Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's too hot!

At 4:00 pm, it was 103 degrees with 42% humidity which yields a heat index of 118 degrees.  This is the new normal for Summer.  I wonder what the end of July and then August will be like?

Mammoth Deniers

Okay, we've got the Higgs

Now the lab crowd has found the thing that gives everything else mass.  That's exciting, but what about dark matter?  Does it have mass?  Is there an dark twin boson?  It makes up most of the universe, but we can't see it.  Hold it, we're now beginning to see dark matter--

Dark matter’s tendrils revealed

Thank the Shrub!

For what?  Oh, for making Iraq into an enduring disaster -- Iraqi suicide bomber kills 7 of own family

Time to start fretting about Greece Again

As our race between the Jackass and the Trog swings back to jobs and the economy, take note, a Greek Summer is still quite possible.

Greece admits veering from bailout obligations


Syrians and other Arabs are killing each other off in Syria and perhaps have even spilt over a tad into Lebanon.  Other nations are aghast.  That's how we're supposed to react.  The UN stepped in.  It failed.  So the West blames it on one former Commie and one current Commie state--Russia and China.  We know that Syria would have settled down and welcomed us if only the Commies had played nice.   The logic can drive you nuts.  Look, Arabs have a problem.  Arabs have to solve their own damn problem.  It they don't then that means they have exactly the type of society they want.

Annan: international community has failed to solve Syria violence

I missed this one

Utah is number one, only it's in online porn consumption--Utah: Online Porn Capital of America?

Today's a good day to Veg out in the AC

Temperatures over 100 degrees spread to Northeast

Selling the soap

The soap has two brands, Obama and Willard.  Both are new and improved.  Both are in fancy new containers.  Both are less effective than ever.  Unfortunately, if you live in a swing state you will be hit with endless ads on TV and Radio for soap.  If you decide about which candidate to vote for from ads, then maybe you should not be allowed to vote.  Its the parties and Congress we should focus on.  Obama and Willard are shills (perhaps unwitting) for Congress.  Do you want a Democratic dominated gridlock or do you want Republican dominated do-nothingism?  Now which brand of ineffective soap will you buy?

Campaign ads flood into swing states for a summertime blitz

Arab Debacle -- Egypt

Spring, sprang, broke and headed towards fascism blessed by god (and the Muslim Brotherhood), unless there is something of value, such as oil, why would capitol go anywhere near Egypt?  The new theocrat in chief can pray his ass off, but without foreign investment there won't be any jobs.  Tourism is shot and will not return if the Islamists dominate public life.  Gee an Egyptian Taliban?  It's possible.

For Egypt’s new Islamist government, jobs are first priority

After a Decade of War and Nation Building...

How are we doing in Rubbleistan?  Well, let me put it this way, if a Shrub laid the foundation, who really expected to see a stable, sound and enduring structure erected on it?  Needless to say, my expectations have not been  exceeded.   The second contractor didn't scrap the building but just kept building.  One of these days...

Corruption in Afghanistan still a problem as international donors meet

Friday, July 6, 2012

Good Reads from the GPO

Librarians Pick Notable Federal Books- 2012 Edition

Will the law be applied?

All the good folks who have taken money from terrorists should be detained and sent to Gitmo.  Funny how money attracts people with nothing to do expect use their Rolodex and make speeches on the terrorist's dime.  So round 'em up Obama. You can under a paragraph in the last Defense Approprition bill.  But then the terrorist money might come in handy in the 2012 race.

High-priced advocacy raises questions for supporters of Iranian exile group

Slogging Towards Air Force One, 2012

Have you been following the Obama vs. Willard race yet?  If you haven't let me save you some time.  Here's a recap of what's happened and how the next few months will campaign out.

Let's see Obama thinks Willard sucks.  Willard thinks Obama really sucks.  Obama says he'll put a chicken in every pot.  Willard says he'll make sure you can buy your own chicken.  Obama says Willard's record at Bain and in Mass. is enough to make you gag.  Willard says look at Obama's record over the past three years and you'll heave.  Okay, that about sums up the race.  And to think we've got four more months of this dreck.

Oh, most of the House and Senate races will be about the same.  "You suck! I promise to give you whatever you want! Your record makes me puke."  The races are all SPP--suck, promise, puke.

It's Arab Normal

Welcome to the ever exciting Arabic 9th Century--June was bloodiest month of Syrian uprising, with 3,000 killed

The Conversation Will Now Change

Obama better get ready for a salvo or three of "jobs, jobs, jobs" from Willard.  He won't be able to keep on ragging about Willard's health care tax/penalty, Bain, or anything else about his character.  Why?  Oh, the jobs report came out. It's not good for Obama.  It does give Willard a way to change the conversation for at least a week, then Obama can return to trashing Willard's record.

