Saturday, January 7, 2012

Need More Gringich?

If you do, I don't know why, but you might, then here's a nice piece from "The New Yorker" on Angry Newt.  If you do read the piece one thing you might ponder is this, how much of what's wrong in our politics today can be laid at Gingrich's doorstep?  I think we'd a lot better off if the voters in Georgia had had the good sense to make him a one term creep.


Book Review: The Obamas

There is a new book coming out that focuses on Michelle Obama's influence in the West Wing and her relationship with the president's staff.  At least she's not consulting astrologers (have you forgotten Nancy already).  This is another book that will probably sell well but amounts to just more celebrity driven tripe.  Who cares anyway?  The good parts will be covered on cable, so save your cash.

Michelle Obama had tense relationship with president’s top advisers, book asserts

No one may like him, but is he takes three in a row...

Will that vulture capitalist, Willard, win three more primaries?  If he takes New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Florida will the GOP race be over?  Will everybody else drop out after Florida due to lack of funds?  Maybe, except for Ron Paul.  Paul seem to have his own source of funds that does not have much to do with the GOP.  It'd be neat to see it become a two man race.  I wonder how much damage Paul could do if folks let down their guard?  How much would it take for Paul to run  a third party race?

Oh, the winning streak assumes Willard does not step on it in the upcoming debates. If he screws up and gets santorum on him, then Paul might come in first.

Romney pushing for four-state streak to steamroll GOP opponents


Let's see there was the plantation economy that required slavery.  Slavery was the can kicked down the road by the slaveholders, a.k.a., the founding fathers.  The can finally could not be kicked any more.  The Civil War was fought.  Slavery ended in the U.S.  Well, overt slavery did.  The losers established Jim Crow, in today's terms, slavery-lite across the South.  There was nothing lite about it if you were the Crow doing Jim's bidding.  Jim Crow laws were stricken down one after the other after the Brown v. Board of Education decision.  We began to actually end the Civil War.  Subsequently, the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act seemed to assure us that finally the Civil War really was over and done with.  Right?  Well, not quite, the crackers have never forgotten their loss--militarily, economically and socially.  Now maybe we can understand all the voter ID nonsense.  It has nothing to do with possible voter fraud and everything to do with race.

Analysis: Minority Voters Overwhelmingly Rejected Mississippi Voter ID Law

Want a queasy feeling?

If you do, then give this AP piece a read.  We had eight years of King Dubya and Prince Dork.  We've had three of King Barry his jester Joe.  When folks with atrocious human rights records can build a plausible case against you, it's doesn't say much for you.  I have a feeling the idea that the U.S. is one place on earth where folks have a chance at justice has dissipated as we progressively abandon the rule of law.  I don't see much to proud be of in our prisons in Cuba or Afghanistan.  If you throw in the assorted CIA prisons, torture chambers, and jails then we seem to be hellbent on becoming the new USSR.  We're making our own mini-gulag and no one bats an eye.  Screw Obama, he's not a Democrat.  Obama is just more Bush.  I wonder if Hillary would have been any better?

Afghan commission alleges US detainee abuse

Books that sound interesting

I watch "Up with Chris Hayes" on Sat. and Sun am.   Today's show is worth the podcast or find a steaming copy.  The show covered our economy, the recess appointments, regulation, political philosophy and more.

Along the way three interesting books were mentioned.  Two were featured in segments of the show.  First is "The Buyout of America" by Josh Kosman.  Second is "Pity the Billionaire" by  Thomas Frank   and third is "Anatomy of an Epidemic" by Robert Whitaker.  Check them out you may find one you want to read.

There Are Young People in New Hampshire?

Damn, there are young folks in NH? Yes there are.  Not many, but enough to affect the primary outcome--is that Ron Paul who's smiling? Of course, NH may have pizza parlors too.  The youth vote is never assured, pizza or vote, oh, it's two for the price of one?  Maybe Paul can use pizza delivery vans to round voters and deliver.

New Hampshire primary: Will youth vote bring it on Tuesday?

The Man The Battlements

You have to love those batshit crazy Repubs, they really are the party of the rich, old, white guys.   Racism is so ingrained in their being, they can't help themselves.  It just oozes out of them naturally.  It's like sweat on hot Summer day, it's natural but gets pretty rank after a while.

Gingrich, Santorum accused of racially insensitive remarks

In Addition to Tonight

The crazy folk ill gather for a debate on "Press the Meet" tomorrow--

January 8, 20129am ET on NBC (Yes, 9am)
Location: Chubb Theatre at the Capitol Center for the Arts in Concord, NH
Sponsor: NBC News, Facebook and the Union Leader
Participants: Santorum, Romney, Paul, Perry, Gingrich, Huntsman

GOP Yak Off, In New Hampshire

One again represetatives of the batshit crazy will gather on a stage.  They will be asked quesitons.  They will answer questions.  Each will hope to utter a memorable one-liner.  That's how we nominate and elect presidents these days, who gets off the best single line.  We get what we deserve.

