Saturday, May 5, 2012

Let's Celebate

As you prepare for the big race, break out your old copy of the Manifesto.  Sip some gin and re-read a bit of Marx, it's his birthday.  Then later in the day enjoy a Julep and watch the Derby.  It's an odd combo, but what the hell let's throw in Cinqo de Mayo too.  After the race, grab the Tequila and make a pitcher of Margaritas!  Damn, it's Saturday, the weather's nice,  so let's get blitzed, it's a celebration trifecta.

Good Toon!

Obama vs. Romney

Go "forward" or go "backwards," that's the choice in Nov.  Of course I don't have a clue what either term really means, do you?  Look, it's all about Congress.  Which of them to you want running the executive branch, given a Congress?  Which of them do you want appointing judges to the Supreme Court?  Which of them do you want playing warrior in chief?

In terms of new directions or fixing old screw-ups, that all belongs to Congress.  In terms of spending or not spending that belongs to Congress.  In terms of administering the executive branch, that belongs to the Prez.  I hope the next president will concentrate a tad more on management and leave new initiatives to the dolts in Congress.  Don't expect much from either of these guys since neither of them have a pocketful of political IOUs to use if they win.  Unless most voters are perceived to be antsy about some particular issue, don't expect much from the 113th Congress either.

It's Mint Julep Day!

It's time to pick some mint, get out the ice and pour generous portions of bourbon.  It's Kentucky Derby Day.   It's a great excuse to get hammered.  Whatever way you make it, make a Julep today and don't forget to watch the race--

Kentucky Derby  -- the race it at 6:24 pm EDT, pace yourself.

My Julep:  Muddle a bunch of mint leaves + sugar in a glass.   Add a couple ounces of bourbon (add water if you want).  Fill with crushed ice.  Stir it around a bit.  Garnish with a sprig of mint.  It's hammer time!


Here are  couple of titles I'll be looking at soon-- "The Republican Brain" and the "The Righteous Mind."  

Repubs, Take Note

If our Trogs keep harping on tax cuts and spending cuts then they might take a peek at Greece and France.  Both nations went the GOP route--austerity.  In both cases their economies are worse as their quality life has deteriorated.  Fortunately, people can still vote (I'm sure Trogs everywhere really regret the pervasiveness of democracy).  Trogs, keep it up, y'all are next, of course you could try helping the Dems to govern for a change.  It's not just Willard that has no core.

In voting Sunday, Greece and France are expected to reject austerity measures, roiling Europe’s leaders

It Used to be Secret Service

Now, we all know what service the agents tried to keep secret.  If you contract for $800 worth of whoopee, and then try to stiff the contractor, expect the possibility of publicity.  The Secret Service can't even do an investigation of itself.  One of the prostitutes has been giving interviews (the one who was cheated) yet the Secret Service has yet to find her and interview her.  They said they'd been exhaustive and thorough.  Still trust government?

Secret Service scandal: Colombian woman describes night of carousing with agents

One of these days

One of these days, our non-ally, ally in the non-war, war in Pakistan will finally tell us to leave.  We keep using drones to kill bad guys.  We usually get a bad guy count but not an innocent mushroom count.  Mushrooms are collateral damage, costs of non-war, war, civilians, or wastage, take your pick.  Drone strikes do affect the hearts and minds, but not in the desired way.  Why do we keep using them?

Well, they minimize our troop deaths.  They are fast and not quite an invasion.  If the targets are real, then they might even be effective.  The real reason we use them is because we have them and can get away with it.  Drones are kind of like when cannons first appeared on the war scene, swords were righteous, but damn that canon was cool.   Get ready for when we arm all levels of government with drones, they will become like sidearms for the police.

Let's hope that unlike the current basis for using drones, suspicion, that it does not also become the domestic norm. But then, who really gives a rat's ass about the rule of law anyway?

Officials: 2nd US drone strike in a week kills 8 suspected militants in NW Pakistan

Good Question

If Obama wins, what would he do in a second term?

I think it all depends on Congress.

Is the House in the hands of the GOP? Is the Senate still under Jackass control? Obama can do what Congress will allow, no more, no less. I expect little from him, but perhaps some from Congress--a majority of them get elected every two years. If voters get fed up with the constant campaign that has sold government to the highest bidder, then something might get done.