US economy added 80,000 jobs in June, unemployment rate unchanged at 8.2 percent

November 2012

Dear Independent Voter,

As you waffle your way to November, please bear in mind, it does not matter if you vote for Obama or Willard.  The next four years, as the preceding four or more, will be run by Congress.  Flip a coin, heads it's Obama and tails it's the schmuck.  If you have to continue pretending you are not a Dem or Trog then spend your time on your House and Senate races.  They matter far more than the White House, especially when the presidential race is a typical lesser of two evils kind of race.

Whither the nation? It's up to voters deciding to throw the bums out and start over with a new crop of sleazeballs.



It's the same everywhere

Hotter summers could be a part of Washington’s future

Do You Still Watch Sunday Bobbleheads?

If so why?  I TIVO them and by-pass most of the interviews since the interviewee is usually a "good get."  A good get is a well known elected or appointed official.  The interviewer usually asks simple innocuous questions and sits in awe of the asshole in front of them.   The Q&A is so tepid I can predict the questions and the answers most of the time.  That's why I TIVO past the interviews and do the panel to see if they are worth listening to.  However, the panel segments, more and more, are composed not of journalists but shills for the two parties.  This may be fun for the beltway swelled head crowd, but it's a waste of time.  Oh, the two new ones on MSNBC are still new enough to be informative.  I predict they will sink to David Gregory's level in a year--money, sponsors, and celebrity.

I never liked Tim Russert,  but David Gregory has made Russert appear like he was a hard nosed print reporter in comparison.  Maybe Meet the Press should revert to being a panel of reporters who are singularly unimpressed with elected narcissists.  If an elected person is on any of the shows, anyone who reads a paper already knows what the interviewee will say.

NBC News execs deny David Gregory is out at ‘Meet the Press’

I don't think NBC has anyone on tap who can revive MTP.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Good News

The GOP has discovered that Willard is an ass.  The even better news is that Willard is certain he's not an ass and will not change.  Obama by 5.

Conservative griping about Mitt Romney grows

Urinal Cakes

By now I'm sure you heard about the urinal cakes deployed around Detroit as part of a drunk driving deterrence program.  What I want to know is, is Detroit the first place to deploy talking urinal cakes?  Then I want to know what ace dreamed this one up?  Knowing that, I would like to know it the designer assumed they would be purchased by government?  Come on, who in their right mind would buy a talking urinal cake on their own--$21 vs. $1?  How much federal money went into the talking urinal cakes?  If one cent was spent, then you have a fair idea of what's wrong with this nation.

Hmm, maybe the Obama and Willard campaigns ought to use them as part of a dirty tricks operation.  I put Goldwater bumper stickers in urinals back in '64.   Imagine either's face on the cake and as your piss hits it,  the cake says "do you really want this pissant for president" or something along that line.

Mexican Election

I bet Karl Rove was the winner's consultant--

Mexico's presidential election tainted by claims of vote buying

Let's Make An Assumption

Let's assume the white coat crowd at CERN has really discovered the Higgs Boson.  Okay, it's called the god particle since it gives everything mass.  Hm, theists wake up and pay attention to the  physicists, it's the god particle.  See, science has proved that god is everywhere, god literally makes creation hang together.  Boy that line caused a gag and heave.  I expect more bullshit like that coming out of pulpits everywhere once the frocked freeloaders have it explained to them.

Scientists’ search for Higgs boson yields new subatomic particle

Still Think Our Species Is Worth A Shit?

The faces of the dead in Syria’s unrest

Oh Come On!

Here's the headline -- In four key swing states, voters are anxious, divided and debating big questions  -- do you really feel that way?  How about disgusted and trapped instead?  Do you really want Obama and his Dems in office?   Does the thought of Romney and those of his ilk make you want to puke?  See, it's disgusting.  And what can we do about it?  Not a damn thing, we're trapped and held captive by Demicans and Republicrats.  When I hear folks start expressing their own thoughts instead of Democratic or Republican bullshit then we might have a chance for a decent government.  Until then, don't bother with the White House, be concerned with Congress and the lowlifes we'll be returning to office since 80% of us really do vote the party line (they both suck).

