Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cutting through the Bullshit

Cain just announced in a speech larded with BS, that's he suspending his campaign.   I expect he'll get a gig on FOX by Monday.  Herman Cain, he's just the latest  success in a new American career, the failed campaigner.

The Anti-Willard Condition

As each candidate has risen, he has fallen.  Each has been the GOP's solution to their Romney problem.  Unfortunately, each has been flawed.  Within a month of soaring, each has crashed and burned.  None are  out of the race, but none are really in the race anymore.  Does anyone really think Bachmann, Perry, or Cain have a chance?  Now Gingrich is soaring, but he has so much baggage, he's going to be seen as worse than Romney once he loses the "I'm not Mitt" luster.  Is there anyone left?  Well, there is ass juice, Santorum, but come on, even the GOP won't do ass juice.  How about Ron Paul?  Well, he's crazy and is really a Republican.  That's it, unless, hold it, it that some Huntmentum?

Conservatives Starting To Catch On That Jon Huntsman Is A Conservative

Newtie Lore

I have known Gingrich if full of shit for decades.  All I had to do was listen to him, it's obvious, he's a gasbag who has good memory and has developed a speaking style that is not conducive to discussion, analysis, or exploration.  I didn't know quite how to refer to all the crap he has spewed for so long.  Then today, I heard a line that captures Newt.  Newt spews the high canon of wingnuttery.

Here's some good news

Since the 2010 midterm elections, the Tea Party has not only lost support nationwide, but also in the congressional districts represented by members of the House Tea Party Caucus. And this year, the image of the Republican Party has declined even more sharply in these GOP-controlled districts than across the country at large.

As the GOP allowed it's right wing of the right wing to take over the party as teabaggers, folks who supported the tea party have realized they've been shafted. The shafter is the GOP, the shaftees are the voters who bought into the bullshit in the first place. Maybe the teaparty types need to bag the need for leaders and join with the Occpy Wall Street folks. If you let the GOP or Dems into your house they will take it over and shaft you out of existence.

Marriage, Fidelity, and the Voter

It appears most of us don't give a rats about serial monogamists.  Marry, divorce, remarry, divorce, another marriage and so on is okay with about 85% of us as voters.   That's interesting, especially when we learn that about about half of us will not support a guy who is married but has a current or very recent zipper problem.

Yep, extra-marital affairs are a no-no.  Hold it, aren't most serial monogamists, serial because they had affairs that led to the divorce and next marriage and kind of developed a pattern of behavior?.   I guess that means, Newt is okay today, but Herm is toast.  If Newt has found number four and the press finds out, then he'd be toast too.

57% - Extramarital Affairs, Political Candidates and Public Opinion

Are you "Green?"

All that "green" energy is cool, right?  It will save the planet since "green" is "clean" and renewable.  That makes the future look a bit better.  We tap the sun, the wind, the earth's heat to meet our energy needs.  Hell, they're not like coal or oil are they?  Oil is finite, we can suck it all and clog the air with carbon as we burn the last drop.  Okay, the wind is just there.  Well, before you feel too good, where did the windmill come from?  What kind of materials go into it's manufacture?  How about solar cells?  Hey, if water a finite resource?  Read on--

The myth of renewable energy

Bomb, Bomb, Iran?

Are you on board with terminating Tehran?  After all the latest IAEA report led our pols to rattle those sabers, especially at a GOP debate.  Full of fear?  Are you sure the Persians are aching to nuke the world?  Well, if so then you probably want Herman Cain for President.  After all, he's the one who says we need leaders and not readers.  I bet he also want illiterate followers.  Give this short piece a read and then let's talk about "leaders."