 All in all, the next four, will be about like the last four. Don't expect much. As to our elected officials, set your expectations very low, that way might not be disappointed.

Who do you want in 2016?

Friday, May 4, 2012

Do you get tired of this crap?

Gee, Willard has to mouth off about Obama.  He can't talk about he GOP or himself.  His latest bash is typical of pols of all stripes.  It's the hyped up conditional condemnation.  It may be true.  If it is then some horror will perhaps occur.  Of course the thing about conditionals is they are not facts and could just as easily be false.  Do people really listen to this kind of crap and go "oh, yeah, Willard."

“If these reports are true, this is a dark day for freedom and it’s a day of shame for the Obama administration,” Romney said. 

I wonder what it means if the reports are false?  He doesn't say.  What is a dark day anyway?  How do you measure it?  He does his damage, but it's really to himself. Do you want a president who deals with unknowns as if they are factual?

This Pisses Me Off

A few years ago, in a moment of political weakness, I contributed some money the DCCC.  Ever since them I've received e-mails.  They quit calling me when I told them if they kept calling I'd vote for Trogs.  It was an empty threat but they didn't know that.

What ticks me off is 1. an email from Pelosi? That's supposed to get my attention?  Come on it's from a hack flunkly hired to hustle bucks.  2.  This part  really gets to me--remember my last contribution was about four years ago, from the e-mail--

We simply can't say it enough -- thank you.

 After Republican Speaker Boehner’s admission that the Republicans’ hold on the House is in jeopardy, we are so proud to announce that we exceeded our April fundraising goal and broke yet another fundraising record. In the last week, you helped us raise over $1.1 million to win a Democratic House! On April 30th alone, over 20,000 of you made a donation.

 Your generous contributions are being put to work immediately.

I didn't realize they had held onto my $50 for so long.  Now I have to wonder how they define "immeidately."   They are as bad as the GOP.  It's a bit of lack of attention to detail and facts isn't it?  I guess that's okay it's Congress.

Think We're Not A Sick Species?

If so, then consider pet tattooing.  That's a bit sick.  Come on, a dog is companion, not a piece of canvas.  PETA is right on this one, if you have to put a design on something put it on your own ass.

Well-heeled mental midgets find new ways to abuse animals.

Bless my Om!

It costs a lot to have therapists treat the guys and gals  we've mind fucked for a decade in the Iraq and Afghan war.  We call it PTSD these days, but it's just minds that have gotten over-loaded with war and can't shed it when they come home.  It takes time to take the war out of the soldier.   Too many can't do it in their own, they need help.  However, good help is hard to find and it costs dearly.  That's money could be spent on things like F-22s and drones.  So how about using some Flying Yogis?

TM the PTSD Away

They Aren't Any Crazier Than the Others

As Willmitt Rominee heads on towards anointment as the nation's strictest conservative, you can bet your crucifix religion is going to become a hot topic.  After all, most of the evangefundies think he's a cultist, heretic, and infidel, as well as being a non-Christian.  They think his only saving grace is that he's not black.  Race trumps religion in gritland.  If Obama were white, I bet a lot of Trogs would just stay home.

At any rate, Mittney is a Mormon.  He claims to really believe, he wears the special undies.  He's crazy.  Not because he's a Mormon. No, he nuts because he thinks his religion is True.  He's no different than anyone else who has "faith,"  but is of another flavor of insanity.  Is "faith" a mental disease?  It should be.

Since it's the Mormon's turn, if you are interested in how nutty Rommitt's religion is, give No Man Knows My History: The Life of Joseph Smith  a read.   It's a decent read, the author was ex-communicated from Willney's church.  Then you can follow the rest of the bilge both for and against Mormonism over the coming months.

If Romney survives this mess, then the door will be wide open for Mormons in the future.  If religion bites him in the butt, well,  Mormons will continue to be grouped with Atheists and Muslims when it comes to the presidency.

Mormon church girds for landmark political race, with Romney as prominent face of the faith

Talk About Entitlements

What can you count on in life?   Well there's taxes and death.  We cannot avoid either.  Oh, there's a third we need to add to the list.  Yep, Defense Dept. procurement, it never changes.  Tax dollars are transferred to unknown companies for unspecified products that, if actually delivered, don't quite work.  It hasn't changed since 1776.  We're just better at it today than then.  I wonder how much the $600 toilet seat cost these days?

