Saturday, April 21, 2012

Man of the People--Cookiegate Update

Willard is an ass.  There's no way around it.  He is an ass.

Does Mitt Romney hate cookies?

Maybe he thinks the best food comes from 7-11.  Gee a 7-11 gourmet for Prez?  I know lime jello is big out in Utah, but this is dumb.

Ronnie is back!

Bless my star wars!  It's back.  Only this time we're building it since all the science advisers have been kicked out of the White House and Congress.  We're building Europe a missile shield to protect them from an axis of weasels--Iran.  Iranian missiles might be on the way, what's the delay?  Oh, like Bonzo's big idea, this one doesn't work too.

The reports cast doubt on the shield, a politically sensitive issue at home and in relations with Russia. They say missile interceptors are running into production glitches, radars are underpowered and sensors cannot distinguish between warheads and other objects.

Reports cast doubt on European missile defense

What pols will do for votes is amazing. Now the Dems are joining the Repubs and abandoning science?

Beer Presidency

We all know that the Shrub won because most folks would rather sit down and have a beer with than Al Gore or John Kerry.  Okay, now on to 2012.  Who would you rather sit down and have a near-beer with...

Theocracy Update

Will Orrin the Pious make the cut and become the Mormon candidate for Senate?  He has a  fight on his hands.  If he and the Church win, it will be for a seventh term.  Utah is a strange place, I have trouble with the idea that Hatch is not conservative enough.  Has the Church divided into Trogs and Troggiers?

Orrin Hatch in strong position heading into Utah GOP convention

Will You Lose the Internets?

Is this the web's future?

Infected PCs may lose Internet in July

You expected them to tell him to bugger off?

State GOP leaders rally behind Romney at party conference

Of course the Repub voters may have a problem, especially in those grits and crackers Southern red states.  My god, they'll have to vote for a Mormon!  They really want the black guy gone but can they vote for a heathen?  I they they believe they'll go to hell for an act like that.  Life's a real bitch if you are in the GOP.  

Why Did Anyone Ever Think He Was Presidential?

It's one thing for Newt to keep on running and piling up personal campaign debt--Gingrich racks up more debt as his campaign disintegrates.  It's quite another matter when he's costing us $40,000 a day.  That us is the American taxpayer.  You know, come to think of it,  he is the true conservative--he wants to only spend taxes on himself.

Group: 'Wasteful' of taxpayer $$ for Gingrich to keep Secret Service protection

ServicingZippersGate Update

More morons have "left" the secret service.  I can't shake the idea that this was not a one time, first, foray into debauchery on the road for the Prez's team.  I fear it's normal.  Too many guys, too many prostitutes.  If the bill had not been contested, we'd know nothing.  Oh, now we even see the idea "they were whores?  I just thought they wanted to get laid" surfacing.  It that one develops I wonder if MSNBC will round up Neil Bush as an analyst?

Secret Service ousts three more in Colombia scandal

And to add a new bit of repugnance to the mess, how about kiddie prostitutes?

  Colombia probes whether women in Secret Service sex scandal were under age

Friday, April 20, 2012


Last year everybody got together, decided to be revolting, and ousted Mubarek.  The miliatry went along with it, Mubarak must have missed a payoff or two.  Folks decided they wanted to have free and perhaps fair elections.

They will have elections, it looks like Mubarak cronies, backed by the military dominate the ballot.   Egyptians have fragmented into groups that don't work together at all.  The Islamists have their own demonstrations.  The Liberals have theirs.  I wonder who's books Tahrir Square's use?  Does Egypt need an Arab Spring 2.0?  If so, can you have multiple Springs so that each faction seeking power has its own?

Thousands of protesters rally in Cairo's Tahrir Square, but messages compete
I do not understand younger women today.  I see how they appear and behave.  I get my info largely from TV shows, entertainment and news.  Of course newspapers run articles on today's raunch culture and I've read a book or three on the role of women.

From my perspective it appears that young women are engaging in self-objectification.  In clothing, appearance and behavior they are without sentience, feelings and personality.  They are things, objects.  Guys no longer have to lift a finger to objectify the gals.  They appear to be doing fine by themselves.  Now I learn it's not really self-objectification, its empowerment.  That idea seems strange.  Okay, if I were 40 years younger, I'd encourage all the girls around me to empower themselves to the max.  Is it empowerment or self-objectification?

Then agian it might be a mutual deterioration.  Maybe the guys and gals have both empowered themselves and are both just objects but don't realize it.  

They Were Against Him Before they Were for Him?

Obama Blows Smoke, He's Just A Pol Trolling for Votes

Does a majority of millionaires really support the Buffett Rule?

