Saturday, March 3, 2012

Book Review--Googlization

What?  Yes, googlization.  Of?  Oh, everything.

Here's a review--The Googlization of Everything (and Why We Should Worry)

Here's a long excerpt--How Google Came to Rule the Web

Judiciary Act of 1789--Alien Tort Statute

Did you ever hear of that?  I heard about it this morning on a bobblehead show, "UP".  It was enacted in 1789, kind of sat dormant until 1980.  Then is was suggested as a way to bring corporations to justice for illegal acts they commit overseas, such as allegedly assisting the Nigerian government suppress (murder) protesters pissed with the way oil profits were being gained and spent.

Here's Wiki on ATS

Here's what was being discussed on the show--Supreme Court Hears Argument Over Whether Corporations Can Be Held Accountable for Human Rights Abuses

Arab Conflagration?

It's one thing to rally for a touch of democracy if you are of one people.  However, if the rally involves two sects, then it's just going be a land of exacerbated tension.   Will Syria lead to a full scale Sunni/Shiite blowout?   It can.  When power seekers use god, the faithful flock to, at least, be sure of salvation and maybe do a bit of looting and pillaging.  If  we look just at English history alone, it's obvious that religion and politics do not mix at all.  We better find a new source of oil or energy.

Syria splits along sectarian lines, shaking Mideast

To hell and back!

I've never quite understood the church thing.  Oh, I went to church when I was a child (under parental compulsion).  Then, I grew up and put my childish ways behind me.  The church I attended was large.  Probably half way toward the mega church scale.  It was Catholic.  It was the Church of Eternal Guilt in the Remorse Parish in the Dioceses of Shame  My memory is vague.  I bet every mass could support a thousand attendees if the pews were packed.  I guess my experience was mid-way twixt mega and small.

I've read about the rise of the mega churches (non-catholic of course).  This has been at the expense of the smaller ones.  Now, it appears the faithful may flock back to the smaller variety.  Is this good or not?  Does this foretell a restoration of  Calvinism?  Can you wear flip-flops to a small church?  There are so many questions.  How about Hawaii shirts?

Some are swapping mega-churches for tiny ones

If I was compelled to attend a church of my choice, it would be of the Quaker variety.  I assume the faithful still sit in silence and then go home.
We know that Willard and Rick, assuming they actually are the biological fathers, have at least one  "skill." As they brag on their familial accomplishments they also promote patriarchy. It's a faithiness thing. Of course, with the guy on top, we know who is on the bottom, theologically speaking, that is--

Especially worrisome is the inevitable corollary to that belief: Women should put their natural fertility first — before their brains, before their ability to earn a living, before their independence — because that’s what God wants [and dare say the guys who promote this point of view].

I did not realize, well I never looked for it, that there is some kind of female ideal in the bible.  I should have expected it, you can find a lot nonsense in the that book.  If you have an ideal, then you can find a living role model.  I did not expect her--

And now, with their crusade against birth control, the Catholic bishops are helping to articulate and elevate that unspoken and archaic value in public. Fertility is a gift from God, they say. To mess with that gift goes against God’s plan. (The appeal of Sarah Palin to so many Christian women was exactly this: She prioritized her fertility while juggling a big job and a husband who was frequently out of town. Her fans call her a Proverbs 31 woman, a reference to the biblical character who does it all — and who keeps herself looking good. Her price, the Bible says, is “above rubies.”)

Of course, Proverbs 31 begins with a guy looking for a good wife, I see the rest more as a job description.

Romney, Santorum and archaic ideas on fertility

Gee he's sorry

Wow, a gay GOP gay-basher is sorry he vilified and fomented hate of gays as he ran the Shrub's 2004 campaign.  He didn't realize how much harm he helped do to the nation.  Aw, shucks Ken, do you want us to believe you are that fucking stupid?  The damage was done to all Americans. The effects persist.  He can be sorry, but so what?  He gained.  He benefitted.  Will he return all this profits?  Nah, he's just sorry.

Ken Mehlman apologizing for role in Bush campaign

I wonder what other bit of conservative ideological crap he backs today?  What damage will he provide an assist on.  What will he be sorry for in a few years?  Yep, he's a sorry guy.

I bet he's got a book deal in the works.

Bless My Stars and Garters!

I thought they had changed.  I was worried.  Now I see my father's GM is back!  Leopards don't change their spots and GM, well, it'll never be that good.  I think the IPO price is still their post-bailout best.  They still owe us $50 billion or so.  I bet there is a future book in how, unbeknownst to anyone, GM undid all the fixes imposed by the feds as the cost of getting saved.  Will they bring back the Oldsmobile next year?  Michael Moore may have another GM feature in his future.

