Saturday, November 26, 2011

OWS NOTAvoter?

If at least 25% of OWS folks do not plan to vote in Nov. 2012, maybe we need to rethink a thing or two.  OWS can occupy voting booths and make a point.  However the timing for 2012 is a bit of problem to find reasonable candidates who are not Democrats or Republicans.

As a first round, why not show up and vote, but vote for None of the Above (NOTA)  Could OWS pull off a national write in campaign for NOTA?  Then there would be time to figure out to occupy and keep the voting booths so no one would have to Occupy Wall Street ever again.


With revolting Arabs in Cairo's streets, the military will probably corral them all and make a deal with the groups which allow the military to continue in it's traditional major role in Egyptian life--not defense, but business.  How much does the military run?  About 15% of their GDP is from military run/controlled firms.  When you watch footage from Tahrir Square, consider who is fighting for what.

Egypt's Military-Industrial Complex

Egypt military uneasy over business ties

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #7

Africa Command, it has to be so very humanitarian--General: U.S. troops’ Uganda mission likely to last until rebel leader is caught.

However we might give some thought to oil.  Some Ugandans do think about the U.S. and oil.

Oops, not all Africans are exactly exited about our presence -- U.S. Africa Command a Tool to Recolonise Continent

Fear in Flatlandia

Iowa cornholes are sore afraid.  Social conservatives are aghast at the chance of Willard winning Iowa and going on to be the GOP's nominee.  Jesus jockeys have done what they do best, they established a cabal, met in secret and have a plot to crucify that heathen in Iowa and in every other state.

Key social conservatives secretly meet to stop Romney in Iowa

Political Book Notes

What I want to know is who buys these books?

Are Candidates Selling Their Ideas Or Their Books?

They really hate Willard

Since all of the ABMs (anybody but Mitt) have gone up and come down, Newt has peaked, Trogs are getting very nervous.  The Jesus jockey wing of the party knows that the heathen Mitt must go.  They need a new candidate.  Well, kind of new.  Desperate people do desperate things which are usually very dumb--

TV ad asking Sarah Palin to ‘reconsider’ on tap in Sioux City

Polling In Iowa

Who will win in the Iowa caucus on Jan. 3rd?  Will it be Santorum, Bachmann, or Cain?  They are all still in the race just for the chance of placing well enough in Iowa to earn a gig on FOX.  It worked for Huckabee.   What happens if Paul wins?

Friday Interview: The Polling Guru of the Iowa Caucuses

When the pipsqueak has the same toys are they still pipsquesks?

In case you missed this one, give it a read.   Basically Hezbollah has the same toys our spooks use to spy on their spooks.  Gee, it's a spook out.  Maybe we need to rethink all the spying and such.  Has anyone ever publicly operationalized the idea of "crucial intelligence?" I doubt it, it's a state secret, so trust me?

CIA forced to curb spying in Lebanon

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #2

The Shrub rebuilt Iraq in his image, well, it's what he read in "Nation Building for Dummies." It's succeeding beyond his wildest dreams.  Iraqis get dictatorial violence without a dictator.  It's democratic violence.  Their liberty loving bombs evenly distribute freedom and body parts all over their purple fingered land.  I bet they will be erecting statues to the Shrub any day now.

Bombs kill 15 in and around Baghdad

Virginia, home of Soviet Politics

The editorial makes more than a good point.

Virginia’s parody of democracy

Arab Winter?

I have trouble with the idea of a million person gathering in Tahrir Square to demand that the military go the same way as Mubarak.  The military has the guns.  The guns quit defending Mubarak, he left.  I have my doubts about a million of anything mattering to the Egyptian military.

What will emerge as we go from Winter to Spring and into next Summer?  Oh, there will be a government, kind of elected, but it will be basically a version of Mubarak's regime--serial, rotating,  panels of dictators?  Do you think much else will emerge?

Place your bets, will it be a people's democracy?  An Islamist theocracy?  Continuity of military supported rule?

Divide between Islamists, liberals still threatens to splinter Egypt revolution

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #3

Our non-ally, ally, Pakistan, in the non-war, war in Pakistan is pissed.  Our, well, since it's bad make that NATO, helicopters fired on a Pakistani border checkpoint.  Our non-ally, ally has 24 fewer members as a result.  Needless to say the folks in Pakistan's government object to NATO violating Pakistan's sovereignty.  I'm sure NATO's generals in the ground spent countless seconds planning this fuck up.

Will the commanderator hand out medals?  Oh, don't forget, the track record of our aces in the field on denial of events pretty much sucks.  Hell it blows chunks.  They categorically deny, then say maybe, then say it occurred but not as bad as alleged, and finally admit to events far worse than originally alleged. Do they teach this shit in our military academies?

Pakistani officials say alleged NATO attack kills at least 24

Oh, it's time to adopt Ron Paul's position's on war, the military, and defense isn't it?

