Saturday, May 19, 2012

When's A Secret Public Knowledge?

Oh, that's when a U.S. drone blows the crap out of something, somewhere.  The only people in the world who don't talk about it are the aces who run our government.  For them, drones are classified and really secret.  They all wear decoder rings and have secret handshakes too.  Secret, sure who wants their bosses, us, to know what they are doing in our name.  It works pretty well too since most folks don't read newspapers  or watch much TV news.  Then for those who do watch FOX, drones are wrapped in the flag to make us safe from fear.

How do others find out and pass the word about our killing bad guys and innocent civilians?  Well, Twitter is a pretty good source.

Covert' US drone operation is mapped on Twitter

Maybe someone noticed what the rest of the world knows and --

U.S. Rethinks Secrecy on Drone Program

From Bob Park

WHAT’S NEW Robert L. Park Friday, 18 May 2012 Washington, DC

1. BOMBS: AN "OPEN-MIC BOMB" IS DETONATED ON THE HOUSE FLOOR. At a nuclear safety summit in March, President Obama, unaware that a nearby microphone was live, told Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that he would have “more flexibility” in missile defense negotiations after the 2012 elections. The United States currently maintains an arsenal of 5,113 nuclear warheads, down from a peak of 31,225 in 1967, but it’s still vastly beyond any conceivable need, expensive to maintain and a target for diversion by terrorists. Nevertheless, determined to sabotage any Obama initiative, House Republicans voted yesterday to block nuclear stockpile reduction.

2. FIRE RETARDANTS: CHICAGO TRIBUNE EXPOSES INDUSTRY SCAM. Last week the Chicago Tribune published a riveting four-part series, "Playing With Fire," about the widespread use of toxic flame- retardant chemicals. It's not like it's a trade-off, where fire safety comes at the cost of increased chemical pollution; so-called "fire retardants" do nothing to suppress the inferno when foam upholstery is ignited. Liberal senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) was so outraged by the Tribune exposé that he demanded to know why the Consumer Product Safety Commission had not implemented the furniture-flammability rules it proposed in 2008. Although I've been kept informed by my friend Arlene Blum, a UC Berkeley chemist who is the Executive Director of the Green Science Policy Institute, I confess that this is the first time I’ve mentioned the flame retardant scandal in WN. In my defense, there is more bad science than I can cover, but from now on I will include the fire retardant scandal.

3. HELIUM CRISIS: THE WORLD IS RUNNING OUT OF HELIUM. Physicists, it must be acknowledged, have a certain reverence for "helium," the second element in the periodic table, without which the 20th century revolution in physics would never have taken place. There is no substitute and the supply is nonrenewable. Helium exists on Earth today only as a product of radioactive decay of heavy nuclei in the crust of our nascent planet. It accumulated in the same underground geologic formations that trap natural gas (methane). At a maximum concentration of 2.7%, natural-gas wells represent the only practical large-scale source of helium. North America has more helium than any other region of the world, but is also by far the biggest consumer. When it's gone, it will be gone forever – unless we succeed in generating power by deuterium fusion. In that case helium may again be abundant, but that day is a long way off. In 1925 a Federal Helium Reserve was created in Amarillo, TX as a strategic supply of gas for airships. By the 1950s helium had become essential to electronics development but huge amounts were being squandered by NASA on low priority tasks such as purging the fuel tanks of shuttle rockets. However, most members of Congress remain unaware of its use for anything other than inflating party balloons. Over the objections of the American Physical Society, which urged an increase in the helium reserve, the 1996 Helium Preservation Act ordered the Interior Department to liquidate the Federal Helium Reserve by 2015. What then?

Pure Willard

It has to be bad in Ethopia

If your life kind of turned to shit, would you escape to Yemen?  Yeah, Yemen.  It really has to suck in Ethiopia if folks see a better life in Yemen.  Do we drone refugees?

Record Number of Africans Flee to Yemen

What if they don't pony up?

Obama is buying a kind of peace in Afghanistan.   Well, actually he's agreed to pay the inept bumblers who, in theory, run the Afghan police and army about $4 billion a year.   We stand down, pay them $4 billion a year, and they stand up.  Oh, our allies are supposed to kick in another bil or two.  What if they don't?  It's gotta work, after all, we trained Afghan forces.

Afghanistan fundraising goal elusive before NATO summit

What happens if the Afghans have an election and they return the Taliban to power?  Will we pay the Taliban to defend against the Taliban?  I bet we would.

