Saturday, May 12, 2012

This is big and really neat!

When I was in Jr. High, I discovered fuel cells via my Dad's work.   One was a sealed cell.  Attach a solar cell and the sucker produced O2 and H2 which could recombine to produce electricity.  It was an expensive toy, the metals inside were very costly.  As I read more and more over the years I was sure by 2000 power lines would be a thing of the past since every building would be powered by self contained fuel cells.  It didn't happen.  The expensive stuff could not quite be replaced, until now.  Maybe we'll see the rise of cheap and abundant electricity after all.  I bet the power companies will try to block or just make it expensive.  Make the discovery public domain and screw the power company.   Cheap abundant power will be a massive jolt to entrepreneurs.

   Brookhaven National Laboratory develops new catalyst for fuel cells

Uh, in crackerland lynching was once just hijinks

So, lets give a bit of thought to Willard's hijinks before we go "he was just a kid."

Mitt Romney's 'hijinks' seen as bullying today

Do you really want a bully in the bully pulpit?  He's just an older one now.

This is disgusting

Trayvon Martin hoodie gun targets reportedly sell out

It's so NRA.

Ah Kansas

If you were an employer, would you hire anyone who went to high school and college in Kansas?  I would not, their brains have been scrambled by the "adults" who run the show.   Yeah, this is your brain, and this is your brain on Kansas...

Kansas lawmakers pass anti-Islamic law measure

Did The Commandertor Let Congress Know?

Nah, why bother, they only care about their reelection and no one is going to lose they ability to fund raise over a piffle of a war in Yemen.  Congress can call it part of the war on terror and get back to raising cash to win elections.  The rest of us might go WTF, but we don't count!

Drones and grunts in Yemen?  Are the troops CIA agents?  Perhaps Mercs?  Has anyone ever asked a Yemeni bad guy exactly why he's got a thing for blowing the crap out of airplanes flying over the U.S.?  I doubt it, but I do wonder why.  Do you?

US sends troops to Yemen as Al Qaeda gains ground

What if we all write in Buddy Roemer's Name

I know that sounds dumb, but damn, both parties created the economic mess and both are fighting hard to make sure nothing gets better unless their party gets all the credit.   Despite their best efforts to maintain the recession, we've recovered.  We got out of the septic tank, surmounted the gutter and have moved a foot or two onto the sidewalk and can see the door to the Good Times Emporium in the distance.  Now, the Dems and Repubs may get to blame the other guy for a new round of collapse ushered in by Europe's pending economic return to 1929.   Septic tank here we come?

As Europe’s economic outlook darkens, U.S. risks grow

Maybe we should reject both Obama and Willard.  Why Roemer?  He seems to make sense and he's not as crazy as Ron Paul.  Okay, write both them in, Buddy for Prez and Paul for backup.  How about it?  Take a pen to the polls and exercise your right to really piss off the parties and really take back our country.

HIjinks or assault?

It's one thing to, say,  glue a wastebasket to the floor and it's quite another to use a gang to impose your hate on another human being.  I am confident that Willard does remember the incident and still thinks he did the right thing.  Forcibly and violently cutting another person's hair is not hijink for an 18 year old. It's his first adult action.  Agree?

Mitt Romney’s prep school classmates recall pranks, but also troubling incidents

Uh, Didn't God Make Gays?

Enough said, the Jesus jockeys are demented.  They are not of the faith they claim.  Maybe we do need a war on religionists--remember religion is a social organization of people and we know how badly people can behave.  Civility is a very thin veneer which can protect the beast within.  When that protective covering goes, then the underlying ugliness is exposed, it can rot and get really foul.  

Obama gay marriage endorsement mobilizes Christian conservatives

Merchant of Death -- Update

The Krupps had nothing on Uncle Sam.  They were just one family, Uncle Sam is a family of death merchants.  How do dictators stay in business?  Well, Uncle Sam says,

"Buy our stuff and you can really keep the peace.  Loans are available.  Human rights, smites!  Repression, regression!  Remember god made people to be targets, of the well armed. Are you well armed?  Call now, generals are standing by."

U.S. to resume some military sales to Bahrain

Friday, May 11, 2012

He's 25% There

How much of what Bush did to the nation has been undone by Obama?  I'd say in eight measures only about 25%.  Even then, the two changes can be reversed with a simple secret order or done under another set of terminology.   Did Bush ever really leave the White House?  If he did not logically speaking, then the election question be do you want Bush or Romney in the White House?  Bush was a Trog, how much  troggier is Willard?  Hypothetically, could Bush even be the GOP nominee in 2012?   Hm, could he be a Democratic nominee in 2012?  Do those questions make you uneasy?

