Saturday, November 19, 2011

Repubs are close to being Jihadis

Repubs love to yak about the good old days when everything was peachy keen and dandy, unlike today when everything sucks for them.  They are social conservatives.  Hm, isn't that what most of the Islamic states are too?

Social conservatism is primarily a political, and usually morally influenced, ideology that focuses on the preservation of what are seen as traditional values. Social conservatism is a form of authoritarianism often associated with the position that the federal government should have a greater role in the social and moral affairs of its citizens.

Dumb shits -- Republican Division

Bachmann: Solyndra ‘Makes Watergate Looks Like Child’s Play

Rick Santorum Doesn’t Think Obama’s A Muslim, But He Won’t Correct People Who Do

Cain Campaign Backtracks On Secret Service Explanation

Penn State

It's a shame that the school suffers from the excesses of its football program.  However, the University transcends sports.  This might be a good time for Penn State to shut down all of its inter-collegiate sports programs.  End them all.  Colleges and Universities would be better off without the sports industries on their campuses.

What's the value of a Penn State diploma now?

Kindle Fire

Have you bought one?  Are you satisfied with your Fire?  Maybe not.  Here's a person who somewhat pissed with Amazon.  If what he says is true, blocking Google is kind of dumb or is it?

Kindle Fire: An open letter to Jeff Bezos

Conservatives are Strange

A common theme amongst conservatives is to look backwards to go forwards.  They look to four* fathers to take our country back from the present in order to return to yesterday tomorrow.  It's hard to follow them.  Despite all the issues of today, we're better off than we've ever been.  We're far from perfect.  We have problems sure, but who wants to go backwards for solutions?  Well, I might, but only if I was a rich old white guy.  If not, then no way, since for everyone else, the further back you go the worse and worse it gets for more and more people as a smaller and smaller circle of rich old white guys rule more and more aspects of everyday life.

*Based on their sense of history, reflections on society and demonstrated knowledge I assume their favorite four are Larry, Moe, Curly and Shemp.

LHC HIggs Boson Update

The good folks running the Large Hadron Collider have their fingers crossed.  They hope they will find the elusive Higgs boson.  Within the next year we'll have one or we will have to decide whether it was just made up stuff.  Talk about an academic thrill of victory or agony of defeat moment--the Standard Model rocks or throw out all the particle physics books and start over!

Higgs boson's moment of truth is fast approaching at the LHC

National Book Awards

And the winners are...

National Book Awards, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Has Gotten Wall Street's Attention

Exclusive: Lobbying Firm's Memo Spells Out Plan to Undermine Occupy Wall Street (VIDEO)

Occupy Voting Booths Please

That's pepper spray folks.  Why?  Another thrall of the 1% forced to behave in this manner?  It won't change until the 99% decide to take the voting booths back from the Democrats, the Republicans and the 1%!

Portland pepper spray incident

Does this generation of cops use pepper spray instead of dogs and fire hoses?  It's all the same, who do they serve?  Do they even get 30 pieces of silver these days?

GOOPERS take note

Just because you can't stomach Willard's religion is no reason to turn to a "true" conservative like Newt.  Newt is a conservative because he't gotten away with calling himself a conservative five times on TV.  Oh, that is the new American standard for truth,  five reps on TV news and it's rock solid, 100%, slam dunk true.  I think the Shrub confirmed the truth of his foreign policy this way, he watched FOX news.

Newt Gingrich Is Not a Conservative

Idiots to the Ramparts

Which ramparts?  Oh, the GOP's nomination to be their presidential candidate ramparts.  Ever since they adopted Sarah Palin as their ideal politician and made her their poster child, the stupid have risen to the emulation.  How do you spell stupid?  Try G O P.

Cain now suggests Taliban running Libya

Doesn't it ever get a bit embarassing to be a GOOPER? Oh, god it must, and we see a hypocritical, bombastic, smarty-pants, gasbag like Gingrich becomes the new flavor of the month?  They've run out of stupids? Hold it what about the ass juice, Santorum?

How Government Sucks

When an issue gets wrapped up in possible votes, pols and their appointees start helping out the bureaucrats.  The temporary employees pass laws, send directives and help employees do their jobs.  In theory, better "management" will yield better performance attributable to the political class and that will then yield better donations and more votes.  It's not a good management  practice.  It's not the folks who do the work who are "improving" the job. So....

Military health-care reform leaves wounded warriors entangled in more red tape

We really need to occupy voting booths.  Who  would you write in for president?

I am mystified

I do not understand the anti-Mormon crap in the GOP ranks.  It's rank alright.  Mormons are no crazier  than any other theist running for office.   Theists are all batshit crazy.   A fairy tale is a fairy tale, but the anti-Mormon behavior does demonstrate that man made god in his image to serve his needs.  It brings out the worst in us.   Sorry Mitt, they'll take Gingrich over you.

