Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's Election Season

Uh, do we have a missile gap in the offing?  Come on, WMDs for the Shrub and an increasingly really improbable assassination plot for Obama?  Why not, we'll believe anything if it's wrapped in a flag.

Some U.S. Officials Question Response To Iran Plot

Pissant From Paint Creek Vies for Attention

The Pissant who wants to be President has an economic plan.  It consists of one idea.  All we have to do is drill holes in the ground.  Hmm, I hope GOOPERs will treat him like the title of his book and get  "Fed Up."  Rick Perry for President?  Come on, we've in our second decade of all hat, we need some cattle.

Perry, struggling in campaign, unveils economic program

With Liberty You Don't Get Elected

But, with batshit crazy, full drool positions on abortion and other values voters issues, you can get the religious whackjobs to vote for you.  So what is the liberty loving, gold standard, get rid of the Fed,  Mr. Paul doing?  He's pursuing voters.

Ron Paul the religious

If you build it...

The Shrub built the Africa Command in 2006.  Of course, no one in Africa wanted to have the U.S.  on their turf, so the Shrub stuck it in Stuttgart.  If you build a command, eventually war will come.  And under Bush III, Barack Obama, our time in Africa has arrived.  We've kicked off the command's first independent foray to help the Africans help themselves.  Yep, we're sending in combat advisors.  Gee, didn't our quagmire of Vietnam begin with  a MAAG.

Welcome to War #7.

Small U.S. force to deploy to Uganda, aid fight against Lord’s Resistance Army

Arm Yourself

The tax code is hot this year.  GOOPERs and Jackasses are both talking re-write.  Then there's some weird shit out there.  How about the 9-9-9 bullshit coming from the Hagen Daas Black Walnut Ice Cream candidate. Note Hagen Daas does not make Black Walnut Ice Cream any more.  They dropped it, it didn't sell.

Taxes provide revenue to our government.  We hear lots of numbers, are they true?  Well, instead of just accepting a pols word, come on pols are liars of the first order, go get the data yourself.  Where?  Oh, here's a start--

Tax Stats

If you are invited to a Tea Party

Then, you had best realize you will be seated with staunch conservatives.   That means you will be among the living dead.  Look, if you stop blood from flowing, it's staunched, then you are dead, but you are at a tea party among the staunched, so they have to be zombies.

If they are not zombies, then you will be sipping tea with folks who are very steadfast and adhere to their principles.  Oh, mindless adherence to principle and zombies, there's not all that much difference, so what do the teabagger zombies cling to--besides guns, god, and bitterness?  

Here are some examples:

Now for more info about the Living Dead and Other Groups--The Political Zombies, Not Blue, Not Red, Just Grey

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #6

Do they give out medals for drone attacks?  Since it was an American drone strike on bad guys in Yemen, I'll assume the attack was done by our military or the CIA.  I'm not sure if the State Dept. has added drone capability yet.  The again there's a chance that the drones were directed by the Interior Dept.  I think all branches of our government are now part of the Dept. of Defense.

At any rate, drones flew into Yemen, dropped explosive shit from the sky, killed people and blew the crap out of anything else in the neighborhood.   I do not feel safer, more free or any of the PR bullet points put out by our Dept. of Patriotism.

As we drone on and on, I think we entrench a hate in people and they will get even.  Our current poilicy while profitable, is very dangerous to the long term health of our Republic.  Remember the Visigoths?

Yemen says US airstrike kills media chief for al-Qaida’s Yemeni branch, 6 other militants

There go tomorrow's shoppers

In a consumer based economy, the essential element is consumers.  We need buyers.  If no one buys stuff then we are tanked.  Our current economic mess would turn around if demand were higher.  What is deamnd?  It's consumers saying I want to buy that stuff.  As consumers deamand more stuff, the makers of stuff make more stuff.  The stuff workers get paid more money.  Then they can buy more stuff.  It's fantastic until a stuff filled bubble bursts.  Then we're where we are today.

At least it will be better tomorrow, right?  Well, if some of the stuff we make today are tomorrow's consumers, we may be in trouble.   Yep, we're not making babies like we used to.  Will we reach a point where stuff doesn't sell, not because its crappy stuff, but because there are no customers?  Nah, but demand might decline and...

In a Down Economy, Fewer Births

What's Appropriate?

We all know that the easiest way to sell something is to put in a sexy wrapper.  Usually sexy winds up being a "babe" appearing "hot."  Sex sells.  If sex is not quite enough, then add some violence.  Violent sex will sell anything.  We are awash in sexual imagery.

Is there anything, that is popular, that is not sex, drug or violence based?  Hmm, did you ever see a sexy ad for the "The Great Books?"  Oh, they're not popular.   We like sex.  We are voyeurs.  Porn remains number one on the Internet.

However, we become a bit concerned when the sexy stuff we love is directed at kids.  For some reason we don't want or children to emulate ourselves when it comes to sex (everyday life?).  I'll let y'all work that one out for yourselves.

All of this is a lead in to apps for kids.  What happens when you sell and deliver sexy apps to 4 year olds?  Oh, have you looked at all of the apps on those gadgets your kids are using?

Inappropriate content making its way to mobile apps

Friday, October 14, 2011

War #7 -- Central Africa

Afghanistan, Iraq, Af-Pak, Libya, Sudan, Yemen and now we have the beginning of a brand new war.  They start small and can grow.  What's with our government?  Enough of this empire bullshit.  When Rome did empire it killed its republic.  Ready, set, say goodbye-

What the Hell 

Crazy old Ron Paul is looking better and better all the time.

Strategic Victory -- War #2

Life remains normal in Legacyland--Blasts in Baghdad's Sadr City kill at least 18, wound 40 

When will ObamaCo decide we have to protect the Iraqis from themselves whether they want it or not?

Why nothing gets done in D.C.

Instead of doing one thing well,

We do many things poorly.  That's multitasking.  It's no wonder we're in the economic and innovation septic tank.

