Saturday, September 8, 2012

Good Reads from the Monitor

Israel's Iran debate, Scalia's 'originalism,' and blasphemy in Pakistan

How Did You Bet?

Did you bet on the revolting Arabs or Assad's army?

Analysts: Syrian army in no danger of collapsing from rebel assaults

Did you really expect otherwise?

Come on, the Dems need the cash and will sell their souls to any bidder.  Remember this was the Demican Convention.  The Rebublicrats were in Tampa.

Banks mostly spared at DNC convention

Negative Campaign Ads

Who really gets pissed and upset over negative ads?  I don't, they are just ads.  When my guy puts out a truthful ad about his asshole opponent, that asshole gets all huffy, but I become better informed.  Gee, what's wrong with the truth?  Of course the asshole will put out a false ad about my guy, but that's okay since I already know that everything that he says are lies.

So you  tell me, what's the all the hand wringing over negative ads?

More War

ObamaCo has decided that the Haqqani network must be made into official bad guys.  They are now terrorists.  Of course, we had a hand in creating that network.  We funded and armed them when they were fighting the Russkies back in the 1980s.

The Russkies lost that bit of war.  Now we're there doing pretty much what the Commies tried to do.  After eleven years the best we can do is create more terrorists and open the door for a wider war since the Haqqani's hand out in Pakistan.

Hm, Pakistan harbors terrorists, guess we'll have to shock and awe them.  Bets on a hot Af-Pak war by the end of next year?  Gee, we end the Afghanistan War by starting the Pakistan War?  GEt ready to go shopping.

Haqqani network to be designated a terrorist group

Oh Come On

We've been doing the war thing in Afghanistan for almost eleven years.  After all that time, it might be reasonable to expect that the bad guys could not blow up a bomb outside our HQ in Kabul.  Well, how do we define "reasonable?"

The Afghans were only celebrating the killing of an anti-Taliban leader back in 2001.  Other than roust the terrorists, what have we done?  Don't forget, the Taliban was not the enemy, it was the government in 2001.  We deposed the government for giving safe harbor to terrorists and we pursued the enemy.  After two years the enemy was rousted and gone.  The enemy was terrorists, remember that's as in bin Laden and  al Qaeda.  How would you feel after a decade of occupation?

Suicide bomber kills 6 outside NATO forces headquarters in Kabul, reports say

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Conventions

Did you watch both of them?  If you did, I bet neither changed your mind on who you will vote for.  If the race was 45% for Obama and 45% for Willard before, it's about the same afterwards. The 5% who might be undecided will wait for the debates.

What the conventions do is fire up people who will work to get voters to the polls 60 days from today.  Based on what you saw, which side will do better on GOTV?  Unless something most odd happens, I have a feeling, the Dems will win in November.

WE have debates coming up.  Have they ever made a difference?  I've never decided my vote based on a debate ever.  Have you?  I think debates effect getting out the vote.  If a candidate blows it, marginal workers and voters are a bit less enthusiastic about donating free labor and showing up on election day. This is especially true when it's a lesser of two evils type of election such as this one.

Bluntly, I think Obama has not done that great of a job, but his bad days are better than Willard's best ones.  Think about this, if Hillary Clinton had decided to challenge Obama for the nomination, who do you think Bill Clinton would have been shilling for on Wednesday?

Where'd that Canadian Come From?

Wow, Jennifer Granholm can really fire folks up.  She was born in Canada, migrated to the states and was elected Gov. of Michigan.  The Trogs are lucky she cannot run for Prez, otherwise she'd become the first woman to be elected President.  What a speech, what passion, what a Democrat.  Dems need more fire like hers.  She pumped so much red meat adrenalin into the delegates that Obama could have walked on the stage and he'd have been cheered without even having to give a speech.

However, Obama did deliver a speech.  It was a good one.  He didn't best Clinton, but he certainly bitch slapped Willard.  Oh, Joe Biden's speech also the kind you really want to hear.  For all I know he may be an honest pol.

Now the campaign is underway.  If you are still undecided and you watched both conventions, I think what you have to do is set aside the speeches and rhetoric.  Just look at the two audiences.  Which one would you rather be part of?  Answer that and you have your party and candidate.

In Democratic convention speech, Obama vows ‘our problems can be solved’ — with more time

Is it safe to assume Jesus is a Trog?

I don't think anyone actually knows for a fact that Jesus was a Trog or a Jackass.  He's kind of been dead for a long time.  Of course, those who speak for him, in his name, seem to pretty much be convinced he's a Trog unless he was a Jackass.  Reason, religion and politics do not mix well.

