Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hot Sex for Jesus?

As religion catches up with the larger society, how long will it be before churches sponsor orgy night?  I guess those who panhandle for a living, have to have a way to keep the payers in the pews.  How long before they're hawking Christian porn?  Uh, ladies I'd be very cautious when Christian leaders talking about hot sex.  They have a track record.

Christian leaders talk about marriage and sex

SC Debate

As we wait for the next yak off to begin tonight, here are some numbers to think about.  Nationally about 72% of Repubs have not made up their mind about a candidate yet.  In other words, they're still looking for anyone but Willard.  However in SC, more have made up their minds.  Only 68% don't like Willard.   However that does not mean they really like anyone else.

In a recent Clemson SC poll, Willard won with 22% beating out Hermipoo at 20% and Pudgeboy Newt at 10%.   The rest, well they are the rest.

Poll: No clear GOP favorite in S.C.


War mongering in the GOP

If you've listened to the candidates talk about war, which of them are the most bellicose?  Who sees threats under every rock and talks of taking perceived enemies out?  It's funny, the first to promote war are the ones who have not served a day of active or reserve duty in our military.

Who has served?  Perry was in the Air Force.   Paul was in the Air Force.  The rest did not enlist or were not drafted.  The closer you've been to war, the less likely you are to wear rattling sabers.   If you have been off to war,  you know that death is very real and can strike at any time.   I have a feeling that had Obama served a day in his life, he'd not make as much war as he has.  Should all of our future Presidents have served at least one active duty hitch?  Is military service one duty needed to qualify a person to be elected to office?  Should Bachmann be exempt?  Hm, my dear old Mom served in WWII, she enlisted, so maybe no exemptions based on gender.

Given Penn State

If you have not read Talyor Branch's piece on College sports, today might be a good day to read--

The Shame of College Sports

Ready to be snookered again?

The Shrub and Uncle Dork conned the nation on Iraq.  We may finally end that war on 12./31/11.  They ginned up evidence.  People trusted the schmucks.  Do you have any trust left?  If so, why?

Get ready, the current incumbent and his GOP challengers may need to get their bellicosity engines revved up to attract any votes in 2012.  Most folks are fed up with our pols.  An external threat may be the only way to win.  Obama, as he has acted in other areas, may be pulling a Bush on Iran.  Let the snookering begin?

Iran nuclear report: Why it may not be a game-changer after all

Penn State

A common question about Penn St. is "how could this have gone on so long with so many knowing that a revered coach was buggering little boys?"  Group psychology helps us understand on the individual level.  Then there is fear.

If you are, for example, a janitor and report the child abuse, you will probably lose your job if you took it to the police.  We don't treat whistle blowers well, even when it's child abuse.  Of course, one's job is just one aspect of the money involved in football.

If you have lived in a big time college town, you know how much money the town makes on football.  I used to be amazed at the volume of booze sold each Saturday back in the 60s.  It's a much bigger and more diverse business these days.  Who would even think about killing the golden goose?

Who would tamper with Paterno's industry?  It's not only Paterno, his coaches, and university officials, but also, it's all the students, fans and locals who need to take a long look in the mirror and ask why did the child abuse go unchecked?   Look and think long and hard about how actions speak louder than worlds.  If you were part of Paterno's world, would it have come out any different?  

Arab Fall?

If you are a revolting Arab in Syria, there's a good chance you are a late revolting Arab.

Syria takes bloody turn; 250 killed in 11 days

What the hell

Do you collect stuff?  Why?  Is it serious or casual?  If it exists there are collectors.  One type is in it for profit.  The other actually likes the stuff.   If we have both types collecting beer cans, why not porn.

Porn memorabilia is becoming a legitimate collectible

I think the best thing about collectors is their willingness to buy collectibles.  At one time I was going to go into the collectible  business.   I figured there was a market of people who would buy specialty paperweights  by subscription.  The paperweights were to be made of clear cast plastic.  Each would envelop a bit of  endangered species feces.  I did make a prototype, I baked a cat turd and then put it in clear cast.  It was a nice paperweight. Oh, if you bake shit in the oven, well, don't.   I never did get the endangered species feces of the month club collection going.  


Can we people kill off species?  You bet your passenger pigeon we can.  For profit or pleasure, we will do our best to leave less on earth for the unborn taxpayer.  Actually, they'd be better off if we worried a bit less about the national debt and a bit more about what they will have lest to eat.  Can we kill off the ocean?  What a dumb question, of course we can.  But first let's extinguish all those tasty fish.

Can the oceans continue to feed us?

As we knock off the fish we can nail the rest through ocean acidification.


I enlisted in the Army during the Vietnam war.  I did my bit.  I did not re-enlist.  I am amazed at how people think they are supposed to "thank" vets for their service.  When I returned, I neither expected nor desired thanks from anybody for doing my duty.  Simply put,  active duty, regular,  military service is a citizen's duty in a democracy, especially when we have a war.  One signs up, serves out the contract and returns home--preferably alive and able bodied--and goes about their business.  It's just something one is supposed to do.  I fear the current "thanks" is led by patriotic cheerleaders who wish to hide the scoundrels who profit from the racket of war within our military services and the MIC.

