Saturday, December 17, 2011



Land of the Sorta Free

Obama caved.  He did not veto the Defense Appropriations bill when he said he would if it included making indefinite detention the law of the land.  Sorry, money for the troops comes after preserving the rule of law.  The troops will be able to do whatever it is troops do, but it will not be to preserve our freedom and liberty.  Congress and the White House sold them to defense contractors.

WH OKs military detention of terrorism suspects

Without the rule of law, all those troops amount to so many mercenaries. Oh, once again Obama has shown us he is just an articulate Bush. Sad.  We need to find new parties and new people.  In the interim, maybe we need four years of Ron Paul.  Do we?

Die by the needles or the needle?

Look, simplify it.  Go with a proven technology.  It works all the time under all conditions (except weightlessness).  After three hundred years of use, we all know it is efficient and effective.  It works.  Use the guillotine to kill cons!

California's new lethal injection protocol tossed by judge

Whose Cornhole Will Collect the Most Corn Cobs?

The burning question of the day is not "what will I get for Xmas," no, it's "who will win the Iowa Caucus" on Jan. 3rd?  Polls suggest it will be Gringich or Willard.  However, in the flatlands of Iowa little is predictable.  Have you forgotten Huckabee already?  Will Ron Paul get the corn cobs (can he take it, he  is in his 70s).  Will we see Jesus power push Ass Juice or the Crazy Lady to victory?  Perhaps the Pissant will resurrected and become our nation's next Dumbshit from Dallas.  As I think about Iowa, I'm glad I'm not a candidate.  All those corn cobs can hurt.

Iowa GOP race is wide open, and anyone might win

And you thought Iowans marked ballots.  No sirree, in the Hawkeye state, it's BYOC*.

*Bring your own cob, the party provides the lube. 

Flags for All Dead People!

I wonder who really dreamed this one up?  All the whomevers who voted for it, had to be running for reelection and desperate for a safe "dig me" theme.  Whomever didn't bank on the American Legion, they don't like civvies getting flags.  The Legion's initial opposition was idiotic, by now they are cool.  This   illustrates why I never wanted to have a damn thing to do with veteran's organizations.  Come to think of it, the matter also illustrates why I don't have much love, or even a kind thought, for either of our major parties.  Hmm, I wonder where Ron Paul stands on flags?

Flag bill to honor federal workers headed to Obama’s desk

Holy Pastafarians, Marinaraman!

Tis' the season to, well, laugh.  Leesburg could leverage the multi-socio-religious displays into a local tourist stop.  People could purchase bowls of holiday pasta while they contemplate the baby Jesus swaddled beneath a crucified Santa.  Enjoy--

In Leesburg, holiday displays bring controversy and change

In case you are not familiar with the Lord of Spaghetti

Arab Winter

Did you really think a little thing like an election would cause the real rulers of Egypt to cede power and their incomes to activists?  Democracy remains an unknown in Egypt.  It the military keeps control it will help people elect the right people.  If, on the other hand, the activists actually gain control, they will help transform Egypt into one more Ismlamic theocracy.

Egypt clashes continue for second day; 8 killed, 300 wounded

If you doubt the theocracy, look around this nation.  Ask how our batshit crazy evangefundies would run the country if they could.  Egypt is blessed with evangefundies for Allah.

Lie Down With Dogs...

The world's greatest debilitative body has decided the payroll tax will not return to normal levels, for now.  The Senate has decided it's better to spend today and impoverish people tomorrow.  It's supposed to be the answer to jobs.  That's bullshit.  Cutting the payroll tax was a mistake from the get go.  Now it's continuation will cost all of us an environmental nightmare.  Is this the kind of governance we expected from all those things we elected to Congress and the White House?  Both parties are corrupt.  Isn't it time for the rational beings in this nation to take charge?

Senate leaders reach agreement to extend payroll tax cut for 2 months

Friday, December 16, 2011

The GOP, Hell, Everybody and Iran

Last night's GOP debate touched on Iran.  Needless to say there were six variations on how to blow the crap out of Iran and one sane position.  The sane position was taken by Ron Paul.

Here's a nice summary of the candiates view on Iran.

GOP candidates blast Ron Paul over Iran policy. Is one side crazy?

Are you with Mr. Paul or everyone else?

So What?

Even though Pew shows folks are rather pissed off even with their own Reps in Congress, I am confident by Nov. they will have come to their senses and say that it's all the other guys who are turds.  After all, if they persisted in thinking their incumbents are turds, then that would be evidence that they cannot discriminate between shit and Shinola.  The American voter is the problem.  What's the fix?

Pew Poll: A Warning Sign for Incumbents

Can Willard Win?

Well, in a word, Mormon.  Yep, that's the the dominant one word reaction to Willard.  Quick, what's your   one word reaction "Newt Gingrich?"

