Saturday, January 14, 2012

Good Question

If you are a progressive then you might be bit fed up with Obama.  The last straw for me was his signing the National Defense Authorization Act which funded the Defense Dept., but also threw away the Posse Comitatus Act, habeus corpus, the 4th Amendment, and any pretense as this being a nation of law under The Constitution of the United States.  He in essence made the president a King in terms of power. I think I have only one alternative, Ron Paul.  There are no progressive candidates.   There is no progressive party, it's not the Democrats.  Ron Paul, is he a  reasonable choice?

Huntsman Campaign

South Carolina Polls

Willard is still in the lead.  Gingrunch is second (I don't understand why he's popular), followed by Paul.  Yes, Paul, not Santorum, is third.   I think Stephen Colbert still bests whatshisname.

South Carolina Primary Projections


Would you allow yourself to operated upon by a surgeon who learned all he knows about medicine from watching ads on TV?  Of course not, that's beyond dumb, even Rick Perry, uh, let me correct myself, everybody except Rick Perry would laugh at the idea.  OK, then why do people listen to political ads and then base their political and economic futures on the content of political TV ads?  Think about it.

PAC ads adding confusion

SAntorum is just another pol

The guy may get all Jesusy and wear the Bible on his shoulder, but inside, he's full of himself.  He's full of santorum and it shows in everything he touches.

Santorum charity for the poor spent most of its money on management, political friends


The Boobs Lose in Virginia

Who are the boobs?  Oh, there are four of them.  They are the four candidates who did not get on the Virginia GOP primary ballot.  Instead of acknowledging their own personal ineptitude, they blamed Virginia.  They sued the state.  They also failed to win their lawsuit.

Who in  their right mind would want someone running for their party's nomination who failed to get on the Virginia ballot?  Folks may think Iowa shows us something about a candidate's mettle, but come on, Virginia is a much better measure.  It's hard to get on the Virginia ballot.  You have to be serious and well organized. It a candidate is not, then he's just so much santorum.

Willard got on the ballot.  Paul got on the ballot. Santorum may have thought praying would work.  It didn't (maybe Jesus also thinks of Rick the way most of us do).  Gingrich tried and failed.  Pomposity, anger and arrogance did not obtain 10,000 valid signatures for his Blowhardship.  He proved he did really did merit his ouster from the Speakership.  Perry, well, come, on he's dumber than the Shrub.  He failed.  Oops.  Oh, someone named Huntsman didn't make it either.  What's a Huntsman?

It looks to me as though the GOP only has two real candidates, Willard and Paul.  The rest are clowns.  Oh, I forgot, 95% of GOP primary voters are also clowns.  Virginia may have to adopt clown rules for future primaries.

Perry, Gingrich lose lawsuit to get on Virginia primary ballot
Oh My.  If the price of liberty is vigilance, then we're in deep shit.  Vigilance implies that one stays informed about politics, government and society.  Come on, who cannot know that Willard once was the Gov. of Massachusetts?  It's scary to think over half of us are so damn stupid.  This is matter of choice, it's voluntary stupidity.  I'd like to think it's the half that does not vote, but this survey was of registered voters!  It's no wonder TV ads work and a segment of the population thinks Sarah Palin is a genius ranking with folks such as Madison and Jefferson.  How do we change this?

What do voters know about the GOP field? Very little.

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #2 (the one we kinda won)

The Shrubs legacy keeps on giving.  Now, exactly why did we elect the Shrub?  Twice?  He re-built Iraq in his image.  It shows.  The place is really fucked up, but they have their version of Jesus and they have sects too.  Besides, the Shrub's making millions giving speeches.  Yes, speeches!  Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor!

Suicide bomber kills 53 Shiite pilgrims near Basra

Friday, January 13, 2012

Great Cartoon

Fast and Furious Fans (ATF Screw up version, not the movie) Take Note

There is another similar program that gave guns to the bad guys in an effort to catch bad guys.  ATF logic is most odd, especially in the planning offices in Washington, D.C..  Yes, the other program, "White Gun" appears to have been similar to "Fast and Furious" and to have yielded similar results.   I'm surprized they didn't name it "Top Gun."

Another ATF weapons operation comes under scrutiny

South Carolina

Will Bain be Willards's bane?  We'll have to wait and see what effect the vulture capitalist attacks have.  Willard's lead over Newt has narrowed a bit, but he's still most likely to win SC.  I hope Colbert enters and really hope he wins--it would be a fitting commentary on the GOP and contemporary politics.

