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Stating the Obvious

This Time ‘Class Warfare’ Cry is True

Obama, Inc.

I received an email from ObamaCo today.  Needless to say it featured the killings in Colorado.  The text read--

Remembering the Victims of the Aurora, Colorado Shooting

President Obama honors the victims of the tragedy in Colorado, those who knew and loved them, and those who are struggling to recover.

Watch President Obama's weekly address:

The only item missing was a pitch for donations. I guess his crew did not have sufficient time to figure out how to monetize his spiel. Could he have raffled off joining him in a church service with follow up prayer breakfast in memory of the the dead in Colorado?

Still Believe All Dinos Were Tail Draggers?

Persistent dinosaur myths

Remember They Didn't Want to Wash Their Hands

Docs are not necessarily the swiftest out there.  They are people who, unfortunately, behave like people.  Sadly, when they allow egos and habits to run their practices, patients get sick and sometimes die. Perhaps if we made malpractice a felony with mandated sentences in a federal slammer it might change.

Might has a low probability of occurring.  Hm, we already know how to minimize human fuckups, all we  have to do is rigorously use check lists maintained by an iterative evaluation of outcomes process.  Funny how the best educated refuse to do so.  Would you trust a doctor to use his "I'm god" approach in medicine to fly a 757 fill of passengers?  Think about it as you read--

Why Can’t Medicine Seem to Fix Simple Mistakes?

Even the Trogs Think He's Bush League

Who am I referring to?  Why the Shrub of course.  Once again, the Trogs won't allow him to attend  their quadrennial festival of self loathing reactionary fear of modernity.  Yep, no Bush in Tampa, just batshit crazy zealots seeking to impose a 17th Century lifestyle on us all.

George W. Shrub To Skip Republican Convention In Tampa

Read it and think about it piece

Two Classes, Divided by ‘I Do’

As I was listening to Chris Hayes et al, discuss the above article, I was reminded of a book I read long ago--"Labor and Monopoly Capital: The Degradation of Work in the Twentieth Century" by Harry Braverman.  It was first published in 1974.  It's still very pertinent in these days of Gordon Rombot.

Violence Recap

Deadliest U.S. shootings


12 dead, 58 injured and cable TV had an easy day of reportage.  When violence occurs, is accessible, eminently coverable, then the cable TV blitz begins--it's easy and most importantly, cheap.  It's so easy to fill time when a nut wastes dozens at a midnight movie show in a Denver suburb.  There's no truth to cull, it's all alleged.  There's no nuance, it's just "how'd you feel."  Of course it's gun violence.  Oh, I am required by the NRA to say "guns don't kill, people do."  We have to protect our second amendment rights to excessive profits from guns and ammo sales.

By the way, if you are thinking about going to the movies, you might consider purchasing a hand gun or five.  Perhaps theater chains will allow "Gun 'R Us" some lobby space to sell pistols.  For a share of the profits, it might be a win/win for all.  Yeah, "I'll have a giant popcorn, a 128oz big gulp, and a Glock.   Glocks are the weapon of choice for people who want to kill people.   Go to the theatre.  Get armed.  Stay vigilant.  Do not watch the movie, watch the shadowy audience.  You  must be prepared to off anyone who is also packing.

Can you see it now.  A movie house full of packers all armed and alert.  Then, there's a bang, it sounds like a gun.  Bless my beared arms, every packer returns noise, er, fire.  The carnage is total.   As the bodies roll out the theater, we're reminded by some ace reporter, that people did it, guns weren't involved.  I think we need Monty Python.

Gunman opens fire at Colorado movie theater, killing 12

Arab Nornalcy -- Today's Update

Hey there death fans, Arabs continue to engage in their favorite pastime, killing each other off in the name of god.  Today Syria is center stage, in a year or so, the focus of attention will be some other Arabic shithole.  I do wish our techies would apply a bit of science and end our need for oil.  If we did not need oil, we could then ignore them as they proceed to wallow in 9th Century memories.

Activists report heavy fighting between troops, rebels in Syria’s northern city of Aleppo

Friday, July 20, 2012

Breaking News!

The NRA has issued a press release about the shooting in Aurora, Colorado.  Given the deaths and maiming, the NRA has given all of its members permission to express pro-ish gun control statements if they wish.  However the commentary window exists only for the next eight and a half hours.  After the evening news, all members are expected to revert to Second Amendment knee-jerk pistol packing lunacy.  This dispensation allows politicians to express their sympathies for the need for gun control in today's news cycle without fear of NRA nutzoid backlash, provided they too revert by 10 pm EDT.

That said, here's a piece on the killing in Colorado--12 dead in 'Dark Knight' Colorado theater shooting

Eat Mor Veggies

Why bother with any fast food joint at all?  Get your veghead on and make sure you avoid Chick-fil-A.  I've never eaten at one.  I think the first one I ran into appeared to be health hazard full of grits and crackers.  It was that or I was repulsed by the name, I cannot recall.

Chick-fil-A exec takes stance against same-sex marriage

I ate at a Burger King a few weeks ago.  It was the first time I'd been in a fast food place in a few years.  We were in a rush and the novelty seemed to make it appropriate.  I think we suffered from false food memories.  It was a mistake.