Top One-Word Reactions to GOP Frontrunners

From Bob Park

WHAT’S NEW Robert L. Park Friday, 15 Dec 2011 Washington,DC

1. HACKS: SHODDY PRESS COVERAGE OF SCIENCE. The Leveson Inquiry into the standards and ethics of the UK press, headed by Lord Justice Brian Leveson, was prompted by the News of the World phone- hacking scandal (WN 22 Jul 2011). The seamy British tabloid was the top- selling English-language newspaper in the world when owner Rupert Murdoch had to close it five months ago after its news-collection methods were exposed. The intense public interest in the sex and drug culture of celebrities is certainly troubling, but the same journalistic standards applied to science news may be more dangerous. In 1998, for example, Andrew Wakefield, an obscure British gastroenterologist, set off a worldwide vaccination panic when he falsely identified the common MMR vaccination as a cause of autism. Widely reported by the press, Wakefield's irresponsible assertion led to a precipitous decline in vaccination rate and a corresponding 14-year rise in measles cases. An editorial in the current issue of Nature (8 Dec 2011) urges scientists to "fight back against agenda-driven reporting of science." Who could disagree? It is, after all, a fight against ignorance.

 2. IGNORANCE: THERE'S PLENTY MORE WHERE THAT CAME FROM. A commitment to intellectual openness provides a mechanism for self- correction that sets science apart from the unchanging dictates of revealed religion, raising the prospect of transforming Earth into something close to biblical paradise, at least for Homo sapiens. Directions to this earthly paradise, however, are written in mathematics. In particular, the dialect of scientific progress is differential equations. Unfortunately, few people speak mathematics or have any interest in learning it. In the modern world, the engine of scientific progress is driven by a subset of the human race that speaks mathematics as a second language. This is not healthy. Many people, unable to distinguish science from pseudoscience, are duped by crackpots and swindlers who attempt to mimic scientists, and often manage to fool themselves. How do they do it?

 3. LET ME COUNT THE WAYS: PSEUDOSCIENCE IS AN ENORMOUS FIELD There are, I think, many more of them than there are of us. Let me mention just a few of the more notorious: Stanley Pons and Martin Fleishman, who gave us Cold Fusion in 1989, are the most famous in the Free Energy Category. Even so, physicists had their number in a couple of weeks. More recently (2006) in the same category, the Steorn Company in Dublin gave us Orbo, a classic perpetual motion machine. So classic it gets reinvented every century or so. Unfortunately Orbo is shy and refuses to perform when anyone’s watching. In the Chicken-Little Category, Devra Davis says the 5 billion cell-phone users are toast when we reach the latency period of brain cancer. Alas, I'm reaching my limit and there are hundreds more on my list. Maybe I'll write a book, or did I already do that?

New Flip Flop In the Making

Well, if true, then it's more of a lie than a flip flop.

British Paper: Romney Lived In A ‘Mansion’ During French ‘Hardship’ Period

Why is anyone still a member of the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church is just another human, social organization.  What can I say, it sucks and has for a long, long time.  Why would a sane person continue to be part of such an organization?

The suspected number of abuse victims who spent some of their youth in church institutions likely lies somewhere between 10,000 and 20,000, according to a summary of the report investigating allegations of abuse dating back to 1945.

Is this just a millenia long case of Stockholm Syndrome?

Toss Up?

A new AP-GFK poll puts Obama at 50/50 for reelection. Given the economy, that is amazing.  Even though a majority think he should go, when they look at the alternative, well, that 50/50 split will get better month after month as we near Nov. 2012.  Come on Gringich?  Bachmann?  Perry?  Willard?  See.

AP-GfK Poll: Obama re-election odds roughly 50-50

Still Have a Blackberry?


RIM stock drops after profit plummets more than 70%

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #1

Thugs R Us?

Well, not us directly.  We prefer the indirect, more deniable than not, approach.  The CIA does not torture, it allows Syrians and Egyptians to merely interrogate prisoners.  In Afghanistan, we train the cops and they...

U.S.-trained Afghan police forces committed abuses, probe finds

I think this technique is documented in both "Nation Building for Dummies" by George W. Shrub and in "Insurgency" by I. M. Petraeus.

The Social Network Campaign?

Obama has 24 million friends, Gringich has only 205,000, according to FaceBook.  How will social network sites such as FaceBook and Twitter affect the 2012 race?  How will they alter traditional campaigns?  Will finding friends precede getting out the vote?

Election 2012 campaigns are all over

They Yakked Off

The last yak off of the year is over.  The Trogs gathered one last time before the Iowa caucuses.  It was a FOX show.  The "debate" was tepid.  No one lashed out.  The candidates sought sound bites.  There were no winners and no losers.  It was Trogs talking to Trogs of Trog things in response to questions asked by Frogs (FOX+Trogs?).

