Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pandering For the Jewish Trog Vote?

Look, before you take issue with Newtiepoo over his Palestinian bullshit, remember he's not after the Jewish vote.  It's still primary time and will be for months.  He has to show his Israel creds to suck in the evangefundie vote.  In evangefundie land, if there is no Israel there is no end of days.  If there is no end of days then they will not be able to thumb their noses at the damned as they ascend to Jesus's motel in the sky.  Right wing religion is so fucking weird.

With an eye toward the Jewish vote, Newt Gingrich disses Palestinians

Now you can take issue with him.

Repeat of 2008?

That is, with respect to Willard, will 2012 give him one more loss?  I cannot see the GOP primary base electing Willard or Huntsman to be their nominee for any office.  It, in my mind, still comes down to one thing--religion.   Yep, folks get bitter, grab their guns and turn to god, as long as it's not that Mormon god.  Iowa is getting rough for Willard.

Romney faces uphill climb in wooing Iowa voters

Willard, at best, polls 22%.  Can 22% win the nomination?

There Comes A Time

There comes a time when we have to quit wrecking whole regions of the world.  What Britain and other western colonial powers didn't cluster fuck in the Middle East we finished for them after WWII.   As we prepare to do the first rational thing in the Iraq War, leave, we had best prepare for more insanity. So, get ready for a bevy of new reasons to be bandied for us to stay.  See, Syria requires that we remain in Iraq...

Syria conflict threatens Iraq consensus

Plan B Editorial

I agree with the Post on Plan B.  Obama's decision, via Sebelius, panders to the religious batshit crazy trogs.  He wasn't going to get their votes anyway,  but now, maybe, they won't drool on him in public?  That's not a good reason to keep Plan B as a Script for those under 17.  So much for transparent, rational, science based decision making--come on, are you really still hoping for change?  Yep, Obama is all talk and no walk.  Hell, those religious whack jobs need to be smacked with science at every opportunity, otherwise they will lead us back to the 12th century.

Obama administration’s bad call on Plan B

Now About That Ron Paul Guy

As I hear more and more political bullshit from the GOP and Obama, I find myself listening a bit more to what crazy old Ron Paul has to say.  Maybe he's not crazy after all.

Five myths about Ron Paul

Pissants Home Town

Down in Texas they believe in one man, one vote.  Ask the Pissant from Paint Creek, he'll tell you "damn tootin', we believe in one white man, one vote."

Supreme Court blocks redistricting plan for Texas

Pissant Update

I assume most folks have seen the Pissant from Paint Creek's ad on YouTube. It's the one that opens with the line "I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a Christian..."  When I took a look at the Likes and Dislikes on the ad this a.m., it was running about 35 to 1 against the Asshole's ad.  15,166 liked it, 539,733 disliked it.  One does have to wonder about the folks who like it.


Friday, December 9, 2011

Maybe No Combover Debate

Only Gringich and Ass Juice accepted invites to Trumps farce.  Now even Trump may not show up.

Trump’s Debate May Not Even Happen


Gee, given the public's reaction to government employees, I'd say any government job it a high risk job and needs to be classified as such for retirement purposes. Hmm, retroactive reclassification might be a plus.

States expand lucrative pensions to more jobs

More Debates

December 10, 20119pm ET on ABC
Location: Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa
Sponsor: ABC News, ABC5/WOI-DT, The Des Moines Register and Republican Party of Iowa
Participants: TBD
December 12, 2011Gingrich/Huntsman Lincoln-Douglas Debate
Air Time and Channel TBD
Location: New Hampshire
Sponsor: TBD
Participants: Gingrich, Huntsman
December 15, 20119pm ET on Fox News
Location: Sioux City Convention Center in Sioux City, Iowa
Sponsor: Fox News and Republican Party of Iowa
Participants: TBD

Welcome to Cyber War

The future came a few years ago. With so many secrets on so many computers and so much bureaucratic turf to defend, I'd say we're pretty much screwed.  After all, we all know that protecting an organization's  domain of budget, power, policy and privilege, far exceeds that of the need to protect the nation.

