Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hearts and MInds Update

For Afghans next to U.S. firing range, unexploded ammunition poses peril

Stoner President?

If Clinton was the first black president, then the first real black president is the first stoner in office.  Well, he probably doesn't blow that much dope theses days  -- the White House is a no smoking zone.  However in high school, he dated Maryjane regularly--

President Obama’s pot-smoking high school days detailed in Maraniss book

I didn't realize that pot was a gateway drug to Harvard, a law degree and the Presidency. OK kids, everybody light up!


I didn't know there was a scandal in the Vatican.  Apparently the top prelates could not keep their hands out of the poor box, so to speak.  Just because they are priests does not mean they cannot be financial crooks.  Gee, in the field they are pedophiles and back at HQ they cook the books and fleece the faithful.

I still do not understand how anyone can be a Catholic these days.  The company one has to keep to be a member seems rather questionable.   If your friends make a comment on you, then, you get the point.  Oh, who is leaking the info?  You'll love this it's--

The Butler!

Arabic Approval?

As the death toll climbs in Syria, I have to assume that all the surrounding Arabic nations approve of Assad's slaughter of his people.  They have done nothing but talk.  They appear to want someone else to come in and do the dirty work for them.  I hope Obama and other western leaders will do nothing.  If the Arabic nations do nothing then they will have amply lived up to expectations.  After all, what do you expect when church and state are one?

Activist put death toll in central Syrian region at over 90, many women and children

Don't Get On the CIA's Suspect List

If you do, then one morning when you stop for a bagel at a bakery, you and all the members of your car pool might be turned into bread crumbs.  Oh, the bakery has to be in West Pakistan.  Yep, once again a CIA drone dropped its payload killing four suspicious characters.  Of course, the bakery was demolished and we have not been told how many non-suspicious people were killed.  Is this our approach to bargaining with the Pakistani government to re-open the road to Kabul?  I assume the CIA works directly for Obama and does his bidding.  The only problem with rejecting Obama over drones is that Willard would be far worse. Talk about a lesser of two evils election coming up...

Pakistan officials: Missiles from US drone kill 4 suspected militants near Afghan border

Friday, May 25, 2012

Who's Right?

I posted a chart on Obama's spending the other day, it was from TPM.  The White House press shill must have seen the report too.  He chided the press a bit on being lazy.  The WaPo's fact checker decided to take a peek at the report.  Ooops, that 1.4% increase in spending comes out to be more along the lines of 3.3% which puts him on a par with Clinton.  The Repubs still spent much more, but Obama did not spend less than Clinton.  The fact checker has chided the press shill for laziness.

The facts about the growth of spending under Obama

Hawking the Merch -- Update

Bless my braying jackass, I just received another pitch from Bill Clinton. Now all they're asking for a mere $3 for a change to win the Barack/Bill raffle. The value is back down to $1,600 (tax purposes I'm sure). All I'd get is an increase in my taxes for $3 win. I wonder how much you have to give them to have a private audience? How much do you have to give to have an expectation of some quo coming your way for the quid? Here's today's e-mail form slick Willie--

Jake --
I'm going to join President Obama for an event in New York City -- and I'm hoping you and a guest of your choice will be there.
We want to meet the folks who are fighting for Democrats up and down the ballot, and you're one of them.
Does it sound like something you'd be interested in?
Just pitch in $3 or more today and you'll be automatically entered for a chance to join me and President Obama in New York:
Hope to see you there,
Bill Clinton
P.S. -- And don't worry, the DNC has your accommodations and airfare covered.

Who is to blame?

I think the entire supply chain is to blame.  Of course our ace military contractors will try to blame it all on the Chinese producer of fake parts.  All along the way, every company involved cuts corners to make an extra bit of profit.  It's kind of sleazy but who cares, it's only tax dollars.   To defense contractors, taxes are  guaranteed free money.

 Probe of US military gear traces counterfeit parts to China

Arab Spring 2.0 -- Egypt

The revolting Arabs toppled the dictator and have finally gotten around to having a presidential election.  Dit they expect to elect a prez?  If so, they were a bit surprized when no one won.  They will need a run-off time and not on is really happy about that.   How will it all play out?  Stay tuned--

Stunned Egyptians awoke Friday to learn that the revolution that led to the first democratic elections here in history appeared to produce a Muslim Brotherhood and a regime holdover as the presidential finalists, sparking fear and ire in revolutionaries whose call for change could instead lead to more of the same or Islamist-based governance.

 The educated Egyptians who’d led the marches that led Hosni Mubarak to resign the presidency last year conceded on Twitter and elsewhere that the voting showed that revolutionaries didn’t truly understand popular Egyptian sentiment. The anonymous Egyptian blogger “Big Pharaoh,” for example, concluded that the revolutionary “bubble” had burst.

They did it to themselves

The younger voter usually stays home.  The younger voter is fickle and ill-informed.  The younger voter cannot be counted on at all.  Congress is going to raise College loan rates--they cannot agree to freeze them where they are now.  In June the rates will double.

