Saturday, February 4, 2012

There's Something Very Wrong With This....

The money is excessive.  The number of people estimated to watch is outrageous.  It's a football game for god's sake.

Party time: Super Bowl spending could hit $11 billion

I have to confess, while I do not watch football, Mrs. Jake is an avid fan. She will be watching. I guess we contributed to the food money pile or it could be coincidence. We decided to have hot dogs last night. It's been over a year or longer since we last had dogs. The timing, purchase and lack of nutritional content does make it Super Bowl connected food.  Hm, is the national obesity problem caused by professional sports--we eat, we watch, we eat.

Strategic Victroy Watch -- War #8?

Iran is pushing.  The rest of the world is pushing back, kinda, sorta.  Will it be nuke time in the Middle East?  I'm sure the Jesus Jockeys are all atwitter with delight!   Yes Jesus loves war.  Boom, boom and it's all our doom as we usher in the end of days.  It might be worth it if it would rid he world of theists.

Will the rhetoric heat up to a point where it gets violent?  If Iran strikes first what will happen?  What if it's Israel that hits first.  Of course Willard and the 68 year old Pillsbury doughboy would nuke 'em now (per their rhetoric).  Obama is not that far from them, everything's on the table.

Iranian leader warns U.S., Israel against strikes

Barack is so George

Hey, it's fix problems time in Obamaland.  Yes, indeed, Barry has finished reading George's "Presinency for Dummies."  Chapter 5, "Screwups."  At times employees make mistakes.  Sometimes they make the same mistake over an over again. Sometimes the mistakes really affect people's lives.  What does an administration do?  That's easy, read Ch. 5.  You fix the problems by ferreting out the employees who told the press about the mistakes and make their lives a living hell.  Who cares about the mistakes, it's government.  If no one knows there's a problem, there's no problem.  Go team Obama, go.  Everything is coming up Dubya!

Army probes crime lab workers after critical news reports

Can I have a little shock and awe to expose Iranian WMDs?

Ooops, it got better

The economy is recovering.  It might even be picking up a bit of steam.  The Obama team should get credit (ups and downs belong to the incumbent).  Damn, the only folks who will not give Obama any credit are professional Republicans, like Willard.  Hey, if prosperity returns, why do we need a Willard?  If the good times were rolling would he even be a candidate?  Does this nation need a vulture in the White House?

If U.S. economy strengthens, Mitt Romney’s pitch could be undercut

It's getting strange out there in cultureland

What happens when a theist uses the Internet?  Well, he or she converts it and then assures us it has a soul (Christian?).  Welcome to the continuing sage of man's fantasy about his/her condition.

Rethinking the soul as the ’Net becomes more lifelike

When did the dinosaurs rule?  Whatever happened to them?  No soul?  Now about that first slime mold....

Uh, Arab Spring, in Winter, In Moscow?

I don't know what you call it, but the peasants are getting rowdy.  Will Tsar Putin break them all on the wheel or re-open the Gulag?

Russians in thousands give Putin the cold shoulder

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #1

Have you ever noticed that our flag waving, "USA" chanting dolts never give a thought to all the people who have died in Afghanistan or Iraq?  We've dealt with the ones responsible for 9/11, but we keep killing machine running.  If you lived in Afghanistan, how would feel about good old number one?

Afghan civilian deaths hit record high in 2011, U.N. report says

Trogs Take Virginia

Welcome to the 19th Century!  It's 2012 in Virginia, the legislature is in session.  Okay, everybody get out your Bible and staple it to your shoulder, now you're in the Old Dominion.

Republicans in Virginia push conservative agenda, with bills on guns, gays
Have you ever noticed that our flag waving, "USA" chanting dolts never give a thought to all the people who have died in Afghanistan or Iraq?  We've dealt with the ones responsible for 9/11, but we keep the killing machine running.  If you lived in Afghanistan, how would feel about good old number one?