Elections are like icebergs

Look at the coming Prez election.  Two guys saying "I'm cooler, vote for me."  Are we really voting for these dipwads?  Come on, they are massive narcissists who need to be on stage and loved.  They may even think we vote for them.  Well we do vote for them, but what we are electing is a party.  When you look at Obama, we see 5-10% of what's running, the rest is below the water line.  What's running is the Democratic Party as it stands today and what that party's power brokers are willing and able to do from Nov.  2012  until Nov. 2014.  Every election is about the next election.  It's no different with Willard.

The real question is which party most conforms with what you as a voter want in terms of government policy and programs.   The massive ego we elect to office can act for himself, but only a bit.   Remember money starts in the House, has to be okayed in the Senate and then comes to the Prez in the form of a bill he can make law by signing it.  How much the guy can do depends on how much muscle he has with Congress.  

Want to vote for Obama?  Okay, why?  I will vote for him, but I'm voting for the Democratic Party.  A ham sandwich could be the Dem's candidate and I'd still vote for it over any Repub (remember the vote is for the party not the person).

Want to vote for Willard?  If you are not a rich old white guy, why?

Did Government Employees Do The Deed?

Misinformation campaign targets USA TODAY reporter, editor

If Bush were still prez, I'd be sure it was ordered by an ass like Rumsfeld or Cheney.  Now it's Obama's watch.  How much difference is there between the two?  Well, now that I think about, it was probably ordered by some ace in the White House.

GOP Cost Savings In Action

The GOP loves to thump the waste, fraud and abuse theme all the time.  That's why we're supposed to vote for them.  Of course they never quite tell us that their cure will cost us even more than the disease.  This is GOP normal.

Florida's welfare drug tests cost more money than state saves, data shows

Okay how about voter fraud?  Deficit reduction?  Debt elimination?  You  name the program and it's worse after the GOP fixes "problems."  That people keep voting for them seems to indicate a that we enjoy a lot of voter stupidity.


It's gong from bad to worse.

Secret Service supervisors involved in Colombia scandal identified

Dribble War #1

This is an idiotic war.  It's like a dribble glass.  We keep trying to suck down victory and all we manage to do is dribble away a few more lives.  How long will we persist in this madness?  Doesn't anyone get tired of bloody shirts?

4 U.S, troops in crash of American helicopter in southwestern Afghanistan

I agree

Honoring Pat Summitt a smart move for Obama

When I taught at UT, my experiences with student athletes showed me that she ran a sports program that made sure her athletes went to school first and played ball second. I can't say that was true for any other part of UT's sports industry. Her kids all graduated. If I had a problem with any of her girls, I could call her and the problems would be taken care of. Oh, the Lady Vols also played great basketball and I'm not that big of basketball fan.

For Catholic Priests, It's still 1263

Maybe the Nuns should tell the laity "it's decision time."  Do you stick around with the corrupt priests or breakaway and form a church lead by Nuns.  Interesting, would they allow guys to become Nuns?  Probably.  It would be nice to see a religious org stick to theology for a change.  Maybe the Catholics need a good dose of nunnly "radical feminism" which means the Church would “Only do what Jesus told us to do,in hospitals, schools and orphanages.“ I remain mystified how anyone can be a Catholic these days or belong to any church.

  The instructive timing of the crackdown on nuns

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Oh Come On!

Catholic League threatens to ‘mobilize’ boycott against Jon Stewart

It was a funny bit. I doubt if Mr. Stewarts viewers were offended. However, they are probably offened by the Catholic Leagues frothing about boycotts of the Daily Show. I suggest a boycott of all things Catholic instead. I doubt if any members of the Catholic League actually watch The Daily Show on a regular basis.    This bothers them but they tolerate pedophile priests?  Strange group of folks.


The network bobblehead shows have become troggified.  It shows. If you want an alternative, watch MSNBC on Saturday and Sunday morning--Chris Hayes and Melissa Harris-Perry.

Study: Conservatives Dominate Sunday Shows

Prior Post

In the prior post I suggested a 5% tax on gross revenues business tax.  Gross receipts, minus salaries and dividends are the basis for taxes.  I think 1% would do okay.

Of course we could go to 100% individual taxes.  Businesses are owned by people, people pay taxes.  It's nice but it becomes less than simple quite quickly since we have to define "profit."

Taxes and Reform

In an earlier post I made suggestions for totally rewriting individual taxes,  I bet that one, with definitions, would fill only a dozen pages at most.  It's simple, fair and transparent.  So here goes with business taxes.  

