Saturday, September 22, 2012

Voting In Virginia

Today I received my new Va. voter ID card.  It replaces the one I received just last year.  I'm tickled that the Repubs are so willing to waste those hard earned tax dollars on securing the vote (they failed to re-institute the poll tax).  I bet they won't object when Dems want to be as equally frivolous.  TVP* Bob led the pack on this one and spent the cash.   What a waste of time, money and effort on their part.  If you live in Va., have you registered?  Do you have the appropriate ID to take to polls in Nov.?

Are You Election Ready?

*Trans-vaginal Probe

Caught this on CNN today

This may go to the Supremes.  I wonder how Scalia and his fellow knuckle draggers will decide since DNA is not mentioned in the Constitution.  I bet he'll be quite original as he approves of DNA being collected from all felony suspects.  Is DNA the 21st century equivalent of fingerprints?  Is this a privacy issue or prudent law enforcement?  How about everybody giving a DNA sample at birth?

Court to rule on Calif. DNA collection from arrestees; case among hottest privacy issues

A new reason for adoption of the Guillotine

Ohio inmate says he's too obese for execution

Stuff I've Run Into This Weekend

Winners of the Ig® Nobel Prize

If you have an E-Book reader, E-Reading: President Gore: A Look Back

I listened to a film maker talk about the crowd sourced music in his film, We Made This Movie. Basically he scored his movie for free.  The guy put out a request for some songs.  He expected a few dozen replies.  He received over 1,200 or so.  What is crowdsourcing?  It's an old idea. Have you ever used the O.E.D.?

Here are some crowed sourced vids--10 Cool Crowdsourced Music Videos

Now to change to more important subject, head injuries.  Not the kind received in war, but in football.  Here's a movie--Steve James and Christopher Nowinski Talk the New Doc ‘Head Games’.

More on concussions--Head Injuries: The invisible epidemic

I heard this explanation of Willard's campaign woes, "no one wants to be Willard."


I don't have a smartphone.  I have no use for one.  I live in a rural area.  Cellphone coverage is not all that robust.  Besides, I don't use a phone of any kind that much at all.  Obviously I do use the Internet.  One application I have used a bit is Google Maps.

I can find my destination and print a map that allows me to navigate from my rural enclave to a doctor's office a hundred miles from here.   The maps are very accurate, but every once in a while it does list a wrong or ambiguous turn.  However, I've never been late by having gotten lost by Google.

Once I followed a direction error on a return trip and did head the wrong way.  I wasted a bit of time, but subsequently was able to find out how Google and I screwed up.  When I got home I used Google street view to see the highway exits and signs I had just travelled on.  Google had a slight error and I did not engage my brain.  The next time I knew the route by having logically traveled it correctly.  On future trips into alien urban space, I travelled the route before I physically did so.   This is a fantastic application.  Now, can someone tell my why Apple bagged Google Maps?  Greed?

Nokia Kicks Apple's Map In The Apps


What's a Troghole?  Oh, that's what Willard talks out of.  He has two of them.  When he stands up and tells us about his taxes, he speaks through his Troghole that's closest to the ground.

Questions remain about Romney’s taxes before 2010

We're safe for a while

Yes, we can relax and follow the election races.  Why?  Oh, Congress has shut down until after the election in November.  When they are in session, there is always the possibility they will do something other than pass self serving resolutions.

Congress wraps up, leaving work until after election

Why even bother with government at all?

The Trogs seem to oppose any government expense that benefits anyone but themselves.  It's weird.  Whatever happened to the social compact?  What gets me is that the states that take the biggest disproportionate bite out of federal apple are the red states.   As they oppose federal government expenses, I wonder if they ever ask what life would be like if all federal money disappeared from their state?  I doubt that they do.  I've lived in two states that would become fiscal train wrecks if fed $$$ disappeared.  Virginia and Utah would rapidly sink to the bottom of barrel.  Virginia would be a bit  better off than Utah, but there is in both cases, today only a moron would say "this is the place" without that federal cash.

Growing Partisan Divide over Social Safety Net


Hatewatch is a weekly summary of the latest news about hate and extremism compiled by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Week of September 20, 2012
Hatewatch Blog

Hatewatch Headlines
VA Vandals Target Islamic Center, Cars
Washington Times | Sept. 16, 2012

What the frack?

