cops don't pull you over and you don't over exert your right foot.   The device works well as long as you stay in the civil lane.  Don't stray over into the Religioius lane.  If you do, cruise control can be deadly so you had best turn it off.

The Religious lane is full of bombs, bullets, and folks who kill for their god.  You need to go fast, then slow, then fast, then stop.  It's frightening.  At times you have to abandon your car or it abandons you,  if  you hit an IED.  I guess if you are a believer it's worth the risk, hell you might make it to Valhallah or some other fantasical final resort.  Oh, Turkey has opened a new Religious lane with a boom.

Turkey says car bomb explosion kills 3, wounds 15 in Turkish capital


By now everyone knows Netflix has bifurcated into Qwixster and Netflix.   Qwikster is DVD by mail.  Netflix is streaming content.  The two companies will have shared nothing.  Good idea?  If I owned stock in it I'd sell it.  Qwikster will wane, that's their intent.  Netflix has positioned itself to effectively be gobbled up by the next big streaming content provider.  Netflix--both parts--has in two dumb decisions become both Yahoo and AOL.  It will be around, but it will not be the leader of the pack ever again.

The cost increases were botched.  The three month late apology was just an odd way to tell customers bend over and take it again.  Making users take additional steps to accomplish what they already do, is not an improvement.  Not having Twitter and Facebook accounts set up in advance is dumber--is Netflix really a web company?   The streaming winner will be whatever company figures out how to use something that exists, as Netflix did with the Post Office or the the Web,  and use it to leverage more content, at lower cost,  to more customers.  So far, it's just Netflix and the clones.  Who will show up?  Think not?  Do you still use MySpace?


It never ends

Bonzo gave us Star Wars, not the movie but the missile shield that doesn't do anything except spend billions.  Now, I guess we can give this one to Obama, we have begun on to make machine warriors.  Yep, robots who kill.  On their own.  It's scary.  Have you ever read any of the sci-fi lit in this area?  If so, review them, if not, then start to read.  Gee, could  Anonymous hack a bot?

A future for drones: Automated killing

A robot is machine, controlled by a computer program.  Think about it.  Did you ever write a bit of code that contained a flaw, but the flaw was not discovered for years.  And then only because an unanticipated set of conditions happened to occur and then the program blew up.   Yeah, think about it.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Bagley Caratoon

Teabagger's Amusement Park--

DADT ends tomorrow

Celebration and concern mark the end of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ 

If Bill Clinton had a set of balls, this DADT mess would never have occurred. He could have ordered gays to be able to openly serve. He was afraid. He put his reelection ahead of doing what was right for the nation. Why does anyone admire the putz at all? Oh yeah, if he had been defeated over gay service, no one would know what "blue dress" means.

Gee, it takes him a long time to learn

All that hope and change crap was campaign bullshit, the problem is the speaker believed it.  I guess he never had to deal with Republicans in the Senate.  Illinois is not the South.  As a result, every time he opened his mouth, the Repubs were there with a giant "NO."  Obama did not  learn.  Now after wasting two years he's discovering that to govern, he has to govern as a Democrat.  I'm afraid he does not have it in him to tell the GOP to fuck off.  He has wasted his time. Can he fix his mess?

Why the White House changed course


Some headlines are just funny to read.  For example, I saw the one below and then thought that George Bush has raised over $300 million to build a library to house his book.  I think it's about a goat.

George W. Bush has surpassed fundraising goal of $300M for presidential library

Snowball's Chance

Tax increases on the wealthy are needed if we are to dig our way out of the budgetary mess.  However, until the majority of folks, that's the majority of those who take the time to vote, decide it's time to increase taxes on the rich, nothing will happen.  If  you're not a voter, you're not part of the discussion, you are just a roadside turd.  Look the assholes in D.C. are elected.  As assholes, they will do whatever they are told to do by those that elected them to office--they value reelection.  Hold, it, maybe they're not assholes, make that whores instead.  As whores...

