Saturday, January 21, 2012

Too Bad Willard's Dad is Not Running

Willard got the wrong message--What Mitt Romney Learned From His Dad

After you read the piece, answer this.  Who would vote for in a hypothetical matchup--George Romney or Barack Obama?

Will Obama win in 2012?

As it stands, flip a coin and then take a look at his independents approval/disapproval numbers.  If they go up, he'll win.  If his spread of -19 stands, he's toast.

Obama: Weak Job Ratings, But Positive Personal Image

Crazies in our midst

Evangefundies are an odd lot.  If you do not believe exactly as they believe then you not are not one of them and you are not a Christian.  Of course, they tend to pick on minority faiths.  For example, most white evangefundies are certain that Mormons are not Christians.  This will affect primary elections.  However, there is something they hate more than non-Chiristains.  Care to guess?  If you said Obama, you win a bust of George Wallace.

53% - Romney's Mormon Faith Likely a Factor in Primaries, Not General Election

I do wonder, would they hate Obama as much if he was a white guy from Iowa?  

Quiz time

If I say cougar, what do you think of?  If I say a high school has a cougar as a mascot, what went through your head?  Did you wonder what she looks like?

'Cougar' as a school mascot?

Newtrimony on the Rocks

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #1

When our ace flunky who heads up our puppet government in Kabul tries to wage peace on his own, it's time to admit it.  We've totally fucked it up so it's time to leave the Rubble to the Rubbleistans.

Karzai says he met with Afghan insurgent faction

Colbert in SC

As pols, parties, and pundits have made a mockery of elections, presidents, Congress and government it must take a comedian to drive the point home.   If you must donate to a pol, give it to Colbert's Super Pac at least the ads will be funny by design.

Stephen Colbert, Herman Cain turn spotlight on super PACs in South Carolina

Take no chances!

The sky is falling.  I bet Obama had NASA set the sun off as part of a vast socialist plot to eliminate Israel and de-rail the end of days.   Quick, crackers and quakers, go buy more guns and ammo.  Then make sure you vote for Newt, he'll debate the sky, command the tide to recede, and defeat god in a Lincoln Douglas style debate.  Did I mention guns and ammo?  We can kill a solar blob can't we?

Sun shoots a fastball at Earth, but minimal impact expected

Strategic Victory Watch -- War#2, the one we won?

Get out your copy of "Iraq for Dummies" by Dubya Dummy.  Okay, here's your fill in the blank question:

Saddam Hussein did to Shiites as  _______ is doing to Sunnis?  Need a hint?

Here's your clue.

Hope that was not too hard.  I would not want to shock the awe out of you.

Nothing but Newt?

Tonight we'll find out if SC has any taste or not.  It they do, Willard will win.  If not, then the brilliant Visigoth will snarl and drool in triumph as he parades his wife.  It took him three tries,  but now he feels he has an adequate presidential quality arm ornament.  Oh, the sweater vest?  Look, no one is going to vote for the guy who covers himself in santorum.   Cranky?  Come on, he doesn't count, he's not a Repub.

Gingrich Is Well-Positioned as South Carolina Votes

Friday, January 20, 2012

Whom do you trust

Do you  trust any of the pols who want to be president? By trust I mean that you assume, that when they speak, they speak facts, that they are truthful. By trust I mean you deem their character to be worthy, they have integrity.  By trust I mean that you can rely on their words and deeds to be congruent and inseparable, words lead to action and actions are based on words.  

Here are the pols.  Obama, Paul, Gingrich, Santorum, Romney.  Do you trust any of them?  Or are they all like Fred Thompson, who only was 60% sure he wanted to be President.  Who meets the Fred Thompson standard of trust?

Does Willard Have Any Staff?

The guy is tanking over two issues.  He's going to lose SC and probably will flag nationally.  His national numbers are dropping.  How'd he snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?  He has two related problems.  Both center on his income, past and present.  It's not like he has not had the time to prepare, he's been running for President for at least seven years.