If might be safer to eliminate secrets.  Come to think of it, how much of all that secret stuff actually merits being secret?  My guess is it's about 85% or more pure CYA, most of the rest is embarrassing if it were public knowledge.

Cyber-intruder sparks massive federal response — and debate over dealing with threats

Virginia Tech, Again

If you were thinking about a college for your kid to attend next Fall, today, will you even think about Virginia Tech?

Once again, guns on campus.  This time only two dead.  Why?

Virginia Tech police officer, gunman killed

Coming Soon

If you live near a military morgue, you may soon find out how many, formerly able bodied soldiers who  are now dead, had body parts make it into your local landfill.  Now that's a heck of a way to create new national cemeteries isn't it.

The Airs Force's fuck up at Dover AFB coupled with their lack of candor and decision to hide behind the rules and policy  may nudge Congress into expanding their investigation to examine all military burial practices over the course of the Bush wars.

Dumping of partial remains of war dead in Va. landfill spurs wider probe

Selling Soap, 2012

Gee, with PACS, SuperPacs, regular campaign funds, and a super assist or two from the Supremes, we will be awash in ads throughout 2012.  I guess being CEO of USA, Inc. is very profitable.  What I don't understand is who listens to political ads for content?  That's just dumb, oh, I've just touched on the primary attribute of the the American voter.

Super PACs herald a punishing campaign season

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Asshole Ad

Seen this one?

I prefer this one instead--

Gotcha Politics

Video of boy confronting Bachmann goes viral

Are Ads Getting Cheaper?

They must be, political ads, that is.  All you have to do, is make a cool ad, put in on the air in some little burg, make sure a copy is on YouTube, and get cable TV to show your latest attack on whomever.  From one showing you get several national promos.  The Internet is making a real difference to balance sheets everywhere.  I bet ad airtime sales are way down.

Jail Time?

This guy was CEO of Goldmans, a U.S. Senator, Governor of New Jersery and headed to be the next Sectretary of the Treasury. Now, all he can say is  "I don’t know where customers’ money went."

Welcome to the 1%'s world.

So, any jail time for Corzine?

Anyone Really Want This Dork in the WH?

Gee, I bet he demands only yellow M&Ms too.

Want Gingrich to speak? He needs ‘first class expenses’ and 2 bathrooms

Oil:Vinegar, Pols:Busniess

The guy talked it up.  He spent grundles of tax dollars.  He was sure we'd all have green cars by now.  How's yours? Will he leave an explanatory note for the unborn taxpayer?

For Obama’s green-car revolution, fits and starts

Makes You Proud To Be A Soldier

Air Force generals have, via the Dover AFB morgue, shown soldiers how little their service is really valued.  To the brass, dead soldiers are landfill.  As one should have expected the number of soldiers parts dumped in a landfill is far greater than the brass let on.  And as expected, this scandal is linked directly to the Bush's war management.  Also as expected, the current well be-medaled bums in charge justify themselves by saying they complied with the rules and point to high costs to rectify the mess.

If you enlist, better hope you are able bodied on the way out because to the folks in charge if you're not, then they will send your remains to unmarked graves in Arlington or to any old landfill.

Air Force dumped ashes of more troops’ remains in Va. landfill than acknowledged

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I do not understand all the faithiness that seems to ravage the American landscape every four years.  I guess god is a quadrennial being.  The GOP candidates spend oodles of time trying to out faith each other.  It's silly.   Faith makes no sense at all.  For example, if you used the logic of religious faith as your guide to investing, you'd go broke in record time.  Hm, maybe that's why Utah is the fraud capitol of the U.S.  Lots of faith out there in the Great Basin, but it's remarkably sparse in facts, reason, logic and water.