Obama proposes new taxes on wealthy for half of debt plan

WHAT'S NEW   Robert L Park   Friday, 16 Sep 11   Washington, DC

A 34,000 km2 rectangle of land straddling the border of Virginia and West 
Virginia surrounds The Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope, the world's 
largest fully steerable radio telescope.  The site was chosen partly 
because the Allegheny Mountains block the horizontal propagation of radio 
signals, but mostly because Robert C Byrd (D-WV) was one powerful US 
Senator.  Radio transmission in the zone is either limited or banned 
outright.  In addition to radio astronomers, the quiet zone has also 
attracted a colony of people who say they suffer from Electromagnetic 
Hypersensitivity (EHS).  They certainly suffer from something, but EHS is 
not medically recognized in the US.  In a BBC News interview last week I 
suggested that the appropriate treatment for a non-ailment such as EHS 
would be homeopathic medicine.  

In a move that could end deep space exploration, congressional budget 
cutters left off the $15 million needed to restart the production of Pu-
238.  Pu-238 is not bomb stuff; it's a non-fissile isotope used to supply 
heat for thermoelectric generators (RTGs).  With no moving parts, RTGs are 
one of the simplest and most reliable technologies ever devised.  They 
generate electrical power to operate long-duration space missions too 
distant from the Sun for solar panels. Let's see, that will cut a $300 
billion budget by 0.0005%. Well, it's a start. 


The New York Times says that on Monday President Obama will call for a new 
tax rate for individuals making more than $1 million a year.  It would 
require them to pay at least the same percentage of their earnings as 
middle-income taxpayers.  Republican politicians lost no time in declaring 
this to be the opening shot in a class war.  It's been a class war all 
along.  All that's changed is that the war is no longer undeclared.   
Obama's proposal comes a month after Warren Buffett wrote in the New York 
Times that: "My friends and I have been coddled long enough by a 
billionaire-friendly Congress.  It's time for our government to get serious 
about shared sacrifice."  Why shouldn't those who benefited most from our 
system be willing to return more.

The audience at a recent GOP presidential debate applauded the observation 
that Texas Governor Rick Perry, an Evangelical Christian, has presided over 
a record 234 executions, more than any other governor in US history, with 
another one scheduled for Thursday.  


Do you subscribe to Netflix?  If so, then you received an e-mail announcing the split into Qwikster and Netflix.  Qwikster becomes the name of he DVD by mail service.  Netflix becomes the name of the streaming service.   Gee, how idiotic.  It will become, in essence two companies.  There will be two websites.  Two billing entries.  And no communication between the two faces of the company.

They may have dreamed up some reasons for this.  What's in the letter is bullshit.  I did not mind the price increases, but I do mind two unrelated interfaces from one company delivering what is to me, one service.  I predict Netflix and Qwikster will be gobbled up by Amazon or someone else (is Google in the streaming biz yet?) as they slide towards failure.

A good company will now become two mediocre companies.  Within one year, it will all fizzle.  Do you own stock in Netflix?  Will this change make them the follower instead of the leader?

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Don't take it from me, take it from George Will.  The Tea Party is the GOP.  In essence the GOP began eating batshit in 1964 when Goldwater was nominated.  It's been one step further to the right every year since then.   Now the GOP is 100% drooling trogs.  The Teabaggers are the Republican Party.  If you think of yourself as a Republican but are a bit repulsed by tri-corner hats and "don't piss on me" flags, then you might consider a couple of options.

First, start a new party.  That will take time, but it's a worthy goal.  However there is an interim option.  Try becoming a conservative Democrat.  Do not vote Republican, vote for the Democrats in 2012.  I realize it may be hard to vote for a non-white guy, but give it try.  Your actions will affect the folks who  usurped your party.  Besides it will give the Democrats a false sense of security as you form your new party for 2016 and then abandon the jackasses.

True Republicans, you must do your duty for god and country.  You must vote Democratic in 2012!  It's the only way you can restore honor an dignity of your former party as you from a new one.  What will you call your new party?  Suggestions?

George Will: The tea party is the Republican establishment

Asshole from El Paso News

Good news folks.  After presenting himself to the nation, the Asshole from El Paso has lived up to his name.  Yep, more and more people are listening to what passes through his circular muscle tissue.  They seen to be saying "Who wants another guy with two assholes in the White House?"  Yep, been there, done that, and it did not work out all that well.