Timeline: How Obama Compares to Bush on Torture, Surveillance and Detention

Okay, now answer this one.  Given Congress's ability to stop about 98% of governance, what diff does it really make if Willard were to be elected?  Would we even really notice?

Infant Mortality

Afghanistan has the world's worst infant mortality--121.63 (deaths per 1,000 births).  Monaco has the lowest, with a rate of 1.8.  Out of 222 nations, where does good old number one rank?  Oh, between Croatia and the Faroe Islands in the 174th slot, with 5.98 deaths per 1,000 live births.  Did you really think we we the best?  If you did, then where did you get your info?


Obama's Evolution

Ah Mother's Day

Here's a bit on the day I found in Wikipedia--

Commercialization of the U.S. holiday began very early, and only nine years after the first official Mother's Day had became so rampant that Mother's Day founder Anna Jarvis herself became a major opponent of what the holiday had become, spending all her inheritance and the rest of her life fighting what she saw as an abuse of the celebration. She decried the practice of purchasing greeting cards, which she saw as a sign of being too lazy to write a personal letter. She was arrested in 1948 for disturbing the peace while protesting against the commercialization of Mother's Day, and she finally said that she "...wished she would have never started the day because it became so out of control ..." She died later that year. 

However, Mother's Day is now one of the most commercially successful U.S. occasions, having become the most popular day of the year to dine out at a restaurant in the United States and generating a significant portion of the U.S. jewelry industry's annual revenue, from custom gifts like mother's rings. Americans spend approximately $2.6 billion on flowers, $1.53 billion on pampering gifts—like spa treatments—and another $68 million on greeting cards. 

Commercialization has ensured that the holiday has continued, when other holidays from the same time, like Children's Day and Temperance Sunday, do not now have the same level of popularity.

Still Want to Vacation In NC?

Obama Is A Closet Cracker?

How can one be for gay marriage and actually be against gay marriage?  That's easy.  All one has to do is evolve their thinking to be congruent with Obama's.  He's for gay marriage, provided the legislative or voting majority in one's state also conforms with that position.  If one's state decides to ban gay marriage, then that's also just dandy with Obama.  One can be for it, and merely blame others for making it illegal in one's state.  You can keep the closet open so to speak.  Let's put it this way, if Obama had been in a position to rule on miscegenation laws in 1967, crackerland would still ban racially  mixed marriage.

He thinks gays have right to marry but still views it as a states’ right issue

Think about it before you start sending him cash or giving the guy a medal for courage and statesmanship on articulating his evolved position.  As I've said before, equality is like pregnancy, you is or you ain't, that's it!

Here's a war question

If you have an ally in the field and that ally tells you to "fuck off" when you suggest that we all need to  engage the enemy, is that ally really your ally or is that ally really best buds with the bad guys and hence your enemy?

Oh, my, we have a problem in Afghanistan.  It's us against everyone else living in that rock pile.  Are we that damn dumb?  Well, considering the eleven years of ace advice from the commanders, I'd suggest they've been in the ground a might to long.  Extract the commanders from their holes and have them show some leadership as they lead the parade which has Johnny and Jane come marching home.

Afghan commanders show new defiance in dealings with Americans

Why are we still waging war with guns?  Capitalism is a far better thing to wage.  

The War in Yemen

We are at war in Yemen.  Of course we don't send in any troops.  If we did Congress might be interested. If we did a few citizens might want to know about what we're doing.  Hell, this one is being fought by the CIA with drones.  The CIA is part of the Defense Dept.?  Makes you proud doesn't it?   So much for Congress and declarations of war.  The Constitution was nice while it lasted.

We're affecting hearts and minds.  Of the ones we don't kill,  we turn the rest against us.  Of course it all makes us free and, of course, safe.  Everybody go shopping and vote for Bush Obama.

U.S. launches airstrike in Yemen as new details surface about bomb plot

Pander $uccess!

Obama has cashed in on gay marriage.  He evolved.  Donors noticed.  They gave.  Okay what group will he evolve on next?  Mutant ninja turtles?

Obama’s gay marriage announcement followed by flood of campaign donations

Okay Girls, Get Those Shoes Off, Stay Home, and Have Babies

The bishops and priests in the Catholic Church fear the Sierra Club and Oxfam?  Girl Scouts have links to those organization.  Therefore Girl Scouts should banned or enjoy an auto de fe.  If it were the Boy Scouts, we know what the priests would do and it would not be burning at a stake.  The Girl Scouts would be better off by severing all ties with the Catholic Church--find new meeting halls and get as far away from those crazy bastards as possible--they think that Girl Scout cookie sales fund abortions.   Once again we see that religion really sucks.  Welcome to Pope Ratzy's Old World Order.