Faith asserts that a faithful person trusts, without proof, that something is pretty much what they want it to be, that it is true.  Other than religion, who uses that kind of logic for anything?  Hell, even Reagan said, "trust, but verify."

I can see pushing faith as a way to gain and preserve power, fame, status and fortune.  If anyone disagrees with the "truth" the faither in chief calls the doubter an apostate and burns them at the stake, crucifies them or breaks them on he wheel.  Funny how faith is advanced by very human fear.  Don't take my word for it, just read a bit of English history.   Got faith?  Why?

What's Your Favorite TV Show?

Can it be used to predict your political affiliation?  Nah, this is just fun nonense, however, how many Trogs watch the Daily Show?  Well, maybe, so what's your fav?

Republicans vs. Democrats TV survey results: Lefties want comedy, right wingers like work

Food That Mutates

China provides the world with  baby food that kills.   Japan has found a new niche market.  Yep, they sell baby food that will mutate your precious bundle of joy into a well swaddled Gollum.  Look, over there,  day-glo green pea puree!  The aura of the carrots is fantastic.  The baby formula can double as a flashlight.  Now that's progress.

Traces of radiation found in Japanese baby formula

Aw, Do We Really Have to Leave

In theory, the deal is done.  Come 12/31/11 we are out of Iraq.  Well that's the military part of DOD who will be gone.  However the CIA and State Dept. branches of DOD will hang around and ramp up.  The military sees a loss of action and is hankering to hang on to Iraq.  They never let go, there are future medals and ribbons involved.  Here's one of the latest attempts to stay in country--

U.S. official says Iraqi forces face training gap

This is just a bit odd

Lady Gaga meets with top Obama aide on bullying

Are you ready for the vids?

Should cameras be allowed, even mandated, whenever Roberts and the Robes croon constitutional tunes?  This may come to a head soon.  I don't know if I'm quite ready for a C-Supremes station.  I can imagine  all the scintillating coverage--think about how the Senate and House cover themselves.

Should the Originalism Rocks tour be seen live on TV?

Can Congress force Supreme Court to let in cameras?

Our Post Office

Penn State, next round

We've read the allegations.  We've heard the interviews.  Now get ready for the viciims to testify.

Two alleged Sandusky victims say they'll testify


Have you ever eaten a dried bit of grass?  I know it sounds dumb, but it's easy to do.  Didn't you ever suck on a seed stalk as a kid?  How about a mouthful of dried leaves during the Fall?  It's too easy to forget to always keep your mouth shut when you are having so much fun jumping into a huge pile of leaves.  Okay, you remember, now can you recall the taste. Yeah, what taste?  If you can't, then chew up a small piece of paper.  Now you are experiencing the total absence of flavor.  And now you know why cereal manufacturers put so much sugar in their products.  Without it, they have a taste you'd never come back for.

Some children’s cereals packed with sugar, study finds

Kids and sugar is a dumb mix, but given the levels of diabetes and hypertension in adults,  the sugars and sodium are even worse.  If you think the sugar is bad, then start reading the labels for sodium.

Obama Made a Speech, So What?

I know the guy is just trying to get reelected, but he's not a progressive, a populist nor a liberal.  The one thing he does have going for him, is that he is not a Republican.  That's sufficient reason to vote for him in 2012, especially when you look at the GOP field.

As far as changing much, this speech combined with another couple hundred to come before Nov. 2012, will be so much hot air.  He's adept at keeping his words quote separate from his deeds.   Or are you still hoping to say "yes, we can" to all that change?  It was bullshit as we have found out--three years of acts unrelated to campaign verbiage.  Bush was all hat and no cattle, Obama is all talk and no walk.  Support him, yes, but lower your expectations.  He is just one more pol.  If he gets reelected,  his job #1 will be to build his Rolodex for a successful stint in post-presidential money grubbing.  After all, he wants to be Clinton's record of living well.

Obama invokes Teddy Roosevelt in speech attacking GOP policies

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Comb-over Debate

In--Leroy and Ass Juice.