Willard did not lose points, he's still liked by 23% of GOP primary voters.  Gringich did not gain, but did not lob any grenades.  Bachmann may have recovered a few folks who love crazy.  Likewise Perry may have picked up a few fans since he pretty much spoke in complete sentences and got them out without falling asleep in mid-sentence.  Santorum, well, he may have lost a few fans, he keeps proving he's too much a of a prig even for Iowans.

Oh, that leaves the Libertarian in an elephant suit, Ron Paul.  The clothes may not fit well, but if you are partial to the Constitution, Liberty and Freedom, then he's your man.  If, on the other hand, you'd like a taste of what used to be a normal approach to politics and governance (from a Republican perspective) then Huntsman proved to a good example.

Here's the Post's recap--

Gingrich and Romney on the defensive in GOP debate

Working hard for that 9% approval

Is this the kind of Congress we want?  It's getting to damn old.  Throw them all out.  There is not a single member of Congress who should be returned to office.  They have proven it by their actions.

Congressional leaders reach spending deal to avoid government shutdown

The idea of our government shutting down is wrong. That our government does not have a budget but operates on CRs is repugnant. Both sides have one concern only, the next election. Let's surprize them and elect a bevy of libertarians, socialists and independents. Screw the Dems and the GOP!  Lets' do a political party pledge, will you as a voter pledge to never vote for Republican or a Democrat?  If no one voted for their candidates, the parties would dry up and wither away.  Pledge?

Thursday, December 15, 2011


GOP primary voters despise Willard.  He's too Mormon for them (I have not been shaken from this conclusion yet).  As a result, we've see serial anti-Willards come and go.  The latest is Gringich.  He has soared and now appears ready to crash and burn.  Who's left? Santorum?  Nah, he's even too much of prig for GOP primary voter.  Huntsman?  Come on, he's a Mormon too (doesn't wear the undies though). Paul? No way, he would actually make the party abide by the Constitution (scary).

Oh, I have it, it's time for re-runs.  We had bit of try by the combover guy, but no one wants to have a damn thing to do with Trump.  Hm, Perry has asserted his Jesus creds by bashing gays and demanding that Jesus be put back in the public schools.  The Pissant has a grundle of money.  He's on a 40 stop Iowa bus tour.  Now if he doesn't oops it up in the last debate, Perry might become, yes, born again, and become the next anti-Willard!

Can Perry take over for Newt?  If he does will he last long enough or will we see the Crazy Lady get another shot?

Oh Come On!

How did Iran get the super drone?  Uh, they hacked it and flew it to a landing strip in Iran.  They used a  known flaw in the GPS system, fed it revised GPS data, and the plane landed in what it thought was Afghanistan, but was actually in Iran.  Live by the drone, get hacked by the drone.  When the armed drones get hacked it's going to get very interesting and deadly.

Exclusive: Iran hijacked US drone, says Iranian engineer

New Cornhole Poll

Gringich has lost a lot of his corncobs.  Romney has picked up some of the defecting cornholes as has the Piassant from Paint Creek.   Willard is now the leader of those zany Iowa Trogs.  Yeah, Rasmussen has a new poll out today, Willard 23% and Gasbag 20%.

Iowa: Romney 23%, Gingrich 20%, Paul 18%


About the Gasbag--

Newt Gingrich: historian?

Can You Have a Nation?

Can you, if half the folks are living pretty damned low on the hog.  It appears we're worse off than we thought.  The money goes somewhere.  I wonder when a critical mass will be reached and folks will decide to do a bit of re-distribution by force.   I'm glad I don't live in Connecticut or an affluent urban area.  Will it get ugly? Maybe, what happens if the 99% decide to occupy the 1%?

Census shows 1 in 2 people are poor or low-income

The link above is to the AP story most papers are re-wrting and putting out as their own.  NBC LA has an additional piece that we may want to consider before we go get our piece of the 1%'s holdings.

Poverty Figures May Be Wrong

If the Census Bureau is actually right, do you think it will matter to anybody?

More GOOPERS Yakking Off in Public

Yep, there's another debate tonight--

December 15, 20119pm ET on Fox News – Live Stream
Location: Sioux City Convention Center in Sioux City, Iowa
Sponsor: Fox News and Republican Party of Iowa
Participants: Bachmann, Gingrich, Huntsman, Paul, Perry, Romney, Santorum

Oh, as you prepare your ears for the damage that can be caused by hearing the same word said over and over, I think it's monotinitis, here's a nice piece on what some of the candidates thought of Ronald Reagan when Reagan was President.  It won't help your ears, but if you throw back a shot for every "Reagan" you hear, you'll be out cold in five minutes and be oblivious to the ensuing aural damage.

Republicans Chasing Reagan Legacy Once Criticized Party’s Icon

Federal Employment

The GOP wants to cut federal employment by 10%.  Why?  It's not to save any money or look out for the unborn taxpayer.  No, they want to cut employment to keep the economy in the tank.  If the economy improves Obama will be reelected.  So, as unemployment aid applications fall to 3-year low, the GOP will make up for it by firing as many feds as they.  To them a bad economy is a good economy.  Will you vote for a GOOPER this Fall?

