Saturday, November 5, 2011

Science and Religion

Let’s see if I have this right.  It’s wrong to make fun of, mock, disparage, or demean someone because of their religion.  Okay, I’ll buy that about the time the Jesus jockeys quit trashing science (method and knowledge).  Willard, exactly why do you wear those special undies?  That’s for your recent flip-flop on man caused global warming asshole.  

Another General Bites the Dust

You'd think they'd teach these guys to keep their mouths shut.  Then again, they have massive egos and just can't help themselves.   We really need to get out of everywhere and reduce all of our forces by 50% and then reduce in grade what stays on.  It's time to RIF and RIG for a more secure and prosperous future.

U.S. general fired for criticizing Hamid Karzai

The Oakland Cops Don't Like Vets?

A second vet has been harmed by the Oakland defenders of all things 1%.  This one sounds bad.  The first was probably an accident, but this one seems to involve the zealous execution of policing.

Second Iraq War vet hospitalized after Oakland protest

Pondering Willard

I think I can understand why so many in the GOP despise Willard.  He will say anything to anyone at anytime to gain their vote.  In other words there is nothing that he believes in.  There is nothing that he will stand for and not change his mind to gain a vote.  He is nothing but good hair.  There is no line he will draw in the sand.  When you are all things to all people all the time, you are nothing.  Willard is nothing.  No he is something.  He is Gollum pursuing his precious presidential ring.

That's sad.  It's even worse, when you consider that Willard is the highlight of electability against Obama. The GOP's in pretty pathetic shape.

Four Puffs of Smoke?

It appears there was a fourth woman that Hermipoo harassed.

Attorney: A Second Woman Asked Me About Suing Cain

With four puffs, I'm pretty sure you have a fire. If he the face of the GOP?

Thinking about 2012

Are you going to vote for a candidate or vote against his opponent?  If appears more Dems would vote for Obama than Repubs would vote for Romney.

33% - Obama Motivates Supporters, Opponents in Early 2012 Matchups

New Generation Gap

I kind of always thought that the younger you were, the more likely you were to vote for Democrats.  Then as age, financial gain and dementia set in we tended to become a Trog and voted for Trogs like ourselves (to the extent that we could imagine that we approximated being rich old white guys).

The Generation Gap and the 2012 Election

Science and the Pols

Republican presidential candidate and Texas Gov. Rick Perry recently questioned the science of climate change in ways so unsupported by evidence that Glenn Kessler, the "Fact Checker" columnist at The Washington Post, gave him a rating of "four Pinocchios." Perry's is but one scientific misstatement among many that regularly roil the US political scene. What is the proper scientific response to the political distortion -- or even outright rejection -- of science? In coming weeks, three Bulletin experts will offer authoritative and at times provocative analysis.

When politicians distort science

Trogs Please Take Note

Federal employees make average 26 percent less than private workers, Labor agency reports


Do you recall "The Canterbury Tales?" It's a collection of stories by Geoffrey Chaucer written at the end of the 14th century. The tales are told as part of a story-telling contest by a group of pilgrims as they travel together on a journey from Southwark to the shrine of Saint Thomas Becket at Canterbury Cathedral. The best tale will win a prize, a free meal. I guess the English and other Europeans used to pilgrimage a lot. Otherwise, why write a book like the Canterbury Tales?

Does anybody go on pilgramages anymore? Hmm, in the Christian sector of fantasyland, I think donations, in the amount you would otherwise spend on an actual pilgrimage, overtook actual pilgrimages. Financailly if was more effective for the Church and the donation, per the Pope,  resulted in the same number of bonus points redeemable upon your death for your salvation.

Does any group still pilgrimage?  Yep, there is one large sector who persist in making a journey. It's the Muslims. And it's that time of year again--

Nearly 2.5 million Muslims start their 5-day annual hajj pilgrimage rites near Mecca

Will we ever see an Arabic Canterbury Tales?

There is dumb

And then there is Mississippi.  A fertilized egg is a person?  By law?  Yep, mega dumb.  Can we give Mississippi back?  Damn, no one will take it.

Antiabortion movement hoping for electoral victory in Miss.

Yeah, There's More Cain Bullshit

The lawyer for one of the women who complained about Cain's unwanted sexual advances read a statement from her to the press yesterday.  Basically she says that Cain is full of shit and stands by her original complaint.  She says it's the truth.  We pretty much could infer this.

The new part is that the harassment consisted of more than one instance of Herm being a pig.  Hermipig engaged in “a series of inappropriate behaviors and unwanted advances” spanning months.   If this woman was employed in a clerical level job and Hermipig was the Chief Executive Harasser, you  can figure out why his actions were able to go on and on.

Of course you can reject her statements and opt to kiss the Hermipig's pizza.  Until more comes out it's he said, she said.  What matters are not the primaries, but what comes in the general.  I doubt that Hermigpig will get the womens' vote from Repubs, Indies, or errant Dems.  He about guarantee's Obama's reelection.  Go Herm! Pizzas for everybody.

Attorney for Cain accuser says ‘series’ of incidents prompted complaint

Oh, if you were a guy like Hermipig, cruising at the top of your game and were accused of sexual harassment by at least two woman who worked for you, do you think you'd ever forget a detail about the incidents, the allegations, and the settlements?  I doubt any guy would.  I also know that guys (and gals) will lie their asses off as they think they need to advance their interests.  Who's lying?  I think it's Cain.  How about you?

