Saturday, March 24, 2012

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #1 10 Years On

The only thing that changes in War #1 is the date.  We're still there.  We still shoot guns, drop bombs and blow the crap out of people and places.  Of course no one can quite answer the question "what is mission?"   We won't declare victory.  We won't leave.  It's getting beyond bizarre.

If the Taliban is the enemy, maybe we can help them beat themselves.  The Taliban in Pakistan may be showing a way to deal with their counterparts in Afghanistan.  All we have to do is fund local competitors who will fight them for control of the Afghan's hearts and minds.  If they all killed each other off then we could turn the whole region into USA Minerals and mine rare earths for our computers.

Taliban suicide bomber kills at least 5 militants from rival group in northwest Pakistan

We line up for new sports shoes

The question is will anyone shoot someone in the excitement of getting a seat at the Supremes Health Care Show?  It would not surprize me at all.   The Originalism Rocks Tour will receive lots of PR over the weekend.  On Monday they will begin to write the ballad of mandates.  How will it come out?  Will it wind up being a dirge?  No one knows.   We'll be able to listen, make guesses and then wait several weeks before Roberts and Robes sing the song of Obamacare.

To hear health care oral arguments, a three day camp-out

What if no one donates?

The Dems decided, well Obama decided, to not accept large corporate donations for their convention this coming Labor Day.  The money is not exactly rolling in.  Sounds like another bit of Super Pac hypocrisy coming soon.

Maybe the "small" giver realized the Dems are not all that much different from the GOP. Special interest money owns pols in both parties.  It's not the convention money that matters, no it's all that everyday campaign cash that warps the system.  Why should anyone give either party a dime?

Both sides have sold themselves to interests of one kind or another.   Since they sell their services to the highest bidder, let the highest bidder foot all their bills.  It won't matter to the average Joe--seen real health care anytime lately?  How's the cost of education treating you?  Got a job?  Still have your house?  All we have are our votes.   Why not vote for anyone other than a Democrat or  a Republican.

What would happen if 30,000,000 people wrote in "Alfred E. Newman" for president?

Planners for Democratic convention in Charlotte scramble to raise funds

Frothy Goes Looking for Gumbo

Gee, that sounds like a kiddie book title, but it's not.  No, today, the Trogs of Louisiana are voting.  Frothy wants another win.  Of course all his "wins" are from Jesus jockeys who want to go back the ante-bellum days of 1850.  About 57% of La. Trogs are evangefundies.  How can so many be so dumb?  It must the heat and humidity that warps the Southern mind.  Mind?  I'm not sure there's any left.  They do very strange things with religion.   Hell they just do strange things.

  GOP hopeful Santorum tries to claim Louisiana territory to cut into Romney’s delegate lead

Friday, March 23, 2012

More On Pink Slime

I have to agree with FOX, I know that's unthinkable, but ABC, if FOX is correct, did cross the line.  Pink slime is safe and has been part of our ground beef for a long time.  The colloquial name is what did it in.  If it was called beef bits ABC could not had a story much less a long story run.  If FOX is the GOP and MSNBC is the Democrats, then I guess ABC is the nation's grocery store tabloid.

How ABC News smeared a stellar company with 'pink slime'

Now, how do they make chicken nuggets?  Is it made from white slime?  What's in a hot dog anyway?

Sue them!

Facebook and the ACLU should go after the employers who demand to see a person's site in order to get a job.  Every organization that does so should be publicized as an invader of privacy.  What do you bet that most of them are 1.  Police and Courts, 2.  Local government,  3.  State government,  4.  Federal Government and finally private employers no one would work for if other jobs were available.   What was that line about freedom?  Oh, yeah it's just a word for nothing else to lose.  Are we headed there?  Are we there?

Facebook Warns Employers Not to Ask Job Applicants for Log-in Credentials

Willard--open mouth, insert foot!

Willard has a record.  Every time something good happens to him, he does his best to get rid of it by saying something idiotic.  Is this a trait we want in the White House?  Can you see him as first diplomat?  He's the kind of guy who could negotiate a real treaty for world peace, then open his mouth and be mystified as world war breaks out!

