Saturday, June 16, 2012

Oops, if the UN won't fix it,

Then the Arabs will have to find someone else to clean up their dictatorial, theocratic backed mess they call a government in Syria.   There isn't an Arabic state that will field troops to invade and depose Assad.  Arab states will not act, but they will welcome the West.

The West will do the job and then the Arabs can piss and moan about heathens and infidels invading Allah's turf as they threaten Israel in retaliation.  I hope we do nothing.  If the Arabs want the Russians they can have them--it you lie down with dogs.

Arabs won't act on their own since that might legitimate the toppling of their own regimes by indigenous and external forces.  Syria is an Arab problem, let them solve it.

UN suspends Syria mission as government resumes shelling in capital

We Get What We Elect

Arab Sprung -- Egypt

After the Court dissolved Parliament, those revolting Arabs have another election at hand.  They get to select the continuation of the Mubarak/military dictatorship or opt for an Islamic dictatorship.  So much for freedom, liberty and democracy.  They had their chance to keep both out of the public square, but they appear to have failed.

Egypt votes to choose successor to Hosni Mubarak

Will the pander pay off in November?

I seriously doubt if Mr. Obama gives a rat's ass about the children caught in the web of their parent's illegal immigration.  I am sure he sees them as a source of votes to shore up his waning standing amongst those who voted for him in 2008.   Will Willard counter with a suggestion to deport everybody?  It' going to become very ugly as we move closer and closer to November.  I fear we will see more than a bit of a race based conflict emerge.  Will the teabaggers show their true colors?

Young illegal immigrants’ amnesty could tighten competition for jobs, college

Will they fire the liar?

Who know if the head of the Secret Service will lose his zipper or not.  He's been less than truthful with Congress.  He's misspoke a bit.  He's been trying to save his sorry ass.  He's just a typical government appointee.  Congress should fire him and everyone who directly reports to him.  If Secret Service personnel cannot control their  urge to rut like rabbits, then I have my doubts about their ability to protect anyone.  Put a whore in front of them and they will lose sight of whomever they are supposed to protect.  I guess that's the secret of the secret service they don't want to get out.

Third supervisor was involved in Secret Service scandal in Colombia

Now That's Some Kind of Logic

Why did Sandusky succeed as a child molester?  Why did no one notice, or it they did, do nothing?  Oh, that's easy to answer.  He was a winning coach.  Wow!  Wallow in sports and folks get what they deserve.  Can you imagine Penn St. without any sports?  Gee, does that mean we tolerate priests because they are on god's team?  Does that make god a winning coach?

Here's the recap from Friday's trial--

Why did suspicions about Jerry Sandusky yield no action for so long?

Politicizing Science

What happens when scientific illiterates decide to do science?  Well, we've watched parents quit immunizing their children to make them safe and dead.  Then we have seen man made climate change be fought tooth and claw as the water keeps on rising.  Oh, we used to be told to fear electric power lines and microwave ovens as we consulted astrologers to guide our daily lives.  There is money is writing paranoid books and articles.  Now it's back to cell phones.  The non-science, science race begins now.

FCC considers whether to study cellphone radiation

Before we all cheer on the FCC, here's a reminder:

CANCER AND CAUSALITY: EINSTEIN DIDN’T HAVE A CELL-PHONE. Of the world’s 7 billion people, an incredible 5 billion have cell phones (“mobiles” in most countries). The safe use of mobiles is therefore a global health concern. The response of the World Health Organization was to conduct a huge epidemiologic study aimed at demonstrating a link between cell-phone radiation and brain cancer. The effort was seriously misguided – no such link exists. The study served only to raise widespread public alarm over a nonexistent hazard. Epidemiology, which is the study of health patterns in populations; is important, but it’s not a substitute for science. Science is the organization of knowledge into testable laws and theories. It has been known for more than 100 years that electromagnetic radiation at frequencies below the ultraviolet is non-ionizing, and thus cannot create the mutant strands of DNA that constitute incipient cancers. In 1905, Einstein’s “miracle year,” he theorized that electromagnetic radiation consists of discrete units of energy, now called “photons,” which are equal in energy to the frequency multiplied by Planck's constant. It marked the origin of wave-particle duality and earned Einstein his 1921 Physics Nobel Prize. His theory is verified every time a cell phone works.

