Saturday, March 10, 2012

Unintended Consequenses

Between Rick Santorum and Rush Limbaugh there's probably been more public education on women's health and reproduction in the past two or three weeks than in the preceding decade.  Keep it up guys, you're actually quite helpful.  What should the dolts attack next?

Things You're Not Supposed to Talk About in Public

The big three are religion, sex and politics.  Damn the GOP has hit a trifecta several times since the GOP run-off got underway in Iowa this past January.   How about it, has there been too much chit chat in all three areas?  Hm, sex seems to be the thing that links the three together.  Okay, is the U.S. sex obsessed or is it just a way to make money?

Passion vs puritanism as America is gripped by a war over sexuality

A bit of truth

I think it's safe to say, Willard will not take Kansas.  Who will?  Who really cares about Kansas?

Political Geography: Kansas

Rick the Prig

All he had to do was speak his mind.  He did.  People listened.  They reacted.


God Made 50% of his folks, second class?

It's not the assorted gods that's are the problem, it's the men who run his temporal organizations.  Why do women remain in the various churches that, in essence, spit on them?  No one has the corner on sacred truth, so ladies, why not migrate to other organizations and leave the pricks to fend for themselves?  I do not understand how a woman can be a Catholic, a Mormon, or a Southern Baptist.

Feminism’s final frontier? Religion.

It's So Exciting I Almost Forgot

There are three caucuses today.  Guam, Virgin Islands, and Kansas.  Gaum may already be over, I'm not sure.  Guam?  Who gives a shit about Guam?  For that matter, ditto for Kansas.  Come on it's like a mentally challenged (I'm not supposed to use the word, retarded) version of Iowa.  Flat land must lead to brain rot.   Oh, I almost forgot Ron Paul.  It  gets easier and easier to lose track of him.  He might take Kansas. Hell, I'd give him the state just to be sure he stays in the race.  He's entertaining.

Ron Paul seeks breakthrough in Kansas caucuses

Three Way Car Wreck Coming

As the Trogs slog on through Dixie, they will pander to rednecks, grits, and crackers.  Get ready for the most outlandish assessments of Obama's past, present and future yet.   Gingrich needs wins, a sweep, to stay in the race.  Santorum needs wins to knock Newt back to his Consulting business on K Street,  Willard needs to one win, he has to prove he is a Southern knuckle dragger (Va. didn't count).   If you love listening to batshit crazy talk, then the next two weeks will be provide you an aural garden of delight.

Santorum, Gingrich ratchet up conservative rhetoric in the South

War on Women?

If there's a war, then note that it's a bunch of guys who have decided to assault or defend.  Of course there is no consistency on who wars on whom over time.  It's a politicized thing.  Women are a convenient medium for one side to use to poke the other side in the eye.

Have you noticed, it's always women who are castigated and vilified as "sluts."  Oh, there is no equivalent term for guys.  If there is I'd like to know the word for a male slut.  Both sides are using, hence demeaning and denying, women full personhood.  It's not going to change much until women comprise half of all elective offices.

Whose war, and on which women?

Recent debate over contraception comes as GOP loses gains among women

Better than Bush

In many respects, Obama has continued Bush policies and practices.  In some areas, he has minimized the worst, but has not acted to make the underlying law flat illegal.  Let's put it this way, the next guy and his henchman will not have any trouble going full bore with, for example,  extraordinary rendition or torture.

Oh, the next guy will also be able to indefinitely detain and imprison without trial anyone he wants -- the law is on the books, Obama has just chosen to not make a worst case usage.  Has Obama been a better Bush?  Well, yes in on area he's done the national security paranoids one even better.  He's a big fan of the National Espionage Act from WWI.  The unitary presidency is thriving.

Sealing Loose Lips

Friday, March 9, 2012

Really Good News

The end of the world is not nigh.  It failed to come a couple of times.  No new prediction has been made.  All the Rapture fans will just have to suck it up for a couple of billion or so more years until the Sun blows up.

Harold Camping apologizes for failed Rapture prediction

There is a solution

If someone chooses to not have health insurance, that's okay.  However, if they need medical treatment Doctor's and Hospitals should be allowed to deny care unless they pay cash in advance.  That way, the rest of us are not paying, in higher premiums, for the cost of the deadbeats.  We mitigate the mandate, and control costs.  If you want insurance and cannot afford it, that's why we have Medicaid and other programs.  Let the deadbeats keep themselves alive.  Liberty has a price, I bet they are unwilling to pay it for real.

Plaintiff challenging healthcare law went bankrupt – with unpaid medical bills

MIss the Poll Tax Old Dominionites?