Mitt Romney faces familiar hurdle in Iowa: Skeptical evangelical Christian leaders

What's even more baffling than the religious bigotry in the GOP, is the Mormon masochism--they are voluntarily Republicans--that is the politics of personal sickness.   It's warped.   Can someone explain why Mormons would want to be part of the rich, old, white guys very exclusive Christian evangefundie party?  Yep, warped.

Don't you love it when the cops are "forced"...

Occupy Wall Street meets cops who had to pepper spray kids sitting on the ground.  I'll grant you the cops are paid by the 1% to do as they are told, but do they ever give their employment a thought?  They are part of the 99%.

Every time they contend that are "forced" to get uncivil is a time when they demonstrate what has devolved into mercenary qualities.  I'm surprized the GOP presidential candidates and FOX have not demand water boarding to assure fearful Americans that OWS is not am international, Islamic, jihadi, terrorist protest plot to do unknown nefarious things to unspecified people in  yet to be determined locations....

10 Occupy protesters arrested in UC Davis quad

Folks, it's time.  What is the demand?  How about demanding decent people in public office?  From the White House down to your local Mayor there are no decent folks in office--none, nada, zilch.  How about occupy voting booths to meet the demand and obtain decent elected officials by voting for them.  Let's be rid of the political parties.  We do not need or want Democrats or Republicans.  Lets occupy the booths and elect decent folks for one term and keep on demanding the same for decades to come.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Nobelist should stick to physics

The guy is not that good at business.  He's even worse at telling truth in government.  Gee, if he used the same standards that he's used to defend ObamaCo and Solyndra, would he have ever been a physicist?  Nah, truth and peer review would have sunk the good ship Chu.

Steven Chu’s Solyndra testimony: Misleading jobs stats and missing context

He might have been able to work at Sloan Kettering back in the 1970s though.

Revolting Arabs, Egypt

In the Spring, revolting Arabs deposed Mubarak.  They they twittered their thumbs and won, kind of, sort of.  They assumed the democracy stuff would appear.  Spring went to Summer.  Summer has gone to Fall.  The revolting Arabs are back in the square, this time they've brought Allah.  Will it be the Islamist Winter?  So much for the democracy, freedom and liberty ideas.  In Egypt?  Come on.

Egypt fills Tahrir Square, this time with Islamists in lead

Sign of Aging?

I can appreciate the cloud concept.  I can see some usefulness for Google Music and iTunes.  What I don't quite understand is why people buy so much at all.  It must be age related.  When I was a younger, god that was a long time ago, I bought a lot of LP records, 45s were of no interest.  Then out came cassettes, and out came my wallet.  I was getting older.  As LPs waned, I bought cassettes, but over the years, fewer cassettes were amassed than LPs.  With a bit of age and hearing loss, I noted that I listened less and less to stuff I bought.  Then came CDS.  I purchased a few here and there, but not as many as cassettes.  They've piled up and mostly collect dust.  Then again, I've always loved radio and community radio is so rich, who needs to buy music!  It's all on the Web too!  Does anyone really listen to all the music they buy?  Or is buying actually the real attraction.  Is buying music more like buying coffee table or having the latest political memoir on display in your place?  I have to confess I have bought three songs on iTunes.  I do listen to them at least every couple of weeks.  We are a strange species.      

Teabaggers Don't Like Rommey

Gee, who'd a guessed that one.  Actually, who likes Willard?  That's hard to answer.  Is there a label for Willardites?  If the GOP field was not replete with absolute idiots, would Romney keep polling 25%?  Imagine that Daniels, Christie, and Jeb Bush had all thrown their hats in the ring months ago, would Willard even be mentioned in a local 2:00 AM newscast?

The GOP primary voters kept decent folks out of the race.  Instead they cloned themselves and have  batshit crazy candidates.  The highlight is Willard, but he's an untrustable weathervane.  He has no core.  Come to think of it, the same is true of the rest of them--excluding Paul and Huntsman.

Tea party activists remain wary of Romney

Dumb Shits-- Virginia Gun Nut Division

If you carry a Glock without an external safety, do not pull the trigger.  It will fire.  One heat packer shot himself while as he adjusted his heat.  He bled to death.  Another dim bulb was paying for his beer, reached in his pocket and found the trigger.  He must have thought the trigger was a quarter.  Yep, he shot himself but did not bleed to death since he was in a bar.

Man killed by his own concealed weapon

Getting Even

Ever since Martin Luther poked the Pope in the eye, Catholic officialdom has been trying to get even.   They want to avenge all that lost revenue, property and sure, okay, souls.   They've brought back some of Henry VIIIs' errant flock over gays in the pulpit, Anglicans are welcome.  Now, they're striking back at  Luther's American freelancers.  Who will be the proud new owner of the Crystal Cathedral?  Luther can turn over in his grave.  Ratzy is on the march back to the 12th Century, one property at a time.

