Saturday, April 7, 2012

Women will vote for Willard?

Why?  The GOP is not anti-woman, it just wants a restoration of their proper place--on  a pedestal, at home, pregnant, dependent, and disenfranchised.  The Dems didn't fight the ERA, the GOP did.  The Dems did not oppose insurance coverage of the pill, the GOP did.  The Dems do not oppose a woman's privacy, the GOP does.  The Dems do not oppose the personhood of women, the GOP does.  I could go on, but you get the idea.  If women are attracted to Willard, I hope they realize life in 1850 was not all that great for the average person and was worse for the average woman.  1850 was fantastic if you were male, white, wealthy and healthy.

Wooing the female vote?  The AP has a headline problem--

Challenges facing Romney in wooing female voters

Another "stand your ground" incident?

Not literally the same as the bullshit in Florida, but let's put it this way, in Oklahoma who needs a stand your ground law anyway.  This is not good.  We better face the race issue now or it will be a hot Summer.

Neighbors fearful after shootings in Tulsa


Will someone send Cranky, Frothy, and Pudge this AP article?  Look, the powers that be in the RNC have decided, enough already.  The Rich guy is going to be the nominee.  He's paid for it, he's the nominee.

GOP superdelegates: It's over, Romney is nominee

When Willard loses to Obama, will he GOP field a slate in 2016 that is worse than this cycle's lot?  They can and probably will.  The GOP is good for Dems.

It's the Easter Stupids Season

No, not the nonsense about Jesus rising from the dead or the Easter Bunny.  It's the Easter chickens.  People buy their kids chicks.  They're cute.  They come dyed your favorite color.  Of course, Mom and Dad Dolt never give a thought to what happens to cute little chicks over time.  It's a bit of work to take the little bird from cute all the way to McNuggets.  Ever slaughter a bird?  Oh, almost forgot, the little cheeper is also a really good source of salmonella.  Now that's a fine Easter present for the kids.

Easter chicks can sicken children

Trayvon Martin

Was his killing due to race?  There are demographic predictors for your response.  I fit a number of them. However, the one I don't see, is the one that says a black kid was killed in a small southern town by a white guy.  It that's true, then it's almost certainly caused by race--from the shooter, to the cops, and into the D.A.s office.   Seen any arrests or indictments lately?  Have we made progress?  Yes, today this kind of killing makes the news outside of a place like Sanford, Florida.  When I was a kid...

Poll: Trayvon Martin case divides US by race, age, wealth, and politics

Move Over Kansas

Make room for Tennessee.  I feel a bit of pity, not much, for the school kids who are going to be so very wronged by the morons they call their parents.

Evolution, climate teaching bill awaits Tennessee governor's signature

How can one be proud of volunteering to be stupid?

The Good News is Bad News

Man made global warming gave us a mild Winter.  Did we have one?  As a result, we've seen employment appearing to be a bit better.  That's good news.  However, the improvement comes as a result of warm weather jobs showing up in what should have been cold weather.  The late Winter surge may become an early Summer slump.

Is there anything we can do?  Yes there is since this Summer is going to be very, very hot.  The 1% can help the unemployed 99%.  They can hire people to follow them about and be their personal fans and keep them cool.  It's a win-win.

The 1% will feel better and be able to create more jobs (it's hard work if you're all sticky and sweaty).  The personal fans will have an income and get lots of exercise.  What kind of jobs will the job creators create?  Hmm, fans lead to valets, maids, butlers.  They can put the servant back into the service sector.

   Mild winter may have artificially inflated jobs data, economists fear

Election 2012

Dear Consumer...

In our politics each of us is a shopper.  Unfortunately, we can shop only once every four years for a new and improved president.  We don't use money.  We have a script.  We pay with our vote.  Between now and election day, two major companies, the DNC and the RNC will spend a couple of billion to advertise their products.  We will see ads in print.  We will hear ads on radio.  We will watch them on TV.  We will receive ads in our e-mail.  And of course, we will be carpet bombed with ads delivered by google on every site we visit on the Tubes.  I wonder is anyone has made an App just for ads?