Tonight's Yak Off is at 9:00 PM on ABC.  This time Frothy comes in from the wings and will take center stage.  I hope he doesn't get any santorum on those on his left and right.

Santorum will be in the spotlight at Saturday night's debate

Beats the hell out of bombs

Rescuing folks from pirates wins a lot more points than rattling sabers while singing that Beach Boys tune "Bomb, Bomb, Iran."  We don't need Ron Paul in the White House, but we need to look at the world a bit more as he does.

U.S. rescues Iranian hostages, with good timing

Friday, January 6, 2012


NBC Marist poll has Romney on top--

According to the poll, Romney gets the backing of 42 percent of likely Republican primary voters in New Hampshire, including those leaning toward a particular candidate. He’s followed by Texas Rep. Ron Paul at 22 percent, Santorum at 13 percent, Gingrich and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman both tied at 9 percent, and Texas Gov. Rick Perry at 1 percent.

Ron Paul and Iran

Ron Paul's perspective on Iran may be what we need.  If Iran feels as though war has been declared on them, then watch out.  Other than insuring the End of Days (gotta keep Israel a going concern) what's with warmongering on Iran?

Ron Paul Vindicated on Iran (Unfortunately)

Willard Fans take Note

Three polls out today put Willard in the lead in South Carolina.  Gingrich, formerly on top is now fourth.
It looks like a surger twofer--Willard and Frothy are moving up. I do have trouble seeing the heart of the Confederacy actually vote for Willard.

GOP Candidates Step Up South Carolina Push as Polls Show New Leaderboard

Does Anyone Like Willard

Even a Boston paper despises Willard.  Do 25% of Repubs really like the schmuck or are they more scared of the evangefundie crazies  who make up the rest of the field?  If this race had come down to Daniels, Pawlenty, Christie, Huntsman and Willard, does anyone think it would have been a five man race even going into Iowa?

Boston Globe Endorses Jon Huntsman

It's Politics, So an Apple is the Same as an Orange

No this isn't a retrospective on the Groper's 9-9-9 bozo tax plan.  It's about Willard and his job claims.  What I don't understand is why anyone would accept as factual anything said by any politician espeially if his business experience is as a vulture capitalist.

Willard wants the job, the Rolodex, the post-Presidency income and the power.  Don't forget the power.  If he makes it, then even though he's a nutless Ken doll, for four years everyone will have to pretend he's a regular G.I. Joe.  Hey, that may be why no one likes Willard, he's a 100% plastic Ken.  His kids creep me out too.
Romney’s Claim To Be A Job Creator Hits The Skids

And in New Hampshire

Willard will win NH.  So, unless he really screws the pooch in some unanticipated way, the NH race is all about second place.  Right now, put your money on Paul.

Republican Primary Projections

Arab Winter -- Syria

In case you thought Syria had settled back into dictator normal,  think again.  Will Syria go the route of Lebanon when it collapsed in 1975?

Syria says at least 11 killed in Damascus blast

Who cares, it's over--

Besides, it's Iowa.  Who gives a shit about Iowa after the caucus is over.  The vote count may alter the outcome?  Who cares, we're in New Hampshire now.

Questions over vote count put Iowa caucuses result in doubt


As the GOP continues to deport Latinos from their big tent, what about the Democrat in chief?  What's his take?  Or rather what's he doing on immigration?

The Obama administration will announce Friday a proposed new regulation that would allow certain undocumented immigrants to remain in America while applying for legal status -- a step aimed at keeping families intact and one that may also shore up the president's support with Latino voters.

Note we're still not enforcing the existing laws on the books much less solving the problem with new law. Get votes sure, solve the problem, nah we still need the cheap labor.  I guess neither party really wants the Latinos inside their tent

There's a Fast Food Season?

I rarely go to fast food emporiums.  I think I went to a McDonalds once in 2011 and that was to kill time before seeing a Doc in Williamsburg.  All I can say about the food is that is was fast.  Not being a fan of this kind of cuisine, I had no idea that it goes on sale, kind of like white sales and such I guess.

If you need a burger bargain, this is a good month for you--

January is bargain season at Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Wendy's

Wait for it

How long before George W. Obama revies the Axis of Weasels?  It would probably earn him warrior creds and votes from the gamer crowd.  With a new god in charge of N. Korea (well almost in charge, it takes time for a living god to secure adoration) it's uncertain what the god may do.  Obama may need to juice his defense status by rattling the White House cutlery.