Southern Morons -- Virginia Branch

The Trogs of Virginia, known best for failing to secede from the Union, are not a forgiving folk.  As we listen to various candidates for federal office, we hear them condemn the feds.  The feds are too big.  The feds intrude on everyday life.  The feds are socialists (if a Democrat is in the White House).  The feds spend too much money.  The feds borrow too much and threaten the well-being of the unborn Trog taxpayer.  The feds are basically, evil (especially if Obama is in the White House).  If you follow Trogs running for federal office, you've heard their bullshit.  Of course, if they win, they will accept tax dollars in payment for their services, welcome a pension, and avail themselves of legal insider trading.  The federal dole is just so very bad.

The voters seem to listen to, agree with,  and vote for Trogs throughout Gritland.  They nod in agreement and cheer the end of the federal government.   At times I wonder if in their Civil War outcome resentment  they have forgotten they actually are part of the Union and even benefit from the Union.  If the feds end, it ends for all the States of the Union, not just the states that won the war in 1865.

I wonder, in Virginia, if any of the crackers have thought about what it would do the state's coffers if the feds did shut down?  In 2009, federal dollars comprised over 38% of the state's economic activity.  God, only knows how much is related and would disappear if the federal money left the state.  Right now Virginia is second only to Alaska in federal per capita expenditures by state.  The state may be diversified but I am confident that, absent the federal money,  it would return to the good old days that weren't within a month.

Virginia does need federal money, especially education dollars.

Virginia’s GOP targets government spending, a key driver of state’s economy

Friday, November 25, 2011


Occupy Wall Street


Here's a piece on trust, the GOP, and Willard. My question is, why would anyone trust a politician on anything other than their desire to be elected?  Trust assumes truth doesn't it?  Name one pol you trust.  Name one who is honest.  Name one that's not a narcissist who will do and say anything to be on stage.

A pox on all of them. The question we need to answer is given the duplicitous nature of any particular pol, how will that pol manage the office if we elect him or her to the sought office?  Look, both Obama and McCain did not exactly inspire us to trust them because they were so bloody truthful.  It really came down to whom do you want managing the store while we take a four year nap?  The better manager won.  Come on imagine the last three years if McAncient was opening the store everyday.  God, he could have died and Palin would be acting manager.  

Of the GOP dolts wanting votes, which would do the least damage to the store if we gave them the keys and went on vacation for four more years?  Now put that person up against Obama and ask the same question.  I think it's hands down the case that Obama sucks less than any of the Repubs.  Is he trustable? Not really.  Does he tell the truth?  Occasionally.  Will he do less damage than any of the Repubs?  Yes.

The GOP primary voters are pretty much idiots.  They focus on the wrong issues.   They used to belong to the Democrats.  The Dems should be thankful that the GOP took them away.

Mitt Romney still faces a trust deficit with GOP voters

I bet the GOP will do a WhichBarack soon


Reality Confirms Fantasy Is Actually Reality

Brownback's reaction to a made up tweet, confirms that the made up tweet actually contained an accurate assessment of him.  Yep, he really does suck.  Oh, forgot, it's Kansas, and in that land that left reality long, long ago all things suck so he should not have taken it personally.  To suck is to be normal in Kansas.   Can you imagine your job being to search Twitter and Facebook looking for sucky stuff written about your boss?  I wonder how that job is classified by the Bureau of Labor?

Kansas teen’s joking tweet about Brownback on Topeka trip creates a capital fracas

Sad But True

This is our government in action

Gee data gets stolen and it's just no ones fault.  Maybe we need to get the private sector out of the public sector.  At least that way when there's a fuck up we can fire some people.  Hell, that won't work, have you ever tried to fire a fed?  Gee, our government has become an irresponsible tax transfer payment system where no one does their job and when caught fucking up, it's really just okay.  How we get into this mess?  Can we unwind it?  I'd start by severing all contracts with SAIC.

Tricare military beneficiaries being informed of stolen personal data

Come on, tapes in someone's car?

Americans Elect?

Have you heard about Americans Elect?  This organization will field a candidate or two as an alternative to the Republican and Democratic flavors in 2012.   Here's piece on them.  Give it a read and tell me if you think their version of "American Idol Politics" will be any different than the two teams in the political bigs.  This is similar to a new league showing up in pro sports.  How long before the new league gets absorbed or fritters into oblivion?  The same people, the same money, the same ideas will make a difference?  You tell me will it make anything better?  At best we'd see three parties in the permanent campaign.

Moderate Americans Elect group hoping to add third candidate to 2012 election ballot

It's people. not professional pols, occupying voting booths who need to make a simple decision--politics is too important to leave to the professional pols.  What was that about the price of liberty?  Oh, yeah, vigilance.

Maybe Ron Paul Is More Right Than Crazy

We've all seen the failure of our elective representative democracy over the decades since 1980.  It has cratered with the Congressional super-committee fiasco.  Except for presidential elections, most of us don't vote.  Those of who do vote are handed two candidates, a Republican and a Democrat chosen by unknown professional pols.  We vote, less for the candidate and more for the party.  Actually we tend to  vote the way our parents did.   How can any of us really have a chance of knowing the candidates for Rep.?  Come on, it's one Rep for every 700,000 of us.  Does anyone think a speech or advertisement informs us truthfully about a candidate?  The Senate races are even worse.