Quadrennial Why?

Every four years an Olympic flame gets carried around as a pre-game pep rally and advertising binge for the big game.   It's Summer Games.  Why do we do this?

Torch starts its 8,000 mile journey

Place Your Bets

Who will be running Syria by the end of Summer?  I'll put $1 on Assad.  Anyone want to bet on the UN?  If that made you chuckle, then here's a belly laugh  -- bet on the Arab League?

Syrian Attacks Continue as Mass Protests Spread

In The West

The West will lost the sun for a few minutes tomorrow.  I bet the Trogs will blame it on Obama.

Rare solar eclipse visible Sunday over Western states

The Inmates Are In Charge

They are, in Arizona.  Racism must really run deep in AZ.

‘Birther’ controversy: Arizona election official says it’s ‘possible’ Obama might not make ballot

Friday, May 18, 2012


Too frequently magazine recipes don't quite work out the way you hope.  Sometimes the picture is the only thing that tastes right.  Tonight I made White Bean Ragout with Toast.  It was in a recent issue of Bon Appetit.  It's not difficult, takes a moderate bit of time, but tastes wonderful.  It's worth giving it a try. I used grape tomatoes instead of cherry (they taste better).   I made half the recipe for the soffrito.  I then cut the beans and stock by a third (two old fart diners).  I'll freeze the soffritto for future use.  If you have the soffritto made up the dish is quick to prepare.  Give it a try.

I had Chianti with the ragout,  Chianti goes with everything.  Enjoy!!

Why Aren't The Torgs and Teabags Frothing Over This?

The T&Ts scream and wail every time we borrow money to meet federal expenses.  Now we're borrowing money to help Israel's Defense Dept.  Where's the right wing outrage?  Oh, I forgot, most of them are evangefundies.  That means they will do anything to keep Israel alive and put them in a position to wage war over the Middle East,.  Israel's war will thereby bring on the End of Days.  We know who thinks they will be raptured up and who will be left behind.  Oh, the Jews?  God will kill them all.  Damn, support of Israeli defense is anti-Semitic?  Heck of way to govern this nation and theirs.  Who elects these dimwits?  Ooops, forget we do.

Is U.S. going above and beyond for Israel?

There's Something Else That Should Be Banned

As Oregon bans Native American mascots from sports teams, I think they should also ban sports from all publicly funded schools.

Oregon bans Native American mascots in schools

This Is Funny

I saw this and laughed -- JPMorgan Chase CEO Dimon summoned before Senate committee

These are the same guys and gals that helped deregulate us into the 2008 meltdown.  They are concerned?  Oh, forgot, they really want to know if the $2 billion loss will cause an interruption in contributions to campaign funds.  Why do we send schmucks and schmuckettes to the Senate for more than one term?

Why Is Anyone Still Catholic?

With all the dynamic leadership the Bishops have shown over the past couple of decades, I do not understand how anyone can remain a member of the Catholic Church.  I guess the faithful must really want to return to the good old days of 1253 or don't have any male children.  Has it become the faith of the rich old white guys?

HHS Secretary Sebelius to address Georgetown graduates despite protest from Catholic archbishop

I have trouble squaring the very moral person of Jesus with the morality of the administrators of the Church.   I wonder who would be thrown out of the Temple today?

May He Be Blessed With Friends

I hope Willard's friends keep on helping him run for Prez.  I hope they run oodles of ads on Obama's religion.  I hope they do, then maybe a wealthy Dem will decide to tit for their tat and launch a slug of nasty Mormon bashing ads.  Maybe, if both sides blister each other over religion, most voters will decide it is time to put religion back in the churches and keep it out of the voting booth.   That would be nice.  Imagine a campaign where "faith" is never mentioned by anyone.  Please Mitt, let your friends help you.

Mitt Romney distances himself from racially fueled proposal to attack Obama

Faith ought to be a sufficient reason to dis-qualify a person from running for office, but  that's just my perspective.  

This Sucks, That Makes It So Very Repub

The House Trogs know what's best for the all the people who live in the District.  The Trogs will decide what's best for D.C.'s residents.  Well, their actions will really lead to donations and votes in their home districts because like so many brave men they can and will decide what's right for women, poor things.  Once again the House Trogs prove they do not believe women are actually people.  I wonder, if a bill came up to repeal women's suffrage, would it pass?  I bet it would.