Religious Groups and Political Party Identification

I think he is a Socialist, or maybe...

Bullshit Question

Tis' the season to ask "are you better off than  you were four years ago."  Yes, the lease on Air Force One expires on Nov. 6th.  The bozos who want the lease love that question.  Folks will answer it without thinking.  Folks will then decide whose lease appeal to support.  So were you better off?  Well, it all depends on what the meaning of is, is and what party you support.

Americans Feel No Better or Worse Off in the Obama Years; Politics Colors Views of Recession’s Toll

Blowing Smoke

Since it's now officially the Prez election season, you should expect so much smoke to be blown your way that you won't be able to see those huge piles candidates dump in front of you.  One area that might need some smoke clearance is Obama's bailout.  Did you notice how he saved the auto industry?  Did he or is the American taxpayer the savior who still holds a $20 billion IOU?  Is the expense a good investment?  I won't assess the investment, but I can blow away the smoke with some numbers.  Watch out, or you'll step in that particular pile of hot, steaming...

The Bailout: By The Actual Numbers

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Another Bush/Cheney/Rumsfled Legacy

War might be making young bodies old

The Rich Continue to Rape the Nation

As their acquisitiveness expands and intenisifes, God they even have a Presidential Rominee, the bottom gets poorer and hungrier.  Why?  What is wrong with us?  We are only as good as the least amongst us.  We're not very good these days.  Hunger?  It's getting to be a bit much.

Hunger rose in 2011 as economy struggled, USDA finds

Who Kept Qaddafi in Power

Qaddafi stayed in power for a long, long time.  How'd he do it?  Well, he might have had some help from his friends in the U.S. CIA.  The CIA needed his torture chambers to interrogate folks they  extraordinarily rendered. It always has struck me as odd that the CIA would not do its own dirty work.  Surely there are a sufficient number of sadists in a population of 300,000,000 to find a few who will become CIA employees.  Or maybe they know torture is wrong, morally, ethically, and legally.    Anyone still wonder why the U.S. reputation is so much less than stellar throughout the Arabic world? I would not exactly say our government has brought out the best anywhere in that world over the past 50 years.

 From former Libyan prisoners, new claims about CIA renditions, abuses

That Singular Dem at the Demvention, 2012

No I'm not referring to Obama or any other Democrat, I'm referring Bubba Elvis, Bill Clinton.   If Clinton could run for Prez again, I think he'd have been nominated and won the election last night.   His speech was masterful.  He spoke for about 48 minutes, but could have gone longer.  He built up Obama as he destroyed Romney, Ryan, and the GOP all with a smile and friendly logic.  The guy keeps on proving voters want to listen to facts!

Bill Clinton offers forceful defense of Obama’s record

One little item that kept bobbling up from the bobble heads was Hillary in 2016.  What do you think?  Will she run in 2016?  She becomes a freshman old fart this October, she'll be 65 and on Medicare.  That would make her 69 in 2016.  I hope she doesn't run, she will be too old for the job.

Quiz-- Repeat

The Trogs in Tampa have appealed to voters to restore the good old days as late as 1850.  The Dems in Charlotte are appealing to voters to build a better tomorrow by fixing problems today.  Here's a PEW quiz that assesses where you fit politically.  The questions are really the issues of this election.  The way you answer defines your view of life, society, morality and the government which we in turn create and sustain.  Where are you?  I'm way out on the left.  Are you?

Where Do You Fit?
Vice President Good Idiot?

The Word on Obama

What were the words people used in 2008?

Deja Septic Tank

Did you enjoy our septic tank economy in 2008?  Did the economy recover for you or are you still in the tank?  Get ready, the aces who regulate excessive investment fraud, are poised to let the greedheads make another round of billions and send us back into the tank.  And you thought pols gave a shit about our nation and government?

Ad Wars: The SEC Is Turning Hedge Funds Into the New Ginsu Knife

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hawking the Merch -- Give, Give, Give

The guy is really busy, busy, busy.  Make a speech, send an -email and we're on a first name basis already--

Jake --

Tonight, there's one phrase that keeps running through my head: Estamos unidos. We are united.

It's become a sort of rallying cry for Latinos for Obama groups across the country, and every time I hear it I think about how perfectly it defines this campaign and this president.

When Senator Obama was the keynote speaker back in 2004, he said this: "It is that fundamental belief -- I am my brother's keeper, I am my sister's keeper -- that makes this country work. It's what allows us to pursue our individual dreams, yet still come together as a single American family: E pluribus unum, out of many, one."

In other words, estamos unidos.