Rumor of N. Korean nuclear explosion prompt brief stock panic in South

Oh, don't forget Iran. They might have a nuke in the oven. The might shut down oil flow. They might or might not do a lot of things, but they are a golden opportunity for a new war. And we all know, in a new war, we'd don't change chickenhawk chiefs in mid-stream.

As currency crisis and feud with West deepen, Iranians brace for war

Want to predict what Obama will do?  That's easy, just ask What Would Dubya Do?  Ron Paul anyone?

Santorum is covered with santorum

How anyone could think Santorum was just a little Jesus jockey running for office is beyond me.  He is a prototypical politician who profits from being in office too long.  He's a good example of why we need to limit all of our elected pols to one term.  He came to Washington.  He hung around.  He got kicked out, but along the way he leveraged his elective offices into a bundle.  Without the voters, he'd never be a millionaire.  Let's get to know Frothy--

Santorum plays down long history as Washington insider

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ron Paul? Maybe, just maybe...

If Voters Cared About Liberty, Ron Paul Would Be the Frontrunner

But then,

Ron Paul's Strange Bedfellows

In you are interested

Ass Juice came in second in Iowa.  If you would like more info on Sen. Ass Juice, then here's a good place to begin.

Our Guide to the Best Coverage on Rick Santorum and His Record

Crazy people turned out and voted for him. Despite his surge, he'll always be Ass Juice to me.

Here's one to think about, which is scarier, President Ass Juice or President Newtiepoo?


If  Ron Paul leads the pack in registering new voters and turning out new and former voters, will he continue to place second or third all the way to the end?  If so, to what end?  What effect?

Will Ron Paul become the wild card this month?  Will he shoot past 25% and take center stage?

Is Perry remaining in the race to allow Willard to win the nomination?  Willard needs a minimum of four opponents to divide up the 75% who despise him.   With three or fewer he loses.

Here's a book you may want to look for--"The Gardens of Democracy" by Liu and Hanauer.

Have you noticed that four of the major names in this election cycle--Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, and McCain are the least liked within their party?  These guys are despised by their peers and they don't like each other at all.  Why does is the GOP putting forward dis-likable bums?  Think about, who was the likable candidate in 2008? In 2000?  In 1992?  in 1988?  In 1980?

One problem I have with most of the GOP candidates is their tendency to root themselves in the 19th century.  As they do so, they become immune from the facts of the 21st century.  The remind me of Obama speeches, they sound good, are nice on the ear, but are so unmemorable that 10 minutes after the speech no one can remember what he was talking about.  The GOP gooses the past but fails to bring it into today's life.  Sounds good, but so what?    

GOP better get busy

The GOP better find a way for the job creators to un-create jobs.  The only way they can win in Nov. is if the economy still reeks.  Would the GOP work hard to keep unemployment high?  You bet they would. Think about it.

Unemployment claims fall, stay below 375,000

It's Alive!

What's alive?  Oh, that neon sign that says "EATS" out in the middle of the desert.  Oh, it's not a neon sign.  Here, theres' no electricity going to the damn thing.  What gives?  Well, the sign is made of day-glo bugs.  Not quite bugs, but cousins.  It's a bit creepy, but neat--

  Scientists create living LED screens out of glowing bacteria

Theocracy Here We Come

Where? Utah? Nah, it's already a closet theocracy.  No, in Egypt.  The revolting Arabs deposed a military dictator.  Then they talked a lot of democracy.  Some of the groups hustling for democracy are overtly Islamic.  On the one hand they say "democracy," but on the other they mean theocracy.  It you want to see Egypt's future, look no further than Iran.  As church and military cut deals, the state gets sucked in too.

Say goodbye to a possibly democratic Egypt.  Democracy comes in one size, it fits all.  It cannot be tailored and remain a democracy--one person, one vote where the rule of law applies to all and is grounded in the ends never being allowed to justify the means.  Democracy has simple rules.  They are  hard to establish and even harder to maintain.  How're we doing here at home?

Egyptian activists worry Islamist-led parliament will go easy on military

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #1

This stellar FUBAR was orchestrated by the same folks who gave us Iraq, Shrub, Inc.  Shrub Inc. is now out of business but it's former CEO lives in Dallas and gives management speeches.  He's made about $15 million on the rubber chicken circuit.   There are a lot of odd people in this country.

At any rate, as we talk with the Taliban, yes  the Taliban, Iran is hard at work helping out the Afghan government in ways that are  remarkably similar to the aid they've given to the Iraqi government.  All in all, I'd say the Shrub and his team managed to institutionalize a process that always insures that things will go from bad to worse.  Do you really want the Shrub's folks back in power here at home?  Think about it.

