Saturday, June 30, 2012

Get on with it

No further trial delay for Fort Hood shooting suspect, judge rules

Instructions to Mom--

Mom don't let your babies grow up to be :

Athletic Directors,
University Vice Presidents, or
University Presidents.

For that matter you might look for a school other than Penn State.
These bums, along with Helen Dragas at UVA need to come to terms with realtionship between ends and means.  They all have had it so very, very, wrong.

E-mails shed light on how Penn State officials responded to report on Sandusky

Who Really Gives A Shit

Some guy rides a bicycle in France.  The guy takes drugs or maybe he doesn't.  Who cares?  For god's sake, it's just a bicycle race.  If sports figures want to do drugs the only question should be, "do the drugs sufficiently enhance his or her performance to attract more paying customers?"  Does he get a bidder audience share for advertisers?  If someone's urchin offspring are dumb enough to consider jocks as role models, that's the parent's problem.  If the urchin emulates the jock and does drugs, then Mom and Dad have exactly what they want--they raised the problem, they have to deal with it by themselves.

USADA files formal charges against Armstrong; cyclist criticizes review board member

Screw the Olympics

Still think the Olympics is about athletics?  Nah, it's, as with just about everything else, all about money.  Try and use anything, even marginally related to olympics, and the USOC, IOC and god knows who else will demand you cease and desist.  If you don't they will have you  executed.

Now the olympic moneybags are attacking knitters, spinners and weavers!  Screw the olympics.  They have crossed the line. I'd rather have a ravelympics than the bullshit we'll have on TV this Summer.

  These knitters wouldn’t unravel under the glare of U.S. Olympic Committee

He Needs the Campaign Money

Gov. McDonnell re-appointed the woman who single handedly caused the turmoil at UVA.  I guess money can buy anything.   McDonnell will need cash when he runs for the Senate in a few years.  Oh, well, Dragas will have another chance to run UVA like a business and transform it into a for-profit place.  With her return to the Board,  does anyone think the best of faculty and administraors will opt to make UVA their first choice of schools?  Yep, it's premier second-rate here we come.

Governor reappoints Dragas to U.Va. board, names advisors

At Least the High Will Be Lower

The unexpected massive line of thunderstorms that rolled across Va. last night lowered the temp a bit.  Instead of 78 overnight, it went down to 70.  Of course if you live in an area that lost power, the high for today is 100 instead of the formerly expected 104.  At that temp, it's sixes, it will feel about the same.  The storm also raised the humidity--it's 89% now.   Can you imagine 89% humid and 100 degrees?  That won't happen, but if it did the heat index would be 174.

Two killed as powerful storm leaves more than 1.5 million in D.C. region without power

Heat wave starts strong with record heat; storm knocks out power to 150,000 customers

Friday, June 29, 2012

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The Supreme Court's ruling on the health care law was a rare Washington surprise. It wasn't leaked ahead of time and the speculation was all over the map.

The court's decision to uphold the law and its individual mandate has prompted lots of reaction from supporters and critics of the law. We've put several of their claims to the Truth-O-Meter in the past 24 hours and will be checking others in the next few days.
  • Rush Limbaugh said the health care law created "the largest tax increase in the history of the world." That's similar to a statement we've checked before, but Limbaugh broadens the scope to compare it to the history of the world.Pants on Fire!
  • Sarah Palin tweeted shortly after the ruling that President Barack Obama had said the individual mandate was not a tax. We checked Obama's remarks, found she was right, and rated her statement True.
  • Mitt Romney said after the ruling  "Obamacare adds trillions to our deficits and to our national debt." We found the official estimates actually say the opposite is true, so we gave Romney aFalse.

We'll be doing more fact-checks this afternoon and next week, including some on President Obama and other Democrats. Watch for them on our home page.

It's shaping up to be a busy summer. We'll have some announcements soon about a new fact-checking app we're building with the Knight Foundation, our convention coverage and a new fantasy politics game from MTV that uses PolitiFact rulings. Stay tuned!