Parties have one goal, that is to elect the greatest of their number to office.  It is their only mission, goal, and objective.  Nowhere in the mix is there any concern with actually governing, much less managing any part of our federal government.  All actions taken by elected officials are concerned with the next election.  We have been in a well funded, permanent campaign for so damned long.  It's going to get worse.

The current failure, fiscal and of our democracy,  will not stop with the feds cutting $1.2 trillion automatically, no it's going to ripple to wherever the money otherwise would have been spent.  Does your state receive any federal money?  Your County?  Your city?  Get ready for Congress to sink the good ship U.S.S. Lollipop and the entire fleet, just to win a future election.

It's time to occupy voting booths or we'll be forced to occupy lifeboats.

States expect budgetary fallout from ‘supercommittee’ failure

Oh, the Ron Paul ref, he tends to focus on the Constitution and talks about why we have government, what we want government to be able to do, how government will perform and how we will pay for the mess.   He's crazy in some respects, but in this area he makes sense.

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #8

For such a peaceful, in theory, kind of guy, the current commanderator seems to relish war.  War #8? Yep, it's Somalia.  The guy inherited two, hasn't finished either of them, and has added six more in three years.  There has to be a lot of reelection money obtained through war (defense spending).  I'm curious,  since WWII, how many of our little wars start in second terms?

Here's War #8--

U.S. intensifies its proxy fight against al-Shabab in Somalia

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Occupy Wall Street--They have the right idea

Since no one has been able to eliminate the business cycle, what makes for a longer expansion before we next do a fiscal crash and burn?.  What speeds the recovery in the first place?  Well, I'll be damned, if the gap between rich and poor is small, then the economy behaves better after the rich fuck it up and we;ve  all crashed and burned.  If the OWS folks will persist and the 1% will think for a minute, we might get back on track.  Income equality is good idea.

How Inequality Hurts the Economy

To make the gap smaller and keep it small, OWS needs to move toward occupying the voting booths--no parties, just people, one termers.  We don't need political leaders, just reasonable people.  

The Social Network Bulllitin Board

Give the site a look, see who's pinned what to the bullitin boards.  You might start one.

Here's the site--  Pinterest

Here are a couple of pieces about the site--

Pinterest stands out in crowded social media field

Why Image-Sharing Network Pinterest Is Hot

Pinterest Appeals to Online Collectors

Will we ever see a Cain again?

Not in the sense of idiotic ideas like federal pizzas for $9.99, lack of reading skills, or complete vacuity about life, the universe and everything else (he finds experts to tell them all about them, you know the leader vs.  reader thing).  No, those are normal traits of most pols.  It's the sex stuff.

Herm appears to have been a serial harasser.  There were some settlements.  Since Herm's groping days companies have changed.  The harassment hasn't ended, but the publicity and the legal record has vanished.  Companies have been moving towards mandatory arbitration--mandatory as in if you want a job you agree before you are harassed to settle it by double secret arbitration.  I bet Herm wishes he'd a thunk of that.  Oh, hold it, he does know much, much less think, he just finds the right experts...

The Silencing of Sexual Harassment

Gee, The Crazy Lady has a new book out

I noticed the Crazy Lady has a book out.  My first question was "Who wrote it?"  Within a few google seconds I found out--

Veteran Journalists Blast Pinkerton And Fox Over Bachmann Book Deal Secrecy

Privacy Paranoids Take Note

Soon, in a mall near you, they will know where you walk, where you stop, and when you shop.  They will link records.   They will monitor your every shopping moment.  They will use the chip they planted in your head when aliens probed your ass.  No, that's wrong they will just use your cell phone, electronic detectors and computers.  They will get you, be afraid.  Of course you can turn your cellphone off.  Oh, don't forget your aluminum foil hat.

Malls track shoppers' cell phones on Black Friday


In case you wondered whatever happened to this year's swamp fire--Officials declare Dismal Swamp fire out after 111 days

Which bit of lunacy will win?

Newtiepoo spoke kindly of illegal immigrants.  At least he didn't want to round them all up and deport them.  Hell, he even is willing to educate the kids.  Oh, an asshole from Texas said kind of the same thing.   Yeah, Perry went from being the winner to hanging out with Huntsman over that.

Will Trogs treat Gingrich to the Perry Plunge or keep him around as their last hope keep a Mormon from becoming their nominee?  Which bit of bigotry and hate will win?  Will Newt be rejected because he might even tolerate Hispanics?  Or will Newt accept anti-Mormon mantle and lead the pack of religious bigots?  What a party.

I'm so thankful that Nixon and Atwater took stole these folks away from the Democratic Party.  Actually it was a gift.

Gingrich may risk 'Perry Plunge' over immigration stance


The other day, Mrs. Jake asked me, "if you had to pick a religion to practice, which one would it be?"

I asked for clarity.  "Do you mean a Christian flavor?"

She responded, "Praise Jesus."