The Silver Foot In His Mouth: How Romney’s Gaffes Keep The Primaries Going

The Future

The time--2112.  The place--our world.  Who--the U.S. and Russia.  What--war!  Since the turn of the 22nd century the world has watched these super powers revive their  20th century cold war.  Russia has been defending freedom and liberty around the world as the United States continues its course of domination and empire.  

Possible?  Sure, as we cede our freedoms and liberties we can become them and they can become what we were.  It would make a hell of a movie wouldn't it?  Take all the old cold war rhetoric and actions and reverse them.  Fill in a bit of future history along the way and voila, the U.S. is the USSR and the Russkies are then the best of Uncle Sam.  Possible?  Well, eternal vigilance is required and we seem come up a bit short.  Now, patriots, about those voter IDs.

We've politicized toys...

Gamblers Take Note

If you love the lottery, but are a dedicated couch potato, then move to Illinois.

Illinois to become first state to allow online lottery sales

How'd all that campaign finance law work out?

Gee, the Senate has passed The STOCK Act — which stands for Stop Trading On Congressional Knowledge. It's a scaled back version of what was originally approved in the Senate, but now jives with the House's version of watered down regulation of Congressional fiscal self enhancement.

It will increase transparency into lawmakers’ and other officials’ finances. Does anyone really think this will really prevent our elected aces from profiteering in politics? Nah, it will just make it as weird as the election laws and we'll keep reelecting 'em.

Senate passes scaled-down version of bill to ban insider trading by officials

May I see your papers!

Every year we take one more step away from liberty and freedom.  As we are urged to cower in fear the same folks assure us they will make us safe.  No one stands up and says "Bullshit."  As more states move toward voter IDs, it will become that much easier in a few years to require a citizen card.  Yeah, we'll all have to carry our papers to walk about the land of the free and home of the brave.  Sad, very sad.  Funny how the GOP seems to love this stuff.

However, the Dems are not far behind.  Obama and Company have laid the foundations for creating dossiers on all of us. Now they're going to keep all that paper for a long time.  As I read this article, all I could think about was two of our former enemies--Russia and East Germany.  How long until they effectively win as we become them?

New counterterrorism guidelines permit data on U.S. citizens to be held longer

Hm, What's in his portfolio?

Does Willard, or Bain Capital, own a big slice of Ohio Art?  I bet they do, look at all the free publicity (and sales) they've given Etch A Sketch--

Etch a Sketch’s maker capitalizes after being drawn into race

Bales Charged Wtih Murder

The shooter is being charged with murder.  That surprized me, but the Afghan government needs a prop up.  Was it premeditated, conscious, volitional act?  I have my doubts.  I hope, but doubt, that there will be a full investigation of the chain of command.  Command failed.  Of course their failures will not be made public.   This war has been a human waste.  This war shows us we need to bag the War Powers Resolution.

War has to be declared by Congress.  It's too important to leave in the hands of a president.  Then, if war is declared, we must draft at least 50% of our Army.  Oh, we also gave to pay as we war with new war taxes.

  Army to charge Robert Bales with murder in killing of Afghan civilians

Some things can never be undone

There is no do over when, to score political points, you shaft poor women--and get caught trying to hide your deeds.  Komen is finding this out.  They need to turnover all management, period.  When will Ms. Brinker fade away?

Komen board chair steps down, citing Howard University duties

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Angry Birds Fans

Take note--

'Angry Birds' blasts off into new frontier: Space

Better buy store ground...

Or if you are concerned with pink slime in your burger, you might want to grind your own.  It's not that hard even with a food processor.  Of course you can use a meat grinder.

Perhaps you aren't exactly sure, what is pink slime?

Apparently enough folks have reacted, not to the product, "lean, finely textured beef," but more to its colloquial reference, pink slime. Who really wants a slimeburger, yummy? The numbers have mounted, is this the year of pink slime Moms? Maybe, they have spoken, grocers are listening. They are bagging the slime!

Oh, how do they make chicken nuggets?