Why do we have different kinds of businesses?  I have a feeling much of it comes from two sources.  First, is protecting one's butt.  Second is the tax code.  As we need to reform taxes on people, we need to reform taxes on businesses.

First a word on businesses.  For tax purposes I propose that there will be only one type of business.  It is any commercial endeavor that has at least one employee that involves financial or service  transactions of any kind.  There is no difference between a sole proprietorship and a corporation.  The notions of non-profit are also gone.  There is just one commercial type of entity.

I have to mention a bit more on non-profits.  The only non-profit that will remain are religious ones.  They aren't taxed now and won't be in the future.  Well, there will be a change.  Things such as churches and religious orgs proper won't be taxed as businesses, but any other activity owned by a church will be treated as businesses.   There are too many religiously owned commercial activities that avoid taxes due to the separation of church and state.  That ends with reform.  God can keep his share, but Caesar is coming for his due.  

How do make business taxes fair, transparent and simple?  The simplest approach that I can think of is to take a percentage of a businesses gross.  That's it.  Nothing more.  Who cares about profit?  Who cares about expenses?  It simple, small and to the point.  If you are in business of any kind you own Uncle Sam 5% of your gross revenue.  If Jake's Garden Shop grossed $1,000,000 last year, then my business tax is $50,000.  If a business can't cut that small a take, then they should be out of business. 

If 5% is draconian, then perhaps we can tax businesses progressively.  Perhaps ranging from 1% to 5% over some gross range--$1 to $100,000,000 and over, but you get the idea.  I'm partial to 5%, what is the right number?  Remember every business is treated the same.  There is just one business type for this tax reform. 

To be fair, businesses can have two deductions.  First, they can deduct salaries paid from their gross revenue.  Second, they can deduct dividends paid from their gross.  We avoid double taxation for those who give themselves wedgies over this issue.  That's all.  Nothing else. 

Let's run through Jake's Garden Shop.  Say I grossed $1,000,000 last year.  I paid myself $80,000.  I paid two other people $65,000 each ($130,000).  There are no dividends since this is a sole proprietorship.  Have you noted I will have to file two very simple tax forms under my reform.  I will file an as individual taxpayer and file as Jake's Garden Shop.

Jake's Garden Shop, using 5% would have to cough up $39,500 on my $790,000 adjusted gross revenue. As an individual, assuming no other sources of income, I'd pay about $1,920 using my revamped individual tax code (see  Taxes for individual reforms and calculations).  

Now imagaine that Jake's is a Corporation.  I did $20,000,000 last year.  I paid out $10,000,000 in salaries and distributed $500,000 in dividends.  My company owes $475,000 on $9,500,000 in gross revenue.  

This is simple.  This is straight forward.  This will piss everybody off so I'm sure it's more right than  wrong.  

Man, We're All Trogs Now!

I saw this and realized that is shows us how far to the right we've gone.  That's both parties.   Go back and review those actual Reagan years.  Dems better can the nostalgia for someone who did not exist.  The GOP won't, they live quite comfortably with lies.  Reagan did a lot of damage,  He gave the GOP a solid anti-science and knowledge foundation that we see thriving today, What I don't understand is how the Dems can use any positive reference or association with Reagan at all.

Obama, Romney both want Reagan mantle

Here's another take--Pulitzer’s no decision on fiction prize exposes flaw in process

It really is time to legalize all drugs

When the illegal drug sellers are stocking their domestic warehouses via shipments brought into this country by submarines, you know it's time to bag the war on drugs.  We lost.  Come on, the Coast Guard has captured 30 subs so far.   If we have that many people who want cocaine, let's sell it legally.  Gee, a drugs jobs program?  I wonder how much we could collect in taxes?

Coast Guard stops 30th drug sub

Missiles Away

Is India North Korea to China when it comes to ICBMs?

India tests missile capable of reaching Beijing

SecretZipperGate Update

Scandal ousts three Secret Service personnel

I've been referring to this mess as the secretzippergate. I think Colbert called it the Secret Servicing Affair. Other suggestions? How do you refer to this mess?

Ratzy's Continuing March Back to The 12th Centrury

Pope Ratzy has a problem.  It's all those pesky American nuns.  They have the nerve to think and act for themselves in the service of their God.  They don't rally to promote the Pope and protect pedophiles .  The guys will reform the Nuns?  Look how well they've done with themselves.  I wonder if Ratzy will  have them all excommunicated?  I remain amazed that anyone can be a Catholic.

Vatican report: U.S. Catholic sisters, nuns hold ‘serious theological’ errors

War #2 (the one we sorta won)

Iraq continues to live up to the Shrub's expectations.  He's waiting for them to erect huge statues to his greatness.  How long will he wait?  As Iraq continues down the path so carefully crafted by Bush and Cheney, how long before Malaki and the Shia become the Hussein and Sunni replacements?  Will the Shrub go down as a great prez?  Yeah, a great big mistake--he'll take Buchanan's bottom spot within 10 years.

