Saturday, January 28, 2012

Who fits the bill?

Do these describe our pols in general, how about anyone in particular?

React to criticism with rage, shame, or humiliation
Take advantage of other people to achieve his or her own goals
Have excessive feelings of self-importance
Exaggerate achievements and talents
Be preoccupied with fantasies of success, power, beauty, intelligence, or ideal love
Have unreasonable expectations of favorable treatment
Need constant attention and admiration
Disregard the feelings of others, and have little ability to feel empathy
Have obsessive self-interest
Pursue mainly selfish goals

The above are characteristics of a person with narcissistic personality disorder.

What is Google?

That's a no brainer.  It's a company that makes billions by connecting eyeballs with ads.  The stuff we use from Google are just inducements to show up with our eyeballs.  Google is no different than television, it's all about ad revenue, period.

In the latest kerfuffle about Google, the Tubes and privacy, do you think Google is making things better for users or just full of Googledroppings?

Google Defends Privacy Changes as Questions Mount

Who'd Want to be a teacher these days?

It's not the boots, it's the contraband.

Pennsylvania Middle School Bans Boots

Thinking about the housing bubble

If you've listened to the debates and forgotten that they are Trog debates then you might think that the nation's financial collapse was caused by Freddie, Fannie and Greenspan.  Careful, Trogs speak Trog.  If a Trog says it's day, then bet on it actually being night.

Fannie and Freddie don’t deserve blame for bubble

Special Report-- State Capitalism

What's your favorite -ism? Or do you cower in fear of -isms? Has State Capitalism hidden under your bed? Is it lurking in your closet? Uh, what the hell is State Capitalism anyway?

State Capitalism

If Willard Wins...

If he does, how will he be perceived by folks around the world?

Would Mitt Romney make a good president of the United States?

Who is this guy?

His name is Adleson and if Gingrich wins the race and becomes 45, then the guy will own a president.

Who is Sheldon Adelson?

What's Next?

It's been one long clown show from Iowa to Florida.  What comes after a clown show?  I don't know what it is called, but I know where it will be staged.  Nevada, here we come!

In Nevada, Sheldon Adelson Gets His Very Own Caucus

Private Equity, How Private Is It?

If private equity is as large and successful as it is due to the tax code, then we have another case of private profit and public risk.  In a sense public dollars were given to folks like Willard.  Also, in the case of private equity there is no risk for investors at all.  Talk about rigging the deck and gaming the system.  Would Willard be sitting on $250 million making $20 million a year without the tax code?  Willard didn't make anything but money.  Now you know why Wall Street buys Congressmen and presidents--the tax code.


Climate questions

Last year at this time the question was "will we ever see another Summer?"  Winter blanketed the nation in snow and cold.  This year's question is--

What happened to Winter?


Can Apple overtake Microsoft in the business market?  If it does, will it become Microsoft?  Think about it,  what does it mean to be better than Microsoft?

Apple makes move into offices

Bless my Tweet

Twitterers are all, of course, atwitter at Twitter over the freedom to tweet.  Huh?  Maybe it will make sense to you, but it seems to me that Twitter, to maximize its profits, will conform with any national government's request to systematically "hold those tweets."

Nations, even the foulest of dictatorships, are just markets.  If Twitter is not in or is ejected from a market, someone else will enter and garner what would otherwise have been Twitter's profits.  At times, it seems like it's Twitter ( or any other company of your choice) Uber Alles for maximization of profits today and tomorrow.  Damn, is the Chinese market really lebensraum for tweets?

