Saturday, October 1, 2011

Thinking Kind Thoughts About Republicans?

If you are, then let me help you from making a mistake.

Montana GOPer Fears School Lunch Fraud Is Eating Taxpayer Money

Still Admire The Political and Investor Classes?

From Ronald Reagan, if not before, to Barack Obama, we have felt the effects of government and corporate collusion. As donors paid, our elected and appointed officials complied with outrageous deregulatory requests. The result has been almost incomprehensible.

We learned of Swaps, CDOs, and other securitized products.  As investments materialized did we miss the investors greed swelling unchecked by personal morality, social morays, or any degree of responsibility? No one saw, no one spoke, no one even tried to stem the avaricious tide of nation killing personal gains.

For decades we've silently watched wealth and income inequality increase.  We have advanced from one bubble to the next. The affluent bet madly. They bilked billions.  They took us from factories to a casino nation.

As they wagered, they enriched thousands by driving millions from the middle class one level down. They sent the poor somewhere beyond poverty. They tanked our economy.  They did not rest.  They continue to play their games of chance.  Friends it’s time to end their sins. Will we? Or will we bend over in patriotic squeals of subservience?

Your call.


I do not understand Teabaggers.  Their logic escapes  me, but then I would never dress up like an extra from the Williamsburg Follies of 1776.  Nor would I carry a yellow flag around in public that says "Don't Piss on Me."  I have listened to some of their rants.  I have tried to comprehend their raves.  I am more lost than found.

Teabaggers appear to oppose big government.  Teabaggers appear to oppose government spending money.  Teabaggers  don't like Washington, I assume that's the city and not the founding father.  After all they do wear tri-corner hats a lot.

As I ponder the Teabaggers I have to note that they oppose and are against things that really do not quite exist.  They speak as though government existed in the same way as the iMac on my desk exists.   I can sense my iMac very easily.  It exists.  Government on the other hand, well, I've looked under a lot rocks and I have never found a single government.

What then is this government they so loudly condemn?  I can speak of a social organization, that by convention, we call government.  However note, it is a social organization and as such it is but people behaving in ways that ultimately describe the organization.  Teabaggers need to note, government is comprised of people who do or do not do lots of things.  If Teabaggers are so upset with government then they need to become very specific and state who did what, to whom, how, why, when and with what effect as the basis of their anger. If they do so, I think they will find the organization we call government is really the mother of all whorehouses.    

Now we need to identify the whores and the Johns.

Costume the Candidates for Halloween

Yesterday I posted that Newt would look good in a Mr. McCawber suit.

Now moving on,  how about a Tammy Faye Baker outfit for Michelle Bachmann?  Or would she make a better Amy Temple McPherson?

I also tried out using one costume set for all of them--I made them all characters from "Gunsmoke."  That ended quickly.  Yep, right after I envisioned Santorum as Miss Kitty.

How do you costume the Trogs?

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #2

I just want to assure you that the Legacy is thriving, even though we may have to say ta-ta.  The 12/31/11 deadline is still on the timetable.  Will the terrorists finally follow us home?  Iraqis take the time to engage in their and every Arabs favorite pastime, blowing the crap out of each other for god.  It's no wonder our evangefundies have been so war supportive over there, they'd like a bit of that action here at home.

Bomb kills 17 at Shiite funeral south of Baghdad

Can you see the Westboro folks in action in Baghdad? When will they or others decide to  play this way here in the USA?

Still trying to make sense of PACs?

Then let Stephen Colbert and his lawyer explain them to you--

Living by the Drone

I think Obama showed us, once again, he's really George Bush.  The bad guy was a U.S. citizen.  He lived in Yemen.  We droned his ass into oblivion.  There wasn't a shred of due process before he was killed.  A few amendments were probably trampled upon.  But, hey, it's the good old War on Terror, right?  I thought Obama didn't want us to use that phrase, but how else can anyone justify the act?

Can the President can authorize murder?  If it's overseas it's righteous?  Hm, I'm cynical, if Tricky Dick had this logic going for him, do you think he'd have used it domestically?  I don't think it would have been plumbers and burglars.  Think about it.

Here's recap on the logic of presidential hit lists--Secret U.S. memo sanctioned killing of Aulaqi

Before anyone gives themselves a patriotic wedgie in protest over this post, read this from Glen Greenwald--

 From an authoritarian perspective, that’s the genius of America’s political culture. It not only finds ways to obliterate the most basic individual liberties designed to safeguard citizens from consummate abuses of power (such as extinguishing the lives of citizens without due process). It actually gets its citizens to stand up and clap and even celebrate the destruction of those safeguards.

Now here's the rest of Greenwald's piece--The due-process-free assassination of U.S. citizens is now reality

I guess the ends can now justify about anything a pol and his party could ever want.  The rule of law means less and less with each passing year.   Buck up, it can get worse.  Anyone still hoping for change?  

Gay Marriage at Fort Courage

"Don't Ask Don't Tell" is history, unless Rick Santorum is elected.  Actually a number of GOOPERs think they will be able to turn back the clock.  They won't be able to do that.   If gays can openly serve in the military, it's logical to ask, can they be married?

Well, that depends.  It always depends--

Gay weddings can be performed by military chaplains, Pentagon says

Willard remains in the lead and remains a Mormon

Given that, we can expect more "Chris Christie might run" to be in the news.  Well, bless my dashboard Jesus, this just in (kinda)  from FOX reprinting AP --Sources: Christie Reconsidering Decision to Stay Out of GOP Race

Christie takes care of the Willard problem.  On the other fronts, given the money that will come his way, will it be enough to buy off the other factions of GOP primary voters?  Maybe, maybe not.  Wouldn't it be a hoot if Christie's bid revitalized Bachmann's campaign and she became the nominee?

If Christie does run he brings one large negative with him.  He's a glutton.  The last time we elected someone that obese was Taft in 1908.  Obesity is a national health problem.  It's pandemic.  Will people vote for a lardo when they know that carrying around that much fat is just wrong in so many ways?

Would his girth be a campaign issue? Anyone know much about the psychology of people who are morbidly obese? Do they have the traits we want or should avoid  in the Diner in Chief?