Remember he denied running around on his wife...

So, is the madam telling the truth or is John Edwards?  Either way, I think he's been placed in the Sleazeball Hall of Shame.

John Edwards denies prostitute claim

If we did have a Hall of Shame, where should it be located?  Chicago?  Detroit? LA?  Got any nominees?

Nov. 2012 -- Predictor?

Good news for Obama, bad news for Willard.

US unemployment aid applications hit 4-year low

Trayvon Martin

If you've watched any TV news of late, you've heard about the Trayvon Martin killing.  Have you made up your mind on this case?   Was it self defense, race based killing, or something else?  In the middle of this mess is Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law.

This law allows one person to toast another person if the first person thinks the second person is a threat to their life, well being or perhaps even happiness.  Stand your ground means, don't run.  It means if you feel fear, are packing, then blast away.  Actually you can use any implement of mayhem you desire.  The law will protect you from being arrested and doing time.

If, post slaughter,  you tell the cops and courts that you were concerned for your safety, then they will call it a righteous kill, pat you on your back, close the case and send you packing (in some cases that mean packing while packing).  This law seems  a bit bizarre.  Doesn't it open the door to legalized murder?

'Stand Your Ground Law' at center of Fla. shooting

From the DNC

DNC rushes Etch a Sketch ad mocking Romney

Sarcasm Bombs?

Social media do present new opportunities for poking the self-righteous narcissistic prigs in the eye.  It works since pols try to the use the same media to advance themselves.  Send them a tweet. Post to their  Facebook.  Flood the inbox.  Bomb them with wit!

Kansas Gov. Brownback becomes 'sarcasm bombing' target

Louisiana Love Call?

No way.  Willard cannot win a Southern state.  He's a Mormon.  The crackers won't say that his religion is the problem, instead they say they "just can't trust him" or similar BS.  Well, maybe there is a path to win the grits.

Why Louisiana could stop Romney’s Southern slide

Nah, he's from Massachusetts too!

Originalism Rocks Tour

The Roberts and the Robes tour bus broke down.  They nonet could not croon a 17th century tune.  Instead a quintet of 21st century voices warbled that if you receive no legal advice or receive incompetent legal advice in a plea bargain, that's going to be a constitutional no-no.

Of course Scalia thinks it's an absurd ditty.  After all, plea bargain is not in the Constitution, so screw the perp and clear the docket.  Trog Justices are as strange as Repubs.

Supreme Court expands plea bargain rights of criminal defendants   

Radio War?

Media Matters has declared war on Rushbo.  They've decided that when he called the law student a slut, it  was a bit much.  The goal is an end to Rush, or at least to make him a minor radio voice.  Rush, really insulted the student.  He did call her a slut, but have you ever looked up the definition of slut?  It's bad, real bad.  A slut is a woman with the morals of Rush Limbaugh.   What an insult.  It's slander and way beyond libel.  War on!

Activists planning for a protracted fight against Limbaugh, and provoking one themselves

When you lie with Trogs...

I don't know what you get, Trogs carry so much vermin, but Komen definitely caught more than cooties.  They may have to sent away to the home for irreparably damaged charities.  Gee, if folks did not give Komen money, but instead gave it to planned parenthood...

Komen foundation continues to see fallout from Planned Parenthood controversy

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Aide Confirms Willard Has No Core

Romney adviser: Campaign is like an Etch A Sketch


Do I give a shit about Rush Limbaugh's audience?  Nah, his numbers may not be that great.  Is it 20 million or 2 million a week?  Even if it's 20 million, NPR does better.  Try 34 million!   Just by the numbers more folks get news, facts and neutrality every week than delegitimizing conservative isolation.

Voter ID

Voter fraud is no more onerous than voter suppression.  If we have almost zero voter fraud, but the laws we enact to prevent voter fraud suppresses many votes, then we have created a very serious mess.  That mess denies people the right to exercise their franchise.  On which side will you err? If you opt for voter ID, I suggest you take a look at some the literature on voter ID.  Here's a good start--

Brennan Center for Justice 

Consider this, the current round of voter ID battles are the first step in getting rid of the Voting Rights Act.  Think about it.