Nanny State -- Urinal Cakes Front

What can I say, just read it--

‘Talking urinal cakes’ to fight drunk driving in Michigan

Does the top cop have a relative in the urinal cake business?  That's an interesting occupation isn't it?  What do you do for a living, oh I make talking....

They Really Are Reactionaries

The GOP provides ample evidence why Perry is the Gov. of Texas.  When it comes to Repubs in Texas, well, I can't help but start thinking of dim and bulbs, really, really dim.  If they could, I wonder how far back they'd set the way back machine to "take our country back to?"  I understand it's politically incorrect to use the term "retarded" as a disparaging descriptor.  I won't.  Instead I'll just begin using the term "Texan" instead.  Yep, Texas is full of Texans.  There are so many profoundly Texans in Texas.  Better be careful if you call someone Tex.

Texas GOP Platform

Repubs Love Health Care Mandates!

They do.  GOP Health Care Mandates Here!

Let's Hear It For the Ditto Machine

Gee, a lot of people are concerned about government role in health care.  I think they've been listening to WGOP, batshit crazy talk radio, a bit to frequently.  Here's something to think about, what would happen if, today, all government funded and operated health care stopped cold? Becoming concerned in 2012 is about 50 years or so too late.  Trogs however are not known for thoughtful analysis, they react.  I bet that if Obama had reacted negatively to yesterday's Supreme Court ruling, all the Trogs would have sung the Court's praise.  We need to replace the lot of our pols and their parties.

Hearts and Minds

Our State Dept., Pentagon, Mercs, CIA, and the White House must have been working overtime in Pakistan--74% Call America an Enemy!

Now we are encouraging India to have a major presence in Afghanistan as we draw down.  I bet we can hit 99% soon!

It's all about the money!

Willard profited from the Health Care ruling -- Willard takes in $4million.

We'll have to see how magnets Obama can  hawk--

Maybe, maybe...

Maybe Europe won't cause a global economic meltdown after all.  Their latest actions might prevent an otherwise coming depression and recession.  We'll have to see what it's like at Summer's end.

Europe summit surprises with bold moves

That's Some Fine Reporting

CNN, Fox jump gun on Supreme Court health care ruling

It's Hot!

It's June and Mother Nature has turned on the oven.  If you live in the East, plan to stay indoors for the next few days of 100 degree plus temperatures.  Of course this is not man made global warming.  Nah, the evangefundies have told us it's all in god's plan.  Okay, god is going to give us a preview of a very warm place we're all going to go to unless we all get our act together and repair the damage god has made us do to her planet.

Historic heat wave arriving in East; monthly, all-time records in the balance

Do We Really Need An Air Force

When I glanced at this headline,Air Force investigates growing sex-abuse scandal, I thought oh, great here we go again at the Air Force Academy.  Instead it's Air Force wide.  There is something very wrong with the Air Force.  Perhaps their standards require the males to be all the pig they can be.  I guess the Junior birdmen have become Pervs of the air.  At least we now know de-frocked priests and fired coaches can serve their country in the Air Farce.

Originalism Tour is Coming to an End

I wonder what tour we will have next year?  This one has been entertaining.  The Supremes gave us health care and have actually decided that free speech matters.  Free speech trumps a law that made it a crime to lie.  It's the Stolen Valor law.  SV is one of those laws passed when Congress can't control its patriotic goosebumps.  Goosebumps are rarely a sound basis for legislation.  The result is, as in  this case, usually quite contrary to the Constitution and common sense.

Naturally the  knuckledraggers on  Court think government should be in the poistion to tell citizens how to speak in public at  all times and in all places (not just when one has sworn to tell the truth in court).  I guess Scalia thinks its okay to impose speech standards but be aghast at imposing health insurance.

Supreme Court: Lying about military medals is protected by Constitution

Originalism Still Sucks Tour

Yesterday Roberts and the Robes sang a song for health and taxes.  Of course in the background there was a bit of a dirge for the future usage of the Commerce clause.   Yep, ObamaCare sucks if government forces people to buy insurance, but is so damned dandy if it merely penalizes (taxes) them if they have not purchased insurance.  The decision came down to Roberts (he still looks like the little plastic guy you see on the top of wedding cakes) observing-- The federal government does not have the power to order people to buy health insurance. The federal government does have the power to impose a tax on those without health insurance.”