First, he has not come up with an understandable explanation of his business,  Bain Capital.  Without a forceful, factual and memorable explanation, he remains a vulture capitalist who got rich by destroying companies.  It's one thing to put all of your money as risk, try to make something and succeed and quite another to borrow money and make money (without risk) whether the underlying company soars or tanks.  All us common folks see is rich un-trustable prick.  Given Bain, other than investing would you trust Willard?  That's a serious problem.  You can't help but wonder if he's hiding some really rotten stuff?

The other problem is accounting for his fortune as in his taxes.  We still don't have a clue what he will release, when he will release them and what time periods will be covered.  As Willard waffles and stammers on taxes, he loses support.  He was booed in the CNN SC debate on this.  All he has to do is release his taxes and be prepared to answer questions.  Since he does not, then folks might infer that his success is not all that ethical.  Perhaps it's less hard work and more creative use of accounting gimmicks that made him rich and still generate his investment income.  Again, what's he hiding?

He cannot go beyond SC without addressing Bain and taxes.  If he does then people will reject him as morally corrupt, without character and make him a has been as they turn to anyone but Willard.  Perhaps they already have.  If so, then how do folks justify turning to Gingrich?  That guy is an amoral Hun, but in politics anything goes.  

PIssed with Willard's 15% rate?

If so, what's your effective tax rate?  Not tax bracket, but rate.  Oh, Willard's investment income is, similar to hedge fund incomes, taxed at the capital gains rate.  If his income was wages then he'd pay higher percentage as Newt did, about 31% on about 3.1 million.  Have you calculated your effective rate?  Assume it's 8% or less.  I'd say the biggest chunk of your federal tax obligation is really Social Security and Medicare.

Tax bracket vs. tax rate: They're two different things

Uh, those liberty chips came from Allah

So did anyone really expect atheists or Christians to emerge and establish western style liberty loving democracies throughout the land of Islam?  Come on, that'd be like our evangefundies suddenly deciding evolution is righteous that science trumps the Bible.

After a year of Arab upheaval, Islamists are biggest winners

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #2 (the one we kinda, sorta won)

Hey the Shrub decided we had to invade Iraq.  We did.  He tired to justify his bad decision by continually pointing out the world is better off without Saddam.   All it looks like is that the Shrub replaced Saddam with someone else.

Iraq's Maliki accused of detaining hundreds of political opponents

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #1

Why are we still in Rubbleistan?

France halts training after Afghan soldier kills 4 French troops

All 6 killed in helicopter crash in southern Afghanistan were Marines

Which is it

Given that SOPA/PIPA appears to be pretty well killed, it's odd that the Justice Dept. pounced on a website the day after the Internet protest of SOPA.  DOJ has shutdown a site they contend is nothing but copyright infringing pirates.   There seems to be another viewpoint about the site.  I have a feeling DOJ pounced more to ameliorate the hurt feelings of the entertainment fat cats who have "donated" so much money to so many pols.  After all they paid for a SOPA law and got squat.  Now the question is, will Anonymous, yes DOJ has pissed off the hacktivists, retaliate?

What would you do if you were a hacker?  If I was in that hacker group, I'd leave DOJ alone and direct my wrath at the entertainment industry, the original SOPA/PIPA pols, the RNC, the DNC and especially former Sen. Dodd.  Should Anonymous retaliate or let it ride?  If you think they should let it ride, how about just Sen. Dodd?

Federal indictment claims popular Web site shared pirated material

SC Yak Off

Another debate.  Gee, South Carolinians have been looking for anyone but Willard.  They have made up their minds (it's hard to use the word mind in association with South Carolina Trogs).  They seem to have selected the intellectual Visigoth from Georgia as Perry went back to being a full time asshole from El Paso.

The crowd loved Groingich's attack on the press.  They did not care that the basis of the question was his basic amoral hypocritical nature.  One of his former wives claims that Newt wanted to be a swinger, didn't get his way, and dumped her for #3 after six years of adultery.  Newt is a real piece of work.  I have trouble with the words devout and Catholic being used in association with either of the current Groingichs.  Do you?