Buying the Presidency

We know that grundles of cash come into campaigns.  Well, they don't put it in T-Bills.  Where does the money go?

Presidential Expenditures

 Is this were a charity, what kind of grade would an organization such as Charity Navigator give it?

Drill, Baby, Drill Idiots Please Read This

FACT CHECK: More US drilling didn't drop gas price

Need a reason to reject a candidate?

Here's an easy one, if a candidate accepts money from Payday Lenders, then we can and should reject the candidate.  Payday loans companies should not exist, period.

Payday lenders scrutinized for funneling cash to super PACs

Actually we do need a manager

Santorum continues to prove he's a fruitcake.  We need someone who can be the chief executive of the Executive Branch of our government.  It would be nice to finally have one.  I don't think we've had an administrator in a long time (if ever).  The only thing more twisted than Santorum are the people who think he's right and that he would make a fine president.

Rick Santorum pledges to 'pull up government by the roots'

Are you worried about a nukified Iran?

Have you been listening to talk radio, watching FOX news, following the GOP campaign or tuning in to one of Obama's fine speeches on Iran?  If so, and you know nothing else, then you might have shat yourself in fear.  Uh, come on, messiness from lack of information, that's a poor show.  It does tell us more about our politician's evaluation and expectations of the voters than the bomb and Iran.   What's so bad if Iran gets a nuke or two?  Think about it.   Here's a nice piece to begin with.  It's by Walter Pincus--

How bad would Iran be with the bomb?

Bib Brother Wants Your Facebook (if you want a job)

This is a bit much.   It seems to me that folks will catch on.  As they do they will create Facebook and other social media sites which they create and tailor to impress potential employers.  How employers think this will help them hire people is beyond me.   All it takes is one HR dumbbell to use an idiotic idea and his peers will follow suit.

Resume, references, password: Some employers ask job seekers to share their Facebook logins

Is the nation nuts?

Anti-nutzoid drugs are a $16 billion a year business.  Of course, the latest round of off your rocker pills are at least as good a sugar pill (keep that quiet, it might affect sales).   It's nice to see the FDA really does their job, if that job is helping Big Phrma push the product.  Of course the Docs are just pill dispensers.  After all, if the Doc doesn't live up to Rx expectations, the customer moves on.  If enough customers move on, then the Doc goes belly up and has to find a Doc to prescribe him anti-depressant sugar pills.  It's a nasty, but very profitable business.

Why are so many folks depressed?  Didn't mom or dad tell them life, pretty much sucks so buck up, make do and quit bitching?   Hm, oh forget it may just be folks want to get stoned.

Hidden data show that antipsychotic drugs are less effective than advertised

It's Mr. Almost Exciting!

Yes, that's Willard.  He won the popular vote (46.7%) and captured most of the delegates (43) in yesterday's Illinois primary.  Santorum didn't win (35%) , but he did beat Paul (9.3%) and the aging Doughball (8,0%).  Now all will go on to another round of grits and crackers on Saturday in Louisiana.

Illinois primary: Romney wins GOP contest

The delegate race

Why does it seem as though Repubs react to Romney as though he's okay since he's the least repugnant of the candidates?  If fringe dwellers have take over their party, it seems they have a simple choice, either they can keep on making nomination up-chucky cakes or they start over with a new recipe.  Granted it will be a vanilla cake with vanilla frosting and gold flakes for decoration, but that's better than the crap they bake today.  I have a feeling they will gag and heave 'til they drop.  Repubs are so very strange.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Women's Ski Jump

Did you see the YouTube video of the 9 year old going down the 40 meter ski jump?  It's kind of cute, but what I had forgotten about was that women have never been allowed to compete in ski jump at the Winter Olympics.  Apparently that will change in 2014.

