Saturday, September 29, 2012


It will be a few days or so before there are any new posts due to a death in the family. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Here's a sister site

I assume y'all have been out to FactCheck.Org.  That site looks for unfactual crap put forward as truth by the lying dogs we run for offices across the land.  Along with the AP, PolitiFact and Glenn Kessler in the WAPO,  they do a fantastic job.  Of course, to partisans, facts really don't matter.  I'm one of those types.  To me it's the party stupid.  How about you?

Here's a sister site that "...uses parody and humor to debunk false political advertising, poke fun at extreme language, and hold the media accountable for their reporting on political campaigns."


Assessing the fact challenged...

Fact challenged?  Yeah, a.k.a. pols.  Here's a sight that calls it like it is--

Who's More Full of Shit?

Hey Our Food Still Kills

Bur we don't need to waste any tax money on food inspections and regulations.  Nah, allow the free market to work.  Those who survive your death  can sue for wrongful death.  I love Teabagger logic don't you?

Salmonella outbreak prompts peanut butter recall


I recently watched the Swedish films, "Girl With A Dragon Tattoo," "The Girl Who Played With Fire" and "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest."  I streamed them via NetFlix.  I had not watched these before.  However I had watched the English language version with Daniel Craig, I enjoyed it.   However, the Swedish film, even with subtitles is a much, much better film.  Sometimes too much Hollywood is just that too much and leads to a lesser film.

If you haven't seen the trilogy, give it a shot, make  your own marathon and Millennium a day away.  Let me know it you prefer the Swedish film over the English one.

Being All He Could Be?

I have no sympathy for this kind behavior.  It will be shown to involve abuse of power.  This kind of pleasure seeking is criminal.  If convicted, I suggest he be stripped of rank and deprived of his pension, but the ones who make that decision also have trouble with their zippers.  

Army accuses 82nd Airborne brig. general of sex crimes

Poll Tax Update

Witnesses to detail barriers to Pa. voter ID law

More on Student Debt

Stufent debt is excessive.  Of course, we the voters (and non-voters) have creataed this mess by electing  folks to state legislatures who quit funding public higher education gradually a bit at a time over the last few decades. I hope we all like it, we voted it into office and it appears we will continue to shoot, draw and aim our political lives away.


Why is this a national story?

College sports are bad, pro sports are terrible. However, they are quite popular.  Why, I have yet to figure out.  The only explanation I've run across that makes a degree of sense is that sports are the only bit of spontaneity left in controlled and contrived lives.  No one knows who will win a game.  It's strange.  The NFL made news this week, well, the NFL refs made news.  There was more coverage of the NFL Refs than much else.


This is normal if not typical procurement

When it comes to the stuff our soldiers use, what matters is how much we spend and how long the contracts can be milked.  Who cares about the physical safety of the troops! If the thing doesn't work right, just find a Rumsfeld quote to explain it!  This is the MIC in action and you thought the admirals and generals gave a damn about anything but their own medals.

AP Impact: Air Force experts foresaw problems with F-22 stealth fighter; solutions rejected

Good News for Obama

Every improvement in the economy is good news for Obama.  That makes it bad news for Willard and that makes it very, very good news.

Weekly US unemployment benefit applications fall sharply to 359,000, lowest in 2 months

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I know there are still six weeks to go,

But it's looking better and better every day.  Romwillny's campaign seems to have dwindled to phlegm.     Rombot version 1.0 might have been ahead, but as Willard began to succor the wingnut voters, he repulsed the rest of the electorate.  Does he really think the earth is only 10,000 years old?  Probably not, but the folks who do are the only sure votes he has left.

Sept. 25: Romney’s Narrow Path Without Ohio

Daily Show

Santorum Was Correct

Rick was right, the GOP does not attract smart people, hence the GOP dumbbells are now backing the legitimate rape guy.  No, not Paul Ryan, Todd Akin.

National Republicans Come Home To Todd Akin

There Was A Surge?