Willard has a plan

Then again so did the cylons.  He does seem a bit robotic doesn't he?  And his plan for the budget, debt, and deficit is?  Go ahead, take a stab at outlining his plan before you read about it--

Romney's Fiscal Plan

How'd you do on guessing what's in Willard's plan?  It's easy, just take the major points from all the assorted plans that make primary Trog voters salivate and put them in one plan and call it yours.  Willard will do and say anything to get their votes, he has no core.  I wonder if he's figured out why they despise him?   Yep, he's a cylon skin job and even Trogs don't want a toaster for Prez.  (That's for Battlestar Galatica fans).

Coulter, Buchanan, are Post Racial?

You did note that MSNBC's resident racist has a new book out.  It's for white folk.  Then there's Ann Coulter, she knows about blacks, their blacks.  How did you react to what these two have done recently?  I'll let Colbert I. King sum it up--

The post-racial America of Ann Coulter and Pat Buchanan

Friday, November 4, 2011

Sexual Harassment

Mrs. Jake asked me why I am inclined to accept the "she said" side 95% of the time.  I told her, with respect to sexual harassment in the workplace, there is something harder than herding cats, it's training pigs.  

Now It's He Said, She Said

Cain Accuser ‘Stands By The Complaint She Made,’ NRA Confirms Settlement

Okay, the ball is back in Herm's court.  Will he be stupid?  Will he stretch it a bit too far?  Or will he try to be silent and move on?  Can he be silent?  I bet he will mouth off and we'll then see two women go public. Now it's just he said, she said.  Based on my experience, the she said is more believable 95%+ of the time.   What's going to happen next?  Stay tuned.

It this harassment had occurred in the past couple years, the harassed would have captured it on their iPhone and we'd see it on YouTube by now.

Rubber Tree Kerplop?

He polls under 1% but keeps on running.
Who is that?
Why it's Jon Boy.  Here's his song--

Next time you're found,
with your chin on the ground
There a lot to be learned, so look around

Just what makes that little old ant
Think he'll move that rubber tree plant
 Anyone knows an ant, can't Move a rubber tree plant

But he's got high hopes, he's got high hopes
 He's got high apple pie, in the sky hopes

So any time you're gettin' low 'stead of lettin' go
 Just remember that ant Oops there goes another rubber tree plant

When troubles call, and your back's to the wall
There a lot to be learned, that wall could fall

Once there was a silly old ram
Thought he'd punch a hole in a dam
No one could make that ram, scram
He kept buttin' that dam

but he's got high hopes, he's got high hopes
 He's got high apple pie, in the sky hopes

So any time you're feelin' bad 'stead of feelin' sad
Just remember that ram Oops there goes a billion kilowatt dam

All problems just a toy balloon
 They'll be bursted soon
 They're just bound to go pop
 Oops there goes another problem kerplop

What's with the 9s?

The Pizza guy has his 9 pizzas with 9 toppings for $9 deal.  He calls it his 999 plan. Actually it is really a most odd tax plan that takes so much more money from ordinary folks that they wouldn't have enough left after taxes for one pizza, much less nine of them.  They're not rich.

The rich on the other hand would save enough on taxes to be able to buy nine new pizza parlors.  Needless to say, 9-9-9 has become part of the nation's vocabulary.  Did you ever wonder why it was 9s?  Why not 7s, 8.5s  or 10s?

Well, the 9s point to the time when Herm the Harasser thought his harassing ways were sealed away from public scrutiny.  Yep the restaurant lobby and the harassed woman signed the settlement in Sept, 1999  (9/99).  Strange.  I wonder if Herm believes in aliens and UFOs?

Herman Cain accuser attorney: Settlement dated 9/99, Kilgore signed 

'Vendetta' mask becomes symbol of Occupy protests 

This is just odd. When you see any coverage of the the Occupy Wall Street folks, you will also see the Guy Fawkes mask that appeared in the movie, "V is for Vendetta." It's an odd choice since Guy Fawkes was hell bent on blowing the crap out of buildings to kill a protestant king to have a Catholic then installed as Queen. Not very inspiring at all.

The movie, while a fun view, is an odd selection since it is not really a flick about the peaceful long term transformation of a people. The crap was really blown out of the buildings.  But that's not the oddest element for a group hung up on human greed.  No, the real oddity is the mask. They are purchased. Who gets the green?

The rights to the stylized Guy Fawkes mask featured on V for Vendetta are owned by the media company, Time Warner, the parent company of Warner Brothers. A portion of every mask sale does return to Time Warner in the form of licensing fees. The New York Times reported that with the help of Anonymous, the mask has become one of the most popular disguises and has contributed to the $28 billion in revenue Time Warner accumulated last year.

When life imitates art it just becomes mucked up.

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #8

Our Kenyan surrogates may need a more direct hand in our war on Somalia.  Maybe a few of our combat troops in Uganda could wander over and give an assist to deal with the Eritreans.  Funny how if you build a command, the wars will come.

Kenya raises concerns Eritrea arming Somali rebels

Is it time to fake the Tweets

Want to confuse the CIA?   Well, then twitter nonsense, they'll read it and believe anything.

AP Exclusive: CIA following Twitter, Facebook

Actually, if we're going to a little boy's club like our "Spooks R Us," I rather they analyze than send people forth with exploding cigars and drones.

Have you forgotten about cookies?

It' easy to forget them.  They're there.  Some help us browse, but what about the others?  Is your browser infested with cookie monsters?