I had a, it's now called small, cheeseburger.  That used to be the standard size.  It was less than adequate.  The fries were barely edible grease sticks and there were too many of them for a standard order.  At least my coke was okay. To get a small one I filled the "small" cup with ice and then added coke--no refill.

I did notice the menu.  There were several pictures, I guess they were sandwiches, over the register area.  I felt queasy looking at them.  They did not make my saliva run, they did make me want to run out the place.  I should have.  The pictures showed "food" that consisted of a layer of fat, piled on another layer of fat, and topped off with even more fat on a teeny little bun.  They were not attractive at all.  If I had not been able to locate "small cheeseburger" I would have left and found a decent restaurant.  It's a shame they kept it on the menu.  I will wait another 5 or ten years before I repeat my last fast food foray.  

If this is a normal Burger joint, then it's no wonder we're the fattest nation on earth.

Looking for a reason to flip off Willard and Obama?

Here 'tis  -- Latest Word on the Trail? I Take It Back

I cannot trust either of them or their top aides.  This is the kind of thing that was done in the USSR and as was the case there,  we have plenty of "journalists" who will play the game to get a byline.  It's not journalism, it becomes just more PR hype.  No interview is worth this.  Remember, today, if it's quoted in print it might or might no be what was said.  Bet you weren't hoping or this kind of change.

Buddy Roemer write in anyone?


We use every part of the pig.  There is nothing that goes to waste except its waste.  Pig farms produce massive amounts of smelly poop.  Have you ever been within a mile of a huge pig farm?  Here's a  bit of tech innovation that might allow us to even use pig waste.  Would Arabs and Jews use electricity generated from pig shit?

Fuel Cell Treats Wastewater and Harvests Energy

This is outrageous!

Someone better tell the Prophet, Seer and Revelator!  There are Mormons for Obama.  Of course they are not in Salt Lake City, they're in Seattle.  Hmm, Willard could have Bain buy then out and then pay Bain huge dividends and leave them with huge debts and bankruptcy.  Oh, hell the Prophet could just have them executed excommunicated.  How many Mormons will vote their fantasy?  How Catholics did in 1960?

Mormons for Obama Say Romney Doesn’t Represent Them

Sauce for Gander, Sure, But the Goose Says Bugger Off

Nancy Pelosi thinks "just say no" works well for Congress.  However, it does not apply to Willard.  To be impolite, screw her.  I imagine, if she released her returns, she would never be elected to any office anywhere in the country.  I have no facts, just an active imagination.  Well, Congress did have to pass that little law to prevent them from engaging in formerly legal for them  insider trading.

Pelosi dismisses idea of Congress releasing tax returns

The time has come--all elected officials, all appointed officials, and all O-5s and up have to make their tax returns public.  Let's make it a rule.

Shadow War?

If Iran and Israel continue to kill each other off, one at a time, it can get uglier.  I can see both sides expanding the scope of their battle.  It may broaden out so that any Arab or any Jew anywhere on the planet becomes fair game for death.  Non-Arabs and non-Jews  might want to pay attention to Bulgaria and what ensues.  As with our drones, if you are in the blast zone you are a terrorist.  Would this be religious conversion upon detonation?

Attack on Israeli tourists prompts fears of escalating ‘shadow war’


If you are a Dem and have decided to vote against the Republican, it's hard to say "vote for Obama," I have a hypothetical question for you.  If the GOP candidate was Condoleezza Rice instead of Robotney, would you vote for her?

Okay, now in the real world, would she be the best Veep pick for Willard?  Hmm, I can't see her on the ticket, since she would get all the attention.  Willard would fade as did McCain once Palin took the stage.  Willard's ego if bigger than McAncient's.

The Condoleezza Rice effect

Oh, here's another hypothetical.  Would we better off if Hillary Clinton had been elected President in 2008?

Arab Normalcy Update -- Syria

More explosions.  More dead.  Assad's Arabs die too.  Rebels die.  Folks who don't give a shit die.  It's the Arab way of life.  Insurrection, war, and hate have been used by the power mad for generations.  It's how they maintain their rule and remain in the seat of power.  The Islamic clergy praise the divine right of dictators as they obtain exclusive rights to promulgate a singular faithiness buttressed by sacred death sentences to anyone who opposes their fantasies.  It looks like everything is coming up Lebanon.

Syrian security chief dies from bomb wounds as fighting rages in Damascus

Leaks? Whatever shall we do?

I guess the Defense crowd plans to take on the leakers.  Of course we might ask ourselves about why we really classify all that info in the first place.  I suggest that about 95% of the classified info protects national secrets, but it protects them from the American people.   If we knew what those dochebags actually do, we'd demand they all be fired.  National security, my ass, it's 95% CYA!.

Oh, if you think leaks are okay under Obama, remember his name is really George W. Obama.  I'd hoped for change.  I got it.  He just failed to provide the directionality specification.  He's worse than Dubya.

"...Obama administration has brought more leak prosecutions than any other administration and has charged six people under the Espionage Act for the alleged mishandling of classified information."

I'm surprized that Obama and Panetta have not demanded the right to summarily execute anyone they suspect of leaking  classified info.  It fits their character.  Remember loose lips, sink careers and embarass otherwise generous donors to election campaigns.