Series of blasts across Baghdad and five northern Iraqi cities kills 30 people, police say

And in War #6

Droning on suspicion has worked so well in Pakistan, the aces in the CIA want to drone as they please in Yemen.  It's droning via the duck test.  It it looks like a duck, fuck it, we're in some god awful shithole no one cares about,  so drop a bomb on its ass.  It's death by suspicion.  Suspicion is not a crime here at home.  How can it be anywhere?  If we debase our moral and legal standards overseas, even in war, how long before such debasement becomes the norm and we incarcerate without trial forever.  Ooops, we already can do that, Obama made it law.  We have become the enemy.  By the way, think about how drones appear from the perspective of the person on the ground.  Kind of seems like terrorism doesn't it?  Drones are a huge mistake.  They are good for the bad guys, they build dedication, resolve, and commitment.

CIA seeks new authority to expand Yemen drone campaign

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

No He's Not

Ted Nugent is Mitt Romney's Hilary Rosen

Will this story replace Moms?  Nah, Nugent didn't attack a voting block.  Rosen's statements could be construed to do so--stay at home Moms, any Moms.  That one's easy cheap,  easy to produce and almost keeps itself alive for days and weeks.

An idiot like Nugent  says thing that are a bit harder to leverage into more than one news cycle--he just wants to get rid of criminals like Obama and Clinton by chopping off their heads.  See besides being dumb, he did not offend a contested voting block, just a couple of Dems and of course that small number of folks who oppose chopping off heads.

Nov. 2012

Now that the campaign of Obama v. Romney is underway we need to note a couple of things.  First is that no matter what either Bozo says to attract us, his words are only as good as the party behind them.  If you want to know what Willard can do as Prez, listen to House and Senate GOP leadership, party bosses  and the folks who fund GOP candidates.  Similarly with Obama, but from Democrats.

Parties still rule the show.  Parties are concerned with incumbents, in Congress and the White House.  Actually Congress is a bit more important to control than the White House.  Can you imagine what either party would do it they had an ideologically secure control of both the House and Senate?  Want a reason to vote for one rather than the other?  Okay, do you prefer to live in nation governed by Democrats or Republicans.  There's your answer to whom to vote for.  Screw the speeches and rhetorical bullshit.

Oh, I almost forgot the second thing.  It's courtesy of a comedian whose name I cannot recall.  This election is really tough for bigots.  A black running against a Mormon...

Comedy Club Kabul?

When I saw this, "US, NATO ready plan to hand off Afghanistan combat," I started to think of one-liners.  It could be the name of a comedy club act.  Hand off combat, to whom?  Oh, the intrepid Afghan police and army.  My laughs turned to gurgling choking sounds as I read the handoff will cost us $4 billion a year.  And that's for year one of "peace."  Will we call it a victory?  This sucks.

Can Generals Manage the Troops?

Photos keep cropping up.  This time it's soldiers posing amongst the mangled remains of enemy combatants.  I suggest this is symptomatic of the modern command.  Is this the kind of military you want defending the U.S. from aggressors foreign and domestic?  Oh, maybe that's the problem, we aren't defending all that much these days are we.

US officials condemn newly released photos of troops posing with insurgent corpses

Okay, Is Obama A Competent Manager

That's the question that will be asked more and more by the GOP as the GSA scandal unfolds.  It's more than $823,000 for a Vegas conference.  Congressional hearings are giving us a bit more insight.  Government is not a business and you cannot run it as it were.   Here's a piece on what we learned yesterday--

GSA official’s wife accompanied him on trips at taxpayer expense

More on FBI DOJ Injustice

I hope you read yesterday's post about the FBI and DOJ botching both forensic evidence and the follow up that was supposed to clean up the FBI's mess. If you missed it, here it is again.

Convicted defendants left uninformed of forensic flaws found by Justice Dept.

Do you really trust the FBI or Justice Dept.?  They seem to be more concerned with convictions than justice and covering their asses than truth.  What happens when trust wastes away?  Are we emulating our  old enemy (USSR) in this aspect of government too?  We do so in CIA and  intelligence gathering,  In how many ways are we no longer us but them?

The Post has another story on the FBI / DOJ screwup.  It's as depressing as the first piece.  Give it a read, then read the Constitution.  Is this what you want as justice?

DOJ review of flawed FBI forensics processes lacked transparency

Do you feel that the Attorney General is the AG of the United States or the AG of the White House?