Yes, there was.  We surged Afghanistan.  That means we sent in more troops.  The surge is over.  The extra troops are back home.  I guess that means we could start another war somewhere.  Did you notice the beginning, middle, or end of the surge?  If only 1% of have any direct involvement with the war, then I guess it's pretty improbable that we know anyone who's been a soldier in this wasted war.

The Afghan Surge Is Over

Ace Government Planners Do It Again

If they can't get a pool right, it kind of makes you wonder about all those more expensive weapons they buy.  Hm, were the pool guys also the F-35 guys?

Agency works to rid Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool of algae

And in the bollixed up beyond belief war...

It goes on and on.  Pretty much a normal, daily cluster fuck.  That's life.   Two more dead and we'll keep it up to stay on schedule.  I'd like us to get ahead of schedule.

NATO: Suicide attack kills 2 coalition service members in Afghanistan

If we can't end this mess, then how about a dedicated tax increase to pay for it?

How do you view other nations?

What's your opinion about ----

Have you forgotten Gitmo?

It's still in business.  Of course Obama blames it all on the ever evil Congress.  Of course he didn't really do much in the face of opposition.  After all he was running for reelection on day 1.  It's hard work and took up most of his time.

Timeline: A Guantanamo Death Foretold

Mitt Obama?

When it comes to the Afghan War, Willard's views are, in essence, Obama's views.

Where Obama and Romney Stand on The War in Afghanistan

Constitution and Citizen Day?

How much do you know about our governemnt?  Would some flash cards help?

Quiz: Are you smarter than an 8th grade Civics student?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hey! Where Are The Billboards With the Shrub's Dorky Face?


He'll Give a NIce Speech

However, the only way Arabs will get over their "rage" is get their heads out of their asses.  It's been downhill for them since the 1200s.  Come on, when's the last time you heard mention of any contribution to the world from something Arabic?  You'd be upset too, if all you did all day was smell your own shit.  No one can help them until they decide to live in the 21st century.


It's About Like Everything Else, Social Class Matters

Once you factor out the lower class, the scores are pretty damn good.  Similarly, once you remove riff and raff from all other educational attainment measures, the U.S. is #1.  We persist in maintaining our class system without admitting its existence.  We try to alter a social product by any means except that which will work--a bit of class leveling of the playing field of life.  We are a very strange people who refuse to see that we preserve our inheritable class benefits quite well.  Hell, if you are on the top or the bottom at birth, there's about an 85% chance that's where you will be when you die.  The only group in life that have better preservation odds are Congressmen--they have a 95% chance of being reelected.

SAT reading scores hit a four-decade low

Will They Riot Over MIssing Missiles?

I doubt it.  However, if a power seeker has a need and can find a way, then the masses will have another spontaneous, non-spontaneous rabble filled demonstration.  It would make as much sense as the  ones orchestrated to froth over insults to their god.  As always, the Arabs remain revolting.

Libya militia leader: Heat-seeking missiles, other weapons stolen during firefight

Monday, September 24, 2012

Making the tent bigger by making it smaller?

The poll tax renaissance along with the new round of Jim Crow revival laws belong to the GOP.  The suppression of the vote may help them a bit this time around.  However, they will have permanently lost everybody but rich old white guys and  their self-loathing wives.  They are driving everyone else into the Democratic Party tent.  Talk about shoot, draw, aim!

Study: 10M Latinos could be deterred from voting

What Can I Say?

I say, go Obama! Look, Willard is an ass.  He was born with a silver spoon in his rectum.  Obama, on the other hand is not.  He's just kind of lame and modestly deceitful.  Obama, make Rombot squirm on an issue of national importance, his taxes.


Science? We don't need no stinking science

There are times I wish I had immigrated to New Zealand or Canada years ago.  They are more rational than us.  How do we maintain such a high level of stupidity?  Bill Nye is right--


Mother Nature is down but not out---

One of these days Mom Nature will come up with a new one that stops us cold.  After all look at what we've done to her.  She'll even be out of ice soon....


Assume Assad Is Toppled

If Assad goes the way of other dictators, into retirement on the Rivera, who will come in to save Syria from its liberators?  Syria is going down the Lebanese road to permanent civil war.  Those revolting Arabs never know when to quit.