Chain reaction: How the media has misread the IAEA's report on Iran

From Bob Park

WHAT'S NEW Robert L. Park Monday, 30 Nov 2011 Washington, DC

1. BIRTH CONTROL: IT'S NOW PART OF OUR NATIONAL HEALTH POLICY. Earth’s population reached 7 billion this month. As WN pointed out two years ago (WN 19 Jun 09) that's double what it was in 1968, the year Stanford biologist Paul Ehrlich warned of desperate shortages in "The Population Bomb." Julian Simon, a libertarian economist at the University of Maryland, challenged Ehrlich to a public wager on a list of commodity prices. Ehrlich lost on every point, but the real loser was the environment: anthropogenic climate change, vast floating garbage patches in ocean gyres, starvation in parts of the world, the Hubbert peak in oil production, perpetual warfare etc. But there was also good news in 1968; "the Pill," a combined-hormone oral contraceptive, was approved by the FDA. The Pill is arguably the most important technological invention in history, and last week the Obama administration made it clear that health insurance plans are required to cover birth-control expenses without co-pays. The policy follows the recommendation of the Institute of Medicine, but prompted protests from Catholic bishops who will have fewer souls to save. An editorial in the New York Times called the policy a “proud achievement” of the administration.

2. CURIOSITY ROVER: WHY PEOPLE AREN'T GOING TO MARS. You may have noticed that Martian landscapes photographed by Rovers are pretty drab compared to Earth landscapes taken by Ansell Adams. The problem is not the cameras or the lighting. Rocks, even red ones, simply do not Yellowstone Park make. The Mars lobby insists we should be touring the red planet with humans rather than soulless machines. But even if we could find astronauts with the artistic instincts of Ansell Adams, the Mars quest is for life to which we are not related. Astronauts would be compelled to spend perhaps nine months waiting for the appropriate conjunction of Earth and Mars. Unless a way could be found to suspend their diurnal rhythms during those months, the risk of contaminating Mars with Earth life seems unacceptably high. The difficulty of mounting a human mission to Mars is probably sufficient to keep us from doing something foolish. Meanwhile, the evolution of our Rovers with every generation is a wonder to behold. Humans, by contrast, have not noticeably improved in 200,000 years. A huge advance in Rover technology in Curiosity is the use of RTG technology to provide power.

3. PU-238: RADIOISOTOPE THERMOELECTRIC GENERATORS. Previous Mars rovers have all relied on batteries or solar panels for energy. Alas, they have problems in dust storms, and Mars is a dusty planet. For all of our deep space missions, however, we have relied on radioisotope thermoelectric generators, RTGs. It is the most reliable and longest duration electric power generation system ever devised, but we're running out of plutonium 238. We'll talk more about it in the next issue.

4. SPEED OF LIGHT: IT'S STILL THE SPEED LIMIT. The only thing faster is the speed at which the media goes to print with unverified accounts that seem to violate natural law.

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Finalists announced for 2011 Lie of the Year

Later this month, we'll announce PolitiFact's Lie of the Year -- the most significant falsehood of 2011, as chosen by the editors and reporters on the PolitiFact National staff. We're reviewing claims we've rated False or Pants on Fire and will choose the one that played the biggest role in the national discourse.
Today we're announcing our 10 finalists, which range from the claim by many Democrats that Republicans voted to end Medicare, to the
statement from Rep. Michele Bachmann that the HPV vaccine can cause mental retardation.

As in past years, we'd like to hear from you. Please vote for your favorite for the coveted Readers' Choice Award. (In previous years, both readers and the PolitiFact staff have selected the same falsehoods.)

What's your choice for lie of the year?

Friday, December 2, 2011


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Vacation Alert

Even though no one in their right mind would take a vacation to Egypt right now, if you are not right minded and have had a hankering to visit Cairo and tour the pyramids, then you better get over there now.  Otherwise, you will have to visit after Egypt is transformed into a Islamic nation like Iran.  Be afraid, the Muslim brotherhood is winning the election.  Of course the military will determine what that means, but I'd still get your Egyptian holiday over with now.  If the wrong folks win in a democratic election does that mean it wasn't a democratic election?

Egypt must wait longer for landmark poll results

Tough Choice?

Assume that after Iowa only two boobs remained standing.  Whom would you pick, assuming the boobs were Ron Paul and Newtiepoo?

Oh, crazy uncle Ron does not think the Newt is a conservative.

Ron Paul video hits Gingrich for 'serial hypocrisy'

Is Newt a conservative?  If he is, then what is Ron Paul, a super-conservative?  Which would make a better president?  

Packing Heat

Well actually it's packing the zap, as in Tasers.  Forty four states approve of stun gun packing. Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Michigan and D.C. currently only allow cops to stun others.

