Saturday, June 9, 2012

It should be on cable

If the state is going to kill, then the killings should be very, very public.  If the state is going to kill then it should be a bit more brutal than a needle.  My preference is either the guillotine or a .45 to the head.  The executioner should be the highest elected official in the state.  I suggest that all executions be conducted on the state capitol grounds--even if it is the needle.

Court sides with AP, news groups over execution

Arab Fizzle -- Egypt

The Egyptian revolting Arabs took down a dicatorship.  They celebrated.  They had an election.  Now they have choose their next leader in a run-off election.  The next ruler of Eqypt will take them into a theocracy like Iran or reinstate Mubark's cronies to power.  So much for freedom and liberty.  Did anyone really expect much more from an Islamic nation?  Church and state do not mix, period.  At least we now know what the Egyptian military will accept.

Empty Tahrir Square underscores split between Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s revolutionaries

Isn't Assad Normal in the Arabic World?

As the U.N. finds more and more evidence that Assad Jr. is worse than Sr.,  the killing continues.  The West needs to stay out of this fight.  Either Arabs will fix it or they won't.  If we leave it to the Arabs, my money is on a continuation of the Assad dictatorship.  Arabs prefer to live like this, after all, their leaders say it's god's will.  And if god says it's so, it's so.  Besides if Arab rulers kick Assad's ass, then they might start to kick ass amongst themselves.  So we hear lots of talk a lot and see no action as Arabs preserve their own little dictatorships.  That's Middle East normal.

 U.N. monitors investigate Syrian massacre

What's in that burqa

If it's a bomb, it's so easy to hide.  Of course, if we start frisking every person wearing a burqa, we will so offend everybody that we might as well just leave now or kill all of them.

Taliban suicide bomber dressed as woman kills 4 French troops in eastern Afghanistan

This Should Be A Campaign Issue

Drones should be a major point of discussion between the candidates.  What we'd discover is who would drone on the most, that is, who would outdrone the other in a domestic drone  race.  As voters, as citizens, when we listened to these bozos go on an on about killing the enemy, maybe we'd pull back and ask who really is the enemy?  Are the of the people Obama, make that us, has killed our enemies?  How many goat herders were blown to smithereens?  By Obama's logic, if we killed them, they are enemies.  This kind of logic takes me back to  the days of the divine right of kings.  How does ObamaCo count corpses?

Dissecting Obama’s Standard on Drone Strike Deaths

What Assad does in his little nation, we seem to do to the world.  Is this right?  Is this what we think we stand for?  Is this the rule of law?  Or is it just the case that the world sucks and we will always be hell bent on killing each other off.  We're just the 800 pound gorilla in a world of monkeys.

Friday, June 8, 2012

It always plays out the same

The Afghans say we killed civilians.  We deny it.  They persist.  We investigate.  We go "oops."  We then offer condolences and $5 to the survivors of the civilians we did kill.  This pattern has been repeated so many times that I do not understand how anyone can trust the military.  They, based on the behavior we have experienced, should have a lower approval rating than Congress.

Gen. John Allen apologizes for civilians killed in airstrike in Afghanistan

Do Not Forget

The guy really was the rat bastard of rat bastards.  Never forget what Nixon did to this country.  We're seeing his legacy play out in Obama v. Willard.  That lust for power is poison to a democratic republic.  Nixon almost killed it, will these bums finish the job today?

Woodward and Bernstein: 40 years after Watergate, Nixon was far worse than we thought

Who Cares, They're Just All Volunteer Cannon Fodder

If the bemedaled bums in the Pentagon want to keep the all volunteer Army, what happens when the last volunteer offs himself?  They'll be out of volunteers.  Gee, we'll see the draft come back because enlisting means you will kill yourself.  Now,  that's so far from being all you can be....

AP IMPACT: Suicides are surging among US troops

DOD Fast and Furious?

It would not surprize me if the Pentagon discovers that a sizable portion of the free guns and other equipment made it into the hands of the bad guys.  It's so plausible to think that the Army gives guns to states and localities, who then in turn, keep some but "sell" a bunch to bad guys.  I hope that's not the case, but it will not surprize me to have this turn out to be true.