Afghan civilian deaths hit record high in 2011, U.N. report says

More Arab Winter

And in Syria---

At least 200 reported killed in Syrian city of Homs

Gee, It's Nevada Caucus Day

Who cares?  Willard will win--he'll get the Mormon vote (yes Mormons vote on religious lines just like all the other believers in imaginary stuff).   Paul will place second and who cares about Newt or the guy with santorum all over himslef?

Does Nevada Matter?

Friday, February 3, 2012


Should charities receive any tax dollars at all? Federal dollars of course, I leave state government contributions to the states.  Is it right for an organization, in addition to receiving a tax expenditure, non-profit status, to be given any federal money of any kind?

I'm inclined to cut off all charities from the the federal teat.  If the the target of their work is of that great a concern, then the federal government should deal with it.  If the federal government does not, then it's in the hands of the people who reach into their wallets and give.  Good works is DIY.  Public works belongs to government.  We tend to make things worse when get our work hands crossed.  


Southern Heritage--Old Dominion Branch

Now exactly what are the crackers so damn proud of in their recent and not so recent history?  I remember being amazed at the miscegination laws and that it took a Supreme Court decision to rid us of them.  Hmm, the good old days, the GOP, and where they would take us today.  Think about it as you read this piece--

HBO documentary examines Lovings' struggle

Gee, they've changed their minds again

The Komen foundation now says they will continue to give grants to Planned Parenthood.  They have reviewed their policy and changed it.  Gee, they created a new policy, then put it in place, used it to stick it to Planned Parenthood.  They felt good, but were not quite ready for the reaction.  The nation did react. SGK saw the reaction, and have conventionality found a new policy and will continue to fund PP.   Screw them.  

I hope Planned Parenthood declines to accept any more funds from SGK.  SGK showed it's true colors and its desire to be an evangefundie anti-abortion pure front group.  I bet they are even envious of the money PP received.  For me it will forever remain "Screw SGK."  I will never give them a dime ever again.  

Komen Foundation Now Says It Will Continue Grants To Planned Parenthood

End of Days Fans, Your Wish May be Granted

Better go shopping, war may be at hand.

U.S. officials concerned by Israel statements on Iran threat, possible strike

It's Good to Piss Off Trogs

Employers added 243,000 jobs in January, pushing unemployment rate down to 8.3 percent

Will there be an IPO?

Adeleson, Inc., a.k.a. Newt Gingrich, may sell shares in its product on the open market.  Minimum purchase is one share for $1,000,000.  More money is on the way. The firm may change it's name to "Quid & Quo."

Top Gingrich PAC donor, Adelson, might give millions more

Good News for Gun Nuts

Virginia is getting back into the gun-running business.  The one a month rule must have dented the amateur arm's merchant trade to much for too long.  As Delegates and Senators collect their quid they will deliver the quo and restore the Old Dominion's place in ignominy.

   Virginia expected to lift one-per-month limit on handgun purchases

Bets on Nevada?

Bye the polls, bet on Willard, he has a 99% chance of winning.

Better Rule

Gee the Senate wants to get rid of Congressional insider trading.  That's a good idea.  However, an even better one that would minimize any kind of bad behavior is to limit Senators to one term.  We do not need to reelect any of them ever.  It's downhill from the day anyone decides to be reelected, at that point it becomes jobs #1, #2, and #3.

The Senate bill does go beyond stocks, bets on it ever becoming law?

Minor Senate bill transformed into broad reform package

It's 100% Pure Grade A Bullshit

Cutting funds because an agency is "under investigation" by Congress?  Come on, one elected asshole can and has placed Planned Parenthood under inquiry and could do so for any charity, organization, or person.  That is a standard of convenience to appear they are being responsible and are not caving in to the anti-abortion Trogs.   SGK's folks are talking out of their collective asses.  No ribbons, no races, no money, they've become one more evangefundie Trog based charity.  Support Planned Parenthood or any other charity of your choice--have you explored Charity Navigator?