Okay, kids, who'd you vote for?  If you didn't vote then be silent about this.  If you did vote, did you vote for a Trog?  If you voted for any Repub, then you should be proud of the impending rate increases.  If you voted Democratic, sorry, talk to your friends and get them to vote for liberals from here  on out.  By the way the same pertains to your state legislature--they raised the college tuition so you'd need loans to go to school.    Check out the history of public college tuition rates over the last 50 years.  Votes matter.  Too bad young voters prefer pizza to a well run government.

Senate fails to agree on student-loan-rate freeze

One Study is all you need (if it agrees with your preceptions)

Do large or small classrooms matter?  Apparently all you need is one study to definitively answer the question.  If this is Willard's approach to education and other matters, then the nation will be ill-served if he is elected.

Romney heckled in visit to inner-city charter school in Philadelphia
Instead of cutting aid, it might be better to figure out why Pakistan is a non--ally ally and remediate the relationship.   Of Course we could just totally leave the area and save even more money.  It was a dumb symbolic vote.  Oh, it's the Senate so it fits.  The U.S. Senate remains the worlds greatest debilitative body.

Senate panel slashes Pakistan aid over conviction of doctor who helped US get Osama bin Laden

There's Money in Defense

It's said an Army runs on its belly.  That's true.  And DOD's food contractor runs all the way to the bank with a bellyful of cash.  Need to know why we're in so many wars?   There's so much money in war.  No one pays any attention to the costs.  After all, the Shrub and GOP decided to have the unborn taxpayer foot the bill.  I think it may even be the unborn children of the unborn taxpayer who will really pay.

Investigators want explanation of alleged overbilling in Afghanistan

Thursday, May 24, 2012

This Gets So Old

Pakistan.  Drones.  Ally.  Drones.  Hearts and minds.  Anyone really in charge?

U.S. drone strike kills 10 suspected militants in Pakistan

Even When It Tries To Help...

Where Are the Foreclosure Deal Millions Going in Your State?

Where in the world is Willard?

I'm not sure, but the Salt Lake Trib is keeping track of him.

Romney 2012

Orrin May Lose His Senate Seat

Orrin Hatch may become a speck of history, if history repeats itself.  As he did to others in 1976, others appear poised to do to him.  I wish them well.  If Utah keeps going further to the right, given the curvature of space, they might wind up if left field amidst the liberals.

Leader of ’76 Insurgency Is Now a Target of One

GOP Impenetrable Armor of Ignorance

I think it's also Willard's party platform. Gee, maybe it's his core too.

Hawking the Merch Update

I was asked to send Obama a few bucks and be entered into a raffle to meet both him and Bill Clinton at the end of the month.  I think the requested entry fee was $45 bucks.  I declined.  Then some other shill sent me a follow up requesting I enter the drawing.  I again declined.  It's a bit too much like gambling.  However, in the fine print I found a way to enter the Obama raffle off for free, but I have no desire to meet either of them.   Oh, I assume since the winning receives $3,300 worth of event, the winner will also have to treat it as income and pay taxes on that amount.

I bet Bill personally wrote and sent me the e-mail, don't you?
I forget to mention the pitch that came from Donna Brazile yesterday.  I guess Obama will be next.

Jake --

I've been in President Obama's shoes before -- less than six months to go before an election to let you finish what you started. It was tough enough back then, but this election is going to be tougher.

We're facing a tidal wave of anonymous, unlimited spending. The other side has pledged to throw more than 1 billion dollars into tearing down our president.

It's unprecedented.

Fortunately, so is the grassroots organization you're building.

Pitch in what you can today to strengthen the campaign -- and you'll be automatically entered to join me and President Obama in New York City, with the campaign covering airfare and accommodations.

If our opponent succeeds, so much of what we've fought so hard for will be rolled back. Health care reform -- which many presidents, including me, tried to pass and couldn't -- will be gone. Same goes for the opportunity for millions more Americans to afford to go to college, and a growing economy that works for middle-class families.

Our opponent is actually advertising a more extreme version of the policies that got us in trouble in the first place: policies that will leave us with more debt, weaker regulations on risky investments, and fewer jobs.

All of that's at stake between now and November, but here's why I'm feeling good about our chances: I know people like you have the President's back.

And I can't wait to meet you. I hope you'll give it a shot:

Thanks, and good luck,

Bill Clinton

How About That Deficit!

It's large, but can we make it larger? Sure we can and we won't have to spend any more money to jumboize the debt. That's right, all we have to do is use standard accounting practices instead of Congressionally approved rules.

Real federal deficit dwarfs official tally

Congressional Normal

Okay, Congress fans, go buy three brand new wife-beater shirts.  Now send one to your Rep and one to each of your Senators.  The Trogs in the House and Senate are making a stand.  They now approve of domestic violence against women.  How do I know this?  Well, if you won't reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act...

Congress bickers

Imagine how women and others would fare if Constitutional Amendments had to be reauthorized.  The party of rich old white guys is not real keen on the 13th, 14th, 15th, and 19th Amendments.  If one is not rich, old and a white guy, why is anyone a Trog? For that matter even if you are a rich, old white guy why would one choose to be a Repub?  It must be a mental disease.