I worked for Obama in 2008.  The idea of McNasty as Prez was a strong motivator.  That involvement, along with giving the DNC, DCCC and DSCC some cash (and my e-mail address), now yields a dozen or more e-mail pitches a day for money.  I occasionally read one or two of them.  They are from people I never heard of.  They point out a crisis in the nation.  They praise Obama.  They want to know if I'm willing to help solve the problem.  They ask for $5, $15, $45 and so on--that's how they think I solve problems, but then remember Bush had us go to war by shopping.  It's all very strange.  The oddest has been the dinner with Obama raffle.

Obama needs the money to buy ads so he can raise more money for more ads all in the hope that each of us will decide to buy him with our vote.  He's like a product.  We've been using it for three years.  It hasn't lived up to the original advertising that caught our attention in 2008.  Now, it's been re-packaged.  Usually, we discover that "new and improved" labels on products mean "old and worse" with less product in a larger box.   Obama is lucky that the other product doesn't even make it to being a second or irregulars.  What kind of product do you liken  Obama to?  Romney?

   Obama has aggressive Internet strategy to woo supporters

Friday, April 6, 2012

Mac Attack

Have you checked your Mac for the Flashback virus?  Are you current with fixes from Apple?

How to check for—and get rid of—a Mac Flashback infection

I wonder

I wonder if Dick Cheney had not been Bush's Veep, would BushCo have gone headlong into torture as they did?  Who led the charge, the dimwit from Dallas or Dork Cheney?

New Bush-Era Torture Memo Released, Raises Questions About What Has Changed And What Hasn't

Santorum will come out lighter if he continues

The latest PPP poll suggests that Willard will claim at least one butt cheek from Frothy.  By the 24th, he may be able to take both.  Will Frothy persist in his assholery or drop out before then?

Romney leads in Pennsylvania

Food for thought

Hm, given the recent strip search ruling by the originalist five, I think Ms. Wolf's guess that arrests of females will increase is probably correct.  Enjoy--

How the US uses sexual humiliation as a political tool to control the masses

Hindsight Polling?

I wonder if any organization specializes in hindsight or after the game polls?  It might be interesting to know how many Trogs, who really liked Sen. McNasty, would, knowing what they know today, vote for him in a repeat of the 2008 primaries?  Remember, McAncient gave us Sarah Palin.

I also wonder how many Obama fans from back then, having experienced the last three years, would in retrospect, now vote for Hillary?  After three years, would in a fantasy, Clinton have won the 2008 nomination?

Okay Bush and Nixon fans, wold you really vote for them again?  Anyone really going to tell me they would do it again for Goldwater?  Clinton?

The Arena

Given the bounty paid for mayhem by a pro football team, I'd suggest we end football at all levels.  It's just violent entertainment for gamblers.  It quit being a sport a long, long time ago.  I'm not sure it was ever a sport.  It does provide employment for brutes who might otherwise hang out in alleys.   If people cannot cope with the end of football, then let's open it up to total mayhem.  Make it an extreme sport.

Gregg Williams' speech adds fuel to bountygate fire

Bring back the Roman Games and turn Football into a blood sport.  How about extra points for a death on the field?  The losing team could be executed by the winners at the Super Bowl.  I bet that would set world wide TV audience records.  How much would Budweiser pay to sponsor the end of the game?


Two women were married in California.  They moved to Maryland.  They tried to get a divorce there.  Oops, Maryland does not have same sex nothing so the court tossed the case.  The women appealed.  It's now in the Court of Appeals.  Will the divorce be allowed to be litigated?  States are supposed to recognize each other's laws, will Maryland?  It's a lot simpler and it makes life better if we'd knock off the gay bashing bullshit.  We're all created equal remember.

Md. high court poised to hear lesbian divorce case

I think we need a passel of non-believers, atheists, pagans and Wiccans* elected to office.  The anti- (you fill in the blank) seems to rise, in case after case, from Christians, Muslims and Jews.  The desert must really warp a people, then culture takes over.

*I assume pagans and Wiccans don't give a shit one way or the other about gays, race, women or other minorities.  

