Saturday, August 4, 2012

Still Think Willard's Sharp?

Good News!

The do nothing Congress will do nothing in their home districts for the next five weeks.  They are on vacation.   Even on vacation idling their assess off, they can go lower in approval.  They've been as low  9% and are now at 12%, surely they can do as did Dick Cheney and hit minus 3% or lower.  Why do we elect the same human wastes over and over again?


Rich Old White Guy Endorses Romney

Clint Eastwood endorses Romney

How much did he rake in?

Obama hawked himself off to fans for his birthday party.  Donate a few bucks or or more and the winner could sit the same room with him, breathe the same air, even touch his hand.  Oh, puke how much did he take in?

For the President, a Birthday Party With a Price Tag

Did Willard Want This Endorsement?

Porn star Jenna Jameson endorses Mitt Romney

Show us the tax returns

Willard can shut it down by showing us a decades worth of 1040s.  I have to conclude they are embarrassing.  It's probably not that he did not pay any taxes, but more that he only paid a few percent on tens of millions.  Until then let's enjoy the Mormon fight--

Harry Reid, Mitt Romney trade sharper barbs over taxes

Sandwich Wars -- Grits Win, Gays Lose

More appreciators showed up on Wednesday than gay kissers did yesterday.  Chick fil-A's CEO can be assured of a continued huge income from which he can donate to gay hating groups across the land.  While the sandwich shops may serve all,  realize that a part of every dime spent at Chick fil-A supports the CEO's philanthropic bigotry.  Your dime, your mouth, and your arteries.

Chick-fil-A 'Kiss in' protest small compared to appreciation day

Afghan WAr and Our Beloved Bozos

I post on this cluster fuck of a war a lot.  It's probably boring to my readers.  I say that since we're in a presidential election year and we're in the eleventh year of that damn war.  It's not that we are at war as much as it it that neither of the assholes running for office talk about it at all.  Reporters are not demanding to now their positions. Voters aren't asking them about the war.  Given the wars we've waged for over a decade, where's the big speech praising our bellicosity?   Where are the war protesters?  Does anyone give a shit about the death and destruction?  Keep shopping folks, but first give this piece a read--

Remember the war in Afghanistan? Obama and Romney don’t seem to.

It's just more evidence to elect anyone other than Willard or Obama.  Write in Buddy Roemer, write in Ron Paul, or vote for the Libertarian, Gary Johnson.  We really have to end this empire crap.

Arab Normal -- Death to All Not Like Us

We know the Assad's have no compunctions about killing anyone at all.  As nations begin to demand the U.S. provide more support for the revolting Syrians who strive to oust Assad, they and we seem to forget about the normal murderous sectarianism which pervades Arabic lands shitholes.

The rebels are but aspiring Assads.  Let Arabs solve Arab problems.

Accounts of Syria rebels executing prisoners raise new human rights concerns

Segregation is back, but...

It's not just racial segregation that can ravage a society, especially a democracy.  We have been segregating ourselves by income.  The idea of a mixed neighborhood, based on incomes and occupations has been waning for decades.

If all you experience in life is the accoutrement's of affluence, then will you tend to believe anyone who tells you about poverty and despair in your burg or nation?  Probably not, since you grew up in a nice home, with a nice family, went shopping in nice malls, and so on.  It makes me wonder about the effects of seeing is believing--you have to have a lot of diverse stuff to see.

In a prior lifetime I taught a class in Social Problem.  I saw this dynamic back then.  I was teaching about poverty.  The class did not  quite accept what I was saying about the incidence, incomes and how easy it was for the poor to be hidden from decent folks sight.

I asked if the class knew where to find poor people,  They did not.  I asked them to look out the window, across the river.  I asked if they had ever driven through that part of town over there.  They had not.  It was a huge pocket of human squalor, isolated from the nice parts of town.  A few students did take a drive.  I think I upset their apple cart.

It's not healthy for us to live in income and occupational segregated neighborhoods.

The Rise of Residential Segregation by Income

Why do we trust bankers?