Iran intensifies efforts to influence policy in Afghanistan

Thank the Supremes

Like the Super-Pacs?  If so, thank the Supremes.  Think the Super-Pacs will destroy democracy?  Then thank the Supremes.  Rich assholes give lots of money to the SPs.  Oh, it's not just the rich.  Not so rich assholes also donate to SPs.  The key is  donors are all assholes.  They are all assholes who have differing amounts of cash to spend.

The SPs spend the donated money any damn way they want, but no candidate can be in charge of how the money is spent. What happens when a candidate bails and the ostensible reason the SP formed is gone?  Can the folks who run the SP then have the mother of all parties in Dubai?  Sure, there are no rules except for the coordination with candidates rule.  Note, SarahPac could buy $10,000,000 worth of wardrobe for Palin at any time and it's 100% legit.  SaraPac paid for her bus and vacation this past Summer.  As I said, assholes.  There are limits on how much money anyone or any organization can give a SP.  Spending has just one rule, given that, it has no limits.  Neat huh?

Few rules control super-PAC donations after a candidate withdraws from a race

It's all free speech?

Things Come and Go

And if it's business, then companies do likewise.  It's a bit of a shock and surprize when it's a company that's been around as long as you've been living.   However, when you begin to think about the firm, you note you haven't bought any of its products in years.  What company?  Oh, KODAK is headed for bankruptcy and probably liquidation in the near future.

Wall Street Journal report says Kodak might file for bankruptcy in coming weeks

Gee, I wonder what Willard would have done with KODAK?  Oh, he'd have made a fortune in fees, debt, and gutting the company.   The only winner would be Willard.

Strategic Victory Watch -- We Won (Kinda) War #2

The Shrub laid the foundation and built most of it.  Obama finished it up.  This is the Iraq that officials in our government have given the world.  Why do we let these same folks keep running Washington, D.C.? Still wonder why things are so SNAFU'd here at home?

Bombs kill dozens in Baghdad’s Shiite neighborhoods

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's time to ponder New Hampshire

Who will you bet on in New Hampshire?  Obviouly Willard will win, but who will place and show?

New Hampshire Primary Projections

Now About That Warmongering Moderate

How do Libertarians former Senator Ass Juice?  Well-- Rick Santorum Is a Conservative Technocrat

Ron Paul

Here's decent a perspective on Ron Paul.  If you like aspects of Paul's positions, but can't quite accept him, then maybe it's time to examine his logic and apply it to our own particular sets of ideas.

The Greatness of Ron Paul

2012 in Streaming

Will Netflix become HBO this year?  I have my doubts, but get ready as they give it a try--

Netflix: It wants to be HBO, but better

The Iowa Caucus is a Box of Chocolates

Trogs are Trogs

Trogs are an odd lot.  Back in Kennedy's day they were all worried about the Catholic Church getting commingled with our politics and government via Kennedy.  Kennedy made a speech assuring the nation he would keep god and Caesar separate.  The Trogs accepted it.  Along the way the Trogs worry about religion intruding on politics.  Take Willard for example, he's a Mormon.  Trogs are not sure if he can keep his church and their state separated.  Of course their real concern is to make sure there that their church has no competition when it comes to commingling god with politics and government.  I'd love to see a campaign where the word "faith"is never used.


Streaming Stick!

I have two Roku devices.  Roku is a great gadget.  Easy to set up and easy to use.  I use them primarily to stream Pandora and Netflix.  Now, for the cable challenged, Roku has developed a USB stick.  Neat.

Roku unveils its latest: Streaming Stick

The State of our Politics

Here's a list of names:  Obama, Gingrich, Huntsman, Romney, Perry, Santorum, Bachmann, Paul.

The question is, who in the list is an honest person?  Do you trust any of them?  I have a feeling the only honest one is Ron Paul.  That might be one reason the younger crowd has taken to him.  Is Paul honest?  How about the rest of them?  I think the rest would and have lied to gain office.  

On to NH

Other than a bump for Santorum, Iowa didn't do squat for those still really left in the NH field.

Romney       47%
Paul             17%
Huntsman    13%
Santorum     10%
Gingrich        9%

CNN Poll

What will the polls look like in a few days?

The Wiinnowing Begins

Last night the Crazy Lady had her ticket ready to fly on to the Palmetto State.  Now it looks like she may have cashed in her ticket.  Will Michelle Bachmann bail?  We'll know in about 30 minutes.  If she quits, will Perry do likewise?

Bachmann cancels S.C. campaign trip, schedules press conference

As candidates withdraw from the race, Willard has to start sweating.  The only way he can win is to have a sufficient number of opponents who  divide the votes so that his consistent 25% wins.  The GOP has an electable candidate in Willard, but he's too liberal?  I guess if you reject evolution, you devolve.