From Bob Park

WHAT'S NEW Robert L Park Friday, 30 Sep 11 Washington, DC


Passed by Congress and signed into law by the President on 2 Aug 2011, the Budget Control Act brought conclusion to the 2011 debt ceiling crisis that threatened to lead the U.S. into sovereign default on 3 Aug 2011. Like amputating a limb to stop an infection, it may have been necessary but it didn't end our suffering. In a Science editorial last week that every scientist should read, Rep. Rush Holt (D-NJ) predicts that science will bear more than its share of the $2.4 trillion in federal spending cuts required by the bill. I have no doubt he's right. The only remaining PhD physicist in Congress, Rush has served the 12th district of New Jersey since 1998. Before that he was the Assistant Director of the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. "With the budget control act," he writes, "Congress appears to have said in effect, that federally sponsored science has no role to play in advancing the economy, that unemployment is a problem that only time will cure, and that the nation's best days are behind us. How contrary to American tradition that would be! It must not prevail."


 Located at Fermilab National Laboratory on the Illinois prairie about 50 miles west of Chicago, the Tevatron is no longer the world's most powerful accelerator. Later today Pier Oddone, director of Fermilab, is preparing to issue the command to shut down the most successful particle accelerator ever built. It should be the occasion for celebration. The command to "shut down" is an announcement that Tevatron has completed the tasks for which it was intended. We should all be so lucky.


I oppose the death penalty and would have preferred that al-Awlaki surrender himself for trial, but I’m pretty sure he didn't have that in mind. I’m glad we had the technology to take al-Awlaki out without major collateral losses among innocents. However, the handwringing over the killing of an American citizen without "due process" loses me. War is, as it has always been, due process. Our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have resulted in many thousands of civilian and military deaths without any due process other than war. President Obama characterized the killing of radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki as "a major blow to al Qaeda's most active operational affiliate." That's what the war has been about.


I am told that Andrew Cohen and Sheldon Glashow in arXiv:1109.6562v1 make the observation that superluminal neutrinos would radiate by the same effect as Cerenkov radiation when particles exceed c/n. That makes it clear, if it wasn’t already, that the claim of superluminal neutrinos was wrong. No one knows why.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Alabama lives up to its reputation

Would you voluntarily move to Alabama?  I mean outside of Atlanta.  Hey do you remember Jim Crow? Welcome to Juan Crow. These crackers never quit.

Hispanic students vanish from Alabama schools

Costume the Candidates

As we move closer and closer to Halloween, how would you costume the Trogs?

For example, I see Newt as W.C. Field's Mr. McCawber.

How would you costume the rest of them?

Guessing 2012

Here's why Obama may lose the election in 2012.  If this continues he's likely to become toast--

The Commerce Department says consumer spending rose 0.2% in August after a revised 0.7% increase in July.

Incomes fell 0.1%. That's the poorest showing since a similar 0.1% drop in October 2009.

Americans saved less money. The savings rate fell to the lowest level since late 2009.

Hold it, let's think about it a bit.

Here's why Obama may win despite the above: Romney, Perry, Cain, Paul, Gingrich, Santorum, & Bachmann. If any of these become the nominee, they are worse than all the economic problems. I still think Hunstman is the only GOOPER who can best Obama. This analysis and $1 will get you a 50 cent cup of coffee if it's on sale for a quarter.

Soylent Boom

I thought about putting cremains in clear cast  toilet seats, but I couldn't get any investors in the business. Come on, we have college football toilet seats, so I figured loves ones ashes and maybe a picture or two, would be a natural.  Now along come a couple of creative cremainers with an idea that should work, but it is a niche market.

Company will load loved ones' ashes into ammunition

Only in Utah?

If you are not familiar with Utah, here's a taste of everyday normal out in the Great Basin.  Enjoy,

‘The Hangover Part II’ runs afoul of Utah’s liquor laws

Every state has it's own bit of weird that's normal to the natives.   How about your neck of the woods?  What's normal where you live?

Tech Penetration

Some 83% of American adults own cell phones and three-quarters of them (73%) send and receive text messages.

  41.5 a day

Government Handbook

Y'all might have an interest in this book--

Browsing the U.S. Government Manual

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The facts about Herman Cain's cancer claim and 9-9-9 tax plan

There aren't a lot of specifics about Herman Cain's 9-9-9 tax plan, but here's one thing you can say for sure: It's easy to remember.

Cain would scrap the current tax system and replace it with a 9 percent personal income tax, a 9 percent corporate income tax and a 9 percent national sales tax. It's got the kind of simplicity that could threaten the job security of more than a few tax lawyers.

Our writer Aaron Sharockman took a look at what's known about the plan and wrote this interesting overview.

Also, many readers asked us to check Cain's claim from last week's debate that he would have died of cancer under "Obamacare." We checked his claim that as a patient of liver and colon cancer, "If we had been on 'Obamacare' and a bureaucrat was trying to tell me when I could get that CAT scan, that would have delayed my treatment." We rated that False.

We've got lots more coming this week, so make sure you check our home page.

Fathead, Inc.

Newt Gingrich campaigns because it is quite profitable.  Looks, he is really the 2102 version of 60% Fred.  Fred Thompson was only about 60% committed to being president.  Gingrich, 60%?  Nah, make it 62% committed.  However as long as he polls well enough to stay in debates, Gingrich, Inc. will prosper.

On campaign trail, Newt Gingrich bolsters his brand

GOOPERs, take a look at the Dems.  They had a candidate who was articulate and had great ideas.  He was elected.  Now he's running for reelection on his record of running U.S.A. Inc.    Why do guys think you have a good chance of winning in 2012?  Yeah, his record stinks.  Do you really want to run a Republican Obama in 2012?  If so, vote Newt.    

Living and Dying by the Drone

It gets a bit old.  Oh, not the killing and mayhem, but the crap that's behind it.   One side, sometimes both, use their religion to justify, defend and mandate killing the other guy.  Actually, the killing and mayhem are  kind of old too.