Ad companies have their hands, or cookies, in your browser

We need a bit more Nashville In Washington

Occupy Nashville vs. GOP confrontation turns into love fest

Oakland needs a bit too.

Ending the Ethanol Subsidy

If Iowa becomes just one more TV driven popularity caucus contest, who needs it?  If pols don't, then maybe we can be rid of Iowa's political importance.  Let them grow corn for consumption by people and beasts,  not machines.  That might save the unborn taxpayer a buck or two.

Will Iowa leave face-time ritual with candidates behind?

Republicans Attaining their Objective

The GOP has had one objective since Obama was sworn in, namely, to insure that he was not reelected.  We cannot have a period of governing between elections when the campaigns never end.  The economy sucks, unemployment remains high, why?  Basically because both help insure a change in the White House in 2012.  If the GOP wins, do not expect the campaign to end, the roles will just be reversed.

Do you like the permanent run for offices?  If not, then there is only one way to change it, that's with votes.  Get the parties out and do not reelect anyone, ever.  It's up to voters to decide what kind of politics they want and will abide.  Right now, the voters on both sides, indicate their preference for the status quo.

Economy adds 80K jobs in Oct.; unemployment dips to 9%

Now that you mention it...

Have you noticed that the Restaurant Association has not been all that vocal or visible over Herm the Pizza baker as he pitches himself for office.  He was their hired gun.  He was hired to change the lobbying group.  He ran the place for them, but like Palin, he did not serve his full term.  Palin quit Alaska.  Did Herm bag the Association or did it bag him?  At any rate, it appears he failed as a lobbyist as well as failing to be elected to other offices.  Maybe once you get to know him...

For Cain, some troubles as trade group chief

He Said, He Said?

That seems to be the attitude of GOOPERS,vis a vis, Herm the Harasser.  Since Herm said he did nothing, it's true and he's okay by them.  It does not matter that he has been the major source of information which has kept this story alive.

He says one thing, contradicts himself later, and then embellishes his story a bit more which only leads to another round of questions.  It does not matter that he has failed to demonstrate any ability to manage his crisis in his campaign much less behave civilly.  In a new poll he still comes in within a point of Romney despite the fact that he was charged with sexual harassment at least two times and in both cases a monetary settlement was obtained by his employer.

He appears to be okay within the GOP--seven in 10 Republicans say reports that Cain made unwanted sexual advances toward two employees when he was head of the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s do not matter when it comes to picking a candidate. Romney must really be despised by the same 70%.

However, as we look towards Nov. 2012, more than GOP primary voters will be going into voting booths. I doubt that all of the female GOOPERS and a majority of Independents will vote for a sexual harasser. The GOP primary season is so damn lame. How can we still expect our government to function when every two years when we lower our standards and expectations?

Will we see his accusers, the women he harassed, be given the liberty to speak?  Nah, liberty is a trivial pursuit for Repubs.

Cain rises in Post-ABC poll despite scandal; most Republicans dismiss allegations

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cain Poll

The Trogs don't care about the sexual harassment stuff.  Cain is not Romney and Cain is not Perry, so his poll numbers remain high.  Of course, if the facts come out that he is actually a sexual harasser, it still won't matter--remember the GOP is the party of rich old white guys.

Herman Cain, More Info

Now we find the second woman settled for $45,000--this was the three month severance harassee.  Hermipoo keeps on shooting, then drawing and aiming.  I think he's ready to knee cap himself. At the rate he's going, I expect a withdrawal during the Friday afternoon news-hole.  This guy is a clown.

Herman Cain accuser got $45,000 settlement

Today, the day began with Cain trying to pass his problems off on Perry, now he's reversed course.  Yep, he a USDA prime Grade A schmuck.

Cain camp backs off Perry charge as new payout details emerge

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #3

Ding dong, the dick is dead.  In this case the dick is Qadaffi.  The dictator is gone, his government is in disarray.  However, revolting Arabs have not resolved their lack of a government yet.  It might be a good idea to corral the revolters.  They are now loaded with munitions of all kinds.  Dictators have this habit of stockpiling weapons. When they are deposed the stockpiles seem to become public discount stores and warehouses for weapons sales.  Libya's weapons stash is on the market.  Now how much do I hear for the 7,000 drums of uranium....

Libya struggles to secure loose weapons

Can ObamaNato say it's over and take a hike? Well, we did that in Afghanistan after the Russkies lost and left. We know how well that worked out? So anyone have a guesstimate for how long War #3 will be with us?

Albion's Seed Fans Take Note

When I read this piece, I was reminded of "Albion's Seed."  From four immigrant patterns of culture to eleven is a jump, but what the hell over the course of a few hundred years it's quite reasonable.  The original four remain as core and fundamental as Mr. Fischer presented in his works.  Mr. Woodward appears to have expanded the idea much to our benefit and understanding of the long arm that culture plays in our lives today.  I will have to read Mr. Woodward's book.

A Geography Lesson for The Tea Party 

Obama sets a record

It's not the kind of record one might expect, given all that has come down Obama Avenue over the past three years.  Have you noticed that for three years, Obama has not really become mired in a scandal?  Some things have moved towards scandal, but have been tamped down into normal political noise.  How can any admin be so scandal free for three years?  Curioius?  The give this a read--

Scandal in the Age of Obama

If you don't want a serious pain in your butt

Uh, the message is get off your ass and shake that booty or it may become quite painful in a potentially deadly way.  I guess exercise is good for us and idleness is not.