Service Restored

I was up early today, I hit the Tubes.  The Tubes were not there.  I had no Internets!  I waited and finally used dial-up to post "no posts".  Service has been restored.  Every time this occurs, and it is too regular for my taste, I am reminded of how much the Internet has become part of my life.  It's my information resource.  It's my news source.  It's my shopping mall.  It's my radio.  It's my TV (sometimes).  It's my entertainment source (NetFlix).  I pay bills on line.  I renew magazines online.  If  I used the phone, I'd use the Internet for that too.  I'm not a propeller head.  I'm not a techie.  For those more technologically oriented than I, how extensive is the web in their everyday lives?  What is the younger crowd's usage like?  I'm an old fart.   How has life changed, in the process of changing and will change even more as the Internet expands?  What are the generational similarities and differences?

Posts Today

My WISP has disappeared, I'm stuck with dialup.  It's so damned slow.  Ergo, until WISP services return, no posts.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

SecretZipperGate Update

There were a lot of guys, so there were a lot whores.  I am bothered about this mess.  The prostitutes don't bother me, it's whether or not the security of the president was placed in jeopardy by these miscreants.

The issue is their job performance, not making their paying for sex.  If a president can get a blow job in the oval office from an intern and keep his job, then who is to get all moral about dipwads and hookers?  As long as security was maintained, these dolts can patronize whores.  Bill Clinton lowered the standard, so buck up and focus on the real issue--security of the Prez.

Secret Service, military personnel brought as many as 21 prostitutes to Colombia hotel, investigators say


President All Talk and No Walk is at again.  He's going to do something about those pesky energy/oil commodity traders.  Those guys really do drive up the price of gas.  Obama has been talking about doing something ever since he was sworn in and decided to run for reelection.  How much has changed on the commodity trading front since day one?  Well, lots of fine speeches, but have you tanked up lately?  Traders must really contribute a lot to political campaigns.  Don't expect anything until after the election and then it will depend upon Congress.  In other words, how does $10 a gallon gas sound?

Obama announces steps to boost oversight of oil markets

What's a Southern Baptist Ethicist?

Uh, how about plagiarist?  Yep, the guy can't even trash talk on his own.

Religious leader accused of plagiarizing Trayvon comments

Given their leadership, what's a Southern Baptist?

Keeping it in perspective

It's Another "No Shit Sherlock" Award

And this time it goes to "Romney wouldn't put dog on top of car again!"

Assad Celebrates the UN

The Syrian dictator continues the welcoming festivities for the UN ceasefire delegation.

The World's Greatest Debilitative Body Comes Through Again!

Senate rejects consideration of ‘Buffett rule’ tax increase for millionaires

Why do reelect any of these bozos?  Isn't it time to sweep them all out of office?

Idiotic War #1

Let's see, if we don't pay them what they want, they'll join the Taliban?  That's what it sounds like.  Who? Oh the Afghan government that's who.   If we don't pay them, then so what?

Afghan president: Long-term agreement with US needs to specify funding figures

Packaging that kills?

If the e-coli laced spinach is wrapped in plastic, which will kill you first?  Obviously, spinach will zap you first.  Okay, now think about all that clean packaged spinach you've bought over the years, will the package turn you into toast?

If the food’s in plastic, what’s in the food?

Keeping up with the -gates

VegasGgate: GSA inspector general is investigating possible bribes, kickbacks

SecretZipperGate: More military personnel might have been involved in misconduct before Obama’s trip

HeCanMoveToDCGate: Panetta said he regretted cost to taxpayers for trips home to California

Women, The Recession and Unemployment

Willard says one thing, Obama, via various shills, says another.  Who's right?  Well, given so much data, the time frame and definitions, who knows?  It's probably a pick your candidate and you have your position kind of think.  That's how we seem to approach most statements made by pols--truth is in the party position, right?

Women job losses: A deeper look at the data

They Don't Get It

The folks at the FBI and DOJ don't get it.  If people don't trust law enforcement and the courts then they will tend to think they live in a police state that serves those in power.  They will tend to see justice as joke.  How much trust do you have in the feds?

Do you remember the convictions obtained through bogus forensic analysis at the FBI crime lab?  That was bad.  DOJ was charged with finding out who was screwed by sloppy inaccurate FBI forensics.  Gee, they did it.  However, they didn't bother to tell the defense attorneys that "your client was convicted using false evidence."

That's justice?  That's CYA and a trust buster. Give this piece a read, it's a bit longish, but worth it.  It's troubling.  It erodes trust in the FBI, the Department of Justice and the White House.

Convicted defendants left uninformed of forensic flaws found by Justice Dept.