A U.S. drone has probably killed a home grown Imam type in Yemen.  The guy grew up here, ran a Mosque and jumped aboard the good ship Jihad and sailed off to Yemen.  He's been a rabble-rouser--who did Major Hassan listen to?  Yep, this guy.  As he blustered up the Internet for his cause, folks have been on his tail.  Now, he has no tail, no ass, no nothing.  He's dead.  Does he get 72 virgins?  Nah, he's just another dead jerk.

Anwar al-Aulaqi, U.S.-born cleric linked to al-Qaeda, reported killed in Yemen

I wonder how the GOP will condemn Obama for this one?

Got Solyndra?

Solyndra?  It's the solar panel company that Obama visited, bragged about and gave $500+ million.  It was supposed to thrive, make jobs, and become Obama's green poster child for public/private partnership to help make a shitty economy better.  It was going to be featured in his 2012 race.

Solydra tanked.  Bankrupt.  Closed its doors.  Obama has an IOU and that's about all.  Oh, he does have one other little thing, responsibility for the loss.  Responsibly can be tricky on the campaign trail.  Reporters ask question about your record.  It's going to be messy. Yep, this one belongs to Barry!

Hold it, we have some breaking news.  A Nobel Prize winning physicist has volunteered to fall on his sword and take the blame for Solyndra.  Obama had nothing to do with the mistake.  Secretary Chu, hold it, he works for Obama.  Everybody take note, Chu takes the rap.  It makes sense, what kind of business smarts does a physicist have anyway?  For that matter, what kind of business smarts does a constitutional law professor have?  I think, in both cases the answer is obvious, none.  At least Mr.Cool can duck it a bit, but in our hearts he'll always have Solyndra on him.

Chu takes responsibility for a loan deal that put more taxpayer money at risk in Solyndra

Gee, this is just one more example of the Bush/Obama convergence.   Bush has Enron, Obama has Solyndara.

Who Are We?

Our population's racial/ethnic composition is changing.  In a hundred years who knows what we will look like.  For now, the trend appears to be summed up this way--

The census analysis of the nation’s white and black population underscores the transformative nature of growth in the 21st century. The number of Hispanics and Asians is soaring, the number of blacks is growing slowly and whites are almost at a standstill.

At some point, the growth rates of all the existing groups will be about the same. When? Oh, when everybody has the same economic opportunities for good jobs with decent incomes and can accumulate some wealth. Until then, the growth goes to the poorer amongst us.

Hm, okay racists, listen.  If you don't want whites to become a minority, then you might think about voting for the Democrats.  Dems are the folks who level the economic and social playing field.  Voting for the GOP goes against your self interest.  Think about it.

I Can't Help This One

If I say "Jon Huntsman, what do you say?  Uh, I bet you'd say,  "could you repeat that."  I do not understand why he's still in the race.  Despite  all his efforts, he remains an unknown.  His highlight may be that finally someone polled lower than him (Jon Boy 4%, Bachmann 3%).  I'm not sure if his campaign sets him up for 2016 or 2020.  The way he's run it so far, he'll still be "that other Mormon."

Now he's kicked in more of his own wealth, fired his "team" in Florida, and headed off to New Hampshire.  If he bombs in Dixville Notch will he finally bag it?  If he wins he stays in, if he comes in second?  I think he should stop and get a commentary gig on FOX for the 2012 cycle.

Jon Huntsman moves his campaign headquarters to New Hampshire

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pissant News

Willard is back on top!  The Pissant from Paint Creek,  Texas  has peaked.  Has he begun to plummet?  Yep, Willard at 23%, the Asshole at 19%, and bless my marinara, the Pizza dude is at 17%!  It's a Fox News poll so it has to be accurate.  Wow, Jon Boy got 4% and Crazy Submissive Lady got 3%, that's gotta hurt the Iowa straw poll winner.  As we watch the race to the bottom, my question is, who will drop out next?

Willard pitches, Perry Receives

Could we see Cain vs. Obama?

Twits Believed this one

In the prior post, we read about very real exploding commodes.  Granted, if someone said to you "did you hear about the federal building closed due to exploding toilets," you'd probably expect a gag line, an odd YouTube vid, or such.

Okay, the exploding toilets appear to be real.  Now are you ready for Congress taking children hostage and demanding a $12 trillion ransom?  Uh, it's just twitter tweets.  Twits might have believed it.  Thanks Onion.  We need so much more humor.

The Onion sparks investigation at Capitol after satirical tweets about gunfire

CR made it

The idiots we elected have passed the CR.   We have government funding until mid November.  The Uber-Trogs did not demand more job killing spending cuts.  Not many came back from recess for the vote.  Why are these guys on vacation again?

House approves funds to keep federal government open

I thought one of their jobs was to pass appropriations bills prior to the beginning of the fiscal year.  Since October 1 comes this weekend, I don't think Congress has done its job.   Can we impeach Congress?  

No Shit, Government Building Closed Due to Exploding Toilets

When you see this kind of story you have to post it.  Have fun with the ideas.  Gee, how do you get a bureaucrat off his ass...

Exploding toilets injure 2 federal workers

Any jokes you'd like to pass on?

Christie's Appeal Says A Lot

GOOPERs go gaga over the fat guy from New Jersey.  Pundits are in serious pondering mode trying to explain why.  Here's a piece from today's Post that "explains" the attraction.  Give it a read then I have a task and a question for you--

Christie’s appeal to Republicans: His blunt, funny style

Here is your task, go do a word search on the article, look for "Mormon."  You won't find it.  Here's your question, why Christie?  Christie is just Willard without the garments.  That's it, he's not Mormon.

Related to this, yesterday I was watching Chuck Todd's morning program.  They were discussing Christie.  Why Christie?  It went round the bobbleheads at the table.  Then it was Clarence Page's turn.  He opened with "Mormon."  He got out two, maybe three, sentences as Todd broke in and changed the subject.

The Mormon problem has been obvious to anyone who even a barely passing familiarity with evangefundies.  They will not vote for a Mormon.  To them Mormons are not Christians.  I guess MSNBC decided to avoid reporting the truth.  I wonder how many sponsors do not want the subject brought up?  Religious bigotry is alive and well, especially in the GOP.

One more time, if I say...

