Saturday, August 18, 2012

LIttle George Went Nation Building

It was hard work.  He built a nation.  Let's look at the result--BOMB AT AFGHAN BAZAAR KILLS 4 PEOPLE

President Kill List Strikes Again

Once again drones killed people in Pakistan.  Assuming there was one sort of confirmed potential bad guy in the blast zone, then the others who were vaporized by association and proximity, were assumed to be as bad and worthy of death.  The goat herder population goes down with every strike.

Funny, from their perspective on the ground, drones must seem like jet planes crashing into buildings.  I guess terrorism is in the eye of the beholder.  As time goes by, we merely become more and more one with our enemies in thought, word and deed.


Gambling in Casablanca Front

Old farts oppose young farts farting around with Medicare.  Bet no one could have expected that one.  Did you bet on old farts demanding changes to their health care system?  Damn, that's dumb.   Oh, old farts have been around long enough to remember how they lied their assess off when they were young farts looking out for their old farts.  They are informed and they really want everyone to keep their hands off their Medicare.

Older Americans Have Been Highly Resistant to Medicare Changes

What's He Hiding?

Look, assume he's used every dodge he can to not pay taxes.  He's just a rich prick, we all know that.  He's purchased the nomination, all the Trogs know that.  He's despised by one and all.  Knowing that, you have to wonder how much more disgusting he can make himself?   Oh, that's why he's not showing us his 1040s.

Romney still can’t shake income tax controversy

End of Days Fans, Take Heart

It may be a bit premature, but since you know you are holier than every other thou across the land, you're entitled to think about getting your rapture on. It's okay, you can practice, go ahead, rapture yourself.  If you've lived a life of self-righteous disdain of sinners, you're ready to be palmed into  the hand of an angry god. Are you sure you are moral enough to be saved?

Israel may attack Iran. That could kick off the much awaited global apocalypse. Then again, it might lead only to more death and destruction in the Middle East as global fallout mutates us all with no end to those days.

In Israel, speculation rises of pending attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities

What about all of our nukes?

Civil disobedience

State & Local Elections

Tip O'Neil said all politics is local.  He was right.  Of course TV and radio would have us think it's all national.  We're awash in presidential bullshit, so Tip must have been wrong.  Oh, hold it, the local crowd does do little things such as setting the rules for voting.

Hm, if states bring back the modern version of the poll tax via Voter ID, who benefits?  Well, state and local Trogs will get a benefit and the national Trogs will too.  Look, bigotry begins at home and spreads across the land unless it's stopped unless decent people say "NO, enough!"  Not that the Dems are that much better, but in the modern era, does anyone really think Voter ID (poll tax) is one of their ideas?

We fought one bloody Civil War and endured 100 years of Jim Crow laws in our red states of racism.  They're still smarting from it.  They really hold a grudge.  Why are we deferring to the wisdom of local bozos when we've  known  them since grade school.  If you are poor, old (which means largely female), non-white, young, or in college, the Trogs have initiated a disenfranchisement program just for you.

Pennsylvania is Just the Latest Ruling Upholding Voter ID Law

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Checking the back and forth over Medicare

In the week since Paul Ryan was named Mitt Romney's running mate, the two campaigns and their allies have engaged in a relentless debate about the future of Medicare.

We have checked claims from both sides and have several more fact-checks in the works.

We found Romney was exaggerating when he said President Obama "robbed" Medicare of $716 billion. We rated that Mostly False.

Obama spokeswoman Stephanie Cutterearned a True for her claim that Ryan's budget relies on the same $716 billion in cuts that Republicans have been attacking Obama about.

We dug into the nuances between "vouchers" and "premium support" and gave the Obama campaign a Mostly True for its claim that Romney and Ryan "want to turn Medicare into a voucher system."

Meanwhile, we want to give a shout-out to the Center for Public Integrity, which is helping us with our efforts to track campaign ads. We're using the center's Daily Disclosure, a valuable tip sheet of the latest ads and campaign spending.

Looking ahead to the weekend, we're about to hit another milestone: our 6,000th Truth-O-Meter fact-check. With 11 state sites and 36 PolitiFact journalists, we're doing more fact-checking than ever.