Komen gives new contradictory explanation for cutting funds to Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood

Myths about Planned Parenthood

 The Susan G. Koman Foudation politicized women's health all to make the Jesus jockeys happy.  Do not support them ever again. Have you donated to Planned Parenthood?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Bitch Might Be Back

It all depends upon the voters.   Oh, I'm sorry I should not have said the "bitch might be back."  I should have said the batshit eating, crazy, evangefundie, female Trog may return to Congress.  My apologies.  Yes, Ms. Bachmann, a.k.a., Crazy Lady, will run for reelection.

Bachmann Will seek re-election to Congress

Bless my Gobbler's Knob

Oh, well, Winter has been so mild, what's another six weeks of this?  Or does Punxsutawney Phil mean the next six weeks are going to morph into a new ice age?  God-dammed rodents!

Punxsutawney Phil shadow means 6 more weeks of winter

When you step in it

Man, shit between the toes really sticks.  You can never get rid of that kind of toe jam.

Bloomberg offers $250,000 to Planned Parenthood to make up funds shortfall


When a charity screws up, funds should dry up.  Over the years I have withdrawn support to a number of them.  In each case they lied or broke the law.  It does not matter to me if they correct their errors or not.  There are new charities that do the job without screwing up.  Here a a few examples.

At one time I gave money to the Shriner's for their Shrine Hospitals.  They implied the money would go their hospitals.  It did not. It went to parties instead.  No more Shriner's.  If you want a source on that, go rummage through The Washington Monthly archives.

I gave money to the Nature Conservancy.  The execs took excessive salaries, gave themselves low to no interest loans and gave land to Texas oil guys.  The Washington Post documented these illegalities.

The Salvation Army and I had a long history.  I don't agree one bit with their religious claptrap, but I did respect them for the work they did. They supposedly did it all with donations.  They stressed that.  To me the Army walked their talk.  Then Bush was elected and we had that faith based initiatives crap.  That's when I found out the Army had been on the federal dole like every other major charity for years.  The worst part was they tried to prevent anyone from learning about their federal funding.   My contributions went to zero forever.

Now the Susan B. Koman charity has joined the list of unworthy charities.   Cutting funding was wrong.  There is no recovery.

I have added Planned Parenthood to my list of charities.  How about it? Will you do the same?

Gee it's prayer breakfast time again

Today pols can go out and about with a Bible on their shoulders and pray with pride that they have faith.  They can try to out faith each other.   Of course the world never changes.  Lyndon Johnson did more for the poor and hungry than have than all those praying for points idiots have in their entire lives.  LBJ enacted the Great Society programs.  Less talk and more walk please.  I wish they'd keep their faith to themselves and let us discover their beliefs through their actions.  Gee if we assess their actions, I figure not a damn one of them is really a Christian.

At prayer breakfast, Obama says Christian faith guides his policies

Romey's Backers

Willard does not give a rat's about the poor--they have safety nets and besides they don't vote.  Oh, they don't have any money either.  Willard doesn't worry about the rich, they have money and have bought his candidacy (and his presidency if he wins).  Well, he sold himself to them for future services to be rendered.  The rich will vote for their whore.  However, the one thing he needs more than money is votes, lots of votes.  Hence, he has discovered and is "concerned" about the middle class.  You can  bet your ballot box he's concerned about them, right now the other guy has their votes.  Pander Mitt, pander. Is Mitt "The Little Panderer Who Could?"

Mitt Romney relying heavily on small group of super-rich donors

Poor? What Me Worry? The Votes Are In The Middle Class.

NO Primaries but--

We have a couple of caucuses this weekend--

February 4, 2012Nevada (caucus)
February 4–11, 2012Maine (caucus)

It look like Romney will take Nevada and Maine--February GOP Caucuses and Primaries

Good Show!