I thought a bit, but not too long.  Then I told her, "Assuming, I have the correct conception of their faith, I would be a Quaker."

Pomp and priest free silence in church is nice (no war, tolerance, liberty based on the golden rule slso are not to shabby.  Oh, if you're Catholic, have you gotten your cheat sheet for worship yet?

Will Catholic Mass changes cause mass confusion?

GOP Primary Trogs

The Trogs are bigots, especially the Southern and Mid-Western flavors.  Their current dominant manifestation of bigotry is religious.   Why do they keep searching for the anti-Romney?  Mormonism, it's that simple.  Ask yourself, if any other candidate who surged to the top, had been Mormon, would he or she have surged much less been in the race at all?  The evangefundies want religious freedom, yes, they want this nation to be free of all religions except theirs.

Romney’s Mormon Faith Likely a Factor in Primaries, Not in a General Election


PolitiFact.comFollow us on Twitter

Our guide about what to say to the uncle who sends those chain e-mails

At Thanksgiving dinner, there's probably a good chance you'll end up sitting beside your uncle.

You love your uncle, but you could do without all those chain e-mails that he forwards to you, the ones that claim the government is forcing you to get rid of your light bulbs, that "Obamacare" is going to put a tax on home sales and that President Barack Obama fits the biblical description of the Antichrist. (Note to uncles: We're not really singling you out. Chain e-mails get forwarded by aunts, grandparents and plenty of other relatives.)

So as part of our Message Machine partnership with NPR, PolitiFact has put together this handy guide to chain e-mails and other viral messages. Hide it under the green bean casserole and you can pull it out if your uncle brings up the chain e-mails.

Meanwhile, we've also done a few fact-checks on last night's CNN-think tank debate:

To show the need for more skilled immigrants, Michelle Bachmann said that Steve Jobs
told President Obama that he needed to put his factories in China because he needed 30,000 engineers. We rated that True.

Rick Perry said the United States could shut down Iran's economy if it put sanctions on the Iranian central bank. We rated that Half True.

We've got several other fact-checks we'll be posting, so check the site in the next few days.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Even The Feds Do Black Friday

U.S. Government Bookstore

The budget needs a Congressional Holiday

If we can shift Congress into idle, then we will all be better off fiscally.  We will have tax increases and spending cuts if no does a damn thing.  Send those cards and letters to Congress.  Tell them to extend a thumb, drop their trousers and insert a thumb in their ass.  They can then perch and rotate until Jan. 2, 2013.  We will all be better off.

I do have to admit that most members of Congress can't find their assholes, there are so many holes in the ground in D.C.  As long as they find a hole, we'll be okay.  Encourage them to sit and pivot.  We need a do nothing Congress, it's better than the do something Congresses that have made our current mess since 1980.

Wonkbook: The GOP's dual-trigger nightmare

Bless my national security

The Crazy Lady is so desperate for attention she will blab secrets for votes and donations.

Bachmann may have leaked classified information during GOP debate

Wit this attention to detail, would you want him anywhere near the red button?

Mitt Romney Flip Flops On His Own Name

Occupy Wall Street--UC DAVIS BRANCH

If the Chanellor is not lying, then fire all of the cops who used and abetted the use of pepper spray.  There is no fog of protest appeal.

UC Davis chancellor: Police defied my orders by using pepper spray

Better yet, fire her and the cops just to be sure.

Now if the rest of 34 Governors would follow his lead...

Oregon governor declares moratorium on death penalty

 I doubt they will. In states that kill, the governor should be the executioner. The executions should be public. A guillotine should be used--it's as humane as you can get.  The governor should be the one who pulls the lanyard and off their heads. It should be very, very public.  The head should roll down the steps of each states capitol building. If people are unwilling to do this, then bag state killing.

Quiz time

Who has a higher approval, Congress or Castro?

Congress’ approval problem in one chart

Just for the hell of it

Pols and truth mix about as well as oil and vinegar.  Shake them up, it may look good, but wait a second and we are back to pols and their lies.  We must enjoy it, we vote for the behavior.  What kind of dressing do you want on your salad?

Fact checking the CNN national security debate

Trog Nation Fear Debate

If you watched the debate you know that in order to defend ourselves we must be offensive.  We are well defended.  There's not that much difference between Dems and Trogs on much of the national security bullshit--both parties are well endowed by the MIC.  Each side will call each other names and accuse the others of weakness.  Both defend through offense.  It's about the same across six of the eight trogs.

However, two Trogs made a bit of sense.  Huntsman sees our security coming less from drones and troops offending others around the world and more from our domestic performance--a strong economy under a strong constitutional government where all people are able to pursue life, liberty and happiness.  If we are admired we are on the road to a solid defense.

Ron Paul made the most sense, but he's a Libertarian.  His views offend those who prosper from war and the defense industry.  Dems and Trogs think he's nuts.  However, if you give it a bit of thought I think a lot of people will come to the conclusion that Mr. Paul is not the one who is nuts.

