Saturday, March 31, 2012

How many people agree with this?

"Censorship of books is the supervision of the press in order to prevent any abuse of it."  I keep hearing statements from the GOP which are quite similar.  The cited definition is from the Catholic Church explaining the banned book index.

It's not just books.  Put some other idea in the sentence and see if it sits all that well.  We seem to be a bit too quick to want to silence and control the other folks.  In the end, we're all the other folks so it might be a better idea to just bag the whole notion of censorship of just about anything.

Good Headline

For Gingrich, things go from bad to worse

Why Change It At All?

Other than the mentally ill, why change anything at Red Onion State Prison?  The mental cases should be housed in some other facility.  For everyone else, if a con qualifies for Red Onion, then it's what the con needs.  Let's face it, there is no such thing as rehabilitation.  There is incarceration and removal from the larger society.  This kind of facility is harsh, but isn't it for the baddest of the bad?

Maybe we need more Red Onions.  If all our prisons were like this and we gave shorter initial sentences to first offenders--say four to six months--in Red Onion type prison, that might be more of rehabilitator than anything else.  If prison scares the crap out of you and you do not have time to adapt to prison life, then you might be more inclined to clean up your act.  It could reduce the recidivism rate.  If all cons are held in isolation, then prison gangs could become a thing of the past.

Virginia plans changes in prisoner isolation process

Then again we could dedicate one of our states to being the nation's prison.  All cons go to one place.  The state is surrounded by killer lasers and such.  I volunteer Mississippi.

All for profit?

I can't help but think the computer security failures ultimately are caused by a firm's execs opting for short term profit over the security of their business, integrity and customers.

Security breach may have compromised millions of debit and credit cards

Maybe we need to make hacking a capital crime.  While we're at it, let's make poor security a white collar felony.  Yeah, hang the hackers and send the top execs at Global Payments to a maximum security Federal Prison for 10 years without parole.

A Continuing Saga?

Olbermann went from ESPN to MSNBC to Current.  He's been canned by all three.  I watched his MSNBC show for awhile.  It became a predictable rant--FOX for lefties I guess. The novelty wore off after a few months.  When he surfaced on Current I watched his show three times and forgot Current's channel number.  All in all, he may have been good for ratings, but was he that good for the news biz?  In balance did he do more harm than good?  The only thing strange about his being fired is his replacement--Eliot Spitzer.  Please don't tell Current's channel number!

Keith Olbermann is out at Current TV, Eliot Spitzer is in

Friday, March 30, 2012

Social Media

I was watching one of the named news reader chit chat shows on MSNBC this morning.  As she did her newsy thing she mentioned both her Twitter and Facebook accounts.  This type of self reference is normal these days.  Public people direct viewers to go look at their social media sites.
Of course such requests assume that most viewers have one or both accounts of their own.  It also assumes that there are sufficient viewers who will bother to do as requested.  This is mildly bewildering, but enlightening.
Social media have transformed us all into a nation of product placement people.  We have become ads for ourselves which are brought to others by the ads that support the site.  Facebook advertises products so that its users can advertise themselves.  
Facebook attracts everyday users.  Facebook attracts media users who are well known for their well knowness and wish to be even more well known.  Social media have merely added one more layer in ways people may hype themselves.  Of course we call it communication.  
Are we taught that to be noticed is good?  Is this new or just part of being human?  Is that why we post info about ourselves everyday?  I’m not sure about the everyday user, but the professional public sees it for what it is, one more way to say, “Dig me” and leverage that attention into a better job, more money, etc.   How different are the everyday from the big name users? 
Is this one more case of a new technology working its way into our lives in ways we don’t understand and can’t quite control yet? 

Agri Biz Even Owns U.S. Food Aid

Our tax dollars provide a lot of money for food aid around the world. Of course that sounds good. It is. However, it could be a whole lot better if our donations did not have to be purchased from U.S. companies and shipped on U.S. flag ships. That's a lot of tax dollars going not to help the hungry, but instead lining the pockets of large donors who bought the law from their Congressmen. We can't even do charity without Congress legalizing the pad.