Hinting at weak sales, GM suspends production of Chevrolet Volt electric car for 5 weeks

And the winner is...

Iran's parliamentary election votes are being tallied.  Ahmadalphabet may be in trouble.  His backers are not all winners.  Does this mean he won't be reelected in 2013?  How violent will the political scene become between now and then?  Is this a vote for nukes?

In blow to Ahmadinejad, rival hard-liners take lead in early returns in Iran parliament vote

How do you dispose of a Koran anyway?

We've learned that burning is not the approved method of disposal.  I wonder what is the Allah approved technique?  Now the Rubbles want to try soldiers for burning the Koran.  It's really time to leave.  As the last troop leaves we can make up for the burning by air dropping 30 or 40 million copies of the Koran on them.  I guess that would be akin to manna from heaven and not offensive.  Religion, as always, sucks.

U.S. probe of Koran burning finds 5 troops responsible, officials say; Afghans demand trial

Why is health care so expensive?

Come on, that's an easy one.  It's because the prices are too high.  Oh, now we have to address why the prices are so high.  Damn.

If you are known by your associates...

Republicans broadcast their conservatism with such vigor.   They publicly try to outdo each other as each attests to being the furthest to the right.  The point to their inspirational thinkers with pride.  They have sworn fealty to the NRA.  They have signed Grover's tax pledge, it's the conservative thing to do.  They have made FOX into their TV station.  They love Rush Limbaugh.

They invite Rushbo to speak at their parties.  The GOP loves Rushbo.  Of course that means they share Rushbos ideas.  He is Mr. Republican.  As Rushbo speaks the rest of us learn about the heart and soul of a conservative. We learn what it takes to be a Republican.  Now why on earth would anyone want to be or associate with conservatives.

Is Rush Limbaugh hurting Republicans?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Pity The Unborn's Unborns (TUU)

TUUs will not be able to enjoy tuna.  Nope, if it's from the sea it will be deadly.  That's our legacy to them.  As we warm the planet we leave them oodles of mercury.   What the hell we'll be gone so who cares.

Loss of Arctic sea ice may lead to mercury deposits-NASA study

God Makes Us Pollute

Global climate change is man caused.  There is nothing we can do about it.  Why?  Oh, that's because god makes us burn stuff and add CO2 to the air--we have no free will on this score.  Why does god do this to us? Well, that's also easy.  God is really pissed with us for the way we've behaved towards each other and towards the rest of his creation over the past 6,000 years.  Yep, god has decided to start over.  He's compelling us to trash the planet, exterminate ourselves and bring about another great dying. Maybe he'll just let the planet go brown this time.

Oh, we are acidifying the ocean, that's not good.  We can kill ourselves off with or without god's help.  We can clean it up if we want to, but I doubt we really do.  So, the god thing can make us feel better about our species suicide.  Do you really give a shit about the unborn's unborns?

Ocean Acidification to Hit 300-Million-Year Max

It's Not Limbaugh

It's not Limbaugh I'm bothered about.  No, he's an entertainer.  As an entertainer, he is a ratings driven personality.  If he does not have good ratings then he does not have sponsors,  If he has no sponsors then radio stations drop him and they find new entertainers.  He's an ad driven thing.

I am bothered by his audience.  They tune in.  They like/agree with what they hear.  If you are pissed with Rushbo, remember he is on the air because there are millions of folks who want to hear this type of bilge.  He entertains them.  They pay by tuning in, he services them by talking.  I'll let you profile his audience, but he's just one more crass opportunist making a mass media buck.

Limbaugh takes heat for calling student a 'slut'

Now He's Not the New Kid

In 2008, Obama was the new guy.  He talked a lot.  He talked well.  Folks believed his spiel.  The Dems were fired up and ready to go.  They did.  They got out the vote and Obama was elected.  Dems were sure this guy was going to translate all his talk into action.  Right.  Bush was all hat and no cattle.  Obama's been all talk and no walk.

In retrospect, based on his talk in 2008, the guy hasn't even crawled.  It's going to be hard to believe his BS this time around--he has a record.  However, he does have one big plus, he's not a Republican.  Where's the enthusiasm?  Guess this will be a vote against rather than vote for election.  If Willard becomes the GOP nominee both sides will be voting against the other guy.

If Santorum won, would Repubs be more inclined to vote for him or would they still just be voting against Obama?  How about Newt and Paul?

