Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bloomberg Uses the Weather to Shaft OWS

Gee, generators and propane stoves are fire hazards.  Bloomberg discovered this after listening to the Weather Channel forecast.  With snow on the way, he'll freeze them out.  The guy is part of the 1% and is also a servant of his peers.  Will snow and cold end Occupy Wall Street?  I hope not.  How about you?

'Occupy' demonstrators battle wind and cold as storm moves in

Crazy Lady Decision Time?

The Teabaggers,well at least one of them, thinks Ms. Bachmann needs to rejoin her hubby and help pray the gay away instead of running for Prez.  Should she drop out?  I hope she stays in the race, at least  through then end of January, 2012.  She provides lots of laughs and does help divide up the lunatic fringe.  Note, in GOP primaries the lunatic fringe comprises about 70% of the voters.

Is Michele Bachmann dragging the tea party down with her?

Should the Crazy Lady stay or drop out? What say you?

Return of the Comb Licker?

Rachel Maddow on the Comb guy (Wolfowitz).

Funny Stuff

Bad Lip Reading

Quiz Time

Quick what's bigger than the U.S. economy?  Oops, I was going to say the U.S. debt but the damned economy grew a bit.  The economy is now worth  about $15.2 trillion and the debt is only $14.9 trillion. Start your office pools today.  When will the national debt exceed the value of everything else?

National debt nears size of U.S. economy

Or you could have lottery.  What would be the appropriate prize for the winner who guesses when our debt to GDP ratio hits 100%?  

Re: Earlier Post on War #1

The suicide bombing --

13 Americans killed in Afghan bombing

Haves and Have Nots?

Are we such a nation?  Duh! Of course we are, 99% vs. 1%.  Too bad more cannot see the truth.

No Consensus About Whether Nation is Divided Into 'Haves' and 'Have-Nots'

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #??

We have so many of them, I've lost track of Somalia.  I think the Sudan was #5 and Uganda #8, with Libya being #3.  Africa must be a live round training base for our military.  At any rate, let's make Somalia #9 for now.  What's up on the #9 front?  Oh, Kenyans attacked them.  And we deny any role in the attack?  Well, it was just our gear and guns, wink, wink, nod, nod.  How may more wars will Obama start?  I thought the Repubs were the blood thirsty party.

U.S. denies role in Kenya's Somalia operation

Strategic Victory Watch --War #2

And in Legacyland, life just goes on--

Twin explosions in Baghdad neighborhood kill 36, wound 78 

We've done so well in Iraq, I have to wonder about the joy we will bring to Uganda as we rout the Lord's Resistance Army and then find new ways to assist them in that area of the world.  Gee, will Obama leave a legacy too?

Something to think about

Here's a small example of why the Occupy Wall Street folks and the original Tea Party folks need to persist and challenge the powers that be.  Government and business sipping a bottle of wine that costs $10,000 a bottle.  Think about it.

Leon Panetta's reward for bin Laden's capture is rare 1870 wine

Sign of our times

It's a sign, I'm not sure of what kind or what it says about us and life today--

College Web sites to post cost calculators for prospective students

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #1

This war is a morass.   The bad guys we went after, the hostile international Islamic jihadi terrorists, are gone.  They have been for years.  Instead of taking a victory lap, we hung around and created a new enemy out of the Taliban whom we had deposed in the first months of the war.

They live there.  It's their turf.  They do have local support.  We suppress them in one area,  They pop up where we are not.  We hit them, they hit back.  Net result, death and destruction.  Why is this a war?  It has not made any sense since the Tora Bora failure.

Recently, we surged into Kandahar.  The violence abated there, but went up elsewhere.  With violence down where we are, we're vacating the area.   Guess who will come in as we go out?  The Taliban of course.   The pattern will repeat as long as we persist in thinking we are in a real war.  We are not.  We merely have a military presence and kill people.  Who is the enemy and why?  End the damn thing now.

U.S. troops to begin leaving Kandahar

What kind of a world have we helped create in Afghanistan?

Suicide bomber hits NATO bus in Kabul; troops, Afghans suffer casualties


Oops, when the exec's minions get their hand caught in the public's cookie jar, then it's time to investigate.  Who stole what cookies from whom with what effect?  Congress snoops, the Prez reacts, and we have two equally inept organizations examining some events, not for wrongdoing, but for political gain.  After all, our elected officials have come to know that their government is of, by and for themselves and their reelection.

White House orders review of Energy Department loans amid Solyndra fallout

*Same Shit, Different Administration

Here's the Ad that kicked off OWS,

Has anyone answered the question yet?

Friday, October 28, 2011

So what's new?

Look Obama is long on talk and that's about all.  If he says he'll take no money from registered lobbyists, you had best try to figure what that means because he'll take as much as he can from unregistered lobbyists.  In other words, he's just one more money grubbing sleazeball less than honest pol.  Why would anyone think differently? Oh, you actually took him at his word?  Have you figured out what the meaning of is, is, yet?  Obama, parsing his way to 2012!

 With Lobbyist Donors, Obama Lets Himself Off on a Technicality

Obama Backers Tied to Lobbies Raise Millions

Why Will Perry Not Debate?

Well, that's easy, at a debate you have to talk.  When Perry opens his mouth he proves that he's a Pissant from Paint Creek.  In other words, he proves he is not ready for anything outside of Texas.  He's up to Texas standards, but that's a low bar.  Come on, Asshole, when an idiot like Santorum can hold his own in a debate, but you can't, well, tell me, why are you running for office anyway?

Perry may not take part in all Republican debates

Would you buy HP?

That's as in stock or products.  HP decided to dump PCs.  Then they decided to dump the CEO.  Then they hired a loser.  She decided to dump the dump and stay in the PC biz.  Has HP become fickle?  Even it the products sizzle, who will buy them?  Did HP shoot themselves in the foot or did they cut if off?