Syria’s rebel groups united only by opposition to Bashar Assad

Student Loans

Student loan debt is over $914 billion.  Almost 6 million people are behind in repayment on their average $26,000 debt.  One in six are in default?  It's a mess.

Debt for Life

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Got Debt?

Do you owe money?  How much?  What kind?  If it's long term, it's probably of great value to the very folks who loaned you the money.  Debt is a great way to make money if you don't owe it, but instead buy it, securitize it and sell it to investors.

How about your debt? What about others ready to take on debt?  What can you do?  What should be do about your debt?  Occupy Wall Street is back and taking on debt.

Arab Rage?

The bobble head shows addressed the Arab rage a bit today.  Revolting Arabs took to the streets to protest and denounce an insult to Allah, right?  Come on! I doubt if there has ever been a spontaneous demonstration of rage and anger at dissing Allah.  The demonstrations are part of the political process in those wretched places.  They are about as spontaneous as the cheers for Willard at the GOP party convention or the tens of thousands of folks who all independently and spontaneously decide to fill an arena to listen to Obama.  Our world is ultra-hyped, but we still react as it was not.

What about the Universe?

Here are a couple takes on a book about the universe.   It's probably a good read if you are not overly committed to religion's fantasies as fact.  If you are a die hard theist, well there are other books for you.

A Universe from Nothing?

On the Origin of Everything


The easiest way to eliminate the restrictions on religion is to be rid of religion.  However, I doubt that will occur.  How bad is it for those whose factless fantasies guide their daily lives?  Well it varies from nation to nation--

Given the nature of our government,

I'm on the side of CNN on this one.


I think the State Dept. has less concern with Amb. Stevens family and has much more concern with what it says about their own screw-ups.  Remember CYA drives much of our government's actions.

Egypt's Head Dork

Morsi think the U.S. needs to back off from telling Egypt what to do.  Of course the 2$ billion a year might become a much smaller number.  He should welcome the reduction in funds.

Morsi criticized U.S. dealings with the Arab world, saying it is not possible to judge Egyptian behavior and decision-making by American cultural standards. He said Washington earned ill will in the region in the past by backing dictators and taking "a very clear" biased approach against the Palestinians and for Israel.

I agree with him, we'll quit judging them by our standards when they quit judging us by their standards. Damn, it's time for him to cue the masses for another spontaneous demonstration featuring burning U.S. flags and young bearded men chanting "Death to America." We can cut the aid in half and agree to be civil with each other.  Egypt can go it's way and we'll go ours.  Of course he and other Arabs will not allow Israel to benefit from the same degree of mutual detachment.  I cannot shake the feeling the hating the Jews is the surest step an Arab leader can take to preserve power.  It deflects attention from the reality of the Middle East--most people live in manmade and man maintained shitholes (except for the Israelis).

It still really about 5%

5%?  That's the proportion of likely voters who keep on claiming they haven't decided to vote for Obama or vote for Rombot.  The bases for each candidate had made up their mind before there were any candidates.  The theoretical undecided have too, but they go through the quadrennial sideshow of "deciding" who deserves their vote.  It's how they get interviewed on TV.  This election is about getting out the vote (GOTV).  The 5% are likely to be  the likely voters who will likely be paralyzed by their own indecisiveness on Nov. 6th and spend that day hiding in a dark closet eating peanut butter from a jar.


The side that does the best GOTV job will win.  Neither bozo has exactly fired up their base.  This election remains a lesser of two evils race.  Most voters are lifelong Democrats or Trogs.  Democrats elect decent candidates who let them down.  Trogs vote for Trogs who let them down.  Gee, maybe we need some new parties and a total replacement of all the pols we now have come to loathe and despise.

I Love Good News!

Who had the worst week in Washington? Mitt Romney — again.

I hope he keeps on winning this weekly prize, until Nov. 7th.  Then hopefully people will never  hear from him again.

Myths about the 47%

Five Myths