Catholic bishops continue to delve into concerns about Girl Scouts

Thursday, May 10, 2012

In his heart, you know he's still in high school

I never could quite understand how George Romney's son could be a Republican in the 2000s.  The GOP has changed a lot in the last twenty years.  George Romney, Dick Nixon, Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan would not win a nomination in today's GOP, they're all to liberal.  Now I have an insight about Willard, he's a Repub because of a gay thing.

Romney bullied ‘presumed’ gay student in 1965

A Note on Obama's Pander (evolution)

Despite Marriage Equality Shift, Obama Still Won’t Sign LGBT Anti-Discrimination Executive Order

If you cannot be a little bit pregnant, you cannot be a bit equal.  Too bad neither party believes that.  The GOP wants to return to 1850 or earlier and Obama just wants the gays to go away.  

Terrorist Toddlers?

TSA and the Homeland whatchamacallit are collections of boobs managed by retarded twits.   The only good idea the Shrub ever had, was to NOT create the Homeland joke.  Unfortunately, he lost his decider powers.  Now, we put up with affronts to our rights and liberties because elected government officials want to keep transferring tax dollars to their buddies in the Security Industry Complex.  I am afraid, but it's not  a fear of bad guys from the Middle East.

Toddler flagged on TSA ‘no-fly’ list by JetBlue, parents claim

And the blind will lead the blind

That seems appropriate, especially when the topic is searching.   If Bing wants to beat Google all they have to do is develop a better search engine.  They haven't.  I think I'm going to go reread "The Lonely Crowd."

Bing to Be Revamped in War for Search Engine Supremacy

Sad, Very Sad

I hope this does not mean the current crop of urchins will become adults who believe in creationism and the inerrancy of the bible.   Science is both a method and a body of knowledge.  If anyone needs a damn good tool for wading though all the crap life throws at you, then science is that tool.  The rest of the "tools" are pretty much at the bottom of our abundant lies, falsehoods, and bullshit.  I cannot help but think that the ones who lead the charge to shortchange the kids are first, parents, second pols, and third administrators in the school system.  Against those three, the teacher is lucky to teach anything at all.

National science test shows only slight improvement

Do you have school age children?  If you do, how many science magazines or periodicals are in your home?  If you don't subscribe to any, then I've made my point.

Daily Show -- NC Edition

Gee, The Olympics Are Here Again

The Greeks can still afford matches?

Olympic flame for London Games lit in Greece

Vets, Once Again...

The way we have fought and continue to fight our current wars, with a small, all volunteer army, pretty well assured that we would see a grundle of vets with fucked up brains.   The nature of the job, well, it can wear a mind down.  Some don't come out the way they went in--this is another reason we need to require a draft whenever we go to war or engage in any kind of armed conflict.

Given how much publicity there has been on whatever we want to call it--PTSD, Shell Shock, Battle Fatigue or something else--it's been obvious the Army and VA have not had the resources needed to treat the men and women we've mentally shafted.  Oh, the VA hired some shrinks?  How'd that go, oh, they may have underestimated the number of shrinks they really need.  Damn, that's so normal, they finally show up at the fire with a bucket, but then they discover there's no water in the damn thing.

Shinseki: VA may need more mental health workers

I'd feel even safer if we warehoused all of TSA

TSA is a joke, an expensive joke.  Now we find out that much of the gear they purchased, I guess it's the stuff that works, as opposed to the junk that didn't work, is stored in a warehouse in Texas,  How much does it cost to store the stuff we paid for?  TSA is a bad joke.  Disband it.  Airline security belongs to the airlines, not the federal government.  I didn't feel any safer, when I used to fly, because TSA was there.  Actually, I felt the reverse.

TSA equipment gathering dust, House investigators say

Is it time for us to elect someone who can actually manage USA, Inc.?

Goodness Gracious, Who Ever Expected Otherwise?

The GOP receives more money, votes and even more money from people and companies affiliated with The Military  Industrial Congressional Complex than the Dems.  The Dems, on occasion, actually care about how we treat and care for the least amongst us.  Given the incestuous GOP/MIC relationaship, this headline is almost not needed, it's axiomatic, given the GOP--

House to vote on GOP plan that would forestall Pentagon cuts

Did anyone really expect them to live up to their agreement? Look, it's also an axiomatic that Repubs have no honor.   I think members are sworn to never tell the truth about anything.

The UN is doing such a grand job in Syria

Ooops--Twin bombings kill at least 40 in Damascus

Syria is not going to become a "democratic" country, even as that's defined in Arabic terms until Arabs decide to clean up all of their own nests.  As long as Arabs depend and rely on others to do their work for them (and pay for the job) others will decide which dictator rules in all the little nations which the others created for the Arabs over the past century or so.


Are you on the Dems and Obama's mailing lists?  I am.  I've donated some money over the years to Dems.  After Obama did his "affirmation" about gay marriage, guess what started popping up in my e-mail?  Yeah, a slug of pitches praising the Prez and of course asking for donations to show that I really appreciate what he did.