If I say "dumber than Bush" who do you think of?  Rick, the Asshole from El Paso, Perry of course.  One of the few decent things I can say about this Trog, is that he favors in state tuition for post secondary education of children of illegal immigrants in Texas.  He was booed when he called those opposed to his program in Texas to be "heartless."  He called it correctly.  His logic is correct.  The Texas approach is commendable.  That means it's not Troggable.   What can the Asshole do?  Well, he could tell the Trogs to fuck off or apologize for being correct in public.  Which path did the Pissant from Paint Creek opt for?  It's not a difficult question now is it?

Rick Perry says his remarks on immigration were ‘inappropriate’

Still thinking about voting for a Trog in '12?

I say pizza,

Yeah, if I say pizza you have to think of Herman, 9 pizzas with 9 topping for 9 dollars Cain.  Hermie knows why blacks vote for Democrats and especially so for Obama.  Do you know why?  It's brainwashing.  Yep, they vote for Obama because they have been brainwashed.  I might have guessed they voted for Obama because he's not a Republican, not from the South, and he's a bit black.  Cain seems to have not noticed that the GOP is pretty much a bunch of rich old white guys whose greatest strength lies in the South will rise again South.  Hmm, is it cracker avoidance or brainwashing?

African-American voters per the Herminator

Who did the brain washing?

I say X, you think...

Ready, I say "glib cheating fathead" and you think?  Natch, it's the Newtser!  As he flails himself for flagging in the polls, does he offer Trogs anything new?  Well, long ago, he did have the "Contract on America." That was in 1994.  It was a success of a kind.

Yep, it's "Contract on America," 2011 edition.  It's going to be reworked bullshit.  He has gotten older.  This time out it will be called the “21st Century Contract With America!”  That's clever and original.  It's supposed to come out today. I'm so excited I can't decide it I want to shit, fart, burp or hurl.  Hell I may do all four at once.  Do we have word that means I'm blowing it out both ends with chunks?  I vaguely remember a word for it, "glorp." I'm probably wrong.

I say X, you think...

I say "squeaky old liberty lover,"  and you think?  Ron Paul of course.  He wants to minimize the federal government.  He says "no" to everything, especially all that illegal safety net stuff, right?  He used to be out there on the fringes.  Last time out, he could afford to be a crank, now as he polls in the double digits, he has to be a bit less liberty loving and more voter loving (if he's serious about the bid).  He must be serious this time, no Ponzi on him--

Ron Paul Won't Touch the Third Rail  

Scrambling for primary dollars

Florida is mucking up the primary calendar.  The GOP vote will now fall on Feb. 31st., 2012.  This probably helps Romney, but will cost the state 50% of its delegates to the GOP convention in Tampa on Aug. 27 2012.  If a state decides to have it's primary before March 1st and is a winner take all state, then they lose 50% of their votes in the convention.  One other rule, if a state has a primary after March 1st but before April 1st, all delegates will be awared proportionally--no winner take all.  After April 1st winner take all is just dandy.

What does this mean for the early primaries?  Why they come even earlier.  Instead of February being the opening month, it will be January.

How about Jan 5 for Iowa, the 10th for New Hampshire, 17th for Nevada and the 21st for S.Carolina?  Seem like 2008 all over again.

Here's another possibility--9th for Iowa, 17th for New Hampshire, 24 for Nevada, and 28th for S.C.  This is a good Romney schedule since the folks in SC think he's not a Christian.  With them being three days apart he can minimize the damage and concentrate on Florida on the 31st.  The damage being fund raising losses.

Will any of the primaries be pushed into December, 2011?

I say X, you think...

Ready, I say "flip flopper," and you think?  If your're still trying to figure out the Dems debacle in 2004, you might say Kerry, but most of us would say Romney today.   Is he a really world class shower shoe?

Someone asked him about his flip and flops.  Nah, it's just that he's from the private sector.   "In the private sector, if you don't change when the facts change, you'll get fired for being stubborn," Romney is quoted as saying in The Boston Globe.  Gee I wonder what facts changed and when they changed for him?  Myself, I'd just call it sucking up and pandering for promotions, but then I'm not from the private sector.

Mitt Romney responds to flip-flopper charge

Do you think Willard's "private sector" ploy will work?  Is "private sector" becoming his universal defense to rebut his opponents charges?

The bullshit season if here!

I think it's safe to say the quadrennial bullshit season has opened.  The race for Air Force One is on!
Bring it on-

A bogus chart on Obama and the debt gets a new lease on life

How About Congress

Congress's approval ratings have tanked.  At best, only about 15% of us think they're even worth a bucket of spit. Need another  reason to lower your estimation of the clowns?

Harassment complaints on the rise on Capitol Hill

 Note:  we elected these boobs to be us, remember we're a democratic republic.   What can I say, the voters are a bunch of demented turds.  We voted.  We reap what we voted.  Don't forget it's minority rule--50% of us bother to vote.  Of the 50% who vote, 51% gives a win.  That means the majority is a whopping 26%.

Want a better government?  That's easy, elect a better caliber of people to office, elect them once.  Until  we voters change, we will keep on living down to our expectations.

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #1

Let's see, we invaded Afghanistan to get even with al Qaeda.  We did so.  We did a vengeance number.  Al Qaeda members were either killed or fled the rubble for other parts.  That only took about a year.  Along the way we purged the nation of Taliban, they harbored al Qaeda.  That took another year or so.

Then we developed a split personality.  We bifurcated the war and attacked Iraq.  War #2 was underway.  As we got stuck in the slogging muck of post shock and awe Baghdad, we sort of forgot about War #1.   Net result,  in War #1, al Qaeda is gone, but the Taliban are rested, rearmed, and returned.

We've spent about seven or eight years scratching our ass trying to figure out what to do next.  We are still scratching.  I have a feeling no matter what we dream up, the Taliban will never be eradicated.   It's their turf.  They are committed.  They were the government at one time.   Their victims may, given the past decade of war, feel nostalgia for the good old days of Taliban rule.  It's weird, but some Russians have fond feelings for Joe  Stalin.