Michigan may decide to allow ordinary folks to join the daze 'em with the tase brigade.  Did you think they were legal or no? I never gave it any thought, but assumed since there were no bullets, who cared about anyone packing a zapper on their belt.  Hmm, can a stunner carry their electronics into a bar? Can they get drunk and stun?

Michigan may join states that allow carrying of stun guns

Merchants of Death

The guy does not understand.  Our side sells good guns to the other side, that way our side has to invest in  even better guns so we can outgun the good guns.  The we sell the better guns to the other side and we agian have to invest.  Okay you get the idea.  The merchant of death business has not changed over the centuries.  The poor guy should have read "The Arms of Krupp" before he took the job.

Medal of Honor recipient sues defense firm, alleges retaliation

Only in the USA and only in California!

L.A. porn condom initiative moves closer to ballot


Over the past several years commodities traders made us all take it in the shorts over the cost of gasoline.  We're still taking it.  Now, they have expanded into cotton.  Get ready to take it in the shorts, literally.  Will this make a futures market in tidy whities?

Speculators drive cotton price volatility, hurting farmers and consumers 

Throw them all out

That's the title of a book and some pretty good advice.  Congresstypes can engage in what would otherwise be illegal insider trading bccause it's not illegal for them to do so.  They do so as the book demonstrates.  It kind of makes you wonder about Congress types, they get huffy and indignant over even the suggestion that any member would engage in any kind of unethcal or illegal act.  Well we have the book.  Now do I hear any questions about quid pro quo?

Bill to ban insider trading in Congress is suddenly popular

One more time.  Voters need to use their votes to limit terms of office to one term for all offices.  Voters need to use their votes to rid themselves of the Democratic and Republican parties.  Never reelect anyone, ever.

Makes You Proud

The U.S. is the world's leading arms merchant. If a gun goes off, a bomb explodes, or a gas canister goes pop, it was probably sold to its owner by a U.S. firm.  Despots around the world turn to the USA for the stuff they need to remain secure in their rule.  We sell them the guns and now we help them determine which of their people they need to kill ASAP.  Yes, we lead the world in selling surveillance technology.

With our tech, tyrants can find a potential insurgent and off him with one of our really fine guns before he puts the in, in surgency.  Makes you proud to be an American doesn't it?

Trade in surveillance technology raises worries


With respect to food safety, whom do you trust, the FDA or Consumer's Reports?  I have a feeling the overwhelming majority of folks think the FDA is in the pocket of all the industries they"regulate."  When did Congress and the White House sell the FDA?  I wonder how much they were paid?

Is their any part of our federal government that you trust?  I used to trust NOAA but Obama shafted that bit of trust when BP contaminated the Gulf.   Trust?  Of what?

Consumer Reports finds alarming levels of arsenic in apple and grape juices

Flip, now hold that flop?

Willard is wildly seen as a flip-flopper.  Dems just think he's a lying bastard who will do and say anything to get the GOP nomination.  Republicans seem to piggy back on the Dems's perception.  They also call him a flip-flopper.  As such they can't trust him.  It they can't trust him then he can't be their nominee, right?

Why does the GOP follow the Dem's logic?  That's easy, it's because they don't want to be called bigots.  They would be called bigots it they were honest about why they think Willard isn't trustable.  Have you forgotten Willard is a devout Mormon?  Is Willard a flip-flopper?  Well, to me, he will always say anything to anyone at any time for a vote, it's not his religion, it's his party.  Uh, for others, maybe we should ask about the facts?

Mitt Romney: Flip-flopper or not?

Once again, if Newt were Mormon would he the GOP's current anti-Romney rising star?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Damn She Must Be From Texas

Michele Bachmann: U.S. Embassy In Iran (Which Doesn't Exist) Would Be Closed Under My Watch

It has started

From being a idealized school, Penn State will become a tawdry shell of itself from the wreckage done by its pedophiles and their abettors.   The Civil Suits have begun--

Sandusky, Penn State facing first civil suit

Crony Capitalism--We Really Need A Lot of OWS

Hank Paulson gave out insider info on Fannie and Freddie to Hedge Fund managers.  It's hard to say if they in turn made a profit.  Read the piece form ProPublica and if you're inclined follow the link to Bloomberg.  Now ask yourself, even though it's now ObamaCo rather than the Shrub's crew, what's new? Crony Capitalism? Hank Paulson’s Extraordinary Meeting

Gift Ideas

Having a spot of trouble finding a gift.  Maybe Uncle Sam can help--



What it Cain drops out and becomes an analyst for FOX tomorrow(I think he can sell books on the air).  Then what if Santorum and Bachmann realize they are losers and also drop out.  Finally just after Christmas Perry decides he does not have a chance and also opts out.  What if the Iowa caucus became a three way race?  Who would win in a Willard, Newtiepoo, and Paul contest.  Would the Iowa cornholes even turn out?