What a Track Record!

The Feds have been poking around in public education for a long time.  The Shrub gave us No Child Left Behind.  Obama has them racing to the top.  And what have obtained along the way?

Report: half of U.S. schools fail federal standards

Get the feds out of all education seems to be an idea worth trying.  After all, it can't make things worse.

Willard made money, not jobs at Bain

Bain Capital is a private equity firm.  They make money for themselves and their investors.  They do not make anything but money any way they can.  They buy and sell companies on borrowed money.  They made a lot of money.  Sometimes the companies they bought survived and sometimes they died.  The outcome didn't matter as long as the actions being taken produced a profit.  For Willard to boast of being a jobs guy is rather silly.  Willard is just one more guy who makes money by playing around with other people's money.  He does and has never made anything like a car, a PC, or even a doughnut.  However, Willard and his Bainites perform a needed function in a free market.  They clear the fields of dead and dying firms.  Can you imagine what nature would be like without vultures?  Private equity firms consume the carrion of capitalism.  

Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital tenure shows mixed record on bankruptcies

Gee, It At First...

The GOP's "Right Wing Social Engineer of the Year," Paul Ryan, has a new plan to "save" Medicare.  We'll find out about it next week.  Raise your expectations so you can enjoy having them dashed on the shoals of Newt's head (it's large and hard).  In other words, it will be bunk, but make for interesting copy as we go into the '12 election cycle.  Oh, Ryan has a fight on his hands to get reelected, being niceer to seniors might him get back their votes.

Paul Ryan to announce new approach to preserving Medicare

Strategic Victroy Watch -- War #2

Gee, the Shrub's war to attain historical greatness is over!  It never should have started, but how else do Repubs celebrate massive unfunded tax cuts than with an unfunded, unneeded war.  The financial costs may be officially set at $800 billion, but that's just direct appropriations.  When all costs are included, it's going to be closer to $2 trillion.  The money is not a problem, that's why we have unborn taxpayers. The problem is all those solders who were killed, mangled, and warped along the way.  They were sent into harm's way without good reason.  Needless slaughter in a needless war.  One bit of necessary trust is gone for good.  Will you send your kid off to the next Iraq?

After more than 8 1/2 years, Iraq war draws to a quiet close

Trust the Military?

Have you forgotten about Pat Tillman?  The military covered up a freindly fire fiasco and used it to manufacture an instant hero.  It unraveled.  Now. the Marines have wrapped malarky improve the acts of a Medal of Honor winner.

Obama told the audience in the White House East Room on Sept. 15 that Meyer had driven into the heart of a savage ambush in eastern Afghanistan against orders. He'd killed insurgents at near-point-blank range, twice leapt from his gun turret to rescue two dozen Afghan soldiers and saved the lives of 13 U.S. service members as he fought to recover the bodies of four comrades, the president said.

But there's a problem with this account: Crucial parts that the Marine Corps publicized and Obama described are untrue, unsubstantiated or exaggerated, according to dozens of military documents McClatchy examined.

How's that trust level doing these days? Got medals?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's Weirding Up In Iowa

I thought Gringich was the last and final, anyone but Willard candidate in Iowa.  He soared and continues to soar outside of Iowa.  Oops, the gasbag's descending.  Who's balloon is rising?  Willard?   Can Willard be his own anti-Willard?  Come on, it's Iowa, no it's Ron Paul.  Ron appears to be the newest cornhole version of the anti-Willard.  Will the children of the corn show up and vote for Paul on Jan. 3rd?

Paul pulling closer to Gingrich in Iowa

The GOP top three

Willard has no core, what does he stand for?  Is there a line he would not cross for a vote?  Gingrich has been a scorched earth, grandiose, egotistic bomb thrower all his life.  It's how he advances himself.  Well, what about crazy Uncle Ron? I'd forgotten about those nasty newsletters.  Let's review Mr. Paul--

Don't Believe the Ron Paul Hype

It's not wonder most Republicans will not be voting for a GOOPER this coming Fall.  Hmm, will the convention actually name one of these clowns as their nominee?

Three Way Polifix

You're interested in politics.  You  read a piece and before long you realize you've been suckered in and  gobsmacked by a Trog, a Trog!  Then just as you're ready for more, a latte loving liberal entices you and then pours scalding hot coffee in your lap.  Damn.  You were just reading and made the discovery not everything on the Internet is unbiased and neutral.  Arrrrgh!

Okay, that's overly simple, but here's a new site that may help.  It gives the left a voice, too bad it includes the trogs, but it does, and then lets you opt for neutrality too, if you so choose.  See choices.  Be nice if it works.  Give it a read.  Let me know if it's worth the time and effort.