Smartphone and tablet owners multitask while watching TV, survey finds

Dumb Ass Blues

Slceddie--I've been thinking about your comment from yesterday.  I know the feeling. Here's my first predictable pass at a response.

How do we cure a serious case of the "Dumb Ass Blues?" I'm not sure. However, I think it does entail people doing things. Teabaggers have done things. The Occupy Wall Streeters are doing things. Unfortunately, they may not be doing the things that are needed.  What are the things that are needed?

If we don't pay attention, if we don't vote, then it's obvious we need to pay attention and we need to vote. The problem is that unless what we change what we attend to and change whom we vote for, we'll just become part of what drove us to quit listening and voting in the first place.

Would it be possible to use our communities to build a new party that cures us of the Dumb Ass Blues? If you were starting a Dumb Ass Party what would you include in it's charter? What's important enough to say "this is one of our principles?" With all the communication tools available to us these days...

I think the first step is deciding to have some fun and eradicate dumbassdom.

One Billion Dollar Ad Campaign

Obama, Inc. has conned more people to give him more money to spend on pictures of himself.  He's added another $90 million to his advertising account.  I have trouble getting my head around spending $1,000,000,000 to ask people to love you with their votes.   Of course the donors expect services in return, but it's all about the people, right?  A billion?  Narcissism is  getting to damned expensive.

Obama far outpaces GOP rivals in third-quarter fundraising

Following us Home?

We're down to 41,000 soldiers in Legacyland.  Have you noticed a lot of terrorists on Main Street?  You haven't?  I haven't either.  I thought they were going to follow us home if we told them when we were going to leave.  I wonder, did Dork or the Shrub make that one up?  I bet they did, that's called a lie, but we knew that about both of them.

U.S. puts Iraq withdrawal plans under wraps to discourage attacks

Closing the Barn Door

Now that Libyan stinger type missiles are on the market and heading towards Gaza, we're going to shut the barn door.  How?  Oh, the newest brach of the Army, the State Dept., will hire a couple dozen contractors to go looking for the missing weapons.

The contractors being sent to Libya, part of a “quick reaction force” overseen by the State Department, will be attached to about 20 teams of security personnel run by its interim government, U.S. officials say. So far, the Americans have surveyed 20 of the former regime’s three dozen known ammunition storage sites, trying to determine what’s missing, officials say. Each of the sites contains hundreds of bunkers.

We were so effective in dealing with Hussein's weapons in Iraq, I can't see any problems here, can you?

Did you ever wonder who sold all those weapons to Qadaffi, Hussein  or any of the other Islamic dictators in greater and lesser Arabistan?

Herman of Locksley?

Uh, better make Herman the tax collector for Prince John.

Herm's Place to Save the Rich

Skin in the game

Our tolerance for war does depend on our personal involvement with the results of war--death and dismemberment.  Over the past decade of war, for 99.5% of us, it has been about the same as peacetime.  Why do you think the aces in the White House, the Pentagon, and Congress do not want a draft?  If no one complains, war(s) can run on for over a decade,  no one says stop, and tax dollars keep being spent.

0.5% - War and Sacrifice in the Post-9/11 Era: The Military-Civilian Gap

From Bob Park

WHAT'S NEW Robert L. Park Thursday, 13 Oct 2011 Washington, DC
1. THE CONTRACT: AWLAKI’S U.S.CITIZENSHIP IS REVOKED. Last week you will recall, American-born Anwar al-Awlaki, a radical Muslim cleric hiding in Yemen, had his U.S. citizenship permanently revoked by a CIA drone strike. But had Awlaki been accorded “due process” as guaranteed by the Constitution? “War is due process,” I wrote. Bad mistake! We are not at war with Yemen. Angry readers, many of them old friends, objected to what they saw as my support for an illegal action of the administration, and threatened to unsubscribe to WN. It’s not like I get paid to do this, but they were right. A part of me had enjoyed too much the adrenalin rush that comes when your team scores a goal, even if it’s against an inferior opponent. Awlaki was an instigator not a fighter; his offences were deplorable and illegal, but not capital. To me the most troubling aspect of the whole affair was how good the U.S. is at this assassin stuff. Satellite images tracked the target. A drone waited for the order to launch its missile. It was not just a lucky shot. We have the power to take out anyone on Earth. I hope we don’t. But if we do, would someone please take a look at my list?

2. THE SECRET: DEMOCRACY IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH SECRECY. We are told that a Justice Department memorandum, drawn up by a couple of Justice Department lawyers following months of interagency deliberations, sanctioned the Awlaki hit in spite of an executive order banning assassinations, a federal law against murder, protection under the Bill of Rights, and numerous international agreements. Charlie Savage, writing in the NY Times, says the legal debate “led to one of the most significant decisions made by President Obama - to move ahead with the killing of an American citizen without a trial.” Then why is the memorandum classified as secret? This is bull shit – the President’s decision led to the memo, not the other way around.

3. THE MARTYR: GIVING THE DARWIN AWARD A WHOLE NEW MEANING. Two years ago on board a Northwest Airlines flight en route to Detroit, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab allegedly attempted to detonate plastic explosives hidden in his underwear. The flight from Amsterdam was just moments from landing when Abdulmutallab tried to detonate the bomb in his pants. It failed to go off, but his pants caught fire. Passengers jumped him when they saw smoke and flames. At a hospital after landing Abdulmutallab was treated for burns to his uh, groin. Yesterday, in a Federal Court in Detroit, Abdulmutallab pleaded guilty in the attempted murder of 289 fellow passengers. He said he targeted the U.S.-bound flight at the urging of Anwar al-Awlaki. The episode will no doubt be immortalized in a new volume of the brilliant “Darwin Awards,” created by Wendy Northcutt, that “commemorates individuals who improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it”, or in this case, removes their gene- delivery device, from it.

Remembering Bonzo

Mention Bonzo's name and Trogs go momentarily catatonic, begin to drool, and finally begin cheering.  Unless you have some plastic sheeting handy it's messier than smashing a melon with a sledge hammer.  Why catatonic? Oh, they have to replace the facts in their memory banks with totally made up bullshit.