Lack of enthusiasm? It's the Democrats who have a problem.

Time to go to the junkyard

The Guy Really Is All Talk and No Walk

Obama has one singular skill, he gives a pretty good speech.  After three years, why do people listen to his new speeches?  Shouldn't they examine three years of actions instead of listening to new words?  Oh, how do you like paying $5 a gallong for gas?  Weren't we headed in this direction a while back?  Didn't the First Orator tell us what he was going to do?  Yeah, he did, he was going to find out who was doing what to whom, gaswise, of course.  Well,

Whatever happened to Obama's task force on oil speculation?

Did you expect a hands out pol to really do much else but yammer, yammer, yammer?  Feeling screwed yet? (The GOP is no better, perhaps worse. See screwed.)  When government is for sale, the common man loses.  What do they lose, oh, read the intros to the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution, you'll get an idea of the loss.

Well Bless My Sphinx

Whomever is running Egypt (the military) must have opted for self preservation (staying in power) over stated principles (freedom, liberty, etc.).  If the trials had gone forward, all U.S. tax dollars otherwise destined for Egypt would have stayed home.  Without all that U.S. aid, the powers that be would just become unemployed Egyptians and fair game for retaliation (as soon as their ammo ran out).

  NGO workers under criminal investigation in Egypt leave country after bail is paid

Arab Spring?  Isn't that a line of bottled water?

Think Tank or Whorehouse?

In suit, Koch brothers seek bigger control over D.C. think tank

I Knew it, They've All Got Fast Twitch

Bear in mind, this is not a ramdom survey.  That said, this piece does address Internet based change.  Folks whose entire lives have been lived in an inter-connected world might differ from those of us who have not lived that way.  Will Millennials have some IP induced quirks?  I was reminded of "The Lonely Crowd" and "Future Shock" as I read this piece.  Is it on target or not?

Millennials will benefit and suffer due to their hyperconnected lives

Running it like a business

Well, not quite.  When we run government like a business that really means allowing business to administer a government agency.  Business has one rule, make a profit and maximize it.  Government has one rule, get an annual appropriation.  When you put the two together, business makes a profit by appropriating the appropriation.  Money that otherwise would be spent on the agency's tasks becomes business profits.  In tight years profits stay high by cutting into the government operation.  Do you still wonder why we're $15 trillion in debt?  Yep it actually is because we're running government like a business.

Weapons labs and the inconvenient truth

Worried About Iran?

Too many folks are overly concerned about Tehran having nukes.  Nukes are a tad too dangerous to really use.  Besides if one nation did, it's highly probable that they would be nuked in return.  In this case, Iran would become a glass lake.  Iran could use a nuke to bluff and bluster.  The posturing can only go so far since Israel already has a large number of nukes.  Before you calm down, there is a larger problem.

Have you heard much about Syria and WMDs?  Well, to make your weekend a skosh more unsettled than it otherwise would be, give this piece a read --

The real WMD nightmare is Syria

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Who's Left?

I have watched all the GOP debates.  I don't think I missed one.  I might have, they began to run together after the first six or so.  I have followed the GOP on TV news, online, and in print.  I think I understood the GOP of the 50s and 60s.  I do not comprehend the current party.  They reflect Goldwater's odd rejection of law and Nixon's southern strategy which captured the Jim Crow loving Dixiecrats.  Both are reactionary.  They, by their words, prefer a monarchy with a strong religious core.  Henry VIII comes to mind.  Are there really that many people who would rather live under theocratic monarch than in a democratic republic?  Perhaps Republican voters do not understand what they back?

The GOP has managed to describe whom the party serves.  They have written off women.  They have rejected the young.  Gays have been prayed away.  They prefer that all Hispanics be deported.  They have  taken up the "Welcome Mat" for Asians.  Blacks, well, 1850 was a good year for them.  Who is left?  Oh, it's the party of John McCain, a dim rich old white guy.  If you are not John McCain, why would you be a Republican?    

Take Some Time

I posted about a couple of them, however they are all very good stories.  Browse and give some, if not all, of them a read.

10 Top Post Reads of February

Tobacco Wins (again)

I cannot help but think judges are as compensated by special interests as are our elected pols.  Are they? How is your trust of Congress?  The White House?  Government appointees?  Okay, do you trust federal judges?  It's funny, trust is an issue that may unite all of us regardless of our politics.  We all know that the scum who populate our three branches of government are for sale to the highest bidder.

Tobacco health labels unconstitutional: U.S. judge

I hope the Supremes do decide that we must all speak truthfully in public (the stolen valor case).  We'll have a whole new government if that happens.