Twitter faces accusations of censorship; users plan Saturday boycott

If You PIss on People--

Expect to get a golden shower in return.  Newt Gingrich has spent a lifetime pissing on others, especially those in his own party who were in his way.  It takes time for Trogs to understand things like Newt.   Newt is not a Republican.  Newt has used the GOP to advance his own party, himself.  Newt may not remember how much harm he's done to others, but they do and they are starting return a hot steaming stream his way---

The GOP empire strikes back at Gingrich

As Newt's white hair begins to yellow a bit, note the polls show he's now losing Florida--

2012 Florida Republican Presidential Primary

Well, he is a Texan

Ron Paul has a political message that resonates with a lot of folks.  I hope those folks listen to the message and realize the messenger is actually a foul little turd from Texas.  It's one thing to be a racist, but it's really sick to use race baiting and hate to sell a few newsletters so you can pay off your mortgage.  That's makes Paul a serial hypocrite and a con artist.

Paul pursued strategy of publishing controversial newsletters, associates say

Hi Ho, Hi, Ho, it's off to war we go (again)

Well, not quite yet.  Iran looks ripe for bludgeoning.  After all, polls show that the average voter (independents in particular), wants to go shopping and that requires a lot of war.  It's nice that both parties love war and keep us awash in death and destruction.  They've even made contract killers into heroes.  Just because an elected official decides it's okay to kill someone does not make it anything but murder.  Oh, the DOD budget blues might be alleviated with a touch of war in Iran.  Don't forget, we've been warring for so long that private sector workers in the defense industry have worked long enough to retire.  Do you think the budget will revert to pre-Bush levels?  Come on, war is good for elections and retail sales.

Navy wants commando ‘mothership’ in Middle East

If this had been proposed under Bush, there would have been "anti-war" protesters in the streets. I do not expect any since Obama is in the White House. Interesting.  The  GOP is bipartisan when it comes to war.  The Dems only like war when they have the White House.  War has become a political commodity.

Friday, January 27, 2012


Do you complete Schedule D as part of your taxes?  If so, you had best read the "What's New"  section of  the 1040 instructions.  Schedule D is still there, but it's now a summary sheet of the details you will report on a new form!  Have fun.

In His Image

The Shrub's legacy continues to demonstrate his administration's standards of excellence--

Bomb in Shiite neighborhood kills dozens in funeral procession

It's Open Season in Syria

In Syria, Arabs with guns are killing other Arabs.  Assad's folks, as part of keeping their jobs, are killing those who would take their jobs away.  Arabic country's high unemployment, it's an Islamic thing, secures the loyalty of the employed to the dictator and religious top dogs.   Don't forget Assad's father killed tens of thousands to secure loyalty.  What we see in Syria, along with Iran, is the best that Arabic Islam can ever hope to achieve.

Regime forces hit buildings in Syrian city in day of sectarian slaying, at least 30 killed

The 19th Snooze Fest

Unless you are a committed Trog or a political junkie, last nights's debate free air time festival on CNN was a yawn.  The Trogs on stage answered questions and took digs at each other.  The audience was able to avail themselves of their First Amendment rights.  They did, but Pudgebo was not or chose not to snarl and rabble rouse the masses.  Unless he is backed by the audience, he's really not that good a debater.  Willard, yes Willard, nailed him a couple of times.  I think folks expected Newt would throw bombs.  Who gave the best performance in this continuing clown show?  Well, I think it was Ron Paul.  The rest were at their troggiest normal, which by any decent standard means they are nucking futs, especially Santorum.

It dawned on me last night, if you want to know what the Pillsbury doughboy will look like when he gets old and heads off to the old bakers home, then just take a look at Newt today.   I wonder when the medical records they all agreed to release will be released?

Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich square off in Republican debate

Willard Digs His Own Hole

Willard decided he was not going to release his taxes.  Then he might.  Then he did.  Small oops there.  There are some inconstancies between his taxes and personal finance forms.  He would have been better off releasing at least a dozen years worth of taxes.  He's rich and the rich make money any way they can.  For example did he make a mint off the collapse of the housing bubble?  How blind is the blind trust?  If it's as blind as his Super Pac is non-coordinated then he is in control of his investments.