Intraparty Attacks Could Be November Liability for Romney

Vulture Politics

Newts Huge Nose

The nation's pugnacious teddy bear was livid when Romney had the temerity to hope his Super Pac would take out anti-Gingrich ads.  Romney could not talk to the Super Pac, but he could hope. His hopes were fulfilled.  The ads reminded everybody in Iowa about Newt's record.  Newt did not win the Iowa caucus.  Newt mentioned that one ad received three pinocchios in a fact checking assessment.  Newt is pissed.

Newt decided what's good enough for a Massachusetts moderate is good enough for a Georgia historian.   Newt hoped someone would form and fund a Super Pac.  Newt hopes the Super Pac will do unto Willard as Willard did unto Newt.  Newt's hopes have been fulfilled.  Will Newt's anti-Willard ads beat Willard's anti-Newt ads?  We won't know about their effectiveness until after the SC primary, but Newt has tromped Willard in one area, accuracy.  Yep, Newt's ads have earned four Pinocchios--

Four Pinocchios for ‘King of Bain

This is going to be fun.

I  am sure that every American who has watched five minutes of TV news in the last three years understands how Republicans determine their positions on important issues of the day.  They use an obamanometer.  Most of us call it a television set, but the GOP likes 19th century language and ideas.  Basically, it goes like this.  Each morning the head of the RNC turns on his TV set.  He listens for news about the president.  He listens to what Obama said,  then he formulates the GOP's contribution to the matter at hand.  Bullet points are quickly distributed to all GOP Congressmen.  

For example, yesterday Obama was taped saying "good morning." The GOP immediately issued a press release that denied there was anything good about the morning.  GOP House and Senate members filled the cable TV new shows with their quite uniform assessment of the Obama Good Morning affair.  They were uncertain if Obama has the authority to declare a part of the day as "morning," much less unilaterally and categorically evaluate said time of the the day as good.  They are certain Obama exceeded his Constitutional powers.  If Obama persists is saying good morning, then the GOP will do everything in their power to make sure Obama does not have a good morning until all Americans have a good morning.

The obamanometer has worked well for them for three years.  Obama says "good," the GOP says "bad."  Obama says "X," the GOP says "not-X."  All the GOP does is negate whatever position Obama takes and then proceeds to try and establish not-Obama position as law.

If you want to have some fun, think about this one.  What will the GOP say when Obama asks permission of Congress to make government smaller and reduce the number of federal employees in the Commerce Department?  This should be quite funny.  Let's see the negation of small is large.  So the the GOP will demand that Obama make government larger and expand the Commerce Dept.  As I indicated, fun times ahead.

APNewsBreak: Obama to seek power to merge agencies; first up would be commerce, trade

The Few, The Proud, The Pissers

I wonder if pissing on a corpse is part of their training?  I guess it's morale building, part of the esprit de piss.  Oh, here's an update on the Marine Corps's contribution to U.S. foreign policy.   I wonder what our diplomats think when they look at Marines guarding our embassies overseas?  This gives "Ugly American" a new meaning.

U.S. acts quickly to tamp down Afghan video scandal

Well bless by Ron Paul

Obama must have been listening to a GOP debate or two.  I wonder if he noticed how the younger voters and new voters seemed to really cheer for Ron Paul?  All Mr. Paul had to do was mention pulling back all of our soldiers from overseas, everywhere, and folks cheered him on.  Does Obama need younger voters?  He might, not that any of his decisions have ever had anything to do with his reelection--

2 Army brigades to leave Europe in cost-cutting move

Understanding Newt

Keeping it all in perspective

Stephen Colbert may run for Prsident of the United States of South Carolina (he polls higher than Huntsman).  However, he has to transfer his Super Pac to someone else.  Oh, my John Stewart....

Thursday, January 12, 2012

There's A Message in the Video

Have you seen the vid of U.S. Marines pissing on dead Taliban soldiers?  If you think it's no big deal, consider this.  The rest of the world sees and hears the United States, via it's Marine Corps, say to them "piss on you."  Heck of a foreign policy, Barry.  Maybe we ought to listen to Ron Paul's approach, "due unto others...."  


Ron Paul is a RINO (Republican in name only).  However he's done well in Iowa and New Hampshire.  If he does well in SC, will he be taken seriously by folks in the GOP?  If he isn't, then he can go the third party route.  Would he?  If he did, he might receive a higher percentage of the vote than Perot did.  Can you see it now,  Obama wins with 44% of the vote, Paul receives 40% and Willard gets 16%.