If the vast majority of Afghans do not feel that we have have done better by them than the Taliban, if the the government we've installed is not seen to have improved Afghan lives beyond the Taliban,  then who do Afghans have left to turn to for a better life?  Yep, the Taliban.  It's perverse.  Bless my itchy butt, it seems to be occurring.   Why do I keep having these Vietnam deja vus.

Give it a read--Taliban stalks outskirts of calm Afghan city

Live By The Drone, Die By the Drone

Now that we've all vented our terrorist stereotype expectations, we can take a bit of info about the guy who was doing to drone the Pentagon and his plotting ways.  South Asian descent.  Religion is probably a dominant part of life.  Well educated, degree in physics.  Nickname is Bollywood.  He's a drummer. Lived in his parent's basement.  Got the money for the drone from the FBI.  Yep, get ready for a round of entrapment follies to make us safe and free.

Here's more--

Mass. man accused of plotting to hit Pentagon and Capitol with drone aircraft

Mass. musician accused of D.C. terrorist plot

Feds: Mass. Man Planned To Blow Up US Buildings

Man held in alleged terrorist plot on Washington

Why do folks decide to engage in this kind of behavior?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Take a Guess

If I told you a Massachusetts man was charged in plot to blow up the Pentagon today and asked you to describe him to me, I bet you would start with "he's an Arab, a Muslim, working for al Qaeda." Is that stereotyping? Well, the guys name is Rezwan Ferdaus, he's 26, he's into violent jihad.   I don't think I'd like being a Muslim in these United States these days.

One more time, local terrorist tries to strike, this time with drones.

Food That Kills-- II

Who- Jensen Farms in Colorado

What-- Listeria infected Cantaloupe

Whom-- grocery shoppers in 18 states

Why--lack of improved food safety standards, so it's a short term Ronald Reagan success.

Effect--13 dead, 72 infected.

How--Stay tuned to the CDC.

Suggestion--start your own garden.  Yeah, a victory garden.  Victory over food that kills.


Would we be better off with the President being able to serve:

One four year term?

One six year term?

Two four year terms?

Or should we switch to a parliamentary system?

Would we better off if House members were restricted to one two year term and ditto for the Senate?

Would we better off ridding ourselves of the Senate?

Would we better off with one House member for every 40,000 citizens?

Food That Kills Update

Who:  Tyson Fresh Meats under a bunch of labels.

What: ground beef.

Where: Tennessee,Indiana,North and South Carolina, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin.

How: Sloppy procedures

Why: short term profit over long term gain.

Effect: None, the consumer is too damn stupid to give a shit.

Killing Update

Florida is going to kill a con today.  The state will kill the guy with injections.  One of the injections is phenobarbital.  The manufacturer, a Danish firm, objects.  They have requested Florida not use their drug. I'm confident the Governor of Florida does not give a rats ass about a Danish drug firm.

The Gov. only cares about the number of votes for killing versus the number of voters opposed in the next election.   Pols really don't care about much, they respond to voters.  If you live in a state that kills cons, then look around you.  If you like killing, then you are amongst like minded folks and I guess can feel good.  If you don't like it, you can move or try to change people's minds.  Good luck on that, I'd suggest moving.  With respect to the drug firm, these kinds of problems could be avoided.  All Florida and the barbarous states have to do is use the guillotine.  Why not?

Florida execution: drug firm protests to governor over lethal injection

Soft Enough?

It is time to get scared?

Is your PC secure?  Sure, you have a McAffee or Norton subscription.  You have a good browser.  You always make sure HTTPS and the lock show before you type a credit card number.  You depend on certificates of authority.  You're not sweating much, right?  What if hackers can fake CAs so that your browser allows you to go forward on what should be secure but is really a hackers site.  It looks safe, but you just gave Hacker Bob your Visa number.  Ooops!  Is it time to say bye-bye to secure digital signatures?

Nice headline

Here's the headline--

Can this government be fixed? Three steps that might help

Gee, if we drew districts rationally, had sensible rules in Congress, and members of Congress sat around a campfire every night singing Kumbaya we might, yes might, solve our total lack of governance. Sure, let's give that the same probability that pigs will soon fly. How do we fix the mess? Tell me.

All the news that's fit to bobblehead about

Do you watch cable news?  Network TV news?  If so, have you noticed there's less and less reporting these days?  There are a lot more interviews of readily available "experts."  One of these days the news will be the anchors interviewing each other about their take on the weather.  It's bad and will get worse. Why?  Oh, it's cheaper to find a pundit than it is to send a reporter anywhere.  We are blessed with pundits.

Fade to Black

Health Care Costs

Unless every Doc, RN, Hospital and Clinic is making a fortune, I'd guess the real greedhead winners are the people who run the Health Insurance companys.  They have to be making a killing.  Aren't you tickled that Obama, via, the Health Care Reform Thing, guaranteed health care will be insurance based for at least another 50 or more years?

Job-based health insurance premiums rise sharply

Maybe we ought to give socialized medicine a try. Instead of inurance, let's have national health care. Put in a sunset provision. Unless it's renewed. it would lapse in 50 years. It's gotta be better than what we currently have.  If not that, then let's get the profit and capitalism out of health care delivery.  

What do we do when someone tracks doo-doo into the house?

Oh, that's easy.  We kill whomever has the dogshit on their shoes.   It's just the old fashioned kill the messenger game.   Who is the current messenger?  Why it's good old Adm. Mullen.  What kind of poop does he have on his spit shined shoes? Oh, it's a real stinker.

Basically, Adm. Mullen told us that Pakistan's CIA runs a local terrorist shop that kills our guys in Afghanistan.  Oh, don't forget Pakistan is our "ally."  Adm Mullen's message, while probably quite true is quite embarrassing.  So what does the foreign policy police do?  Yep, they torpedo the Adm.  Could we have a bit of Wikileaks now please?

Adm. Mullen’s words on Pakistan come under scrutiny

Trogs are just Weird

Trogs just can't make up their minds about a nominee.  They have two candidates who really can beat Obama,  Romney and Huntsman.  Instead of embracing either, they reject both.  Why?