Willard proved, once again, to be tone deaf to the 99%.  We still don't know when we'll see his 1040.  If he had opened the "debate" with a statement along the lines of "I have decided to do as my Dad did in 1967.  As we speak 12 years of my tax records are being released..." he might have kept his lead.  To most folks he's just one more rich prick who'd look real good with a pitchfork stuck in his ass.  Bain may be his bane, after all a proper capitalist is not a vulture.

All in all, the "debate" confirmed that South Carolina's Trogs don't want a Mormon, a libertarian, or an holier than thou prig from Pennsylvania.  It has to frustrate folks in SC, all they are left to vote for is a Catholic (at least he once was a Baptist ).  The edge goes to Newt.  Willard's lead after New Hampshire didn't make sense, I forgot how slow folks are in the Palmetto state.

At South Carolina GOP debate, four survivors spar; Gingrich adds host to the fray

If Newt wins SC will he slog on and win the nomination?  Will the GOP establishment stop him?

Willard Gave It Away

South Carolina Primary Projections

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Watch or DVR NIghtline tonight

ABC to air interview with Newt's ex-wife

On the Road With Willard---

Did you drop your douchebag of freedeom a note?

If you did not let the douchebags elected to Congress from your State and District a line about SOPA - PIPA, please do so today. Wikipedia will locate their contact sites for you.

Contact a Douchebag

If you have time, check out who receives what money from what entertainment industries.  Gee, Sen Leahey gets a lot from the ones who bought SOPA - PIPA  legalisation.  How about Lamar Smith?  Well, I'll be damned TV/Movies/Music are his top donors?  Who says Congress is not for sale?

The only thing that counters money is pissed off voters, lots of really pissed off voters.  Let them know you are pissed (unless you happy with the way things are, then send them a thank you note).  Can you imagine if the 88% of folks fed up with Congress sent them an e-mail a day threatening to vote for anyone else but an incumbent?  It might change the face of Congress.

Bookmark It!

Here's a site to keep handy--

PAC Track

Kodak on the way out?

Will it go belly up in a couple of years?  It would not surprize me at all.

Former trailblazer Kodak files for Chapter 11

Politics is Advertising?

It must be.  That's where all the money is being spent.  To the extent the ads "work," I wonder what it says about the producers of the ads, the politicians involved, and the voters. Whatever it says, it's pretty base.  Maybe the time has come to say screw it and cast write in ballots.  For whom?  Does it really matter? For all practical purposes how much difference is there between the two parties and what they will do in office?

Super PACs saturate South Carolina with attack ads

Got the Election BLues?

If so, then you need to get a case of perspective.  How can you do that?  Well,

Try a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow

News Flash--Willard's a Loser

We all knew that, but not it appears to be official--

Santorum edged Romney in Iowa by 34 votes

This is news?

Government survey finds that 5 percent of Americans suffer from a ‘serious mental illness’

Of course we're all nuts and it is obvious that we need all need prescription mind warping  drugs and oodles of counseling from cradle to grave to live up to the standards of those whose incomes are obtained from drugs and psychobabble.  Who needs social justice when you have a "friend" will give you a pill?

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #1

The Afghan War has to be on auto-pilot. No one is in charge. The war putters along as though it is a perpetual motion machine. People die. Property is destroyed. Suicide bombings have become a bizarre form of entertainment. Does anyone ever examine what they are doing and why? Assume Jesus is your god.  I wonder if anyone could explain this war to him and not feel like an unworthy piece of shit as he listens to your empty words drone on and on.

Bomb attacks kill 19 in southern Afghanistan

Willard Better Look Behind HIm

Does Gingrich Have Momentum in South Carolina?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Piece of Work Front

Gingrich Paid $60,000 for Speech Praising Private Equity

Political Medical Conditions

We need to keep some terms straight. I've heard Repubs refer to themselves as radicals. They do so as they claim to express radical ideas.  They cannot do so.

A reactionary is one who resists change and seeks to return to the "good old days" of an earlier social order. A reactionary is usually the source of a radical's high blood pressure.

A radical is one who favors fundamental progressive change in the existing political, economic, and/or social order. A radical is usually the source of a reactionary's gastroesophageal reflux disease.