If Paul doesn't go the third party route, because he's setting the stage for Rand to run as a Republican, then he's being kind of dumb and playing a bit of crony political capitalism.  However, if he forms a third party and focuses the party on the party, not himself, then Rand can compete fairly in a new Libertarian Party without the taint of nepotism.  Perot's party worked one time, he made it all about himself.  The party died because his ego would not let go when members wanted to go beyond Perot.  What will Paul do?   One thing that is safe to say is--

Ron Paul is the most dangerous man in the Republican party

I remember this kind of crap

I was a kid.  I visited my grandparents in West Tennessee.  It was the 1950s.  I remember it well and I also remember that no one could explain it to me in any way that made sense.  I'd ask.  The big people would answer.  I'd ask again since their answers didn't make any sense.  They'd start to answer again, but it was easier to whack me up side the head.  Yeah, I remember.  I also remember it was accepted as legal, right and proper.  Hell, they even thought God was on their side.  Looks like some things just don't change, but now it's not legal, not right, not proper and God, well, surprize, we just found out, God is a multi-racial hermaphrodite.    

Ohio panel upholds decision that landlord’s ‘White Only’ sign at pool was discriminatory

Willard--Man of the People!

A Bit Much

There's something wrong here...

Women lobby for bald Barbie

Health Care Cost Solution!

As we continue to maintain an insurance based health care system, the costs keep going up.  We can cut costs, we have to cut costs.  All we have to do is quit providing health insurance based care to white women over 65.  All we have to do is "say no."  It's tough care.  I'm sure the GOP will propose this as a data driven market based solution to the high cost of health insurance and Medicare.

5% of patients account for half of health care spending  

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #1 Pt. II

In an earlier post I mentioned our sheer inability to do much of anything right in the ongoing Shrub's first war.   We can pretend to find a peaceful solution.  We can pretend to fight a war.  We can keep the blinders on and remain in that shithole.  There is only one solution to end to this massively bollixed up war--LEAVE.  End it by leaving, now.

Intelligence report: Taliban still hope to rule Afghanistan

The Essence of Willard

The Few, The Proud, The What?

If you are a Marine and you have killed an enemy soldier and decide you just have to must piss on the guys' corpse, at least have the smarts to not make a golden showers video and post it to the Web.  Four marines pissed on some dead Taliban counterparts.  Oh, a fifth Marine filmed it.  This really helps out in the old "hearts and minds" effort.  I'll see your pissing Marines video and raise you one set of Abu Ghraib pics.  It's this kind of crap the rest of the world remembers about our soldiers and the way we wage war.

U.S. military, Karzai strongly condemn apparent Marine desecration of Taliban corpses

MIssissippi Normal

Have you been following the pardon mess Gov. Barbour has created as he prepares to leave office?  He's pardoned 21 felons.  The courts have said, "not so fast."  There's a little matter of conforming with the law and the Constitution.  I know the law is a minor detail to Governors, especially Southern ones.

As I've been following this story, I remembered Ray Blanton.  Ray was a very crooked Governor of Tennessee (1974-1978).   Ray, in addition to other illegal things, sold pardons.  Towards the end of his administration, if looked like he was going to have a fire sale on "Get of Jail Free Cards (they cost ten grand a pop for murderers).

It looked like Ray was going to make a bundle in his final days.  I guess he wasn't sharing the loot,  because Lamar Alexander was sworn in three days early, the pardons didn't materialize (I don't know it there were any refunds), Ray was busted and finally did time for selling liquor licenses.  It's was a Volunteer State impeachment process.

Gov. Barbour is having trouble with pardons.  I wonder....

Miss. judge blocks release of convicts granted pardons, clemency by outgoing governor

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #1

The Afghanistan War has been mismanaged from the outset.  Come on, the Shrub was in charge.  We're still at war.  We'd love to end the war.  We have a little problem.  A fundamental ineptitude was institutionalized in our Afghan war machine.  We changed commanders, ineptitude still rules.  We can change all the generals, it's still FUBAR.  We can replace all the soldiers, it remains a monument to the Shrub's abilities.  The Shrub laid a foundation built in his image.   We can't even pull off a peace agreement among the U.S., NATO, Karzai, and the Taliban.   Oh, well, maybe this time it will be different.