$500m of US food aid lost to waste and company profit, says Oxfam

Bots run the Tubes?

Here's think about it piece--How bots are taking over the world. If I was a hacker I might target the Twitter Bots and alter their output. Do hackers play havoc with bots? If not, why not? If they did would we even know?

Tech Changes

Still have a Blackberry?  Why?  Will you have one a couple of years from now?  Again why do you still have a Blackberry?

RIM Quarterly Post-Mortem

You listen, you decide

Santorum denies calling Obama the n-word

Going, Going, Gone

What's been sold?  Oh, nothing much, just our state and national governments.  The locals are well on the way too.   The Supremes cliched the deal with Citizens United.  Now Super Pacs can even avoid  candidates and advertise the schmo of their choice into office.

Legislators sold themselves to the highest bidder ever since Newt Gingrich transformed Congress into a pay to play club (he ended seniority and repalced it with cash).  The Chief Exec has long been a subsidiary of big donors.  As the Feds have gone, so have the states.

Now the states may lead the way as they sell their judges to the highest corporate bidder.  Yep, going, going, and even the judiciary is gone.  Damn thing is no one really gives a shit, despite all the money for ads, it still comes down to votes.  I bet that will be the next item the Supremes gut from our lives.

Super PACs, donors turn sights on judicial branch

Originalists Rest Up

Roberts and the Robes will croon a tune to Obama soon.  Exactly when is hard to say.  Will it be a golden oldy from 1776 or something for fitting for the world of 2012?  As soon as Reince Priebus over at the RNC sends in the party's request we'll hear the lyrics from the Originalist Qunitet, they tend to sing as  requested.

The Supreme Court will decide on the health-care law soon. It will tell you later

Could it happen here?

In Britian the Conservatives are the champions of gay marriage. “I don’t support gay marriage despite being a Conservative,” Cameron said in a recent landmark speech on the issue. “I support gay marriage because I am a Conservative.”

Will our Trogs try to take issues away from the Dems and thusly win more elections? Nah, ours really believe their bilge--don't forget they are evangefundies first, last and always.

British Conservatives lead charge for gay marriage

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #3

The aces in the CIA/State/DOD/White House (who knows who is really in charge) have sent drones into our non-ally, ally's country.  The drone sent a missile out of the sky.  It blew the crap out of a house.  According to someone in charge they were all bad guys, it was righteous.  It will be a while before we learn about all of the wastage (innocent folks who happened to be in proximity to the house).  We are not in Pakistan's good graces as is, and someone decides to play noble (from our perspective) terrorist (from their perspective) with a drone.

U.S. missile strikes kill 4 militants in Pakistan as calls increase for drone attacks to end

Times Do Change

When I was a child, and thought like a child, I repeated what the significant adults in my world taught me to say and think.  Boy were they full of shit.  Fortunately a lot of more folks have quit listening and started thinking for themselves.  How do you feel about marriage between folks of different races?  Good, bad or indifferent?  Take a look at how the 18-29 year crowd feels--that's will be the new normal in another 20 years.

43% - More than Four-in-Ten Americans Approve of Increase in Intermarriage

The Gender Gap

I have never understood how a woman could be a Repub much less vote for one.  Some do, but more vote for the Democrats.  It appears the GOP has spent the past few months working overtime to alienate  women who have voted Repub in the past.  I hope the Repubs keep it up and drive everyone except rich old white guys over to the Dems.  Good job!

The Gender Gap: Three Decades Old, as Wide as Ever


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A Reasonable Analysis

Why US TV pundits are just like Kim Kardashian

Thursday, March 29, 2012

There is a war on women--

This kind of woman-hatred is increasingly visible in most Western societies, and it tends to be allied with other anti-modern emotions — opposition to same-sex marriage, to non-Christian immigration, to women in the workplace, and even, in some cases, to the advancement of African Americans.

