Saturday, October 8, 2011

GOP Evangefundies Have Polled Their Straw

Values Voter Summit straw poll

Bless my bigots,  Ron Paul won!  How about the rest of batshit for lunch bunch?

Ran Paul--37%

I guess Jon Boy either did not participate or none of the VV crowd can stand someone who thinks evolution is real and that global warming is man made.  Jon Boy may even think the Universe is a bit more than 10,000 years old.

The good folks in the Occupy Wall Street movement appear to be pissed off with the state of the nation.  They are a bit angry, frustrated and in search of change.  They remind me of the teabaggers when they started, but before they were co-opted  by the GOP.  Teabaggers never became a party, they’re just the right wing of the right wingers in the GOP.

If the OWS folks really want to shake things up, they will have to translate their protests into politics, but not be an extension of the Democrats.  They need to do so before the professional lefties show up and co-opt them.
What should the OWS crowd articulate?  I think they can begin to become a political force if they begin to answer a some questions--
  1. What is liberty?
  2. What is freedom?
  3. What is government?
  4. What is the role of government?
  5. What is law?
  6. What is the rule of law?
  7. What is a contract?
  8. What are property rights?
  9. What is money?
  10. What is a free market?
  11. What is so important about the Constitution?
  12. Can the Republic be preserved?
If the OWS approach these questions, they will lay the foundation of a new political party that can change things up a bit.  By the way, the only presidential candidate I know of who directly takes on these questions is Ron Paul.  The OWS folks might invite Mr. Paul over for a chat.  Can you have social justice via libertarian politics?

Got Liberty?

When you hear a pol use the word “liberty” do you ever wonder what he means?  Do you have a definition of liberty?  When Ron Paul says he defends liberty, what is he talking about?
Liberty is a bit of slippery concept.  Often, to define it we use the word freedom.  Then, when asked about its meaning we use the word liberty.  It’s confusing.  What do you mean by liberty?
Is liberty really personal autonomy?  Does it mean liberty places no limits on whatever I want to do?  That’s one extreme, but it is a thread of liberty in this nation.  Does liberty inhere purely in the individual?  Don’t tread on me?
Is liberty based in a well ordered community?  Does it mean that our personal freedom rises from our community.  Is the individual and his community in a symbiotic relationship that creates and sustains liberty and freedom?
Is liberty based in social hierarchy?  We have classes, does the measure of liberty depend upon your social class?  If the upper most class has full liberty and the bottom class has none, is liberty then a graduated power to rule?  Does liberty  measure the dominion one has over others?
Is liberty based in our ideas of social equity?  Does it mean we enjoy liberty to the extent that we give to all the liberties we wish to possess for ourselves.  Is liberty the political golden rule? 
All of these perspectives on liberty have historical roots in our nation’s history.  Each is a reflection of four distinct groups that immigrated from England to the Colonies in the 16- and 1700s.  Interested in learning more, then give “Albion’s Seed” a read.    

Hatch Speaks for the GOP and Teabaggers


Phenology is the study of timing in nature, whether it's crocuses emerging in the spring, leaves falling from trees, or Canada geese heading south for the winter.

Yesterday I posted about global warming as a reason for prime grape growing regions moving northward. Here's another effect of climate change. The Fall Foliage Festival may be coming a bit later and later every year.

  Is climate change affecting fall foliage?

Willard at the VVs

Willard just finished yammering at the values voters.  He spoke four about 20 minutes.  It was a collection of GOP one liners, you can imagine the stock lines on god, abortion, Obama, guns, and all the other topics that come up when you eat batshit and start doing that crazy drool thing.

Willard did attend to the bigot who called him a cultist (Mormon).  First, Bill Bennett spoke before Willard and included pointed digs at Jeffers about religion.  Yesterday the bigot who called Willard a cultist, Jeffers, spoke before and introduced the Pissant from Paint Creek.

When the Pissant spoke, he said something like "Jeffers hit it out of the park."  When Willard spoke he said "Bennett hit it out of the park."

At the end of GOOPY one-liners Willard took his second stab at the GOP religious bigots.  He indicated the speaker to follow him is one who has crossed the line of decency and civility and uses poisonous language that does not advance the GOP agenda or cause.  Apparently the next speaker was Bryan Fisher of the AFC.  Fisher lived up to Willard's expectations.  He affirmed Willard is not a Christian and that folks ought to vote for, you guessed it,  anyone else who is not a cultist.

If you are not full of hate and self-loathing, how can anyone be a GOOPER?   What's wrong with Willard?

Results are in: the War on Drugs is Dangerous

American drug users take a peek at Mexico.  Your self centered irresponsibility is lethal.  Of course there's more campaign cash in the status quo than in legalizing and controlling drugs.  Until we make drugs legit it will just get worse.  It has.

Paramilitaries may have entered Mexico's drug wars

People die so you can get high?

Who is running for Prez?

Unless you are a political junkie, you probably cannot name any of the candidates who are trying to become the Repubs's nominee.  If the GOP primary voters are not excited by the current crop of clowns, the rest of the nation will have even greater lack of excitement about the last Bozo left standing.  Does this mean Obama cannot lose?

