Saturday, October 13, 2012

As long as it's illegal

If police arrest and prosecute the prostitutes, they should do the same for the Johns.  Until then, public shaming is a step in the right direction.  This is one more of those areas we really should legalize, regulate, and tax instead of half-assed, ineffective policing that wastes tax dollars.

Prostitute Patrons Can't Hide Their Faces Anymore

TIVO Alert!

Set your DVR to record this coming Thursday's Daily Show--

Obama to do 'Daily Show' on Thursday

Egyptian Unemployment Must Still Be About 60%

How do I know that?  Well, young unemployed Arab men tend to gather in the streets.  They have nothing better to do.  Then it does not take much to set off a melee, especially if TV cameras arrive on the scene and perhaps a gift of a bit of cash.  Yep, Cairo's square is full of unemployed activity again.

 Scores injured as rival protests clash over Morsi in Cairo’s Tahrir Squar

Too Little, Too Late!

After the deed is done, the clerics get antsy and finally condemn the act.  I have a feeling their anger and  regret has more to do with their own fears of job and status loss than much else.  People can run clerics out of town.  The world would be a much better place without any Islamic, Jewish, and Christian clergy.  Run them all out of town and make sure they never return.  A town without churches would be nice...

Pakistani clerics add voices to chorus of condemnation against girl’s attackers

Maybe we need to license having children?

Dallas mom who glued toddler’s hands to wall gets 99 years in prison

Taking Back Our Country Minstrel Show Tour

Roberts and the Robes will sing a song of rejection.  They will reject Affirmative Action.  They have listened to the shysters.  Now they are practicing an 1850s tune, gee, will it be sung in blackface?  Does  anyone expect the robed knuckle dragger faction to uphold Affirmative Action?  They appear to have plenty of company--

62% - Majority Rejects Use of Preferences to Help Minorities

Sanity Is Breaking Out Across The Land!

I've posted on this, but it's worth re-reading.  Want to know why religion is in decline?  That's easy, the young learn a lot merely by watching and listening to their elders.  Just because Mom and Dad manifest rather bizarre thoughts, there is no reason that their children have to emulate them.  They have not.  They have watched, they have listened, they have learned, and they have used their minds.  More and more younger adults are unaffiliated or atheist.  National sanity may be just around the corner.

One-in-Five Adults Have No Religious Affiliation

Friday, October 12, 2012

Uh, he is!

Look, if you listened to the GOP primary debates, then you know the Willard aligned himself with the right wing of the right wing of the GOP.  Willard left any moderation he ever had back in Massachusetts and that was when he headed up Bain Capital.  He is not a moderate.

He is tied to the GOP platform, the values voters and the Teabaggers--they elected him their nominee.  Merely selling himself in one debate as "moderate" is just a hyped bullshit used to deceive voters.  His record, if one assumes at some point he was a moderate Trog, goes back decades.  That is when we saw Rombot 1.0.  Over the years he has released new versions of himself.  They have all tacked to the right of the previous release.  We now have Rominee 9.0.  This Mitt is out beyond the right field parking lot.  Come on, with his record, one step back does not a moderate make.  Therefore Obama is correct--

to paint Romney as hardline conservative

Same Sex Marriage

Four states will have same sex marriage on the ballot this Nov.  This is getting so damned old.  I doubt Roberts and the Robes will ever decide that same sex marriage is a constitutional right.   I do not understand folks who get all worked up over same sex marriage.  If two people want to marry, fine, let them.  There are so many more things we have to deal with.

However, along the way, let's insure that the state's interests are maintained--all those rights and responsibilities that come with entry into a state sanctioned contract and let's make sure contract dissolution is covered.  From the state's perspective, marriage is just a contract.  If you want it to be more, then go a sacred store, but stay out of the Courthouse.  

Voters in Four States to Address Same-Sex Marriage in November

To Some Level of Hell and Lower

That's where we're headed as more and more people continue to support the idea of photo IDs being needed to vote.  I prefer a decent system of voter registration that allows as many people to register as possible with minimal hassle.  Photo IDs don't resolve the underlying problem of slipshod, flawed and inadequate registration systems.  Photo IDs will suppress the vote, they are today's poll tax.  A voter registration card makes a fine ID if we need to have one, it's all anyone should need.  Now about when we vote...