Hewlett-Packard decides to stay in the PC business

How Can You Approach A Conservative?

Before you even think of entering a conservative's lair, you will need to learn to speak Conservative.  It takes time.  Where can you begin to learn how to speak like a Trog?  Why, right here--

The Right Word

This and $1 might get you a 50 cent cup of Joe

Willard is #2 for about, say 70% of GOP primary voters.  However, he is a solid #1 for about 30% of them.  That spread would seem to mean that Willard is a loser.  Well, he is a loser, but I mean in the sense of his not winning the nomination to be the GOPs white knight who will topple the Dem's black knight, Obama.  It's an odd image seeing these two in business suits on horseback with lances, funny and kind of creepy.

Are the numbers really against Willard?  I don't think so.  The 70% is composed of a variety of factions.  some are only concerned with God, some with abortion, some with guns, some with spending, some with government size, some with bombing Iran and some with whatever weird thing you can think of.  The GOP is really like the Dems, but they have a carnival tent full of very strange sideshows.  It's freaky.  The very richness and diversity of demented primary groups is what will make Willard the winner.

There are seven other candidates.  Each of the them pursue the nutjob factions which comprise the 70% of primary voters.  None of Willard's folks will vote for them, Willard's voters are the "normal" Republicans.  Willard will win if the seven other candidates stay in the fight for as long as possible.   As the seven divide the 70%, no one will come near 30% and Willard who will get 30%, primary after primary will win.  At some point electability will become a factor, then it will be obvious he's the one to back.

After five or six wins, nutjob factions will begin to come over to his side.  The anti-
Willard 70% will become a smaller portion.  Other candidates begin to drop out.  Willard becomes the winner because the GOP is blessed with an abundance of nujtobs running for the nomination.  Why do you think the White House is helping the seven by attacking Willard for them?  If this was three or four person contest, Willard would be out on his ass already.  Hm, does this mean that ObamaCo already has figured out how to sink the good ship Willard?  I bet they have, it's not that hard, they just have to help him get the nod.

I can play dominoes better than you can.

All you have to do is chant this post's title while you make the sign of the cross and you have taken your first step back to the 12th century.  Ratzy is on the move.  He's taking his church back, back to the good old days of the crusades and well before that pesky Martin Luther screwed up his monopoly.  Today the mass, tomorrow absolute obedience or it will be excommunication and eternal damnation.  

Come on folks, it's fairy tales.  It's fantasy.  If you have to believe, then believe god made the world, put it in motion, and then headed out for the intergalactic coast.  God went on vacation and is still on vacation, we're on our own.

Catholics’ Mass liturgy changing; ‘ritual whiplash’ ahead?

LIve by the Drone, Eventually Die by the Drone

As the CIA persists in being the newest branch of our military service, drone warfare continues to expand.  From the perspective of someone on the ground being attacked by a drone, it's terrorism from the air.  Sound familiar?  One of these days, some group will decide to use drones on us.  Will we be able to thank Bush and Obama for that?  Will the CIA defend themselves or just cop out to following executive orders.

We have drone bases in Djibouti, the Seychelles, Ethiopia and god only know how many other places.   We have used drones to kill people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen.  We have probably used them elsewhere, we are not being told.  Every day we should be told about how many people our drones have killed.  Drones are disgusting and their use will hurt us in near future--at home and around the world.

If we are going to wage war, then we should wage war.  Congress needs to declare it.  Congress needs to fund it.  There must be a draft so the Army can fight it.  There is no room in war for the CIA, State or hired thugs.

U.S. drone base in Ethi­o­pia is operational

How Bad Is It In Our Government?

Our government, at all levels, has been populated by inept bumblers.  Look, we elect the ones who hire the others.  The ones we elect find their clones and put them in federal positions--both appointed and civil service.  One thing we can say today, they have reached new depths.  Not only are they incapable of buying software that works on contract, they no longer can develop anything in house.   Nothing works since every part of government now has one function, winning the next election.  The government has been totally politicized.   You can bet no one will lose their job or any sleep on the failure of USAJobs 3.0 to function.  Can software apply for unemployment insurance?

New USAJobs site for federal job seekers continues to frustrate many

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Occupy Oakland

The ex-Marine the cops almost killed is in critical condition.  Here's a recap and video from yesterday.

Here’s the Insane Video of Marine Vet Scott Olsen Shot At #OccupyOakland

And here's a summary from today--

Occupy Oakland protesters regroup - Iraq vet hurt

Occupy Oakland

The Mayor of Oakland sent in riot armored, rubber bullet shooting, and tear gas spraying police to clear the what she saw as most unwelcome demonstrators from her park.  She succeeded.  Then the phones must have started to ring.  Now she supports Occupy Oakland.  This is so typical of all of our pols.  It's also why folks are in the park in Oakland and cities across the nation.  Boycott all things Oakland until the Mayor and Police Chief resign.  We need new people in office.

Oakland mayor now claims to ‘support’ the occupation

Repubs Recoil in Disgust

Why are the Trogs unhappy and disgusted?  Why, despite their best efforts to tank the economy, it's growing.  If this keeps up then Obama will certainly win in 2012.  Watch for Cantor, Ryan, Boehner and McConnell to introduce a bill to undo the growth and re-wreck the economy.

Economy grew 2.5 pct. in Q3 as consumers rebound

Go Willard!

Pissant's Strategery

If the Pissant from Paint Creek's, a.k.a. The Asshole from El Paso, strategery is to pick up as many fringe nutjob voter factions as he can in the primaries, then he's given away the Confederates in the attic vote.  Hell, he's given away the South Carolina True Cracker vote too.  Yep, he's "agin" the Stars and Bars!  I agree with him, but remember I'm a professional liberal.  Even Dubya wasn't quite this dumb.