I'll add it on this post.  She's toast.

Bachmann Ends Presidential Bid

Bout Sums It Up for the 112th


Willard won by 8, yes, 8 votes.  Ass Juice came in second and becomes the new national poster TROG for pundits to bobble their heads over.  Ron Paul, the only sensible one in the bunch, took third.

Unfortunately, the nation's rabid teddy bear came in fourth, which means he will go on to snarl, gripe and be as nasty has he can.  The rest, well, as long as they can afford to promote themselves they will and will stay in the race.

My guess is that only Perry might drop out sooner than expected.  Bachmann will sell books through the end of the month.  I think federal matching funds become available this month, which means it's likely that we''s see six or seven in the Florida primary.

What message can we make up to put Iowa in perspective.  First, 75% of Trogs do despise Willard.  If we lump Ass Juice, the Pissant from Paint Creek, and the Crazy Lady together, then about 40% of Trogs love Jesus so much that they will kill anyone who does not share their most odd beliefs. Savonarola comes to mind for some reason.

Iowa is over.  Now on to New Hampshire where Jon Boy Huntsman has been doing whatever he has been doing.  Here's a strange thought, given Iowa, what if Huntsman wins and Ass Juice comes in second?

Now here's the "Post's" wrap-up:

Romney beats Santorum by 8 votes; Paul third

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Beam Me Up Scotty , In 2012?

Not quite, but are you ready for the tech changes coming in 2012. #4 and #5 are going to be very itnereseting to follow.  Do you use Siri?  Good, bad, indifferent?

Five tech predictions for 2012

Some Days the Feds Really Suck

Of course the GOP should praise the Obama admin for going after all those deadbeats in New Orleans.  I doubt they will.  Not because the disagree with ObamaCo., but rather they have to be 110% against whatever Obama is for or does.  The Dems should be up in arms and thinking about a draft Hillary movement, but are not.  Hey, it's normal who really gives a shit about poor blacks in New Orleans?

Gee I don't think Obama talked about this one, he just walked.  Yeah, walked like a Rockefeller Republican.  God the 2012 race against Willard is going to make me puke--two moderate Republicans will call each other names and make cool speeches as super pac money delivers a huge national mind fuck.  We're screwed.  I wonder, if Willard wins in 2012, barring health care,  would we really notice a change at all?

FEMA bills Katrina victims for improper payments; new law allows waivers for some

Still have a Blackberry?


RIM Slashes All PlayBook Prices to $299

Winnie the Honest Gasbag

Damn that Willard.  He's told lies about the GOP's petulant Teddy Bear.  Was he swift-boated?  No he was Romney boated.  Gee, then maybe all those swift boats add about Kerry were also all lies after all.  Thanks Newt.

Newt Gets Swift-Boated

The Winnie the Prickly Calls Willard A Liar

So what?  Look we know they are all, among other things, liars.  Don't forget the sidebar:

"A professional politician is a professionally dishonorable man. In order to get anywhere near high office he has to make so many compromises and submit to so many humiliations that he becomes indistinguishable from a streetwalker."

Liar, whore, and this is what admire and elect to high office.  We're a sad population.

I caught a clip of Andrea Mitchell asking Bachmann if she thought Willard was a liar.  Needless to the Crazy one provided an answer to some other unasked question.  I wish, just once one of these clowns would be honest and give us a decent answer.  I would love to hear Bachmann say "Jesus Andrea!  Of course that cocksucker is a liar.  We're all liars you idiot and you know it.   Grow up and quit trying to make easy news out the obvious.  Bitch."  Oh well, we have to conform to our Kabuki rules.

It's not enough that they kill each other

The Arabs and Jews will never live peacefully together (well that is until the world no longer needs or wants any oil).  They lob bombs.  They trade insults.  They occasionally have a war.  To add a new adventure to the mutual hatred society, they have added cyber war.  It starts with credit card numbers, who knows where it will lead.

Saudi hackers claim they published Israeli credit card numbers

Now About Iran

With all the Iowa news, it's easy to not see $5 a gallon gas on its way or even a bit of armed conflict--beyond drones I'm afraid.  Why?  That's a hard one to really explain, there's a long history.  Today it's lines in the sand and both sides keep edging the line and kicking a grain or two at the other guy.

Possible showdown with Iran sends oil prices soaring

One thing I think is obvious, whatever Obama does will be condemned by the GOP candidates.  I suggest  y'all look for other sources than the GOP candidates or any current officeholder for straight info.