Now as we head towards Nov. we can repeat all the bullshit that led up to ObamaCare's passage. That will really be exciting now won't it. Trogs think they have an issue to turn out the batshit crazy vote and attract some independent batshit crazy wannabes. Jackasses will respond about as insightfully and effectively as they did during the year plus of debate that led up to pasage.

Yep, after the election is over, we'll still be in the position where most folks won't have a clue about what's in Obamacare. I was hoping it would be overturned, then we could have had a real fight over health care, the role of government and taxes. Right now, the health industry and the GOP ought to be very thankful that Roberts joined the libs and decided to keep ObamaCare legit and the political status quite, quite, quo.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

It seems inevitable

GOP lawsuit challenges campaign contribution caps

Arab Normal

Syria's Assad is still dictating.  He's killing anyone who gets in his way.  He even shot down a Turkish plane, he thought is was Jewish.  Other than that, not much has changed.  His fellow dictator's give anti-Assad speeches begging for someone to do something about Assad.  They want to be sure they retain their own dictatorships.

The UN talks.  The USA talks.  Europe talks.  I hope that's all they do.  If Arabs don't like Assad then Arab boys and girls will have to die to remove him, not American or European kids.  Damn that's what LBJ said about Vietnam and look how many American boys died instead.  Oh, hold it, the Turks may act--

Turkey deploys anti-aircraft guns on Syrian border after downing of plane

Arabs need to start killing Arabs, it's the right thing to do.

Biomass Front -- Obesity

The FDA has approved another lard butt reduction drug.  They hope this one won't kill you, but you may suffer memory lapses, depression and an obsessive urge to suck toes.  Of course, the drug requires that you eat right, exercise, and take Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc. pill.  If you do and the stars and planets are aligned right,  then you be 3% smaller in a year.  Are we sure this isn't from Prescott Pharmaceuticals?

This drug might make you thinner, that's not certain.  What is certain is that Areana will be become fat with profits.  There's money in fat.

Arena’s Belviq is first new prescription weight-loss pill to win US approval in over a decade

Attention Catholics

Still hanging in there?  You obviously accept the Churches view of women as chattel.  Okay, now how about the Churches view of little boys?  Oh, you know that boys exist for priestly entertainment.  Still hanging on?  Now how about sexulaized exorcisms?  Damn those celibate priests are creative.  I bet the Pope can defend it all?

Arlington lawsuit says priest sexually assaulted woman during ‘exorcisms’

This is the best and the brightest?

Jamie Dimond has been touted as the best finance manager.  He kept his bank going during the 2008 debacle.  Pols praise him because for his skill and for how much money he gave them.  Now, we have to wonder about 2008, was he just lucky?  Yeah it was dumb luck.  Since then it appears that luck ran out and he's been running on dumb.  Still think we don't need any of that alwasy evil, banking and finance regulation?

JPMorgan Chase shares fall as NY Times says trading losses may be as much as $9B

Originalism Sucks Tour

Today's the day.  Will the mandate be dashed on the shoals of reactionary judges or not?  Intrade says there's a better than 70% chance that the RATS plus Kennedy will do as ordered by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Chicken and Egg?

Okay, what came first,  mind or brains?  I'll predict your answer.  I need to know if you are a Jesus jockey type or not.  If you cleave unto a theism of any kind, you will be certain mind came fist.  If you have put god in his place, in the bottom rear right corner of your sock drawer, then you will know that science has presented enough evidence to warrant asserting that brains came first.

As we evolved, we developed minds from the changes which occurred in our neurophysiology.  See, at this point in our evolution, we really are islands.  All our mind is 100% ours, always.  When our body dies, our mind ceases.  We're born, we live, we die, that's all folks.

What Happens to Consciousness When We Die

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It's time to regulate sugar and fat in food isn't it?