APNewsBreak: Pentagon halts free guns for police

Pay Attention

The media and the candidates want us to follow one race, the presidential race.  That is a mistake.  For all practical purposes, it does not matter if Obama or Willard win in Nov.  What does matter is which party controls the Senate first and then the House.  The Bozo in the White House can't do much without money.  Money comes from Congress.  Folks, please pay attention to the Congressional races.  If you are going to give money to candidates, give it to folks running  for office from your District and State.   How different has Obama been from Bush?  Think about it.

Republicans poised to hold House, maybe win Senate

The March Backward Continues

Since the Islamic world has not contributed much of anything worthwhile to the world since 1300 all they can do is try to take the world back to their 10th century glory.  It' funny how power and prelates still go so well together--and they say it's all part of god's plan.  In other words, religion still blows chunks.

In Mali, rise of Islamic radicals poses new terrorism fears

We suck

I was reading about this bus bombing in Pakistan.  Many people were killed.  I have to admit I thought that we, our ace CIA and special Ops types, did it.   We blew it up to make it look like the Taliban militants did it.  That way we'd nudge Pakistan to beg us to keep on droning the crap out of West Pakistan.  Did we?  Nah, but that just means there's no proof.  Would we?  Of course we would.  Look at what we've been doing for that past decade.  I have about zero trust of our government officials.  Yep, if we did blow up the bus, it would just be one instance of Dick Cheney's and Barack Obama's approach to winning hearts and minds and spreading freedom and democracy.  Sucks doesn't it?

  Bus bombing kills at least 18 in northwestern Pakistan

He's Just Another Capitalist

Aw the guy regrets what he did at Coke.  Has he given up his investments earned on childhood obesity?  Has he surrendered everything he made from his time at Coke?  Nah, he just feels bad about how he fucked over the world's children.  Funny how it's after they have make their money and are finacially secure that they then develop a conscience.  Do you really want greedhead capitalists as your elected officials?  They don't atone, they just feel bad.  They are, in their hearts and bones, amoral swamp scum.

Former Coke executive slams ‘share of stomach’ marketing campaign

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Where is Kansas?

We know Kansas sits in the middle of the Great Plains in good old numberoneland.  However, Kansas also exists in Asia.  The Asian Kansas is better known as South Korea.   What is it with Christians and evolution?  We aren't descended from apes, our lineage goes straight back to brown slime mold.  Think about that and being made in god's image.   Yep god made us just like him/her/it and created natural processes, and let them rip.  They're run the their course to arrive at where we are today--featherless, bipedal, slime mold.

South Korea Surrenders to Creationist Demands

What Does Willard Think About Gays

Willard says he's a true believer, Mormon flavor.  If elected will he establish a faith based Office of Gay Rehabilitation?

The Devil Makes You Gay: The Mormon Church and Its Homosexual Misfits

Hawking the Merch -- Convention

The next e-mail pitch for cash has arrived.  Raffles are so popular this year.  The Dems have raffled off two presidents, some actress and a singer.  All you had to do was donate any amount and your name might be drawn.  Then you received some time with whomever they were selling.  Oh, the tax liablity is all yours.  I wonder what the GOP is up to?

The Dems convention is coming up, so they're raffling it off.

Dear Jake,

I have said this before: we cannot do this alone.

Fortunately, we have people like you who have built an incredible foundation of grassroots support.

And with your help, we are committed to making the 2012 Democratic National Convention in North Carolina a resounding success. This year, we’ll be hosting a convention which -- for the first time in modern history – is not being funded by corporations, lobbyists, and PACs. Instead, we’re counting on people like you, giving $5, $10, or whatever you can afford, to make this the most open and accessible convention yet.

And we want to say thanks by bringing grassroots supporters like you to Charlotte to be there for the big event.

If you give $5, or whatever you can right now, you will automatically be entered to join us at the Convention in September -- airfare, accommodations and tickets to the convention covered for the week.

