Saturday, July 14, 2012

Does it really matter when Willard left Bain?

Some say it makes all the difference in Willard's culpability in some stinky stuff.  Oh, this is nonsense.  Bain is Willard's company.  He built it.  He ran it.  It's ethos are his.  It's corporate culture is his  He created a very successful profit machine.  It really doesn't matter if he was formally the head after 1999 or not.  The company's  actions reflects what he built,  his ethics and his morality.  Bain equals Willard until he no longer has any fiscal relationship of any kind with the firm.

If you find vulture capitalists to be upstanding folks you'd like to emulate, then Willard's your kind of guy.  If you think capitalists are actually supposed to make stuff, then Willard is just one more rich horses ass who made his millions courtesy of the tax and other regulatory code.   Willard made money but could have made a dime in a manufacturing setting?  Do your think he could have pulled off an American Motors story?  I doubt that he could.  He's a risk averse, but profit at any cost kind of guy.  He's Bain Capital.

So does it matter--The Timing Of Mitt Romney’s Bain Exit Matters

Both Sides Are Fecund With Feces

Obama hawks tax increases for the rich.  The Trogs demand that the rich do not pay higher taxes.  Both sides have eaten one too many road apples.  The entire tax code needs to be re-written.  Personal taxes and business taxes have to be re-codified.  If taxation is not addressed then our ears will be full of tax bullshit.

I suggest a simple approach.  First there are no deductions or credits.  There's just income, it's all treated the same (kiss off capital gains and losses).  Everything a person receives in wages or in kind has to be declared as income.  Income is taxed from $1 to a max of $1,000,000 at a rate that's progresses linearly from 1% to a max of 30%.  If you make $1,000,000 you owe 30%.  If you make $15 million, you owe 30%.  Everybody will pay a minimum of $1, but the actual application of the tax rate will begin at the minimum wage.

Similarly there's only one kind of business for tax purposes.  If doesn't matter if the business is one man shop or Wal-Mart.  Business will be taxed 5% off the top less wages and dividends paid out.  That's it.  There are no deductions.  There's none of the cost of business bullshit.  The idea of depreciation becomes history.  5% off the top and we're done with it.

Note on the business side.  If a business desires to provide a benefit to an employee, the benefit has to be for every employee and be identical for all employees, otherwise the benefit will be treated as income and be taxed on the employee's individual return.  If a company wants to provide, cost free to employees, a health insurance policy and from the CEO down to the cesspool cleaner and the policy is identical, then I'd allow that employees do not have to report it as individual income.  However, for the business, the cost of the benefit would not be taken off the top.  I hope that gives you a good enough of an idea on how to deal with benefits and income.  In essence, business has only two deductions from gross revenue--wages and dividends.  Some variation can exist on personal income valuation of things given in kind.  

Oh, don't forget the IRS will have only one purpose-- to collect taxes.  If elected officials want to pander for votes or actually do some social good, they will have to use some other department to hand out money.  The EITC will end as part of the IRS.  All tax credits will end.  Tax expenditures will be a thing of the past as we re-write the code  and make it damn near impossible to modify.  Changes to the tax code will require an 80% vote in each House on two occasions where the occasions span two Congresses.

All those special IRS categories for non-profits are kissed off too.  They are businesses and will pay taxes--5% off the top.  From the federal perspective, every person with $1 dollar in income will file and pay taxes.  Similarly, any business will pay 5%.  I don't care how much Super-Pacs collect, they will pay taxes on their collections--30% if they take in over a million.  The tax code provides for the collection of taxes, period.    Remember this is federal level taxation.   States can tax or not tax their asses off all they want.

Obama: 'Compromise' on middle-income tax cuts

Cable TV, Time To Cut the Cord?

If cable rates go up, it may be time to flip them off, save a buck, and switch to streaming content on the web.  As far as cable goes about the only show I'd miss is the Daily Show.  The news stations don't  really do news anymore.  They've become political entertainment stations.   Even C-Span has deteriorated into a disconcerting variation on "balanced coverage."  I wonder, has the BBC has turned to sludge yet?

What will it take for you to cut the cable?

Viewers likely to see more pay-TV, programmer fights

A Pox on Both!

We'd be better off without college football and the Catholic Chruch, after all, when it comes to the kids how much difference is there?

Legal expert links PSU, Catholic church scandals

Facts and Fox Facts?