Romney tax returns detail funds not identified in ethics forms

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Santorum Attacks Sanity

Santorum is a schmuck.  He's desperate.  Now he's attacking sanity.  I wonder  to whom he speaks?  Oh, forgot, evangefundies.  They have shit for brains and eat santorum for breakfast.  It's sad to hear a politician speaking this way, but what's sadder is that there is an audience who agree with him.

Santorum: Obama wants Americans to go to college to become indoctrinated

Sleaze, It's Normal

If you seek sleaze where should you go? Oh, to Washington, D.C. of course.  It's endemic.  It's in the air. It's in the water.  It's in all of our elected dorks.
Leak to media about House Ethics probes ignites chatter on source, motives

I have trouble putting "ethics" and "Congress" in the same sentence.  Do you?

Willard's A What?

Is Willard Mexican?  Well, it all depends....

Would Mitt Romney be the first Mexican American president?

Here's Obama's Legacy

In 100 years what will Obama be remembered for?  Oh, that's easy, he'll get the blame for the Machine Wars.  His obsession with drones has led to machines directing killing machines without any humans involved.   Sci-Fi has arrived.   Anyone seen the Terminator?

New drone has no pilot anywhere, so who's accountable?

Note, it's the lack of accountability that is so attractive to generals, presidents and pols.  This is the ultimate in plausible deniability.  Who me?  No, the machine did it.  I wonder if the CIA has developed robots that  will autonomously torture people?  Who needs people?    

Fast Food Fans Take Note

Tired of that mystery meat on a deep fired doughball?  Had it with hockey puck eggs on a bun?  They pile it high and serve it fast, but it gets old.  The vertical breakfast's days may be numbered.  Taco Bell has  entered the breakfast market.  Hot damn, the rolled breakfast glump is here.   Burritos for breakfast?

Taco Bell enters breakfast arena

Do they mix it all together, fry it, re-fry it and roll it up so you can't see what you're eating?  I think I'll stick to a horizontal  meal--over easy, with sausage, grits and biscuits please.

Willard is Back?

It looks like Pudgebo's popularity may be waing.  Does this mean that Willard has become okay in the hearts and minds.... Hold, Trogs don't have minds and don't have hearts.  Does this mean that Willard is more acceptable to Florida primary voters?

2012 Florida Republican Presidential Primary Poll

God, another one!

Yeah, yak, snarl, drool, gibber, phlegm it's GOP "debate" time again.  Will CNN keep the audience at bay?  Will Pudgebo attend if the audience can't behave like Pavlovian dogs?  Who knows.  Who cares.  Tune it, it might be entertaining.  Have you noticed that Pudgebo, without the cheering audience, sounds like an idiot?

January 26, 20128pm ET on CNN – Live Stream
Location: University of North Florida in Jacksonville, FL
Sponsor: CNN, CNN en Español, The Hispanic Leadership Network and The Republican Party of Florida
Participants: Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, Paul

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #1

The mess remains on autopilot.  Just because soldiers are involved does not make it a war.  Besides, without Congress declaring war, it's not really a war.  Korea was an international, hostile, armed conflict.  We haven't had a war since WWII.  Yep, even Vietnam was not war.  It was a fuckup just like all the current messes.  I doubt if all this empire building is conducive to keeping our Republic a Republic.   At any rate, the Afghan mess persists, it's on auto-pilot.

Bomber targets NATO convoy in Afghanistan; 3 killed

Have you noticed how little coverage our wars get these days? Have you noticed how it's even less coverage when the deaths are not deaths of U.S. soldiers?

So What's New?

The aces in DOD can't run a cemetery.  Well, they can bury dead cannon fodder, but they can't quite tell anyone which grave has which body or how many they have interred.   The ineptitude seems to be rampant amongst all military graveyards.  Now, we learn, it's not only corpses that they cannot account for, but also capital.

They can't account for millions of appropriated tax dollars.  That's the money that was supposed to be used to run Arlington.  What do you bet the cemeteries were sold to the highest bidder (campaign donor) as part of tax transfer program?  It's like they say, if you can't make it in business, then make your fortune in government, especially the military.