Politics in Stereo


Gingrich is soaring in the primaries.  Gingrich is tanking in the generals.  Willard sucks.   Obama sucks.  The GOP sucks. Congress really sucks.  That's the short version.  Now give it a read for yourself--

NBC News/Wall Street Journal Survey


It's okay to bash Mormons as long as you do it in the privacy of your own mind.  If you share and are working for a campaign, it might cost you your job.  Look, hate is best kept to one's self, at all times for that matter.

Gingrich campaign aide quits over Mormon 'cult' comment 

It's About Time

The GOP has coasted into Iowa on a tide of national debates.  The average cornhole must feel left out.  They've been treated to the same clown show seem by the rest of the nation.  Cornholes are used that personal touch of the candidates wielding corncobs.   As the caucus comes closer (Jan. 3) and the debates end (one left), the old fashioned ground game gets under way.  Yes it's ad time.  Candidates are on the air calling each other mother mugging, father rapers (and worse--soft on Obama)!  Fortunately, this election cycle the rest of the Nation is not left out (and you don't need cable TV) of the cornhole ad wars because we have YouTube!  These cornhole appeals are for you...

Iowa voters are deluged with campaign ads, some nasty

Streaming Community Radio

I have found WMNF's Morning Show on Wednesday to be a delightful mix of music--artists and genres.  It's a great place to begin the day.  Randy Wynne puts together a consistently good program.  Tune in, enjoy!

Morning Show Wednesday

Driving while under the influence of anything

You probably heard that the NTSB recommends bagging cellphone use while driving.

NTSB urges nationwide ban on cellphone use while driving

Before anyone gives themselves a wedgie over this, would you do likewise over adrunk driving?  Of course not, but both are effectively the same.  Here's a recap from some 2006 research--


A bit of music

Have you run across Lisa Gerrard?  If not and you enjoy a contalto voice that ranges into dramatic and mezzo-soprano space pop out to iTunes and prepare to listen to a beautifully rich, jaw-dropping, deep, dark, mournful and very unique voice.  She composes, she sings.  Enjoy!!

Whither Marriage?

In a few years there will be more unmarried than married adults in this country.  Marriage is a state sanctioned contract on the civil side and solemn rite on the sacred side.  It appears more people have opted for some other arrangement.  Why?

Married couples at a record low


In the Twitterverse, which pol is the winner?

Twitter and the Campaign

They've Earned Their Approval Rating

Congress is beloved by less than 9% of us.  They have continued to live up to expectations.  Even at the end of the year the mindless campaign for reelection persists.  Did any of them listen to their oath of office or did they just mouth it?  Vote them all out!  Replace the whole damn lot and let us remember what happens when we reelect pols--we get the 112th Congress.

Congress debates payroll tax cut, government funding omnibus

Then worst part is, we, the voters created Congress in our image. That's pretty sorry. They don't show up and keep drinking from the Potomac unless they win elections. We need to improve our taste in pols. If they are at 9%, then that means we do not approve of ourselves. Poor show folks, damned poor show. We can do better, vote them all out.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

This is, what's the word I'm looking for? Oh, yeah, this is huge!

Donald Trump fired himself.  He has decided he won't attend his own debate.  I guess Newtiepoo will have to ask questions of Ass Juice and vice versa.  Sure will want to miss this one.

Donald Trump pulls out of hosting GOP presidential debate in Iowa

Newtiepoo is Nucking Futs

I do not understand why any sentient being would, unless suffering from delerium, want Newt to be anywhere near any part of presidential power.  The man is dangerous and off his rocker.  Don't take my word for it, read his, on on subject, over the years.

Newt Gingrich on Iraq: A Timeline of Questionable Judgment


The cartoon professor

Xmas Gifts

Here's a couple of musical suggestions.

'Adele 21.'

'The Goat Rodeo Sessions.'  (Yo-Yo Ma goes bluegrass)

Go to iTunes and give a listen to them, I think you'll like both of them.

There goes Netflix

Oh, well, it was nice while it lasted...

Verizon May Buy Netflix

Scalia makes less of an ass of himself

The Meaning of Equal

I am wrong about Willard

For months, I have been certain the reason Willard has not exceeded 25% in the polls is because he's a Mormon.  Now I have found out the real reason no one likes Willard--

Anti-Romney voters’ top concern

Perry Strong Review

Here's a piece reviewing the reviews of the Pissant from Paint Creek's "Strong" Ad.  At the end was a most telling bit of why the evangefundies are pissed.  They t'ain't getting that federal money.

On CNN, Blitzer challenged Perry’s rhetoric more directly, and got an illuminating answer: one front in the war, Perry said, is the Obama administration “clearly sending messages to people of faith and organizations of faith that we’re not going to support you with federal dollars” if the organizations don’t abide by federal regulations.

I don't think that bit of warped logic received much attention, but then again, it's Rick Perry speaking for the batshit crazy folks.

What if...