The Folks At Home Know Him

And they do not want him to come back at all.  Who and where?  Oh, make it Frothy and Pennsylvania.  They know him and reject him.  The rest of the Repub-o-Sphere might heed the Keystone GOPers.  They know he leaves a trail of santorum wherever he goes.  It's sticky and it stinks.

Resentment lingers in Pa. after Santorum's loss 

If Frothy has his ass handed to him by Willard will he finally drop out?

What are the Repubs doing?

The economy may be slowing.  Unemployment is down, but it's not due to new jobs since only 120,000 were created in March.   The Trogs must be working hard to wreck the economy--it's the only way that Willard might beat Obama.  Would Repubs cause unemployment if they could?  That's a no brainer, of course they would, who cares about the nation when there's important stuff to do such as win an election.

U.S. hiring slowed sharply in March; unemployment fell to 8.2 percent

Legacy Review

Back when we had a potted plant as President, the Shrub decided he needed a place in history as a great man.  He noted, well an aide noted for him, that to be great he had to be a wartime commanderator decider kind of big shot.  He decided to be a warrior.  In chief, too.  Of course no one noticed that plants are not the best and brightest when it comes to command.

He invaded Iraq.  He shocked.  He awed.  He liberated.  He expected chocolates but received looting and insurrection.  He occupied.  He kept occupying.  He surged.  He signed a get out of Iraq deal.  He went back to Dallas (Crawford was his Potemkin village bit of fakery for the masses).  Now we have to deal with the compost his leavings have built up.

Ready for a Shia "Saddam?"

Iraq unstable, sectarian, with signs of authoritarian rule

Aw Gee, The Law May Get Sticky

Stand your ground laws were passed to increases sales of guns and ammo.  The NRA backed and sponsored the passage of these laws.  The NRA has one interest, not the 2nd Amendment, no, it's to increase the sales of guns and ammo.   If folks don't like the law, then they should look in the mirror because as possible voters they built their state's legislature.  Retail sales is not a good reason to pass laws.

Lawyers fear 'Stand Your Ground' backlash

GOP Evolution

GSA Waste

The $823,000 GSA team building conference in Vegas appears to be the result of career ticket punching.  If you outdo what's been previously done, your bosses notice.  They like getting "free" stuff too.  Unfortunately, if the public notices, they may have a bit more of an influence on your next "promotion" than your soon to be former boss.   These types of screw-ups begin at the top and we know who is at the top don't we.  It's a cultural thing.

GSA manager wanted ‘over the top’ Vegas conference

Here's the national joke--

The political deadlock over national debt

War on Women?

The guys can't seem to ever quit going on and on about women.  Instead of the simple inclusion that comes with the idea that all people are created equal with unalienable rights, pols "war" over them.  Some of them paw them over too.  Acceptance of equality ends a lot of contemporary conversation.  It would be nice to hear the sound of silence on gender issues.

I have a feeling that most male pols in both parties long for the days before 1919.  Then they would not have to talk about contraception, reproduction and vaginas at all.  Yep, guys would be guys and gals would be at home and do as they are told.

I do not understand how any woman can be a Repub or belong to most the Christian faithful flavors.  Is there a war?  Nah, it's just a quest for votes that gets bollixed up by some intrinsic political misogyny .  I'd suggest women and others who think we are all created equally flip off both parties and start a new one.  Can we give them a real political war?

A ‘war on women’ or a battle for their votes?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Our Government in Action!

Once again, we voters have performed an impossible act on ourselves.  We keep electing the same assholes.  The assholes say they will work for us.  However the assholes are owned by folks who donate generously.  Gas is going out of sight.  Can it be stopped?  Of course it can.  All it takes is for our elected assholes to do the jobs we elected them to do.

Finance expert says speculators are behind high oil and gasoline prices

They are not doing it to us, we do it to ourselves every two years.  Isn't it time to elect people who actually run the show for the betterment of the 98%?  

Peace in Syria?

The UN has  plan.  Assad has more or less agreed to the deal.  Until the UN deal kicks in, his forces can kill more Syrians.  They are.  I have a feeling all the UN deal will do is help Assad's forces identify their enemies and give them prep time for more slaughter.  When will the UN fall on its ass?  Bets on success?