Then What would it mean in New Hampshire where we have to add in Huntsman?  It would be a hoot to see both Willard and Newtiepoo lose to Ron Paul in both races.  Okay, Obama v. Paul, who'd win?

Perry Keeps On Proving He's Dumber Than a Shrub

Gee, I wonder if you have to be 21 to vote in the New Hampshire Caucus?  If you need an answer to that burning question, then you can find out.  Please send your question to the Pissant from Paint Creek.

Perry slips on N.H. primary as he touts candidacy

Quiz time

First what is the GOP's 11th Commandment?

That's easy, it's "Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican."

Second question, this one is actaully hard.

Who created the GOP's 11th Commandment?

Beep.  No, Ronald Reagan did not invent it. Bonzo popularized it.

It was created by Gaylord Parkinson.

Is Gingrich a Lobbyist?

Of course not, he told us he is not now nor never has been a lobbyist.  Okay, then what is he?  Uh, he's Paris Hilton.  Yep, he's a celebrity.  He sells his presence for $60,000 a pop.  Does he do clubs?

Gingrich says he didn't lobby because he didn't need the money

I do hope Paris Hilton gets the GOP's nod.

In case you are not all that familiar with Newt, allow Maureen Dowd to fill you in on his bio.

My Man Newt

Willard Does Not Like Questions

Have you noticed that Willard does not give many interviews and has not been on the Sunday bobblehead shows?  Why?  Well, he has a bit of temper and does not like it when people who keep asking him  questions he does not want to answer.  In other words he's just one more pompous narcissist running for office, a pol.  He does have trouble dealing with the truth.  It irks him.

Romney Gets Irritable When Asked About His Flip-Flops

You Know He's Right

We all make mistakes.  Yep, and folks in the GOP have corrected their mistake of thinking an Asshole from El Paso was presidential material.  He truly is dumber than Bush.  He's only human and for Pete's sake don't forget that Willard is running for president.

Gov. Perry brushes off voting age gaffe


Way cleared for horse slaughter to resume in US after 5-year ban

We All Need to Laugh

Indeed we do, a day without, at least, a chuckle is sad indeed.  That's why I hope Herman Cain decides to stay in the race, sell more of his books, and continue to provide comics with a rich lode of material.

Top aide says 'no way' Herman Cain quits campaign

Kissing the Constitution Good Bye

Senate vote sets up fight over terrorism detainees

Penn State and Other Organizations

Pervs will always be with us.  Along the way we can figure out how to change our organizations to deter rather than promote their use by pervs.   In the Catholic Church there were no checks on pervs, it was assumed to be a non-problem.  At Penn State, ditto.  And now we can ditto Syracuse University.  Then when reality hit, it's been very hard to accept and deal with.

Penn State case paints familiar portrait for police, experts, victims

Willard has to wonder

Willard and Newt are about the same in their favorability ratings.  Newt has a bit higher unfavorable rating than Willard.  Of course this based on a random poll of all adults.  If the GOP primary voter reflects the general population, it still has to come down to one difference--Newt is not Mormon.  If it's not that, then please explain it to me.

Gingrich and Romney equally well liked among conservatives

Occupy Wall Street in L.A.


 "Officers flooded down the steps of City Hall just after midnight and started dismantling the two-month-old camp two days after a deadline passed for campers to leave the park. Officers in helmets and wielding batons and guns with rubber bullets converged on the park from all directions with military precision and began making arrests after several orders were given to leave"

 It's L.A. cops and no one was beaten to death? That is a surprize.