Screw the Susan B. Koman charity.  They sucked at the anti-abortion evangefundie teat and cut off women's health services when they cut off funding to Planned Parenthood.  People responded to the their moron move.  Planned Parenthood contributions have increased beyond what they otherwise would have received from Koman.  Now it's time to deal with Koman.

Do not support any part or event of the Koman charity ever again.  If you give, give to groups like Planned Parenthoiod.  The folks at Koman have shown their true identities--politicized Trogs.   Let them survive on anti-abortion donations only.  Do not give them a dime.  No more ribbons.  No more races.  Basically it's fuck them and their evangefundie cronies.

Planned Parenthood says Komen decision causes donation spike

Government Regulation

The Trogs in Virginia will add more government regulation.  The Trogs will put government into your private life, your bedroom if you will.   The Trogs will do their best to achieve what Willard Romney wants, a Theocracy ( there will be a battle--Christian vs. Mormon).   They really do want to return to the 17th Century--Virginia was an Anglican/Episcopal run place back then.

Virginia Senate passes bill requiring women to undergo ultrasound before abortion


It seems like the guy has been announcing mortgage help of one kind or another for three years.  Obama has been pure Obama on this one--all talk and no walk.  Come on do you really think he would do any harm to large donors in the banking and investment sectors?  As he pursued job #1, home owners have treaded water or drowned.  Bets on this election year "vote for me" proposal?

Obama announces new housing refinance plan

War will be a campaign issue after all

ObamaCo sensing an opporutnity to use the Afghan war as one more "vote for me" tool has had one of his shills tell us "we're going to end it early!  Of of course you'll have to reelect my boss to make it so."

Obama knows Willard loves war more than he does, so Willard will champion more war.  Looks like war and peace will be a topic for voters.  Naturally we don't care one way or the other--it's been over 10 years folks.

Panetta: U.S., NATO will seek to end Afghan combat mission next year

Funny how guys and their kids (Willard has five of them) who've never bothered to serve in the Army are so willing to have others die.  Needless to say Willard does want more death--

Romney criticizes U.S. decision to end Afghan combat next year

Here's a question for you.  Imagine you are in a life and death combat type situation, who of all the candidates, including Obama would you follow?  Obama?  Willard?  Gingrich? Paul?  Perry?  Remember, if the person screws up, you're dead.  Any of them?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Uncle Cranky is Full of It

As long as Ron can point to the Constitution he makes more sense than not.  However, when he gets one step away from it, you have ample evidence that he's an old fart from Texas who really did know exactly what was in those newsletters.

He must be suffering from Ronheimers on the good old days and health care.  Of course life could have been so wretched in Texas, it didn't matter if you had money or not.  At least we do have national data to talk about national problems and not rely on one old sourpuss's very local memory.  Medicare and Medicaid were created for very good reasons.  No one really wants to go back to the good old days--they weren't that good for a whole of folks.

Ron Paul’s claims about life without Medicare and Medicaid

Should we?

Apple Boycott Urged Over Foxconn Investigation

Junk Shot Update

If I say Representative Weiner, what do think of?  Yeah you a closeup of his undies.  Remember when he was denying sending the junk shots?  Now we learn he even really did hire a P.I. to see who was sending those candid twitter pics.  Of course he later fessed up be the object of the pics, the taker of the pics and the sender of the pics.  That's bad enough, but to hire a P.I. and use campaign cash to boot is pathetic.

Report: Weiner Paid Private Investigators To Look Into Twitter Crotch Shot ‘Hack’

Willard is Nucking Futs

Mitt Romney: 'I'm Not Concerned About The Very Poor'

Oops, with consequences

Uh, if you are on the pill and it's sold under the Akrimax Pharmaceuticals brand, well, can I interest you in a supply of morning after pills instead?