The current wars are wrong.  They were not declared.  The draft was not instituted to provide the soldiers.  Taxes were not raised to pay for the war.   Those who volunteered, did their duty, have been abused.  We need to learn a thing or two from our patriotic gore.  Will we?

GOP Yak Off Tonight

Another debate, another gafffe.  Who will draw, shoot and aim tonight?  Will Perry forget to show up?  Will Cain entertain Repubs by insulting women?  Will Gingrich insult everybody?  Will Willard try to prove he's really a cracker from South Carolina?  Why the rest of them even bother showing up beats me.

A recent McClatchy Marist national poll shows--

23% for Mitt Romney
19% for Newt Gingrich
17% for Herman Cain
10% for Ron Paul
8% for Rick Perry
5% for Michele Bachmann
1% for Jon Huntsman
1% for Rick Santorum
17% are undecided

Hm, is the new flavor of the month, that serial philanderer, pudgeboy, Newt?  Will Herm begin to negotiate with FOX for a really good show?  Will Willard actually win?

Bachmann will surely prove she remains steadfastly batshit crazy.  Paul will continue trying to have us all live in the 18th Century.  Huntsman will show, once again, that sanity disqualifies GOP candidtates.  And Santorum will continue to show us he is all frothy santorum.  Enjoy.  It's entertainment on CBS at 8:00 pm EST.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Trust in Govermnent

Leon Panetta, do you trust him?  Why bother even asking.  He's a political appointee.  He has one job, to help Obama get reelected, nothing else matters.  Do you think he really gives a rats about the remains of dead soldiers?   Come on, he's a pol.  Actually our government is full of Willards.  They are all well lubricated weather vanes.

Pentagon was warned about landfill issue

Not Willard Flavor of the Month

Folks may have learned what Hagan Das knows, Black Walnut ice cream sucks.  It looks like Herm may be on way down.  What flavor is coming up to challenge Willard Monilla?  Why it's gotta be the Bitter Pillsbury Doughboy, Newtie.

Poll: Cain tops 3-way race with Romney, Gingrich

Oh, Undecided came in second and Someone Else came in fifth. Repubs are a sorry lot. Note Huntsman tied with No One at 1%.

Occupy Wall Street

Colbert Super Pac

Colbert super PAC members flood FEC with fundraising comments

There be loons!

Where?  Oh, they will be gathering in Detroit. "TheCall" thinks Muslims suck.  They will gather and tell them that god also thinks they suck.  Of course the Muslims might think the same thing about the Christians.  It might get testy.  Perhaps Zeus could just zap them all.  He over-blessed us with crazy people.  Who attends this kind of shit?

Detroit prayer event puts Muslim community on edge

Herm the Harasser May Skate

If the women don't press the issue with a presser, then Hermipoo will get a pass on sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Press conference with Cain accusers may not happen

Until then, it's just a he said, she said.

Perry Brain Freeze

By now, everybody on the planet has seen Perry's 53 second brain freeze in his most recent debate.  It's was a classic from the outset.  However, it was not a brain freeze.  Perry has a different problem,  Perry is prone to passing Texas size gas.  His SBD's are copious and toxic.  The EPA has considered making his butt a superfund site.  When he cuts one, it can kill living things.  When he is nervous, his tendency to fart increases.
He feared cutting a bodacious fart during the debate that would envelop his peers causing them to gag and pass out.  It would be hard to explain.  His campaign staff came up with a solution to his potential debate problem.  It’s not rocket science, they shoved a butt plug up his ass.  No opening, no gas, they knew he would have a chance to make it through the debate.  He did debate with confidence, until,  yeah until he farted.  We now know there is a direct connection between Perry's butt and his brain.  

Then again experts see it as the result of other factors--

Brain experts weigh in on Perry's brain incident

GOP Voters, Same as their candidates

The GOP voter is, as are their candidates, just batshit nuts.   How can you be over 65 and even think of voting for a GOOPER?  GOOPERs want to gut Social Security and Medicare.   Oh, I forget.  I am getting old.  Old Republicans have forgotten that both Social Security and Medicare are federal government programs.   GOOPERS, in general, are an odd lot, but old GOOPERs are just very strange.

Florida GOP voters: Don't cut Medicare, Social Security

Dover Disgrace

Gee, DOD boss Panetta will look into the Dover body parts to the landfill fiasco.  He understands.  He's sure his top underlings have handled the matter well.  Okay, do you trust Panetta?  Do you trust the assholes who decided that the landfill route was right in the first place?  Didn't their mothers ever tell them just because everyone else does it, doesn't make it right.

What do you expect?  I expect Panetta to defend his generals as he spews public bullshit.  I expect Congress to harrumph a lot, but that's all.  I expect no one to be fired much less demoted or kicked out of the service.  It's a cozy self protective society, a thin olive drab line, unless you're enlisted.  Trust anyone in government anymore?