What if unemployment keeps going down and the economy keeps getting better?  What if the pace is slow but accelerating?  What if unemployemnt is 7% or less by Nov. 2012?  Retail sales are up, what if...

Retail sales rise for sixth straight month

Yeah, what if?  Hmm, I wonder what the GOP would do to tank the economy and raise unemployment so they had a better shot at the presidency in 2012?  Would they?  Come on look at the last three years and what they have said and done.  Want to improve the nation for average folks?  Okay, then get rid of the GOP.  Votes matter, use yours wisely.

Do you expect the GOP to go along with keeping the payroll tax cut in place?

Office Pool Game

Herm the Harasser's name is till on the Iowa caucus ballot.  He dropped out after they were printed.  Start an office pool based on guessing vote  Herm's total.  There are a number of Iowa cornholes who will not give up on those 9 pizzas with 9 toppings for $9 (even if they taste like shit, come on, did you ever buy more than one Godfather's pizza?  Uh, did you ever buy one? ).

Ghost of a chance? Herman Cain haunts Iowa caucuses

National Letdown

Cameras were ready.  Pundits were on hand.  Sandusky was going to face his accusers today.  Belay that.  Sandusky's attorney decided to waive the prelim and go straight to trial.  Ouch.  Oh, well, cable will just have to keep covering the GOP candidates.

Sandusky waives hearing; Penn State sex-abuse case heads to trial

Idle Political Specuation

This campaign season reflects recent changes in communications.  We talk to each other in more ways, faster, and more globally than ever before.   Cable TV, to keep eyes on them increasingly do nothing but politics.  The Internet based apps are on PCs, smart phones, and e-readers.  Cable news reports on Internet Apps too!  How much of our communications web did not really exist in 2008 or 2004?

This time out, it's been a national campaign all the time.  Candidates don't have to do much except show up for "debates."  Ads go national on YouTube.  The sense of the electorate is captured via Tweet and Facebook analysis.  Blogs were new in 2004, vocal in 2008, and are commercialized in 2010.  More chatter, in more modes, among more people, wow!  What was did McLuhan's book tell us?  Yeah, The medium is the message or something along those lines.   How much medium can we take?  

One of the results of all the national ways to make cheap noise is that  more candidates can hang around longer in a campaign than ever before.  I will not be surprized to see all seven candidates make it into February before anyone drops out.

One thing that strikes me is the lack of commitment to candidates at this time.  Over 60% of likely voters are uncertain about whom they will vote for.  However, Willard and Paul seem to have very committed core voters.  The rest are fickle.   Given uncertainty, I can see Willard, Newt and Ron being the top three in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida.  The rest will win more or less about the same in each state, except for Huntsman in New Hampshire.  As long as the debates persist and the Tweeters Twit on, and cable has nothing better to cover, we're all national all the time one state at a time. Weird today, and downright bizarre in 2016.  By the way, has the 2016 begun yet?

He's A Republican. You Expected Otherwise?

Study: Gingrich tax plan would give lion's share to the rich

LHC Update-ish

The Large Hadron Collider has been accelerating its magnets off.  Tons of data and oodles of numbers to crunch. Is there a Higgs Boson hiding in the pile?  Stay tuned for announcements from CERN.  If the Higgs is "found" it will confirm how stuff has mass.  It will not explain the why of anything.  Science does not do whys, it does hows.  Science deals with natural sense based things--natural answers to natural questions.   CERN may find the god particle, that would be cool.  If not, then we have to find new answers to the questions.  

Scientists close in on linchpin of physics, the ‘God particle’

Monday, December 12, 2011

It must not be retroactive

Gingrich signs pledge forbidding adultery

If Obama is all talk and no walk, I'd say Newtiepoo is long on walk and real short on infidelity talk.   Do you trust this schmuck?    

It's 1692

The Salem witch trials occurred in 1692-1693.  That's today's date in Saudi Arabia--

Saudi woman beheaded for ‘practicing witchcraft’

Penn State

I'm not quit sure how folks can write this kind of piece when all we have is a grand jury indictment of Sandusky.  How are all the authors of respectable pieces going to feel if this case turns out to be false?  Is Sandusky a perv?  We'll have to wait and see.  That's what courts are for.

AP IMPACT: PSU culture explained away Sandusky

Republican Nominee

I have a feeling that the rich old white guys who run the GOP are not too happy these days.  Look at the field of candidates, they're just second tier at best.  Not one of them will defeat Obama despite an economy in the crapper.  It's probably true that over all the candidates, they have been more book signings than old fashioned campaign stops.  The wheels are pissed.  Now how about the Teabaggers?  They're pissed too.  Come on, Willard and Newt are small government types?  The evangefundies are in a tizzy,  Willard is a Mormon and Newtiepoo is a three time married Baptist who converted to Catholicism.  Ouch.