Pfizer recalls 1M birth control packs after mixup

Blowhard Newt

In case you have not noticed, Newt is full of himself.  He's so wrapped up in his phlegm bag of self that he just rants.  He can't distinguish fact from fiction.  By chance, he blows true about 20% of time, otherwise he just blows.  What does it take to admire and back this creep?

Newt Gingrich's file

For Virginians

In case you missed it, PolitiFact has a Virginia branch--

PolitiFact Virginia

Strategic Victories Watch -- #1 & #3

The current bad guys (Taliban) we shoot at in Afghanistan think they will return to power as soon as USNato leaves the Rubble pile.  Of course they assume that our non-ally, ally, Pakistan will provide an assist.  Pakistan will thus assure that India does not obtain an ally on Pakistan's western border.  Let's leave the place and let them sort it out.  Oh, make one proviso, if anyone harbors terrorists who blow up something in the USA, then we won't invade, we'll  just bomb their country back to a pre-stone age existence (provided it's not a white, god-fearing, Christian nation, of course).  Keep it simple, bigoted and less expensive.

NATO report: Pakistan spy service still aiding Taliban in Afghan war

Who's got the cash?

Naming names behind slew of super PAC ads


I imagine a near future where the GOP has consumed all its energy, cash, and people in an orgy of narcissistic primary blood-letting self evisceration.  The GOP shatters into new parties of personality.  Willard gets one, then Newt, Paul and Santorum too.  At the implosion continues into the Summer, more and more people well know for their well knowness announce that they are the true Trog and enter the race.  The Dems watch and consolidate their party.    AFter the election, the GOP dries up and no longer fills even a thimble.  The personalities return to talk radio, but lose audience share, then sponsors and finally disappear from the American stage.  Oh,  Obama wins in a landslide and we return to normalcy.

It's a fantasy, but--

After Newt and Mitt cut each other up, can GOP recover?

Here's a Suggestion

If you donate to the "Susan G. Komen for the Cure" and are not a rapid, drooling anti-abortion Trog, then quit giving them any money. Instead, give what you would have given them, to Planned Parenthood instead.  

Why Komen defunded Planned Parenthood

Do The Math

How much did Bush add to the debt?  How much will Obama add?

Compare the red ink!

Willard Didn't Lose His MIttens

No, he won Florida, now he'll be off to the Nevada caucus where the rich old Jewish casino guy who owns Gingrich keeps his billions.  Will Willard be able to compete with Adelson if Adelson decides to put many, many  million more behind Newt?  Did you catch Newt's speech after his loss about opening the embassy in Jerusalem on day one?  How do you spell bought and paid for?  Try w-h-o-r-e.   Newt is an arrogant, grandiose, bombastic, pandering pile of stale goose poop.

Willard can now fight on and destroy Newt.  Of course as he does so, he arms Obama with evidence that Willard has no core and no character despite being the Mormon White Horse ( I'm baffled how folks can believe crap like that, but then god it a pretty big stretch too).

Here's hoping the GOP continues to entertain us with a highly negative mud slinging festival of SuperPac delights.

Florida primary: Mitt Romney wins decisive victory

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #6

Bombs away and kill certified bad guys in Yemen.  Makes you proud doesn't it?

US airstrikes kill 4 al-Qaida militants in Yemen

I wonder it the bad guys were on the Army's okay to kill list or the CIA's? It's nice that our leaders provide murder lists. Without them, if the Army or CIA killed anyone, it would be murder.  With the list,  it's just a way to provide others with a righteous experience of no tomorrow.

Want to Piss off a Republican, II

Uh, have them read this, ask them to blame it on Obama--  THIS

Don't Pack Your War Drums

The Democrats and Republicans have rattled their sabers over Iran.  Iran, noticed.  Now we're surprized that they are rattling their scimitars in response.  I realize war is profitable, but this one could be very costly in so many ways.