GOP Candidates Hardly Household Names 

Perry's Insensitivity

I guess insensitivity is the polite way to racism these days.  No one wants to tag the Pissant from Paint Creek as a racist.  He's an insensitive instead.  The Washington Post broke the story about Perry and his hunting preserve,  "Niggerhead." The paper stands behind its story--Behind the Rick Perry hunting camp story.

Is he a racist, insensitive, or just from Texas?

Does Obama Ever Think About Solydra?

Granted the Nobel prize winning expert on all things, especially oil spills in the Gulf, has fallen on his sword for the other Nobel prize winner, but you have to wonder how they could be so damn dumb investing taxpayer dollars during a recession when government spending in under attack.  Solnydra is gaining a bit of traction as a scandal.  It has not attained full blown -gate status yet.  What would you call it, Solyndragate, solargate?

Solyndra loan deal: Warnings about legality came from within Obama administration

There's Money in War (and Peace) in Iraq

Billions have been spent on the Iraq war.  Hell, a few billion in cash were just flat assed lost.  This December we'll have to haul it out of the shithole.  Don't despair, we'll still be there with lots of money making opportunities.  Granted the 43,000 troops still in country will be out of country.  The military's  50,000 contractors will be unemployed.

However, as the CIA became a new branch in our Armed Forces, so will the State Dept.  They have announced ramping up to hire 16,000 contractors to do that all important nation building crap.  So far it's been a failure.  Bets on success?  Oh, if the State Dept. says 16,000, how big do think the real number will be?  I think it will be more than double within a year.  There's money in war, it's a racket.

State Department readies Iraq operation, its biggest since Marshall Plan


Basically Republicans are the Value Voters crowd, especially as manifested by the church guy who trashed Romney because he's a cultist.  Here's a piece about Romney and the Values Voters.

Mormonism takes center stage at conservative event

I don't understand how any decent person can be a Republican these days.  The religious bigots are not disavowed, no, they are embraced.  Oh, the Values Voters Summit is put on by the Family Research Council (FRC) and the American Family Association (AFA), they are two of the major sponsors. These are hate groups. They hate other religions. I bet they really despise atheists. However the folks who really get them drooling acid are gays. Think not? Take some time and read a bit about these hate groups.

 Whose Values Are Being Promoted at the Values Voter Summit? 

Here's the ad the SPLC ran yesterday in the post.

Why do the GOP candidates show up and seek the VVs votes? Aren't you known by whom who hang around with. Would you want hate groups to endorse you?  How long can a party run on self loathing?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Politics and Religion

If you've watched the news this evening, you have probably listened to the Texas evangefundie's  comments about Romney and Mormons.  Per the church guy, Willard is a cultist.  Therefore, primary voters who are real Christians had best vote for Perry otherwise they promote a heathen cult.  Aw bullshit.  This is bigotry.

Form my perspective they are all nucking futs.

We can solve this religious mess.  We need to really separate church and state.  Let's restrict public office to atheists.  We'd all be a lot better off.

Sweeps Week for Goopers

A few times a year the TV ratings services capture the numbers of eyeballs watching shows and networks. They are called sweeps weeks.  That's when TV improves somewhat via specials, new movies, or better written and acted regular shows.  The networks want big numbers since the numbers are used to set ad rates for the coming months.  PBS has similar events, fund raising weeks.  That's when there is stuff you want to watch on PBS.

GOOPERS, especially the dedicated evangefundies, have sweeps week.  One sweep is the few days preceding the Values Voters Summit.  Pols seeking to affirm their affiliation with the Values Voters present basthit crazy ideas and hope they will get noticed and earn extra praise from VVs. For example, take Michelle Bachmann---

It's weird

99% Wall Street protesters boo CEOs, but mourn Steve Jobs

Winos and Wine Investors Take Note

Whether you think global warming is man made or not, the planet is getting hotter.  As the earth warms, the best places to grow grapes will shift a bit north.  Are you ready for Napa to become an also ran?  Can you cope with high end New York State wine?

What wineries exist in the areas that Mom Nature will bless as the next best grape growing environment?  Invest in companies that are in the path of optimal growing conditions.  It seems to me there's several decades worth of profits to be made by following the weather to inform buying and selling.

Study: Climate change to impact where wine grapes can grow

Making the World Safe for Mexican Dealers

I guess ObamaCo must have received generous contributions from the Mexican drug cartels.

Feds escalate efforts to close California pot shops

 Once again, Obama continues to follow in the Shrub's footsteps.

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #3

Admiral Mullen was chided for suggesting that Pakistan's ISI (their CIA) assisted the Taliban to attack NATO forces in Afghanistan.  Mullen gave a lot people virtual wedgies for saying in public what everyone knows is true in private.

Paksitan, is living up to its non-ally ally, status in our non-war, war with them.  It's time to leave that neck of the rubble.

Pakistan panel calls doctor's help finding bin Laden 'treason' 

Does anyone still think Mullen was blowing smoke?