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #1

Let's see, we invaded Afghnaistan to zap al Queda.  We did.  Along the way we kicked the Taliban out of power.  We did.  Then we cobbled together a new Afghan government.  It's cobbled.  Along the way, we transformed a well bought and paid for ally, Pakistan into a non-ally and opened an itsy bitsy Af-Pak war, it's a non-war, war.   We've been at this war since 2001.  How're we doing?

Well, the Afghan government thinks we suck.  Pakistan thinks we blow chunks.  The Taliban know we are their enemy and want to return to power.  I think the Taliban thus puts us in the sucks and blows category.  Out of this idiotic mess can we find an exit?  An exit, yes, but not a victory.  All we have to do is sit down with the Taliban and let them take their country back.  Do you like that line "take our country back?"

Taliban says it will open Qatar office for talks with U.S.

Infrastructure Blues

Let's look at sewers.  They are as bad off as highways and bridges.  When a sewer collapses nothing falls down until a sinkhole opens and swallows everything.  Is there a sinkhole coming to your neighborhood soon?

One little item we seem to overlook when we examine our infrastructure disaster is who did this to us?  Oh, come on, we know who is to blame.  It's every damn elected federal, state and local official who have failed to appropriate money to maintain the highways, bridges, water and sewage systems across the land.

As five deferral Dick Cheney had better things to do than defend freedom and keep us safe from Commies during the Vietnam war, our beloved pols have had better things to do with our tax dollars for decades and decades than spend them on maintenance.  

Hmm, a war in Iraq or sanitary waste disposal?  Sadly most folks seemed to opt for war.  Wait until the war comes from below and sucks up your house.

Billions needed to upgrade America’s leaky water infrastructure

And the Winner is....

Who will win the Iowa Trog Off?  Based on polls I think it will be Santorum.  However, I think Paul's support has been underplayed by the media, so it will not surprize me if he wins.  Willard will be in the top three.

The Post:  Who will win?

Nate Silver:  Who will win?

It's Trog Off Day, Iowa Chapter

Seven Trogs will enter, one will exit.  Which Trog will be victorious?  Will the faux Trog, Willard, win?  He has a very good chance.  However, Trogs who love Jesus so much they will kill anyone who doesn't, have Santorum.   Will he become the face of the GOP?  Ah, both Willard and Santorum have to watch out for old Mr. Cranky, Ron Paul.  The kids love Ron and if they show up to caucus instead of going out for pizza, it can be a whole new ball game for the GOP.  A right turn may be coming

Could the the GOP go even further right and become a teabag?  Would they change their icon from an elephant to a teapot?   Oh, yeah.  If something really strange occurs and Winnie the Pompous, the Asshole from El Paso or the Crazy Lady pulled victory out of all those Iowa cornholes then rightward ho the wagons and head off to reestablish the 17th century.

Will the nominee shape the GOP, or will the GOP shape the nominee? 

Tune in on cable tonight. If your knuckles drag the ground and you drool a lot then watch Fox's coverage. The rest of us will follow the Trog Off on CNN or MSNBC. CNN if for those who love too much tech, Wolf and an analytic cast of thousands. MSNBC is for the remainder. Enjoy!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #3

The latest tit for tat between USNATO and our non-ally, ally, Pakistan in the non-war, Af-Pak war has been going on for about five weeks.  War stuff has not been moving into Afghanistan since Pakistan closed the border.  Now that may change, not because either side gives a rat's about the other.  No, the border closing is hurting commerce on both sides of border.  Gee, that sounds like a good way build support for the Taliban.  Don't you love it when aces go to war.

NATO Hopes for Reopening of Supply Routes Through Pakistan


So far the only news show I've run across that has done some serious reporting and reflection on what we did in Iraq has been "Up with Chris Hayes"  I grant you, most of us did as the Shrub requested, left war to him and Uncle Dork.  All he wanted was our support.  We showed it by going shopping.  Man did we shop.  Now maybe we should pause and think a bit about Iraq.  Given Iraq, who we want as the next president?

On this issue there is only one reasonable candidate, yep, Ron Paul.

Iraq wanted  us gone, why?  Here's one reason, actually it's about, at a minimum, over 160.000 reasons why.

The Iraq war death toll? At least 162,000 and counting

The liberal estimate is still over a million,  Take your pick how many Iraqis died?