O.C. Catholic diocese to buy bankrupt Crystal Cathedral

Ron What's His Name

The older Texan in the GOP race may win the Iowa caucus.  He's hard at work hustling votes.  What happens if he wins?  Look, he's really a Libertarian wearing an elephant suit.  His politics are not the GOP's.  If he wins, which he might, he will be ignored--there is no way he can win NH, SC, NV or FLA or any state beyond those.

If Paul wins Iowa, we will see the pundits focus on who took second, third and fourth.  They will mention Paul, but relegate him to the rubber room set aside for cranky old farts they don't understand.  Too bad, other than a couple of issues, he'd make for a much more interesting and compelling race.  Could Paul force Obama to honest and transparent?  That would be very interesting.

Are Libertarian politics actually in line with Teabags and OWS?  If so, then maybe the Teabags and Occupiers ought to get cracking and surprize the bobbleheads by taking back the voting booths and occupying them with Ron Paul voters.  Bag the three cornered hats and get out of the parks.  That would be a hoot.  Actually electing lots of Libertarians might be just what we need to rid ourselves of Democrats and Republicans.  Yeah, Occupy Voting Booths.  Let's Occupy Offices with Libertarians (one term, of course).  

Libertarian-leaning Paul near top in Iowa but mystifies mainstream politicians 

Trogs Will Yak Off in Church

Yes, Political Junkies there is another GOP Yak Off, a.k.a, debate!
They will gather tomorrow and Yak off.
We'll have to stream this one since it's not on cable.
They will Yak Off in Iowa, in a Church.
It should be the funniest one yet.
Will this be a Yak Off  for Jesus?
Which candidate will be the faithiest?
Now what about Willard?

November 19, 2011Thanksgiving Family Forum
5pm ET – Video streamed on or listen on the Bott Radio Network
Location: First Federated Church in Des Moines, Iowa
Sponsor: The Family Leader
Participants: Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Paul, Perry and Santorum all confirmed, Romney unconfirmed

Einstein-1, OPERA-0

In CERN's OPERA dancehall, the owners claimed they saw neutrinos tripping the light fantastic faster than the speed of light.  The rest of the worlds dance enclaves asked for proof since no fantastic can be tripped at that speed.  So far, no one else has gone "got one here."  Now OPERA has had a second performance--they've tripped the faster than light fantastic one more time.  The Score still remains Einstein - 1, OPERA- 0 and will remains so until another dance studio repeats the same light fantastic.

Second experiment confirms faster-than-light particles

Jesus Jockeys Take Note

How do you like the weather?  It's been getting a bit more extreme each year.  I'd tell  you we are the cause, but you are sure it's all Jesus's fault.  Get ready for the extremes to be normal and worse unless we try to clean up our mess.  Y'all can praise whomever now.

Report: Climate change means more frequent droughts, floods to come

Gasbaggery II

If Newtiepoo made a bundle selling his influence to health care companies, he also did well selling his Rolodex to Freddie.  He hustled for them.  He was paid $30,000 a month.  He serviced Freddie.  When the money quit coming he trash talked Freddie and demeaned anyone, excepting himself,  who had serviced Freddie.  Newt is the douchebag of democracy.   Newt is the nation's premier hypocrite, as such it's quite fitting that he is the leader of the pack in the GOP nomination.  He is well loved within the GOP.  That tells us a lot about the GOP.

Newt Gingrich advised Freddie until takeover

Gasbaggery I

This is about Newtiepoo.  He's the GOP's meta-gasbag.  Hell, he's also a douchebag and a serial hypocrite.  When he condemns a rival or a Dem over any issue, just wait and within five minutes we'll discover Newt has engaged in the same behavior.  Wait ten minutes and he will attempt to show us that his crime is not the same crime.   This is the highlight of the GOP for 2012?    Isn't he the poster pudge for all that's wrong in our politics?

Gingrich think tank collected millions from health-care industry

Thursday, November 17, 2011

What's with learning and Repubs?

I used to think the Repubs were the business party.  Now, I have decided they are the stupid party.

Cain: ‘We Need A Leader, Not A Reader’

Cash or Plastic?

We're all used to using plastic to buy our stuff.  Who uses paper money anymore?  If we imitate the Canadians, we're going to have to come up with new words for  "cash or plastic," since their paper money is going to all be plastic soon.  Plastic or plastic?

Canada's new plastic $100 bill is all tricked out

Now it's going to get ugly for real

We had the Grand Jury indictment.  Then we had the Sandusky interview followed by the strange e-mail from McQueary.  Now the abused kids appear willing to speak out and tell us what Sandusky did to them. This is going to get a whole lot uglier.

Lawyer 'appalled' by Sandusky interview

This mess might make us all consider our own values.  Do we have our own values or do we have the values of our organization?   Are we inner or outer directed?  Do we have a core or are we all just so many Willards turning in the wind?  Do we have lines that cannot be crossed or do we just like to think we do?