Out--Jon Boy, Paul, and Willard.

Romney Turns Down Trump Debate (Politely)

Let me introduce Willard Huntsman

Jon boy has finally eaten the batshit.  Coming soon, he will say anything to anyone for a vote,  we can just call him Willard.  Too bad, he seemed decent for a GOOPER.

Jon Huntsman Flip-Flops On Climate Change

What Are We?

If we accept the idea of the big bang as the beginning of our, if not the only, universe then note that we are all composed of stardust. From the compact primordial ball of strings, the stuff of all creation was formed. The ball blew up. It changed forms. The stuff became our universe. We sense some of it, but most of it is beyond our senses, that’s the dark stuff. Over time all the matter we can sense has been bashed, squeezed, compacted, transformed, sucked into black holes, and blown all over creation. Every bit of our being has been a star at one time or another. We are of stardust that emerged from simple strings. We will all return to our origins when Earth returns the matter it has borrowed from the vast ether of creation.

Of course that should not deflect us from the observation that life, the momentary rearrangement of stardust,  on Earth has one common ancestor.  I think we're all descendents of a single slime mold.  Now about god creating man in his image...

Occupy Moscow?

Nah.  Borscht Spring in Winter?   Nah.  Why?  Oh, it's Russia and whomever is in power still has the secret police and Siberia.

Troops Patrol Moscow to Prevent Election Protests


I went walking this morning.  Along my route I paused to watch a very large machine harvesting a field of soybeans.  The plants went in the front end, the beans went up into a large hopper and the residue was blown back onto  the field.  It's quite something to watch.  One guy can zip through acres in minutes.  When the harvester if full of beans, it pulls up next to a grain truck and blows the beans into the truck and goes back to harvest more beans.

As I walked along after watching this, I noted that we tend to not know the names of many people who invent the stuff we use everyday.  We know the names of people like Lady Gaga or Newt Leroy Gingrich.  Both are celebrities and both are well known for their well knownness.  One sings songs and the other passes huge volumes of gas.   Why do we know them and not the name of the guy who invented the microwave oven or the Dorito?

I think it comes down to self assessment and envy.  We'd like to be smart enough to invent a microwave oven or a snack food, but we know god didn't give us the brains to do so.  However, god did give us the brainpower to sing like Gaga or pass gas like Newt.  We remember the people we think we can imitate, but not those we cannot.  

Implicit Attitudes

Here's an intersting piece on finding your voters.

Searching for the Mormon Haters

Ron Paul, Zionist?

Mr. Goldberg does make a good case, however he forgets what really drives the GOP's support for Israel.  He forgets that is all about the End of Days.  The end cannot occur if their is no Israel.  Oh, also note that after the End of Days, there are no Jews.  They will all be wasted during god's endgame performance.

Ron Paul, Zionist 

Perhaps more of us need to take a harder look at Mr. Paul's quite secular approach to foreign policy.

Vote for me, round 4

Rep. King’s fourth Muslim-American radicalization hearing to focus on military

Unhappy Campers

The GOP has two candidates, Willard and Leroy.  The GOP's movers and shakers, the really rich, really old, and really very, very white guys do not like either of them.  Think not?  Then here's a sampling of what is being said about both of these turds--

GOP kingmakers unhappy with presidential primary frontrunner choices

Given the dissatisfaction, will the GOP wheels opt to lose in 2012 and use that as a basis to "take their party back?"  Of course that would mean teabaggers and evangefundies would become political free agents and the Dems will not bid on either.  I guess they could form a new party.  Any suggestions for a name?

The other event that might occur, is, given proportional delegate allocation this time around, what if the GOP goes into  their convention without a clear winner?  What if the convention becomes wide open and say Chris Christie waddles on stage to become the nominee?  I'd have made him a white knight on horseback, but that would lead to charges of animal cruelty.   Will the convention really pick the nominee?  