Defense procurement problems won’t go away

President Shrub

Did you hope for a change in guns and ammo laws?  Well, you got it!  Just in time for the election, Obama has a gift for the NRA, gun nuts, and merchants of death.  Pander on and watch people die.

Obama plan would ease weapons export rules

It's okay, the guns will be sold to foreign killers to kill foreigners.   So what happened in Mexico?  Is this a legitimization of Fast and Furious?  

Let Them Eat Cake

They're just ordinary folks?  They're going to "fight" to share the wealth?  Yeah, share it amongst their friends.  Come on, think about it.

Ann Romney's $990 T-shirt is indicative of a tone-deaf campaign

I'm More Fearful, But Not of Them

A year ago U.S. government employees finally got around to killing bin Laden.   Was this the capstone of the the "War on Terror" or has it become even more bellicose since then.   How will we ever know if the war is over?  Will it be?  How much money is spent and how many jobs now depend on the war on terror.   It's going to be like the war on drugs.

Since bin Laden’s death

Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's Easy to Forget about Crazy Old Ron

I wonder if Mittwillard has forgotten?   Ron Paul is busy rounding up delegates.  He's focused on the convention and GOP rules.  If his fans can secure a plurality of delegates in just five states, they can try to nominate him from the convention floor.  They may not get the nomination, come on, it's already Rominee's.  Paul's synchophants can create a messy convention as they yammer and spew semi-libertarian BS.  They can disrupt the convention.  They can detract from Willney's annointment as the official anti-Obama.  Go Ron!

Ron Paul’s Delegate Antics Could Spell Trouble For GOP Convention

Career Moves of the Dead

He's dead but Pepsi is bringing him back to "life."  Pepsi, even Zombies love it.  It seems an odd move, but so many stars do better after death than before.

Pepsi brings back Michael Jackson in promotion

Annals of Religion Blows Chunks, Nigerian Section

Religion is a social organization.  Social organizations are comprised of people.  Islam seems to attract more than its fair share of members who eat batshit.

Islamist insurgency widens in Nigeria

How much would you put up with?

I'd rather cancel the games than see ground to air missiles on rooftops.  It's a bit much.  When so much security is required the prudent thing to do is place that Olympics on hiatus until such time they can go forward with much security at all.  I guess there's more profit in the Olympics than the organizers let on.

Missiles on my roof?

The Shrub Failed, Obama Did Not

Will Obama Stress the Economy?

No, but Willmittney will.  Not looking good for Mr. Cool, the trend appears to be down.

Unemployment claims drop in week ended April 28

Austerity Fans Take Note

The French Trog, Sarkozy, appears to be headed home.  The leftie challenger is leading in the polls.  If Hollande does win, will our Trogs take note and back off their counterpart push for spending cuts and more spending cuts?  Nah, it's France.

Hollande: A kinder, gentler France ahead?

Black Holes

How do you see a black hole?  Well, when it eats a star it glows, so just keep scanning the heavens for a black spot that suddenly lights up.  If a black hole could belch...

Giant black hole is seen gobbling up a star

Want to see an estimate of your SS benefits?

Social Security has on on-line estimator. It provides the same info you used to receive in print.

Social Security benefits available online


Gingrich makes it official, he's out--suspends his campaign and kind of backs Willard.

Okay What About the Mormon Vote?

If the Catholic vote will determine the election, how about the Mormons?   Gee, will the Prophet,Seer, and Revelator tell his flock to vote for Barack?  Come on, we know God told him that Willard's the one.   Of course Pope Ratzy will tell Catholics how to vote and they will obey.  Ratzy's got a real problem, a black or a heretic, that's hard on a 12th century mind.  Why do we allow religion to play so freely in our politics.  I have faith, yep, faith that religion is the biggest threat to freedom, liberty, and democracy.

The Catholic vote is the 2012 bellwether

Arab Whatchmacallit

The Arab Spring began in Tunisia when a peddler decided to play Buddhist Monk and toast himself.  Folks gathered.  Folks seethed.  Folks revolted.  Tunisians overthrew their dictatorship.  They now have elections.  They opted for that freedom, liberty and democracy stuff.  It sounded pretty good.  Oops.  They have their fundamentalists and their fundamentalists don't quite agree with freedom, liberty and democracy unless those quaint ideas serve their god and his agents here on earth. Unfortunately their fundamentalists have a bit of power.

