Saturday, September 15, 2012

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Every Doctor Who villain since 1963.

Coming Soon, Fiscal Disaster

Taxmageddon is scheduled to arrive on Jan. 1, 2013.  It will have two major parts.  Part I is the repeal of the Shrub's tax cuts.  Part II is onslaught of the budget sequestration.  Part II is mandatory big budget cuts to social and defense spending over the next 10 years.

Does this bother you?  Does it really bother anybody at all?  If so, why do we keep electing the same assholes to Congress?  Oh, sorry for the redundancy, I know Congress and assholes are interchangeable terms.  Congress, both parties, made the mess and we get to enjoy it--they will stay in office and be well paid.  Kind of sucks.  Is it too late to be rid of all incumbents?

Everything you need to know about budget 'sequestration' – except the consequences


Libya is a mess and I'm not referring to the deaths of State Dept folks.  They toppled a dictator, have grappled with forming a new government and continue to struggle with meshing ideas of freedom, liberty and democracy with their traditional cultural ways.  It's a mess.

The assault on the U.S. Embassy was less an irate reaction of Islamic zealots and more an internal political power play that used some handy tools--dislike of the current Libyans in charge, long term dislike of the U.S., Islam, high unemployment and easy targets like an embassy.

Our response is of course to use the debacle as a way of building our presence in Libya--CIA, soldiers and drones.  We may capture a few of the killers but will also have laid the foundation for a new round of relations that will lead to a new generation of ordinary Libyans who will learn to hate the U.S.  What is a sovereign nation anyway?


The Future Is Here?

Well, maybe, if that future is the kind we see in sci-fi horror movies.  You know the ones where some disease comes out of no where, ravages the planet as humans make their last stand to beat the bug.  Of course, the bug was brought here by aliens who want the planet for themselves.  Hey we have a TV series along these lines don't we?

There are other similar movies, government screws up and releases a super bug,  The bug cannot be treated.  The bug kills millions.  Damn, it might be the End of Days without a war in the Middle East.  Oh, my an end to it all comes and the faithy folk die knowing there is no rapture.  Wow, that makes for a religious, sci-fi, government collapse  end of humanity movie.

Enough with the made up shit, here's a bit of reality that contains the genesis of a real horror show--

NIH superbug claims 7th victim

Botched War Update

When you build a house on a crappy foundation, it does not matter what you build on top of it.  It will wind up costing you a bundle to fix and maintain--if you can.  Eventually a local building inspector will come along and condemn your waste of time and money.

The Shrub laid a grossly substandard foundation for his first war.  He built a combat structure that is shaky at best.  He even quit trying to maintain the building.  He abandoned it to the elements.  He passed the war on too his successor who has tried to fix a crack here and a collapse there.  Unfortunately for us, and the unborn taxpayer, the contractor and inspector are the same person, the President.

Both of them should have cut their (and our) losses and leveled the building, dug up the foundation  and quit or started over.  It's a botched war.  It only yields needless death and destruction.  We keep sending soldiers to their deaths for no good reason.  There is no legitimate mission.  That's not right.  If you are sent into harm's way, you need to be able trust it's for something that is closer to righteousness than frivolity.  If it's not a "good" war, then it's just one more mercenary war.

2 US Marines killed in insurgent attack on British air base in southwestern Afghanistan


What are the determinants of social class?  Does our class structure come only from income distribution?  What else do you use to peg yourself in one class or another?  What proportion of a population should we expect to see in how many classes.  We tend to see three classes, lower, middle and upper.  Is that really our class system?  Regardless of the system we enjoy, assuming lower is less desirable, then today we have more people living a life they do not want.

A Third of Americans Now Say They Are in the Lower Classes

Medicare and Medicaid

Both Obama and Willard sling cheap shots at each other over who will save Medicare.  Both don their capes and claim "I will save the day."  I see less superman and a lot more Mighty Mouse.  I have real problems believing any Repub who wants to save Medicare, Medicaid, or any other social program (except defense welfare).  Repubs tend to save things by destroying it beyond recognition.

At any rate, what's factual and what's fiction in the Medicare arena?

Where the Candidates Stand on Medicare and Medicaid

It's too bad Obama did not push for a national health care system or at least Medicare for all instead of the Rube Goldberg Affordable Health Care Act.

