Saturday, July 28, 2012

Good News Death Fans

Good old number one will remain the worlds premier merchant of death for the foreseeable future.  Did the UN or anyone else really expect our government to limit arms sales?  The military industrial complex is a generous donor to both parties and thus are assured continuation of their very profitable existence.  I wonder, which occupation is harder to explain to your children, making vibrating dildos or land-mines?

UN Talks Fail to Produce Arms Trade Treaty

So what happened?

Congress pissed.  Congress moaned.  The White House chimed in.  We borrow a lot money because we spend more than we take in.  Taxes won't go up and spending won't really go down if elected officials have anything to do with it--unless they screw up.


Don't forget, they did screw up, taxmageddon is coming this Dec.  I hope they do not screw up their screw up.  Is that like a double negative?

What money does

Ooops, we know what money did at Penn State.  If you are an alum and donated to Penn State because the football team was cool, then guess what you abetted?  Yep, you assisted Sandusky.  The obsession with football as a tool to leverage alums giving did develop a program all right.   Perhaps alums should find a charities other than a college, there are lots of them out there.  How will they atone?


I don't expect many alums to give a shit.  They will donate, get tickets and use football for whatever it is they use attendance at football games for.   Gee, if there was no football, would alums have given the school a dime in the firsts place?

Place your bets!

Do you think the CIA (that's really Kill List Obama) will stop it's Pakistan drone off because the Pakistanis object?  After all, the CIA (Obama) only drops those bombs because Pakistan will not do as they are told.  Drones are like spanking a recalcitrant child, right.  Bombs away, the manufacturers need a Christmas bonus.


Arab Normal -- It's all still normal

As we immerse ourselves in the Olympics, don't forget, it's just another Arab day in Syria.

Syria’s Aleppo reported tense, awaiting battle

Hmm, since there is so much death and destruction on the planet, perhaps we could control it by making it an Olympic event?  Can you imagine what it would be like if we re-invented Roman games at their most bloody and barbarous?  After one Roman games, I bet we'd bag all the other events and go straight to a 100% killing and maiming quadrennial two week festival of blood and gore.   Think about cordless power tools...

Veteran Normal -- FUBAR

Has treatment of our vets ever been good?  If someone tells me yes, I'll have to ask them to define good for me.   We, as in, this government of, by, and for the people continue to screw the vets who need assistance the most.  Why do we do this?  I have to assume our representatives, the bureaucrat and braid crowd, just don't like to waste tax dollars on no longer able bodied cannon fodder.

Panetta, Shinseki acknowledge frustration in streamling military health care

Hmm, if we quit having wars, we might have fewer mangled vets.  Think about it.

Vaporous Firms

What happens to the stock price of a company when investors discover there really is no there, there?  Exactly what is there in social media sites?  How many ads can social networks really deliver?  On a smart phone?   Perhaps investors have decided that fads are not good investments.

Most social media companies’ stock prices are flagging

The rich and their pets

Sheldon Adelson is the nutjob who bankrolled Gingrich.  He gave Newt's effort $10 million or more.  It's what kept that pudge in the race long after he should have returned to whatever hole he normally lives in.  Adelson now is shelling out for Willard.  Aside from having a pet, what is Adelson trying to buy from his pol of the moment?  Perhaps avoiding to minimizing a federal lawsuit?

New Questions About Sheldon Adelson’s Casino Operations in Macau

Friday, July 27, 2012

Prez 2012

Do you want to know more about Obama?  How about Willard?  If you are like most people, you know enough about the two bozos.  You've made up your mind already.  This is a lesser of two evils election.  The only thing that matters is party.  Dems may not be all that hot to trot over Mr. Kill List, but he's not a Trog.  The Trogs have their guy.  The best thing they can say about him is that the Mormon is not Obama.  There you  go.  Who wants to know any more?

Oh, the Dems in charge of Obama's operation want to know more about Rombot, but it's only in hopes that the 6% of voters who still profess to be undecided will vote against Mitt Willard.  Ditto for the Trogs, the 6% and Barry.

Most Say They Already Know Enough about the Candidates

Daily Show

Hawking the Merch -- Two so far today!

At 8:46 am I received this pitch from Michelle.  Sign a card and then be asked to slip him a buck or two?  It remains tawdry.  Needless to say, he can celebrate without my greetings

Jake --

Barack has a birthday coming up in a few days -- his 51st.