Gingrich may have stepped in it.  He pulled a Perry on immigration.   Given that he used a bit more eloquent language than Perry did in a prior debate, we'll have to wait and see if his language and being the last anti-Romney (anti-Mormon) standing will offset his otherwise GOP repulsive amnesty suggestion.  I think he'll do okay--Romney hate trumps consistency more and more as we get closer and closer to actual votes.

The debate was not scintillating or much else.  Hell, the audience was the spookiest part. It was full of rich old white guys who profit from pandering to fear of others.  It was sponsored by the Heritage Foundation and AEI.  Oh, the nation's first comb licker (Wolfowitz) was in the audience, but he was not caught licking his comb on camera.

GOP candidates express differences on national security and terrorism

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


If you listen to pundits and pols Congress has really fucked up, again.  However lets get some perspective.  Assume they keep on fucking up, from now throughout all of 2012.  Damn, the budget and deficit will begin to fix itself since the Bush tax cuts will expire.  As the tax cuts expire, more revenue will come in and less will be borrowed.  The debt mess will settle down return to normal.  Gee we might, if the economy also improves and Congress does nothing at all, return to normal.

Now what about the $1.2 trillion.  According to the asshole in the Pentagon, Panetta, we'll be without any defense all  if they have to absorb about $500 billion in cuts.  Uh, can I hear a bullshit or three.  Sure, the Defense budget will be reduced by $50 billion a year beginning in 2013 for ten years.  That does not mean the budget gets smaller. It will continue to grow just not as fast.

Look, using crude number from 2013 through 2023 we'll still spend about $44 trillion without any cuts.  With the cuts we'll spend about $42.8 trillion.  That's a whopping 3% over ten years.  Is that a cut or what?

I'd suggest we get rid of all incumbents and elect people who will do what's needed to set our fiscal house in order.  They can do it in two years since we really should not ever reelect anyone to any federal office at all.  

A tale of Two Polls

Déjà vu for New Hampshire polling?

I think part of the message is Republicans don't like Willard (that still means they will not elect a Mormon president). Again I ask this, if Newt were also Mormon, do you really think he'd be the current anti-Romney flavor of the month? Damn, if Newt were LDS that might mean Ass Juice* might finally have been the anti-Romney. Hmm, are we glad that Newt in Catholic?  Repub stuff is mind numbing.

*Santorum, go ahead and google him. 

Now it's kids

Sandusky has two more charges of sex with kids, both are still under 18.

Occupy Obama? Bullshit! Occupy Voting Booths

Occupy Wall Street folks, New Hampshire branch, showed up at an Obama rally, and had a chat.  Obama  was a decent sort, his fans less so.  OWS made it's point, but the real point was not made.  Obama, despite being a decent sort, was polite and a bit oblique in support. OWS does not need nor should it want support from any elected office holder or former office holder.  Obama is part of the problem, OWS folks need to understand that.

Both parties, all of them, and Bernie Sanders too, made the mess.  They will not fix it.  OWS should not waste time with any politician or TV pundit.  It's one thing if pols come to OWS, but OWS need not and should not go to them.  As far as the next election goes, vote for Obama but begin occupying voting booths so that a major surprize will occur in 2016 and maybe a few in 2012. Vigilance is time consuming and hard work.  If it's all protests then what will alter the current course we are on?

Obama responds to Occupy protesters in N.H.

More than you ever want to know about Ponzis

Ponzimonium: How Scam Artists Are Ripping Off America

Want to know about Super Pacs

Uncoordinated Coordination: Six Reasons Limits on Super PACs Are Barely Limits at All

Serious Junkies Take Note

It's exhausting.  Another GOP debate.  This time it's all GOP paranoia,  national security.  Wow, let's get breathless as we listen to the candidates bash Commies Iran and all of other enemies.  Who is the nation's greatest foe?  I'm sure Perry will mention Obama's name.  We'll learn that Obama must hate this nation since he has made us less safe.  Who will be the most win the bizarro award?  I'm counting on Newt.  Who will eat batshit on stage?  Who else, but the Crazy Lady!  Who is the only one who will make sense?  Well, actually there are two, Paul and Huntsman.

November 22, 20118pm ET on CNN
Location: DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, DC
Sponsor: CNN, The Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute
Participants: Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Huntsman, Paul, Perry, Romney, Santorum

Deja Vu Last Year At This Time

Egypt.  Tahrir Square.  Cops.  Army.  Revolting Arabs.  It must an Arab Winter in Egypt.  Come on, free and fair elections to promote and spread freedom, liberty and democracy in an Ismalic Arab nation?  Stay tuned for the seasons to come and go, come and go without end.

Egyptian protesters rally in Tahrir Square for fourth day

They were at 9%

After their outstanding performance to tackle the deficit via the super comittee, surely Congress can attain 7% approval.  Can they go lower?  Of course they can. How?  Well, get ready for the loons to bicker and spicker (that's spitting while bickering, I hope they all carry towels).  They will spicker over the payroll tax cut.  Have you set your TIVO to C-Span yet?