First Speechifier Alert

It bothers me when ObamaCo hypes an upcoming Obama speech.  Based on the his record of hype and post speech "so what," I predict it will sound good, but so what?   Can you name one speech that Obama has made in office that has delivered that has yielded even a bucket of spit?   It's hard to contrive success.   Can you name any Obama speech that has changed squat (other than getting him elected)?

Obama to echo Theodore Roosevelt in a big thematic speech on Tuesday

Given Mr. Obama's record, he really needs to pay attention to history--"Having already served as president from 1901-1909, Roosevelt went on to launch a third party bid to take back the White House two years after the speech. He lost."

Oh, don't forget, without the 1%'s  cash, no Obama, no speech.  Until he bags the money, he's just one more subsidiary of Wall Street.  Trust him?  

Better Start Paying Attention

Politics being so much fun, it makes it easy to avoid much except the 2102 election.  As interesting and entertaining as the GOP race has been, come one 9-9-9, the world is calling for our attention.  Have you noticed that the EURO is in trouble?  What happens if the currency fails?  Well, the 2012 race would shift from being all about jobs to being about global economic survival.  I guess it's time to attend to this a bit--

Tremors from a euro collapse would be global, with U.S. recession likely

Ya, Gotta Love Religion

We all know that the national pastime in Iraq is to exacerbate sectarian tensions.  That means one Islamic sect blows the crap out of another Islamic sect.  It's kind of like what happened to Catholics in the South not too long ago here in good old number one land.

It seems the pastime has found a few fans in Afghanistan.   Will exploding sectarians become all the rave?  It's off to a good start in Kabul.  Sports is covered in Chapter 6 of "The Shrub's Guide to Nation Building, War, Liberty and Brush Cutting."

Dozens dead in rare attack on Shiite mosque in Kabul

LIve by the Drone, Die by the Drone--Update

The drone lost in Iran was owned and operated by one of our Defense Department's newer branches, the CIA.  I wonder when Interior will become part of the former War Department?  Yes, our intrepid spooks lost the drone.  Send them a box of exploding cigars!  I bet it's a part of plot to overthrow the Iranian government, again (1953).

Drone belonged to CIA, officials say

The Dude is cheap

The real problem with Romney is simple, he's cheap.  Oh, he has money, he spends money, but he is a cheap person.  If Repubs need a real reason to reject him, forget about flip-flops and his core beliefs,  Instead ask about his character, yes, character.  He's ashamed of his record, he's ashamed of himself, but he asks Repubs to trust him?  Come on, he's tawdry--

Romney staff spent nearly $100,000 to hide records

Can anyone trust a man who works at it to hide his political past?

Gee the 1% don't like Ron

I may have to take another look at Mr. Paul--

Billionaire donors

The above link is to the graphic, here's the story on super hawking the presidency, 2012.

In race for campaign funds from billionaires, Romney outpaces Obama

If we cannot get the money out, then we can remove the votes from the money can't we?  Remember, no votes, no victory.

Monday, December 5, 2011

USPS going from bad to oh my god!

The sorting facility that handles my mail is the worst in nation.  I receive magazines weeks late, and this is after some improvements.  The mail delivery is undependable in Virginia.  I guess the USPS has decided what I experience is bad enough to become the new USPS standard for all mail.   Yep we've become a banana republic.

Cuts to first-class mail to slow delivery in 2012

Tech Update

Thinking about a Tablet for Xmas?  I didn't realize how many of them have come on the market--

CNET updates tablet test results

Ron Paul

No one expects Ron Paul to win the nomination, but he will remain in the race for the long haul.  His support, this time around, is substantial.  He even ties Obama in Iowa!  Paul gets the younger voter's support.  Paul places second in Iowa, he may even win it.  Does Paul's strength benefit Romney or Gingrich?  

Have You Read Gingrich?

Before any of us run off to buy a book by Newtiepoo, maybe we should read a review or two.  Hold it, here's one review of all 23 of his books.

