Saturday, October 22, 2011

I wonder

If Bloomberg, New York, and assorted Feds decide to tromp on the Occupy Wall Street folks, will their actions really piss off hackers?  If so, will be then discover government IT vulnerability?

New York’s Mayor Bloomberg says to expect more OWS arrests

Could Anonymous and Company bring down Wall Street? Bloombergs businesses? How good are these folks?  Crash the 1% if they bust the 99% sounds reasonable, what do you think?

GOP Philosophy Articulated by A Jersey GOOPER

I still have not figured out why a woman would be Republican.

A Woman Should Be ‘A Whore’ In the Bedroom

GOPS's Latest Low Point

Who is the dolt of the week in the GOP?   Think about a pepperoni pizza and you can guess who.  It's the Herminator.

He's against abortions, but thinks it's a woman's choice to have one. Abortion is a matter of choice in the GOP?  Ooops. Can you both ban and allow abortions at the same time? In Herms world you sure can.  All he does is open his mouth, speak, and then anti-speak.  It's just a word stream to him.   His contradictions are not his fault, he blames them on on others.

Herman Cain: 'Abortion Should Not Be Legal'

Oh my, he was for negotiating with terrorists until he discovered he was supposed to be against it. How dare anyone point out his contradictions and inconsistencies.

 Herman Cain 'Misspoke' When He Said He Might Negotiate With Terrorists (VIDEO) 

Let's not forget the simple 9-9-9 bullshit. He was caught (had to admit) his plan would raise taxes on the poor even as he had insisted it would not.  He thinks no one has read his plan.  How could we, when it's obvious that he has not because there is no plan.  He went back to this team and had them make up some new details (did you ever notice he cannot explain his plan beyond saying 9, 9,9 or talk about fruit? Now we have the beginning of a sea of deductions and exemptions.  Is it 9-0-9 or 9-9-9 or a set of them that are very similar to what could be progressive rates akin to the existing code?  Simple?  Yeah, Cain is simple.

Herman Cain tweaks 999 plan to help lower-income Americans, and himself

The only thing more amazing than this gibbering blatherer is that he has fans who will vote for him. Amazing, is he the black Romney?


Instead of simplifying food labels, why not improve the ability of the people who read labels to read labels.  Or, perhaps we can have two labels, one for dumbshits and one with lots of useful infomation about the food products.

Apparently there is a consumer demand for dumbed down labels.  And what will they model this bit of simplicity upon?  Oh, they will use the energy star labels on appliances as a model.  Wow, that is swift.  Remember the energy star people gave a star to a nonexistent gasoline powered alarm clock.  Expect Twinkies to get an "100" rating.

Government advisors call for new, easy-to-understand food labels

When I say...

Okay, Cain.  What came to mind?  I bet it was 9-9-9.  Ready, Perry?  I bet it was Asshole, but most people said Texas.  How about Romney?  No, it wasn't flip-flop, it was Mormon.

Top One-Word Reaction

News Outlets and Blogs Report, I Dont' Know Who Decides

At this point in the 2012 cycle, who's the biggest loser in the percentage of positive media stories?  Obama comes in with 8% positive.  Who's the winner at 32%?  The winner is the Pissant from Paint Creek.  He's followed by Palin, Bachmann, Cain and Romney.

Who receives the least coverage?  That's easy to guess even without the Pew study, it's Ron Paul.  Who received the most coverage?  Yep, the Asshole from El Paso a.k.a, the Pissant.


Energy, Politics, Costs and Death

Political deaths? Economic deaths?  We are repulsed by the former but accept the latter.  That is quite odd given that we spend trillions to overtly kill and main others, but won't spend a dime to prevent accidents that wind up killing our own people.

The banality of death by nuclear power

About That Free Labor

If Obama needs fired up volunteers I think he's not going to find the fired up or the volunteers.  When you have to issue a report to prove "we did do something" you have a problem.  Obama has lots of problems.  I guess he will issue lots of reports.  The biggest thing he has going for him is that Jon Huntsman is not going to be the GOP nominee.  Unfortunately Romney is rising, in a couple of months he will poll better the Obama.

White House defends its record on poverty

Will the next book he writes about himself be "How I Snatched Defeat From the Jaws of Victory?"  Or maybe it might be the "Pomposity of Me."