GOP Logic

Army Normal

When the Army sees a problem, it assesses it, and fixes it.  Right?  Well, not quite--

In 2007, the VA and the Defense Department combined previously separate disability evaluations into the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES), a step meant to streamline the process, eliminate often conflicting assessments, and create a seamless transition for servicemembers returning to civilian life. 

“Timeliness has steadily worsened since the inception of the program,” Daniel Bertoni, the GAO’s director for education, workforce and income security, said in testimony prepared for a hearing Wednesday before the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs.


I'm not talking about our progress from brown slime mold to our current featherless biped status, no I'm talking about Obama and gay marriage.  His thoughts have evolved or he panders quite well.  Either way, his words have nudged along equality for all.  However,  if he was merely pandering, he did leave an out when he indicated that gay marriage legality should determined at the state level.   The question is,  will he keep on evolving or stick with the 10th Amendment--

On gay marriage, Obama’s critics and supporters alike think he may shift again

Tilda Swinton Fans Take Note

Uh, who is Tilda Swinton?  Oh, she was the White Witch in The Chronicles of Narnia and appeared in a bunch of other films.   Where is she today?  She's on the cover of Candy--if you were not told, could you have guessed that it's her?

Tilda Swinton

Good News CIA Fans

If you are one of the CIA's fans who fear we live in perilous times with too many enemies who hate us for our freedom, then you were probably upset when Obama promised to end extraordinary rendition.  Assuming he really closed that door, our spooks no longer grab suspicious characters, put bags on their heads and fly them to places like Syria to be interrogated.  Interrogation is their polite term for torture.   I guess now we just ask them questions.

What will we do when the CIA is told to resume rendition?  Will Syrians still have the needed skills, especially if Assad is toppled and his regime disappears.  Where will the CIA find torture chambers they are comfortable with?  Don't worry torture fans, both sides are honing their skills.  The CIA can breathe easy--

UN panel claims evidence of illegal killings, torture by Syrian forces, armed opposition

Oh, I almost forgot, just about all of the Arabic countries have provided interrogation services for the CIA over the years, so if we did lose Syria, they will still have many venues of pain.

Breach of Contract Is Expensive

The guys who tried to be serviced in secret, had their secret revealed when one of them would not pay the hooker her agreed upon fee.  She called in the cops, remember prostitution is legit in Columbia. The top secret agent man investigated his bad boys.  He assured us, this was a one time screwup by screwups.

Okay, we forgot this is government.  When things go wrong in government the followup usually winds up being worse than the event which initially led to the brouhaha.  This case is no different.  Now four of fired say, "Wait a minute, this was SOP for years, so I'm not going to fall on my sword.  I will not go quietly."  Okay, that leads to questions about the Director's veracity--if the fired are correct.  Hmm, that may mean the Secret Service's investigation was a fast and furious attempt to hide it between the sheets.

Secret Service scandal: Did agency cut corners in rush to handle embarrassing incident?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sometimes Doing Nothing Is A Good Idea

It's what Congress excels at, so they should just approve current spending plans, bag the spending cuts,  extend the Shrub's tax cuts, and take lots of vacations.  Then, when we've had a few years of solid growth deal with spending, deficits and debt. I don't like it, but it makes sense

Bless My Bonzo, Who's The Big Spender?

Print this out and give it to a Trog

An Obama Spending Spree?

The Bullshit Is Three Feet High And Rising

The secret servicing imbroglio continues.  Agents contend it's normal for them, the stellar protectors of the Prez, to get laid when on the road.  When happens on the road, stays on the road is nifty way to hide all kinds of aberrant behavior.  I wonder if any of the agents get VD and have to explain that one away.   It appears to not matter if they are married or not.  Is it an office standard?  I think they should agree that if you can't keep it zipped, then seek other employment.  Of course they could hire more women, that might help.  They appear to think less with what's behind the zipper.  The chief of the secretly served says

“The men and women of the U.S. Secret Service are committed to continuing to the standards that the president, the Congress and the American people expect and deserve.”

I don't think the American people expect  this kind of behavior.  Congress, a pretty low bunch, may, but would not say they do. I don't know about the Prez.  The standards they follow appear, in reality, ro be pretty shoddy.  They are merely committed to a higher standard but never quite get around to following it.

Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan apologizes for Colombia prostitution scandal

That's Willard

Twin Relics of Barbarism

Back in 1854 one of those relics was slavery.  What was the other?  Well, whatever it was, the GOP strongly opposed it.  Taken a guess yet?  Okay, it was polygamy.  Quick, what group practiced polygamy back then?  Well, it's the same group that is solidly Republican today--the Mormons.

Political parties change over time.  Affiliations with one era's organizations  may  have little meaning for the next.  It's not really the party that's endures over time, it's the ideas that people gravitate to that endure.  Does anyone really think the contemporary GOP reflects the party of 1860s Lincoln?  Wow, in a way slavery and polygamy do go hand in hand(s).

Here's a decent piece on the history of the Mormon/ Republican nexus:

Republican Party started out anti-Mormon

Stained Glass Ceiling

What about Willard and Mormonism?

Are you bothered by the Mormon thing?  I can't support Willard for three major reasons.  First, he says he is a man of faith, he believes fantastic things, he has religion.  Second, he's a Republican.  Third, he's a Republican.