 I hope the OWS folks will bounce back and find another park. Their presence and voice, without violence, allows and almost mandates that give a thought to who we are as a people, how we want to govern ourselves and what we will do to attain our collective goals.

 As you think about OWS, can you answer those questions?

Earmarks, by any other name are still earmarks

As members of Congress sell themselves to donors, so they too try to buy services or secure kickbacks from others, the voters.  Remember, job number one, two and three for all of them is getting reelected.  Nothing else matters.  Come on, do you think we'd be in our current fiscal mess if Congressmen actually governed instead of seeking donations and votes?  Vote them all out.  Replace them all.  While we're at it, let's rid ourselves of political parties too.

Despite earmark ban, lawmakers try to give money to hundreds of pet projects

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

He's not an asshole or a pissant,

Nah, he's just another really dumb politician from Texas.

Rick Perry gets U.S. voting age wrong in New Hampshire

So Why Did Occupy Wall Street Arise?

That's simple.  It's money.   The rich have it and fewer and fewer of the rest of us don't.

9 Things The Rich Don't Want You To Know About Taxes

Now can move on to occupying the voting booths?

Give that man a box of rocks

Come on, on a plane, in 1st class, and the guy has look at kiddie porn?  The guy has lost his brain.  Here's a replacement, a box of rocks.

Utah professor accused of viewing child porn on Boston-bound flight pleads not guilty


Have you seen the PurplePoll? It's poll based on the idea that in 2012, a dozen states will decide whether President Obama is elected to a second term. The PurplePoll focuses exclusively on the Purple Electorate - likely voters only in these swing states. One thing that seems apparent, Obama and the GOP candidates are not at all popular. Words like despised come to mind. Will these swing states determine who reeks the least?

November 2011 PurplePoll

A first, Mississippi Leads the Nation In Something Positive

Usually Mississippi sets the standard for how low a state can go.  However, on childhood immunizations it leads the nation in not exempting children from getting vaccinated.  Other states are not faring as well.  Parents keep demonstrating their stupidity as they find newer and newer reasons to reject vaccines.  Have they linked vaccines as a part of plot to allow the UN to invade the U.S.?  It would not surprize me.

The failure of parents to immunize their children is evidence that we need to quit worrying about who marries whom and worry much more about who is able to have children.  A child license makes more sense than a marriage license.

More kids skip school shots in 8 states

The Perpetual War

This time it's Lebanon.  Rockets came into Israel.  Artillery shells were returned.   The quest for power makes people do stupid things, war being one of them.

Israel retaliates following rocket attack from within Lebanon

Oh, don'tforget the election is still on in Egypt.  What if the election turns Egypt into a theocracy?  Will Isreal  be ready to bomb Cairo?   War is a cheap shot to rally people so you can gain and wield power.  Of course the power wielders and their kin never quite make it to the front lines.

Election shows Islamists truly are Egypt's best-organized force

Emma vs. Sam Saga

The one thing we can say about Emma Sullivan's tweet about Brownback is that, even though she did not actually speak her evaluation, of Brownback, she "spoke" the truth.  Brownback does suck.  Here are a few ideas to think about as the brouhaha dies out.

Emma Sullivan and the Big Brownback Backdown

Place Your Bets

I get my mail through the worst USPS mail sorting facility.  It's been bad and remains bad.  It has become normal to receive a month's worth of weekly periodicals all on the same day, on a day, in the following month.  I know mail never made it to me.  It may have improved, it's hard to tell.  For example, this year, I did receive the first of September's weekly issues of "Science" in the second week of October.  I have my doubts about any improvements having been made.  Oh, it's not just this old fart complaining about the mail, the facility is cited as the worst by the USPS.

I'm betting it never gets fixed.  Is it time to bag the USPS?

I'm also betting very few, if any, managers and supervisors were fired or will be fired.

USPS audit cites Sandston facility as least efficient in 2010

Senator Microphone to the Rescue!

Chuck Shumer can dash to an open mic faster than anyone else in the Senate.   Every once in a while his attempts at debilitation are more okay than not.  Chuck may be down with protecting the incomes of hedge fund managers, but he opposes the invasion of privacy via cellphones in malls.  Yep, he helped.  The shopper tracking program is on hold.  Note the key word is "hold."  Hmm, if they gave Chuck a large campaign donation...