Today's Question--

When will the Iraqis build statues to their libetrator in chief, George W. Shrub?

Iraqi police say car bomb has killed 14 people on last day of Shiite pilgrimage

Do you think the Pakistanis will build a triumphant arch or two to honor the Shrub and Obama?

Car bomb attack in Pakistani tribal region kills 20 people, official says
The anorexic Mr. Clean governor of Florida is purging voter rolls.  He's fearful of voter fraud.  One fraudulent vote might destroy Florida.  Of course denying one vote must must not amount to squat.  Mr.  Clean knows that in both cases the votes belong to evil Democrats.  Actually he just wants to insure that Willard has an edge on Obama.  The GOP can't win on merit, so it goes through voter ID gyrations.  It's  bullshit.  What's up in Florida?

Why the Feds Are Suing Florida for Allegedly Purging Voters

Friday, June 15, 2012

Servicing in Secret

Gee, the head of the Secret Service said it was a one time screw up.  Oops, the zipper challenged have been agents before and acted out on prior occasions.  Okay, it's time to start firing a lot Secret Service personnel.  Start at the top, go down three levels and fire them all outright.  With the field agents, randomly fire 10% of them.  Tell the remainder that this time it's a warning, next time they will be rendered to Syria or Egypt,  tortured and sent to Gitmo for an indefinite period of time (that's all legal isn't it?).

U.S. reveals accusations against Secret Service

Hawking the Merch for lunch

Gee, for $45 I could win a lunch with Obama.  Wow, I'd be out $45, and  be able to add a couple of thousand to my taxable income, all for a cheeseburger and fries.  The raffles do raise cash.  When he raffled off his ass at George Clooney's place, he raised $15 million.  $9 million came from raffling off himself to the non-glitterati.  Wow, I better act now, the lunches are in short supply.  Nah, I have paint to watch peel.

Jake --

I'm about to sit down for lunch with a few grassroots supporters who are being flown in from Arizona, Maryland, Michigan, and Ohio.

It'll just be me and these four supporters, with enough time to relax and have a real conversation.

I can't wait.

I'm not going to get to do too many more of these before November. That's just a fact.

So if you'd like to be there for one of the last ones, please chip in $45 or whatever you can -- and you'll be automatically entered for that chance:

Next time, I could be on my way to meet you.



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Fact-checking the National Rifle Association

Never mind that President Barack Obama has done little on gun issues -- so little, in fact, that gun control advocates are unhappy. The National Rifle Association continues to portray him as a relentless threat to the Second Amendment who wants to take your guns away.

A reader sent us an NRA flier that offers "10 reasons why Obama is bad news for the Second Amendment," so we put some of the claims to the Truth-O-Meter.

The NRA claimed that "Obama supported Ted Kennedy’s ammo ban to outlaw all deer-hunting ammunition." We found little evidence that's really what the bill would do and rated the claim False.

The flier said Obama’s regulatory adviser Cass Sunstein, "wants to ban hunting and says animals should be represented in court." We found he said that but has since walked it back. A Half True.

The NRA earned a True for its claim that Obama tried to slash funding for the armed pilots program.

And finally, for its claim that "Obama admits he’s coming for our guns, telling Sarah Brady, ‘We are working on (gun control), but under the radar,’ " the NRA earned a Pants on Fire.

Also, make sure you check out PolitiFact for the latest fact-checks on claims by Obama and Romney, as well as an answer to the political riddle: Who cast the deciding vote on the health care law?

Why Not?

In 1964 I used to put "Goldwater" bumper stickers in urinals. It was rest room advertising, of a kind.  Why not let companies sponsor interstate rest areas?  Given the nature of the "rest" we engage in at a rest stop, what companies might not want to have their name associated with resting?  Which ones will want to be remembered when you rest?

States weigh corporate sponsorships for rest areas


Obama must be feeling Willard's breath on his neck.  Okay, what can he do?  Well, he can pull a quo pro quid and hope the voters pay off after the deed is done (he used to be a U.S. Senator).  What group might go to Willard? Can he capture them?  You bet, give them work permits!  Remember to vote for Obama.

Obama panders for the Hispanic vote

Too Bad That Scots Can't Stomach Free Speech

Haggis yes, but free speech no? It's a rather strange place.