With respect to Obama, I'd have to reject him on the same faithy fantasy grounds, but he's a Democrat, so I'll give him a pass on his religious nonsense.  Keep the gods in the churches and the politics everywhere else.  

Let's Review

Guy gets pissed at his dictator.  Guy douses himself with gasoline.  Guy flicks his Bic.  Guy becomes a human torch that gets carried around the Arab world. The Arab Spring explodes.  Now that we've gone from  Spring 1.0 to Spring 2.0 and head into Summer 2.0, how have the assorted springs sprung?  Here's a recap--

A nation-by-nation look at Arab Spring's progress

When Government Hides Things, It Screws Up

Transparency allows government to operate with the fewest screwups.  If the public knows what you do, you tend to pay attention to detail.  That doesn't mean what you do is right, but at least when you do it, it's not going to be a botched job.  Even in executions, transparency helps (and is legally required, but ignored).

5 Western states shielding part of executions

You Have to go to Google

Google turns logo into playable synthesizer

It Really Is Worse Than It Looks

Congress isn’t just stalemated, it’s broken, experts say

Is that the sound of the other shoe dropping?

The agents who were canned for seeking secret services for themselves, contend they should not be fired.  They merely engaged in previously approved behavior.  They do not want to be scapegoats because others were embarrassed. As the Post notes, they contend that "Current and former agency employees say sexual encounters during official travel had been condoned under an unwritten code that allows what happens on the road to stay there."  I wonder if their wives approve of the unwritten road code?

Secret Service sex scandal: Several say they didn’t break the rules

Obama Wins Alabama and Arkansas

That's no story is it?  After all, he is the incumbent.  He's unopposed within the Jackassery.  So, if he's on cruise control, why did he win win by 60% instead of say 85+%?  Well, there were local opponents.  Oh, forgot something.  Maybe you did to.  Obama is not white.  Folks in Alabama and Arkansas still search for a Civil War undo button.  Does race matter in the land of grits and crackers? Yes!

Think about it, if Obama were white and his admin had played out exactly as it has, do you really think he'd win by the same low percentage he received in those two states?  The rednecks will point to other matters like the debt or health care, but that's just the polite way of being a racist.  They cannot say in public what they have in their hearts and do say in private.   That's progress, but it gets so damned old.

Obama challenged in Arkansas primary

Who invented the remote control?

I bet only a handful of folks can answer that question.  His name was Eugene J. Polley.  He died recently.  His invention was both a device and more importantly an approach to the way we want to live.  If we use it, we want a remote to use it with.  Here's his obit--

Eugene J. Polley, engineer who invented the first wireless TV remote control, dies at 96

Abbot and Costello at War

Our relationship with Pakistan is a joke.  We use drones.  We bomb bad guys (and innocent guys) on their turf.  We only talk about how many bad guys we might have killed, after all they were suspicious.  And then, we only talk about them, because the foreign press publishes the story first.  Oh, our comics in charge must think that if they classify it as double secret classified, then whole world will not even know we blew the crap out a hovel in West Pakistan.   Is Obama Abbot or Costello.  By the way, who's on first?

We want a road reopened.  What better way to nudge the negotiations along than once again doing what led to the road closure--we droned on Pakistan.  Did we nudge, but in the wrong direction?  Does the CIA coordinate its actions with anyone?  Does anyone coordinate with anyone else?

US missiles kill 4 suspected militants in Pakistan as countries wrangle over NATO supply route

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hawking the Merch, Update

Gee I did not respond to Jim Messina's Obama/Clinton raffle.  I had some paint to watch dry.  Now comes the follow up--

Jan --

Big news: Very soon, someone is going to get picked to spend an evening with two presidents.

President Obama and former President Bill Clinton are getting together next month in New York, and they're extending a special invitation to someone like you. If you donate today, you'll be in the running to join them -- hotel and airfare's on us.

It's truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Make a donation of whatever you can to support Democrats today, and you'll be automatically entered to join Presidents Obama and Clinton in New York.

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend an event featuring these two remarkable leaders, and listen as they swapped stories and discussed the major issues of our time. I have worked in politics for quite a while now, but I can honestly say that it was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. It was inspiring.

Don't miss this opportunity.

Donate today. You'll be automatically entered to meet Presidents Obama and Clinton:

Good luck,


Patrick Gaspard Executive Director Democratic National Committee

It even has fine print--
No purchase, payment, or contribution necessary to enter or win. Contributing will not improve chances of winning. Void where prohibited. Entries must be received by May 29, 2012. You may enter by contributing to Sponsor here or click here to enter without contributing. One winner will receive the following prize package: round-trip tickets for winner and a guest from within the fifty U.S. States, DC, or Puerto Rico to a destination to be determined by the Sponsor; hotel accommodations; an opportunity to meet with President Obama and President Clinton on a date determined by sponsor; and tickets for winner and a guest to attend Sponsor's "Barack on Broadway" event, on a date and at a venue to be determined by the Sponsor (approximate retail value of all prizes $1,650.00). Odds of winning depend on number of entries received. Promotion open only to U.S. citizens, or lawful permanent U.S. residents who are legal residents of 50 United States, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico and 18 or older (or age of majority under applicable law). Promotion subject to Official Rules and additional restrictions on eligibility. Sponsor: Democratic National Committee, 430 South Capitol Street SE, Washington D.C. 20003.