If you're with me tonight, pitch in $45 or more to keep us moving forward:

Can't thank you enough,


Julián Castro Mayor, San Antonio
Opps, I didn't send Julian any cash. He must have told his brother. Instead of $45 he only wants $3. Meh.

Jake --

Last night was incredible.

I had the chance to introduce my twin brother, Julian, as the keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention -- the first Latino-American ever to hold that honor. It was an inspiring reminder of how far we’ve come, and the work we have ahead of us.

When you contrast what my brother and President Obama are fighting for with what Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan said last week, the choice in this election is clear.

If you know in your heart that re-electing President Obama with a Democratic Congress will help build the future we want, then give back by chipping in $3 to build this campaign:

Donate $3 or more to support President Obama with a Democratic majority >>

It’s clear that the Republican agenda would take us backwards. Back to when there was no social safety net for seniors or upward mobility for students. Back to when access to health care was a privilege. Back to when being a woman was a preexisting condition. We can’t let this happen.

Will you stand with us today?


Joaquin Castro Candidate for Congress

P.S. Agree with me that we need an Infrastructure of Opportunity for our future? Join my campaign by 'Liking' my Facebook Page.

Of course, MIchelle had to rest up a bit before she sent me an e-mail.  I guess she knows I didn't send anything to Julian or his brother.

Jake --

I know your life is full -- with work, or school, or family -- and yet you still find the time to help out when you can.

You may have a tight budget, but you give what you can afford.

A woman recently told the campaign her family skipped a pizza dinner at their favorite place so that they could make a difference in this election.

That is the commitment that drives this campaign.

If you can support Barack with a donation today, please know it makes a huge difference. If we win, it will be because of what you did at moments like this:



P.S. -- It meant a lot to me to speak with you and everyone else last night. Thank you for everything you do.

Canadians Are Not Always Polite

This is not the kind of headline one expects from Canada--

Fatal shooting at Pauline Marois Quebec victory speech

Would Yemenis Vote for Obama?

I have a feeling that the average Yemeni regards Obama about the same way the average American thinks regards bin Laden.   Drones are a nasty bit of work. It strikes me as odd that no one has made  drone usage into a campaign issue.  Of course Willard would advocate more drones and Obama would justify his kill list.  Hmm, maybe the discussion might lead to to two new parties so we're met with silence.

Five killed as US drone targets suspected Islamist militants in Yemen

What a Difference a Day Makes

Electoral College polls vary a bit every day.  Today, Obama has it won.

TPM Electoral Scoreboard

Trogs are sleazebags

Did you catch that Willard, the Troginee, did not mention the Afghanistan War at all during his speech?  When asked why not, Trog apologists said he didn't need to, he spoke extensively about it the day before in a speech to the American legion.  It turns out he spoke two sentences about the war to the Legion.  Now that is extensive and comprehensive--yep, we are in a war and our troops are in harm's way.  Damn, I could be a Troginee.

Demvention 2012

Demvention Schedule

Dem Dems Do It At Demvention 2112!

One of the striking differences between the Jackasses assembled in Charlotte and the Trogs in Tampa, is that the Dems have a candidate and they love him!  The Trogs really don't give a dead raccoons ass about Willard.  If enthusiasm wins elections, Obama has this one locked already.  Oh, in addition to having their man, the Dems spoke about the country, it's problems and talked about soulutions.

Of courses they vilified the rich prick Troginee.  The is Democratic delegation is diverse.  The Democratic delegation enjoys themselves.  If I had to decide which group to affiliate with based on watching the convention, I'd have to become a card carrying Democrat.  Well, I already am,  so maybe there's a skosh of bias there.

The speakers were damned good.  Cory Booker, Deval Patrick, and Julian Castro were damned good.  Of course Tammy Duckworth smoked the audience with both her politics and bio.  Ladies, women can do anything the guys can.  If you think not, please talk to Ms. Duckworth.

Actually the Dems are about ordinary people who only want a few things--government of, by, and for all the people.  The person who made that case in a beautiful and most compelling way was MIchelle Obama.

First lady Michelle Obama lauds husband’s values, vision

Tonight--Bill!  Tune in and remember to vote this November.

Lone Star Apartheid

Texas redrew districts and passed a voter ID law.  Why?  Well, it boils down to white fear.  Fear that their urchin offspring might have to compete and share the state's resources with non-whites.  Minorities have been in the numeric majority for some years now.  Texas Trogs tried to use the law to prevent the inevitable, minority votes and minority office holders.  Can it be done?  For a while, as the South Africans did.  Will our law and Constitution regress to the days of Jim Crow?  If so, then let's forget the Alamo and enforce the law.