Rick Perry’s Confederate Symbol Flip-Flop Is Gonna Be A Problem In South Carolina

Maybe the South Carolina black Republican vote is large.  Larger than the redneck vote?   Nah, once again Perry just spoke, then thought about it.  I wonder if he'll tell us he was just joking around?  

Herman Cain, one very, very, lucky businessman

If he displays his business acumen and his managerial skill in his campaign, then I have to say he was a very lucky person in business and has been so in his campaign.  Without more than his fair share he'd have tanked in life,  period.   Give it a read, would your work for him on his campaign?  Do you want another clown in the White House (that's Bush).  Gee, Herm's not black walnut, he's a black Bush.

As Cain Promotes His Management Skills, Ex-Aides Tell of Campaign in Chaos

Like Predecessor, Like Follower?

The aces in ObamaCo don't know squat about business and investment.  Take a peek at their investment in Solyndra.  We taxpayers are out several hundred million in that investment.  Actually  We're out more. 40% of all federal money is borrowed, so we're out the original loan and interest on the 40% we borrowed until we pay back our note.   It was an unsound business investment.   It was a great PR moment, but it failed and so then does the PR value.  It was dumb.

Obama is a lawyer.  Chu is a physicist (both Nobelists for what that's worth).  Where could team Obama have learned how government invests in cutting edge tech stuff?  Well, as in so many other areas, they asked "What Would Dubya Do?"  Yep they invested in Solyndra based on the Bush investment model that he used to back Open Range.  Oh, Open Range, begun by Bush but continued by Obama,  has now failed and we're in hock about $100 million.  Again the underlying company was not worth a damn.  Shrewd.

Maybe there's learning a experience here--quit investing--y'all are pols not venture capitalists and it's not your money.

Broadband company’s demise puts taxpayers on hook for $74 million loan

Attention Old Farts!

Medicare increases will not eat up the Social Security increase.  Medicare rises to $99.90 a month for Part B.

Rise in Medicare premiums less than feared in 2012

I pay more as a retiree for health insurance than I did when I was working.  We need a single payer or better yet, a real National Health Care System.  The insurance model will bankrupt us and eventually put the health care capitalists out of business too.  I guess that is the end desired by Republicans, impoverishment and the inauguration of a monarchy.

Since so many have no jobs,

Maybe it's time to join Oakland and take their planned general strike national.  Why not?  On Nov. 2nd, don't go to work.  Don't go to school.   Shut the nation down!  What about the cops?   Well, maybe they'll join the strike instead.  If they don't and they come out guns a blazing?  Well, just keep on striking.

Occupy Oakland Calls for Citywide Strike

If he dies, then what?

Occupy Oakland: Iraq vet critically injured by police projectile

 Kent State may be sooner than we think.

You might want to listen to Amy Goodman on "Democracy Now" today for more info on Oakland.

Are you a Repub?

If you are then, you probably like the flat-tax plans being bandied about.  If so, then you must believe the rich deserve to pay less in taxes and must be allowed to concentrate their wealth even more, especially  across generations.  In your heart you must want to be a serf bowing before a King and serving a ruling aristocracy.  Why?

GOP presidential candidates' tax plans would benefit the rich

If money is speech, then remember this, before anyone says a word, money is power.

Follow UP

I posted about McClatchy's story that Obama and Biden were not deeply involved in talks with Iraqi officials over whether to leave a residual force of U.S. troops in the country before deciding to withdraw all U.S. troops by the end of this year. The White House has responded. The White says. "were too." Unless you provide facts...

White House challenges McClatchy story, but provides no facts to counter it

Is it going to be Willard?

Here's what may make the diff.  Willard's fans are quite committed.  30+% of primary voters favor him and are already committed, they will vote for him.  The other candidates may find favor from voters, but no commitment.  Willard, despite the anyone but Willard flavor of the month, persists due to commitment of his Repubs.  No other candidate has these kind of voters.  I think Willard is the nominee.  The latest polls show Willard is back on top in the first four primary states--

Polls: Romney Leads in First 4 Primary States

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #3

Once again our  non-military, military, the CIA, used drones to kill people in Pakistan.  Pakistan, of course, is our non-ally, ally in the non-war, war we refer to as the Af-Pak war.  U.S. Army PR hacks insured that news of the event made it to reporters.  Of course no one openly talks about the non-drone, drone program.  And no reporters are allowed to verify anything.  So, five bad guys were killed.  Okay how many others?  It does not matter, they are just mushrooms.  It reminds me of L.A. gang behavior.  It's gotta make you proud to be a soldier or  be a spook.

Drone strike kills 5 Pakistani Taliban leaders

Waiting for Kent State? II

Waiting for Kent State?

Do you remeber Kent State?  If not read this, Kent State Shootings.  Now what about the cops in Atlanta and Oakland?  The 1% sent in their armor covered tear gas shooting police (thugs?) to deal with the 99%.  It was excessive, but this captures in miniature the power structure which comes with the undue concentration of wealth.  What will happen when the peace keepers shoot their guns and kill a few demonstrators?

Police action in Oakland, Atlanta, camps’ removal unnerves some anti-Wall Street protesters

Why Does Anyone Listen to Pols

When a person makes a decision to become a professional politician they their shed honor, dignity and veracity.  Yet, we voters pretend they have not.  Take the latest liar, this one happens to be a Repub, but the Dems are no different.  Rubio used a false story to promote himself, he embellished it, and idiot voters "believed" the sucker and made him a United States Senator.  Damn that's dumb.   He's a pol, if it speaks, we should assume it's not true.  Once again we are watching the latest installment of "Shoot, Draw, Aim."

Marco Rubio on national ticket could be risky bet for Republican Party

Cain's not a Pol?

After reading a couple of bios of the Pizza guy, I don't understand how anyone can say they like him because he's not a pol.  The only difference between him and Romney is that Romney won one election whereas Cain lost.  Cain has been a pol every since he quit his Federal Reserve Board job, just not a very good one.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How Bad Before We Fix It?