Pentagon adopts new steps to clamp down on leaks, including monitoring media reports

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mr Rich Prick Has A Wife

She does not like us.  We're "you people."  Has she qualified to be a Rich Bitch yet?  Nah, just a gaffe.

Ann Romney vs. You the People

Should Richy Rombot Show Us His Tax Returns?

Sure he should.  He's a vulture.  Of course he hasn't, because he must have something to hide.  Actually  no one needs to see his 1040, all you need to do is listen to him for about three minutes and you know he's the kind of guy you want to keep far away from.  He's creepy.  He believes he's going to get a planet to run after he dies.  That's bizarre.  Should he show us his returns?

Poll: Most say Romney should release additional tax returns

How do you prevent meaningful regulation?

That's an easy question, you buy the people who make the laws.  Then your part of banking and finance has no or meaningless regulation.  What, even after 2008?  You bet, for example, take Swaps--

Like Rate-Fixing Scandals? You’ll Love the Credit Default Swap Market

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What did Obama say about starting a business?

Republicans have been criticizing President Barack Obama for comments he made recently about people starting businesses. Mitt Romney and other GOP leaders have said the remarks show Obama is out of touch with small business.

What did Obama say? Check out his full remarks in the latest installment of our In Context series, which presents controversial comments in their full context. And while you're at it, check out the previous articles in the series on comments by Romney, Rick Santorum and others.

It's turning into a busy summer for the PolitiFact staff, which is churning out some great fact-checks such as:
  • Our examination of whether Bain Capital's companies were pioneers in outsourcing -- and how much Romney was responsible for them.
  • Our fact-checks on Obama's attacks on Romney.
  • Our in-depth examination of whether Rush Limbaugh was right was that Bane, the villain in the new Batman movie, was a sneaky attempt to invoke Bain Capital.

And since you're one of our loyal readers, we'd like to offer you a chance to get one of the first "I brake for Pants on Fire" bumper stickers. They look great on any car you drive, regardless of whether it's red or blue! 

If you'd like one, send an email with your address to We'll randomly select 50 to receive a bumper sticker. Be the first on your block to put one on your car!

Dem Hypocrites

Congressional Dems are piling on Willard for his failure to make his tax returns public.  Of course, when asked to make their own public they pull a full Romney.

Everyone running for federal office should be required to release the prior decade's worth of 1040s.   Then, if elected, it should be a legal requirement to release returns every year.  Ditto for every political appointee, those in the super grades of the civil service, and all O-5s and up in the military.  

The returns should posted be in an online database open to the public.  At least we can watch their net worth increase as they all become investment geniuses who travel the highways and byways in the ever scenic special interest valley.

Most members of Congress keep their tax returns secret

This makes no sense at all

Israeli tourists were killed in Bulgaria.   I can understand there might be a reason for Israelis to be in Bulgaria.  I can understand Bulgarians killing Jews, like it or not, everyone hates the Jews.  But, tourists?  In Bulgaria?  That's not possible, is it?  There's nothing to tourist in Bulgaria!

The food?  Have you ever been to Bulgarian restaurant?  Okay, if that's not enough, it was, per Israel, Iranians in Bulgaria, with a fake Michigan drivers license and a bomb, who blew up and did the killing.   We so need to rid ourselves of involvement in the Middle East.  Why does humongous cluster fuck come to mind?

At least 7 killed in Bulgaria in blast on bus carrying Israeli tourists

Arab Normalcy

Where on the planet do we find Arab normalcy?  Syria of course.  The Arab world so enjoyed the Lebanese civil war they're now hosting a repeat in Syria.  In about 15 years and a grundle of dead Arabs later, the war will fizzle into stalemate.  Is it the religion or the people?  Well, it's both, have you noticed that  Christians, Muslims and Jews peg out on god made me do it violence-o-meter?

Here's a recap--

New shelling, pessimism in Syria a day after bomb kills top government aides

Obama Fulfills Tricky's Dream!

Nixon kicked off the major  politicalization of the Civil Service.  Did the head geologist have to be a solid Repub rather than a knowledgeable rock hound?    Every appointment  became a matter of party loyalty over competence.  Come on, Agnew was his Veep.

Nixon was sure everyone was out to get him, so he started to get them first.  Now,  ObamaCo bosses are routinely spying on their employees.  God, it's become SOP.   Why would anyone want to work for government these days?  It's time to end the death grip that Democrats and Republicans have on the throat of Liberty!

FDA isn’t the only agency snooping in e-mail

Willard Loves LIBOR but hates Labor

Do you really want a rich prick for Prez?  Look, his idea of a good time is hanging out with other rich pricks who run banks and successfully screw their customers.  They are all vultures who prey on ordinary people.  Oh did your know that the collective noun for vultures is "wake."

Look, over  there, yeah, right in the middle of that wake of vultures, it's Willard!  He's in London to see if his fellow vultures will share some of their road pizza with him.

Rombot's going to London?  Yeah, he's off to London to mix and mingle with the same buzzards who rigged the LIBOR rates!  That's Willard version of business--cheat, thereby cutting risk, assuring max profit, and doing it for as long as possible.  Besides if you get caught, no one goes to jail, the fines will be less than you made, and sometimes the fines are tax deductible.  LIBOR, Bain it's all the same.  Why would anyone want a magpie like Willard for Prez?