The rest of the field is even worse.  So what will all the interested parties do?  I will not be surprized to see the whole damn mess be resolved in the GOP convention.  Is it possible to go through all the primaries and wind up with a nominee that was not on the ballot in any caucus or primary?  Yes, that's how sorry the GOP has become.  

Newtiepoo II

I must have stepped in pile of Newt today.  Have you noticed that Newt has been more and more well behaved?  As his front runner status persists, he plays Mr. Nice Guy.  He hasn't laid a bomb or stunk up a room with one his intellectual farts.  He says he's changed.  Lindsey Graham said something along the line of Newt, after 68 years, is now comfortable in his own skin.  Newt is an old fart now.  That's creepy.

At any rate, Newt is Newt.  If he actually wins the GOP nomination, consider this.  Along the way from here to election day, Newt cannot display one iota of the old Newt.  If he does, then all that redemption, forgiveness, and reconciliation will be seen as so much bullshit and his support would  vanish overnight.  There would be no new Newt, just the good old Newt from the 1990s that on one wants in the White House.  Let the Newt watch begin! Start your office pool--when will Newt screw his own pooch?


Who is behind Newtiepoos sudden rise?  Is it GOP voters?  Is it party hacks?  Nah, Newts rise is due to the liberal mainstream media.  Come on, Willard is lousy copy.  There is no excitement in a guy who thinks Saltine crackers are ethnic food.

Newt on the other hand is outrageous.  Newt's mouth opens and great copy falls out.  Newt is spectacle.  Newt pisses off the Dems, that's conflict.  Newt pisses on Congress and that is even bigger conflict.  I think the MSM backed Newt to sell papers and increase audience share.  God, can you imagine how dull a Willard/Obama debate would be? See?

Monied Candiates

The GOP has two very well off candidates.  One will casually make $10,000 bets to prove he's right.  The other is a self proclaimed celebrity who makes speeches for $60,000 a pop (as long as you provide him with two bathrooms, yes he is that full of it).  These are the kind of folks that appeal to teabaggers and evangefundies?  Seems a tad inconsistent, but hell it's Republican politics.  

Before he was for it, he was opposed to it

Who?  Newtiepoo.  What?  Child labor.  The guy is a complete asshole and he is the current heart-throb of the GOP.  That's sick.  Yep, Newt is the stupid person's idea of a smart guy, he proves it every day.

Gingrich slammed his '96 rival on child labor


The GOP field is pretty much political trash.  Newtiepoo is their highlight?  How bad are they?  Well, consider this, the economy still sucks, unemployment goes down because more people just quit looking for work (then they're not counted), and the future is looking bleaker and bleaker for the middle class.  Think of those factors and try to explain why the incumbent Obama still out polls all of the GOP field even in South Carolina and Florida?  That's the measure of the GOP candidates--they are all worse than Obama even in wretched economy.  I can hardly wait for the Democratic sideshow in 2016.  Who will be their Herman Cain of 2016?

Where in the world is the CR?

Federal funding is in danger again.  This is getting old.  It's time to replace all of the idiots we have elected.  We have an irresponsible Congress because we have been derelict in our duty.  They exist because we elected them, over and over again.  If we really are fed up with Congress, then we'd better realize one thing.  Every House member and one third of the Senate are behaving exactly as they think their voters expect them to behave.  To keep their jobs they have to win elections.  It's either the case that the incumbents have fallen down on the job or the 112th Congress is exactly what we want?  Which is it?

Congress edges toward a compromise on spending

Last Debate Bullshit

If falsity was bullshit, then the GOP candidates would have been knee deep by 10pm  EST last Saturday night.   It gets so old. They open their mouths and the shit pours out.  Gingrich did a damn good job proving that he really is the stupid person's idea of an intellectual.   Here's a bit of fact checking--

Fact checking the ABC-Yahoo Republican presidential debate in Iowa

As Goes Iowa, So Goes The Rest?

This cycle, there seems to be a much smaller local ground game in Iowa.  Candidates and their minions do not dominate Iowa's cornfields.  The two candidates who have been in every cornfield in the state are pretty much out of contention.  Does anyone really expect Bachmann or Santorum to win anything?

Iowans, as the rest of the nation, follow candidates on TV, on their phones and on the Tubes (Internets).  Who really wants to meet the schmucks anyway?  Is Iowa the pattern for the rest of the states?  When ads don't work, what will they spend all that money on?

Or will Iowa surprize us and not bother with Newtiepoo or Willard?  What happens if it comes out Bachmann, Paul,  and Santorum?   Is politics local or national?  If Newt wins, followed by Willard, how will that change future campaigns?  It's an odd year.

Iowa caucuses are still first, but are they no longer foremost?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Security Question

Will you voluntarily step into a TSA porn-o-matic to save the nation and make us free?  Most people will, but only if they have to, to be able to get on a plane.  Unfortunately, TSA's porno x-ray machines are the bad kind--they're banned in Europe.  You get your porn shot made, board the place in Tucson and by the time you make it to NYC you've mutated into  slime mold with two legs and six arms.  That's scary and very messy.  I don't fly much anymore.