Down in the polls, Perry’s Moves To The Right On Social Security and Moves To The Bottom In The General Election

Irene Keep on Giving

Strategic Victory Watch -- War # 5

I think #5 is Yemen.  There are too many to keep them all straight.  While the U.S. may have withdrawn support for the dictator, he's still in charge.  I bet the weapons he's using on Yemeni citizens all say "Made In USA."  At any rate, I would not expect Yemen to become a best friend of Uncle Sam regardless of the outcome.  That's kind of a foreign policy that sucks is it not?

Yemeni forces open fire on protesters, 12 killed

Idiots at play in the fields of GOOP

The upper class declared war on every other class back in 1972.  Their objective was simple, obtain a two class system consisting of the upper class and their thralls and everyone else.  In the spirit of egalitarianism, they decided the everyone else should all earn just enough to survive.  After all, if 99% of the population is equal who gives a shit about the remaining 1%.  After working so hard for economic equality, the upper class resents when anyone suggests distorting the balance by raising their taxes.  Why, that's class warfare.

The forgoing is loony, but seems to capture the GOP's position.  What I don't understand is how anyone who is not rich or one of their serfs can espouse the GOP position.  That position is several millennia old--those that have the gold will be in charge so they can obtain more gold at any cost.    Taxes on Buffet's buddies is class warfare?  Sure, everybody else is taking back a portion of what the upper class has stolen over the centuries.

Republicans Thrall's of the Upper Class Call Obama’s Tax Plan Unfair to the Rich and ‘Class Warfare’

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #4

If you thought the war in Libya was over, think agian.  The revolting Arabs are still revolting, however, the object of their revolt is still fighting back.

Gadhafi forces launch attack on rebels


Deaths from prescription drugs have led the way for drug deaths to beat out traffic related deaths in 2009.  Pain killers are at the center of the matter.  I expect the Feds to tighten up on painkiller scripts.  That is wrong.  The person who needs the painkiller will be the loser as it becomes harder and harder for them to obtain needed painkillers.  Instead, why not just legalize all of them.  Do not control any substance.  If a person is so damn dumb as to o.d. on drugs, let's just hope it's before they reproduce themselves.  While we're at it, legalize suicide.  If life sucks that much, then let them kill themselves with the drug of their choice at a reasonable fair market price.

Drug deaths now outnumber traffic fatalities in U.S., data show

Super PACs

Rick Perry's Super Pacs will raise a grundle of cash.  So will all the other PACs.  How much advertising does a body need to run for Prez?  I guess it'll take a few billion this cycle.   It's even more excessive when you think about who the ads target.  In the  Prez race, the ads are directed at indies.  Republicans will vote for any Republican.  Democrats have Obama.  At most Indies are 30% of the population,  but probably even less in the population that actually vote (my guess is well under 15%).

New 'super PAC' aims to raise $55 million for Rick Perry

Strategic Victory Watch--War #3

Our non-ally, ally, Pakistan, in the non-war, war in Pakistan fights our non-terrorist enemy in Afghanistan in the War on Terror over debris from a crashed, not crashed drone that never flew, but flew and was either shot or not shot down, in Pakistan.  It's confusing.  Do you think all the commanders in and on the ground in Af-Pak or Washington have that much more clarity?  It's time to pull a Nancy Reagan and "just say no."

Pakistani soldiers battle militants for debris from crashed US drone nabbed by Taliban

Tax Code Re-Write?

Maybe Herman Cain has the right idea, 9 pizzas, no make it 9% personal income tax, 9% business income tax, and a 9% national sales tax.  That makes more sense than the current code.   When the tax code spends more than it takes in, it's no wonder we're going broke.  And who gave us this code?  Why all the Democrats and Republicans who have been in office since 1980.   If we want to correct the mess, the first thing voters have to do, is reject anyone who has made the Grover Norquist pledge.  Grover's nonsense gets in the way of enacting a tax code re-write.  Taxes?  It's up to voters since pols are only concerned with getting elected and reelected.  How bad is the code?  Read--

Ever-increasing tax breaks for U.S. families eclipse benefits for special interests

What will you give up?  Nothing?  Why?