Strategic Victory Watch --War #2

Bless my stars and stripes, #2 is kind of over, sort of.  At least that's what the commanderator in principle indicates.  When a dumb president begins a dumb war, approved by a dumb Congress and supported by over half of the people who bother to vote, we get what we deserved, Iraq.  Of course we'll leave behind the DOD auxiliary, the State Dept. to direct the initial 16,000 troops  contractors.  Now it will be an out-sourced war.

I got a chuckle out of Obama on TV yesterday.  I listened to some of his bullshit.  I had to laugh at him when he said "as promised the Iraq war is over."  He should have said "despite my best efforts to continue the war, it will be over on 12/31/11 per the SOFA."  At least he has a war underway in the Uganda region.

Why can't we just leave Iraq?  I bet the Trogs won't see the money spent in Iraq after 12/31/11 as foreign aid.

All U.S. troops to leave Iraq by the end of 2011

If Obama sucks, then what can voters do?  Turn to the GOP?  Are the possible  Trog nominees the same or better than the Shrub?  Or are they worse?  How much lesser is Obama than Romney?  Cain?  Perry?

Friday, October 21, 2011

When I say Barbie...

What do you think of?  I think of a toy, lots of dolls, for little girls.  Then I also think of all the add-ons and extras  you just have to buy for Barbie.  It that close to what you think?  It's all of the toys and more you can see at Barbie.Com.

When I saw this headline, Barbie's tattoos cause media frenzy, alleged parental outrage, I was taken aback. I'm an old fart, sure, but I didn't think the world was quite ready for a well tatted Barbie. I wondered about Ken.

Then I read the article. It's a designer collector Barbie for adults. Adults? I think I'm more bothered by the "adult" Barbie dolls than I am an inked Barbie for kids. We live in a strange country.

Ralph Waldo Meet Willard

Willard has a problem with primary voters.   Ralph described Willard's difficulty a long time ago.  Ralph told us, "a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds."  If there is one thing we can say about Willard, it is that he is not consistent, foolish or otherwise.  That must mean that all the worries over Willard's lack of consistency informs us more about the mind of the GOP voter than anything about Willard.  Yep, Republicans are dimwits addicted to petty imaginary fears.    

Occupy Museums and More

Folks have occupied Wall Street for several weeks now.  Their counterparts around the world have likewise occupied their local Wall Streets.  The Air and Space Museum in D.C. was even occupied until they were maced in the face.  I've suggested that the OWS occupy voting booths to effect the changes they seek.  I've also suggested the faithful amongst the OWS occupy the pews and cleanse their Temples a tad.  I guess one example would be Occupy Jesus?

Are their some other areas in need of occupation?

How about Occupy Museums?

And what about Writers Who Occupy?

If pols show up to occupy, it might be a good idea to just say "no thanks"  and send them on their way unless the OWSers wants to become the DEMS counterpart to the GOP's Teabaggers.  

The Senate Preserves Its Record

The GOP led minority has retained the title for the Senate.  Yes, the United States Senate still is the world's greatest debilitative body.

Senate blocks money for teachers, firefighters

 Hm, if Grover has conned pols on his "no tax" pledge, could we get one going on "no filibusters (cloture)?" Have you ever voted for an incumbent in the Senate? If you have, look at what you have helped create.  One third of the Senate is up for election in 2012.  It's time to sweep them all out.  We need all new faces and we need to make them all promise to not run for reelection in 2018.

Diamond Interchange?

Can left turn lights and arrows be eliminated from our highways?  Yes they can (and unlike Obama's promises this one works).   I don't know how widespread this configuration is across the land, but I expect we'll see a bit more of this kind of improvement.

New interchange first in Salt Lake Valley (video)

Utah basically re-built its interstate system for the 2002 Winter Olympics.  They replaced the traditional cloverleaf interchanges with newer designs.  I wish those newer designs were wide spread in Va., the old style interchanges are not as safe as the newer designs.  Maybe Richmond needs to host the Olympics to improve its highways.

Slow Down There LIttle Particle

CERN raised the issue of faster than light travel by a neutrino.  Researchers think they may have documented FTL travel.  FTL does not sit well with existing theory that says FTL is a universal "no way."  CERN has asked others to confirm their results or show them how they screwed the pooch.