Panetta orders review of discipline in Dover mortuary probe

Good Question

Why Did the Penn St. Students Riot Over Paterno's Sacking?

 Did you read the piece? Okay, now what groups do identify with? What actions taken on whom would have you out in the streets? I hope the kids come out of college a bit smarter than they went in, but looking at our society, I am not all that optimistic.


Given the latest scandal involving our government's and its military wing's inability or unwillingness to care for veterans, have you ever wondered how vets feels about life and the universe after their service?  Pew has done some research on aspects of post service life.  Give it a read.  I wish we could have a future time where we did not create vets.  Until that time, we'll see the same old, same old.  We're slow learners.

For Many Injured Veterans, A Lifetime of Consequences

Age and 2012

As one ages, one becomes more troggish, right? If you're a first stage old fart, i.e., you're on Medicare, or older, then it's a bit more likely you'd vote for Willard. If you're still sure of your invincibility, i.e., under 30, then you'll probably vote for Obama.

Gee, age matters in politics. The older you are the more likely you are to want things just like they were when you were younger. That's sad, it's as though the old farts didn't learn much as they aged. At least the generations are more alike in a couple respects than not.

Everybody is pissed at government. Everybody distrusts government. That means, all of us, at all ages, are disgusted with ourselves--we elected the schmucks who run and manage government in our names. We elected them and we don't trust them. I think all of us need to look in a mirror before we accept a Dem or a GOOPER in 2012.  We've shown remarkably bad taste since at least 1980.

The Generation Gap and the 2012 Election

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Whither the Trogs?

As I watch the Trogs, it's more like a rodeo than much else.  I don't mean to say the potential nominees are bronc busters or bull riders, no, they are all all rodeo clowns.  One of them, that Texan Perry, can even lasso himself, he's funny in a sad way.    As the rodeo moves on which clown will wind up opposing Obama?  The safest bet is to opt for Willard.  Any others?

I think it's safe to say that Santorum, Bachmann, Paul, and Perry will probably leave the show after losing in Iowa.  They may go on to New Hampshire, but that will be their last rodeo.  The other four will persist and amuse us as the southern tour begins.

South Carolina will see three real contenders and one joke.  No, the joke is not Huntsman, its Herm.  Herm will not be the nominee. Romney, Gingrich and Huntsman will be the final clowns.  One of them will be the nominee and the victor will be determined in Florida.  If the GOP gets over it's values voters, Jesus freaky, end government  sideshow, then Huntsman will wind up being the nominee.  Otherwise, it will be Romney and Obama will win a second term.

The question for the GOP is, "will y'all start being concerned about electability or not?"  How they respond will determine which Mormon becomes the nominee.

Better Idea

Obama wants to cut costs.  He's directing his folks to cut out the "swag."  Okay, here's the better idea.  Let's end all of our wars.  Let's bring all of our military home from everywhere.  Then we can cut the Defense Dept. in half as we reduce the size of the standing Army and reduce what's left in grade.

Obama orders Federal agencies to cut spending on 'swag'

GOP Stupidity Trumps American Business

Of course it also helps that Obama is running for reelection as well as the other idiots in Congress.  The real issue is not the "tax" but the very existence of this type of activity--Congress approved the taxing to advertise structure long ago to help selected business areas.  It's being used in other areas.  It should all end, period.  It's odd to have the business party attack business.  We live in strange times.

After GOP criticism, Christmas tree program farmers sought is suspended

Herm Will Harass You

Coming Soon, More She Said

In the running soap of Herm the Harasser's "he said, she said," saga the public shes will hold a press conference to recap Herms past actions.  Herm will probably hold a presser to deny that he even knows himself.

Of course it won't change anything unless one of the women has an 8x10 glossy or the equivalent.   I doubt any evidence will pop up, but you never know.  Until then you can believe Hermipoo, the ladies, or neither.  Has Herm become the Trogs Bill Clinton?

Herman Cain’s accusers agree to hold joint news conference

Penn State Fires a Coach, The Military Just Goes "Tut, Tut"

By now you've heard that Paterno has been fired.  That may be overkill, but what about the Folks at Dover Air Base who lose, cut up for convenience, and send the dead to a landfill?  Anybody fired or court martialed?  Nah, they only value able boded soldiers.  Still think the brass gives a rat's ass about the troops?

Remains of war dead dumped in landfill

Trogs Yak Off Recap

The Trogs yakked off last night.  It was all predictable.  Paul told us we don't need any of that pesky federal government.  Santorum is for the little guy and wishes folks would remember he really was a U.S. Senator.  Gingrich thinks, knows, is sure he should be in charge.  Huntsman was there.  Cain proved that Repubs, like the Dems,  can tolerate and love perverts  of their own.  The Crazy Lady read her bullet points.  Romney had messed up hair?  Was he trying to get his blue collar on?  And Perry, well Perry proved he really is dumber than Bush.  He is an inarticulate asshole.  That's what happened at the Trog off on CNBC last night.  If you didn't watch, tune in to "The Daily Show" I'm sure they will hit the important highlights.