Romney’s London fundraisers will take him to heart of scandal-plagued banking industry

Why Does The Word Liar Come To MInd?

Justice Dipwad Scalia says “the court is not at all a political institution” and said he believed “not a single one” of his Supreme Court colleagues considers politics when making decisions at the court.  Bullshit.

Yep, he didn't think about the GOP when he and his buds appointed the Shrub to be First Plant. He  didn't think about taking the country back to 1850 when they decided open the flood gates of corporate cash into our elections.

Nah, he's not political, it's just coincidence that the Scalia, Thomas and Alito happen to always conform in advance to the GOP's positions. I bet the schmuck thinks there's not a single GOP Congresstype who's sold his vote or can be influenced for cash.  Oh, that's right, it's all pro quo quid in the House and on the bench. That makes it all legit.  Justice Scalia is just one more old douchebag who has been in Washington way too long.  He needs to retire.

Scalia says no 'falling out' with Roberts

My trust of the Supremes exceeds that of Congress by two points, they're decent about 11% of the time.    If the Court is not political, then there would not be so much attention paid to the geriatrics that the next Prez may be able to replace.    

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


The red states are burning up, it's a drought.  Hmm, to the extent the farmers are Teabagger symps, they should not be at all interested in federal disaster assistance--or any federal programs at all!  After all, the unborn taxpayer will have to pay for it.  Also to the extent they are evangefundie types, they should be out in a dusty field where they can sit on their thumbs as they thank Jessus for the divine miserable weather.  Yep, perch and rotate there Mr. Cracker.   Or is it sit and pivot?

If farmer Jones is not a Trog or a Teabagger then he can ethically demand federal assistance, it would be consistent with Democratic political theory.  If the farmer in the arid dell accepts man made global warming then he can demand action.   Otherwise it's just hypocritic noise.

How could the red states ever survive without the Blue states money and expertise?  I guess redneck politics boils down to envy and greed.

Hawking the Merch -- He Raffles Himself in Public!

Yesterday his wife was selling him.  Today he's selling himself.  Courtesy of Mr. Mencken, see the sidebar, we know what he really is.   Here's today's pitch--

Jake --

When I decided to run for president, I had significantly fewer gray hairs than I do today.

Michelle says I've earned them, which is the nicest possible way to say I'm getting older.

In fact, I'm turning 51 in a couple weeks, and to celebrate I'm heading home to Chicago for a get-together at my house.

I'd love for you to be one of my guests.

Donate $45 or whatever you can to support the campaign, and you'll be automatically entered to join me at home in Chicago -- flight and hotel covered for you and a guest of your choice.

Chicago is where I fell in love with my wife and where our daughters were born. It's where decades ago I first started as a community organizer and where, six years ago, I first talked with Michelle about the possibility of running for president.

I'm looking forward to spending a few hours celebrating there before it's all systems go for the final weeks of the election.

Should be fun.

Thanks for all your support so far. If you can, enter today for a chance to join me and some friends at my house in Chicago, and I can thank you in person:

Hope to see you soon,


Still trust anyone in the banking business

Gee, Capital One has been fined $210,000,000 for screwing it's customers.  What, a bank engaging in decpetive practices!  Oh my.  Right,  that's a "I am shocked — shocked— to find that gambling is going on in here!*" kind of observation.

Capital One to pay $210M for deceptive credit card practices

If the fine exceeds Capirtal One's take from the credit card scam, then that's not enough.  To stop banks from being total greedy shits, you have to hurt them financially--they to be given a fiscal enema and be forced to shit gold bricks (ouch).  We need some regulatory Fleet.  Then, stockholders will throw out the board and all of senior managemnt.

The fine should have been at least $1 billion paid in full in one lump sum.  We also have to make sure they don't buy Congress and obtain a little bit of law that lets them deduct or amortize the fine on their taxes.  I wonder how many of the regulators who assessed the fine have stock in Capitol One or other banks?  If they do I'll bet they'll copt a blind trust plea.  That doesn't cut it--I take that from Willard and he should know.

*From Casablanca.

Bless My Little KIll List, I Think I Need A Couple of Drones

Let's see our ace commanders in the ground have told us about the comprehensive training we've provided the Afghan Army and other security types. It's been as good as what we did in Iraq.  After a decade and a billion or so, they Afghan forces must be U.S. Army lite.  Are they?  Well, the untrained Taliban, seem to fare a bit better.  If we left that rubble pile today, how long before the Taliban re-takes most of their shithole?   I think our presidents really do need to have seen military service, preferably enlisted and if possible have served in a war zone.

Taliban fighters kill 9 Afghan soldiers, destroy 22 NATO supply trucks

Why are we still in Kabul? Oh, it's to juice our economy, we're supposed to go shopping and not worry about the bad guys who hate us for our freedom. Did you know that "hating us for our freedom" if translated into Afghan (Dari and Pahsto) and is re-translated back into English comes out, in both cases as  "hating us of occupying their turf."

Willard must be contagious

Barry must have caught a case of the Willards.  Usually, even ad libbing, he's doesn't gaffe his left bun off. He meant to say “there is nobody in this country who got rich on his own,” but it came out “if you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen."