Finding Puts Brakes on Faster-Than-Light Neutrinos

Man Made Global Warming Again

If anyone still doubts that the planet is getting a bit toastier and that man is operating the toaster, then give this piece by Kevin Drum a read.  He shows how a major climate change doubter was funded to do oppo research and pretty much had to go "damn, you guys were right all along."  The climate issues are not about science.  The issue has always been political and has been from the first manifestation of climate change challengers.  Why do you think the Koch brothers invest in climate change doubters?

Climate Skeptics Take Another Hit

Social Science

Here's a relatively new site dedicated to social science.  It's been put together in association with Sage.  They say "socialsciencespace brings together social scientists to explore, share and shape the big issues in social science." It may become a decent resource, but I am leery of sites the say the will deal with the "big issues." What about the little issues? Medium sized issues?  Give it a read.  Hope it develops well.


The Science is not in?

If you watched the Trog's yak off on Tuesday night, you heard the Fathead respond to a question about Yucca Mtn.   The Fathead rambled on and in the process scientized politics.   Yucca Mtn.  science has been in for a long time, but the politics remain dicey, almost a third rail.  The adequacy of the site is not the issue. The issue is NIMBY.  Does anyone really want a nuclear waste dump next door? Instead of discussing the politics, the pols use science to make a political decision.  Yep "more study" is needed and that accomplishes the political goal of not opeining Yucca Mtn.  Here's a Yucca review--

The "scientization" of Yucca Mountain

Lets' Review

Now that the patriotic induced cheering for death has diminished, let's take a look at what the Obama administration has done in killing two U.S. citizens with drones.  Democrats who ranted and railed at Bush over the abuse of law and acts of torture have been mostly silent over Obama's acts.  Why?  Has the president violated the law?  Have we made the last step from Republic to Empire?  When will the guns be turned on domestic speakers?  Here's a piece to read and ponder--

Death by drone

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Trog That Went "Ooops"

Who is that?  It's Marco Rubio.  What's his ooops?  He kind of misstated, misspoke, lied, fudged or whatever you'd like to call it about when and why his parents migrated from Cuba the U.S.  Hm, any reason to trust the guy about anything else?

Marco Rubio’s compelling family story embellishes facts, documents show

Confederate Heritage

The grits and crackers do not give up.  They're still trying to bring back that plantation economy.  I doubt it would take South Carolina long to restore slavery if they could.  Could we have a bit of poll tax with that ID too?

S.C. GOP Operative: AP Story Showing Impact Of Voter ID On Blacks ‘Proves EXACTLY’ Why Law Is Needed

Occupy the Pews

Maybe the faithful among the Occupy Wall  Street crowd should consider a bit of churchly occupation too.  If you are one of them, has it ever struck a chord with you that as the 1% took more and more both in power and wealth they found and nurtured prelates who gladly godified, justified and sanctified their most secular acts.

We witnessed the rise of Prosperity Theology.  We witnessed the engaged god flock expand.  We witnessed the convenient salvationists rise.

Today, it's not what you do and how you live which will determine your final disposition. No, today, all that matters is how you feel. If you merely accept Jesus you are saved. It's convenient. Now all god demands is for us to feel good and be obedient. We obey wealth and power?

Perhaps we need to re-visit Matthew and re-consider the Sermon on the Mount. Can we occupy the pews?  What shall be done with the pastors to the 1%?

Have You Met All of the MItts Yet?

The GOP abounds with ideology free candidates.  Well, so do the Dems.  Willard is the icon of GOP politics.   Willard will say and do anything to advance the one thing he does believe in, power for himself.  Willard never misses a chance to obtain a gain for himself.  Had he been a Dem, he'd be the same.  There are other Willards in the GOP and they are also grasping for personal power.  If past acts might offend today's voters, tell the voters what they want to hear and deny your past.  That's the Willard way.

Here's Mitt Perry and Mitt Paul.  Can we give Texas back to Mexico?

Rick Perry, Ron Paul have mixed record on energy subsidies

Calvin Trillin (thanks to last nights Daily Show) captured the Willard's essence in 2008.  The same applies to the rest of field--

Yes, Mitt's so slick of speech and slick of garb, he
Reminds us all of Ken, of Ken and Barbie--
So quick to shed his moderate regalia,
He may, like Ken, be lacking genitalia.