D.C. delegate to Congress silenced at hearing

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Do you use Facebook?  If so why?  If not, ditto.

As Facebook grows, millions say, 'no, thanks'

The Horses Are Gone, Lock The Barn Door!

Hardly a week goes by without DOD giving us one more instance of inept management.  Then again the only thing they are trained to do is kill.  The saddest part is that the decision makers will not pay any price for their actions.  Once again, it's the GI, the vet, who has the privilege of bending over and taking it in shorts.  Folks, maybe it's time to re-think that bit of patriotism called serving in the military.

Army probing PTSD diagnoses

Fleecing of Commanders in the Groud

It would be nice to have a ally instead of a non-ally, ally.  It would be even nicer for our aces in charge to fold their tents and come marching home, today.  Pakistan has a proposal--

Pakistan seeks $5,000 transit fee for each NATO container

How do you spell shakedown?  Oh, that's easy P A K I S T A N.

By their acts you will know them

So, let's get to know the GOP--

House passes Violence Against Women Act renewal that critics say doesn’t protect gays, Native Americans, immigrants

Hmm, you are also known by the folks you hang out with.  Are you really going to vote for a Repub?  Oh, if you're a rich old white guy I can understand, but if you're not, then please explain your self-loathing.

Aryan Nations NIghtmare

The effects of population, fertility, and income can drive a white supremacist nuts.  If the folks you hate out-number you, you can keep them down, but you can't stop them from making babies.  The targets of hate now out number the haters, in terms of babies.  In a generation they will be adults.  The next twenty or so years will be interesting from a race relations perspective.  Much of the disproportionate increase in minority babies  may be attributed to income and education.  The folks who have more of both have fewer babies, the folks who have less, have more babies.  You do the math.   What's the price of persistent discrimination and hate?  There's a kind of justice at work here, god has a wicked sense of humor.

  Census: Minority babies are now majority in United States

Coffee is back in - it's good for you

Coffee has been in and out over the years.  A new study puts it back in the good food camp.  I drink so much of it, it's a basic food for me.  Drink a cup or two a day and live a bit longer.  Now that I've entered oldfartdom, there are  times when I wonder if that's really a plus.  Too bad decaf is as good as regular.

Coffee buzz: Java drinkers live longer, big study finds; regular and decaf are equally good

What will the future be like in Afghanistan?

As we stand down so they can remain sitting, the bad guys will accelerate what they already do so well--

Militants attack government compound in western Afghanistan, killing 7

And to think this is the highlight of war presented by two commanderators and countless commanders in the ground.  If this bothers you, then please go shopping.  Well, you might think about the nature of the bozos you elect to Congress and the White House.

Do you believe ads?

Come on, you see the ad, "Soapo" will make your clothes like new?  Do  you run out and buy as much as you can.  No one does that.  Well, almost no one.   So why does Soapo run ads?  The nearest I can figure is , if it's not a brand new product, the ads try to plant the name "Soapo" in our brains.  Then, if we can't find our regular "Dirt Away" brand, then we might grab Soapo.  Similarly if we are in a hurry.  I have a feeling no one knows if ads work and how they work.  One thing I am sure of, most ads stretch the truth.  If they veer into falsehood, then we do have the FTC to go after them for false advertising.  Ads have as much to do with truth as a politician does with good governance.  Oops, does not mean ads are true?

Ads for most products may be a bit questionable, that's why most of us ignore them.  However, there's one product, based on the volume of ads and their cost, that we must be thought to believe.  That product is politicians running for office.  Have you noticed that TV news pretty much reruns ads and does not pick them apart for truthiness?  Thank heavens we have fact checkers--

Obama: Broken promises on taxes and health care?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why do we need government?

One reason for government is to protect some of us from ourselves.  There are a lot dim bulbs in the national light bulb bin.  Those low wattage folks are easy prey for others who blind them with BS and take their cash.  Government tries to protect some of the least amongst us-- which I understand is a fairly decent moral principle.

Some of us think a pair of sneakers will actually "...get you Kim Kardashian's curves or Brooke Burke's toned tush." As the ads suggest, don the shoes, take a walk, and you have a new butt. It takes a lot to believe that crap, but hey, we are not challenged on that score at all. That's why the FTC has taken Skechers to task and told them to cough up $40 million for the low watt crowd.