I can't wait to hear DOJ and White House shills try to bullshit this away. These guys are the peers of the members of Congress and we know about those bums. Our government? That is the joke. Got Trust?

Monday, April 16, 2012

I played with some tax data and used my prior suggestion about taxing personal income.  This data was from 2009.  I used total returns filed since there are no ways to dodge taxes under my system.  If it's reported as income it's taxed.  I calculated the tax rate for the lower number in each band (that means the total will be larger than 2.9 trillion.  I am assuming the returns in say 2012 will exceed 2009 and that means even more revenue.  What say you?  Read the prior post, take a re-peek at this one. It's simple, fair and progressive.  I didn't include the minimum $1 from everyone at $5,000- $10,000

2009 Total Returns Filed
                                  Amt of Tax
$25,000 under $30,000
$30,000 under $40,000
$40,000 under $50,000
$50,000 under $75,000
$75,000 under $100,000
$100,000 under $200,000
$200,000 under $500,000
$500,000 under $1,000,000
$1,000,000 under $1,500,000
$1,500,000 under $2,000,000
$2,000,000 under $5,000,000
$5,000,000 under $10,000,000
$10,000,000 or more
                                                                                                  Total                                   ~ 2,950,000,000

Hope I'm more right than wrong on this.  We should be able to tax ourselves at reasonable rates in a fair and transparent manner.  the trick will be to keep it that way--that means once it's changed Congress keeps it's hands off the tax code.  I think my proposal on personal income taxes is a sound approach--flat taxes are bullshit sops to the rich.  Taxes raise revenue for government to spend and that is all the tax code should do.  Now I have to deal with Social Security, Medicare and Businesses of all types.

If we can't get our tax house in order, we will crumble as a nation.    


Since Congress will be faking debate on the Buffet Rule today, I have a tax suggestion.  This is on personal income only, business may come later.

If you receive money, any service, or anything of value it will all be treated as income.  If you are paid for your work, it's income.  If you get dividends, it's income.  If you sell something, the gain is income.  If you use a company car, it's income.  To the greatest extent possible, if it looks, smells or quacks like an income duck, it's income.

If you have perks and bennies at work, they become income too.  Health insurance becomes taxable.  Gifts are taxable.   Ouch, right?  Okay now prepare to scream.  There are no exemptions, deductions, loopholes, credits or anything.  There is income and taxes, period.  There are individual taxpayers, no households or joint filing.

Given income, how do we tax it?  That should be easy.  From some reasonable starting point, I'd suggest 2 or 3 times the federal poverty level ($11,700 in 2012) as a decent start.  We begin collecting taxes at 25,000 at at a 0.75% rate rising to a maximum of 30% rate when we hit $1,000,000.  At 25,000 you pay $187.  At $1,000,000 you pay 30% or $300,000.  Willard's $22 mil would yield Uncle Sam about $6.6 million.  Obama's 2012 tax bite at $787,000 would be about 23.6% yielding $185,800.  It's modest, progressive and easily done.

(income/1,000,000) * .3 = rate.  Rate * income = tax.
(787,000/1,000,000) = 0.787   (0.787 * 0.30) =  0.2361  23.61% of 787,000 = 185,810

I will have to try and see how much this approach would raise, but it's a bit difficult since everyone's taxable income would go up a fair amount.  Will something like this work?

Oh, if we're going to give money away, like the EITC, then do it somewhere else.  The IRS is for collecting taxes period.  Any programs the feds want to develop to give money away will have to be done in an agency that runs the giveaway.  No credits, no loopholes, no excuses.  You have income, you pay taxes beginning at $25,000.  I think it might be a good idea if everyone who has, say $5,000 in income pay a minimum tax of $1.  Everybody needs some skin in the game.

And in the most important part of Election 2012...

Obama raised 53 million dollars worth of "Dig me, I'm cool" advertising cash.  I wonder if candidates ever become disgusted with themselves when they realize they are just one more new and improved product in the political grocery store?  If they do, I wonder what type of products they compare themselves to.  What's Willard?  What's Obama?  What kind of products are these guys?

Obama raises $53M for campaign, Democrats in March

Norwegian Crazy Guy Is On Trial

He killed 77 folks in self defense?  Wow, he sounds like one of our domestic nutjobs.  I guess crazies are the same all around the world, they speak the same, but in different languages.

Norway killer admits massacre, claims self-defense

Big Mac and Carrots?

Good luck to the crusaders.  They will lose.  Too many people want McDonald's "food."  Until I read this I would not have expected any hospitals to have allowed anyone to share in their food biz.   Okay is hospital food better, the same or worse than McDonald's?