Whenever I read this kind of piece it reminds of our Christian zealots.  They'd behave the same way, hell they'd transform the USA into an Iranian style theocracy it they could get away with it.   Religion really sucks.

Tunisian court case exposes rift over free speech in new democracy

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pentagon Procurement Highlight

We all know procurement is about one thing, money.  As in transferring tax dollars from the Treasury to Defense contractors.  There is no real requirement for the purchased goods and services to be worth a buzzard's lunch.   How good is a $143 million plane if the pilots won't fly it?  It's a matter of a lack of oxygen which is kind of a requirement to avoid passing out and dying while flying.  Let's hear it for the MIC, one more success story of bilking the public.  I wonder how many former generals have retired and gone on to work on the F-22 over the years?

Air Force Pilots Balk at Flying the World’s Most Expensive Fighter Jet

Book Review

Do Repubs mystify you?  I'm sure they all eat batshit.  What is wrong with the GOP?  Well, here's a book I'm going to have to read--

‘It’s Even Worse Than It Looks: How the American Constitutional System Collided With The New Politics of Extremism’ by Thomas E. Mann and Norman J. Ornstein

Repub Bullshit

It's Repubs who are doing the data fudge this time.  ObamaCo will get in the act soon.  The real lesson is, if you hear something "factual" coming out of a pols mouth, it's a safe bet that it's really bullshit.  Everybody needs to remember President Bonzo's great advice-- Trust, but Verify!  How about that "war" on women...

Fact check: New front in the 'War on Women'

Booze Ads

Companies put their ads where eyeballs abound.  As social media has expanded, aggregate eyeball time on print and TV has declined.  Should it then be any surprize that booze companies spend a lot on  Internet based ads?   The FTC is taking a peek at purveyors of our cherished demon rum.

Feds review online marketing of beer, liquor and wine

Bout Sums it Up

Arab Spring 2.0 -- Egypt

Last Spring, Egyptian revolting Arabs deposed their beloved dictator.   Thoughts of democracy and freedom danced in their heads.   Of course they forgot that their dictator was a front man for the military.  Now, it's a year later.  This Spring, Egyptian revolting Arabs are trying to depose their beloved military dictators.  Good luck.

Deadly clashes at protest mar start of Egyptian presidential campaigns

Very Good News

The private sector is back (of course the jobs aren't quite there).  The latest bit of evidence is the Dow.  It  closed at its highest level since 2007.  Jobs are another story.  Have you noticed how the GOP keeps blocking spending on state and local government jobs?  If the Trogs had not blocked more spending on government jobs, I bet we'd be fully back and unemployment would be at 7% and going lower.  If the GOP had not blocked Obama's attempts to grow the economy, it would be growing at 3%, but then Obama would be a shoo-in for reelection.   There you have it, the GOP prefers a weak economy and high unemployment if it means they will win an election.  They are sick puppies.

Stocks rise after strong manufacturing report; Dow hits highest close since 2007

Secret Service Continues To Amuse the Nation

The aces in charge of the aces who party with prostitutes when overseas have interviewed most of the prostitutes who banged the agents in Columbia.   I'm not sure if the one who wasn't paid in a timely manner had her say or not.  The investigatory aces say it was just sex for money, no terrorists or spies between the sheets.   Their testimony is in the hands of the nation's aces--Congress.  God, we're blessed with aces.

Secret Service employees paid 10 of the 12 women involved in Colombia sex scandal, agency says

Bush Gave Us A SOFA, Obama Gives Us A SPA

The Iraq War ended becuase the Shrub signed the Status of Forces Agreement and no one screwed it up.  The Shrub agreed to a timetable for leaving Iraq.  We did (Obama complied with the SOFA).  Now Obama has to deal with the Shrub's first war.  He has signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA).  The theory is, over the next ten years our troops stand down, the Afghans stand up (we agree to pay them to stand up).  How many of our troops will be in Kabul in 2024?  Who knows.  How much will this deal cost us?  Who knows.  Does it end the war?  Well it all depends upon what you mean by "end."