Ronald Reagan's Real Legacy

If you don't quite understand the Repubs, think about the Libs and Kennedy. The reactions are about the same.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

And the award goes to...

Yep, the Nucking Futs Award goes to our favorite batshit crazy lady--Michelle Bachman.

Why?  Well she's gone from saying no one should pay any taxes to another tax program:

‘I Want To Adopt The Reagan Tax Plan’ (Psst…Those Taxes Were Higher!)

Is she too nutzoid for a gig on FOX after she drops out of the race?

Need Some Depression?

If you need to become a bit depressed, then think about where you work and the IT system.  How secure it it?  How good are your security aces?  Your business is okay, but what about all the companies you deal with and your bank.  Feel better now?

IT security pros acknowledge network security weaknesses, configuration issues

Jon Boy Takes On Nevada

I am sure Nevada will respond to Jon Boy's threat to boycott the Nevada caucus.  Yep, they will ignore him.  Do they even know Jon Boy in Vegas?  I can't see Jon Boy pulling off a threat anywhere, even in Utah.  While he might really be the most electable Repub, they'd concede the race to Obama before they'd nominate him.  I mean, he's an evolutionist, likes science, is down with gays, knows man made the globe warmer, and he's kind of a cultist.  Why is Huntsman still in the race?

Huntsman threatens to boycott Nevada caucus

Psst! Blackberry Owners

In case you need a phone that works, have you noticed Apple is taking orders for their new iPhone.  Order now and avoid the next shutdown that shuts you out.

RIM: We’ve restored full BlackBerry services

Apple iPhone 4S review: It’s the software that’s a surprise

Anyone But Willard?

In April, the Trogs raced to the Donald and he Trumped the polls.  Then he fell on his ass and Willard was back on top (always under 30%).  The Trogs don't like Willard.

In July the Trogs flipped off Romney and raised the Crazy Lady who never blinks made it to number one.  She didn't last, she may be too loopy, even for Trogs.  Willard?  Well he was back at #1.

Trogs really don't like Willard.  In August they found an Asshole from Texas.  The Asshole, a.k.a, Rick Perry, shot to the top slot.  Then he talked to the voters.   The voters listened and responded, they tanked him.  Willard is like the energizer bunny, he keeps on running and ran right back to number one.

Trogs really, really don't like Willard.  They tried to find some new candidates.  They failed.  Willard's number one, right?  Yes he blistered back to 29%.  Then "9-9-9" was repeated 25 times at the New  Hampshire debate this week.  The Trogs have raised Cain.  He's number one today.  Any bets on Herm and the GOP plans to tax the poor?

If the Trogs follow their hearts, it will be anyone but the cultist Willard.  If they follow their minds, they will nominate Willard.  I hope the heart wins.

Comparing two Presidents

LBJ had six years of a Democratic Senate and Democratic House, the 88th, 89th. and 90th Congresses.  The Shrub had a 50-50,then Democrat by one, and two Republican Congresses, the 107th, 108th and 109th.

The Shrub gave us No Child Left Behind, two wars we are still fighting, two huge unfunded tax cuts we're still paying for.  He gave us a solid foundation for the economic chaos we currently experience.

LBJ had Vietnam and passed it to Nixon, but along the way gave us the Civil Rights Act, The Voting Rights Act, Medicare, Medicaid, The Elementary and Secondary Education Act, Head Start, Food Stamps, School Lunch Program, The National Endowment of the Arts and Humanities, Public Broadcasting, The Clean Air Act, The Water Quality Act, The Clean Water Restoration Act, OEO, Job Corps, Vista, Urban Mass Transit Act, and much more.

It's no wonder Repubs hate Dems.  The Dems level the playing field as they give a hand up, the Repubs don't even want to give a hand out, but they do give money to the rich as they raise barriers to competition.  Can you imagine what our nation would be like without the Great Society programs?

Whatever happened to those kind of Democrats?  I don't see any in Congress much less in the White House.  We need a new Democratic Party.

Cause of Housing Bubble Found!

If you have been wondering why housing bubbled, burst and sent the economy into the septic tank, look no further.  Today we see that banks are tearing down foreclosed and abandoned houses and giving the land to local governments.  Governments in turn are able to create parks, green spaces, and such in depressed areas.   Ah ha!  The housing bubble was a plot by urban renewal loving Democrats.  They knew they'd never get the GOP to go along with more Urban Renewal, so they bribed Fannie and Freddie to approve loans that should never have been made.  Banks went along with the Dems for the free bailout cash and being able to unload some old properties too--cuts their tax bill.  It's that or it was all a plot by tree huggers.  Take you pick.

Don't you love making up conspiracy shit?  Oh, the foreclosed houses are being torn down.

Banks turn to demolition of foreclosed properties to ease housing-market pressures

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #3

Once again CIA drones have bombed Pakistan.  Pakistan is our non-ally ally, in the non-war, war called the Af-Pak War, which is one of many fronts in the greater War on Terror.  The CIA is of course the newest service branch in the Dept. of Defense.  The drones wasted some Haqqani Taliban leaders in west Pakistan.  However, in the future , DOD may want to coordinate their CIA actions with the State Dept.  The drones are a funny way to announce a special envoy--

U.S. drone strike kills Haqqani insider 

U.S. special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Marc Grossman, arrived in the capital, Islamabad, to try to improve relations with Pakistan, which have gone from bad to worse amid escalating U.S. allegations of Pakistani support for the Haqqanis.

I bet the commanderator in chiefiness gave all a rousing speech before suggesting that DOD do what seems best.  After all, he has to keep record intact--all talk, no walk.

Me too.

Plagiarist Can Always Explain Their Acts

Who is the latest to lift words?  A historian again?  Nah, this time it's the teabagging Senator from Massachusetts.  All hail Sen. Brown.  Of course he did no wrong. It's his techies.  It's anyone but him.   Besides, it's just a matter of an alpha release making it all the way to Scott Brown release 1.0.  See, it's not even misspeaking.  Right.