It's Not About Religious Liberty

Hell, it's the GOP pandering to it's ever diminishing numbers.  The issue is women's rights, period.  In this instance the particular point of attack is contraception.  All this because guys are so worried whether or not their urchin spawn are theirs biologically speaking.   Isn't that the crux of every attempt to render women as less free and less equal?    

Senate heads for showdown over contraceptives

Christian Charity

We are a strange nation.  Faith is in.  Faith especially shows up at least every four years.   When I hear pundits speak of "social issues" I'm know it's all about faith.  Don't you agree?  Faith, of course points to religion, which is a social organization which meets human needs for fame, fortune, status and power in this world for some and in the one to come for the many.  Faith also means "it's True."  In the face of the excess of faithiness, I have to wonder about the theology, the truths, of the dominant group.  I've been told it's Christian.  However when I seek the the deeds which will confirm what I've been told, I find I'm hard pressed to find that many Christian acts.  Then again, faith may be but a quadrennial fleeting fantasy more about wishes than actual life.

States consider drug testing welfare recipients

Santorum's Future

And I thought he was going for a gig on FOX!

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #1

What's that line about guests, fish and three days?  The point is, one can overstay their welcome which brings us to the Afghan war.  We did as much as we needed to do within two years.  We put the war on a kind of auto-pilot as we opened a new war in Iraq.  Unfortunately, no one bothered to suggest that after a few years our fish were stinking up the whole region.  Our fish have been rotting for over ten years on their rubble. It's really time to leave.

Two more Americans killed by Afghan gunman, officials say

Pop Quiz

Where did the first Americans come from?  If you say Europe are you right?  Hold it, we all know they came across the frozen over land bridge over what is now the Bering sea.  So, it's Asia, not Europe.  Controversy abounds amongst archeologists.

Radical theory of first Americans places Stone Age Europeans in Delmarva 20,000 years ago

The Rich Guy Buys One More

Willard now owns Wyoming.

Oops, My Bad, I Misspoke

Santorum now wants folks to know that he didn't mean all that santorum he's spewed for years.  Funny, when it costs him, he wants folks to believe, "that's not the real me."  Yeah, right.  He has a following because their are folks out there who do agree with bile he's been preaching.  He may tone it down, but we know where his mind and heart reside--I think Dante had a level just for him.

Rick Santorum faced with strategy shift that will test his shoestring campaign


Of late, I have been a bit bothered by the usage of the word “warrior.”  I hear it too frequently.  Too many government officials and generals now refer to our soldiers as warriors.  I think the usage leads us away from our core civic beliefs.
This nation began with a few solidly entrenched and very decent ideas.  First, militias are a good idea.  An individual’s liberty and freedom is more secure when the  government uses militias rather than large standing armies.
However we learned that if we have to have a standing army, we make it small.  We grow it as we need it during war and shrink it as fast as we can after wars--RIF and RIG used to be a standard.   
Lastly, we mind our own business.  We avoid entangling foreign alliances.  In other words we accept organized state violence but assure our liberty and freedom by minimizing the opportunities to participate in such mayhem. 
We seem to have set aside the good ideas.  Instead, today as we talk of warriors, we glorify war.  When you think of warrior, I doubt if you have an image of a private in a T-shirt, sitting by a large pot peeling potatoes.  Soldiers peel potatoes, warriors, well, they make war.  As we increase our usage and acceptance of the word, we accept its connotations that go far beyond being in the military. 
Perhaps we should drop the word warrior and only use the word soldier.  We have soldiers.  We have veterans.  We have a militia (national guard).  We have a standing army and it is too large.  Soldiers serve in the various branches of our military.  They enter into contracts.  They and the military abide by the terms of the contracts.  Soldiers are paid to do as the contract specifies for a specified time.  Sometimes they are called upon to go to war.
When soldiers go to war, they do not become warriors.  They remain citizens who enlisted or were drafted to serve a specified number of years in our nation‘s military. If they become a casualty of war, we either bury them with honor or we try to take care of them.  Some do become our disabled veterans.  They are not wounded warriors, they are wounded soldiers.  They are veterans.  The VA cares for former soldiers not warriors.  
As we more commonly use the word warrior in place of soldier, I think it tends to make us more inclined to accept war and remain bellicose.  As the usage has increased we’ve been at war for over a decade and we seem to find excuses to make even more war.  You may not feel this way, but I hope you’ll give the words and their usage some thought.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Still Think FOX is not the GOP?