Rick Perry stumbles badly in Republican presidential debate

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sexual Harassment

Have you ever been harassed?  If so, do you think the perpetrator even realized it was harassment?  I think we need to include this as one of the national issues we need to discuss.  I don't understand why someone like Ron Paul would not use this a way to talk about freedom and liberty, but no, he thinks it's a distraction from the important stuff.

Sexual harassment vs. ‘the real issues’

We're so fracked

The top 10 military ‘psy-ops’ corporations admit to using against Americans

Anyone know of a counter, counter insurgency manual people can use on Corporations?

LIke Candidate, Like Campaign Manager

We all know that Herm does not quite tell the truth.  Neither does his very strange campaign chief, Mark Block.  Gee if Herm is as diligent as this guy, he's toast.  However he will get the FOX gig.   You are who you are and to an extent you are the people you hire and have around you.

Cain aide wrongly claims accuser’s son works for Politico

Ebenezer Obama?

That's what he'll be tagged with as the Ag Dept. goes ahead with a 15 cent a tree, Christmas Tree, tax.  The money will be used by the tree growers to advertise fresh trees for Xmas.  It's similar to other USDA sponsored programs in milk, beef, and cotton industries.  Conservatives will have some fun with this one and slam Obama for, gasp, raising taxes!  Of course it's the tree growing industry that is taxing people who buy fresh trees.  If you don't like new taxes then don't bitch about Obama, take action and do not buy a fresh tree.  Fakes are just fine.

Christmas tree tax to promote the real thing

It Should be a Capital Crime!

If you buy drugs illegaly you should get the death penalty.  Well, that is, if the drug you buy is to be used to execute someone in an Arizona prison.  Perhaps, Gov. Brewer should be the one held responsible.  Then again, they could just use the guillotine--buy it once, use it forever.

Claim Arizona execution drug was illegally obtained grows

Do you think they learned their lesson?

Still want a Toyota?  Well, please note--

Toyota recalls 420,000 cars in U.S. for possible steering problems

Notes from the class war

The upper class, the 1% and their thralls (5%) have been at war with the rest of us since at least 1972.  Whenever there was a chance to use government and law to enrich themselves they did so.  The net result is that 95% of us have lost income and wealth.  It's taken time.  Today, the ones hit the hardest are the young.  Old farts like me were able to escape and retire from the class war with a modest pension.  Defined benefit pensions used to be normal.  Guess what, if you are starting out in life, basically you are fucked, unless you want to be a thrall.

  The Rising Age Gap in Economic Well-Being

The Young

I guess the younger you are the more you believe in your own invincibility.  Hell you might even think people are good and that evil can be vanquished.  Then again the younger crowd may have leanred from their elders all too well.  Has greed become part of the national psyche?

86% - Generational Gaps in Views of Entitlement Programs

Another Yak Off Tonight

The Trogs will assemble.  We can see them at 8:00 pm, EDT, on CNBC.  We can watch them yak away. It's a "debate," but come on, it's serial sound bites at best.  Obviously the big question is will the moderators ask Herm about his harassing ways.  Tune in, it will be funny.  Trogs are such jokes.

Republican debate: Five key questions

Trog Watch

Ohio's trogs lost.

Ohio election results: union curbs thrown out in blow to Republicans

Sane People Live in Mississippi?

I guess holy crackers, sacred grits, and religious rednecks are not in the majority of Mississippi voters.  Their moronic personhood idea tanked.  Unfortunately, they will just try again.

Anti-abortion ‘personhood’ amendment fails in Mississippi

On the Road to Arlington...

On Tuesday, the base in Delaware became the latest of the nation’s hallowed military places to be sullied by charges of mismanagement and scandal.

“How can you not know what body parts belong to what soldier?” said Crothers, of Conowingo, Md. “That is very disrespectful to the person who just sacrificed their life for the country. This is not acceptable. It’s just not.”

 Officials at the Dover mortuary did not let her see the body of her son, Sgt. Michael Heede Jr., saying it was too damaged. She protested, because her son’s fellow Marines had told her that his body was still intact. Seeing any part of him, even just a limb, would help her accept his death.

Federal investigators’ charges of “gross mismanagement” at the Dover mortuary echo earlier failings at Arlington National Cemetery and Walter Reed Army Medical Center. 

Dover Air Force Base is nation’s latest military site to be accused in scandal.

You need a job. You volunteer. You go to war, two, three, four times in 10 years. You are able bodied until, then you are dead and on your way home. Of course all your body parts may not make to your grave. Then again you could have survived and had to deal with Walter Reed and the VA.  Damnable case of the sixes for the no longer able, or fully bodied soldier.

Should Joe Go?