GOP Sen. Scott Brown accused of plagiarism

I hope the voters of Massachusetts send Brown back to beta and then take the shrink wrap off of Warren 1.0!

The South Was Never Beaten

The Union may have won the fighting war, but the South was never beaten in those ever important hearts and minds.  Well, hearts at least.  I'm not sure about Southern minds.   First as Democrats and then as Republicans the South has always retained a proud plantation of bigotry and hate.

A recent example- North Carolina politician under fire for comments on welfare recipients

Herman Cain, Truly A GOOPER

Mr. Pizza's plan, does do one thing, it shifts the tax burden from the rich to the poor.  I guess that's okay since poverty is merely a personal choice according to Mr. Cain.  Those who chose to be so irresponsible and be without a job and not be rich should pay for their evil ways by paying more in taxes.  Besides since they breed so prolifically, we will always have an abundance of them to pay even more taxes.  I'm surprized Mr. Cain did not cap taxes at  the $250,000 level.  

Cain's 9-9-9 plan: Good for the rich, bad for the poor

Steve Jobs

If you would like to read about Steve Job's life and work, then give "Bloomberg Businessweek" a read.  The entire October 10th issue is about him.

Steve Jobs:  1955-2011

How Long Before We Sing "Barbara Ann"

That's as modified by McOldSenateGuyWhoRanForPrezAndLostHisAssToObama.  When will we sing "Bomb, bomb Iran?"  The assassination allegations still appear most odd.  It still makes little sense.  A Qud offiical gets the cousin of a Texas used car salesman to hire a Mexican druggie to waste  a Saudi eating dinner in D.C.?  And this plot is foiled only because the used car guy's first effort to find a Mexican killer was screwed up?  Yeah, the car salesman found an FBI informant.  Okay.

This made no sense until I put it in domestic terms.  I imagined the Koch brothers following a similar path and it then made sense.  I bet it's not the Iranian government, but it's some crazy Iranian with money who has a domestic political agenda to advance his wealth and power.  Think about those Koch brothers and all this kind of dreck becomes plausible, even probable.

Assassination plot was so clumsy, officials at first doubted Iran’s role

Originalism Rocks Tour

Roberts and the Robes will soon sing a song of assholes.  Yes indeed, butts can contain contraband.  Have you forgotten about the Islamic jihadi butt-bomber who tried to kill a Saudi Prince but forgot to point his ass at the Prince?

When bad guys get busted they might have a butt load of dangerous junk, jailers should be able to probe them, right?  Well, usually we think suspicion of stuff crammed in the colon is required for the jailer to make a sphincter check.  How will the Supremes croon this frothy tune?  Oh, Scalia thinks if the jailer suspects the incoming prisoner has cooties then he can probe away with impunity and use broomhandles, plungers, or giant zucchinis to maintain institutional health.

Expect 5, "let me probe you,"  to 4 "you want me to what" votes.  Come on, we know that 5 of 9 are aliens and what do aliens do?  Probe, baby, probe!

Supreme Court has trouble balancing strip-searches with privacy rights


What is the difference between a primary and a caucus?  Does it matter?  It does if we're talking about Trogs and their nominating process.  The RNC set a reasonable calendar for the 2012 cycle.  States, well, one state, Florida, decided to screw it up.

Now the Trogs may have New Hampshire setting a December date.  If NH does move their primary to December, because of the new Nevada Caucus date, will that mean Iowa will move it's caucus to a date before NH's?  If NH selects  December 6th, would Iowa wind up in November?  There must be a lot of money in those early primaries and caucuses.

If Iowa was not always "first in the nation" would anyone ever even know it exists?  I bet that ifthere was no Iowa's first caucus, then folks would know more about Utah than Iowa.  What's a Utah anyway?

New Hampshire and Nevada in standoff over presidential contests

How Do You Spell Arab Spring?

I think it's spelled K-i-l-l-J-e-ws.  There nothing like the smell of rebellion to get the anti-semitic blood flowing on a Fall morning.  Egyptians are not exactly excited about keeping any kind of treaty with Israel.  If anything, they are ready to assist the Palestinians in Gaza.  How can they assist?  Well, the Sinai is a great way to get arms into Gaza since Israel does have an effective Navy.

Oh, the Springtime for Islamists has created a market for stinger type missiles.  The street price has dropped from $10,000 a pop to $4,000.  The market is flooded as Libya has begun selling their former dictator's cache of weapons.  I have a feeling the typical Islamic Arab wants their Spring to become the very last Winter for Israel.

Smuggled Libyan weapons flood into Egypt

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

About that pizza

What kind of toppings do you want on your nine, $9 pizzas? Hmm, how about 9 plops of 100% Hermanator reserve bullshit and make 'em to go!

 Ron Paul Calls Out Herman Cain For Lie Over Fed Audit During GOP Debate

$9 Pizzas

I just got out last my years tax filing. I had to add in the Social Security that was not taxed. I had to add in a $3,000 capital loss to arrive at my Cain 9-9-9 plan taxable income. I did the 9% and compared it to what I paid. I would pay more substantially more under the Cain nonsense. And I would get to pay 9% more on all purchases. I have a feeling he did not do the math for us retired folks. It sounds simple, and it is. That's the problem with Mr. Cain. He's simply a twit. His track record is being wrong, why even bother with 9-9-9?

Flockers Take Note

I don't remember the author or where I found this, but it's worth keeping around:

It is absurd that in the 21st Century there are still people, who when they don't understand things, assign a supernatural meaning to it and call it quits.

I do not know the mechanics of farting, but that does not mean I have stink demon up my ass.

9 Pizzas for $9 front

Cain's plan may well be linked not to world class economists, but to the very right wing, very rich, very batshit crazy, Koch brothers.  Come on after the novelty wears off, 9-9-9 sucks, unless you are very rich.  Gee, I wonder why?

The banker behind Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan

Working Hard for Sales

Unfortunately Blackberry is working overtime to goose sales of iPhone.  Three days of outage around the globe is not a great sales gimmick.  Dumb.