Friday, September 14, 2012

MIddle Class

How do you define the middle class?  Set aside all measures except income.  What income says middle class?  Willard thinks the $200,000 to $250,000 is middle income and I assume class.  Hmm, I guess someone who is in the 1% of the 1% would think that way.

Most American households, about 85% or so make less than about $105,000 annually.  If 200,000 and up is middle class, then it's not vast or most of us at all.  Willard is so out of touch.  Middle class income  runs from about $50,000 to $125,000 a year.  If you make much more that $125K your heart may be in the middle but your wallet suggests otherwise.  What dollar value to put to the classes?  How many classes do we have anyway?

Romney: 'Middle-income' between $200K and $250K

Only the virtuous can vote?

And who decides who has virtue and who is riff-raff?  Well, only the virtuous will have the IDs needed to vote in Pennsylvania, done.   And we thought it was just an attempt to  prevent Democrats from voting.  Oh, from the Repub's perspective,  Dems are pure riff-raff.  What will their Supremes decide?  Ain't 19th century life grand!

What 'rogues and vagabonds' have to do with Pennsylvania voter ID law

Darwin Gave Us Evolution

We know about our origins from the work of Charles Darwin.  From our humble beginnings as slime molds, we have have, over time evolved into human beings.  Of course, that's true everywhere except  Kansas.  There, folks have steadily devolved back to the slime.

President Obama's ballot eligibility explored by Kansas group

Ready for some bullshit?

Bush and his DOD PR flacks created the Pat Tillman mess.  I guess Obama and his aces on the ground either missed that story or figure no no really cares.  Do we have Tillman 2.0 in Meyer?

Afghan survivors of Ganjgal battle dispute official account of Medal of Honor feats

A rose by any other name is still a...

Hold it, that may apply to flowers, but damn if you call lean, finely textured beef "pink slime" there is a mental morph from burger to dogshit patties.  Who, besides that strange guy int he park eats dogshit?  Of course, it's still beef, but it's no longer still a "rose."  ABC News wrecked a business for ratings.  They slimed a product.  Will the slimed successfully return the favor in court?

Producer of ‘pink slime’ textured beef suing ABC and ABC News

National Asshole Watch

I wonder what is the collective noun for assholes?  You know, as in a gaggle of geese or a murder of crows.  Hm, assholes.  Oh, got it, look over there it's a Congress of assholes.  The Congress met and decided it was better to keep the government funded than not.  Gee, is there an election coming up anytime soon?  So much for all that fiscal principle bullshit.  What comes first, care for the unborn taxpayer or getting their assholes reelected?   Yep, was have fine Congress of...

House passes stopgap funding bill to keep government open until after election

Imagine How Bad It Could Be If Willard Wins

When Willard shoots, draws and aims, he wouldn't put a bullet in his own foot, he would cause pain to everyone else in the nation.  He himself would have pre-arranged to make money.  The guy only cares about his church, his family and his money, period.  He' s a bright, well educated idiot.

The Romney campaign’s repeated errors on the Cairo embassy statement

Of course, Willard, despite being an ass, continues to claim we'd be better off if he'd have been Prez instead of Obama.  Damn, that's so easy to say.  Hell, if Jake was Prez life would be even better.  See, what Willard says, any asshole can say.

Romney team sharpens attack on Obama’s foreign policy

I have trouble believing this!

67% - Most Say Presidential Debates Influence Their Vote

Debates and commercials help people decide for whom they will vote?  No way, they help people decide whether or not they will bother with voting or not.  We're a nation split between human decency and human degeneracy.  Gee, which party is the degenerate party?  I'll let you figure that one out.

We tend to not vote.  We turn out, a bit over 50% for the Prez.  That's the highlight, other elections are much  lower.  The winner is one who had the greatest turnout.  Sadly, the lowest turnout comes when we decide who will be the decent and degenerate candidates.  And we wonder why we wind up with decent or degenerate turd to pick from in Nov.

As I think  back I can't say as I've ever known an "independent."  I've known people who  claim to vote for the "best candidate," but seem to vote, over and over again, for the decent party candidate or the degenerate party candidate.  There might be 5% of us who really are so at sea they don't know their preference, but I doubt if they turnout consistently.

Oh every once in a while we realign ourselves.  When Nixon welcomed the southern bigots, grits and crackers moved from being Dems to Repubs.  Voter shifts take time.  That move was completed when Perot ran and made Bill Clinton president.  Since then we've made ourselves into two nations.