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Oh it's going to be one hell of a fight

In this corner is Smokey the Bear.  In the other is Wayne LaPieirre of the NRA!  Smokey says, guns start forest fires so we better stop guns.  Wayne says the NRA know when bear season begin.  Let's see, Obama must be responsible in some way. Yeah, the one gun control thing he did was to open federal parks to gun nuts. See, if he had not opened the parks to guns, there'd be no fires.  The fires are obviously just part of his grand socialist plan to get voters all excited and support him when he springs total gun control on the nation and rescinds the 2nd Amendment.  My head hurts.  I hope that makes sense, I just finished "Republican Thinking for Dummies."  It's hard work to think that damned dumb.

Gunfire blamed for more wildfires; target shooting limited

Arab Broke -- Egypt

Here's the new Egypt.  Sounds more like the same old Arabic theocratic crap to me.  Does anyone really want a religion to run a government?

Islamists suspected in Egyptian student's murder

I wish all of our domestic faithy fools would go back to their pews and spend all their spare time in prayer.  That way the rest of us might be able to clean up their mess and begin to run a decent government.  Remember faithheads, Jesus thinks it's a sin to vote.  As a bonus, since all they'd do is pray, we wouldn't have to see them or hear them anymore.  That would be delightful.


Who Is In Charge?

Yep, it's one fucked up war.  I guess that means Obama is the Chief fuck up.  Damn, we plan, we execute the plan, and then watch it go FUBAR.  It's no wonder so many folks think our government sucks.  Our aces in Washington have to work overtime to be so consistently inept.

Afghan Local Police group deserts to Taliban-led insurgents

   Hey this will be like when the Russkies were in Afghanistan. We armed the Mujaheddin with AK-47s and after the Commies cut and run let them morph into the Taliban and al Qaeda. We'll do a better job this time, we'll not only arm them we'll also train them!

Willard's Stuff

Willard can't be any prickier, but he can be richer.  Is this the kind of rich prick we want as President?

Mystery Bermuda-based company and other undisclosed Romney assets hint at larger wealth

It really is about the money

Our non-ally, ally in the non-war, Af-Pak war has opened their highways and our trucks can start rolling into Rubbleistan again.  You know this is one really fucked up war.  After seven month we said we're sorry.  Then they said, start your engines.  Of course the cash flow of a few billion will also resume, it takes a while to feel the cash flow pinch.  Yep, it wasn't about money at all.  Would you want the folks running this war running any of the local stores you depend on in your neighborhood?  Think about it.

  Pakistan agrees to open supply lines after U.S. apology

I wonder which they'd prefer?

One of the mantras used by our pols who voted for and supported the Shrub's Iraq war which he waged to go down in history as a great president, is that Iraq is better off with Saddam.  How that justifies the war, I'm not sure, but it seems to deflect a great deal of potential criticism.   Given the consistent ineptitude that the Shrub and with which his crew ran that war, I wonder how the liberated Iraqis feel today?   I haven't seen any statues being erected to honor the Shrub.  If we did a national poll and asked them, would most Iraqis prefer to turn back the clock and have Saddam back or not?  I have a feeling they'd go back in time if they could.  What a legacy.

Attack on market in southern Iraqi town kills 8, bringing day’s death toll to 11

Banks Always Win

I guess if you buy sufficient numbers of pols, even when you screw up and have to pay for your greed, the loss you will incur  is minimized by those "friends" you bought and paid for.  It's no wonder that wrongful foreclosure victims have not lined up to avail themselves to right their wrongful foreclosure.  Once again, pols who run our government prove they have created a government that is of, by and for the big donor class.  Vote them all out and never return an incumbent to office.

Big Foreclosure Compensation, But Only for the Right Wrongs

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

From Bob Park

WHAT’S NEW Robert L. Park Friday, 3 July 2012 Washington, DC

1. INDEPENDENCE DAY: THE HIGGS FIELD IS ALL THERE IS. After 200,000 years or so of putting up with imposters, the creator has been exposed. CERN will hold a press conference with the details tomorrow.

2. FCC: CELLPHONES DON’T CAUSE CANCER, BUT . . . The spectacular increase in the use of wireless communication over the past 15 years led the Federal Communications Commission to start planning its first review of wireless safety since 1996. A BBC News Report in 1996 showed terrified refugees clogging a primitive road to escape the fighting in Kosovo. Refugee lines are as common as war, but a farmer dangling his legs from the back of a dilapidated oxcart was talking on his cell phone. I have trouble understanding why there was a war in Kosovo in 1996, but the use of a cell-phone by an ordinary farmer, in a country most of us could not point to on the map, was no mystery: It’s an amazing technology that would soon spread over the entire planet. In 2012, according to industry figures, the world’s 7 billion people use a near-saturation 5.6 billion cell phones, although the International Agency for Research on Cancer, along with its parent organization WHO, classifies cell-phone radiation as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” Many other organizations and writers cite the IARC warning, including Ronald Herberman, MD, director of the respected University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, who issued an advisory to 3000 faculty and staff warning of the cell-phone cancer risk. The Federal Communications Commission, however, insists there is no scientific evidence that wireless phones can lead to cancer. The National Cancer Institute agrees (, along with other federal science agencies. Why is there disagreement? This is a science question, not an election. Let’s look closer.