  U.S. peace talks with Taliban to resume

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Political Participation

We have had two events on the road to name the GOP’s 2012 presidential nominee.  The Iowa Caucuses are over.  New Hampshire is done.  The candidates have moved on to South Carolina and are ready for Florida.  Along the way there have been a dozen or so debates.  More are scheduled. 
With all this activity, how many people have tuned in to watch the debates and election coverage?  How many of us are there?
There are over 308,000,000 million of us.  We live in a bit over 120,000,000 households.   In 2010, about 235,000,000 of us were old enough to vote.  Of course only 37% of us voted.  It was a presidential off-year election.  In the last presidential election, 2008, there were about 230,000,000 potential voters, but only 53% voted.  Over the last two elections, about 45% voted.  There may be a lot of us, but most of us do not vote.  I wonder why?   
How many of us tuned in to watch a GOP debate?  The audience size varies, but from debate to debate a reasonable high mid range estimate, for any given debate, is about  5,000,000.  One debate did attract 7,000,000 or more viewers.  I don’t have any idea what proportion of debate viewers have been repeat viewers and how many tuned in for the first time.  I have a feeling debate viewers are pretty much the same folks who tune in for each debate.  Is 95% a reasonable guess as to what proportion watch debates the way a lot more people tune into American Idol?  
If we use 5,000,000 as a typical debate audience size and then assume they are all eligible voters, then about 2% of  possible voters(at best)  take the time to follow American politics.  Thats a small number.  I assume debate viewers are political junkies, reporters, and operatives.  As a percentage of the total population, only 1.6% watch GOP debates. 
Some of us have tuned in to watch TV coverage of the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary returns.  Over three networks, FOX, CNN and MSNBC, about 2,200,000 watched as Romney won both contests.  That means only about 0.9% of possible voters watched the returns.  It’s 0.7% of the general population.  The numbers seem small to me since 24,000,000 us watched Alabama beat LSU in the BCS game (that’s 10% of possible voters).  Why so small an audience for something that really matters?
I wonder, would more of us pay more attention if the primaries began with large urban states.  Imagine if the first three states were New York, California, and Florida and were then followed by MIchigan and Texas.  Would we see a better class of candidates run for office.  If candidates, especially on the GOP side, did not have to face an onslaught and gauntlet of evangefundie voters first, would others run?  Has the nature of candidates become captive to a minority in the larger party?  If others ran and the initial primaries were held in states  more representative of the nation as a whole, would people have more interest and tune in to debates and follow returns.  Does the rural small state outset deter the average American from engaging in politics?  

Willard's Bain

Willard is catching heat within his own party over the way he practiced capitalism at Bain. Newt and company do not think Willard’s form of capitalism is the right kind of capitalism. Making money on other’s money is seen as wrong. Making money as you strip a company of its assets and leave it to go Chapter 7 is also seen as wrong. It’s odd to see these attacks coming from within the GOP.

The real question Newt and all should ask Willard is how he made his fortune. Oh, it was made at Bain Capital, but which part? When Willard started Bain, it was a venture capital firm. They invested money in companies, financed them, nurtured them and if it worked out, they made a profit on their work and investment. Staples is one success story Willard likes to tout. Staples grew out of Bain’s venture capital beginnings.

However, Bain did not remain just a venture capital firm. After a few years they formed the private equity side of Bain. This is the leveraged buy out side that yielded the Ampad and other debacles (from the former employees perspective).

Bain would invest some of it’s own money, investors money, and borrow even more money to buy a company. Then they would “help” the firm by doing anything to make a profit on their investment. They could and did collect management fees, investment processing fees, and dividends as the firm slid towards failure. Even as companies tanked, an invested $1 could yield $4 all by creating a carcass where there once was a living firm.

So the question to Willard should be, of the your estimated $250 million what percentage came from venture capital investment and what percentage came from vulture capitalism? If most of his fortune, and current income, came from the capitalist’s equivalent of old fashioned looting and pillaging, then voters can decide if he is moral enough to be their nominee. Does the nation need a vulture in chief?

On to the Palmetto Bug State

Willard and those chasing him have left Iowa and New Hampshire behind.  They're in South Carolina now.  They are all  begging for votes on January 21st.  The polls pick Willard.  However, the pols are picking on Willard for being a capitalist--it's getting damned strange in GOPLand.

The thing to watch in SC is the air game.  It will all come down to who slings the most advertising shit the most effectively.   The question is whose shit will really stick on the voter's.   Will Willard emerge as the GOP's Captain Capitalist?  Will Newt move towards possible anointment?  Will Santorum be able to flog Jesus successfully?  Will Perry attract the dumbshit vote and win more than 1%?  Will Huntsman even be noticed?  Oh, Paul will get some votes and continue no matter what (he's really not running for president, he's laying the foundation for Rand in the future).

Romney Looks Strong in South Carolina and Beyond

Willard's Problem

Politicians like to frame and articulate the perfect exclamation. Short, simple, and well timed, make for memorable ear grabbers. They make the ultimate in sound bites. Quick who said, “there you go again?” See, you remembered Reagan. Okay, here’s another one, “I knew Jack Kennedy, Senator you’re no Jack Kennedy.” That was Lloyd Benson sticking it to Dan Quayle. Pols try hard to attain perfection. Usually they are unplanned. The pol who can land a good one, oh, how about Newt’s “pious baloney,” has a real asset. Then there’s Mitt Romney.