The girls and I always give him a card, and we love watching his face light up as he reads our notes.

The past couple years, we've invited you to join us in our tradition, and hearing from supporters like you means so much to him.

Will you join us in signing Barack's birthday card today? Let him know he's got your support.

Barack has always been a good sport when I tease him about his gray hairs -- and the next few months are sure to give him a few more.

Knowing that you've got his back will mean the world to him.

So sign Barack's birthday card here -- and show him he can count on you:

Thanks. Barack's going to love this.


Ooops, didn't sign,  Didn't donate.  So, then came the next pitch at 10:40 am.  I wonder how many more I'll reveive today?  The Tubes are really being used by Obama.  How's Willard doing with the Internets?

Jake --

Barack's 51st birthday is coming up.

I hope you'll wish him a happy birthday by signing the card we're putting together for him.

You'll be adding Jan, from Virginia, alongside thousands of other supporters' names -- folks from all 50 states, from all different backgrounds. Together, all those names will be impressive -- they'll show the strength of this campaign and our support for Barack.

And I know he's going to love it.

Add your name today -- and then ask a friend to join you:

These last few months until Election Day won't be easy -- so let's show Barack we have his back every step of the way.

- Michelle

Mitt The Twit

Willard can't avoid making an ass of himself.  Well he could, but he'd have to become one of those vow of silence monks.  Do Mormons have a vow of silence sect?  I know they have polygamist sects and crazy bloody revelation whackjobs, but silence?

Willard is in London.  Willard opened his mouth.  He gaffed.  The Brits reacted.

Mitt Romney's Olympics blunder stuns No 10 and hands gift to Obama

'What a car crash... worse than Sarah Palin'

Mitt Romney's Olympics gaffe overshadows visit to London

I knew it!

Now we know with our minds what our ears have been telling us for years.  It's also why I don't listen to pop radio much at all when there are several great community radio stations available.  What do your ears tell you?  Try louder and simpler with each passing year--

Modern music really does sound the same

Say What?

Okay taxpayer do you support abettors of pervs?  Probably not, but you are! Yep, Penn State's perv protector in chief, it's ex Prez, is now a double secret agent man or some bullshit like that.   Should he have a federal security job?  We know he has no morals, so maybe it's a good fit.   Now that I think about it he'd make a great cabinet member in a Willard admin.

Graham Spanier’s gig as a federal worker is a mystery

Arab Normal -- Aleppo, Syria

From the left come freedom fighters or insurrectionists.  What you call them depends upon on your point of view.  Similarly, from the right comes either a despot's murderous thugs or an army of  righteous defenders of Syrian sovereignty.  Where do they converge today?  Why in Aleppo.  Uh, what's Aleppo?  Isn't that a dog food?  No, it's a really old city, but the people caught in the middle might all wind up as Alpo real soon.

Okay, here's Wiki on Aleppo

And here's today's news on the Imminent Showdown in Aleppo.

Hold, it! What's This? Can it be?

Willard says he did nothing to warrant arrest!  Oops, wrong Willard.  However, I'd love to see the other Willard nailed for pulling a Pee Wee Herman.  Talk about rich pricks.

Counting the legates

The Shrub strove to enter the history books as a winner, a wartime winner who transformed the Arabic world from being a shithole to being a democratic shithole.  He failed.  However he gave his all to 4,488 troops he put in harm's way.  He gave more than his all to the 100,000 to 1,000,000 Iraqis who died as he exercised his childish will.  Now we can add a new category of Bushwhacked folk.  How many contractors did the Shrub have done in to make himself great?  We'll start the count at 719.


Sandwich Wars

Yep, sandwich wars, as in chicken sandwich.  Folks who tremble in fear of gays, keep them away by eating at Chick-fil-A.  Instead of grace, they pray for gays to go away.  Gee, it works, gays are not patronizing that fast food emporium.   Oh, the restaurant is a Jesusy brand grits and crackers kind of place so is anyone surprized at the support for gay bashing?  Boy are they all going to be surprized when they find out god is a black bi-sexual female vegetarian ACLU lawyer from Kenya who will socialize her world.

Chick-fil-A sandwiches become a political symbol

Do any two people see the same web page at the same time?

There's a chance they do not, since the ads can be tailored to the viewer.  Have you noticed how ads seem to reflect your predilections?  Hmm, in the political arena, they ads are there and the targeters are  mining your Internet usage.  Does anyone read ads?  Come on, really?