Broad Support for Photo ID Voting Requirements

Why Do Trogs Hate Big Bird?

The knuckle draggers have depsised PBS since its beginning.  They reacted to PBS in the same way they reacted to the onset of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  Trogs want to be rid of them all.  I've never been able to understand the Trog mind.  Hm, I'll be damned, that's my problem, for all these years, I assumed they have minds.

Big Bird Debate: How Much Does Federal Funding Matter to Public Broadcasting?

Eddie Munster

Readers of this blog know that I think very little of Paul Ryan.  If he's the intellectual highlight of the GOP, then I am baffled how the Dems can ever lose a race anywhere.  Eddie Munster is a joke.  Do you need more info on this Trog?  Is so, then read--

Paul Ryan Reading Guide: The Best Reporting on the VP Candidate

Is this one more bipartisan ooops?

It sounds good--

The idea of teaching laid-off workers new skills for new kinds of jobs is a rare economic policy on which the major political parties agree. Retraining has emerged as a mantra for the Obama White House, and two-year colleges its antidote of choice. 

But does it work?

Rare Agreement: Obama, Romney, Ryan All Endorse Retraining for Jobless—But Are They Right?

Off With Their Heads, Again

Compounding pharmacies are killing people.  Here's more on NECC and some others.  Funny how elected pols won't regulate them (how do you spell pay-off).  Look, if a drug kills people, then chop off the manufacturing companies CEO's head.  This is just a raw profit scam supported by pols who seek cash for reelection.  Is there a way we could guillotine a pol or three along the way?

What a Failed Vegas Sex Pill and The Meningitis Outbreak Have In Common

Checking it out, yep it's pretty much horseshit

What's the "it"?  Oh, it's the Veep "debate."  Now the fact checkers will tell us who lied, on what.  Maybe it would be easier if they reversed it and did truth checks.  Then again, truth columns would be so short, they wouldn't fill  one column inch.  Does anyone really expect a pol to tell the truth?

Fact-checking the vice presidential debate

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bucket of warm spit off

The Veep "debate" is over.  Who won?  Well, that depends.  It depends on your party affiliation.  If you are a Dem, then Biden clearly won.  It you are a Trog, then Eddie Munster won.

Today In Drones

Next time it will come with hellfire missiles--Hezbollah says it sent drone over Israel

Like drones?  Are we right to use them?  They seem to be weapons more from the terrorist arsenal than not.  So are they moral--Drones: The Morality of War From the Sky

We keep on dropping death by drones--US drone strike kills 18 in Baland Khel: officials

Of course the kills are all righteous. If a drone strike kills you, you are a terrorist, militant, or insurgent and worthy of death unless you can, after you are blown to smithereens, posthumously prove you suffered a wrongful death.

Now if only we could re-fuel and re-arm drones in flight.  Today the fuel, tomorrow the bombs--DARPA Tests Drones That Refuel While Airborne

Gee what it drones are war crimes...

Task for fun

Go to Google Images

enter "completely wrong"


Chop Off Their Heads

I am not a big fan of capital punishment.  However, maybe we need to make things like selling drugs that kill a capitol crime,  The folks who own and operate the NECC have killed several people with their sloppy drug compounding business.  Why not kill them?  I of course opt for the guillotine.  Do you think swift justice for this kind of crime might clean it up?  No death row waiting game, just a swift trial, conviction and off with their heads all in a single day sounds good.  It might scare some of the greedheads straight.  Now about food that kills...


Willard Does Not Matter

Willard has tried to re-invent himself, for the 278th time in 275 days.  He remains an empty suit.  No one knows what he thinks.  Hell, he doesn't know himself.  Now that he no longer needs the uber conservatives and Jesus jockeys, he can pretend he's really reasonable.  However, he's still the same flip flopper who entertained us for the past several years.  Oh, don't forget, it's not the bozo we elect as Prez that matters, it's the party in charge in Congress that matters.  If TRogs take Congress and Willard wins, everybody better go read the GOP platform, replay the GOP debates and get ready for the batshit crazy people to populate and run our government.   Willard will do as he is told.