Scottish council gags 9-year-old food critic

Better Pay Attention to the Greek Election This Weekend

If the Greeks elect bozos who decide to bail on the Euro, then get ready for a return to 2008.  It will a banking collapse that begins with Greece, spreads to Spain and then takes down much of Europe.  Oh, the U.S. will be sucked in--have you forgotten about credit default swaps already?  This time around it may be 1929, here we come.

How shock waves will hit US if Greece drops euro

Will it take a second collapse to put back all of the simple regulation we used to have?

Roberts and the Robes

Any day now the Supremes will tell the world that Obama was born in Kenya, is a Muslim and, oops, they received the wrong set of instructions from the corporate owners of the GOP.  Now they have the correct copy.

Any day now the Supremes will tell the world that ObamaCare is bad, evil, hurts job creators and is also a skosh unconstitutional.  Roberts will instruct Obama, "Mr. Obama tear down that law!"   Roberts and his fellow Trogs will then accept donations to assist their favorite bank accounts.   Quo pro quid works will for Supremes quite well.   Yes I do think the current Court can be bought and sold and are not any different that Congress and the White House.  We now have three commodities in the political trading pit.

  White House, lawmakers prepare for Supreme Court ruling on Obama’s health-care law

Arab Sprung

Egypt's revolting Arabs thought they could have a state of their own, even a theocracy if they wanted one.  They forgot that Mubarak was a front man.  He ran the store for the owners, the military.  Guess who's out and who's back in?  Yep, the military and their candidate will probably take over.

Too bad the Arabs haven't learned about the separation of chruch and state.  Did they really think the generals would let the Islamic whack jobs take over?  Back to the pyramids kids, get Allah out of Tahrir Square and you might have a chance.

Egypt's Brotherhood: court ruling reverses gains

Mubarak was a secular dictator.  Islam is not much different, it just provides sectarian dictators.   Either way the people are screwed.

Imagine if Clinton had stood his ground

He didn't.  We had Don't Ask Don't Tell until it was repealed in late 2010.  Now, are you ready, the military is going to observe--- Gay pride month!

Africa Command Staffed By Mercs

When you create a command it expands.  It finds a mission whether one exists or not.  Obama has set the military to find bad guys.  Well, how they do it doesn't matter, he has drones on hand.   Once again we do not do our own dirty work, we contract it out.  If government employees cannot do the work then perhaps we should question doing the government's work in the first place.  Here's part two on how we will create our future new enemies throughout Africa.

Contractors run U.S. spying missions in Africa

I think it's time to switch to the Libertarians.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Yesterday at Penn State

Here's the AP's recap of yesterday's testimony.  There are two things we'd all be better off without in this nation, religion and school sports.  They corrupt so many people is no many ways big and small.  Do you trust priests?  Okay, do you trust coaches?

Accusers talk of Sandusky's sway to win silence

They Still Don't Get It

Military brass understands one thing--staying on active duty.  If you want to change the way the officers behave, then you have to give them direct orders and follow up when they disobey with either forced retirement or a couple of court-martials that strip them of there commissions and retirement.  It only a couple of instances to scare the rest into model behavior.   They still haven't come to grips with all the disabled cannon fodder they have created and continue to create.  Makes you proud doesn't it?

Panetta: 'Huge gaps' in military's review of mental health cases 

Maybe Obama should fire Panetta.


Recently Burger King revamped its menu.  They hyped the healthy foods they added.  That was just smoke and bullshit.  They may be bacon come latelys, but they know the money is in fat, sugar, and more fat.

Burger King joins the bacon ice cream party

The Aces Are Hard At Work!

Since they are working overtime, we're probably in deeper shit than we realize.  Come on pink burqas?

Army orders ‘hot pink’ burqas for Afghanistan

All of Africa is Now Suspect

As Pax Americana rolls on, our Empire expands.  We will no longer need embassies, since we have air bases everywhere.  Gee, we can shut down the State Dept. and allow all those excess generals to be our ambassadors.  As we fly over Africa we, of course, are looking for bad guys.  Naturally every African wants us flying and spying on them.  They don't even mind dying.  They know that since Obama has put Africa on his kill list, it's must be okay.  Maybe they will kill themselves and save ObamaCo the expense of sending in the drones.  Every African is suspect.  I think that means, by Obama's standard, that we can kill them all and call it preserving freedom and saving  democracy.   What's can be better than some righteous slaughter in the morning?  Who will save the world from us?