Privacy Fans Take Note

Do you have any of those store loyalty cards?  They are the those little bar coded cards scanned when you buy something at a store.  You usually get some kind of discount or something of minor value in exchange for allowing the store to track your purchases.  To the store it's serious marketing.  To some, it's just more invasion of privacy.  To most of us it's a savings.  To public health officials it's a new, wonderful tool they use to track down the ever increasing quantity of foods that kill us.

Grocery loyalty cards help trace food-borne illness source

Notes from the New OWS Class War--

Occupy Big?

Today is scheduled to be a day of big occupy wherever protests.  Uh, so what?  Will this be the turning point in the OWS movement wherein it goes from getting attention to taking action in a civil society?  I hope it moves beyond the current protest and becomes a source for new politics.  We'll have to wait and see.  If all it does is get ugly--cops and protesters devolving into violence--then it will be set aside and we'll all get concerned about the coming black Friday.   I have my doubts, how about you?

Police interventions fire up Occupy protesters; big rallies planned Thursday

Chu Did The Deed

Who made the dumbbell decisions about Solyndra?  Was it the Nobelist in the White House or was it the Nobelist in the Department of Energy?  The Energy one says he's to blame for all the great decisions.  It really doesn't matter.  I think it merely shows us that an award winning physicist or good speaker did not win awards for common business sense.  The Dems skewered themselves on this one.  Can you fall on a solar panel?

Chu to present strong defense of Solyndra loan guarantee

Keeping The Federal Funds Flowing

Despite all the debt, deficit, and budget hoopla, our aces in federal offices will do their best to keep taxpayer dollars flowing to those who will kick back a portion to finance election campaigns.  As the Europeans have abandoned the airport porn-o-matic body scanners, our folks keep buying more.  If anyone in the Home on a Secure Rangeland did anything to show the machines might be dangerous, they'd have to quit buying them.  Therefore, buy them first, test them, declare them unsafe, put them in warehouses and buy the next machine that will make us safe.  And we wonder why we have a debt, deficit, and budget mess?

TSA Puts Off Safety Study of X-ray Body Scanners


PolitiFact.comFollow us on Twitter

Seen any fliers or mailings we should check?

When we announced our Message Machine partnership with NPR a few weeks ago, we explained that we would be casting a wide net to find factual claims from the 2012 campaigns.

We not only are examining TV ads and Web videos, which were the core of our 2010 fact-checking partnership, but we'll also be checking mailings, fliers and robocalls, the automated phone calls that always seem to come at dinner time.

We are checking claims from all levels -- from local state legislative races to the campaign for president. You'll find the state and local fact-checks on our nine state sites, while the presidential campaign items will be on our national site.

We'd like your help. If you've gotten a mailing or a campaign flier you think we should check, please scan it and e-mail it to us. If you've gotten a robocall on your answering machine that you'd like us to check, send us an e-mail about it.

You can send your suggestions

Meanwhile, we've had lots of interesting fact-checks over the past couple of weeks:
  • Rick Perry claimed that under energy efficiency legislation sponsored by U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, "federal bureaucrats could take over the local building code enforcement in your city if so-called ‘green mandates’ are not complied with quickly enough." We rated that False.
  • We found the group Americans for Prosperity was exaggerating with its new ad about the controversy involving the Obama administration and Solyndra, a company that makes solar panels. We rated the claim Mostly False.
  • Ron Paul earned a True for his claim that torture is illegal under U.S. and international laws.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another Perspective

Our economic woes are all due to housing debt, right?  All we have to do is fix the debt mess and the good times will roll once again.  Hm, it sounds reasonable, but there are other views.  Here's one--



Who?  Oh, Steve Jobs.  It's an interesting piece.


Book Review

AS we look back on the Iraq War, will we remember anything but the cost of our treasure and our dead?  Funny, we don't remember anything about all the other deaths that occurred and all the other destruction we wrought in any of our wars.  Why?  If you'd like an answer to that question, then consider this book--

The Deaths of Others

Ugly Thought

Gingrich wins the GOP nomination.  He selects Cain as his Veep.

Is Jon Boy a Liar?

Jon Boy may be able to tell more the truth in public than not, but what if he allows others to lie in his stead for him?

Fact Check: Super PAC polishes Huntsman's resume

Not Quite the Sandusky Interview But Close

Reporting to the police?  It's not quite what you or I probably would mean if we said we'd done so.  Stopping a child rape?  Well, if I said I stopped it, I don't think you would assume I meant in the future or perhaps that I merely waited for the Coach to finish up.

Penn State's Mike McQueary says he told police of alleged rape

Daily Occupation?

If you can't protest in the park 24/7, will the point be lost?  It shouldn't be, but it might.  How can the Occupy Wall Street move to a permanent 24/7 virtual protest?  I suggest that the OWS folks use their skills to create a virtual occupation--use the social media and also build a wiki site for the next logical step, Wiki + Politics, Wikitics!