Congress now gets a mighty 9% approval rating.  That's a record low.  It will go lower.  The incumbents believe they are acting appropriately--that means they believe they will be reelected by their constituents.   If the poll is correct then no one should be reelected.  Of course, it can be the case that the typical voter thinks the problem lies with the other 534 members of Congress, but not with their Rep. or Senator.  If that is true, then the typical voter is dumber than I ever imagined.

It's dumb to elect the human waste we have in Congress today.  It's dumber to think a crappy Congress is all someone else's fault.   Oh, don't forget, only 1/2 of the potential voters bother to vote and that's a good turnout.  Of those who do bother to vote, all it takes is a simple majority, for example 1/2 +1,  to win.  Victory belongs to those who rack up 25%, or even less, of the all possible voters.  It's no wonder Congress sucks, we don't care.  One half of us have quit.  The other half opt for clowns in both parties. It's time for a change.  Remember we gave ourselves Congress, how's our approval rating?

Congressional approval drops to single digits

Perry Preys on Language

Perry is just another Repub who uses language to gain support for a position without being clear about what he really wants.  His flat tax plan is just his latest gambit.  Look, his flat tax is an alternative maximum tax for the rich.  It has nothing to do with being fair, expanding revenues, growing jobs or anything else the Asshole's rhetoric alludes to.  Ditto for all of the other Trogs with add on flat tax plans.  Their plans pander to people with money.   If you can't get rid of the progressive tax, then suggest an alternative tax and make it an option, a choice, that just happens to be 15% to 20%.  That then is the tax rate for the affluent and the rich.  It becomes a maximum tax.  The Repubs shill for wealth, if you listen to them, please turn on your bullshit detector first.

Rick Perry’s Flat Tax Plan: Not A Flat Tax

Google Complies With Censors

After all, when a government makes a request, it's not censorship, it's just the patriotic thing to do.  Apparently Google is quite adept at patriotism.  I bet if ObamaCo requested Google to take down info, it would then be considered a threat to national security to inform us that our government officials engaged in censorship via people who work for Google.  Still trust the people we elect to office?  Remember the issue is not "trust in government," it's really a matter of trust of the people we elect to Congress and the White House and the people they appoint to offices.

Rise in UK requests for Google content removal

Occupy Wall Street

Has OWS moved toward the next stage?  That's when the authorities obey their masters and exercise their authority.  They send in the their clowns to arrest the always evil demonstrators.  What if most folks are not on the side of the authorities?  What if police are seen as violent and in need of policing?  What if the police and local authorities are seen as willing servants of the 1%?  It could become very interesting.

Tear gas used on Occupy protesters in Oakland

What's the Next Apple?

Are you ready for iTV?

Apple may be getting ready to reinvent TV

Occupy Crawford?

It's a good idea, except no one lives there anymore.  The ranch was just a stage prop for the Shrub.  Wall Street is the right place.  Well, maybe a few folks could occupy the front yard of one particular house in Dallas.

Here's an overview of how Wall Street, via the Repubs, screwed the nation.

Why Occupy Wall Street ire should be directed at Wall St. and George W. Bush

Feeding the GOP Screed Machine

Obama followed through on the Shrub's war plan.  He has followed the Bush negotiated timetable to end the Iraq War.  The ever batshit crazy Trogs have now condemned him for being a Repub?  He's given Iraq to Iran.  He's called a failure.  He's called a lot of shit by crazy people for ending a war.  Ending a war is wrong?  Peace is bad?  Okay, if you are a Repub, then you really have gone bonkers.

Want to bone up on the next round of trash the Commanderator?  Then give this a read--

Did Obama engage as U.S.-Iraqi troop talks faltered?

Don't forget the Iraq War should never have been started. It was just the Shrub's sick way of trying to be listed as a great president in future history books.

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #1 and #3

It's a twofer kind of thing on Obama's war fronts.  If he's not careful #3 will have be to be renamed to the Af-Pak-India war.  We know that Pakistan is our non-ally, ally.  Has Afghanistan attained the same status?  Afghanistan, since we allow them to have a government, is our ally, right?  Well, maybe not.  You did note that The Afghan government has entered into a security pact with India?   Open the wound and pour on the salt!

Afghanistan-India pact doesn't concern just Pakistanis; Afghans wonder, too

Karzai must have finally finished Bush's memoirs, "Guvment Made Easy,"

Obedience only goes so far, it has to be cost effective

If Pope Ratzy is open to Occupy the Vatican, do you think his American flockers will follow?  Well, it all depends on how they make their money.  Look, a Trog is a Trog regardless of creed.  Even if the First Vicar is down with the plight of the 99%, the Catholic thralls of the 1% are not.  Is it a mortal sin to flip off the Pope?

Does Pope Benedict support Occupy Wall Street?

There once was an idea called "liberation theology." Maybe the world needs a bit of Occupation Theology. Go forth and Occupy Pews, Synagogues, Churches, and Temples! Gee, take back our Bible?

The Budget

The supercommittee is taking a peek at Congress to find ways to cut costs.  I have a suggestion for a long term cut that will save lots of money in many ways.  Eliminate Congressional pensions.

On the supercommittee agenda: Cutting Congress’s budget

Give the Pissant from Paint Creek Three Pinocchios

He's off to a good start down the razor blade of campaigns.  Will this bring him back up to 8%?

Rick Perry’s flat tax plan, built on misleading statistics

A few years back, folks were asking who's dumber than Bush?  Now we know.  

Maybe Cain will become a slang term for crazy

After seeing his ad, if you have not already, you'll think he's at least nutzoid.  Come on, smoking?  It's either a ad placement for big tobacco or he's trying to secure the addicts vote.  Like I said, it's "cain."   Here's his ad and a bunch of other oddballs from the past.

Herman Cain and the top 10 most bizarre political ads (Video)

Who is too crazy for Pat Robertson?