Arlington Cemetery trying to account for missing $12 million

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sad part is, Teabags really feel this way

It does not matter

Folks may have liked Obama's SOTU.  So what?  Liking a speech and its proposals does not mean squat. First of all we can assume one half of the listeners are not voters.  Then of the voters, how many will translate approval in January 2012 into votes in November 2012?  So folks feel good about the speech.  Unless they note that the current mess is a product of incumbents of both parties in Congress and take action who cares about how anyone feels.  Talk is bullshit unless it's backed up by action in the voting booth.  Will you remember this speech tomorrow?


Uh, have we all been waiting for this?

Well, this is exciting news.  It ranks right up there with a bucket of cold road apples.  The Crazy Lady won't fade away.  She's going to run for a fourth term in the House.  I guess FOX must have rejected her.  After all, she's just not as perky and folksy as Sarah Palin.  Does this mean she'll entertain the nation once again in 2016?

APNewsBreak: Michele Bachmann says to seek 4th term in Congress after failed presidential bid

Florida Primary

For whatever reason, it still appears Pudgebob will win.  It's a sad commentary that these three (Paul is not a Repub) are the best of the best in the GOP.  If they are, then the GOP is in pretty sad shape. If they are not, then why are they the GOP's candidates?

2012 Florida Republican Presidential Primary

Domino's Better Complain

If our nation's school children learn pizza can be nutritious and taste good, they'll never buy a Domino's.  Gee is this unfair to businesses and job creators?  I can't wait for the GOP bullshit on this one.

School lunches to have more veggies, whole grains


It's no wonder we're in the crapper.  The aces we elect are more concerned with accoutrement's for dead people than dealing with the survival of the living.  What the hell, we elected them and we we salivate whenever one of then rings a Jesus bell.  We have exactly the nation we want.  We elected it and perpetuate it.  I wonder, do atheists have a symbol?

House approves bill to allow religious symbols on war memorials

If you like it so far, get ready for more, lots more

Ready for what?  Oh, SUPER PAC money.  As we head into the Congressional election season, we'll see ads for and against Congressmen and Senators.  It's not just the presidency.  I wonder what the grand total will be for this cycle?

Super PACs set sights on 2012 congressional races

Folks don't forget

Some may be tickled that the Marines got away with murder.  After all we made Iraq into a combat zone. Of course the Iraqis don't quite see it the way we do.  Do you want to know why Malaki would not extend our stay?  Well, we would not allow Iraqi law to apply to our troops and the Iraqis demanded it.  Why?  Oh, they remember little things like contractors, Abu Ghraib and Haditha. Occupation memories last for generations (got a Confederate in your attic).

Last Marine to face prosecution in killings of 24 Iraqi civilians won’t serve jail time

Bet There Won't be a Protest Blackout

Gee, Google participated in the SOPA black out.  Nice, huh?  Did we all forget Google is for profit company that based it's SOPA position on its balance sheet?  They've also noted that their balance sheet can be improved so they are going to invade all of their users privacy just a skosh more.  Why?  Oh, to sell more ads.  Remember it's a profit maximizing business.  And guess what, there's not a damn thing you can do unless you detach yourself from every aspect of Google, Inc.  Okay Anonymous, got balls?   Or it a case of who cares?

Google announces privacy changes across products; users can’t opt out


Come on, the SOTU means so little, especially when the POTUS is running to remain POTUS.   We tune in, listen, then the next day at work, discuss whether it was a good speech or not and go about our business.

Does anyone really remember a SOTU speech?  The speech seems more like a ritualized Catholic mass with all it's stand up, sit down, kneel bullshit.  During the SOTU there's partisan applause, bipartisan applause, stand ups, sit downs, and occasionally a bit of whoop and holler.  Once we had a "you lie," but none of those this year.  We had abundant human props this year.