You are warned, the bellicose bellowing has begun.  You are expected to accept whatever ObamaCo says.  Any questioning may lead to your indeterminate detention (you'd be classified as a terror-symp).   You are still expected to shop.  You will wave flags.  You will let the other guy volunteer and call him a hero.  You will not mention war debt.  Oh, I forgot you are supposed to be afraid.  The Iranians want to kill us for our freedom.

Is there anything else I omitted from the Bush playbook?  It's Obama's too.  If I missed something Obama will wheel it out soon.  Look neither party likes peace.  So far, the only peace guy is cranky old Ron Paul.  Want war, then vote for a Torg or a Jackass.

Iran, perceiving threat from West, willing to attack on U.S. soil, U.S. intelligence report finds

Want to piss off a Republican?

Here's how, have him or her read this:


We're getting back to normal despite the GOP's best efforts to wreck the economy and wage unfunded wars.  Each improvement, each increment, contributes to Obama's reelection.  Bets on who will try to wreck it between now and Nov.?


Colbert's Super Pac has raided a million.  That's neat, but paltry compared to the other Super Pacs.  One guy has given Newt $10 million.  Now, what should Colbert, et. al., do with the cash and continue to mock the money in our politics?

Stephen Colbert super PAC raises $1 million. How does that compare?

How's Gov. Bob Doing, Promisewise?

Poilitfact has a Bobometer.  Bob is batting about .130, what'd you expect?

Tracking the promises of Gov. Bob McDonnell

This is not good

If colleges are in the education business and part of that business is providing a common core of knowledge for all of its graduates, then Virginia colleges are not doing all that well.  However they do excel in one area, excessive administrative spending.  The aces in Richmond (public schools) have managed to administer a system where colleges spend more on admin then education.

State colleges, I don't give a rat's about private ones, should have a solid common core, they used to be called distributive requirements, and be as efficient as Medicare or Social Security with respect to administrative costs.  Colleges should not spend more than 5% on admin costs.  Any more than that is excessive and suggests a college industry complex hard at work screwing the taxpayer abetted by the Gov., Delegates, Senators, and college administrators.

Study faults costs, courses at the state's colleges

Good Headline

It makes one hope.  I hope they have done irreperable, enduring, irrecoverable harm to the their party.  We'd live in a better world without the GOP which Reagan and Gingrich foisted on the nation.

After Newt and Mitt cut each other up, can GOP recover?

Place your bets

What do you bet all we'll get is a lot of profound gas passing and in the end, after the election, Congress will be just as sleazy as it is today with respect to insider trading.

  Senate begins debating insider-trading bill

It's Junkie Day (again)

Wow, wall to wall coverage on TV today.  Yes, the much anticipated Florida primary is here!  For me, the primaries are what I imagine sports playoff games must be like to others.   I have yet to understand sports and fans.  At any rate, the question of the day is will Willard knock out Newt?  The Polls suggest that Newt will be kicked in the nuts (that's a pleasant image).  Who will Floridians select--

Romney and Gingrich policy ideas mirror their personalities: Pragmatic vs. epic

Willard and Religion

Willard is Mormon. He'd like everyone to say that in the same way as folks do when they say "he's a Baptist." Baptists are a flavor in Christianity. The Baptist's ideas, their theology, resembles other Protestant flavors. The contents of their faith does not bother other Christians (well, not overly excessively) and vice versa.

Protestants pretty much accept Catholics these days, so "he's a Catholic" is about as exciting as "he's a Lutheran." However, this is fairly recent.  I do remember Southern, I'll be polite and just call it rampant non-hospitality towards Catholics.  As Catholics have become more an acceptable flavor than not, what about the Jews?  Oh, the Jews, well, they are tolerated since Israel is needed to fulfill prophecy.  Christians tolerate Jews since they know, that in the end, God's first act will be to kill them all.  Religion is so much fun.