9-Year-Old’s First Ski Jump Inspires the Web

Somewhere along the way in the TV coverage I heard, it was mentioned that women were not allowed to ski jump for fear their reproductive system would be injured. That sounds about right for a bunch of guys who I am sure were the ones who provided the rationale and made the decision.   I guess they were concerned that the skier's uterus would fall out. How many other things have women been told they can't do, been prevented from doing, or legally deterred from doing for similar reasons? What have you heard of? Leave me a comment, fill in the blank,  "A woman can't do _________ because her uterus will fall out!"  I think it would make an interesting book.


Do  you use Pinterest?  It's a most delightful site.  Take some time and browse away.  There's a bit of everything on a seemingly endless array of pin boards.


Dancing With the Stars

I don't watch this show.  However, a trailer for the new round caught my ear the other day.  It was akin to hearing the way a dog hears us, I heard  "blah, blah, blah, Katherine Jenkins, blah blah, blah."  I backed the TV up a bit (DVR) and replayed the promo.  Yep, Katherine Jenkins is on Dancing With the Stars.

She is my favorite popera female singer.  What a voice.  She's not an opera singer, it's cross-over, or as I prefer, popera.  If you want to hear a totally captivating song, listen to her sing L'amore Sei Tu (that 's I Will Always Love You, in Italian) on Living a Dream.  It will take your breath away and give you goosebumps too.

If you do watch Dancing or even it you don't, but have never listened to Katherine Jenkins, take a minute and pop over to iTunes or Amazon and sample her gorgeous, rich, mezzo soprano voice.  She sings a bit of everything.  Everything musical is better with a bit of Ms Jenkins voice.

If you use Pandora, create a Katherine Jenkins station.  You will hear her and discover some other beautiful voices.  Have you listened to Georiga Fumanti?  Enya? Lisa (from Celtic Women)? Sissel? If you want to find equally divine male voices, then make an Il Divo station. There are so many great singers on the stage today.  Most of them make the pop stuff seem like very dull, limp, atonal noise.  Well, except for Adele, but that's another post on pop music.

A New Olympic Event!

It's an international team effort.  First you put forward idiots who did not receive measles vaccinations because their parents believed crap they heard on TV or read on the Internet--it was made up shit.  Now, hold a big sporting event where measles is much more prevalent than in the U.S.. like London.  Then have Americans go cheer their asses off and become measles mules on their return trip.  Ready for the sport of morons-collective stupidity-well, it's coming this year at a venue near you!  Will we see gold medal epidemics break out across the land?

 U.S. travelers to Olympics may bring home measles, CDC warns

Amelia Earhart

One of my favorite songs is Amelia Earhart's Last Flight by the Greenbriar Boys.  Whenever I hear it, I wind pausing whatever I'm about and listen to it.  I didn't realize that the song was written by, ready for this, Kinky Friedman!  Yeah, the same Kinky whose band was the Texas Jewboys and the same Kinky who ran for Governor of Texas on the slogan "it's not that hard."  I thnk he looked at George Bush's record as governor and the slogan sort of naturally popped into his head.

How much do you know about Amelia Earhart?  What happened to her?  Maybe we'll find out.

Amelia Earhart: The search begins anew

Would You Accept Donations From Goldmans?

Scapegoating, it's the American Way (espcially in governemnt)

Dirt is discovered on your watch.  You deny it.  You wind up eating crow because the dirt is real.   You're angry.  Instead of beating the shit out of yourself for being an inept, idiotic manager,  instead you attack the messanger who exposed the dirt--usually it's something most of us are shocked to learn, but glad that someone had the balls to scream "the Emporer is naked."

The Army does not like folks who scream about their Emporers.  Oops they forget, they are not theirs, all of those petty little emperors belong to all of us.  Maybe we should fire and/or court marital the dorks who go after messengers.

Army threatens to fire whistleblower for talking to McClatchy

GOP Trog Off

The Trogs are at about the half way point in their  race for 1,144 delegates.  Romney has not put it away yet.  The question is, will he?  Or, will we see one glorious batshit crazy brawl in Tampa?  I'm inclined to think Romney will hit the magic number.  There will be no floor fight.   There will be a snooze off, he's that exciting.

