Saturday, February 11, 2012


Still Obama Knows What He's Doing

The guy is not a political chess master.  This latest mess over contraception shows it.  There was no big game plan, just a guy getting it wrong once again.

White House didn't foresee birth control backlash

Don't forget about Maine

Tonight the Maine caucus results will be reported.  Here's one to think about.  Willard has gone 0 for 3 since Florida.  What if Paul, yes Paul wins Maine?  It might happen, Willard 0for 4?

In Maine, Paul vies to extend Romney losing streak

Now add this little gem in, what if Willard comes in last in the CPAC straw poll?  The poll is at 4:15 or so this afternoon.

At CPAC, candidates decry President Obama's 'war on religion'

What if Santorum wins the nomination?  Stranger things have happened.

Blame it on the mucus

Let's see, how can we end the Syrian mess?  Oh, I've got it.  If al Qaeda is behind all the explosions that have brought out Assads's forces, then it's not Arab Spring in Winter or a civil war, it's just a legitimate government trying to suppress terrorists in their midst.  It's a bit late, but history is re-written every day so why not.  Besides, if Assad is cast as the good sovereign, then our arms merchants will be able to sell Syria a ton of ordinance to fight international Islamic jihadi terrorists.

U.S. officials: Al Qaida behind Syria bombings

War fans take note

With the end, kind of, sorta, of the Iraq fiasco, where will you get your bellicose patriotic fix?  Afghanistan doesn't have the jolt it once did.  Don't despair, we're getting closer and closer to invading another of those weasels who comprised the Axis of Evil.  Yes, Iran is getting closer to shock and awe time.  Let's see how our warriors in the White House and Congress react--

Ahmadinejad tells Tehran rally Iran will soon announce ‘big’ new nuclear achievements

Does the world make sense these days?

Do we seem hellbent on more than proving our point?  That is, each major group has a corner on truth and won't be satisfied until the heretics who don't share the correct understanding are burned at the stake.  Hmm, are we in the fourth inquisition?  Has the inquisitorial mantle passed from sacred halls to secular chambers?  There are numerous similarities.  Find out more by reading "God's Jury"

Academics might take a peel at Amazon

How many of us read academic journals?   Not many, I bet.  However, there's turmoil in the journal publishing biz.  It's not really a biz, it's more of a racket than much else, a very profitable one at that.  Come on paying to be published, it's so vain.

The price of information

Is there a feeling of 1660 in the air?

You bet, it's CPAC time.  That's when the craziest of the crazy gather to confirm who really is the most professionally batshit crazy.  Yes, they have standards.  And it's an election year too!  It brings out the looniest of the tunes.  The GOP presidential wannabes gathered at the conclave, spoke, drooled, and tried to win over the activist Trogs.  Who will receive the Charles II award this year?  Who cares?

At CPAC, Santorum, Gingrich and Romney try to win over conservative whackjobs

Who Put the Trog in the GOP?

Today's GOOPERs voluntarly eat batshit to keep their crazy on.  Before Goldwater, they were just a bunch of folks who kind of hankered for an aristocratic democratic republic.  Now, well, they are total reactionaries hellbent on restoring the 1650's.  How did the GOP do so much damage to themselves?

Rule and Ruin

Friday, February 10, 2012

Oops, he talked, tried to walk

Oops, add a bit of religious liberty concerns, free birth control, women's rights, an election year, mix them all up and you can come up with a policy that pisses off everybody.  I have to give Obama the "Duh" award of the day.  He's backed up, talked a bit more--he didn't mean what he said earlier this week.  Of course some folks will remember what he originally intended and remain a bit pissed regardless of how he changes the insurance requirement.

White House compromise still guarantees contraceptive coverage for women

Gun Obsessed Take Note

Your 2nd Amendment rights to obey the NRA will continue to abrogated in Virginia airports!

Legislature shelves bill allowing guns in airports

75% of Virginians are bonkers

Over 75% of the states residents think passing drug free urine should occur before the welfare crowd gets a single tax dollar.  Of course 75% of Virginians won't pay for the program  via a special drug piss testing tax. I made that last one up.  Myself I'm more concerned about the people who set our taxes, appropriate the taxes, and spend the taxes than I am welfare recipients.