The terms are antonyms. By definition, conservatives cannot be radicals. They cannot have radical ideas. They react and try to revert to some prior golden age.

Liberals, by like token, cannot be reactionaries. The cannot have reactionary ideas. They seek change to progress to some future golden age.

Republicans are reactionary, they are conservative and disproportionally eat Prilosec like M&Ms.  Democrats are radicals, they are liberals and take massive amounts of HZT.  Oh Independents are somewhere in-between and usually fart and belch simultaneously (there is no treatment for this condition).  


The Old Dominion Trogs have decided to bag their loyalty oath.   Anyone can vote in their primary and not have to pledge politically purity (and a first born).  Of course, by initially showing their nagging need for fealty, they've shown Virginians that Republicans would rather live under the grantor of the sobriquet "Old Dominion, " Charles II, than be alive in 2012.

Virginia GOP scraps plans for ‘loyalty oath’ on primary day

Willard's Woes

Willard has money trouble.  Not the lack of money, but talking about anything associated with his cash.  Look, he likes to fire people but is afraid of getting a pink slip if he loses his $10,000 bet that $340,000 in annual speaking fees is a small amount of money.  I wonder if he tithes as much as he pays in taxes, 15%?

They are all douchebags

The Obama campaign’s suspect claim about Romney’s role in store closings

Cheap Shit From China Leads to What?

Oh, that's easy,

U.S. losing high-tech manufacturing jobs to Asia

Remember capitalism has only one rule. That rule can be reduced to two words--maximize profits.

SC Still belongs to Willard

The Myth of ‘Anybody but Romney’


Based on what he's done, how he's done it, and how long it's taken on issues that matter to you,  how different is Obama from a moderate Republican?  If Romney really is a moderate in conservative snakeskin, what's the difference between them?

Electorate is sharply split over Obama, poll finds


Have you tried to access Wikipeida today?  If not, go ahead.  They have gone black to protest the possible Congressional legislation to "protect" copyright holders.  However, the fix is more like destroying the village to save it.  Do NOT support SOPA,PIPA or any variation thereof.

Take the time to call, write or both your elected douchebags in the House and Senate.  Look this legislation has been purchased by the movie and music industry.  It has nothing to do with protecting intellectual property, it's about  profits (which is the basis of 99.99% of  Congressional legislation anyway).  The only thing that trumps money is votes.  So let those douchebags know, here's an issue that will cost them votes.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Forgot to mention the audience

The crowd at last night's debate lived up to expectations.

GOP Crowd Boos The Teachings Of Jesus In South Carolina Debate

Just an ordinary guy?

Right.  Willard will share his 1040 soon, until then, he says he pays the max gains rate of 15% on his millions.  Oh, I forgot it's okay, after all he's one bodacious jobs creator.   Yeah, jobs on his campaign staff paid for by donations.  Oh, and at Bain Capital, jobs were created and destroyed on borrowed money.  Even the original money behind Bain Capital was other people's money. How much of his own stash has Willard ever put at risk?  Probably very little, he's a good capitalist.  He's mastered the private sector guiding principle, it's my profit and your risk.

Romney says he pays about 15 percent in income tax

Super Pac Ad

Not Allowed to Vote for Stephen Colbert? Oh Yes You Cain!

Atheists and Trust

Here's a study that explains why folks don't trust atheists.  It's odd, Utah is both about the most religious state in the nation and is also the fraud capitol.  There's trust and there's dumb.  I have a feeling that trust really is just an obedience reaction.  Trust, sure, as long as I verify.

   In Atheists We Distrust

Captialism on Trial (In the Debates of all places)

Have you noticed that some GOP candidates have attacked capitalism?  As they attempt to defeat Romney, they have assaulted his record at Bain Capital.  They have even called him a vulture capitalist. 
They have gotten indignant over someone who pillages weak companies, strips them of assets and makes a tidy profit along the way.  Venture capitalism and private equity capitalism are cast as somehow or another immoral, unethical, but legal.
The GOP candidates express a sense that anyone who engages in leveraged buy outs is obviously an unfit turd, as opposed to people such as themselves, fit turds.
They stop short of demanding regulation, it must the possible embarrassment over calls for checks on unbridled capitalism that stops them short.  However, they appear to want some regulation but it’s hard to tell as they tend to gurgle them.  The party of business has turned on one of it’s most successful capitalists.  It’s a gas.