Needless to say, Mittney Rombot will glom onto that and tell us the Prez just doesn't understand business. Actually Obama does understand U.S. business in 2012 quite well.  He knows that  companies such as Vultures R' Us, a.k.a., Bain Captial,  would not be profitable without the U.S. tax code and lax financial regulation. The question is did Willard ever make anything as did Jobs, Gates, Ford or Papa John? Could he?  The answer is no!  He was the boss of an investment house that made money on every financial transaction (they made a bunch by passing company debt on to the unborn shareholder, so to speak).  He's in simple terms, a well educated, legalistic leech.

 By the way, do I prefer government involved in our world? Yeah, do you know what the REA did? Look it up. Have you driven on an Interstate? Has your Aunt Beulah who lives in Shithole Montana called you from her home?  Have you flown on a plane that took and landed at an airport? Have you ever had an infectious disease like Cholera in your life? Have you come down with serious food poisoning lately. I could go on and on, government makes things happen for all of us, not just rich pricks like Willard.  Government trades in trust, business just trades.  Well they do trade in deceit, why do think the FTC exists?  The Willards of this world won't lift a finger unless it has profit involved.

Why Obama's 'you didn't build that' line may bite back

Here's a question, who do you trust more Obama or Willard?  It's hard to answer, they are both pols.  If you had to choose, whom do you have the most trust in? Do your have more faith in the private sector or in government? Hmm, what the hell does that question even mean? Oh, it's a bullshit question, so Willard will pounce on it and pretend it to be a profound commentary on Obama (expect Wolf and others to repeat it endlessly and call it news).

Saints Alive -- It's all about the lucre.

If you thinks Willard is a bit weird, there might be a reason for it, his religion.  As Catholics can be taken in by the "Our Lady of Poverty" schtick,  Mormons can be captivated and blinded by wealth--it's eases the path to planethood in the next life.  How has Mammon crept into Temple?  Well,

Here's How the Mormons Make Money

Actually, Mormons remind me of Calvinists and capitalism.  If Calvin was out thumping his Bible today, he'd probably develop a sound financial footing for his faith that in fiscal terms would be quite LDSish.  


You may think of yourself as a millennial.  However, you are the screwed generation!  Yep, you may have played by rules, thought good times were ahead, and have now discovered, well, to be impolite, you've been fucked--and it's going to hurt for long time.

Are Millennials the Screwed Generation?

Okay 18-35 year olds, the folks who made your world are in Congress and the White House.  They are both Dems and Trogs.  They do not administer a government.  They do not govern.  They do sell themselves and parts of the nation to special interests who contribute generously to election war chests.  Who do you think deregulated banks and finance, it wasn't your Rabbi.

If you have nothing better to do, how about getting pissed and getting political.  If nothing else, vote as a  block for anyone other than a Dem or Trog.  Vote Libertarian.  Vote Green.  Vote Socialist.  Write in names.  What the hell, form your own party and flip off the bigs.  If you do, I wonder how long you can last before y'all become the  next version of political Demican bilge.

Why not make Buddy Roemer the Millennial candidate?

Welfare is welfare

If your living comes from a government check writing program then you are on welfare.  I know where you can find millions of them.  No, I'm not picking on the old and the sick, I direct your attention to defense contractors.  Talk about entitlements and government waste.  They call it protecting us, I call it lives dedicated to death and destruction.  That's some very warped welfare.

Military contractors to testify on potential defense cuts 

We do have a welfare problem in this country. Probably 40% of us depend on the feds for our incomes. There are only a couple million federal employees, the rest of the 40% are all those upstanding next door neighbors. Oh, if the feds quit sharing the wealth with the states, how long do you think red states could survive financially? We're all on the dole. Buck up folks. Cope.  Quit driving yourself nuts.   We have to quit being so neelessly bothered with this fact. Accept it Trogs, it's 2012, not 1612. There is no way back time machine.

Do You Remember the Poll Tax?

If you do, then you know this Voter ID bullshit has very little to do with preventing voter fraud.  It's the grits and crackers 21st century updated version of the poll tax.  Needless to day, you can bet your bigot bone that the burden falls on poorer, older, blacks and other non-whites. It's obvious, but who's going to make a stand and call out the rich old white guy's party for what it is, racist.  

Study finds costs associated with voter IDs

Want Proof We're Descended From Apes?

Don't take Darwin's word for it.  No, take God's word instead--Apes Come Out of The Closet In Egypt!

As Egypt devolves into a theocracy, it's just a replacement set of fascists in charge.  Power moves from one set of hands to another.  Yep, Mubarak is out and Allah's insiders are in.  Not much will change, except more degradation.  How do people allow themselves to be suckered into such bullshit in the first place?

Why Not Someone Else? How About Buddy Roemer Or...

Obama and Willard are basically two sides of one coin.  Why do you think the campaign consists of   each sliming the other's character and name calling?  If you ask about major policies how different are they?  There are differences, yes, but abortion does not make a complete set of foreign and domestic policies; it's a marginal difference.  Take away the bullshit mini-issues and we have one guy running for office.

Most of us vote party.  I have for decades.  I don't like Obama, but hey, he's a Democrat.  I'd prefer Democrats to have more political power then Trogs.  This election will change that.  It's time to vote for  anyone but Obama or Willard.