The fiscal mess in Europe has not been fixed.  Greece is still in position to take down the world economy.  If Greece goes belly up--chapter 7 for a nation--expect Spain and Italy to follow suit.  As they sink they will pull the rest of the world down into the sewer.  Recession or depression?  When?

Greek 2nd rescue deal seen not enough

 We've seen what the business and finance types have done to 99% of the world. Isn't it time to quit listening to them?  Hm, occupy shareholder meetings and then occupy boardrooms?

On The Anyone But Willard Front

In the beginning there was Willard.  Wingnuts declared, "Oh, god, he's back."  They fled.  They found the Comb Over guy, but he couldn't Trump Willard.  They looked around and found the Crazy Lady.  She soared in the polls, but she really is nucking futs.  Willard was still there.

Damn, they despaired, "he's not one of us."  Wow, then out of Texas a rugged presidential looking guy strode forth and boy did they flock to him.  Then he opened his mouth.  Willard was back, but the people were hungry for anyone else.  They turned to batshit crazy Governors.  The last Governor told them "Like it our not, Mitt's your man."

As their bellies rumbled they remembered pizza.  They ordered 9 pizzas with 9 topping for $9.  They took a bite and discovered you get what you pay for.  The pizza tastes like shit, but Willard keeps on ticking.  This week Willard underwent a group attack.  He stood his ground.  He even smiles when he's pissed off!  It's going to be Willard right?

Well, on Tuesday the fathead sounded pretty good didn't he?

Is Newt Gingrich the GOP's next flavor of the month?

Will Santorum ever get a chance to be the flavor of the month? Nah, santorum ice cream? That's really sick (and unsanitary too).

And Amongst His Own

It appears that an Asshole from Texas is just that, an Asshole.  Even Trogs don't like Assholes if they are dumber than a Bush.   Speaking of an Asshole dumber than Bush, how is Rick Perry doing after the last debate?

Perry leaves them cold at Western GOP activist conference

New Hampshire

Trog fans, when will the Trogsters cast their first primary ballots?  Will it be on Jan. 10, 2012?  Or will it be on Dec. 6, 2011?   The batshit crazy folks in New Hampshire have not made up their minds yet.  Hell, let's get it going now.  Make it the first Tuesday of Nov., 2011 and be done with it.  Don't you just love States Rights in action?  I don't understand why the RNC is so upset, they should not even try to tell states what to do should they?

Will New Hampshire blow up the nomination calendar?

Occupy Wall Streeters Take Note

I hope the good folks occupying Wall Street and all the other cities do not want or expect much from either Democrats or Republicans, if they do then they might as well go home now before Winter sets in.

If Obama showed up to make a fine speech, I hope they'd have the good sense to avoid his venue.  Why?  Well, the man does do well on Wall Street.  He is part of and works for the 1%--

Obama still flush with cash from financial sector despite frosty relations

How Do You Spell "Totally Fucked Up?"

That's easy, I spell it C-O-N-G-R-E-S-S.  How about you?

Supercommittee’s lack of progress on debt reduction raises alarms on Hill

We may have elected 535 assholes, but they do not work for us. Those big donors, a.k.a. special interests, bought them all long ago. Is there even one reelected pol who raised all of his or her cash from their own District in $100 or less donations? Sleaze is sleaze. Do not reelect anyone.

Can you imagine the blind panic on Wall Street and Main Street if all 435 House members and 33 Senators were deposed on Election Day 2012? I bet the remaining 66 Senators would be become born again populists before the last ballot was counted.  Folks, how about Occupy the Voting Booth?

Want to see the greedheads "get religion?"  Then let's use our votes to kick them out of the temple by ousting their purchased priests.  We can restore order to our Republic and make it serve 99% of us by not reelecting anyone and getting a bit picky about nominees.

If a candidate for pubic office uses his or her own money to run, don't vote for them.  If a candidate accepts money from outside their District (or State for a Senator), then don't vote them.  If a candidate accepts donations of more than $100 per donor, then run for the nearest exit and find someone else to vote for.  We don't need campaign finance laws all we have to do is vote.   Vote to nominate and vote to elect, it's a two step populist process.

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #3

ObamaNato may have "won" the war.  Qadaffi has been captured.  Bets on what comes next in Libya?  I bet it will be anything but free and democratic within a year.  Arabic Islam is not conducive with such.