Romney shifts to more moderate stances on taxes, immigration, health care, education

Either Rombot is lying now or he's been lying in every primary.  Damn, either way we have a liar heading up the GOP.  Not much new there.

Veep Off

Don't forget the Veeps "debate" tonight.  Wow, I can hardly contain myself.  The mouth vs. Eddie Munster all grown up.  It might be amusing then again it might be as boring as the rest of the campaign.

ObamaCo Appears To Have Screwed the Pooch

If four people are killed at an embassy where State Dept aces have denied additional security, then the aces appear to be idiots suitable for gnawing by hungry Trogs.  The Trogs fed yesterday.

State Dept. acknowledges rejecting requests for more security in Benghazi

A Bump for Obama?

Unemployment is under 8% and now--US unemployment aid applications plunge to 339K, fewest in 4 ½ years; hopeful sign for hiring.

Of course the best thing Obama has going for his reelection is Willard.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Taking Back The Country Tour

Roberts and the Robes are on their "Taking Back The Country Tour."  Their masters have paid them off, the knuckle dragging Supremes will deliver a legal road map to restore the originalist state of 1788. Today Affirmative Action, tomorrow Plessy v. Ferguson all over again (with a dash of Dred Scott renascence)!

Supreme Court to weigh in again on affirmative action

Don't forget, a vote for Rombot will give us more judges like Scalia, Thomas, Alito and Roberts.  Votes matter in the long haul.  Too bad all we have to vote for are Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

New people, new parties, when?


Everybody is covering up something

Oh, what a wicked web we weave...

Yep, ObamaCo has some explaining to do.  The GOP will have to finesse those pesky budget cuts for security.  All in all, our government--Executive Branch and Congress--may once again prove they are masters of ineptitude.  So, far, it's just SNAFU.  I am confident they can attain full FUBAR.

Benghazi attack may cloud Clinton’s legacy


New people, new parties, when?

Poll Tax Renaissance -- Ohio Update

The grits and crackers of Ohio continue their attempts to suppress the vote--it's the only way that their magic undies guy can win.  To the extent that Ohio's legislature and other elected officials try to suppress the vote, they opt for a restoration of the Confederacy.  Is that really Ohio?  Well, yes, it is for the majority of those who bother to vote in state elections.  That majority, as with national elections, are really a minority of possible voters.  Votes matter, look at Ohio.

Ohio asks Supreme Court to overturn early-voting ruling

New people, new parties, when?

Merchant of Death Update -- Aid to Egypt

We, that is, our elected and appointed officials and their masters on K Street seem to prefer guns to butter when it comes to helping other nations.  Take Egypt for example--

F.A.Q. on U.S. Aid to Egypt: Where Does the Money Go—And Who Decides How It’s Spent?

New people, new parties, when?

This Is Not My USA!

Seems like the Trogs have been in the White House for the past four years. The stench of CYA reeks. I have to assume that employees of the United States government did some really rotten stuff. It's not right when government employees hide their behavior from the public by silencing statements a terrorist might make in court.  Presumptively classified my ass.  It's just one more attack on the rule of law by those elected and appointed to uphold the rule of law.  Too bad our only real alternative is Willard--he'd be far worse.  We, the American people, remain screwed.

Still Classified: Terror Suspects’ Own Accounts of Their Abuse

Oh, don't forget, anyone killed by a drone is assumed to be a terrorist, unless he can posthumously prove otherwise.  At least ObamaCo is consistent, it abrades away our Constitution.  One of these days we'll find all that's left is the dust of what was.  New people, new parties, when?  

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Need a reason to vote for Obama?

That's simple, the Supreme Court!  How many judges will die or have to retire over the next four years?    Do you want another Scalia or two appointed to the Court?  With Obama you vote for the 21st century,  with Willard you're casting your ballot to take our country back, back to 1854 or earlier.

Some days I think...

Some days, I cannot help but fantasize how the world would be a much better place without the -stans.

Malala Yousafzai: Pakistan activist, 14, shot in Swat

Willard Helped Make Us Safe?