FTC: Skechers deceived consumers with shoe ads

I know an ad is an ad, but we seem to be too blessed with people who think if something is said on TV, appears in print, or on the Tubes, then it's gospel truth.  I don't even know what gospel truth means, but if it's an ad, we all have to put on our  Bonzo Caps, then we can trust the ad because we always, always verify before we act.

Political Hate

The GOP appears to be allowing gays to enter their tent, at least let them stand in the doorway.  It's strange.  So many Repubs still spew gay hate.  I guess the RNC memo hasn't fully made the rounds.  Gays do vote.  Gays do donate.  So gays are okay.

It's been a slow acceptance.  It reminds me of the mainstream churches, they've been losing members, so they have started to eat evangelical batshit in the hopes of keeping a few members instead of expiring.

As gays make it into the GOP, are accepted, and become elected they will become just one more group in the tent of Trogs. What I do wonder is, who will the new batshit crazy gays decide to pick on?  To be a Repub you have to hate a category of people, like gays.  Who will the Trogs pick on next?  That's not gay, that's sad.

Quietly, the Republican Party is embracing gays

Fairy Tales

Have you noticed the number of TV shows and movies that are based on fairy tales.  I wonder if Snow White show up in next year's list of top baby names?  I have no idea what it means, but it did give me an idea.  The evil queen has that really cool mirror.  She asks, it answers.  Of course one answer she sought really pissed her off and trashed her relationship with poor little Snow.  come on, would you name a kid "Snow?"

Okay, let's make the mirror a political mirror.    We could ask it questions and suggest its response.  Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the biggest narcissist of them all?   Oh, my the mirrors says it's _____!

Have fun.

Amendment 1 in NC

The goat fuckers of NC put a definition of marriage into their constitution.  They are proud of themselves.  Perhaps they should recall what happened when the founding fathers kicked the can down the road on slavery and defined blacks as 3/5s of a person.  That did not work out all that well.  Oops, forgot those tar-heeled crackers liked that Constitution.  Today, gays, tomorrow they want a rematch with blacks.  Not much changes in the South.

Deja Debt-Mageddon Vu

Here comes.  Yep, it's a rerun.  It went over so well in 2011, the Trogs will play it again.  This time I hope the Dems don't cave.  I hope the GOP stands steadfast--teabags all around!  Then as both parties preen with pride in the purity of their principles the whole damn thing will come crashing down around them.  Hell, some of us will even die.

Then and only then we might be able to put some sanity into governing our nation.  Right now both parties share but one goal, winning elections any way they can.   We can fire them all in Nov. or wait for the whole damn thing to crash and burn and then replace them all.  Our choice, what do you prefer?

Wonkbook: Of course Boehner wants another debt-ceiling showdown

That Is One FUBAR War

The Afghan joke gives me a headache.  Pakistan has kept the roads closed for six months.  Now they may open it, so the black market can replenish supplies, the Taliban can rearm, and everyone can demand transportation related bribes.  It makes more sense to demand that Pakistan keep the road closed.  We can pay them to keep it closed.  Like I said, one mighty fine FUBAR of a war.

Many will profit if Pakistan reopens NATO supply routes

Our commanders have been in the ground too long. Let's help them recover by ending this idiotic war.

All Hail The Emperor

Obama is now taking us into war #9 in Syria.  Look, Syria is an Arab problem.  Let Arabs fix it or live with it.  We have no business advising or arming anyone in this civil war.  Do you remember when LBJ said that Vietnamese boys should be the ones to die for the ruckus over there, it was supposed to be theirs.  Yeah we'd just give them a bit of military advice.   How'd that bit of bullshit turn out?

Syrian rebels get influx of arms with gulf neighbors’ money, U.S. coordination

Strategic Victory -- War #6

Aren't you glad Obama led us into another war in Yemen?  It's hard to be an emperor, especially if you're elected to be one for only four years at a time.   Now, if anyone is suspected of obstructing Obama's plan for Yemen, then their U.S. based assets can be frozen.  This means anyone.  this means don't tick off the boss, he may decide your assets are supporting the bad guys in Yemen even though you live in Sheboygan.  Better pony up and donate to someone's reelection campaign.  Again vague suspicion has replaced little matters such, as due process, judicial review and other legal niceties.  Obama will be remembered, yeah, he'll be the prez who ended the rule of law in the U.S.   But, we're safer, right?

Obama executive order will give Treasury authority to freeze U.S.-based assets in Yemen

And we thought the Shrub played it real loose with the Constitution and law.  Did John Yoo ever leave the White House legal staff?