If we are going to test the welfare crowd, then I think it is reasonable to have all Delegates and Senators drug tested every day of the legislative session.  The thought of drug crazed legislator voting on tax matters is frightening.  Of course, the person in charge of spending the money, the Governor, should be drug tested every day.  Drugs might lead him to illegally spend tax dollars.  Let's save the Governor and preserve the righteousness of the Legislature by having them take a leak a day in official Old Dominion BCI-DES drug cups (they have the State Seal on them too).

Voters back drug testing of welfare recipients, poll says

From the foxes perspective, y'all are barbarians

Fox penning does live up to the colonial heritage of Virginia.  It was a tad barbaric back in the 17th and 18th centuries.  The place was quite violent, especially when it came to animal cruelty.  Biting the heads off live birds was a manly rite of passage for boys back then (especially so if you were a member of the ruling class).  I guess Virginians don't care about any animals except dogs.   Dog fights are wrong, but training dogs to hunt and kill foxes is okay?  It makes no sense.

Senate panel backs one-year study on fox penning

Where oh where will we send those to be tortured?

We can't send them to Syria right now.  Our former torturers are busy killing off their friends and neighbors.  I'm not worried.  I'm sure the CIA and DOD can find places that live up to our national interrogation standards.  Gee, is that why Myanmar is getting back in our good graces?

Syria is missing out.  Civil wars are pesky little things--

Blasts hit security headquarters in Syrian city that has stood by Assad; state TV says 25 dead

It's Time for PEEPS!

Are you ready for some Peeps?  It's diorama time again!

Peeps Diorama Contest returns

Did the Bush Administration Ever Really End?

Scicene? We don't need no stinkin' science. Damn, the GOP is in the lead on this case. That's most odd.

The Food and Drug Administration said Thursday that it monitored the personal e-mails of employees who had concerns about unsafe medical devices beginning in April 2010 but said it did so to investigate allegations that the employees had leaked confidential information to the public.

The FDA’s statement came in response to a Washington Post article last month that reported that the FDA intercepted and stored the Gmail communications of a group of agency doctors who raised concerns with Congress about the agency approving cancer-screening and other devices despite the doctors’ determinations that the devices were not safe or effective. 

The next thing we'll here is that ObamaCo creates reality as it is wont.

Be Silent, Be Barefoot, and Be Pregnant

Oh, and make sure you do that in heels.  If that's your feminine ideal, then there is a Republican candidate who will take you back to the good old days.  Funny, if you  are not white, male, and affluent I doubt there ever were any good old days.  I doubt that Santorum will or can "walk" his talk back.

Santorum says ‘other types of emotions’ could preclude women in combat

We're Screwed?

More and more people appear to find their political news on the Internet than in print.  Now, folks mostly use the websites of print, TV, and radio news organizations.  However it won't be long before the primary sources become Facebook and Twitter.  It's odd that so many see media bias.  I wonder if they know who actually ferrets out the facts that we all use to flog our opinions all over the web?  Do the allegations of bias vary inversely with the deterioration in our schools?

Cable Leads the Pack as Campaign News Source

If the handwriting is on the wall....

Why do we still try to prevent gay  marriage?  It makes no sense.  If the next generation already says yes, then it's time for the old farts to agree instead of acting like myopic religious twits.

46% vs. 45% - Growing Public Support for Same-Sex Marriage

The shift in opinion has been driven in no small part by generational change. Millennials (born after 1980) are the most in favor of gay marriage (64% favor), followed by Gen Xers, born between 1965 and 1980 (46%). There is less support among Baby Boomers (37%), born 1946 to 1964, and members of the Silent Generation (32%), born 1928 to 1945.

Checking on Willard

PolitiFact.comFollow us on Twitter

Checking Romney's speeches

With the presidential campaign in full swing, we've launched two features to help you sort out the truth:

* On the Stump is an occasional feature that will focus on one speech by a candidate. We'll fact-check new claims and provide links to ones we've checked before. Our first On the Stump is about Mitt Romney's speech in Nevada last Saturday. We produced four Truth-O-Meter items, including one on Romney's claim that President Obama "told people to skip coming (to Vegas) for conventions and meetings" (Mostly False).