Trogs and Trog Offs

DC--It will be Willard!

Cheesehead State--It will be Willard!

Maryland--Make it a trifecta!

It's Complicated

Even the Miss Universe contests have become fraught with complexity these days.   Not too long ago, most of us understood we came in two flavors, male and female.  That's what we were taught.  We didn't think there was much of an issue with gender.  Most of us didn't quite understand that every once in a while the bun that comes out of the oven may not quite be what appearances suggest.

From the 1930s on gender reassignment surgery popped up every once in a while in the news.   You might see it reported in the New York Times, but not the Daily Bugle.  As the techniques improved, we were presented with more cases.  Today they are almost commonplace, they are even reported in the Bugle.  We now know that there are little boys who should have come out girls and little girls who should have had boy's life.  A bit more complex, yes, but it's part of our biology.   Now about Miss Universe--

Jenna Talackova’s disqualification from Miss Universe Canada sparks fresh outrage

Do you remember the crime wave against the elderly in NYC?

As the CDC now finds autism in one out of 88 kids, I have to wonder.  They have changed the definition a bit now and then.  More autism is found.  More folks are available to treat the condition.  I wonder if the older definition were used would the numbers remain as low?

"How you go looking for something is going to affect what you find," he said.

The rate of U.S. cases of autism and related disorders rose to about 1 in 88 children. The previous estimate was 1 in 110.

Autism is diagnosed by making judgments about a child's behavior; there are no blood or biologic tests. For decades, the diagnosis was given only to kids with severe language and social impairments and unusual, repetitious behaviors. The definition of autism has gradually expanded, and "autism" is now shorthand for a group of milder, related conditions, including Asperger's syndrome.

Meanwhile, there's been an explosion in autism-related treatment and services for children.

As in the past, advocacy groups seized on the new numbers as further evidence that autism research and services should get greater emphasis. The new figures indicate "a public health emergency that demands immediate attention," said Geraldine Dawson, chief science officer for the advocacy group Autism Speaks.

 If the only tool you own, treats autism, will you find more autism?

Give People Your Cash and Admiration...

People are people.  People will do the most amazing and disgusting things when a bit of success and power become theirs.   Fans try to offset the disgusting with all the good that's been done, the rest just shake their heads in disappointment.

We accept personal deviance in Rock and Roll.  We know sex, drugs and violence are rock's lifeblood.  If Yoga gurus start acting like rock idols, then yoga fans do have a problem.  The rest of us ask "there are yoga gurus?"

Scandal contorts future of John Friend, Anusara yoga

Sit back, relax, have a Peep!

The WaPo's sixth annual Peep Show competition is over, the winner is--

Occupeeps DC

Could I have a tankful of commodity trading regulation please!

Gas is going up.  We'll probably see $5 a gallon this Summer.  Pols will rant and rave.  Pols will blame the cost on everything but Wall Street's effects on gas prices.  After all, Wall Street types donate generously to all incumbents and both parties.  They know how to maximize profits.  That means we, the dumb voters, will demand holes be drilled in every available field.  Of course we won't bat an eye when gas goes up again and again--we'll blame it on whomever is in the White House.  We'll reelect the same boys and girls to Congress.  We do pay for our stupidity, but are too damn dumb to realize we are the ones at fault--we set a pretty low bar for elective office.

Gas prices in Washington surpass $4 a gallon

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #1

I keep wondering why we're still doing whatever it is we're doing in Afghanistan.  It's not a war really.  It has all the accoutrements of a war, but it's not a war.  We have combatants.  They do combat.  No one really knows why anymore.   Who is the enemy?  How many contractors are over there?  How many State Dept. folks are in country.  If we were Rome, it would be hostile outpost in our Empire.   Why not just leave the rubble, come home, and stay home for a while?