The one from Barack began "Today, I was asked a direct question and gave a direct answer: I believe that same-sex couples should be allowed to marry. I hope you'll take a moment to watch the conversation, consider it, and weigh in yourself on behalf of marriage equality:"

It ended with a request to stand with the Prez.  When I clicked on the link, it took me to a page with my email and zip code.  There when I clicked my support, it then took me  to a "since you stand with the Prez now give him some money to show you meant it" page.  I shut the window.  Sorry, nice words, but I no longer donate to wholly owned subsidiaries of special interests.

After 3 1/2 years he finally answered the question?  What changed?  I am delighted a president has now gone on record for gay rights--equality, it's in the Declaration of Independence, is and always has been 100%, it has never has meant a bit equal.  I think his position today, and perhaps for the past several years was more calculated pander than much else.  Thanks Mr. Prez, you finally did the right thing, but don't expect a medal or any cash.

Here's the latest on this from the Post-- Obama endorses gay marriage, says same-sex couples should have right to wed

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Back in the early 90s Willard was a champion of gay rights

Of course Willard was running for office in Mass. back then.  Now that Willard is running for Prez and has to appeal to Trogs, he done a one eighty.  He's flip and flopped.  In evolutionary terms, he's devolved.  The GOP symbol really is a brown slime mold.

Oh, the other guy, Obama, has completed his evolution.  Yep, he's now all for gay marriage (given that a state says its okay).  Obama, with respect to gay marriage, approves, provided we invoke the 10th amendment.  I guess this is a full pander.

Obama voices his support for gay marriage

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How a questionable number ended up in Crossroads ad

Last week, our senior writer Lou Jacobson fact-checked a claim from an American Crossroads ad that blamed President Obama for the fact that 85 percent of college grads return to live with their parents.

The more Lou researched the claim, the stranger the story got. He found the 85 percent figure had been recycled by the news media with little scrutiny. The number is actually very questionable, but journalists were content to copy it from other news reports without verifying it -- or even asking when the survey was conducted.

Lou's story is more than just a tale of a false number; it's a lesson to our colleagues in the media about the need to verify facts before you repeat them.

Meanwhile, make sure you check out our other recent work:
  • The Obama campaign earned a Falsefor its claim that, "under the Romney/Ryan budget, interest rates on federal student loans would be allowed to double."
  • PolitiFact writer Becky Bowers did a line-by-line examination of a new ad by Americans for Prosperity that is one of the sneakiest ads we've seen this season.
  • Angie Drobnic Holan, our deputy editor, did an interesting analysis of attack lines from both parties about Medicare. Her recommendation: Don't believe either party!


I thought it stood for Boy Scouts of America.  It appears to really mean Bigoted Scouts of America.  It's amazing what adults do to kids isn't it.  What are the boys really learning?

Boy Scouts' policy on gays, atheists rankles California lawmakers

Come On Kids, Please Vote. It's Hard To Undo Bullshit

Willard Makes A Speech

Say What? Romney says he, not Obama, offers the nation a path ‘forward’.  Willard faces forward.  Obama faces forward.  Obama moves forward, perhaps not as fast as some perfer, but he goes forward.  Willard, on the other hand, looks to the front but walks backwards.  If we elect him, he will walk us all back to the 17th century.

It's a Miracle?

Postal Service to announce plans to keep rural post offices afloat

It's no godly intervention, it's pols seeking rural votes.  Have we forgotten it's an election year.

I still think the USPS should join with the Rural Utilities Service (used to be REA) and Congress shold give them a joint mission to broadband the country.  REA did it in the 30s with electricity.  So, why not RUS in the 2010s for internet service to every rural burg in the country.  Those rural post offices can serve two purposes--snail mail and e-mail.

Hairballs, Er, Tarballs, Oh, Yeah, Tarheels Prove They Are Morons

Yep, Amendment 1 passed.  They defined marriage as one guy and one gal and made that def part of their constitution.  The Dems need to switch their convention to some other state.  The rest of us need to avoid all things NC.   Mormons who still do the polygamy thing, stay out of NC.  What's wrong with those folks?  Do grits rot your brain?

N.C. approves constitutional ban on same-sex marriage

U.S. Debilitative Body Strikes Again!

Okay kids, the Trogs have decided you not only have to have loans to get through college, you need to pay more for the privilege of borrowing tens of thousands of dollars.  Trogs know that if you have massive debt upon graduation you will go to work, keep your mouth shut, and not vote.  You will not take any risks.  You will become part of the GOP's capitalist machine.  You will become the GOP perfect citizen.  Kids, they love you and your obedience.  Hell, even in protest y'all don't wind up voting.  The Occupy movement amounts to less than that other kind of movement.  Amass more debt, pay higher interest, it's good for business.  Don't bother your heads about Washington.  