BlackBerry outages spread to North America

Which would you buy?


If Congress is the group that laid the foundation for our economic misery, who hired them to the job?  Come on, you don't really think they are that creative without reasons to act do you?  Congresstypes need cash to get elected.  Who has extra cash?  Why business and finance types of course.  Naturally when they spend money, it's always an investment.  Investments have to have a return.  When they bought Congress, Congress reciprocated with the deregulation of business and finance, tax cuts, and wars.  Have you noticed the two leading GOP wannabes are business types? Do you really want business types in the White House?

Willard Watch

There are eight major candidates for the GOP presidential nominee.  One of them, Willard, is the front runner,  however, he never polls much over 33%.  He will probably be the nominee despite being the candidate for only one third of the GOP primary voters.  And we thought the Dems had too many factions in their tent.

If Willard always gets about  30% and no one quits, then Willard wins since the remaining 70% will be  split seven ways.  Oh, Willard is also scoring endorsements.  The GOP mainstream likes Willard (since they can't have Christie or anyone else to their liking).  Congressional Trogs really prefer Willard to anyone else.  Willard, though the bane of current political capital, is really then guy to keep business as usual in Washington.

Romney Endorsed by Hastert, Cochran, Biggert

Did anyone expect otherwise

Senate votes down Obama's $447 billion jobs package


The bullshit was deep last night--Fact-checking the Dartmouth GOP debate

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #2

Once again I want to assure everyone that normalcy still dominates Legacyland.  They just like to kill each other off, it's their national sport.

Onslaught of attacks targeting Iraqi police in Baghdad kills 25 people

I wonder when Iraq will erect huge statues of their liberator in chief, our beloved Shrub?

Hollywood In Washington?

Iranian QUD officials may have, via the cousin of an Iranian American used car salesman from Texas and  a FBI informant, tried to hire the Mexican drug cartel Zetas to waste the Saudi Ambassador in D.C.  It's very strange.  It might all be as implied in press reports.  Or it might have a bit of truth, a bit of entrapment, and a bit of who knows what falsity.  Before we listen to Washington join McCain in his modified Beach Boys hit, Barbara Ann,  we need to really know who did what to whom how, why, and with what effect.

Iran behind alleged terrorist plot, U.S. says

I am cynical enough to see this Admin gin up a near war with Iran to help them out in Nov. 2012.  After all, Willard is looking better and better every day and he's the only one who has a chance against Obama.  Politics is a nasty business and crises always have a way of helping out the incumbent, especially when the economy predicts doom for one's reelection.

Yak Off in New Hampshire

Did you stream the debate last night?  I'm not a big Charlie Rose fan, I don't think he added much other than make this round a circle yak.  After it's all said and done, after two hours, Willard remains the front runner.  Number two is probably Mr. 999.  Third, well, that's hard to say.  I doubt that it's Perry.  He looked like an asshole watching his first ping pong match.  I'll give third place to Paul and Gingrich.  The crazy lady is next, then Perry followed by the every frothy family guy, Santorum.   The other cultist came in last.

Did we learn anything?  Not really.  Did the Trogs pander their pointless positions to primary voters?  You bet, that's why they participate in yak offs.  I guess it's all just so much political porn.  Primary voters decide who they want on top by watching Prez wannabes yak off in public.  We have a very strange politics.

Mitt Romney solidifies his front-runner status in Republican debate

Next Fall, it will be Obama vs.  ???  Will their debates be a yak off or something more graphic?  What is that something else?

Calling Rev. Jeffress!

Another candidate needs the Revs attention.  We know values voters should not vote for non-Christian cultists.  That knocks out Willard and Jon Boy.  Now he needs to let his faithful flockers that Satan is running for President!  Yep, the Devil is in the details.  Actually in this case it's in the name of a plan.  If you turn Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan upside down it's the mark of the beast--666!

Don't take my word for it, take the crazy lady's.  The Rev. better hit the talk shows to proclaim Cain as an agent of the Devil.  Gee, if it were Cain vs. Obama, would he vote for Satan?

Cain's '9-9-9' plan: Is it the price of a pizza or the mark of the devil?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jesus Fight!

It's what the rest of us call a food fight, but in the GOP, it's all Jesus all the time, so Jesus fight!

Mitt Romney Calls Out Rick Perry Over Anti-Mormon Endorser

Teabags and OWS

Have you noticed how the Teabaggers began as a bunch of folks a tad concerned about government spending and debt but have wound up being an arm of the GOP?  They were co-opted by GOP operatives.  It’s amazing what money, bullet points and TV appearances can do.  
Had the Teabaggers taken their quite legitimate concern and asked how did Congress spend all that money, why did they spend it, who benefited, and so on, then the Teabaggers would have been fed up and pissed off with both Parties--GOP and Democrat.  Instead they were captured by the GOP and proceeded to elect GOOPERS, support GOOPERs.  Soon they will wonder why nothing has really changed, I bet some of them voted for Perot.  
The Teabaggers would be in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street crowd if they had not  sold themselves to the GOP.  They failed to ask and answer questions for themselves.  Funny how they are even backing their newbies for reelection in 2012.  No change, they are just a bunch of corralled concerned citizens.  I’d be embarrassed to be a Teabagger these days.  They are being played. 
The Wall Street crowd has a chance to avoid being captured by the Dems.  Every time a   an elected bozo shows up, they should ignore them.  If they don’t stand on their own feet, they will be as co-opted, useless and embarrassing as the Teabaggers. 
The mess we have today is bipartisan and results from all that money in our campaigns.   When pols become subsidiaries of interest groups, we the people are screwed.   Pols are bought and have one job, getting reelected to stay on their knees and service their masters.  So to both sides, here’s a start, do not reelect anyone.  After you get that going, then  figure out how to get the money out.  Good luck.

Did you catch the Jeffress crap on CNN this weekend? Mormons are cultists per this schmuck and the Baptists. No one wants a cultist as their candidate.  Do you buy into that bit of bigotry?