We may need to think about the Nanny state as too many butts get too damn big.  Consider the effects of all that mobile bio-mass:

Those who say obesity is the public's business note that it has a greater effect on the prevalence of chronic illness and on rising medical expenditures than does heavy smoking or problem drinking. In 2008, obesity-related conditions accounted for nearly 10 percent of total US medical costs, or $147 billion, with taxpayer-borne Medicare and Medicaid assuming a large part of the burden. Indeed, the medical costs paid by third-party payers for people who are obese were $1,429 higher that year than for people of normal weight, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which tracks public-health issues.

Supersize America: Whose job to fight obesity?

Are you obese?  Body Mass Calculator

Ditto With Dinonne

Justice Scalia must resign

How to fix the Court? Here's an outline of what we should do:

There need to be 31 Supremes.

No Supreme should serve more than 30 years in office.

Age 70 should become their mandatory retirement age.

At least one Justice should be appointed every two years, we cycle them in and out on a very regular basis.

Oh, if the Constitution allows, the Chief should a different Justice named every two years without any repeat appointments.

Pay and benefits, to preserve the lifetime appointment, need to be paid from appointment until death.

Assessing Fast and Furious

If Aliens Landed on Earth,

And the aliens treated us in the same way we treat the rest of the species on our planet, then to put it mildly, we'd be less than pleased.  If god gave us dominion and made us in his image, then we better hope aliens never show up, he made them too.

Oil exploration in Alaskan Arctic brings lots of noise to whales’ domain

Nort Spews

Will this be good for gambling?

College football playoff questions and answers

The ACLU Works To Defend The Rights of All

Think not?   Well, then take note--ACLU to represent KKK in Ga. litter program figh

It Deserves Another Post

U-Va. board unanimously reinstates Teresa Sullivan as president

Of course trust remains in tatters at UVA.  Given the Board members actions which created the mess, unless law governing the Board's behavior is changed, the Board members can do it again and they  will-- rich business types are more full of themselves than successful pols.  And we all know what pols are full of...

Will McDonnell fire or at least not re-appoint Dragas?  I guess it depends on how much she's willing to spend to stay on the Board.    

Utah and New York Voters Are Pussies

God, Hatch and Rangel won their primaries.  They will both return to Congress.  Both should have lost, both should have found a rock, got under it and retired.  Both reflect what's wrong with Congress--money and tenure.  Too bad the voters didn't give them the boot.  And we still wonder why the country is on the wrong track.  It's not the elected pols, it's the voters who keep the train on the spur to oblivion.

People who do not vote need to shut up.  People who vote give us the world they want (majority rule, remember).  If voters don't like it the way it is, then why have they kept this mess in place (it's bipartisan).  Pols are just tools, voters are not very good at selecting good ones, much less replacing them as they get worn out after one or two terms.

Longtime lawmakers Charles Rangel, Orrin Hatch win primaries

Does A Pander Require Follow Through?

If it does, then Obama does not have the votes he's tried to buy with his rhetoric.  If you say, for example, folks between 16 and 30 won't be deported for a few years, can get a work permit, and so on, then Immigration Services actually needs to do something for these otherwise to be deported.  Will ObamaCo do so?

Based on experience, the answer is no.  Willard, may thus receive the Hispanic vote in November.  Obama authorized a similar change to immigration policy a year ago.   Did that change deliver the pander?  Not really, had it, he'd already have had the Hispanic vote.  Let's put it this way--

“I think there’s a real danger that the current initiative could suffer some of the same problems” as the previous one, said Peter L. Markowitz, director of the Immigration Justice Clinic at Cardozo School of Law. “Unfortunately, the history of prosecutorial discretion initiatives, both in this administration and prior ones, has been that they come in like a lion and go out like a lamb,” said Markowitz. “When we get down to the implementation, they fall flat.”

Obama’s Last Move on Illegal Immigrants Resulted in Little Change

I guess Obama fans are still hoping for change as they turn the page.  At east Obama is not Willard.  It's reassuring to have the presidential election return to normal--it's a race between evils, we merely have to decide who is the lesser in the race.