Gaddafi captured and wounded: NTC official

Tuesday's Debate

And the winner is--Obama?  Did you watch the debate or should I say smackdown show?  Reagan's 11th commandment was trashed as the Trogs trashed each other.  It was almost as though John Stewart had presented a faux debate.  I laughed for two hours.

After the debate, I don't see how anyone could feel comfortable with anyone but Obama with their hands on our nuclear arsenal.  The Trogs proved they are Trogs.  Hell, Ron Paul even dumped on St. Ronald.  Willard, proved he will do anything for power, even give up cheap immigrant labor.  The Asshole confirmed he cannot think and talk at the same time.   Frothy confirmed he's done the timewarp one too many times.  The Crazy Lady thinks we need a double wide fence on the border, I bet it morph into a four wide by Florida primary time.  The Fathead showed us why he left Congress, he was part of the problem. Oh and once again he was able to contradict himself within two sentences.  The Pizza man has become a fruit vendor, but he's not sure about how an apple is different from an orange.  There was someone missing.  What's his name, I forget.

It was an amazing display of boobosity.  They confirmed that talent, commensurate with ever lower expectations, will surface and lead the throng to further depths of pure politicalization for power.   Don't your prefer you father's GOP?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blog Note

I doubt that I will post anything today, Wed. Oct. 19, 2011.  I will be off early to have a bit of cancer removed from the skin on my right jaw.  It's the basal kind.  This will be number four over several years.  I hope it's the last, but who knows how the body will crap out on me next.  Aging is a real gas.

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Checking claims from Occupy Wall Street

As the Occupy Wall Street protests spread to more cities around the United States, we've been putting claims from the protesters to the Truth-O-Meter.

Many of the claims have been about inequality of income and wealth. We checked a viral Facebook post about the ratio of CEO-to-average worker pay. The widely circulated chart claimed the U.S. ratio was 475 to 1, which we found was way off. We rated that False.

We also checked a claim from Michael Moore that in contrast to the many arrests at Occupy Wall Street, there have been no arrests of CEOs or bankers for contributing to the financial crisis. We rated that Mostly True.

Yesterday, we posted a new item checking a claim from a sign in the protest that 94 percent of the winning candidates in 2010 had more campaign money than their opponents. We rated that Mostly True.

You can find these and our other items on ourOccupy Wall Street page.
Meanwhile, we've also been doing lots of fact-checking from the Republican presidential debates. If you tune in to tonight's debate in Las Vegas, make sure you follow our live fact-checking on our home page (we'll be continuously updating the story) and byfollowing us on Twitter.

Finally, we've gotten some e-mails lately asking if we can expand PolitiFact to more states (we're now in nine and soon will be announcing our 10th). If you're interested, the best way is to urge your local newspaper or television station to partner with us. As we often say, it's our goal to have every elected official in America face the Truth-O-Meter.
If you establish your own motivational business, have them publish a book about you, then run for the GOP nomination, then you can take campaign cash and buy books from yourself.  Of course you get the profit, it's your company.  Why buy the books?  Oh you give them away as gifts to donors.  Of course the donations are then used to buy more books to secure more donations and more profit.   Now who's the latest book sleazebag?  Why Mister, 9 books for $9 to 9 donors, Cain.

Cain Explains The Cash Spent On Books: I’m Trying To Tell My Life Story

The guy really is after a gig on FOX.

Question for Consumers

Would you rather have a phone that works all the time or free apps for one that doesn't? Isn't that really the question RIM is asking its customers?

  RIM offers 12 free apps after three-day BlackBerry outage

The 2012 Caledar

Iowans will gather, that's waddle, together on Jan. 3rd to determine who's the Troggiest of Trogs.  The Iowa Caucus will be on Jan. 3rd.  New Hampshire?  The Granite State may make the 2012 cycle start in 2011.  Any bets on how Florida will be "punished" by the GOP for mucking up the calendar?

Iowa caucuses set date

Trogs Will Have Another Group Yak Off

Once again, the Trogs will gather and "debate."  Does anyone have a good definition for this kind of debate?  At any rate, they will gather.  They will be asked questions.  They will speak about something.