Student loan plan fails in the Senate

Oh, one other thing to remeber, as colleges costs go up, fewer will attend.  After all college was designed  for the spawn of the rich, there are only so many really good jobs to go around....

Why Would Any Hispanic Vote for Douche Willard?

I do not understand how any group, other than rich old white guys and the dumber than a skunk white crackers can even think of voting for Willard or anyone who is a GOP candidate for any office.  After 10 years of running for office, he still hasn't figured out immigration?  Swift, huh?

RNC Hispanic outreach director: Romney is ‘still deciding what his position on immigration is’

Global Warming Keeps Us Toasty

Is global warming man caused?  No, I'm told the Lord is sticking it to us.  Hold it,  Jesus is both god and man.  Yep, global warming is man made.

U.S. completes warmest 12-month period in 117 years

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Can't we at least have a bit of truthiness in our politics?

What would happen if some organization such as FactCheck opened up an an Obomny fact check site?  The site would, to the greatest extent possible, assess every statement made by the candidates orally, in print, on the web, radio, and TV.  Ads, speeches, interviews would all be assessed.  Now, here comes the kicker. What if a large number of disgusted voters agreed to vote for whichever of them has the best truthiness score on Nov. 5, 2012.

Both of the bozos have their captive voters--I'm a captive Dem.   I've voted for a GOP candidate twice in 45 years, once in Utah and once in Tennessee.  If Independents agreed to truth based voting, then both clowns would compete on telling the truth.  That would be interesting.   Imagine, if they were asked a yes/no then would answer in one syllable.  It might affect comedians.  How would the Daily Show make out with honest pols?  

We Need Joe Friday in Our Politcs

Why, well Joe was concerned with just the facts.  How can we wade through the BS?  There are a few sources which can help us winnow the wheat from the chaff (it's mostly chaff).  AP does a great job when they fact check pols and their utterances.  Politifact does a great job on National and State level bloviation.  The Annanberg School has two sites built around a damned good BS detector. analyzes pols and what they preach.  Flackcheck. org does the same, but it's directed at ads, language and media.

If your own BS antenna starts to go off, go see if the pro's antennae have alerted them to BS.

Amendment 1 in NC

If Amendment 1 passes, then the Democratic Party needs to abandon Charlotte as the site for its convention.  It will be awkward and a bit difficult to shift to some other city, but they can do it.  If Amendment 1 passes, is there any reason for decent people to have anything to do with NC?  It's the voter's prerogative to do as they are wont, but it's everyone else's prerogative to shun anything that smacks of NC.

North Carolina: civil rights groups urge voters to oppose gay marriage ban

The voters in NC may be saying, "Welcome back Jim Crow."

Fantasy Island -- GOPland

Mitt saved the auto industry?  God, he thinks so.  He gets to this idea because after the bailout, GM and Chrysler did what millions of other people thought might help them out, did a bit of bankruptcy reorg (which was kind of called for by the feds).  Willard lives in fantasyland--

Auto bailouts will be at forefront of Romney's Lansing visit today

And while we're in fantasyland, how about Willard's failure to speak out when a "fan" said Obama should be tried for treason.  Even McAncient McNasty didn't let that kind of crap get past him in 2008.  Willard wants the office too much.  Do you really want such a desperate person flying around on Air Force One?

Obama team hits Romney response to 'treason' comment

Old McDonnell Told A Fib, With a Lie, Lie Here and a ...

Bob McDonnell, Gov. of Va. has a problem.  He says Europe is recovering faster than the U.S.  That is false.  The U.S. is in much better shape than Europe.  Britain is even back in a recession; other European countries will soon join them.  Austerity has not worked.

Bob is a pol.  He opens his mouth and spews whatever he's told to bloviate.   In this latest bit of blowhardary, he either didn't know squat or consciously uttered a falsehood.  Either way, he basically sucks.  If he did not know of what he spoke then he has confirmed his stupidity.  If he did know and spoke anyway, then he is a liar.  Which is it, stupid or a liar?  Oh, hold it, since he's a Repub, he can be a stupid liar and that's just dandy.  In fact Trogs prefer their office holders and candidates to be both.

Bob McDonnell Blows Smoke on Economic Recovery

Remember for the GOP, if something makes sense, seems right, and appears to do the right thing then it is obviously part of a Democratic plan to turn the U.S. over the UN and usher in some kind of world order.  That or it's just an evilish or unpleasant thing.   Okay since, say, 1910, has the GOP been on the right side of anything?

Batshit Crazy News -- Soylent Green Front

What can I say.   In a world population of 7 billion or so, there are bound to be a number of seriously deranged lunatics.  They should be uniformly distributed.   Why are they concentrated in S. Korea?