The End of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Stock Number008-000-01063-3
International Price$ 37.80
DescriptionEdited by J. Ford Huffman and Tammy S. Schultz. Featuring 4 reports and 25 personal essays from diverse voices-both straight and gay-representing U.S. Marine Corps, Army, Navy, and Air Force veterans and service members, this anthology examines the impact of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and its repeal on 20 September 2011 in order to benefit policy makers, historians, researchers, and general readers. Topics include lessons from foreign militaries, serving while openly gay, women at war, returning to duty, marching forward after repeal, and support for the committed same-sex partners and families of gay service members.
PublisherDefense Dept., Navy, Marine Corps, Marine Corps University Press
Year/pages2012: 274 p.
NoteAlthough this book does not have a stock number beginning with 008-055, it is a Marine Corps publication.

Still Afraid To Fly?

Actually, it's not the flying that scares me, it's all the non-security, security I have to put up with in order  to fly.  Is there anyone on the planet who thinks that all that bomb searching works?  Oh, the lack of bombs may be more due to the lack of bombers than efficient and effective pat-downs.

The TSA's Dumb Air-Security Rules Are Not Based on Science

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

UVA Sullivan Reinstated!

Sanity has broken out on the Board of Visitors.  All 15 voted for Sullivan's return.  Of course it will not be rectified until Dragas and those of her ilk quit the Board.  A University  is not a real estate sales office.

UVa board reinstates ousted president after outcry

The Cost Exceeds the Benefit

Running for president costs too much money, especially when it's not needed at all.   There is nothing to know that matters about both bozos other than that one is a Democrat and one is a Republican.   The ads and speeches are bullshit.  If you can't make up your mind, don't think about the candidates, think about what you think government should be like, then you will have found your party and your candidate.  If you cannot articulate the differences between Dems and GOPs then maybe you should become a non-voter.  

The only time money and ads are needed is when parties go through the quadrennial nominee selection process.  Then there are differences within the party that need to be broadcast to voters.  However, once candidates are selected, it's just a Jackass vs. a Trog. There is no middle ground that even amounts to more than a box of rocks.

Hell, once we have the two candidates named, there aren't even any issues to discuss.  The issues are contained and wrapped up in how the parties define what matters and how they deal with them.  The election comes down to do you want a Democrat or a Republican in the White House.  Do we even need to really know their names?
Belief is an interesting word.   In one form or another it's been in the English languge since the 12th century.  What does it mean?

Belief means one is confident that something is true even though there is no proof. There are at least two ways it may be used, literally and figuratively. For example, if one says "I believe in unicorns," from a figurative perspective one might be expressing a hope that something magical existed. However if one intends the statement to be taken literally, then we grab the net and call Happy Hollow.

Why don't we behave the same when someone says "I believe in god." Damn we reverse the evaluations. If the statement is intened to be taken figuratively, then we condemn, get out the matches and find a good stake since we've found a heretic. However the one who speaks literally is praised and can run for president or become a priest. It's odd.

Maybe The Taliban Is Right

If ObamaCo is using health workers to provide him targets, then he is one sick dude.  I expect he is, but cannot talk about it--it's classified.  Come on, did you expect kill lists in the Oval Office?  Does he get to keep the bad guy cards after he has them wasted? Yeah, let's give the kids a shot and then kill them all as militants, insurgents, bad guys or whatever Obama calls them.  Makes one proud of the red, white and blue when we think about it.  

The Taliban have banned an anti-polio campaign in Pakistan, accusing health workers of spying for the US


Malaki read the Shrub's "Democracy for Dummies" chapter on media relations.  The Shrub's recommendations were followed,  Malaki moved to shut down the media.  Oops, not everybody liked that, pesky little matter centered on minor items-- freedom, speech and the press.   Perhaps Malaki should emulate Obama.  Close the content but not the paper by by classifying everything.