Dark Money Political Groups Target Voters Based on Their Internet Habits

Gag that Tweet

Twitters could not tweet for an hour or more yesterday.  I'm surprized this did not usher in the end of days.  Yes, twitting by machine was impossible yesterday.   However, it's always possible to be a manual twit.  To manually twit just sit.  Be yourself.  Now perform an effortless task, empty your mind as you make a fist and extend a thumb.  Ah, now you know what to do.  Yep, just hop on and sit and twit.  Twitter was down but twits abounded.

They claim it was a double failure.  Hmm, that does not sound quite right.

Twitter blames data center problems for brief global outage a day before start of Olympics

Own Facebook?

If you own a few shares, you've lost a bit on your investment.  Facebook is spending more on slower growth and really hasn't figured out how to manage advertising.  Is the time ripe for a new application to surface and make Facebook a formerly popular app?  Maybe, all it takes is some an imaginative persons, some money and some code.   What will Facebook be like in a year?

Facebook stock plummets after earnings

Thursday, July 26, 2012

That Odd Senate Vote

Wonkbook: The Senate’s unusual vote on the Bush tax cuts

On the road to becoming a tabloid

The Washington Post can't go more than a decade without stepping on it's ethical dick.  Do you remember the Pulitzer an ace won and had to give back since the story was made up.  That was some keen editing and real attention to detail.  Oh, don't forget they tried to hawk access to reporters as a fund raising tool.  Slick.  Did you follow their bullshit with hiring conservatives?  Now they've been caught with their reportorial paws in the quote approval cookie jar.  I use the post a lot, I may have to change to the Times as my primary paper.  Those same screwed up editors are exercising their same poor judgement.

Washington Post editors back writer who made changes to story at subjects’ request

Gee, I wonder would we have had "All The President's Men" with this approach?

A Legislator walks into a bar...

Trust the appointed regulators?

Come on, the politicalization process has captured them all.  Trust?  Really?  Do you trust anyone elected or appointed to office in our federal government?  Do you trust anyone in the civil service?  At what GS level?  Trust a GS 15 or higher?  14 or lower?  Now how about in your state...

Libor Scandal Timeline: What Did the Fed Know and When Did it Know It?

Now about the guns the nuts slaver over

Guns and American go together like pie and a la mode.  What's a mode?  How do you "a la" it anyway?  Hold it, that sounds like a Muslim dish, A La!  Uh, oh, every diner in the nation is fronting for Islam and the establishment of Kenyan Sharia law.  Damn, this Obama conspiracy is getting out of hand.

Oh, that was fun, now if you'd like to read some rational reporting about guns, here's a pretty good starting point--

The Best Reporting on Guns in America

Hawking the Merch -- Back to selling himself

The message gets shorter as we get closer to his 51st and I continue to send nothing.  I wonder how much Barry and Company have hauled in from self raffles?  Today's pitch--

Jake --

If I win this election, it will be because of what you did.

I don't get to tell you enough how grateful I am.

My friends are organizing a get-together on August 12th to celebrate my 51st birthday at our home in Chicago, and I want you to be there, too.

Before the midnight deadline, make a donation of $45 or whatever you can to support the campaign, and be automatically entered to join me -- hotel and flight included for you and a guest:

Thanks. Hope to see you soon.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Why Would Anyone Vote For Willard?

I doubt that most Trogs are really voting for Willard.  They are voting against Obama.  (I wonder what they'd do it Willard was not white?) They are voting for a GOP Congress and a GOP White House, but they are not voting for Willard.  Even they find him strange.  I'm not sure his fellow Mormons are even voting for him as much as they are voting for someone who also wears magical undies.  Willard makes people want to be around dorks like Santorum, even hard core Mormons.

Willard has no core.  Willard will flip his flop faster than you can butter a slice of toast.  Willard is a dipstick who no longer cares about little things like facts, truth, honesty.  Hell if he ran Bain Capital the way he's run for Prez, he'd have gone bankrupt.  He's a genuinely dislikable douchebag who buys what he wants.  He and his family do not like "us people." Why do folks agree with him?  Well money makes lots of amenable friends.