Uh, all the GOP candidates.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #8

We're, once again screwed by the guy we put in the White House.  It's another war.  Are we sure Bush really left office?  Short?  My ass.  No combat? Right, until they get shot at.  Did they ask us in?  Not really, but the bribes go down well.  How long before we send the next 100 troops?  What's a command without a war?  The only reason to vote for Obama are the loons the GOP has running to replace him are worse.  Will War #9 be Iran, it would be a vote getter, wouldn't it?  Welcome to the War on Terror, it's wherever they find it.

Pentagon says military deployment to Uganda ‘will not be open-ended’

Funny how the kids of the 1% never serve.  The 99% provide all the cannon fodder.  Neat, now about money and power.


Occupy Wall Street is in NYC and many other cities accross the U.S. It's also gone global. There's a bevy of occupation all around the globe.  It's hard enough to determine what the domestic OWSers stand for and what they seek, but Germnay, Israel, France?  Here's your cheat-sheet to the global occupation--

Putting the Global Occupy Movement in Context: Who Are These Protesters, and What Do They Want?

To Tea or Occupy?

Going After The Forbes Vote

The Asshole has a new strategery (yeah he is from Texas).   Since Willard has a solid 30% of the primary voters, the Asshole will try to pick up every 5% loony faction that he can.  5% of Trogs will opt for him because of the flat tax he proposed today.  Then he'll find 5% of voters on the Birther front alone.  Another 5% will come from the GOP Coyote Killers of America.  The Asshole will pursue primary victory wins by assembling a pup tent full of most seriously demented voters in GOP primary land, especially in the South.  And you thought Bachmann was nuts.  If this Pissant Asshole does win, imagine what the 2016 primary run will be like--the current crop of batshit crazy candidates will appear sane in comparison.  Well everyone except Sen. Frothy Santorum, he will always be nuts.

Mystery Solved

Back in the late 90's the FBI Crime Lab was revealed to be run by political hacks.  They ran a shop that always produced the evidence to convict perps.  If the evidence didn't really exist, it was no big deal.  They had the lab grunts make shit up.  Facts became the old science as pols gave us a new fact free science.  Note this was a bipartisan effort to modernize management.  

I wondered whatever happened to those new science managers.  Government appointees are like the moles in that carney game, Whack-A-Mole.   They may be knocked down, but they pop up elsewhere.  I figure they must have all read J. Edgar's book on "Staying Alive In D.C. for Dummies"  So where did they go?  I don't know their names but it looks like they popped up and have been running the Army Crime Lab.

Missing evidence is among military crime lab's new woes

Will this cause a bomb gap?

Heavens we're getting rid of a nuke.  Quick call McCain, he can complain and recommend that we invade Iran.  Tell Lindsey so he can condemn Obama for creating a nuclear bomb gap.  Actually, I'm surprised we have a nuclear bomb making facility left.  I thought DOD had outsourced everything by now.  Somebody screwed up.   Better tell the GOP and Dems there's a piece of our government they have not sold yet.

Last Cold War era B53 nuclear bomb to be dismantled


Quick what can lose 800,000 paying customers in the flash of nanosecond?  Well, it took a little longer, but not that much longer, for the CEO of Netflix to shoot himself and his stockholders in their feet--not once, not twice, but three times!  Talk about serial shoot, draw, aim!   Hell, the schmuck even beat his own estimates of customer losses--it was far worse than he thought it would be.

The CEO has taken Netflix stock from over $300 a share to $87 in less than four months.  Now that's some might fine management.  Expect deterioration of services soon, it's the piss poor way to make it look like the bottom line is recovering from stupidity.   When will they go Chapter 11 or is it 13?

At $87 would you buy Netflix?  Is it going to rebound?  A year from now what will it be trading at?

Netflix loses 810,000 subscribers; stock plunges

Note to OWS, the 1% own it all, but that does not mean they are all that bright, they just have money.  They even know how to lose it.  Help them out.

Okay Birthers, Get Cracking, He's One of Yours

Marc Rubio is a pol.  As such,  he's quite truth challenged.  He does not lie, he's a pol. He misspeaks.  He forgets things.  He can't quite remember things from his life.  He misstates a bit as needed.  He does spin a good yarn of self praise.

Okay, Birthers, y'all did your job.  You forced the Prez to cough up his long form.  Now it's time to turn your guns on Rubio and get him to tell the whole truth.  Ready, set, dog him down.

NPR finds new discrepancies in Rubio’s family history

Okay scientists, this is for you--

If every observable effect has a physical cause, please explain Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum.

For that matter how do you explain the rest of the Trogs?  Now about those Teabaggers...

Trogs to the right, Goo-goos to the left

At the sound of the bell, come out fighting for appropriations.   Okay, government spending fans would you rather spend money to build bike trails or fix bridges that will fall down?  It's not your call at all.  It's up to the 535 dipshits we elected to Congress.

If the U.S. transportation systems — highways, the rail network, aviation, ports, mass transit — are worn out, outdated and need investment well in excess of a trillion dollars, who failed to attend to the maintenance that otherwise would have kept it all in good working order? Who ran the "car" into the ground for us? If we had maintained it, it would for the most part be in good repair.

Who is responsible for this mess?  Why it's the people of both parties that we elected to appropriate and spend our tax dollars.   Courtesy of our stupidity in the voting booth, we have to rebuild it all. Along the way the trails and such will probably have to be set aside for a while.

Federal transportation funding mandates — the coming Capitol Hill battle

If 99% of the people do not pay attention, then the 1% will take it all. As I look about me, I think the 99% have allowed a huge mess to be created. Can the 99% fix it? Yeah, but it means paying attention to politics and voting in every election from here on out.
While I was pondering the Trogs running for the GOP nomination , I thought of the song Desperado. It seems to fit them.  Suggestions for other songs?