Sen. Snowe is Unwilling to Keep Eating the Batshit

It's bad when one of your own flips you off, calls you a loon, and returns her last shipment of batshit.  That's the GOP.  That's the Senate.

Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) says she’ll retire, citing partisanship in Congress

Fundrasing Trivia

I was browsing at Open Secrets today.  I was curious how our current pol set has done on the small vs. large individual donor front.  

Obama, ~ $136 million, 47% small, 55% large.  If I make it into a decimal, he's a 0.85

Willard, ~$62 million, 10% small, 90% large, he's a 0.11.

Santorum, ~$7 million, 49% small, 50% large, he's a .98.

Newt, ~$18 million, 48% small, 51% large, he's .94.

Paul, ~$30 million, 47% small, 51% large, he's a .94.

Will we ever see a candidate who's a 100% small contributions based? It's more likely we'll have one who has no small contributors first.

Oh, I think open secrets uses less than $200 as small and over as large.    

Get Ready for a Salvo From the Islamophobes

The -phobes have a new mantra they can use.  The USA is being mosque-ified.  Yep, there'll be a mosque on every street corner soon.  Today, there are 2,106 (up 74% since 2000), tomorrow there'll be a lot more. And we know when there's a lot more, get ready to shudder, sharia law will be just around the corner.

They better get their hate on right this time.  Look how well they did with preventing Papal control of the South.  The crackers now vote for 'em instead of agin 'em.  Hmm, the first Islamic candidate for Prez will probably be from Alabama or South Carolina.   Crackers and grits are a strange bunch but make a tasty brunch.

Number of U.S. mosques up


I'm a Mac user.  I have not upgraded to Lion yet.  I'm uncertain if I really need to, but am more concerned with what I'd do if the damn thing went "bump" on me.  It's pretty techno-rural in my area of Virginia's  Northern Neck.  I've heard Apple is preparing the next upgrade--Mountain Lion.  Oh, forgot, this post is about Microsoft.  They have a new release.  That's exciting, I guess.

Microsoft unveils Windows 8

Oh Grow Up

59% of Californians have grown up and left their childish ways behind them.   34%, despite their various ages, remain obedient children.

Axis of Weasels News

Maybe they've eaten the last weasel and will now bargain their last axis (fuel rods) for food.

North Korea agrees to suspend nuclear activities

I wonder how the GOP will bash Obama on this one?

Welfare of Defense

The nation's debt and deficit takes its toll.  A tax dollar transfer program has been forced to be shut down.  It had a multi-billion dollar run.  Now alas, as with all DOD's Rube Goldberg Division programs, this one has ended prematurely.  It's a sign of the fiscal times.  The product, while pure fantasy, was a money maker for the contractor.  For a while, we can only afford real things.  If you can't find it in Wal-Mart we'll have to forgo the expense.  Maybe that might get business on the side of tax increases to pay down the deficit for a few years.  Then we can get back to Star Wars based weapon systems and ramp the tax transfers to new levels.

Pentagon pulls the plug on airborne missile defense system

End of Days News

The Rapture gets closer everyday.  The end will be here soon, right?  Israel hankers to blow the crap out Iran.  We have Christian factions that support Israels' every move toward the final conflagration.  Now we learn that our bunker busters are better than their bunkers.

What good news, let the end commence.  Of course for non-belivers, the Rapture crowd will  just fuck everything up and we'll all wait the return of the dinosaurs.

Iran’s underground nuclear sites not immune to U.S. bunker-busters, experts say

Bless my Lamanations

Willard is Mormon.  Willard's faith didn't let blacks fully in until 1978.  That was when, then Prophet, Seer, and  Revalator, Spencer Kimball was told by god that he'd changed his mind about blacks.  God told Spencer to let them in.  Spencer did.  Spencer avoided all kinds of lawsuits.  I guess that's god's justice.   I wonder how many blacks live in Utah today?   Now consider the 2012 race.

Given the church’s former ban on blacks, 2012 is a bit ironic.  If Willard gets the nomination, the nation’s first Mormon presidential nominee will challenge the first black president.  It makes one think a bit about the fantasies that can so easily drive our lives into a kind of dementia.

   The Genesis of a church’s stand on race

They Know Jesus Hates You

Wow, if you are not on the infallible one's good list, then no bread, no wine (oh, Catholics only get symbolic wine, but do get a wafer).  Don't even try to genuflect buster.  If you want to transubstantiate, then you better sign up for a round of pray the gay away or at least return to the closet. Sacraments are for those created in god's image (white guys missing a rib?).