Avoid the Post Caucus Blues

Yes, political junkies there is life after the Iowa show tomorrow.  And you don't have to wait until the NH primary.  Yep, debates!  Not one, but two of 'em.  Set your DVRs--

January 7, 20129pm ET on ABC
Location: NH
Sponsor: ABC News and WMUR
Participants: TBD
January 8, 20129am ET on NBC (Yes, 9am)
Location: Chubb Theatre at the Capitol Center for the Arts in Concord, NH
Sponsor: NBC News, Facebook and the Union Leader
Participants: TBD

Iowa Musing

As the field and the polls stand today, does Iowa matter to Romney?  If Willard comes in first, second or third, he's the winner.  He came into Iowa late, he wasn't going to put much into Iowa.  With Perry and Gingrich booming, Willard assembled a ground game, bought a slug of ads, and actually mingled with the people.  He went to the right on issues as requested.  Despite all the flack he catches, Willard is still the most electable against Obama.  He's still pretty well disliked by about 70-75% of Iowans.  So, 1, 2 or 3 is victory.  First place would be outstanding and help him in SC, especially if Newt and Perry come in 4th and 5th.

Does Iowa matter to Ron Paul?  Similarly to Willard, first, second or third boosts Ron Paul in NH and SC.  To get in the top three he'll need some evangefundies support.  Combine libertarianism with Jesus and who knows what will happen.  A top finish will surprize a lot of establishment folks, even scare the GOP out of them.  If Paul did win, then the folks in SC may have a new consistent conservative to deal with.  Second or third and he's still viable.  Win, place or show for Paul will bolster his finances and strengthen his organization in NH, SC, and FL.  He's the wild card in this cycles run.  I heard this morning he's the only candidate who registers new voters at his rallies and campaign stops.

Does Iowa matter to Santorum?  Yes, but only personally.  He cannot do much except run for a gig on FOX after Iowa.  In terms of income, the higher his standing, the higher his starting pay.  He is and will remain too priggish even for the GOP.

Now how about that angry teddy bear, Newt.  Does it matter for Winnie the Pompous?  It's critical to his future as a candidate.  If he comes in fourth he's got a chance to go on, but the deciding factor will be how much distance there is from third to fourth.  If Newt finishes fifth or last, then he may persist, but it will be over for him.

Perry is similar to Newt.  Does he finish fourth or not?  If he makes the fourth slot then he can continue.  Realistically, fifth or lower will see him back in Texas before Florida comes around.

Finally there is the Crazy Lady.  She will finish last.  If she doesn't then god will have delivered her a miracle.  Wherever she lands, be it 5th or 6th will determine her value at FOX.  If she finishes last, after Huntsman,  then she may or may not get a gig.  Don't forget Huntsman is not running in Iowa.  If she ends 7th, then she might not even get the Congressional gig back.

Here's my bullshit guess of the Caucus results:
Bachmann  ( Had to do that.)

Breaking News!

News flash!  Women can now sell cosmetics and lingerie to women!  Oh, this is startling news, but only if you live in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi to apply law for women only to sell lingerie

Happy 2012!

That thin veneer


2 men arrested for human sacrifice of 7-year-old in India

More Aircraft Carriers?

Oh come on, here's another area we someone like Ron Paul to make us think about what we do in the name of defense, budgets. deficits and debt.

Challenging the Navy’s numbers

Virginians Take Note

The AG is running for Gov in the next election.  Is he really the kind of jerk you want in Richmond?  He never should have opened his mouth in the first place.  Now he has to remove his foot.

Virginia attorney general changes mind, won’t intervene in primary ballot case

I bet his pandering poll showed him most folks that he was being an ass so he changed his mind.

Cornhole Caucus update

Iowa Republicans caucus with corncobs.  Not real ones, no their cobs are plastic. Yep, when they go to the local caucus house they bring their official day-glo plastic caucus corncobs.  Where do they get those official corncob?

Oh, The corncobs are made from re-cycled dashboard Jesuses.  This may skirt the line between separation of church and state, but come on it's Iowa.  We only pay attnetion to them once every four years so who gives a shit, right?

At least now you know what happens to all those dashboard dolls when they lose their blessed magnet or break a limb.  Little old evangefundies in Des Moines un-sacred the doll, then carve what once was Jesus into a corncob and send it on it's way to evangefundie HQ, the Republican Party of Iowa for distribution to all GOP caucus goers.  How do they really vote in Iowa?  Has anyone ever seen the actual voting?

Oh, on a serious note, the race is getting close.  Three way tie for first!   Here's Nate Siver's latest--

Iowa Race Tightens in Final 48 Hours

Something to think about

When you read this--Texas Consumer Health Assistance Program to close after losing federal funding and consider the program helps people find affordable health insurance on the private market, it makes you wonder about the States.  Texas is Trog heaven.  It prompts me to think about what the U.S. would look like if there was minimal federal government on everything?  What if the 10th amendment became the dominant solution to all of our collective problems?  What kind of world would the GOP give us?  Ron Paul?  Is it really the world you desire?

In that world Rick Perry would not be able to sue Virginia in a Federal Court over Virginia's ballot access law.  Come to think of it, with state's rights there never would have been an interstate system.   Think about all that small government bullshit and budget paranoia.  Is it really small government for everybody but me?  Hmm, be careful what you ask for.