Five Ways Courts Say Texas Discriminated Against Black and Latino Voters

What do you bet the Supremes decide on this matter will decide with Trogvision?  That's some kind warped.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Buy organgic and you will be healthier?  Well, maybe yes and maybe no.

Is organic healthier? Study says not so much, but it’s key reason consumers buy

End of Days Update

Rapture fans  take  note,  war is still quite possible over there.   Why don't y'all jump the gun and off yourselves for Jesus instead?   For the rest of us, why do tolerate our foreign policy being influenced by religious crackpots?  Do we really want another Bush mess in the Middle East?

Netanyahu calls for US to give Iran a 'clear red line'

Little Green Men Alert

Do they probe satellites?


The Narcissists Compete For Our Attnetion

As the nation's two most massive egos prepare to officially vie for title of most applauded, what do you want those bozos to focus upon?   If you're without a job you might be very interested in hearing about jobs.  Of course you do realize pols don't create jobs.  Pols don't have much to do with anything in the economy except spend tax dollars, why do you think the rich donate so much to them?

Okay, given your interests, what do your really want to have them talk about?  What, given that's it's government, do you really want them to attempt to do with tax dollars?

The unemployed wish campaign spotlight would stay on economy

Demvention Schedule

Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2012

Dem Annointment Begins Tonight

We've all been waiting for Demvention 2012 for at least six, possibly seven minutes.  Wow,  it will be exciting.  The Dems will gin up their dedicated base just as Willard tried to last week.  However, Obama will actually be cheered.  Willard received tepid applause for presenting Paul Ryan, Chris Christie and Nikki Haley.  The GOP convention was tryouts for 2016.

Of course to make the event as brainless as possible, thereby appealing to the average voter, the bozos and their adoring reporters have reduced this event to obtaining an answer to a single questions  - are you better off than you were four years ago?

Obama, Romney campaigns clash on Labor Day over whether Americans are better off

Monday, September 3, 2012

Trogs Really Are Nucking Futs

The Trogvention in Tampa reminded us that Ayn Rand still provides a philosophical core for younger Trogs.  Of course usually these are the guys who, despite being in the 40s, that's young in Trogland, are still always running for senior class president.  Come on really listen to their speeches. Hell Ryan's voice even sounds like it still changing.

So, maybe, short of reading Rand's schlock fiction, I'll give you a couple pieces to read about her, then you can decide if you want to go back to High School for yourself.  I read her books in Jr. High, found them entertaining and was quite surprized when a few years later I discovered the books were morphed into a philosophy and that she had groupies.  This really is the land of opportunity.

Ayn Rand Railed Against Government Benefits, But Grabbed Social Security and Medicare When She Needed Them

Ayn Rand, Hugely Popular Author and Inspiration to Right-Wing Leaders, Was a Big Admirer of Serial Killer

Prez Kill List's Advnetures

It does not pay to be a suspect in Yemen--U.S. drone kills five suspected militants in Yemen

Of course, even if the drone hits the wrong target, it actually is the right target.  I think that's the way Obama has had the law re-jiggered a bit.  Whatever a drone hits is legally righteous.  I guess that prevents guilt.  Assume this is reported accurately--Yemenis protest against US assassination drone attacks

It does not pay to be a people in Afghanistan--Deaths after US drone strike in Pakistan

Of course, our media won't call them people.  After all we only kill suspects, especialy the militant ones-- US drone strike kills five militants in Pakistan

I can hardly wait until we use drones on domestic suspects.  When will we see the first police caused domestic death by drone?

Merchant of Death Watch -- Australia

The U.S. keeps the world at war, at least with respect to the stuff you need to wage one these days.  I guess we figure, if we provision it, the war will come and we can sell even more.  Apparently we shipped and flew drones out of some base in Australia, less for our nation's security and more to entice the Aussies to buy our drones.

Aviation buffs uncover US drone launches

Does anyone own anything anymore?

I have wondered about our electronic possessions for some time.  Are they really possessions or they j just so much access to files?  When I die, what is inheritable?  I have a feeling most folks think the electronic files out there in hyper space will be treated like tangible things.  I don't think the law is on that course and will never be.

Do you own your digital content?

Don't forget, it's all about social organizations

We know that religion has very little to do with ultimate values, souls and bullshit like that.  Religion is about how people take a few ideas and use them to build organizations to create, build and perpetuate fame, fortune and power.  The non-believers, atheists, have for the most part been amused at the theistic claptrap they must tolerate.  Theists can get pretty damn violent.