Is sanity finally breaking out?

I hope so.  Adhering to a religion and its associated claptrap is a sound reason to reject a candidate for office.  One of these days we will elect a same person president, until then we'll have to put up with the one who espouses the lesser of fantastic beliefs.  Hm, do you really want magic undies in the White House?   Yep lesser of two evils and lesser of batshit crazy ideas.   Hell of a way to pick a Prez.

One in five Americans reports no religious affiliation, study says

Poll Tax Update

The knuckle draggers keep on trying to elect Rombot by suppressing the vote.  Funny how it's the grits and crackers crowd who love the poll tax--I think they are waiting for the South to rise again.  Here's an update on moving toward 1854.

Four Ways Ohio and Others Have Toughened Voting Rules

Keeping Polls in Perspective

Oct. 8: A Great Poll for Romney, in Perspective

From Bob Park II

WHAT'S NEW Robert L. Park Friday, 5 October 2012 Washington, DC

THE REVERSAL: WILL THE REAL MITT ROMNEY PLEASE STAND UP. Many readers objected to the political content of Wednesday's WN. I confess that I was uncomfortable writing it, but the Romney Tape (WN 3 Oct 12) dealt with policy issues that could profoundly affect science policy. My advice to President Obama would have been to make every effort to keep Wednesday's debate focused on Romney's words at the secret $50,000-per- plate fundraiser, including his remark that 47 percent of voters are dependent on government and unlikely to support him in the November 6 election. I was in shock when Obama failed to bring it up in the debate, but this morning at 6:34ET, there was Mitt Romney on CNN acknowledging that, "I was completely wrong," in spite of the fact on Thursday, one day earlier, he still strongly defended his 47% remark. I have no idea why he changed his memory this morning, although several possibilities come to mind. The president's reticence to point it out now looks brilliant.

From Bob Park

WHAT'S NEW Robert L Park Tuesday, 2 October 2012 Washington, DC

THE ROMNEY TAPE: AM I TOO OLD TO ENLIST IN THE CLASS WAR? I first heard the Romney calculus many years ago in Peru. A government official explained to me that: "Most of the population doesn't count; they pay no taxes and receive no government services." There was a revolution. I was not at the $50,000-a-plate fundraiser for Romney, held at the multimillion dollar Florida palace of one of his supporters. "I mean, there won't be any houses like this if we stay on the road we're on," Romney told his supporters. Hmm, I think I could live with that. It's the person who surreptitiously taped the event and shared it with the rest of us that I want to know. Nobody goes to a $50,000-a-plate affair for the food; it's the connections, which in Romney's case began at Cranbrook School in the affluent Detroit suburb of Bloomfield Hills, a traditional private boys preparatory school, with a $300 million endowment.

Monday, October 8, 2012

What's the sound of an oops in the making?

If Obama is banking on the younger voters, he's screwed.  I guess, the young are feeling their inner  Dick Cheney.  Five deferment Dork  had better things to do than serve in the Army during Vietnam.  Today's young folks appear to be eating pizza rather than following  the race and eventually voting.  If Obama loses, let's blame the kids!  Hell they will pay for it a whole lot longer than I will.

  Youth Engagement Falls; Registration Also Declines

This is so wrong....

Of course, the voting majority did this to the nation. Don't forget, only half of us vote. Then a half of a half determines the "majority." And you wondered why things are a tad fucked up across the land?

A Record One-in-Five Households Now Owe Student Loan Debt

Where do you get your news?

TV, print or on-line?  Hmm, is there a news station left on TV?  Fox is for Trogs, MSNBC is for Libs, and CNN is for the brain dead.  The traditional bobblehead shows deliver the predictable blather from pols and pundits who enjoy easy interviews.  What do you watch?  About the only newsish show I enjoy these days is Up with Chris Hayes and Mellissa Harris Perry--they were different but are fast becoming caricatures of themselves as the guests begin to peat and repeat endlessly.

Damn, I guess that means news remains, at core, a matter of print.