Debt 101

Partisans agree on who is responsible for the nation's national debt.  Yep, both sides point their fingers and say, "the other guy did it, not us."  As they beat their gums, they hope we will agree and vote for them or at least cast a ballot against the other guy.

Will we ever learn that there is really is an "other guy."  Yep, but the other guy is not in Congress or the White House.  The other guy is us, the voters.  We, the voters, elected the 435 dolts to the House, we opted for the 100 decrepit sleazeballs in the Senate, and rallied for the narcissist in chief in the White House.  We elected them all.  They all gave us the debt.   Are we disgusted yet?  As Pogo said, "we have met the enemy, he is us."

Let's not reelect anyone for at least 18 years and see if we're any better off.  We can start with presidency,  if we all write in Buddy Roemer for Prez and Ron Paul for Veep...

Is Obama responsible for a $5 trillion increase in the debt?

Karma in this lifetime?

Maybe.  Or maybe it's a case of spreading so much shit for seven years, he eventually slipped, fell and came up covered in his own stinky poo.   To be honest he stunk from day one.  Whatever you call it, it could not have happened to a more deserving person.  Fletch, I am sure no one will miss you.  I wonder how many others will be fletched? In a just world, there would be trail of wretches leaving Utah, they're all at will employees.  I guess Fletch did build his version of a world class system for Utah.  780,000 security victims and one Governor  see that system a bit differently.  Some days are good news days.  Today is a good one.

Utah guv fires tech director over health data breach, creates security czar

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Willard, He's So Kind of Exciting, Sort Of

The GOP have their nominee.  They are really excited.  Here are some of Mittward's ringing endorsements--

Tepid Words for Rombot

Bout the End of June It's Going To Get Ugly

Why then?  Oh, the next Greek elections will be over by then.  Greece will officially have become nothing.  It will be on its own.  It will no longer be able to use the Euro.  It will be be 100% bankrupt.  Greece is worse than the Arabic countries.  Arabs have been useless only since 1400, whereas the Greeks have been living on past glory for a couple millennia.  Sadly though, investors will get antsy and cause havoc in non-Greek markets.  Greece has economic cancer, if they cannot or will treat it, then they need to be allowed to let it consume them.  Of course they could sell the entire country off to investors and become the world's largest theme park.

Greece calls new election after coalition talks fail

Perverting Justice

We call it obstruction, the Brits call it perverting.  By either term it's still the same.  Someone, in this case one of Murdoch's finest, tried to hide illegal acts from cops investigating a crime.  That's perverse and obstructive.   Too bad they can't perp walk Murdoch and son.

Rebekah Brooks charged with perverting the course of justice

Actually I'd rather enjoy seeing Roger Ailes perp walked from FOX News HQ to any available police station.   Folks like Ailes do make a lot of money, but they forget Gresham's Law about bad money driving out good money.  Yep, Fox like bad money debases news, drives out the competition, until finally the competition has to go lower than FOX.  Exactly how low do we want the lowest common denominator to go?

A Pleasant GOP fantasy

No, it's not Obama deciding to withdraw from the race.  Instead imagine that crazy old Ron Paul garners sufficient delegates to force the GOP convention to actually have to nominate a candidate at the convention.

That would give all GOP factions a chance to show their true colors, at one time, when lots of voters will be paying attention, on national TV.  Would Paul become the nominee?  I doubt it, but if he did, the election campaign would be a gas.  Can you imagine it?  Paul would totally ignore Obama and instead address liberty, freedom, and the role of government as he sees it.  Paul really does not give a shit about what Obama or anyone else thinks.  He has his ideas.  He'll tell you what they are, then if you like them  he'll ask for your vote.  That might be refreshing.  Go Ron!

Of course old Ass Juice Santorum would try to spread santorum everywhere.  And Newt, well, are there words to capture what he'd try and do?  Could Bachmann bring her crazy visage back to America's attention?  I'm kind of partial to Perry, I'd love to watch him klutz his way to November.  What a fantasy.

If the convention is opened to the delegates, would Willard wind up as the nominee?  Nah, he's still just rich Mormon Rombot that no one really likes who bought his way to Tampa.   He wouldn't even be on anyone's short list for Veep.

Ron Paul: 'Our campaign will continue to work in the state convention process'

Why not end government conferences?