Sports fans, wake up. There are pervs amongst you. Should Paterno be forced to resign? Here's a case against it.   However, y'all might think about keeping the kids away from sports.

 Blame for the Penn State scandal does not lie with Joe Paterno

Oh, you better keep your kids away from coaches and sports--football, baseball, swimming for sure, but don't forget to keep them clear of the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts too.

Pushing Hard for the Fox Gig

Did you watch the Harassing Herm show?  That was his presser to rebut the allegations made by four or five women that he has trouble with his calzone.  He was introduced by a lawyer, that was a yawn.  Then Herm did his schtick.  He more or less denied it all.  However, if you listen to his choice of words, well, he almost pulled a full Clinton.  Remember, that woman whom Bill did not have sex with.  Herm weaseled his way in similar fashion.

At his news conference, Cain refused to utter Bialek’s name. The former Godfather’s Pizza executive said, “I don’t even know who this lady is,” and he described her as a “troubled woman” — an apparent reference to her financial difficulties, which include two bankruptcies and a federal tax lien.  It was designed to sound good, but it remains he said vs. she said.

Herm almost came through but he failed.  When asked about lie detector test he responded with a full Cain.  Yes I will but I won't. "Yes. I absolutely would," Cain said when asked about taking a test. "But I'm not going to do that unless I have a good reason to do that. Of course I would be willing to do a lie detector test." See it was not an uncategorical "yes," period. It was yes, but actually now that you ask, no. That's how Cain has handled this whole mess. He makes a bold assertion with a little bit of "but."  Then the but has to be expanded and he goes in deeper and deeper.

Herm, once again, decided who to blame for his problems.  Don't you love how public people try to find someone, anyone else to blame rather than themselves.  If you think it's Perry, that's last week.  He tried and failed since he had no evidence.  Then told us that he knew it was a vast mainstream media conspiracy.  Even the  right wing press laughed that one off the stage.  Now Herm is sure, in his gut, we have to trust him, that it's the mother of all Democratic machine plots to derail the  Cain train.  Yeah, really.  The Dems welcome a Cain candidacy--unemployment could go to 20% and Obama would still win by ten points.   Now that's a real threat.   He's really after that Fox gig.

So, he said?  She said?  You can accept either or none.  Myself, after listening to Herm, the five plus shes still win.  Until shown otherwise, he's just one more narcissistic public pig.  Don't forget Bill didn't think blowjobs were sex.   I guess, to Herm, a grope under the skirt is no more than a pat on the back.

Herman Cain: Harassment charge is ‘baseless, bogus and false’
Herman Cain: I'd take lie detector test to rebut Sharon Bialek claims

Okay, folks, you know my viewpoint, you tell me,  is Herm a truth teller?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Who gives a rats about dead cannon fodder?

Obviously the military cares only for able boded cannon fodder.   Able bodied cannon fodder can be sent into battle.  If the battle goes well, the sender wins medals at the sendee's expense.   Of course the sendees may die or be mangled, but the senders always seem to have spares.

The no longer able boded return home, where we've seen how they're treated at Walter Reed and by the VA.  Even in death, they don't matter.  Have you forgotten the Arlington Cemetery mess?  Now we find out, even before the dead can be sent to their graves their bodies are lost, mishandled and god know what else.

The military issues a reprimand to sender wannabes in charge.  All keep their jobs.  See, the senders don't really give a rats about anyone other than able bodied cannon fodder.  Maybe folks should think about volunteering to be fodder.  I can assure you that generals certainly won't send themselves into harms way.

Air Force mishandled remains of war dead, probe finds

What The Hell, Let's Make it Five

Oh more, kinda, makes it sorta, number five--Report: Cain sought dinner date with fifth woman.

Herm the Harasser still contends he didn't do nothing, no way, no how, to nobody.  He'll take them all on this afternoon in a presser.  Will he be straight foward and honest or will he pull a Clinton?  If he goes the Clinton route, will the GOP voters accept him as their new version of honor and dignity?  We'll have to wait and see.  Based on his record over the past week, I doubt he'll be able to prove shit, unless he confessess.

Cain vows to "set the record straight"

Why not have slave auctions?

The controls on money in politics are a joke.  They exist in name only.  Why don't we just bag elections and make it all a giant reality show.  We could sell potential office holders to the highest bidders in live auctions on election day.  The winning candidates--the one who received the most money--would then do the bidding of the purchaser(s) for the term they purchased/"elected."

We put the auctions on TV.  It's would a huge 24 hour reality show--with sponsors too!  The successful money would be split up--30% to the U.S. Treasury, 30% to the political party, and 40% to the newly  purchased candidates.  Would it be be one dollar, one vote?  It's would not be much different than what  occurs today, except the taxpayer would get a piece of the proceeds.  Gee, we could afford a tax cut.   We could call it Whore Nation.

As Political Groups Push Envelope, FEC Gridlock Gives ‘De Facto Green Light’

War? Assassinations? Terrorsim?