Effects of the Septic Tank

Congress, Bankers, and Financiers tanked the U.S. economy. They sent it into the septic tank. We've made it out of the tank and are back up into the gutter. We're still in a position to be washed back down into the sewer.

The good folks who did it to us in 2008 are still doing the same damn things and no one in government is doing a thing about it. All we see are young folks occupying Wall Street.

Occupation of Wall Street is great theater, but it has to be translated into political action for the kind of social action we need. If the young do not get going soon, the U.S. while still a huge economy, may be passed by as China's yuan supplants the dollar as the world's reserve currency. How long before the value of oil is measured in yuan's? Maybe not all that long--

 Nigeria shifting currency reserves from dollars to Chinese yuan 

If you think the shift to the yuan is just Nigeria, think again.

After Nigeria, Brazil may be next to diversify into yuan

OWS crowd please articulate your  politics.  I'd start by organizing to elect all new people to office and never sending anyone back for a second swig of Potomac River water.

Health Testing--PSA

PSA testing, tests for prostate cancer.  Is it worth the time, expense, and follow up if the test indicate possible prostate cancer?  After data anaylysis, U.S. Preventive Services Task Force

downgraded PSA testing to a “D” rating. The D rating means that “there is moderate or high certainty that the service has no net benefit or that the harms outweigh the benefits,” according to the task force Web site.

This is similar to the data analysis and conclusions reached earlier on mammograms and breast cancer.  I have a feeling the most noise that will be made about the PSA decision will be by those who have a vested economic interest in maintaining the PSA status quo.  Don't forget health care is not all about health, there is oodles of money made in those healing halls of Asclepius.

Healthy men don’t need PSA testing for prostate cancer, panel says

Good Title

The article is okay, but I love the headline, so I have to post it--

Sarah Palin sits out 2012. There is a God.

Adultifying the Child

From a girl's first TV images on through all the other communication technologies she surrounds herself with, she learns about who and what she is supposed to be.  Well, that's supposed to be according to whomever presents all that content.  Do you think it has no effect on her?

What happens to little girls as they grow up in this modern time?  Do they become little princesses and move straight on to "hot" and no one notices?  Sexualization and objectification of girls and women is rampant, but it does make for good future consumers.  If you are a parent what can you do?

Little girls or little women? The Disney princess effect

Along the way the little boys also learn about what they are supposed to be vis a vis girls.  What kind of men and women are we creating?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Stewart on OWS

Harry Potter Fans Get Ready

I don't know how long you will have to wait, but that invisibilty cloak may be in Wal-Mart near you sometime soon.  Well, at least sometime, soon, it's hard to tell what that will mean.

‘Invisibility Cloak’ Uses Transparent Carbon Nanotube Sheets

40,000,000 Frenchmen Can Be Wrong Front

And they often are, especially when they hide behind conventional wisdom of the dominant group (COWDUNG).  This round features this years Nobelist in Chemistry, Dan Shectman.  What he found confounded his peers beliefs.  They condemned him a  bit, they thought he was nuts.  Oh, Shectman used his senses.  Eventually the dominant group did too and went "I'll be damned."  To bad they weren't, but a Nobel has to feel pretty good.

Ridiculed crystal work wins Nobel for Israeli


If you felt like saying gesundheit, thanks, but Aakash is a tablet computer.  It's about $35.  I wonder if it will ever take on iPad and Kindle Fire?

$35 tablet computer? Yes, from India.

What would you like to see made at a much lower cost?

Just Another Day

Will tomorrow be just another Friday?  Will it be special in any way.  It might be your birthday, but anything else?  Nah.

Oh, I forgot about Enduring Freedom.  Yep, 10 years ago the Shrub took us off to war in Afghanistan.

We're still there and we are still at war.

10 years.  Nothing special.

The Bush legacy?  Permanent war.

Think about it as we strart the 11th year of war in Afghanistan.


I live in a rural area.  The Tubes and Amazon make my life a bit easier.  The local stores don't always carry what I want.  Amazon does.   Plus I don't have to drive 30 or 40 miles to shop.  Serious shopping is 90+ miles off.

Do you use Amazon?  It's an amazing company.  It's hard to remember that it began as a bookseller in 1995.  Look at it today, what doesn't it sell?  Now, they've added the Kindle Fire.  The preorders are huge, I think they've hit 250,000 in a week.  At $199 the Kindle Fire will compete with the iPad.  Of course Amazon's book, music, and video sales will get a real goose too.

Want to know more about Amazon. It's an interesting company--

Amazon, the Company That Ate the World

Who Speaks for John Birch Today?

I've been wondering about the John Birchers.  Where have they gone?  With the Commies defeated, did Birchers fritter away in one last gurgle of gibberish?  I think they tried to stage a comeback when they discovered the New World Order, but their message lack the punch of killing commies for Christ.

As the fringe dwellers diminished, I did note a growing lack of paranoia about fluoride.  It's been years since fluoride has made the news.  That's news as in fluoride in the drinking water is a communist plot to overthrow the U.S.  Well, fluoride is back!  And it's water based!

The Teabaggers have taken the Bircher's mantle.  Now it's time to kill globalists for Christ.   If we don't, then the fluoride in the water will dumb our children down or up or sideways.  Old soldiers may just fade away, but bullshit seems to always come back another day.