Will Cain say anything other than 9-9-9?  Will Perry prove, once and for all, he's an asshole from Texas?  Will Willard prove he's just one of us in the 99%?  Will Santorum remain frothy?  Will the Crazy Lady give us something new to be amazed at?  Will the fathead say things make us even more grateful he left office long ago?  Will Ron Paul wear a Guy Fawkes mask?  Tune in at 8:00 pm on CNN.

How bad will  Anderson Cooper be?

Jon Boy will be having a one man debate in New Hampshire.

Republican debate: Five things to watch

What if all they can do is blow themselves up

We have that moronic plot by Iran to kill a Saudi diplomat at dinner in D.C.  It's a bit too bizarre to accept at face value.  Is Iran behind it?  Well, Iran may be dissembling internally.  Can those folks really make a nuke?  They seem to be having problems with that.   Is the best way to deal with Iran just let them decay internally?  Monitor, yes, but leave the future, so to speak, in god's hands.

Iran’s nuclear program suffering new setbacks, diplomats and experts say

Cloud Computing

Our ever contract (transfer tax dollars to the private sector) oriented federal government is moving towards cloud computing.  Is that in and of itself a good idea?  It is secure?  How secure are government systems anyway?  If the feds go into the cloud should there be any limits on who and where cloud services are provided?  Would it be wise to allow an e-mail cloud to be housed in, say, Yemen?

Cloud computing contract with ties to Microsoft and Google needs changes, GAO says

Counseling 101

Are you feeling blue?  Are you depressed?  Do you suffer from low self esteem?  Before you convince your self of your total worthlessness, take a minute.  Look about you.  You may have a problem.  You may just be surrounded by assholes.

I don't remember where I saw this, it seems like good advice.  

Washington Spectator

Do you subscribe to "The Washington Spectator?"  If not you might consider doing so.  It's $18 a year.    Every two weeks you'll receive a four page newsletter that is quite topical and usually will make you think twice about the sewer we've made for ourselves over so may elections.

For example the current issue, Oct. 15,2011 features a piece by Thomas Ferguson on the ultimate pay to play organization in Washington, D.C.   Who?  Oh, the United States Congress that's who.

Want a committee slot, then you have to buy it.  Want to chair a committee, then you have to pay a lot of money.  Want to be Speaker?  Where do these bozos, that we elected, get all that cash?

It's certainly not by millions of $20 donations.  They sell themselves to fat cats and then buy the services of the House and Senate parties.  It's all become meet and eat, know and blow, financed by special interests.

Posted Prices and the Capitol Hill Stalemate Machine

Gee, that's why it's been do nothing for a long time, all they do is raise funds to buy positions so they can  run for reelection and be able to raise funds to buy positions.  And we thought they were elected to govern.  Let's quit reelecting any of them.  They corrupt themselves too easily.  Honest pol?  That may be our ultimate oxymoron.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bad News

In a consumer economy, one assumes there are consumers and stores in which they will shop.  If stores close becauses shoppers are not consuming, then the consumer economy will tank.  Are we on the road to the permanent septic tank?

Lowe's to Close 20 Stores, Reduce Planned Openings

Remember this tanking has been brought to us by all the Republicans and Democrats we've elected since 1980.  Are we dumb or are we dumb!

Make your own political Ad

The 2012 Election Is a Draw With New GoAnimate App

All the little Herminators

Cain made a joke about a 20 foot electric fence on our border with Mexico.  It is designed to kill people who head north.  He says it was a joke.  I doubt the crowd he pandered to felt was just a joke.  I don't know what's worse, a candidate for the GOP presidential run joking about killing people or the people in the audinece that want to hear their nominee promote killing human beings.  It seems odd, the only life the GOP supports unconditionally is fetal life.  If you've been born, then the GOP's mantra really is Die, Baby, Die.

Occupy The Voting Booth

I think I saw a stat on the tube this morning that indicated 900 locations on the planet have become occupied.   That is amazing.   So what?  Until the occupation becomes political nothing will change.  If government is supposed to be of, by and for the people, then the people need to assume the political mantle.  If they do not, then the 1% will just own more and the 99% a whole lot less.

The same old crowd on Wall Street will make even more money.  It's greed, but it's legal.  Unemployment, well 9% is already being treated as the new normal.  Occupy?  Sure, but how about occupying the voting booths in November--no Dems, no GOP, no Teabaggers--and elect newcomers to office.  And make sure we elect them all for one term.