Romney needs to win about 48% of the remaining delegates to nail it it.  He's been winning at about a 55% rate.  If he stays apace or even lags a bit,  he still wins.   Santroum needs about 70% to win.  Newtiepoo needs close to 80%.   Obviously both of them must want a brokered convention.  Why?  I cannot see a convention nominating Frothy or the Pudgeball.

If I'm correct, then the question is, can Willard pivot back to the center, retract his rightwing bullshit, and expect voters to believer what he says in the Fall?  I'm sure the Dems have a couple of grundles of really good footage on so many issues.  Will suburban white women forget about the challenges to their personhood and vote for him?  I hope they remember what we have all have learned during this campaign, to the GOP, women are pretty much chattel.

He will take the nation back to 1650

Santorum's view of the place of religion in public life reflects life as it was in the American colonies, not as it has been since our revolution and constitutionally framed government.  He must have forgotten, Catholics were for the most part despised everywhere back then.   Hell, by 1750, most folks were so fed up with clerics and churches they had become deists.  Do you really want to return to the good old days of 1650?

Rick Santorum has embraced Spanish priest behind devout Catholic group Opus Dei

How Do You Make an 800 Pound Gorilla Behave?

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Reflecting the anger of Pakistan’s public and political leaders, a parliamentary commission on Tuesday called for an end to CIA drone attacks and demanded an unconditional apology for U.S. airstrikes along the Afghan border in November that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers.

Does anyone really think the folks we elect and that they employ give a rat's ass about what the folks in Pakistan think? This is our world, our Empire, right?  Some days all you can do is shake your head and wonder why.

Gender differences in prescriptions?

Women prescribed more drugs than men but don’t always take them, research shows

Strategic Victory -- War #2 (the one we kinda, sorta won)

Bush made modern Iraq in his image.  His book, "Nation Building for Dummies" was his guide.  He got one thing wrong, the terrorists did not follow us home.  Come on, have you seen how much it costs to fly these days.  The terrorists stayed and have come out to play after we went away.  That's okay, Bush built Iraq to look like a modern nation.  Oh, that does remind me of his Crawford ranch--he built it to make himself appear to be a rancher or some shit like that.  See, he used all his experience to give us a legacy.  He did.  It's Iraq.

Dozens killed in attacks across Iraq ahead of Arab League summit

Fact Free Zone: Mitt Romney

I am amazed that anyone will listen to a pol.  I am more amazed that anyone could think that a pol speaks truthfully.  People do listen and do accept  their utterances as factual.  That's a commentary on the sad state of public education's decline.  Well, I'll be damned, pols destroyed public education to increase the number of gullible, fleeceable voters.

At any rate, per Willard,  Obama banned the incandescent light bulb.  Of course that means Obama was president in 2007.  I know the GOP distances itself from Dubya, but giving his administration to Obama, man, that's cold.

Willard has no core, he will say anything to get folks to like him (he knows love is a stretch).  For Pete's sake he is running for President.  What a Jello head.

Mitt Romney’s misfire on light bulb standards

Monday, March 19, 2012

Made in the USA?

What does that really mean?  If all the parts and components are made overseas, shipped here, and idiots screw them toghether, does that mean the product is "made in USA?"  If it does, then we have a problem. We're not more productive, we're falling to lower levels of manufacturing.  Here's a piece to think about--

Economists offer more pessimistic view on manufacturing in upcoming report

Does anyone know of any products that are 100% really made in America?

Va gets and F, Utah a D, but NJ is #1 and Mississippi is not Last?

How corrupt is your state?  Well, what's the risk of corruption?

State Integrity

Talk Radio

Who listens to talk radio?  I don't have a clue who they are.  Why would I want to waste my time by listening to someone spew opinion as if it was news?  There is little difference between Limbaugh and Schultz, except that Rush has more listeners.  All of talk radio is sponsored.  Sponsors like high ratings.  Ratings are their only measure of value in entertainmentland.  Left, right, down the middle, if it's on commercial radio, is not news, then it exists so the listener will hear ads.  A show is not not brought to you by Widgets, Inc., no the show exists to bring you Widget, Inc. ads.  Now why does anyone listen?