Take your pick.  Depending on your perspective, drones are any of the three.  Gee, ObamaCo has tightened up the drone rules.  Oh, not to end the program but to try and get a better kill ratio.  This is going to become as "body counts" were to Vietnam unless someone tell the folks in charge to grow up.

U.S. put new restrictions on CIA drone strikes in Pakistan

For the military hardware accountants, how cost effective are the drones anyway?

Originalism Rocks Tour

Roberts and the Robes will sing a song about juvenile justice.  Will the well robed choir decide it's okay for kids to be locked away for life or not?  How old do you have to be to spend the rest of your days behind bars and for what kind of crime?  Sticky questions?  If 14 is to young, how about 17? If 14 is okay then is 12?

Supreme Court to weigh juveniles' life sentences without parole

In case you were wondering

The country will not be Ralphed in 2012.

But what about other third party runs?

He must have been watching the tube

Obama, despite high unemployment, a stagnant economy, and tanking approval is still perceived to be the 2012 winner.  In poll after matchup poll against GOP candidates, Obama is the winner.  The GOP has become Obama's biggest ally in his reelection bid.  ObamaCo must watch the news too.  Other than Huntsman, there is no GOP nominee who can win against any Democrat.

Obama camp expects a close - but successful - re-election 

It takes time to catch up

Wow, the stat analyts at the Census Bureau now get it. The class war effects are worse than they wanted to see.  There really are a lot more poor people.  The rich did get richer.  They do so by increasing poverty.  Now if the pols would catch on.  Oh, pols only respond to votes.  Okay, if only the voters would...

Census Bureau measures more Americans living in poverty

GOP Problems

The GOP is dysfunctional.  In its desire to win future elections, Nixon had the party adopt the South.  The South had been Democratic and was more contained than not by the larger party.  The GOP however, was closer in ideas, demographics, and spirit to the South than the Dems. The South and the GOP  merged.

The merger may win elections, but at what price?  The step child over took their new parents abode.  Think not?  Consider this, today's GOP would not even allow Ronald Reagan to run for office--he'd be seen as too liberal!  Look at the GOP 2012 nomination race.  It's a joke.

They have two reasonable candidates, but those Southern kids don't find either acceptable.  Willard was okay, but to be liked, he drank the GOP's southern sweet tea.  It hasn't worked out for him.  The other is Jon Boy.  He's just too moderate and has only taken a sip.  In the face of the easy defeat of Obama, the  GOP is hellbent on handing him victory--he wins in hypothetical matchup polls despite the economy and low approval numbers.   Who's running the GOP funny farm?

This has been a grand GOP strategy for victory?  Have we seen a well governed nation emerge?  I have a feeling the real victors are the Democrats, they rid themselves of all those crazy Confederates and their compadres.  Unfortunately, they have not figured out how to use their "loss" to their advantage.    

Herm the Harasser, Recap

Most of the news this morning on Herm are recaps of yesterday when a fourth woman showed up and made her charges in person.  Herm of course says bullshit.  I wonder will the other three women decide it's time to step up and make their charges against Herm in person?  One thing folks are overlooking, at the time of the harassment, Herm was no longer in the pizza business.  He had become the CEO of Washington, D.C. based lobbying organization.  He was spending money like mad.  The transition from pizza to D.C. lobbyist may have morphed him from decent sort to typical affluent power  broker (that's someone who corrupts pols with cash).  There's no sex stuff from his pre-lobby days.  Power and money can go to your head--you start to believe your own PR as you become a pol.

Woman accuses Herman Cain of unwanted sexual advances while she was seeking help getting a new job 

Oh, the next chapter in Hermieland will be this afternoon, Herm will hold a press conference to take on the latest allegations. He's says it's all bogus which means he's calling #4 a liar. Who's telling the truth? Wait and see,but in a he said, she said you can accept either side or none. Myself, I'll accept #4 until there is evidence to the contrary. I wonder will a blue dress emerge soon?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Herm says he's no harasser

Herm denies harassing anyone.  The women who says he groped her, was not an employee at the time.  If sexual harassment requires an employment settting then Herm is right he did not engage in sexual harassment.  No, instead it's assault.  Herm is getting good at the Clintonian defense.

Sharon Bialek accuses Cain of sexually inappropriate behavior

It's Herm the Harasser Time

When?  Oh, today, at about 12:30 pm EDT.  What will Herm say?  Uh, it's not a Hermie feature.  No, there's a fourth woman who has emerged alleging that Herm done her wrong.   Apparently she will speak today.  Of course you should know that her shyster is Gloria Allred.   Now what about the other three?  Are there more yet to come?

Lawyer: 4th woman to accuse Herman Cain


If you follow politics then you know that pols, the ones you hate, the ones you love, and the ones you just don't give a rats about, are pretty much truth challenged narcissists.  To keep them honest is a lot of work.  It takes time to check facts.  Fortunately there are sites like FactCheck.Org and PolitiFact.Com to help us keep them honest.  One area that is very problematic is advertising.  It comes on, pitches its bit, and its gone.  Ads, both the content and the way they work, need to be checked too.