How do we determine who will advocate what?  That's easy, we go to the While House and ask Obama "what's your preference?"  Our nation's ace manager wants the tax cut to be re-newed.  Okay, that means all GOOPERs will vote for a payroll tax increase.  Collectively, they are the anti-Obama.  Dems will defend keeping the cut in place or even cutting it more.  See, with this year end fight Congress might even hit 4%.  Are negative approvals possible?

What's worse than Congress?  Oh, that has to be the 1/3 to 1/2 of us who voted for these buffoons.  We have consistently, shown remarkably bad taste.

Congress prepares for payroll tax battle

Gee, I thought they had buried this one already

Come on, when it comes to disabled bodied cannon fodder, no one in DOD or Congress really gives a shit.  Those suckers are expensive and make you fell uncomfortable when you show up for a photo op with them.   They even care less about dead cannon fodder, but at least they are a one time sunk expense.  There's a new general in charge of investigating the Dover AFB MissingBodyPartsGate.  Gee, I can hardly wait....

Abizaid to head inquiry into Dover mortuary scandal

Occupy The Chancellor's Office--UC Davis

Golly a dozen students at a university sat down on a sidewalk to protest increased tuition.  It's so disruptive.  It might offend some big donor.  Quick send in the campus cops.  Campus cops are fully armed and outfitted these days.  Campus cops come with all that ninja cop black riot gear made for the beer-bellied dispensers of pepper spray.  Hey, someone took a video.  The world has seen UC Davis's tribute to free speech.  Ooops.   The chancellor is sorry.  Well, she's sorry about the vid, do you really thinks she gives a shit about what her cops did for her to clear the sidewalk?  No way, she's a fund raising entertainment director.

If Linda Katehi feels so horrible and just doesn't want to be the chancellor of last Friday's university ever again, there is an easy way she can make that happen. She can quit. However, before she does, she needs to be sprayed just like the kids were on her campus by her cops.  Ditto for those brave men in black.  It's so easy to be in charge until you have to make decisions that actually matter.

  UC Davis students erect new encampment, continue protesting police use of pepper spray

The GOP Wants Child Labor

Newtiepoo wants to return to the good old days--the best was always yesterday.   Yes, I cannot wait to re-establish a manufacturing base built on the backs of children laboring in 12 hour shifts, seven days a week.  Well, the 40 hour week needs to stricken down too, doesn't it.  The rich old white guys will say anything for a vote and a piece of silver.  The sad part is there are things out there who will agree and then  vote for this bile.

Gingrich calls child labor laws ‘truly stupid’

Monday, November 21, 2011

I bet this bit of logic only cuts one way

This is from Ron Paul's website on abortion

Because he agrees with Thomas Jefferson that it is “sinful and tyrannical” to “compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors,” Ron Paul will also protect the American people’s freedom of conscience by working to prohibit taxpayer funds from being used for abortions, Planned Parenthood, or any other so-called “family planning” program.

Okay what other than abortion do you disbelieve and abhor?  War?  Business subsidies?  Ethanol?  I don't like interstate highways, so don't make me pay gas taxes.  I don't like public health, so no taxes for any kind of government health stuff.  I don't like Congress, so don't compel me to pay for Congressional pay.  It can get pretty silly, there's at least 25,000 people who can be found to dis believe and abhor anything in every state and in this nation.  The logic is bewildering.  Don't hide behind a Jefferson partial quote, just acknowledge that you're appealing to the Jesus jockeys and be honest about it.  I one is dedicated to liberty, shouldn't it just be a matter of choice?    

Congressional Failure

I wonder, if no one was running for reelection would we have avoided the budget/debt/deficit debacle?  I bet we would have.  I'll even go so far to say, if no way ever ran for reelection we would not have had the financial meltdown of 2008.  If people opt for one term of public service they can be a skosh more rational then we might expect.  When they return for seconds, well, that's when their minds turn to treacle.

In a Congress of one termers, we would not have needed Simpson-Bowles, Gangs of Six, Gangs of whatever and definitely would not have had to put up with the total bullshit of the super committee.  Funny how lust for power keeps folks from doing the right thing for anyone but themselves.  Maybe we need to throw all of them out and pretty much never reelect anyone to an office.  Is there any way to institutionalize rational political behavior?

Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray is hot and hazardous to living things!

Our past. What's in our future

The Boston Massacre--

Kent State --

And Now


UC Davis--

Who serves whom?

The 1% Are Known by The Acts of Their Agents

The chancellor and the chief ought to pepper spray themselves.

UC Davis Pepper-Spraying: Police Chief Put On Leave, Chancellor To Speak

Any investigation is going to amount to bullshit. A couple of cops will take the fall and all will be right with the world? The rot starts at the top.

 UC president vows to review police procedures at campuses

If we need to occupy public Universities, it begins by occupying the voting booths and electing those of the 99%, who will serve the 99% by working for the 99%, 99% of the time.  Get the money out, and life gets better.

Shut it down

When football fans bully the victims of Sandusky's child abuse, there's something very, very wrong in that society.  It's sick.  It's demented.  Shut the damn program down for good.