I quite watching FOX news years ago.  Now I've pretty much bagged MSNBC too.  CNN still tries to do news, but feels it must compete with FOX and MSNBC, so it just sort of sucks.  How much Blizter should any one person be forced to endure!  I bet Obama has people who watch FOX for him--

Obama casts himself as middle-class tax cutter, calls out Fox News for saying anything else

Looking across FOX, MSNBC, and CNN the best news on cable still remains faux news--"The Daily Show."

Kill Lists

It's just dandy that Obama has a kill list.   His opponents in his war must also have kill lists.  Technically, I guess that makes then both murderous bastards.  However, Obama is our bastard so he is, by definition,  good and his opponent is bad.  He merely has people executed to protect our freedom and make us safe.  His opponent slaughters innocent wedding party guests.  Murderous bastard!

Key Afghan lawmaker assassinated at daughter's wedding

Arab Joke -- Egypt

All that yammering about democracy and freedom by Egyptians is 100% bullshit.  Basically, Arab understanding of freedom is that it means being free to fuck over folks who are not just like you.  Arabs don't understand democracy.  Democracy is not simple majority rule, that's just another kind of despotism.  Now the former repressed ones, Islamists, having won an election,  move to express their repressive freedom.  Israel had best ramp up for another Sinai War as the godly Fascists from Cairo beat war drums to rally Egyptians as a method of power maintenance.  

In Egypt's Sinai desert, Islamic militants gaining new foothold

Better Than Reality TV!

Two bozos and the folks who work for them now spend their days lying about each other as each condemns the other of being a liar.  Obama has now suggested that Willard should be doing time in the big house.  Willard hasn't responded in kind yet, but he will.  To bad it's the presidential race we're talking about.  It's  gone beyond mud.  They're starting to sling some serious shit at each other.  However, none of it is about specific policies, programs or what each specifically stands for.  We have not learned much except that each thinks the other is too big of a turd to be Prez.

Both are clowns fronting for their parties.  Can you tell me what either party actually stands for?  What is their theory of government?  How do they say they will implement their theory in the short term and long term?  What goals do they have for our nation--specifically?

The parties don't talk much about core values and principles except in vague generalities.  Both parties want us to wave at the  flag and not examine the ground the flagpole is erected upon.  Neither party wants us to be concerned with facts, history, or knowledge.  They just want our votes so they can continue to sell off government.

It's pretty good reality TV, but we had best not forget, all this politics boils down to how we all want to pursue life, liberty and happiness. So, maybe we voters should turn off the TV set-- no more money, no more free labor, and cast our ballots for anyone other than a Democrat or Republican.   Is it time to write in "None of the Above?"  Can you imagine it, Obama receives 31%, Willard snags 28% and NOTA wins with 41%.

2012 campaign enters a new phase, as Obama and Romney rachet up their attacks on each other

Friday, July 13, 2012

Crazy People Front -- Virgin Mary Sightings

Folks find the Virgin Mary as often as they report being abducted and probed by aliens.  Does Mary also probe?  I guess being faithful is a synonym for being bonkers.  The bonkers were out praying to Mary of the tree.  Is this getting a bit too close to tree worship?  

Crowds Descend on "Virgin Mary" Tree

Gee, Mitt Obama for Prez!

Why not, how different are these guys.  Both could be Democrats or Republicans.  Have you noticed they don't spend much time talking about any programs or policies with specific details.  They do spend a lot of time trashing each other's character.  Both try to convince us that they are better suited to being Prez than the other guy.  We're supposed to trust them.

Look the race is a lesser of two evils race.  We're not voting for either of these jerks.  What we are really voting for is which party will control Congress.  Do you want Democrats or Republicans in power?  I'll be voting against the GOP, not for Obama.  Since I have only two options, I opt for the Democrats and will vote against Willard.  Are you all that enthused about either choice?

Obama, Romney short on specifics for voters


I have Dish Network.  Dish and AMC had an argument.  Dish no longer carries AMC.  Now Viacom has had an argument with Direct TV.  Direct subscribers no longer have a bunch of channels.  I wish we could subscribe to cable channels a la carte.  About the only Viacom station I'd lease is Comedy Central (Daily Show and Colbert Report).  I have a feeling that most of the cable stations would go belly up if they depended on individual subscriptions.  So the owners of the channels bundle them, all or nothing.

Disputes between Viacom and DirecTV keep more channels from cable viewers 

I think my Dish assortment is some 200 channels.  One thing I'd never pay a subscription fee for are the radio channels.  They are not as good as streaming community radio stations or Pandora.  Of the 200 channels, I think there are only a dozen, if that,  I'd subscribe to.  Actually, when streaming content gets a bit better, I'm read to  kiss off satellite/cable.