We should note--

Less than two hours after Obama left the country, insurgents killed at least seven people in a suicide bombing outside a heavily guarded housing compound for foreigners, new services reported. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, which led to a prolonged gunbattle between insurgents and Afghan soldiers who rushed to the scene, the Associated Press reported.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It started in 2001, Remember?

After almost eleven years, here's the highlight of Idiotic War #1--

A new Pentagon report paints a mixed picture of the war in Afghanistan, describing the insurgency as capable of replacing battlefield losses and launching high-profile attacks, even as it has lost territory to U.S. and Afghan forces.

We went into the Rubble to roust al Qaeda. We did, and we kind of botched it too. The Taliban was not the enemy per se--they gave safe harbor to al and friends so we kicked them out sort of. We've hung around because war is very profitable for contractors who also happen to be large donors to election campaigns.  It's more like gang wars than much else.  From the local perspective the only terrorists left in country are us--think about being on the receiving end of a drone strike. We call the Taliban insurgents. They call themselves Afghans.  The people call both groups cold blooded killers.  I don't know what this is, but it is not a war.  I am certain it is a very expensive cluster fuck.  

We Really Need National Health Care

Even Medicare screws with their recipients.  Imagine what it would be like for seniors if Medicare had to make a profit.  It's time for national health care.

Patients admitted for observation can face steep drug bills

Repubs Do Hate Women Because They Love Jesus

Well, it's that or they are so damn stupid they believe any crap that comes out a clerics mouth.  Our Jesus jockeys and fundamentalists remind me of the Islamic crazies who accept anything an Imam or Ayatollah says.  As our  domestic crazies go out to do their version of the lord's work, they hurt a lot of poor women.  If Jesus donated to charity, I think he'd make regular donations to groups like Planned Parenthood.

Efforts spread to cut family planning services

Funny how it's the guys in office who keep waging the "war" on women.  Actually, they just want to repeal the 19th Amendment.  Ladies, votes matter, how will you vote in state and local elections?

What the hell, why not?

The butt bomb didn't work, you have to aim your ass at the target and secure yourself to something solid, otherwise the blast launches you one way and the projectile another.  Net result is the need for a  replacement asshole.  They also tried undie bombs.  They don't work either. The bomber did demonstrate a new way roast chestnuts.  The shoe bomb fizzled, but did lead to the spread of fungus as we all pad around airports in our socks.  Do you know where all those feet have been?   At least TSA doesn't have us flash our shorts or have digital exams.  Now we may be facing body bombs.  That's sick.  As you fly, watch out for flying spleens, livers and intestines.  Ain't it fun to be afraid and need pols to make us safe?

Counterterrorism officials fear Al Qaeda may blow up planes using bombs inside terrorists’ bodies: report

Wouldn't it make more sense to arm every passenger?  Give them pistols and tasers.  If someone begins to act weird, passengers could take care of the problem.   Would it be better if we all flew skies of the wild, wild, west?

Here's a solution

We have an abundance of nuclear waste sitting around in every state.  It's piling up.  Why not drop it all on Iran?  There won't be any explosions, just a uniform layer of radioactive trash blanketing that place..  Iran will become to hot for people to inhabit.  We'll get rid of our waste and stop Iran from building a bomb.  That makes about as much sense as what we've done to get rid of our hot garbage at Yucca Mtn. It's back in the courts.

States seek court action on Yucca nuclear-waste dump

Obama v. Romney

Here's a piece from he AP that shows the difference between the two narcissists who want to become the next Prez.  Here's my question, so what?  Both can yammer all they want.  Both can parse the English language with skill, it's the "is-is" approach to politics.  The sad part is, voters will listen to them and decide who to vote for based on what they hear in some ad or stump speech.

That is dumb.  Have we all forgotten two things?  First, there is a Congress sitting there.  It's fully capable of insuring nothing is done by any president.  Second, political parties.  The president may think he sets the agenda, but it's the party that determines what agenda items receive attention.  The party works to fulfill one objective, win the next election.  Vote for president?  Not really, it's vote for which party will do the most good or least damage.  Tell me, exactly what has Obama done all by his lonesome anyway?

Obama, Romney offer classic choices on big issues

Willard and Barack are more like ventriloquists dummies. I'll let you decide which is Mortimer Snerd and which is Farfle.