Here's the transcript of the Jeffress interview--Evangelicals Should Go With Perry Do you accept his crap as legit?

Lets play some substitution games--

Original--"I think Mitt Romney's a good, moral man, but I think those of us who are born-again followers of Christ should always prefer a competent Christian to a competent - to a competent non-Christian like Mitt Romney."

Substitution--I think Mitt Romney's a good, moral man, but I think those of us who are males should always prefer a competent male to a competent female.

Original-- "And I, again, believe that as Christians, we have the duty to prefer and select Christians as our leaders."

Substitution-- And I, again, believe that as men, we have the duty to prefer and select men as our leaders.

Still buy the Revs. bullshit? One more round same quotes but lets do race.

Substitution--I think Herman Cain a good, moral man, but I think those of us who are white should always prefer a competent white to a competent non-white.

Substitution-- And I, again, believe that as whites, we have the duty to prefer and select whites as our leaders.

Of course you may think White Male Christians are the only way to go, but then you'd belong to either the Klan or Aryan Nations wouldn't you?

Flip Flops for Lunch

Who is behind Obamacare?  Well, how about Willard?  I guess he was for Obamacare before he was against it, again.  Will Willard deflect the latest info about how ObamaCo used RomneyCo to create ObamneyCare--

White House used Mitt Romney health-care law as blueprint for federal law

NBC Marist Polls

Okay political junkies, here's the data, have fun!

Iowa Presidential Poll

New Hampshire Poll

Good Song

The Tampa station, WMNF, I listen to every weekday morning is featuring Simon and Garfunkel today.  Right now they're playing "Bridge Over Troubled Water."  Damn that's a good song, I had to stop typing and listen.

Close All Puppy Mills!

Get the professional breeders out of the dog business.  Dogs are not a business.  Pet stores need to quit selling puppies.  If you want a dog, go to the pound or find someone who has puppies for sale.  Dogs want to be with people, they really want to be with people all the time.  When we breed in puppy shops, even under clean conditions, we make them fear us.  That really sucks.  No more professional breeding.  NO commercial sales of dogs!

Puppy mills leave lasting emotional scars, study finds

Give Me Re-Write

Quick, change the copy.  Replace Obama with Brown.  Obama is not going to take your guns away, it's Jerry Brown.  If you live in California, run down to your favorite "Merchants of Death & Self Defense" store and stock up now.   Buy guns.  Buy ammo.  Today, it's open carry, tomorrow it will be your slingshots and peas shooters!  Can you pack a shotgun in a holster?

Brown bans open carrying of handguns

2012, The Dems

Obama has not quite lived up to expectations.  There is no Dem stepping up to challenge him.  The alternative is either Santorum, Bachmann, Gingrich, Cain, Perry, Romney, Huntsman or Paul.  It may be hard to donate money or labor, but the vote will be easily cast.  Yeah, he turned the page, but he turned it  back to elections being all about the lesser of two evils.  My apologies for being a whining professional liberal, I cannot help myself.

For disenchanted liberals, Obama may still be the only choice (No Shit, Duh!)

Occupy Washington

The Occupy Wall Street protest is in the nation's capitol.  They managed to get a museum closed.  They are protesting something.  They may have wanted to be busted in the park.  Instead, the Park Service gave them a four month lease.  Thus far I think they are just bitching about life since they don't have a plan to remediate and redress their grievance.  It they did have something to offer, then they would be complaining and we could evaluate, agree or disagree with them.  Until then, it's grand theater.  It brings out the ludicrous oratory in our pols.

I wonder, is anyone else reminded of the Bonus Marchers?  If you aren't familiar with the Bonus March and who cleared them away, take a minute and read the preceding link.

Protesters try to extend stay in Freedom Plaza

Fports Sans

Oops, that's sports fans.  Take note, roundball is cancelled for a while.  Labor and management cannot agree on wages.  I don't understand why labor keeps trying to take money away from the job creators.  Every dime they demand reduces the ability of investors to invest.  Gee, the GOP bullshit doesn't work as well when it's basketball.   If the season never gets underway, that's okay.  I mean dribbling in public!

NBA lockout: David Stern cancels first two weeks of regular season

It's Saturday NIght Live, Oops, It's Debate

The Trogs will debate tonight.  Unless you live in D.C. or have Bloomberg TV, you'll have to stream it via Bloomberg or the Washington Post, at  8:00 PM EDT.  I have been calling their debates "yak offs,"  but since they feed so much material to SNL, I had better call them "Yuk Offs."

GOP debate: Five things to watch

Monday, October 10, 2011

Bigotry on Parade

It's the parade of Trogs running for Prez.  Yep, they need those values voters, so is Willard a Christian?  Effectively, they concur with the Baptists. Nice guy, but he's going to hell since he's not one of us.

This all reminds me of the Massachusetts and Virginia colonies in the 1600s and early to mid 1700s.  We have a long history of religious bigotry in our land.  It has not died out.  About the only tolerant place was Pennsylvania, but everybody else hated Quakers.

We did mange to keep the state out of churches and churches out of the state for the most part, but it's a free country so individuals and organizations can preach all the hate they wish.  Hell they can practice it to, as long they don't infringe on another's freedom or break any laws.  

Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann dodge Mormon question

There are times when I think the Southern Poverty Law Center should list the GOP as a hate group.


Afghans have been torturing prisoners.

Afghan detainees tortured in prison, U.N. says

Out of concern about prisoner mistreatment, the NATO coalition said last month that it had stopped transferring detainees it arrested to 16 Afghan-run detention centers. The U.N. report said Afghan authorities were taking steps to address the problem. 

Bullshit, it is because the torture has gone public that NATO quit transferring prisoners.  No publicity, no change in policy.

The Afghans, our puppets, just emulate their allies approach to the War on Terror. Torture, sure! Murder? It's a great way to get rid of bad guys.  How much difference is their between Bush and Obama?