Watchdog group pushes to get Big Macs and fries out of hospitals

Zipper Service

The President was on the road somewhere and did something.  Of course the real story is about his  immoral Secret Service agent guys and GIs.  The agents came, paid cash (except for one guy who haggled over price and caused this story to break out all over the world), and partied on with the prostitutes.  How many of the guys are married?  I guess the moral of the story is either always pay in advance or just keep it zipped.

Everybody is calling for investigations.  There will be investigations.  Obama's wish will be granted several fold; it's an election year.

Obama calls for thorough inquiry in Secret Service prostitution scandal

The GSA Circus Begins Today

I don't understand why the GOP controlled Congress is going to investigate the GSA for "wasting" almost $1 million.  The GOP froths and drools, hell they even foam at the mouth in excitement, over the idea of running government like a business.  The GSA administrators ran the place as though it was a private sector business.  Maybe the GOP can tell us if there is much difference between tax dollars people are compelled to pay and revenues generated through voluntary purchases by willing customers?

Since it's an election year, what are you expectations on this Congressional circus?

Competitive bidding drives GSA inquiry

It Does Not Matter

Willard spews forth his bilge about women and the recession.   His fans applaud, they don't care if what he says is true or not.  His opponents fans boo his words, they don't care if what he says is true or not.

Obama send his Treasury Secretary out into Sunday bobblehead show land.  Geithner spews his bosses bilge about women and the recession.  Obama's fan applaud, they don't care if what he says is true or not.  Willards fan boo his words, they don't care if what he say is true or not.

If you like Willard, don't read this.  If you like Obama don't read this.  If you're an independent, then read this.  The real concern is all about those who don't like either Obama or Willard, but feel a sense of civic duty and will vote for one of them.  They have to decide which of these bozos is the bigger liar (if that is their decisive metric of importance).   Why is the Treasury Secretary shilling for his bosses reelection?

Geithner: Romney claims on women and job losses ‘ridiculous and very misleading’

Idiotic War #1 -- Spring Break Update

The Taliban has shown up at vacation sites all over Afghanistan.  They're rested, rearmed and ready for action.  For them, Spring Break is the kick off of the annual fighting season.  They've kicked it off.  After ten years this remains a regular event.

Have you ever wondered what the Afghan forces will do when we leave?  We, in theory per lots of commanders in the ground and our beloved fearless commanderators in chief, have trained the Afghans into a crack fighting force.  Honestly, if NATOUSA were not there does anything doubt who'd win this round of Spring Break festivities?  They're crack alright.  I feel that I've been lied to just a tad by our bemedaled generals in the ground and their bosses.  Does Vegas make book on the Taliban?

Afghan security forces kill 36 insurgents to quell spate of deadly attacks

Okay, in a fair fight--same armament, same number of guys--who'd win in Talban v. Afghan Forces?  How about in Taliban v. NATOUSA?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Shows

I watch the Sunday bobblehead shows.  I have for as long as I can remember.  Now, either they have changed or I have.  I find I prefer to Tivo the shows.  It's not a matter of bypassing the commercials, it's the interviews that I zoom on by.

The "gets" of news are really trash.  When you can predict what the pol or appointee will say, it's not news.  It's free political air time.  Who cares what any of them say.  They do not and cannot tell the truth when they are on TV.  If asked a difficult question, they don't answer it.  The BS either supports Obama and his reelection or trashes him.  The anti-Obama trash will morph into pro-Romney crap.  In other words the big interview with the big shot has been 110% politicized.  Hell, the moderators don't even ask tough questions--they fear the big shots won't return.

I do find the chitchat panels to be of interest.  75% of the time they  provide a bit more than just Dems vs. GOPers bullshit.  Occasionally a panelist is actually a journalist and deals with facts.  Some of the panelist are just decent at political entertainment.  I found both the ABC and NBC panels to be wretched today--overly politicized into Obama v Willard.  I do have to admit, the network panels are less and less serious.  Facts, reason and logic seem to be leaving them also.

I have found, so far, Chris Hayes and  Mellisa Harris-Perry shows on MSNBC to be a bit refreshing.  Their guests are new faces and voices.  They bend to the left, which is dandy with me, but I cannot say I agree with all of them all of the time.  It's far better head bobbling than on the Networks.  Oh, CNN has an outstanding, well almost, in Fareed Zakaria's show.  He even lets people talk for over a minute without interruption.  Good show but it has been drifting towards the level of David Gregory's dreck on MTP.