I have so much drying paint that needs so much watching.  Selling oneself, what's that called?  Is Obama really Ron Popeil?

Into the Mainstream At Last?

Other than a few odd bits about their origins I never thought that Mormons were any more or less crazy than any other Christian sect.  They're all sects to me.  I still don't  quite understand the protesters who regularly occupy space on the sidewalks around Temple Square in Salt Lake City.  They show up to proclaim that Mormons the spawn of satan and very un-Christian too boot.  It was odd, nuts on sidewalk, and the same type of nuts inside the walled square.

Shortly after I moved to Utah, I recollect my mother expressing that she thought Mormons have strange beliefs.  She knew about baptizing dead people.  Before she could say much I asked her about Limbo, Purgatory, Papal infallibility and the Inquisition.  She dropped the subject, before I could get to transubstantiation.  She's a devout Catholic.

As Willard progressed toward the convention and the coming election we have to ask, will Mormons be admitted into the evagefundie tent?  Maybe, these crazy Christians now kind of accept Catholics and Jews.  Mormons are still a cult at best.  Don't ask about Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Agnostics or Atheists.

Romney Is Mormons’ Path to the Christian Mainstream

New American Dream, er, uh, Nightmare?

Hurricanes 2012

We've had a pre-season tropical storm, Alberto.  I not sure I believe the forecast for this seasons six month reign of death and destruction.  I have to confess, I am 100% paranoid about hurricanes.  I should not live on the East Coast.  I should not live on a river mouth that feeds into the Chesapeake Bay--eight miles away.

This year is supposed to be normal, that means 12 named tropical storms, five named hurricanes, and two major hurricanes. Last year, there were 19 named tropical storms, seven hurricanes, and four major hurricanes, including Irene. Irene really sucked as did Isabelle and Ernesto in recent years.  I bet all of the named hurricanes will head straight up the Chesapeake take a slight left and come in my dining room window.  I hate hurricanes.

Whatever happened to Crazy Old Ron?

Ron Paul is prepping for the GOP Convention in Tampa in late August.  Paul know he's can't be the nominee, but he can make some substantive noise.  Or as least he can try.

What does Ron Paul want from the Trogs who assemble in Tampa?

Is Ron Paul really a Libertarian or more akin to a right-wingers,  right wing?

Political Spending

I don't think we'll ever see any real limits put on political spending.  The Supremes opened a can of worms that I doubt they can ever re-can.  What can we do?  Assuming we're dealing with politics, it would be nice to see who is giving money to whom for what reason.  Why would anyone want to conceal their donation to a party or a candidate or an ad program?  It's similar to all those folks who think there's nothing wrong with warrantless wiretaps--if you aren't doing something of interest, the nothing will happen if you are tapped.  So if you're down with illegal government acts, you should support total campaign finance transparency.

Individual, as well as corporate and union donors, please post how much you gave to whom and what you expect as a return on your investment.  Why not?  If donors object then I am at liberty to assume they are up to no good and know it.  In other words they fear public knowledge would hurt them, they are ashamed or the funds are illegal.

If donors told us how much they give to whom and for what in return, then we'd have a better way of evaluating incumbents.  After all do you really want to reelect someone who reneges on a deal and does not stay bought, that's dishonest.

More shareholders call on companies to disclose their political spending

Obama and Willard Match On Economy

Both have 47% of us thinking our guy has the handle on the economy.   They are tied with respect to the volume of prospective voters who think they can fix the mess.  What I don't understand is how anyone can really think that the President can fix the economy.  The only tool he has is the bully pulpit (if he plays a legitimate hand). A pulpit and $1 will get you a fine 50 cent cup of coffee.

Unfortunately the economy is largely in the hands of the private sector and then government spending.  Our economy is comprised of all those big and little business types that are not dependent on federal funds, then we have to add in the ones who rely on some federal funds, and finally tote up all those who would go belly up without federal funds.  As we look at our economy don't forget to look at the tax code and regulations, since they have an effect on who does what to whom, how, why and with what effect.

Oh, the federal funds are provided by Congress.  In a sense,  the Prez just hands out the checks.  Once again, if you want a better economy, figure out the kind of system you want and elect House and Senate members who will make it so--incumbents are all about the same as Willard--no core and will do whatever is required to win an election.  Most of them are pathological narcissists.

When's the last time you saw a pol stand on principle that might cost him or her reelection?  Hell, the appointees don't even quit when they are greiveiously offfended about governemnt actions.  Note that not a single cabinet level person bailed after Clinton admitted he'd been lying his ass off to them for over a year about his blowjob in the Oval Office.  Has anyone resigned in a huff since Nixon?

I guess elective and appointed office is all about ticket punching for the next performacne.  Fortunately, we have votes.  Why don't we use them?   The elected and appointed are tools, why don't we wield them for a change? What kind of an economic system do you want?  Now, make sure the dorks and dorkettes understand what you expect if you vote for them. Vote for Willard or Obama if you want.  Hell, write in Ron Paul or Buddy Roemer and stir the pot a bit.  Get serious about the offices that really matter in Congress.