Here's some of Willard's Wisdom--FACT CHECK: Romney ignores other budget players

Olympic Streaming

You can see every event live on the web--NBC will stream all London Olympic Games events live

North Korea Remains A Shithole

The late Bad Hair Guy, a god on earth until he died,  passed on the godhood to his son Cleft Hair Guy. Why even mentions these dickheads?  Well, Cleft Hair Guy has married. I guess he needs someone to pass on the the god thing.  North Korea remains a premier shithole.

Un is now 2: North Korea confirms Kim is married

The Idiots Have Gone Shopping!

After the Aurora Colo. shootings, folks have decided it's time to buy a gun or more guns or more ammo on e-Bay.  They want to protect themselves.  Having a gun protects them from bullets fired by other people?   They appear to be behaving more like the movie theater shooter than much else.  Too many people with too many guns and people will start shooting too often.  Can you imagine how many more would be dead and maimed if the theater was packed with packers who all started shooting at the same time?  Of course it's great for gun profits.

Fear prompts gun sales, panic after Colo. massacre

Why Not Just End Medicaid?

The health care industry doesn't give a shit about heath unless it's very well paid for.  Money trumps all in medicine--it's just another business.  States piss and moan about the cost.  The Feds can't pay for it without borrowing so why not just kiss it off?

If you are poor and sick, then go find  a private charity or do the decent thing and die.   Isn't that where we are heading?  We as a people do not want universal health care.   I say that because we do not have it.  We have exactly what we want--we voted for what we have and we've got it.  So end Medicare, right?

If we want a real non-capitalist universal health care system, we have to elect people who will effect what we want.  Until that happens, we have exactly what we want.

13 states aim to limit Medicaid

We've Missed Her!

After the primaries, no one paid any attention to the crazy lady.  Well, never fear, she didn't leave. She was just being quiet until she needed to raise some cash from her nutzoid backers.  She now needs the  green.

Stuff my ballot box, the lady has outdone herself--She's Jumped the Shark

Arab Normal Continues

The violence in Syria is cast as Assad versus a bunch of revolting Arabs.  Well, that is true, to an extent, but must be seen in the context of sectarian hate and power.  Assad has his religious group, they have power and know if Assad goes then they are dead.

The rebels are comprised of a few sects and each  knows whom they will kill if their particular sect is able to seize power if Assad goes down.  The sects are all pretty much variations on some aspect of Islam.

To get an understanding of the illogic that pervades the Middle East, get out your Western Civ history book.  It's about the same as Catholics versus Protestants after Luther did his thing,  And then it's also the Protestant vs Protestant violence we see throughout post Luther European history.   It took two World Wars to knock finally knock some sense into Europeans.

Hmm, Syria and the rest of the Arab world may need a massive bit of death and destruction to send religious obsessions packing.  How massive and how violent a war would it have to before Allah's shills say enough?  That's scary.

Syrian aircraft bomb Aleppo as rebels fight for city

It's Time To End The War On Drugs

I don't think we've even won a single battle, but we war on as though we have.  There is so much money in both the illegal and enforcement sides.  The attraction of a large, quick gain, it's better than Bain Capital, assures us that the enemy will always have more recruits than we an bust.  Besides, the users provide an endless supply of operating capital.  As chemists become ever more creative we have a vast of array of new drugs.  How can we win the war on drugs when we can't even make a list of all the drugs we're fighting against.  That's beyond dumb.

We can control it.  We can make the usage legal.  We can massively lower the costs.  We can get the bad guys out of the game.  End the nonsense by ending the war on drugs.  Make them all legit and available OTC.  Then we can begin to figure out why folks prefer to live in the drugged up world rather than the real world.  Perhaps we will then need to modify our real world so it doesn't suck for so many people so much of the time.

“Bath salts” ban could curb use of some legal drugs linked to violent behavior, but not all

Jesus Speculates In Beach Front Property

Jesus told us, via his shills on earth, that climate change belongs to his Dad, not man.  Per Jesus, man can keep on doing what man has been doing.  Dad will provide, as he changes the climate so his son Jesus can buy inland property at a steal--he just got his broker's license.  As the water rises, it will become beach front and they will come with open wallets.  Ca-ching! Ca-ching!

Oh, I don't know much at all about the God/Jesus fantasy, but I'd do know we need to pay a little attention to places such as Greenland and the climate we've royally stuffed.

Greenland ice sheet had biggest thaw since 1973 this month, scientists say

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Okay where's the NCAA for the Catholic Church?