Regulation?  We don't need no stinkin' regulation!

The Trillion-Gallon Loophole: Lax Rules for Drillers that Inject Pollutants Into the Earth

Friday, September 21, 2012

Willard's A Real Piece of Work.

In an attempt to dampen the Dems demands to see his taxes, Willard used the Friday news dump to let us see his 2011 taxes.  Gee, to avoid a possible lie, he manipulated his taxes to pay at least 13%, but he paid than more he legally had to and is thus, by his own standard, unqualified to be Prez.  Of  course he dumped the tax mess to divert attention from his thoughts about 47% of Americans who he has defined as premier moochers who have no place in Romney's world.  Still like the guy? Why?

Mitt Romney releases tax return for 2011, showing he paid 14.1 percent tax rate

Even Peggy Noonan sees Willard's run for Air Force One as a rolling calamity.  I like that, after he has his ass handed to him maybe he can start a band-- The Rolling Calamity!  What a schmuck.

Note, Willard did not kill the tax questions, he reinserted them into the campaign.  Also, the 47% matter won't disappear soon.

Back then they were still Dixiecrats

But today they are all Republicans.  They are still out there.  The hate doesn't die, it's passed on from father to son with great pride.  They're still fighting the Civil War in SC.

Do you remember the Orangeburg Massacre?

Right Now Obama Would Win

Of course there are the debates and who knows what else to come.  I wonder if Scalia has found an original argument to bypass the election and appoint another Prez? More and more so the polls are going to Obama, especially when cellphones are included in the survey.  If you only tap landlines, hell you only wind up surveying old farts like your Great Aunt Agnes.

Sept. 20: Obama’s Convention Bounce May Not Be Receding

Counter Coattails

When are a candidate's coattails like a children's playground?  When others slide down them to see how  far they can get away from them.  Willard is now the Trog everyone wants to take his ball and go hone.    Does anyone really that empty suit in the White House?

THE RACE: Romney running into some GOP headwinds

I wonder what it would be like if Assad was a Sunni?

Sectarian hate makes the Middle East the best customer of the world's merchants of death.  I wonder how much of Assad's arsenal is of U.S. origin?  Hope you bet on Assad, he's still in charge of Syria.


Bullshit Alert

Now that Obama's surge in the Shrub's image is over, we can expect the same type of thoughtful and insightful post surge analysis from DOD and the White House.

"The surge did accomplish it objectives of reversing the Taliban momentum on the battlefield and dramatically increasing the size and capability of the Afghan national security forces," Panetta told reporters at a press conference at the Government House here where he was meeting with New Zealand leaders.

 Is your bullshit detector tingling yet?

This makes little sense to me

iPhone 5 is out.  I don't quite understand the dynamic.  What makes a smartphone so spiffy anyway?


Change Washington?

The clowns in quest of Air Force One both want to change Washington.  Obama knows it cannot be done from inside the beltway.  Willard, sees his chance.  However, Willard his had head up his ass for so long he thinks it can be done.  Willard is the GOP champion.  The GOP trumpets the Constitution and originalism.  Willard and the GOP want us to return to the glory days of 1844.  Yeah, for rich old white guys, life was better then--slaves, women in proper place and Mormon hunts were fun.  Willard is a total ass.  Actually both of them think their shit doesn't stink on this one.

There is only one way to change Washington.  Voters have to reject all the current pols.  For example, no Willard and no Obama.  Voters have to send a higher caliber of sleaze to D.C.  Until then, it's just SSDD*.  New parties and new people are the only way to change life in Washington, D.C.


Same shit, different day.

Keeping the hopes of more war alive!

Israeli military says it thwarted infiltration attempt from Egypt, killing 3 militants

South Korea’s navy fires warning shots toward North Korean fishing boats near disputed waters

Traditional enemies are great for goosing munitions sales. Perhaps we can kick off a new civil war to put us exceed our sales goals for the year?  Still think it's all an excess of faithy zeal?  Still think there's no money in guns?

Some Pakistani protests turn violent

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sir Wilmitt von Rombotney

Willard is a Trogs kind of diplomat.  However, to everyone else, he's just an ass, a dangerous ass who will precipitate wars for other people's kids to fight in and die.  