China to reinvestigate human flesh capsule claims

2012 vs. Europe

Greece and France have rejected austerity.  They may try loosen their monetary supply, borrow, and spend a bit to goose demand.  Assume they do and it works!  Who will benefit?  Well, Germany will, since they depend on exports.  If the French and Greeks buy their products, it will give them a boost.  The real winner will be Obama since those nations will be doing what he has suggested all along.  If their success then spawns other European nations to bag austerity, Obama will be reelected.  Even if Willard tags him as a Socialist, Obama will win.

Of course, Greece could tank, be kicked out the EU and become a Communist Nazi nation.  France could collapse and sink lower than Britain.  That will ripple around the world and resonate in the U.S.  As our economy sinks in response, Obama will lose.  Willard could confess that, in his heart, in his core,  he's a mother mugging, father raper and he'd still win.  Pay attention to Europe, it matters.

Europe’s elections offer economic, political risks for Obama

Here's a Question for You

Could Joe Biden have been a Republican?  Could Barack Obama have been a Republican?  Both are political entrepreneurs.  Both will do pretty much whatever it takes to advance themselves.  Both will twirl and spin their tushes off.   In their core, could either have opted to be a member of the GOP?   Let's look at this through one issue, gay marriage.  Now could either have gone the GOP route?

Biden comments on same-sex marriage expose internal White House divisions

I don't really think either of them could have travelled the Trog road, I just want folks to think about Obama and gay marriage a bit.  His political calculus may be what determines his reluctance.   Do either of these guys begin with and really believe the idea of "all people are created equal...?"  Equality is like pregnancy, you can't be a little bit pregnant.

Obama and 2012

Michael Gerson is not Obama fan.  He's not much of a Demcratic party booster either.  He worked for the Shrub as a polciy advisor and speech writer (he coined the phrase "axis of evil").  Basically, he's a conservative schmuck.  His Post column today is about Obama and his campaign kickoff.  Sometimes it helps to read a bit of Trog.

Unfortunately, much of what he says about Obama I agree with.  I feel that all the Dems can do is fo Forward and hope for a change.  Obama, Willard? Too bad their isn't a viable third alternative.  How do you feel about Obama?  Does Mr. Gerson tap a bit of your feelings about Obama?  I still will not give any  money or any free labor to Obama.  I will vote against Willard.  How about you?

Obama’s lost cause

Good Reason to Reject Willard

If you still need a reason to not vote for Willard, here tis--

Rick Santorum endorses Mitt Romney

Would you really vote for someone covered with ass juice?

CIA Announces They Found A Bomb

Back in the Shrubs's day we had color coded terrorist warnings on a regular basis.  The warnings were used to instill fear and distract the public from other matters that were a bit politically tricky.  The alerts became a joke.  Do you still have your plastic sheeting and duct tape?

 Has Obama, as in so many other respects, decided to continue one more of the Shrub's policies?  Perhaps yes, perhaps no.   What is your trust level of the CIA and the Obama admin?   Mull that one over, then read about the bomb threat discovered in, take a guess.  Yeah, in Yemen.

Al-Qaeda airline bomb plot disrupted, U.S. says

The bomb could be very real and be as described.  Of course it might be far less dangerous too.  My trust level is low.  Assume it is bad.  Why would Yemenis, who happen to be al Qaeda, build bombs to use on U.S. planes?  Oh, I forgot, they hate us for our freedom, or is it because we keep dropping bombs on them.  And there is that little matter of propping up a vile dictator for decades.  There comes a point when someone has to sort out the timelines and local politics to make sense of the Yemen.  You know, we really the "who did what, when, how, etc."  I don't think anyone in the White House will do so in public.  It might be embarrassing.

Monday, May 7, 2012

This is Scary

Obesity could affect 42% of Americans by 2030

IN NC, it's 1850 for the GOP

They can dance around it all they want, this birther crap is 100% racial hate.  A black is President of the United States.  They cannot cope with that idea.  They cannot under current law and national morays get away with open black bashing and public racial slurs, so instead they question the legitimacy of his birth,  his presidency, his integrity and his personhood.  In their hearts they "know" know a black isn't fit for anything but field and domestic work, but can' say it in public.  The grits and crackers have not changed since 1850, NC is no exception.

N.C. GOP candidates continue to question Obama's birthplace

They're Still Buying Congress and the White House and Perhaps the Supremes Too!

So, given the role of money in campaigns, elections, and hence, how the elected govern, does it surprize anyone to read this headline--

4 years after Wall Street crash, regulation of financial markets is still spotty

My only reaction is, "what, does this mean there has actually been a skosh of re-regulation?"