D.C. archdiocese: Denying Communion to lesbian at funeral was against ‘policy’

 Let's see, is it easier to actively deny a believer a sacrament or after the fact, say "oops, not our policy?" The deed was done. Why am I starting to think about boys and post act denials? What I cannot understand is how women can be Catholics, Jews, or Muslims. I can see being born into one of the three, but after attaining the age of reason I cannot grasp hanging around. Voluntary conversion is equally, if not more  baffling. Oh, I don't want to exclude the Mormons, so ditto with them. Oops, forgot, if one is LGBT how can beloing to any of the fantastic four orgs.?

Now let's all sing a a round of "Jesus loves me, but can't stand you."

Trogging Onward to March 6th

The rich guy, who keeps both of his feet in his mouth won Michigan and Arizona.  The advocate of staying uneducated in a theocratic U.S., came in second.   Mr. Cranky came in third in Michigan and fourth in Arizona.  The 68 year old cheerful, but nasty pudgeball was fourth and third.   Mitt Romney wins Arizona, Michigan primaries.  These are the best and brightest of the GOP!  Kind of makes one take pause, think, and then start laughing.

Now the reactionary four go on to March 6th, Super Tuesday.  Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee Vermont and Virginia will come into play a week from yesterday.  437 delegates are at stake.  Ohio appears to be some kind of an indicator about the future of batshit eating in America. In Ohio, fierce primary fight may hurt GOP’s chances for the fall.

Unfortunately, the next installment of the GOP Marching, Chowder, and Comedy show is on March 19th.  It just won't be the same without a debate to help the dunderheads decide who is the dolt of the moment.  So, strap the dog to the roof, set the cruise control and enjoy the ride.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Keeping State Rape Alive

Send your thanks to all those state legislators. I guess it's just not a case of government being on one's back.

Mandatory Ultrasound Laws Violate Women's Rights and Bodies

Does Willard Love You?

What Willard loves!

Get Ready, Get Set

They are off!  What?  Oh, state level Super Pacs.  What the nationals have done and will do to national races, the state levels will to the State races.  Gee, if there are at least two per state, then we'll have a minimum of 100.  That's low, how about at least two per every member of Congress?  Ah, 870 that's so much better.  Now how many counties do we have?  Wow, there are 3,033 counties in good old #1 land. At a minimum of two each, that's 6,066 Super Pacs!  Maybe this is how the rich will bankrupt themselves, by buying ever finer and finder gradations of political influence.

State Level Super PACs Look To Enter The Fray

Lest We Forget

All those duplicative programs were created and funded by one body, Congress. I wonder if they are satisfied with themselves or surprized at the GAO finding about their labors?

GAO report: Billions spent on duplicate federal programs


Have you ever followed the meaning of a word as it changes in dictionaries over time? Here is an example using various Webster’s Dictionaries, the word is “political” I found this online, it’s from Webster’s 1913, Unabridged "Of or pertaining to a party, or to parties, in the state; as, his political relations were with the Whigs." This I copied from Webster’s Collegiate, Third Ed., 1923 "Having to do with control of the appointment or action of those who govern…" This I copied from Webster’s 2nd Ed. Unabridged, 1950 "3. Of or pertaining to the exercise or the rights and privileges or the influence by which the individuals of a state seek to determine or control its public policy; having to do with the organization or action of individuals,parties, or interests that seek to control the appointment or action of those who manage the affairs of a state;" This I copied from Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary 6th Ed. 1958 "3. Of or pertaining to the organization or action of individuals, parties or interests that seek to control the appointment or action of those who manage the affairs of a state." This is from Webster Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, 1987 "3. Organized in governmental terms <~units>." I don’t have a Webster’s 3rd edition, Unabridged. I will have to find one and see how the Third defines “political.” I have a feeling, based on the Collegiate’s that are based on the Third it will be quite similar and refer to units. Peopel seem to have been absented from the political by 1961 or thereafter. It’s seems odd to me, that when we need the detail of "political" we’re left with “units.” To be political is to be quite human. Politics is not ugly, nasty, wrong or any other pejorative one may with to associate with the political. It may be, but is not in and of itself negative. Politics is how we go about our business of organized self control in our state, an elected democratic republic. There are no “one ways,” nothing is a priori a best way, because, we as people have to exercise our rights to influence people in power to reflect our interests, knowledge and understanding. We have one set of facts, sure, but facts have to be used by people and used in the body politic. As with all things human, it’s a bit messy and conflicted, but what is not? I prefer the unabridged definition above. Do you?

Oh, Almost Forgot

It's Tuesday.  There are two GOP primaries today.  That's real exciting.

Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum battle for Michigan

Arizona seems abandoned as Republicans focus on Michigan

Research Confirms the Well Known and Obvious

As it does so, perhaps we need to review the incomes of our presidential candidates.  If they are in the 1%, they will cheat, take candy from a baby and lie about it too.  Wealth and greed do funny things to a person, so why do we elect these deviants?  Maybe wealth should be a pretty good reason to exclude people from high office.  Of course one of the reasons a non-wealthy person might run is to become wealthy.  Maybe we're just screwed no matter what we elect.    

Greed drives the rich to bend ethics, study concludes

Is the presidency just a choice where we hope that winner is the least worst of a pretty bad lot?

I'm Sure the Court Is On The Pad Too

We're paying a lot for gasoline today.  We're fed bullshit about why from both Democrats and Republicans.  We're told it's supply and demand here in the USA.  It's not, we're exporting gas and our refinery tanks are full.  Then it's worldwide supply and demand.  No, demand is down there too.  Oh, it's due to evil foreign oil (think jihadi lovers here), except over 50% of our our imported oil comes from Mexico and Canada.  We don't import that much jihadi oil.  Our imports are down and domestic production is up.  So, what is driving the price up then?  Oh, it's the same as before, it's the speculators who have turned the black gold of oil into black platinum profits.

Oil futures trading remains un-regulated.  Trading is responsible for about 70% of what we're paying at the pump these days.  Will it be regulated?  Oh, sure there's Dodd-Frank, but come on, it will be weak at best.  Dodd Frank was written to be nice to Wall Street (donations to campaigns are a necessity).  Donations must also be needed by judges too.

Federal judge weighs whether to let regulators rein in oil speculators

Man of the 1%

Willard continues to hit himself in the head with a ball peen hammer--

 NASCAR owners aren’t just Mitt Romney’s friends, they’re donors too

If one thinks NASCAR is the pastime of those who suffer from repetitive, obsessive, motion syndrome, could one become the GOP nominee?  How many candidates in the GOP or among the Dems from 2008 would, of their own volition, not pandering for a vote, not suffering from gambling addiction, actually attend a NASCAR event?  Come on, be honest.  I think the answer is zero.   Okay, how many would watch NASCAR on TV?  Ditto on the zero.

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #1

I'll be damned, it took burning some Korans followed by the Afghan reaction of riots, bombs and killing of USANato soldiers to learn that we actually have, I'm not kidding here, no shit, yes we have a real strategy.  For years I've been sure we were just following DOD fucked up plan #784.  Hot damn, it's not a cluster fuck, it's a real strategy!  Even better, it's fundamental.  But wait, it's not just a strategy that is fundamental, it's also sound!  Go ahead, say it, "sound fundamental strategy."  Wow, after ten years...

We Have A Plan!!!!! 

Keep Your Fingers (and toes) Crossed

Greece and the other European economic basket cases remain very brittle.  If Greece tanks and does a national Chapter 7, the world's banking systems will be sucked along.  Anyone ready for a 1929 repeat?  Germany has decided to more or less help (that's give a lot of money) keep Greece solvent.  Let's hope the rest of the haves follow suit.  For all the GOP campaign bullshit on Iran, Obama, and our debt, Greece is the #1 problem in our near future.  I'd rather have the candidates discuss international fiscal policy, but that's a lot harder to demagogue as part of a class war on religion.

Germany approves Greek bailout, showing willingness to help Europe

He will say anything for a vote

Of course he's after the fourth generation American loser vote.  Even his party buds think he's o'ded on the batshit.   However, please note that if Frothy wins more states, the GOP will go to the right of him.  Hell, they will swear that they would make the Pope a member of their cabinet as they pledge 21st century Crusades to free Jerusalem.  There comes a time when you have to call a steaming pile what it is, Santorurm.