Then please don't despair, the Virginia Legislature is working overtime to restore the good old days (at least Jim Crow if not the ante-bellum days of 1850.  They will keep at it until voters decide they are wrong.  If the legislature does not change its ways, then they do in fact reflect the ideas and values of the people of the this state.

Voter ID bill headed to the governor

Keepin' the 12th Century Alive in 2012

No, I'm not referring to Rick Santorum, but the guy he will suck up to and obey, if by some outlandish chance he is elected President, the Pope.  Pope Ratzy wants the Bishops to more than pray the gays and gay rights proponents away.  If any of them are Catholic, I cannot understand how they can remain so.   If American Catholics want the Vatican to change its ways, then all they have to do is cut off the donations to the church.  Rome will change or Americans will have their own Catholic Church.

Hmm, I bet Ratzy advocates a new Roman Inquisition and would implement one if he could get away with it.  He'd love an Auto de Fe a everyday.  He and those of his ilk are good examples of why  religion needs to be kept far, far away our public square.  Ditto for Frothy, his crowd, and all the evangefunides too.

 Pope denounces 'powerful' gay marriage lobby in U.S.

Oh come on now.

Willard will never be a grit.  He can eat them.  He can say "y'all."  He will never ever be a grit.  He will always be just another rich guy desperately trying to buy an elective office (and be loved by millions).

Romney: Learning to like grits on Southern swing

I agree, don't you?

Gas prices must come down, consumers say.   I have a couple of suggestions.

The names, addresses, e-mail, and phone numbers of the folks who trade in oil should be published on the internet. The site could be sponsored by tar and feather merchants. As the commodity traders begin to feel the heat, Congress should pass stringent oil and ohther energy sources commodity trading regulations.

In other words, re-regiualte commodity trading stronger than it was before Clinton signed the de-regualtion law. Of course if Congress votes against regulation their names and such could be posted on the tar and feather site too.

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #1

Wow.  Talk about mismanagement.  We had the Shrub.  Now we have Mr. Cool.  Both have given us this mess.  Here's the highlight of the war--After a decade, Afghan forces don't trust Americans.  Leave now!

I've wondered about this...

Why would Koch brothers want to refine Cato Institute?

This is incentivizing business?

We, through our elected aces, wanted to goose the development of light bulbs that don't use a lot of electricity.  Our aces decided to have a contest.  They would give the winner $10 million.   The contest was open to any company that could create a “green” but affordable light bulb.  The race for the "L" prize got underway.

Hold the presses, the Dept of Energy, headed by a Nobel prize winner, has found the winner.  Folks, you will be able to buy one soon.  Yep, green affordability, as defined buy the DOE through their contest comes in at $50 a bulb.  Damn, DOE has lived up to expectations haven't they?  Why do we have a DOE?  For that matter why is government saying what kind of light bulbs can and cannot be made and sold in the first place?

Government-subsidized green light bulb carries costly price tag

Did you really expect otherwise?

Back in the Nixon Watergate days, we learned how little it took to buy offices.   If you contributed cash to  Tricky's elections, then you could get a job in his admin.    After Tricky's demise, we, through our ace Congress types, passed a few laws to check selling off our government.  We haven't done all that well.  The prices seem to be about the same as in Tricky's day.  Factor in inflation and about all you can say is our president's are cheap.  I guess they have gone the discount store route.  Sell it cheap but sell a lot and make it up in volume.  If the White House now a five and dime?  Nixon, Obama, in some respects quite the same.

The Influence Industry: Obama gives administration jobs to some big fundraisers

I wonder if anyone has a comparison of the purchase price of various ambassadorships from Nixon through Obama.  How many, given inflation, are about the same, cheaper, or more expensive?

It's Election Season

When the season gets underway, we know there will be an "oops" here and "I misspoke " there.  We don't call them lies for some reason.  I guess we are uncomfortable admitting our leaders are, in essence,  liars.  We explain it away as just politics.  Our standards are quite low.  Oh, about saving $8,000 a year on gas---

Obama: everyone will save $8,000 a year in gas

Pols don't gild lilies, they serve up bronzed road apples.

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #1

It may not help us win the war, but it sure will be nice to re-build the CIA's extraordinary rendition international chain of torture chambers.  Syria left the program, Egypt tore up it's franchise agreement.  At least Afghanistan may join the CIA consortia.  As they take over the "detention" facilities, they are poised to enter into shadow contracts with ObamaCo.  Gee, we could leave and still maintain a presence--it worked so well in Syria and Egypt.  Let the negotiations begin.

