Saturday, April 28, 2012

MIsogony -- Islamist Front

I don't now how bad it is for women in all Islamic areas, but the Arabic world hates women.  It's disgusting and needs to end.  I do not understand how folks get this way.    They use a religion to relegate women to chattel or lower status.  It's lower than objectification.  If you have not read much about how women are treated in the Arabic world give this piece a read.

Why Do They Hate Us? 

I don't find the Islamists that much different than our home grown misogynists--evangefundies, Southern Baptists and Mormons to name three.   It's a simple thing, we're all equal.  We are all people.  No amount of god crap can change that.  Oh, don't forget the god crap comes from men, not god.  I hope American women will look at both parties and ask which adheres to the truth that we are all free and equal people.  Then let their answer be reflected in the voting booth.  

Idiotic War Annals -- Training the Locals II

It really is time to just quit and come home.

Afghan commando kills special forces soldier: US training mission futile?

Quiz Time

The Prez has been pandering for college crowd vote.  How much do you know about the costs and how  you can get the cash for college?  I'm an old fart and have little linkage to college, loans and such these days.  I missed over half the questions.  For me, this was a good quiz--I have to read a bit more about going to college in 2012.

Student loans and college finance: Take our quiz!

GOP Dilemma -- SC Version

Willard was handed his ass in the South Carolina primary,  Newt won.  Folks in grits and cracker land had high hopes, even if it was the pudgeball.  After all he's a Catholic.  As the primary season wore on and wore everyone down, Willard has become the winner.

SC backed a joke.  Now they will have to line up behind Willard.  Ouch, that has to be painful.  It must cause migraines.  My god, what's redneck to do in 2012?  Which is worse voting for a  Mormon or a Black?  Wouldn't it be a hoot if Obama won SC in Nov.?  Which is stronger, racial or religious bigotry?

S.C. Republicans step in line behind Romney

Idiotic War Annals -- Training the Locals

Some twit in the DOD came up with the line, "we train them to stand up, so we can stand down."  That's a decent summary line for something.  Unfortunately, that's about all the info we get from the aces in charge of spending billions on the Afghan morass.  We, the taxpayers, are supposed to trust the bums in charges of fighting a war that has gone on for almost 11 years?  If they train as well as they plot war, we in for a 100 years of educating the Afghan "warrior."  

I have a feeling the Afghans have been trained to stand up, but only remain vertical if we are there and keep them erect.  The program really is "we train them to be propped up, so we can prop them up."  How's the training going?  After 10 years, here's an evidence based outcome (who gets the medal)--

Taliban militants smuggle guns into Afghan governor’s office in their shoes, kill 2 guards

Media Bias

First of all, who really gives a rats if a particular media outlet is biased or not?  If it's a news outlet, the basic facts will be presented more accurately than not.  After that, it's open to bias in all directions.   The stuff reported on any front page will be used to create the slant inside.  Inside is where one finds op-ed pieces of all stripes.

If we want facts we can obtain them so easily--read the same story from AP and two or three papers.  Then we will be armed to wade into the bias playground.  As in just about everything in life, if you want something done right, you have to take the time to do it yourself.  If you don't, well, you can bitch about biased media and keep yourself uninformed-that's also called engaging in voluntary stupidity.

In my blog, I sometimes post a rant or an essay, but usually my posts make a statement about an item in today's news.  My statement reflects my thinking and my most biased opinion.  However, in most cases, I do then provide the link to a newspaper article that triggered my "mini-rant" on some event in the world.  I think that is a fair way to do things.  If the reader thinks my statement is bullshit, they can skip my and go straight to the timely link for a decent read.

Oh, the media bias is a wash when you go across all the various media.  Media reflects the middle--that's where we find most people and their money--

How biased are the media, really?

Closing the barn door...

Gee, the Secret Service has issued new rules for agents.   "Don't be pigs" is the simpler version.  Actually there are ten new rules.  Oh, they will also  have, are you ready for it, ethics training.  The behavior is entrenched in the Secret Service.  New rules and training might help, but what's needed is some wholesale house cleaning.  To de-piggify an agency requires a thorough cleaning.  The problem is still there.  It was tolerated.  It will still be tolerated unless people are fired.  Job loss is a better motivator than ethics training.  Once again, the wagons are circled and it's CYA time.