Palestinians condemn Mitt Romney comment that they have “no interest whatsoever” in peace

Willard's 47%

Look, when Willard opens his mouth, he contradicts himself. The man loves his family, loves his money, loves his church and loves the idea of being president.  That's it.  No one knows what the guy really thinks much less believes.  I'm not sure if Willard even knows what Willard believes.  The man is a shell who says whatever the audience wants to hear.  He's a lousy entertainer and piss poor pol.  Will his latest round of BS hurt him?  Nah, it won't make Trogs vote for Obama.  However, it will make Trogs look for excuses to not vote in Nov.

 Are Romney's '47 percent' comments beginning to move the polls?

The GOP needs to change its name

Repubs could become the John Kerry party.  Remember "I voted for it before I voted against it?" Well all those Trogs voted for the sequester, but didn't really mean it.  Yeah, they are all little Kerryites now.

Many in GOP voted for forced budget cuts before being against them

Evolution in the lab

Evolutionary innovation caught in the act

Is there money in the federal government?

You bet your appropriation there is.   Think not?  Then why are--

Seven of nation’s 10 most affluent counties are in Washington region

Damn Shrewd Folks In Charge

We really need to leave now.

NATO Meeting proposed on preventing insider attacks from Afghan forces

Damn, that gives me an idea.  We could use power point as our secret weapon in Afghanistan.  We'd force everybody listen to a power point presentation once a day.  With a couple of days, they'd all commit suicide and the war would be over.  Hm can we force presentations on Pakistan?  Maybe the GOP?

Even with 47% Willard Loses

I don't see how Rombot can get elected.  He keeps alienating pools of voters.  About the only block he had left was older voters.  You know, those whose income is mostly Social Security.  Willard called them moochers and leaches who take from makers like himself.

Of course some might have been inclined to cast their vote his way until he opened his mouth the turmoil in the Middle East.  Mittempty blew it.  Does anyone have a clue what this schmuck really thinks about anything?

Middle East Turmoil Closely Followed; Romney's Comments Viewed Negatively

Which Bozo is Ahead?

Bozo Obama has the lead over Bozo Rombot.  Rommitt's presentation of self has revealed a man that no one likes.  Do you trust him? See, if a candidate fails on some fundamental level of truthiness, he's rejected by the electorate.  Willney has failed.  Repubs won't vote for Obama, they just won't vote.  Willard is like one of those cheap Easter bunnies.  You know the kind that look good,  but when you take the first bite you discover it's just a thin empty shell of really cheap chocolate like substance filled with stale air.

Obama Ahead with Stronger Support, Better Image and Lead on Most Issues

Willard is a moocher

This piece is about how banks and companies make money on debt courtesy of the tax code.  There's more money in debt than in equity.  Willard learned and applied this at Bain.  His fortune was made courtesy of the tax code.  He didn't make anything except money (at our expense).

Tax Moochers: Banks

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Take a look at your firm or place of employment

Look around you.  Get real honest about the folks in charge.  Okay, would your crew pull off a Fast and Furious?  I bet they would.  It's hard to present rank stupidity in both the public and private sectors. Some one should have had a light bulb go on when the boss decided to name it after a grade B drive in movie. What's your firm's latest and rankest bout with managerial myopia?  Oh, as expected no one knew nothing about it...

Justice inspector general issues report critical of ATF in ‘Fast and Furious’ gun operation


This will drive the evangefundies nuts.  Maybe it will make them  implode, get their assess back into the pews and stay out of the public square.

Did Jesus have a wife?

Own Some Merchant of Death Stocks?

If so, you might want to re-structure your portfolio a bit.   Congress is headed towards the fiscal cliff and both sides are ready to see which one can out lemming the other.  If Clinton ended individual welfare as we knew it, perhaps this will be the only way to end corporate welfare as we know it.  Talk about victims thinking they are entitled to being supported by government, no one beats defense contractors at this game.

Defense industry is reshaping itself in a multitude of ways

Don't you get tired of this kind of crap?

Paris magazine's Muhammad cartoons prompt fears for French embassies

We'll have to rename the nation

How about the United Fats?   Obesity is getting worse and will continues to do so.  Can you imagine what we will look like when 60% of us are just blobs with feet?  How much disease will come in with all that lard?  And we're worried about smoking and drugs?