* In Context is a feature that provides the full context for controversial quotes. We've done two so far -- one on Romney's comment that "I'm not concerned about the very poor" and one on his statement that "I like being able to fire people." In an age when those remarks are often reduced to seven-word sound bites, this feature will allow you to see the comments without a filter.

Meanwhile, PolitiFact continues to expand. We've launched our 10th state site, PolitiFact Tennessee, and we have a new partnership with Hearst TV. If you watch any of Hearst's 25 stations, you'll be seeing PolitiFact segments on your local news.

Looking ahead, we'll be checking claims from the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Friday and Monday. And in the next week or two, we'll be celebrating a significant milestone -- our 5,000th Truth-O-Meter article.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

One more positive step

The miliatry needs to quit putting it off.  Women should be allowed to serve in all combat positions.

No explorations are needed.  Women in combat, it's easy to say and implement.  The military farted around with gay service, bollixed it up with DADT, and finally had to be forced to come into the 21st century.

Pentagon rules shift on women in combat

This is so very, very wrong--

The Marine Corps confirmed Thursday that one of its scout sniper teams in Afghanistan posed for a photograph in front of a flag with a logo resembling that of the notorious Nazi SS.

How's No Child Left Behind Doing?

It's doing so well that Obama can give 10 states waivers from the lunatic law and no one will bat an eye.  NCLB is just one more inane Shrub legacy.  Congress should just repeal the damn thing (after assuring states that cash would keep flowing).

Official: 10 states to get education waiver

Don't you just love election pandering?

Okay, one more time

The mortgage mess has yet to be fixed.  Obama has tried one thing or another over three years.  Not much has been accomplished except more houses foreclosed, more under water, etc.  Oh, yeah, this is an election year, so ObamaCo will try again.  Do you think this will work and win him votes and donations?

Officials say $26-billion foreclosure deal will help heal market

Obama and Contraception

If Obama caves to the Catholic Church will you still vote for him?  Is this a real last straw issue?  Will he behave as he usually does--lots of talk, but not even an amble much less a walk?  This is about women's access to contraception, not religious liberty.  If the pill was for guys do you think we'd ever have had this come up as an issue at all?

White House: 'Absolutely firm,' but willing to talk, on birth control

1850 Here We Come

Those antebellum days will return.  First, there's voter ID laws, then--

States line up to challenge stringent Section 5 voting rights provision

Who knows what next year will bring, the plantation economy?

Ron Paul Needs to Visit the White House

Mr. Paul has a simpler, more straight forward approach to military deployment around the globe.  ObamaCo might ask Mr. Paul for some advice.  Now, when was VJ day?

U.S. likely to scale down plans for bases in Japan and Guam

Frothy the Sweater Vest

Santorum has momentum?  I guess he does.  He's on the road, spreading his santorum, raising cash, and hoping the Trogs will actually vote for him instead of Willard or the other guy.  If Frothy is everyman, then it looks like Kansas exported itself to every state in the nation.

Rick Santorum’s strategy of focusing on low-key races paid off

Congressional Ethics?

Come on, did anyone expect that Senate bill to make it to Obama's desk?  This time the Senate was depending on the House to maintain the current standards.

Scaled-back ethics measure moves toward approval in House

Usually it's the other way around, the House relies on the Senate to block legislation for them.  After all they have to run for reelection every two years--it's not what you actually did, but what you tried to do that impresses the voters.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wither Willard?

We'll have to wait until the end of the month for another GOP popularity amongst crazy folk contest.  On the 28th Arizona's and Michigan's troggiest of the the Trogs will tell us if Willard is more toast than not.  Santorums's wins make some wonder it the GOP has finally had enough of the filthy rich, Mormon, plastic, coreless, flip-flopper of a Ken doll or not.  Willard seems to bring out, among other things,  the blahs, depression, ennui, and despondency.  That's not exactly inspiring for future "Get Out The Vote" efforts now is it?  How else can one explain Frothy's wins?  We know the batshit crazy can't stand the guy, but have the indifferent GOOPERS had enough too?  