Pandering for pooches

I didn't realize that dogs voted.  You'd think they did since the Panderer in Chief seems to be after them as a voting block.  Yes indeed, all this country needs is a can of Pard in every pot and a good nickel chew toy.  Can it go lower and become more inane?  You bet, it's just getting underway.

Obama campaign puts Bo on the trail

This is what we created

Many companies exist because of government welfare.  That's contracts folks.  They do business with Uncle Sam.  When times were a bit more lush and no one paid any attention to the debt, three piece suit welfare abounded.  Now, the money is tighter and the contracts fewer.  What's a cash dependent welfare recipient to do?  Well, this is the U.S., so sue for access to the cash!  And you thought spending on stuff like education, health and roads was the cause of all that debt?

As U.S. government contracts dwindle, losers protest more

Droning on

Gee, the use of drones is legit.  Yep, Obama says it's so.  Come on, have we forgotten the Shrub already? All you need is a couple of lawyers to tell you it's okay and then keep it out of court--national secrets scrubs another trial-- and voila we're in the torture biz.  It was okay because it was legal?  Now about Obama and drones...

Brennan speech is first Obama acknowledgment of use of armed drones

See, Bush is still in the White House.  I kind of hoped for a change, didn't you?

Secrets of the Secret Service

Do you trust the Secret Service to honestly investigate itself?   If they did, you expect their findings to be made public?   Come on, in today's Washington, D.C.?  Every act is analyzed to determine its probable effect on the next election.  The idea is never to inform, but rather to inflict pain on the other guy or minimize the pain he forces upon you.  It's a bizarre world we've made inside the beltway.  Oh, we made it with our voting behavior.  We elect them.  We get what we "paid" for.

Just in case the Secret Service might service itself, another investigation is opening up.  Will it matter?  Half the country doesn't vote, and the half that does vote likes it just the way it is.  When is the last time any of us had a choice and if that choice was elected he lived up to his campaign BS?

Secret Service scandal: Watchdog planning separate probe

Pols are tools.  It's too bad we don't use the tools.  Instead we allow the tools to use us.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Being serviced is no secret

Okay, given the drunken debauch with prostitutes, how will that affect your perception of the Secret Service agents?  Imagine you are watching a movie.  It features secret service guys.  When you see an agent's expressionless ever-searching gaze, will you see a lethal automaton ready to die for a president or a guy day dreaming about his dipstick?  Will the disjuncture affect films?  Here's a recap of the the Secret Service piggery.

What happened in Colombia didn't stay in Colombia

Well, it might be better than "Bullshit!"

Of course it's not as truthful as BS. I'm not sure what it means.  I hope it means change.  I can hardly wait for the speech explaining it to us --


Food Preferences

Assume that you do not like to eat okra.  You find it rather vile.  You think it should not even be classified as a vegetable.  You know that if you eat okra you will morph into some kind of giant slime monster.  You really hate the stuff.

Okay, now let's look at Mitt Romney as a political food.  He's okra.  You are an okra despising evangefundie Je$us jockey who hungered for a veggie like Santorum, a turnip.  Willard is okra.  You like christian veggies.  Mittard is okra.  Will you eat the pod and share his gumbo or will you fast Nov. 6th?

I never imagined the day when Liberty U. would invite an okra pod to be their commencement speaker.  I guess on the scale of hate and bigotry, race trumps religion.  What kind of veggie is Obama?

Mitt Romney, evangelicals seek marriage of convenience

Annals of GOP Economics -- Spain

Europe's project of suicide by austerity continues.  Spain is tanking.  This, if not checked can, much as Greece, ripple around the world.  If it hits the U.S. this Summer, it will affect our recovery.  Bear in mind this is GOP economics.  If you will not allow tax increases, then you only one course--pursue austerity.  Spain is what the GOP has in mind for the U.S.  Austerity is the product of small minded people who sign pledges about  taxes and their even smaller minded voters.  Austerity is the GOP's way of eliminating the debt and deficits.  If they are allowed to attain their goal they will not only throw out  the baby out with the bath water, but will also toss out the bath tub.  Votes matter, look at Europe.  Is this what you want for the U.S.?