What Does Newt Gingrich Know?

Half Time at the Super Bore

The entertainer selected more reflects the average age of attendees than much else.  Madonna as the Super Bore?  Come on, if they are after the younger demo, then why not Lady Gaga?

Madonna to perform at Super Bowl halftime show

Here's A Good GOP Debate Topic

Are you for the movies or for the Internet?  Do you want big government to police the web and preserve the right to copyright?  Or do want an unfettered Web rich with innovation?  This one is so loaded with conflicts it makes immigration look easy.  What is it?  Read on--

Piracy legislation pits Hollywood against Silicon Valley

Gee, Do You Really Feel Safer?

When we went off to Presidentially declared and Congressionally unfunded wars we racked up lots of IOUs.  War costs a lot.  However, we were assured that the war(s) would preserve our freedoms and make us ever so much safer.  No one ever quite defined the terms or explicated the the statements (they sound so good,) but that's for historians, right?

Oh, when we war, we send able boded cannon fodder off to kill the enemy.  They do, we're proud.  Sometimes, our cannon fodder gets killed and sometimes they become disabled cannon fodder.  Since we know they were only doing a noble job that 99% could not be bothered with, we feel like we have to take care of them until they are made whole or die.  If you think we've spent a lot on body repair in the past get ready for the bills that will pour in for decades to fix the mess that Bush and Congress foisted on us and the world for more than a decade.  Ain't war grand!  You have permission to rattle your saber as you make your check out to...

As Iraq and Afghan wars end, costs mount on pace to exceed Vietnam

Whatever happened to Blago?

Do you remember Rod Blagojevich?  You know, he's the Illinois governor who tried to hawk Obama's vacant U.S. Senate seat to the highest bigger.  He's been tried and convicted.  Now--

Rod Blagojevich to be sentenced this week

Iran + Drones = Bomb, Bomb Iran?

Our aces in whatever Dept. actually runs the drone war(s) has lost one in Iran.  The drone may have run out of steam and landed, been blown out of sky by Iran, or maybe have been hacked and taken over by Iran.  No one is certain (or will say what happened in public, state secrets you know, that's CYA).

Oh, my the enemy may learn about out stuff.  They may build our stuff and then use it on us.  Quick, everybody, let's start WWIII and end it all now.  Bomb Tehran and all the other terrorist weasels!  Well, that's idiotic but do expect that level of bullshit from the slime molds we call politicians this week.

It would be a lot easier and safer if we did not deploy our stuff at all.  Gee, no wars?  Why not, it would only affect the merchants of the death and their thralls.

Iran says it downed U.S. stealth drone; Pentagon acknowledges aircraft downing

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Justice Dept. Bigots?

Here's a piece that is bothersome, no, make that quite irritating.

White criminals seeking presidential pardons over the past decade have been nearly four times as likely to succeed as minorities, a ProPublica examination has found.

Presidential Pardons Heavily Favor White


After listening to the Sunday bobbleheads here are a couple of thoughts that struck me--

If Newt  Leroy Gingrich were nominated and elected president, he would do what no one else has ever been able to do.  He would unite the Democrats and Republicans.  Of course they would be united in opposition to his Newtship.

When we look as the U.S. financial mess and increasingly so, Europe, we can see a common theme with respect to government actions.  Austerity measures are popular.  However, that's because austerity while  bad economics, is very  good politically.  



Moments that changed Washington

And the latest moment that will change Washington

I say Drones, You Think What?

I think most of us would probably say "Afghanistan" or "Pakistan."  At least we would probably name one of our eight current war locations.  I doubt many of us would say Gaza.

In Gaza, lives shaped by drones

The next world war, akin to WWII, will really destroy all civilizations everywhere.

Now About That Arab Spring

Spring has come and gone, so has Summer and Fall.  It's Arab Winter and it's looking a bit bleaker than many of us expected.  Have you ever thought about how we develop our expectations about others?  How about in areas we know remarkably little about?  Here's piece that touches on how we see the Arab world, what they have lived with and outcomes in the coming months.