Human Rights

Country Reports on Human Rights Practices

From Bob Park

WHAT’S NEW Robert L Park Friday, 17 Aug 2012 Washington, DC

1. EPIDEMIOLOGY: IT'S NOT "BAD SCIENCE," IT'S NOT SCIENCE AT ALL. Childhood obesity in industrialized nations of the world has reached epidemic portions. Diet and sedentary lifestyle are not enough to explain the steep increase, according to a Nature Scientific Report: "A Prospective Study of In-utero Exposure to Magnetic Fields and the Risk of Childhood Obesity." The study reveals the shocking truth: mom was overdosing on her cell phone during her pregnancy. Women participating in the study carried a meter during pregnancy that measured magnetic field levels; 733 of their children were followed for 13 years. According to the report, prenatal exposure to high magnetic field level was found to be associated with increased risk of being obese. The article concluded: "Maternal exposure to a high magnetic field during pregnancy may be a new and previously unknown factor contributing to the world-wide epidemic of childhood obesity." It's clear from the time involved, including the 13 year follow-up, that the study was initiated sometime in the mid-1990s, before the National Academy of Sciences released of its exhaustive three-year review of health effects of residential electromagnetic fields in 1996. The NAS review effectively ended the foolish power-line/cancer scare, but the fear of electromagnetic radiation has worked its way up the spectrum to microwaves, including cell phones, smart meters, Wi-Fi etc. Perhaps epidemiologists thought they could add to their publication count by labeling this long-since discredited work as "prospective." Who knows how many other faded manuscripts will reemerge as "prospective" studies. (Thanks to Robert Cahn and Jay Benesch for calling my attention to this paper.)

2. CARBON DIOXIDE: AS LONG AS THERE'S MONEY TO BE MADE. According to Kevin Begos in this morning's New York Times, the amount of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere in the United States has fallen to its lowest level in 20 years. Power plant operators are switching from coal to cheaper natural gas. Worldwide, however, atmospheric carbon levels will continue to increase due to industrial expansion in China.

3. MARTIN FLEISCHMANN: DIED AUGUST 3, 2012 AT AGE 85. This is what I wrote in What’s New, 24 March 1989, the day after Cold Fusion was announced. "The remarable report from the University of Utah that researchers had achieved deuterium fusion in an electrolysis cell was initially provided only to the Financial Times of London and the Wall Street Journal. From what little is known, the claim seems to be that deuterium ions from heavy water diffuse into the lattice of a palladium cathode at sufficient concentration to fuse. Palladium is well known for its ability to take up large quantities of hydrogen. Indeed, solid-state storage of deuterium in metals such as titanium and scandium is standard practice in nuclear weapons, where dihydrides and even trihydrides do not result in fusion. Whatever the technical merits of the Utah claim, however, serious questions of scientific accountability will certainly be raised. The press statement is devoid of any details that might enable other scientists to judge the strength of the evidence.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Has Russia Changed?

It's not the brutal, violent, despotic place it was under the Czars.  When the Commies took over it was just a new cast of power weilders.  Now that they've bagged Communism, has Russia joined become part of Western culture?  Nah, it's still brutal, violent and despotic.  Oh, Pussy Riot got two years.

Europeans express outrage over Pussy Riot verdict

Hawking the Merch -- Himself

Aw, he's getting outspent.  That's such a shame.  He'd better hustle his butt to Wall St. and the Health Industry.  His admin has been more for them than us, so why should any of us give him a dime?

Oh, if I helped assuage his financial embarssesment then I may win a trip to the Jackass Convention in North Carolina.  I guess he needs a full house to feel loved.

Here's today's pitch--

Jake --

I just got back from Iowa, where we are being outspent 2 to 1 on the air. Voters there mentioned it to me more than once.

We expect Mitt Romney and the Republicans to outspend us.

What I will not abide is getting outspent by a margin that negates all the hard work our volunteers are doing -- talking to voters, knocking on doors, making calls.

We are in control of that outcome, but our time to close the gap is dwindling. After three consecutive months of being significantly outraised, it couldn't be more urgent.

Will you make a donation of $45 or more?

If we win this election, it will be because of what you did.

I don't get to tell you enough how grateful I am.