Ah, the Olympics Continue to Suck

We haven't even started the games and we can wonder why this mess persists.  First, the idea of team uniforms is just odd.  Why not put them in camo gear, Defense has lots of surplus outfits.  The uniforms were designed by Ralph Lauren, well, they look stereotypically preppie bland.  They sort of suck.  What can I say about the beret, it's just dumb --

Team USA Olympic uniforms: Meh

It the uniform is not enough to make you wonder about why we bother with joke, then ask yourself, where were the uniforms made?  Hint, they were not made in Sheboygan.  Yep,

Lawmakers furious over China-made Olympic uniform

If they weren't rich...

Jamie Dimon is the highlight of the investment world?  Wow, I have a feeling he's gotten by on luck more than much else.  Hell, his estimate of how much he lost, was only off by a piffle, $2.4 billion.  Now the loss is $4.4 billion.  Why should anyone trust his accounting?

I guess if you have enough money to play with chance will let you win and lose.  If you make enough you can buy friends in Congress who will stack the deck in your favor--as long as you keep on buying their love.   If that makes Dimon a John, then we know the true occupation of Congressmen.

JPMorgan CEO will try to provide clarity over trading loss, restore trust at investor meeting

Arab Normal -- Syria

Assad remains in power.  His army is killing people who are trying to kill him.  Syria may become the new Lebanon.  Arab leaders continue to show their support of a free Syria by doing what they do best, sit on their thumbs.    

With influx of refugees, Syrian rebellion reaches deeper into heart of Damascus

What Did Bonzo Know About The Russkies?

Here's a book that let's us see some of the then secrets our spooks had on the Commies.  Reagan had access, but what did he read?  What does it mean if you have lots of data but cannot make sense out of it?  That seems to come with secrets.

Reagan, Intelligence and the End of the Cold War

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mama Front

The report's out, so here's the tune -- Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up Anywhere Near Penn State.

Football trumped child welfare for at least 14 years at Penn State.  Paterno was one of the trumpers.  The school should end intercollegiate sports.  Actually all schools should end intercollegiate sports of all kinds.  

Big Brother In Blue

You may not know where you are or what you just said on your cellphone, but the cops do.  They're tracking you.  Time to get paranoid isn't it?

How Many Millions of Cellphones Are Police Watching?

As government invades its citizens privacy, I wonder, if Nixon were president today, how would he be abusing power today?  Maybe everything Tricky might do is 100% legit in 2012.  I wonder what he'd do to go beyond the law today?  Will Obama become the next Tricky Dick?  Or will it take a Republican to become the nation's next Dick?

Blowing Smoke Front -- NYPD

The NYPD stops so many terrorists.  Well, that's their claim.  I think I'm more afraid of the NYPD truthiness problem than I am of bad guys.   When cops lie there is no criminal justice system.

Fact-Check: How the NYPD Overstated Its Counterterrorism Record

God Loves You

We know, from our evangefundie friends, that god loves us and his planet.  We can do whatever we want and god will provide.  Right now god is providing us with lots of heat and drought.  See, god is concerned about our obesity.  If we can't grow food, then we can't eat.  If we can't eat then we'll all get svelte and just before we're ready to die, manna (lo-cal of course ) will fall from the skies and we'll be alright!

The saddest part is there are theists out there that might believe the forgoing bilge.  I should form a church.  For the rest of us, man made global warming is affecting food production.  Get ready for more interesting times.

Lower corn crop yields could mean higher food prices

Quick Alert Obama!

Obama needs to put a guy named Yemen on his kill list.  Oh, my bad, that's a country.  Aw hell, they're all within 10 meters of some bad guy, so use a giant drone that kills all of Yemen!  It would be legit and righteous by Obama's standards.

Attack on police cadets shows militants still a threat in Yemen

I guess when Obama turned to the rule of law page, he ripped it out and threw it away.  I hoped for change, but this is same old, same old.  Would Willard be that much different?

Are you still a Catholic?

Now the church is headed towards loyalty oaths!  Yep, quit thinking and obey.  I bet excommuication lurks in the backgroud.  I have a feeling that god doesn't give a rat's ass about what you believe.  If he/she/it exists then just love your god and love your neighbor.  Anything more is a job and income protection racket for the priestly class.  Still put your faith in men?  In any other context it bunko.  That's too much.