I don't expect the anti-Bush crowd to pounce on Obama.  Hell they're all trying to Occupy Wall Street because they don't have jobs but do have large college debt.  Want to end the OWS, forgive student debts and it will all be over in a second.

Do you subscribe to Netflix?

I'm getting a bit concerned about Netflix.  I didn't mind the price increases.  They made a kind of sense, but the way they handled the PR side really sucked.  I don't mind paying for both sides, rental and streaming.   Over the years I have been delighted with Netflix.   The PR mess made me wonder about the Company's management and future.

Then came the email in which the Netflix CEO apologized for being a fucking idiot on the price increases.  The real reason he sent he apologetic e-mail was not to roll back prices, but to announce that he was an even bigger idiot.  He was splitting his company in two.  Netflix for streaming and Qwikster for DVD rental by mail.  And to make it 100% moronic,  both sides would have their own independent unlinked websites.   That gem really has me wondering about the company.  It must have struck a nerve--have you seen the ads for Blockbuster that have popped up since about Sept. 23?

I have to admit, being a Dish subscriber, I have looked at their Blockbuster deal.    Dish owns Blockbuster.  Blockbuster does feature, one price all services and one website.  I have not changed services yet.  I have not been looking forward to two websites, two accounts, two bills, etc.  I think I had decided as soon as the quality of either service began to follow the CEO off to happy hollow, I'd change.  I say "had" because now there's a new wrinkle in mismanagement.  Netflix is trying to recovery from their self made mess.

I received this e-mail today:

Dear Jake,

It is clear that for many of our members two websites would make things more difficult, so we are going to keep Netflix as one place to go for streaming and DVDs.

This means no change: one website, one account, one password…in other words, no Qwikster.

While the July price change was necessary, we are now done with price changes.

We're constantly improving our streaming selection. We've recently added hundreds of movies from Paramount, Sony, Universal, Fox, Warner Bros., Lionsgate, MGM and Miramax. Plus, in the last couple of weeks alone, we've added over 3,500 TV episodes from ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, USA, E!, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, ABC Family, Discovery Channel, TLC, SyFy, A&E, History, and PBS.

We value you as a member, and we are committed to making Netflix the best place to get your movies & TV shows. 

I guess it will all come down to how bad the service gets. I'm assuming it will deteriorate. Management has sent a message to its customers and employees, y'all don't really matter to the the boss of Netflix. We'll just have to wait and see.

Barack Bush

Do you remember how folks trashed Bush, Cheney and their White House lawyers who made torture legit in the USA?  Many, mostly Dems, expressed great fear for the future.  Many could not agree with the logic.  They could not find any way that BushCo's torture policy conformed with the Constitution.  Then we had an election.  The Trogs lost.  The Dems put a guy in who agreed that torture sucks, but really didn't change the law.  Now he's pulled a Bush.

I don't hear the same upset voices.  I guess if your guy is the one breaking the law it's okay.  Oh, what did ObamaCo do?  They made a legal case that it's okay to kill U.S. citizens without any due process at all, if someone (the Prez, I guess) thinks he really sucks.  No arrest, no trial needed, especially if it's hard to bust his ass.

Bush legalized torture.  Obama has legalized murder.  We must be very afraid.  I'm just not sure of whom we are really afraid.  I know I'm not feeling all that much safer.  I hoped, as we turned the page, it would not be a change for the worse.  It's getting harder and harder to give my vote to Obama.

Here's piece, give it a read and you decide.  Righteous kill or murder?  If Dick Nixon had this memo, do you think we'd ever have had the Watergate scandal?  

Secret U.S. Memo Made Legal Case to Kill a Citizen

Maybe we need a whole lot more Libertarian in our politics.  What was that stuff Ron Paul was saying about bye-bye Republic, hello Empire and dictatorship?

Jon Boy, is he still in the race?

Yeah, he is.  He's going to give a foreign policy speech today.  If he trashes Obama's record, will the Trogs remember he was Obama's Ambassador to China.  He voluntarily implemented Obama's policy.  If he disses his former boss policies, then it's reasonable to ask why didn't he resign in the face of such egregious mistakes.   Will independents just find him amusing?  Is Jon Boy just Willard-Lite?

Huntsman calls for 'more agility' in foreign policy

2008 Repeat

It appears the GOP primaries will once again not follow the RNC's schedule.  Iowa will caucus on Jan. 3rd (given Iowa caucusers okay the date).

Nevada will caucus on the 14th, South Carolina votes on the 21st, and Florida on the 31st.  Of course New Hampshire has not decided when to hold its primary yet.  Could they opt for December?   6th?   If they did....

New Hampshire primary date in flux

Life Imitates Art, er, Comics

What can you say?  This is just  odd.

Real-life superheroes patrol Salt Lake City’s streets

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #3

As ObamaNato winds down its humanitarian war they are sure to win awards for peace.  However, there is a question that no one can quite answer, where are the dictators shoulder fired missiles?  Have the humanitarians armed the terrorists?  Gee, it reminds me of the good old days in Afghanistan when we armed the guys we're now fighting.

U.S. officials: Libya may have lost anti-aircraft missiles


It takes time, but if you are persistent you can get even.  Pope Ratzy has scored one point.  Take that Luther.  Up yours Henry!  Restoration comes one church at a time.

Episcopal parish in Bladensburg converts to Roman Catholic Church

Can someone explain the kneel/stand business? Who has traditionally knelt or stood?


Jobs are hard to find these days.  If you have a unique set of skills it might be easier.  However what if your skills are very, very unique?  For example, if you are a NASA space shuttle worker....

Former Florida shuttle workers still struggling to find jobs

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #2

The Shrub's legacy lives on.  As the U.S. continues to withdraw from Iraq, Iraqis ramp up preparations for their first independent season of the Iraqi national sport--Death to Everyone Else!  Before the Shrub liberated them, only one team was in the league--the Saddam Sunnis.  Now, courtesy of the insightful and magnificent management of Iraq, the Shrub has opened the games to every Iraqi who will field a team and wants to compete for power.  Gee, even the Sufi's have a killer team ready to play.  The first grenade will be tossed on a road in Anbar on January 1, 2012.