Reportedly they cannot "get excited" about the two.  I don't speak Trog so I am uncertain about what they mean.  Both men appeal to mainstream Republicans (they don't vote in primaries).  Both men have qualities that will draw the majority of independents.  Both, perhaps only Huntsman, can draw in disaffected Democrats.  That sounds like a winning combination.  Who won't vote for these guys?  It's the Trogs who vote in primary elections who won't vote for them.

Trogs determine their parties nominee.  Trogs will not clearly state in public why they reject Romney and Huntsman.  Trogs fear that if they did, they would lose control of the nominating process.   Hell they might even be kicked out of the party.  Trogs reject both men not over party principles or issues of the day.  No it's very base and runs against the grain of the land of the free and home of the brave, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence.  Trogs know both of them are not Christians, they are Mormons.  Heathen cultists too boot.  Trogs will only accept one of their own as their nominee.  Have we forgotten that McAncient became a Baptist to run and fail in 2008?

It's really that simple.  No bullshit.  It's plain old fashioned religious bigotry that is very unacceptible in these times.  The damned thing is they are ashamed of their own "beliefs."  Otherwise they'd be spewing their hate everyday in very public ways just like the KKK.  Oops, they are a minority in the Republican party.  If they did truly express themselves, they'd be kicked out of the GOP.  About now I'd be embarrassed to be a Republican.  How can the GOP continue to put up with these bigots?

How does the rest of the GOP solve their southern, white, christian, bigot problem?  Oh, they look for one more candidate to jump in and save the day.  Yeah, it's one more white knight.  Who's the their Dudley Do-Right of the moment?  Well, he's not Mormon.  Will he run? Well, the fat man has not sung yet.

Though hearing pleas to run, Christie sidesteps 2012 questions

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Now we have Christers?

Presidents acquire many titles.  Obama is no exception.  Obama has a new title.  Now Obama is the Anti-Christ.

Obama: Heckled in West Hollywood

Crazy Lady Has a New Bag

Michelle Bachmann has found her issue.  Following her "logic" it's only a matter of time before Hezbollah attacks U.S. Jews with missiles from a base in Havana.  She knows Cuba is a huge terrorist sponsor.  Unlike her opponents, she'll have nothing to do with those evil Cubans.  Do we really want to get soft on terrorism?    Just when you think she's lost her last bit of crazy and is finished, she finds a shred of batshit, chows down,  and out it pours.

Caucus 2012: Bachmann, Johnson spar over Cuba policy

Ready, Set, Conference

Unless you  are a Mormon or have lived in Utah, if I say "Conference Weekend" you probably think I'm going to post about college football.  Not always so.  In Utah conference weekend comes twice a year,  in April and October.  Mormons gather in Salt Lake City on Temple Square and talk all kinds of Mormony things.  Before they put in the satellite/television distribution of the events on Temple Square, it seemed  like a mini-Hajj to Mecca.  Now, it's a less populated event, but it's still a theological big deal.  

This year two Mormons are running for the GOP nomination.  Will the press show up and cover this Fall's conference?  While it's mostly religion and little politics, there could be an attention getter for Willard and Jon Boy.

Who can forget when Ezra Taft Benson was the prophet, seer and revelator.  He had some  things to say about the role of women that might not go down well anywhere but Utah.  As I remember it, his words did not necessarily resonate amongst all of the faithful in Zion.  I hadn't thought about it before, but Ezra's words would be well received by Michelle Bachmann and the Southern Baptist Convention, but not many others.  If you need independent voters, the question this weekend may be, will there be a Benson in this weekends convention?

Romney, Huntsman may draw media eyes to LDS conference

It is heart or aiding and abetting?

The Asshole from El Paso, a.k.a. the Prick from Paint Creek, Texas has heart.  He's made sure that children of illegals can receive in-state tuition at Texas colleges and universities  (do they have any in Texas?).  To do otherwise he claims is heartless.  He discovered the GOP is loaded with cowardly lions who are proud of their heartless state.  They will not go on a road trip to Oz, but they might go to Trenton, New Jersey though.  Not for a heart, but for a really big candidate.  Will the new GOP immigration theme be "it ain't over until the fat man sings?"

Oh, Rhode Island heard the Prick.  They have heart.  Yep, Rhode Island has joined Texas in aiding and abetting the education of it's young folks.  

Rhode Island gives in-state tuition to illegal immigrant students

And in Egypt

The Saudi dictator may actually allow burka clad women to vote sometime in the next six or so years.  Of course they won't be able to drive themselves to the polls.  They will have to be taken to the polls by a male family minder.

Okay, how about the women in Egypt?  Egypt kind of removed a dictator.  Women were decidedly part of the revolt.  How have they done?  Are women running for office?  Oops, maybe the revolution was staged by the guys to take back the vote given to women in 1956.   Will women's right retrograde in Egypt?

Egyptian women, long allowed to vote, see little progress from revolt

Trog Watch

As it stands today, the Trogs have a two or three way race.  Two if we only consider Willard and the Asshole from El Paso.  Three if we add the, Christ he's really obese,  Governor of New Jersey.  What about all those others who have debated their tushes off?  Is it already adios and what were there names anyway time?

Come on, the Crazy Lady has a shot doesn't she?  Can't someone who knows how to run government without any revenue (taxes) make it to the bigs?   I don't know...

Bachmann's in a tailspin, but the GOP race is volatile

Take Note

As Saudi Arabia pretends to begin giving women their rights, take note of Australia--

Australia to remove all gender barriers in military, allowing women to serve in infantry

Strategic Victory Watch -- All the wars

Don 't forget when Johnny and Jane go marching off to war, some will come home in a flag draped box.

Take a minute and look at their faces.

Is this our United States?

Is war what we really value?

We've been at war since 2001.


Faces of the Fallen

An American Hero Has Passed Away

Arch West has died.  He lived 97 years.  He affected all of our lives, well, at least how we have eaten since 1964.  Mr. West invented the Dorito!

Let us cheer the Dorito, and the proud audacity of slovenliness

Why Can't They Just Do Their Job?

How about that 112th Congress?  Wow, no government shutdown!  Gee they even funded FEMA, kinda, sorta, as well as providing funds for the rest of the federal government.  Yeah, last year's level of funding goes forward until next year at this time (unless they actually appropriate funds for this year)?  Nah, it's only good until Nov. 18, 2011.