Mitt’s Third Place In Minnesota: The GOP Base Revolts

Thank the Shrub

The Shrub planned and had a $1 billion embassy built in Baghdad.  It's a monument to his boobosity. Why don't we give it to Iraq?  Let's send everybody home except a small ambassadorial staff and two  Marine guards(they can rent space on the open market) and see it Iraq has any chance for normalcy without our help.  If we keep helping them they have no chance.

U.S. evaluating size of Baghdad embassy, officials say

How worthless are the GOP candidates?

Well to put is simply, even in the Old Dominion, they can't best Obama.

Poll: Obama now edges Romney in Virginia

What would it be like if....

The brouhaha over insurance, contraception, health care reform, and the Catholic hierarchy seems a bit overdone.  I think the Catholic officials are using this issue to do a couple of things.  First, they want to be relevant once again--they lost their churchy mojo when they let Falwell, Robertson, and others of their ilk  dominate the Jesus in politics talk.  The Catholics have been sidelined.  Up until this kerfuffle who really gave a rats about what the pedophiles were thinking.  Pedophilia did set the prelates back a bit.  Don't forget, the good priests so uppity about religious liberty are the same ones who  buried and continue to bury their child abusing ways.  Oh, the other thing they want is for the top collars to find a way to openly become ministers to the GOP, flip off the Dems,  and make Catholics into evangefundie central.

On, here's what I wonder about.  What would it be like, if at the outset, the birth control pill had been for guys instead of gals?  What if guys controlled the ability to impregnate or not, by taking a pill.  Do you think we'd be having a greatly different discussion?

What a mess

When you nurture a rabid pup, keep it alive, and watch it grow you wind up with a mad dog that goes wild and fends for itself.  What can anyone do with Syria?  Not much, it's even got cold war elements creeping in as Russia and China oppose the U.N. taking any action.

US searches for strategy to halt Syria violence

Gadhafi's Revenge?

Where are all the shoulder fired missiles?  15,000 of them are missing.  I think they work quite well as drone downing agents.  Will we see drones dropped in Yemen, Pakistan, Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, and soon in the USA?  What will come after the drones?  Oh, yeah, nanotech DNA targeted missiles.

Gadhafi regime missiles missing

Komen's time is over

The Planned Parenthood fiasco should lead Komen supporters to question much about the charity.  With leadership that created the mess, then it's time to wonder are they a charity or a self enriching busiess with a non-profit tax status.

The injection of abortion politics into the mission of fighting breast cancer has prompted thousands of Komen supporters to reevaluate the nonprofit group that encouraged them to wear pink ribbons, participate in 5K fundraising races and buy products from companies that pledged to donate some of the proceeds to the charity.

Many of them now say they are uncomfortable with the size of the foundation's executive salaries, lawsuits against smaller nonprofit groups, partnerships with companies whose products may increase breast cancer risk and lack of investment in research to prevent and treat the disease.

Komen executive quits as questions persist

No more pink, just green, as in give it to Planned Parenthood.

Bless my exploding cigar

We will never learn from our history.   The CIA's Middle East track record is terrible.  Terrible, if the goal was the expansion of peaceful, democratic, market oriented Arabic nations.  However, if the goal was an increase is vile dictatorships. overthrow of elected governments, increasing hate of the U.S. and lots of long wars, then the CIA has been an outstanding success.  Damn the Iraqis don't have a prayer for a good decent life--

CIA digs in as Americans withdraw from Iraq, Afghanistan

Obama Must Feel Better Today

A new poll shows that 50% of us give him a thumbs up.  However, that's in general, when you get specific as in jobs, taxes and the deficit then less than half will keep their thumbs up.  Surprisingly, 62% of us listened to the SOTU as 57% approved of what the guy said (it was a super pandering speech, it had a program for every voting bloc except left handed midgets suffering from the heartbreak of psoriasis).

What bothers me in the poll is our high approval of keeping Gitmo open and using drones.  79% give a thumbs up to killing Americans with drones.  If liberals really approve this program, I suggest they review what liberalism means.  This is terrorism done by us to meet our objectives.  Through drones we legitimate the tactics and strategy of state based terrorism.   Drones are wrong--legally, morally and ethically.  Too bad so many approve.

Obama will get the liberal vote, not because of his actions, but because of possible actions if someone like Santorum, Gringrich, or Romney was elected.  This is not a vote for the incumbent election, it's a vote against his opponents race.