What's the end of the protest?  I'm not sure, but I think the one demand is to elect people who actually serve the 99%, at least 99% of the time, because the 99% have decided to be politically engaged 99% of the time.  Sorry about the 99%-99%-99%, I guess I heard 9-9-9 one too many times.

No parties, no professional pols, just people who wish to donate a couple years or so to hold elective office for a term.  Remember, if you take the money out of politics, the governing gets pretty damn easy.  Like Kinky said, "How Hard Could It Be."

After NYC ouster, "Occupy" seeks new direction

When is Lobbyist not a Lobbyist?

Oh, that's when he's not registered as a lobbyist.  Then he's just a consultant to others and to other lobbyists.  Any other differences?  Nah, he gets paid the same, shills the same and provides access the same.   They pay, he services them.   How much is non-lobbyist, lobbyist gig worth?  Well, ask America's foremost quibbler, Newtie Gingrich.  He hawked himself for a couple of million.  What's that sidebar about whores?

Gingrich said to be paid at least $1.6 million by Freddie Mac

Reagan's Ghost Seen in USDA

The Ronald has been seen leaving ketchup bottles on decision makers desks in Congress and at the Ag. Dept.  El Bonzo knew that ketchup is a veggie.  It is today,  especially if it begins as paste, is watered down to a sauce that looks remarkably like ketchup and it's then poured on a pizza.  See,  it's a veggie.  Bonzo tried for burgers, he failed.  His minions have been hard at work to restore his food legacy.  How many taken Grover Norquist's pledge to make condiments into veggies?  Looks like Obama has been haunted into adopting GOP nutrition standards.  

Obama administration loses effort to make school lunches healthier

Winding Down and Ramping Up

Bush's wars will close soon (please), but why has Obama decided to invade Australia?

Obama: U.S. to send 250 Marines to Australia in 2012

What are QRs?

If you have a smart phone you might want to learn about them--if you haven't already.

Want More Information? Just Scan Me

QR code

From Bob Park

WHAT'S NEW Robert L. Park Friday, 11 Nov 16 Washington, DC

1. THE ALTERNATIVES: SYMPOSIUM EXAMINES QUACK CURES. Sadly, the death of Steve Jobs from pancreatic cancer came just a month before the Lorne Trottier Public Science Symposium, “Alternative Medicine, Under the Microscope” was held 7&8 Nov 2011 at McGill University in MontrĂ©al, Canada. Although it’s unlikely that alternative medicine contributed directly to Jobs’ death, his delay in seeking effective treatment probably did (WN 28 Oct 11). Not a scientist, Jobs initially turned to alternative medicine rather than face surgery. The four symposium speakers, Harriet Hall, Paul Offit, Bob Park, and Edzard Ernst, are well-known debunkers of alternative medicine. Free to the public, the symposium was funded by McGill alumnus and benefactor Lorne Trottier. He co- founded Matrox, a computer graphics corporation.

2.CANCER AND CAUSALITY: EINSTEIN DIDN’T HAVE A CELL-PHONE. Of the world’s 7 billion people, an incredible 5 billion have cell phones (“mobiles” in most countries). The safe use of mobiles is therefore a global health concern. The response of the World Health Organization was to conduct a huge epidemiologic study aimed at demonstrating a link between cell-phone radiation and brain cancer. The effort was seriously misguided – no such link exists. The study served only to raise widespread public alarm over a nonexistent hazard. Epidemiology, which is the study of health patterns in populations; is important, but it’s not a substitute for science. Science is the organization of knowledge into testable laws and theories. It has been known for more than 100 years that electromagnetic radiation at frequencies below the ultraviolet is non-ionizing, and thus cannot create the mutant strands of DNA that constitute incipient cancers. In 1905, Einstein’s “miracle year,” he theorized that electromagnetic radiation consists of discrete units of energy, now called “photons,” which are equal in energy to the frequency multiplied by Planck's constant. It marked the origin of wave-particle duality and earned Einstein his 1921 Physics Nobel Prize. His theory is verified every time a cell phone works.

3. SPACE STATION: SOYUZ MISSIONS TO THE ISS ARE RESUMED. Why is not clear. A three month suspension of manned Soyuz flights, imposed after the crash of an unmanned supply vehicle in August, ended Monday with the launch of a three astronaut replacement team to the ISS. Two Russian cosmonauts and an American astronaut will rendezvous with the ISS today to replace a team that has been there since June. What will the new team do? They will attempt to stay alive until they’re replaced.

4. “CURIOSITY”: NEXT WEEK THE NEW MARS ROVER WILL BE LAUNCHED. The new rover has far greater capability than its predecessors to retrieve and analyze samples. Moreover, the solar panels have been replaced with Pu- 238 radioisotope thermoelectric generators that will supply far more power than the solar panels.