God, trust a banker?  That's moronic.  That depraved act is only exceeded by celebrating them as moral exemplars and pillars of society.  Look, if it's a banker, it's only focus in life is one thing--money.  If a banker suggests anything it means he has an angle to wrest an excessive  profit.  Bankers are brilliant?  Bullshit, they're just greedy.  Why do think greed is one of the seven deadly sins?

Why Do We Keep Swooning Over Failed Bankers?

If You Say it Five Times It's True

No, I'm not going to trash the Shrub or his Uncle Dork even thought they were masters of the technique.  They made it up every day and credulous reporters and fawning TV news readers repeated it more than five times establishing the fictions as facts.  How else do you think they were able to kick off the Iraq war?

When numbers become ensconced in the public mind, they are "true" even if they are in fact false.  Do you remember the estimates of homelessness?  How about AIDS incidence expectations?  When missing children became the rage, the numbers led many to think every child in the country was going to be abducted.  Do you have a favorite fact free truth to share?

The common theme in true-fake numbers is that no one digs into the source when the numbers first hit the national echo chamber.   If no one dampens the sound, it reverberates building to crescendo of  fear and despair.  Unfortunately, as the sound lingers Congress acts.  Is Congress acting on cybersecurity because they "know" that hacking costs the world over $1 trillion every year?  Maybe, but they're probably seeing more votes in preventing the over $250 billion annual "loss" to cybercrime.

Hold it, where did those numbers come from?  They sound true.  Oh, damn they've been repeated by pols and pundits five hundred times so they must be true.  Oops, we're fact shafted again.

Does Cybercrime Really Cost $1 Trillion?

Friday, August 3, 2012

Do Chihuahuas Eat Tacos?

I don't know if they wrap Pard in tortillas or not, but you can find about just anything plopped inside a folded flour or corn tortilla.  Where did the taco come from?  Did the guy who created Taco Bell invent it?  Or is it an ancient Aztec fast food?  If you'd like to learn more about tacos, then give this piece a read--Humble taco is subject of new research

Did any of the changes you hoped for materialize?

I bet you weren't hoping for more of the Shrub, but that's what we've gotten.  The only saving grace about Obama in Nov. is that we know Willard would Shrubify government beyond even the Shrub's wildest dreams.  This election is a lesser of evils race.

Remember his 2008 blather about government transparency?  Bullshit.  No, make that lies.  All it is, today is a memory since Obama continued the Shrub's polices to stop the flow of information.  I wonder who will really replace Buchanan as the worst President ever,  the Shrub or Obama?  Who has covered more government assess, Barack or Dubya?

Obama administration struggles to live up to its transparency promise, Post analysis shows

We need a couple more parties.  I'm still partial to writing in Buddy Roemer for prez.

Religion Strikes Again -- Russia

Between Czar Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church, little things like free speech, democracy and the rule of law do not stand a chance.  Don't you just love people who hide behind tradition, it's a fantastic way to keep and perpetuate power.

  Pussy Riot trial: Putin expresses hope for 'correct decision'

Arab Normal

The locale is Syria, but the Arabs continue to excel at killing each other off.  Actually it's not just Arabs, it's us, people.  And we do it so well, all for a bit of money and power justified by a loopy faith in fantasy.  Today it's Syria.  Who knows where next, but there will be a next.


We Trained Them

The Afghan Army has lived up to the high level of training our commanders in the ground keep bragging to Congress and the press about.

Months after Americans leave, an Afghan base in disrepair

How Bad Is Willard -- Update

Obama loses to any generic Trog, but whips Willard's ass,  Hmm, even with this, Obama will still tromps the Mittinmouth.  Willard can't be elected, he glorps, he farts and burps at the same time.

US economy added 163,000 jobs in July, most in 5 months; unemployment rate rose to 8.3 pct

Sandwich Wars -- Fast Feud Nation

Sandwich Wars -- Update Chick fil-A Day

Wednesday was Chick fil-A "appreciation" day.  Thousands of grits and crackers turned out. They  bought  sandwiches.  They showed solidarity with Chick's gay bashing CEO.  The CEO made a few extra million.   The CEO will increase his multi-million dollar donations to gay bashing groups.

Today, is the counter demonstration day.  Gays and gay supporters will turn out for the Chick Kiss In.  Show up, do not buy a sandwich, and kiss someone of the same gender.  Will the lost sales top the redneck's consumption?  Who knows.  It's been a great ad campaign so far.