US, Afghanistan sign key deal to hand over detention facility to Afghan control in 6 months

Isn't it reassuring to know that, after 800 years, the Inquisition is thriving.  Granted it's now secular, but it's the thought that counts.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

My, my!

It's too bad the only alternatives are Willard, Frothy or the Angry Salamander.

E-mails show White House involvement in USDA decision to oust Shirley Sherrod in 2010

It's definitely a vote against year.  Vote against Trogs.

Buy e-books?

Do you think the pricing is fair?  Do you ever get the idea that publishers have fixed prices to their advantage?  Is e-Books a fair market in open competition? The Dept. of Justice has some questions for five publishers.  For all the the capitalism bullshit we hear during political campaigns we rarely see anyone insuring markets of any kind are free.  Capitalism is really for the other guy, not me.  Right?  Are exclusive proprietary formats a restraint of trade when it comes to e-anything?

Publishers warned on ebook prices

Angry Birds

"Angry Birds" came with the most recent Roku player I bought.  I had no idea what it was.  I googled it and found out it's a game.  Eventually, after several weeks,  I gave it a try.  Look, I am not a video/pc/setbox game player at all.  I enjoyed one arcade game long ago.  I think it was "Space Invaders."  Note, the game was in a bar.  The game was laid horizontally, it  also my table.  

With Angry Birds, I had no idea what to do.  It took a bit of time to figure out what to do.  There were no instructions.  I assume the rest of the world plays games, hence the lack of instructions.  I spent some time playing. Yawn.  I am still not a gamer.  Mrs. Jake, however, really enjoys the game.

If you play Angry Birds, are you ready for Angry Birds in Space?

It's 1919 in the Old Dominion

McDonnell signs disputed abortion ultrasound bill

Why 1919? Well, what major event occurred in 1920?  Now on to 1850!

Nov. 2012

All the political noise is directed at the presidential election.  Willard will most likely be the GOP nominee.  It will be a long hard slog to get to Tampa.  He will continue to prove he's not a man of the people, is a faux conservative, and should never talk off script.  His opponents do also assist his independent actions.  In other words, from a Dems perspective, the race will get better and better.

If a Repub has to go hard right to get the nomination and then has to pivot back to center right for the general, it assumes that he hasn't gone to far right, or made an ass of himself,  in the primaries.  If he has, then when he pivots back he's too far to the right and remains too much of an ass for independents.  Can Willard pivot back and be acceptable to independents.  Well...

GOP activists fear primary takes a toll on Romney

Dumb, Real Dumb

I hope teens don't decide to smoke, but it appears more of them are opting for tobacco use.  Advertising does work.   I don't understand how anyone, much less teens, can afford to smoke when cigarettes run $4 or more a pack.

Teen tobacco 'epidemic' shocks surgeon general

The Sky is Falling

Perhaps Chicken Little was correct.  We'll see as--

When will Iraqis build their Monument to George Bush?

15 die in Iraq bombings as nation prepares for Arab League summit


What do we know and when did we know it?

What is knowledge?  What is truth?  What is the publication date on that textbook?

From old textbooks, we learn how much we didn’t know

What a good idea!

Walter Pincus has a few suggestions about what to cut from the Defense Dept.   He may not have identified all that needs to be trashed, but he offers us a damn good start.  Start at the top and let the cuts "trickle down."  Why?  Well--

It is March 6 and automatic sequester of another $500 billion in national security spending over the next 10 years is only 300 days away. On Jan. 1, if Congress does not find another $1.2 trillion in deficit reductions, across-the-board cuts are to take place. Is anybody paying attention?

Should Defense begin cutting from the top?

Bring it on!

If this Super Pac really does target long term incumbency, regardless of party, then more power and money to them.  It's less the party in power and more the lack of turnover from one congress to the next which warps our government.  There is something very wrong when, to borrow from criminology, there is a 95% "recidivism" rate for incumbents.  If the voters won't stand up, run ads telling them to stand up and then vote the bums out.  One Senate term, two in the house, and never reelect a President seems a reasonable guideline.  Oh, bag the pensions for elected federal officials.

I don't agree with their backing Kucinich.  He may be independent, but he's been around too long.  I'm delighted to see him leave Congress.  Give him a gig on Current.  The probability of being reelected should be under 50%.  Parties become very distorted when the members are assured of being reelected over and over again.

One super PAC takes aim at incumbents of any party

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

When Will it be Willard Time?