Poll: Obama, Romney in dead heat on economy

Note one area the Prez does matter is the Supremes, but this was about the economy.

Who is dumber?

Are congressmen dumber than they used to be or are they better at pandering to constituents who are dumber than a box of rocks?  My guess is both are true.  The dumbed down electorate opts for Congressmen just like themselves.  Take a good look at Congress, how does it make you feel?  I get depressed.

Congressional discourse getting dumber, study says

College Too Easy These Day?

Sure it is, back when I was a kid I had to walk five miles, in the snow, to school every day.   Oh, that was pubic school.  I never did figure out how the snow hung around all year long.  Look, it may or may not be easier.  Some students may or may not be studying as much as their predecessors did.  One thing that has not changed is that a student gets out of college what he puts into it.  If you just want the diploma, load up on easy As, get in and get out.  Schools still wind up being known for what their graduates attain in life, so let the market do its thing.

One other matter to think about.  Only about 15% of the population is really ready for and ought to go to college.  Most of us need some other kind post secondary education.  Our efforts to create vocational programs have not been that great.  Quick do you know of one stellar vocational or occupation oriented college?  One major stumbling block is status.  We seem to be a bit too picky about what's good and what's not good.  Alternatives are needed but they have to have both content and respect.

Is college too easy? As study time falls, debate rises

Capitalists in Space!

Okay, it's only one rocket and it's payload has not docked with the Space Station yet.  SpaceX's first demo is on the way to go where we've gone before, but how long before we think about going where we haven't gone before?  

Will the private sector goose space exploration?  Uh, what if we found a nearby asteroid loaded with platinum?  Greed is a powerful force (yeah, you can think of Willard).  Oh, maybe we ought to have the UN set up a galactic EPA and begin funding superfund sites now.  We foul our nest wherever we go, so space, get ready to be trashed.  When will we see the first billboard in space?

Private supply ship, SpaceX Dragon, rockets toward space station, opens new era of spaceflight

Are we really that dumb?

Gee, the prez race is all about Willard being a job creator or a job destroyer.  Wow, we're going to see $2 billion spent on ads that focus on Bain Capital and assorted mind numbing spin off topics.  Wow, I'm excited, aren't you?  By the way, exactly what is a Republican?  What is a Democrat?  For that matter, what is private equity?  What is capitalism.  Has anyone figured out whether a job creator is anything other than a rich greedy bastard?

Is Willard a Trog?  Is Obama a Jackass?  It's nice to see that both candidates will avoid real issues that might matter to people.  Hell, flip a coin and vote for either one of them.  Look the real battle is in the House and Senate.  Do you want this nation to proceed (limp along) in a future dominated by Democratic or Republican ideals?

Oh, if you can't make up your mind on Rombot or Obama, then write in Buddy Roemer's name

President Obama defends his attacks on Mitt Romney’s career at Bain Capital

Monday, May 21, 2012

Who's not sucking on the federal teat?

Even book publishers depend on state and federal money to survive.  Who is not dependent on the redistribution of taxes via contracts and sales to government?  It's not government workers who are tanking us financially, but it is all those fine private sector people whose incomes depend on federal funds.  How did any asshole ever decide the rising cost of government was due to the number of government employees?  Ooops, I forgot they are assholes and of course have shit for brains.  Maybe we need a voter ID based on IQ.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Files for Bankruptcy


Facebook stock fell about 14%.  That seems about right to me.  I think it will go lower and settle at about $28.  After all, exactly what is a Facebook?  What does it do?  I'll wait for the IPO of Pinterest.

US STOCKS-Wall St rebounds, but investors dump Facebook
Obama had best be careful as he attacks Willard and Bain Capital.  Obama wants to know why Romney and his partners succeed even if a company they invested in failed.  Well they found a way to profit regardless of how the company they purchased fared.  They were very successful as what they set out to do, make a profit for investors.  They did.  The ways to make money, pretty much without risk, are now fairly common.  If Obama wants to know more about the techniques available he can ask his big donors from Goldmans and other bank and investment firms.  They can show him how to make money even when you know the investments they sell are dogshit.  

Willard was not in the job creation or job destruction biz.  He was in the profit biz.  Is Willard the kind of capitalist we want in the White House?  Is his kind of capitalism what we need for the future?  I have a feeling we want a few regs that would make it a tad more difficult for future Willards to be be in the 1% of the 1%.  
Spending on the Prez race does not bother some folks.  They contend that since we pay $5 billion to advertise soap, then what’s wrong with coughing up a couple of billion  to hawk candidates for the top job?  
Well, if I was running a soap company and my ad crew spent a grundle of money advertising our product, I’d expect to see a return on investment.  If market share did not budge or went down then I’d probably fire the dorks responsible for wasting money on ads.  
Okay, what’s the return on investment if the ads you bought (indirectly) work and you get 100% of the market?  Who gets what from whom for what purpose?  Uh, Mr. and Mrs. small donor, you get squat.  You wasted your money.  There is not that much  difference between hawking soap and hawking some guy who wants to be elected president.  With respect to big givers, they will see a return on their investment.  Unlike soap sales and the distribution of profits from sales to employees and stockholders, we don’t have a clue what the donors will secure for themselves.  That’s not advertising soap, that’s corruption and we are not challenged in that respect at all.  
Gee, if I usually get a $30 : $1 return on donations, then I can give both products a large but very modest sum and still make out quite well.  I guess that's why they speak from soapboxes.  