U.S. expands secret intelligence operations in Africa

I wonder what corporations have paid how much to ObamaCo and Congress for this "invasion" of Africa? What business opportunities are they trying to rig in their favor?

It's time to switch to the Libertarian Party folks.  The  Dems have become Trogs.   That's Obama's legacy.

How Our Government Is Sold

Congress accepts lobbyist's money. They are easy to buy. Of course, they know their bribers--they all used to work for them. With each donation we lose another bit of the nation. We're spinning so fast in that revolving door, we're going to get terminally dizzy and permanently collapse. Here's an example--

Charting the Cozy Connections between JP Morgan and the Senate Banking Committee

From Bob Park

WHAT’S NEW Robert L. Park Friday, 13 Jun 2012 Washington, DC

1. VACCINATION: THERE IS NO INOCULATION AGAINST INCOMPETENCE. Vaccination programs prevent more human suffering than any other branch of medicine. Their success depends on public confidence in their safety. But according to a report released last Wednesday by the U.S. Department of Health, spot checks by the Office of the Inspector General finds that free vaccines, provided under the nationwide Vaccines for Children program, are often stored at the wrong temperature, which can render them ineffective. The first generation to receive MMR vaccinations are now parents. They have been spared not only the direct misery of the illness, but also serious side effects that can show up many years later. They should be the first to demand strict standards of safety and effectiveness in administering vaccines. Someday perhaps, eradication of pathogenic diseases will be routine, but were not there yet. What prevents it?

2. ERADICATION: FIRST WE MUST CURE THE WORLD OF ITS SUPERSTITIONS. In 1977, smallpox, the most deadly and persistent human pathogenic disease, was eradicated from Earth by the World Health Organization following an unprecedented agreement allowing quick-response teams to freely cross every a border to administer vaccine in case of an outbreak. It was a moving demonstration of what can be achieved by world cooperation, and was quickly followed by calls to eradicate poliomyelitis. Polio eradication was undertaken by WHO in 1988 with help from private organizations, but although the number of polio cases diagnosed each year has plummeted, final eradication remains elusive. Opposition by Muslim fundamentalists is said to be the major factor in the failure of polio immunization programs. In Pakistan and Afghanistan the Taliban issued fatwa opposing vaccination as an attempt to avert Allah's will, while others saw it as an American plot to sterilize Muslims. Some conservative Christian groups oppose vaccination for diseases that are transmitted spread by sexual contact, arguing that the possibility of disease deters risky sexual contact. It doesn’t.

3. NUSTAR: NASA'S NUCLEAR SPECTROSCOPIC TELESCOPE ARRAY. Set to launch today from a carrier plane, the NuStar telescope will image high-energy X-rays from black holes, supernova and our own sun. It is the eleventh mission of the NASA Small Explorer Satellite program and the first space-based direct-imaging X-ray telescope at energies beyond those of the Chandra X-ray Observatory. The project is overseen by Caltech professor Fiona Harrison.

4. ACHENBLOG: THE RAY BRADBURY SPACE TELESCOPE? Joel Achenbach, who writes for the Washington Post, proposed in yesterday’s Post that NASA name a Hubble-class space telescope after the late Ray Bradbury. It's a really, really bad idea. Joel is a nice guy and a good writer, but he is not a scientist; neither was Ray Bradbury. There aren't many scientists relative to shoe salesmen and dog catchers. But like it or not, science is the principal driving force for change in today’s world. Science is too important to leave it to scientists, but don't confuse it with fiction writers.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

No Shit Sherlock!

All those Pope fearing Catholics know their priests and Bishops all too well.  Hence--

U.S. Catholics still suspect priests sexually abuse children.

And Now Some Willardbull

Willard is a pol.  If it comes out of his or one of his surrogates mouths, presume it's a lie until thorough fact checking proves otherwise and then double check it.  Ditto with Obama.

Company at center of Romney’s latest attack didn’t move because of Obamacare

Dear Parents of College Kids

Unless you are in the top 5% of incomes, you are probably choking a bit at the cost of a public college education.  Since 2008 the cost has, on average, gone up 15% or more.  Is this this what you want from government?  Remember it is your state legislature and governor who set the rates by decreasing funds to higher education.