Officials: NATO supply convoy ambushed, at least 20 killed including insurgents, Afghan guards

Rushbo update

Now that he's not the news of the day, Rush's world is returning to normal.  Of course his normal reminds me of a bizarre asylum for the worst of inbred dementia.   What would a Limbaugh Center for Mental Disorders be like?  There's a horror movie in Rush's bio.

Sponsors are returning.  His income is unaffected.  His listeners have kept listening.  The only way to end Rush is by changing his listeners.  If no one listens, then there will be no Rush as we know him.  We may not be able to change his listeners, but we can make it wrong for them to admit that they listen to him.   That's kind of like what we've done with race--it's not cool or acceptable  to say in public "I'm a racist and proud of it."  Yeah, when will it be shameful to say "I'm a dittohead?"

Limbaugh sees heat over comments turn down to a simmer

Pushing the 12th Century

Ratzy is in Cuba.  That's a mistake, they never should have let him in.  Ratzy wants more freedom for Cubans to behave like good little Catholics.  A Castro world or a Ratzy world is about the same.  If you deviate from the party line you will be excommunicated.  

In Cuba, Pope Benedict XVI calls for more freedom

Strategic Victory -- Legacy of #2

I wonder what the world would be like if the Supremes had not appointed Bush as President?  I doubt we'd have the wars that Bush left us as he scurried back to Dallas (gee, whatever happened to Crawford).  His legacy should make voters think about ever having another Repub in the White House.

Explosions heard in Baghdad as Arab summit meeting opens, with only 10 leaders in attendance

Now We Wait As The Originalists Diddle

Roberts and the Robes have listened to shysters argue about ObamaCare.  They are done listening--to the lawyers.  Now Roberts, Alito, Thomas, Scalia and Kennedy will listen to their Repub masters.    Will their liege lords tell them to sink ObamaCare or allow it to remain intact?   Ever since the Supremes appointed Bush president in 2000, I have known that Trogs own a politicized Court.  There is no judicial independence--come on after Citizens United!  Now  we will have to wait until June to listen to them croon an "original" tune.

What happens if the Court sinks ObamaCare?

Supreme Court’s health-care ruling could deal dramatic blow to Obama presidency

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Assume your state is about the same as the nation with respect to Medicaid.  About 20+% of the folks you see are poor.  They meet the income needs test for Medicaid.  States are a bit upset about the 15 million or so new people who will be added to their Medicaid rosters is Obamacare is upheld by the Supremes.  It will be too expensive.  Well how expensive is Medicaid today?

How bad is the fiscal bite on the states.  I found 2009 data for Utah and Virginia.  In 2009 Utah spent about $1.63 billion on Medicaid.  However, the state share was only $344 million.  In a budget of about $4.8 billion that works out to about 7% for health care for the poor.  Utah's population was about 2.5 million.  That seems to be a reasonable amount for health care doesn't it?

In 2009 Virginia spent $5.77 billion on Medicaid.  However the state's share was only $2.31 billion.  In a budget of $36 billion, that's about 6% for the poor.  Virginia's population was about eight million.

Of course we might wonder why such a large proportion of our numbers are poor.  Why is one out of five poor enough to qualify for Medicaid?  If we are only as good as the least amongst us, how good are we?


I have never understood the Troggish hatred of the ACLU.  I usually chalk it up to their inbred stupidity.   Those of the Troggish ilk usually castigate the ACLU over religion, as in being anti-religion.  Trogs seem to think the ACLU want to rid the world of all religion.  When I hear that kind of nonsense, I know I am dealing with a total twit who is parroting someone.  Are you a parrot?  What has the ACLU done in the name of religious liberty and freedom?  Here are their cases just in the last decade.  Read, learn and please quit repeating what other Trogs tell you (even if it is Mom and Dad, your minister or another cracker).

ACLU Religious Liberty Case List

Hustling for votes

Obama has a Pinterest board!  Don't  you love how pols have people to do things for them!  It makes one feel as though he's just another guy.  Well, feel yes, but come on, he's not and you know it.