Activists say Syrian troops launch major assault on suburb of capital Damascus

Arab Seasons

Gee, revolting Arabs gave us the Arab Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter in Egypt.  A dictator is gone.  The military still runs the show.  People are grumpy, especially the Islamists who want a piece of the action.  How can  the powers that be control the unsettled masses? They can't repeat Spring.  They need a new season. Oh, there's an old one they can revive.  Welcome to the Israeli season, no permits required.  The Middle East is a very strange and dangerous place.

Rocket hits southern Israeli city near Egypt border, PM says Sinai becoming ‘terror zone’

When the Taliban did a better job...

Well, it appears they did a better job dealing with sexual abuse of boys. Of course girls didn't count then or today.  Gee is this life in the 9th century? Why are we still in Afghanistan?    I hope it doesn't come down to a "they are perverts, but they are perverts" type of defense.

Afghanistan sees rise in ‘dancing boys’ exploitation

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rich Old White Guys At Play

No, I'm not going to post a piece on the GOP.  However, the members of Augusta may all be Repubs too.  It's time for the Masters and time for them to answer questions about membership.  Will women be allowed in?

Masters chairman sidesteps questions about female members at Augusta National

Google Glasses

Heard of google glasses?  Here's a demonstration video.  Too much tech or not?

Google glasses get a preview

Review: Sarah Palin on Today Show

TRog Watchers Take Note

Between now and the 24th Trogs will be cavorting and castigating in public in these states.  Trogs will be in full frolic.  Well, it's frolicking for Trogs.  Will Willard clean Frothy's ass?  I hope so, the santorum is getting too deep.  I am as tired of Frothy as I was of Huckabee in 2008 by now.

April 24, 2012Connecticut28Primary
New York95Primary
Rhode Island19Primary
Total:                                                                        231

Good Question

Could the Web generation uncover a Watergate-type scandal?

Does the web generation know what facts are?  I'm not sure.  We seem to iterate through the same epistemological loop with every technological change as we pursue truth.  Just as we overcome one bit of excess, a new one appears on the scene.

Once it was said, if it's carved in stone, it's true.  Then came, if it's written on parchment it's true.  And we go on over time, if it's printed, it's true; if it's in a book, it's true; if it's on radio it's true; if it's on TV it's true.  Today we hear, if it's on the Internet, it's true.

So, tell me, what do we know, what true? What are the antecedent conditions necessary to feel comfortable with the assertion "X is true?"  Hold it, I'll Wiki X...

Strategic Legacy Watch -- War #2

Gee, the good folks in Iraq can't even agree to get together and disagree about disagreeing.  Well, bombs do deter reconciliation.  I wonder if Bush even thinks about Iraq these days...

Iraq's reconciliation conference postponed

Homophobes and Sen. McCain, Please take note:

Impact of ending military's 'don't ask, don't tell' law 'negligible' 

Homophobes will never feel like idiots, they should, evidence shows they have been.  Will all the gay bashers take the time to admit how wrong they were?  Nah, they'll find another group of folks to trash.  Hm, I hear redheads are not fit for service, especially combat...

Who Said Medicine Is An Art?

It may be, but it's also quite profitable, especially if unneeded tests are part of a Doc's standard practice. I bet many of the tests depend on ready availability of equipment.  It's kind of like the observation that the single best predictor of the number of surgeries performed in an area is the number of surgeons who practice in that area.  Art?  Sometimes fleecing is an art.

Doctors groups call for end to unnecessary procedures

It figures

Government can keep the private sector alive.  If government buys a product that the rest of the world has decided is not worth a damn, then the not worth a damn company can stay in business for a damn long time.  For example, Blackberry...

BlackBerry remains official Washington’s smartphone even as its maker’s fortunes decline

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #1

Victory is just around the corner, it has been for almost a decade.  Of course we have to be cautious since a suicide bomber may also be around the corner.