Hawking the Merch

Obama is selling himself to donors large and small. He even raffles off his presence. I guess I'm a bit different. This kind of pitch assures I will not donate a dime. Pay him $45 for a service that might be rendered? I am mildly offended, but then I also have no desire to ever be in the same room with Bill Clinton or Barack Obama.

Here's an e-mail I received today hawking Obama. It was from one his countless assitants whose lives are dedicated to raising money that can be used to raise more money and produce really bad advertising.

Jake --

Meeting the President of the United States is an incredible thing.

Meeting two presidents at the same time? Now, that's almost ridiculously cool.

If you pitch in $45 or whatever you can today, you'll be automatically entered to join President Obama and former President Clinton in New York City on June 4th -- airfare and hotel taken care of.

These two presidents know better than anyone in the world that grassroots supporters are how you win elections.

That's why President Obama always wants to be able to meet you at events like this, and why President Clinton jumped at the chance.

This promises to be one amazing evening. Imagine how great it would be to be a fly on the wall when Presidents Obama and Clinton get together. Now imagine getting to be part of the conversation.

Enter today and you could win two tickets to New York to be there with them:

Seriously, good luck.

Jim Messina

Is this like a lottery? Is it a raffle? Are either legal in all 50 states? Does the winner have to declare the airfare and hotel fees on his income tax?

Bush Remains Prez

What the Shrub began Obama has continued.  As the Shrub shafted the rule of law, Mr. Cool continues to keep it out of the Executive Branch.  He's using the Supremes to further his ends.  I hoperd for a change and all I got was more of the same.  Yeah, write in Buddy Roemer's name in Nov.

Supreme Court could throw out lawsuit challenging US right to eavesdrop on overseas chats

They're all immoral greedy bastards

Who? Well, let's begin with the good people who work at Bain Capital.  Now we have to find the rest of the trash.  Oh, Bain gives money to Repubs, so we've found more human waste.  Hold it, Bain gives even more to the other side.  Yep, Dems have an edge on money from the evil private equity guys thereby adding a sizable plop of dreck to our national garbage dump.

Bain gives more campaign money to Democrats than it does to Republicans

Do We Have Sufficient Drones

A bad guy (from our perspective of course) offed himself and took along 96 of his Yemeni friends and neighbors.  I assume they were pals, after all they all look and act alike don't they?  We better drone the entire damn country to stop the senseless killing.  If we eliminate them all then there won't be any more terrorists coming out of Yemen.  Drones away--

Suicide bombing in Yemen kills scores at military parade rehearsal

So much for standing tall...

I heard Booker on NBC on Sunday.  I liked what he said.  Too bad Obama is so damned sensitive.  I assume Booker is not walking it back because he's thought about it all by his lonesome.  I don't think much of Willard, but it's not because of his work in private equity.  He's a Repub with core Repub values and that is why I have issues with him.  Too bad Obama can't sell himself and the Democratic Party to people.

Mayor Cory Booker walks back Obama criticism

Merchants of Death News -- Iraq

What better way to keep them on our side (it's still about oil) than to make them dependent on our munitions.  We're selling the Iraqis drones.  Damn, will they loan one or two to Iran?  If you have drones, who needs missiles and nukes? What will Israel say if a drone made in the USA drops a bomb on them?  I have to hand it to the good folks in the Military Industrial Complex, they've been keeping the world at war since 1945.  Ready for global drone conflict.?

Iraq buys U.S. drones to protect oil

Don't Believe His Bullshit, Just Vote Against Willard

Did you really hope for a change?  Yes, you did.  Come on admit it, he suckered you.  Well, in Nov. it will  time to go forward or regress into pre-paleolithic times.  At least with Obama we know, it will be four more years of mostly SSDD, with Willard, it will be a 100% welcome to the 1850s in an orgy of exceptional self-destruction unlike any the world has ever seen.

What did't chande the way you hoped?  Well, remember those evil lobbyists, the Republican ones? They are banned, but their Democratic counterparts are welcome.  And they come bearing gifts.  They come to the White House everyday. I'm sure they are all patriots who put country first.  Sorry, had a brain fart there.  Obama has not changed much of Washington at all.  So, remember to vote against, not for in 2012.  Gee, Repubs have the same option--vote against Obama, since they are hard pressed to vote for Willard.

White House visitor logs provide window into lobbying industry

Supremes Suck

If you think otherwise then you are probably down with Citizens United and assume that Roberts and four other robes will do the bidding of their GOP masters, as they did in Citizens United, with respect to ObamaCare.  If four of the nation's nonet of ninnies decide to revisit Citizens, it might become interesting for about a week.  They will meet, chat, and five of them will re-affirm the soundness their original decision.  Why bother?