Gay rights activists answer ‘Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day’ with national ‘Kiss In’

The Debilitators Are At It Again!

The U.S. Senate, the world's greatest debilitative body, are attacking loopholes in the tax code.  Yeah for the USA!  They approached 75 deductions.  They cringed in fear of NASCAR, but stood tall against wind mills.  When the hot air dissipated, 20 had bit the dust.  They are proud of themselves.  Who elects these turds?

Oh, I forgot, we do.  We have a Senate that is exactly what most of us desire.  If you are in the minority on this, then you have to bring a like-minded friend to the polls and vote the bums out of office.  Remember, given how many of us do not vote, a majority is 25% +1 votes.

Special interests win in Senate panel’s attempt at tax reform

Tax code reform is simple, scrap it in toto.  Then tax all income on a progressive scale of 1% to 30% over a range of income that begins at $1 and maxes out at $1,000,000+.  No deductions, no loopholes, no nothing for nobody.  It's so simple.  Sorry non-profits you will have to pay taxes.  Super-Pacs ditto on taxes.  Every individual, every business, and every organization that makes a dollar has to pay a business tax--5% of gross revenue.  Simple.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

How Much Does Willard Suck?

Well, jobless claims are up--applications rise to 365,000--and Obama still trumps Willard by several points.  A generic Trog whips Obama's ass.  Willard does not.  That is pathetic.  Then again, given what you know about Bain Capital, a private equity firm, would you really want him to run USA, Inc.?  He'd take the nation into Chapter 7 and fire everybody as he sold off the U.S. to make money on his investment.  Hmm, would more people vote for Trump than Romtwit?

What's Pat Have to Say?

Usually Pat Robertson pops up out of whatever hole he lives in to tells us that god hates us for something, hence we get to enjoy whatever disaster has befallen us.  God is a weird creator and really sucks as a communicator--he speaks through Pat.

Hmm,  god must hate our farmers, I wonder what they did?  We'll have to wait for Pat's bullshit bloviation to find out.  Until then, note food prices will be going up.  The price increases are due to god's instructions to man to rape and pillage the world.  

Drought intensifies in most-parched areas of U.S.

Obama's Peace Through War Continues

In case you've forgotten there is still a war on in Afghanistan.  Things blow up.  Weapons are fired.  People die.  People get maimed.  President Kill List perpetuates the Shrub's  wartime commandership.  Where are the war protesters that greeted the Shrub with such regularity?  I guess Democratic wars are okay.   As the Olympics persist, we will pay even less attention to death and dying.  Hell, even when that sports nonsense ends, we'll continue to pay less attention.

2 NATO troops killed in Afghanistan

Sandwich Wars -- Chick fil-A Update

The grits and crackers turned out to show their support of the gay bashing CEO of Chick fil-A by buying sandwiches in record number.  I wonder if this has been a sales gimmick all along.  Given that the sandwich joints are pretty much in redneck states, it was a safe bet to invoke Jesus and his Dad to bash gays.  Now we'll have to see how the gays retaliate.  Will their be as many Chiks kissed as their were appreciated sandwiches.

Chick-fil-A appreciation day brings fans, critics to streets

Screwing the pooch

We, that is, the ace deciders in Washington have come down on the side of the Rapture crowd.  ObamaCo is ramping up support of the Syrian revolting Arabs.  This is a mistake.  If Syrians want to overthrow their dictator, then they and other Arabs should do it without any assistance from the U.S. and other nations.   It's amazing how the end of days can drive a foreign policy.

U.S. eases arms purchases for Syrian rebels 

Obama signs order supporting Syria's rebels, reports say

The rich

It may be true that the rich have less a chance of attaining heaven than does a camel traversing the eye of a needle.   However, their damnation is in the future, in the here and now, the rich just fuck things up for everyone else.  How do you think they got rich?  Why do tolerate them?  Oh, it's the money they spend to exercise their will.  How many pieces of silver do you go for?  Do you want them telling you how to run your government?  They are and they will rebuild it in their image.  That is a painful thought.