Suicide attack aimed at U.S. troops kills at least six Afghans

Future Strategic Victory Watch -- Prepped for War #10

The advance Legion came ashore.  Flags were unfurled.  Soldiers established a secure remote base for the American Empire in Asia.  We're in Australia.  I wonder which nation will discover they need to be liberated next?  All hail Caeser....

First 200 US Marines arrive in northern Australia where joint training hub is taking shape

What's his name won all three

The GOP front man, Mort, Mitten, oh, yeah, Willard won DC, Maryland, and Wisconsin.  He added another 85 delegates bringing him to as many an 655 (depends on how you count 'em).  Frothy didn't score, but he's all focused on Pennsylvania now.  Newtie is still building brand Gingrich,  Is Paul still in the race?  Is there any doubt left about Willard?  I mean as the nominee.   The GOP crowd has lots of doubts about him personally, but they should appreciate the way he spent a decade buying victory.  They will have to cope.  Are Dems happy?

Mitt Romney wins Wisconsin, Maryland, D.C. primaries

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

There's Something Very Wrong With This...

Surging above $1 trillion, U.S. student loan debt has surpassed credit card and auto-loan debt. This debt explosion jeopardizes the fragile recovery, increases the burden on taxpayers and possibly sets the stage for a new economic crisis.

Recovery threatened by runaway student loan debt

Gift Ideas

If you are rich and looking for gift ideas, then this may be for you--

Tiny towns go up for sale

The Mind of a Repub

Trifecta for Trogs?

Will Willard win Wisconsin, Maryland and DC today?  Probably.  If he does, will that insufferable prig, no, not Newt, the other asshole, Frothy, finally shut up and go home?  Nah, he's building an org for 2016.  Newt is just trying to sell books, DVDs and re-build his brand.  Let's look a bit further into the future.

Imagine that Willard runs.  Imagine that he has his ass handed to him--come on, no one even likes the guy.  If that happens then Frothy will be back in 2016 and he will be even more of a zealous Jesus jockey than ever.  The Repubs may then become a party only for Trogs.

 If the Repubs really want to finally lose their party to the batshit crazy evangefundies, then they can ignore the 2102 race and let Willard lose.  If they want to take their party back (did you like that turn of phrase) they better make sure Willard picks a Veep who will be the nominee in 2016.  They will have to work their butts off between 2012 and 2016 for that nominee and restructure their primaries.  They will have to find a way to insure that normal Repubs out vote the evangefunides in the next cycle's  primaries.   I doubt they will, expect Frothy in '16 and the removal of the GOP from our politics.

Uh, oh! Competing Killings

What will cable news do?  The Trayvon Martin killing is still hot news.  Now, there's a school rampage.  The shooter, a  Korean, wasted students at a Christian college.  He killed seven and wounded three.

Will  cable be able to cope with two stories where each could run 7/24 for weeks.  Will they have to go to split screen killing coverage?   This must give producers ulcers.  Which bit of mayhem will attract more viewers and get the best ratings?  Which is cheapest to produce?

If MSNBC switches to Christians will liberals see that as evidence of racist media?  If MSNBC stays with Trayvon will Christians see that as evidence of an ungodly and anti-Christian media?  Maybe FOX can cover the college kids and MSNBC can stick with Trayvon.  CNN could then cover FOX and MSNBC.  We live in interesting times.

Students ran, hid behind doors after gunman opened fire at small Christian college in Calif.

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #6

And in Yemen, the government blows the crap out of their bad guys.  Where did Yemen's Air Force come from?

Yemeni officials say latest government airstrikes in south have killed 43 al-Qaida militants

Becoming our enemy

Compare the U.S. today to what it opposed during the height of the Cold War.  Who really won?  I suggest, in terms of freedom and liberty that we have moved closer and closer to the Soviets than we want to admit.  I guess democracy will soon be on the table too.

Our fearless Fosdicks who run USA, Inc., keep telling us it's all to protect us and make us safe.  The fear industry is fantastic and profitable.  Now our great leaders can look to Britain for an even better way to degrade and debase our way of life.  Yes, the Brits are trying to become a European version of Iran!