Desperado, why don't you come to your senses?
You been out ridin' fences for so long now
Oh, you're a hard one I know that you got your reasons
These things that are pleasin' you Can hurt you somehow

Don't you draw the queen of diamonds, boy 
She'll beat you if she's able
You know the queen of hearts is always your best bet

Now it seems to me, some fine things
Have been laid upon your table 
But you only want the ones that you can't get

Desperado, oh, you ain't gettin' no younger 
Your pain and your hunger, they're drivin' you home 
And freedom, oh freedom well, that's just some people talkin' 
Your prison is walking through this world all alone

Don't your feet get cold in the winter time? 
The sky won't snow and the sun won't shine 
It's hard to tell the night time from the day 
You're losin' all your highs and lows 
Ain't it funny how the feeling goes away?

Desperado, why don't you come to your senses?
Come down from your fences, open the gate
It may be rainin', but there's a rainbow above you 
You better let somebody love you, before it's too late

Trog Tax Off A Coming

The Crazy Lady does not want anyone to give any money to the government, no taxes is her plan.  The Pizza guy has his tax plan that screws the 99% but is divine for the 1%.  Willard is sure that god is on the side of flatter taxes (less) for those he's blessed the most (god loves the rich, they build him temples).

Now the Pissant from Paint Creek, flagging in the polls because he opened his mouth in public, will try to win back the 1% and their lackeys with a flat tax.  No matter how you cut it, flat taxes, always declaimed as fair, benefit the wealthy and their continued concentration of power.  If you enjoy being powerless then get on the GOOPER bandwagon.

Actually we need to be rid of all the GOP candidates as well as all the Democrats too.   Uh, occupy voting booths?

Perry calls for major spending and tax cuts

Monday, October 24, 2011

More Occupying Going On

I'm looking forward to Occupy Congress via Occupy Voting Booths.  Until then, we learn of more areas to occupy--

Occupy movement spins off OccupyMARINES and Occupy Police

If the 1% lose their hired guns, what's left for them to enforce? The 1% rely on the 99% to do their dirty work for them.  Maybe people should just quit working for them.  If it's rich, just ignore it. If it's rich, exile it in situ.  Spurn and shun are nice words.  Oh, but remember to always be polite in all that we do.  

I don't see how any peacekeeper could feel good about themselves if they bust any of the OWS folks for just being there.  Maybe we need to Occupy Oath Keepers?

TV Trog Nails it cold!

Scarborough: GOP presidential candidates are all ‘idiots’

Will it be War #8 or is it up to #9?

Let's see, Obama has Afghanistan, Iraq, Af-Pak, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, and Uganda  so I guess it will be #8.  It's not begun, but just wait.  The drones will attack Syria.  It's so much easier to wage war when our  combatants are all somewhere in the states.  So much for the Republic.

US pulls envoy out of Syria, Damascus retaliates

What happens when the other side(s) get drones and have a fly by in our air space?  Maybe Obama and the rest might listen to crazy old Dr. Paul.  On this topic he's the only sane one in the race.

Waco, Ruby Ridge, Now A Grandmother in L.A.?

Well, not quite, but I have to wonder about what goes through the police mind?  What if Grannie had had a coronary and died?  All for a speck of moon rock that no one is supposed to own?  Sometimes you have to wonder about the assorted federal cops.

The amazing part is managers make these plans and others implement them and no one bats an eye.  It's no wonder there's a segment of our society that sees conspiracies everywhere.  Oh, if this can be spun to increase gun sales I'm confident the NRA will do so.  Kind of sad to read about.

NASA sting terrifies woman, 74 

I guess this is NASA's version of Fast and Furious? NASA has agents?  Sure we were going to have Moon Marshals.

Bob Park

WHAT'S NEW Robert L. Park Sunday, 23 Oct 2011 Washington, DC

1. HEBDOMADAL: WHY DO WE SCHEDULE EVERYTHING WEEKLY? For 30 years What’s New was a Friday thing. Oh, there were delays due to server problems and stuff but we still put “Friday” on the dateline. In 2000 a rampaging red-oak (Quercus rubra) attacked Bob while he was jogging, scrambling both the calendar and Bob. We called the day it went out “Friday.” However, the dateline of a column devoted to truth, should mean something. Henceforth the dateline will show the day WN is actually sent. But why must it be weekly? God put us on a seven day schedule so we could have a Fourth Commandment. By now it’s probably written in our DNA.

2. CELL PHONEYS: BRAIN CANCER LINK IS REJECTED – AGAIN. Ten years ago, a brilliant Danish epidemiological study found no link between mobile phone use and brain cancer (JNCI 2001, 93: 203-7). A decadal reexamination by Denmark’s Institute of Cancer Epidemiology, released last week, again found no link. The object of the new study was to look for any evidence of latent cancer that had not yet shown up in 2001; none was found. In a 2001 JNCI editorial I pointed out that none would be expected, since microwave radiation is non-ionizing, Park, Robert L, JNCI 2001, 93: 166-167. Can we now put the damned cell-phone/cancer scare behind us?

3. CLIMATE: IT’S TRUE; THE WORLD REALLY IS GETTNG WARMER. The most comprehensive scientific review of historical temperature records ever carried out seems to remove any lingering doubts. A group of scientists at the University of California, Berkeley find that the average global land temperature has risen by about 1C since the mid-1950s. That’s big. The group has submitted four papers describing their findings to Geophysical Research Letters. It is unusual to circulate papers prior to peer review, but Richard Muller, author of "Physics for Future Presidents," who heads the project, may have been influenced by the apparent attempts of the energy industry to corrupt the scientific process, such as the hacking of private climate-files at the University of East Anglia .