Now the atheists must have sufficient numbers to warrent building social organizations which compete for members as they plod the path to fame, fortune and power.  As Martin Luther stuck it to the R.C.s, now the atheists have had, ready for this, a schism.   We live damned strange times.   I guess you have to not believe the right way or you are a heretic?

Is American atheism heading for a schism?


Take a minute and think about work.  What really sucks about work?  Make a list and then see how your list compares to 6 challenges affecting the American worker.


With all the attention we paid to the Beavis and Butthead show in Tampa last week, we may have forgotten that there still are revolting Arabs in Syria.  The civil war continues--

Airstrike in Syria kills at least 18 people

Pre Game Hype

The Trogs have their official nominees, Beaver and Wally.  I'm not sure which of the two is actually running for Prez.  This week, the Dems will nominate the obvious.  Will we see Batman and Robin emerge from the Demvention or will be more akin to Dumb and Dumber?

Conventions Part Two – Here come the Democrats

Crazy Guy Died

Rev. Moon is dead.  He was a nut.  The amazing part is that there are 3,000,000 people as crazy or crazier than him.  They are the Moonies.  Amazing.  Gee, in a hundred years or so, they might move from the bizarre cult  status to being considered a religion.   Kind of reminds me of the Mormons.  I do not understand people's need for this kind of absolute nonsense in their lives.


The Two Visions Bullshit

We've had this division going on since English riff-raff immigrated to America during the 17th Century.  Look, we were not exactly populated by the A Team of the day.  Hell, we probably didn't have that many B Teamers of that day sail over this either.

As England rid itself of problems, the waves of immigrants brought with them a few cultural patterns which still bedevil us in out public life.  As you read about Obama vs. Romney in the context of two visions for America, take some time and read or re-read David Hackett Fischer's "Albion's Seed."  The culture wars are only a bit over three hundred years old.

In the face of our inheritance, how have we managed to survive?  Fortunately, one of those cultural ways included William Penn and the Quakers.  As I suggested, give Fischer a read and you'll see what I mean.


Build that?

Obama blew it with one word, "that" instead of "those," as in "you didn't build that."  The Trogs have pounced on it, chewed it up, swallowed it whole  and regurgitate it with every breath they take.  Perhaps that's not as bad as it sounds, since Trogs are really zombies.  The living dead don't breathe, but they do leave a slime trail of body parts wherever they go seeking what they lacked in life and in death, brains.

At any rate, the Dems should point out, with pride, "we did not build that," as they point to two unfunded wars and tax cuts during wartime and every other delight inflicted on the American people when their plant was in the White House.  And today, yeah, we also did not build that--the GOP 2012 Party Platform.

Obama facing mounting questions over ‘you didn’t build that’ remark

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Demvention Hype

Now that you've had time to get all that Trog waste off your shoes, get ready to step in fresh hot Jackass turds.  They will be everywhere next week so everyone better wear knee-high boots.  There will be no escape.


We all know he's right

Tutu: Bush, Blair should face trial at the Hague

Demvention 2012

The jackasses are gathering in Charlotte, N.C.  The Trogs had their turn last week, this week it will be Demvention time.  Gee, who will they nominate?  I know that the collective noun for asses is pass.  What is the collective noun for Democrats?  Jackasses?

Here's the website for Dem Jackasses--2012 Democratic National Convention

Democrats by the numbers

Jackass Demographics

Legacy War Follies

The Shrub created the mess, perpetuated it and passed it off to the current Commanderator in Chief.  How are the aces in the ground doing these days?  Oh, they've been training Afghans to stand up so we  can stand down.  Yep, we hire them, train them, arm them  and they take 20 paces away from us, turn around and shoot us.  Now that's some ace handiwork.

How'd it happen?  Well, when you're more interested in getting there than how you get there, you may never get there.  Damn that's the Shrub and Obama at war.

Training suspended for new Afghan recruits 

If I was a solider in this mess, I think by now I'd be a tad concerned that the folks running the thing really didn't give a rats about my life.

Labor Day

Gee, Labor Day, it's time to go shopping!  Hold it, why are all those people working on Labor Day?  Hm, something tells me this is the boss's way of celebrating labor that makes him rich.  Oh,well, need to start on Labor Day history, then read Wiki and go on from there--Labor Day.

Oh, one thing about those labor jobs, you  know the ones where you use tools, your hands, and machinery for hours and hours, they can be dangerous.  OSHA was not dreamed up for white collar dorks like Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.  How's life in the working class these days?  Is is safe?

Happy Labor Day. Here’s the Best Reporting on Worker Safety