Is this what we voted for?  Do continuing resolutions fulfill our expectations of Congress?   Is this governing?  Is this "my way or the highway" based gridlock what we expect and accept as normal?  If not, then we have to get rid of the lot of the bums--Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and Teabags.  Sweep them all out and start over with a new bunch of narcissists.  Only, this time let's pledge to never reelect any of them ever.

Senate leaders announce bipartisan agreement to avert government shutdown

From Bob Park

WHAT'S NEW Robert L Park Friday, 22 Sep 11 Washington, DC


Here we go again. Last week during a debate of Republican presidential candidates, Representative Michele Bachmann characterized human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine as "a potentially dangerous drug," and linked its effect to "mental retardation." There is no medical support for her wildly irresponsible remarks; the HPV vaccine prevents cervical cancer, and an editorial in Nature calls on Bachmann to retract her words, but I don't think she reads Nature. The 1998 claim of British researcher Andrew Wakefield that the common MMR vaccine causes autism set off a revival of the anti-vaccination movement, and a corresponding rise in measles cases. In 2009, however, Wakefield was found to have altered patient’s records to support his claim . Barred from the practice medicine in the UK, Wakefield now operates an autism clinic in Austin, Texas. He doesn't have a US medical license, but such formalities don't much matter in Texas. Rick Perry, the Governor of Texas, differs with Bachmann on HPV, having attempted to mandate the use of the HPV vaccine for 11 and 12-year-old schoolgirls as the Center for Disease Control recommends, which may have something to do with the fact that Merck, the only maker of HPV vaccine, is a major contributor to Perry's campaign.


The hot new place for young women to tuck their cell phones is inside their bra. They set the ring on "vibrate," creating an erogenous tingle when a call comes in. Devra Davis, author of "Disconnect," a book about the alleged dangers of cell-phone radiation, worries that the women are being set up for breast cancer. Microwave radiation, Davis says, "seeps directly into the soft fatty tissue of the breast." What does it do there? As Albert Einstein explained in 1905, the photon energy is given by the frequency times Planck's constant. That's plenty of energy to excite molecular vibrations, which heats tissue, but it's only one millionth of the ionization threshold energy, so radiation is not a cancer threat. Meanwhile in Washington, DC, a Wireless Safety Summit in a couple of weeks will focus on legislation to block smart meters, which is a totally dumb idea.


 It was a page-one science story in major papers around the world: neutrinos beamedd from Geneva were detected 454 miles away in Italy in less time than light would take to make the same trip. Everyone was excited, except the physicists. Interviewed by the Washington Post, Drew Baden, chair of the U. Maryland Physics Department, called the result, "a flying carpet," not to be taken very seriously without strong independent confirmation, and maybe not then. The goal of physics is to identify natural laws that govern the universe. Einstein's 1905 explanation of the photoelectric effect, for example, casts strong (overwhelming?) doubt on epidemiological evidence that purports to show that cell phone radiation is linked to cancer.

Superluminary, yea or nay?

Here's some informed commentary about those really fast neutrinos--

Faster than light neutrinos?

Will this go the way of cold fusion?  Or is it possible for light to really be the fastest thing in this universe, but next door something else is faster?  Hmm, could a neutrino pop from our space into another space and back and leave us thinking it went faster than the speed of light?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Idle Thoughts

What it Jon Boy won the New Hampshire primary?  Would it make a diff for him?  Is it easier for Jon Boy to get a pass on the Mormon thing than Willard?  It might be.  I find it most odd that the biggest problem Willard has, Mormonism, is avoided on TV and in the major papers.  SNL got it right in their season opening spoof of a GOP debate.  Willard thanks Perry for not playing the Mormon card.  Perry tells him to just wait.

Willard is the strongest against Obama.  Or is he?  Maybe Huntsman is actually stronger?  I think there are independents who would not vote for Willard, but would for Jon Boy.  I don't think there are that many independents who would vote for the rest of the Trogs.  Huntsman might even pick up some crossover Dems, but not Willard.  Unfortunately for both, the primary crowd does not take to Mormons one bit.   It has something to do with not being a Christian.  So do they think Jon Boy is really a Mormon or a strange Episcopalian?

Huntsman: I'm no longer "margin-of-error candidate"

Have the pigs returned?

Do you remember the 60s?  Young folks were out and about a lot back then.  Unfortunately the police, at the behest of unnamed powers that be, were less than graceful in dealing with the young folk.  The protesters called them pigs.  Police brutality became a commonplace charge.  It's been awhile.

Today in New York, the young are out and about.  It appears the police have not learned much over time.  Deja my vu, is it pigs and police brutality all over again?  The girls who were sprayed might be thankful they were in NYC.  Imagine what the  cops in L.A. or Chicago would do.    What did the powers that be request this time?

An Important Video to Watch: Pepper-Spray by a Cruel and Cowardly NYC Cop

The class war is on even if the victims do not fight back. Come on, Gandhi or Martin Luther King in 2011? Have you seen those trogs these days? They think they have god on their side this time and know that Jesus is packing.

Trogs Are So Damn Dumb

Back in 2000 a lot of people thought George Bush was telling the truth about himself when he said he was a compassionate conservative.  After eight years of his bullshit, we learned he meant he was the opposite.  Now the Asshole from El Paso is talking about heart.   Trogs have booed him for having a heart.  They believe he has heart because he said so.  However they forget he is from Texas.  As with his predecessor, negate it and you have the real Rick Perry, he's just another heartless bastard from Texas.  He is a perfect Trog candidate and they don't know it.  It's hard to understand the Trog mind.

Rick Perry's 'heart' comment shows GOP shift on immigration

Belling the cat

Kudzu is everywhere in the South. It covers trees, dogs and small children who get in the way.  It's eaten towns.  It's taken a State.  Has anyone really visited Georgia lately?  Now, there's hope.  There's a beetle that eats kudzu.  It's an import too.  Everybody give a cheer.  I wonder who will kill the beetles after they've eaten all the kudzu.  There goes Georgia again.  Oh, my lord, child eating beetles are in Georgia.