Whenever he goes off script and wings it he displays his exclamation problem. He’s so very desperate to show folks he’s just an ordinary guy who happens to have always been filthy rich. He tries, but all to often he shows us that he suffers from premature exclamation.

Do you remember these gems from Willard--
“There were a couple of times I wondered if I was going to get a pink slip.

“I’m running for office for Pete’s sake, we can’t have illegals”

“I like being able to fire people”

“It’s for the great middle class - the 80 to 90 percent of us in this country”

Yep, Willard Romney, America’s premier premature exclamator.

Gitmo Update

If you voted for Obama in 2008, noted that he won, and then went about your business, you might expect that Gitmo has long been closed.  To borrow a phrase from Gov. Perry, "oops."  In 2009, Obama talked a lot, looked at his reelection calendar and decided there was nothing he could do about Gitmo.  Well he did blame it all on the ever evil Democratic controlled 111th Congress.

So, as you get ready to vote again, yes again.  Yes, there will be an election this Nov.  Yes, it will be a presidential election.  Yes, four years will have flown by.  Yes, Obama is running for reelection?  Yes, Obama has mostly been all talk and no walk (but it's pretty talk).  Oh, you want to know who he's up against?  Are you ready for this one?  He'll probably have to deal will Willard Romney.  Okay, back to Gitmo, what's going on in Gitmoland?

What's ahead for Guantanamo camps in new decade?

Son of Bad Hair Guy News

The bad hair guy is now the late living god of North Korea, yes Kim Il Dead died.  His son, Kim Yung'un has assumed the godship.   'Un is the fat kid all grown up, he's the butterball in charge.  Butterball must have noticed a bit of starvation amongst his worshipers during his deification.  Since he's a mortal god, he knows that if he wants manna from heaven he has to trade something for food and arrange for an airdrop of rice.

N. Korea statement re-opens the door to a food-for-nukes deal with United States  

Dones and Potato Chips

Drones are like potato chips.  Drones are the salted snack of weapons.  Like potato chips, I bet you can't use just one.  Obama opened another bag of chips.

U.S. fires 1st drone into Pakistan since strike that killed Pakistani troops; 4 militants dead

Twinkie Alert

I'm surprized that no one in the GOP has blamed Obama for trying to take away our Twinkies.  After all, it's obviously a socialist conspiracy.  My god, he's probably got the Attorney General designing a  Twinkies control program.  Folks, you better stock up, Obama is coming for your snacks!  We need to form a National Snack Association to defend our right to bear Twinkies.  They are the foundation of a well fed militia.

Oh, the company is in trouble, again, Chapter 11-- Twinkies maker Hostess Brands files bankruptcy protection

Gee, It's Willard

It's amazing what money, time and more money can do for a candidate.  After eight years running for the presidency, Willard has morphed from a loser into a winner.  Yes, he won New Hampshire.  He's won two in a row.  Now he's off to South Carolina and victory number three.  If he wins decisively in SC will he be anointed as the GOP's candidate?  Or will it take four in a row to seal the deal?  If I was a Republican in the other forty-six states, I'd be pissed off.   Come on Willard?   I wonder who would win if the GOP began its primary season in large, diverse, states?  Would we even see a Santorum in the race?  Would Willard be coming in third or fourth?  Why do the parties begin in the nation's shitholes?  Maybe it allows the party bosses greater control over who winds up running for office.

Romney cruises to victory in New Hampshire primary

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Funny one!

Before he disappears

He may not be around after New Hampshire, so if you're interested in Huntsman--

Our Guide to the Best Coverage on Jon Huntsman and His Record

Doomsday Clock

It's five minutes to midnight

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #3

Pakistan seems to have problems of its own to deal with.  At least USNato didn't provide the bomb.

Bombing kills 30 in northwest Pakistan

Living with all that death and destruction has to really be a mind warp.  How'd you like to live there?

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #2 ( we won?)

Let's see the Shrub had us spend oodles of treasure in Iraq so he could attain a place of greatness in the history books.  How's his historical legacy doing these days?

Bombs kill 2 state workers, wound 3 boys

A dumbshit from Dallas gave us the Iraq War.  Now a Pissant from Paint Creek wants to send troops back to Iraq?  It's over.  Under all that ace leadership in D.C., all we did wreck Iraq, kill Saddam and pretty much screw the pooch for eight years.  Why would anyone want the GOP back in power?   May I remind all of the years 2000-2008.  If you want them back, vote for the GOP, otherwise vote against them.

Willard's a Job Creator?

The schmuck loves to tell us that his days as a vulture capitalist netted  the nation 100,000  or more jobs.  So he's a really big job creator.  Look he's a pol, so lying is his standard mode of making factual statements.  The one thing he can say quite truthfully is that he made a lot of money as a vulture capitalist.  From there on, you have to verify every damn thing he (or any pol) says.  Thank heavens for fact checkers.