Thank you,


P.S. -- In a few weeks, I'll accept our party's nomination for president onstage in Charlotte, North Carolina. I wouldn't be there without you. Any donation you make today automatically enters you and a guest for a chance to join me and Michelle as VIP guests of the convention. Hope to see you there.

Aw, what's wrong with those Jesus Jocks?

Football fans needed a new Touchdown Jesus.  Instead they will get a Hug Me Jesus instead.  Hug me? Arrg!   No way, the faithful need those righteous uprights to make it through the game.

Ohio town ready to welcome Jesus statue with open arms

Perhaps we all need a Touchdown Jesus in our life--Dropkick me Jesus

Buddy Roemer or the Libertarians?

I've been suggesting a write in for Buddy this Fall, but maybe I need to look a bit more closely at the Libertarians.  Any group that tries to keep Mittens Romtrot off the ballot is okay with me.  Now it they could also force Obama off, that would be fantastic.

Washington state Libertarians sue to keep Romney off ballot

Info about Libertarian Party

Another bit of death and dying from Kabul

Does it matter if it was pilot error, bad equipment, or the Taliban?  After 11 years of this deadly fiasco, it's just more corpses for an empty cause.  I bet it's not even 1% who have any skin in the game here at home.  Keep shopping!

7 US troops among 11 killed in Black Hawk helicopter crash

Legacy Update

Now that the attacks are over, for the moment, the body count has been corrrected.  More died than was originally reported.  I wonder, has anything been named after the Shrub anywhere in Iraq?  Oh, I heard there is a memorial Port-a-Potty somewhere in Fallujah.


Ever Wonder Where Movie Ideas Come From?

I have a feeling authors read newspapers a lot.  They look and listen for odd stories.  Once they have one, it's the kind of thing no one can make up, they make improve it.


Be All You Can Be Front

The Army and Marines bring in the kids.  They will  help them be all they can be.  Of course the preferred existential state is defined by the brass in the Pentagon.  The troops try.  They aspire.  They perform.  They act over and over again.  They become what the DOD wanted them to be.  They look in the mirror of the mind.  They see themselves.  They kill themselves.

July marked worst month for Army suicides

Pussy Riot

Today we'll find out if Putin and the Russian church will really fuck with the band or not.  Pussy Riot will be sentenced today.  Will it be a token or three years or more?  Stay tuned.

Verdict coming for Russia’s punk provocateur band

The Legacy Keeps On Killing

Yeah, death happens, but it does provide rather remarkable profits for the Military Industrial Congressional Complex members.  Imagine how your portfolio would have grown had you invested in merchant of death stocks in 2001!  How many pols won reelection due to generous donation from the MIC?  What a run we've had, over a decade.  Does anyone really think we'll ever leave Rubbleistan?  All those deaths are but a small price to pay for continued profits and hanging onto a seat of power.

Oh, remember all those terrorists who hated us for our freedom and didn't follow us home from Iraq?  Maybe they went to Afghanistan instead?  Nah, there, they just hate us for our presence.

Afghan police officer kills two U.S. troops

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chains III

Mission Impossible: Managing Joe Biden

Chains II


Are your ready for some yawns?

Get ready to yawn, the GOP convention is on its way.  I bet everyone is just bristling with excitement or perhaps excrement to watch Willmitt von Rombot become the official rominee of the GOP.

Balloons, confetti and other assorted trash will fall on the attendees. Oh the speeches, the speeches will induce a great and sincere feeling of profound numbness, dumbness and an occasional bleed from the ear all across the land.

If the Dems were smart, they would bypass a convention and just coast to an easy victory after the nation reacts to hearing the GOP's plans to return the nation to 1854!  Or was it 1654?

VP 'almosts' added to convention speakers list


Putin's Pussy Riot

We don't pay much attention to the Russkies these days.  About the only time we notice them is when one of our politicians need to advance one of  their assorted agendas.  Russia then becomes a way to obtain generous donations from government contractors and gain votes from those who suffer from acute patriotic acne.

The punk rock group, Pussy Riot, brought Mr. Putin into world focus.  The message is simple.  In the this global wired world, you can do whatever you want, but don't fuck with the band.  Hmm, if Pussy Riot is locked up the Gulag, will the world remember when the Olympics roll around in 2014?  He may think not, but he probably hasn't noticed that Elvis is still the King  and Michael Jackson's best days are yet to come.