Of course, folks who take issue with the entertainment, can attack the sponsors of the shows.  The listeners will not change because their entertainer is not on the air.  I have a feeling the audience exists well before an entertainer discovers them.  So, let the shows proliferate, they inform us about aspects of our collective selves.  If someone takes issue with the entertainer, it's really his audience that is the issue.  Take on the audience and let ratings lead to an ebb and flow of radio entertainment.

I'm not sure I like what is happening with sponsors and Rush.  Rush is a bit fat idiot, but raising hell with sponsors doesn't change much at all.  It's his dittoheads that are the problem, Rush makes money by telling them crap they like to hear.  Bill Maher is about the same.

A conundrum for conservative talk radio

Attention Women

It appears this may be your year.  Not because of some special status, but just because you are you (and make up about 52% of the electorate).  Both sides have begun the gender pander--

Romney appeals to women on campaign trail in Illinois

Obama’s pitch to swing-state women

Does either party really accept the full personhood of women?  I know the GOP does not.  I'm not sure about the Dems, are you?

Loony Lips at Play in the Pig Sty

A pig sty forms wherever Repubs gather to listen to their candidates rant on about Obama.  Actually they form wherever Rebubs happen to be.  Oh, the  swill!  What bilge!  It's so stimulating, they lose self control, did they wear Depends?  Trogs love their self fouled nests--the feel of the fetid muck glucking between their toes excites them so.  They are a most odd lot.  Be cautious, do not go near a Repub in mid camapaign wallow, they might throw santorum as they bounce Bibles off your head.

Here are a couple of this weekend's cesspool ready spews--

Rick Santorum: Obama administration is soft on pornography

Mitt Romney on gas prices: Fire the ‘gas hike trio’

TAX Dollars at work to make us free and safe too!

What are the good folks in the MIC, that's Military Industrial Complex, spending money on today?  How about cyberweapons!  Generals needs weapons that can attack non Internet networked computer systems. Wow, I thought large bombs were rather effective myself, but I'm not part of the MIC.   Hmm, how about nano-drones armed with nano-nukes?

U.S. accelerating cyberweapon research

 Would you rather spend $3.4 billion on cyberweapons for better schools?

20 More for Willard!

That certainly has to excite someone.  I'm not sure who is titillated by more delegates for Willard.  They have to be out there, but they seem, despite his wins, to be scarce.  Do any Repubs feel any excitement over Willard or has his money and organization ground it out for him?   At any rate, Puerto Rico's Trogs voted for Willard.

Mitt Romney wins Puerto Rico primary

Killing for religious purposes...

Not people, we kill people in wars.  Oh, that may be a kind of religion, but I'm pointing to other animals.   This, along with most of the other claptrap wrapped around a fantastical sacred core, makes little sense.  At least we're not slaughtering eagles in the name of fictive fancies, instead we harvest parts from dead birds.

Eagle makes journey from Metro tracks to U.S. repository

Sunday, March 18, 2012


I ran across this today as I was cleaning up some old papers. Given the GOP primary season, while this is called "Trinity, " I wonder if the Trinity of the South has become the Trinity of the GOP in 2012.  .

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There's something very wrong--

When it takes $150,000 a year to live decently, that means only about 10% or so of us live decently.  Is it time for the pitchforks, tar and feathers yet?

The basics, some extras, savings: You need $150,000 a year

It makes me wonder.  Shakespeare had a line, "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers." Okay, is it still lawyers or some other group? You fill in the blank, let's kill all the _______!

And the winner is...

If you expected a winner from Missouri, forget about it.  First, the caucus did not have to produce any winners at all--

There was no declared winner from Missouri's nearly 140 local caucuses. That's because state party rules did not require delegates to be bound to any particular candidate and no straw poll was conducted. Rather, the local caucuses were to elect 2,123 people to advance to congressional district conventions April 21 and a state convention June 2. It's at those meetings that the bulk of Missouri's 52 delegates will be bound to presidential candidates.