Iraq backs off on plans to force closure of 44 media outlets, including BBC and VOA

I Wonder

What would happen if Queen Elizabeth was assasinated by an IRA member when she visits N. Ireland?  N. Ireland remains a tense area.  Bets on when the guns will return to blazing?

Queen begins N.Ireland trip, to meet ex-IRA chief

We live in a strange world

Imagine if TV, Internet and print media covered actual soap sales in the same way they cover presidential candidate soap sales.  Yeah, I can see it now, CNN will re-air, as news, Tide's new anti-dirt ad all day...

A suggestion

Every person who buys a hunting license in California will be entered into the Preserve the Condor Sweepstakes.  Then, every time a condor dies due to lead poisoning, one hunter's name will be randomly drawn and will be force fed sufficient lead until he or she enjoys what that condor so recently experienced.

Lead poisoning from hunters' bullets still threatens California condors

This is war?

Don't you wish we'd leave Afghanistan?  Actually leave the entire area would be best.  The folks, indigenous people, are not worth wasting a single Bush Liberty Chip upon.  To them life is still as it was in the 900s-cheap, violent and deadly.  No sane person would voluntarily emigrate to anywhere in that region of the world.  Now why are we still there?

Come on, arguing about whose militants beheaded the troops is sick, but so normal for the area.

Pakistan says militants who crossed over from Afghanistan kill 13 troops, beheading 7 of them

UVA -- Is there a solution?

Helen Dragas's vision for UVA has little to do with a university.  It has a lot to do with selling degrees for a profit and not much more.  She objected to the informed, consensus based, deliberate speed of President Sullivan.  Perhaps, had she emulated  Ms. Sullivan's behavior, no one would be mocking the name Helen Dragas. Is "assholette" a word?  How would Sullivan have proceeded to fire Sullivan?  Think about it.

Teresa Sullivan: The ousted U-Va. leader who may regain the post

Our gutless Gov. could have resolved this mess the day it began.  All he had to do was fire Dragas and a few of her ilk, reinstate Sullivan, demand that the legislature increase state funding to UVA, and tell the legislature to re-write the law governing the Board of Visitors.  Had he actually governed, the matter would be over and forgotten by now.  Oops I forgot he's a pol and fears the rich.  Maybe he should despise them instead, look what one of them did to Mr. Jefferson's University.

Why not assume the worse and even worser

If Obama, 2008's Mr. transparency, won't come clean about drones and his kill list, national secrets you know, then let's just start making shit up, assume it's true and share our version.  Did you know that Obama is turned on by snuff films?  Did you know that Obama pilots drones from the White House.  Yeah, the drone station is next to his torture chamber.  See, how easy it is to make it up.

Secrets will bring the Republic down.  Obama is worse than Bush on secrets.  Even with that, there's worser--Willard.  It's ludicrous that the only people in the world kept in the official dark about U.S. drones are citizens of the U.S.  Now that is one fucked up way to run a railroad.

  Drone Documents: Why The Government Won’t Release Them

How's your trust of anything government these days?

Monday, June 25, 2012

When will they appear on city streets?

Gee, the merchants of death have developed a new weapon for the bemedaled crowd, it's a pint sized drone.  It has a two foot wingspan, weighs a few pounds, flys for 5 minutes or so and is command operated to blow up and kill people.  It's launched from your shoulder.  The Army's been trying them out and is going to purchase a grundle of them.  Okay, how long before we see urban gangs armed with these things?  Welcome to the future.

Pentagon’s newest killer: pint-sized drones

They Really Do Talk About Exceptionalism

Basically Mormons are just as swacked out as any other group who accept fantasies as fact.  That's what faith and belief boil down to isn't it?  Being newer, they're barely out of their cultishness, their formative ideas are closer at hand and do seem a bit odd.  However, if you want to find the odd, then go back into the first five centuries of the Christian thing and you will be amazed at what folks accepted as fact.  Here's a bit on Mormons exceptional in belief in American exceptionalism 

Vis A Vis the Economy, Does the White House Matter?