Britain weighs proposal to allow greatly increased Internet ‘snooping’

If they succeed, how long before we emulate them?  It's not to late, don't reelect anyone.  Vote for libertarians.  That does not include Ron Paul, he's a Repub in libertarian clothing.

When Government is Run Like a Business...

When private sector execs take the reins of government agencies, it's easy for them to forget that the money is tax money.  It is not earned.  They are used to spending profits.  In the private sector they can spend away as long as their acts make even more profits.

Unfortunately, in government to make more money means we they have to raise taxes.  No one wants taxes raised because of government waste.  Government officials have to attempt to be somewhat frugal in spending tax dollars or voters may turn on them in the next election.

Obama may be turned on--GSA chief resigns amid reports of excessive spending

Government has to be run like government not a business.  It's not a business.  I have a hunch that spending scandals such as this one tend to involve appointees who came from the private sector over the public sphere.   Historians, am I correct?

Monday, April 2, 2012

This movie has to really be bad to win all these awards

Adam Sandler sets Razzies record with ‘Jack and Jill’ sweep: Panned film wins every category in worst movie awards

The Private Sector Does Its Public Sector Normal

1940 Census material was made available today.   I tried to get in, I waited and waited. I gave up. What happened?

The Archives had hired Inflection, a Silicon Valley company that owns, a family history website, to handle what was expected to be a massive undertaking.

Does anyone have a public/private IT success story and I mean one that works from the outset, not on the 50th iteration of change orders, endless fixes with oodles of cost overruns? Archives should have done the job itself.  If they could not, then they should not have even tried.

Ooops--Glitch disrupts unveiling of 1940 Census records online

Of course no one at Archives or Inflection will be fired.  Their mutual real job was accomplished. The real job is transferring tax dollars from the public sector to private bank accounts. Add to the mess, the damn load was too great for their servers. That's  a sizing matter and not that complex.  Management needs to canned along with their IT honchos. They won't be since no one really gives a shit about true government waste--contractors.

Archives bends under rush for 1940 census records; share your family stories

Chalk another one to running a bit of government like a business?

Remember Obama is not a liberal or a progressive

Obama got what he wanted from the Supremes.  Not on health care, no, the Originalist Five decided that the cops can strip search away to their perverted heart's content.   After all the powers that be have made prisons into crowded, dirty, and nasty places, so the cops need to be able to strip search at will.  Come on folks, who made all the slammers into such foul, fetid dumps in the first place?  Did legislators and chief execs have any hand in the matter or was it all done by the cons and their jailers?

Jailhouse Strip Searches Backed by U.S. Supreme Court Ruling

When it becomes news...

One thing I am certain of, when someone or some thing becomes news for more the magic number of required  news cycles, the merchandise industry kicks in.

I remember when Elvis died, within 24 hours our store received the first of several commemorative items for us to sell.  The first was a photo book--little text-- the one case we received was gone in a hour or so.  It was Kresge's dime store.  We sold a lot of Elvis stuff in the coming weeks.

I wonder how many hoodies, t-shirts, caps, key rings and other items have been sold in the past few weeks as the Trayvon Martin killing stays in the news?  Do companies have people whose job it is to find news items that can be transformed into merchandise and cash?  Has Skittles gotten a sales bump?

On a different front, how has Etch-A-Sketch done in the last couple of weeks?

Battlefield Depends?

Protective underwear helps guard troops against IEDs

As Willard campaigns in the South he might want to see if his Church has a line of approved battlefield under garments.