Barack and I are committed to this convention because it reflects the values we believe in -- a political process where people, not special interests, hold the power.

I hope to see you in Charlotte!



P.S. Since we started this campaign together, supporters like you have been with us every step of the way and today, I’m asking for your help to make the 2012 Democratic National Convention in North Carolina a success.

Give $5 – or whatever you can right now – to own a piece of this convention. When you do, you’ll be automatically entered for the chance to be there.

The fine print--

 No purchase, payment, or contribution necessary to enter or win. Contributing will not improve your chances of winning. Void where prohibited. Entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. (EST) on 7/2/12. You may enter by contributing to Sponsor here. Alternatively, click here to enter without contributing. One winner will receive the following prize package: one round-trip ticket within the U.S. to Charlotte, North Carolina and hotel accommodations for one; on a date to be determined by the Sponsor in its sole discretion (approximate combined retail value of all prizes $1,250). Odds of winning depend on number of eligible entries received. Promotion open only to U.S. citizens, or lawful permanent U.S. residents who are legal residents of 50 United States and District of Columbia and 18 or older (or of majority under applicable law). Promotion subject to Official Rules and additional restrictions on eligibility. Click here for full details, restrictions, and Official Rules. Sponsor: Committee for Charlotte 2012, 400 S. Tryon Street, Suite 500, Charlotte, North Carolina, 28202

This is just a bit funny

Five Wives vodka sues to be sold in Idaho
It's funny, when we challenge what we're doing in Afghanistan we're asked to listen to our commanders on the ground.  They're there, part of the action, and know what's going on.  However, when it comes to bombing raids that kill civilians, we're not supposed to listen to the ones closet to the ground that got blown to crap--the Afghans.  If some ace in Washington says the dead are all militants, then we've supposed to be Obama's version of dittoheads.

Once again, bombs dropped.  NATOUSA says it's a righteous end to nothing but bad guys.  The Afghans contend civilians were killed.  NATOUSA says no, but they will investigate.  This is a sick comedy routine that's been run too many times.

We bomb.  We crow about the kills.  They say civilians were killed.  We say no.  We investigate.  We say opps since we "discover" dead civilians.  We give the survivors $5 and a six pack of Coke.  Then we all move on.  It's a sick schtick.

If you want to get a feel for the effect of this war on the Afghans, think about our own Civil War.  The Afghans are the Confederates and NATOUSA are the Federals.  After 150 years we're still fighting ours out.  Imagine how it will play out in Afghanistan.

Afghan leader: NATO airstrike killed 18 civilians

Enron Again?

Enron manipulated the electrical energy market to reap massive profits particularly at the expense of Californians.  Now the oil companies may have colluded to manipulate the price of gasoline.  Maybe energy is too damned important to be left in the hands of the private sector.   If gas prices are being rigged to insure massive profits I'm confident our Congressmen and Congresswomen will do nothing about it--big oil is a very generous campaign contributor.  The only way Congress will act is if they feel that voters will oust them regardless of the number of ads they buy.

Senator questions why refineries cut production

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


When I listen to folks rail against the federal government I am a bit mystified at their behavior.  They seem to be arguing against much of what makes American life the envy of the world.  Then it dawned on me, they don’t realize how much of their everyday life has sprung from the federal government.  Don’t forget, the federal government is us.
If the complainers think small things such as a safe food supply, clean air, clean water and an electrical system that works all the time just happened all by themselves,then they are stupid.  Where did the interstate highway system come from?  Where did the air traffic system come from?  How do we keep 300,000,000 people safe from infectious disease?  I could go on, but I think you get the idea.  If something has always been around during your life, you might not understand there was a prior time when those somethings did not exist.
I think the carpers assume so many little pieces of life have nothing to do with government.  I wonder how they’d feel when the little things were gone and we were all the mercy of the private sector?  How much trust do you have in the private sector?  Before you answer, remember it’s driven by one thing--maximizing profits.  

About Right

Cutting Edge Astronomy

Astronomy is a bit strange. Oh, I get the part where we look at planets, star, and galaxies. It’s the parts that no one can see that bug me. What is dark energy?