Sandusky was sent to the slammer.  The NCAA has modestly sanctioned Penn St. for abetting Sandusky's operation--they wanted to keep the football cash flowing.  Okay, where's the counterpart for the Catholic Church, they have Sanduskys and their abettors.  We put a priest away and now an enabler is being sent up for 3-6 years.  Where's the sanctions on the Church that just wants believers to keep sending in their cash?  Does anyone really support the Catholic Church anymore?  Why?  I bet even Jesus would have thrown the Pope and all the Catholic clerics out of his temple by now.

Pa. monsignor gets 3-6 years in sex abuse cover-up

Hawking The Merch -- Joe Sells Barry!

In  the continuing selling of the incumbent president, the veep is hawking his boss.  Talk about sucking up.

Jake --

Barack's turning 51 in a couple weeks. And when he goes home to Chicago for a birthday party in his backyard, a couple grassroots supporters like you will be flown in from wherever you live to celebrate.

In the middle of a tough election, it's important to pause on occasion and take some time with friends.

What do you say?

We'll cover the flight and hotel for you and a guest. Donate $45 today.

Any donation you make will automatically enter you to win:

-- DONATE: $35 -- DONATE: $50 -- DONATE: $100 -- DONATE: $250

Or donate another amount:

Take it from me. You'll have fun at this one.


Where are all those thank you Shrub statues?

Maybe they've put up statues thanking Darth instead?  Anyone found a statue?

This Year's Deadliest Attacks in Iraq

Nanny State Update -- NYC

Mayor Bloomberg wants to limit soda sales to 16 oz.  Okay, nanny fans, how effective will it be?

A corner deli could be banned from selling 20-ounce soda bottles even while a neighboring 7-Eleven is allowed to sell giant Slurpees, because the city's proposal would only apply to food carts and to establishments regulated by the city Health Department, including restaurants, sports arenas and movie theaters. Grocery stores, drug stores and some convenience stores are regulated by the state and would be unaffected.

 Hmm, how many other little exceptions or oddities might one expect to find in the Mayor's proposal to cut calories? We may have to face it, the nation needs a national sugary drink size limitaion law. You know that one would be easier to pass than real financial and banking regulation.

Public hearing set on proposed NY sugary drink ban

Barry's Kill List -- Gotcha!

Commander Barry has decided that if anyone lives within 10,000 miles of anyone suspected of being a possible terrorist and we drop a bomb on them, killing them, then the kill is righteous unless posthumously proved otherwise.  If proved otherwise, in a court of law. then, the kill will just be okay and not righteous.  Barry respects due process for corpses.  Aides are adding the names of all  living people to Barry's Kill List.  Ain't the war on terror grand!

U.S. drone strike kills up to 14 in northwest Pakistan

Gee we're a nation of fat people and..

Hmm, we know we're obese.  We also know that income and education vary inversely with retained lard.  We also know that income and education vary directly with probability of marriage.  Uh, oh, that means there's a lot of cohabiting going on.  And when there's cohabiting, you can expect bundles of little bastardy.  Did you expect voluntary celebicy?

Therefore, we can expect to see a growing abundance of fat little bastards who will grow up to be obese bastards who replicate themselves!

Cohabiting women having more babies

Bathinette, Bath Water and Baby Update

As Trogs and those Dems of troggish mien proceed to eliminate democracy in the name of freedom, let's review the new poll tax movement, a.k.a, voter ID.  Here's a good start--

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Voter ID Laws

Let's welcome Mr. James Crow back to the nation.  Did he ever really leave?

Trolling for Votes

If Obama said "follow me" I'd head in the opposite direction.  Ditto with Willard.  They are pols, but that does not deter them from pandering their asses off.

Obama tells veterans convention U.S. is 'safer and stronger' under his watch

Threepeat a coming?

When we don't know much about a country we invade it.  So, how much do we know about Syria?

Sixteen months into the uprising in Syria, the United States is struggling to develop a clear understanding of opposition forces inside the country, according to U.S. officials who said that intelligence gaps have impeded efforts to support the ouster of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The same intell crowd that's given us Afghanistan, Iraq, and so many other delights are still providing the intel. What do these spooks really do other than collect paychecks?

Be All You Can Be?

Xena, Warrior Princess is inspiration for new body armor for women

Will they issue chakrams to all?