Influence Industry: Small group makes big dent on super PAC individual donations, study says

An Ass

Do you expect Congress to do anything about it?

About what?  Oh, the national electric grid.  It's in bad shape.  It will continue to fail here and there until we finally have a national blackout.  I don't expect the actual producers to do a damn thing about their plant and equipment.  They maximize profits and let their infrastructure rot.  Electric companies remind me of the railroads, without regulation they let their right of way fall apart, saved enough to cope with the derailments, until it got out of hand.

If utilities won't step up, then it's really simple, nationalize all electrical production and distribution.  Electricity is too important to leave in the hands of greedheads like Romney and those of his ilk.  They focus only on profit and nothing else.  Can you imagine how Willard would run a utility.  Make them all public and be done with it.

Aging power grid on overload as U.S. demands more electricity

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

There's money in Mommy Porn!

Green with envy over 'Fifty Shades of Gray'

Fifty Shades trilogy outsells Harry Potter on Amazon's UK website

True Spirit of the Olympics

Eight Olympic badminton players disqualified for 'throwing games'

Will the Supremes Eat Chick fil-A's

They might.  California has asked that Prop 8 join the DOMA cases during the Supremes next tour of Roberts and the Robes.  Come on, all those devout Catholics on the Court will uphold DOMA and do more than pray the gays away.  Damn Catholics, they are as bad as the evangefundies.  No they are worse, they know better.

Gay marriage: California's Prop. 8 lands on doorstep of US Supreme Court

The NRA Will Object

The NRA mission is to increase sales of guns and ammo.  The NRA uses the second amendment as a marketing tool.  As the pace of new gun ownership began to level off and head towards decline the NRA moved from gun safety and education to a program based on fear--the government will take all your guns away!

Damn that means existing owners would need to buy more and stash them.  Fear and panic are great marketing ploys.  They work, over and over again.  The NRA fronts for gun manufacturers and retailers, so you can bet they will hawk this one into the latest variation on Obama's Justice Dept. is on its way to seize your guns.  Anyone want to buy a half dozen assault rifles?  I understand they are great for hunting rogue yams and rabid carrots.

Gun ruling may become a model for the nation

Let them eat gruel!

If Willard is elected and is able to enact his tax reform, then we'll not see the 1% - 99% split.  It will be a 5% - 95% divide.   5% will see taxes go down as 95% pay for it with higher taxes.  Once again, the bozo is right out of the 1950s and WASP culture even if he is a Mormon.  Willard must think that the rich should never pay for their privileges, it's their birthright.  Bullshit, either the rich pay taxes or we end the rich.  It's a simple choice -- responsible capitalism or hardcore socialism, which do you prefer?

Romney tax plan would result in cuts for rich, higher burden for others

Remember the source

Maybe Willard won't show us his tax returns because for a number of years he didn't pay any.  He can afford outstanding tax cheats (lawyers).  We've learned this from Sen. Reid, so take it with a grain of salt.

Harry Reid’s sharp tongue has struck before

How Bad Is Willard?

The economy, while no longer in the septic tank, makes it onto the curb only to be brushed back into the gutter, over and over again.  It's growing, but you'd hardly know it.  Unemployment is still over 8%, it's becoming the new normal.  The rich do get richer, the rest of us just get depressed as we watch Congress obey their affluent masters.  We're all convinced we're heading into a perma-sucks condition.  

Oh,  don't forget this is a presidential election year.  Obama, a Democrat, is running for reelection.  Given the flagged economy, Obama's opponent should be a shoo-in.  Given Obama's continuation of the worst of Bush on war, human rights, civil rights and the rule of law,  even Dems should be opting to vote for any other guy.  The other guy must be elated.

Okay, who's the other guy?  We all know the answer to that one, it's Mitt Romney.  Did your stomach just turn?  How bad is Willard? Well he's not leading in the polls against Obama, and that is bad.  Even a Chick fil-A sandwich should be whipping Obama's ass.  Willard is lower than sucks.  Is that "blows chunks."

New poll shows Obama with significant lead in swing states of Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania

I guess Willard suffers from having no core, having a Harvard dual PhD in flip-flpping and pandering and having that giant M on his forehead.