Voter ID

I don’t understand the descendants of the Confederacy’s current desire to establish voter ID laws that feature state photo IDs.  I do understand their desire to restore the ante-bellum days of 1850 and earlier.  However I do not think voter ID laws will re-build the South’s plantation economy.  
Why can’t they be public about their real desires?  If they believe that Jesus, the Constitution, tradition, and Mom provide the foundation of their truth, then why must they be devious and indirect?  Perhaps they question their own veracity and feel embarrassed to candidly speak their minds. 
If they possess their truth, then nothing should deter them from public proclamations. They need not speak of Voter ID and the sacred right of voting.  No, they should speak what they believe.  Can’t they bring themselves to say, “blacks, the poor, the unpropertied,  and women have no business bothering themselves with important matters they cannot ever understand, such as politics, government and voting.”  
Instead they enfold themselves in the flag as they wave copies of the Constitution and foment a fear of an ominous tidal wave of fraudulent votes! They know that their declaimed scope of fraud has not occurred, will not occur and would not be solved by their voter ID proposals.  They do know  that their proposed Voter ID laws will disenfranchise some poor people and some blacks, but will not move the modern world backwards one second. It was be irrational hope.  
I think their lack of candor indicates an anxiety and guilt based on knowledge of why they lost the Civil War.  It’s simple.  They were wrong.  Jesus, the Constitution, tradition, and Mom did not approve of limited freedom.  How was it expressed?  Oh, it begins, “When in the Course of human Events….” 

What's the Diff?

Shiite, Sunni, same, same right?  Well, let me ask another question first, Protestant, Catholic, same, same?  Oh, I might have struck a nerve on that one.  We mostly stick with the Christians in the U.S.  Oh, we tolerate the Jews, but pretty much lump all the other religions into the category "other."  Since we've been blowing the crap out of Islamic states, what's the diff between a Sunni and Shiite?

Shiite and Sunni: What are the differences?

Home Delivery?

Okay, what can I say--Burger King tests out delivery service in Virginia, Maryland

The World and Barbie

Iran cracks down on moral peril of Barbie peddlers

OMG, Twilight Barbies! Meet Bella and Edward: The Wedding Dolls

Bald and beautiful...Barbie? Mattel responds to lobbying campaign

Sarah Burge, 'Human Barbie', Gives Liposuction Voucher To 7-Year-Old Daughter For Christmas (PHOTO)

Would you expect less?

Effects of Climate Change

Have you e-mailed your Rep. yet?

Have you sent your elected douchebag of liberty an email about SOPA and PIPA yet?  If not, then please do so.  Keep it simple.  Tell your douche to not vote for any version of SOPA or PIPA.  Tell the douche to leave the Internet alone in the name of free enterprise, smaller government, fewer regulations, and a less costly government.  Tell your douchebag to be a true defender of capitalism and defend a free, open competitive Internet.  You can then mention free speech and innovation too.

Wikipedia blackout coming Jan. 18, says co-founder Jimmy Wales

South Carolina Polls

Despite the ads, the vitriol, Jesus, and everything else they've thrown at him, Willard remains the most likely winner in SC and the most likely to win the nomination.  It's amazing what a bit of organization and money can do for a candidate.

National Polls Suggest Romney Is Overwhelming Favorite for G.O.P. Nomination

Another Yak Off

The "debates" are now predictable.  The field has narrowed to four Trogs and a cranky old guy left standing.  The dominant Trog received all the attention.  The lesser Trogs picked on him.  It's a mating ritual I think.  Which Trog will remain standing and become the GOP's sacred, patriotic, fantasy pinup, poster child?  Willard's posters still best.