Secret Service imposes new rules on agents for foreign trips

Friday, April 27, 2012

We can go lower

Our politics has reached a new depth.  I don't know if it can go much lower.  Pols now push their message via Twitter.  It's become the source of very short sound bites.  Here is all you need to know about the cost of higher education #dontdoublemyrate (from Obama's perspective of course).  Pols tweet, cable news retweets and we're all so well informed. Twaddle!

Twitter becomes a key real-time tool for campaigns

Who will win in Nov?

It won't have much to do with being "cool" or  being a businessman.  It will come down to the state of the economy  and unemployment levels in mid Summer--July.  ObamaCo will tank if the economy slows even more. It's the evaluation of the second quarter numbers that will stick in voters heads come November.  It's an oddity, but voters don't pay as much attention to this week's news, but they do remember last quarter's quite well. This election will be played out by Labor Day.

US economy slows to 2.2 percent growth in first quarter despite stronger consumer spending

The President Panders

What will Willard say as a counter-pander to attract the military family vote?  It gets a bit old. A candiadate says "vote for me, there's a prize in the bottom of the box."  His opponent retorts "my box has two prizes."  We elect one of them and then discover once again there's no prize.  There's no crackerjack.  We elect empty boxes.  That's the power of advertising.

Obama reelection campaign to target a new voter set: military families

Investment Opportunity

Put some money in any company that deals with drones.  They will be flying overhead sooner than you think since the manufacturers have already bought Congress with generous campaign contributions.  When will we see the first domestic drone strike?

Little lobbying opposition to bill opening up U.S. airspace to drones

Now On To The House

Gee, the GOP members of the worlds most debilitative body finally realized that over half of American voters are women! With that "discovery" the Senate reauthorized the Violence Against Women Act. Now the question is, will House members engage in the same nonsense as the Senate did until the GOP woke up and realized violence against women is not partisan, it never has been and never will be. As a nation we should be a bit ashamed of ourselves that we need a violence against women law. We do, wife beater shirts still sell well.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

ServicingZippers in 2011?

Report: Rampant Secret Service drinking, sex in 2011 trip

This is the first, how many more reports will bubble up?  How much sleaze will it take for us to finally admit, government has fallen into decay?  Who provided the leadership?  Well, take a peek into campaign finance and both parties and you'll have a good starting point.

Post Office

In it's typical fashion, the Senate pandered rather than practiced governing--anyone still wonder why we're $15 trillion in debt?

Senate votes to extend Saturday postal service 

I'd like to see the Post Office and whatever the REA is called these days do for broadband what REA did for rural electrification in the 30s. The small post offices can become hubs, they can even expand as they become the backbone of a national network.  The USPS could have a new revenue stream, keep the small post offices open, and we'd wire the nation.  Yeah, a broadband interstate....

Wonder what Napolitano will say about this?

Do we really need the TSA?  As they pat down 6 year olds, they also aid and abet drug mules.  Come on, does any part of government work any more?  Did it ever?  Can it work?

Airport screeners arrested; authorities say they allowed drug smuggling

Don't act suspiciously, the CIA will bomb you to death

Today, suspicion is a capital crime in Yemen.  If the CIA and Army ticket punchers in the war on terror think you are bad then they can and will send in a drone and blow you out of existence.  Damn this  brings back body count memories (that was a farce then, this will be now).

As suspicion become a legitimate basis for government action overseas, it will creep into domestic government action in the near future.  It's so much easier if you don't have to deal with facts.  Of course it means we abandon the rule of law and revert to the arbitrary power of kings.

White House approves broader Yemen drone campaign

What will happen?

Now that Napolitano has said there hasn't been anyting like this in the last  2 1/2 years, what will happen when she is factually contradicted?  Will she play the Clinton "is, is" game or have the decency to quit?  Funny how decency has left government service.

Did any of Clinton's appointees quit after he blatantly lied to them for over a year?  Nah, they wanted the job, perks, and future book deals more than anything else.  If trust in government is down, how about respect for office holders?  Do you respect any elected or appointed official?  How much scandal would it take to make us wake up and elect a whole new crew to Congress and the White House?

Secret Service scandal: No similar recent examples of misconduct, Napolitano says

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

And you thought it was just a few bad apples?

Which orchard am I referring to?  We have so many.  Oh, it's the Afghan war joke.  We've burned Korans, pissed on bodies, randomly killed civilians, posted gruesome photos of human war trophies and more.  Of course our aces in Washington, want us to believe it's just a few bad GIs. Yeah, and it's a war too.