Since states have kept on cutting higher ed money, I assume all the college age crowd and their parents approve.  Oh, did you vote for any of the folks in your various state offices?  Votes matter.  If we do not tax ourselves appropriately, then we get the world of our nightmares.  Higher ed has become a nightmare, no one should graduate with tens of thousands in debt.

We have exactly the world we wish for, it's real, it's ours.  Don't like your world, then change your wish and work towards making it real.   What do you want to take for granted?

Average cost of four-year university up 15%


U.S. drones deeply unpopular around the world

There's Hope for the Future!

The younger generation appears to be pulling it's collective head out of god's ass--

American Values Survey

Unfortunately it make take too long to have this become a nonsensical question that never has to be asked.  I hope  by the time the millennials have assumed power (if their predecessors leave them a world) their numbers and subsequent generations who have bagged the god nonsense will have vastly increased.  Maybe then we might see a bit of rational government.

Bullshit I have to post

Are Mormons Christian?  Uh, who really gives a shit.  Are Mormons the latest people of the Book?  Who really cares?  If it matters then I'd suggest you see a shrink.  Look religion is all fabricated nonsense passed down from one generation to the next to allow people to feel a skosh better about life,  provide a hell of a lot of social control, and keep the religionists rich and powerful.  People of the book learn to obey.  People of the Book are intolerant.  People of the book are so damn violent.  Are Mormons Jesus jockeys?  If you them want them to be, then sure they are.  Likewise, if you don't want them to be, then they're not.  It's bullshit.  It's all fiction so make up your own damn yarn.  By the way, how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

The above being said, here's one person's perspective you don't see everyday, especially in the Willard camp.

I’m a Mormon, Not a Christian


Why even bother trying to justify that the people whom we kill with drones are militants, terrorists, or any other type of nefarious evil doer?  Obama and his crew can just issue a decree that declares that henceforth whomever they kill is evil and deserved to be killed by droning.  Perhaps he should propose that all Obama deaths are by definition, righteous and Jesus approved too (remember he claims to be a faithy kind of guy).  Oops, that's what ObamaCo has done.

Officials: Drones hit suspected hideouts

Sandusky Trial

As the trial proceeds, think about all those other coaches out there.  Exactly what do all those guys do in the locker room anyway?

Sandusky jurors hear of 2 more alleged victims

Are your tax dollars paying for the Trog Convention?

Of course that assumes you are a Democrat and might be pissed at the thought.  However, if you are a Trog you would be livid at your tax dollars funding the assembly of Jackasses.  Oops, we both forgot, pols of both ilks take care of themselves before all else.

What the Politicians Spend at the Conventions

It's Time to Pick A Deputy Trog!

Willard needs a running mate.  Who should he pick?  Play the Post's game, make a pick, make a bet and wait for Willard.  I picked Pawlenty, then Portman.

Pick Mitt Romney’s vice president

Do you see the Veep pick as crucial to winning the election or see it more as I do -- the Veep is about as important as a bucket of spit?

It's ObamaBull

It does not matter which candidate one listens to.  They both lie.  They both make it up as they go but try to link their falsehoods back to some factual report or study.  If they recounted their sources accurately, then the big bullet point wouldn't even be a pin prick.  That's where the lie comes in--they know the source, they intentionally misconstrue the ideas  to deceive listeners.  It's no different than making it up out of thin air--but then there's a lot of that too.

Obama may think the private sector is doing fine, but he does not have fine data on the numbers of teachers who lost their jobs.  Obama and Willard are pols.  They both lie.  Which is your lesser of two evils?

Spinning the number of teacher layoffs

 Since we've never had an honest pol elected to the White House, I wonder what that says about us, the voters, and our preferences for and ability to judge human character? Could an honest man or woman ever be elected to any federal office? Has one ever made it? If so, who?

All they want is a theocracy

The Shrub came to Jesus, it's how he quit being a drunk.  He figures everybody else must too.  Ooops, he forgot not everyone thinks his god is the true god.  Damn, in the USA he has to tolerate others--that pesky separation of church and state keeps getting in the way.  At least he put Iraq on a course for theocracy.  Of course the Iraqis will have to blow the crap out of each other to determine who's god is the last one standing.   Now that's a real legacy.