The guy has about 415 delegates.  He needs 1,144 to win the GOP nomination.  The question is, will he amass that number of delegates before the convention begins on Aug. 27th in Tampa?   It's likely he will. However, what happens if he comes in a bit shy?  What effect will there be when some of the states, beginning in April, become winner take all?  Will Willard win or lose?  Willard has to score 729 more delegates.

At this point it does not appear anyone is going to drop out of the race.  Given that, what if Gingrich and Santorum split the remaining southern states and Santorum takes some of the Mid-Western races.  Paul will not win a state, but he will score delegates too.   Can the three way split keep Willard at say, 1100 delegates.

If Willard is at 1,100 what happens in Tampa?

Okay, in a three way race, Willard might be in trouble.  What happens if Gingrich drops out?  Would he? I doubt it.  The only chance he has, and it's slim, is a brokered convention.  If he stays in he increases the odds of a brokered convention.  However, would establishment Repubs vote for Newt?  See.  If he drops out he burnishes his brand, helps the GOP and if by some bizarre miracle Santorum wins in Nov.,  he'd make a fine secretary of something.

Santorum won't drop out.  He benefits only by staying in the race.  He has a chance if Newt goes or the convention is brokered.  If the convention obsesses on convervative values (not sure what that really means) Santorum could be come more attractive than he is now to more Repubs.

Paul doesn't count.  He's noise.  He's spreading his message.

Will it be Willard or not?  Stay tuned.  The one thing I'm fairly sure of, these guys are doing their best to insure Obama that wins reelection.  I hope they keep up the good work.  The GOP is very, very strange.

Coming up for the rest of March


March 10, 2012Kansas 40Caucus
U.S. Virgin
March 13, 2012Alabama50Primary
March 17, 2012Missouri52Caucus
March 18, 2012Puerto Rico23Primary
March 20, 2012Illinois69Primary
March 24, 2012Louisiana46Primary

Now for the news on Iran...


Stating the Obvious Award

Yep--In the rural religious South, Mitt Romney just doesn't connect

No, shit.  Come on, it's not the wealth or connection.  Those are polite excuses folks use with the press.  When they say "he doesn't understand me, " they mean "he's a heathen."  They are a might bothered by the Mormon thing.

Connect?  Sure they'll connect with him using a baseball bat in the primaries but will vote for him in the general given that Obama is the alternative.  Black guy or Heathen guy?  It's going to be an angst filled Fall in Dixie.  The Southern mind is strange.      

2nd Amendment Heros?

I guess it's all in your point of view.  If packing heat is part of our identity, then Alaska, Arizona, Vermont and Wyoming are the states for you — they allow residents to pack at will.  No permit is required.  It's all about self protection (or mind numbing paranoia).  These heroic or strange states (it's viewpoint, remember) may be joined by as many as 12 additional states.

Colorado, Iowa, Georgia, Kentucky, Maine, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota and Virgina are considering permit free packing bills in their current legislative sessions.  Yep, it's either 12 more staunch defenders of freedom or 12 more areas in which you can increase the odds of getting accidently blown away.

Guns with no permits


I didn't know this existed, much less that is has a season.

Las Vegas adult and topless pools open for the season

I guess casinos are after the 18-35 male viewing audience too.

Self Immolation Front

Who is responsible for all the burning people in Tibet?  China wants to know.  Oh, it's all the fault of that pesky, extremist, the exiled Dali Lama.  Yep, Dali made them commit suicide by pyre  (he has ESP).

Chinese officials blame Dalai Lama

We so need to get the Feds out of Education

When what appears to be a good teacher gets fired by a computer program there's a problem.  The approach is central to team Obama education fixes for the nation.   Instead we need to shut down the Dept. of Education, fire 75% of the admin staff in  every state and use the savings to increase teacher pay.   Let teachers teach and let parents help.  Then keep the good teachers--ask the kids they will tell you who is good, bad and merely a suck up.

‘Creative ... motivating’ and fired

Bye Bye Dennis

Dennis will not be the resident House menace in the 113th Congress.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich suffers primary defeat in Ohio

Super Tuesday

Yesterday was Super Tuesday. The Trogs gathered in 10 states to decide whom they want to be their 2012 nominee. What did we learn? We learned you cannot buy love, but might still be able to buy the nomination. Willard has spent hundreds of millions of dollars over the past several years. He barely wins primaries, but a win is a win especially if it gives him the delegates.  Willard remains about as exciting as a rock in the bottom of a cereal box.