No one dared suggest it was a command problem.  Well, I've suggested it's been a command problem all along.  Where do commanders get their ideas?  Why they go to in house training.  They use those ideas to inspire the troops.  The troops make it happen.  Oops, it's just an enlisted problem, right?

Pentagon suspends class teaching ‘inflammatory’ material on Islam to officers

I have a better idea for Burger King

Instead of announcing "We're Cage Free," how about going animal free and become "Burger Spud," a vegetarian fast food joint.

Burger King makes cage-free promise

Quick,Tell The Evangefundies!

Much to their chagrin, sanity may be breaking out across the USA.  The Jesus jockeys still have time to fight it, but the nation may be heading toward abolishing the death penalty.  Now if the nation would allow facts, reason and logic to assist in the demise of religion...

Shifts detected in support for death penalty

The Good Old Days (2008)

Obama is trying to revive the younger voter's enthusiasm for his candidacy.  Younger voters were enthusiastic and worked for his campaign.  However, come election day, the younger voters did not turn out and vote in huge numbers for him.  The turnout was a small bit above average.

Can the GOP keep the young from the polls?  Sure, all the GOP has to do is hand out free pizza coupons on election day and the youth vote will vaporize.   For them it's an easy choice--leader of the free world or pepperoni?  Pander on, at least you may get free labor....

Obama takes his student loan pitch to campuses in North Carolina, Colorado

Who are the idiots that will unleash nukes?

Oh, that's easy, it's not ones in N. Korea, Iran or any other axis of evil types.  No, the nukes will fly both east to west and west to east over Kashmir as Pakistan and India usher in age of nuclear wars.  Last week India flexed a muscle.  This week it's Pakistan's turn.

Pakistan tests nuclear-capable missile

Who will outlast whom?

Will Assad run out of cash or will the world back off first?  If Assad's cash can run for months and maybe even a few years, will everybody else keep the pressure on him?   When have sanctions ever toppled a regime?

Syria running out of cash as sanctions take toll, but Assad avoids economic pain
Get ready, the other shoe appears ready to drop.  The debauchery may be normal.  Secret service?  Yep, the name may be more appropriate than they want.

Confidants: Secret Service agents contend misbehavior on trips not unprecedented


Willard won five primaries yesterday.  Who cares.  Funny how the states with the most people don't matter to the GOP.  It's an odd way to select a nominee.  On both sides we make the race about the guy running for office.  They try to keep the focus on themselves and their opponent.

However, what we really elect is the Democratic or Republican parties.  It's really not about do we want Barack or Willard, it's do we want Democratic or GOP mis-rule.  It will be mis-rule no matter what and we all know that.

The candidates are more like ads for a four year long movie.  They are teasers for the farce we call our federal government.  We also know that teasers may be the only part of a movie that's worth a damn.  Sometime teasers seem to have been for a completely different flick.  When's the last time you saw a teaser on TV, went to the film and were delighted?  Not often.  Usually the greater the number of ads for a film, the worse the film turns out to be.  Presidential elections are more like that than not.

We're not electing a president, we're leasing the White House to a flim-flam company.  What film do you want running at your local theater for four years "Jumping Jackasses" or "Plodding Pachyderms?"

Romney says ‘better America begins tonight’

From Bob Park

WHAT'S NEW Robert L. Park Tuesday, 24 April 2012 Washington, DC

1. THE MOMMY WAR: THE GREAT CULTURAL REVOLUTION OF OUR AGE. Was rich stay-at-home-mom Ann Romney detached from the real world, or just a hard-working mom devoted to rearing her offspring? The media told the story both ways. The only mistake Hilary Rosen made was to apologize for saying Ann Romney "never worked a day in her life." In the context of holding a job, Hilary was right. "I made a choice to stay home and raise five boys," Ann Romney said; "Believe me, it was hard work." But few women today have that choice; they need their job to help feed their families. Many wouldn't want it any other way. The rate at which women are assuming leadership positions in government and industry is unprecedented. The invention of "the pill" in the 1960s freed women to explore their potential as equal members of the human race. So does it matter that Ann Romney decided to stay home and have babies? Of course it matters; this tiny planet belongs to all of us. A fertility rate of 5.0 is typical of the desperately poor African dictatorships; advanced nations are closer to 2.0 (no growth), but even at 2.0 the environment will continue to deteriorate. The total world population of 7 billion is far more than the Earth can support. As China has come to realize, the fertility rate must be kept below 2.0 for a very long time. Sound hopeless? Not at all; but it can't be done overnight. We must get started. "The pill" may be the most important invention in the 200,000 year history of Homo sapiens.