  Officials: Coordinated car bombs in 4 Iraqi cities kill at least 63 during Shiite pilgrimage

Hawking the Merch -- Recap

I've been posting e-mail pitches from the Obama org of late.  Raffles must be in this year.  ProPublica has collected a number of the Sarah Jessica Parker (Mariah Carey too) e-mails.  They have a nice comparison of seven or so versions of Obama raffling off his and her presence.  It must raise money or they'd have ended these  pitches.  Every time I get one of these raffle offers, I think Obama must be part of an escort service...

Message Machine: Dinner at Sarah Jessica Parker’s House

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's Been A While

Bless those tapping toes, Sen. Wide Stance is back in the news.  Larry, we've missed you!

Feds Sue Larry Craig Over Bathroom Sex Sting Defense Cash

Voter ID

It will get worse

After the Nov. election, if targeted Internet ads are perceived to have been a productive source of votes,  voter turnout and donations, then you can bet a charming quark there will be even more Internet politicalization in the 2014 election.

I assumed ads were quite targeted, I see so few Willard ads.  Does Rience Priebus run ads for the Trog Central?  I do see a grundle of Obama ads.  I also assume both sides are using the Tubes with the same efficacy.  Are you a target?  Probably--

How Microsoft and Yahoo Are Selling Politicians Access to You

Fools and Rich Fools

A fool can be easily parted from his money.   The difference between an ordinary one and a rich fool, is that the rich one can be parted over and over again.  Now about Bill Gates--

$1.1 million-plus Gates grants: ‘Galvanic’ bracelets that measure student engagement

GOP-- MIssion Accomplished

As the rich get richer, the rest get poorer.  It's so very Republican.

Middle-Class Pain

Keep on not voting kids--it's money in the bank

Student loan rates will probably go up--Congress (the Trogs) will not act.  Okay kids, at the next election, you can go out for pizza or vote.  This time your loan rates belong to you.  By not voting you insured a GOP dominated Congress.  Is this what you really wanted, a Teabagger House?  If not, then  did you vote in 2010?

Don't forget the cost of public college is set by the pols elected to your state's legislature and then by the U.S. Congress.  Y'all must approve of the way things are, so will it be pizza or Democrats in  2012?

Student loan rates up in air while parties fight for advantage

Do We Really Need Sports?

I doubt that we really need the Catholic Church and all of it's rather warped priests.  Likewise, I think we'd be better off without any sports in High School or College.  Pro sports exist to feed the needs of gamblers and not much more, so their continued existence is a market decision.  That said, here's yesterday's at the Sandusky trial--

Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse trial: Witness says he was treated as ‘girlfriend’

It's So Common

We now treat lies as bullshit.  We've been fed so much prevarication by pols of all stripes--they are hyenas--that it takes a monstrous untruth to be seen as a lie, the rest we treat as just more bullshit.   I wish folks would quit listening to TV and radio.  If you want some news, go to a newspaper--print or online.  Then go on to  blowhard sites like this one.  Get facts about candidates and their policy positions on things that matter.

Mitt Romney’s nonsensical claim about ‘Obamacare’

Monday, June 11, 2012

Charity and the 1%

I'm not sure at what income level the 1% begins, but I imagine it's around $500,000.  Given that number, what about the folks who run charities?  Is there any reason the head of a charity should earn anywhere near $500,000 or more?  Just because someone administers a lot of money does not mean they should make a lot of money, especially if it's a charity.

This year I'm setting a charity CEO level for my giving from now on.  If the head of the charity makes much more than $300,000, then I'm not going to give much at all to that charity.  In fact other than a couple of them, I will probably shift all charitable giving to local groups only.

If the 1% want their charities that's great, they can pay for it.  The 99% has to take care of its own.  Go out Charity Navigator, look up your charities, see how much the head  earns.  Then you decide if you really want to help them or the local food bank, animal shelter, volunteer fire department, EMS, or a free health clinic.