One thing I've learned about folks in this world is that there is nothing like some owning more than others to elicit profound statements of moral justification for said social inequity.   The haves are never satisfied with their good fortune or luck.  No, their disproportionate ownership of the goods and resources comes to be due only to their innate superiority, brilliance, morality and good breeding.  Why, it’s not only right and proper, it’s inheritable to boot!  
Come on, do you really think it was a serf somewhere who dreamed up the Divine Right of Kings?  I’m sure it was Cliff the cesspool cleaner who first stated, "You, good King Baggy Pants, are King because God gave kingship to you and your progeny as an eternal divine right."  It had to be Cliff.  It couldn't have been Baggy Pants and those who benefited from his reign could it?  
What about our sacred kings?  Papal infallibility was dreamt up by an obscure lay member of the Church, right?  Yeah, a long time ago, old Sam Giovanni was sweeping a street in Rome when he announced to the world, "The Pope speaks only the truth, god told me he's infallible."  It must have caught on and spread like a pandemic. Over night even Popes spouted this truth.  Did Sam become a saint?  
As we review human history, from Kings to prelates to aristocrats and the rich, we witness their mountainous pile of existential self-serving  justificatory pompous bullshit.  We are such a very self serving species.  We can create a line of logical bull to support, prove and render as true about anything we want. Of course the "we" is that segment of society who benefit from the self created  "truth."  
When "we" combine our truth (bullshit) with force (arms and gold) we can create a power monopoly and magically transform truth into, "The Truth."  It doesn't take much muscle to transform one generations "truth" into a trans-generational tradition that supports the monopoly holders and their hangers on of power.  We are very good at providing baseball bats to the bat wielders who use our heads as balls.  
We seem to have lost sight of how to assess our world.  Truth is temporal, even then it requires three components--facts, reason and logic.  The powerful wield, at best, only reason and logic.  I wonder if T. Rex had Truth?  

Fast Foodists Take Heart

Have you lamented the flagging of Burger King food?  Have you found yourself heading out for a Whopper but winding up with a Big Mac instead?

If so, then you might be a "Consumer who has longed for more food options at Burger King." Yes they exist. BK has revamped its menu. It's a gamble, after all it's BK. The new menu goes in place today, but  it may not help them at all.

Coming up with a new menu is a whopper of a task

Sign of the Times?

Consider this--

• In 1990, fewer than 10 percent of U.S. divorces involved spouses age 50 or older. Today, more than 1 in 4 divorces involve older adults — including the very aged, who often split legally for financial reasons but continue to live together. • In 2009, the divorce rate hit 12.6 for every 1,000 married people ages 50-64, double the middle-aged divorce rate from 20 years earlier.

 • About a third of baby boomers today are unmarried. Most who are recently divorced have also experienced an earlier divorce. 

 • More than 2.7 million Americans 50 or older are cohabitating, nearly three times as many as in 2000. Harder to gauge are the causes and possible effects of the “gray divorce” phenomenon, and whether a divorced boomer is a happier one.

Boomers are divorcing at very high rates.  Why?  What subtle and not so subtle changes will we see in our society?  What services will spring up to serve the boomers who've gone bust (maritally)?  It's a new growth market who will serve it with what?

Monk en flambe

Do you understand burning yourself to death as a means of protest?  I didn't back in the Vietnam era and I don't today in Tibet.  It has to be a cultural thing.  I also can't quite get a handle on suicide bombers.  Killing yourself is wrong--that's the cultural thing.  What do you get from dousing yourself with gas and as they used to say, "flick your Bic?"  I guess East and Middle East will never quite meet West.

Self-immolations reflect rising Tibetan anger

Why not just hire Blackwater?

You have to love the Arab leaders of this world.  One of their ilk has been slaughtering his own people a bit too excessively even for them.  They have expressed outrage, sorta, kinda.  What will they do?

Will they put together an Arab army to invade, shock and awe, liberate and occupy Syria?  Come on, these are Arab leaders we're talking about.  I think it's part of their religion, their good book says "if one dictator strikes a fellow dictator, he will be denied his 72 virgins in heaven."  So, they have decided--

to provide a monthly stipend of several million dollars to pay a “salary” to opposition fighters in Syria and encourage more defections from President Bashar al-Assad’s army...

Now that's real commitment.  Hire mercs on the open market, they will work for a pittance.  Don't forget we've had to let a lot of them go as our wars fritter and sputter to an end.

The Mouth

Joe Biden, Obama's bucket of spit, was on TV defending his boss and trashing the GOP.  That's his day job.  With respect to the Court, he's just certain HisBoss'sCare act will be upheld.  It's funny, when it passed Congress, he was heard telling his boss, "this is a big fucking deal."  He was correct.  I hope he is right about the Court.  If he's wrong and it is ruled unconstitutional, then it really will be an even bigger fucking deal.  I wonder if he will tell that to Obama?