2. "DEADLY CHOICES": PAUL OFFIT EXPOSES THE ANTI-VACCINE MOVEMENT. There was never a time before people knew that falling trees and large animals with teeth can kill. Microbes are another matter. They had been killing us for perhaps 200,000 years before Antonie van Leeuwenhoek showed them to us. Paul Offit and two colleagues worked for 25 years to develop a vaccine for the rotavirus, a cause of gastroenteritis that kills as many as 600,000 children a year worldwide, mostly in underdeveloped countries. The vaccine is credited with saving hundreds of lives a day. Offit wrote "Autism’s False Prophets" in 2008 exposing British physician Andrew Wakefield for falsely claiming the MMR vaccine is linked to autism. Vaccination prevents more suffering than any other branch of medicine, but is still opposed by the scientifically ignorant who accept the upside-down logic of the alternative medicine movement. Because vaccination of schoolchildren against virulent childhood infections is ubiquitous, crackpots, scoundrels and gullible reporters get away with linking it to unrelated health problems as they did in the 1980s with the ubiquitous power lines. We still hear echoes of the power-line scare in the cell phone/cancer panic. Paul Offit has just written "Deadly Choices: How The Anti-Vaccine Movement Threatens Us All. We need to do everything we can to stop it.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dems and Income Taxes

I'm tired of Dems showing up on bobblehead news shows and not being able to deal with a Trog's worried assertion that 42% of folks pay no income tax.  They usually mumble and gurgle a response.  The last one I saw was Wolf Blizter making a big deal out of the factual claim that "42%..."  The Dem gurgled quite well.

Dems should come out swinging,  They should this is a national embarrassment because 87%  of those who do not pay any income tax don;'t make enough, so they pay $0.  That means over a third of filers are not paid enough to wind up owing a dime to Uncle Sam.  We admire the greedy capitalist until the effects of his handiwork become apparent in low incomes an d then we pounce on the victim rather than the one who victimizes.

Of those who pay not income tax, 50 percent incomes so low that they are less than the sum of the standard deduction and personal and dependent exemptions for which they qualify.

22 percent are elderly people who benefit from tax provisions to aid senior citizens, such as the exemption of Social Security benefits from income tax for beneficiaries who have incomes below $25,000 for single filers and $32,000 for joint filers and the higher standard deduction for the elderly.

Another 15 percent don’t owe the tax because they are low-income working families with children who qualify for the child tax credit, the child and dependent care tax credit, and/or the earned income tax credit, and the credit(s) eliminate their income tax liability.

 The balance have higher incomes but use the tax code to their advantage--they have losses, credits, etc.  All in all we need to rewrite the tax code, not to nail the poor and elderly, but the greedy bastards who find ways to minimize if not avoid taxes.

I have a feeling that the folks who get all huffy, if they are sincere, do not prepare their own taxes.  If they did, they'd know who and why a large number pay no taxes.  The ill-informed are easy prey for political point scoring.  Every Dem should carry that 87% number around with them.  They should be able to assert it's folks who don't make enough to pay income tax and turn the tables on the GOP greedhead.  Over a third of us are in that boat.  Is that okay with you?

Who will win in Nov.?

To make that prediction, all you need is two pieces of info in June?  Hmm, it makes a bit of sense, now what are those two pieces of info--Create your own election!

Pandering the Young(er)

In 2008 Obama gave some really fine speeches.  They worked.  Obama was inaugurated in 2009.  College loans piled up.  2010 came and went with more and more outstanding expensive college loans.  In 2011, college debt topped credit card debt.  That's about sums up Obama's White House college costs actions.  Now it's 2012.

Polls show Obama flagging amongst the younger voter crowd. They've lost their enthusiasm for him.  He's now Mr. All Talk and No Walk.  It is an election year.  What's candidate Obama to do?  Why he can talk of course.  He'll pander for votes.  I'm sure that most younger voters know why they should vote for Obama.  All they have to do is look at the alternative.

Obama takes on college costs, eyes young voters

What if they never do?

Yeah, what if the bested never tell Willard, "good show, we're behind you now!"  What if they remain silent?  Would silence affect Nov. 2012 turnout?  Would silence lead to third party efforts amongst the batshit crazy crowd?  Maybe silence would lead to god  (or her husband) telling Michelle Bachmann to make a Teabaggers run for the White House.  Is Gingrich vain enough?  Is Santorum sure he lost?