3. CAUSALITY: DOES THE WAVING OF THE TREES MAKE THE WIND BLOW? Do epidemiologists learn nothing? We've been through all this before -- three times. The most grievous error in the war on cancer is to confuse correlation with causality. 1996 was also the year the National Academy of Sciences released its exhaustive review of the health affects of power-line fields, showing conclusively that there are none. Cancer is the uncontrolled division of mutant cells in the body. Mutant strands of DNA are caused by external agents that supply enough energy to disrupt a chemical bond, including photons of wavelengths shorter than visible light; that is, bluer than blue. Epidemiology looks for correlation between exposure to potential cancer agents and subsequent development of cancer. Science by contrast is more concerned with the mechanism. Epidemiology is important. They should get it right.

Trogs Are Chock-a-Block Full of Feces

The GOP loves to scare folks.  Why did you know that Medicaid costs are bankrupting the states.  As ususal that's a crock.  The GOP is like a goat.  A goat shits all the time, the GOP just keeps on dropping those little turds 24/7.

The truth about Medicaid’s cost to states, in three charts

He must not be much of a journalist

If Mr. Page did not take the time to find out who was paying him to speak, the he's quit being a journalist and is just another celeb greedhead in it for the speaking fees.  That he's giving the money back only says the cost of keeping it, exceeds the cost of returning the terrorists cash.  What is it with all these folks getting paid to speak?  It's odd.  I wouldn't pay one cent to listen to Mr. Page or any other pol or pundit.  To bad he's gone over to the sleazy side of life, he used to be an adequate reporter.

Columnist Clarence Page Spoke at Rally for Iranian Militant Group

It's time to take the electric company public

When you run an electrical company to make a profit, then managaement focuses on the maximizing profit over delivering power and maintaining power infrastructure.  Have we forgotten Enron already?  I lived with city power in Utah for a few decades, it beat the Salt Lake privately held company in all respects.  It's too important to leave to the market.  When it doesn't work right, you vote the mayor and council out.  Can you vote the CEO of the Power Company out?  See, all you can do is sit in the dark in the heat and ponder why capitalism is not cooling what could be your well lit ass.

1.4 million still blacked out after broad US storm

On the eve of the Fourth, a fifth day without power

Firefighting BS

It's part of our folklore that the best way to put out fires is from the air.  Yep, the C-130s dropping all that red liquid puts them out.  That's why we get this kind of an article on C-130s.  (we know it's all factual even before we read it).

Crash grounds key part of firefighting fleet

Now consider why those drops are called "CNN drops."  The Trogs will hit Obama again and again on anything at all.

Conservatives Find A Way To Blame Obama For Monster Colorado Wildfire

Idiots at play

Tax?  Penalty?  Do you really give a shit if a health insurance deadbeat has to finally pay for his or her health care?  If this is a tax, it's not on the middle class.  If this is a penalty, it's only on the scum class.  Why does anyone listen to the crap that comes out of the mouths of a Trog's or Jackass?  Damn we're dumb.   Meet the health care tax

Advice to Climate Deniers

Dear denier, please stand up.  Now Spread your legs as wide as you can.  Okay, now bend over and keep bending until you get your head well between your legs.  Now, push up and kiss your ass goodbye!

This US summer is 'what global warming looks like'

Big Brother is Airborne!

I know what Obama will be remembered for, drones!  Yep, without his ramped up use of drones ( to make us safe from those who hate us for our freedom), I doubt if drone tech would have accelerated as it has.  Now there's a degree in drones?

Oh, get ready for lots of them--imagine what will happen when domestic bad guys decide to use them.  Imagine what will happen when over zealous cops decide to use them..  Now make sure your imaginings have all those drones well armed.  Oh, when a drone strafes your house, you won't be able to call the cops, hackers will have taken down the phone system since we'll be in the middle of the first world wide cyberwar.