Bless my bombs away

If you drop bombs from the sky, be it from a big piloted plane or a remotely piloted drone, when the bombs hit the ground they tend to explode.  It you are near them when they go boom, you tend to become a former member of your community.  This tends to piss off the surviving members of the community, not everybody is an insurgent, combatant, terrorist, or bad guy.

After more than a decade of bellicose lunacy, we're still doing the same thing over and over again.  I swear, the commanders in the ground, the White House, and Congress must all have portfolios lush with  stocks of various bomb making companies.

NATO airstrikes said to kill civilians in two Afghan provinces

Dear Voters

Voters in Greece and France handed the backers of austerity their collective asses.  The counterparts to our GOP were booted out of office.  Both nations have tried to solve their problems by deep spending cuts--the logic is, if borrowing contributed to the the current mess, then we have to quit borrowing, cut spending, and balance the budget now.  Don't forget to cut taxes too!  If we do, then the rich pricks will spend some cash and create jobs the save the day.  It's the Crusader Rabbit approach to economics.

Fortunately for the U.S. the Dems and Obama prevented the GOP from totally emulating Europe.  Our economy is booming in comparison to theirs.  Britain, courtesy of austerity, is enjoying a double dip recession.  As we head towards November, voters have a decision to make.  Shall we hand our government over to the GOP so they could turn the U.S. us into Europe or over to those who would borrow a bit, tax a bit more, add lost government jobs back, and spend to increase demand.  If we get growth we can then begin to making appropriate cuts and reduce the the debt.

French, Greek voters say no to austerity

It's in our hands,  that scares me since half the hands don't ever pull the lever and vote.  Of the half who might vote, I fear a bit more than half tend to be irrational than not.  Should I buy gold?

Fair Trade?

We will have to ask the dead Yemenis families.  We sent a drone in, it killed a bad guy--actually, the pilot of the drone killed the guy.  He was on the wanted list, one of the U.S.S. Cole bombers.  He was a member of al Qaida.  His friends decided an unmanned aerial vehicle attack merited a manned attack.  The UAV got one guy at a cost, of what, a few to several million dollars.  The bad guy attack cost maybe $1,000 and killed 20 people.  When it comes to war, if the enemy is committed, then I have a feeling the cost effectiveness wins out over technology in the end.

Al-Qaida militants kill 20 soldiers, capture 25 in surprise attack on army base in south Yemen

We Let Them Go So They Shoot Us Again?

That has been the logic which Congress uses to detain prisoners at Gitmo.  It's in Cuba.  If we free a terrorist, he'll just resume his ways.  They hate us for our freedom.  Oh, at Parwan they release detainees to defuse tense situations and hope they won't shoot at us again.  It's in Afghanistan.  If we free an insurgent, he might actually resume his ways--farming.  They hate us for occupying their country.

Two prisons, two policies, two approaches.  One is in a combat zone the other is controlled by Congress.  I think I prefer the Parwan approach.

Secret U.S. program releases high-level insurgents in exchange for pledges of peace

From Bob Park

WHAT’S NEW Robert L. Park Sunday, 6 May 2012 Washington, DC

1. ALBERT WHO? DEAD PHYSICIST DISPELS MOBILE-PHONE MYTH. According to news reports last week: "There is still no evidence of harm to health from mobile-phone technologies," or other wireless devices such as Wi-Fi. A study for the UK's Health Protection Agency (HPA) is said to be the most complete review yet and new evidence is still being examined, according to Professor Anthony Swerdlow of the Institute of Cancer Research, who chaired the study. I once had a rubber stamp made that said: "More research is needed," since it’s found at the end of every science paper. The unanswered question is why anyone thought microwave radiation might be a cancer agent in the first place? Cancer is linked to the formation of mutant strands of DNA. More than 100 years ago in his 1905 paper on the photoelectric effect, Albert Einstein predicted an abrupt threshold for photoemission at about 5 eV, just above the lovely blue limit of the visible spectrum, demonstrating wave-particle duality. He was awarded the 1923 Physics Nobel Prize. It’s also the threshold for the emission of invisible ultraviolet radiation that causes hideous skin cancers. The cancer threshold, is therefore, 1 million times higher than the microwaves band. The same enormous mistake was made in the 1980s when epidemiologists falsely warned that exposure to power line emission can cause cancer. Power lines abruptly stopped causing cancer in 1997 after the U.S. National Cancer Institute conducted a better study. It’s painful to witness this sad history being replayed with mobile-phone radiation. Aside: My apologies to regular readers who have heard this 20 times before, but it has not gotten through to everyone.