The Teabaggers movement was not a realignment, it was a intra-party demand to go further right.  The reactionary push may cause a modest realignment if temperate Repubs decide to do as Gov. Crist has done and campaign for Obama.  I don't expect them to vote, I expect them to stay home and not vote.  2016 is when we will see one tent expand and the other get smaller.  

Arabs Spring At Embassies

Does it surprize anyone that revolting Arabs are revolted by the U.S.?  If it does, then I think you might want to read a bit of Middle Eastern history.  Perhaps you'd rather read about current events instead?  How much do you know about our use of drones?  Who controls them?  How many drones?  How many deaths?  Why don't we talk about drones in public?  I guess drones are to Obama what torture was to Bush.

How the Gov’t Talks About a Drone Program it Won’t Acknowledge Exists

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fickle, Faithless Trogs

Trog electors won't vote for Willard if he wins their state's vote.  Nice.  It couldn't happen to a better bunch of folks.   Imagine, if in every state that Willard wins, the electors vote for anyone but Willard.  No one, not even a Trog, can stand the guy.

3 Republican members of Electoral College may not vote for GOP ticket

It's time to bag the Electoral College.

Mexican Navy?

They have a navy and marines?  I can't say as I've ever even imagined that they did.

Mexican navy says it has captured man believed to be leader of weakened Gulf drug cartel

Willard has proven he's an ass

Does anyone really want a guy who shoots, draws and aims in the White House?  God, he'd nuke us by mistake.  Here's the Post's Editorial on Willard--Mr. Romney’s rhetoric on embassy attacks is a discredit to his campaign.  Can you imagine the kind of morons he'd appoint to advise him if we are stupid enough to let him win?

Here's the Post's article about Willard, Egypt, Libya, and what we get when a businessman runs for office.  The Trogs must really wonder about why they allowed him to buy them.

Romney repeats sharp criticism of Obama after Benghazi, Cairo attacks

The Base

If interest in the Prez race translates into enthusiasm and ultimately voter turnout, then Obama will win in 2012 since more Dems find the race interesting and informative.

Views of the Run for Air Force One

Who Receives Social Security?

What do you know about Social Security?  We hear pols yammer away about it, but who gets what and where did the money come from?

Social Security Facts and Figures

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Has "In God We Trust" been removed from coins?

To hear the talk on the campaign trail lately, you might think "In God We Trust" has been stripped from our coins.

"I will not take ‘God’ off our coins and I will not take God out of my heart," Mitt Romney has been saying. Hearing that comment, you might think there's been a concerted effort to remove the phrase. It's backed up by a chain email, circulating for more than a year, that says "In God We Trust" is gone from the new dollar coins.

But it's not true. Other than a tiny handful of coins that were mistakenly minted without that phrase, U.S. coins still say "In God We Trust." Read Lou Jacobson's fact-check for the details.

And while you're visiting PolitiFact, you might also want to check out:

  • Our greatest hits of the Democratic and Republican conventions
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  • Our new app, Settle It! PolitiFact's Argument Ender. The app, a free download for iPhones and Android devices, allows you to search our 6,000 Truth-O-Meter fact-checks for names and phrases. The app includes the PolitiFact Challenge, an addicting game that tests your knowledge of our fact-checking. See if you can reach the highest level -- Wonk!

Trying To Make Sense of Libya?

If it doesn't, then here's ProPublica's--What’s Happening in Libya: A Guide to the Best Coverage

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mommy Porn Now In Second Place

'No Easy Day' bumps 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

Who's in bed with whom?

The next tanker that de-rails, ruptures and dumps it's toxic contents should then require a mandatory dump of a tankers worth of sewage on the homes of the railroad senior execs and boards of directors.  Sewage is not as dangerous as ethanol so it's environmentally reasonable tit for tat.  Oh, make sure we dump on the regulators homes too.


Please Note

With sale of AIG stock, US profit to hit $15.1 billion

Aw Hell Let Them Annihilate Each Other

Obama should arm both Iran and Israel and let them kill each other off.  That's one way to obtain Middle East peace.  It gets so old.  What if Israel uses a nuke to prevent Iran from obtaining nukes?  I can see it, it's bizarre, but possible.  Again, I am so tired of religion, aren't you?