Short Pump drops plan to track customers

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #3

Damn, the latest bullshit in War #3 may affect the outcome of War #1.  Pakistan remains pissed at NATOUS.  NATOUS remains concerned, offers condolences and will investigate soon.  They say we fired first.  Our trusty ally, the Afghans say bull, it's Pakistan who fired first.  Pakistan says, even when we asked you to quit killing Pakistani soldiers you kept shooting at us for over an hour.

The supply road remains closed and the drones in Pakistan are grounded.  What a war.  It's as idiotic as all the other wars we are running.  The only winners are the merchants of death in our Military Industrial Congressional Complex.

Afghans say commando unit was attacked before airstrike was called on Pakistan

Global Warming

I have no doubt that human activity is the cause of global warming.  By 2100 it's going to be a lot warmer and a bit closer to hell on earth.  At this point, given my age, I won't be here to enjoy it.  I hope all the deniers of man caused climate change write down their beliefs and reasons for their beliefs and pass them on to the yet unborn urchins of their urchins.   That way their progeny will be able read worry about whether or not they have inherited the great, greats's stupid gene.

World on track for nearly 11-degree temperature rise, energy expert says

Does Anyone Watch Pizza Fights?

The bell rang yesterday.  I'm not sure what round it is.  This time it's Ginger White in one corner and Herm the Harasser in the other.  Both came out in the GOP's Battle of "He Said, She Said."  Herm's books have continued to sell well, so far.  He's gone down in the polls though.  His gig on Fox is looking better and better every day.  Herm says there was no affair, he was just been helping her for 13 years.  How you define help?  Is the Groper now also the horizontal bopper?  I wonder what Mrs. Groper will tell us about Herm.  Hey, I'm reporting just like Fox, now you decide.

Ginger White accuses Herman Cain of long affair

Monday, November 28, 2011

Another oops along the non-reader, leader highway

I guess Herm can't read the sign, it says "quit."  Anyone going to trot along following this turkey?

New Cain accuser to tell story of affair tonight

Old Farts Take Note

Congress is poised to do nothing on Medicare.  That means it will get screwed up.  Congress has to  act before Jan. 1.  If it does not, then doctors face a 27 percent cut in their fees for treating Medicare patients. If you are on Medicare and accepted the deal that's been the law since 1965--at 65 government says you go on Medicare--then government is getting ready to getting ready to shove a red hot poker up our collective asses.

2012 is an election year. If Medicare is not taken care of, then remember who did shafted all of us Grannys and Grandpas.  Mostly, it's the GOP. Remember this and vote accordingly in Nov., 2012.  Hell, even if they fix Medicare the 65 and over crowd should vote all incumbents out of office.  Face it their track record over the last 20 years is nothing to brag about.

I'm over 65 and pissed off with all of the pols in the House, Senate and White House.  How about you? The best version of term limits comes when voters do the limiting.  One term is enough for anybody.  Any more than one and it nudges incumbents to like their job too much.  Public service should not be criminogenic.  Vote them in once and be done with them.

Medicare back on the brink over cuts to doctors

Fat Kids and The Law

Listen up kid, if you are morbidly obese, your state fat rangers will round you up and send you the state lard away school.  UNtil you are svelte, you will never see your parents again.  Obesity is offensive and deserves juvenile detention, right?

County places obese Cleveland Heights child in foster care

Now if we first include things like beating children, demeaning children, striking children, not providing for their health care, and a slug of other things, then I can go along with taking the fat kids away from their parents.  Until then, it's obvious, the state has exceeded its reach.

I have no problem with all us deciding that children are not the property of their parents and then  acting accordingly.  I doubt that will ever occur in the U.S., but then, not too long ago, who ever expected women would get the vote and blacks would not be slaves.  We change but too damn slowly.  All people, includes kids.    

Cold War Deja Vu All Over Again

I'll see your blacklist with one of my own!   The international sandbox is full of little boys.  Too bad they have access to nukes.

Cold war-style blacklists? Wide ripples from Russian lawyer's death in prison.