Archives of What's New can be found at

TSA Porrn-O-Matics

The aces in charge of our federal Home On the Rangeland decided the only way to be sure no packed a piece on a plane was by taking X-ray porn shots of their person.  Needless to say, except for narcissistic exhibitionists, it was not welcomed as part of flying the friendly skies.  Despite any and all objections, the security wing of the Rangeland won out.  Have you been a centerfold in TSA's monthly skinless rag yet?  We seem to be quite susceptible to fear and paranoia.  Oh, you do know the porn-o-matics will kill you, slowly, over time, on the ground.  You won't be able to pack heat but the feds can pack you will with radioactive heat.  Fly on--

Europe Bans X-Ray Body Scanners Used at U.S. Airports

 I have a feeling we'll soon discover that we have a body scanner x-ray industrial congressional complex. Why do "we" buy these machines? Well, there's kickbacks to campaigns to in all that hardware we buy.

Occupy the Landfill

Oops, when a protest brings out an aspect of human nature we don't like to talk about, it may be time to change a bit of the process of protest.  We, as a species, tend to shit in our own nests.  We are messy.  We are not by nature, tidy.  When people gather together for any length of time, fastidiousness becomes a four letter word.   Which is why, well, at least it's one of the reasons, we have government.

Government rounds up and takes out our trash.  We use government to be what we'd like to be, but just can't quite be on our own, neat.  Clean water, sanitary waste disposal, trash collection and removal, you get the idea.   Can you imagine how much shit would pile up if 308,000,000 people had to be responsible for policing their own refuse?  Scary.  Dangerous.  Oh, don't forget we also use government to assess how well we do on the filth front, that's why we have Public Health Departments and the Center for Disease Control.  Now, about the Occupy Wall Street  movement, has it become another kind of movement?

The Occupy movement: More trouble than change?

Has it become time to shift from physical occupation and take up virtual occupation of all streets?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Are you ready?

No, not for an idiot like Santorum* to be president, no this is something very real and more significant than a Trog could ever hope to be.  Are you ready for idiot (Trog?) proof photograghy?

Here's a piece about Lytro -- The Revolution in Photography

And here's the Lytro site, there are photos to play with -- LYTRO

*Sorry, it's election season already so everything is political for me these days

Occupy Zuccotti Agian

Mayor 1% and his black clad thralls did as directed, they cleaned up 99% of the park.  They arrested about 70 folks.  Mayor 1% felt good.  The riot garbed cops felt pleased.  The 1% were sure the few would return to control of the many.  Oops, there are some lawyers they failed to purchase.  The 99% can return, with tents, to Zuccotti Park.  Now about those voting booths...

Court order allows Occupy Wall St. protesters back

Gasbag Ascendent

Yeah, Newt's back in the polls.  The GOP has about run out of other ABMs (anybody but Mitt), so Newtee is the flavor of the month, he's the GOP's Brazen Rodomont Gelato. He may be up in the polls until his hopes and dreams meet up with his biography and then implode on his own snooty ostentation.  Speaking of bio, you may want to revisit the pompous one's assorted windbaggery--

Our Guide to the Best Coverage of Newt Gingrich and His Record

Willard's Experience

Are you impressed with Willard?  If so, why?  I hope it's not because of all that "business" experience.  Did you ever wonder what he learned at the Bain firms?  Oh, by the way, you really cannot run government like a business.  They are very different types of social organizations.

Romney’s Business

Working Hard for 5% or Lower Approval

Congress, unlike the rest of the world, can legally profit from insider trading.  Gee, who writes the law?

Capitol Gains

Reports revive debate over congressional stock deals [Video]

Pissant from Paint Creek Update

Since he's shown the world that he's an idiot (yes, he is dumber than a Shrub), he can rattle on and on about anything and no one will listen.  He's getting desperate for attention.  He proposed that Texas leave the Union (not a bad idea for the Union as long as he takes all the other crackers, grits and rednecks with him).  Since secession is not really all that workable, the Asshole is now going to propose taking the Union away from everybody.  He won't take his ball and go home, he'll destroy the ballpark.  Who needs a Constitution anyway.  What have we learned from the Governor of Texas?  Well, now we know that Pissants do have Assholes.

Perry's proposes to 'uproot all three branches of government'

CBS Debate Coverage

No Anal Sex Here?

Yep, that's according the alleged Penn State coach, Jerry Sandusky.  He was interviewed by Bob Costas on NBC last night.  He admits that he showers will young boys and enjoys horsing around with them, but sex, he says, "no way."  Is he telling the truth?  Is the case against him strong?  What will happen in court?  Assume he is innocent?  What then?  Assume he's guilty and is convicted?  What then?

NBC ambushes ABC’s Gabrielle Giffords chat with Jerry Sandusky interview

Here's part of the Interview--Sandusky proclaims innocence in NBC interview

Here's the case against him--The Case Against Sandusky

Latest from AP (more kids coming forward?) --Sandusky says he only 'horsed around' with boys

What will be the outcome?