Willard + 100,00 Jobs = Three Pinocchios!

Want to be a pundit?

If so, then you have to master the needed jabberwocky skills.  BusinessWeek has a handy tutorial--

How to Succeed as a Campaign Talking Head

Maybe We Need Ron Paul

George W. Obama signed away the Bill of Rights and the rule of law when he "reluctantly" signed the defense approprtions bill (it has that nasty bit of law that allows the Army to round up U.S. citizens and detain them forever without any due process of any kind).  Now one of George's advisors is letting us know the guy will nuke Iran to stop Iran from getting a nuke.  Yep, we need Ron Paul and that golden rule approach for a change.  The Dems and GOOPS are going to blow up the world to save it from oblivion.

Obama Ready to Strike to Stop Nuclear Iran, Former Adviser Says

For President?

Now it's Statin Turn

Statins have had a very long run without any major complications or side effects.  Statins appeared to do their designed task very, very well.   All good things come to an end.  If you are an older woman and take statins, how do you feel about type II diabetes?  Have a chat with your doc.

Study links statins to higher diabetes in older women

Idiot Alert

V8 plus Red Bull?  Photo album box of nose wipes?  Tongue foam?  Here are some new products we'll see in 2012?  Will they be smash hits?  If so...

Trend alert: 10 new products to watch for in 2012

The Army Touch

What's that?  Oh, it's what happens when the Army decides to build a better anything.  They touch the technology and it turn to shit.  It's the DOD procurement way.  It's kind of a really fucked up Tao.  The Army wants a better radio.  Not a bad idea.  They decide to get a contractor.  They do.  Then they decide to improve the original specs.   As they do, the natural Army harmony sets in.

Spec proliferation leads to contradictory demands on the original underlying idea until finally the damned thing cannot function at all. Oh, along the way, every deviation from the original simpler idea adds to the costs.  A billion becomes ten billion in the blink of modification.  So how's the new radio working?  Well it's still in development, but the one's purchased at Radio Shack are doing just fine.  This is military procurement at it's finest.

  Army seeks 'perfect' radio, creates boondoggle

Microsoft Phone?

Microsoft has entered the smart phone market.  That must excite blue screen fans no end.  I bet folks who are unsure of RIM's Blackberry  future will also rush to Microsoft.  Other than price, if you had a choice between any product made by Apple and the counterpart made by Microsoft, which would you choose?  I'd take Apple anything, wouldn't you?   I bet Microsoft's phone comes with a rotary dial.

CES: Microsoft’s Ballmer announces new Windows Phone devices

GOP is the business party?

Come on, say GOP and you think business, right?  Say business and you think capitalism.  Say capitalism and you think of greedy bastards who only want to make money any way they can.  Yeah,  that's the GOP I grew up with.

Now that the the GOP has a real and very successful capitalist running for the GOP presidential nomination, his competitor's seem to have developed a distaste for business, profit, and capitalism.  It's damned strange.  When it comes to Willard's business background, Newt and Company are sounding an awful lot like Democrats.  Maybe there is something wrong with capitalism after all?  If so, then why do we even bother with the GOP at all?   It comes down to Obama vs. Willard (none of the other GOP candidates have a lick of business sense).    Do you want a vulture capitalist, but a capitalist, to run the nation?

Romney comes under attack as New Hampshire primary looms  

New Hampshire Voters have spoken (kind of)

The vote began in Dixville Notch last night.  If it's true that the winner in Dixville's GOP primary has become the party's nominee every cycle since 1968, then the GOP will have a brokered convention!  I assume a tie indicates the decision will be made at the convention.  Note, no one got any santorum on them last night.

New Hampshire polls open in Dixville Notch — with nine votes

Monday, January 9, 2012

I agree with Gingrich

Hold it, I agree with his characterization of Willard.  Willard, when it comes to talking about himself, well, Newtiepoo nailed it--spews Pious Baloney, that's Willard.   I wonder if that's his real problem. Maybe that's what people mistake his false humility for his Mormonism. However the guy does have an "M" on his forehead.  Now he wants us to believe he was afraid of getting a pink slip.  Nah, Willard is full of 100% USDA Grade A pious cow shit (Mormonism doesn't have a damn thing to do with it but he does have an M.)