I've suggested writing in Buddy Roemer's name.  He's seems to be a decent pol.  He ran as a Trog, but was not welcome at all.  Here's his bio from Wiki-- Buddy Roemer.  There is no Veep nominee, Buddy is not a party.

Another guy who tried to run as a Trog, but was told by the party to go perform an anatomically impossible act on himself, is Gary Johnson.  He's the Libertarian Party's nominee.  He also seems to be a decent sort.  Here's his bio from Wiki -- Gary Johnson.  James P. Gray is the Veep nominee.

The Green Party is still alive and kicking.  They have a candidate, it's not Nader.  Their candidate is Jill Stein.  The Green Party has a very respectable platform.  Here's her bio from Wiki -- Jill Stein.  Cheri Honkala is the Veep nominee.

Since Congress and the White House have become subsidiaries of special interests, it's not a waste of your vote to vote for any of the above.  You do your civic duty, make your comment about the state of the nation, and if sufficient numbers  do so, then we can change the way we do politics.  I'm still inclined to write in Buddy Roemer's name.  Image if he won, what would Congress do about a Veep?  That would be very interesting.


There's a Horror Movie in This!

Imagine kudzu on steroids, only it's soybeans.   Nothing can kill it. It's developing sentience.  Oh, my god, the bean seeks world domination....

USDA Prepares To Greenlight Gnarliest GMO Soy Yet

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Are the Boy Scouts Right?

If you are gay don't even try to join the BSA.  I guess they fear queerness is contagious or they have been taken over by Jesus jockeys.   If I had a kid in scouts, I'd be more fearful of the kinds of the leaders and dads who share attributes with Catholic priests or coach Sandusky.

APNewsBreak: After 2-year review, Boy Scouts decide to stick with ban on gays

Bless by PB & J!

A government official has finally figured out that the economy sucks!  He doesn't know what to do about it.  He's the head of the Fed.  We're headed back into the septic tank--the GOP has succeeded in keeping us in the dumps. It's the only way they might win in Nov.  Does anyone really want a return to Bush and a GOP Congress?  Have you forgotten already?  By the way leopards do not change their spots.  So think about that when you listen to GOP bullshit.

Bernanke warns Congress of slowdown, gives no sign of new Fed action

Is it really a cell phone?

Hm, we make calls on them, they began as mobile phones, but what are they today?  How about trackers.  If you have a cell phone with you and it is turned on, you are being tracked.  When police or other organizations grab cell location data they know where you are and can infer what you are doing.  So if you've been heading out to the Bunny Ranch for a quickie at lunch, the cops and maybe your boss have a pretty good idea about you.  I think we need a law or three.

In the interim, hackers, here is a project for you.  Hack the tracking of say, the head of the FTC.  Maybe capture the comings and going of John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi.  I wonder what the spooks do on the weekend--track the  Secret Service.  Then post it all on the Tubes.  I wonder how big brother would  like little brother returning the favor.

That’s No Phone. That’s My Tracker

Penn State

Hell, I'd shut down all College football for a decade, not just Penn State.  Should Penn State be shut down for a few years or not?

NCAA president won't take Penn State death penalty 'off the table'

Doesn't everyone in the 99% already know this?

Obama aims to define Romney as rich, out of touch

Even the rich old white guys don't like him.  To them he's just an insufferable prick.

When Will We Demand Regulation of Banking and Finance

Dodd Frank even with the Volker rule does not do jack shit to contain the geedheads in banking.  Do you still have any trust for bankers?  By definition they are amoral bastards who will watch camels go through the eye of a needle.  Remember banks brought down our economy.  They took profits and passed the losses on to the American taxpayer.  Now one of them has been caught laundering drug money.  The damn thing is, if one banks makes a buck doing something every other banks will join in and then call it a standard industry practice.  Bankers are lower than used car salesmen and pols.

Report: Bank's lax control led to money laundering

Senate report: European bank exposed US financial system to Iran, drug cartel transactions

Report: HSBC allowed money laundering that likely funded terror, drugs

And nobody in the bank regulation biz paid any attention at all for a decade or more, our government really sucks.

Besides they're just more raghead scum

President George W. Obama protects the Constitution.  It's ours and nobody elses.   How dare they even think about using our Constitution!  Lock them up forever and then drone the prison.  Maybe Barry will put the entire population of Afghanistan on his kill list!

Bagram detainees want to use U.S. Constitution to argue for release

Just think if Willard wins, we'll have President George Obama Romney.

Arab What?

Hey, as expected Arab leaders have done nothing about Assad except tell the world that something needs to be done.  I bet they're even hiding behind religion--the future belongs exclusively to Allah.  Syria is an Arab problem.  Let Arab's solve Arab problems.  We, the world's premier arms merchant will be delighted to sell them all the munitions they need to invade Syria.   Bet's on Assad being in power next July?

Fighting in Damascus is the heaviest in the 16-month-long uprising

Note, if they even think about shooting at Israel, we'll nuke them and their camels.  No heaven, no virgins, just abundant death.  Don't forget our Mideast policies are driven by the rapturous end of days nutjobs.

Good News Jesus Jockeys!

The Lord is in charge, right?  Man made global warming is balderdash, Pat told us so.  We also know that because we read our Gideon Bibles--I got mine from a motel.  Now we know that God wants us to pay more for food.