Poll finds broad support for Obama’s counterterrorism policies

At least we know Obama is all talk and no walk, the fear is the GOP will be no thought and a race to the end of days.

Does this mean the GOP is covered with santorum?

Uck!  Once you get santorum on you, it never quite washes off.  Can you even imagine this dipshit of a prig as the GOP's nominee?   Folks must really despise Willard.  All that money and no one likes him.  Is it really a religious thing or is he inherently repugnant?

Santorum revives campaign with wins in Colorado, Missouri and Minnesota

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The GOP will tank the economy

How can they affect the improvement?  Easy, don't renew the payroll tax cut.  The GOP will do their very best to increase unemployennt and cause economic decline (all to help the unborn taxpayer) so they can beat Obama in November.  Without a bad economy they haven't got a chance.  Think about it.  Then decide will you vote for Democrats or Trogs?

 Why The Payroll Tax Cut Is In Jeopardy

Okay here's the deal

In exchange for a person being able to opt out of Medicare we will set up a real health care system run by the Federal government.  It will not be fee for service like current Medicare, it will be an owned and operated health care system.  Members will pay a $5 copay for all services and that's it--for everything.  It will be government medicine, a.k.a. socialized medicine.  With that in place, anyone can opt out.  However, once a person opts out, it's permanent.  They can never have the benefits restored.  They can never receive treatment from a government facility--even if they have cash.

Appeals court: Seniors can't reject Medicare right

How to piss off Repblicans

Appeals court strikes down Calif.'s gay marriage ban

Planned Parenthood

The woman who caused the SGK screw up has quit Komen.   It wasn't the money, it was the deception and deflection that mattered to me.  They tried to bury their actions within a rule made up to target PP.  If Komen could not just say no more cash to PP then they should have done nothing.  Instead a zealot tried to make Komen appear to be a policy following group instead of pushing the zealots anti-abortion evangefundie driven agenda.

I guess it's apparent, that per Komen, we now know there are two classes of women.  Komen's and PP's.  PP doesn't turn  anyone away. I can't say that about Komen.  I hope if you have donated to Komen in the past that you will think about any future donations.  It's women's health, all women that we should be funding.  I hope you will give to PP instead and let Komen become a tiny little Texas collection of anti-abortion crackpots who like pink.

Komen Official Quits After Feud With Planned Parenthood

The Old Dominion and Justice

Does the State of Virginia seek justice or does it want to make sure the convicted remain convicted (despite evidence to the contrary)?  I have a feeling the State is more concerned with the good folks who screwed up in the first place.  The driving concern is CYA for incompetence.  How bad is it?  I can't say in toto, but Paul Micheal Williams column will give food for thought-

Virginia must let everyone know about wrongful convictions

Now take a couple of minutes and browse the Innocence Project website.

Oh, well, it still half full, I guess

Congress is moving towards fixing the air traffic control mess they made.  It's take years, but the boys and girls in the 112th may have brought air traffic control up to date, circa, 2010 or earlier.  Come on, we elected the schmucks and have rewarded them will reelection, so we can't complain.  GPS will replace radar.  That is a major advance, but.  Yeah there's a but in the bill.

But, we get unmanned drones in U.S. airspace.  Any bets on how long, once implemented it will take for whomever is in the White House to use drones to violate our rights in the name of freedom, liberty, and getting election cash donated?  Bets on the first death?  Live by the drone and now we too will be able to die by the drone.  George Obama sign the bill.

  Congress OKs FAA bill allowing drones in U.S., GPS air traffic control

Thank the Supremes

Actually, all that money going into SuperPacs has made us focus a bit more on the money in politics.  We are forced to think about the Constitution a bit too.  Maybe that's why pols say they don't like them, we look at the cash a bit more that we have in the recent past and we're thinking about the rules a bit more too.  We allowed ourselves to be deceived that all the post Watergate fixes did the job.  Bullshit.

Before the SuperPacs,  pols were just as owned and operated as they will prove to be this Fall.  Oh there is one little change, the middle man--the Party bosses--will not be all that important any more.  Investors will be able to avoid the middle man and buy products right at the factory door.  The centrality of money will be reinforced.  We will ponder.