Florida's Pinellas County rejects fluoride in drinking water

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #1 and #3

We need to get our butts out of #1, Afghanistan.  If we do, then we end #3, Pakistan.  Someone said never get in a land war with China.  That's good advice.  I wonder if anyone ever had a line of wisdom about getting involved in three way religious based political war?

If you think it's been strange up to now, get ready for new weirdness in these wars. Actually it's an old weirdness.  India may get sucked in as it enters into a security pact with Afghanistan.  Bless my deja vu it's 1989 and we haven't hauled butt yet.  We need to declare victory now and haul.

Indian-Afghan pact likely to boost tension with Pakistan


The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) continues.  It's been about four weeks and its spreading across the nation.  Will this become the lefts counterpart to the right's teabaggers?  Maybe, but I have my doubts.

As I think back to the Vietnam protest days, I remember that the protests ended about the time the time the draft law was changed.  Once guys knew they would be drafted or not in a year, the protests waned.  Of course the war did not.  It lingered on for several years.  More died with less fanfare.

With respect to the OWS crowd, if government could magically deal with school loan debt, as in erase it, would the wind go out of the OWS sails?   I have a feeling it would.  Incomes and debt are real personal.  If you remove the direct threat, then the grass becomes green enough to return to grazing.  If I am right then I do not really expect a leftie teabag to develop.  There's not sufficient anger at specific segments of our society.  Who has what skin in what game?

Occupy Wall Street protests ramp up in New York, elsewhere 

Oh, in some ways I see the OWS folks similar to my hippie friends in a prior lifetime. I always enjoyed watching and listening to them rant about the "man" and evils of capitalism as they walked along with boombox on their shoulder playing their favorite new tape.


It was a dumb investment.  It was dumber to visit the company.  It was even dumber to make it your green  jobs poster child.  Now we learn ObamaCo can go beyond even dumber.  It is mind numbingly dumb to try and throw more money at the failing company, but they did.  Oh, I forgot, that's normal for government.  I guess this is what you get when a lawyer and a physicist decide to play at business to garner donors and votes.

E-mails show Energy Department was moving toward second loan for Solyndra

Who is rich?

Obama has treated incomes over $250,000 as rich.  At least one could infer that since he wants to increase taxes beginning at that level.  Then Obama began yammering about millionaires and billionaires, it sounds better on the soapbox.  So who is rich?

At what taxable income level should taxes increase?  The Dems have decided that rich begins at $1,000,000.  Is that where rich begins?  If this level will yield a tax increase then rich begins at a million.  We need to re-write the tax code to tax fairly and check the concentration of wealth, especially over generations.  Myself I'd begin raising taxes at $500,000.  Where do you think rich begins?

Democrats shift the definition of ‘rich’ in battle over taxes

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Aw, Gee, You Betcha!

Palin opts to keep her FOX gig.  She won't run for Prez.  It would be nice if she followed Glenn Beck off the air and out of sight.

Sarah Palin not running for president

Another Question

Today I seem to have questions.  If Cain actually became the nominee for the GOP what would that do to  Obama and the Black vote?  Would he lose the one sector he is counting on?  If the black vote goes up for grabs, who does Obama have left that he can count on?   Obama has pissed off and alienated the "professional left"  (remember that dig?).  Independents are not all that keen on a repeat of his economic policies.

Is Cain actually the one sure winner for the GOP?  It sounds nutty, but how about Mr.  9-9-9?

School Days

When you attended public school, did you buy lunch?  Did you munch a bunch?  Or did you throw most of it away because it was crap?  The only positive memory I have about school lunch has nothing to do with the food.  In high school, one day I glued a number of china plates, flatware, and glasses to a cafeteria tray.  When I returned the tray, I made sure the cafeteria ladies saw me coming as I stumbled and unpended the tray.  The gasps made a delghtful sound but were only beaten out by the sudden silence that  erupted when there was no smash and crash.  I returned the tray to the appropriate spot and informed the dishwasher, the glue was quite water soluble.  That's my highlight of school lunch.

Guess what, the food is still crap.  If you are what you eat, should we wonder about why test scores are so lousy?

'Fed Up with Lunch' exposes worst school meals



When you vote for someone, do you feel you are electing a leader?  Or do you see yourself as electing a person to fill an office?  I keep hearing the chattering class yammer about leaders.  I hear the elected talk about themselves as leaders, are they?

What is a leader?  What do you elect?

Questions about the GOP

Perry has gone down.  Christie is not running. And Willard is stuck at 28%.  The one guy who has risen is Cain.  Here's my first question, is it possible for Cain to become the GOP nominee?  How probable is it?

Here's my second, if Cain makes it, who will be his Veep?

Here's my last question, who would win, Obama or Cain?

Occupy Wall Street

Here's a decent opinion piece on OWS.

Occupy Wall Street: echoes of the past as protesters grasp the future

Bush's Legacy in Afghanistan

The Shrub really fucked this war up.  He went in for revenge, then managed it quite poorly.  He and his team more than fulfilled my expectations without any misunderestimating.  Well short of victory, he split for Iraq to become a real wartime president in the history books.  Anyone know the name of a single dinosaur?  So what's the result of all his bellicosity?