Arlington Diocese parishioners question need for fidelity oath

Kindle Fire?

Thinking about buying a Kindle Fire?  You might want to hold off. Kindle will come out with a new model soon, but the real reason to hold off is Google Nexus 7.

Google Nexus 7 obliterates every reason for buying the Kindle

Sad, very sad...

It's very sad that the ACLU has to sue a school for failing to teach children to read.

ACLU alleges Michigan school district violated students’ ‘right to learn to read’

I find it quite difficult to imagine what it must be like to be illiterate.  When a child does not learn to read, their future ends.


Damn, it's just the beginning of July and we're in full asshole mode.  That's what both sides speak out of as bullshit becomes the norm.  Obama opened his sphincter and told us all about  Willard as a premier out-sourcer at Bain.  Some of those gems must have stuck to the wall since Willard's opened his circular muscle tissue and returned a blast that absolutely proves Obama to be a presidential class out-sourcer.  My bullshit detector works overtime these days.  It may breakdown.

Who listens to the dreck these jerks spew?  Who thinks what they say is true?  I wonder if the the candidates and their operatives get to the point where, after lying and repeating the lies so often, that they begin to believe themselves?  If so, then it's no wonder our government sucks.

Obama and outsourcing: a guide to the GOP’s charges

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Willard and the NAACP

Willard's father would probably not be a member of the GOP today.  Willard and the GOP are the rich old white reactionary guy's party.  Why do you think the red states are pretty much those of the Confederacy and those who would have gone Grey had they been around in 1860.  I didn't expect much of Willard's speech to the NAACP.  He did not let me down.

I listened and started to nod off.  I realize he's not an exciting or even a mildly interesting speaker.  He opens his mouth and words come out.  Each word comes forth the same as each prior word.  He speaks in a near monotone.  He plods.  I recognized the speaking style.  It assumes that the listeners share the speakers perspectives on life, the universe and everything.

It's the Mormon Conference Weekend (MCW) style of public speaking.  I used to catch bits and pieces of Conference speakers when I lived in Utah.  I was amazed at the content--pure bullshit.  I was numbed by the speakers.  Maybe that's why conferences were seen as successful--aural Novocain.    

Willard did react once when he was booed.   The Mitt said he'd end ObamaCare.  The audience was not pleased.  They booed.  Rombot does not enjoy being around anyone who disagrees with him.  It showed.  It took him several several sentences to go from 45% MCW back to 100% MCW.

I doubt if Willmitt picked up any votes, he is a hard care Trog.

Romney booed by NAACP as he jabs Obama, health care

Want to know why no one wants Defense cuts?

There is just so much money to be made by contractors.  As a contractor you can build crap, bill for it, and when the services notice it's crap you can bill them to fix it.  Now that's a racket.  Of course if servicemen have to use the crap, well, they might die, but that's the price of defense contracting by the MIC.

More F-22 scares prompt new calls for action

Does anyone know of even one weapon or weapon system that DOD contracted for that came in on time, on original budget and worked as planned.  I doubt if there is one.  There's no money in doing it right the first time, now is there.

We really need a different way to deal with drug abusers

It was Oxycontin, now it's Opana that is now the hot prescription drug to take to get high.  We need to legalize all of these drugs.   Make them cheap, readily available and controlled.  If people choose to live in a drug filled world, fine.  Let's control them and get them off the streets.   I have no problems with legalizing suicide.

Opana abuse in USA overtakes OxyContin

And you thought Bush loved a police state...

He did and he's still in the White House, logically of course.

National Reconnaissance Office accused of illegally collecting personal data

It's going to get worse until voters throw them all out of office and start over.

Corrupt Civil Servants

If you have nothing to hide, then comply with the law.  Arguing about the law suggests that senior civil servants are already in violation.  How many are using the knowledge they gain at work to game stock purchases?  It's insider trading.  If the employees are pissed, let them quit--there are lots of more than qualified unemployed folks out there.  We'd be better off without government employees who see a government job as a way to become rich.  If you  want to be rich, go to the private sector.   Let's clean house in Congress and in the Civil Service.

Federal scientists take stand against Stock Act

Battleground Iowa?

The Jackasses came to town.  The Trogs followed them.   Boths sides were armed with truckloads of corncobs.  They blanketed the state looking for empty cornholes to fill.  They found them.  They filled them.   Which side's panders will stick?  We'll have to wait for Nov., that's when Iowans fart red or blue corncobs in the voting stall.  Can you image what it's like to be vote counter in Iowa?  It's a strange state.