Penn State Scandal: Bullying of Alleged Victim Prompts Paterno to Speak Out

Bloomburg Occupies the TV

It's almost out of Bush's playbook.  Got a political problem?  Then roll out a bit of terrorism will kill you stuff.  Stoke the fears.  Hold a big press conference.  Who will care about Wall Street when bombers are going to blow us up.  You know the one-percenters game.

Terror suspect had started making bombs, New York police say

This is Newt!

Bullshit in Iowa

Gee, Newtiepoo is rising in the polls.  The GOP's Iowa corn-holes are taking another look at him. Why?  Well it might be that --

...Gingrich’s sudden emergence can be explained in a word: debates. He has impressed Iowa activists with his command of the issues and his stage presence, from shaping what other candidates are saying to staring down moderators from the media. His debate performances have overshadowed the earlier doubts many harbored.

Right, that's pure bullshit. The Iowa corn-holes are evagefundie Christian corn-holes. The two best candidates are Mormons. Okay, now why are the corn-holes suddenly attracted to a flip-flopping gasbag like Newt?  In a word, he's a Catholic corncob.   There's nothing like the politics of religious bigotry.  It's so very American.

Another Idiot Crashes

The GOP has made an art form out of candidates soaring towards the Sun of nomination only to crash and burn as daylight is shed upon them.  They have mastered the craft of the bungled answer to simple questions.  Who's the latest to hoist himself  on his own petard of personal  incompetence?  It's Herm the Pizza guy.  He's soared with sparrows, but now burrows with worms.  How did he come to rest in his own phlegm bad of boobosity?

Herman Cain wins “Worst Week in Washington”

Fuck it, Occupy Congress!

Gee, even with a 9% approval rating, Congressmen knew they could go lower. They have stepped up to the plate. They have served their personal interests. They have, as usual, failed us, the 99%.  Sadly, they may have done the "right" thing.  Most of them will be reelected, that's how we show our approval or disapproval.  This sucks.

It's time to occupy voting booths so we can occupy Washington, D.C. Oh, what did Congress fuck up this time? It's that super-committee thing. The same folks who made our fiscal mess cannot bring themselves to fix their creation, since it's only a mess for everyone but the 1% and the 535 assholes in Congress and the one boob in the White House. This is the politics of the 1%, they bought and paid for it.  It's how the 1% want us to live.  Does anyone feel like they are pursuing happiness these days?  The 1% have attained their goals. Are they our goals?

If we don't like it, then we have to Occupy the Vote. Please occupy it, the 1% and their minions cannot help themselves and will not help anyone else.  If the price of liberty is eternal vigilance, how do we pay the price?  We pay the price by permanently occupying Main Street and our home streets, so we can occupy the voting booths and occupy the vote.  In that way we can always occupy Wall Street.  If we do so now, we have a tomorrow.  If we don't, well, I'll you complete the sentence...

Debt supercommittee members brace for failure

Sunday, November 20, 2011

We all know this is so very wrong.  Whom do the cops really serve?  Who is calling up school presidents, Mayors, and other officials to demand that they spray the people away?  It's not the 99%.  Why do officials respond?  Yeah, it's their incomes speaking.  Greed has won at so may levels?  Is there a University president left who is still a scholar, an academic?  They are so at home on Wall Street.  Should we have expected much else from them?  

UC Davis pepper-spraying raises questions about role of police

Of Course Obama Will Get the Votes

Look, it's not about loyalty, being a Democrat or much else.  The election is about the alternatives.  Come on, if you voted for Obama in 2008, is there any alternative in 2012?  It's vote for Obama or someone who is 100% batshit crazy--come on, it's improbabe, but Rick Santorum is still in the race!

There is not a single person running for the office in the GOP who is worth a drop of cold spit.  A lot of Obama votes will not be for him, they will be against the alternative.  I hope it doesn't go to his head, victory, no matter how large, will not give him a mandate, it will just mean there were fewer reasons to reject him rather than his opponent.  Wow, the politics of personal rejection!  

President Obama’s base of support remains solid heading into 2012

How much do you have to accept?

Ron Paul is a Libertarian in an elephant suit.  This nation may need a big dose of Libertarian emetic to rid the body politic of the current Democrats and Republicans.  Ron Paul has some good ideas, but he's so out to lunch on others.  How much of a candidate's politics do we have to accept to accept him or her?

I part ways with Mr. Paul when he begins to yammer about god pulls a half-faithiness on us.  He does not need to.  I have serious trouble with him on abortion.  There is no reason for any state to restrict abortion.   It should not even be a subject of public discussion.  We each live our lives with as much liberty and freedom as we can sustain in our culture and society.   Funny how liberty seems to go just so far, is it the elephant suit talking?  What proportion or mix is minimum for support?  When Mr. Paul discusses war, our military, and defense, I more than nod my head in agreement.  He's on target.  Would Paul be better than Obama?  Why or why not?  Can Libertarians Occupy Wall Street?  