An Afghan police chief summed it up well, after 10 Bush mandated years of FUBAR-

"There is no option for me," he said. "I am killing them (the Taliban) or they will kill me. We have been betrayed by everybody." 

Now, that's some real liberty spreading, freedom inducing, democracy creating nation building ain't it. After 10 years, the legacy? Betrayal over there and how about here at home?

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #4

ObamaNato has almost won the war in Libya.  The good guys, however, are still looking for the senior bad guy.   Not bad for a humanitarian war fought to save lives, right?  Okay, how many lives didn't ObamaNato save?  When bombs fall fromg the sky people die.  Were they all bad guys?

Libyan civilian toll from NATO bombings still unknown

Fraud in Federal Contracts?

Is there gambling in "Casablanca?"  Once again, the aces in Congress and the Pentagon have allowed, hell, they created the law that allows the fraud to be perpetuated, theft from the Treasury.  The Alaska native contracting loophole combined with lack of controls allowed millions to be stolen.   I suggest where there's one rat there are a great many more.  Do you still wonder why the DOD budget is so  massive and sacred?  Do you still wonder why no one in Congress wants to touch it?   One man's kickback is another's generous donation.

Fraud in Corps of Engineers contracting charged

Remember, Congress is a criminogenic organization.

Gee, He Talks Like a Democrat

You can read this piece on the new and improved Democratic talking Obama.  Myself I will be watching to see if he backs up any of his talk and walks the walk.  Given his record, I can take several long naps and not miss anything.  Talk is cheap.

If Cantor showed up in Dallas with Obama, I bet Obama would wind up thanking him for his help for showing him how to create jobs.  Talk is cheap.

President Obama goes on the attack, to Democrats’ delight

Obama talks a lot.

Obama, Being All the Dubya He Can Be

The Prez talks like a Democrat, but struts like a Republican.  I may have to revisit my contention that Obama is the lesser of two evils for 2012.  There's really not lick spittle of difference between any of the GOP possibles and him is there?  They talk differently but their walk all comes out the way the big donors  dictate.  Would a Democrat fund child soldiers?  The one in the White House has.  True to form he has a justification.  Just more of the real-politik ends justify the means gutting of the rule of law.  And we wonder why the rich are getting richer as the rest of us race toward the bottom.

Obama waives penalties on countries that employ child soldiers – again!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Is it over for Obama?

It may be, it now depends on how bad the GOP nominee becomes.  If it's Romney and the numbers in this poll remain as bad, if not worse, then we will see Willard sworn in in 2013.

Poll: 7 in 10 say Obama has not helped economy

Boos at the gay soldier

I noticed that none of the GOOPERs said a a word about he boos at the debate.  Now when asked about his silence, Willard, says it was okay because he didn't have a clue about what had occurred.  He's unsure about the boo, but is certain that corporations are people.  They guy is seriously fucked up.

Mitt Romney: The Jury’s Still Out On Why Those Guys Were Booing After The Gay Soldier Spoke
Willard is so afraid of the primary voters.  Ge fears that they really liked the boos.  If he condemns the boos, then he'll lose them.  Of course he's already lost them, the boo lovers are the evangefundies.  They know he's not a Christian.  Willard is pathetic.

Oh don't forget neither Willard nor his sons have bothered to serve in the military.  Last time out, he tired to make his sons working on his campaign the same as serving in the Army.  Will Republicans actually vote for this guy?

Spending Cuts

What to cut and what to spend?  It all depends on your party.  If Dems want to spend, then Trogs want to cut and vice versa.  Guess who wants to spend more on the Defense of Marriage Act?  Hint, it's not the Dems.

Boehner Triples Possible DOMA Legal Tab To $1.5 Million

Gee, is this how GOOPERs goose the economy?  I'd rather spend the money on infrastructure jobs wouldn't you?

The Fat Man Has Sung.

It's over.  Christie is not running.  Willard feels so much better.

Chris Christie not running for president in 2012


The Kindle Fire appears to be selling about $10 under the cost of production.  Will the Gillette razorblade approach work (the real money is in the blades, not blade holder).  Will Amazon take the music, video, and e-books market as we become a tablet world?

Amazon tablet costs $209.63 to make, IHS estimates

Gee who'd a guessed?

Obama does not think people are better off than they were four years ago.  Golly, really?  He's shrewd.  Of course he did inherit a mess from the Shrub, but it's all his now.  Do you feel that Obama has done all he could to keep it from being worse?  Did he fight the good fight or worry about his reelection from day one?  I opt for the latter.  Right now the only thing he has going for him is the GOP.  Who could vote for any of them, even Christie?

Obama: Americans not better off than four years ago

If he wants a repeat of 2008 he's going to have to do a lot more than give cool, inspiring, but unmemorable speeches.  Big chunks of his base will vote for him but that's all.   What will it take to make folks like myself decide to donate money and free labor in addition to voting for Obama?

How's Your 401(K)?