4. STEVE JOBS: NEAR THE END, A LITTLE SCIENCE MIGHT HAVE HELPED. Never a scholar, Steve Jobs didn’t understand, or didn’t believe, the first law of science: "Every observable effect has a physical cause." Perhaps the most profound insight of all time, causality is a total rejection of the supernatural. According to his biographer, Walter Isaacson, whose book, “Steve Jobs,” will be out Monday, Jobs declined surgery when the cancer was detected and relied instead on acupuncture, herbs and other "alternative therapies." Eventually he regretted his decision, but by then the cancer had spread. A week after the world mourned the death of Steve Jobs, the body of 70 year old Dennis Ritchie was found in his New Jersey home, where he lived alone. The developer of the Unix Operating System, Ritchie made Steve Jobs possible.

Don't forget

Don't forget that Mr. Pizza is not some innocent businessman who decided to run for Prez.  Herm was a lobbyist.  He fought for smoking and getting people drunk.  He ran the National Restaurant Association for a few years, then dabbled in politics and failed.  Then he became a motivational speaker.  Now he's debating his way to a gig on FOX. I doubt he will be the nominee.

Cain, Now Running as Outsider, Came to Washington as Lobbyist

Herman Cain Has No Real Campaign, Episodes II-IV

MSNBC's Resident White Supremacist Speaks

Pat Buchanan has a new book out.  TPM has hit the highlight so you don't have to bother with his book.

Twelve Pretty Racist Or Just Crazy Quotes From Pat Buchanan’s New Book

Who listens to this Bozoette?

The only thing odder than Bachmann are her followers.  Bachmannites?  Maybe she's really today's Amy Semple McBachmann?  At any rate, she just makes it up as she goes.  That may get her reelected in her District, but not much else.

Michele Bachmann's misstatements may be catching up to her

As the Revolting Arab Spring Turns to Fall

What can we expect in the lands liberated by revolting Arabs?  Can we expect the rise of  secular government?  Will we see liberty and democracy expand for all?  Nah, that pesky religion thing will take over.  So much for human rights and human dignity.

Early sign in Tunisia of strong Islamist vote

Need a Giggle? Then read below

Biden open to running for president in 2016

All Talk No Walk

We all know Obama can deliver a pretty mean set piece speech.  They sound good but are largely unmemorable.  Anyone really remember what he said on the campaign trail or since he's been in office?  If it's not a set piece speech that's been well written, he's less than stellar.  He's yammered a great deal about the mortgage crisis he received from Bush.  Okay, he's been in office for a two and years, how's he done.  Well, he's been all talk and no walk.

He talked up a lot of plans. He even had a grundle of cash appropriated.  Then, listening to his ace financial advisers who treated people in need of mortgage help the way Narcs do people in pain.  Narcs look at the 80 year old with terminal cancer see potential addicts.  They can't be given pain killers as needed, it might lead to possible addiction.

You know that logic.  It's self serving. In the drug world it keeps all the drug cops employed and the durg industry complex alive.  In mortgages it saves the failed banks and expand their corrupt system.  Of course the homeowner loses as ObamaCo opts for action that does not harm the banks.  If it weren't for the fundamental incompetence of the GOP's current field way would anyone, especially a former home owner, vote for Obama?  If Huntsman, in some vastly imponderable way, become the nominee, who'd vote for Obama?

Here's his home foreclosure fiasco--

Obama’s efforts to aid homeowners, boost housing market fall far short of goals

Oh, over the coming months do expect Obama to talk a lot about mortgages and homes. He won't point a finger at himself for his own failure, he'll try to blame it all on Bush.   He will actully try to act a bit here and there. So what, he's just trying to buy votes and given his track record he'll bollix it up. The politics of sameness is always the same. I'm about at the point where I wonder what really changed as we went from Bush to Obama?

More Bull from Obama

In 2008 Obama had people chanting "Yes We Can."  I guess they hoped to turn a page and find a spot of change.  The chanters voted.  Obama won.  Of course it helped that his opponent was the McAncient/Ubetcha ticket.

After a couple of years, the chanters have discovered there was no change, because their was no page to turn.  In the end he didn't and it became one long "no, we can't."  The buzzwords are worn out.  So what's a pol to do?  Why find new buzzwords for idiots to chant.

Are you ready?  Here it comes--WE CAN'T WAIT! 

Wow, that's modestly, perhaps, a statement with a measure of possible limited excitement.  Uh, then again it might mean we can't wait for someone who will actually turn the page for change.  Obama's buzz may work for the other guy.  Oh, crap, we can't wait for the yet to named Republican schmucks?    

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #4

Pundits and other purveyor of information have declared War #4 to be fini.  Depending on the political affiliation of the chatterer involved, ObamaNato had a great success or sucked.  Can you guess which party says it sucked?  How about succeeded?

Okay, a dictator has been killed.  Was that the mission? Perhaps we need to ponder on the bullshit that began this mess.  It was a humanitarian war?

The revolting Arabs have seized the geography of Libya. Now we have to ask to what end? Ultimately their national acts, from our perspective, will be the measure of success or failure won't it?  We need to defer our judgement about ObamaNato, for now it's just been one more war.

Wither Libya---Libya declares liberation with an Islamic tone

Occupy Wall Street

Wall Street continues to be occupied.  As yet, no one has articulated a political counterpart to the ever resonating protest of our population's descent into fiscal misery.  If OWS makes one point well, it's that big business, as symbolized by Wall Street, has eroded freedom and liberty for 99% of the nation.

As  our capitalists have concentrated their profits, it's most odd how they have sent most of their fellow folk down the road to serfdom.  Wall Street  has not succeeded through fair competition.  They have succeeded through the purchase of government to facilitate their end.

Our current form of corrupt capitalism contravenes the preamble of our Constitution.  A political message needs to be developed and expressed by OWS.  If none comes forth, then this protest is just so much bitching that will fade away and become an unmemorable event as the 99% becomes the 99.9%.  I hope all the good folks have a solution or two in mind.   Is it time for the 99% to occupy the voting booth?