If the Occupy Wall Street movement can keep interest alive then maybe the citizens can reclaim their Republic.  If not, then it will just get cold this Winter and we'll continue on the course to destructive Empire.

Question about Obama

Is Obama going to have a bit of difficulty getting reelected?  I think so.  Consider--

If you hoped for change and all you got was unemployed, will you really vote for him in 2012?

Did it occur to you that "yes we can" would mean yes we can foreclose on your house?

Something is better than nothing, sure, but when little is so close to nothing...

Did you turn the page on transparency in government and find the entire page was blacked out?

Who Do You Blame?

The Hill Poll: Voters say Washington is worse than Wall Street

Tax the Rich?

How do you feel about taxing the rich?  If I pointed out that money is power, would that influence how you feel about taxation?  Here's a piece on taxing the rich--

Tax the rich: Should millionaires really pay more?

Lets hear it for old time religion

It's the same wherever you go on the planet.  Religion gets mixed up with politics and the preservation of the status quo.  Who wins?  Oh the priests and prelates.   Who loses?  That's easy, the idiots who listen to them.  For example, in Pakistan--

... is an intense mistrust among some Pakistanis for the vaccines and the people who supply and administer them. Radical clerics seed rumors that vaccines are un-Islamic because they are made from substances derived from pigs, or that they cause infertility. Some clerics try to convince parents that polio vaccines are made from the urine of Satan.

Of course, our aces did not exactly assist public health--

Parents' fears about polio immunization drives were compounded by a CIA-orchestrated phony vaccination campaign aimed at obtaining DNA evidence from Bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad in the weeks before the U.S. commando raid that killed him. 

Fearful Pakistanis spurn polio vaccines 

War is not good for living things.

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #4

ObamaNato has more or less won the war in Libya.  Now the nation building begins.  I hope Obama leaves before he shows the world he's as good as his predecessor at that.  Oh, one little matter has to be dealth with.  Where it the world is Moammar?  He's missing.  Is the war really over until crazy dictator sings?

Libya's new government still hasn't found Gadhafi

And You Thought He Was Just A Pizza

Herman Cain is really just like any other pol.  Every one of them is a subsidiary of some rich puke looking to buy government.  Cain is owned by the Koch brothers.  The contest is not about the candidates, it's really about their owners.  For example, if it came down to Cain vs. Obama, the question is, would you rather have Goldman Sachs or the Koch brothers in the White House?

Cain’s longtime ties to controversial Koch brothers’ group key to his surging presidential bid

Oh God, It's Happened

Occupy Wall Street is an official, bona fide, real movement.  How do I know this? It's simple, they are singing folk songs written about Occupy Wall Street.

Occupy Wall Street inspires a new generation of protest songs


NNAH?  Yeah, No Need Applying Here.  Oh, that's what vets run into when they exit the service and go looking or a job.  Even when unemployment is at a reasonable level, vets run into NNAH.  The military job skills don't always transfer to the private sector.  Oh, have you noticed this seems to be a problem only for the enlisted vets?  Ever see an article on lack of jobs for ex-officers?  It's part of our class system.  Management hire managers and all officers are managers, right?

Is it lack of skills or are employers a bit fearful of vets?  Would you hire someone who was enlisted, did three tours in the Bush Wars and decided to exit the service after say eight years?  If not, what, beyond skills would bother you sufficiently to use the lack of skills as a reason to thank him for his service and send him on down the road?

Veterans’ unemployment outpaces civilian rate

Same old, same old

Obama and the folks around him love to praise themselves for their most odd, convoluted and inept health insurance reform act.  I don't understand the GOP's desire to gut the damn thing.  ObamaCare benefits several of the firms who are members of the GOP finance committee.  The reform insures the insurance status quo.  It will be the primary (only) way to access health care for at least another fifty years.

Health care never was the real issue with ObamaCo and the Dems in Congress.  If health care was the real issue, then attempts by states to improve on ObamaCare and take it closer to health care reform would be greeted with cheers.   Vermont, Oregon and Montana are trying to improve ObamaCare.  Who is blocking their efforts?  ObamaCo that's who.  When you sell your soul, its owner can be very demanding.