It doesn't matter what POTUS said.  Look, until we get the money out of elections, gridlocked permanent campaigning will remain normal.  It should be obvious, if we look at deeds rather than listen to words, the 536 elected folks in the House last night have only one concern for this country's future--getting reelected (or getting a high paid lobbying type job if they are "retiring").  The most telling and descriptive part of the speech is when POTUS walks in, it's mildly repugnant to watch.  I wonder how much disease is transmitted?

How'd POTUS do in the truth department?

   Fact checking the 2012 State of the Union speech

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bout Says it All

Better Idea

Let's just end the debates.  Pudgeboy needs them.  He also needs the audience to cheer on his lunatic ideas.  So, quit having debates, advertise as much as you can pay for, and watch Romney win.  The GOP establishment should demand audiences be silent, otherwise they will have Newt as their bombardier.

Gingrich threatens to boycott debates without applause


It's kind of neat.

U.S. government’s ‘online security’ website taken down by Anonymous


Gee, the Repubs love to throw around names.  I doubt the average Trog knows squat about Adam Smith, Joseph Schumpeter or Saul Alinsky.  Their works are not everyday reading.  It's funny how use of a name can elicit a desired reaction without any knowledge of what the person thought, wrote or stood for.

It's odd, Gingrich uses Mr. Alinsky's techniques while transforming him into some scary guy. Gee is Alinsky the Dr. Frankenstein who created the Obama monster?  Does that make Newt Igor?  Teabaggers believe that kind of shit.  Here's piece on Pudgeboy and Mr. Alinksy.

Saul Alinsky lives on in GOP rhetoric

Kabuki Alert

It's the State of the Union tonight.  That's exciting.  I'm so underwhelmed.   It will be as interesting as most have been, interesting that is,  if you're fascinated by watching paint dry.  The GOP doesn't give a rat's about what Obama will say.  They already are certain he's full of crap.  They could not attend and no one would notice.  The Dems will applaud but don't really care either.  Well, they care, but only to the extent they can use Obama to get help themselves reelected, otherwise he can stay out of their Districts.  Come to think of it, Obama doesn't give a shit about Congress either.  Obama has one job, it's the same one he's had since his inauguration, getting reelected.  I guess he'll be speaking to potential donors and voters.

Obama faces tough sell with State of the Union speech

Trogs Like Newt

National polls have shown a swing to Pudgeboy.  Newt is getting the conservative votes.  Willard is waning.  Who cares about the sweater vest, it's covered with santorum  and Paul is Paul.  I'm not sure what makes a conservative, but I think it takes a deep desire and commitment to return to the good old days, circa 1850.  Ladies take note.  Blacks take note.  It's a rich old white guy fantasy.  In the interim, the rich will use the uneducated working class, fundamentalists and evangelicals to help them become even richer by impoverishing everyone else.  Weird party.

Gallup: Gingrich leads Romney in national poll

MItch Daniels for GOP Nominee?

Far-fetched?  Maybe not.  Newt is hated and Willard is so damn dull the GOP has to turn to somebody.

Some Signs G.O.P. Establishment’s Backing of Romney Is Tenuous

TSA Update

Sen. Paul may or may not have been detained after the machines beeped at him in the Nashville airport.  Usually beepees are sent straight to Gitmo to be tortured and retained indefinitely.  He's lucky.  Don't let machines beep at you in airports.

Sen. Rand Paul declines TSA feel-up, is escorted by cops from security checkpoint

Does anyone really feel safer because TSA stands between us and terrorist's bomb?

The Legacy is Booming

Spate of attacks leave 14 dead in Baghdad

Who's buried with Dad?

Ooops.  The Army and VA can't even run a cemetery.  So why do so many folks demand to know what commanders in the ground are thinking about our wars?  Damn, that's that problem, they are in the ground and we've misplaced them.  We've been talking to the wrong guys.