Obama hoping to continue love affair with Iowa

Once a crook, always a crook

Can a felon be rehabilitated?  Evidence suggests they cannot, the recidivism rate is quite high.  Okay, if we can't fix a felon, then can we make crooked cops into honest ones?  When an organization goes criminogenic, it may be impossible to rectify it.  Why not completely shut down the FBI's crime lab and start over from scratch?

Justice Dept., FBI to review use of forensic evidence in thousands of cases 

If you would not hire an ex-con, why would you hire a former FBI forensics lab person?

Mr. All Talk and Hardly Any Walk's Convention

The motley crew called the Democratic Party cannot even pull off a convention designed to praise Obama.  As Obama has hit a bump in his fund raising, so his leadership has left his party millions short of what will be needed to fund three days of needless nomination hype.

This time his all talk style has kept others from opening their wallets to buy a Democrat.  I guess donors see a better possible return on investment with Willard.  Of course Willard has to win and that is Obama's biggest asset, can you really bring yourself to vote for Willard and a GOP Congress?

As fundraising for the convention comes up short, some Democrats blame Jim Rogers

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What Kind of Olympics?

When you think of the Olympics, do you think of roof top missiles?

It's President All Talk, No Walk

I'm hard pressed to think of one thing that Obama has gone to the mat on over his three years in office.  What stand has he taken on anything that might have cost him a donation or a vote?  Health care is not his, it belongs to the Dems in Congress.  Oh, I forget Obama did water it down to assuage the assorted health care lobbies.  Can anyone tell one thing Obama has fought without regard to his personal political or future financial outcome?  Come on, even before he finished his inauguration he was running for reelection.

Now about those outsourcing promises...

The only asset Obama has today is that he is not Willard.

Quiz Time

Okay, here's a quiz.  How liberal are you?  More than President Whathisname?  There are 20 quesitons.  Have fun, oh I'm more a lib than Obama.  Per CSM eval,  I must be carrying a Lib canvas tote bag.

Are you more (or less) liberal than President Obama? Take our quiz!

Shrub Logic

How do you not leave a child behind?  Oh, that's easy, make school so easy that even a Shrub can pass the tests and graduate.

School is too easy, students report

Still want the feds in public education?  For that matter, do you really want your statehouse all that involved in your school district?

Comedy Club

Here's a the first act--As death toll mounts, coalition insists Afghanistan war is on track

That's a tough group to follow.  Anyone else want the stage?  Oh, over there, come on up.  This group will have us rolling on the floor--

Polarized Congress relying mostly on short-term fixes

Arab Debacle -- Egypt

It's Islamists vs. Generals with guns.  Which side will win?  Who knows.  For that matter, who really cares. If they proceed to kill each other off, maybe the world will be better off.  Of course turmoil in Egypt can spread to turmoil in Israel and that might not be welcome (check with the end of days folks on that one, it might cause a premature rapture).

Don't forget, today, Egypt has little to do with democracy, liberty and freedom and has all to do with which group of fascists will wield power-- the ones with guns or the ones shilling Allah.  If I was a Copt, I think I'd haul buns to some other state.

Morsi convenes Egypt’s parliament in defiance of court and military


Gee, a bunch of red states won't go along with the law and expand Medicaid.  I guess they don't have any uncovered sick, poor folks.  Or maybe it's just an opt out until Nov. 7th.

Why not thank states like Texas for not participating, ask them if they'd prefer to end Medicaid in their state then then take the federal money that would otherwise go to Texas and give it to all the other states.  The same goes for the other GOP states that have said they will not expand Medicaid.  The feds can divide the money amongst the others.  Oh, also make opt out permanent, if a state refuses today, they can't come a begging after the election.  Funny how it's red states that need Medicaid the most that are the ones who reject the program.

Six governors say they will opt out of Medicaid. How long will they hold out?

Monday, July 9, 2012

I'll See Your Pander With Even Bigger Cuts

As Obama prepares to suck up to the one person remaining int the middle class,  I'm sure we'll see Willard come out in favor of a no taxes at all plan.  Don't forget the Shrub's tax cuts will expire this year.

If they lapse, we'll all pay more in taxes, but that might be a good idea.  At least it would shut up the right wing fiscal nutjobs.  We'd have more revenue, we'd be able to pay a bit on the debt, we'd be able to borrow less, and be able to support the 40% of American incomes dependent on federal spending.