Now take a moment and think about the other guy's theology, creed and articles of faithiness, go ahead and ponder on particulars.  How anyone could believe that?   Got some oddities in mind about Presbyterians? Good, now you can take a peek at Willard's world--

Mormon circles as the “White Horse Prophecy” — a belief ingrained in Mormon culture and passed down through generations by church leaders that the day would come when the U.S. Constitution would “hang like a thread as fine as a silk fiber” and the Mormon priesthood would save it.

The seeds of Romney’s unique brand of conservatism, often regarded with intense suspicion by most non-Mormon conservatives, were sown in the secretive, acquisitive, patriarchal, authoritarian religious empire run by “quorums” of men under an umbrella consortium called the General Authorities. A creed unlike any other in the United States, from its inception Mormonism encouraged material prosperity and abundance as a measure of holy worth, and its strict system of tithing 10 percent of individual wealth has made the church one of the world’s richest institutions.

It's time to read a bit about Willard's faithiness, remember if you are a believer, then he's no crazier than you.  The flocks of faithful scare the crap out of me.  It took me a long time to get over the concept of Limbo and then there's Abraham...

Romney and the White Horse Prophecy  

Almost forgot, everyone else's fantasy focus is not acceptable in the good old USA, we're tolerant as long as it involves Moses and Jesus. Beyond that, well,  how do you feel about Sharia, Gods, and youyr ancestors?

Monday, January 30, 2012

Roman Jesus Jockeys

I don't know about you, but I am so tired of the Jesus folks.  I'm supposed to be silent and respect their beliefs?  Bullshit.  They need to be silent and stay in their pews.  Otherwise, if they wish to get all political  we should bag their tax protections.

Catholic churches evangelize against Obama en masse

Ain't This the Truth

Here's a Question

Is the nation ready for a Mormon president?  Maybe, but the better question is, are the Mormons and their  church ready for the 21st century?  Here's an opinion piece about the Mormon Church.  From my experience, it's reasonable and on target.  Oh, Mormons are no weirder than any other group of true believers of any flavor.  Heavy duty belief warps a person, body, mind and soul.

A Mormon church in need of reform

Good Reference Book

The CIA World Factbook is available in print and on-line.  Not familiar with it?  Then here's some info and links to look or buy:

CIA’s World Factbook: Global intelligence for every thinker, traveler, soldier, spy

Good News for Obama

Once again the economy is getting better.  Slowly.  A bit at a time.  However, unless something screws it up, the improvements will be cumulative.  If unemployment drops below 8% Obama will win reelection unless something screws it up.  What is that something, that screw up?  Oh, it's the Trogs, the GOP.  This Fall you can vote for a future or vote for a past.  Remember if you vote for a past, it may wind up being 1850 or 1650.

Incomes up strong 0.5 pct., consumer spending flat

Books Of Interest

Here are a couple of titles you might want find of interest--

"The Operator" by Michael Hastings

"The Swing Voter" by Linda Killian"

.320 Average

If politics was baseball and promises were base hits, then Obama would be batting .320.  However, politics is not baseball or reality TV, despite the current GOP clown show's attempt to make it so.  It's serious.  It affects how all of us live today and tomorrow.

Pols, make promises, they're a kind of a bribe.  Sometimes pols are too desperate and are too eager and too glib, as they tell voters "vote for me, I will do XY & Z!"  Obama made a lot of promises, he got a lot of votes.  How's he doing, do you feel well bribed?  Well, he's come thorough on one third of his bribes.  That means, on two-thirds, voters are left holding the bag.  When Obama hits the campaign trail this year and makes more promises, will you laugh, jeer or sigh?

The Obameter: Tracking Obama's Campaign Promises

To be fair, well, actually, it's not fair, it's just to show you that the GOP is a large dung heap that looks like an elephant, here's the GOP meter.  Oh, they're batting .160.

GOP Pledge-O-Meter: Tracking the promises of the GOP Leadership in Congress

Occupy Oakland

The OWS folks, Oakland Branch, have been doing whatever they are doing.  The press has had more important matters to report--Newt's need for an open marriage.  It kind of makes you wonder if all the good folks in media land are either in the 1%, ache to be members, or just fear losing their cushy jobs.  At any rate, OWS gets coverage, instead of the moronic Trog off in Florida because of arrests!