At least we can end taxpayer paid for get togethers.  Since special interests already own Congress and the White House, let them also pay for executive branch confabs.  Congressmen get free vacations, so why not civil servants?

Obama administration issues new travel and conference rules

Taxmageddn is on its way!

We're heading towards a collision between two parties.  We're heading where most folks don't want to go.  If Congress can't get their thumbs out of their butts, then taxes will go up and spending will go down.  Of course, every one's ox will be gored in the process.  When every one's ox gets gored, they tend to bellow in the next election (if they remember).  This gash may be big enough to be remembered for more than two years.  I opt for the maiming.  Taxes go up and all spending goes down overnight on Dec. 31, 2012.  That may be the only way for voters to take back control of Congress and demand performance based on governance rather than on moron ideology.  That and it will make for some very interesting bobblehead shows.

Taxmageddon sparks rising anxiety

Who really cares?

I have a problem with the coming election.  The candidates, being massive narcissists, want folks to think the campaign is all about them.  It's not.  They are running for an office.  Both of them are as up to the task of administering the executive branch as any other jackass who has ever held the office.  Come on, both of the them are much more adept, at just about anything, than the Shrub was and is.  Dubya did advance democracy, he proved anyone is capable of being president.

Both clowns will run ads trashing the other.  Both will try to develop themes they hope voters will remember in Nov.   After Obama was elected, with a Democratic Congress, did he get a lot done?  As expected?  Well, all that hope and change BS developed the way Congress wanted it to.  In other words, not a stellar record, but Obama gets credit for a decent one.  However, the actual record belongs to Congress not Obama.  Other than an oddity like Lyndon Johnson, presidents are the captives of Congress.

The real question for voters is, who will you elect to the House and Senate this year?  Will you send Obama back with or without a Democratic Congress?  Similarly, with  Willard.  The ads and speeches are nice, they provide lots of entrainment on The Daily Show (and I assume on Rushbo's show).  I am amused by folks who have not made up their mind about Obama or Willard yet.  Don't waste your time on them.  It's Congress you should be fretting about, opt for either of the bozos and be done with it, but do listen and determine who will represent you.  What do you want Congress to do to the nation?

President Obama, Mitt Romney do battle over Bain Capital

Welcome to Crackerland -- Virginia Edition

Once you leave Northern Virginia, grits blossom on the vine and crackers grow in the fields for rednecked things to gather them in-- they think they're sheaves.  Every Jesus jockey knows that since a faggot is a bundle of sticks used as a torch, there is no way one can ever be a judge in the land that gave us slavery.  Virginia, unchanged since 1605.

House of Delegates rejects gay judge Tracy Thorne-Begland

Monday, May 14, 2012

HOw do we lose freedom and liberty as we wonder what happened to our Republic?

Oh, we set them aside a bit and a piece here and there.  It's an incremental destruction.  Usually it's for some "greater good" political bullshit.  The net result is not better and not safer, it's just less of what we want used to be--free.  Here comes the next nick in our being as free and independent people--

Drone rules scheduled to be released Monday: Regs to determine how police can use drones

Showing my age

Uh, whatever happened to John and Mary?

Jacob and Sophia Take Top Honors on Social Security’s Most Popular Baby Names List

Rombots Way

Things I've Run Across Recently

I posted about U.S. infant mortality recently.  We're about 40th out of some 180 plus nations.  That makes no sense.  I wish all the anti abortion zealots would shift their ardor to making every fetus gets outstanding pre-natal care and then when born that every child receives a good foundation for a long and healthy life.  Why don't  we have an outstanding national, free day care system?  Why, do we seem to say, one minute after delivery, "we got you this far kid, now it's your turn?"

I'm tired of pols and other celebs being sorry for something they may have done-that's the denial apology. Why couldn't Willard have just admitted he was a bully in HS and that as an adult he is not "sorry" but rather he is ashamed of his former behavior?  Did Bill Clinton ever say he was ashamed, I can't remember?

Have you watched "The Tudors?"  Have you seen any of the excellent movies about Elizabeth I?  If you have then you know that dad and daughter tried to make England a Catholic free Island.  There were several blood baths.  Given that history, which group is most populous in Britain today, Anglicans or Papists?  Damn, the Pope has won, there are more Catholics than Anglicans in Britain today.  Is this due to breeding, immigration of both?  