We learned one billionaire can keep one candidate running.  To continue to be a tired old energizer bunny, Adelson will have to cough up another $5 million or so for Newt.  He's doing well selling books, CDs, and DVDs.  His brand will be well re-furbished by Tampa time, but not a nominee

We learned that rural America is loaded with prig lovers.  Santorum got their votes. His victories tell us more about voters than him.  He will continue to spew his froth and land a gig on FOX or with Pat Robertson.

We learned that a geriatric libertarian does not know when to quit.  Either he has Al Heimer's or he's staying so Rand can play next time around.    How'd he do in the elections?

Cranky Paul won zip.  The ancient angry doughboy won one, Georgia.  People in three states have santorum on their fingers.  Willard bagged the rest.  What matters is the delegate count.  Willard is now at  about 415.  He needs 1,144 to close the deal before the Tampa convention.  Can he do it.

Last night Willard added up at least 212 delegates during the night; Frothy got 84, Grinch 72 and Cranky at least 22.

Romney wins Ohio, five other states, but no knockout punch

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Monarch of the Glen

I find I enjoy BBC TV a bit more than most domestic television these days.  It’s probably my age.  I’m not in the 18-35 year old demographic.  I’m old enough to have seen and done enough.  I now realize most of what was important in the past was for the most part poppycock, but at the time very important poppycock.  I don’t need gritty true life dramas to hold my attention.  I don’t need gratuitous sex scenes, I assume they attract a younger audience.  I don’t need brutal mayhem to make me tune in.  
I do need shows, that given their assumptions, are consistent week after week.  They need to be well written and decently acted.  Oddly enough, an older domestic show you may have watched, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,”  was a great TV show to me.  I agreed to suspend my credulity as long as the writers and cast consistently presented Sunnydale, Buffy, and all the creatures of the night.  They did it well most of the time.  When they ran out of good story lines, they quit.   Where is a Buffy show today?  I haven’t found any new ones.  
However, I have discovered old BBC shows.  One in particular stands out.  Actually it’s a BBC Scotland production.  It is “Monarch of the Glen.”  It ran for seven seasons.  The first five were the best ones.  In seasons 1-5, the writers assumptions were sustained.  The characters, while quirky, were consistent.  The writing was very good.  The actors depicted their characters in quite believable ways.
I suspended my credulity and found myself living with the clan McDonald on their 40,000 acre estate.  When the show opens, the estate is on the verge of bankruptcy and foreclosure.  The elder Laird has passed the title on to his unwilling son.  The show covers how the family and friends cope to save  “Glenbogle.”          
If you enjoy a quieter type of television that focuses on the traits and behaviors of some interesting and at times frustrating characters give it a try.   It’s available through NetFlix and other content providers.  The Scottish accent can difficult to follow at first, but you do get used to it.  You might even find bits it creeping into your speech.  I have no idea how Scottish viewers rated the show.  By staying on the air for seven years, I guess they enjoyed it too. 

Give it a try.  You might like meeting Hector, Molly, Archie, Lexie, Golly, and Duncan.  There are more characters, but these make up the core cast.  Enjoy.  Oh, Eric the Stag in the opening credits is very, very impressive.   


Rush Limbaugh instills fear in GOP candidates

Speaking of Rushbo

Bout sums it up

Garden Alet!

Back when I was a much more avid gardener than I am these days, I dreaded mild Winters.  When the ground didn't freeze for any time at all, Spring and Summer would become the invasion of bugs I've never seen before.   This year, well, watch out--

Warm winter may bring pest-filled spring

The next political tool...

Coming soon, our pols will become masters of the Twitterverse and facile Facebookers.  Why? Well, here's a simple question--

Can social media predict election outcomes?

Iran Being Sensible?

Maybe, just maybe, Iran is not a nation run by lunatics.  They are as cogent as most nations.  We're at odds with them over nuclear weapons.  I don't quite buy our bellicosity.  Perhaps the drumbeats for war have been heard in Tehran and they want things to cool down a bit.  It would be nice, but remember I said they are as cogent as most nations, so remain a tad frightened.

Security Council to resume nuclear talks with Iran

Strategic Victory Watch -- Ready for #9

#9 is Iran!  Ready, set, bomb Tehran.  It's getting dangerous.  Israel and it's supporters are itching for war.  We have to stop Iran from getting the bomb.   Here's a couple of pieces to depress you (unless you are a war fan).

AIPAC beats the drums of war

Obama assures Netanyahu on efforts to stop Iran’s nuclear program


If the kids are falling behind what can parents do?  Well, in California they can take over the school.  I hope the interest of the parents is singular--educating their kids.  If it's political or religious, then they will also fail.  I was lucky to have received a very good public school education, K-11.  The Michigan teachers and administrators were very good.  I cannot say the same for my one year, #12, in Northern Virginia.