Coming in January, from the folks at Annenberg, will offer a new site--FlackCheck.Org.  Mark your calendaers, browsers or put up a postit note on your monitor.

Originalism Rock Tour Continues

Roberts and the Robes are on the road.  They will be singing about Privacy soon.  The Fourth Amendment Venue will be opened by GPS.  Can the cops imitate the movies and bug your car with a GPS tracker at will? Is privacy less important then a good bust?  Expect a ballad of support for lots of law and oodles of order, it will sound so Constitutionalish.  The Scaliatites will hawk it as originalism.  Originalism is legal bullshit, it sounds good, may give you patriotic goosebumps, but it makes my BS detector go off all the time.

Exhibit A in 4th Amendment privacy cases: technology

Good Question

Why is George W. Bush the Arab Spring's forgotten man?

Actually, after you read the piece, isn't it really because he is innately forgettable?  Do you really remember much about him at all?  Now Cheney on the other hand.  See.  

Nucking Futs Alert -- Mississippi

Tomorrow they will vote on Initiative 26.  If it passes then Mississippi will begin treating fertilized eggs as people.  This is idiotic, but hell it is Mississippi.  If the measure passes then expect several other red states to imitate the worst amongst us.  I know it's Christian to see evaluate ourselves as being only as good as the least amongst us, but I don't think that means we are to imitate them and become them.   Hmm, I wonder if fertilized eggs are people, can they be counted in the Census?

Mississippians to vote on 'personhood' initiative

Here's the problem

I think this demonstates the core of the very problem the OWS folks are trying to bring to our attnention.

Capitalism captures the 99 percent on mugs, T-shirts

Animal Abuse

Here's a question for y'all.   Has the time come to shut down all the Circuses and Rodeos?  At least rid them of the animals.  If they could have a beast free show, I guess that would be okay.  Circuses and Rodeos seem to be but an acceptable variation on dog fighting.  We don't see the abuse and violence people do to other creatures.  We just see the show.  Why on earth do we need to see these kind of shows?  If we're going to abuse animals, lets keep it within our species and leave the rest of them alone.  That's what we professional sports for isn't it?   No more circuses and no more rodeos seems quite reasonable to me.  As an exchange, we can bring back bare knuckle boxing.

Mamas, Don't Let Your Kids Grow Up to Coaches (or play sports)

The Penn State mess continues.

Hours after stepping down, Penn St officials head to court on perjury charges in sex scandal

The 2012 Issue, Bomb,Bomb, Iran?

Iran may become the issue in 2012 as the IAEA now thinks the pesky Persians have bought sufficient assistance to now have a design on hand.  Note, as is true in most of the Middle Eastern Islamic world, the locals are stupid, they have to buy knowledge from outsiders.  I think science is a sin for them, kind of like our Republican candidates for president.  Of course, no one really knows what they will do with a bomb if they ever build one.  They will have to import the labor too.   The IAEA now says--

Albright said IAEA officials, based on the totality of the evidence given to them, have concluded that Iran “has sufficient information to design and produce a workable implosion nuclear device” using highly enriched uranium as its fissile core. In the presentation, he described intelligence that points to a formalized and rigorous process for gaining all the necessary skills for weapons-building, using native talent as well as a generous helping of foreign expertise.

Expect the Trogs to demand invasion. Look, the GOP is owned by evangefundies. Evangefundies spend all their waking hours anticipating the end of days. Even when they sleep they dream about ascending as the evil Dems are left behind. Of course the end of days cannot occur unless Israel exists as a state. They are so mind numbingly strange. To save Israel, so we can end the world, we have to end Iran, otherwise Iran might end Israel and thereby end the end of days. Got that?

IAEA says foreign expertise has brought Iran to threshold of nuclear capability

Franky, if Iran builds a bomb?  So what? North Korea has the bomb.  Pakistan has the bomb.  India has the bomb.  China has the bomb.  God, the French have the bomb.  At worst, we could all nuke the crap out of each other and all go together when we go.

The Willard Front

Willard remains the batshit crazy front runner because there are still so many other wingnuts in the race.  Trogs continue to despise Willard.  However, Trogs do grudgingly accept his electability.  Huntsman, is more electable but the Trogs think he's a Democrat.  In normal times a pol accused of sexual harassment would fade away, but Cain has not.  Cain is the anti-Willard, that makes him acceptable,.  Besides as with most things good and decent, the GOP never accepted the idea of, much less the law on sexual harassment.   Hence Cain stays viable because in their hearts they know the women were asking for it and he's not Willard.  GOOPERS are an odd lot.

Romney, seen as most electable, still struggles to break out of pack, poll shows

Sunday, November 6, 2011

HIs Fans Love Him

Ron Paul, wins straw polls.  His fans get on the bus, go to the Straw poll site.  There they pay a few bucks or more to vote for their guy.  A small number of dedicated folks can make a difference in straw polls.  They remind me of Deadheads.  Of course he wins the straw polls, but so what?  If he does not register with the majority of the whack jobs who vote in GOP primaries, he's just one more twit wasting our  time.  Come on,  Paul as the GOP nominee?  Oh, well, maybe the other one in 2016 or 2020?