Hawking the Merch -- Obama

For a mere $45 Obama is selling his services at dinner.  All I have to do is send him $45 and I might win the chance to have dinner with him.  Of course it adds $4,800 to my income for tax purposes.  Nothing is free.  I 'm bothered by someone who raffles himself off.  We know pols are prostitutes but this continues to be a bit blatent.  Gee, he's not a president, he's NPR premium or a crackerjack prize.  I'd rather watch paint peel than have dinner with him or any other pol on the planet.

Here's the latest e-mail pitch and fine print--

Jan --

We're organizing another dinner with folks like you, and I hope you'll take me up on the offer.

Pitch in $45 or whatever you can today to be automatically entered to join me.

These dinners mean something more than just a meal among friends.

They represent the kind of politics we believe in. It's a simple but powerful idea: Everyone should have a seat at the table, no matter where you come from or how much you can afford to give.

The other side has special-interest allies lining up to tear us down.

I've got you.

These dinners are a small way for me to say thanks, so I'm saving you a seat.

Chip in what you can today and you'll be automatically entered to be there:

Thanks, for everything.


No purchase, payment, or contribution necessary to enter or win. Contributing will not improve chances of winning. Void where prohibited. Entries must be received by June 26, 2012. You may enter by contributing to Obama Victory Fund 2012 here or click here to enter without contributing. Three winners will each receive the following prize package: round-trip tickets for winner and a guest from within the fifty U.S. States, DC, or Puerto Rico to a destination to be determined by the Sponsor; hotel accommodations; and dinner with President Obama on a date to be determined by the Sponsor (approximate retail value of all prizes $4,800). Odds of winning depend on number of entries received. Promotion open only to U.S. citizens, or lawful permanent U.S. residents who are legal residents of 50 United States, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico and 18 or older (or age of majority under applicable law). Promotion subject to Official Rules and additional restrictions on eligibility. Sponsor: Obama for America, 130 E. Randolph St., Chicago, IL 60601.

Another part of the Shrub's Legacy

The Shrub created modern Iraq.  The Shrub also gave Iraqis a western diet.  Goodbye health, hello diabetes, cholesterol, and obesity.  Who needs oil when we can sell them burgers and Coke!  It's a permanent occupation.

Iraqi restaurants are trying to satisfy Western tastes

Which party defends the rights of all citizens?

Can you infer whose rights the GOP defends?  

Perhaps we should emulate France?

The left has taken charge of the French government--Left poised to claim France's lower house

After twelve year of Bush and Obama's right win bullshit,  may be we need to elect radical Democrats to the House and Senate.

Have you created your "Perv Alert" yet?

It's time to get google and news other services to send you the latest on Pervs.  Why?  Oh, the Sandusky trial get underway today and on any given day a CAtholic priest will....

Jerry Sandusky's child sex abuse trial to open

More GOP Bullshit

Facts have no place in politics.  They get in the way of a good line.  The sad part is that their are hoards of people out there who believe pols speak the truth.  Damn, I bet that's why we never quite get around to creating an outstanding educational system.

Latest BS fromt he Trogs--Looming tax hike not the biggest ever

Still Think He Wasn't Shilling for Insurance Companies?

I have never understood the Trogs opposition to ObamaCare.  ObamaCare is great for the private sector.  It gives them more business, keeps the most expensive cases in Medicare, and assures them that private health insurance will be the U.S. system for decades and longer to come.

Actually, I do get the Trogs, if Obama has a position on anything, Trogs negate it.  That's how they develop all of their positions. If Obama says "Yes" they say "No."  If he says "No" then they say "Yes."  That's not a political philosophy or theory, it's a bunch of spoiled kindergartners at play in a sandbox.

Hell, insurers will keep big chunks of ObamaCare even when the Supremes announce that the Court agrees with the GOP, ObamaCare must go.  I wonder what the next GOP sand castle look like?

     Largest health insurer to keep key parts of law regardless of court ruling

National Assholitis

Not fine: When the rhetoric is on the other foot

Why Even Listen?

Both Obama and Willard are pols.  That means they are egotistic blowhards.  That means they have a truthiness problem.  That means they love themselves a tad too much.  That means they must be on stage to accept the love from their adoring fans.  You can puke now.

This election is the about two views of government, the Democratic and the Republican.  If you have not already made up your mind maybe you should not bother with voting at all.  Since we have an incumbent and a challenger, this election is a typical lesser of two evils race.  The evil is not in the two candidates, but comes from their parties.  Which party is the lesser of evils?  Why are the parties evil?  Have you paid any attention to the way we have allowed elections to be run today?