God has made man warm the planet.  God is heavily invested in agri-business stocks.   Besides, he's pissed that we figured out how to grow so much food that we pretty much put famine behind us.  Famine was his favored population control tool.  Well, God's in charge so suck it up and prepare to pay a lot more for your food.  Just think of it as tithing at the grocery store.  We're all just sinners in the hands of addled God.

Drought in U.S. reaching levels not seen in 50 years, pushing up crop prices

How Did She Get Rich?

Wow, the thing Dragas feared UVA was not doing, UVA had been doing for sometime.  She, single handedly, almost brought down the school all because she read an Internet article and assumed UVA was not not online.  She did no research, she reacted.  She was listened to not because she's sharp, but because she donates lots of money to pols and the school.  See what money can buy.  If she demonstrated her business acumen, then once again, we have to conclude the single largest factor in business success is dumb luck.  She's is very lucky.  Now exactly why did McDonnell re-appoint this dolt?

U-Va. takes major step in online education

Maybe it's time to, uck, vote for Willard.

We know that Obama is pretty much Bush.  He has bested Bush with his own personal kill list.  Now I have to wonder if he's not also Dick Nixon?  One of Tricky's habits was to say one thing and then do the opposite.  Spying on scientists for two years?  All because you fear they might be telling the truth?  I grant  you the truth can become inconvenient for continued donations from companies like GE.  But, as with Bush, it's all legit.  Gee, they found a lawyer to tell them it's okay!  How hard is it to find a lawyer that will tell you what you want, especially if you can fire him on the spot?  Hell, any attorney would even approve torture as long as you pay his fee.

FDA lawyers authorized spying on agency’s employees, senator says

Monday, July 16, 2012

The GOP Has Taught The Dems A Lesson

The Dems are slow learners.  They plod along and eventually the light bulb goes on.  Yep, welcome to Slimefest 2012!

What President Obama has learned from Republicans

Hawking the Merch -- She's Selling Him!

For a pittance you might win the raffle.  Why are people so taken with celebs?  It makes little sense, but makes billions of cents for Obama, Inc.   Here's today's pitch--

Jake --

I know Barack will love his birthday celebration this year: It's in the backyard of our home in Chicago.

And you could join him -- make a donation today to be automatically entered for the chance to be there.

Barack is still in love with Chicago, and so am I. From the Baskin Robbins where we had our first date to the basketball courts at Jackson Park where my brother challenged Barack to a game so he could get to know the guy who was dating his sister, Chicago is full of memories of the life we've built together.

But his favorite place in the city is our home, at the end of a quiet block in the neighborhood where he used to teach.

That's why I know he's looking forward to this backyard celebration, and he wants to share the evening with a few grassroots supporters like you. Donate today to be automatically entered to join him for his birthday -- and watch him try to blow out 51 candles in one breath:

I know it will mean a lot to Barack for you to be there,


Screw them

If your greed is all that important to you, then do not enter into government service in the first place.  I have little if any sympathy with these schmucks who do not want to comply with the law.   It they are that fearful they can go work in the private sector.  There are lots of very qualified people out there, so make room and give them a chance.

We need to turn over more than a Congress.  All government employment and service needs to be time limited-- 30 years and out.  Out means out, no double dipping allowed.  Oops I think half the civilians at the Pentagon would have to quit their jobs.

Out of Stock: Foreign Service members want out of Stock Act

Would You?

If you are white, would you be real comfy with your child marrying a black?  Okay, you might accept a black, but now what if your kid wanted to marry a Mormon?  Uh,oh, hit a nerve?  What the hell, what about a black Mormon?  I wonder which is seen as worse, a black Mormon male or a female black Mormon?

One out of five seem to have problems in this area.  Myself, I don't care as long as the blackness is not the be all and end all of the person's life--I have little to no patience with  ethnic glorification (I was forced to celebrate Ireland and St. Pat's day to freqently), so ditto the idea but on racial grounds.  As for the Mormon, it's not the Mormonism that would bother me, it's their devoutness.  If the person really believed all that claptrap, I'd be bothered.  The flavor of the fantasy doesn't bother me, it's all the faithy fruits and nuts packed inside that is maddening.

Mormons, African Americans face substantial prejudice, poll finds

I bet a black jack Mormon would be okay. How's your bias?

Will the Dems Show Some Spine This Time?

I doubt they will.  They will, as usual, cave in to Republicans on taxes and spending.  The Dems are no different than the Trogs,they value their elected job more than the nation's well being.  Even if the country tanks, they will take care of themselves and continue to live well.

Will the Dems force the GOP to raise taxes?  If the GOP remains firm, I think we'll be better off with tax increases and spending cuts.   The Dems need to finally tell the GOP to fuck off and be silent.  When the Gop was in charge, under the Shrub, we know what happened. We know who made most of the mess we're trying to fix today.

Democrats threaten to go over ‘fiscal cliff’ if GOP fails to raise taxes

Assuage my 9/11 fears

Government is doing all it can to keep us afraid.  It's good at that.  Of course their idea of making us safe is largely a bunch of pat down purveyors of x-ray porn at airports, the TSA.   The TSA is politically easy,  hence it's the front line of defense against what?  Now about those large boxes that come into every port every day?

Port security: U.S. fails to meet deadline for scanning of cargo containers

If we win the war on terror, will we be told we won?  Nah, it will go on forever.  Did you ever read "The Forever War?"