The saddest part of the money mess is the number of folks who go along with it.  If the other guy does it then everyone else has to also.  Gee, did everyone forget Mom?  She said "just because someone else does it, does not mean you have to. "  I'll be damned, Mom is actually the basis for government regulation, she's right, but we know we are but weak immoral mortals.  We can live up to Mom's admonition but to do so we can remove the temptation entirely.  How's Mr. All Talk, No Walk doing on this front?  Oh, he's another weak immoral mortal too--

Obama gives blessing to a super PAC

Buying the White House

Bain execs spent nearly $5 million on Romney's White House runs

Does this mean Bain will apply vulture capitalism to the USA, make it into one of their investment opportunities, and gut the nation for a tidy profit?

Presidential Pandering

As Obama realizes that his 2008 coalition may not all turn out for him in 2012, he has to secure votes wherever he can.  Today he's gone after a niche vote market.  For a mere $100 million he'll try to buy the College and University Education administrator vote.  Oh, throw in a few student votes too.

This won't do squat for the teacher shortage problem, but it sounds good and may get him some votes.   Maybe he'll get some names added to his Rolodex for his post presidency self enrichment program.  I hear he's aiming to do beat Clinton in this area.

Obama to announce $100 million plan to train new educators

What to eat?

Chocolate may not be all great for you, but you can pig out on nuts.  Drink lots of coffee and butter that bagel.  Well, not quite, but what's good and bad is always an interesting read.  Look, it's really simple to eat a decent diet.  Stay away from processed stuff as much as possible.  Food is not a manufactured item.  Don't eat at fast food parlors at all.  Minimize restaurant outings.  Eat fish and moderate amounts of other meat.  Vegetarian meals are great, but make sure you're using fresh produce.  Moderation and diversity is the key to it a decent diet.  Oh, go easy on the booze too.

Foods that are good—and bad—for your heart

Willard has gotten santorum on him?

Willard thinks Santorum may be a problem as he tries to prove that he, Willard, is the most loved man in the nation.  Willard shouldn't worry.  Willard is his own secret weapon.  Willard's voters will turn out, they're about 25% of possible primary voters.  However his presence drives other voters into mind numbing paralytic boredom.  They don't turn out and 25% becomes a large majority.  Now he fears the Jesusy Trogs might actually show up and vote for Santorum.  Should we expect Santorum's ass to be SuperPac'd?  Will Jesus or a Latter Day Jesus win?  Stay tuned.

Romney tries to beat back possible Santorum surge in trio of states

Oh, once you get santorum on you, it's there forever.  Damn stuff doesn't wash off.  Willard better be careful, even a trace of santorum may lead to the revocation of his temple permit.

Sleaze -- The U.S. Congress

If you still think any politician has an admirable trait or two, you might give this piece a read.  Ordinary folks get elected.  As soon as they decide to get reelected, they morph into total sleazeballs.  Help keep the level of human decency at reasonable levels  by never reelecting anyone.  You will be helping a fellow creature lead a moral life by giving him or her only one term in office.

Congressional earmarks sometimes used to fund projects near lawmakers' properties

Monday, February 6, 2012

Threefers Tomorrow

February 7, 2012Colorado36CaucusCaucus Information from Colorado GOP
Minnesota40CaucusCaucus Information (PDF) from Minnesota GOP
MissouriPrimaryPrimary Information from Missouri Secretary of State
The February 7th "beauty contest" primary will not count for delegates toward the 2012 GOP convention. The Missouri Republican Party will hold a caucus on March 17th which will determine the delegates sent to the 2012 GOP convention – See report from CNN

What are negative ads?

In politics, negative ads seem to be defined by the target of the ads.  The target says it's negative and we are all supposed to go "tut-tut."  We have been fed a lot of bull about negative ads.  Look, negative ads feature an opponent.  Negative ads convey as aspect or fact about  an opponent he'd rather not have aired.  The facts are usually quite true but difficult to explain or admit to.  For example, a Romney negative ad told us that Newt was voted out of the Speakership and was fined $300,000.  Those are facts.  They are called negative by  Newt.  Negative?  Nah, irritating sure, in that the ads may lead potential voters, who have forgotten about those events or had never learned of them, to vote for someone else.   Negative ads work since they may do more for truth in advertising than all those positive ads the pols want us to watch.  I have a feeling a pol can be a lot more truthful about an opponent than he can be about himself.  Did Newt, for example, have his ass handed to him in Iowa because of negative ads or because of his own biography?