Barack Obama

Your State in Hate

Active U.S. Hate Groups

Daily Show


Will Harry Wave His Wand at Jeff Bezos?

Maybe.  J.K. Rowling is now selling her books without Digital Rights Management encoding.  That means she can sell e-books that can be read on a variety of devices.  What will Amazon do?  Will this work just for Harry Potter books or will it set a precedent.  What happens if another publisher follows suit?  Would one?

Harry Potter breaks e-book lockdown

Who Can Stand Their Ground?

The 24 States That Have Sweeping Self-Defense Laws Just Like Florida’s

Good Question

A Tangled Web: Who’s Making Money From All This Campaign Spending?

He really is the soap president

The way Obama is going about building a donor list and milking the data makes him so much soap for sale.  He is selling himself.  I guess it's appropriate, after all who believes any of bull they see and hear in commercials for laundry detergent?

I didn't expect this one though--

Logging on to using Facebook gives the campaign permission to access your name, profile picture, gender, networks, list of friends and any other information you have made public.

Three Things We Don’t Know About Obama’s Massive Voter Database

Willard, man of the people!

Well, he is of the 1% of the 1% of people who have car elevators.  Yep, he's putting in a car elevator--

What Is a Car Elevator and Why Does Mitt Need One?

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #3

In the non-war, war in Pakistan, we have sat down to discuss drones and highways with our non-ally, ally that were shut down last November.  That was when we blew the crap out of a couple dozen of them.  They are still miffed.   It's a strange war, but until the MIC* can't make a profit it will persist.

Top U.S. war commanders meet with Pakistan's army chief

*Military Industrial Complex

Strategic Victory(?) Watch -- War #1

When our allies stock up on suidcide vests to use on us, it's really time to declare victory, come home and have a parade.

Big suicide bomb plot allegedly involving Afghan soldiers uncovered in Kabul 


If the one person who pays for you to be in the race decides to quit paying you, can you continue?  Newt's sugar daddy seems to be taking a shine to Willard.

Gingrich backer Adelson hosts dinner featuring Romney supporters

Don't Forget

The Trogs persist in their Trog-off.  It's easy to forget.  Next week we will witness more bile hurling and mind numbingly incredible assertions of fantasy as fact.  As the three, or is it really two now, candidates continue to ratchet ever rightward, one has to wonder do they ever go so far to the right they become lefties?  Wow, the right wing of the right wing of the right wing (GOP primary voters) are actually Commies?   At any rate, next week--

April 3, 2012District of Columbia 19PrimaryPrimary Information from DC Elections Board
Maryland 37PrimaryPrimary Information from Maryland Elections Board
Wisconsin 42PrimaryPrimary Information from Wisconsin GAB

I Guess It's Just A Book Tour Now

What else can Newt be up to, other than selling his books and pics of himself?  Is he really a candidate?  Was he ever a real candidate?  I think he hit the road to re-build his brand, sell books, sell DVDs, collect donations for his foundations, and remind the GOP that he is relevant.  Then he caught on--well, it wasn't so much him as it was the motley field then in the race.  Now people remember, or have learned, who he was in 80s and 90s--

Newt Gingrich scales back campaign

Originalism Continues

Today the Supremes will listen to arguments on a third aspect of the health insurance reform law.  Can the feds force more Medicaid upon the states, even though the feds (that's all of us) pay for it?  They will also collect their thoughts about severability.  Basically that means if the mandate gets the shaft does the whole law go down the toilet or just the unconstitutional lunker.

On last day of health care hearing, Supreme Court considers severability, Medicaid expansion

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Florida's Not No Pleasant These Days

The Orlando Sentinel broke the story on Zimmerman's account of who beat the crap out of whom before he stood his ground and wasted the kid.  Once again, there are no witnesses who have publicly come forward.  Here's the Sentinel's piece--

Police: Zimmerman says Trayvon decked him with one blow then began hammering his head

As you mull this mess, have you decided who probably did what?  Was it a righteous (given Florida's idiotic law) shoot or was it murder?  Are the cops trying to blame the victim or just cover their bumbling asses?   Here's the AP on the Sentinel's story along with other updates on the killing.