Idiots At Play in Political Fields

Who are the idiots?  Oh, think Arab and you are on your way.  Until the concept of a separation of church and state sinks in, they are doomed to a Sisyphean existence.  They aspire, they climb and climb the steep hill of democracy and freedom as they continue to push the rock of Islam up the hill.  The rock and steepness of the grade repeatedly become to much.  Gravity wins and the rock rolls them back into the valley of theocratic despotism.   I wonder if they were the model for Einstein's understanding of insanity?

Most Muslims Want Democracy, Personal Freedoms, and Islam in Political Life

After church and state they will have another problem, equality, it does apply to all.

Is this a growing trend?

If it is, then I wonder what folks access when they go on-line on the phone?  When I had to use a modest  laptop display, I longed for a large CRT.  Now I use a Mac.  Why, even if it might be convenient, would I browse the web on an itsy bitsy phone?  I can see looking for a specific item--weather, traffic, email, but general browsing?  Do you browse via Verizon or AT&T?

17% - Share of Cell Phone Owners Who Use Phone for Most Online Browsing

People are starting to catch on

Catch on about what?  Oh, they are beginning to realize that Willard is the GOP's current Douchebag of Reactionary Politics.  Yep, like him or not, Obama is the only sane candidate.  Will the trend persist?  Probably, unless the GOP can find a way to restore the 2008 septic tank economy.

Obama Holds Lead; Romney Trails on Most Issues

The FDA is part of the CIA?

When there is dissension in the ranks, what doe management do?  Why they spy on employees of course.  All managers know that employees are always wrong about everything.  After all, employees are tolerated as long as they do exactly as they are told and no more.

Buried in tons of personal management might find one usable item suitable for firing of employees.  If the boss is Big Brother, then the everybody better watch out as political zeal will expand the scope of inquiry.  It's hard to police the police.  The scope will move from just employees to others outside of big brother's domain.  Naturally the data is secret as public appointees seek to wreck lives so that their bosses donors remain happy.  The only  recourse is publicity.  The FDA bosses are boobs, they even posted their covert spy base on-line.

Now about that wiretapping and Patriot Act paranoia...

Vast F.D.A. Effort Tracked E-Mails of Its Scientists

They are out to get us, it's all about campaign cash and votes.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Can We Still Write In Buddy Roemer?

The two bozos running to obtain the next lease on Air Force One keep on blowing chunks out their asses.  90% of this campaign, on both sides, boils down to one phrase. "he sucks."

Obama wants us to know that Willard sucks because he contributed to some outsourcing via Bain. Willard, wants us to know that it's a lie and that Obama sucks because he used tax dollars to outsource jobs. Hm, given the way both campaigns are behaving, I have one reaction for both -- Bite Me!.

Who's the real 'outsourcer in chief'? Why Obama, Romney both shoulder blame.

Buddy,  are you still running?

Hawking the Merch -- At A Discount Too!


Research: Change in walking may indicate cognitive decline

Myths About Free Enterprise

Five Myths

It rained a lot yesterday in the Northern Neck

The storm came in fast, dumped huge amounts of water while the thunder and lightning even scared the sap out of the trees.  I think I had emptied a pot in my garden a day or so ago.  If it was dry, then we received about 1 1/2 inches in about 30 minutes.  I did discover my gutters were a but clogged as little waterfalls formed here and there.  Oh, Obama discovered if folks stand out in the rain they get wet.

Obama supporters brave the showers in Henrico County, Va.

Obama frames the generalities of the election fairly well.  The thing is, it's not about him and Willard.  The specifics of what will affect each of us on a day to day basis are found in Congressional races and each parties theory of government.   Do you want Democratic or Republican rule in the 113th?

Give your vote to Obama,  after all Willard is a born again Trog.   Then if you have any extra cash or time,  give them to a Democrat running for the Senate or House.  Needless to say it you have a strong candidate who is neither a Jackass or a Trog, them support them.


Can Obama save manufacturing?

Sure and pigs fly.  If you support free trade and a free market, then grit your teeth and deal with it.  The 1940s and 1950s are over and done with.  Bulk manufacturing will be done somewhere other than in the U.S.  No amount of presidential action can affect it one way or another.

If better paying jobs are an issue, then it's up to workers to figure out how to unionize in 2012, not 1932.  There will always be some manufacturing but nothing like the vertically integrated auto behemoths of the 40s and 50s.  Actually with tech advances, I bet small highly efficient plants are quite possible today.  Could that be a "return" of manufacturing?  Maybe, we'll have to see what the market does.

A president can do more for jobs, business and the economy if he sticks to taxes, as in re-write the damn code, and regulation, as in ask for every reg, what does this reg accomplish then stick to Congress to make the needed changes.  The Prez needs to run the Executive Branch of government.  It would be nice it we had one who did so for a change.



MId-East Peace?

Is that an oxymoron?  It probably is.  It's also a great story for journalists when they are tapped for ideas or need a book deal.  Once again, since 1948, an American president has failed to solve the Arab-Israel problem.  Here's a long piece that discusses Obama's failings on Mid-East peace.  Is it really a failing or is it just Mid-East normal?

Where Obama failed on forging peace in the Middle East