Rick Santorum takes heat for ‘snob’ comment against President Obama

Santorum, well we know he's 100% santorum

From Bob Park

WHAT’S NEW Robert L. Park Tuesday, 25 Feb 2012 Washington, DC

1. THE 13TH CRUSADE: "TAKING UP THE CROSS" IN 2012 AMERICA. At the start of the bewildering Republican Primary process everyone agreed that the overriding issue would be jobs and the economy. But a week before Super Tuesday, with jobs the economy recovering, Rick Santorum is calling for a holy war: "I don't believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute." He should take a minute to read the First Amendment. Meanwhile, Franklin Graham, son of Billy, questions the Christian credentials of both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Halfway around the world, two American officers were shot dead in Afghanistan in "retaliation" for the inadvertent burning of Korans, which of course harmed not a living soul. Here in Maryland, the Legislature sent a gay- marriage bill to Governor O'Malley, which he will sign. That won't hurt anyone either. Next door in Virginia, the State Senate voted to suspend consideration of a bill defining life as beginning at conception, which is the position of to the Roman Catholic Church. The law would instantly create millions of one-celled persons. Perhaps they would be granted souls by heaven, citizenship by the state, and be counted in the census along with millions of frozen embryos? Or would the frozen embryos have to wait till they thaw? Based on a different reading of Genesis, a Jewish zygote wouldn't be a person for another nine months. How do we resolve this? Under case law, protection of a fetus by the state begins only after the fetus is capable of surviving outside the womb. As WN pointed out in the last issue (15 Feb 2012), freedom of religion is not up for discussion. Gods do not compromise.

2. AMNIOCENTESIS: WHO FIGURED IT WOULD BE A CAMPAIGN ISSUE? Last Sunday on Face the Nation, Rick Santorum opposed amniocentesis testing of an embryo in the womb. One of the great advances in modern diagnostic medicine, amniocentesis can be used to diagnose certain severe medical handicaps long before full-term. On the grounds that bad news might lead a woman to terminate her pregnancy, Santorum, who opposes abortion for any reason, would deny a women the right to make that decision. Santorum, of course, is not a candidate for the test.

Monday, February 27, 2012

A Pile By Any Other Name, Still Stinks

Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, it doesn't matter how you refer to it, it was a mistake.  It will hurt Obama a bit in Nov., but if the economy is doing better, he'll edge out the GOP nominee (that's more  hopeful thinking than much else).

Granted there are some good things in Obamacare, but for the most part it was just a dumb exercise in excessive compromise and special interest pandering.  Imagine if Obama had, from day one, said, "it's simple folks, it's going to be Medicare for all."  The fight would have been joined by lots of Americans,  about 70% of us--we were ready for national health care but would settle for Medicare.  It might have made it.  If it hadn't it would be the GOP playing the health insurance blues in Nov., 2012.  Was Obama gamed?

  Swing states poll: Health care law hurts Obama in 2012

Student Shooting Fellow Students

Once again an act of violence has occurred that I just cannot understand.  Why kids have guns and carry out murderous plans is beyond me.  Why people own guns is also beyond me.   I'm sure someone will come up with an explanation.  I doubt that it will really explain this behavior.

Ohio high school shooting: 1 killed, 4 injured at Chardon High

Elections do have consequences

Republican presidential candidates recently have found themselves battling over who cares most for the poor. But their demonstrations of empathy sometimes collide with their plans to cut back the programs on which many of the poor depend.

After he appeared to dismiss the very poor, Mitt Romney was forced to backpedal from his politically perilous remarks. But he and other candidates stand by bedrock conservative principles of cutting entitlement programs and government spending. 

What consequences do you want?

Willard pays well!

There's gold in helping folks run for political office.  Who wants to change the system?  No one who is actively involved in politics.  There's too much money to be made.  This one is on Romney, but they all have similar folks in the same and / or differing jobs.

Consultants benefit from Mitt Romney campaign

Uh, let's use this as a excuse and leave!

Give it back, the rubble, everything else we burn on the way out.  If the Taliban goes back to harboring the next bin Laden, we'll bomb them again (only next time we won't hang around with any ideas of nation building).

Violence in wake of Koran incident fuels U.S. doubts about Afghan partners

This guy is full of santorum

He's nucking futs.  The sad part is that there are folks out there who believe his swill.  Can you imagine him in the oval office?  The cleaning bills would bankrupt the nation, froth follows him wherever he goes.

Rick Santorum presses culture wars attack

2011 and Religion

The world would be a better place if the faithies would keep their fantasies to themselves.  They do not.  As a consequence they make news.  What were the top fantasy stories of 2011?

Islam and Politics Dominate Religion Coverage in 2011

It's too bad religion has not devolved to the level of the horoscope in our newspapers.

One Down, Two to Go

Obama has won the auto bailout battle.   At least most folks now think it was a good idea.  Of course the stimulus and bank loans are still negatives for him.  As the economy improves and facts become easier to accept (it takes a cooler mind to accept and displace the heated political rhetoric of the moment) he'll win on these two.  Nothing succeeds quite like success, of course if the economy tanks, then he'll be seen as blowing chunks on on all three.  Voters are a fickle lot.

Auto Bailout Now Backed, Stimulus Divisive

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