If schools are seen as failing, I wish someone would show me how test scores translate to real tangible events in people's lives.  I know it's real, I'd just like someone to show how low scores, over time, lead to negative outcomes in the future years.  I'd like to hear parents demand that their kids learn more than they know and not learn to be only a clone of mom and dad.  I'd like to hear principles talk about kids, not money and politics.  I'd love to hear teachers talk about what they know, their specialties.  

Parent trigger: School tests California law that allows takeover via petition

Live by the sponsors, die by the sponsors

Rush Limbaugh continues to lose sponsors.  His thoughts and words are offensive  His first apology was a non-apology, apology--he's sorry he didn't use acceptable synonyms for slut and prostitute.   I hope folks have begun to realize that he speaks for the GOP base.  If you are part of the base and you are offended, then do you listen to Rush?  Why?  I hope more sponsors will leave his show.  If Clear Channel wants to give him free air time that's their business, but no one who sponsors his show should get any business from decent human beings.

   Rush Limbaugh apologizes again, but advertisers continue to sever ties

Super Tuesday

I hope the results come out confusing.  I want the GOP race to continue. I want the Super Pacs to blister on.  I want them all to keep marching back in reactionary time.  Maybe then folks will realize the GOP, as it has developed since 1964 and Goldwater, will destroy this nation.  Oh, they will make a few people richer than sin.  You can imagine where the rest of will reside.

Have you noted the GOP's intellectual changes over time?  A few decades ago, the GOP's intellectual leader was William Buckley.  He was good.  I enjoyed his TV show, I didn't agree with him.  He was a challenge to contend with.  Democrats had to argue with him.  If you could not best him, then if was possible he was correct.  That was a long time ago.  Today, in 2012, who's the GOP's intellectual guru?  Well, it's Rush Limbaugh.  Kind up sums up the GOP.

Super Tuesday Stuff

Here's a good question--

Where will Ron Paul’s supporters go for the general election?

I'd suggest they either vote Libertarian or form their own party.  At any rate, vote for anyone other than the GOP nominee or Obama.  If they bagged all the social values bullshit, quit idolizing Paul, stuck to the Constitution and market based economy, they might draw more supporters.

I cannot back Paul, he's just a cranky, right-wing Repub.  He's is as nutty as the rest on the Repub social values, evangefundie matters.  If you have faith I do not care, keep it to yourself. If you have children, that only shows you can perform a simple task, so be quiet.  If you want to ban abortion, that's not very liberty loving.  Oh, and don't use the 10th Amendment to hide your true Repub desires by allowing the States to do what you'd really rather do to everyone else who is not just like you.  Liberty, freedom and democracy do not stop at the state line, or county line.  They are not merely national ideas.  The principles in the Declaration and Constitution are a powerful baseline for the nation and for every damn part of it.

With the idea that remember it's self-evident that we're all equal and our rights are unalienable, then form a new party or blend in with the Libertarians, but along the way bag the cult of personality--come on, fearless leader and son of fearless leader--that's so Repub and Democrat.    How about it Paul fans, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness in a market economy.  If you have those ideas down, any candidate who is a staunch advocate will do.

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Mormon Moment

Willard could have been Rushbo's boss.

Now Willard just makes money off Rushbo and most of the other right wing radiotrogs.  What?  How can that be?  Well Bain Capital is part owner of Clear Channel.  Funny this has not been much of a story.  I wonder of Obama will use it?

Bain Capital Owns Clear Channel (Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Etc.)

Super Tuesday BS

Tomorrow, Trogs in 10 states will slime their way to voting booths.  They will pick their fav.  Willard may  be the big winner even though he only wins a handful of states.  The delegates are allocated proportionally.  Willard could pick up on half of them.  The other half would then be split three ways.  I hope this happens.  Willard will still have opposition and the GOP primary contest will stay alive.

The candidates will ooze on, they will leave slime trails in states they have yet to visit.  As the primaries persist more and more voters will be able to see batshit crazy pols in action and as they smell their stinking slime trail they will turn away from them.  Olfactory memory is not that good in humans, but some smells last  for a long, long time, at least until past November.  The GOP makes Obama look better and better every day.

Here's more than anyone wants to know about tomorrows hate filled 10 state festival.