GOP Circle Yak in Iowa--Faithy Debate

They sat at a table.  They emoted.  They cried for Jesus.  They yakked off.  They each endeavored to prove themselves the frothiest of faithful Christian candidates.  Note, Huntsman and Romney were not at the table.  It was the Iowa Family Leader Forum.  I watched it on the web.  Did you?

All of them, other than Ron Paul, were at best, pathetic.  Look, folks, I know the songs too.  And I know that each candidate was humming  "Jesus Loves Me, But He Can't Stand You" as Frank Lutz became the born again's Dr. Phil of assisted testimony to gain votes in the upcoming caucus.   It was sadly, sick and funny.  They people are mean.  They enjoy hate.  While praising secular law, they demand it conform to god's law.  Isn't that just christianized sharia law?  These folks are Christians?  This is serious reality TV.  

It really makes me wonder what kind of people live in Iowa.

Will Occupy Wall Street Make it Through the Winter

I hope so.  However, when Winter comes in, if it's like last year, it will be a bust.  Maybe it's time to pull back, find a den, turn on some metal, and hibernate for a few months.  Plan for 2012.  Plan for a new kind of protest.  Occupy, yeah, but occupy voting booths.  As long as we have elections, voters decide the fate of the nation.  Imagine the changes if all of us voted to occupy the nation!

Why Occupy Wall Street will keep up the fight

Religion, As Usual, Just Plain Sucks

Gee, you've decided to live on Fantasy Island with Jesus.  He loves you and your family.  Hey, you are feeling all warm and fuzzy.  It's so good to get together with others on Sunday and groove on J.C.  Gee, if you're Catholic your kids can even be in the front of the worship room.  Well, that is, unless your kid is a girl, then you have to keep 'em barefoot in the pews, cause silly believer,  church is for boys.  Like I said, religion sucks.

Protests of Va. parish’s move away from altar girls reflects wider Catholic debate

Oh, if you must remain on Fantasy Island, there is one item you can use to force the guys to let the gals participate. Yeah, it's called money. Boycott donations until the Church decides to become a human organization.

Why Occupy Wall Street?

That's easy to answer--

US Census: One In Three Americans Now Considered 'Near Poor'

Politics 101

Want to know why you can get really pissed with government?  Simple it's the people in office.  Look how much difference is there really between Bush and Ahmadinejad?

What's all that different between between a tyrant and a democratic ruler?  Is the difference really just a convenient fiction?  Consider that governments do not differ in kind, but differ only in the number of essential supporters, or backs that need scratching. The number of and size of essential groups determines almost everything about politics.  Think this is bullshit?  Before you reject it out of hand, consider--

It's Good to Be Boss

Occupy Air Space

Now that Newtiepoo, at last night's Jesus jockey debate and cry fest,  has told us that all of the OWS folks need to take a bath and get a job, I guess it safe for us all to return to our hippie roots and support OWS.  Ah, the hippie days, say, how have the OWS hippies done at Berkley?  Well, the cops did evict them.  The University thralls of the 1% banned tents on campus or some shit like that.  Wait a minute, one should never underestimate a dedicated hippie who knows how to get high--

Occupy protesters return to UC Berkeley

Congressional Insider Trading

Gee, you are a dumbshit from Stinking Creek, Anywhere USA.  You are affable.  People like you.  You decide to run for Congress.  You get elected.  You like the job.   You get reelected a lot.  You retire after several terms.  By then you are a millionaire because, over the course of your "public service," you discovered you have a rare skill.  You can pick winning stocks in every trade.  Come on, you know that's bullshit, unless as a member of Congress you can use insider information that would make anyone else a cellmate of  Bernie Madoff's.  Think not?  Well, give this a read and you may want to buy the book--

Congress Sucks 


With respect to violence in everyday life, would you rather be alive today, in 2011, or say yesterday in 1011?  Are we less violent today?  If you are intrigued by the notion of a more peaceful modernity,   then here's book you might be interested in--

Is Violence History?

Newtiepoo et al

Newt Gingrich is what a stupid person thinks a smart person sounds like.  Well, he's leading in the polls now.  What does that tell us about the GOP primary voters?

Is Newt a political sociopath?  Does he justify whatever he's doing at the moment regardless of what he's said and done in the past since he lacks any sense of ethical responsibility or political conscience?  His only consistent idea is that of self promotion and personal enrichment.

 Hmm, if it's come down to Newtiepoo and Willard, aren't they really the same candidate? They lack a core since both have flip-flopped on every major GOP issue of the day and both will say and do anything to impress the potential voter of the moment.

The GOP has two real candidates. They both are ignored. What will happen if Ron Paul wins Iowa and comes in second in New Hampshire after Jon Huntsman? I know it's a bit of a stretch, but check out Paul's Iowa numbers, he's number two in a couple of them. Huntsman has been on the hustings in NH. If voters, nauseated by the other possibilities,  decide to vote with their brains instead of their sick fantasies, then maybe we'll see Jon Boy and Ron in the lead on the way to SC.

Faster than a speeding photon

Here's an overview the Speed of Light news.