Now would you hop into an x-ray machine in your local Department Store? Oh, it's not to make you safe and protect your freedoms, but is to determine your size in all the lines of clothing  in the store.  Get x-rayed and find clothes that fit you!  I have a feeling most folks would say "who cares about the porn, zap me!"

Body scanners finding plenty of creative uses in U.S.

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #3

The combat may be mostly over in Libya, but now they will battle to create a govnernment and a nation.  Here'a piece on on one of the players in the future Libya.  He's a Muslim churchy guy.  Before we get overly concerned with government and Islam, we need to look at our own history and then cut them some slack before we give ourselves wedgies over sharia law.

Meet the likely architect of the new Libya

Throw Them All Out!

Gee, that idea seems to be catching on.  Now, it we could throw then all out in every election....

Gallup poll shows anti-incumbent sentiment at all-time high

Where do you eat?

Does it matter?  Well, if you are a pollster working for a campaign, it does.  If your candidate is a lib how will you win in a county that is dominated by "Cracker Barrel?"  Likewise, if your candidate is a trog, you will have to figure out a way to deal with "Whole Foods" folks.  Huh?  Read on--

Will the 2012 election be a contest of Whole Foods vs. Cracker Barrel shoppers?

It's Always Bullshit In Washington

Not too long ago, before the last election, every pol was condemning earmarks.   Not because they thought that earmarks are wrong, evil, or conducive to downright shitty and corrupt government.  No, their negative words came from a deep seated need to agree with voters who think earmarks really suck.   Pols will always bend in whatever direction the reelection winds decide to blow.

The voters, voted.  They elected folks who said they hate earmarks.  Voters went back to their jobs and living their  lives.  The electoral winners went to Washington.  Now that no one is paying much attention to earmarks, is it because legislators did their duty and killed them off?  Nah, who's paying any attention to earmarks?  No one, so it's no surprize--earmark probe finds $834 million in requests

Obama Is All Democratic Talk and All Republican Walk

Here's one more piece on Plan B.  I have no reason to trust Obama on much of anything other than he's more a Democrat than not.  With Plan B he has set a precedent for Department Heads to ignore science whenever they wish.  In this respect, once again, Obama is George Bush.

With the Plan B decision, the Obama administration broke its promise

Remember Our Civil War?

In our Civil War, the South lost.  They surrendered.  The North occupied the South for a while.  To Southerners, the occupation was less than pleasant.  Even today, does anyone really think the war is completely over and forgotten?

Now, take all that emotive baggage over all the years after 1865 and apply its logic  to Iraq.  We shocked.  We awed.  We rubblized the country.  Then we occupied.  We did a half baked nation building.  Iraqis have not thought our occupation to be pleasant.  We're leaving now, wonder why?  Think we're really welcome over there.  Did you ever wonder what a cracker meant by "damn Yankee?"

In Iraq, good old number one is the Union.  Iraq is the Confederacy.  In about 150 years they might tolerate our return.

Civilian killings created insurmountable hurdle to extended U.S. troop presence in Iraq

GOP Candidates Yak Off, Again

They gathered again.  This time in Iowa.  ABC moderated the joke fest.  Only six candidates were there.  The pizza guy is gone and Jon Boy spends all his time in New Hampshire.  They yakked.  After all the debates, I still think if it's Republican it's batshit crazy.

Newtiepoo was the focus.  Would he get rattled and unleash a verbal flamethrower.  He didn't, so pundits give him points (so do trogs, he's still alive as their last hope for anyone but Willard).  Willard did not pick up any points, he will still poll at 22% at best.

Michelle Bachmann invented Newt Romney and with that may have done enough to convince some god fearing Iowa cornholes that she's whatever it is they seek in the White House.  Iowa is a very strange place.

I don't understand Ass Juice.  Santorum does not click with anybody in cornhole land.  He makes a good case for himself and is pretty much ignored.  As Willard has always been stuck at 25% and lower, Santorum has been stuck at 6%.  I guess he's just an unlikable prig--even too holier than the thous of Iowa can tolerate.

Perry should get at least 1 point from last night, not for saying anything of merit, but for completing all of his sentences.  There were a couple of tense moments.  He was half way an answer and seemed ready to shut down into silence.  He made it.  I do think he stuck the perfect cornhole cord on marriage and fidelity.  He made a promise to his wife and to god.  He made it clear you don't fuck around with god, especially in Texas.

Ron Paul, to me, came out the best of them all.  He gives and takes quite well with Newtie.  He thinks the rest of the field are all part of what's gone wrong with our government. He is the most consistent conservative in the field.  At this point, after all the debates, if I was transformed into a trog, I think Ron Paul is the only rational choice.  It's been a very strange campaign so far.

That's by biased BS, now read the Post's

Gingrich comes under attack in GOP debate