Government agency confirms Spain back in recession following 2nd quarterly contraction

We keep droning

An 800 pound gorilla with drones, uses drones at will.  The objects of the drone attacks can object.  It does not matter.  We're the 800 pound gorilla. That sums up our foreign policy.  It's not really all that conducive to little things of no consequence such as democracy and freedom.

We're sleep walking into the drone age much as we did with nukes after WWII.  Ready for a drone war?  It's won't be hot.  It won't be cold.  It will be the tepid war.  That will be Obama's legacy, the drone wars.

Oh, we've zapped some bad guys via a drone in Pakistan again.  Of course we'll have to read the foreign press to find out how many other people were killed since our government will not tell the truth about itself and its actions.  The elected think we the electors cannot be trusted.  Heck of a way to run a government isn't it.   Gee maybe they know that their actions are wrong and are afraid.

U.S. drone strikes resume in Pakistan; action may complicate vital negotiations

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Senate and VAWA

The Senate renewed the Violence Against Women Act, 68-31.  Note, all 31 votes cast against the bill were cast  by GOP males.  All of the female GOP Senators voted for the bill.  10 GOP males did vote for the bill.  All I can say, is look at the way most of the GOP votes on a bill like this, now ask yourself if you you really want to live in their version of America?  If you have ever voted for Republican, why?  Will you again?

Senate Vote 87

Dumb and Dumber

The evangefundie and Jesus jockey types have a National Day of Prayer coming up.  Atheists, especially the militant ones, have a National Day of Reason coming up.  When I look at these theists and atheists, other than the god thing, they seem remarkably similar.  I will let you decide which group is dumb and which is dumber.

Secularists counter prayer day with National Day of Reason

Myself, if I have to have a day, then I'm a bit partial to having a National Day of Ragnarok is Coming celebration.  Maybe the militant agnostics could put together the National Day of Maybe, that might be interesting.  I'm not sure if the real old time religious types should sponsor a National Day of Ritual Sacrifice.  That puppy is bloody and not for the queasy.  What kind of day would you like?

Why do we listen to professional bullshit?

Here's a headline,White House says Secret Service scandal is no security breach.  It's based on an interview given by John Brennan, he's the White House counterterrorism guy.  Come on, even it had caused a security breach, does anyway expect him to come on a Sunday morning show and say something like, "Well Billy Bob,  the President was actually in danger because our agents acted like uncontrollable pigs."  In other words there is one message regardless of facts and that message will be used until contrary facts are uncovered, usually by the press (give you a hint as to why pols and the press are like oil and vinegar) .  So, why do Sunday shows persist in booking these elected and appointed suckups to power?

Do you trust any elected or appointed official?  Do you think they respond openly, honestly and completely to questions?  Don't forget we would not even know about the Secret Service pigsty if one of the agents had not tried to short change a prostitute and that local misdemeanor was picked up by the press.

Debt/Deficit Hawk?

If so, you are you are a fool.   Look at Europe today.  They have conducted a two year experiment in austerity budgets to fix their counterpart debt/deficit problems.  They have failed.  It's double dip recession/depression time over there.

Here, the feds spent, we did not fail.  We have grown.  Unfortunately we have not spent enough to fully recover.  Today we can see how it's affected us.  The lack of government spending retards our economic growth overall.

It would not surprise me to find out that the GOP knew this would happen and thus opposed sufficient stimulus spending, all in the name of austerity of course.  The private sector grows, but the economy as a whole limps along--thus they can still make a case for replacing Obama.  Imagine if the economy had totally recovered to 3.5%.  The GOP has no core.  It subsists on only one word "no."  Well, I shouldn't say that, they do have one idea, they are sure that life was better in the past, say 1850 or earlier.  Still going to vote for a Republican?  Why?

Government cutbacks slice into economy's growth

A War For Idiots

Who continues to support the Afghan mess?  This is an idiot's war.  This is not about safety, freedom or liberty.  This has never been a defensive war, though some will argue it was as a response to 9/11.   It's become a way to make money from taxpayers and for government employees to punch career tickets.  Don;t forget the military are government employees.  Why is  it still on?  Well, when a war is brought to you by idiots, fought by idiots, and sustained by idiots it will persist until the idiots are replaced.  Do you still support the mess?

NATO says 2 troops killed in separate Afghan bomb attacks, 1 dies of non-battle injuries