After the hope of the Arab Spring, the chill of an Arab Winter

Virginia Readers

If you don't subscribe to the "Richmond Times," here are a couple pieces of interest from today's paper--

Gee, some state employees make it into the 1%, the rest get paid less for doing more. It sucks, but the GOP assures us that all state employees are always evil crooks ( the elected ones are just crooks).  Now what does average mean? Median? What's the population you use to calculate your stats anyway?

  State Employee Salaries: Stark pay outlook for Va. workers

Texas may kill more cons than Virginia, but The Old Dominion kills them faster than anyone.  Now about the guillotine.

Path to execution swifter, more certain in Va.

Gee they don't have role models

Look over there, there's a child.  The child has never held any kind of a job.   The child does not know the meaning of work.   How will that child ever learn to live a virtuous life?  The child is at a severe disadvantage, there are no adults in his household who hold jobs.  Dad does not work, he's not home that often anyway.  Mom has never held a job.  She passes the kids off to whomever she can.  No one in the child's family has a job.  None of them have ever worked.  It's sad.  Newt has the answer, give the little brat a job as a junior janitor.  Oh, hold it, I was not describing a poor child, no I was describing a rich kid.

The tails of the social distribution are very similar in so may ways.

Assholette Makes Nice With Ass Juice

Sarah Palin, failed governor, failed candidate, but successful FOX self-promoter,  said some nice things about Santorum.  Will it matter?  Nah, it's Rick Santorum we're talking about.

Palin predicts Santorum’s rise in Iowa

Consider this, if Newt is the stupid person's idea of what a smart person is like, then I guess that makes Palin the stupid person's ideal of a stupid person.

Des Moines Register Poll

The paper sought, found and asked Iowa cornholes questions about the GOP field of candidates.  Gee, Gingrich won, then Paul, and then Willard.  It's been a bad week for Willard.  What will the GOP do if Paul wins and surges to second in New Hampshire?

One thing the poll does reveal is that two thirds of probable and likely caucus goers have not made up their mind about a candidate yet.  In a month we'll know whom they'd like to see as the nominee.

One other little thing, as you prognosticate around the water cooler, remember that about 60% of cornhole caucus goers are batshit crazy evangefundies.  I don't expect Romney to finish in the top three.  Ass Juice (Santorum) will be the wild card--he will get the holier than thou votes and thus upset the otherwise expected order of victory.

Iowa Poll: Gingrich leads GOP pack, then Paul, Romney

Do take the time to read the raw data, the perceptions of candidate characteristics are of interest.

New Career

I wonder if the Bureau of Labor has created a failed candidate for president job classification yet?  Herman Cain has been very successful as a failed candidate.  He must have modeled himself on Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee.   How did the putz even get on the stage with those who really want to president (and are more qualified than not)?

How can the parties develop a filter for some screening device that minimizes the frauds and charlatans who just want to use the celebrity of running for office to sell books, make speeches for profit and get shows on TV?  Hmm, maybe Gingrich is just a celebrity after all.    

Of the GOP field who is really a  serious candidate?  It's pretty narrow.  Romney, Huntsman, and to an extent Paul.  The rest will benefit from running, yeah, running to book tours and TV gigs on FOX.   Bachmann's big decision will be to stay in the House or join the House of Ailes.

I wonder, when the Dems next have a field of contenders, will MSNBC be strong enough to employ failed Democratic candidates?  Their experiment with Spitzer, the failed governor gambit, was a disaster.  MSNBC does employ one failed candidate, Al Sharpton,  His show really blows, but then I'm probably not in MSNBCs' target demographic.  

Speaking of frauds, don't forget Donald Trump will host a debate dig me show with some of the candidates on Dec. 27th.  Huntsman and Paul have told him to stick it in his comb-over.  Teh rest should do likewise, but it is free airtime.