Twofer on Hermipoo

Herm is a harasser (that's a polite way of saying he assaults women sexually).  Herm  is also an idiot.  GOP primary voters like Herm.  That should tell you a lot about them.  Herm is friendly, he can yak with the best of them, however, he has not read much since High School--listen to him.

He's long on process and short on knowledge.  I can surround myself with advisers, I can have a process to make decisions, but  if I don't know the difference between shit and Shinola, I may decide, upon good advice, to shine my shoes with shit.  Of course my advisers may not know much more than I do, after all I will select people just like myself and then together we'll just assume today's Shinola comes with an odd smell.  Process is the hiding place of the knowledge challenged.

On Libya, Herman Cain has his own ‘oops’ moment

Occupy Wall Street -- New York, Jails

Mayor 1% had his riot geared thugs work in darkness to remove OWS and their possessions.  After the boys in black were through the garbage men hauled the stuff away.  Of course it's all for the public's good.  Funny how the 1% always seem to know best.

What are our values?  Are our values ours, or do they belong to some organization or institution?  What will happen when the 1% decide it's time to kill?  Will they?  Of course they will, did you not listen to the last GOP foreign policy "debate."

If the 99% are serious, then it's time to begin occupying the voting booths come Nov, 2012. Still think the 1% have not been at war with the 99% for decades?  It's been and still is a class war.

Hundreds of NY police officers clear Occupy Wall St. protesters from Zuccotti Park; 70 arrests

Monday, November 14, 2011

Okay Marines, Help Scott Olsen, Get Your Occupation On

Scott Olsen, the ex Marine, injured by Oakland's thugs in blue has been released from the Hospital.  Can a few vets show up and accompany Mr. Olsen back to be amongst Oakland's 99%?  Oops.  It's not cops in blue anymore.  They're all in black, riot gear, SWAT suits and such.  It appears so very ugly.

Did you ever notice how the people employed by our governments have become so styled after the Soviet Union?  We have become our enemies.   Do you think we'll ever be able to return to what we were?

Is this really the land of the free and the home of the brave?  Sure as long as you can afford it and do as you are told.

How many votes does the 99% have?  Will they use them?  How?

Marine injured at ‘Occupy Oakland’ released from hospita

Good Question

Pro-Huntsman Super-PAC Ad: ‘Why Haven’t We Heard Of This Guy?’

Still Hankering for Herman?

Come on, in the he said, she said, the she's have a stronger case.  Now one of the she's, has asked a former he of hers to attest to her statements about Hermie.    Herm the harasser needs to go back to pizzas.

Bialek’s Ex-Boyfriend Confirms Cain Allegations

Instead of FOX, could Hermie get a pizza and palaver gig on the Food Channel?

Baskin Robbins Politics

It appears that Monilla remains popular with 25% of Trogs.  They're getting over their infatuation with Black Walnut (too many nuts).  Tutti Frutti had her day.   Perry forgot to bring the Alamo ice cream so he's  gone too.   No one can stand ass juice Santorum sherbert, he'll never be a favorite flavor.  Paul refuses to be a flavor, ice cream is not mentioned in the Constitution.  Huntsman hasn't figured out if he's a Baskins or a Robbins.  That leaves Newt.  His flavor is rising.  What is his flavor?  Oh, he's mostly 100% brazen rodomont (it's only sold in Georgia).

Polls suggest Herman Cain losing support

The Trogs are desperate for anyone but Mitt.  They need someone with Perry's money, Newt's brains, and Cain's affability.  Looks like Willard will win unless Huntsman surprizes everyone with a win in New Hampshire.  Look out, is that a flying pig?  

Occupy Voting Booths

As folks continue to Occupy Wall Street, Parks, Colleges, Museums and Jails, when will it be time to occupy voting booths across the nation?  Can OWS become a voting mass that elects its own?  No Democrats.  No Republicans.  Elect people who have never been elected to federal office.  Could OWS pull off a national write in for president?  Can OWS be the force that gets the money out of politics and politicians?  How? 

9% is over approving our elected leeches

Are you one of the 9% who still approve of Congress.  If so, I offer this to assist in moving you from approving of our elected scumsuckers.

Is Congress picking stocks with insider information?

Originalism Rocks Tour News

Roberts and the Robes are going to play the ObamaCare areana.   They will not only sing about mandates.  They will also warble on the intertwined Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.   Will the bozos who appointed Bush president shaft the statute?  Based on their record I bet they will.  Will they?  Gee what ever happened to national health care or even the single payer stuff?

Supreme Court to Hear Case Challenging Health Law

Occupy Jails?

The police, doing the bidding of the 1%, are clearing out the 99%.  However since there are more in the 99% than the 1% the police may run out of space.  If people keep coming in to Occupy Wall Street(s), what happens next?  Will the police get violent?  Will they kill a few people?  What is coming?  What is their one demand?