Prolonged sitting linked to cancers

Blackberry Users Take Note

When the stock value of a company amounts to less than the value of owned assets of the company, then that company is on the way down and out.  Stockholder's may only find value by liquidating the company, unless there are other assets which promise a better tomorrow.  Now if the company is RIM and the product is the Blackberry smartphone, what should you do?  Well, you might consider buying an iPhone and then place a call to your broker.

RIM's stock, down 68% this year, falls below book value

The Faithful Partisans

It's funny, I cannot tell if religion informs our politics or our politics informs our religion.  I'd bet it is the latter.  After all the religious leaders, as are our pols,  are really entertainers who depend on ratings to stay on the air.  No ratings, no donations.  No donations, no air time, no income.  That would mean few would know them much less remember they had shows.  Religion is as chockablock full of narcissists as politics.  Not only do we need new political parties, we need new to put religion back into the churches and keep it out of the public square.  I would be delighted if we held an election with nary of bubble of faithful frothiness.

Pastors’ call for more faith talk in 2012 shows common ground elusive

Occupy Wall Street -- In Oakland

OWS folks turned out for the strike.  The shut down the port for a few hours.  They blocked the entrances to banks and other businesses.  The police at some point turned out with gas and flash bang grenades.  There are no vets reported injured as yet.  I wonder how the Mayor is feeling today?

Pols can be real dumb -- they do serve the 1%.  As the 99% wander Oakland, I still want to know to what end?  What is the one demand?   Ending greed or killing capitalism only express an emotion of the moment.  To what end, how, why, by whom with what effect today, tomorrow and next year?  Is it time come to explain the goals and articulate the path to attaining the same?  If not, then occupy on!  Do writers need to join the OWS?

Thousands of Occupy protesters shut down operations at Oakland port, later clash with police downtown

And we start the day with Cain

It does not appear to have changed overnight.  Cain remains in the middle of a self made mess.  He can blame anyone he wants for this brouhaha, but he is the one who did not contain and control the facts that he was charged with sexual harassment by two women at the Restaurant Association.  Both were settled out of court.

As Cain "defended" himself, his statements raised new questions based on what has become series of corrections made to correct prior definitive statements on the matter.  In other words he has moved form one lie to new ones.  Is this the calibre of management one desires in the White House?  If he cannot defend himself from allegation made in the press, how would he fare anywhere else in the world?  Thus far, he has demonstrated a total lack of crisis management skills.

The only course left to end the matter is for Cain to act in a manner that releases the women from their legal mandated silence and then confront both in a public arena.  If all is as he has attested and wants us to believe he will be more than vindicated.  Of course, if he has been lying about his calzone, then voters will be the final judge on his immorality.   If he does not reveal all of the facts, then where there's smoke will mean there is fire.  It may not hurt him with the primary Trogs, but his actions will not sit well with normal Repubs (there are some out there) and Indies in a possible general election.  At this point he could not win against Obama.

Here's a recap of Hermiepoo's sexual  harassment morass--

Herman Cain denies new harassment allegations, accuses Rick Perry of fueling stories

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

And One More Cain Tibbit

We've had a third woman, a witness, and now an Iowa talk show host has piped up.  Yep, Cain is looking more and more like a total schmuck.

Iowa radio host accuses Herman Cain of 'inappropriate' remarks 

Occupy Oakland

I guess the strike has begun.  Folks are turning out and turning Oakland off.  Will the minions of the 1% demand that the Mayor use the police to crack more skulls?  Stay tuned.  What is the one demand?

Occupy protesters target downtown Oakland banks; branches close for the day

One More Time With Cain

Okay, now one more witness has emerged.  Everyone is still hiding behind legal crap.  What did Hermipoo do?  The Restaurant Association Lobby had best release folks to talk.  How do you boycott a lobbying group? Hmm, quit eating out and let the restaurant know it's because they belong to the Restaurant Association?  NO member, no dues, no money, no salaries, and no cash for Congress.  Oh, tell your Congressman he sucks is takes cash from the Restaurant Lobby.

Perry-Connected Consultant: I Saw Herman Cain Harass Women

And Now there are three

It just keeps getting worse and worse for Hermipoo.  Now a third woman has surfaced.  Oops, maybe he is just another chintzy executive.  Anyone still see this clown answering the 3:00 am phone call?

AP Exclusive: Third worker says harassed by Cain

Occupy Wall Street with Vets

After the Oakland cops screwed up by harming the ex-Marine, vets have begun showing up in the OWS movement.  Vets, enlisted for certain, are part of the 99%.  They do not get the care they need from the VA, they can't find jobs, and life is precarious for them.  All they did was defend the 1%, I hope more vets will show up.  I doubt that many officers will attend, after all, they are usually thralls of the 1%.  The military is a class system.

Former Marine's injury spurs vets to join Occupy movement

Monks en flambe?

Do you remember the burning Buddhist monks form the Vietnam days?  I never understood what they accomplished, it must be a cultural difference.  It's kind of like hunger strikes, so what?  The monks are back, this time in Tibet.  They are burning themselves and the Chinese don't like it.   What does it accomplish?

Tibetans' self-immolations lead China to crack down harder

There's a message here

Maybe the folks who know him best are telling us something about him. Will the Trogs listen?

Poll: Texans say Perry's campaign is hurting the state's image

Attention Shoppers--It's Black Already Friday!

The Thursday after T-Day is a big shopping day.  Amazon has already attained blackness.  It's counting down to black Friday with deals starting today.  Other's are joining in.   It gets a but silly.