State obesity rates could skyrocket by 2030

Willard's Mouth

Willard opens his mouth.  He removes a silver place setting for 20.  He then speaks and inserts his platinum shod foot.  The guy keeps on telling the truth, but we call them gaffes.  Can you believe this guy went to Stanford, BYU and Harvard?


"Last Gasp?"

The dork in charge of DoD says the Taliban are in their last gasp!  After eleven years of broken war, that's the best estimate of the latest enemy's capability?  Don't forget we went in to get bin Laden and his terrorist henchmen.  Panetta needs a new PR shill.  Eleven years folks!

The Taliban was ousted from political power.  Over the years we have made them into an armed enemy.  Hell we don't even like to use the word Taliban, we prefer the vaguer terms of militant or insurgent.  It's time to leave.  We've wasted our resources there ever since the Tora Bora fiasco and the needless invasion of Iraq.

Taliban’s new strategy focuses more on high-profile assaults, less on territory


Do you trust Willard?  How about Obama?  Oh, what about the Shrub?  Dork?  Hm, at least Little George and his Uncle Dick never lied about U.S. Government employees torturing people, right?  Yeah, three people were tortured.  Hold it, maybe that was a number agreed upon by those responsible for the torture.  You know a cover story.   My, my, here comes some more torture and a secret prison in Libya.  Yep, liars all.  At least we now know why our Presidents propped up  and protected petty dictators like Qaddafi.  Who does our dirty work for us today?

The Bush Administration’s Oft-Repeated (and Now Challenged) Waterboarding Claims

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What do your friends say about you?

Okay what about Willard's friends?

Romney "47 Percent" Fundraiser Host: Hedge Fund Manager Who Likes Sex Parties

The Bain Way--Shoot, Draw, Aim

Then get the feds to pay for the damages you did to yourself.  Yep, the Bain way.  Are you sure we want this asshole in the White House?  He writes off 47% of the American public as moocher scum.  Oh, he's also sure that all Palestinians do not want any peace with Israel.  He's a douchebag.

New video shows Romney saying Palestinians don't want peace

Willard could find his way out of a wet paper bag

Willard is proud of being a maker.  Of course a large part of his "success" depended on the U.S. tax code.  He's so proud of himself, he's only going  to be Prez for his fellow makers.  The rest are takers or moochers.  Of course he did not think before he spoke, he shot then aimed.  Given that this is Willard, who knows what the schmuck really thinks.  He says whatever he thinks any audience wants to hear.  Now how about some facts about the "takers"--

Romney’s theory of the “taker class,” and why it matters

In case you have not noticed, Willard is an ass

Willard will not be president for the non-payer of income taxes, after they are takers of the makers money.  Hmm, I guess that means he's flipped off most of the red states.  Willard is a dumb shit.

Mitt Romney will probably get 95 electoral votes from ‘moocher’ states. Obama will probably get 5.

Monica's Back?

Quick what is her last name?  I bet you guessed "Lewinsky."  If you did you are right.  She is hawking a book.  No one knows what it is about.  Will it be titled "Blowing Bill?"  We'll have to wait and see--

Monica Lewinsky is shopping a book: Memoir? Fantasy? Self-Help Guide?

George W. Obama's War

Can I get an "oops?" Ooops!  That what the aces in charge of the Afghan War must be saying today.  It applies to all that training they have done so we could stand down and the Afghans stood up.  Yeah, we sat down, they stood up, and they shot us.  Now that is some stellar war waging.  Need I suggest we end it, come home and quietly disband about 50% of our military.   It costs us too much to inflict them on others around the world.

U.S. troops ordered to make major reduction in joint operations with Afghan forces

The Legacy

I haven't seen any Shrub memorials being erected in Iraq yet, have you?  I wonder why?

Suicide blast kills 10 near Kabul’s airport in Afghanistan

He Now Admits He Is A Rich Prick

Romney: Not worrying about ‘dependent’ 47%

Aside from the fact that he has not decomposed the 47% who do not pay federal income tax, he's has now proved he is one more bigoted white guy who blames the have nots for the woes imposed by the haves.  Do I have to break out the numbers in taxes?