New claims cast Trayvon Martin as the aggressor

Student ID instead of Voter ID!

Trogs, of late,  have been frothing and drooling in a self-induced fury over the possibility of a single fraudulent vote ever being cast in an election.   The anger, the rage, their self-righteousness is so misplaced.   The known cases of voter fraud are so few and far between they act like a guy who upon losing a single hair thinks he is going bald.  It's a physical condition.  Trogness is genetic.  Trogs need to express anger, it's part of being a Trog.  It's in their jeans I guess--then again they may just wear them two sizes too small.

I'm a humanitarian.  I  want all the world's Trogs to stay healthy.  It's a case of enlightened self interest.  Have you ever seen one explode from unvented rage?  It's ugly.  It's messy.  It's permanent.  You don't want to be near one who bursts himself out of existence.   The pieces fly everywhere.  If you get a tad of Trog on you, it cannot be washed off!  It sinks in.  There's a 36% chance you will becomes a Trog within two election cycles.  Trogs need more than voter fraud to let off steam over.

If voter fraud if fictive, they need a real issue.  They need one they can deal with that might possibly even make the world a bit better place.  Yep, they need to get busy on Student ID!  Oh, they can also take a peek at all the other irregularities (cheating) associated with No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top while they're at it.

Tighter security for SAT, ACT in wake of cheating

Pope Ratzy 12th Century Tour

I was reading about Ratzy's road show to Mexico and Cuba this morning.  It struck me that the Catholic Church and the Commies are so very similar.  Lenin must have been a student of Church history.  In both cases, no alternatives to their pronouncements about life the universe and everything else are tolerated.

If a body happens to differ, well, the Commies use variations on Stalin's Gulag.  The Catholics have the Inquistion.  Yep, an auto de fe everyday since June 3, 1242!  there's not much difference other than one claims, without proof of course, to save souls.  Power, fame, and fortune drive human organizations unless there are built in checks to block the worst abuses that come when people act like people.

Pope voices sympathy for Cubans, including prisoners

Who would want one?

The aged, angry Doughball, a.k.a. Newt, has tanked in his run for the White House.  He's broke. Now, he's charging his fan, well there may be more than one, so make it fans, $50 to appear in a photo with him.  Next week he'll probably charge folks to attend his campaign rallies.  Schmuck or sleazeball?

A Picture With Newt Gingrich Now Costs $50

Pols At Play In Our Minds

Is it really a jobs bill?  Does it really help small business get the cash they need to startup? Who knows?  Look, the GOP is for it, so the Dems are against it.  Obama is up for reelection so he's kind of for it and kind of against it but he will sign it.  After all it's called a jobs bill.

I'm confident it will help whomever paid for and actually wrote the bill.  That the GOP is pushing the product just means they received 60% of the cash.   It does not matter if the bill becomes a good, bad or indifferent law.  The ones it will probably adversely affect don't bother to vote, which explains how we have this kind of political show, recurring over and over again.

I'm getting tired of Washington reruns.  I wonder how much this bill cost and who paid whom?  It won't change until most people become voters and as voters quit listening to bullshit that comes out of the mouths of pols.

Jobs Act: White House, Democrats at odds over Obama-backed pro-business bill

Herman Cain Really is Batshit Crazy

There must come a point where one has eats such a sufficient quantity of batshit that the consumer no longer needs to ingest any more batshit to maintain an abnormally high level of craziness.  I do not know how much batshit one must consume to suffer from irreversible fruitcakeitis, but I do know of one person who has eaten so much batshit that he can never detox to normalcy, that person is Herman Cain.  Have you seen his bunny ad?