Legacy Update

22 killed in wave of attacks in Iraq

Afghan official: Roadside bomb kills 3 Afghan soldiers in northern Afghanistan


This Time It Will Succeed?

For whatever reason, people prefer paper dollars to metal ones.  However, metal ones last longer.  The mint would not have to produce as many of them to meet our needs.  Thereby, metal dollars could save  money on  manufacturing.  We could spend the savings on things such a new war to replace an old one or something else.

Small change? Lawmakers push dollar coins over bills

Wherever we wander

In the non-war,war in Pakistan, our non-ally, ally has a Taliban problem. The local Taliban, the ones  they mid-wifed into existence to check the Russkies when they were Commies and more importantly to keep India out of an unstable Afghanistan, have been more than tolerated.

The Pakistani Taliban (PT) live in the mountainous waste of West Pakistan where no civilized human being would choose to live.  PTs, of course, support the neighboring Afghan Taliban  (AT).  Remember the whole area reeks of excessive tribalism.

We invaded Afghanistan to get revenge and take out the terrorist HQ.  We met our goals.  Al Qaeda was  eliminated years ago.  We still had an army in place.  No one said, "Enough!"  We then needed an enemy.  We created one. We  transformed the ATs into our enemy after we had killed off all the terrorists in Afghanistan.   We continue to wage war.  We continue to provide profits to our domestic merchants of death.

Oh, to us Taliban is Taliban. P or A it's no matter, they must die.  We attack Ts in Pakistan.  Ts in Pakistan then attack Pakistan.  We leave a trail of death and destruction all because they hate us for our freedom to go shopping.

Militants storm Pakistan air base; 10 killed

We know that if it's a pol, it's a liar

However, it looks as though our ever vigilant and over praised press corps shares the same attribute.  Then again, the press may not have the the prior knowledge of truth as they speak.  The press merely has it's collective nose inserted up the political ass (they want easy stories and book deals).   At least there are one or two press corps groups out there who begin with the assumption that if a politician says something, it's a lie and then begin their inquiry.

$492 billion is not $600 billion.  $492 billion is not an annual cut, it's the total over nine years.  We will cut $54.66 billion each year.  That does not sound as ominous and dangerous as the total.  Funny how much influence the Military Industrial Congressional Complex exerts over Congress and the White House.  I assume about 50% of DOD spending amounts to white collar welfare given to companies that have no other basis for existence.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Headlines You Didn't Expect to See

Global activists gear up for Pussy Riot rallies

Go on, let out your inner smut, Pussy Riot? A rally for the same?  Look out in the streets, thousands of people!  It's a pussy riot...   You can fill in the blanks and write the movie.

If I were going to open a whorehouse in Nev., Pussy Riot might be a good name.

Legacy Update


Afghan Attacks Kill Dozens in Deadliest Day for Civilians This Year

Afghanistan War: Bicycle Bomb And Grenades At Mosque Injure 23

Oh, come on, you still have a shred of trust for a banker?

Gee, will Mr. Superbanker, Jamie Dimon, have to explain his bank's rate fixing?  Will Congress still fawn all over him?  Sure it will as long as he keeps the bribes coming their way.


Psst! Pass the word...

If you are one of the 90 million eligible voters who won't vote this Fall or know one of them, I have a suggestion.  Look, we all know that Obama is a putz, if Hillary had run against him, he'd be heading back to Chicago and we'd be on the phones and knocking on doors for her.  Willard sucks and goes beyond blowing chunks.  The choices could even make me stay home this Fall.

Okay, we need a new candidate.  Let's pick one.  Since you've indicated you are not going to vote, I have one in mind for you.   If you've read my posts on this before, you know what's coming.  Go vote, but cast a write in vote.  Vote for Buddy Roemer.  Don't worry, care or fret about who, we just need one person.  Make that person Buddy Roemer.  Can you imagine what it would be like if Buddy received say 70 million write in votes?  Oh, boy that would upset the ballot box and make both parties do a double take.

Oh, for all the other federal offices write in NOLA--none of the above.  Have some fun, vote and vote for some real change.  Write in to shake it up and a new politics.  Write in to tell the corporations to quit buying our government, the parties won't, but we can.  Write in to tell the parties to bend over.  Write in Buddy Roemer and NOLA for the rest.