Sandwich Wars

The fat lady hasn't sung yet, but the fat man has spoken.  He thinks it's time to put your your morals on public display.  Who will join him and eat the gays away?  It's like a dietary prayer.  That sounds weird, but on Wednesday, assume anyone who patronizes Chick fil-A affirms that gays should be passed away from the body of society as will sandwiches from their body.

If you think Huckabee is just full of it, then try something different, cook your own food and avoid all fast food palaces forever.  Yeah, now repeat after men, "I will eat junk food, no more, forever."  Maybe that line will work for food, it sure didn't do much for war.

The war's Friday flip side, "Kiss Mor Chiks," will be quite interesting.

Chick-fil-A supporters plan nationwide appreciation day after furor over marriage comments

It Ain't The Pay, It's the Perks...

And the ability to parse the law with great ease and skill.  Congress knows how to obey the laws it wrote to govern members excesses and sleazy practices.  Why do we keep electing slimeballs to Congress?  Pork?  God we're cheap.

Lobbyist-linked Group Footed Bill for Rep. Burton’s Bahrain Trip

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


If we are going to have an Army, then let's have an Army.  Hiding the Army in the Reserves and Guard deceived the public.  As we scale back from Bush's moronic forays into war to become a great Prez in future history books, then we need to cut back both the reserves and the regulars.

If the aces we elect want to have lots of saber rattlers then they need to make 95%  of them full time employees of the DOD.  The Guard and Reserves should never be used the way they have been under the Bushes and Obama.

I think this reserve ploy was developed by Cheney when he was Secretary of Defense.  It hid the troops while it made it seem that we were really making the military smaller.  I bet most reservists did not expect what they were hit with under the Shrub.  His dad was lucky--it was very, very short war.

If we cannot attain an Army of desired size through volunteers, then revive the draft while we reduce the the reserves and return to pre-Bush normalcy.

Army to expand citizen soldiers' training periods

Will Obama Lose Because of Pizza?

There appears to be a vast difference between the Old Farts and the Millennials.  Old Farts look at Willard and see the 1950s they so loved. I guess it's a case of white tinted lenses.  Millennials look at Obama and see a future they want.

Old and young biases are reflected in their politics and votes.  Obama's problem is that Old Farts really turn out and vote.  What else to they have to do?  Millennials on the other hand, will vote unless there's a pizza special on election day.  They are a bit more fickle.   Damn, 2012 will become a race driven by the bored and the flighty.

If Obama wants to win, he needs to find some way of really firing up younger voters.  He needs to engage them in GOTV (get out the vote) campaigns.  Could he create a rally from the Voter ID (gee, that was the poll tax in the 1950s)?   Can he?  Well his track record for inspiring and engaging ordinary folks while he's been in office has not been all that hot.  Just being a Democrat will not cut it in November for Obama but might be just what Willard needs.

A generation gap

This could happen here

Unless the current crop of assholes we have elected to federal offices quit obsessing over staying elected, we can have a national blackout too.  The time for political parties is over, we need to elect people who want to govern for one or two terms instead.  Oh, what did happen in India anyway?


All Things Considered, Religion Really Sucks

When people decide that there is Truth, that they have it, then by god, everyone else will too or they will be dead.  I can understand people pursuing power but not because some fantasy is thought to have told them to go forth and worship by killing.  Religion sucks.  You cannot argue with belief in capital T truth, all you can do is defend yourself from the world's assorted theistic loons.

U.S. slams Europe for anti-Muslim laws, hits Egypt over treatment of Christians

MItt n' Mouth For Prez!


If you are gay, as in homosexual, not as in having an open lightness of heart or liveliness of mood, then why would you even think about being a Republican or voting for one? Gayness is rather central in your life, isn't it?

It rather defines major aspects of your human behavior. Look, the Democrats have included a gay marriage plank in their national platform. Do you really expect the Trogs to even allow a splinter of a gay to appear in their platform? The Dems accept gay and lesbian people as full Americans.  I dare say the Trogs do not and will not, ever.

Democrats add gay marriage to party platform

Arab Normal -- Assad is still in power

Does anyone really expect Assad to lose power anytime soon?   He has lots of guns and goons.  Note, his goons know their prospects are far less than optimal if the rebels oust Assad.  The mess is about power from the dictator down to lowest private in the Syrian army.  I guess this is the what happens when people follow the maxim, extremism is the defense of power is no vice.