Dark energy is proposed to exist even though we can’t sense it at all. After all, something has to explain the unexpected accelerating expansion of the universe. So, how about adding a bit of force and call it dark energy? Does it exist? Well maybe, but we may just not have a clue about gravity instead. Oh, dark energy supposedly makes up about 73% of the universe.

Then there is dark matter. Some galaxies hang together when there’s not enough stuff there for gravity to prevent them scattering into the plasma. What kind of stuff is this cosmic glue? Oh, it’s the kind we can’t detect, yep, it’s dark. Dark matter makes up about 22% of the universe.

At least the rest of the stuff is still there. We can see it. We can measure it. This kind of stuff is called baryonic matter. Uh, there’s one little problem with the stuff of us. Half of it is missing! When astronomers calculated how much baryonic matter came into existence shortly after the big bang and then went looking for it today, they found that about half of it is missing. No one has a clue where it’s gone. Did it turn dark? Baryonic matter accounts for about 5% of universe.

Let me see, the cutting edge of astronomy deals with nothing since 97.5% of the universe is dark. Now that’s either some weird science or they need to re-group and take a look at the theories they have used to frame the questions to get the answers that posit nothing to explain 97.5% of everything.


As Roberts and the Robes prepare to do the bidding of their political and corporate masters on ObamaCare, what about RomneyCare in Massachusetts?  Does the individual mandate piss people off in Massachusetts?  Nah, all the batshit crazy huffing and puffing is at the federal level, and then it's just one more case of the Trogs saying "no" to  all things Obama.  Don't forget the mandate is a GOP idea in the first place.

In Mass., individual mandate sparks little outcry

California Primary

Is a top two primary the way other states should go or not?  It's open, it makes sense of a kind, but will it bring that many new faces into our politics?

California holds 'top-two' primary

Perv Watch -- Sandusky Trial

The jury has been selected.  Now it's time to move on to love letters?

Sandusky wrote victims love letters

Short Quiz

Okay who praised Romney's "sterling" business record, implies we're still in a recession and thinks the Bush tax cuts should be extended?   Well, make that just about every Republican in the nation and one pretty well known Democrat.  Bill Clinton is doing his best to help Barack.  With help like this...

Clinton clarifies: Opposes Bush tax cuts for the wealthy

There's Dumb and There's Panetta

I cannot see any logic in encouraging India to assume any role in Afghanistan.  To the extent India assists Afghanistan, Pakistan will feel as though it is in a vise.  As the vise tightens, Pakistan can and will rupture and react.  Are we ready for a limited nuclear war in Kashmir?  Oh, why did Pakistan back and encourage the Taliban not so long ago?  I am confident that the desire to include India in Afghanstian will lead to more war.  China will be on hand to pick up the pieces and then they will have their turn in Afghanistan.

Defense Secretary Panetta urges India to take larger role in Afghanistan

Walker Won the Recall

I never quite understood the recall in Wisconsin.  Walker ran as rat bastard in 2010.  He won.  That means the majority of people who voted, adore rat bastards. They voted for him.  As governor, Walker lived up to his campaign promises to be a rat bastard.   Elections and votes matter.

When a small portion of possible voters objected to Walker's bastardization  of the state they forced a recall.  They lost.  Now we know Wisconsin is no longer the Badger State, it's the Rat Bastard State.  The will of the people is not easy to thwart.

If they don't like the next two years, they will elect someone who is not such a rat.  Oh, don't forget rats carry the fleas that infect everyone else.  Wisconsinites appear to prefer to live in plague times.  We'll have to see what they do in 2014.

Gov. Walker survives recall in Wisconsin

And in the idiotic war...

I wonder how long it will take for Afghanistan to restore its former normal level of mindless violence after we leave?   Our extended presence, our occupation, has taken domestic violence to new levels.  Now it appears to have reached a plateau of meaningless suicide bombs.  When all that's left is death, it's not a war anymore.  When all that's left is death, there is no society or state.  Can you kill a culture?  I think we've contributed our share to the end of Afghanistan.  I wonder what will emerge from the rubble?