Why 90 million Americans won't vote in November


When it comes to electing people to Congress, the American voter proves, election after election, that they has no standards at all.  Oh, I'm sorry, they do, they elect the sleaziest and retain them for decades.


Look at the bright side

Congresstypes should be thankful for what they receive.  After all, 10% is better than their all time low of 9%.

Congress' approval rating down to 10 percent

Kansas is contagious

If our labor force can not compete in the world market, perhaps this is why.  Our kids are taught to be stupid.  Amazing.

Kentucky's GOP lawmakers question standards for teaching evolution in schools

Dark Money

As the election goes to the highest bidder, don't for get to thank those fine originalists on the Court.  Without them Bush would not have been appointed and this year's sale would not have been as possible.

Two Dark Money Groups Outspending All Super PACs Combined

Does It Matter?

Both of the Bozos running for Prez bash each other.  It's a normal campaign.  Who listens to the bullshit anyway?  Oh, I forgot the 6% who have not made up their mind?  How bad is it for Willard?  Well he should be besting Obama by 5-10 points and instead is trailing.  I bet the GOP base wished it was Ryan who was on the top of the ticket.  I'm sure it pisses Obama off that he's winning only because his opponent has been rejected as the greater of two evils.

Romney calls Obama ‘angry and desperate’ as campaign turns uglier

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Still call It the "Justice" Dept.?

If you do, then you had best be very thankful we have newspapers and reporters.  Oh, don't forget to include organizations such as the ACLU too.

Dozens of 'innocent' prisoners could be freed

Bout Sums Them Up

Come on Ayn Rand?  If you still wallow in that swill, you're stuck in your teenage years.  Oh, Willard and Ryan live in Rand's sty.  For all the faithiness those guys exude in public, I guess they have not learned that one cannot praise, promote, and live a selfish life as a virtue and be a Christian.  One can be, as was Rand, an atheist and think it's dandy to live for one's self alone.

The Virtue of Selfishness: Romney, Ryan and Rand

Obama to GOP

Suck it Ryan Willard (forgot who is the nominee).  Yep, Obama may be smiling just a little bit as he reads,

Retail sales jump in July, wholesale prices rise modestly

Is this in the Constitution?

Remember that Obama has not made any of the CIA's acts in Poland illegal.   At any time the CIA can resume bagging, removing and torturing people without even a modicum of due process or thought of the rule of law.  All Obama has done is effectively say "we won't do that anymore."  Our officials wont' talk, but the Poles will.  That's sad, very sad.

If you can't publicly say what you are doing, then don't do it.  Too bad we have so may dishonorable people in elected and appointed offices.  Then again, we are the culprits since we elect them and we do not demand transparency and accountability.

Poland peels back layers on secret CIA prison for suspected terrorists

Don't forget, Obama is just an extension of George Bush, Willard would be too.  Vote for anyone other than these bozos, send a message.

What a wicked web front


Once for shame, twice and it's just greed induced sleaze

Fareed is a plagiarist.  He admitted it.  Not just once, but now at least twice.  Do I smell thrice?  Oh, my, he has a reason for it too!  If he did not plagiarize, then his reader's reading pleasure would be interrupted, diminished and destroyed.  It pains him, but plagiarizes for the people and the children.

Amazing!  Plagiarist and idiot.  Perhaps to avoid this citation problem he should take up writing Harlequin romances.

So far, in our society, plagiarism is still taboo.  About the only intellectual type I know, there are others I'm sure,  who have argued for it was Lewis Mumford.  Who reads Mumford today?

More questions raised about Fareed Zakaria’s work

The Future is 1850

Roberts and the Robes, just off their Originalism Rocks tour, have decided to croon a Southern tune, perhaps it will be "Dixie," this Fall.  Yes, they will obey their masters and reverse the course of this nation's slavery's remediation.  They will overturn  Affirmative Action.

All the red state grits and crackers are excited.  Hm, I better check my portfolio, it may be time to invest in sheets.  As the robes do their deed, they had  best re-visit the history of Catholics in the ante-bellum South.  As they abet the return to 1850, they will discover that they too will be compelled to enjoy a prior status.