Quiz Time: MIddle East Fantasies

Sunni and Shiite Islam: Do you know the difference?

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #1

If you have followed the mess in Afghanistan, have you come to the conclusion that the war has always been in crapper but the commanderator's PR team could not say so?  Well, guess what, you are not alone. Let's face it, "again and again, the gap between observed reality and official rhetoric is wider than the ocean."

  Don't believe US statements on progress in Afghanistan

There is only one solution to the Afghan War, it's the Aiken solution.  Declare victory, come home, have a parade and move on.

Who Will Torture Our Rendered Folks Now?

Maybe we could still have a double secret torture program despite--

U.S. Closing Syrian Embassy

Advertising Products

The products are politicians.  They advertise themselves.  They run negative ads about their opponents (that means telling truths the other guy would like us to forget).  Then we have PACs who place ads.  This year we have SuperPacs that can spend unlimited amounts to advertise products.  The products are advertised like so much meat.  Welcome to the Meat Off, 2012.

Damn there's Secret Money Too!

Pity the poor pol

All any incumbent wants it to be sufficiently loved so that he or she is reelected.  To meet their most singular objective, pols need two things.  First, they need money to advertise themselves.  If they cannot push the product, no one will buy it.  The product is themselves, and the purchase price is one vote.  Votes are the second, and thus the most important necessity.

As voters grumble about budgets, deficits, and debt pols respond with loud cries to cut this and end that.  Have you noticed not much has been accomplished yet?  You see, all that federal spending is really salaries of millions of people.

If pols cut Medicare, they will save tax dollars, but they will lose some donations from the health care industry and more importantly the old farts will not vote any incumbent who shafted their health care.  They will buy a new pig in a poke.  Similarly, Social Security if treated rashly will cost an incumbent lots of votes.

As we turn to Defense, it's just as hard.  All those contracts lead to mega donations.  All the defense industry employees are voters.  See, screwed again.

Defense cuts test lawmakers' resolve on deficits

Oh, there is one group pols can pick in and enhance State's rights.  If they ended Medicaid, we'd save trillions over the years.  The entire program, health care for the poor is given back to the States, no money, just the program.  States could do as they are wont.  That way, the donations/votes dilemma would be shifted to local incumbents.

Nov. 2012 Question

If gasoline hits $4.25 - $5.00 beginning this Summer, will Obama have a chance of being reelected?  When he came into office gas was under $2.  So, what's he done for you?  Will that become a hot political question this Fall?  For that matter, gas prices are fully market driven by the total financial market.  It's not just supply and demand of gasoline.  If gas goes up more due to the machinations of Wall St. types, then why should anyone vote for Willard or any other Republican?  Will gasoline make for a strong third party contest?

Gas prices to spike 60 cents or more by May

It must be a cultural thing

I remember Vietnamese Buddhist monk bonfires back in the 60s.  That made no sense to me then.  I tried to imagine how prelates killing themselves to protest anything would work in the USA.  To me it would have amounted to that many fewer fabricating panhandlers infesting the nation.  The net would have been positive.  I regret ministerial immolation did not catch on.

In Tibet, as in Vietnam, self burning seems to resonate.  It appears that everyday Tibetans, not just clergy, now douse, strike and burn up all in order to tell their Chinese overlords they are a bit upset about things.  It makes no sense to me.  If it doesn't make sense to the Chinese well...

Three more Tibetans immolate themselves in apparent protest

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #1

You've heard the expression, "too many cooks spoil the broth."  It applies to peace too.  There are so many cooks trying to concoct an endgame dish, that all we'll get is a giant serving of spoiled peace gruel.  That means years of more war.

Obama administration’s Afghanistan endgame gets off to bumpy start

Second Term for Obama?

Voters split on second term for Obama, but he has edge on rivals Americans divide evenly on whether President Obama’s performance warrants a second term, as his negative ratings on the economy and jobs continue to tug downward on his popularity. But against GOP front-runner Mitt Romney, the president has key advantages. Read related article.