Syrian rebels seize rural territory while Assad forces focus on major cities

Damn We're Going to Start Taxing Geddons!

Unless those who have attained international fame at doing nothing actually do something, we will find our geddons and everything else we own taxed by dear old Uncle Obama or Willard the Wimp.  Of course if Uncle Barry doesn't tax us a bit more, then we will borrow more and amass even more debt as we add another  trillion or so this year.  We are in a fiscal pickle of our own making, who elected the clowns who imposed this on us?  We did, but we didn't really object since federal money is free, right?  Even the dietary restricted religionists enjoy a hearty nosh of pork.  

Unless Congress acts by 12/31/12, the Bush tax cuts will expire, payroll taxes will return to former levels, 2013 federal budget adjustments will go into effect, and the giant sequestration of spending will commence.  It's taxmygeddon days ahead.

The whole battle over taxes and spending comes down to who will remain on the federal dole and who will not.  We, as a nation have become dependent on federal spending.   Somewhere between 25-45% of of all incomes depend on federal spending.  If you cut spending on contracts, someone will lose a job.  Do you remember when we almost eliminated NASA after the moon shots?  Aerospace engineers had to take jobs as burger flippers.  The same type of thing is coming this Winter.

It will increasingly become the topic in the presidential race.  It's jobs, only as in will I lose mine because you assholes have run the ship of state onto the shoals of the permanent campaign obsessed with victory and nothing else.   None of our elected officials have the time or inclination to govern, they are too busy running for the next election.

If we need a starting point, I'd re-write the tax code, keep on borrowing, and then decide if we are all going to be employees of Uncle Sam or not.  Don't forget, the growth in government is not in federal employment, that is pretty flat for over 50 years.  The growth is in all those vendors, contractors, and safety nets.  This nation's people, from top to bottom are dependent on the feds--even Willard, he needed the tax code to do his thing at Bain.

As ‘fiscal cliff’ looms, debate over pre-Election Day layoff notices heats up

And the new kid on the block is...

That's as in a terrorist kid.  Al Qaeda is broken and is not what it once was.  Now Iran and Hezbollah appear to have stepped up and taken the number one billing.  Here's a long piece on the pair.  It's  precipitated by the Bulgarian bus explosion that killed Israeli tourists.

Every time I read a piece such as this, I have to wonder how much counterpart "terrorism" we deploy, but our behavior is always declaimed as good and noble.  Is terrorism in the eye of the beholder?  How much of historical evaluation is based on who won?

Is there a line the good guys can cross whereby their acts become as despicable and as evil as their enemy's  terrorist activity?  How do we know when, over time and across behavior,  we have become them? How much of what our secretive agencies do today comes from sinking to the level of a former enemy, the USSR?  Don't forget, our elected officials still approve of torture and its use.

Before Deadly Bulgaria Bombing, Tracks of a Resurgent Iran-Hezbollah Threat

Monday, July 30, 2012

Arab Normal -- Sharing

As Assad continues to kill his people, he may share death and destruction with the Lebanese.   It's  the Islamic Arabs version of generosity--

Lebanese worry that Syrian army might escalate attacks

The Shrub's Legacy Keeps on Giving

The Shrub laid the foundation.  Nothing will ever be done right in Iraq since nothing was done right in the first place.  The Shrub institutionalized failure.

US wasted more than $200 million on police training program that Iraqis call ‘useless’

I wonder if all those folks who voted for the Shrub are proud of their votes today?  Did you ever meet anyone proud of their Nixon votes?

Breaking News!

Former Veep, Dork Cheney has told the truth for the first time in his life!  His heart transplant must be the cause of his new, for him, character aberration.

Cheney calls Palin selection for vice president in 2008 ‘a mistake’

Stating the obvious

Here's what's been obvious and intuitively clear to even a less than casual viewer of the Afghan War debacle--

 A U.S. initiative to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on construction projects in Afghanistan, originally pitched as a vital tool in the military campaign against the Taliban, is running so far behind schedule that it will not yield benefits until most U.S. combat forces have departed the country, according to a government inspection report to be released Monday.