 Mitt Romney says he knows the fear of a possible pink slip, but does not provide details

This is odd or perhaps a bit sick

Political tourists?  My god.  Who in their right mind would go out of their way to attend a political pitstop?  Come on, voluntarily attend a get together featuring Frothy?  Gingrich?  Any of them?  Once, when I was a kid, I was forced by some adults to go watch Ike drive by. It was dumb.  It was a waste of time and energy, besides he was a Trog, a Republican.  If it had been Stevenson it would not have made a difference.   I stood. As soon as the car taillights were even with me, I split.  The idea of listening to the bullshit makes me want to hurl.

Political tourists inflate crowds coming to see candidates

Our economy

Have you noticed much change in the cast of political characters in Washington over the past 20 or 30 years?  A few retire.  A few new faces show up.  Hell, the retired ones come back as well paid advisers, professional do-gooders, consultants, but not as lobbyists (you have to register for that).  Now, as we continue to limp along economically, have you noticed it's the same cast of characters whom are running for election again?  Why do we retain the bozos who wrecked the economy?  Why do we think the wrecking crew can fix it?  I guess the only folks dumber than the pols are the ones who elect them to office.  Oh, the source of our economic woes distracted me, are you worried about inflation?  Well maybe you might take deflation for test panic--

Forget inflation: Is deflation the real threat?

Political Junkie Alert

Don't forget, the New Hampshire Primary kicks off at Midnight.  Have you forgotten about Dixville Notch and Hart's Location?  Some TV station will cover the voting.  In Dixville Notch, they vote, tally and submit their returns quickly--there are only 9 voters.  Tune in and get ready for the rest of nation's first primary returns in the 2012 election cycle.

Dixville Notch, Hart's Location Voters To Cast First Ballots 

Dixville Notch readies for another first

Should We Gasp?

U.S. debt is now equal to economy

If you are old enough

"Green Acres" was a gas.  You watched it right?  It's in a top 10 list of best TV ever.  Do you agree with the list?

Here's a surprise: 'Green Acres' is among TV's 10 best of all time

Corporations Are Really Speaking Freely This Cycle

Thanks to the Supreme Court, corporations are now people and money has vocal cords!  No one can get in the way of expensive TV ads.  Candidates for federal office are really just another product, they're like Twinkies--look good, taste good, but really not worth a damn as nutritional food.

Money has rights.  Money is protected by the Constitution or some bullshit like that.  We've had taste of free money speech in Iowa.  We'll see and hear more as the GOP plods on to try and keep Willard from winning. Imagine what this Fall is going to be like.  Are you ready to turn off your TV and radio?  Now about those robo-calls...

Super PACs alter the dynamics of fundraising

Originalism Rocks Tour -- Indecency Arena

Roberts and the Robes have accepted a gig at the FCC Indecency Arena.  The Supremes are taking on dirty words and filthy pictures on TV. Wow.  Religious nutjobs flagellate themselves over broadcast sin. They want TV to only air test pattern pictures of Jesus and thereby avoid polluting the nation's electrons with smut.  Do you know what happens if you inhale too many smutty electrons?  Well, hands, flagellate,  warts, you get the idea.

At any rate, can TV depict life as it actually exists in these United States?  We'll find out this season.

Supreme Court case tests FCC’s power to police TV indecency

Is the naked news in our future?  Full frontal in the Situation Room with Wolf?

It cannot happen but,

If the fates allowed what would happen if, at the end of the primary season, the GOP nominated Huntsman?  Now before you start rolling on the floor, add in Paul for Veep.  Now you may roll.  Feel better?  Okay, what would happen in Nov. 2012?   Would Huntsman beat Obama?

Jon Boy is trying, but I think he's trying for 2016 or 2020.  He may assume that Obama will be reelected and is taking the nomination process out for a test speech or three.   If he has used his time to assess, plan and will build his team over the next four years he might become the nominee in 2016.  Will Obama be reelected?

For Jon Huntsman, New Hampshire primary could be now or never

It's New Hampshire Primary Eve!

Do visions of chad, filled in ovals, and x's dance in your head?  If so, you are a political junkie. That's true especially if you are not a Republican.  Oh, come on, it's too early even for Republicans.  For the junkies, it's time mainline, snort and swallow politics in New Hampshire!

We've lost two crazy people, the Groper and the Crazy Lady.  However, we've added in Jon Boy for this round.  Jon Boy is, for all practical purposes, the new kid on the block.  We watched Frothy become the last to surge in Iowa,  he placed second.

We need a new surge.  The anybody but Willard feeling is so strong that GOP voters will even opt for a clone as long as he has a different name.    The GOP primary season is just weird because their voters are all nucking futs.  Ain't it grand!

Huntsman Has Momentum, but He Lacks Time

Oh,  Willard will win, it's place and show that are of interest.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dead for no reason

Well, they are no longer living because of Bush, Obama and all the chowderheads in Congress who have kept this "war" going.  Every troop death should not have happened.  It's not right when soldiers are sent frivolously into harm's way.