Fantasy Fans, This Book's For You

If you've noticed that religion has taken a new tack of late, then you might be interested in the book, "Bad Religion."  The title is spot on, but I'd also include the traditional churches under that heading.

Bad Religion

Maybe it's time to just bag the Olympics

With missiles on rooftops and 18,000 troops or more at the site, is this games or just a politicized target ripe for usage by terrorists of all kinds?  It's hardly worth the expense is it?  The primary purpose of the games is to provide employment for the people who work in the IOCish offices.  Then they make money for the some of the athletes--they get advertising contracts, book deals, and hit the rubber chicken circuit for $10,000 a warble.  The games are games alright, fiscal games.  Make each event into a reality TV show  instead, we'd all be better served.

British government deploys 1,200 more troops to protect Olympic venues at London games

Monday, July 23, 2012

Voter Registartion

Here's one to make you wonder if Dems are just stupid or Trogs are actually behind it in an attempt to gain support for their  new voter ID  discrimination--Pets, deceased receive forms to vote in Va., fueling complaints

And here's one I wasn't expecting in voter registration land -- Washington to offer voter registration via Facebook

In Case You Have Forgotten

Crazy Ron is still in it, to what end is hard to say, but he has not conceded and has not endorsed Willard von Rombot of Mittistan.  He may not at all. The geezer wants to rant and rave in Tampa.  Will the lords of reaction allow him on stage?   Tampa might have an interesting moment or two.  Too bad Ron is not really a libertarian, he's just an ultra right wing Trog.

Ron Paul Still Not Endorsing Mitt Romney, Refusing to Withdraw From Race

The Republican Mind

What's Congress Done Lately?

Lawmakers have sent only 54 bills to President Obama so far this year, making it one of the least productive sessions on record. Most of the new laws are trivial.

Doing a lot of nothing!

Unfortunately No Death Penalty

The NCAA stopped short of banning Penn St from football.  To me, that's a mistake.  The other penalties don't quite cut it.  The death penalty was not imposed because it's in the Big Ten.  If it had been a lesser Division I school, it would be dead.  So much for the NCAA doing it's job.  College football and the NCAA are jokes.  The money will continue.  The obsession with football will not abate.  It's more huff-puffery and a big fine than much else.

  Penn St fined $60M, wins vacated from '98-11

Rewriting history, vacating the wins, is just dumb.  It reminds me of the Soviet Union and Joe Stalin's approach to dealing with things he found inconvenient.  A ten year death sentence would have been more appropriate and made a significant, lasting change at Penn St, especially amongst University officials.  In 10 years who will even remember this mess?

TSA Can Do It!

Oh, that's Theater not Transportation Security.  We will over-react to the Colorado shootings and think we're making oursleves safer.  That of course if 100% bullshit.  Until we come to grips with guns in our society we'll never be safer.  Think the feds (remember feds=taxpayers) should fund a new TSA?  Are you ready to felt up for safety before you enter the movie house?

Colorado shootings likely to change movie going experience indefinitely

Menace? Magic? Idiotic?

Since it's the Olympics, I'll go with idioitic.

Wenlock and Mandeville

Meet Wenlock and Mandeville, drips off the old block

It's Going to be Lebanon all over again

Assad is in trouble, but don't forget his forces are well armed.  We might see chemical and biologicals used within a month or two.  We should also note, Arab leaders continue to prove their singular skill is to piss and moan white sitting and pivoting on their thumbs.  The Arab world is rather pathetic, but hey,  it's Allah's will.

Rebel group launches offensive on Syria’s largest city Aleppo

Papal Bullshit

Pope Ratzy is shocked by the Colorado shootings?  Come on, shocked  from a guy who was a Nazi and used to head up the contemporary Inquisition?  He'd have an auto de fe a day if he could.

And The Shrub Said, "Let's Invade Iraq"

Excepting that, he never had any other idea at all, ever.  It's the only idea he has ever had in his entire wasted life.  The Iraqis are the beneficiaries of this man's remarkable stupidity.  And to think millions of Americans voted for this dipstick, twice.  Yeah, there really is dumb and dumber.

Today in Iraq -- Onslaught of shootings, bombings across Iraq kill 93 in bloodiest day of year

New Book Out -- "Bailout"

You may want to buy a copy, read it, and get really, really pissed at every damn elected official and their appointees in the past couple of decades.  The book is "Bailout" by Neil Barofksy.  Until the majority of voters have had enough with the turds we currently elect, those turds will continue to sell our government to the highest bidder and insure we will have another economic collapse very soon.  By the way, if you think Dodd-Frank solves the problem, you need to start with Barofsky's book and keep on reading.  It doesn't, won't and can't.