In Changing News Landscape, Even Television is Vulnerable

From Bob Park

WHAT'S NEW Robert L Park Thursday, 27 Sept 2012 Washington, DC

1. DELAY: WHAT’S NEW WAS AGAIN DELAYED BY SERVER PROBLEMS. OT says they’ve solved it this time. Sure. Here's updates on some problems that never go away.

2. "INNOCENCE OF MUSLIMS": WN DOES NOT RECOMMEND THIS FILM. To form my own opinion about this unpleasant piece of trash, written and produced by Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, an Egyptian Copt on parole for fraud, I first had to sit through it. I’m not a film critic but I don't think Nakoula is expecting an Academy Award. Salman Rushdie, the brilliant author of Satanic Verses, he is not, although there is a fatwa on both of them. To parade their moral outrage, a mob of mindless Muslims murdered four Americans, including the Ambassador Chris Stevens, who of course had nothing to do with the film. So who expects religion to make sense? God speaks only to prophets. The rest of us are supposed to take their word for it.

2. ENCODE: THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF DNA ELEMENTS. By 2001, sequencing of the human genome found a surprisingly small number of genes, but lots of non-coding "junk" DNA. However, the old idea of the genome as a string of genes interspersed with unimportant non-coding DNA is no longer tenable. The ENCODE consortium revealed this month that much of the so-called "junk DNA" is also copied into RNA with additional but still largely unknown functions. This is a huge change. Genes apparently are not even be the best unit of inheritance.

3. NON-LETHAL WEAPONS: HIGH-POWER MICROWAVES MAY HURT. But they don't kill. In last week's Nature, Sharon Weinberger (author of Imaginary Weapons), wrote that "despite 50 years of research on high-power microwaves, the military has yet to produce a usable weapon." As WN has pointed out repeatedly, microwave photons can't create mutant strands of DNA.

4. MISSILE DEFENSE: THE PROBLEM IS WORSE IN ELECTION YEARS. A panel of "experts" convened by the National Research Council two years ago has concluded that the United States missile-defense strategy is flawed. Strategy? Of course it’s flawed, it's nonexistent. Ballistic missiles are cold and stupid. They’re visible only during a too-brief launch window, and can't be fooled. The only effective strategy would be to improve international relations, but that's somebody else's job. Good luck.

Coming Down To The Wire

In a few weeks, we'll know whether or not we've reelected George Bush for the fourth time or elected James K. Polk to a belated second term.  That's Obama or Rombot, respectively.  It's too bad we don't have a decent sort to vote for.  All we can do is vote for the lesser of the evils running for office.  Do Dems really want Obama?  Do Trogs really want Rominee?  See!  Issues and policies don't matter much this time around.  The motivation to vote emerges from the nightmarish imaginings that arise when we think about the other guy actually sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office!


Did You Have a Party?

Sunday, we ended eleven years of war in Afghanistan.  Of course we did not end the war, we merely began waging on into our twelfth year.  If you forget yesterday's anniversary, go ahead and jointly celebrate Columbus Day and the Afghan War.

Afghanistan war enters 12th year

The Shrub Is, Retrospectively, Envious

Our beloved Shrub wishes he could have done as the leaders of the nation he built are doing--

Iraq executes 11 people despite international outcry

Gitmo would not have been a detentions center at all.  Hm, I wonder if Cheney ever desired to use domestic nukes?  Does anyone one, other than brains dead and sadists, really wish to return power to the Trogs?

Congressional Turd Award

Assuming he thinks he speaks the truth, Rep. Paul Brown will receive a bronzed horse turd award.  He can proudly display it in his office.  His presence in Congress tells us a great deal about himself and about the voting majority in his district--their diets consist mostly of chocolate covered road apples.

U.S. Rep. Paul Broun: Evolution a lie 'from the pit of hell'

Of course, Rep. Broun may be stating only what he thinks his district's turd eaters wish to hear.  In this case, he is then but one more sleazeball liar elected to the House.


Here's a book review that may lead you to put this book in your Amazon shopping cart---

“America’s Unwritten Constitution: The Precedents and Principles We Live By By Akhil Reed Amar

And here's another one from Pearlstein.  He discusses "The Cost Disease" in his Sunday piece--

Steven Pearlstein: Why cheaper computers lead to higher tuition