Willard Makes It Up As He Goes

I guess whatever history he took in college must have been at BYU.  If he did sneak in some real history at Harvard, then he omitted ethics courses at both schools.

Mitt Romney’s misfire on the national anthem

Super Yawn

I didn't watch most of the game.  The last four minutes were almost interesting.  I did watch the half time show.  It was adequate, but it was just not all that good.  The commercials were ho-hum.  In other words another Super Bowl lived up to expectations.

A Super Bowl’s spoiled snacks

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Path to MIddle East Peace

We need a bit more of this--American fried chicken comes to the Palestinian territories.  Commerce, trade, jobs, and oodles of consumer goods will bring about a lasting peace.  Nothing else has worked, so let free markets have a shot.  Oh, don't forget the blues jeans and rock'n roll.

Looks, Down on the Ground, Oozing Along...

What is it?  Oh, it's a he.  It's Speaker Numbnuts--

Gingrich: Austerity Is Wrong For America, We Need Pro-Growth Policies Instead

If this means he's trying to become a liberal, can we box him up and send him back to Georgia?

What's Newt's Favorite Color?

The 68 year old obese doughball has been in and around Washington for far too long.  Red is his favorite color.  Come on if he can't keep a penny-ante campaign in the black, one can only imagine the disaster he'd unleash administering billions, trillions, a printing press and the Fed.

Gingrich campaign paid off some debts, still owes $600,000

The Real Bonzo

The only good part of Reaganworld is the line attributed to him, "trust, but verify."  I wish all the folks who hawk Reagan and "his" policies would read a bit of history.  Oh, here's piece by one of Bonzo's henchmen, he sort of wishes the same.  To be clear, I thought then and still do, that Reagan did a lot of damage to most of the people in this country.  Want to track the demise of the middle class.  Then you have to begin with the Reagan years.

Why the GOP should stop invoking Reaganomics

It's Opinion but give it a read anyway

Komen, go back to your roots

My preference, after they showed they are but an extension of the Trogverse, is for Komen to go away forever. I don't have much charity for charities that stray.  How do you feel about SGK?

Presidential Pandering

Obama to announce Veterans Job Corps

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #1

Hey, I thought we took care of those pesky Taliban back when the Shrub was mucking things up.  Damn, they came back.  I bet the average Afghan is just tickled that we've hung around for over a decade.  We must have guessed the Taliban would return and hung around just in case.  I think the commanders have used a Crazy 8 ball to run this war.

Car bomb kills seven outside police headquarters in Kandahar

Planned Parenthood

Here is a breakdown of Planned Parenthood's Services.

If you are mega bothered by the 3% of abortion services, then obviously, don't support PP.  However if you think that women's biology belongs to them, and them alone, then put your money where your brain and mouth is and send them a donation regularly.  The GOP politicized PP, so don't support the GOP and charities sucking up to the Trogs.  No more games, no more pink, no more races. It's real simple, women own their own bodies, their reproduction, their lives, period.  Sorry guys, they are equal, get used to it.  Oh, I wish all the women out there would get used to it too.

Yawn, Willard Won Nevada

In another exciting round of GOP induced ennui, Willard won Nevada.  Despite a massive 5% turnout of registered GOOPERs, he managed to eke out 11,822 votes.  Damn, he received 47.6%.  Willard is the winner alright.  In 2008, Willard also won, he received 51.1% back then when 22,649 Trogs voted for him.

Only 5% of the 471,000 Nevada's GOOPERs bothered to show up.  This is how voters tell themselves to bend over and perform an anatomically impossible act upon themselves.  3% of voters determined their parties nominee as far as Nevada is concerned.  Now that's some kind of majority rule.

Mitt Romney wins in Nevada caucuses

Egypt, The Seasons are Over

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter have come and gone for Egypt.  The Arabs are revolting their way into a military run theocracy modeled along Iranian lines.  Ooops, Sunnis behaving like Shia, that's gotta bother somebody over there.  To succeed the military will sponsor purge by trial of alternative voices which explain and articulate democracy.  Come on, Arabs + Islam = Dictatorship.  It's less Islam and more an Arab thing, it's their tradition.  The purges have begun--

Egypt to prosecute Americans in NGO probe