Netanyahu: Without ultimatum, U.S. has no ‘moral right’ to stop Israel from attacking Iran

Time to let them wallow in their theism?

Why not close the Egyptian and Libyan embassies, cut off all aid to both countries, and ban travel to both places until their populations grow up?  We would just be making sure that we weren't there to offend them.

I am so tired of religion.  Yesterday it was Christians acting like murderous buffoons today it's Muslims.  Religion is such a handy tool for princes and prelates to use to acquire personal power.  Instead of delicate respect, meet it with secular lethal force.  Oh, well, the fantasy is pleasant, yeah, the only good theist is a dead theist.  Oh, sorry, I had a daydream.  Okay, that's extreme and I know we need the oil...

U.S. ambassador to Libya, 3 other Americans killed in Benghazi

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I have no idea what bin Laden and his followers think they accomplished by blowing up the WTC and a wall in the Pentagon.  Did it damage the nation?  Not really.  Oh, we've spent a ton of money, but we're still the biggest and best economy on the planet--T Bills sell quite well.  We've lost a bit of liberty and had some erosion on civil liberties, but we talk and argue about it.  In another 20 years we'll have a Church type commission and rectify the mess.  On a practical day to day basis what's that different between today and 9/10/01?

Our current problems aren't really due to terrorism or its costs.  Bush would have screwed pooch even if bin Laden had done nothing.  The financial meltdown would have occurred anyway.  The polarization is really normal for this nation.  We don't get along all that well, but we do get really pissed when someone outside the family attacks us.

Our international messes are normal, at least since the end of WWII.  I'm not sure if that war ever really ended.  We are the only 800 pound gorilla left standing.  We have some folks who worry about China. I'm sure they have their militarists just like we do, but the world runs on gold not guns.  China and the USA are economically joined at the hip.  Without us, their people would not have a clue about what to demand that they be allowed to buy.  Our blue jeans and our rock and roll have beaten the Russkies and the Chi-Comms.

Funny how our real religion as described in the Constitution keeps on winning over nation after nation.  The best part is, we don't need the military, CIA, or State Dept for that to happen.  We just need tourists.   Once you've been to Disneyland it's hard to go back, so to speak.   Hell, even the Muslims are now struggling over how to keep Allah within a democratic government.   Allah will lose, that's the power the mall.  Yep, bemoan consumer culture but it is what really keeps us free and safe.  By now we should be on World War V or VI.  Instead we kept on inventing stuff we didn't know we needed.  Man we've bought a lot of stuff over the years.  

Al Qaeda is still out there but it is a shell of what it once was.  Bin Laden is fish food.  Most of his ace lieutenants are dead.  The ones in charge are just bitter, but they still cling to their god and guns and scare local folks.   We should be building 7-11s in Afghanistan and Pakistan, then all they'd be is bitter as those people began to learn how to shop til they drop.

Even  the security mess we suffer through is a plus for the economy.  How many spin offs have their been that have nothing to do will protecting us from al Qaeda?  Hmm?  


Don't Forget Obama's Wars

Yemen is one of his wars.  Drones are his thing.  All we're doing is killing people.  Obama owns the air, but his targets own the ground.  Why isn't Yemen an issue?  Oh, Willard is no difference between them on this matter.


We have lost our marbles

God, half the country would invite Obama to dinner?  Slightly less would ask Willard in to dine.  That's demented.  I bet the responses were forced.  If the question was who would you invite, Obama, Willard or None of the Above, I have a feeling that 90% would opt for NOTA.  After 10% are always batshit crazy.

Poll: Voters pick Obama over Romney as dinner guest
Let's assume the seal told the truth in his book.  If so, then that means Obama and others are liars.  Oh, I guess that's why Panetta wants the guy to be punished, he told the truth and caused some embarrassment in an election year.  Secrets protect the careers of government employees and their patrons, not much else.  From the Prez down, do you trust anyone who is employed by our government?  Congress?  The Supremes?  If so, why?

Panetta: Navy SEAL writer should be punished

Banana Republic Here We Come

Bush and his cronies laid the foundation.  The Tea Party implemented the plan.  Both Repubs and Jackasses abetted them.  Yep, we elected a wrecking crew and they will finish the job this December.  When will we quit being so childish and elect decent people?