In western Iraq, a bloody American legacy


If you were Willard, wouldn't you feel kind of disappointed?  He's been running for President for twelve years.  He's accommodated every GOP faction which will listen to him.  He has made inconsistency into an art form and he's a Mormon (not too popular with the batshit eaters). He's probably gets higher approval with Democrats than he does among GOP primary voters.  Yet he is the GOP's front runner for 2012, but only about one third really want him as their candidate. Has he ever polled above 30%?

Dems like Willard.  Why do Dems like Willard?  It's simple, he's a winner.  If he does not receive the nomination, independents will not vote for any of the remaining crazies in the Trog pack; the Dems win in 2012.  If he does become the nominee, then many Repubs will not vote for him; the Dems win in 2012.  However we have to remember that Dems have made snatching defeat from the jaws of victory into their own art form. So who will win in 2012?

A key bloc of GOP voters agrees only on disliking Mitt Romney

Arab Spring went into Summer and now it's Fall

Egyptians may have thought they were rid of their dictator, but they forgot about the puppet master.  The military will not cede power.  The people are learning a lesson, do not trust authority.   Power is in the hands of the people but they have to take it and keep it.  If people give it away, it's hard to take back.    

Deadliest clashes in Egypt since revolution

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Live by the drone, die by the drone

As our government officials buy and use ever increasing numbers of drones to keep us safe and free, here's are some little thing to ponder--hackers, malware, and viruses.  You know, think about all those little things that can make computers go bump at the most inopportune time.  How do you think the Iranians feel about Stuxnet?   Will an evil hacker turn our drones upon ourselves?  Make a neat movie wouldn't it?

Computer virus infects drone plane command centre in US

Feeling free and safe yet?

Occupy Wall Street

If true this is a good sign, Democrats May Find ‘Occupy’ Movement Is Not That Into Them

The Teabags were co-opted by the Trogs.  Both parties did 85% of us so very wrong for so very long.  We need new parties and new pols.  I'd love to see both sides articulate a bit of political theory of the their own.  There is not a single incumbent who should ever be returned to any federal office.  


Catholics and Birth Control

I never quite understood the Church's ban on birth control.  It never made a lot of sense, but most of what the Church has gotten all huffy about has never made much sense.  It's been a long downhill slide ever since Constantine called the Council of Nicaea in 325.

Here's a little gem that is so typical of human thought when one starts to change ones mind, that gives a basis for the Church not allowing birth control today (1966ish).

"If it should be declared that contraception is not evil in itself, then we should have to concede frankly that the Holy Spirit had been on the side of the Protestant churches in 1930  and in 1951.

 “It should likewise have to be admitted that for a half a century the Spirit failed to protect Pius XI, Pius XII, and a large part of the Catholic hierarchy from a very serious error. This would mean that the leaders of the Church, acting with extreme imprudence, had condemned thousands of innocent human acts, forbidding, under pain of eternal damnation, a practice which would now be sanctioned. The fact can neither be denied nor ignored that these same acts would now be declared licit on the grounds of principles cited by the Protestants, which Popes and Bishops have either condemned, or at least not approved."

 I guess it means one can never change ones mind because others might hold your past decisions against you and it would you cost you people and donations today.   It's a wonder they admitted to screwing up on Galileo.

Debate on Tuesday

Dartmouth College will open its campus to Trogs on next Tuesday for a GOP "debate."  Bloomberg Television and The Washington Post are the sponsors.  If you don't subscribe to Bloomberg TV, both the Post and Bloomberg will stream it live from their websites.

Gee, Hank Williams Jr. needs a job, do you think he and his rowdy friends could put together a song like "Are you ready for some batshit?" by Tuesday.  The Goopers will begin their Yak Off at 8:00 pm EDT.

1st GOP Economic Debate

A Suggestion

Given the typical Alabaman's desire to be an illegal immigrant free zone, I suggest that all non-whites leave the state.  If your neck is not red, you should avoid the state entirely.  No non-white should cross the state line in the future.  I doubt the state would fare well at all.  Crackers need to careful what they wish for.

A tough new Alabama law targets illegal immigrants and sends families fleeing

Good Question on Willard

Where does Romney really stand?  On anything.  I can understand the GOP primary voters lack of enthusiasm about Willard.  Besides being a cultist, he eats batshit coated flip-flops for breakfast.  He will say anything to impress the several genera of loons who dominate the GOP primaries.

Where does he stand on Afghanistan?  Obama has been better commanderator than Bush ever was in Afghanistan.  Romney would return to the us to the Shrubbery school of military management.  Tell Willard what you want to hear and he will give you a speech featuring your ideas.

Where does Romney stand?

Occupy Museums

Oops, the Occupy Wall Street crowd has made a turn and taken on the Air and Space Museum.  They don't like the use of drones.  Their protest netted the museum being closed and pepper spray in the face.  If they don't like drones, then there are two places to protest--the Capital Building and the White House.  It's in those two places where they will find the people who make decisions and appropriate money to create and and implement the drone policy.  They should also note the targets of their,  the people responsible for the drone policy,  are all elected and appointed officials.  The museum?  Nah, all they did was piss off tourists.

Air and Space Museum closes after guards clash with protesters

Did the protesters articulate why they do not approve the use of drones? Did they describe who should do what about the use of drones.  Did they call for voters to oust incumbents?  They probably lack a clear statement of political philosophy much less a reasoned alternative program to implement.

Now that's a real legacy

The Shrub, to eventually be written up as a great president, declared war on Iraq.  He invaded Iraq, occupied Iraq, and left office with the Iraq war still being waged.  He left us his legacy.  Along the way, he managed to do nothing right.  He was consistent, every aspect of his war was bollixed.  At least he bought us an ally in the Middle East, right?

Wrong.  We have a new non-ally, ally in the war on whatever it is we are waging war upon.

Iraq, siding with Iran, sends essential aid to Syria’s Assad