Obama or Willard, whichever is elected, either could oversee an economy that booms, stagnates or sucks.  The White House  is not the driver of our economy.  It doesn't matter if you have business experience or not.  It doesn't matter if there are too many or too few regs or not.  It doesn't matter if taxes are up down or sideways.  It all comes down to demand for products.

Unfortunately, more and more of our economy has less and less to to with products--think investments in securitized debt, SWAPS, and other ways of making money by doing nothing (government contracts?).  Pols like to pretend they drive the mess; in good times they take credit if they happen to be in office then.  When it's bad,  they blame it all on their predecessor.

If you're trying to decide between Obama and Willard and are using jobs and economy as your discriminator, good luck, you're in la la land.   Why not look at governmental things such as tax policy, education policy, war policy, drones, kill lists, immigration, women, civil rights, human rights, and so on.  What do you think is the proper role of government?   Government is mostly government and business is mostly business.  They overlap but neither drives the other.

Half doubt next president will alter economy

Originalism, It's For Sale

Roberts and the Robes decided corporate cash is good even in Montana.  After selling the presidency to Bush, the RATS and Kennedy have kept on selling decisions to their corporate masters.

Opinion recap: Citizens United solidified

SB 1070 Decision Announced

In a 5-3 decision Roberts and the Robes decided it's still okay for the cops to demand papers of suspicious characters (read Hispanic/Liatino) but about everything else is a no-no.

Kennedy, Roberts Ginsburg, Breyer, and Sotomayor were in the majority.  The Three Trogs, Scalia, Thomas and Alito held their breath until they turned blue and said "No, way" with their last breath, unfortunately, they merely passed out and began breathing again.  Kagan did not vote in this matter.  

Courts strikes down much of Arizona immigration law

Pandering Payoff!

Obama is pulling in support.  Yeah! Pander and they will donate and vote!  Of course Willard spent the primary season going on record trashing everybody expect rich old white guys and batshit crazy white evangefundies.  Hmm, can Obama pitch something for the non-white excessively faithy crowd?  How about opening a Jesus desk in the EEOC office?

USA TODAY/Gallup Poll: Latinos strongly backing Obama

It's Been A While

South Carolina has not been a source of national humor for a while.  It appears they may be back as --

Ethics hearing for S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley to begin Thursday

University of Phoenix in The Old Domion

As Helen Dragas continues to try and run UVA like a business (she's a donor so she can, since the State only pays about 6-9% of a students costs), she might has well turn it into a for profit.   Not everybody agrees with her, but the big donors appear to be on her side.  That means students and faculty will have to bend over and do as they are told by the rich pricks and prickettes in charge.

At University of Virginia, Sullivan supporters rally for hours

In Tennessee Holding Hands Causes Pregnancy

The hinds of Tennessee elect 'em.  'Em then passes laws.  Remember the Monkey Laws?  I guess it's all the inbreeding.  They're at it again.  They're concerned about sex ed in schools.  I have a feeling it's the bozos in the legislature who are overly aroused by dildos and vibrators, not students in a sex ed class.   Are they writing laws for kids or adults?  You do know why it's called the Volunteer State don't you?  If you volunteer, you get to leave.

Critics of Tenn. ‘no holding-hands bill’ say it won’t reduce state’s high teen pregnancy rate

I knew their were always evil

Aren't upside down 5 pointed stars the sign of Satan?  Damn, the GOP has revealed itself ---

Republican National Committee

More From "Little America"

Gee, the fragile egos of the folks we elect and those they in turn appoint give the rest of us the opportunity to go to war and stay at war.  That's cool for them, they make money and live in comfort.  Joe SixPack volunteers and dies, or worse, is mangled for the rest of his like.  Ditto for Jane.

However, I can't blame just the narcissists in power.  Ultimately, we are them--we elect and support their idiotic behavior (that's called being a good little Trog or Jackass).  The sad part is that it's all done to punch a ticket, amass a Rolodex, and make a little bit of money.