Amazon flips switch on Black Friday site

This is Wrong

Making a joke about religion is fair game in the West.  However, when it involves Islam they burn buildings.  Maybe there is no room for Islam in the West.  What do you think?

Fire at office of satirical French newspaper after it ‘invites’ Muhammad as guest editor

Actually, it's probably all religions that we'd be better off without.

Open Mouth

Every time Hermiepoo opens his mouth about sexual harassment, he sticks his foot in a bit further.  He's up past his knee by now.  It's funny how he does not seem to be bound by the confidentiality and non-disparagement agreement.  He's claims to be pure and innocent while he trashes the women involved; they cannot respond.  That's fair? Does this show presidential level sense of equity?  Oh, now booze is involved. What a clown.

Cain Accuser Got a Year’s Salary in Severance Pay

It's not Ubkei

No, it' dumby, dumby, dumby, Herminator.  Come on, China might develop nukes?  Where do the Trogs find these clowns?

Herman Cain Warns China Is Seeking ‘Nuclear Capability’

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our blacks?

Wow!  What about Hispanics, Latvians, and Laotians?

Ann Coulter: ‘Our Blacks Are So Much Better Than Their Blacks’

Obama in 2012?

Change we can believe in?  Sure, that was a nice thought.  Uh, now it's be patient, give me your money  and hope for the sameness that we've all experienced all our lives?  That's stasis.  Yeah, we can't wait, uh, for whom?  Willard?

This is management?

Herman Cain is a businessman.  Okay, how's he doing managing his own sexual harassment story?  Well every time he opens his mouth it gets worse.  Hey the dude was a lobbyist too.  Now one of the harassees wants to tell her side of the story but she cannot unless the lobbying group releases her from confidentiality over whatever Herm did or did not do that led to the settlement.  See, he's a manager?  Come on, do you really want this clown in the White House?

Lawyer: Cain accuser wants to tell her side of story

Where's Jon Boy?

Huntsman is still in the race.  At least I think he is, despite his polling in negative numbers.  How do you poll negative?  That's no mean feat!  Now consider this, Huntsman remains the only GOOPER who can beat Obama.  His problem is he's too liberal for Trogs, but in no way is he progressive, liberal or a Democrat lurking in an  elephant suit.  He was Gov. of Utah for God's sake.  Amazing.

What happens as the Trogs go forward seeking anyone but Willard.  What if one after another the non-Willards tank and are rejected.  Willard, no matter what,  will get less than 30%.  Now as the forces of anti-Romney flag, there hiding in the wings is Jon Boy! What if he endures and when push comes to shove the Trogs decide Jon Boy smells better than the stinking flip-flopping gutless Willard and it becomes a Huntsman vs. Obama race in 2012.  That would be a good one.  Make Cain the Veep?

I think most Indies would vote for Jon Boy. I bet a lot of Dems would to.

Why hasn't Jon Boy registered with the Trogs?  

Data for placing bets

If a person is white and quite religious and you have to guess their party affiliation, guess GOOPER.  If they are non-white and chock full of faithiness, then guess Democrat.

More Than 6 in 10 Very Religious Whites Identify With GOP

What's Up With Crazy Uncle Ron?

Ron Paul is still in it, to do something.  I doubt that he can think he has a chance of winning either the nomination or the presidency.  Why?  Well the word cloud can give you an idea--

Read the piece--Ron Paul Can't Win White House Or Nomination, Power Outsiders Say


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To celebrate Halloween, we're highlighting some of our scariest Truth-O-Meter items of the past few years.

Scare tactics have a long and rich history in American politics. Opponents of Thomas Jefferson warned in 1800 that his election would mean that "murder, robbery, rape, adultery and incest will openly be taught and practiced." Joseph McCarthy tried to frighten us about the red menace. And President Lyndon Johnson tried to scare voters with suggestions that Barry Goldwater would nuke the planet.

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Raising Cain

Hmm, Herm has not done well handling his sexual harassment situation.  If this is his management style, then I have to ask,  is he the kind of guy you want in the White House?  He has not coped or contained the mess.  He has made it worse for two days.  It persists.

Of course, he uses the blame someone else defense.  It's so novel to scream "witch hunt" or rant about the evil media.  Both are signs that you do not really know what to do since the charges are true.  Trogs will back Herm no matter what.  Dems already know he sucks.  The real question is what do Independents see in his actions and his defense.  Is he lacking?  If Indies fall by the board only then will the Trogs throw Herm off the GOOPER Island.  Remember Herm is not Willard and that is the driving force in the primaries.

Oh, I bet that if Herm survives the week, then we will see round two begin.  The sex thing is probably just the first chapter from "Herman Cain, The Real Dirt."  Oppo research is bitch.  Think he's really clean other than this mess?  Politics is the real reality TV.

Arab Dictators Suck

Assad, the Arab dictator of Syria is using landmines on Syria's Lebanese border.  This is not being done to keep the Lebanese out, but rather to keep the Syrians in.  He's keeping them in so he can kill them? This kind of behavior is so Arabic and Islamic.  Arab Spring?  Nah, within a year it we'll see the replacements take over and begin normal Arabic government.  Will Assad fall?  Who knows.

Syria mining Lebanon border

Leave it to the Greeks

The Greeks have managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  Only this time they may really wreck the world economy.  They screwed up,  but they have to vote on the fix?   Come on, is it time to treat Greece the way we do Iran?