2.ASTEROID PROSPECTING: WHAT'S HOLDING UP A SPACE-AGE GOLD RUSH. There was a front-page article by Joel Achenbach in the Washington Post last week about Planetary Resources, the world's first asteroid mining business, started by space visionary Peter Diamandis and his colleague Eric Anderson. Deep-pocket investors are said to be hyperventilating. Why wouldn't they? Untold thousands of asteroids are whizzing around the Sun right now – and they're free. Just leave your business card on an asteroid and it's yours. But, although asteroids are free, "whizzing" is not. What are these guys thinking? You must chase asteroids down to extract stuff like platinum and diamonds, if there is any, and haul it to Earth. Meanwhile the price of rocket fuel is up and tiny errors in trajectory could lead to huge damage suits or start wars. But why bother? Some of the best asteroids are already here; Earth has been collecting them for eons. Just look for craters and start digging. Consider the Chicxulub asteroid buried beneath the Yucat√°n Peninsula. It got rid of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, clearing the way for the evolution of Homo sapiens. Mining the Chicxulub asteroid should keep Planetary Resources busy for centuries. Asteroids already have a really bad rap, but I think Chicxulub may be seen as evidence that God is a businessman.

Sine Mr. Park is revisitiing cell phones, here's another re-visit on  homeopathy--

Based in France, Boiron, a huge multinational maker of homeopathic-
remedies, is suing an Italian blogger, Samuele Riva, for saying 
oscillococcinum, the company’s featured flu medication, has no active 
ingredient. Congratulations Sam, I gave up trying to get Boiron to sue me, 
years ago but the Center for Inquiry, of which I'm a member, is pleading 
with Boiron to sue us. "Anas barbariae hepatis et cordis extractum," is 
listed as the active ingredient by the company. It’s prepared at a 
concentration of 200CK HPUS from the liver of the Barbary duck. The 200CK 
means the solution has been diluted 1 part in 100, shaken, and repeated 
sequentially 200 times. HPUS means the medication is listed in the 
Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States, and prepared according to 
1938 federal guidelines. It’s a national disgrace that the antiquated law 
sanctioning homeopathy, introduced by Sen. Royal Copeland, himself a 
homeopathist, is still be on the books. The dilution claim is totally 
meaningless. Somewhere around the 30th of the 200 sequential dilutions, 
the dilution limit of Earth would be reached, with the entire Earth 
becoming the solute. That is, the possibility of even one molecule of the 
duck-liver extract remaining in the solution beyond that point would be 
negligible. Long before the 200th dilution, the dilution limit of the 
entire visible universe would have been reached. This is all quite 
meaningless. Astronomers put the number of atoms in the visible universe 
at about 10 to the 80th power. It would take many universes to get to a 
dilution of 200 C. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Okay Trogs, Austerity Does Not Work

The GOP has best take note of France--Sarkozy appears to have lost.

The GOP, unless they wish to have the House and Senate return to another 40 years of Dem control had best knock off their demands for tax cuts and spending cuts now approach.  The GOP and the Dems need to let all of the Bush tax cuts expire--that shafts everybody.

The GOP and the Dems need to borrow money to rehire the 600,000 lost government jobs now!

The GOP and the Dems need to rewrite the tax code now (tax every dollar from $1 to $1,000,000 plus at an evenly graduated rate that goes from  0% to 30% as income rises from 1 to 1 million.  The GOP and the Dems need to rewrite Corporate taxes, a flat tax of 5% on gross earnings seems decent.  Our tax code should not be more than 50 pages long.

The Dems and GOP need to address Medicaid and Defense spending--if we keep spending as we are currently, they will break the nation.  The current approach insures that if we keep everyone healthy we won't be able to defend ourselves or if we prepare to defend ourselves we'll all be too damn sick to fight.

Then when all of the above are done, we can discuss Medicare and Social Security.

If the GOP and Dems cannot do this, then fire them all and get a 100% new slate of folks in office.  Hell, let's fire them all anyway.

Spreading the Fat

Fast food and snack food manufacturers will adapt their products to obtain sales in any market possible.   On of these years the entire human population will be obese.

"Crab" chips, fruity Oreos? They're big overseas

Is Gay Repubs an Oxymoron?


Five myths about America’s decline

It can't be done!

What?  Oh, for either Obama or Willard to meet Mr. Kessler's challenge.  What's the challenge?  Well, all they have to do is give one honest, factual 15 minute speech.  Impossible!  Lying and deception are ingrained in their being.  Today, no pol will willingly tell the truth, they hire lots of "is-is" specialists to gain an edge.  All they really accomplish is to confirm to voters and non-voters that they are liars, that is, typical pols whose sole interest is winning an election for self serving power, money, fame, and of course adoration.

A challenge to Obama and Romney

Idiots At Play in the Field of War

Read it, shake your head, now realize that the same bozos (both parties) who brought this mess to us are still in charge.  It's time to replace them all, isn't it?

U.S. abandons consulate site in Afghanistan, citing security risks