Obama will be remembered.  Bush merely fucked up the Middle East, Obama has fucked up the world with drones and cyberwar.  Now that's a real legacy.  It's not the change I hoped for.... Drones move from the war zone to the heartland

Get Ready Trogs,

Are we heading towards "A Day Without Mexicans?"  Y'all will be happy, but happiness does not pick lettuce and other produce.  Now folks you better get this straight, the idiots who made an issue out immigration will be the cause of your higher grocery bills (note, most of them make enough so it won't matter to them).  Be careful what you support and for whom you vote, you may have your wishes come true.  If they do come true, then have the decency to be silent, quit voting and let the adults clean up your mess.

Fewer workers cross border, creating U.S. farm labor shortage

Double Reverse Pander?

I don't know what you call it, but suggesting to make large cuts in  our deployed nukes is a good pander to those who bloviate for peace and others.  Of course, the Trogs will seize on the idea and start beating the soft on defense mantra.  Damn, could nukes become the issue this Fall?  Even in the face of a shitty economy it could.  We're very strange when it comes to the bomb.  I wonder what it must have been like like to grow up and live a life without a nuclear shadow covering your world?

Obama edges toward decision on plan that could mean large new cuts in nuclear arms

I think I'd rather have the guy come clean on drones and his kill list as he ends our use of drones.

The Legacy

And to think the Supremes gave gave us Bush and Cheney.  Those are some sick bastards.

Series of blasts in central Iraq kill 25 and wound dozens, authorities say

The Shrub will go down in the history books alright.  He'll displace Buchanan from last place.

Monday, July 2, 2012

For Vegheads

Assuming you're not in Vegan land and will eat cheese, this is a very good recipe.  Carnivores will also find it quite tasty.

Recipe: Portobello Blue Cheese Burgers


If you own stock in a company, then management is supposed to maximize your return on investment, right?  Well, maybe not--How Shareholders Are Hurting America

ObamaCare and Medicaid

1. State-by-State: How Health Reform Could Expand Medicaid

2. Mystery After the Health Care Ruling: Which States Will Refuse Medicaid Expansion?

Quiz Time

Mexico just had an election, In returning PRI to power, Mexicans put faith in young democracy.  So what else do you know about Mexico?

How much do you know about Mexico?

Women in Combat?

How about it?  Women in combat?  Okay or bad idea?  I have no problems with women serving in any combat position at all.  Do you?  Why?

Women in combat: US military on verge of making it official

It's Almost Certain

It appears that the god particle has been found.   Physicists won't have to go back to the drawing board and come up with new model of everything, the standard model will suffice.

APNewsBreak: Proof of 'God particle' found


This morning we had an early thunderstorm, about 6:00 am.  The dog shared his concerns with thunder, wind and rain.   We commiserated with his cares and woes.  Dogs can drop off to sleep anytime, I wish I could.

Oddly, today seemed much was less violent than last week's storms, but it knocked the Tubes for a few hours.  WISPs are not as robust as cable based ISPs.  I guess the radio towers make attractive targets for  lightning and wind.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


What the hell is a derecho?  A new kind of corn chip?  No, it's the kind of storm that hit Va. last Friday night.  It began on Friday about noon in Chicage and raced along in a straight southeastern line at 60 mph.  It built in intensity as it wasted the country side.  It was intense.  I am glad I don't live in No, Va. or Richmond.    We had high wind that came out of nowhere--it went from calm to "oh my god" in about five seconds.  I am surprized we did not lose power.  All we lost was sleep Friday night, the dog is a storm wuss, he allowed us to more than share his fear of wind and rain. Oh, the heat wave also gave us lots of thunder last night.  The dog shared his concerns about thunder most of the night.

Derecho: Behind Washington, D.C.’s destructive thunderstorm outbreak, June 29, 2012

Texas Sucks

Here's a book that explains why--

Book review: ‘As Texas Goes . . .: How the Lone Star State Hijacked the American Agenda’ by Gail Collins

The Burger and America

As we head towards the 4th, get out the Constitution and give it a read. Now, fire up the grill, slap on a burger, open a beer and think about the nation. What do you think it is? How do you think it all works?  What's ideal?  Okay, bearing all that in mind, as you munch on your grilled burger consider what it has to say about good old number one--

Your hamburger hates America

Myths About a Bucket of Spit

Five Myths about the Vice President

Obama's Kill List

Obama can check a few more names off his list.  All of the people who were killed are, by Obama's very convenient defintion,  militant, insurgent, terrorists because of geography.  That's because they were standing in the area where the CIA pilot fired the missile.   I can't help but wonder, what the outcry would have been if it became known that Bush had had a kill list and being the decider, decided who died.  We have created a monster in the White House.  I wonder if Obama will ever think about the people he has killed over the coming years?

Pakistani officials: US drone strike kills 8 suspected militants near Afghan border