State-by-State Analysis: Romney Could Win Majority of Super Tuesday Delegates


Based on all the pre-trial hoopla, Jerry Sandusky is a pedophile who molested a lot of boys over decades of time.  Trial by TV is fast, easy and effective.  Cameras roll, words are spoken, as one pundit out does his or her competition in the ratings games. If the story is cheap to produce, it runs for days.  The net result, maybe this time, false prosecution.  What if Sandusky is innocent?  To prove guilt you need more than gut feeling and TV interviews, you need hard evidence (facts).

Sandusky child sex-abuse case lacks key details

Gee, Obama could secretly declare the guy a terrorist or a threat to security, have the CIA grab him and send him off to somewhere to be detained forever.   That's legit, can be done, and probably has.

Bye-bye Cash Register?

This makes sense.  If the transaction fees are less than what small merchants pay for a point of sale system today, they will either make more profit, pass them on in lower prices or a mix of both.  Oops, forgot the first rule of business--maximize profits, period.  So, prices will go up to pay for the transaction fees as the merchant pockets the POS savings.

New Square device replaces cash register

What's a 1099-C?

If you receive one, it means you have to pay taxes on forgiven debt.  Neat, huh!  Remember to bail our banks, financiers and auto execs, took lots of tax dollars.  In short, that's where you took it.

 Canceled credit card debts come back to haunt taxpayers


Without sponsors, Rush's vile mouthings will not be broadcast.  Let's hope more drop the douchebag of bigotry.

Number of companies that have halted advertising with Limbaugh grows to 7

That's Expensive

Romney's quest for White House began years ago, costing $200 million

I wonder what return on investment he expects?

Bringing back the good old days

As the GOP gets government off our backs, they return us to the pre-"Jungle" days of food safety.  Republicans serve the nation, I'm just not sure what they have served us.  Actually they assure that one in six of us will get sick from contaminated food this year,  3,000 of us die.  Who needs government telling us food is safe, the market will make it peachy keen clean.  Oh, we can't waste money food safety, since we have to bomb Iran and bring on the end of days.  Sadly, too many Repubs really think this way.

Safety concerns, industry changes push U.S. to rethink approach to food inspection

He Assumes They Can Overcome Their Inherent Bigotry

Willard may have a new campaingn style as he trots through the Crackerdom.  He can hope.  I wonder if he's forgotten that way down South in the land of cotton, the fact that he's a Mormon is not forgotten.  They will be polite, savage him in private, and then look away, look away as they hold their noses and vote for either of the Catholics.  That's gotta make for some really cold grits, voluntarily voting for a Catholic to make sure a Mormon doesn't win.  Oh, to be in Dixie on a cold frosty Tuesday morn.

In South, Mitt Romney’s attacks against rivals more subtle

Here's a good story

The GOP may be in trouble.  If they lose by a large margin this Fall, they will be in a position to re-group and come out stronger, as they did after Goldwater in 1964.  That's not good.  Don't worry, this time it's a bit different.  Since Goldwater they have gone to his right.  Back then, the voting base was not a bunch of Jesus freaky crackers still trying to avenge their loss in 1865.  Today too many primary voters would not accept Goldwater or Reagan as a candidate.  They have power today; they did have power then.  Which means, hope, hope, the GOP will never win again.  The GOP may fragment into three or four sects who savage each other into oblivion.  Nice.  May it be so.

In GOP circles, some wonder whether the party needs to lose big to eventually win

Would such a collapse put the evangefundies back where they belong? They should stay in their pews and never step into the public square!  Hope remains alive!

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #1, the one we sorta won

They didn't follow us home.  No, they stayed there and have now come out to play.  Something tells me even though it's al Qaeda in Iraq, it's just a part of the Sunni/Shiite love of sectarian violence and death.   What a legacy.  The Shrub should be proud.

Officials: Gang of gunmen kills 25 police in early morning shooting spree in western Iraq

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Yeah, but....

Gee, using drones to kill American citizens is legit.  A 2001 law says so.  Hell, you can pass a law about anything at all.  You can legitimate just about anything you want, Bush did and Obama is using every damn one of the those laws.  Of course. if the underlying law is unconstitutional,  then our dear pols will have a place to hide.  They will say "I was just doing what I had to and it was legal then."  That's a variation on "I was just following orders."  Like I said in an earlier post, we've become immoral and no one seems to give a shit.