How much should we expect from people who will sell their souls to run for office and win an election?  Then when in office continue to sell themselves so they can be reelected.  Pols have sold government to the well heeled rich pricks in the 1%.   For the most parts pols share the sobriquet "oldest profession" with prostitutes, but pols earned it first.

What can we do?  Well, we have votes.  Screw the money.  It's easy to decide on Obama v. Willard, flip a coin.  Now get serious and determine who you want to represent you in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Ditto, if you have a Senate seat open this year.  Congress determines what a president can and will do.  It's rare when we have an LBJ who can run Congress from the White House.  Neither Obama nor Willard have even 5% of LBJ's political skill.  

Why do we have a government?  What is government supposed to do?  If you have trouble answering those questions, here's one question you can ask yourself which will help you flesh out your ideas about government.  Here 'tis--"When you think about your own life, what to you want to be able to take for granted?"

Sunday, June 10, 2012

I don't understand women who are for Willard?

I do not comprehend how any woman, unless filled with self-loathing, can support Willard or any GOP candidate for any office.  Planned Parenthood puts it well--

Planned Parenthood President: Romney ‘Off The Reservation’ On Women’s Health Issues

Tidal Wave Follow Up

When the tidal wave hit Japan, took out a nuke plant and floated a town or three out to sea, did you ever think about the junk that would wash ashore on our  West Coast?  Okay, you did think about lots of trash wrecking a beach or two, but did you think about invasive species?  Well,start thinking--

Invasive species ride tsunami debris to US shore

This is television?

I didn't realize how pervasive redneck reality shows have become.  I know they are on the air, I've glanced at one or two of them as I channel grazed.  I watched for a second,  quickly became disgusted and moved on to other sectors of the vast wasteland.  I have always known that rednecks are more down to earth, that's why they are called clods.   There is nothing to admire in their institutionalized zealous pursuit of stupidity.

Reality TV’s explosion of Southern stereotypes

Legal Murder -- Stand Your Ground

I have no idea how the NRA was able to have the assorted stand your ground laws passed, but they did.  I am sure the NRA can show an increase in gun and ammo sales attendant with passage in the 24 or so states that have legalized murder.  Here's piece on this idiotic law--

Five ‘Stand Your Ground’ Cases You Should Know About

End All of the Farm Subsidies

When is a cut of farm subsidies bad?  Oh, that's when it cuts payments to your donors and voters.  The most important part of any Ag bill is what it does to insure the reelection of incumbents.  So you can bet the subsidies will be kept, but food stamps will be cut (no donations and no votes).

Southern peanut farmers say farm bill proposal would hurt them

They will do it to us again

Who?  The Supremes.  Will do what?  Fuck the nation.  When?  In June.  How?  They will render their decision and  overturn ObamaCare.  Why?  Because five of them are hard core reactionary rat bastards who want American life to revert to the aristocratic ways of a Charles II.  They appointed Bush and we all know how well that went.  As Roberts and his four thralls obey their corporate masters, it's going to get very ugly.  Health care is damned hard to unwind, but easy to overthrow.  That's like Bush, easy to appoint but it's still damned hard to live with.

Undoing health law could have messy ripple effects

Frozen Food

After reading this review I think I'll click my way on over to Amazon ---

Book review: ‘Birdseye: The Adventures of a Curious Man’ by Mark Kurlansky

Still a Catholic?

Why?  The top prelates define feminism along these lines:

 Yucky women who fail to heed our instructions and, anyway, don’t meet our standards of womanhood.” In other words, the sisters aren’t behaving as girls should.

If you must continue to believe in fantasies, at least shift your donations.  Why not fund the nuns and let the priests fend for themselves for a few hundred years.   The hierarchy of the priesthood remains alive and well in 1253.  Is that where you really want to live?  

Will we make it through the Summer?

Europe's fiscal mess looms over our halting recovery.   However, the worst may not occur.  Spain has asked for a bank bailout.  Now all we have to do is wait for the next Greek election and then see if Greece will sink Europe or do as they are told to stay solvent.  For now, assume it will not be a great Summer.

Spain requests bailout help

Five Myths -- Swing States

Five Myths