One thing that has occurred to me as I listen to all these pundits prate on and on about issues X, Y, and Z, is I wonder how much each of them makes individually and as a household member.  I get a bit antsy when an affluent prick goes on and on about the plight of the poor.  Maybe all theses shows should show us the incomes (at least what they are paid by the TV network to shill whatever they shill).  Remember, today all news is all entertainment all the time and that means it's all about one thing, advertising.  Google on.  

Tax Code Reform

Both parties like to talk about reforming the federal tax code.  Today the yahoos argue about the Buffet rule.  That may be all they can do.  Typically they propose a change, argue about it, go to lunch and then in the afternoon pass a hard fought resolution that says "Boy and Girl Scouts are usually, on the whole, for the most part, pretty good organizations."  With that level of commitment, knowledge, skill and ability I think I've become more afraid that Congress will actually reform the code than do nothing.

Can the current Congress actually re-write the tax code so it raises needed revenues and taxes us all in reasonable and fair manner?  I doubt it.  I am sure whatever might come out of a re-write session would be loaded with unexpected loopholes, deductions and tax expenditures.  Can we ever have a simple code?  Sure, but the voters have to vote for people who share their desire.  That eliminates everyone currently in Congress.  Are you willing to vote them all out?

Assad Welcomes UN With Fireworks Display

Aw, he's such a thoughtful turd.  Does anyone expect this guy and his henchmen to go away at all?

Syrian city shelled, UN truce observers to arrive

It may be a war, but it's idiotic

The Shrub's legacy continues to live up to his name.  Come on, how'd we ever let a plant run the country for eight years?  Think about the Shrub, you know the plant and his life, it may give you a set of expectations for Iraq's future.

5 die in attacks across Iraq, including car bomb and 2 Iraqi election officials facing corruption charges released on bail 

So who's going to vote for the GOP and Willard? Don't forget Bush was pure GOP.   The GOP has changed.  They've gone further right.  Willard is pure GOP.  Do you really want four years of pure batshit?

Another Idiotic War Front

In a prior post I noted that it's Spring Break for the Afghan Taliban.  They've kicked off their fighting season by attacking various sites in Kabul.  It appears their brothers in Pakistan have decided to kick it back too.  Over there, they  have attacked a prison and freed a bunch of bad guys (good and bad are a matter of perspective now aren't they).

Taliban fighters attack Pakistan prison, freeing at least 380 prisoners, including militants

Super Pacs

Five Myths

Idiotic War #1

After 10+ years I am convinced no one has told us the truth about this moronic war.  As George Romney was brainwashed by the military PR guys at MACV HQ in Vietnam, so have we all been.  Mr. Romney saw the light.  We've been shopping and didn't even notice this war.   I remember the news briefings at MACV, what were they called?  Yeah, the "four o'clock follies."  Ever since the Shrub highjacked the Army and sent them into Iraq it's been Afghan news follies at 4,5,6,7.  Oh hell it's been bullshit news 24/7.

The Taliban who have become the enemy in a war on terror (think about it), are now on Spring Break,  That means its fighting season once again (think about that one long and hard).  They have attacked, it's their version of getting drunk at Daytona beach I guess.  We'll strike back, they will pull back.  Fighting will go on for a few months then it will be time for them go back to school for the Fall/Winter terms in their Madrasses and prepare for next year's Spring Break.

Taliban hits Afghan capital, other cities in rare coordinated attack

Another Investment Opp?

If you do the grocery shopping, you might have noticed a couple of things.  First the cost of the store brand items are up a bit more than the name brands.  Second, the quality of the house brands is getting better.  If stores are going to compete with name brands,  a small price difference remains attractive it the taste is almost the same as with the name brand.  Sometimes the house brand is better.

So where's the investment opp? Not the grocers stock.  No, it's in the companies who make the stuff for the grocers.  If this trend will continue and the chains succeed, then they will need more product.  Hmm, I wonder is it time to unload the name brand stocks?  What do you think?

Store-brand groceries now on premium shelves

A lot of folks were wrong about natural gas

Natural gas appears to be the energy source in the U.S. now and for a couple decades to come.  If you are looking for investment opportunties, start looking at firms that use gas and will be able to use more because it is cheap (think fertilizer).

I was wrong; natural gas will dominate

The Age Divide is 40?

If you are 40+ then you follow local news and prefer to obtain it on newsprint.  Under 40, prefer other sources (Internet).  What happens with each passing year as the under 40 become the under 41s and the 40+ become the 41+?  How many years before something really changes and we finally notice it?  We are in the murky middle of news changes today.  What will it be like in another 20 years, damn the <40s will be <60s then and I'll be in the >80s.

72% of Americans Follow Local News Closely

1940 Census

If case you missed this, here 'tis--1940 Census Goes Digital