It was most odd to watch a successful capitalist have to defend himself from attacks on capitalism by his peers.  At any rate, the others attacked Willard.  Willard survived.  I doubt much changed in voter's minds.  That is a big assumption, this is South Carolina.  Oh, not much changed, but assuming they have minds is another matter.   Other than the Paul, the rest of the Trogs did affirm that the  GOP is the party of rich old white guys.

Here's the Post's recap--Mitt Romney rivals try to plant doubts about him in debate

Monday, January 16, 2012

Almost Blew It, There's A "Debate" Tonight

January 16, 20129pm ET on Fox News – Live Stream
Location: Myrtle Beach Convention Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Sponsor: Fox News, The Wall Street Journal and the South Carolina Republican Party
Participants: Romney, Perry, Gingrich, Santorum, Paul

Golden Globes--Pre Game Show,

This year the Red Carpet was more interesting than the show itself.  Did you watch?  If you missed, even if you didn't, enjoy the gowns, here are the well played ones--

Go Fug Yourself

SC Poll

Latest Insider Advantage Poll has Romney by 11 points.

South Carolina Primary

This is a strange election cycle in SC.  Willard is going to win SC.  He shouldn't because he's a Mormon. Look the folks in SC won't vote for a non-Christian (they are sure he's not one).  So why will Willard win, despite the religious handicap?  Oh, that's easy.  If there's one thing the folks in SC hate more than a possible Mormon president, it's an actual black president. Hatred of Obama based on race trumps hatred of Romney based on religion (it helps that the rest of the field is a tad too batshit crazy for SC's taste).    

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #2 ( we kinda, sorta,won)

The Shrub's legacy keeps on giving.  In retorspect, did any of us really believe the guy was as dumb as he proved to be?  I bet he used a dart board or an eight ball to make decisions.  Hard work?  The decider?  My ass.  Dumbshit from Dallas, yeah that's sound about right.

Secatrian exaccerbation at its finest--Car bombs kill 11 in Iraq,

They in charge now--Flexing Muscle, Baghdad Detains U.S. Contractors,

It's Dick Cheney's kind of place--Corruption in Iraq: 'Your son is being tortured. He will die if you don't pay',

If we go back into Iraq, they aren't going to throw chocolates at us--For the families of Haditha, this is a matter of honour

Options for Nov. 2012

Did you vote for Obama in 2008?  If so, has he lived up to your expectations?  Not considering the current GOP alternatives for a moment, do you really want to vote for him 2012?  Are you that excited about an Obama second term?  Imagine that HIllary Clinton was a viable alternative would you still vote for Obama?  Settle down, and answer Sarah Palin’s question “how’s all that hopey, changey stuff workin’ out for ya?”  Did you wince a bit?  
As we come to Nov. 2012, do you think your vote will be less a vote for Obama and more a vote against the Republican nominee?  Maybe I should ask, would you consider voting for Romney instead of Obama?  Did you hesitate?  Actually, other than the health insurance reform, which is a barely adequate, but quite botched legislation, have the Obama years been all that different from the Bush years?  
How different is Obama from Bush in:
The Rule of Law.
Government Transparency,
Indefinite Detention,
Rendition (extraordinary or otherwise),
State Secrets,
Assassination of U.S. Citizens (enemies of the State),
Warrantless Searches,
Monitoring of Citizens,
Secret Courts,
MIlitary Tribunals, 
Secret Evidence, and
Torture (I’m not convinced it ended).
Do you have more areas to add to the list?  If you do, leave me a comment,  How is Obama not Bush?
If Obama’s record in any of these areas bothers you, then you may find it quite difficult to vote for him again.  He is a part of those patriots who destroy freedom and liberty in order to save it.  That’s a great theory, but a terrible practice.  The problem is, once it’s destroyed, it’s gone.  Come on, how many villages ever got re-built as they were after we destroyed them to save them?
 Obama is but the latest in a long line of presidents who enabled our government to take the easy way out of a variety of messes by legalizing unconstitutional, non-democratic and non-libertarian solutions.  Ever since Goldwater surfaced in 1964, we have become a nation that increasingly accepts the ends as a justification for any means those in power wish to pursue.  We have lost sight of a simple truth, majority rule only works when it protects the minorities rights.    
As we grope out way towards Nov. 2012, what can any voter do?   That’s difficult to say.  If the race comes down to Romney vs. Obama, why not vote Romney if you want.  Bush, Obama, Romney, they're all peas in the same corporate pod.  He’ll be a bit worse than Obama but not by much.  It would be a fourth term for Dubya.  
However, if it’s Obama vs. any other Republican, that’s a no brainer, vote against the GOP by voting for Obama.  Gingrich, Perry, and Santorum are a danger to the Republic.    Theses guys can give you the willies.  
Hold it, here’s a another thought.  If does come down to Obama vs. Romney, there’s another path for disaffected Democrats, Republicans and Independents .  Why not vote for Ron Paul?  Ron sucks on social issues, but on the other issues you have to have in place to address social issues,  he is on target.  How can we have a decent government that serves it’s people if we throw it away before we start?  If the Constitution matters, if liberty matters, if freedom matters, if the rule of law matters, then maybe we should all vote for Ron Paul whether he’s on the ballot or not?  Imagine a national Ron Paul write-in campaign.  Do you think the parties would notice?  
What do you think? 