Roadside bomb in Afghanistan kills 4 Ind. National Guardsmen

Perry Fans

I hope all who back Perry will show their support by doing two things.  First send 50% of your assets to the Department of Defense and second enlist in the Army to become a member of the third Iraq war fighters.

Perry: "I would send troops back into Iraq"

There's dumb and then there's Rick Perry.

Get Ready for some ads

The pompous teddy bear now has some super Pac cash.  Of course he cannot coordinate any ads it produces.  And of course the facts his backers produce will be true facts unlike the untrue facts that Willard's super Pac produced about Newtiepoo.  Willard you have permission to call Newt a liar.

AP source: Las Vegas casino mogul gives $5 million to independent group backing Newt Gingrich

Ain't free speech grand!

Doonesbury Captures Gingrich

If you have not read Doonesbury today, enjoy--


They have to be yakked out by now

Gee, a "debate" last night on ABC and one this morning on NBC.  Last night's lived up to the moderator's collective mastery of ennui.  None of the candidates won and none of them lost.  If the debate had not occurred no one would have noticed.  Had it not occurred, however, Ms. Sawyer could have taken a nap and Mr. Stephenopolous could have prepped for his return to the ABC Sunday bobblehead show.

On this morning's "debatem," David Gregory returned "debate" to its bash the front runner reality game show status.  Willard was bashed and trashed.  Blows were exchanged.  Who won?  Well it's more a matter of who lost.  Willard lost.  Oh, the only two who made sense were the Democrat's kind of Republican, Huntsman, and the cranky old Libertarian, Paul.  It was basically 90 minutes of Trogspeak for Trogs.  Oh, if there was a a "debate" award for most pitiful, Perry wins it.  Perry in both debates tried to prove two things, he's not that dumb and he's relevant.  He failed on both.

The "debates" are getting old.  The debates do prove one thing.  No matter how one feels about Obama's failure to walk all his 2008 talk, there is no alternative to his reelection, expect maybe, Huntsman.   The guys who may become the nominee have eaten so much batshit they are permanently disabled.  

From Bob Park

WHAT’S NEW Robert L. Park Saturday, 7 Jan 2012 Washington, DC

1. ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE: IT’S PROPORTIONAL TO HUMAN POPULATION. One by one, the great ocean fisheries are being destroyed by overfishing, including the storied Grand Banks off Newfoundland. Elsewhere, ocean gyres (circulations) have trapped gigantic "floating garbage patches," consisting of barely-buoyant pieces of man-made plastics that threaten marine life. On land, the Green Revolution saved billions of lives from starvation in the 20th century, but at the cost of lower groundwater levels over much of the globe and depleted reserves of phosphate rock. It would be impossible to repeat the Green Revolution today. Moreover, population growth pushes oil production ever closer to the dreaded Hubbert Peak, even as atmospheric carbon from burning fossil fuel contributes to global warming and lowers the pH of the oceans, with serious environmental consequences. The lesson is clear: excessive population is damaging our environment at a rate that far exceeds the natural recovery rate. What then determines the population?

2. FERTILITY RATE: IT’S PROPORTIONAL TO HUMAN IGNORANCE. World population reached 7 billion in November 2011 and is on track to a disastrous 9 billion by mid-century. This is generally taken to be evidence of a powerful reproductive instinct. There is, to be sure, a nurturing instinct, but who thinks about that during foreplay? The Pill will one day be recognized as the most important invention of the 20th century; it permits us to plan our most essential function: reproduction. Unfortunately, industry wants more consumers, generals want bigger armies, priests want their souls. Fertility in developed nations, however, including all of Europe, is at or below the replacement rate, usually taken to be 2.1. This is not the result of some policy consensus; it's simply that access to the Pill now empowers women to develop to their full potential. The lowest fertility rate is in China, where the current economic miracle refutes the belief that a low fertility rate is bad for business. The highest fertility rate of any country is 7.0 in Afghanistan, where the Sunni Muslim Taliban forbade girls to learn to read.

3. REPUBLICAN FERTILITY: IS IT PROPORTIONAL TO POLITICAL SUCCESS? In Rick Santorum’s marriage, fertility follows the appalling rate of Afghanistan. A father of seven and a Catholic, Santorum described contraception as "a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be." Uh, what sexual things is he talking about and how should they be? With five children of his own, Mitt Romney, barely edged out Santorum in the Iowa Republican Caucus but trails him slightly in fertility, five being closer to that of Rwanda. The presumptive Democratic presidential candidate has two children.


How do you see the American Dream?  Here's some myths, do you agree or no?

Five myths about the American dream