At any rate here are some more cemetery bumbles--Burial problems found at VA cemeteries

No snarls, just ZZZZZ's

The group press confernence, a.k.a. GOP Yak off, a.k.a. GOP "debate," was a dud.  I expected Willard and Pudgeboy to throw meat at each other as they blew dog whistles.  It was boring, even the moderator fell asleep.  Was it tactics on each Trog's part or more because the crowd was denied their right to behave like true Americans and freely scream,  applaud and boo their asses off?  It was one of those dignity comes from silence and we know there's nothing more dignified than a bunch of narcissists running for public office.  Hell, who needs an audience.  Who needs TV?  Might as well have the debate in a hermetically sealed Mason jar.

Oh, as usual for anything Trog, it was a fact free two hours--Fact checking the NBC Florida debate.

Granted I'm not a Trog and there is no way I could ever bring myself to vote for one, if I had to pick one of these four bozos, who would it be?  Santorum?  No, he's so full of it he spread it around on everything within 20 feet of him.  Newt?  NO.  Newt has one concern in life, Newt.  Willard?  Sorry, the guy is just too creepy.  That leaves me with Ron, but all he wants to do is restore the good old days.  He wants to bring back the 1790s Williamsburg and make us all wear tri-corner hats in liberty loving perfection.

Here's a review of the debate.  Oh the winner was Newt since Willard didn't do much to change the game at all.  The headline hypes the debate, clash is way too strong of a word, perhaps "were testy" would be better.

Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich clash sharply in Republican presidential debate

Man of the People?

Willard clips coupons and pays 15% or less in taxes.   If Newt's tax plan were in place Willard would pay no taxes at all.  I doubt if all his income and investments do much except make more money for Bain and Willard.  If he was taxed as his father was, he'd be paying 37%.  After last night's "debate" all I can say is that Willard really is a rich Rombot and will not be the nominee of the GOP.

Mitt Romney’s tax returns shed some light on his investment wealth  

Monday, January 23, 2012

Has Willard Turned into a plop of Lime Jello?

Lime Jello?  Yeah, I think it's Utah's favorite dish.  No substance, it just sits there and quivers.

New Florida Polls Show Big Swing to Gingrich

Still Think Obama is left of anything?

Come on, he's basically a pre-Goldwater Repub.  He's supported just about everything Bush left him.  Now, to be sure no one ever learns about future mis-deeds, like torture, committed by government employees, he's leading the charge to kill the messengers.

Leaking classified info may be a crime, but it should not be. Classification's primary function is to hide info from voters and cover assess.  You can bet none of the elected bozos wanted us to know that they okayed and were down with torture.  Obama is sucking on a GOP teat.

Former CIA officer charged in alleged leaks

Florida Primay

Okay, who can vote in the Florida primary?  Anybody?  Maybe only those pre-certified to be batshit crazy?  Cubans?  Retired folks?  Who can vote?

Who are Florida primary voters, and how are they different?

Orignalism Rocks Tour -- Hold that GPS!

Better not try to use GPS to track Roberts and the Robes when they are on tour.  They sang a nonet on privacy.  All nine agreed that if the cops stick a tracker on your car without a warrant then they are the bad guys and should get heir hands slapped real hard.  Should it be a capital crime?

Supreme Court says search warrants needed when police use GPS devices to track suspects

Place Your Bets!

Egypt's first post Mubarak parilament has convened.  Place your bets, when will the first stoning of a woman occur?  I give them a month, how about you?

Parliament elected in Egypt’s 1st election after Mubarak’s ouster holds inaugural session

Morons and the TSA

I leave it to you to decide if the TSA folks in Nashville are brain challenged or not.  Senator Rand Paul set off one of their machines.  TSA then determined they had to feel up a U.S. Senator.  The Senator politely told TSA to "bite me."  TSA has detained a U.S. Senator.  I'd say the Executive  Branch has violated the U.S. Constitution--Article I, Section 6:

"The Senators and Representatives shall receive a Compensation for their Services, to be ascertained by Law, and paid out of the Treasury of the United States. They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place." 