Zakaria: Why Russia is blacklisting Americans

Trogs are Trogs

Gee, Brownback thinks he over-reached.  He did.  No matter the apology, he's still an arrogant, narcissistic perpetual politician who is only concerned with his actions because the reaction was negative.  Is this guy named Willard?  Oh, his staff does his bidding so in essence he did it.  Why does anyone vote for this kind of a turd?  Oh, they vote for folks who moist resemble themselves.  Yep Kansas is a state to stay away from, it's full of people who suck and smell like shit.

Brownback Apologizes To Teen Tweeter 

Basically, Brownback needs lots of folks to over-react and them tweet, post, and send him a simple two letter message--"FU."

Something to think about

Have you noticed how none of the pols have embraced the Occupy Wall Street movement?  About the most any of them have done is show up for a photo op, expressed understanding and gotten off the street as fast as they can.  It's pretty much the same for the very well paid TV pundits too.

Now consider this, using round numbers the median income is about $50,000 a year.  That means half of us make less than that.  About 85%+ of us make less than $105,000 a year.  Do you think pols really give a shit about the $50K crowd?  How about the 85%?  If so, what's your evidence?  None of the GOP candidates have spoken much at all abut the poor and the middle class except as an intro to helping the poor old job creators (the rich).  Ditto for Obama.   It seems both parties are more concerned with elites,  tax cuts, and their reelective job security than much else.  

Now maybe we know what drives OWS, simple economics, human dignity,  and future life chances.  Maybe it's time to reject all of the current pols  and find ones who will spend a term working for the majority of people.  Who needs more than one term?    

DNC Captures the Essence of Willard

Two Men Trapped in One Body

One more round

Gee, is college sports the training ground for priests?  Nah, both organizations, the Catholic Church and College Sports programs,  are structurally conducive to being used by pedophiles.  Put an adult perv in a position to be oversee boys, and to some extent girls, omit any institutional checks on their behavior and my, my, my, we finally discover crimes have been occurring for years.  Another ace coach is fired--

Syracuse fires associate basketball coach Fine

Occupy Wall Street in L.A.

The OWS folks came, the police came, some were arrested, others dispersed.  Hey, where's the pepper spray?

Occupy L.A.: Several arrested, but protest remains mostly peaceful

We may need refresh ourselves on OWS, Understanding the Occupy Wall Street movement: A primer

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #3

Will the current bit of alltercation with our non-ally, ally, in the non-war, war make difference in our War #1?  Maybe.  The Pakistanis appear to be a bit more pissed than in the past--do they need some extra cash?

Pakistan warns NATO attack threatens Afghanistan peace

What can I say, Pakistan is The Ally From Hell!

Election Day in Egypt

The Egyptians are voting for members of Parliament.  Now that is really exciting.  Gee, do you think they will discover a touch of freedom, a tad of liberty, or a skosh of democracy?  Nah, my money is on the military being "voted" into office everywhere.

Egyptians take to the polls with muted excitement

Better Learning Through Chemistry?

Some things never change.  Today it's ADHD drugs, yesterday it was speed.  Drug abuse--the abuse comes from the illegality--may or may not help a college dolt make it.  Let's just legalize all drugs then if someone decides to fuck up their life, they will fuck up their life and no one else is really affected (at least it would be minimized and our penal system would not be busting at the seams).  Legalize them all and be done with it.

College administrators worry that use of prescription stimulants is increasing

Originalism Rocks Tour

Ooops, the band may have a problem.   As Roberts and the Robes prepare their tour of  healthland, two of the singers may have to sit this one out.  The nonet may become a septet.  The Kagan and the Thomas  may decide to stay home.  Does it matter?  I have a feeling that both could sing quite well even given their histories.

Parties to the suit don't care, but their respective fans seem willing to pitch any bitch to give their side an edge.  Look, the Supremes just haven't been what they once were.  At one time they rocked, now who listens?  Ever since they appointed King Shrub, they've just been one more bunch of pols owned and operated by the 1%.

Regardless of number and regardless of outcome, both sides will continue to reflect their master's preferences.  Now if their masters would just tell them that health is actually a good thing, but the 1% don't really give a shit about anything except their wealth.  The Supremes will sing a song called Obamacare, who cares, it's really just insurance and not much care.