Greek referendum announcement shocks world stocks

Surprize, Surprize, There Gomer

The Pizza guys plan, 999, has been shown to be a blessing for the franchise owners, but sticks the rest of us with 9 pizzas with 9 toppings for $99.  Screwed by fairness (that's what happens when you let the person making the most money do the defining, geez).

Okay, Herm's plan sucks, he is a Trog.  What about the other leader of the anybody but Willard group, Perry?  The Asshole also has a plan.  He de-Hermanized his.   It's 20% or use the current system, gee a choice.  Details, as with the Herm, will come out as problems are discovered.  Hows the Pissant from Paint Creeks program?

Well, let's keep it simple, if you own the spread, you will be able to buy a lot of big hats, but if you work on the ranch, how about one baseball cap?  Of course the spread may fall apart  and decay since there won't be enough money coming in to finance the operation.  Why do folks who want a federally paid job seek to eliminate the source of funds that pay their salaries?  And they come back, election and reelection too.   Think about it.

Perry's tax plan would be a boon for the wealthy, study says

Contemporary Halloween?

I do not remember folks being shot as part of the Halloween festivities.  Is it now "Tap or Treat?"

At least 6 shot on Halloween night in D.C.

Congress still effectively runs D.C., I guess this is their preferred way to see folks celebrate. Go Repubs, Go Dems, Go NRA!

Solyndra Lite

Beacon Power declares bankruptcy; second loan guarantee recipient to falter 

I think pols should stay out of the loan guarantee business.  Granted the loans are made to help "shaky" companies, but the question is, should government make these loans in the first place?  How transparent is the process?  What is the methodology used?  If politics--that boils down to getting votes for me and my party (don't forget money is ultimately votes)--is the driver, then we and the unborn taxpayer will remain forever in their debt.  Can we try letting government be government and business be business without any cross fertilization between the beasts? The hybrid we've created over the past few decades is one scary mutant ______!

That sounds like a contest.  You tell me what kind of mutant thing our government has become, is it a squash, a giant garbanzo bean,  or what?  What have we allowed Dr. Moreau to do to our nation?  

Dogs, Fleas, and Jesus

We all know the expression, "when you lie with dogs, you get fleas."  In other words, don't be surprized at what happens to you when you bring it upon yourself.  I think churches, with respect to tax dollars are dogs, and when we lie with them (give them tax dollars) we get fleas (have to endure their private bullshit in the public square).  Don't forget, Bush gave us that idiotic faith based shit that expanded the amount of tax money that goes to religious orgs.  It's all supposed to be good works and no faithiness.  Come on, no pretzelizing?  Bullshit.  They will always flog the faith thing.  Take the Catholics, Obama, tax dollars--

Health, abortion issues split Obama administration and Catholic groups

Unless the faithful of any particular flavor provide the funds to do good works, then they should be out of the good works business. Let's make the separation between Church and State more like the Grand Canyon--long, wide and deep. Get the government off the backs of churches by getting the government out of their wallets--no more deposits!

Does this mean that over the years we've created a Religious Industry Congressional Complex?

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #8

Yeah, number eight, it's Somalia.  We're in it, kind of, we assist the Kenyans.  Of course they need our assistance, or maybe they don't.  Hell, we toast civilians all over the world, so I guess we have trained them according to the U.S. Army field manual on "Mushrooms in Time of Tiffs, Spats, and War."  I wonder how long it will take our combat troops Obama sent to Uganda to get lost, wander around and show up in Kenaya or Somalia?

5 killed, 52 wounded in Somalia after airstrike hits camp for displaced civilians

GOP -- Kill Obama?

If they do not want to kill Obama, then they'd like at least to see him become a dead zombie.  That's the GOP's position in private.  Of course when it's made public via some grits and crackers in the Loudoun Co. GOP,  all the name GOOPERS are, gasp, offended.  You can chuckle now.

They have to appear to be so, otherwise they might lose an independent vote in the next election.  I doubt if there is a single Republican in this country that was truly offended by the Obama zombie image.  Right and wrong, on both sides I fear, has been reduced to the perceived effects of words and deeds on independent voters.

Oh, don't forget, the Dems used to have a lot of "fun" at Bush's expense,  do a Google images query on   "Bush" followed by zombie, idiot, moron, chimp, Nazi, etc.  Forgot about those already? I found lots of zombies but no dead zombies (I assume a tap in the head still kills a zombie).

Voters it's time to chuck both parties isn't it?  Let's shift to governing.  Remember, if you get the money out of politics, it's just not that hard.

Va. Republicans condemn Loudoun GOP e-mail with image of Obama shot in the head

Saga of Herm the Worm

Amazing what a story can do to a campaign.  Herm has a prolbem.  It may be what he did in the past, but it really centers on what he's done about his possible past in the past day or two.  Here's recp from Josh Marshall at TPM

I'm trying to put together a Herman Cain harassment timeline. This is a work in progress because I'm having a hard time keep track of it all. So bear with me.
1. Politico allegations are false. Story is crap.
2. Yes, there were allegations. But they were false.
3. Yes there were allegations that were false and I don't know what money was paid.
4. I don't know whether money was paid. And it would be wrong for me to find out whether money was paid because it's confidential.
5. There was a in-depth investigation. And I was cleared. But I don't know anything about it.
6. Here's the gesture that led to my getting accused of harassment.
7. Okay, I remember some discussion of a settlement number.
This baby is enough of a moving target I think we need to crowd source it. Which parts am I missing?