  Holder expected to explain rationale for targeting U.S. citizens abroad

Retrospective Immorality of Nations

Have you ever noticed how we, the good guys, now behave in the same manner as yesterday’s bad guys?  Is it any wonder trust in government has declined?  At some point we, that is, the elected and appointed who act for us, decided to reject the one principle that used to distinguish us from our enemies.  Formerly, we tried to be a nation of law, then came Goldwater.
As a nation of law, we demanded that the ends never justify the means.  In a further past, we didn’t always succeed in adhering to that principle, but after we strayed we quickly returned to it.  Today, I think the government, that’s people, have bagged law and settled for whatever works to attain an end.  The ends seem to more and more be their ends rather than ours.  
People in government positions, under contracts or hired by us now perform acts we formerly condemned as immoral.  Think about water boarding and torture.  Times change sure, but as we focus on attaining ends, we lose our civic souls.  A free people are only as free as the extent to which they adhere, or try to adhere, to their principles.  Our principles are pretty simple.  All men are created equal and possess inalienable rights--life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Do we really believe this any more?  
I don’t think we do.  I think people in power have nudged us toward being an immoral nation.  They have sold bits and pieces of the Constitution and our government to the highest bidders.  Look at what we do now.  In years past we would have reacted with outrage at other peoples engaging in the same behaviors as we do today.  There will not be a city on a hill again.  The hill was sold.  It was leveled in a mining operation.  

What's Dumber Than Baptizing Dead People?

How about keeping a 700 year old heart in a church?  Even stranger are the folks who venerate the damn thing.  Oops, someone stole the desiccated heart.  Oh, fragments of the true cross are also missing and there's a jawbone on the black-market.  Once again, religion is just damned weird.

Saint's ancient heart stolen from Dublin cathedral

Who Gives A Shit, They're Dead Front

Either the Mormon laity are all pretty damn dumb or the Mormon First Presidency didn't really mean it when they agreed the church would quit baptizing dead Jews in 1995.

Mormon Church to members: Learn the posthumous-baptism policy

Gee, if we can baptize posthumously, can we do the same prospectively?  Okay, all yet to be born Mormons, I hereby make y'all a member of Jake Today's Happy Hereafter.  When they wind up heading out for the afterlife, if they didn't get a planet, they take a left, then go out past a couple of galaxies and look for the giant neon Jake Today Camp sign.  Everybody's welcome, if they've been baptized prospectively.  Sorry dead folks, I don't do the posthumous thing.

Strategic Victory Watch -- Saber Rattling for #9

When will Republicans volunteer to go fight in Syria?  The way they talk I'd think they'd be heading over in droves since the real enemy in Syria is Iran.  Oh, forgot, the noisier the champion for war, the higher the probability he's a chicken hawk and has better things to do than actually enlist.   We have too many people seeking a war with Iran.  It's dumb.  It will be a disaster if it occurs.  At any rate, Iran does appear to be assisting an ally in the suppression of internal dissent.

U.S. officials: Iran is stepping up lethal aid to Syria

On this score we need to listen to Ron Paul a whole lot more.

Rush is a pig

We all know that.  He is a swinish entertainer.  His audience is made up of Republicans.  They aren't dittoheads, they are slop lovers.  Rush went out of bounds the other day.  He's lost sponsors.  Oops, he's kind of apoliogzed.  However, he's not off the air, so we know there are millions of swinish listeners across the land.  Yep, GOP, Grand Old Pigs.  Who would vote for a Repub who didn't strongly take issue with Rush?  None did, so....

Limbaugh apologizes to law student for insult on sex, says he intended no personal attack

Super Tuesday Coming Up

437 delegates in 10 states are up for the taking next Tuesday.  The fanatical four will each win delegates. Willard will take more than Santourm who will take more than Gingrich who will take more than Cranky.  There will be no reason for anyone to exit the race.  After all, it takes just one wealthy Super Pac donor to keep the ads coming.  A lot will be made of Ohio, but I think the changes have already occurred in the GOP.  I don't think it's as important this time around.  I have a feeling all four are going to go the distance or until Willard racks up the 1,144 needed to win in late June.  Other's feel differently.

Super Tuesday contests will reshape GOP race

The one thing I don't think the GOP winner will be able to do is pivot back to the center.  Each has provided too much footage of memorable super reactionary moments for the Dems.  Independents will largely reject the GOP nominee.  The neat part is, there are several months remaining in which each Trog will strive to be seen as the most reactionary by the droolers who vote in GOP primary elections.  Keep the video cams and DVRs rolling, the worst is yet to come.

Yawn, who cares?

Gee, Willard won the Washington State caucus.  Uncle Cranky came in second.  That's about as exciting filling a tire with air.   Willard will probably be the GOP nominee.  That's a bit more exciting, if you get your  thrills from adding a quart of oil to your car.  Why do I feel that the election really is Obama's to lose?

Romney wins Washington state's Republican caucus