Look, the Supremes are on the same kind of pad as Congress and the White House.  They've figured out how to put the quo before the quid while spewing BS about judicial integrity, law, and the Constitution.  We the people are so very screwed.  All three branches of our government have become wholly owned subsidiaries of well heeled special interests. All we have left is our votes and they coming after them--today voter Id, tomorrow the poll tax and other restrictions on who can vote.  At least Montana is trying--

Supreme Court faces pressure to reconsider Citizens United ruling

Trogs are Frogs!

That assessment comes from the Orange Man himself, Speaker Boehner.  As the Repubs continue to create a debt crisis to wreck the nation, but defeat Obama, I fear they may have finally begun to believe their own rhetoric.  If they start talking about government shutdown as a plus and defaulting on debt as a good idea, then they aren't frogs, they are brown slime mold.   They are at it again, all will be right with the world if government spending (everything expcept Defense welfare and Congressional funds) is eliminated, taxes go down, and the rightful order, circa 1660, is restored.  I'm not sure which of the crazies thinks he will become Charles II.

Mitch McConnell, John Boehner double down on deficit concerns

Are You Sure You Won't Be Left Behind?

Bless my raptured end, it may be on its way.  What?  Oh, the end of days.  Yep, if Israel exists and all hell breaks out all over the Middle East, then we're all going to become godly toast.  I wouldn't exactly call Iraq a land of peace.  Iran is rooting for Syria.  Palestinians are still screwed and armed.  Egypt, well it might, under new management, decide to join the fray.  Syria is in a civil war.  And now that one has spread to Lebanon.  The other Arabic lands are less than serene.

Okay, the end of days is bunk, so far none of those dolts who predict the end been shown to be accurate.  However, its a fun way to diss the theists while pointing out problems in the Middle East and what's a a bit of a driving force in our foregin policy--evangefundies.  Hey, did the dinosaurs have doomsaysers?

Thousands gather for funeral of Lebanese cleric whose death sparked clashes in Beirut

Sunday, May 20, 2012

How do you spell hypocrite?

Obama is trashing Willard for being an evil, job wrecking private equity capitalist.  Obama slams him, slices him and leaves us with the impression that Willard and folks of his ilk are worth less than a piece of corn in a pile of cow shit.  That's low.  Okay, then why does Obama court them in private and take cash from private equity donors?  From guys that currently or used to work for Bain?  They are bad but their money is okay?  Bless my quid pro quo, I didn't know hypocrisy began with an O.   I was hoping for some change as we went forward, but it's been three and a half of SSDD.  Four more?  

Who buys anything made by Chrysler?

Fire risk prompts recall of nearly 87,000 Jeeps

So Unfair

The official Hurricane Season begins June 1st.  It runs for six months.  I bet weather ratings on local news gets a hurricane bump as viewers on the East coast tune in to see if they have to run for their lives today or not.  Everyone knows the season begins in June.  Someone must have forgot to send the memo to Mother Nature--

Tropical Storm Alberto not seen to gain strength, forecasters say

Strategic Idiocy Watch -- War #1

Oops, we're still at war in the Rubble.  At least that's what we have to call it.  I'm not all that sure what a war is these days.  We've been there killing and getting killed for over a decade.  The former ruling government party, the Taliban, are still there.  I think we're fighting them since there aren't any terrorists left.  It became too risky to hang around and get killed.  The Taliban even sent the NATO crowd, they're meeting in Chicago, a note asking them to leave their country.  Needless to say, that will be ignored.  So, other than beating the mujahideen morph dead horse to death why the hell are we in Afghanistan?

Taliban says NATO nations should follow France’s decision to pull troops from Afghanistan

Retail Sales

When I worked for S.S. Kresge's, a lot longer ago than I care remember, one of the first things I learned was the sales value of any given square foot of store space.  What amazed me, I didn't follow religious books much, was how profitable the two square feet dedicated to a book rack could be.  Those two square feet of religious book rack brought in more than I could ever have guessed.  I forget the numbers, but lets say that if a good square foot yielded $25 a day, then Jesus books brought in $125.

At that time the NYT and other papers did not include religious books in their best seller lists.  As I watched this type of fiction fly out the store, I did a little research on religious book sales--they are the top selling category of books in the country and have been for a very long time.  I think the NYT and others now include them in their lists.

I was thinking about this yesterday.  As I mused on book sales by religious shills, I wondered if Jesus were alive today, would he write books and sell them.  Would he ask for donations to help his ministry?  I don't think he'd sell anything.  I think he'd ask you to give to those in need and cut out the middle man.    So why are there so many millionaires selling Jesus?  I don't know who is worse the seller or the buyer.

Myths -- Independent Voters

Five Myths

Greed Trumps Free Speech?

As Pakistan shuts down Twitter over something a bunch of self proclaimed Allah shills think Allah would find offensive, I have to wonder, why not shut Pakistan down?  If the hackers of the world want to do some good, then everytime one of these theocracies make Internet application demands, hack 'em and make their computer systems into electric goo.  If they want the stone age, then assist them by all means.  

Pakistan blocks Twitter because of material considered offensive to Islam

I'll Have Another, Won Another

Two down, one to go.  Will we see a Triple Crown Winner this year?  Maybe, place your bets....

Preakness Stakes 2012: I’ll Have Another is more impressive in this leg of the Triple Crown