The economy may be headed back to the septic tank.  Greece and a few other countries may yield a great sucking sound as one national economy after the next gets sucked down into the global shithole.  It's very dicey right now.  How bad? Here's the lead editorial from "The Economist."

Be Afraid

Originalism Rocks and Us

Robes and the Robes will probably sing about Obamacare this term.  The "Originalism Rocks" tour may become a very historical roadshow.  How do you think they will decide on Obamacare?

I think it will be 5-4 against, but it will be a very narrow decision aimed at the part that compels people to purchase health insurance.  It will be decided for the specific case and not set a general precedent.  I don't think the Court is really ready to take on the Commerce Clause.

If the Supremes do as I think they will and the decision is announced in late Spring 2012, it will influence the election.  However it will influence it in an unexpected way.  It will invigorate those who have already committed their votes, but have decided to do nothing else for Obama.  The Supremes will change their minds and they will donate and go to work for Obama's reelection.  Yep, it will time to either establish National Health Care or Medicare for All as the election becomes one for social justice.

Wouldn't it be neat if as the Trogs get the vote they want, their expectations also led to Obama being reelected, the House restored to the Dems, and sixty two real Dems take over in the Senate.  Oops, total Dem control, they'd screw it up again, but we'd be a lot better off than having drooling trogs in charge.

Wall Street Prostest

Here's a story that will make you root for the kids protesting on Wall Street.  CEO pay is bad.   If sets a bad example for kids.  You don't have to be competent to make it big.  If you wondered where all the money has gone, look to the executive suite for a tidy chunk of it.  I have trouble believing this is what those vastly overrated shareholders want--lose money, close plants, and then reward the boss who accomplished those tasks.  We need to change the tax code.  All CEO and senior management pay and compensation over $500,000 should be dis-allowed as business expenses.

Cozy relationships and ‘peer benchmarking’ send CEOs’ pay soaring

Nobels for Physics

Three U.S. physicists won the Nobel Pirze for discovering the universe is exanding, well, that's expanding faster.  After 14 billion years the oldest part sped up, now that's one super energizer bunny at play in cosmos.

3 U.S.-born scientists win physics Nobel for revealing universe’s expansion is getting faster

New Trog Poll

Romney leads, but the surprize is who's come in tied for second.  Yep, the 9 pizzas guy tied the Pissant for second.  The race for the bottom continues.  Bachmann is tanking.  Huntsman has to realize it's over.  He came in under Santorum.

Rick Perry slips, Herman Cain rises in bid for GOP nomination, poll finds

Monday, October 3, 2011

Got Chicken?

I thought the pig was totally used, everything but the oink.  Now it seems the chicken is as equally consumed.  Everything but the cluck goes somewhere in the world for some product.

Why did the chicken cross the road? Here’s why

Primary Zoo

Florida opted to hold its primary on Jan. 31.  Now South Carolina has chosen Jan. 21st.  Will Iowa wind up in December?  It depends on when New Hampshire decides it will hold it's primary.  It's getting nutty again, just like 2008.  I hope 2012 works out as well as 2008 did for the GOP.

South Carolina sets primary for Jan. 21, advancing GOP primary calendar

Trying to Understand The Trogs

Let's face it the GOP primary voters is not the mainstream of the GOP.  However, the important primaries are in the South.  The presidential election cycle begins in the South and kind of drives the whole election.   Why? Well, Nixon welcomed the rednecks and crazy evangefundies into the rich old white guys tent.  Nixon won but at what cost?  Why do think Chris Christie is getting hyped? I suggest fear.  The primary voter would love to see a Perry/ Bachmann ticket.  Guess what, it can  happen because the grits took over the tent.

Whatever you call them, rednecks, grits or crackers, there are  lot of them and they don't all live out in some inbred holler near Stinking Creek, Alabama.   Here's a description.  It's from 2008.  It's still on target.

Why rednecks may rule the world

If you'd like to learn about the foundations of redneckery, read about the Backcountry Migration in "Albion's Seed."  Not much has changed in 300 years.


COWDUNG is an ancronym for Conventional Wisdom of the Dominant Group.  If the dominant group you listen to is the GOP and the subject is taxes, then get ready.  Yep, here comes the COWDUNG.  Want an example?  Okay, "tax increases kill jobs." right?  Bullshit, plop,plop gush, gush and what's that stench?

'Job-Killing' Tax Hikes May Not Be So Lethal


Do you use Facebook?  If so, do you realize you are Facebook's product and as a product you are sold to its customers?  Who are Facebook's customers?  That's a no brainer.  As with everything on the Web, it's advertisers.  Why Facebook even has a new app for advertisers, especially the political campaign advertisers.

Are you ready for The Like-Me Election?

Technology Marches On

And it's marching into a classroom near you now.  E-books!  Excuse me, E-Textbooks!  Laptops, notepads, and soon tablets will be what's in the average Urchin's backpack.  Will they even need a backpack?

Will it work?  Fairfax Co. Va, is testing e-books.  There are several issues to deal with but the approach seems quite reasonable.  Now, if the folks so concerned with education want to do something that will help, then instead of spending on tests, spend it on educational infrastructure instead.   Don't wait for the government to act.