Kudzu-eating bugs: Good news or bad?

Gaga for Obama?

Why not have Lady Gaga do a tour for Obama?  I have a feeling she would outdraw and out fund raise Obama or any other pol.  We've had a movie star as prez, why not run rock stars for all the offices?   At least campaigning would then be a lot more entertaining.

Lady Gaga attends fundraiser for President Obama

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #1

Oops, an Afghan employee has gone postal.  Damn, this war is getting a bit too tricky.  Let's end it now.  Come on, end it for the unborn taxpayer!

Afghan employed by U.S. kills American inside Kabul CIA station

Gay Rights

Eventually gay-marriage will make it to one of the Supremes performances.  This years "Originalism Rocks" tour may include a song about the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).  Will Roberts and the Robes take up gay marriage?  We'll have to stay tuned.

Same-sex marriage cases wind their way to Supreme Court as political climate changes

It would be a lot more sensible if the Court would just declare marriage, from the State's perspective to merely be a contract, no more, no less.  From the state's perspective all marriages have always been civil unions, contracts.  Since we separate church and state,  marriage is not secular, it belongs to sectarian organizations.  We have bear in mind, first comes the contract, then the add on, marriage.  As long as sectarians break no laws, they and their marriage based activities are no interest to the state.  Keep it in perspective and their is no problem.   If gays with to enter into a civil contract, the state can have no objection.  If gays wish to be married, then they have to deal with a sectarian group.

As we separate church and state, we have to insure that the source of rights and benefits is the state.  In this plane of existence, rights and benefits come via a Caesar approved contract.  I will let sectarians provide the information on what god adds via marriage.   The historical convenience of calling a civil union a marriage was just that, convenient, but wordsmanship has really mucked up our thinking and led to all kinds of waste.  We need to quit referring to the state's contract as a "marriage license," we need to call it a "civil union contract."  God gets his/her/its stuff and Caesar gets his.

All Over Again, Again, Again...

We are moving towards a government shutdown once again.  As the boys and girls in Congress act out their "vote for  me" attention getting behaviors, I think the rest of us need to reflect a bit.  Is this what we want?  Is this the kind of behavior we think appropriate and in our collective interest?  If we voted for our Representative or our Senators, are they us?  This includes all of them, Republican, Democrat and Independent.  If we did help elect incumbents, is this the outcome we hoped for?  Is this how we would govern?  If we voted for those that lost, do you think our loser would have made a difference?  What we see is what incumbents and party heads believe to be best for the election  and reelection of their party's folks.  If we like it today, all we need to do is keep voting (or not voting) as we have, otherwise we have to make a change.  Until us voters send a contrary message through unexpected votes, all that campaign money will be spent electing more 112th Congress types. Until we change it, what we see in Washington is exactly what we want.

Shutdown looms: Spotlight now on Senate after Boehner wrangled House GOP votes

Why even bother with a government at all?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Michigan Trogs Prefer Flip Flops

Bless my Gitchigume, indeed they do! Willard won!  Willard received 50.1% of the votes.  The Asshole from El Paso rounded up 16.8%.  Cain came in third with 8.5%.  Of course it helps to be the son of very popular three term governor.

Romney bests Perry in Michigan straw poll


After we rid ourselves of the U.S. Department of Education, could we also trash standardized tests?

Standardized tests for everyone? In the Internet age, that’s the wrong answer.

True, so true

Programming Note

Ron Paul will be the guest on Monday's "Daily Show."  What do think Stewart will ask the old liberty lovin' coot?


It is possible to find a virus that kills cancer cells?  Yes, it can be done in the lab.  AAV2 killed breast cancer cells within seven days.  AAV2 is common in people, it does no harm.  However if injected as a vaccine, most, if not all of the AAV2 cells would be killed by our immune system.  Now the question is  how can we use either the AAV2 cells or the logic of how it kills cancer to rid ourselves of this disease?  Will we?  Maybe, this time maybe.

Virus kills breast cancer cells in laboratory

What's coming up this week?

Oh, it's banned books week again.   Banning and burning books never made any sense to me, but the acts did tell me a great deal about the banners and the burners.  

Banned Books Week Reminds Us That Censorship Is Alive and Well in the Internet Age

It still comes down to "what have you done"

Obama can get up on the stage and yak away.  His speeches sound good but are remarkably unmemorable.  His actions to date have caused his base to fritter away.  Gee, he must have finally noticed.  Instead of doing something, he gives a speech. That's just horseshit, he has the job today.    If he wants the job tomorrow, he has to quit talking and start walking like a Democrat.  Until I see him actually act like a Democrat, he'll get my vote (the alternatives are all a magnitude or two worse), but no money and no free labor.  2012 is clearly a lesser of two evils election and we only have the name of one evil at this point.

He's on the Operation Vote road, the bullshit is getting deep.

I'd like to see polls of people who voted in the last election. I bet Obama still wins by a wide margin.  National polls of political preference have to discounted by 50-75%.

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #2

What's a day in Legacyland without the smell of cordite in the air?  Oh, I'd say rare.  Of course the sectarians and Iraqi patriots finally learned to quit  killing the Coalition of the Willing, that way they'll go home.  The tactic has worked so far.  SOFA exit timetable remains at 12/31/11.   Note, bad guys have not followed us home.  I still have to wonder if the State Dept has hired contractors to emulate and foment sectarian  violence in a last ditch attempt to keep the war going for another 10-20 years.  They have to do something to get full usage out of that mother of all embassies they built in Baghdad.  Perhaps, I'm cynical.

Explosions in Iraq holy city of Karbala kill 15

How about it?

Is it time for those who have been attacked for fifty years to finally react and respond?  That's how long this round of class war has been running.  It will keep on being waged until serfdom is restored.  Every time you hear income, wealth or taxes mentioned by GOOPERs, make a substitution and think about power.  If an asshole like Perry asks "are you trying to redistribute income," answer him with "no, I'm redistributing power."  Get my drift.  Money yields power, power is the end game.  It's not over yet, but it will be soon.

President Obama shouldn’t be afraid of a little class warfare