It's probably not quite arrest, but TSA has no business detaining anybody. Arrest them, sure, but you have to charge them and be prepared to go to court. Any law that allows TSA to engage in their current practices is flat-assed unconstitutional. Any legislator who voted for such legislation should be removed from office, he pr she violated their oath of office. Any president who sighed such legislation into law should be impeached and removed from office for the same reason. It's simple, we're a nation of law or we are not.  

Start Paying Attnetion

As we dive further and further into our phlegm bag of presidential politics it's easy to see little else.  We'd best pay a midge of attention to the state of Europe's economic crappers.  Their sewage system connects to ours.  It theirs get backed up, the sewage will come our way.  Ready for a return to the septic tank we all enjoyed so much in 2008?

Lagarde, in Berlin, tells Germany — and the rest of Europe — to pay up

Don't fire them, make it a capital crime!

Off with their heads is the only way to deal with tax cheats.  Of course, I mean that for all tax dodgers not just the federal employees.  I am told that God created this nation.  It appears that God means us to be His beacon for all on earth.  Come to the USA and you will come to Jesus.  The USA is rapture central.  Right?  I don't have all the bullet points quite memorized yet.  Hm, death to tax cheats seems to fit the blood atonement model.  After all, the Constitution belongs to god.  The government belongs to god.  Failing to pay taxes is like spitting on a crucifix.  Cheating on taxes is a mega-sin!  The blasphemy!  The heresy! There can be no redemption without blood!

It would also be a convenient, straight forward, litigation free way to reduce the size of federal employment and downsize the military.

Federal employees owe $1.03 billion in unpaid taxes  

Shouldn't Repubs want more taxes?  I guess they aren't really Christians.  Damn, it's the progs and libs who are really down with god and Jesus.  After all, it's the Repubs who tell us they tax and spend, but it's  for the Lord.  Want salvation? Then become a Democrat and save your soul as you pay your taxes.

Snarl Off Tonight

The past debates were group yak offs until Gringich went real nasty and won South Carolina.  His win still gives me the willies.  There will two group press conferences, this week.  We're supposed to call them debates, but come on, the winner is determined by who gets off.  Oops, I started to think about the GOP yak offs.  Oh god, I'm starting to see a full frontal of Newt.  That's scary.  Images, get they hence.  Do not think about Newt or you will get mind warts.

Tonight and Thursday night's press conference winner will be determined by who gets off the best sound bite.  He who speaks the most nasty, brutish and short will be the GOP's knuckle-dragger bound for the glory and devolution of the nation.  After all, it really is the Trog party.  They are all reactionaries.  If you've been hankering to live like a peasant in 1608, then Trog on to November.

Will Willard prove he's not a nutless Rombot and kick Newt in the balls?  Did I just hear someone say "Danger Will Robinson?" Can you imagine the 68 year old fat pudge writhing all over the stage in crotch searing agony.  Can you see his drool?  Will Santorum sling santorum on Newt?  The moderator better bring some plastic sheeting, Rick might get his Gallagher comedy routine on, but he won't be smashing watermelons.   Why Newt?  Oh, he's the front runner (ambler is more accurate, he is obese) now.  Then again we have to wonder if Newt will knock Willard out of garments?  Maybe he'll put a cork in the source of santorum.  This week, don't miss the two new episodes of "America Embarrasses Itself."  Tune in!

I forgot about Dr. Paul.  He'll answer his questions and go on to his next third or fourth place finish.

January 23, 20129pm ET/8pm CT and 9pm PT on NBC – Live Stream
Location: University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida
Sponsor: The Tampa Bay Times, NBC News, the National Journal and the Florida Council of 100
Participants: Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, Paul
January 26, 20128pm ET on CNN
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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Nah, but what if...