For all we know it might be what's needed to get the private sector economy back in gear too.  After all, all those timid job creator douches who have been paralyzed by uncertainty, would then know what's have some certainty.

Obama pushing for partial extension of Bush-era tax cuts

Afghanistan Is A Super Ally

And what is our State Dept's  BFF up to these days?  Well, we're out there fighting to protect their freedoms.  After all, there are folks who hate them for their freedoms too! And what are their freedoms? Oh, to be free to have the liberty to execute women who commit adultery.  Makes you proud to be a freedom defender doesn't it?

Afghan woman executed in public

10th Fans Must Be Jackasses or Trogs

States decide who gets on ballots.  In some states it's easy and in others it damned hard unless you are a Jackass or a Trog.  Who benefits from the 10th Amendment approach to ballots?  Well, let's put it this way, it's not third parties.  Who loses?  All of us lose as Demicans and Republicrats exert ever tighter and tighter control of our elections and our government.

If there were a couple of other candidates on the ballot in every state, might you consider voting for someone other than Mitt Obama?  Come on, how different are they really?  If would be a hoot to see a record number of voters turn out to vote and write in "None of the Above."  What would happen if NOTA won?

For third-party candidates, playing field is uneven by state

After Mucking Up the MIddle East, It's Time For a New Venue

Well, all of the world's venues are old actually.  We just haven't been there in a while.  Our bemedaled boys are headed back to Asia and the Pacific!  They have folks there who hate us for our freedoms too.  Even though it's a previously used battlefield, it'll be almost like new.  It's been a while.  As our aces move their stuff to Asia, any bets on how long before we pull a Vietnam  or Korea again?  On whom?

B-1 bomber mission shifts from Afghanistan to China, Pacific

Gee Willard Has To Make A Decision

The election has already been won by one of the bozos running for Prez, we just don't know which one.  Even with a bad economy, Obama will probably win, he's just more likable than Willard.  Besides  if Willard won, we all know his investors would make a mega-bundle as he out-sources the government to China.  The election is over.  Oh, I forgot.  Willard hasn't selected his bucket of spit yet.

Romney, in final stages of ‘veepstakes,’ is weighing when to pick running mate

Mucking Up In Mali

It's either a trio of soldiers pulling a secret service routine and dying or ObamaCo's latest SNAFU in Africa.  Now why did we need an Africa Command?

Mysterious fatal crash offers rare look at U.S. commando presence in Mali

Gee, neither is a peace candidate...

We know Obama's view of peace, he thinks it sucks. Based on Willard's words, instead of just continuing Bush's war policies like Obama, he'd put it on steroids and start even more wars. When it comes to dying, it won't matter who wins in Nov. since the other 1% will keep on dying at the hands of the financial 1% who own and operate the nation.

NATO confirms 6 troops killed in roadside bombing Sunday in Afghanistan were Americans

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Put "em all on the kill list

That may be Obama's Pakistan solution.  All he has to do is find one certifiable bad guy and drop a very large bomb on him.  All the other millions killed must be bad guys since they were in proximity to the bad guy.  One little nuke is all it takes.  Sadly, I think Obama would use a nuke if he thought he could get away with it.

Islamists protest NATO supply line in Pakistan

Looney Tunes War

It gets harder and harder to do much other than laugh at the Afghan War.

Clinton announces  -- In Kabul, declares Afghanistan a major U.S. ally

ObamaCo puts the bite on allies to pony up since we're pretty much broke from tax cuts and unfunded wars.  He succeeds as -- International donors pledge $16 billion in aid to Afghanistan over four years

So, what's the effet of all that grand diplomacy, pledges and more than a decade of war strategerizing?  Well, life just goes on and on as it has for so very long -- Bombs, attacks kill 23 in southern Afghanistan

Arab Repeat -- Egypt

The military allowed the President to take his office.  Now, the President has flipped off the military and the Judiciary as he orders the theocratic parliament to reconvene.  Will the military allow Morsi to continue as president or, for the good of Egypt, will they discover that Egypt needs a new Murbarak to rule that nation?  This may get very interesting.

Egypt’s president orders dissolved parliament to reconvene in defiance of military decree

Who hasn't really made up their mind already?

We'll see a couple billion or more spent on soap ads for Obama and Willard between now and November.  Do they matter?  Perhaps they only matter to the those who directly benefit from them financially--the campaign ad people, ad companies, and TV stations.  The rest of us just endure the bullshit.  We've decided long ago which product we'll buy.  So is it the case--

Do campaigns really change voters’ minds?