‘Little America’: Infighting on Obama team squandered chance for peace in Afghanistan

We Elect 'Em

We must like sleazeballs.  We elect them.  They're not crooks, they're in Congress.  If they weren't, they would be crooks and be behind bars.  Insider trading is normal for Congressmen.  It's sleazy, tawdry and cheap.  Oh, that's a politician.  And they expect us to believe it's all coincidence?  Those blind trusts are about as blind as all those non-coordinated Super Pacs.   Send them all packing, here's sufficient grounds--

Lawmakers reworked financial portfolios after talks with Fed, Treasury officials

Here's the associated graphic:

On The Line

The Stomach is Too Small!

85 oz. is about three times the size of the average stomach, so why do people buy 128 oz. Big Gulps?  I wish Coke still made the small bottle.  It was the right size and tasted better than any larger size they introduced over the years.

Here's some history on the fluid road to becoming a nation of lard butts.

Too Big to Chug: How Our Sodas Got So Huge

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Keep the pets out!

Micro-targeting pet owners for campaign cash?  Oh, come on, that's just tacky.  The pet products are for sale at the Obama Store.   Why not hawk reverse products.  You know Obama could vend  "Idiot for Willard "caps, "I'm Rich, You're Fired"  buttons, "Willard--my cars are elevated" t-shirts, or "Dream On, You're Busted" tote bags.

New campaign targets: Pet owners

You expected otherwise?

Here's the headline--GOP to Obama: You're wrong on executive privilege

Look if Obama said, sunshine is good for you, we'd see an headline that reads "GOP to Obama, this is  a Christian nation, we don't worship the sun!"

There is no political discourse left.  One sides says X.  The other says Not X.  It doesn't matter if X is true, false or somewhere in between.   It doesn't matter which side says X.   All notions of governing are gone.  The only matter that matters to our pols is winning in the permanent campaign.  They don't even win to govern, they win to win again.  Along the way our nation is sold to the highest bidder, one resource at a time.  Pretty soon there really won't be any there, there at all.

Psst! Trogs Take Note

Dear Trog if you are using a computer, you are contaminating yourself with the product of a gay mind.  Alan Turing was gay.  Your keyboard might infect you with incurable queerness.  Please stay true to your values and quit using, directly or indirectly, all computers today.  It's the only way for you to be safe and pure.

It's quite sad how we behave in groups run buy idiots.

Alan Turing, the father of the computer, is finally getting his due

Our Oracles are Cartoonists?

If we want to know who the bad guys are what what we have to about them we seem to obtain the best answers from Pogo and Dr. Seuss.   Isn't Climate Change as deadly as nukes?  Why do ignore it?

Climate MADness


Roberts and the Robes are still on their Originalism Rocks tour.  They are ready to lay some Rocks and Gravel on Obamacare next week.   The current court is as politicized as Congress these days.  Is there a solution to the Court mess?  How about having more justices?

The fate of health care shouldn’t come down to 9 justices. Try 19.

I think the number matters less than how long the bozos sit on the bench.  9 or 19 we need to limit their tenure.  Every presidential term should have at least two appointments to the Court.  Every two years we should retire a judge.  Give them 24 year maximum terms in office but lifetime pay and benefits.  Oh, no one should be on the court after reaching the age of 72.  We phase it in and see how it works, it can't be any worse than the current court.   How about allowing the judges to elect the Chief Justice every year?

Arab End -- Egypt

Egypt has set itself on a course of either establishing a Iranian style theocracy or assuring a near future military coup to reestablish a Mubarak style military control over Egypt.  I doubt Egypt will be able to find a middle ground.  What's the difference between facists with guns or facists with god?  So much for Spring.

Islamist Morsy wins Egyptian presidency with 52 percent

Myths -- DREAM

Five Myths

Our Government in Action

Here are a few pieces from today's Post that provide a bit of food for thought about our government, what's it' for , who it serves, and why we might be concerned about letting the elected do as they please without any oversight at all--we keep electing and reelecting the same tired old douchebags.

How about war? ‘Little America’ excerpt: Obama’s troop increase for Afghan war was misdirected

How about Congress? Members of Congress trade in companies while making laws that affect those same firms

How about Education? Question in U-Va. tumult: What should premier public universities be?