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #3

We might pay a bit more attention to and end the drone program in Pakistan.  Don't forget they have nukes, lots of nukes.  Pakistan is a hell of a lot scarier than Iran.  Are we prepared for loose nukes?

Critical week ahead for Pakistan's besieged government


If you can, find and listen to today's "Democracy Now."  As I type I'm listening to Dr. King's speech about Vietnam.  We need a Dr. King today.  Who will speak for all of us?  Who will give us a voice today?  Dr. King spoke for all people, his voice still resonates.

SC Polls

In SC it still looks like Willard will become the honorary gamecock.  Well, since he'll be off to Florida, let's make him a Palmetto bug instead.

South Carolina Primary Projections

The Golden Snore

Mrs. Jake and I decided to watch the Golden Globes last night,  It was a snore. I mean literally, we both fell asleep.  I have it on my DVR, I may keep it for future bouts of insomnia.   Here's a piece on who won for whatever they did,,, asd [oaa afposdp        Oops, sorry, I fell asleep at the keyboard--that's was one powerful presentation, just thinking about it...................................

TV review: At 2012 Golden Globes, the edge drops off


As I watch the GOP candidates attempt to outdo each other as each claims to be the true conservative and thus the true Republican, I am reminded of battles for theological dominance in the early Christian Church.  In the first few hundred years of the Church, folks competed to capture the hearts and minds (souls) of potential faithful (donors and voters?).

The group that won, what we call orthodox Christians today,  even had factions within their organization in the early days.  However, they were pretty well agreed on the basics of all things Jesus.  Their minor differences were smoothed out by 325, after a successful lobbying campaign by the Emperor Constantine.    Constantine took the proto out of  proto-orthodoxcy and put that version of Christianity on a sound theological and financial footing.  Oh, after 325, the church defrocked women and made it into  a little boy's club where only real men could become priests.  Sorry, the church, the GOP, I can't help but  drift off into the history of misogyny.

However, there were other groups who were certain the proto-orthodox were wrong.  The competitors said they knew Jesus and were sure the proto-orthodox did not.  Some folks believed Jesus was just a guy, like Joe the Plumber.  Others knew that Jesus was 100% spirit, like Tinkerbell.  Then some were sure Jesus was both man and god like the Donald (historians think Jesus may have invented the combover).   And then there were those who thought Jesus was just a divine moonbeam from a galaxy far, far away.  I apologize for being a bit loose with assorted former adherent's theology, so I encourage anyone who is interested to read about the early Christian era. Who were the Ebionites, the Marcionites, and our fav, all the various Gnostics?  Uh, my god, does this mean there is sects in the GOP?