Into the Bailout Buzz Saw

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Reciper -- for Vegheads II

I saw this in Bon Apetit and had to try it.  It's yummy.  Give it a try and think about freezing a mess of siffritto for other dishes.

White Bean Ragout with Toast

Recipe- For Vegheads

I made this one a week or so ago, with modifications of course.  I didn't have any fennel, so I added mushrooms and onions.  It's a decent pasta salad.  Makes a main course,add bread and wine.  Mango for desert.  The idea is great, use and modify with whatever you have on hand.  Any smallish pasta will work--

Little pasta makes big impact in salads

Tomato Pizza Rolls

I made BH&G's  recipe for Tomato Pizza Rolls today.  I cut the recipe in half--we're just two old farts.  It's worth giving it a try.  Use more prosciutto though, for 1/2 recipe, next time I'll use 8oz.  Tasty.

Tomato Pizza Rolls

I don't know if the leftovers will freeze and reheat okay.  Probably will.  I don't eat reheated or cold pizza, but Mrs. Jake does.  If you make this, there are lots of modifications you can do.  I thinking ham,  mushroom, and tomatoes for the next one.    

What Do You Think?

Penn St has taken down Paterno's statue.  This seems reasonable to me.  Is it?

Penn State president orders Paterno statue removal

Maybe we should end all inter-collegiate athletics and dissolve the NCAA.

I was not ready for this one!

Teens losing interest in driving as Internet usage rises

Who Will You Vote For?

95% of us, who bother to vote, already know who will vote for.  The candidate's ads and speeches might make a difference among the 5% who are supposedly uncommitted, but they really do know which schmuck they will vote for.  (Uh, that's a more polite way of saying which dick they vote for.)  They pretend they are independents, they are probably the first generation of consistent voters in their families.

This election is a very close, it's a lesser of two evils race.  Come on, we have a blatant Trog challenging a closet Trog.  I wonder could it have been different?  Could I have voted for Willard?  Well, maybe if the other Willard had run.  Yeah, Barry would have been handed his ass by other Willard.  I bet he's glad Willard 2.0 decided to run.  He won't need to a butt prosthesis.

I was reading this piece on Perot -- Ross Perot 2012! His message was 20 years ahead of its time -- and wondered who could pull off a Perot in 2012?  Does it just take money, message and ads?  Perot received about 19% of the vote.  Too bad he didn't win.

We need new parties.  The Trogs and Jackasses have played out their beliefs, they run on vapors of former glory and that's all.  The half of us who vote don't have the guts to vote for anyone except a Demican or Republicrat despite our rants and raves.

I wonder, if a billionaire gave Hillary Clinton two billion to run now, would she win?  Could she form new party or would it be the same old shit with a new name?   Who, of the names you know, could take the money, win, and form a decent third party all in one swell foop?  

There's Dumb and There is Dumber

There are at least 21 new member of the dumber community.  They even paid for admission.  Why on earth does anyone attend crap like this?  Why does anyone buy the guy's books?

21 suffer burns after walking on hot coals during Tony Robbins event in California


Five Myths -- Campaign Ads

Dear American Moron

It's been a generation or two.  It's time for all of us to re-discover that poverty exists.  Americans live in poverty.  It's not voluntary, so let's not waste time blaming the victim.  Once again, we have to admit we did not fix the problem in the past.  All we did was put a band aid it, assumed it was fixed and went about our personal hedonistic business.   Today we have a rich white prick running for president.  He wants to cut taxes and social services spending.  Will we address poverty or adopt the GOP position which opts for divinely ordained starvation for the hungry?

US poverty on track to reach 46-year high; suburbs, underemployed workers, children hit hard

It Gets So Damn Old

Once again someone states the obvious--Ex-federal official calls U.S. classification system ‘dysfunctional’

I began reading about our secrets and classification in the late 60s.  It was bad then, it's gotten worse since.  Damn thing is, no one in government will do anything about it--all it does is provide cover for elected, appointed and employed federal butts.  If you'd like to begin reading about secrecy and what it does to us, read David Wise's 1973 "Politics of Lying."  Secretes don't protect our government from our enemies, secrets protect our government from us.