Bill Gates could remain richer than sin and buy an iPad for every kid in the nation. If Mr. Buffet won't give his money to the Treasury, then he could build a real high speed Internet from coast to coast and give it to Uncle Sam.  The rich don't solve problems, they just feel guilty about the ones they've already made.

Online textbooks moving into Washington area schools

Coffe Anyone?

When I woke up this morning, my thoughts were on the left and the Teabaggers.  I have posted before that progressives, liberals, and lefties need to organize akin to the Teabags.  I will have more to say this in the near future, but for today read E.J. Dionne's piece.  I was a bit surprized to see this, given the thoughts I woke with today.  Was it ethereal osmosis?

Can the left stage a Tea Party?

Asshole from El Paso Blues

The Post had a piece Sunday on Perry's hunting preserve.  I do not understand this hunting thing.  Why do people feel compelled to go kill other living things.  If you must hunt, then be like Cheney, hunt lawyers.  Perry's preserve had a name.  Unfortunately, it's not the kind of name that most folks find acceptable.  "Niggerhead" may be dandy in Texas, but it's not anywhere else.  Even the Klan's quit using the "N"word.  Texas is so quaint.  

Of course the Pissant from Paint Creek contends the name was obliterated when his Daddy first leased the land in '83.  His memory is countered by more than a half dozen folks who remember seeing it at the preserve gateway for a long time, perhaps at late as 2005.  Do you think this will be a campaign issue?

Of course it is.  Cain was asked about the name.  He chided Perry.  On the ABC bobblehead show he did it quite effectively.  I would not call it a "blast."   Cain was reasoned and civil.  We have to watch the exuberance of headlines and TV blubberheads.

What will be the effect?  Given that it's the GOP party nomination and not a general election, then Perry's racism-lite will endear him to the GOP primary voter.   The name of his hunting preserve may have saved him from being too bumbling and too immigrant loving.  Folks like to have a candidate they feel comfortable with.

Rick Perry deflects scrutiny over Texas hunting camp, is blasted by Herman Cain

Ah, those job creators

You have to love those capitalist job creators.  Over the years they quit employing U.S. workers and imported the crap they build and sell.  It was more profitable.  The job creators made a lot of money.  More and more manufacturing went overseas.  More and more people went into debt to buy cheap shit from everywhere but the USA.  Do you even remember when Wal-Mart was all about  made in America?

As the prosperous prospered, the real value of everything else declined, then bubbles burst.  Today, we have unemployment at 9+%.  That's the official level, the real level is much higher.  Why?  Well, the job creators don't need workers since all the shit they "build" and sell has been out sourced offshore.  Hold it, they'll have to create a few jobs otherwise who will buy their cheap shit so they can prosper?

That sounds good but the job creators have found a new way to stick it to the working class.  Yep, they are outsourcing shopping.  Why hire people and pay them so they can buy stuff when you can import affluent off shore customers?  Damn, welcome to the land of the free and home of the unemployed.   Now tell me why we feel so partial to those folks we call job creators?

To boost flagging economy, U.S. wants to import more shoppers

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Morning Radio

On Sunday's I usually begin posting after the bobblehead shows are finished.  Unfortunately, the Internet radio streams I usually listen to are still pandering to the Jesus crowd.  The churchy shows, mostly music, are like fingernails on a blackboard to me.  Luckily some months back I found WRUV out of Burlington, Vermont.  It's the University of Vermont radio station.  Yep, my Sunday music (after punditry) is pure metal.  From 12-2 EDT, it's good.   Plus the next show is punk and metal.  So much better than the sop to god tunes.


Do You Tweet? Do You Friend?

Social media such as Twitter and Facebook do not make much sense to me.  I have a Facebook page but do not use it.  It never clicked.   The blog makes sense so I post away.  Now about the social media--

Myths About Social Media

If you have Twitter or Facebook, can you explain either or both to me?

Ron Suskind's Book

By now most of us have heard a great deal about what's wrong with Mr. Suskind's book.  Of course most of us have not read the book, nor for that matter have most of the pundits who comment on the book.  I find it most odd that Mr. Suskind could write a few books on Bush, be hailed as brilliant and insightful, but then when he writes one on a Dem the same folks  trash him and his book.

Critics slammed Ron Suskind’s ‘Confidence Men.’ But how closely did did they read it?

What happened to sunflower seed costs

I've taken note that the 20# bag of mixed sunflower seeds I buy went from about $13 to $15 and last week cost me about $18 week.  What gives?  Did extreme weather affect seed crops?  Or are growers withholding seed from the market to get a better price?  If it goes up much more, the birds I feed will have to go on half rations.   Anyone know what has happened to the sunflower seed market?

Here's one story from Alaska--

High sunflower seed prices, low supply may spell short rations for birds this winter

Has Goldman Sachs found a way to securitize sunflower seeds.  God, will the next recession be caused by a bursting bird food bubble?

The Tubes

The Internets have been with us, what, about 15 years.  That's not all that long.  Can you remember life without the Internet?  Do you want to return to those good old days?  I don't.