Afghan officials say at least 22 civilians killed in suicide attacks in Kandahar

Which Party?

When I look at history I see government in a predator-prey relationship.   Predators have the most power.  Prey, well, they do as they are told.  When a king could go "off with his head" and it was done, the predator consumed his prey.  Most of us have been prey over human history.

Fortunately, the role of prey has changed, it has diminished over time.  Predators still exist, but in this country, they can do less and less, as they are wont, to their prey--us.  Just think how prey has been redefined since 1776.  Blacks weren't people back then, they were almost 100% prey.  Women were a bit better off but not that much, maybe 80% prey.  The predator/ prey relationship has been redefined within our government.

Now, I have a question for you.   In 2012, which party, the Democrats or the Republicans will  do more to enhance the rights of predators or expand the rights of prey?  Ideally we're headed to a time when there are no predators and no prey, just a free and equal people in a land ruled by law.  Which party will advance freedom and equality and move us closer to the ideal?    

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Have you ever wondered about...

How Mosquitoes Survive Collisions with Raindrops


The GSA is a good example of what happens when a government agency is run like a business.   Now it's excessive bonuses.  Look, there should be no, none, zip, and zero bonuses for federal employees.

GSA bonuses, travel expenses raise congressional ire

Pop Music Over the Years

Depending on how many years you've lived, you may have noticed changes in pop music.  How does today compare to yesterday?  Is it slower and sadder these days?  Maybe this just pertains to top 40 type music.  There's so much new music of all kinds out there, I think it's rather presumptuous to tag it all as X or Y.  

Longer, slower and sadder: how pop songs have changed

Droning On Into Future

Obama's aces in the CIA have dropped another drone borne bomb on Pakistan.  This time the target was al Qaeda's #2 bad guy.  No one knows if he or others were killed.  It's assumed his house is now a hovel, even by Afghan standards.  If others were killed, they will be counted as righteous kills since they would have been proximate to the known bad guy.  If anyone is within the kill zone they are by Obama's definition just more of whatever the target has been declared to be.   I wonder if Obama gave a thought to door to door salesmen or scouts selling cookies?

Pakistan: Al-Qaida No. 2 at house hit by US drone  

Bullshit Alert!

The Wisconsin recall election is today.  Regardless of the outcome, expect a tidal wave of BS to gush forth on TV and radio after the polls close.  The Jackasses and Trogs have made it into a national matter when it is a Wisconsin brouhaha.  If you watch any news tonight, wear your hip waders.

Wisconsin Gov. Walker faces recall vote

Supremes Protect The Dark Lord

High court backs Secret Service in case involving Cheney

Let the Circus Begin!

Jerry Sandusky's child sex abuse trial begins today

Is this checks and balances?

In Your Heart You Know...

The GOP, Women and equality really don't go well together.  They are at war with women--at least poor and non-white women.  Will the GOP pass a Paycheck Fairness Act?  No way, the GOP has to keep the rich old white guys happy.

Senate urged to take up pay equity for women

77 Cents on the $$$?

Here's a bit of fact checking on the difference between women's and men's wages.  We, the Dems at least, use 77 cents as our central fact.  Is it really a fact or are we pulling an "is-is" on this matter?

The White House’s use of data on the gender wage gap

Partisan Politics Reflects Us

Perhaps Congress does reflect the nation.  After all, those Bozos need to be reelected every two or six years.  As Congress has changed and polarized politically, shouldn't we expect to find the same as we look across ourselves?  Pew has a long study, worth the read, that covers our political atherosclerosis

Here's a recap from the Post -- Politics is the great divider in United States

Here's the Pew Report  --Partisan Polarization Surges in Bush, Obama Years Trends in American Values: 1987-2012

Supremes Duck and Cover?

Maybe Roberts and the Robes realize they have become as respectable as Congress.  Rather than take on a case they could use to expand the rights of their corporate masters, they said, "no."   Does anyone really expect they will revisit "Citizens United" or uphold mandates?

Court rejects Siegelman bribery case

Monday, June 4, 2012

Why Yemen?