Moody’s says US government debt rating would be cut if no federal budget deal is reached

Does anyone really think that Obama or Willard can fix anything?  It's Congress we should worry about.  We keep electing true loons to office.  Well, I guess we get what we want.  Man we have bad taste.

Election 2012

The nation is split 50/50.  The GOP has the racist white working class and male vote and they have Willard.  The Dems have everybody else and a disappointing Obama.  There may be two white guys in Toledo, Ohio who have not made up their mind yet, but they probably won't vote in November.  The rest of us are holding our noses and voting for our personal lesser of two evils.   How many of us will not vote?  I bet we'll be closer to 50% turnout than to 60%.  Let's guess about 52%.

The ads will persist.  If you live in a key state you will continue to be inundated by them.  I'm tired of them, but they are so easy to ignore.  DVR's are a blessing.  The ads and speeches do accomplish one thing--increase the probability you will turn out and vote for your guy.  They do not change anyone's mind.

Obama's ads reminds you that Willard is slimeball vulture who would wreck the nation for personal gain.  Willard's ads remind you that Obama is a socialist anti-American who just might be Kenyan.  95% of us had our minds made up long before Willard became the nominee.  The 5% who keep pretending to be independent don't matter in this election.  This time it's all about who fears the other guy's presidency the most.

That's my take, here's the Post on recent polls--

Among likely voters, Obama-Romney close

If the election were held today, Obama would win by two points.  What about in November?  Will the debates change anything?  I doubt it, even if one of them steps on it, the effect will be minimal.  Of course if one of them wears golf shoes and steps on it...


The LDS Church has an official position of neutrality about Willard and the election.  Yep, they don't care who is elected.  If you believe that then let's talk beachfront property in Florida.  Oh, I'll meet you in SLC and bring your gay spouse and bottle of booze, the Church is neutral on those too.  Come on, it's a social organization first, second and third.  Eventually it deals with theology as something to think about.

  LDS Church says it’s careful to take neutral stand in race

Don't forget, the public face if neutrality may be needed to help Willard.  There is a segment, about 20%, that will not vote for a Mormon since they are sure it's not a Christian church.  Behind closed doors, well I'll let you guess what they are saying and planning.  Kind of reminds me of Catholics JFK's days.

Do You Really Want the United States of Bain?

If so, vote for Willard.  Here's a piece that shows how Willard ran Bain.  The guy was a master of profit from imposing crushing debt on others.   Gee, it's like GOP's private profit and public risk plan.   Willard will triple the national debt, but he himself would make a huge profit along with backers.  Bain was an investment firm.  They did not build anything.  Willard, by promoting his "business" experience is a fraud.  We cannot afford to have his kind of experience in charge of anything.

Finders Weepers: Early Bain Disputes Cast New Light on Its Business

Monday, September 10, 2012

Psst! Mitt, over here, read this---

Time to go!

We turned Bagram prison over to the Afghan government, but our aces in the ground are concerned that the government of Afghanistan will release all the prisoners.  I guess that means the prisoners are of concern only to our commanders who have occupied Afghanistan for almost 11 years.  When the government we appointed releases our prisoners it says more about us than it does them.  Maybe this means the CIA won't be able to hire torture services there in the future.


What kind of comunity

Both sides in the race for Air Force One portray communities of families where all is well and everyone lives the "American Dream."   Of course we have to vote for one of them.  We have so much rampant faithiness it may displace even a trace of truthiness.  God is on everybody's side and each man's religion embodies the real America.  Uh, before we drool our way into a dystopian future by believing these pols, I think we need to all re-read "The Lottery."  It's always seemed to be a more timely and pertinent description of this American life than the bullshit that spews from pols and prelates.


If you watched the GOOP convention, you may have noticed that the only diversity was on the stage.  When the cameras panned the delegation, it was very white, male and old.  Demographics will make the GOP a non-party as white males become a smaller and smaller portion of the nation.  Can the GOP diversify and remain a bunch of Trogs?  Not really since a sizable part of the Trogdom are all the Jesus jockeys they asked into their big white tent in the 60s.

What can they do?  They have to find a way to bag the Jesus jocks and their values voters, but have to retain a politically viable core that will attract a diverse crowd.  What could do that? Well, it's call libertarianism, but it has to be real libertarianism.  The GOP would have to accept abortion, gays, pot and all the other issues the Jesus jocks froth angrily about.  If the GOP consistently grounds itself in the Constitution and law, then is has a chance.  Oh, Ron Paul is not one a good example of Libertarian, he's an ultra right wing values voter.   Otherwise in 20 years the GOP will be an old Whig in the attic.