Administration urges justices to continue college affirmative action admissions

This is the Trog's Rising Star?

The guy is in his 40s and is still a high school senior.  Come on Ayn Rand?   Oh, don't forget, he's the bucket of spit.  Willard is still the one running for Prez.  If Ryan is the GOP's future, then the Dems don't have much to worry about at all for a long, long time.

Does anyone really give a dead raccoons butt about who is running for Veep?

Paul Ryan, Republican vice presidential candidate, has a complicated record with little compromise

Monday, August 13, 2012

Political Language

I find it most odd that pols and pundits refer to Rombots select of Eddie Munster a.k.a. Paul Ryan as a bold move.  I am not sure how they define the term "bold."

McCain referred to his pick of Sarah Puerile as a bold choice.  Oh, I get it, in politics bold refers to acts that are lacking in intelligence or good judgment, that are stupid and massively dull-witted. Okay, most ordinary people describe McOldGuy's Palin pick as dumb, real dumb.  We're not pols and this is an election season.  I guess we should defer to the pols and agree with them that Mittney's selection of Mr. Munster is very bold indeed.

Here's another topic the bozos won't touch

The bozos running for Prez prefer to call each other names as they tell us that the other bozo is an unqualified dork who, if elected, will destroy this nation, end life on the planet and cause the universe to implode.  They use an abundance of hype and over-statement which is a polite way of saying they pretty much talk out of their assholes.

Issues that might matter, especially to the unborn taxpayer, are avoided.  The unborn do not donate and do not vote, so the clowns will stick to blocs that matter like old farts on Medicare.  Here's an issue for your children's yet to arrive urchin spawn.

Those kids will be less concerned with piled up debt and a whole lot more with an earth that becomes toastier and toastier every year.  Who'll care about what you owe when there's no place to live above ground.  They will want to know who to blame.  Conservatively, I say they will blame the Republicans and then the Democrats.

Conspiracy of silence: The irresponsible politics of climate change

Are you ready for the Medicare skies will Fall if you vote for that ass wars?

Medicare may well become the topic for the Fall as Willard made Eddie Munster his running mate.  Eddie doesn't like old people and he really hates sick old people.  He has a plan for Medicare which Willard has made his own by adopting Eddie.

Oh as a side note, Willard may think he's still running for Prez, but he's not.  He will discover just as McAncient did in 2008, after he adopted that dolt in high heels, GOP voters prefer to think about the adoptee a lot more than the boring and inept adopter.  Trogs would have rather had it Palin/McCain then and they prefer a Ryan/ Willard ticket now.

Back to Medicare.  Both sides will lob crap bombs of medical waste our way.  It's time to become one of those who give our consent to be governed.  However, it takes more than a vote.  Consent is informed consent.  Basically, if you are unwilling to be informed, then why bother voting, join the kids for pizza instead.

Fox Falsely Claims Obama Is Gutting Medicare While Ryan Is Trying To Save It

No End to ‘End Medicare’ Claim

Delicate Pivot as Republicans Blast Rivals on Medicare Cuts

This comes as a surprize?


Come on, do kids swell up chowing down on lardcicles or broccoli?

Another Round of Going for the Gold?

The Olympics are over.  The medals have been awarded.  It's over for four more years, well, two if you are a winter sports fan.  Oh, crap they aren't over.  We still have the other quadrennial contest to deal with.

The presidential 50 state bloviation-a-thon.  As London shut down yesterday our bloviators hit venues in Wisconsin and Illinois.  They bloviated, in public, in person.  God help us, we still have a couple of months to go before the judges award the gold to one of the bozos.

Let's hope this time the judges are judges in a figurative sense, we know what happened when real judges literally awarded the gold medal to that T-Ball champ from Texas.

Olympics over, U.S. gets taste now of Obama, Romney fall campaign

Hating Us For Our Freedom?

Nah, they don't hate us for our freedom.  They hate us because we felt free to invade, ravage and hang around.  After a decade we're still exercising our freedom.  I'd be pissed too.