Time running out for former GOP candidates to endorse Romney

Attention assholes

By assholes I mean all of those "my way or the highway" Democrats and Republicans who keep saying "no" to each other's proposals to fix Medicare and Social Security.  It's time for our elected aces to fix these programs, then they go back their normal assholery.  If the Congressional bozos don't get busy, then watch out for a resurrection of the Grey Panthers, but this time as a party with a lot of votes.  Class war? You bet and if you don't like it I'll beat you with my cane.

Trustees report Social Security outlook worsening

Surgery and Intelligence

The single best predictor of the number of surgeries performed in a geographical area is the number of surgeons who practice in that area.  The underlying health of the population or it's need for for surgical procedures do not have the same predictive efficay.   A good question is how many of those surgeons slice and dice just  to make a living?

Now in a land of fear convinced that terrorists hate us for our way of life, what's the best predictor of the number of attacks that we will make on foreign soil to win the war on terror?  Oh, it's the number of intelligence agenceis and employees who find bad guys all around the globe.  The more intelligence the more surgeries.  Get ready for an intelligence driven decade or two of death and destruction lite.  After all, if we don't kill the bad guys then why do we have to pay all those spooks?

Pentagon establishes Defense Clandestine Service, new espionage unit

And we spiral down into the cesspool

Wherever there is a sleazy government employee who has the authority to make budget decisions, you will always find a private contractor who will assist that government employee's desire to wallow in an ethical and illegal morass.  The problem with this kind of sleaze is that it does trickle down to other employees.  The GSA is the latest example.  Oh, don't forget sleaze corrodes trust.

GSA probe focuses on conference contractor

Monday, April 23, 2012

Is it gettting pretty damn bleak out there?

Yeah it is.  Who did it?  Well, look in the mirror.  If you're not a voter you created minority rule.  If you voted, look what you won.  Kind of sucks doesn't it?  Is there a recovery?

In case you missed this piece, it's worth a read and some thought.

In Nothing We Trust

And the winner is...

We'll have to wait for the next round in France's election.  It will be a Socialist vs. a Reactionary.  The Socialist might win.  Hmm, how about taxing 75% of everything over $1 million?  I like that idea.  Will the right lose?  It's going to be close.  Is Hollande v. Sarkozy akin to Obama v. Willard?  Nah, Obama is not really a lefty.  Obama v. Willard is more like Sarkozy v. LePen.

Fran├žois Hollande on top but far right scores record result in French election

Let the bidding begin

It looks like 2014 will end Idiotic War #1.  Unfortunately, unlike Iraq, the local stooges in charge don't want us to totally bail out (in terms of money, troops and more money).  In their hearts they want us gone but they know that if we really left they'd be dead.  Their constituents would kill them if we weren't around to provide payoff cash and provide a bit of security.

How much of our money and of our  "advisers" will Afghanistan consume per year over the next decade?  The money opens at $4 billion a year.  Do I hear $10 billion?

US to defend Afghanistan for decade after drawdown

Is this the future?

As Obama has locked health care into the private health insurance model for decades to come, what is the health future like for the average Joe?  Rates for health insurance will keep going up--remember it's a for profit enterprise at all levels in this model.  Well, maybe retainer practices will get  bigger and bigger.  What's a retainer practice?  Read on--

Some physicians offer service based on monthly retainers

Originalism Tour Continues

Roberts and four of the Robes have decided that Arizona did the right thing with SB 1070. Wednesday's hearing will be a formality and a sop to the goo-goos who think the rule of law matters.  After all they are supreme.  They will give the 10th a shot in the arm.  Roberts and his hench-judges are reactionary Repubs hellbent on restoration of those Southern antebellum days.  Trust this court?

Come on, Congress has been a joke longer than the White House.  Now the third branch has joined them.  Since clowns run the show, checks and balances have been replaced by gags and one-liners.  How about those pratfalls in the GSA and Secret Service.  Chuckles and giggles for all!

Arizona immigration law: states vs. Obama at US Supreme Court, again

Psst, pass the word

Dear Ron and Newt.  It's over.  You lost.  Willard won.  Be sport and go home.  Cable news will not give you anymore free airtime.  Leave.