Here's a starting point.  OWS needs to reject both Democratic and Republican parties.  Who do you think sold the government to the capitalists?  Who do you think created the ability of the 1% to become today's  1%?   I hope OWS will begin to edge towards a political expression and ask us all to Occupy Congress.

If you support OWS, what do you believe?  What ideas about people and life makes sense?  To what end do we occupy?  Have you read the Declaration of Independence lately?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Serial Occupents

Let's see, now they have brought their own pews to occupy in Boston as part of the larger Occupy Wall Street movement.   I bet they won't really Occupy Pews.  

Religion claims its place in Occupy Wall Street

Moore's Law in Hacking?

What if a type of hacking becomes twice as easy every year or so?  Okay, now think about the Stuxnet worm.  Oh, is there a power plant in your neighborhood?  Is there a nuclear facility within a hundred miles of home?  Now think about the movies and all those computers taken over by some evil genius. Gee, after a few rounds of getting easier, could the kid two houses over take down the Pentagon?  Put it all together and you we have--

Science fiction-style sabotage a fear in new hacks

How Trogs Get Their News

And Now A Word From Iraq

In contrast to the GOP's bullet point castigating Obama for ending the Iraq War per Bush's timetable, the SOFA, how about a word from the Iraqis.  I think they just want us to go home.  Do you blame them?

Iraq eager to see U.S. troops leave

Can I have my Oblation with some Consubstantial?

I remember the Catholic Mass in Latin.  I had a cheat sheet that trasnlated the gobbledygook into English.  Without it, it was just "blah, blah, blah."  With the translation it was just bullshit, but English bullshit.  Then came John XXIII and the English mass.  And the folk mass.  As it came in I went out.  The guitars were a bit much for me to endure.   Now the aces of salvation are changing things up again.  Yep, new lingo for the flock to use and feel all one with whomever they feel at one with. 

Catholics preparing for new language

I like the idea of the Quakers, sit in silence and think. If you feel compelled to speak, do so, but do so reluctantly.  Then leave and go home.

It bites back

Your employer does not want you accessing certain websites at work.  They want to control the way you use the Internet.  We all agree, since the employer wants it, it's good, right, proper, and the way god intended it.  We accept censorship.  We're happy.

Now what it the employer is Syria and the employees are Syrians?  Do we still feel all right, good, proper and it's the way god intended software to be used?  The Syrian government is just using the same software our employers wanted and paid for.  Funny how tech can bite us in the ass.

Syria using American software to censor Internet, experts say

I was hoping for New Hampshire in December

The cowards in Nevada have caved.  They have decided to hold their caucus on Feb. 4th.  That means New Hampshire can hold it's primary in January.  Damn.  I was hoping for Dec 6th or even earlier.   What we do in the name finding candidates is moronic.  I just want to have it more so.  The reality show of GOP debates has been a gas so far.  They are funny.  I can't wait for the Dems to round up a dozen idiots who will entertain us on 2016.  For sheer entertainment value, I hope Obama gets to continue the Bush years for four more years, that way we will have two political reality shows beginning in 2014.

If the RNC is the federal government to the states GOP parties, how come they don't support states rights in primaries and caucuses?  Why aren't the states going all 10th Amendment on the RNC?  Hypocrites all.

Nevada GOP agrees to shift presidential caucuses to Feb. 4, avoid election calendar fight


Ideology usually gets a bad rap.  I don't quite understand why.  Ideology is a set of beliefs by which we order reality to render it intelligible.  I guess ideology is disparaged when folks with a different set of beliefs contend with us for "truth."  We have truth, they are ideologues?

I think we have seen times when ideologies competed in the public square to assert themselves but did so in a political context of give and take.  Today, we seem to assume our beliefs are 100% "True" and will only allow our side to win.  We have subsumed ideology under pure politics.  We see the results around us.  These results have not sat well with segments of our society.

On the right, we see the Teabaggers.  In origin they were the Tea Party.  They were composed of people who were dissatisfied with big government.  They opposed our government's size and spending.  Ideologically they value small government, minimal infringement on liberty, and more local than national  regulation.  They were co-opted and became the GOP Teabaggers who accept the GOP's politics of winning as their political way of life.

On the left, we see the Occupy Wall Street crowd.  They have not been co-opted by the Dems yet, but they will be soon.  They oppose big business, big finance, and big corporations.  They oppose the undo concentration of wealth, hence the 1% vs. the 99% motif.  If they become co-opted then they will do the Dems bidding and reflect the Dems version of wining is the only acceptable way of life.

Neither side will see their common ground.  Neither will see there is an overlap of interests.  Neither will see their true enemies are in the Democratic and Republican parties and the special interest who purchase  the servcies of both parties.  Big government and Big Business are two sides of one coin.  For real change to occur we need to see a Tea Street or an Occupy Party emerge, perhaps both would be good.  We're one people under the Constitution.  Where do we want to be in 50 years?  Do you want to be owned by government?  Do you want it to become .1% vs 99.9%?

For tea party and Occupy Wall Street movements, some common ground

What's the Diff?

Do you remember the Shrub?  He was president for eight years.  He was not all that popular with Dems.  Right now, he's not all that popular among Repubs too.  In 2008, Obama was elected president.  He was touted as the anti-Bush.  Remember, hope, change, turn the page and the other bits of campaign bullshit?  Okay, what's been the difference between Bush and Obama?  On major issues what are the differences?

Hmm, now tell me, what would be the major differences if Romney was elected in 2012?  Perry?  Cain?  I have trouble seeing that many differences on major issues.   Don't forget once in office, they are running the company rather than talking about the current CEO's job performance.

Now, what if Paul won?  Even with him, there'd be little difference.  Don't forget Congress and the Court are players in governance.  So does it matter who is elected from the Democratic or Republican parties these days?

If we want change I have a feeling it's not the prez we should be focusing on, but rather it's the 535 members of Congress.