Ron Paul wins yet another straw poll. So why are the media ignoring him?

Okay Wonk This

Can neutrinos fly faster than a speeding photon? Well, maybe, the analysis is not finished. If the upper limit, the speed of light is not a constant, what about all those other little things that are supposed to the same anywhere, anytime, in the universe? Well, maybe the constants vary. One more bit of possible shakeup in the world of physics, Gee, life might only be here after all? Nah, it's all measurement error, right?

Can the Laws of Physics Vary Throughout the Universe? Maybe, According to this Latest Research

Is life on Earth due to a quirk in the laws of physics?

Physics Fans Take Note

Somebody will have to let know Tom Lehrer know he needs to update his song.

Three new heavy elements named

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #1

The Aghans can't separate war and religion.

Muslim holiday in Afghanistan opens with a bombing

So, how do you think this little exercise will work out--

U.S. troops leave border base to Afghans

It's time to just say "we won," leave all our stuff in place, come home, and then reduce the size of our Army and reduce the grades of those we keep in the service.

Protect Your Boys

There are pervs out there.  Keep them out of the Boy Scouts and don't them near a priest.  Okay, safe now?   Ooops, better keep them out of sports or at least away from the Coaches.

How deep did coverup go in Penn State child sex abuse case?

Our Economy

We tanked in 2008.  Do you think anyone learned a lesson?  Do you think it won't happen again soon?
If so here's couple of pieces you might want to read--

Steven Pearlstein: You bet it’s another bubble

What caused the financial crisis? The Big Lie goes viral.

Political Bullshit

After listening to the bobblehead shows this morning I have a couple of observations/questions.

Huntsman, a.k.a., Jon Boy, was on Press the Meat this morning.  He fared well,  but I have to say that he vastly over-estimates the GOP primary voter.  He appears to think they are rational and will vote for him because he is the only candidate who is electable over Obama.   If Willard smells to high heaven, why would the GOP voters opt for a stink free Jon Boy?  Wouldn't they just vote for an unelectable twit (any of the rest of the field) instead, then stay home,  and resolve to do better in 2016?  What odds do you give on Jon Boy?  Willard?  A Twit?

The economy is in the tank.  Most folks still use the R word, recession.  9% unemployment appears to have become the new normal.  Given the current state of the economy and his track record, can Obama be reelected?  Would a twit like Cain, Bachmann, Perry, Gingrich or Santorum win?

Should the Dems try to do better?  If the economy might sink the U.S.S. Obaman, could the Dems do better by launching a new ship?  It would be hard, but what if it was the good ship Hillary Clinton?  What would happen if she held a press conference--bought 60 minutes of air time-- and told Democrats she would be the Dems nominee, but they had to show her they meant it.  Would Obama's ego allow this?

The easiest way to show support would be to make the 60 minutes into a telethon money bomb.  Would it work?  Would Dems catch fire?  How many donors and how much money would it take for Ms. Clinton go for the gold?  If Clinton ran would you donate?  Give her free labor?  Give her your vote?  How would you feel?

Now how about this as a real 2012 matchup  Clinton vs. Huntsman?

I think it will be Obama vs. Romney.  Okay given both of these guy's records, who it the flip and who is the flop?  2012 will a race in shower shoes.

Books and Authors

I'm one of those people who think if someone is billed as the author of a book, then that means they actually sat down, pen in hand, and wrote the damn thing from the first page to the last.  I don't consider ghost written books to worth a damn.  The ghost writers, even if they receive some billing and compensation, just make a living.

If they write well, I'd prefer they speak for themselves and not allow others to speak through their ability to write.  In essence, ghost writing contributes to a fundamental fraud reflected in the growing lack of trust of just about everything in this country these days.  If we are going to have ghosts, then we need to have them publicized massively.

Ghosts appear in so many guises,  For example, if Obama cracks a good joke at some dinner, so what?  Who wrote the joke for him?  Ditto for his speeches.  Who are the true wordsmiths, they might be far more interesting than the the ventriloquists dummies they scribe for.

Back to books.  Herman Cain, yes the man whom two women accused of sexual harassment has a book out.  It's all about himself.  It's an autobiography.   His campaign buys copies form his publisher to give away as incentives to donate to his campaign.  Why do you think his run for the GOP nomination has been mostly a book tour?  He profits from the transactions, he is the "author."  Is he really the author?

No, he is not the author.  It was ghosted for him.  The actual authors are not listed on the cover on in the Introduction (I cannot find them).  Herman keeps telling fans to read "his" book.   Several interviews do not make an autobiography.  They might make a half-baked bio, under the actual author's name.   Cain has a bit of trouble telling the truth about himself.


Now about his self serving denial of sexual harassment....