And what did the Hermicrater say on FOX last night? Herman Cain Changes Story, But Tells FOX He’s Innocent

Why will his fans support him anyway?  I don't get it.  Then again, I don't understand how Clinton fans remained Clinton fans and still do.  Clinton lied in public and gave us George Bush.  We know how well the 99% have done courtesy of Clinton's actions (of course, he joined the 1% after he left office).  Why not just have pervs for Bill and pervs for Herm supporters?

Monday, October 31, 2011

Another Herminator Oops?

Hermie poo has now admitted he was charged with sexual harassment, but after the charge, it was all up to the Restaurant Association.  He's like Sgt. Schultz on this--"I know nothing."  The guy is a piece of work, but Trogs may value this kind of behavior.  Oh, the sex stuff is not the oops.

Here's the next oops for Hermie--

Aides’ Corporation May Have Illegally Gotten Cain Campaign Off The Ground

And he's not a professional pol?  Come on, he's been trying to get elected to something for a long time.  He's the black Romney.


A Mexican drug cartel abducted a member of Anonymous, the hacker grup.  Now Anonlymous has given the drug bad guys until Nov. 5th to release their guy or else Anonymous will release the identiies of folks who assist the druggies.  Electronic records must be everywhere on everybody.  Will the hackers follow through?

‘Anonymous’ threatens to identify Mexicans involved with drug cartels

Herm Blather

Herman Cain, with ample opportunity, has not denied that he was charged with sexual harassment or that the restaurant lobby paid money to the women involved.  All he says is that he did not harass anyone.  He's ducking the issue and playing world games.   When charges are made and money is paid to avoid adjudication, well, where's there's smoke there's fire.  What is with these bozos?  Yeah, it's looking like 9 crappy pizzas, with 9 things on top, for nine cents.   Or will the Repubs treat him as the Dems did Clinton?  

True or No?

One nation, two camps: The most ideological election in years

How Smart is a Cracker?

Crackers have no smarts at all.  They are good with soup.  Now how about the human kind, from Georgia?  Well, they aren't that much different from soda crackers.  Think not?  Well, what about  the actions they took to stop all that pesky illegal immigration stuff.  How'd it work out for the Georgia Saltines?

The High Cost of Anti-Immigrant Laws

Occupy, Strike, Occupy

The Oakland OWS folks are calling for a general strike tomorrow.    I wish them success.  I wonder if the idiot Mayor realizes her actions caused this?  We'll have to see how dumb she is tomorrow.  Cops?  National Guard?

Oakland protesters organize citywide strike


Obama will not take Texas in 2012.  Even Ron Paul beats Obama by three points or so in a hypothetical match up.  Texans are a odd lot.  I guess if you spend all your time remembering the Alamo it warps you a tad.   Texans like Perry.  He' their kind of dolt.  So, in a recent poll guess who came out on top.  Yep, Rick Perry Herman Cain won.  Damn does that mean in the eyes of Texans Herm is up to their standards?  I guess so.  Of course that means Herm is dumber than Dubya.  Texans always go for the lowest level of excellence, the Hermanator has found a new home.

  Cain Edges Perry in New UT/TT Poll

Now that's a lot of people!

I can't get my head wrapped around this, can you?

World population hits 7 billion

I fear most of us live as though population was measured in millions.  When you think about the world, do you think in terms of billions of people?

Occupy Wall Street -- The Lawyers

When citizens assemble in the public square the 1% get nervous.  After all, they think the 99% might have  more than bitch to pitch.  If you were a 1 percenter wouldn't you get nervous?  The world they have created includes a grundle or two of disaffected lawyers.  Did you know more people get law degrees than there are really good jobs for lawyers?  It may be profitable, but it's dumb since those lawyers become part of the 99%.   The attorney's services are coming in very handy to check the behavior of the 1% thrall's and minions in city hall.

Volunteer attorneys steer Occupy protesters through the legal system

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #8

We back at it in Somalia.  This time we're training, arming, and sending in Kenyans to do the fighting for us.  Congress won't have to approve anything until the CIA decides to build a drone base in Uganda to support Africa Command's mission of making the Continent safe for whatever we decide it has to be kept  safe from.

3 killed, 52 wounded in Somalia after airstrike hits camp for displaced civilians

War #8.  Not bad for a community organizer who inherited just two wars.  The Dems are the peace party?  Look both parties take in so much from defense companies, they have to help them make a profit.  That's a lot of death and destruction just to win an election.  Oh, well, it won't change until the majority of voters decide that they have had enough.  War on, it's good for the Dems, it's good for the Repubs, it's just bad for everybody else.

Raising Cain, it's sexual harassment time

"Politico" has asserted that Herman Cain played some kind of unwanted grab ass with a couple of female employees when he was head of the restarant lobby in 1990s.  Two women appear to have complained about Cain, received monetary settlements and then left the lobby's employ.  Cain sort of denies this.  He's not making a flat out statement of "no, way, it's all lies."  Instead he's blaming it on the media as a ploy to topple his flavor of the monthness.  Here's the Politicao piece.  You read and you decide--

Exclusive: 2 women accused Herman Cain of inappropriate behavior

Couldn't Herm keep it in his calzone or is this just so much plain cheese pizza?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Here Tis, The Cheney Legacy

Cheney gave us a government that uses torture.  Cheney made it okay in the USA.   We, with Obama's blessing, at least, still torture by abetting torture.  I will not be surprized to learn that the CIA still tortures and still renders people to torture chambers around the world.  We have become our enemies.  Heckuv a job there Dork.