NATO: Afghan policeman fires on coalition forces in 5th similar attack in a week; no deaths

Bless my bigot

Gee, if you only focus on one kind of nutjob, you lose sight of the rest of them.  You can even think they no longer exist.  Germany pursued evil international Islamic jihadi terrorists.  They concentrated on the bad guys of the moment.

Uh, oh, now Germany has discovered they still have Nazis.  Have we done the same thing?  Our right wing nutjobs never left the U.S.  At least we have the Southern Poverty Law Center to remind us of all the assorted hate groups we have from shore to shore.   Maybe Germany needs an SPLU.

Germany refocuses on neo-Nazi threat

The New Normal

No, I'm not talking about  high unemployment in a shitty economy, I'm posting about the weather.  The past few years have been very odd.  Odd will become familiar and normal after a while.  I wonder how long it takes?  Can odd really become normal if every couple of years it becomes even odder?

At any rate here are some very good pieces on how god has forced man to put excessive CO2 in the air to render the planet uninhabitable--remember he promised no more global flood scenes and Noah saves.  With that sop to the batshit crazy evangefundies done with, everyone else can read about the weather---

Heat Wave: The Best Reporting on Our Rising Temperatures

Quiz Time

Take the quiz, it's on politics.


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gee, the bozos don't talk about drones

Commandante Kill List has sent in the drones.  10 Arabs died.  At least one must have had a sign that declared, "I am a terrorist."  The other nine might have been goat herders--they all look like al Qaeda now don't they.

Remember, if you are standing within a 10,000 miles of anyone suspected of maybe, perhaps being a militant or just somewhat offensive, then you are a righteous target for a freedom fire drone attack that will alter your organic state forever.  As Goldwater told us, extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice, it just takes damn good shooting.  

Yemen: U.S. drone strikes kill 10 al-Qaeda militants

With all the Ryan flapdoodle, don't forget

Forget what?  Oh, don't forget about the GOP and the Shrub.  Their Iraq legacy in Iraq remains  vibrant.

Two separate attacks in Iraq kill 5, injure 5

Imagine what another four years of GOP rule might do...

Creep out!

Okay, I'm an old fart.  If you asked me to name all of Disney's princesses, I'd just say, "uh, who gives a rats."  As I spoke I'd piss off every little girl in the entire world.  Princesses are big.  There's even a Princess battle in the Mommy Wars  (wasn't ready for that one either).

However, I'm not posting about Mommy Wars or Princesses.  I'm posting about toys.  Princess toys.  You know, action figures like Barbie Dolls but of Disneys' Princesses--Cinderella,Snow White, Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Rapunzel and Tiana.  If you don't who they are, go find a little girl and ask her.  It's not the toys from the movies either.  It's the customized Princess toys.  Ready?

Here's what this old fart was not quite ready for--

For $99.95 (plus $15.95 shipping and handling), Disney will turn your daughter into a seven-inch, three-dimensional custom figurine of her favorite heroine from a Disney animated film.

Will Mattel do the same with Barbie? Will Plastic Surgeons come up with a fast, $99 machine to do it the other way?  You know put in a girl and have a living Barbie or Princess pop out? Now about G.I. Joe...

Surprize, surprize

Heavens, both of the bozos are pretty much liars.  What'd you expect, they're trying to woo the American voter.

Spin and counterspin in the welfare debate

Myths -- Stimulus

Five Myths

Paul Ryan

Gee, he looks like Eddie Munster all grown up.  What do you know about him and his bullshit?  Here's a nice guide.  I'd say enjoy, but he is a Trog.  Read until you G&H.*

Paul Ryan Reading Guide: The Best Reporting on the VP Candidate

*Gag and Heave

Willard's Pick

The GOP is the party of rich old white guys (Christian implied).  Willard is the GOP nominee.  He is white.  He is rich.  He has entered early old fartdom, he's 65.   He is male, check out his forehead, he's labeled.  See the big M!  Oh, my bad, I forget, the M is for Mormon.  He's not, per some in the various levels of GOP hell, a "C," but over 80% accept him as a Trog, so he's an implied C.  

The GOP is not exactly known for its big tent of diversity.  Is it really any surprize that Willard picked Paul Ryan as his running mate?  Willard has preserved the GOP for white males led by old rich guys.  Time will take care of age for Ryan.  He'll have several more years to become rich as he continues to serve in Congress.