Some folks think we support the Yemeni government so we can have a naval facility over in Araby.  Right.  I'm inclined to think that the CIA needs to have friendly interrogators to do their dirty work for them.  CIA agents would torture away, but it's illegal for U.S. government employees to torture.  They cover their asses before hand since what's done in Yemen stays in Yemen.  The CIA has lost its contracts with Egypt and Syria.  Before long they'll have to make nice with Iran and N. Korea to deal with their renderings.

Torture alleged at two prisons in Yemen

Perv Watch

No, this is not a post about Catholic prelates, it's about Penn State's favorite alleged molester, Jerry Sandusky.  He's back in the news since his trial starts tomorrow.   Without any pics or vids, the outcome of the trial will come down to a simple matter--will the jury believe the kids or the coach?

Accusers' credibility possible Sandusky strategy

Once Again, How Can Anyone Remain A Catholic

I have a feeling if one remains loyal to the Vatican edicts that when one dies one has a better chance of feeling intense heat than if you flip them off and think for yourself.   The top prelates gave the faithful decades and longer of pedophiles.  What kind of advice do you think they will give on sexuality?  Would you want your kid to read a sexuality book approved by Pope Ratzy and his crew?  Come on, think about  it.  Oh, well, if you still believe, then enjoy your march back to 1253.

Vatican criticizes US nun's book on sexuality

CPR Quiz Time

CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and AED (automated external defibrillator)


Hawking the Merch -- New Pitch

Well, bless my fund raising games,  here we go again.  Last month the President raffled off himself and Slick Willie.  All they wanted was any size donation for a chance to attend a fund raiser with them.   This month they're raffling off a threefer--Obama, Sara Jessica Parker and Maria Carey.  The winner gets  $1,900 added to their taxable income ( I assume you have to report the value unless it's considered a gift).   I bet more folks take a gamble and buy a raffle ticket on this one.  Here's the pitch--

Jake --

Barack is so grateful to everyone who's got his back out there -- he'd sit down with each of you and thank you personally if he could.

So I know he's looking forward to the dinner at Sarah Jessica Parker's house next week in New York, and meeting a few grassroots supporters like you.

Any donation you make before midnight to support Barack automatically enters you to join us -- airfare and hotel included -- along with whoever you'd like to bring:

Whether you choose to enter or not, thank you so much for all you're doing out there.

- Michelle

P.S. -- After dinner, you and your guest are invited to join us at a private concert with Mariah Carey.

And here's the fine print for this pitch--

 No purchase, payment, or contribution necessary to enter or win. Contributing will not improve chances of winning. Void where prohibited. Entries must be received by June 4, 2012. You may enter by contributing to Sponsor here or click here to enter without contributing. One winner will receive the following prize package: round-trip tickets for winner and a guest from within the fifty U.S. States, DC, or Puerto Rico to a destination to be determined by the Sponsor; hotel accommodations; dinner with President Obama and Sarah Jessica Parker on a date to be determined by the Sponsor; and tickets for winner and a guest to a concert featuring a performance by Mariah Carey on a date and at a venue to be determined by the Sponsor (approximate retail value of all prizes $1,900.00). Odds of winning depend on number of entries received. Promotion open only to U.S. citizens, or lawful permanent U.S. residents who are legal residents of 50 United States, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico and 18 or older (or age of majority under applicable law). Promotion subject to Official Rules and additional restrictions on eligibility. Sponsor: Obama for America, 130 E. Randolph St., Chicago, IL 60601.

Winning Those Hearts and Minds in Pakistan

We know hearts and minds are being won, the question is for whom?

Drone blitz on Pakistan enters third straight day

Obama is George W. Bush on steroids

Obama fans, would Willard be any worse or better on the issue of drones, kill lists, national security and human rights violations?  If Willard would be worse, then we cannot afford him.  If he'd be better, then maybe we have to have him?  November is becoming more and more an election of the lesser of two evils.