Which Willard?

We ran into Willard 1.0 when he ran for the Senate in 1994.  He lost.  He then morphed into release 2.0 when he ran for Gov.  He won in 2002.  After one term, Bay Staters despised him, he did not stand for reelection.  Instead he left the State in reaction to rejection and we saw release 3.0 develop in 2008 as he vied for the lease on Air Force One.  An old fart from Arizona kicked his butt.  In 2012, during the Trog-off, a.k.a. the GOP Primaries,  he devolved into Willard 4.0.  Now that he is the GOP rominee, he's morphing again, release 5.0 is in beta.  Is he a faux Trog?  He has a problem, how can anyone believe a damn thing the guy says about anything?  Glad he's a Republican.

I've said this is a lesser of two evils election. Hmm, maybe it's just a lesser of two liars election. Obama still wins.  Obama is less of a liar and the lesser of two evils.   Hell of a race isn't it.

If the only two guys in charge were Obama and Romney, in a life and death situation, then if both said "follow me," which one would you follow?  I wouldn't follow either of them, but if I am forced to choose, I think I'd have a higher probability coming out alive by following Obama.  Which of these clowns would you follow?


Will Ross Perot Determine the Winner?

No, Perot is not running, but there are third parties out there.  In '92 Perot gave us Clinton by taking GOP votes away from Bush.  What will happen in 2012?  Given that this is a tight race already, we're seeing both sides concentrate ads and speeches in a handful of states.  If voters think both of the major bozos suck they might vote for a third party.  If they do, then who wins?

In tight presidential race, third party candidates could play spoilers

Revolting Arabs In Syria

I think there are still few revolting Arabs left in Syria.  It's hard to tell since so many have been killed by Assad and his army.  Don't you love sectarian civil wars?


Oh those wacky commanders in the ground

They will do anything to keep us in the war game.  Come on, they know it's a fact--no war then no medals.  How are the well decorated dorks doing this?   Well, the latest ploy is to be sure the "enemy" has enough fuel for its vehicles.  In other words, once again, there is no audit trail on supplies.  Damn war is profitable for all except the unborn American taxpayer.

Is George Bush still the commanderator in chief?


The Legacy

Neither party really talks about the Shrub and his legacy in Iraq.  Of course both of them aided and abetted the schmuck  in his attempt to become a great wartime president.   Funny what motivates people.  At any rate the legacy hasn't changed.  It's still a pretty fucked up place.

Iraq blasts kill 100 as fugitive VP gets death sentence

Bagram Belongs To Them Now

We've handed the prison over to the Afghan government.  Now the CIA (American taxpayer) can pay them for use of the facility.  We were running out of places to send the CIA's rendered souls for torture.  I bet they built a world class chamber prior to handing it over.  We're out of the prison business and they have a much needed future cash flow source.  Think not?  Did Congress ever pass a law that explicitly ends rendition? Torture?  Why does anyone think it's ended at all?  Do you really take Obama's word for it?  Isn't there a difference between being on hiatus and ended forever?

U.S. transfers control of Bagram prison to Afghan officials

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hominy is better than Rominey

Here's a recipe I saw in the paper this week.  It works.  I've found you can serve it as intended a soup/ stew.  You can thicken it with a bit of roux if you'd like and serve on rice.  You can drain it a bit and serve on a flour tortilla with sour cream, giacamole, etc.  It's versatile and very tasty.  Sorry vegheads this one is for carnivores.

RECIPE: Hominy: What it is and how to use it

The Irish and the Hispanics

The Democratic Convention provided us with several speakers who were Hispanic.  I guess it's pandering, but a vote is a vote.  Speakers spoke to immigrants cares and fears, especially when it came to deportation--the dreamers.   The Dems tent is huge.  As I listened and watched the Dems take on the immigrant's point of view, I was taken  back to a prior time in our history, the Irish immigration.

The Irish were treated about the same if not worse than the Hispanics.  People of that time were not sure they spoke English or were quite human.   If was not a good time to be Irish in good old number one land.  I recall reading about a Canadian route for illegal Irish immigration into the states.  I don't know if anyone proposed building a fence back then.