Health-care case brings fight over which Supreme Court justices should decide it

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Myside Bias

In politics it seems we tend to judge purported facts according to how they fit our positions that we bring to the table.  In short,

I Was Wrong, and So Are You

Streaming content

If you have a service such as NetFlix here's a delightful series from the BBC you might enjoy--

Monarch of the Glen

Is this right

Yum Brands (KFC/Taco Bell) + SNAP (Food Stamps) = A good or bad idea?

Federal authorities are urging states to resist the fast-food giant's entreaties

This Does Not Seem Quite Right

Cable companies doing something good to bridge the digital divide without a large government handout?  Come on, it's the cable companies.  I'll be damned they do appear to have come up with a pretty good program.  Internet service for $10 a month, a refurbished PC with software for $150, and no cost to the taxpayers.  How can government and business get away with actually helping as many a 25 million people at no cost?  Hope they do and there is nothing hidden in the program.

FCC program brings low-cost Web access to low-income families—at no cost to taxpayers

Oh, Bullshit

Herman Pizza says he's falling in the polls due to false accusations and due to the media.  Bullshit!  He's  falling in the polls because he's showed folks his true self.  They have rejected him.  The sucker can't even take responsibility for his own inadequacies.  I'd say readers read up on him and decided he's not really a leader.

Cain Blames Anyone But Himself for Poll Slip

Looking Back

Thanksgiving 2008 sucked.  Ditto for 2009, 2010, and 2011.  The economy has not recovered.  Unemployment is over 9%. The rich have gotten richer as more of us move from the middle class down to the lower class.  Funny how pols promised to fix it if we'd vote for them.  We did in 2006.  They failed.  We did in 2008.  They failed again.  We did in 2010 and now are told we'll have to vote again in 2012. We're not too bright are we?   We know how to elect failures, I think we need a whole approach.  Let's bag the Democrats and Republican in 2012.  Vote, yes, but in all races vote for None of the Above, write NOTA in.  Then we can figure out how to occupy the voting booths in 2014 and 2016.  

The Money Race

Politics has deteriorated into nothing but a race for money.  Pols pursue money to run a campaign so they can be in a position to raise money to run in the next campaign for office.  When is the last time in our recent history which you would say reflected even a modicum of governance by Congress or the White House?  If we want a better nation for ourselves and our posterity, then we have to change our politics and remove the money.  If we don't, it's chilling to think about.

Democrats post big fundraising numbers for 2012 House races

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #3

Yesterday, after NATO (it's bad so we don't say USA) killed Pakistani border troops, U.S. officials expressed their condolences and said they would investigate.  That is about the same as saying the event did not occur.  Today, Pakistan has reacted to NATO's, the U.S. military and assorted members of ObamaCo expressions of condolence.  They have shut down the border to trucks.  No war support stuff is going to get in.  Oh, they've also kicked us off a Pakistani air base where the CIA/Army fly drones from.  What will we hear tomorrow? Oh, probably that we, the U.S. screwed up, we did what we had promised we would not do, did it anyway, and actually killed a dozen more than have  been reported.  We'll express remorse with a big check and reacquire access to the airbase as the convoy continues on into Afghanistan.

It's time to just end this nonsense.  We won, come home and shrink DOD.

Pakistan’s top officials continue to express anger day after NATO airstrike

Virtual Education?

If the classroom becomes an app, what can you say about the outcome?  I'm only sure about one thing, the providers of the app will receive a lot of tax dollars.  Is education, by nature a social experience which prepares future generations to replace the current generations which dominate our society?  How much of your education was just books and learning?  How much of your education was also the teacher in the front of the room?  How much of your education was interacting with lots of different types of peers along the way from K to wherever you finished?  Does an app  improve education or just allow us to pay less for a crappy product?  By the way, do you think the affluent will just give their tykes a computer schooling?  If not, why?

Virtual schools are multiplying, but some question their educational value


I listened to the bobblehead shows today.  All noted that Newtiepoo is surging.  All noted, that with resect to flip-flops, he is on a par with Willard.  All wondered why Newtiepoo appears gets a pass and Willard does not.  All more or less said, "that's just Newt."  None asked the simple question, "would Newt be the top polling anti-Romney if he too were a Mormon?"  Now you know why Newt, in so many ways identical to Williard, is acceptable to the GOP--he's not Mormon.

Five myths about Newt Gingrich