Every time I see a religion survey from groups such as Pew I get depressed.  The numbers who believe seem to never quite diminish.  Well, the non-believer group is about 16% these days.  I find it disconcerting that as much one third of our numbers are evangelical, fundamentalists who accept the literal truth of the Bible.  Then there's the devil, heaven and hell to deal with.  Oh, and ghosts too.  It's odd since the the growing religion is really along the lines that Louis Menand suggested, one of genetic polytheism.  Instead of Ares we ponder the gene for aggression.

I was listening to a bobble head pundit this morning.  As he bobbled on about Willard's attempt to show he's a successful businessman as opposed to Obama whose only claim to fame is getting elected to the presidency, I wondered how do we define "success?" Is Willard a success because he made a lot of money?  If success one dimensional?  If not, then how do we define and measure success?  Can it be measured?

Second Amendment

Here are a couple of older volumes on the Second Amendment. You might find them of interest if you can't quite make sense out of our history of bearing arms and such. The first is still in print at a reasonable price, the second is a bit pricy so give your local library some business.

To Keep and Bear Arms: The Origins of an Anglo-American Right by Joyce Lee Malcolm (1996)

Gun Control & The Constitution (Controversies in Constitutional Law) by Robert J. Cottroll (1993)

Suggestion for Teabaggers

It would be nice if y'all would try to do something that will actually help instead of demonstrating your lack of economic understanding.  Your position on debt and deficits is a bit extreme.   It's mostly huff puffery at best.   Demanding immediate corrections now, is beyond reasonable, workable, or sane.  How can y'all do something about government that will get your self inflicted wedgie out of your butt and lay the foundation for fixing some basic matters of government income and spending?

What can you do?  First, campaign to have all the Bush tax cuts repealed.  That will piss everybody off, not just the rich.  Then as folks begin to froth at the mouth a bit, demand an immediate rewrite of the federal tax code to fix the problem.  Take it one step at a time.  If y'all get your heads out your three corned ass, you could be a force for improving our government instead of nightly news entertainment.  However, if y'all keep on being the ultra-right wing of the GOP, you play into their hands and are as used as an unpaid Secret Service whore in Cartengena.

Taxes are simple.  We can tax from $0.00 to $1,000,000 at a linearly progressive rate that goes from 0% to 30%. At $1 million and up, the feds get 30%.  That's the max rate.  Oh, no tax expenditures, deductions, credits, loopholes or anything else.  There is income, regardless of source, it's all the same and it gets taxed the same.  Don't forget to get all the social  and other policies out of the tax code.  If we want an EITC, fine, create an EITC Dept. and let them cut checks.  If we want people to buy solar cells, then let the Dept. of Energy send them a rebate on purchases.  Keep the IRS for one purpose--taxation.  

If you are a small business, we can continue to play the deductions game.  However, we need to make the list of deductible items much, much smaller.  Wages and benefits are deductible, after that we can discuss what's in and out.  I hope most of them will be trashed.  Maybe

Oh Corporations, we make it real easy.  We take, say, 3-5% off the gross of every type of corporation.  That's it.

Almost forgot.  Part of the new code should include a clause or three that makes it damn near impossible to alter the code.  Perhaps, a requirement that require changes to span two Congresses.  Changes are put on paper and passed in say the 112th Congress by both houses.  The President cannot sign it until the next, 113th Congress, after an election, re-passess the exact same bill.  If we do the code right, we have to protect our wallets from the sleazeballs we elect to Congress.

I think this approach actually generates more revenue than the current code.  So, Teabaggers, if you want to be a force for fairness and a decent government, demand that government get real obnoxious.  Demand tax increases until folks notice they can give it all away to Uncle Sam.

One other thing, not on taxes, but on the loons y'all elected in 2010.  Why on earth are they running for reelection?  Why would you support returning anyone to office?  Y'all really are Repubs who dress most oddly, aren't you?


Obama uses triumphs to court vets in swing states

Who Services Whom These Days?

The chief servicer will testify about his agents making whoopee while on a presidential road trip.  I don't expect much news from his yammering.  We'll learn he's saddened and disgusted by this incident.  We'll learn that his aces are thoroughly investigating the incident.  We'll learn that this was a single, and the only, incident of this type in the agencies entire history, ever.  He'll be very sincere.  We'll learn that folks have been given bad marks in their permanent record and one or two agents have lost their secret decoder rings.  We'll learn that budgets should not be cut, but need to be increased to insure that this never occurs again.  In other words, Congress and the Secret Service will stroke each other as we put it all behind us.  In other words, CYA all the way.