New Herman Cain Ad Uses Monty Python Levels of Violence, Rabbits

Originalism Continues

Roberts and the Robes will listen to more pros and cons of ObamaCare.  Roberts and the Robes will check in with the RNC to see what the flash polls say.  Do you really think the Supremes are independent and impartial (remember they appointed Bush)?  Will ObamaCare survive?  Other than the inside the beltway crowd, who really gives a rat's ass about it anyway?

It would be a lot cheaper and easier on all us, if we had a health care system instead of a health insurance system.

Supreme Court considers main constitutional question in health-care law

Planning for the future

As we fight away in our eight or nine wars, it's hard to keep track of them all, we know all wars will eventually come to an end.  Instead of moping and feeling sorry for ourselves over the chance of living in a war free world, we can be proactive.  We can lay the foundation for the next round of new wars!  We've pretty well wasted the Middle East for now.  Is it time to return to Asia?  This time it will be different I'm sure.  We're going in with drones!  An empire is hard work.

U.S., Australia to broaden military ties amid Pentagon pivot to SE Asia

Monday, March 26, 2012

Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin's killing has received a great deal of attention.  It will keep on being a news item until some semblance of justice is served up by the community in Florida.  One item that has been central to this killing is Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law.

If you object to this law, assuming you have one in your state, then how did it become the law in your state?  If most people in Florida, or where you live, think it's a dumb law, then how'd they get that dumb law on the books?  If you don't have such a law in your state, why don't you have one?

The answer to these questions is the same.  It's all a matter of who is elected to the various state legislatures.  If opponents don't bother to vote, well, the voting majority of a minority will write the law through the folks they elect.  Votes matter, elections matter, I'll stand my ground on that.

Looking like heads or tails

The Supremes appear to want a clean coin toss.  The coin will probably not land on it's edge (see earlier post).

Supreme Court unlikely to delay Obama healthcare case

Yeah, we have dominion

Let's ban lead and hunters too.

Environmentalists take aim at toxic lead in ammunition

When your allies kill you...

Maybe that's a sign that we ought to bag the war, call it a victory, come home and take a war break (at least until all the current war debt and obligations are paid off and dealt with).

Man in Afghan army uniform shoots 2 NATO troops in Afghanistan

Why religion?

Religion makes little if any sense to me.  I have come to the conclusion that it exists only because the logical answer to the first questions about life and death were unacceptable.  I think the first answer to questions about why are we born, live and then die was quite simply, "Because, shit happens."

That response must have been unsatisfactory.  As a result folks started making up answers.  After several millennia of pure BS, we're beginning to rid ourselves of the metaphysical fantasies.  Imagine how it might of been, if, instead,  we had accepted the answer, pondered,  and then refined the question. Instead of asking "why" this and "why" that, we asked how does X occur...

Ready for the Facebook Hearings?

An organization asks to see a prospective employees Facebook page.  It's akin to asking to see his diary or be allowed to paw through her purse as a condition of possible employment.  It's dumb.  It's really dumb.

It's so dumb it's opened up a new area for the Senate and DOJ to hold hearings and have really important investigations.  It's also a very safe crusade.  It can lead to a grundle of free PR and TV time.  Most people are rather partial to privacy.  Employers get ready, your accounts are going to be made public in ways you never anticipated.

Senators want feds to look into employers asking for Facebook passwords during job interviews
How long before the House makes similar demands?

Arab Spring #2?

It's been a year.  The revolting Arabs in Egypt ousted their dictator.  They talked up things such as freedom, democracy and liberty.  Of course the military didn't quite want to give up their power and incomes, so they've been going very slowly towards "reform."  As the turmoil persisted, a people's group, the Muslim Brotherhood came out of hiding and gained support.  Look, it's an Islamic nation.  If you're surprized at this, then why aren't you surprized at all the evangefundies who turn out for GOP primaries in this country?