But long before the world body publicly revealed “systematic torture” in Afghan intelligence agency detention centers, top officials from the State Department, CIA and U.S. military received multiple warnings about abuses at Department 124 and other Afghan facilities, according to Afghan and Western officials with knowledge of the situation.

Despite the warnings, the United States continued to transfer detainees to Afghan intelligence service custody, the officials said. Even as other countries stopped handing over detainees to problematic facilities, the U.S. government did not.

Obama may be a community organizer, but Cheney will always be a Dick.

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #2

Guess what?  War #2 won't ever really end (well, that is, until we do not Mid Eastern oil).  We may take the troops out of Iraq, that's the Shrub's timetable, but there's nothing in the agreement about where the troops have to go.  The current manifestation of Dubya, who occupies the White House today, will just park them at the ready in Kuwait.  We'll begin with 20,000.  Can I hear 50,000?  This war will never end.  Hell, we're still in Germany, Japan and Korea.

U.S. military leaving Iraq, but not the region

Do You Remember Tennessee

It's the home of the Monkey Law and the Scopes Trial.  It's a strange place.   It's most odd when a judge in Nashville keeps releasing the Occupy Nashville folks whom the local cops have arrested.  He says, three nights running, there's no legal basis for the bust.  So, it's false arrest, right?  Tennessee is odd.

Tenn. protesters defy curfew 3rd time; no arrests

Lost any weight?

If you have, how long did it take to put it back on?  Guess what, your bod did not like that weight loss.  It will get it back or it will make you feel like shit.  The lard goes away, the hormones get pissed and go to work.  You eat more and the lard comes back as your hormones then go quiescent.  Well, it's something like that--

Why dieters tend to regain weight

Food That Kills

It never ends.  Now it's Pint Nuts.

Turkish pine nuts linked to 43 salmonella infections nationwide

The Guy Really is an Asshole

The Department of Justice has a bone to pick with Texas.  Texas has redistricted to limit the power of  Hispanic voters by redistricting them out.   Rick Perry signed the bill that did the deed.  This is a heck of  a way to woo voters (non-white).

Perry Approved Discriminatory Texas Voter Maps, U.S. Says

Before anyone even thinks it was just a coincidence or an accident, please note--

The E-Mails The Feds Say Show Texas Lawmakers Trying To Limit Voting Power Of Hispanics 

The GOP, pretty remains much the party of rich old white guys. Is this how they pursue diversity in the face of changing racial and ethnic population mix? Strange party.

This is a bit much

A fertilized egg has more rights than the woman carrying it?  Come on, this is nonsense.  Well, it's the latest bit of balderdash from the anti-abortion crowd.  If these dolts have their way, then I'd like to put in a word for the born.  No one owns a child.  The child has rights too.  If a parent hits a child then that is assault and should be prosecuted.  If  a parent abuses a child in any way, the parent should be prosecuted and do time.  If parents screw up with a born child, then they need to be sterilized to prevent them from screwing up again.  I'm sure there are more I can dream up.  As we listen to blather about the unborn, then let's talk about rights of the born.

How an anti-abortion push to redefine ‘person’ could hurt women’s rights

I take a simple position.  When it is born, it becomes a person.  Prior to that, it is an it.  Live birth, for the religious nutjobs out there,  is when the it breathes, inhales it's soul, and it becomes a person.  At birth it becomes one of god's creatures.  Before that, it's just part of a the bio factory god created to repopulate the species.  For the non-religious, there's no reason to be for or against abortion,  It's woman's choice to do whatever she feels like doing, vis a vis, the fetus.  It's her body.  

The Trogfest Continues

Palin, Trump, Bachmann, Perry, and Cain--what,other then running for the nomination, do these Trogs all have in common?  Each has been the GOP's "Not Romney" flavor of the month.  Cain is the current flavor.  He's discovering that black walnut is not really all that popular anymore.  So who's next?

Could it be Ron Paul?  Nah, he's not quite as batshit crazy as the evangefundie dominated GOP primary voter base needs.  How about Santorum?  Well, he'll do in a pinch but even the Trogs can't understand his love for all things 1955.  So that leaves the next best flavor to be Big Vanilla, the Gingrich!  He'll rise as Cain drops.  As Newt rises so will meanness, he can't help it, he's just a bully, but he's not Romney.  Then we'll see what happens in January.

Newt Gingrich: GOP’s consummate survivor is back on his feet

SS Woes

The Post has a major piece on Social Security.  It's cast in terms of budget woes.  Let's not forget the few trillion that SSA carries in T-Bills.   The assholes in Congress and various White Houses have borrowed SS money over the years.  This debt is not different than any other debt.  SS was forced to buy T-Bills.  SS is a creditor of the U.S.  SS is no different than people who own T-Bills.  That said, we can make it solvent.  Increase the FICA tax ceiling to about $250,000 and bring all employees under SSA.  I think those two items will make it 100% solvent well into the 2100s.

The debt fallout: How Social Security went ‘cash negative’ earlier than expected

Given the low rates and high demand for T-Bills today, perhaps the Treasury should borrow a slug of money and retire some of the SS held bonds now (if the current premium is less than what's being held).  SS needs to be removed from the political stage by fixing it and keeping the idiots we elect from screwing it up in the future.

Now about Medicare, make Medicare available for all and you will see the problem solve itself.