Secret Service director to testify on prostitution scandal

I just caught this Time cover

Time magazine must be bouncing along the bottom for readers.  This cover trolls for bottom feeders.

Did Time sexualize breastfeeding with its 'Are you mom enough' cover?

Are any of the old "news" weeklies worth a damn anymore?  The only weekly that still does news is The Economist and it's British.  The U.S. mags have deteriorated into glorified supermarket tabloids.

Can we make sure they never set foot on U.S. soil ever again?

We're better off without them.

IRS crackdown on foreign assets leading many to renounce U.S. citizenship

Our Wonderful World of Wars

Remember when we only had two of them?  What a difference three and a half years makes.  So many, so much profit and it's all funded by the unborn taxpayer--

Fresh Yemen government raids in volatile south kill 16 al-Qaida militants, officials say

Pharmacy bombing kills 7 in Afghanistan

U.S. trains African soldiers for Somalia mission

Period of Relative Calm in Iraq Is Brought to End by Fatal Bomb Blasts

US, Pakistan in intense negotiations aimed at reopening NATO supply line into Afghanistan

South Sudanese refugees flown home from Khartoum

Nato urged to investigate civilian deaths in Libya

Oh, don't forget to follow news for our next wars in Iran and Syria--

Iran, unable to sell oil, stores it on tankers

Activists say Syrian troops shell central town of Rastan, raid Damascus neighborhood

Damn, almost forgot our war which has been raging since 1948--

Israel amid an Islamist Middle East

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Obama is the first gay president?  What the hell, why not.  You know what this means don't you?  Look, Clinton was the first black president, then Obama was elected.  Now if Obama is the first gay prez, then that means in a couple of terms we'll elect...

Newsweek Cover: Obama 'First Gay President

Hmm, if that future Prez, is female, gay and married, what will we call her spouse, the First Mate? Suggestions?

Are You Ready For This?

Electronic menus: food, Facebook, and fun. Coming to restaurant near you?

This Stuff Gets So Old

Culture wars.  Social issues.  Why are we wasting our time on these matters?  Oh, if you make a big deal out of any of them, you can become well known.  You can get your 15 minutes on TV.  You can write a book and make a few bucks. You can form an organization and collect donations.  Of course pols having nothing else of any merit or importance can join in and become just as crazy.   They too can collect donations.

I have pretty much adopted a simpler  approach, it's live and let live.  If you are gay, that's nice.  No one should give a rat's ass about it.  No one should say that,  because you are gay,  you cannot do anything that everybody else does.  Equal is equal, otherwise some may wind up being more equal then you.  You never know who will try and crap on whom.  Similarly, if you are pregnant and want an abortion, fine, go have one.  It's not my business nor anyone else's.  Most of the social wars concerns can be dealt with by minimizing the concern and living our own life.  Get a grip folks.

   Gay marriage, abortion back in campaign spotlight

That's Just Willard Playing A Joke

If Willard and his "gang" had given the haircut on a public street, he'd have been arrested, tried and done a little bit of time. He would have a record.  This kind of behavior, at a school the the spawn of the rich, is hijinks, for the rest of us, it's criminal.

Myths About Gay Marriage

Five Myths

Who will win?

By win, I mean which side will obliterate the other.  What are the sides?  Oh, it's Muslims vs. Copts in Egypt.  The Muslims are picking on the Copts, they're Christian.  Damn, that's not right.  We better alert all our batshit crazy for Jesus folks. They could form an Army.  They could invade Egypt.  A lot of them would die.  Most would never return.  If you love Jesus, please start marching to Cairo.  It's not going to happen, but it's a pleasant thought, an evangefundie free country, nice.

Coptic Christians fear rise of Islamists on eve of presidential elections

Crazies of the Book

It should not be surprising that  Judaism, Christianity and Islam share not only the same origins, but also share another trait.  Christians have their batshit crazy evangefundies.  Islam has reactionary jihadis, we call them terrorists.  What about the Jews?  Yep, they have a good helping of nutzoids too.  They're called  Haredi.  Different faiths, yes, but the same behaviors for what, god?  Weird kind of trinity.

Here's a piece on the Jewish version of our evangefundies.

Culture war looms as Israel pledges to end ultra-Orthodox military exemptions

No matter the faith, I guess if you spend too much time pondering god, you go mad.