Think about it?  Who does not pay?  First we have the elderly whose income is mostly Social Security, they  do not pay income taxes, then their are the working poor who file tax forms, but receive an earned income tax credit, and of course their are some people who do not make enough money to be taxed.  Go look for the breakdown if you want, but it's not the big deal Trogs want it to be.  Oh, don't forget if you work you do pay other federal taxes--Social Security and Medicare.

Willard remains as always as ass.  Perhaps his statements indicate that it would be a good time for the nation to rediscover poverty.  We have not solved it.  It's rampant.  Trogs don't want to admit it, but it's increasing.

At this point I have to surmise Willard is not a Christian too--think about the message of Jesus.  Come to think of it, evangefundies, to the extent they share Willard's thoughts are pretty piss poor Christians.  They think all you have to do go to church and  testify, but friends it's harder than that.  You have to live the Gospel quietly all by yourself everyday, it's not a group thing.  There is no room for bragging.  Salvation really depends on one's deeds not mere words.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Willard II

The Federal Bailout That Saved Mitt Romney

Do You Really Want Willard?

Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital

Campaign BS

This article from Politico is the bobblehead punditry piece of the day.  It does make one wonder about what we would get if we accidentally did elect Willard.   If the guy ran Bain as he has run his campaign one has to wonder how it succeeded.  Perhaps it was not all that difficult, once he figured out how to make money out of other's success or failure.  Gee, no risk to Bain, just profit.  Where have I heard something like that before?  Are we really ready for Willard 5.0, or has he released version number 11 by now?

Inside the campaign: How Mitt Romney stumbled


If folks thought gender equality meant women would wind up emulating men, then they may have to rethink it a bit.  Today, makeup.  Tomorrow 5" spike heels?

For S. Korean men, makeup a foundation for success

Iraqi Normal

The Shrub created a nation.  We now know how his mind worked.  Why did we ever elect a plant to office?  God, does that mean we might elect a Rombot?

Suicide bomber kills at least 8 in Baghdad

Non Issue

Have you noticed that neither the Jackasses nor the Trogs have much to say about Climate Change?  I guess both parties are filled with deniers who are more concerned about the unborn taxpayers tax bill than much else.  If the climate melts off Greenland and the weather becomes more extreme, maybe the future taxpayers will all remain unborn.

As climate change crisis looms, presidential campaigns stay quiet

Junior is a porker

All those obese kids belong to someone.  And that someone feeds them junk.  And that junk is loaded with salt.  Gee, the kids get to eat just like Mom and Dad.  Is obesity child abuse?


Occupy The Closet?

I guess the 99% found a big closet and left the nation to the 1%.  Gee, that explains Willard's ascent to be the candidate despised by all (except some very odd people in Utah).  What happended to Occupy?
Are they back?  If all they do it twiddle their fingers, so what?  I guess when you're bored you hang out in parks.


I kind of hoped they would change and we'd see a bit of Occupy Voting Booths.  Let down again, but that's normal in these United States.  It could have been worse, will Occupy go forward?

Democrats Shows Support for Labor

Chicago mayor seeks court order to end teachers strike

The Botched War

In case you missed it, here's a piece on the green on blue killings that now dominate George W. Obama's botched war, a.k.a. the Afghanistan War.  End it.  It's that simple.  Ooops, if we end it, we might cut defense spending.  If we cut defense spending, contractors won't be able to donate generously to Congressional reelection war chests.  And now you know why we're in our 11th year of this massive FUBAR of needless war.  We, as a people, must approve of this war.  We reelect those who keep death and destruction alive.  Will we still be the the now unborn taxpayer begins to pay today's war bill?

4 troops killed in southern Afghanistan insider attack

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Thinking a New Kindle Fire?

If so, then here are a couple of reviews--

Kindle Fire HD review: A better Kindle, but not a better tablet

Review: 7-inch Kindle Fire HD good device but not the best

Watch Out Young Farts

The Old Farts are being rediscovered by marketers.  As the Baby Boom enters it dotage, stores will begin to pander to their needs.  Who needs the young for now?  Will the Gray Panthers be revived?  One thing about old farts is they do turn out and vote.  Gee, will pols begin a huge pander to them?  Well now that you mention it, who cares about Defense spending, but Medicare must be saved!

Companies set sights on aging consumers

The Shrub's Legacy Persists...

What else can I say, we've grossly overstayed our welcome--


Myths -- Teacher Unions

Five Myths