Obama has continued the Bush years and expanded their scope.  He has set precedents for future presidents and by his acts has set a standard for all other bellicose nations to follow at they are wont.   Is this the kind of legacy his 2008 voters expected?  Has Obama acted to create a future world of  assured global terror?  I'd like to hope it's not by design,  but is once again the results of short range thinking coming back to bite us the long term butt.

Drone wars and state secrecy – how Barack Obama became a hardliner

Not Oil and Water?

When you think of Gay Pride Parades do you immediately think of Salt Lake City, Utah?  Probably not, but when you think of St. Patrick, SLC doesn't exactly pop into one's mind.  Utah's St. Pat's day is huge and now it appears that Gay Pride may be on the way too.

Mormons march in Gay Pride Parade to build bridges

Now We Know Why Willard Is Running

The guy is just trying to save on his taxes.

Obama win could cost Romney $5M in personal taxes

Back to Vietnam

Here are a few pieces on Vietnam.  Funny how wars never really end.

1. Hanoi opens 3 new areas in search for MIAs

2. AP 'napalm girl' photo from Vietnam War turns 40

3. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta highlights U.S. ties to Vietnam during visit

Make 'Em All Look Like NASCAR Drivers

Maybe we could combine school uniforms and revenue streams in our public schools.  If all the kids in K-12 wore logo covered jump suits akin to what NASCAR drivers do, then think of all that advertising revenue that could come into our public schools.   Of course local PTA could also develop an ad program for parents and teacher's automobiles to be as similarly logo laden with the revenue dedicated to help their kiddies schools.

Advertising in schools becoming more common

Now about the exterior walls of all those schools...

It all depends upon the placement of the quid.

Today,  we all know that blatant quid pro quo is illegal when it involves an elected official.  It's called bribery or buying them.  If I give my Congressman $50 to put a tax break in the law for me  and he does so, then if there is record of our acts, we're both busted, tried and convicted.  It's much safer to put the quid after the quo.  Then we're both just good government types--my $50 merely supports a Congressman I admire who happens to believe in personal tax breaks.  Of course if there a paper trail, it might be called a shakedown.

Are any of the quid and quo relationships legit or not?  Well, Roberts and the Robes might do to buying pols what they did for corporate free speech.  In essence--

The Supreme Court is set to decide as soon as Monday whether to hear Siegelman's final appeal, which raises a far-reaching question: Is a campaign contribution a bribe if a politician agrees to do something in return, or is it to be expected that politicians will do favors for their biggest supporters? Prominent election law experts and more than 100 former state attorneys general have urged the justices to review Siegelman's case. They say the law in this area is hazy, with the result that aggressive prosecutors can bring charges against political enemies.

How will the Supremes croon on this one. Oh come on, they know government is supposed to be of, by and for the corporate 1%!

Post's Cyberspace Series

The Post is running a series of pieces on our networked, Internet based world.  We're all quite dependent on one giant logical computer system.  Unfortunately, pieces of the system are quite vulnerable to attack.   Cyberwar is a reality these days, especially when so many nodes are not all that secure.  Imagine what happens if a bad guy gets control of the water pumps in your city and causes them to self destruct.

Give the series a read--

Part 1: Understanding cyberspace is key to defending against digital attacks    

Part 2: Cyber search engine Shodan exposes industrial control systems to new risks


It's another fine day in Iraq.  The Shrub re-built the place in his own image, it's kind of wasted, has oil, and has lousy management, but it has a great national T-ball league.  What should we expect from a land built by the master of faith based initiatives?  Well, how about some faith based violence!  And we have it!  Let the sectarians keep on keeping on.  Who needs any of the separation of church and state anyway.

Iraqi officials: Car bomb in central Baghdad kills 18, wounds at least 50

Sunday, June 3, 2012

House of Cards

Netlfix is going to remake the BBC's "House of Cards." It will star Kevin Spacey and be released sometime next year.  Can Netflix pull off producing content as has Showtime and HBO?  Maybe.  In the meantime, if you are Netflix subscriber, then why not view the original "House of Cards."  When the remake comes out, you'll have something to compare it to.