Here are a few pieces of interest on our wonderful Tubes!

First, who runs the damn thing?  Who ought to?  Do you want government running the Web?

A plaything of powerful nations

The Internets have seen huge applications (other than Google) develop grow and change the way live, play and shop. One of the these is Amazon. At one time some thought it would become Amazon.Toast. Boy were they wrong. How's it doing and whats it going up against?

The Walmart of the web Will Amazon get played by Apple? Who knows.

There is another web company that has been very successful, but now appears to have given an old competitor a new chance. Will Netflix be the 800 pound streaming gorilla a year from now?

 Can Netflix Find Its Future by Abandoning the Past?

Class in America

I know we live in a class based society.  It's not a real popular idea, we're supposed to be classless.  Here's a piece you might be interested in if you are interested in class, especially the working class.  It's kind of combined bio, obit, book review and intro to Joe Bageant's ideas--

The Cheap Seats 

9 Pizzas Tax Program

I doubt if there's a casual follower of GOOPer politics that hasn't heard about Cain's 999 tax plan.  Is it any good?  Would it do more harm than good?  Is it just catchy sloganeering?  You tell me.

Herman Cain's '999 plan': long overdue tax reform or job killer?

Are you ready for some decisions!

If you sang this post's title as though you were Hank Williams opening Monday Night Football then you are ready for Roberts and the Robes to kick off their "Originalism Rocks" tour.  Will this tour play as well as the "Wise Latina" roadshow?  Will it beat out "Unleashing the Kagan?"

This season could break records.  The songs they sing will be Constitutional ballads about who done whom wrong.  Oh, my, will the little guy win?  Will big government dominate the charts?  Okay, who will have the power?  Yeah, it's just an old fashioned rock and roll Supremes song!

Supreme Court term will include cases highlighting extent of federal power

Remember this if you long for Perry

As you long, so you are.  You can take the boy out of the country, but you can never take the country out of the boy.  Sadly, in this case it's very white and rural Texas.  Give it a read.  If the Asshole lying?

At Rick Perry’s Texas hunting spot, camp’s old racially charged name lingered

Still favor Rick?  Why?

Congress Needs to be Accountable II

We elect people to the House. They go to Washington D.C. They get sworn in and unless you see them on C-SPAN you have to take it on blind faith that they are actually doing Congressy things. Most of us just assume they do Congressy things.  How much C-SPAN does anyone watch?

 Do you know where your Congressman is right now? If you did, you could infer what he might be doing. He could be in his office and working. He could be elsewhere. Did you elect him to be elsewhere. No, you did not.

We need to know where our Congressmen are at all times. I propose that every member of Congress have to wear a GPS beacon at all times. Their constituents will be able to know their locations since there will be an App for that. Data will made available and accessible, run-time, via the Internet and the App.

If your Congressman wanders down to Joe’s Bar and Grill every night about nine, it’s something you need to know. He may be a drunk or he may just like Joe’s pastrami sandwich. If you have the “Where’s My Congressman Now” App you will be a more informed and curious voter. Demand that Congress GPS itself!  It’s will preserve our democratic republic. It they refuse, then what are they afraid of? See, you might want to find a new Rep in 2012.

Congress Needs to be Accountable

Michelle Bachmann has missed all the House Votes in September. Ron Paul has missed a bunch too. I think they were elected to represent 600,000 people in Congress. They were not elected to run for higher office. If Representatives abuse their office, they should be held accountable.

In the 111th Congress the House had about 1,654 votes. Each Rep. makes $174,000 a year. Each vote costs us about $105 each.  Ms. Bachmann and Mr. Paul decided to work for themselves instead of their constituents.   They should have pay the U.S. Treasury for every missed vote.

For example, let’s use the 111th’s rate. Ms. Bachmann missed about 60 votes this past September. She’s running for the GOP nomination. She should repay us for the time she’s spent on herself instead of doing her job. She owes us about $6,300. Likewise for Mr. Paul. I don’t know how many votes he has missed.

We need to hold the elected accountable. When they don’t do their job, clawback some pay. If we hit them in the pocketbook, then maybe they’ll listen to all of their constituents.

Costume the Rest of the Candidates

I’m continuing my Costume the Candidates for Halloween.

The Newtser will make a fine Mr. Micawber.

Michelle Bachmann will hand out treats dressed as Tammy Faye Baker, provided her hubby says it’s okay with him. What about the rest?

Willard will make a mighty fine Jolly Green Giant.

Perry seems made to be Bullwinkle Moose.

And Ron Paul, why he’s going to the party dressed as Yoda.

Huntsman was hard, until I saw a movie ad, yep he’s Captain America.

Cain was even harder until he gave Leno his pref.  He’s going a as carton of Hagan Dass Black Walnut Ice Cream.

Now we come to Santorum. He could go as santorum but that would be too gross for Halloween. I thought a bit and remembered old Jerry Fallwell. Then I saw Santorum’s costume. Santorum will go dressed as the Tele-tubby Tinky Wink, only this time, he will have a purse with matching shoes.

 How did you costume this Troggly crew?