The Irish experience was not pleasant.  They were trashed by the folks who'd been here for a while.  Oh, note, the Irish were excluded in the 17th century waves of English immigration.  Former Scots living in N. Ireland were okay.  The Irish weren't seen as fit to send to the colonies.  In other words,  folks back then had their Hispanics, they were the Irish.  I don't know when the Irish and Catholics become acceptable across the states, but I bet it was after JFK's election.

Does anyone know of a book that compares the two immigrant population's histories? Maybe I should write one.  I have a title, please do not take offense, but I think "Micks and Spicks" would be a good title.  I am quite struck by the similarities between the two very different groups.

Hard question to frame

As I watched both conventions, I noted that as we went up the political hierarchy the women were dressed in quite high heels, were well coifed, well adorned with jewelry, had dabbed on a skosh too much makeup and wore dresses that were a tad to tight for their bods.  The heels make me wonder about the success of feminism, it it real or just the result of the pill combined with being able to pay less for their labor?

At any rate as I thought about the appearance of political women, I wondered what would male attire be like if it had to compare to the women's?  What is the male 4" spike heel?

Jackass Convention

Did you notice how the Jackasses went on and on about bin Laden?  I thought they were going to surprize us and reveal that they had not dumped him in the ocean, but had preserved his corpse for this very moment.  Actually, if they'd kept him secretly alive, secretly tried him, secretly convicted him and secretly sentenced him to die, they could have publicly executed him at the convention.    Do you think Obama would get a bounce in the polls if he personally killed bin Laden as he accepted the nomination?   A couple of thwacks with a machete and there is Obama, standing on stage holding bin Laden's head up high.  

After Osama the other major themes seemed to be women and the family.  It too seemed a bit much, but maybe the public still thinks there is such thing as a compassionate conservative.  There ain't!  I guess I  reacted more to what was not talked about much at all.

Why not brag about kill lists, summary execution of American citizens, and drones?  What Obama has done and is doing sucks, but can you imagine what Willard would do?  Kind of makes one want to run out and vote for Obama right now.  The other issues by both Obama's team and Willard's are similar.  What Obama does stinks, but Willard would be putrescent.  War?  Iraq?  Afghanistan? Iran?  Syria?  Somalia? Sudan?  Mali?  If Mr. Transparency keeps the law he uses to drone on in our name private, I bet Willard would classify both the Declaration and the Constitution.

It's odd to see the Dems be the war, foreign policy and social values party.  I guess that big tent really works.  The Dems talk about abortion, gay rights, and immigration, women and bin Laden.   The Trogs just suck on their thumb an implode into a fecal mass as their best way to take back the country.  Yeah, they will take it back to 1850.   Will the voters let them?  

Whose Family?

If you watched the conventions you learned that both party's candidates are concerned about the family.  I tired of listening to the family bullshit.  Did you?  I kept asking myself, are these guys both Ronald Reagan?  When Bonzo ran, he waxed on an on about the family that did not exist for most people--man and one wife, two kids and a dog where Dad went to work and Mom stayed home and they lived an upper middle class life.  That family has not been what most folks have ever experienced.  So why did Ronald Obama and Ronald Romney (and assorted shills) pull a Reagan over and over again?  Well, what has been the place of family rhetoric in our politics anyway?

Politicians love to talk about family. But maybe not yours.

Trogs at play in the fields of pandering

Eddie Munster says states have the right to legalize pot.  I wasn't quite ready for that pander, but then I wasn't ready for Obama to bust post dispensaries in Colo.  and  Calif.  With respect to work and welfare, Eddie and Willard think that states should not have any control at all.  Trogs think states must tow the federal line.  Trogs are just strange.


When you use the word "leader" and Obama in a sentence, does it sound right to you?  Okay, when you use the word "leader" and Romney in a sentence does it make you queasy?  Who's the leader?  Why does Obama tend towards leadership and Willard comes off as just another rich prick who thinks you can buy it?

Leadership IQ and the race for the White House

Euro Crisis

Five Myths

Good Question!

We've just wrapped up a $100+ million federal expense.  That's about how much we, the hard working taxpayers, gave to the two party conventions.  Do the third parties get a dime? Why do we do that?  Maybe be ought to cut that expense as a symbolic offering to the the unborn taxpayer.  We spend all that money to nominate two clowns to run for president.   Why?  Actually, why do we have a president anyway?