"House of Cards" is compelling, it kept me quite interested.  I bet you won't be able to quit watching until you've seen every episode.  If Spacey does as well as Ian Richardson, then Netflix may be on to bigger and better things.

Faithy Fair Game?

Is Willard's faithiness fair game for political news coverage?  He thinks not, unless he controls the discussion.  It's funny how  the faithy folk don't really want any critical coverage of their core beliefs.   I think all the fantasies of faith need to be examined.

Come on,  if you have any, how plausible are they?  Golden tablets?   Burning bushes?  Three gods in one and it's monotheism?  Dead and back?  The problem is that one person's faith is another's apostate insanity, but all faiths run contrary to fact.  People of one faith love to find reasons to bash someone else's faith for loopiness, while retaining their own nuttery--so we don't contrast and compare them much at all--in public.   In private, I imagine many of the discussions to be right out of the 16th century.

Go ahead pick on Willard, then if ye are of faith, look in mirror, be as equally critical and then put god back in the church and keep him totally out of the state house (unless you'd prefer to live in a place like Iran).

Is Mitt Romney’s Mormonism fair game?

Pure Willard

Arab Death

Ah, the good old days of Arab Spring.  Revolting Arabs opted for a skosh of democracy, then they realized that would preclude a religious state.  Theocracy trumps freedom and democracy.  Theocracy thrives on death and destruction.   Is that why Arab states will not deal with Syria?  The U.S. and all Western powers need to pull out of the Arab world--let them kill each other off and return to being goat herders and desert nomads.  Oh, it appears Lebanon is getting sucked into the Syrian mess.  I guess it's just god's will.

  In Lebanon, a worrying sectarian spillover from Syria

Let's Review Obama's Record

Pro Publica has put together a set of links to the best stories on aspects of Obama's national security policy over the past couple of years.  It you missed some of them, here's the chance to catch up.

The Best Watchdog Journalism on Obama’s National Security Policies

Nov. 2012

Drone Front -- Yemen

Obama, via the CIA is dropping bombs on bad guys in Yemen.  You may or may not agree with his policy and actions.  If you accept the concept of the War on Terror, then you probably approve of his drone deployment.  If you question the War on Terror, then Obama's use of drones may be very unacceptable and even be seen as bordering on being terrorist acts.  We all need to ponder our use of drones.  

As the U.S. uses drones, we establish the rules of engagement, the law and the practice,  for similar future actions by ourselves, our allies and our enemies.  Obama has established rules of engagement that are now fair game for all to adopt.  To the extent some future bad guy emulates Obama, unless we object now, we will have to be silent then--drones a la Obama have become just be one more acceptable face of modern war usable by any and all.

In this high tech world, blowback is a real bitch.

U.S. drone targets in Yemen raise questions

Streaming Pleasantry

We just finished watching the BBC TV program, "Kingdom," via Netflix.  It ran for three series beginning in 2007 and was unfortunately then cancelled.  It is a delightful show starring Stephan Fry.  It's quite pleasant on the ear and eye.  Mr.Fry plays Peter Kingdom, a lawyer in a small British town who solves assorted legal problems for the residents of Market Shipborough.   If you are tired of U.S. network and cable fair, give this one a view.  It's pleasant, engaging and you meet some wonderful folks.

I think I posted about a couple of other BBC series you might enjoy, but I'll include them anyway--

Monarch of the Glen,
The Grand,
McLeod's Daughters (Australian)

Myths -- Breastfeeding

Five Myths

Another Drone

Obama has killed more "suspected"militants.  They're not terrorists, but are called militants.  Let's just call them bad guys.  Obama is not sure, but suspects they might all be bad guys.  Besides, in this non-war in Pakistan, an ally, any adult male in the blast zone around one suspected bad guy is assumed to also be a bad guy.  That reduces the count of innocent civilians killed by drones unless someone proves they were innocent posthumously.  I wonder how we will react when this approach is used on us in our cities and towns--both drones and the logic of engagement.

US drone strike in Pakistan kills 10 suspected militants, Pakistani officials say

When will some ace inventor come up with the equivalent of an AK-47 for drones?

Simple Quiz on Your Cyber Security

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