Demicans and Republicrats suck.

Some states seek flexibility to push health-care overhaul further

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oops, there is one effective way to treat PTSD

However, the treatment might derail the Controlled Substances Congressional Industrial Complex.  Yep, feeling depressed after killing all those Arabs in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Had one too may close calls with the grim reaper?  Death got you down?   Depressed over the destruction you wrought along the way to make us safe and free.  How many tours did you do?  There is a cure.  You cannot have it.  Why?   Well, it's because you'd have to do  blow some dope.  I bet a brownie a day might be okay, but that might make you into a serious drug addict.  So much for supporting the vets.

Marijuana may help PTSD. Why won’t the government find out for sure?

What if no one can pay for the election?

If New Hampshire pushes its primary into December of this year, many of the burgs in the Granite State will not be able to pay for polls to be open.  They did not budget money for a 2011 primary.    Maybe Willard and Jon Boy can float them a loan.  Oh,well, live free or die.

Towns Have No Budgets For December Primary

What Happened to the Crazy Lady?

A few months ago, we had Michelle Bachmann to kick around.  She opened her mouth and out spilled  ready made articles.  Cain is nice, but he's one tune loon, can you hum 9-9-9?   We need more of Ms. Bachmann's total batshit craziness.  Come on GOOPERs send her some cash, keep her going.  Oh, if you know Mr. Bachmann, would you please ask him to tell his wife to get busy and run harder.   It's just not the same without her daily blast of insane gas.

Bachmann’s road to the White House gets rocky

99%, 97%, It's The Same

To Capitalize or Not To Capitalize

Capitalize what?  Is it "tea party" or "Tea Party?"  Apparently style books don't agree.  Myself, I usually refer to the "Tea Party" as "Teabaggers." I do capitalize my references to them as I deprecate them.
Why do news media capitalize ‘Occupy Wall Street’ but not ‘tea party’?

Why are they picking on Willard?

Have you noticed that ObamaCo has been slamming Willard as though he were the GOP nominee?

Obama and Romney Are Already Going At It

Axelrod: Electorate unsure of Romney's 'core principles'

It seems a bit odd at this time.  Of course, ObamaCo may really just want the GOP primary season to be very long and bloody.  It they provide the info on Willard, then folks like Cain and Perry will benefit and use the same material.  Willard will be weakened if he does become the nominee.  If Willard fails to make it, then ObamaCo will have the benefit of a GOP feeding on itself and yielding an even weaker Trog.

Will attacks on Willard, who does poll strongest against Obama, actually insure that the the GOP nominee is anyone but Willard?  It's impossible, but imagine Santorum as the last Trog standing...

I'll Just say Bullshit now,

Today, in War #7,  it's only 100 soldiers.  They're just advisers.  No combat.  Right.  Been there, done that, the question is how long before more troops are requested with a change in mission?  Yeah, if you build a military command, it will find a war.

Uganda president: US ‘personnel’ deployed against African rebel group will assist, not fight

Myths about food and eating

It still comes down to a person making a decision to shove more food into their maw than they need on a daily basis.

Five myths about healthy eating

So What?

Occupy Wall Street has gone global.  It's fitting in a global economy that an economic protest should be global.  It's global, so what?  I'm still waiting to see it go political.  What are the goals?  What area the desired changes?  Until I can answer who wants to do what to whom, how, why, when and with what effect, I will wish them well as long as they remain more peaceful than not.

Occupy Wall Street protests go global

Oh, now I get it

When I listen to Trogs and Teabaggers (T&T), I have trouble following their logic.  We seem to inhabit different planets.  I'm sure they find me as strange.  Why?

Maybe the source of our contradictory views of life and government really are so fundamentally at odds we are effectively living in two worlds.  Of course, the core of the difference is going to be, take a guess.  Yep, religion.

Perhaps the T&Ts embrace the contemporary version of  providentialism, they embrace an engaged God.  I find that a bit too much to stomach.  It empowers the beneficiaries of the status quo power and finance structures in our society and tends to keep the remaining adherents in their place and dumbed down.

At best, if I had to opt for a theism, I would select Deism.  God made the world, it's like a watch.  He wound it up and He's been on vacation ever since.  As long as it keeps on ticking, we have to deal with  the watch.

Does government do too much? That could depend on your view of God.