How long have we been there? Maybe we should not have listened to all those commanders in the ground after all? Now what if all the "infrastructure" construction makes life worse? That's some kind of planning and some kind of Taliban recruitment.

Let Them Eat Cake

We know what happened to her, but today the ostentation of the rich appears on TV.  The masses are not happy.  Of course why the masses support the Olympics in the first place is beyond me.  Hm, guillotines anyone?

At London Olympics, empty seats have organizers scrambling, giving away tickets to children and soldiers

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I thought he was just a rich prick

Now I find out Willard is also a wimp.   Yeah, he a wimpy rich prick.  Is this Jake calling him a wimp? No, it's Newsweek, on the cover--

A Candidate With a Serious Wimp Problem

Kim Who?

Olympics: Kim Rhode shoots her way into history. Now can we remember her?

It's time to replace Cantor

When you are afraid of crazy people, you should no longer serve in Congress.  Cantor fears the crazy lady and her friends.

Cantor Defends Bachmann: She’s Concerned About ‘Security Of The Country’


Does Willard have a great big "M" on his forehead?

Why is Willard in Israel?

Oh, that's easy.  He's not pandering for the Jewish vote--they will vote Democratic forever.  He's trying to prove to the batshit crazy End of Days evangefundies that he's on their side.  He wants the seriously deranged vote.

After all, if there is no Israel, then there will be no End of Days.  If there is no End of Days then the sanctimonious and self-righteous won't be Raptured to heaven.  If they are not Raptured then they won't be able to watch god on his heavenly Jumbotron smite all the Jews on earth as he makes life a living hell for all the unraptured.  Note, Mormons are not on god's the evangefundies rapture list since they are not Christian.  Willard is very strange.

As he did in London, he's doing in Israel, what a schmuck--

In jam, Romney tries not to make new Iran policy

President Kill List

More drones. U.S. drone strike kills 4 in Pakistan.  Okay it's time to vote for someone other than Obama or that other turd.   I'm still inclined to write in Buddy Roemer, but I could vote libertarian instead.  How about it, is it time to rid ourselves of the Trogs and Jackasses?

Questions about Tweedledee and Tweedldedum

Here are eight questions and answers about the coming 100 days.  Yep, only 100 days left to make up your mind.  Do you want Mr. Still Hoping for a Change or Mr. Bullying the Dog on My Car Roof?

Eight Questions

Arab Normal -- Syria

The Arabic world, especially Syria, has exactly the world it wants.   We should not assist or hinder their efforts to slaughter each other in god's name.  However, they had best leave Israel alone or they will find that our "End of Days"  evangefundies will demand that we invade to preserve the Jews, so that god can kill them all during the Rapture.  Suppose the rebels win, how long do you think it will take for them to form a government in Assad's image?

Syria lashes out at Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, vows to beat rebels in Aleppo

Worth A Read

I'll give him his argument, but I'd begin re-regulating banks by re-establishing Glass Steagall anyway and then adding in regs to deal with to big to fail and  --

Any number of factors led to the recent financial crisis. At the top of the list — and rarely mentioned — is the willingness of our trading partners to finance our trade deficit with an artificially low interest rate and an artificially high exchange rate. And right behind it was the growth of a vast new shadow banking system largely outside the reach of regulators. Shoddy lenders, foolish borrowers and investors, greedy investment bankers, compromised appraisers and ratings analysts, clueless regulators — all of these were also part of the story — along with excessive consolidation.

Let’s shatter the myth on Glass-Steagall

TV Ads for bozos

The Trog and the Jackass have siezed the airways in some states.  If you live in one of them, you are probably hitting the mute button a lot.  I live in the Richmond, Va. TV area.  The ads are constant, I wonder what it will be like after Labor Day?  I don't use the DVR for local news, yet.  The saddest  aspect of these ads is that they may sway someone to vote for either of the jokes running for Prez.  Why do political ads have more credibility than soup ads?

In 2012 campaign, Obama and Romney inundate swing states with ads

Myths -- Mass Shootings

Five Myths

Now about the NRA and guns -- Why killing is a profitable enterprise