Police clear out downtown Occupy Oakland camp


Since Bratz won the lawsuit what can Mattel do to dominate the doll market?  Well, how about creating a line of up-scaled not Barbie, Barbies?  Yep, welcome to the off-line, physical, Stardoll by Barbie.   It's a strange world.

Barbie links with Stardoll in brave new toy world

Between the cheap Barbie and Bratz which will sell better this Xmas season?

Oh Come On

Gee, Mrs. Herman Cain think her husband respects women.  Uh, did you expect her to come out and say something along the line of "that Herman is so into groping."  Come on now, this amounts to nothing.

Herman Cain's wife speaks out: 'He totally respects women'

Don't forget how little the wife may know.  What did Hillary say about Bill?  Oh, yeah, a vast right wing conspiracy thing.  We know how well that played out.  Herm, is he toast?


Kevin Drum has a couple pieces on government regulation that are worth reading

Friday's Piece--Corporations Hate Regulation, Until They Love It

And a follow-up from today--In Praise of Simple Regulations


If you've heard a Trog talk about unemployment, you know that after Obama, personally, the biggest reason unemployment is at 9% is all that oppressive job killing federal regulation stuff.  I assume there are no state or local job killing regulations.   It's an amazing set of events.

Persistent unemployment is not caused by the lack of demand, no it's caused by Obama's federal regulations.

 Does government regulation really kill jobs? Economists say overall effect minimal.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Trogs are nasty creatures

Six out of eight at last night's debate are okay with torture.  Two, I'll let you guess who, do not think torture has any place in the U.S. government.  Six like war.  Six like torture. That's sick.  Of course the candidates, so desperate to win, will say anything for the audience's approval.  Repub's are sick.  Six have no core.  Seems to me, there are only two decent human beings in the running.

Republicans return to the torture ‘debate’


Given the current GOP field, I have a simple question.  If character matters to the GOP, do any of their candidates even possess a shred of it?  

The Dictator is Dead, Long Live the Dictator?

And on the Libyan revolting Arabs front, the winners are fighting amongst themselves over the spoils--

Rival Libyan militias clash near military base

Do you still think any of that freedom, liberty and democracy stuff will emerge in an Arabic land? Maybe, but is this was a casino, I'm sure the house is betting against success.  What's your bet?

Lots of purchased speech

The money is beginning to flow.  I wonder what it will be like by next October?  I think the bulk of it is spent on ads.  What I don't understand is how the ads work.  Who listens to ads?  Who thinks political ads are credible sources of information?  A lot of people must since candidates spend so much money on them.  What do you read, listen and watch?  Has an ad ever led you to vote for or against any candidate?

I remember Johnson's anti-Goldwater ad.  It didn't make me vote for Johnson.  Hell, I was putting Goldwater bumper stickers in men's room urinals well before the ad was aired.  I think my "ads" were as effective.  I doubt that either ad made anyone vote one way or the other.  Do ads work?  Or do they just piss people off?

FEC Data Show Big Jump in Spending by Super PACs and Outside Groups

Penn State

I have read and listened to a lot about Penn State and the raping of boys.  It's ugly.  It has a long history at the school.  Non one, from the President of school down, from 1998 on, is an honorable human being.  I was surprized they played a football game yesterday--it should have been canceled.

I have come to the conclusion that the only way to end this college football crap is to end college football.  End it.  The world will be a better place without it.  If we cannot end it, then at least shut it down for five years, bag the NCAA, and if football is revived, revive it as a business separate from schools.  

Arab Fall

Do you still think the revolting Arabs in Egypt will tend a victory garden that yields a bounty of freedom, liberty and democracy?  They may have seized some land, but no one brought the seeds.  Besides the military appears to have salted the earth.  I doubt that Islamic gardeners even have a clue on how to tend the garden anyway.  It was great TV coverage in the Spring.  Now that Fall is here, will the next dictator take office before Winter comes in?

Egypt’s military guards its own power

Welcome back to the good old days

Did you watch the Trogs yak off last night?  I still don't quite understand CBS's decision to only air 60 minutes live on their network and then shift the remaining 30 minutes over to the web.  It's odd, but not odder than the subject matter, Trogs whose only goal it life is to replace Obama.

The hot topic seemed to be which candidate would declare war on Iran first.   At times, if I substituted "Russkies" for Iran, it was as though the GOP was back in 1950s Cold War form.  Weird.

However the strangest moment came when the crazy lady held up Communist China as how we should be living--they are better off than we are in our "great society welfare" state.  What can you say to someone that nutzoid?  The saddest part is the audience lapped it up.

The GOP primary voters are worse than the folks who pander to them.  The pols just pander, none of them have a core.  They are all Willards.  The audience, however, is loaded with true believers.  Oh, there are two exceptions to the pandering--Huntsman and Paul.

The debate was GOP normal, mind numbingly crazy.  How much batshit can a person eat and survive?  What I don't understand is how most of them can look at themselves in the mirror each morning.

GOP candidates hammer Obama on his Iran policy during South Carolina debate