Biden says Supreme Court will uphold health-care law

I wonder why Goldmans has not securitized it yet?

They may have, I'm not sure.  Have you seen any investments based on unpaid college debt?  It might make a dandy security, at least as good as the elderly's life insurance policies that have been securitized.  It might be even better if the debt was restricted to the 60 and over crowd.  When they hit social security, their payments are garnished to pay college debt and that's almost a guaranteed return on investment.

How does $36 billion in college debt owed by the 60 and over crowd sound?  How did we allow this to happen?  Oh, that's easy, look in the mirror then look at all the bozos we've voted for over the past couple of decades.  If you didn't vote, well, you asked for it and have received it--please stay bent over.  If you voted, did you really attend to state elections?  Did you vote your party instead of your real interests?  At any rate, we have exactly what we, those who voted, actually want in this country.  Isn't it time to never vote for an incumbent?

Senior citizens continue to bear burden of student loans

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Trayvon Martin

The only thing I am certain of is that Zimmerman shot Martin dead.  Beyond that there is no certainty about much at all.  This matter has deteriorated into a bit of racial slugfest on TV.  I'd suggest that you avoid TV on this matter totally.  Remember, TV news is driven by ratings and sponsors, it's entertainment.  Stick to newspapers, print first, then on-line to get what facts exist, and get them as  straight as you can.  Then you will be sufficiently armed to go into the vast wilderness of the Tubes, but stay away from TV news anyway (it's not news anymore is it?).

Here's a decent guide to what is know and not known in the shooting matter--

A Guide To The Night George Zimmerman Killed Trayvon Martin

A couple things I wonder about, are the photos of both Martin and Zimmerman  accurate,  recent and representative of each individual?   Second, does this case entail "stand your ground law," self defense law or both?  Exactly what law is involved and how has it been applied in this case?  We seem to be a bit murky on this.

Moron Move Ahead!

Who's the moron?  Obama.  What's his move?  Oh, trying to score political points by releasing oil from the Strategic Reserve to lower gas prices.  Why is it a moron move?  Simple, everyone except a moron, knows releasing oil from the reserve will not affect gas prices more than a few cents for a few days.

If a sufficient number of folks know this then could this backfire on him?  Would it drive some voters over to the GOP?  Probably not, after all both sides think the same, "he's a moron, but he's our moron."

Backers see Obama tapping strategic oil reserves

Of course Obama might try something novel for him, leadership. He could lead a charge to regulate the hell out of energy commodity trading (that includes oil). He could stand up against the GOP and any Democratic Congressman on the oil pad. He could ask the rest us (who do happen to have votes) for help  and we all could demand that Congress be responsible for a change. Then he would not be a moron. Since there is safety in moron moves, I know what Obama will do, don't you?

Now we know why they are nutless wonders!

Myths--Obama Foreign Policy

Five Myths

Tuesday will be another Trog off

Trogs will slither to the polls on Tuesday in Wisconsin, Maryland and D.C.  As you go out and about be cautious it takes a few days for the slime trails to degrade--they are slick, slippery and will stick to anything.   Oh, if you want to depress the vote, put out bowls of beer near the precincts or sprinkle salt on every passing Trog.

For Romney, a Widening Gap Between Urban and Rural Support

 It will probably be triple slug-a-rama for Willard.

Place Your Bets

Will Assad and Company still rule Syria a year from now? Sure, all the Arabs in the world can't agree to denounce and to actually act to depose a single dictator. The concept of self determination, free elections and a just government are alien to them--it's a religious thing.

We are so fortunate that we have a Constitutional separation of powers. Had we not, we'd not be much different than the Arab world. What's the diff between our Jesus jockeys and the Muslim camel herders? Should a single U.S. tax dollar be sent to do anything from bombs to bread to penicillin in Syria? I think not.

Syrian opposition leaders plead for more help; U.S. pledges $12 million more in aid

A bit long but quite interesting

The fall of the Roman empire and the rise of Islam