Ron Paul, supporters say GOP race isn't over yet

When Crazy People Try To Run Congress

It was close, the Teabaggers almost killed their own (they really are Repubs).  All those freshmen who came to the House with cheeks stuffed with batshit did a lot of damage.  Did they shift the GOP a bit more to the right.  Probably.  Did they take over?  Nah, the Orange One is still speaker.  Want to know more about pols who eat batshit not only for breakfast, but lunch and dinner too?  Then read a new book coming out today.  Here's review--

Book: GOP freshman class turned into ‘a monster’ for Boehner, other House leaders

Veepstakes Over!

Son of Bad Hair Guy

The Son of the bad hair guy, who in turn was the son of a god, is all pissy faced.  He's miffed.  His missile aces created a missile defense system for him.  It detects and destroys missiles just after lift off.  So far the system works, but it only works on North Korean missiles.  They are well defended against themselves.  What's a dictator to do?  Well, changing the subject works--

N. Korea threatens military strike against S. Korean president br />

And the winner is...

Assad thinks he's the winner, he has the guns and he keeps on celebrating his people's attempts to oust his sorry butt.  The UN thinks it's the winner because everybody wants world peace and a pretty blue helmet.  The other Arab dictators think they are the winner because their Arab League told Assad, "cut it out."  The people think they might be the winner if someone would help them with guns and guidance.  Looks like Assad may wind up the winner.

Hold it, there's another player coming on strong, it's Syria's version of was Afghanistan's Mujaheddin.  They've organized over the years since they chased Russia back to Moscow.  Now we call them jihadis, or Islamic extremists, or al Qaeda or terrorists.  They appear to be stepping in and doing what no one else it willing to do--join the fight rather than chat and wear pretty hats.  If Assad goes down, who and what will rise to replace him?

Fears of extremism taking hold in Syria as violence continues


If Categena is a hot bed of prostitution, it can't be the only place on the planet with more than it's fair share of prostitutes.  They give "dominos delivers" a new meaning down there.  Now about all those other "party" places, how many have the secret service prepped over the years for a Presidential visit?  I can't believe this was a one time aberration.  Is there any part of government you still trust?

Cartagena’s night life spelled trouble for Secret Service

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Assad Celebrates

The UN votes.  The UN will send in more observers.  Assad celebrates the vote.  Assad bombs the crap out of another Syrian city, Damascus.   Which has better odds in Vegas, Assad or the UN?

UN monitors tour rebel-held town in Syria with army defectors as troops shell Damascus suburb

If you text you might be interested in this...

Hell Phone

What if...

What if 50% of the Secret Service were women, instead of the the current 11%?  Had that been the case, would all those agents have brought all those whores back to their hotels to "party."  I have a feeling that this is just the tip of the iceberg and we're going to discover this is normal.  Hm, if women made up 50%+ of Secret Service would that de-rauch their behavior?

Things to Rid Ourselves Of

The first thing to go is the all-volunteer army.  As Mr. Ricks puts it, "If there had been a draft in 2001, I think we still would have gone to war in Afghanistan, which was the right thing to do. But I don’t think we would have stayed there much past the middle of 2002 or handled the war so negligently for years after that."

What else needs to be trashed from our nation's clutter chest?  Take a peek and see in -- Outlook’s 4th Annual Spring Cleaning

As we trash the volunteer army, don't forget, let's trash the War Powers Resolution too.   War has to be declared by Congress, it has to be paid for with a mandatory war tax, and the Army has to be composed of 50% draftees.  

Women Voters

Five Myths

It's broken, who cares?

What's broken?  Oh, our politics, elections, and government.  No big deal.  Whoa!  How'd this happen?  I'm not sure of all the details, but a number of the factors are tied together quite nicely by Stephen Pearlstein in --

Turned off from politics? That’s exactly what the politicians want.

Pink Slime Recap

Here's a piece that covers the pink slime matter fairly well.  I don't know what the problem, other than the name, is with pink slime.  It's meat, it's manufactured.  It's not contaminated (any more than other meat).  If pink slime is troubling, then have you taken a look at hot dogs, bologna, and other luncheon meats?  Now, about those chicken things, the nuggets that are the same shape and size.  Oh, and exactly what goes into a McRib anyway?

‘Pink slime’ outrage goes viral in stunning display of social media’s power

We react rather than reason a bit too predictably.  If one is concerned about burger safety, grind your own.     If you are food paranoid then perhaps that means if you can't make it at home, then don't buy it and eat it elsewhere.