Now we have the military and the Brotherhood vying for power.  Note, the military has all the guns and bombs.  The U.S. is not going to hand over a couple of billion to the Islamic Brotherhood.  It's going to be an interesting year in Egypt.  Will it be a jihadi Fall?

Heads you win, tails you lose

Are you ready for the Obamacare coin toss?  The Supremes will gather today and toss a coin.  Heads, Obama wins, tails, the GOP gets to give him the raspberry.  Of course the robed ones do remember the bad press they received the last two times they expressed political opinions and found for the GOP.  How'd that Bush admin go?  Do you love Super Pacs?

The Supremes do have a problem.  What can they do?  Well, the coin could land on its edge.  Yep, there's a very convenient law from 1867 that says none of that court stuff will be allowed until the tax is actually being collected.  Obamacare won't be collecting taxes until 2015 (that's how the mandate is enforced).  See they give folks the option to buy insurance, it they don't buy a policy, then they incur a tax penalty.

Will Roberts and the Robes tell everybody to come back in a few years?  Originalism has bad days and worse days.

Supreme Court to hear arguments on timing of health-care ruling

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Contempt for the faithful?

I think that may be a bit much.  However, I find them more humorous than not.  Oh, I guess I feel a bit of pity for them too.  Contempt?  Nah, most of them are just playing out the hand dealt to them by Mom and Dad.  It's also a bit sad to watch folks become so passionate and invested in totally made up shit.   I think we'd be better off by taking the time to convert the heathens, but it's hard to keep a straight face in their presence.  Is that why Atheists make lousy missionaries?

Richard Dawkins to atheist rally: 'Show contempt' for faith

Place Your Bets

Will the Supremes find for the Commerce Clause and support the mandate?  Or will they be good little Repubs (remember they appointed Bush Pres and they decided that Corporation have free speech rights so they can spend all they want on campaigns) and flip off Obama?  Of course they could also kick the can down the road a few years too (the law is not in force yet, so it's a bit premature to decide and they may think this is an area for Congress to have time to act and react).

At any rate, Roberts and the Robes take on ObamaCare on Monday--

As Supreme Court justices review health-care law, stakes will be hard to ignore

What did Penn St. Need, 8x10 glossies?

I know that football is very important to some.  I think it's just one more set of events  that gamblers use to wager upon.  Take away the gambling and who would care a whit about college ball?  It's also apparent that school admin types will protect their wagering franchise over all else.  There's so much money in college ball.  Even pedophiles are exempt from firing--

Report: Psychologist called Sandusky ‘likely pedophile’ in 1998, years before he was arrested

Why did he need one?

I always figured Dick Cheney was an alien.  Why did he decide he needs a heart now?  Is he trying to become human?  Even after the transplant, he'll remain a heartless bastard.

Former Vice President Cheney has heart transplant

GOP: Trogs in the Bayou

Needless to say, if it's a southern state, Willard will only get his 25% and someone else will win.   It's simple.  The South is full of batshit crazy evangefundies waiting for the End of Days.  Willard is a Mormon.  Mormons are not Christians, you know the routine by now.  So, Guess who won Louisiana?  Yep, not Willard.  Frothy won and will stay in the race.  The GOP is getting stranger and stranger.

If mainstream Repubs don't like what's happening in their primaries, then they need to get off their asses and vote in primaries.  If they keep letting the other guy do it, well, that other guy drools for Jesus.  Unless the mainstream GOP voter gets to voting, then we can conclude the GOP really is circumscribed by the thoughts of Santorum and  Gingrich.

Santorum wins Louisiana primary
Do you subscribe to the online versions of the New York Times or any other newspaper?  I don't.  I may have to some day.  At least the Washington Post is not headed that way.  Papers have to figure out a way to profit in the Internet era.  All they seem to be able to come up with is "sell" it on the "cyber-street corner.   That's not viable.  I can't say that at about $5 a week it's worth it.  If you read a number of papers, then it gets too expensive quite quickly.  Do you like paywalls?

Is a paywall coming to The Washington Post?