Occupy Oakland arrests reach 400; City Hall vandalized

What I don't get is why public property is their target. Shouldn't they explicitly target the homes and businesses of the 1% instead?

And in the Florida Trog-off

Willard's lead has increased.  Folks in Florida prefer rich batshit crazy Trogs to those plain cloth coat nutzoid twits.

Romney has big lead in new poll

Okay Obama Fans, Take Note

Look the guy's name is George Obama.  He has not ended anything which Bush began. If anything, he's added more  and extended our ever rightward drift.  Why?  The simplest explanation is money.  It costs a lot to buy the ads that buy the votes that buys the White House.  Obama, Bushes, Clinton, are all cut from the same cloth.  Oh, Obama is worried about FDA scientists who might have told the truth to Congress contrary to the financial interests of medical device donors.  Sound familiar?

FDA staffers sue agency over surveillance of personal e-mail

Obama is the cause of polarizaton?

Folks seem to point to Obama and say, "see what he's done to us!"  Of course the speaker is usually a Republican.  The listener, a Democrat, will profoundly disagree and contend that Obama's predecessor caused all the vileness in our land.  Listening to them, I tell you, our presidents must be a bunch of alienating, radical, agitators hell bent on establishing a Martian style socialistic monarchy.  I didn't realize presidents were so petty and vindictive.

Oh, my, I'm having an historical brain fart.  Not too many years ago, the same conversation occurred.  Then it was a  Democrat who pointed at Bush and said, "see what he's done to us."  Gee, maybe our presidents (and all our pols) are just run of the mill, ordinary people save that they are massively narcissistic.   Then who has caused the polarization we see across the land?  Uh, look in the mirror.

Obama: The most polarizing president. Ever.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

More Legacy

I bet all those Sons of Iraq wish they'd never taken a dime from our generals (remember the surge).  It's typical.  Co-opt with cash, make some promises, then leave them high and dry when we leave.  This is not the first time and it won't be the last.  Makes you proud, right?

Makes us voters pretty damn stupid.  We voted for the Shrub and pols of his ilk.  We allowed the damn war to persist.   Ready for Iran?  Then vote for Obama or any of the Republicans.  The only non-war candidate is Ron Paul and he's nuts on everything else.

We have elected and created the world we desire. War is death and destruction. There is nothing to admire in war. There is nothing noble about soldiers, they kill on command. War is profitable, now why do you think we go to war?  

Former ‘Sons of Iraq’ targeted by insurgents after U.S. pullout

What's More Important?

Should Tweetheads fight for free speech by bagging their Twitter accounts or should they show they are really concerned by Tweeting their  disagreement?   I'll put my money on Twitter's continued growth.

#TwitterBlackout: Tweeters protest nation-specific blocks

Symptom of us

As a nation we're all on the dole.  When closing a base is seen as a disaster, then maybe it's time to listen to a bit of libertarianism.  It's going to become a giant case of NCIMBY--no cuts in my backyard!

Pentagon call for U.S. base closures a political move, lawmakers say

If Nixon Fans Don't Like It, Then I'm For It

Was Nixon gay?

Willard in Florida

What's the difference between the sewer and the gutter?  Oh, about 11 points in the polls.  Can anyone in the GOP make it to the sidewalk?  Nah, they're have to stay close to home.

2012 Florida Republican Presidential Primary

Don't Do As I Did, Do As I Command

Who: Oh, the 68 year Pillsbury dough ball known as Newt.  What:  How to pay for college.  His orders:   he says go get a job. His experience:  He didn't, he begged for money and had his wife put him through school.  I guess it's another big idea from the world's biggest gasbag.  Why does anyone listen to this douchebag?

Gingrich: No role model for students?