Assume the Willard starts to tank.  Assume that Newt continues to soar.  Assume that the GOP establishment decides to tank Newt by having a number of favorite sons run in states with lots of delegates.  Assume the GOP convention moves towards being brokered.  Assume that Newt gets pissed and he then runs a third party race.  Assume he forms a real Tea Party, party and becomes its first  candidate for the Presidency of the United States.  Nah, can't happen, right?

Now just for fun assume that Ron Paul runs as a fourth party.  Damn if the GOP can do it, why not the Dems.  Assume that Hillary Clinton runs as a fifth party candidate and Dennis Kucinich decides to make it a six party race.  Yeah that would be weird, but the real weirdness would be when the seventh party wins the race and Stephen Colbert is elected as the 45th President of the United States.

Talk and Hobble

For all the hooey Obama has slung at us over insuring all Americans,we forget the he also insured that health care will remain safe in the hands of private insurance companies.  I have to wonder about the human outcomes.  Will all those millions of uninsured ever get insurance?  So far we seem to be longer on talk and shorter on walk (that's Obama normal).

Health overhaul lags in states

Libya Update

Qadaffi is dead so who gives a rat's about Libya?  Come on, as long the oil flows, they can reinstitute the dictatorship or whatever they want.  Bets on how long it will take?

Libya suspends transitional government members

So What?

Gee, Willard is going to release his taxes next Tuesday.  So what?  It's a bit late.  At this point he's given the nomination to Gingrich.   It's all unpredictable, but I think Newt can and will savage Willard at will from now until he collects 1,144 delegates.  Willard is a robot, a Rombot whose program does not include a single line of  GOP populism.  When he does that little closed mouth grimacy smile he looks like he's really wants to be anywhere but where he is.  God, if by some odd chance, Willard does win, then we'd have two pols who really don't like people running for the most political office in the world.  

Romney to release 2010 taxes on Tuesday

LIve by the teat, die by the teat

Shrinking defense budget worries small businesses

Myth Time

Myths about Obama

Egypt Goes Islamic

That's new?  Of course not.  Islam is the religion over there.  Egyptians are not all that different than folks in our redneck states who make sure Jesus is well represented in their assorted state capitols.   With respect to the intersection of religion and the state, how much different is South Carolina, Iowa or Utah from Egypt?

Salafists to take a quarter of Egypt’s lower house

What Say You?

The dictator of Yemen should not be allowed to enter the U.S. for any reason.   Looks like Obama has caved, it'll be justified as humanitarian or some bullshit like that.  We might want to read a bit of Iranian history.  I doubt there will be many changes for the better in Yemen.

Yemeni president says he’ll travel to US for medical treatment but will return to his homeland


It's time for some SOTU.  Yeah, that's a new kind sushi.  I'm kidding, it's the State of the Union.  Next week, the president will walk into the House chamber.  Congresstypes will crowd him, try to shake his hand, a few will try to give him some tongue.  It's mildly repugnant to watch but is a good reminder of our incredibly poor taste.  We elected them.

The president will then speak before the full Congress and all the other appointed biggies in D.C.  Talk about a conclave of elites-theres' a lot of money and power in that hall.  The president will then drone on and on.  He'll interrupt himself to introduce props he's planted in the audience.  Each introduction gets a round of applause.  We'll hear him say I'll do this, I'll do that, if we all work together.  Everybody will applaud or sit on their thumbs.  Then he'll ask god to bless us.  He'll walk out about the same way he entered, hands and tongue.  All in all it will be as exciting and meaningful as a bucket of spit.

Obama’s State of the Union speech to focus on ‘return to American values’

*I'm So Happy I Could Just Shit!


The Visigoth won the Hun vote.  Gingrich won South Carolina.  Granted it's a state in the Union, but that's not winning anything.   I guess Newt spoke crackerese better than Rombot, the sweater or Mr. Liberty.  Oh, well on to Florida.

Newt Gingrich wins South Carolina primary