If the establishment Republicans are orthodox Christians (lobbied by Emperor Constantine, a.k.a. Corporations) are the various groups in the GOP  heterodox or heretics?  As we watch the 2012 race and results, will we see the GOP unleash heresy finders who burn the heretics at the stake?  Perhaps we will see one sect emerge as the new champion of a new GOP orthodoxy.  The GOP's core theology has changed a bit since Goldwater,  but to what extent?  Is Willard the last of the old orthodoxy or the beginning of purge that will restore traditional GOP purity?      

Bye Jon Boy

Jon Boy Huntsman is out of the race.  He's quit and now endorses Willard.  Two of his three South Carolina voters have said they will vote for  Obama instead.  The other one put on "Paul for Prez" button. He will hardly be missed within the GOP.

The field has narrowed.  We have a bi-polar candidate whom no one likes, a candidate who's sure he's really Jesus and will put god back somewhere, a candidate who wants to off everyone who differs from whatever he says today,  a spandex clad coyote killing dimwit, and a creative anachronist who is kind of sure there's not lickspittle of difference between 1770 and 2012.  Heckuv an asylum.  And we thought Bush was bad.   Now you know why Huntsman dropped out,  he is sane.  Oh he must actually be a Democrat.

Toodles, so long, good-bye, and tata

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Big Fan of the 10th Amendment?

Sure when it's something he wants.  However when a state's laws don't measure up to his desires, then he sues in Federal court to force a state to do his bidding.  Who is this?  Oh, he's the Pissant from Paint Creek, Texas.  Talk about flip flops.  The guy is, well, from Texas.  It shows.

Perry Asks Federal Court to Halt Virginia Ballots

Can we give Texas back to Mexico?

Stephen Colbert Interviewed on Sunday Bobblehead Show

Will Mr. Colbert decide to run for the President of the United States of South Carolina?  No one knows, he's exploring.

Colbert: ‘The more money you have, the more you can speak

Book Review

Here's a review that caught my eye today.  You might find it of interest--

“God’s Jury: The Inquisition and the Making of the Modern World,” by Cullen Murphy

When Soldiers Do Bad Things In War

War sucks.  War is all about killing and destroying people and things.  War serves political rulers needs when they fail to satisfy their desires diplomatically.  Rulers (that includes our presidents who have sent soldiers off to die without a Congressional declaration of war) do not care a whit about soldiers, they care  about meeting their objectives.  Of course lip service is paid to the patriotic cannon fodder that voluntarily goes off to die without much thought at all.

Occasionally a bit of cannon fodder does something wrong.  Yes there's an ethic, a morality, and a law of war.  Bizarre aint' it?  Instead of deciding that errant cannon fodder should not be there in the first place, we worry about were whether they properly trained in the rules of engagement.  Hmm, maybe presidents need some training--Article I, section 8 of the Constitution would be a grand place to start.  

U.S. troops need better training on laws of war, experts say

A Book For Junkies

Willard fans take note,  by the weekend, your guy may have to answer a new line of question.  Why?  Oh, a bio of Willard is coming out next week.  Here's a preview--

Mitt Romney’s complex relationship with religion, family explored in new book

The Bush and Obama Record

They are making the United States into Cuba and China.  We are becoming our enemies.   In order to save liberty we have to destroy it?

10 reasons the U.S. is no longer the land of the free

Okay, it is time for a Libertarian to be in the White House?

Capitalists Are Not Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts

When one commits one's life to making as much money as one can, well, if it's not illegal...

When Romney ran Bain Capital, his word was not his bond

5 Myths

Arab Spring


Willard's Still the Probable Winner in SC

I saw table the other day that summarized the Republican only votes in New Hampshire.  Over the years, Willard comes out as the top voter getter amongst Republicans only, who voted in the primary.  Willard received over 43% of their votes.  Saint Ronnie of Bonzo only received only 37% or so at his best.  McCain and Bush were much lover.   This backing shows up in the polls, despite all the clamoring for a true conservative.  I have a feeling that a candidate is as likely to be a true conservative as a piece of wood  in my woodpile has at  being a true fragment of the Cross.  At any rate, here's the latest from Nate Silver--

 Backing of Evangelicals Could Resuscitate Santorum in South Carolina