Strategic Victory, Kinda, War #2

I don't agree with Ron Paul on much of his politics, but there is one area where I think we need a Ron Paul in office to make us confront ourselves.  How did we ever get into a position where it matters when we read--

Leading Sunni official in Iraq hit by roadside bomb

Don't worry, just go shopping, cause this time around we'll drone them.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Music question

When I think of the the immediate pre-WWII years through about 1960 or so, I have no trouble identifying one female singer in France and England that I identify as the voice of each country.  They are Edith Piaf and Vera Lynn.  It's probably more the case that these are the two voices I have listened to over the years than that I have much knowledge of all female voices of the era.  Here's my problem, who is the counterpart for the U.S.?  After a bit of thought, I opted for Ella Fitzgerald.  Do you agree?

Okay who do you think of as being the voice of France, England and the U.S. from 1935-1960?  

2012 Prediction

The NRA will find new ways to make their gun nuts froth with fear.  At a result guns and ammo sales will be up for the year.  I can understand the NRA guys, they make money promoting and selling guns.  I cannot understand the folks who listen to and think the NRA bullshit is true.  I guess that could be used as evidence for a failed public school system.  Oh, well, buy guns.  Buy ammo.  Now all you gun loving 2nd Amendment fans, form a circle.  Okay, get Ready.  Now take aim.  Fire and keep on firing until no one is left standing.  Maybe y'all can break the circle.

NRA’s Fundraising Growing Quickly As They Gear Up To Defeat Obama

Streaming into 2012

Do you stream content via services such as Hulu or Netflix? 2012 may see a change as more TV shows are syndicated to streaming providers.  Netflix is even going to create new content of a show cancelled a few years ago.  Will we see TV producers begin to discover niche marketing?

How small an audience can carry a show?  For example, if Firefly, instead of being cancelled a few years back,  had shifted and been syndicated to Netflix and Netflix decided to create new shows, would the fan base have been sufficient to keep the show going?  I have a feeling Firefly would have gone on for several seasons until greed led the cast to leave.  How long will it be before services like Netflix originate and air content?  2012 may be indicative of the future.

Internet distributors are changing the TV syndication game

I say, you say

If you are a Trog you are sure that elections are being stolen by vast hoards of fraudulent voters.  If you are a Dem, you are sure any attempt to change voter laws is voter suppression.  Both sides are pretty much full of crap on this.  I don't know about you but I get a wee bit tired of listening to both sides.  We need new parties and new candidates for every office.   Newtiepoo goes to far, now it's stealing elections!

Newt says Obama seeks to steal elections with ID ruling

Why do we like kids who sound like adults?

In general, a contemporary trend seems to be that we seem hell bent on adultifying children as we chidify adults.  The latest singing sensation is 11 year old Jackie Evancho.  Her voice is striking for her age.  However--

Talented young musicians run the risk of burning out early

Take That Henry VIII

Pope Ratzy is still marching his flock of faithful fools back to the 12th century.  Along the way, he's even getting even with Henry VIII.

Some Anglicans apply to join the Catholic Church

Broad Discretion, My Ass

He could have vetoed the damn bill.  Instead, he releuctantly signed the National Defense Authorization Act for 2012.  As he signed it, he signed away a bit more liberty, freedom, democracy and once agian diminished the rule of law.  Who is he?  Oh, he's President George W. Obama.

Obama signs defense bill, pledges to maintain legal rights of U.S. citizens

Other than health insurance reform, how has Obama been any different from Bush? Is the really all that much of an alternative to say Willard?

Time to dust off the spreadsheetGOP

We're getting close to the Iowa caucus.  In terms of GOP delegates it doesn't do squat.  It's the warmup act for the first primary in New Hampshire which revs the campaign engine for South Carolina.  Why do you need a spreadsheet?

It's time to get ready to count delegates to the GOP convention.  There are 2,286 possible delegates.  The winner has to capture 1,144.  Or you could just accept, as given, that whomever wins SC will be the party's 2012 nominee.

Big Tent GOP?

How does the GOP commit suicide?  Well, when candidates talk like Willard, they kill themselves amongst all but the rich old white guys (and their obedient wives).  Does the GOP even notice the demographic changes that have occurred and will continue to occur?  They may claim to have a big tent and it may be a big tent, but if there's only a dozen people in the tent then it's a big empty tent.

Romney would veto immigration "dream" act


Having trouble understanding  the Trogs?  Does conservative logic make you bang your head against the wall?  Is  so, then here's a book you may want to check out--

"The Reactionary Mind: Conservatism from Edmund Burke to Sarah Palin" by Corey Robin.