And second, the caucuses got rowdy.  They had to call in the cops.

Contention, Confusion Mar Missouri Caucuses

Damn, It's Cancelled

The GOP candidates will not yak-off tomorrow night.  The Portland, Oregon group yak-off has been cancelled.  Willard would not attend. Frothy declined.  Of course the GOP angriest Doughboy would attend (he needs all the free airtime he can get).  Hence, the yak-off is gone.  Why should either of them give the 68 year old Doughball an assist?

Oregon GOP debate is called off

Myths: Syria

Five Myths About Syria


You may have read the recent rant about Goldmans from an employee who quit.  The guy trashed Goldmans for putting Goldman's profits above all else. Uh, what's new?  An investment firm is into greed?  What is the world coming to!

I don't know why the piece received so much attention.  I never expected anything less from Goldman's folks.  They will rip off  their customer's faces rather than take a loss.  Do you really trust anyone in the banking, investment and finance industry?  Why?  Here's a nice piece on Goldman's new old behavior.

Goldman Sachs’s long history of duping its clients

The GOP Needs to Bifurcate

Two parties comprise today's GOP.  The first party consists of John Birch right wing Trogs.  The second party brings together right wing Trogs who know that John Birth was really a commie.  All of them eat batshit.  They are crazy.  A sane person could not vote for Willard or Frothy. Look, Gingrich has been re-building his brand and Paul just likes to squeak in public.

The two parties attract different demographics.  First, the stupid, affluent, well educated white collar batshit eaters vote for Willard.   Second, the stupid, poor, modestly educated blue collar batshit eaters vote for Frothy. Why are both groups stupid?  Well, both do eat batshit.   If you don't down the batshit, you cannot be a Repub!  Now for a more cogent analysis of the two parties--

   Santorum-Romney battle reveals stark divide in the GOP

Obama's 17 minute dig me vid

Obama's committee to reelect the president--I know that's not the real name, I've just loved it ever since Nixon really used it in '72, yep, CREEP, it seems appropriate for every reelection effort--is 17 minutes or so long.  If I'm not mistaken, somewhere in the middle of it, there's a reference about Obama's health insurance reform being needed and vital for the economic recovery since he took office.  That may sound neat to a Democratic numbnuts, buts it just a pile of road apples.  Oh, it's also a great gift to Romney.   Willard, who basically designed Obamacare, can't really attack it that easily.  However, Obama has  has given him a point of attack.  Shrewd move.

The UN is coming! The UN is coming.

The UN is out to get us all.  It used to be secret armies housed in the salt mines under Detroit.  Then it was nefarious plots to establish one world order by force.  Now the UN has utility meters.  Arrgh!  Yep, prepare to be ground under the heel of United Nations bike paths.  How will the UN do this?  They have written it down.  It's all in Agenda 21!  At least we have Agenders to warn us about the threat.  Folks it's time to don your tinfoil pyramid shaped hats and let it sharpen your wits (and razor blades).

Paranoids proliferate in bad times.  These are bad times.  Hence,

Agenda 21! 

Why $5 a gallon this Summer?

Gee, it must be because we don't have enough oil.  Oops, we're a net exporter these days.  Well, demand must be driving it up.  Nah, demand is down, remember the world economy still sucks.  Oh, here at home we must need to poke more holes in the ground.  Well, even it we did, it would take several years before the new wells affected gas prices, besides we're producing more today than we have in over a decade.

Let's see, we produce more, export a lot in the face of declining demand and gas keeps going up and up, why?  Well if you salivate when you hear the names Romney, Gingrich or Santorum you think its all due to insufficient oil wells, Alaska, and one pipeline from Canada.  That's nutty and dangerous thinking.  Gas is up because of unregulated oil commodity trading.  There is a bit of regulation, but effectively it's not there at all.

Want to know more about oil prices?  Then here's a book to read "Oils Endless Bud" by Dan Dicker.

Why don't pols go after regulation of speculators?  Come on, who donates grundles of cash to campaigns?  Want lower gas prices?  If so, then get the money out of politics.